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HP 2530-48G switch configuration

Question: HP 2530-48G switch configuration

hi, I have two vlan's 8 and 9, it's and need what they can communicate between, example from PC can access/ping other vlan computer need configure vlans?

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Preferred Solution: HP 2530-48G switch configuration

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: HP 2530-48G switch configuration

Hi: You may also want to post your question on the HP Enterprise Business Community Support Forum -- Procurve Switches section...

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Deleted. Answered my own question.

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I have installed a Procurve 2530 j9773a switch for a customer. However when trying to add it to PCM it connects and successfully sees the SNMP community, however it then hangs on discovering devices. The software is quite old now, so my query is do we need to update the version of software or is there MIB like file for this switch we need to import before hand. If the software needs to be updated, does anyone know of a chart to compare which switch models are compatible with which version of update. Any information would be helpful. 

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I am trying to configure a Cisco 2950 (manageable) Switch, I configured IP address on Vlan1 & it worked fine for 1 day , today I started it , ends up with prompt Switch: & displays unable to boot, any suggestions

Answer:Switch configuration

Wish I would have payed attention in my Cisco class.

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I have inherited a small LAN with about thirty users. It has a DSL line connected to a Linksys EF2S24 port switch. Then this switch is connected to two other smaller switches. How do I find out the configuration settings for the EF2S24 switch? I'm trying to figure out what my "Static Nat" ip addresses are so I can connect to various computers remotely. Can anyone help?

Answer:Switch Configuration

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I have someone I'm trying to help out with a simple network that inherited some cisco switches. Apparently they were defaulted but VLAN 1 is still disabled (I understand why, not arguing that), but they need it re-enabled. I'm not too familiar with Cisco IOS as I haven't touched Cisco since taking some classes for the CCNA over 5 years ago. . .can anyone help a guy out with some tips on the commands I will need? I believe the models of switches are the 2950 for the rooms and a couple of 3750 switches for the main closet.

I already ordered the usb->console->RJ45 cable I'm going to need to connect, then I suppose I'll have to install drivers and use putty to access the console. . .that's where I'm currently at.

Answer:Help with Cisco Switch Configuration

I didn't think that VLAN 1 could be removed or disabled, per se.

I knew that you can isolate it by not assigning any trunk or access ports, but not outright disable it

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Hi All,
I?ve been given the task of redoing our network infrastructure. Up until now, all the networks have been completely separated via different (off the shelf) switches or routers, some daisy chained. Recently though, we?ve just had a refit and a large amount of network cable put in to create a patchbay area and purchased a layer-3 switch with DHCP (Netgear FSM7352S). Now the plan is to get rid of all the cheap/unreliable/old equipment and get the switch to do all of the networking (apart from the ADSL routers feeding the internet feeds to the switch itself).

We have requirement for quite a few separate networks, whether it be via VLAN or subnetting? but I believe it will need to be VLANs. Some of the networks will have machines with (external) static IPs set on them (a range given to us via an ISP)? some machines will have static IPs set on them as part of an internal network ? and other machines will need IPs given via DHCP. There will be a rather large mix (mess) of different IP ranges, internal and external, that we have to deal with. We also have quite a few different internet connections, and different networks may use the same connection but can?t communicate with each other. Some networks are not permitted to take a route to the internet.

(see attachment Full Diagram.png)

I?m new to using this level of switching/routing/networking but have plenty of experience with networking on a lower (single network) level. I've only had experience ... Read more

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Hi All,
I’ve been given the task of redoing our network infrastructure. Up until now, all the networks have been completely separated via different (off the shelf) switches or routers, some daisy chained. Recently though, we’ve just had a refit and a large amount of network cable put in to create a patchbay area and purchased a layer-3 switch with DHCP (Netgear FSM7352S). Now the plan is to get rid of all the cheap/unreliable/old equipment and get the switch to do all of the networking (apart from the ADSL routers feeding the internet feeds to the switch itself).

We have requirement for quite a few separate networks, whether it be via VLAN or subnetting… but I believe it will need to be VLANs. Some of the networks will have machines with (external) static IPs set on them (a range given to us via an ISP)… some machines will have static IPs set on them as part of an internal network … and other machines will need IPs given via DHCP. There will be a rather large mix (mess) of different IP ranges, internal and external, that we have to deal with. We also have quite a few different internet connections, and different networks may use the same connection but can’t communicate with each other. Some networks are not permitted to take a route to the internet.

(see attachment Full Diagram.png)

I’m new to using this level of switching/routing/networking but have plenty of experience with networking on a lower (sing... Read more

Answer:Layer 3 Switch Configuration

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I'm sure my brain has the answer to this from when I got my network cert 10 years ago but I just can't seem to figure this one out.

When I cross connect the switches the link lights go crazy and I can't connect to the internet or the servers.

My configuration is the following

2 Poweredge 440sc's

48 port patch panel

3 Netgear 24 port 100/1000 switches (Then do NOT have a dedicated uplink port)

A Dlink 4 port 10/100/1000 router.

Its wired like this (I'll try to keep it simple without pictures)

Switch 1

Servers, Phone System and 4 ports from the Patch Panel
1 Connection to the Router

Switch 2

22 connections to the patch panel
1 Interconnect to Switch 1
1 Connection to the Router

22 connections to the patch panel
1 Interconnect to Switch 1
1 Connection to the Router
So in the configuration, technically each switch is interconnected twice, once through the interconnects going from 2 and 3 back to 1 and then each switch's connection to the router.

When I take the Interconnects out or the simultaneous connections to the router (one or the other), everything works fine.

Why is this happening? I would think more interconnections the better.

Secondary question:

Given it does't work, which way would work better, the interconnections to Switch 1 with 1 wire going to the router from Switch 1 or all interconnecting at the router (It is a re... Read more

Answer:Multiple Switch Configuration Question

The reason the way you have it wired doesn't work is because you created the text book switch loop. Apparently your switches and router does not support spanning tree. Spanning tree allows multiple meshed links between switches without creating loops by determining best pathing to the root switch and putting the other links in blocking mode.

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I upgraded IMC standardt to 7.3 and when updates are manually set on a network switch it is not synched to IMC

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Hello People,

I need help, I am on the verge of tears.
I am using packet tracer to setup a switch but I cant ping the switch and its mac address table is not populating.
I have uploaded my configs for my switch IP and VLANs can someone have a look please?



Answer:Switch Configuration Help packet tracer

Is that the entire config file? If so, you did not create vlan 1 or vlan3. You created vlan2

Switch# configure terminal
Switch(config)# vlan 1
Switch(config-vlan)# name Accounting
Switch(config-vlan)# end

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I have about 60 Cisco 6509 that my boss makes me make changes on from time to time. Basically, I want to find a way to automatically telnet into each one and do the commands. They are running CatOS.

set tacacs server 10.x.x.x primary
set tacacs server 10.x.x.x
set tacacs key XXXXX
clear tacacs server 10.x.x.x

set ip permit 10.x.x.x snmp

This is my latest batch. Any suggestions?

Answer:Script for Cisco Switch Configuration?

Ciscoworks Resource Manager Essentials would be perfect for this. I think Solarwinds also has a comparable solution called Cirrus (something).

