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Sound cards on IBM Power7 Servers running AIX 7.1

Question: Sound cards on IBM Power7 Servers running AIX 7.1

Does anyone out there has experimented to use a Sound Card on a IBM Power 7 server running AIX 7.1

I know the card should be a PCIe lo profile to match the hardware. My concern is mainly with having the system recognize the card and drivers on AIX.

Any help will be apreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Sound cards on IBM Power7 Servers running AIX 7.1

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Sound cards on IBM Power7 Servers running AIX 7.1

The proprietary Unix OS should recognize the sound cards with out problems

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I was wondering if anyone can help me - I need help with onboard sound and a pci soundcard working together. The reason being, I play Eve alot and use Ventrilo at the same time, now I want to put just vent (the people speaking) through the headset and have Eve sounds play through my main desktop speakers.

I was wondering if it's possible to have Eve play through my Soundblaster Audigy 2 PCI card (slot 2 if it means anything) and use the AC97 onboard sound for microphone and vent speak? At the moment I have AC97 disabled as I installed the new card and didn't want them conflicting. However, I tried enabling onboard sound last night and I got a code 10 - cannot start message. What does this mean? Do they conflict? Is there anyway to get them working in tandem, but not for the same program?

When I did enable AC97 I did get the mouse ticking through my headset, but mic didn't work and I didn't hear any real sounds, plus the card wasn't recognised in the volume settings.

If I can't get them both working together (although a quick google turned up people that have been known to do it) how can I do the same just with the one soundcard? (i.e. have a game playing through speakers and vent through the headset?)

Thanks guys!

Answer:Solved: Running 2 Sound Cards (onboard/PCI)

Good Evening danskibee, having two sound systems in a machine is not all that difficult to set up and can be made to operate within limits with care.

Invariably any odd activity will cause this delicate arrangement to foul up and then it becomes a real nuisance.
I would strongly suggest you consider keeping the system simple and only using one device.

Sorry that is the only suggestion I can make.


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can i run 2 copies of winamp at the same time, but have them out put to 2 differetn sound cards?

Answer:running 2 winamp's at the same time, on different sound cards?

never tried it myself since i never had 2 sound cards installed at same time but i believe u can. just enabled multi-instances of winamp and on directsound output plugin, make sure you specify diff sound cards for each instance

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I've been using Sam's Club AT&T phone cards to access my ISP server for years. Never had a problem until AT&T (in their infinite wisdom) decided to change their sytem or whatever.

Anyway, their phone cards are useless now. I belong to a travel club and we all have these phone cards with various ISPs. I've spent the day calling and asking them to see if their AT&T phone card from Sam's will work. None of them are.

Does anyone have a suggestion. I've called AT&T five times today and their Customer Service people are unaware of the problem but acknowledge that AT&T did change their system. After repeated calls, I was then given new setup strings to use - none of them worked either.

Is anyone else using phone cards and if so, whose are they.

Those of us that travel for both business and pleasure find that many times we are stuck in towns with no local access numbers. Hence the usage of the phone cards was a godsend. Otherwise, we are locked into using the ISPs toll free numbers at $.10 a minute.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Phone Cards to access ISP servers

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OK, I'm almost embarrased to ask this but - I currently use Cakewalk Guitar Studio 2 and Surreal Systems Synth Software for a home recording studio.  Old, but comfortable like an old pair of shoes.Cakewalk GS2 requires the use of W98 with NT4.0 and will work with new versions of Windows as long as NT is in there, apparently it's not with Vista since I can't even install it using the Compatability Wizard, not sure which Windows versions it will work with after W98, though.  Surreal will only use W95 or W98, not certain if it requires NT as well.I'm comfortable using W98 for this but one of the drawbacks is with using a single duplex soundcard - audio already recorded will not play back when recording new audio tracks.  I've checked and checked and while there's full duplex cards out there that allow playback and recording of audio at the same time, none of the newer ones will work with W98.My question is this - if I just add another single duplex sound card that's compatible with W98 (probably an external card), is it as simple as then choosing one of the sound cards for input/recording and the other for simultaneous playback?Ideally, I'd love to find a full duplex external sound card that functions under W98 so that's a possibility as well if anyone has any ideas or sources.Thanks for any help you may be able to give me !

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k , know this is probably not the best place to ask this question but im doing my comptia a at the moment and was hoping for a little imput with this question .

Discuss the types of graphics cards and sound cards that are available and the considerations that should be given before the purchase of either .

thanks in advance fo any info mlr

Answer:types of graphics cards and sound cards

Man sounds like you want us to do your homework.

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I am currently running a small domain with a windows 2003 server DC. During the Tech Tour, I am going to be picking up a copy of Win2K3 server - 64 bit. I was considering to install a second DC in a remote office with that version. Will the two DC's play nicely? Or am I going to run into a problem with one 32 and one 64 bit version?

Answer:Domain running both 32 and 64 bit servers?

There should be no probs I ran a main DC with win2k3 server on a dual xeon then a secondary dc was on a dualy opteron server running win2k3 64 bit.

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Hiya; I've recently aqquired 2 dell poweredge servers (dual 2.8 zeon 2gb ram ....)  Is there any reason not to use these as desktop units? ( apart from that they're really noisy Bs and should be kept as far away from civilization as possible). I've installed w2000 and ubuntu 9.04 on one and they both work - so far -  apart from  that they seem to hang sometimes,so before I put too much time in installing progs & configuring I thought I'd ask if anyone has relevant experience.Thanks, Geoff

Answer:Servers running as desktop machines?

Nothing wrong with that at all...congrats on the find ! !

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I've setup 2 ftp sites. Site A and B. If both sites are running only site A can be accessed. If I turn off site A than site B works. I have 1 free IP address.

The sites work when I use ftp://ipaddress. It runs which ever of the two servers are running. I've tried using ftp://sitea.ipaddress and ftp://siteb.ipaddress with both servers running. I.E. hangs until I kill it.

thanks for any help

Answer:Running multiple FTP servers with 1 IP address

Run them on different ports.

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I kept noticing that I was losing the ability to connect to certain web sites. After a while I would get nothing but a network timeout. I contacted some and found out that was their firewall blacklisting me. I tried from several networks and not too long after switching the network I was blocked again. I have BitDefender 2009 and the latest definitions running but it isn't finding anything other than rpcnetp.exe which it says behaves like "Win32.ExplorerHijack" and it tries to quarantine but apparently has no success stopping the port scans.

Here is my HijackThis log:
Logfile of random's system information tool 1.04 (written by random/random)
Run by Josh at 2008-11-03 19:42:55
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Premium Service Pack 1
System drive C: has 73 GB (52%) free of 139 GB
Total RAM: 3070 MB (30% free)

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 7:43:15 PM, on 11/3/2008
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\DigitalPersona\Bin\DpAgent.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\LightScribe\LightScribeControlPanel.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerArchiver\PASTARTER.EXE
C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Pro\DTProAgent.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\AIM6\aim6.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\QLBCTRL.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks\QBUpdate\qbupdate.exe
C:... Read more

Answer:My PC is running port scans on web servers

Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this threat on my system?

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Dear all,

I'm currently starting up a new Lan Party in the UK and i'm about to buy a HP TC1100 Tablet PC.

Do you think this device would be capable of hosting game servers for the network? I.e / UT2003 etc......