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I have RFID Reader ( - connected Cat-6 POE to ws-c3750x-24p-s - standard TCP/IP web service app pulling data from the reader every 250msec:

I have my app server connect via vlan by ws-c3750x-24p-s IP address ( - as you can see its on a different subnet;

I can ping the device from the server - although I'm not getting any data coming through:

my config are as:
0 [switch 1 provision ws-c3750x-24p-s]
1 [system mtu routing 1500]
2 [ip routing]
3 [no ip domain-lookup]
4 [vtp mode transparent]
5 [crypto pki trustpoint TP-self-signed-1218624768]
6 [enrollment selfsigned]
7 [subject-name cn=IOS-Self-Signed-Certificate-1218624768]
8 [revocation-check none]
9 [rsakeypair TP-self-signed-1218624768!!]
10 [crypto pki certificate chain TP-self-signed-1218624768]
11 [certificate self-signed 01]
Vlan; [vlan 63] Name; [**reader!!!]
12[interface FastEthernet]
13[no ip address]
14[no ip route-cache cef]
15[no ip route-cache]
16[no ip mroute-cache
for parts 5 and 6:
Port#5 [interface GigabitEthernet1/0/5 switchport access vlan 63 switchport mode access !]
Port#6 [interface GigabitEthernet1/0/6 switchport access vlan 63 switchport mode access!]
17 [spanning-tree mode pvst]
18 [spanning-tree portfast default]
19 [spanning-tree extend system-id!!!!]
20 [vlan internal allocation policy ascending!]
21 [vlan 63 name **reader!!!]
22 [interface FastEthernet0]
23 [switchport mode access]

4th line:
1 [interface Vlan1]
2 [ip address ... Read more

Answer:3750x L3 Switch configuration Issue(s)

Have you tried using a laptop configured with the IP of the reader and trying with that?

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I was trying to configure my Catalyst Express 500 switch (PID VID: WS-CE500-24LC V01) and i followed the step i found in a document on Cisco website but still it showed an error "Page not found" and address displayed on bar was"
So please look into the matter as soon as possible and help me in this

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I have a X200 Tablet and when I am in tablet mode and rotate the screen to secondary portrait then after about 5 seconds the screen flips to primary portrait and the following error message pops up:"Display cannot switch to secondary portrait with this configuration." Secondary portrait is the orientation you want in order to hold the heavy thick side of the X200 tablet with your left hand. I rotate the screen using either the hardward button or the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver software or ActiveRotate, in all these cases the forced flip and error message happen after a few seconds. 

Answer:Display cannot switch to secondary portrait with this configuration.

I am able to work around this problem by disabling TSMResident via Windows Defender (Tools -> Software Explorer then click "Show for all users" then select TSMResident then click Disable, then rebooting). So I imagine this is a software bug with TSMResident.exe. which is shipped by Lenovo and is installed with the Tablet Shortcut software.  Does anybody know what the proper way to report software bugs to Lenovo is? the support pages seem to have a ticketing system for hardware issues but not software. 

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This is my first post here, and i need some help from you guys.
At this moment i have in my production environment 2 firewalls Watchguard's M440 and 2 Cisco SG300-52 ports, with support LAN and SAN.
Now we have acquire 2 HP HP V1910-48G Switch's for SAN only, and i need your help to advise, to help me to design the best solution. We have 3 Pool's of server's and 3 Pool's of Netapp's FAS 2xxx with iSCSI and fiber.
The image above, is the best solution that i have reach with full redundancy.


Answer:Help with Cisco SG300 and HP V1910-48G Switch for LAN and SAN configuration

Honestly, those are both terrible switches for SAN. They are access switches, not data center switches. They don't have enough buffer on the ports for iSCSI/NFS.

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I'm building a new PC using an old Lenovo Type 8975 /model 7MG case, into which I'm puting a new AsRock 939A790GMH motherboard. All going well until I get to the front system panel connector which at first glance looked compatible but isnt. I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction?
The pins on the motherboard are for a 10 pin connector block as is the Lenovo FRU 41N5284 power switch/led connector but the blank is in the wrong place compared with the motherboard and the number of pins actually wired is less on the Lenovo, only 6 wired, compared with 9 'used' pins on the board. So I'm going to have to get some 2 pin connectors and wire it it up bit by bit unless I can find a compatible connector for the AsRock m/board and cross wire everything. The main problem is I cant find a wiring diagram for the Lenovo power switch . I have black and yellow coming from the combined power switch/reset button, green and black coming from the power neon and another yellow and black coming from another neon, (not sure what that neon is for-HDLED presumably....).
The motherboard has pins for PLED+,PLED-,PWRBTN#,GND,HDLED+,HDLED,GND,RESET#,DUMMY

Also as there is no seperate reset button on the Lenovo power switch/led assembly, how can I get the reset to work on the AsROck board using this switch?

Any advice as to correct configuration/significance of wiring colouring/tips as to easiest way forward much appreciated!

Answer:Solved: Lenovo power switch wiring configuration help please!

The easiest thing would be to get another case.

If that's not possible connect the yellow and black from the power button to the PWRBTN and the GND next to it. It doesn't matter which wire goes to which pin.

If there is only one switch in the power button and therefore only 2 wires coming from it you can't have a reset unless you add another switch somehow.

If that case has a PSU are you sure it's compatible with that Mobo ?

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Hi, I've just bought x201 for 2 weeks. Today I tried to rotate the screen in tablet mode  so I can get the battery with my hand when I read documents but after rotation  and after just 1-2 second it automatically get back to primary landsacpe view and gives me this error. I wonder what is the problem and more importantly what is the solution? thanks

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Hi guys , i need sata drivers to install xp pro , my report is below , i am happy if anyone help me , thank you in advance !! :confused

Answer:Sata drivers Fujitsu pi 2530 help !!

You should slipstream the drivers into an XP install disk with Nlite. After the OS install you should then install the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility®+Rapid+Storage+Technology&lang=eng

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Hi guys, This is my first post on the forum, so here goes.I have an Epson WF 2530 printer which I bought new from Tesco's around 18 months ago and up to now it has done everything that it's been asked to do, untill today. When I want to print a document it just rolls out a blank sheet and an error report on the lcd display says " Paper out. Load paper and press OK " even though there is ample paper present. Just to rule it out, I have taken the printhead out, cleaned and replaced it as well as replaced the ink  cartridgesAnother furum I viewed says that it is a fault with the paper sensor however I've no idea where to locate it.Any suggestions would be welcome.      Thanks         Hamer.

Answer:Epson WF-2530 printer problem

Have you tried Epson support?

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today i cannot print anything as my display says printer error see your documentation, the ADF light and the wifi and the power light are flashing at 3 sec spaces. any advice please?

Answer:epsom WF-2530 printer error

It may be that there is some paper jammed (even if you can't see it) Take a look here Printer Error

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I am working with a client who has a Kyocera KM-2530 and wants to use it to scan to PCs on their network. They bought it from . Has anyone set up one of these office all in ones for this? ive tried looking through documentation on it and searching google for setting this up but it has been unsuccessful so far... thanks for any help!!