The spec of the device is

Intel Celeron 800 MHz
Integrated 10/100 LAN


Answer:TC1100 Tablet Running Game Servers

Here's what I would want on a game server, minimum:

1 GHz CPU with 256KB+ L2 cache
768MB RAM or more

CPU and RAM are huge considerations for a game server.

If you want a dedicated game server box, I'd go with dual Athlon "MP" (XP with bridge mod) chips, probably 2400+'s, and 2GB of RAM.

That way, you could host two games on the same computer at the same time, from the same IP address. Just more convenient.

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i really need help with this it has been 2 month since i try to make it work

i am trying to put up a Half life dedicated server( HLDS ) on a Windows Hpc or 2008 OS and it just will not go online, no one can connect to it and iim not behind any routers

i disable the windows firewall just like how i do it on windows 2003 and it just dont work, anyone knows how, please help me

Answer:Running game servers on windows server hpc 2008

i found the reason my self, thanks to the forum with no replys and infos

you have to asign the static ip to your command line/ parameter and the port

thx to myself

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I am getting a laptop. Right now I am deciding between regular "High Definition Audio 2.0" and a "ExpressCard Sound Blaster X-Fi Laptop Sound Card with Wireless Receiver Bundle". The latter is 134 dollars more. Would the latter make the output of sound better on external speakers. Say if you're a DJ, and you use the laptop, would the sound coming out of the speakers at those high volumes be much better if you have the better soundcard? Or does it not have any effect on the output sounds? Thanks!

Answer:Do Sound Cards Effect The Output of Sound To External Speakers?

It affects the external output even more than the one from the integrated speakers.

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Hello all,
I'm getting ready to set up my beautiful Dell PowerEdge T110 server to host my FTp server for me and my friends, my web server hosting a small web site (the one in my signature) with possibly the control panel to my email server via and WCF eventually, as well as email and TeamTalk. This is on my network at home, but I'm not worried about anything there since my router supports port forwarding. What I am worried about is the potential for hackers to probe my open ports (80, 21, 25, 110, and 9998). I know that our router has a builtin firewall which I can tell to block DoS attacks as well as blocking anonomous internet requests, as well as the firewall on the server, but is that enough for what I'm doing, or do I need more such as the Cisco IOS firewall or another computer to run IPCop or something like that? Opinions would be great. (this is not a business server). and one more question, if I set the router's firewall to block annonomous requests, is that going to override the opened port 80? Thanks.

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I've got one W7 PC, with one Creative X-Fi soundcard in it, on a motherboard that has built in audio.

I'd like to play two music tracks on my PC at the same time, using any browser or browsers. I'd like one track to be heard on one set of speakers, and the other track to be heard from another set of speakers.

To potentially make things a bit easier, I'm happy to either run two instances of any one particular browser (eg two Firefox browsers open at the same time), or run two seperate browsers (eg one Firefox and one IE).

If there is any software that needs to be bought to achieve this, then I'm happy to buy it. Thanks a lot for any recommendations/advice on this subject.

BTW, the music must be played from a browser(s).

Answer:Play two seperate sound sources using two sound cards on one PC?

Multitrack Music Mixing Software-Download Recording Studio Software Free


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Does anyone know how USB Surround sound systems work?
I have been told that because they are USB that they automatically shut off your sound card. Is this in fact true? Or is there a work around electronically, thru software,, getting into the systems PROM and forcing it to let both USB and sound card be used? Seems very proprietary for someone to write a software like that with out giving you a choice. I just bought such a system, can still return it, I realy love the sound, the quality, the looks etc but I am really PO'd about the fact this cuts out my sound card and that I can't use both at the same time. Sure seems like there should be a way to do both.


Answer:USB Audio output and surrond sound and Sound cards

Please disregard this question. I found an answer, evidently USB audio speaker systems for whatever reason does disable a sound card and the Mobo sound device, how ever you can still hear the mobo sound thru the usb, but not the sound card. Work around I found is to disconnect the USB plug and plug a 1/8th jack into your system/devices aux port or ancillary port and come out of whatever type system you wish ie the 2.1, 5.1, or 7.1, go to your sound device manager and click on configure and you can tell your sound card device to emulate 2.1, 5.1,7.1... however if you put say stereo speakers in the 2,1 spot and configure for 7.1 sound you will not hear anything till you put them into the 7.1 spot. But I also found/figured out that if you put a jack into all three spots at the same time and configure for 7.1 all three positions will out put 7.1 emulated sound. This isn't the way I really wanted to go, but I really liked the USB speaker system I bought and didn't want to return it. And I am also a stubborn SOB who when told something can't be done have to find away around that ... LOL :-D

To sort of boil down what I just said I unplugged the USB connect of the speaker system then went from the 7.1 jack on sound card to the input of the ancillary jack on the speaker system, change my sound card configuration to emulate 7.1 sound and bingo I had sound.
I have also used the 2.1 and 5.1 jacks on sound card to go to stereo inputs on my high end hi fidelity stereo ... Read more

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Hello, I used to have Vista on this computer and didn't have audio problems. I've upgraded to Windows 7 and use the latest drivers available for my sound card (Striker 7.1). I have also tried not using these drivers and instead using a USB sound card (Sennheiser that comes with one of their headsets).

My problem is that, some time after booting up my computer, the audio starts skipping/glitching every ~30 seconds (if not more). This will usually happen with almost 100% frequency after the computer goes into sleep mode. A reboot fixes this for some time and then it starts over. This happens with all audio sources (moves in VLC, music in iTunes, youtube, etc.)

I have absolutely no idea what could be causing this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Sound skips after some time (tried diff. sound cards)

This is apparently a fairly common problem in windows 7. Just google these forums for 'audiodg.exe', and you'll see tons of other people reporting the exact same thing.

I have the same problem and my solution ended up being to write a cmd script I can launch that runs

net stop audiosrv
net start audiosrv
This shuts audiodg.exe down and starts it back up. Sad part is I have to run this anywhere from every 10 to 30 minutes. Extremely annoying.

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So I'm working on a relatively decent Compaq desktop - P4 2.8GHZ, 1GB ram, 200GB hd, etc that I had just reformatted and installed a fresh copy of XP...the problem they are now having is that the onboard sound card wasn't working (also hadn't been working before the format), so they wanted me to install a pci sound card. I first investigated the onboard one...drivers were all set, volume was turned up, etc...but when I hooked up my (working) speakers, there just wasn't any audio. Ok.

So I proceeded to install a pci sound card...drivers installed flawlessly, made sure the correct sound card was selected in the audio devices...hooked up my speakers to the new sound card...and it worked fine for a few hours...then it absolutely would not output any sound, no matter what I did. Nothing had changed...the drivers were still fine, the settings correct, I then proceeded to try THREE more pci sound cards, and all three of them (which worked perfectly fine in other systems) installed flawlessly, yet played no sound at all on this machine. I updated the system's bios to the newest version, tried disabling the onboard sound card, even reformatted again...but still nothing. I'm completely stumped. Clearly the problem isn't the actual sound cards. And it's not the drivers. What else could I do?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated...I'm completely stumped.

Answer:Crazy Sound Card Problem, still nothing after FOUR sound cards...

Have you tried the speakers on another computer to ensure that they are still working or tried a known working pair on your computer?