Answer:Kyocera 2530 scanning to network pcs?

we have a Lanier 2135 (i belive) that does network scanning.

Basically, you set up the scanner/printer/copier/coffee maker/jukebox on the network.

Then install the management software on a computer that will never be turned off (server), then the software should be able to find the scanner via broadcast/responce, and establish the connection.

Then you should be able to assign a directory on the network where the management software will dump the processes scans.

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 With Active Rotate enabled and kid of working, trying to hold the tablet in slate mode with battery facing up, TSMResient.exe will report that "cannot switch to secondary landscape in this configuration" with a message box. All other orienations work. What is strange is, you can force it to switch to secondary landscape by using the Change Orientation button near the LED lights and there is absolutely no problem. Using windows control panel to change orientation works too without error messages. Searching for this error message will show many results in google, most reported in 2009 so this is an old bug. But there is no solutions as far as I can see. What gives Lenovo? Please help.

Answer:x220 active rotate, "display cannot switch to secondary landscape in this configuration"

I had this problem for a day or two and it magically fixed itself. Wish I knew what did it so I could fix it if it ever happened again...

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my l 50 works great on average for 25 to 30 minutes and cuts all alone, I turn it on again and it re works between 25 to 30 minutes all the time if I'm careful I can restart it before cutting the 25 minutes as many times that I want it and it works normally could you help me? thank you.

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Ok, so I've got a Dell Dimension 2530 a client brought in the other day wanting a fresh install of XP Home Edition on there.

Having being an older system with no recovery partition and hanging on the windows screen more times than not I popped in my XP HOME OEM DVD.

FIRST FAIL - No DVD drive...wouldn't read my external DVD drive...Having plenty on hand I popped one in for his main ROM Drive.

Booted up into the DVD fine...DELETED his old partition and reformatted just fine.

SECOND FAIL - Wake up and the installation hung up right near the end before you enter a user name and your authentication of windows for the system.

Normally when something like this has happened to me I can reboot the PC and it will resume the installation. This time that was not the case it posts, then goes to a black screen with a white blinking underscore for about 40 seconds like its trying to access my DVD...then the screen goes blank completely. ALT f4 wouldn't work and it sat there for a period of time...SO option one...I did some things in BIOS so I restored it to no avail...

This same thing happens to me when trying to boot to JUST the ROM drive.

I'm a tech by trade, but a beginning tech. Any help on this issue would be most appreciated.

Answer:Dell Dimension 2530 Completely STUMPED!

I would suggest testing the hard drive using the manufacturer diagnostics.

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

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Every time I try to print anything, my WF-2530 feeds a sheet through and reports paper out. The unit has seen little use and has never had a paper jam. I have carefully loaded only a few sheets of regular 20 lb paper and it does it every time. I have done the same with some Kodak photo paper for inkjet and gotten the same results. It simply does not detect that there is paper loaded.

I have tried resetting the unit, powering off then on, disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord. Nothing causes it to recognize that paper is loaded after it feeds the first sheet through. Press the 'OK' button and it will feed another sheet and continue to report 'paper out'.

I don't want to replace such a lightly used printer. If I can correct whatever is wrong with the paper sensor it would be a blessing. Help!

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I am trying to upgrade my computer to Vista Business, but I only have about 42MB left of hard drive capacity. Does anybody knows what the difference is between 300GB 5400 RPM Universal SATA - 8MB and 300GB 7200 RPM Universal SATA -16MB. I aqppreciate your advise, and thank you in advance.

Answer:Wishing to upgrade hardrive of Think Pad 2530 - z60m, from 100MB to 300MB

The difference is the speed and buffer, the latter drive being faster and having twice the buffer and it will perform a lot better than the first one. Please be advised that you have to stay with 32-bit Vista on your Z60m, 64-bit will not install on it. Hope this helps.

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Hello, I have a problem with any Realtek driver since I updated from Windows 8.1 to 10 (x64).
On every boot, I have no sound on the rear speakers : the black pin switches automaticaly to "side". I have to reconfigure the black pin to rear every time !

Did someone had a similar issue ?

Here's my config if it helps : Asus Sabertooth Mark 2 and Logitech Z906 5.1 speakers.

Answer:Realtek Audio 5.1 configuration : rear speaker switch to side speaker

Up !

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Hello, I have a problem with any Realtek driver since I updated from Windows 8.1 to 10 (x64).
On every boot, I have no sound on the rear speakers : the black pin switches automaticaly to "side". I have to reconfigure the black pin to rear every time !

Did someone had a similar issue ?

Here's my config if it helps : Asus Sabertooth Mark 2 and Logitech Z906 5.1 speakers.

Answer:Realtek Audio 5.1 configuration : rear speaker switch to side speaker

Up !

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Every time i try to print something with my Epson WF 2530, its says "paper out or loaded incorrectly" even when there is plenty of paper. there is no jam and when i try to print, the paper just shoots out blank. its been working fine for a long time and just suddenly started this between printings yesterday.
Is there any sort of reset?

im using Windows 8.1 and running the printer wirelessly.
any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Dear Sir/Madam
Plz help me to fix the problem of configration
Lenovo Thinkcenter M-8985-899 and serial no: xxxxxxx
Error Msg is Configuration error - Default configration used 
i hv try much more time to fix but not fix this problem but finaly i have done few changes then fix configuration Error 
But not fix fully problem it hide the ctrl+s option after starting computer ask entring configration setting
also facing the Date and time problem i have set date many times till the computer is on date and time is still working properly but after shutdown full computer and re open or start the computer the facing same problem
 it go backward the 8years of present time.
and also it smps exosted fan ever than stoped or computer is on but ever never go for it moniter light or mouse and keyboard but the CPU Is on or light gone for properly in the CPU.
Please give Earlier feed back.
Neeraj Sharma
Moderator Note; private information & s/n edited to prevent possible abuse

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I need to set up three user accounts on two computers the accounts on each computer is going to be monitored.
Each user will be assigned access for certain folder or files and certain applications, like internet explorer.
And all usb ports and dvd drive will be blocked. Only the admin will be allow to have full access.

So i need to do something that allow ( managers) to monitor employees activity on the system during working hours.

On one pc is windows xp pro on the other os windows 7 home premium.

Any idea how i can acomplish this task?

I.was thinking of group policy on both computers but on home premium there is not group policy.

Also the users will be using almost all the same programs and files just the with different information.

Thank you in advance.

Answer:group policy configuration and computer configuration question

Read this
But for Windows 7 Home Premium you will not have the
Local Security Policy so you may need to upgrade to Windows 7 Pro for that.

This is easier to control with a server like Windows Server 2003 or 2008.

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I have an old P3 system that I let my son use for internet browsing, email, etc. It has been rock solid for 6+ years until lately and I think the issue of not booting properly is that the master CD-ROM gave up the ghost. And so I took that out hoping that is all it will take.

Here is my question (and I feel so much like a noob; I did try to google but I got nothing): Where do I place the tab to take it from slave to single configuration? As slave the tab was placed on the far left in the verticle position. Am I correct in that to make it singular I need to place it horizontally on the bottom two prongs center-right?