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I had this issue before, all of a sudden the sound coming from my computer gets really quiet even though everything is maxed out. Before, it seemed to have been triggered when I moved my computer from one room to another. I wasn't able to move it back right away but when I did it was still happening. I removed the sound card I have, replaced it, tried different PCI slots, tested my onboard sound card, etc but to no avail. Eventually it fixed itself and I have no idea what caused it.

Earlier today my sound was working perfectly fine. I left my computer (on the entire time) to do other things and when I got back to it the volume is again really low. When it was happening before the sound seemed to be crackling on higher volumes but there's no crackling that I can hear this time. I again tried my onboard sound card and the issue was also affecting it. I normally use headphones but also tried speakers and the issue is still there on them too. Like I said though, my computer was on the entire time I was gone and nothing was changed but this suddenly started happening.

Considering it's affecting both sound cards I imagine it has to be an issue with something else, like my motherboard or Windows 7 itself. I wasn't able to find what was causing it last time though so honestly I have no idea.

Edit: Update, I found a pair of USB headphones and their volume seems fine. I hope this means something. I assume that with USB it's not going through either sound card (though that doesn't m... Read more

Answer:Reoccurring low sound issue affecting two sound cards

Hello and welcome Sakonoso now to me it seems that the audio through the USB port might be coming from the board audio and not the sound cards hence why it is ok. Having said that usually the on board stuff is usually cut off if there is a sound card installed.

Now it seems to narrow it down a little if this is the case and there are some things you can run sfc and a chkdsk to see if there is anything going on in the system if you need to - run the latter using the /f and /r "switches"

The other thing to do is update the drivers if you haven?t done so already

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The Schema Documentation program allows you to document extensions made to the Microsoft® Active Directory® directory service.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003

Microsoft® Windows® 2000
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
Microsoft Active Directory®



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I have a project I am working on in which I need to Play Audio and Receive Mic input at the same time through the sound card for communications, and two applications are competing for the sound card causing issues, its either one app or the other that can initialize the sound card and I cant get them to use the single sound card  at the same time. SO that being said, is it possible to install two sound cards and use a simple stereo phono cable to send the output of the one sound card into the MIC input of the other sound card, and not have the software competing for sound resources. Windows Media Player ( Playing audio files ) Has to use the primary sound device to play audio that the 2nd sound device will receive.Yahoo Messenger Voice is the other ( which needs to use the 2nd sound card with the MIC input from the output of the other sound card playing the voice audio.)Is there a way to specify which application will initialize a specific sound card so that they dont compete for resources?Any suggestions?I have this working with 2 computers one playing the audio and the other establishing a Yahoo Messenger Voice link.*** Ok I might as well explain what i am doing... This is so I can play music at work btw so I can listen to my MP3 collection at home over the internet. I am using RDP to connect to home computer and play audio off one system through the other through Yahoo Messenger Voice ( For Free )...and its legal because I am playing MY CD's that I bought etc and... Read more

Answer:Sound Redirection .... for project ( Might need to use 2 sound cards )???

QuoteIs there a way to specify which application will initialize a specific sound card so that they dont compete for resources?Use winamp.You can set the 2nd sound card as primary for your yahoo messenger, and then under output in winamp preferences, you can set the sound card used to either one.Hope this helps

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Would tremendously appreciate tips, links, or information on the following problem. . .

Consider. . .

You've got a standard/normal class c network with servers, workstations, visiting laptops, and such.

You've got three Windows servers that must remain on that network so that they can interact with the rest of the network devices and especially the Windows network domain infrastructure. However, those three servers will also be sending and receiving sensitive data that you feel you should protect from man-in-the-middle, ARP/MAC spoofing, etc.

You have been using IPSec encryption between those three servers (configured via group policy) but the performance impact is substantial.

So, via secondary network interfaces on each of the three servers, an urouted vlan, and physical switches, you're able to create a "private link" network for those three servers and give them addresses.

Question: How do you preserve those three servers' ability to communicate to all other network devices and the Windows network domain while configuring them so that they *always* use the private link when talking to each other.

Hosts file? Archaic Windows command line routing commands (with which I have no experience)?

Thanks for any pointers provided!


Answer:Force Multi-homed Windows Servers to Use Private Network (only) to Specific Servers?

two network interfaces on the server

one "public" NIC on

one "private" NIC on

Windows takes care of the rest

Still wont solve anything without running a firewall on the server. You should always protect a Windows Server with the firewall and only allow desired services through it. Setting permissions properly is also key.

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I am wondering if there is a way I can switch from my ATI 9700 to my all in wonder (the old, old one) so I can up and down load video files and then switch back for gaming.The primary card is AGP and the AIW is PCI. Can I just deactivate one of the cards drivers in the device manager? Thank you in advance.......
Beef Monkey

Answer:Running two Video cards

If you go to System>Hardware in your Control Panel, there is an option for setting Hardware Profiles.

I've never done this before but you may want to give it a shot and see what happens.

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OK guys and gals, I give up and am asking for help. I have been running 2 ATI Radon 1300 dual port cards in my XP Pro machine for at least 2 years. I am using both cards to run 4 monitors. I bought a new machine with Vista Business and was never able to get it to run both cards, so I stuck with XP. Now I have upgraded the Vista machine to W7 and it still will not see both cards, so again I am stuck on my XP machine. I have spent prob 50-60 hours working on this problem to no avail.
All that having been said, I NEED to move to the newer faster computer, but I am not willing to go back to only two monitors. Thus, I need some help, or some options. If there is a way to get both of the cards I have running, I would love to know it. However, if there is not I am willing to buy new cards.

New Machine:
Acer Vertion M460
Core 2 Duo E7500
2 Gig Ram
Chip Set Intel 946GZ + ICH7DH

My current cards are both ATI 1300s One is PCI and the other is PCI Express

Anyone got any ideas?


Answer:W7 running dual cards


In my opinion, you'd be better off upgrading to the HD line of cards from ATI.

If you want to install drivers for your current cards - download and extract this
to C:\ATI

Then in device manager, for each card, do the following:

Right click on it. Update driver software. Browse my computer. Let me pick. Have disk. Browse. Now find and double click on the extracted .inf. Hit ok. Hit next and it will install.

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I plan on getting a Nvidia GTX 570, but I don't know whether I should get two or one, because my motherboard runs one at x16, and two at x8.

Which would give me better performance?

Answer:Running video cards at x16 or x8.

I would recommend just buying 1.

Its worth it having 1 running at 8x because it becomes a bottleneck to the other (i think)??

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I have a Radeon 9600 Pro and i just realized my MB has a GeForce 4 MX onboard, can i somehow use them together to render stuff faster? my mb is a GIGABYTE 7N400-L

BTW: how can i find out the maximum CPU speed my MB can handle? the manual only says 1.4 and up doesnt actually say the upper limit

Answer:Running 2 graphic cards

To answer your vid card question, no.

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Hello, I want to update my computer graphics without taking out my old graphics card.Can I run 2 different graphics cards.The one i have in my computer now is, Nvidia GeForce 7600|2006 modelThe one I want to add onto my computer, http:[email protected]P45CIN7IV9MJCW3436VQVHQP135YHRMBYZEX1BIW6WN&sku=42022128

Answer:Running 2 Different Graphics Cards

You can run 2 cards if you have a SLI board, meaning the board has 2 slots for one for each card .

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i just bought the logitech z-640's

logitech 640's

all i have left is 20 bucks to complete this computer i am building....
so i narrowed it down to 3 sound cards. i just want to watch a dvd movie in surround sound with the 640's.

this chaintech says it supports dolby digital 5.1...

but look at this aopen

it says it has all these special features...but doesnt even mention anything about dolby digital...will i be able to watch dvd's in surround sound with the aopen?

i am soooo lost please help...o yeah... i also found this powmax

what will sound better with the 640's? i know the cards are cheap i guess...but all i got is AROUND $20... the chaintech says it supports dolby digital...but doesnt have as much features as the aopen....the aopen has many features... but doesnt support dolby digital...what to do?

Answer:surround sound and sound cards /dvd's

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About a year ago I build my lodge a computer. It's a AMD 1Gig Athlon CPU, 100Gig HD, 512Meg RAM, Win2000 OS, RW DVD. The mother board has decent sound, but straight stereo. Apparently they liked the basic machine because someone donated a projector to replace our slides projector and someone else gave a suround sound stereo. So it comes back to me.

I would like to get a PCI sound card with 5.1 surround sound. I know some motherboards have this feature, but as it stands we are locked in. Whatever I get has to be Win 2000 compatible, I'll have to disable the internal sound system.

Any recommendations?

Answer:5.1 Surround Sound and Sound Cards

do you intend to hook it up to very nice speakers, or more mid to low range?

Unless you're going all out on a nice 5.1 sound system (around 400-600watts or greater) then a cheaper 5.1 car will be plenty.

You can get a Creative SoundBlaster Live 5.1 for around $25

I've had a few of those cards in various machines and tyey work very well. There are a few alternatives, but people always have some complaints about them, and I have not used them so I cannot say for sure. (Turtle Beach, Chaintech)

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Heylo everyone. I got a Soundblaster Live a few months ago and plugged it in to my mobo. Worked fine, up untill I started listening to it more closely. I noticed the background noise, or fuzz or what have you, was two or three times as great than with my onboard sound. I also noticed that the clicking sounds you get when sounds are switching rapidly were magnifyed, such as in video games. Is this suposed to happen? Thats one of the reasons I got a sound card to begin with! I e-mailed Creative but they were no help, so I just decided to be lazy and take the thing back out and go back to onboard. Would I be better off in the future getting a motherboard with a nice onboard soundcard, or would soemthing like an Audigy 2 not give me this problem?

Answer:Onboad Sound vs. PCI Sound Cards

did u try putting it in a different slot? and did u get the newest drivers for it? did you try fixing it at all? id say try putting it in a different slot and make sure u got the newest drivers, and make sure your speakers are plugged in all the way, worth a try right?

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I've noticed that newer motherboards have on-board 5.1 sound. Is this generally going to produce sound quality equal to a board + a bog-standard sound card (laying aside issues of speaker quality)?Also, can you chuck a sound card onto such a newer board and thereby improve the sound quality above and beyond the on-board capability, or does on-board sound mean you can't use a card (-as I understand is the case with on-board graphics & graphics cards)?

Answer:On-board sound & sound cards

1 - it will all depend on the manufacturer. Some on-board sound is good; but rarely as good as a decent (eg creative) sound card.2 - you can upgrade by installing a card and disabling onboard sound.3 - you can also disable onboard graphics and install a graphics card if you so wish.

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Ok well ive recently bought a Sapphire HD5850 1GB . (arguably might cancel the order now).

My friend who works in IT has got his hands on a BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX OC 768MB PCIe for free for me. Ive got 2 available slots, so i was wondering about the merits of just sticking both in at the same time, or whether this is a bad/ineffective idea.



Answer:running 2 different graphics cards simultaneously

What you are talking about is SLI and Crossfire.

Now you have ordered an ATI card which uses and supports Crossfire and you freind is getting you an Nvidia card which supports SLI.

Both cards are from a different maker. Nvidia and ATI. This means that you cannot add them into one PC to run them as SLI or Crossfire.

However if you bought another 8800GT or 5850 then you could run the two identical cards together. (providing your PSU could cope with the extra power requirements).

Also the two cards that you wish to run together have to be the same model number and have the same ammount of memory.

E.g. 8800GT 1GB + 8800GT 1GB = Work.
8800GB 512mb + 8800GB 1GB = Doesn't work (as far as I know)

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What i am wondering is quite simple in theroy but it can't be as simple in practice now can it?

What i am trying to achieve is running 2 monitors on a single system with 2 diffrent gfx cards in non sli mode.

I know it would be easiest to buy a gfx card with dual monitor support outles but atm i can't afford that.

What i was thinking was if it was possible to plug in an older gfx card and use it to diplay movies for example while i can use the other monitor to surf the web or play games etc.

where are the problems in doing this if it is possible?

I'm guessing both have to be nvidia or ati or can i mix?


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Greetings everyone,

I was wondering if it was possible if you can run two wireless cards at one time. One possiblity I thought of might be to use vmware to do it. Has anyone tried it yet? Please let me know. Thank you for your help.

Answer:Running 2 wireless cards at the same time

Never tried it, but you can use multiple NIC cards in XP and Linux, so I am sure you can use 2 wireless cards. I am not sure what the advantage is, but I am sure you can do it.


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I have had a nightmare trying to get 2 video cards running in Vista so that I can power all of my LCD's. In XP, my 8800GT ran 2 displays, and my second card, 6200LT ran my third display. In XP, it ran flawlessly.

Then I installed Vista and have been back and forth with nVidia tech support for months on end. I kept telling them it was a video driver issue as that is what Windows told me, but they kept denying it. After 5 months and escallating it, they admitted it was a driver issue and that I should not run two of their cards that have different chipsets in the same PC! WTF!?

So I gave in and have tried an ATi card with my 8800GT and I also have a problem, but it is a different problem. After much google search and others having the same problem I can only conclude my motherboard chipset is the cause (it is an older nForce 4 AMD SLI board).

So ... if you are successfully running more than one video card to power multiple monitors ... and on Vista ... would you mind saying what your motherboard and video card config is?


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I currently only have an integrated graphics card an am looking to buy a dedicated one, however I don't know too much about them and was looking for some advice. Which one of these would be better for running low profile games such as minecraft?
Graphics card 1: click here card 2: click here

Answer:Which of these graphics cards would be better for running games on my pc.

See here. I'd have said they were broadly comparable, so it may come down to price.

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Ok, i have wired in my room and my friend was going to come over. So i was wondering, i have a usb wired network card and i was wondering if i could be a able to run the network cable into my computer, and then back out through the usb to his computer. And both of us be able to connect to the internet. Is this at all possible?

Answer:Running dual network cards??

yes... but you will need to enable internet connection sharing to get the internet to work on his computer, this basically sets your computer up as a DHCP server and proxy/NAT for his computer, so some games might not work so well or at all

also you'll need an x-over to go from your usb nic to his nic

also may be able to just bridge the connections depending on whether your addressing is coming from a router or something that will pass out more than one address
if such is the case it may just be easier to find a cheap switch (u can get 5 ports for 15 bucks... on sale for even cheaper sometimes) or even an old hub...

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Hi to all Network Experts!