I hope I am making myself clear. This is an old system and it has been years since setting it up and I don't have my manuals anywhere. I couldn't even access Buslink's website.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:CD-RW Configuration - from slave to single configuration?

The jumper will fit on the pins, based on what is imprinted or embossed on the drive. It is usually very difficult to see... but if you use a flashlight or other device you can place at different angles, you can see how the jumper choices are stamped into the metal. Most often the center two are Slave, the right is Master, and the left is Cable Select.
I suggest you jumper it as master.
If it is a known brand, you can find a drawing on the website of the optical drive manufacturer.

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I have Windows 7 Professional on my PC. In the first load I had, the PC should automatically detect if the LAN cable was plugged in, turn off the wireless radio, and change the network icon in the right bottom corner to reflect the cable was now in use.
Unfortunately, I had to reload my PC, and since then I can't get it to do it again.
So, what I'd like to achieve is this: Have Windows automatically detect when the cable is plugged in, turn of the wireless radio, and change the network icon in the right bottom corner to reflect the cable is in use - and, obviously, vice versa.
Can someone tell me what I need to do, please?

Answer:Have Windows 7 automatically switch to LAN when cable is plugged in and switch to wireless when it's removed

There are two methods can help you.
1. Go to <Network and Sharing><Change Adapter Settings> and right click your wired and wireless adapters one at a time to change the properties. Select IPv4, click <Properties>
then click <Advanced>. For each one, clear the "Automatic metric" check box and assign the metric value manually. Setting your wired adapter?s metric value lower than wireless adapter one, such as ?1? for wired adapter and ?2? for wired adapter.

2. Go to <Network and Sharing><Change Adapter Settings>,
hold down 'alt' to bring up the "File" menu, select "Advanced", select
"Advanced Settings" from the dropdown menu, adjust the priority of your wired adapter higher than your wireless adapter in the "Advanced Settings" window under the "Adapters and Bindings" tab.
Hope this helps.Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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when i switch on bluetooth-wifi switch my screen immediately goes off after few flickerings in my ideapad y460.When i turn-off the swith immediately am getting the screen. I saw an error message(in red color below) been logged in EventLogger. The ReadyComm.DirectRouter service failed to start due to the following error:The system cannot find the file specified. In windows services panel the ReadyComm.DirectRouter  service pointing to C:\windows\System32\IgrsSvcs.exe -k IgrsSvcs. the IgrsSvcs.exe is not the location instead it is available in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\IgrsSvcs.exe. because of this problem, iam not able to connect my mobile through bluetooth. am not sure whether it is hardware or any  driver problem   

Answer:when switch on bluetooth-wifi switch my screen immediately goes off after few flickering in my y460

remove readycomm application, it's useless.

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Need to no if I have this right

they have a dsl modem going to a Linksys router to a 24 port switch then to a little 4 port switch. sure, so then Would it be modem to router then router to any port on the big switch or is there an uplink port on the big switch it should go to? then you would hook a cat5e from one of the regular ports on the 24 port switch and run it to the uplink port on the 4 port switch need to no if the whole sequence is right. Hope someone can help, john will told me the cable would go from the big switch to the uplink on the small switch but I am wondering if I have it all right or not and wonderiing about from the router to the 24 port switch does the cable just go in a regular port in the big switch or if there is an uplink port does it go there. Hope you can understand my rambleing here. Thanks (please don't send me to a link) just need to no modem to router to regular port or uplink port on 24 port switch then from regular port on 24 port switch to uplink port on the 4 port switch. Thanks

Answer:Solved: Windows xp hookup question for modem, router, switch, to switch?

Router to uplink port on 24 port switch, and then normal port on the 24 port switch to uplink port on the second 4 port switch. An auto-MDX port on a device negates the need to worry about uplink ports for that particular cable connection.

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I have a wireless router connected to my modem, and ALL PC's connect to that for internet.

I also have a gigabit switch I use to transfer data in between several of the machines. I do it quite often and I don't want it eating up the wifi bandwidth.
I have done it before, but it has been a long time and I cannot remember how I forced internet traffic over the wifi and local traffic through the switch
Is the only way to do it to specifically tell Windows to use the IP address of the LAN connection? I know it will work that way, forcing local traffic directly to that IP, but I seem to remember there being an easier way to do this.


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Am a new Networking BEE I had built a small network of 20 systems at my office and there I had connected a switch and router.

All the switch ports have been covered by all the systems and one port is given to the router

And also I connected a HUB to the switch ..

It works fine for my internet connections to all the systems but how do i make authentication of passwords and username to my network systems from one server which I use server 2003 at one system

let me know the detailed step by step procedure to build.........

I would feel very happy If at all any Suggestions for me to make my Business grow.....

As early as possible ................

Thanks in Advance


Answer:Connection of Router to Switch and also a Hub to Switch - N/W systems internet share

>>I use server 2003 at one system

you need to enable Network Login, but that requires that win2003 have

a domain controller
a DHCP service
and a DNS service.
the Domain Controller is just another name for LDAP and it becomes the control point
for all systems.

get some books on Configuring Win2003 Server

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Hi, I have a Lenovo t420s with dualboot win7 and Ubuntu. I never had any problems until now and could switch on/off my wireless and bluetooth connections via the Hardware Switch (right bottom left of the notebook) or via FN + F5. However, without any specific reason the wireless and bluetooth was switched off and the the system tells me that I have to switch on WIFI via the Wireless Radio Switch. However, although I can move it, it doesn't make any difference for the Switch. I tried to reset the BIOS to Default and changed the network settings, and also rebooted several times. I won't work with any of the two systems. Any advice would be greatly welcomed!!! Any suggestions?  Thanky so much! Best, Ernest


Go to Solution.

Answer:t420s wireless radio switch doesn't switch on / broken

Welcome to the forum.
It's possible that the switch is broken. IIRC the switch is installed on a small circuit board that connects via a ribbon cable. It's also possible that this cable is not making good contact. I would suggest that you examine the switch and board for these sorts of issues. 
You can get detailed instructions for opening up the T420s and locating components in the Hardware and Maintenance Manual.

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I am not sure what happened here but I have been using Local User to sign in for a couple of years since I installed Windows 10 but suddenly after a reboot, I am now forced to use MS account login. Note, for my initial install, I did use a MS account but then I did not like it and was able to change it to Local user and was using that ever since.

I have searched for solutions but can not find anything that works. Trying to change it directly via the settings/account results in:
Error code (0x80004005) and message: "We're sorry, but something went wrong. Your Microsoft Account wasn't changed to a local account."

I have also tried adding another 'family member' account and get this error:
"We couldn't connect to Microsoft family right now, so your family on this device might not be up to date."
Clicking on add a family member at this point anyway, opens a box that says 'Something went wrong'.

Any solutions that I did try from other sources have not helped.

Does anyone have any idea if this suddenly came with a Windows update, or something I did to myself? Any armstrong ways to fix this and get back to a Local User for sign on to Windows?


Answer:Sudden switch from Local User to MS account - can not switch back

lrw said:

I am not sure what happened here but I have been using Local User to sign in for a couple of years since I installed Windows 10 but suddenly after a reboot, I am now forced to use MS account login. Note, for my initial install, I did use a MS account but then I did not like it and was able to change it to Local user and was using that ever since.

I have searched for solutions but can not find anything that works. Trying to change it directly via the settings/account results in:
Error code (0x80004005) and message: "We're sorry, but something went wrong. Your Microsoft Account wasn't changed to a local account."

I have also tried adding another 'family member' account and get this error:
"We couldn't connect to Microsoft family right now, so your family on this device might not be up to date."
Clicking on add a family member at this point anyway, opens a box that says 'Something went wrong'.

Any solutions that I did try from other sources have not helped.

Does anyone have any idea if this suddenly came with a Windows update, or something I did to myself? Any armstrong ways to fix this and get back to a Local User for sign on to Windows?


Hi Larry and welcome to Tenforums.
MS servers were having problems today; probably why you got those errors.
Please try now - everything seems to be back in working order.
Switch to Local Account in Windows 10

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I just got an alienware 13 r3 laptop w/ win 10 pro pre-installed. The hard drive is one 500gb ssd drive. I wanted to partition the drive so that my OS was on a 140gb partition, and then the remaining volume for a media drive.

I wasn't able to shrink the original install volume down enough so I had to do a clean install. I used the media creation tool to create a bootable usb drive. The usb drive was bootable and setup would load but at the media selection page there were no drives visible.

After some research and whatnot I was able to determine that disabling Secure Boot and switching the sata mode to AHCI from RAID did the trick. I was able to re-partition and install win 10 pro.

I have turned Secure Boot back on and I got a warning when I made the change do but the system still boots fine. I haven't changed the sata mode back to RAID because I get a similar warning message and I'm not sure if it will have any effect.

Do I need to? Does it matter? Will it cause a problem? It's a laptop with one drive, does raid even matter in that situation?
This is for UEFI boot systems not legacy BIOS but it may still apply. I don't know.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Had to Switch to AHCI to Do Clean Install/Re-partition, Switch Back?

I don't see any reason to use RAID if it has only one drive. Maybe I am missing something, though. I would leave it on AHCI.

The way you would change it, though, would be to boot into Windows in safe mode. Delete the device manager entry from the AHCI drive controller. Reboot the computer into UEFI settings and change the mode to RAID. Reboot the computer back into Windows safe mode. Turn off safe mode, reboot the computer back into normal Windows and hope for the best.

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I am trying to accomplish this:

That is, I have an existing network connecting an office to a colo to the internet. I have a range of public IP addresses assigned to the public interface of a firewall.

I am trying to set up a "public" wireless access network in our office that is completely seperate from our corporate network that we can use for consultants, iPhones, etc that cannot in any way access resources on our corporate network without using VPN.

I envision adding a second loop to our existing network that lives on a seperate VLAN on our switch at the colo that would not have access to our existing VLAN network. I would somehow pass that VLAN traffic across the gigE link to a seperate VLAN on our office switch that would connect to the WAPs of the public network.

Any idea how do do this?

I cannot figure out how to send separate VLAN traffic over the L2 point-to-point link.

Answer:Extend a VLAN from one switch over a layer-2 link to another switch?

agrikk said:

Any idea how do do this?
I cannot figure out how to send separate VLAN traffic over the L2 point-to-point link.Click to expand...

My first guess might have to be talking to the people providing you the l2l link between the color and the office.

Would it potentially be easier to just write acls around the "guest access" traffic since you are sharing bandwidth with your production network anyways?


IIRC you are using that sonicwall right? Couldn't you turn one of those ports into your guest access firewall and then do your content filtering and etc with those? Just another thought

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Was working fine. Put it on charger over night and now won't switch on. After pushing on button it keeps vibrating every few seconds so it must have power.

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One question I need to know

If you go from DSL modem to Router then Router to switch
my question is then
If I wanted to hook another mini linksys switch into the bigger switch would you run the cat5e cable from the first switch to a reg port in the second switch or would you run it to the uplink port and then hook the 1 or 2 computers into the reg ports of the second switch.??

Answer:Solved: Windows xp-question of hookup switch to switch?

Obviously, run it to the uplink port if available.

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I've currently got a router setup with a 10/100 card as the external NIC, and an Intel 10/100/1000 card as the internal NIC, and am running a pure Gigabit network (through a Dell Powerconnect 2608). Yes, I know, without jumbo frames the performance won't be nearly as good, but I got all of the hardware cheap, so isn't a big deal, and I do do very large file transfers regularly between my file server and desktop.

I've also got a Linksys WRT54g right now that I want to setup as a WAP/switch, ignore it's routing capabilities. If I were to plug the WRT54g into my gigabit switch, and have my Xbox and wireless laptop running off of it, would it adversely effect the gigabit network? I know in wireless networking, having an 802.11b card hooked up to an 802.11b/g network will force all clients down to 802.11b- will the same happen here? Will my gigabit clients be forced down to 100mbit, or will they still run at gigabit speeds to each other, just not to the 100mbit clients?

Answer:Plugging 100mbit switch into gigabit switch effects?

mpeg4v3, it shouldn't affect gigabit-to-gigabit traffic, only traffic going between the router and the gigabit clients won't be at gigabit speeds. Think in terms of 10/100 switches. Plugging in one 10 Mbit client isn't going to force the whole 10/100 network to 10 Mbit, only that port.

And your statement about mixing 802.11g and 802.11b clients isn't necessarily true. 802.11g clients connected to a 802.11g access point with 802.11b clients also present may experience some degredation, but the typically the whole network doesn't slow down to 802.11b speeds. mixing b and g client

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EDIT: Figured out what the matter was here:

Hello, all!

A few weeks ago, we got in a shipment of a couple of Trendnet switches to replace ones that died over the summer.

I hooked one up, absolutely no problem (this one:

However, when I plugged the other one ( into the SAME manageable Netgear GS724T V2 that the 16-port Trendnet was working fine with, it wouldn't communicate.

At the time, I didn't think much about it. I just plugged it into the 16-port Trendnet (which it communicates with fine), and went on my way.

However, tonight I have been working on setting up VLANs. All of the devices plugged into the 16-port switch need to be on one VLAN, while the 8-port Trendnet needs to be on another... Since it doesn't communicate with the Netgear (what I am using to manage VLANs), I am unable to do this directly.

Currently how I have it set up, is I took a 5-port Netgear switch we have here, and just used it as the mediator between the two switches.

Does anyone have any idea why this could be? Even for switches that it does communicate with, it takes a good 15-20 seconds before the lights come on. I'm hoping it's something I can fix locally... With the cost of shipping from here to the states, we m... Read more

Answer:Trendnet Switch Not Playing Nice With Netgear Switch

I'd get used Dell, HP. or Cisco gear off eBay before I'd buy new Trendnet, D-link, or even netgear.

Are you passing the traffic to the Trendnet tagged or untagged? If it is tagged, is it passed as a .1q trunk or simply as tagged packets?

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I just noticed recently that when I tried to switch from from the Intel Graphics to the Nvidia card, the light didn't come on. Also I don't know if its related, but there is a weird slowness overall with the computer. Everything seems clean and ok. However I thought it be odd the the switch isn't working any longer and I can't access the Nvidia options either because it isn't connected according to the device manager. I can't find any related issue so I decided to post. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thank you for your help.