My problem is that i could not figure out how to configure my PC with an Internet connection and at the same time LAN connection.
I have 2 NIC cards:
First card is onboard Ethernet Card. This card is used for my LAN Connection.

Second card is a Raltek NIC that i want to use for internet connection.

IP for the 2 NIC Cards:
First Card (LAN Connection): subnet: gateway:

Second Card (for Internet): subnet: gateway:

The internet modem/router is connected to a onboard NIC card .

If I remove the gateway on local LAN IP then I am able to access the internet. But I cannot remove the gateway ( as I have VPN network who uses the gateway
Can anyone help me? please...

Answer:Configure two NIC cards running Windows XP

You have a problem, normally removing the gateway is what we do to connect.

However, when a VPN is active, normally any other connections are blocked anyway. If you have a VPN connection to a network, and also have an unprotected Internet connection, you are defeating the whole purpose of the VPN.

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Is it possible to run, say, two x1600xt's in an Nforce 4 SLI Ultra motherboard, or does Nvidia prevent this somehow? I currently have an ATI card, but I am not impressed with the crossfire motherboards out there.

Answer:Running Dual ATI Video Cards in an SLI Motherboard

Heh, I was wondering myself but honestly I'd rather not attempt it.

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I was woundering if it possibal to run two pci express cards, on p55a-ud4 just to be abal to use more monitors on my computer, i know the Nvidia SLI works that i can you but then i have to buy expencive cards, i have on 16x pci express card and one asus pci express card can i use both to have more monitors on my computer ??...

// MetalOxd

Answer:Running 2 PCI Express cards om Gigabyte P55A-UD4 rev 15

Welcome to TSG,

I've edited your post as you completely misspelled Nvidia, in fact it resembled a completely different word...I assume it was to get around the language/swearing filter so please be aware that this is a family oriented site and that's why the filters are in place.

Many new cards support 3 monitors from one card these days, some support up to 6. Older cards generally support two. How many monitors do you want to use?

And yes, you can use two PCI-Express video cards on your motherboard and even though it supports SLI and CrossFire you do not have to use them to use multiple cards.

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Hi. I am trying to run the intel onboard graphics and an nvidia quaddro on the same machine simultaneously. HP says it is possible to do so but I cannot find the option in the BIOS to enable the onboard graphics as a primary driver. Right now, the onboard graphics cards becomes automatically disabled as soon as I plug the Nvidia in.  Thanks for your help

Answer:HP Z240 - Running multiple graphics cards

Hi, HP Z240 is a series of many different machines, many different configurations. From the following statement some pre-configured machine may have more than one video card option: How many displays can be supported?Display support depends on the size and number of graphics cards configured in the system. Did you check options before buying the machine ? Normally desktop specs has the following note    Either integrated graphics or the PCI Express x16 slot are usable at one time; they are not usable concurrently. Regards. 

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I've got a bit of a strange issue that I haven't had with previous OSes on this PC. I'm running a Dell OptiPlex 380 with Win 8 x64 at the office and I have to run 2 video cards for all of my screens. I have a GeForce 8400GS in the PCI-E slot and a GeForce 6200 in the PCI slot.

Previous to the Win 8 install, it worked fine. Booted exactly as I had shut it off. Now, with 8 - it's killing my PCI-E card presumably when it puts the screens to sleep when I leave for the day. So I'm coming in to all of my windows being moved to the PCI card's monitor (only one hooked to it) and I have to reboot to get PCI-E card to come back.

If I check the screen properties, I see only the screen hooked to the PCI card. I've changed the setting in the BIOS for the first video card to Auto and also tried the PCI-E selection and it's the same either way.

Why on earth would it default to the PCI card rather than the PCI-E card? Any thoughts?

Answer:Issues running dual video cards (PCI/PCI-E)

Okay, so with everything working -- I rebooted just to see how it acts and it came back up with all screens / cards working. However I do see an exclamation icon on the 6200 PCI card. It says Windows has stopped the device, but the screen is working fine. LOL -- that's a new one for me. I've never seen a stopped device that still works. =)

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Is it possible?
Has anybody tried?
I have updated to windows 10 and this doesnt seem to work. :/

Answer:Running Nvidia and AMD Graphic cards in Windows 10?

I'd say pick one or the other not both kind of deal :/

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Okay I have Dual Monitors setup with an ATI Radeon X1600 Pro Video Card (PCI Express). I run an online business and get extremely busy. I have around 15-20 FireFox Tabs open along with 4-10 AIM conversations open almost always. I want to set up 3 monitors now. (I'm using the DVI and Regular monitor slot on the Video Card for the two current monitors) Right now I can drag my mouse from screen to screen. I have to get another Video Card now to setup the 3rd monitor. (I don't believe a splitter would work because it'd just shoot the same image to two of the monitors. Correct me if I'm wrong!) What I'm curious is to find out if I can get the same Video Card (So I'll have two ATI X 1600) and function them together to run three monitors. I know some Video Cards have bridges to connect two of the same type, but in this case the Video Card I have doesn't have any type of bridge. (My brother has a 256 card that has a slot for the bridge. The bridge piece came with my motherboard.)

So if I get another ATI Radeon X 1600 Pro and hook both of the Video Cards up in my computer will they function together or function enough to get 3 monitors going? Like I said there's no where to connect the bridge on this video card. (I have two slots to connect both Graphics cards)

Also do the two video cards have to be the same card to get three monitors going?

Below is a picture of the box front...
On the box it says this in the corner... "You need ... Read more

Answer:Running 3 monitors. Two Video Cards... Question!

Yes, you should be able to buy another video card (does not have to be the same brand/model) and plug it in to give you the capability of running up to 4 monitors.

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I have a PC with two NIC's and a wireless card.

I've never used Virtual PC but have access to a copy. Can you setup a VPC and configure it to use only the wireless card while your real OS uses the harwired NIC's?

Answer:Question about running Virtual PC and using network cards.

disable the nics in the virtual pc.

i can't find an exact how to but maybe this will help

How to Install, to Configure, and to Remove the Virtual PC Emulated Ethernet Switch for Windows NT 4.0

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I'm kind of curious about something I've noticed for a while now. A couple months back I visited the steam website at work via web browser and even logged into my account. I have not installed the steam client, simply visited the web site a few times.

After doing that I've noticed in my SPI firewall I routinely see Steam servers attempting to connect to my 2 DNS servers. Happens a few times in a 24 hour period. I don't see why Steam servers need to be communicating with my DNS servers so I've put a block on it for now. It's definitely incoming and not outgoing activity.

Since originally visiting the Steam site I've replaced my work pc so there's nothing on my pc which could be attempting communication with Steam. Since I put the block on I can't even visit the Steam site which is fine by me since I'm at work anyway.

Just curious as to why this continues to occur. Suspicious activity?

Answer:Steam servers attempting to contact my DNS servers

Steam might be trying to get DNS records from your DNS servers to find out who you are. If a computer doesnt know the hostname of something it will try and find out. Call steam and ask them why they would do this.

Also DNS is designed so that all servers globally communicate records etc...... when you go to Godaddy or whatever and change an A record, guess what? That gets reflected globally within a few hours.

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Here is what I have and what I am trying to do.