Answer:Y570 Not able to switch from Intel to nvidia. Switch not working.

I would get it to service if you still have warranty and don't want to possibly void it. Does the silver switch button jump back to its place when you press it? Or does it feel like it hasn't got a spring to push it back?

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Hi Everyone

I have a Toshiba Satellite P200 and there is a problem with the Display , it works and it does not work .

I have done some checks ,the backlight is on , and it works ok with a second monitor .

The question I really want to ask is , where is the switch or contact on the Lid or body of the Laptop that shuts down the screen when I close the Lid?

I have the Laptop stripped down and I can not see anywhere , where there is some sort of contact mechanical or magnetic between the Lid and Palm rest .

I thought that there me have been something where the Lid Latches close but can not see anything around there .

I know there must be something that puts the laptop into Hibernate when I close the Lid , but where is the sensor or whatever located .



Answer:Satellite P200- where is the switch that makes display to switch off?

I think the sensor is part of the motherboard but cannot say exactly where it could be located.
But as far as I know the JP9 connector (40pin) is used to connect the display.

However, in my personal opinion its not a sensor issue?
If something is wrong with display, you might need to replace either, LCD panel, FL inverter or should check the connection from display to motherboard

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Is it possible to switch off a laptop screen - laptop runs Windows 7 - and prevent it being switched on again, without inputting a password?

I need to keep the laptop running, therefore I can't put it to sleep and logging-off has become a pain.

I've tried the Power Options, but the display comes on again when the mouse is nudged.

I've also tried "Fn + F6" on my Acer laptop, which switches off the screen, but an accidental key press brings it to life again.

Any ingenious little prog around? None I've seen have that crucial password privacy aspect.

Answer:How to switch off laptop screen & password protect switch on again?

a password is is used when you are out but if you are home you don't need a password.. unless you don't trust somebody...

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I am looking to source the switching cable for above. Basically it is a rotating on/off /volume switch on one end of a cable and a 9 pin din type thing on the other that plugs into the bass speaker. The on off part doesn't work and the green on light does not illuminate. I would be willing to pay for such a cable but Maplans etc. haven't got one and Creative no longer manufacture or produce the Creative Inspire T3000 parts and replacement as it has reached its End of Service Life (EOSL)
I'm based in Ireland. any help welcome

Answer:On of switch Creative Inspire T3000 rotating switch /9 pin din?

You could do worse than keep an eye on eBay. There's nothing listed for the T3000 at present, but it could be that other speakers in the Inspire range use the same controller.

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We have 3 16 port switches connected to our router. Everything has been in place and working well since last May.
Beginning this week, as soon as one employee arrives and turns on his pc, every pc on that switch loses internet access. Not network access - can still see other pc's - just no internet.

The pc causing the problems is the oldest on our network, but it is running Win10 like the others. When I check the stats on the router for his IP address, his has the highest transmission numbers.

We are scheduled to replace that pc within the next 2 weeks, but is there something I can/should look at doing in the mean time?

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Hi everyone, I searched through the forums but couldn't really find what I was looking for.

Currently we have a DHCP server set up to a switch, that has a special line connecting to a switch in our shop which is just across our back lot, giving network access to the few computers over there. They recently put in a new machine that needs network access, but they have already accidentally cut two ethernet cords. I'm looking to provide a wireless solution for the machine, but I don't want to have to spend a few thousand dollars on a large wireless switch.

Can I plug a wireless router into the switch in our shop, and essentially turn it into a wireless bridge, or is there another, simpler way to do this?

If this has already been answered, sorry for missing it!


Answer:Solved: DHCP Server -> Switch -> Switch -> Wireless

While you could use a router, or even configure the router to act as an access point, why not just buy a true access point? They start at $27:

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hi all,

system gets hang, pc configuration is intel 865bgf motherboard with PIV 3ghz ht processor with 80 gb samsung hdd and 266 mb ddr i reinstalled the operating system (xp pro) changed smps and changed 256 ddr but the problem still continues, when the system gets hang i am not able to use my keyboard or mouse i have to restart the system , please help me and also i have to know weather is this the hardware issue or the software issue, and also i am facing same problem with same configuration with the other customer pc .
warm regards,

Answer:system gets hang (it freezes) only option is to switch off and switch on

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Hi Net gurus,
I have a combo router/switch/wireless from my ISP.
I also have another switch/wireless netgear upstairs.
If I have a cable from my ISP router going to the uplink/Internet port on my personal switch,
How should I set both of them up?

- which dhcp should I use (I assume the ISP)?
- If above is true, i assume I simply turn off dhcp on my netgear?
- if i want to use my netgear wireless, will it assign ip addresses using my ISP routers dhcp?

Thx in advance

Answer:Best setup for isp router/switch and 2nd personal switch


and i assume you meant your other switch/wireless netgear upstairs is actually a consumer router...

also, don't use the WAN port...

unless of course you don't like the ISP provided box, then you can turn everything off on it, use a bridge mode, and use your netgear... whichever you prefer

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Can any one advised me

I want to implement network on 6 Floor , 12-12 Port on each portion in one floor, total 24 ports on each floor keeping in mind distance between the each floors how do i connect them with fiber cable (which fiber cable i required) so speed remain constant for all floors.

How is my Idea to implement...right from server room in 1 floor where all internet connection providing to each floor. Cascading from 1 to 2 , 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5, 5 to 6. UPon this i get into a low speed bandwith comparing to 1 floor Network. Does Network Gets slow by connecting through Cat5 UTP cable in cascading example.

Please adviced me.

-Thank Q>

Answer:How Can i Connect Gigabyte Switch to Gitabyte Switch

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I use windows 7.
When I turn on laptop (acer Aspire 5742) cannot connect to internet until I switch user and log in again. Soon as I touch any browser icon the rest of computer stops responding as well. It's only me on computer. Have virgin media security/ spyware/ virus protection. Tried CCleaner. After I switch user everything is fine.
Additional info; On 16th October had great difficulty getting my emails from Yahoo. Sometimes sign-in box appeared without my security signature and different style of writing for browser remembered log-on details.



Answer:Solved: have to switch user to continue after switch on

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i'm using idealpad s10-3t, my wireless connection switch is broken, and i can't switch on my wifi & bluetooth could i on my wirelss connection in this case? p.s.i tried open up laptop bottom case, but really have no idea.i tried fn + f5, but asked me to on the switch.and i tried f2, then f9 to get defaut setting too.all didn't work. please help and i will very much appreciate that. thank you.

Answer:how to switch on wireless device if the switch is damage?

Hi and welcome,
if hardware switch is broken, did not know how ,only the visible plastic knob (good case) or the microswitch itself (bad case ) ,if the  the visible knob is the bad one, you have a chance to move a small microswitch on board , you could try as last try to fix the switch to set all wireless on ..
if you have no warranty of your machine of course ... otherwise call your local service
regards KalvinKlein

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i have this sr224 switch and i like to connect it to my giga network sr2024 switch.
now, i plug a utp belden cat5e to port 1 of sr224 and the other end to port 1 of sr2024.
what i got is the whole panel lights of sr224 will blink very fast.
is this normal? or sr224 and sr2024 cannot be paired?

thanks in advance guys

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I'm at my wits end... About two weeks ago I bought an Xbox 360 and wanted to set it up on the network here at home. I'm using a Linksys WRT54G router and all the LAN ports were occupied. So I decided to add a D-Link DGS-2205 switch to the network to give me a few more LAN ports. At first I had it connected to the router via a straight-through cable. But then my room-mates started to complain that they were getting slow/spotty access to the Internet. I then came to find out that, because the switch I bought does not have an uplink port, I was suppose to use a cross-over cable. So went up to Fry's and picked up the cable I needed and put it in between the router and the switch. Unfortunately this has not fixed the problem. My room-mates are still complaining about slow/spotty internet access, while everything works fine for me.

Oh and I should mention, too, that if/when they unplug me from the router then their service goes back to normal.....

I'm new to this and have done everything I can think of... I really need help with this, please.

Answer:Help! Added a switch to my router and now all traffic is being sent to the switch.

did you assign ip addresses to your pcs/hosts behind the switch? You might want to make them static.

read this

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Hi, guys. I have connected Huawei switch S5700-24TP-SI-AC with Cisco switch 2960 using one single fiber with LX SFP. The port is up on one side (Blinking on Huawei side) and down on Cisco side...Please help.

Answer:Huawei switch vs Cisco switch, How to connect

What kind of 2960 switch do you have? Have you checked the interface to verify the switch recognizes the optic and all the stats report back as normal? Are you using a Cisco branded optic? Do you see light being shot out from the optic in the 2960?

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Hi Everyone.....
So, I just got Wireless Broadband hooked up in my business. I hooked the LAN to the Router and then hooked up a 16 port gigabit switch. I have three terminals coming out of it (in the bcak of the building) as well as a line running to the front of the building. At the front of the building I have the line going into another 16 port gigabit switch. I have 4 computer terminals coming out of that switch. I AM getting internet at the back of the building .....but nothing at any of the terminals after the second switch (front of the building). Can someone help?


Answer:Router to Switch to Switch.....No Internet at end terminals

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I thought that I had this all figured out, but my dad just asked me a question about my setup, and I can't answer it.

The setup is like this:
[ip-phones + computers]-->[small switch]-->[managed L2 switch]-->[router]-->[modem]

I have several ip-phones and computers grouped into blocks of 8. Each set of 8 is a medley of phones/computers connected to a small switch

Each of these switches, in turn, will be connected to a managed L2 switch that will create 2 VLANS: One VLAN will contain all of the phones, and the other will contain all of the computers. In turn, each VLAN will have its own router and DSL modem, thereby separating the network traffic.

I know that I can use this L2 switch to make the VLANS based on the MAC addresses of the devices. However, the smaller switches do not support 802.1q [VLANs]. Will it be a problem that the smaller switches do not support VLANs? Essentially, will this setup work to split up network traffic?

Thanks once again,

Answer:Computer, switch, switch, router, modem

I have the same DELL switch for my phones. You PoE will not carry across the linksys switches, so that is the first problem.
Next are the computers attached to the phones? Or does each device get its own drop?

And whats this about 2 routers and modems? Thats a bit over kill!! QoS would do the trick.

I would run all the devices off the Dell and attach the computers to the Phones (most IP Phones have a passthrough port) Configure the Dell with trunk ports with the Computer VLAN passing untagged traffic making it the native VLAN. While having the phones on a Tagged VLAN(If you phones conig allows you to set the VLAN in its config great! If not you can bind the MAC to the VLAN). The you create a QoS policy giving the VoIP traffic priority!

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hi ive recently purchased a y570( last week)and ive come across a series of problems.. i have not reinstalled windows or anything. 1) gpu switch. if i turn it ON from OFF, the USB 3.0 ports stop working until i restart my computer. why is this? 2) wifi. if i switch it from off to on, it doesnt work until i restart my computer. why is this? help me please!


Hi heartbeattt,
Thanks for posting and welcome to the community,
You might want to consider updating your BIOS and the  Lenovo PowerManager, The links can be found below.
Lenovo Power Management :
I'm not entirely sure what is gong on with the system but I'm suspecting that it could be a software conflict. Please do give that a try and let me know of the changes.

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I have my new router up and running. As part of the upgrade, I replaced an old WRT54G I had been using as a wired WAP and switch in my living room with a Trendnet 8 port gigabit switch. I was getting good connection of my TV, XBOX, Blu Ray players through the LAN ports on the WAP before. Now I replaced that with the switch and get nothing. I thought the switch was plug and play and I'd have to do nothing. The connection lights are on but the devices say they can't get an IP address from the router. Any idea why? For reference, I am using the Buffalo G450 router and another one of these switches In another room.
Any idea what I should try next?

Answer:Replaced WAP with switch, now no connection through switch?

Make sure their isn't a specific uplink port that has to be used on the switch and your going straight from the router to the switch.

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I need a new 24 port POE 10/100 + 2 port non-POE/POE 10/100/1000 port switch.

I was looking at either the
3CR17571-91 , ~$1200

or the Catalyst 3560-24TS , ~$1600

Why would I choose one over the other?


Answer:Why Cisco switch over 3com switch

I would go with the Cisco because I have seen more random lock up issues on 3com gear than I can count.

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We are moving to a new office location. The guys who will be setting our network is proposing the following equipment:

1. 3Com 24-port 10/100 mbps switch
2. 24-port Patch panel
3. 6u data cabinet
4. 1u cable management

The new office will be a 2-floor building with around 40 computers. I asked some of my friends who are more expert on network setup and told me typical switch (Linksys, Cisco) will do if we need to save some money.

What do you think? Thanks a lot!

Answer:Is 3Com 24-switch necessary or typical switch will do?

Well, first off, I'd be specifying a gigabit switch for expandability, I can't see investing in a 10/100 switch in 2010! If you don't need a managed switch, or need to save money initially, and unmanaged switch will probably be significantly cheaper.

In point of fact, if you want to go really cheap, you can get away for less than $100! switch&bop=And&Order=PRICE&PageSize=20

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Could I use the reset switch to turn on my comp instead of the power since I destroyed it?

Answer:Reset Switch <--> Power Switch

Yes, this should be very easy. All you have to do is switch the arround on your motherboard.

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What is the difference between a workgroup switch and just a simple switch?

I'd assumed it was just a naming thing but then I saw a 5-port switch and 5-port workgroup switch from the same company so...

Answer:workgroup switch vs. plain switch

A switch is pretty much the same as anyother switch, now perhaps one was labeled a hub? A hub is a "dumb" device that sends any packets that come in to all ports on the device, where a switch "smart" device will route it to the proper ethernet port. But also by workgroup they may mean the device is designed to be stacked with other similar devices, ie have some sort of groove or special stacking method.

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I recently bought a wireless routerProblem is every time I switch laptop to wireless the BSOD appearsI have a novatech notebook(quite old), running xp professional and it has worked wirelessly in the pastSorry I have no further details about the BSOD but just wondering if the laptop has given up the ghost completely(really hope not!)Anyone else had the same problem or can give any clue as to what it could beregardsto ya

Answer:when I switch wireless switch on I get BSOD

We need to know the STOP code error message that appears on the blue screen.