SBS 2008 with Exchange 2007 and IIS7
Server 2008 Enterprise R2 with Exchange 2010 and IIS7

SBS is the primary server that hosts my domain name. Both Exchange servers work and I can access OWA for both of them Internally. What I want to do is access OWA for both of them Externally.

R2 -

I've tried setting up a DNS forward lookup zone, but it only seems to make a difference Internally. I just have a Linksys router, so I can't setup a subdomain to point to a different IP address and I don't want to use different ports.

What do I need to do to get both sites working over the Internet?

Answer:2 Web Servers, 2 Exchange Servers, 1 Domain - Need OWA Working

Im assuming these are both on the same network?,or at least behind the same firewall/gateway?
You should be able to just forward port 80 and 443 to them and be done with it
But unless you have multiple external ips you can NAT out to them, then one will have to be on a different port
also note that a lot of the time unless its setup to, IIS won't auto redirect http to https, so you have to manually type in "" to get there

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Question: Sound Cards

What sound cards would you recommend? I don't need anything super fancy, just has to support at least 5.1 surround sound.

Answer:Sound Cards

Creative Soundblaster Audigy Value 7.1 PCI Sound Card

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Question: sound cards

my computer cant pick up my sound card it did work before a friend of a friend redid it and wiped every thing off it how can i get it back?

Answer:sound cards

If you wiped your drive, chances are that you need the drivers for the sound card.

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Question: sound cards?

I have an Inspiron 660-Windows 10 etc.. I had an older Gateway system that used XP and had a great Boston Acoustics surround sound system, my question is does your company or ANYONE make a sound card that will support this older system? It had a desk top volume control-center channel, left and right front and left and right rear with a powered sub woofer as well as on the desk top control inputs and outputs for michrophone and head phones. It is working partialy now but I would like to know if it can be connected corectly. The outputs on the original card with the Gateway system were black-green- pink maybe a darker green or purple and orange, every one seems to want the color configuration, from the original hookup instructions this appears to be it. Can anyone be of assistance as I contacted dell and was refered to some obscure location in outer Mongolia.

Answer:sound cards?

The Inspiron 660 motherboard has three PCIe x1 slots. The Inspiron 660S motherboard has one PCIe x1 slot. So any PCIe x1 sound card would work. Use the part numbers below to look up and research these Dell OEM PCIe x1 sound cards =J75NW Sound Blaster Recon3D
P380K Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme
F333J Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty
Or just check out local stores for a PCIe x1 sound card.

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Relevance 44.69%
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Question: sound cards

How can I find out the name of the sound card that is in my computer?  I tried a few things, but to no avail.  I imagine that this should be simple, but I can't get it.  I'd appreciate your help.Marble Mouth

Answer:sound cards

QuoteI tried a few things, but to no availWhat are things you have tried so far? To avoid "Done that already". Perhaps you could also specify the Machine type/brand/model. Are you looking for any driver update, installer for your certain card?

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Question: Two sound cards??

I was just wondering if it was possible to use to sound cards at once. I search on the internet but didnt come up with anything solid. So i was just wondering if anyone here can help me. I have one built in sound card and one PCI sound card, and i wanted to know if i can hook up with sound systems for MORE sound.


Answer:Two sound cards??

ummm why would you even need more than one sound card, todays modern cards have a crap load of input and output jacks. Make sure you disable your onboard sound 1st tho before you can use ur sound card.

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Question: sound cards

My sound card is made by an outfit called VIA. Is that a decent brand, and if not, how does one change / upgrade? Is it a matter of downloading something from the net, or is that something you go buy somewhere?

Thanks in advance...


Answer:sound cards

Hmmmm didn't know via made sound cards. They are most notable for chipsets. Is it an intergrated sound chip on motherboard.

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Answer:can anyone help on sound cards ..PLEASE

i am trying to find out if AC97 on board sound is dolby 5.1 digital. i bought a multivision pc which was supposed to come with dlby 5.1 sound but it only has ac97. now multivision are saying that ac97 is dolby......

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Question: Two Sound Cards

How do I install a second sound card in my computer? What are the issues that should concern me?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Answer:Two Sound Cards

You will probably have driver conflicts. Windows will also go insane and jump out of your window (ok, maybe not )

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Looking at:Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 PCI OEM £17.10 (Ebuyer)click hereInnovision Audio Extreme 5.1 PCI Retail box £12.99(Dabs)click hereAre these cards better than my existing Creative SB 4.1 ?Will they work with new games e.g Doom 3 ?Which is the better card please ?

Answer:Which of these 2 Sound Cards please ? ( 5.1 PCI )

Reposting due to overwhelming interest...

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Relevance 44.69%

My pc has the onboard sound thing that it came with called realtek AC97 (or something like that). I'm thinking of upgrading to a decent sound card; however im not sure which to buy. I'd like one that can record with a microphone in good quality. Which of the following would be best?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks (btw, i have 5.1 speakers made by creative)

Answer:Hi, can anyone help me with sound cards?

All depends on your sound system.. I use Creative and have a Trust 5.1 surround but since upgrading mobo and having a 'daughter card' installed I now need to upgrade the sound system. Moral of story what ever suits your sound system is the best and pocket of course. One card there says it will handle 7.1 but if ya aint got a 7.1 sound system why do you need that one.

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Question: E Cards No Sound

For some reason when i play an e card or a video on u tube i get no sound ,but on everything else theres no probs , any ideas ?

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Hello everyone I was just wondering if anyone had an idea of what is wrong with my mic?Ihave a mic and sound card installed my speakers work to the computer and everything i just can't get my mic to work any idea as to what the problem might be?

Answer:Mic and Sound cards

is your voice input set to mic??control panel>sounds and audio

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Question: Two Sound Cards

ive recently installed a second usb sound card...and im successful with using both cards simultaneously... my problem is that the stereo mix of my original internal card doesnt seem to work anymore .... im thinking maybe my volume control setup is wrong because its works on my other (vista) pc

if anyone could shed any light on this problem it would be much appreciated

Answer:Two Sound Cards

I'm not sure I understand what your situation is. Is this a problem with the volume or stereo presence?

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Question: Two sound cards

IF I install a second sound card will I be able to receive two streams of streaming audio?

Answer:Two sound cards

I don't knows if that will work but having two sound cards is asking for problem the two cards will be in conflic with each others so most of the times your computer will hang freeze or crash everytimes you will play a sound...

So it's up to you.....

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Question: Sound Cards

Answer:Sound Cards

I wonder if anybody in the forum could recommend a basic sound card. I have been given a very basic spec PC running windows 98 that has no sound card installed. Perhaps someone could make a recommendation which would save me trawling through an ocean of products. I'm not particularly technical but would appreciate some basic guidance. I'm not looking for a high spec product just something that my children can use that allows their cd-Roms to be heard. Thanks for any help...

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Question: Sound Cards

I have onboard sound with a great set of Harmon Kardon Speakers. I was thinking of getting a sound card but was wondering if it was worth it? Ot to make it really worth it do you have to spend a ton on 5.1 or 6.1 card?

Answer:Sound Cards

Well what type of onboard sound do you have? if it is the good ol AC97, then yes, you will hear a difference. If you have a current gen board with Intel HD onboard, then the difference might not be so obvious. Either way, it is a very personal thing. Some people think it is night and day, others could not tell.

As far as the price charts go, Creatives new X-Fi series is very very nice (i finally got a chance to hear it) But that is the very high end of the consumer sound card market, and will cost you a pretty penny. But you do not really have to sell a kidney to get a decent sound.

I am a total fan boy of Creative, not saying that other brands (like chaintech) are bad, but i can not direct you about them, as i have only owned one.

This is the card i have

it is a very nice card, used to be the top of the line, but it is very impressive anymore (still sounds great though)

Here is one of the X-fi i was talking about

and here is a decent mid range card

Hope this helps


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i am using 5.1 surround sound which uses all the plugs at the back of the sound i have a T.V. card which needs 2 plug spaces leaving me with sterio on the T.V. and the same with my movies can i put a cheep sound card in for the T.V. card and use my best card for my 5.1

Answer:can i use 2 sound cards

Most likely this will result in conflicting IRQ settings, applications/windows will get confused as to which one to use.You CAN choose which sound device to use from the sound control panel for each type of sound, wav, midi and so on, but as far as i know you can't select which program uses what.Yet another twist on this... i do remember my TV card i used allowed me to choose the sound source etc...anyway...If you have onboard sound i suggest enabling it and plugging TV card audio into that, and using your 5.1 card main use.But to be honest i don't think it'll work.

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Question: Two Sound Cards

My name is oliver
I have a question i wanted to ask and wanted to go to the experts
So that is why i am posting it here
My Question is
How can i have two sound cards on my computer(one i bought and one that was in the computer when i bought it)
and have both of them show up on the audio select list(or to both be recognized at the same time)(not one or the other)

Please let me now Your awsners

Thanks a bunch in advance

Answer:Two Sound Cards

i dont know much but ithnk you can do is use a programt that uses AISO as it drivers adn you can use the 2 sound carsd other than that i dont think ti will work. sorry i dont have any sugestion how togwt it work. Go to a muisc productions forum like or they should know. Good luck.

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Question: sound cards

hi, got a few used sound cards today, but i cant get them to install, the drivers anyway, they are PCI, i dont know the brand or anything so i cant give any of that, im running windows 2003, and these cards aren't brand new, and they arent 10 years old, in fact they were both used with a windows 98 OS, but i dont know if windows 98 had the drivers native, but windows 2003 will not recognize wat they are or install them, i've tried windows update, i've ran everest to see if it can find the brand and i cant find anything, anyone know any program that will identify them?

Answer:sound cards

Well. Cant really help. I just know that if u ran an XP OS than u would have gotten an automatic driver installed.

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Question: 2 Sound Cards.

K I have onboard sound in my Comp and it dosen't have a joystick port and I want too use my Sidewinder 3D pro. so I'm going to install an old Sound Blaster 128 PCI card so I have a port. thing is how to I make my comp use the on board for the sounds and the PCI card for only the joystick.

Answer:2 Sound Cards.

If you already have the PC set up to use the onboard sound then adding the Sound Blaster to use the games port shouldn't be any trouble at all. Just plg the joystick in and it should be detected on that port.

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Question: Two sound cards

Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help. I have searched everywhere with no results.

I have a ASUS PQ5Pro MB and a Creative Blaster X-Fi soundcard + onboard sound. I would like to have sound from internet radio/broadcasts through Firefox (or ie) on the card, and the rest of the sounds from the mb on speakers.

The broadcast opens in a new window with a choice of realplayer or wmp:
Rugby League Live and then click on 'Continuous Call Team' (Sat & Sun after 12 noon Qld, Australia time).

Doing this will allow me to use a Whole House Transmitter and someone else to use the computer for games etc.

I have tried everything (and then some) to get this to work. Can it be done? Will it work with another sound card?


Answer:Two sound cards

Hello gav,

Welcome to the forums.

Sorry, but I've never heard of running two sound cards at the same time. Maybe someone else has an idea.


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Question: Sound cards

We have acciendently removed a program called audio to speakers which allows us to listen to our speakers but since we have deleted it we have not been able to listen to our speakers, how can we listen to the speakers again??

Answer:Sound cards

Try running a system restore to a point before you removed the software.

Check in Device Manager to see if Driver installed properly. If not then

reinstall the Audio Driver.

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Question: sound cards

hi everyone,
would appreciate you views on sound cards which to buy which to avoid, the Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Series Extreme Music OEM looks promising what do you think.many thanks for reading.

Answer:sound cards

harrylyme said:

hi everyone,
would appreciate you views on sound cards which to buy which to avoid, the Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Series Extreme Music OEM looks promising what do you think.many thanks for reading.Click to expand...

Hi mate!

Sound card choise highly depend on what you want to do with your PC. If you want to do the usual stuff like watching movies, gaming, listening to music etc go for any new Creative sound card. The Audigy 4 will be enough for you, you can also record basic music stuff with it if something like that interests you. The X-Fi Series are good but I wouldn't recommend them because of their price. If you have the money though you can go for an X-Fi.
Keep in mind that you want see any big difference if you don't pair your card with good speakers. I would recommend buying an Audigy 4 and with the rest of your money you could get a fair 5.1 speaker set.
Do not get anything cheaper than an Audigy 4 and stick with Creative stuff if you do not want to do any pro recording.

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Hi.I'm looking to buy a Sound Card.Must have (optical digital out for connecting to home cinema systems.)I was thinking of buying the followingCreative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer - Sound card - 24-bit - 192 kHz - 109 dB SNR - 7.1 channel surround - PCI - Creative X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity - low profileclick hereCan i get anything better or the same under £70.00I'd be grateful for anyone's help who knows about this stuff.Thanks

Answer:Anyone Know Anything About Sound Cards?

My PC has an onboard sound chip but here's a US website that lists several cards with information about them. Find what's suitable for you and then check out UK prices on Google UK. Hope this helps you and good luck. TC.

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Question: Sound Cards

I need to get a new sound card that supports 5.1 Are sound cards 'much of a muchness' or are they like graphics cards where there are better quality ones than others. Maybe someone could recommend where I should get one from and what type. Thanks.

Answer:Sound Cards


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hey guys, i have two sound cards here.

one has a great microphone, but the sound itself only comes through one ear.

the other card has a bad mic, but the sound works well.

i was just wondering if it's possible to use both at the same time instead of spending $50 on a new one.


Answer:How to use two sound cards at once?

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Question: Sound Cards?

I'm completely out of the loop on them, and well, I still have my integrated sound card. I've been thinking about upgrading my computer for some time now, and I'd like to know what kind to get... Anyone know anything about them?

Answer:Sound Cards?


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i have an on-board and installed sound card that both can do pretty much the same thing, but

my on-board supports 24bit 192000 Hz (max) - ASUS M4A79XTD EVO AM3 AMD 790X ATX AMD Motherboard

and my installed sound card supports 24bit 96000 Hz (max) - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE 7.1 Channels 24-bit 96KHz PCI Interface Sound Card - Sound Cards

does that mean i spent cash to buy a sound card that is actually worst then my on-board?

is Hz everything? sorry im a novice when it comes to sound/sound cards

Answer:Which of my sound cards is better?

I would say the onboard might be better but .....

If you get that card working fine under Win7, only you can decide if it actually sounds better or not.
Alot will depend on your speakers as well, and how much of a Audiophile you are.

The Sound card may actually have more clarity.

A lot of onboard audio these days is getting quite decent, but I find mine to sound muddy in comparison to my X-Fi.

I think officially, its the just Xtreme Gamer and up thats officially supported on Win7. Could be wrong on that.

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Question: sound cards

which sound cards would anyone recommend as my husband says ours won't do what he would like to do which is to use the computer to digitise analogue tapes, discs etc. We have a packard bell 1328 pc and we also have a laptop which is a Toshiba equium L20 I think he would prefer an external one so it could be used on both machines but i don't know if that is possible. Thanks for any advise in advance.

Answer:sound cards

creative digital music lx may fit the bill. other cards available at

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Today I moved my audio card to the bottom slot away from the GPU. I come back onto windows and see screen shot it says 2 infront of the audio card name why, I only have one. I cannot here anything in Itunes, I can hear some YouTube videos and some videos

any ideas

Answer:2 sound cards but not really

This is because it is the second installation of the same video card. I have the same label on my SB X-FI USB 5.1 card. It's nothing to worry about.

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Question: sound cards

i want to up grade my sound on my pc.At the moment i have ac97 on board sound.i have a yamaha natural sound amp and jamo speakers plugged into my pc.i don't really want 5.1 sound but will have if need be.i was thinking of spending roughly £50 give or take £10 either many soundcards out there just want some advice on the best soundcard for my system.i listen to a hole range of music from reggae,rock pop,electronic,hiphop and anything in between i don't really play games on pc is a dell dimensions 2350,2.5 pentium pro with 512 ddr ram.all advice will be welcome thanks.

Answer:sound cards

Try a soundblaster digital 5.1 - about £30 or so. Still excellent despite being a little aged by now.

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I have a SoundBlaster Live 5.1 and and intergrated sound card in my motherboard. Is it possiable to use both of them so that I can put speakers into both sound cards and sound comes out? Or does one have to be disabled?


Answer:2 sound cards at once

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is it possible to use 2 sound cards at the same time?
e.g i want to use my on board sound for playing music and watching video.
but i want to install a sound card into my pci slot so i can talk on skype. also when i talk on skype and play a game at the same time i hear the skype and the game through the head set. i want to hear the skype through my head set and hear the game or music threough my speakers. is it possible to do this? my head set isnt usb. its the black and pink plugs.

Answer:can i use 2 sound cards?

Well certainly having the two devices loaded shouldn't cause any problems although I've never tried using two separate devices at the same time.

Under Control panel>Multimedia you can set what device you use for playback and recording and these can certainly be different sound cards.

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Question: Sound Cards

Are they all that necessary? I mean, if your MOBO doesn't have one already then yeah. But I mean, you see those soundblasters or whatever that could be close to $300 for a soundcard!?

Are they really that necessary? They can't make the sound THAT MUCH better. I mean, I don't think the onboard sound sounds bad even while playing MP3's loud..

What's the deal?

Answer:Sound Cards

i really think it depends on how much of an audiophile you are. if you have theater quaility surround speakers then i wouldn't skimp on a sound card, but if you just use headphones or small speakers to listen to music and games...not really needed.

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Question: Sound Cards

Hello to Everyone..I am really a newbie to allot of this. I am a older guy and I need some help with sound cards.I am into DJ-ing. I am not DJ-in with a laptop as of yet, but hopefully I will get there one day.My question is:I need to buy a sound blaster card for my computer.I cannot really understand all the tech stuff about all the different cards. All I need is a good pro sound in recording my CD's to my hard drive, in turn my Musicmatch Jukebox makes them into MP3 files and I burn a CD from that. I also download music from Musicmatch 99cents a song. I dont know if I should get the Sound Blaster for MP3's? I really am not a person that can understand all the tech stuff.. but I do know a good sound when I hear it.I was told that Sound Blaster will make all the difference.I also understand that the dfferent cards come with different software bundles..Which one is right for me?I would apprecaite anyone that can help this old guy out.Thank-you for your helpMusicman

Answer:Sound Cards

It really depends on how  much you are prepared to pay.But the Creative Audigy 2ZS Platinum and others in that range are excellent. I have this one and it's 7.1 capable which means 7speaker surround sound with a kick *censored* sub woofer.The software bundles allow for cd burning, playback mixing, and dvd audio now as well.

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Question: 2 sound cards

hi,is it possible to have 2 soundcards?.one is onboard and the other is PCI.thanks.ben

Answer:2 sound cards


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Question: sound cards

a friend wants to build his first pc, he is a musician and wants to be able to record his music directly into his pc. (not sure if this is possible,but nowadays i guess so).
so he is after a sound card capable of this.

they use a connector called a midi plug, i guess this outputs from a synthesizer or something.
if there are any audiophiles out there who can reccomend a sound card or some hardware to do this i would appreciate it.

Answer:sound cards

The best cards out at the moment only cost you under £170(Creative Audigy 2ZS Platinum Pro) but if you want to get a good deal for your money then check out the Audigy 2ZS:


I have this card and it works so well and is capable of 7.1 speakers. It'll only set you back £90 at the most. But If you are not willing to pay that then you can get the Audigy2 (no ZS) for £50. It's only 6.1 sound but what the hell.

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Question: USB Sound Cards

Has anyone any experience of USB Sound Cards; specifically their improvement (or otherwise) on the sound quality of the internal speakers of a laptop? ...Obviously I realise this will be restricted by the actual qulity of the speakers, but I think there is some scope here.


Answer:USB Sound Cards

Anything that is powered solely by the USB port will have the obvious restriction of being 2.5 watts (less actually, after the losses in conversion are deducted) and that will be your major limitation.

Otherwise the USB will have adequate data speed to handle the digital data for conversion.

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Hello!I have recently acquired DJ-Tech Digi-Mix 2020, which comes with a USB Sound Card.After following the instructions, I have plugged the Sound Card into the computer, yet whenever I do this I get no sound at all from my computer.I don't know anything about Sound Cards and that sort of equipment, so I would really like some help in explaining how to make it work?I also don't have external speakers, only speakers that are a part of the computer monitor, does this affect how it works? Thank You! x

Answer:Sound Cards: Need Help!

See if this helps?click here

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i Need help with sound cards

ive never bought a sound card and was wondering if some one could list the top cards on the market right now

Answer:Need help with sound cards

Sound Blaster Series

I recommend the Sound Blaster series type of cards. I trust them and I've never had a problem out of every Sound Blaster card I've purchased and the quality of sound sounds great! Especially my Sound Blaster Audigy Internal as it powers my 7.1 Surround System without giving me any problems and provides performance boost through playback of sounds. The latest one for Sound Blaster should be Audigy II but its pretty expensive card yet well worth, but if you want something a little cheaper yet still good quality, I'd go for Audigy. Check for details.

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Question: sound cards

i recently downloaded windows media player 9 and my computer could not download it properly. when i uninstalled it, my cd drive crashed and now i have absolutely no could be a problem with the sound card,but i'm not sure how to find out for sure.then how do i fix it.i have windows 2000 professional.

Answer:sound cards


This would do better in hardware so maybe one of the moderators will move it. Is everything working except the sound? Go into Control Panel and choose System, then Hardware and Device Manager. Everything listed as working under the Sound Heading? Also in Control Panel under the Sound icon check that the right speakers and audio device are selected and nothing is muted or turned down.

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