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Hello all

I just installed 4GB ram on my 32 vista and it only recognized 3GB in the os (vista 32) and all 4GB in the bios. so I decided to use the /3GB Switch, by using that command in bcdedit, it all worked good. The problem is now I have 3069 mb physical memory and ONLY 209 mb Kernal Memory!!! so I used the "bcdedit /deletevalue IncreaseUserVa" and bcedit said it worked successfuly so i restart my pc and it STILL had the same memory! so right now im stuck with only 209 mb Kernal memory! any ideas on how to fix this? I looked all over google and found nothing. Should I keep these settings or try and fix it?how do i fix it?

Answer:3GB switch will not switch back, vista 32!

I am not too familiar with those commands you speak of, but I do have a question: Is the video card built into the motherboard? If so, what amount of system memory is being shared with it? Besides that, I have no more ideas to offer you. Sorry

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Hi, i have a AIO B50-30 and I'm trying to connect via the hdmi input socket my TV satellite box. I have found out recently that there is a switch on the side of the unit that will allow you to switch to the input channels so allowing viewing of the box and other like units Xbox etc. My issue is that I'm pressing the switch but nothing is happening it's simply staying on my desktop on Windows 10. Can anyone please help to see if I'm doing this right or am I missing something ?.  Any help, suggestions would be gratefully received since there is very little on the subject in connection with this particular model .thanks in advance.

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In another thread I recently posted, some people recommended I buy a 10/100 switch with 2 gig-ports. Should I just buy an all gig-port switch, or is there a difference???

Answer:10/100 Switch with 2-gig ports vs All gig-port switch

What's the application?

Is it just for your house?

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im connectiong a switch to a switch, what connection do i use straight or cross.


Answer:switch to switch straight or cross

standard rj45 cables

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I have a PCI WIFI adapter card fitted to my PC and I have discovered the transmission is causing some interference with my wireless telephone. Is there a way to de-activate the wifi card temporarily from the PC keyboard in order to use the telephone, without powering down the PC?Apologies if this is obvious to the learned, but I am new to this wifi thing ;-)

Answer:Switch off PC wifi card without switch off PC....

it's a rare problem.You can disable the card - go to Control panel and click on the system icon. Then click on the Hardware tab and on the Device manager button. Look for your PCI card - it will be under network adapters - and double click on it. Now look at the 'Device useage' box at the bottom, and select 'Do not use this device - disable' option. Reverse the procedure to enable the card.This all seems like a lot of effort to resolve the problem - have you tried selecting a different channel on your wireless phone's base station?

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I understand that a hub is more like a party line, where all devices hear and read data before sending it to next port, and a switch is advanced hub. But, what is a router. I know what a wireless router is, but they say a router is more advanced than a switch. Can you buy a non-wireless router?

Also, can you connect 2 switches together? So, Modem-----to Switch----to Switch----Computer

And both switches have other devices connected?

Answer:Hub vs Switch vs Router/ 2 Switch Story

you CAN buy a non-wireless router--but--the two I found on Amazon were only 10/100 (most modern systems use gigabit ethernet 10/100/1000) but wired are generally cheaper than a wireless router(the Cisco below is NOT cheap)--however--it's not necessary to use the wireless part of the wireless router as most have at least 4 ports (wired).

Yes you can connect switches together but they won't allow for multiple computers to connect to the Internet (at least not easily nor in a way that makes sense).

What devices are you trying to connect together?

wired routers: TRENDnet 4-Port Broadband Router TW100-S4W1CA (Black): Electronics Cisco-Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port 10/100 Switch: Electronics

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Hello all,
I had been looking and reading articles about this (3 days so far) on SmallNetBuilder and DD-WRT but was unable to solve it.
Can anyone clue/link me in what might be wrong or what I might be missing?
A friend thinks the switch is messing things up and I should do a router-router-router configuration (instead of router-switch-router).
What do you think?
Thanks in advance.

Got a router that has a USB port (for print server)

Get all PCs to see printer and have access to the internet

2 out of 3 PCs can't see printer
(the PCs that are behind the switch can't; the PC doesn't have a switch in the way can see the printer)

Limitations (right now):
-Internet cable comes in downstairs. (connected to modem and immediately to router than to the wall. one PC is connected to this router which i'll call 'router_1')
-walljack is a ethernet cable that goes to a switch (inside a wall in the closet).
-Printer is upstairs (along with other PCs)

/ \
{router_p} {pc_1}
/ \
{printer_1} {pc_2}

Additional info that might not be useful?:
router_1 = Dlink DI-624
(an old but reliable router we got from 4 years ago.) Using newest Dlink firmware (2006)

router_withPrintSever = Asus WL-520GU.
Trie... Read more

Answer:2 Routers 1 Switch: PC behind a Switch seeing Printer

Are both doing routing?

If so routing twice is never good. You probably have Router one handing out something like and router 2 is getting and handing out something like 192.168.yyy.yyy. Turn routing off on router 2 and this should fix your issue.

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I've searched the forum and could not find an answer to this problem.

I have a Windows 7 Enterprise machine where at the login screen the "Switch User" button is missing and so I am unable to clear the last user.

Just about all the results I got back on this topic was how to re-enable the "Switch User". This doesn't help because I can't login to make the change.


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I am about to add 3 new servers into an existing network, which is currently all on 1gbps ethernet. All of the new servers are SSD-based and to me it makes sense to go with 10gbps coming out of the servers into a switch, and then 1gbps out to the workstations.

The new server location is about 200 feet from the existing networking equipment/old server location, so using Cat 6A/Cat 7 copper would be REALLY nice/economical.

Where I am hitting a jam is any 48 port gigabit + 4 10gbps switch is $$$.

I am trying to find a small 10gbps copper switch, say an 8 port, that is expandable, and compatible with a 48 port 1gbps switch. Does such a thing exist?

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I am so lost
(I have a Medion MD95300 if that helps anyone)

Answer:How do you "switch on" the built in wireless adapter, no mechanical switch to be seen

Re: How do you "switch on" the built in wireless adapter, no mechanical switch to be

omgomgomg, 3 hours of searching and I finally got it
it's FN+F1 , if anyone ever gets this problem.

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I apologize if this is not the right section, this seemed to be the most suitable.
I am using a 3D Connexion mouse and when I try to execute an executable file for the software configuration, I get the following error?
"Exception: Unable to cast object of type 'System.Configuration.Internal.ConfigurationManagerInternal' to type 'System.Configuration.Internal.IConfigSystem'"
I've talked with the mouse vendor and they have no idea.  My OS is Win7 64.  Does anybody know what this is?

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Good Evening
hope someone can help

i have a netgear router dg834gt and netgear switch gs608

2 computers connected direct to router work fine (using vista!)

yet 4 computers through switch have no internet access!! (using xp)

switch is connected via Cat5E cable to router
have tried everything i can think, with exceptions of upgrading firmware!

any help would be greatly recieved! (am having to make do with dongle!)


Answer:Solved: no internet through switch (Netgear router Netgear switch)

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heyy there guys im looking for some thing similar to a kmv switch that would allow me easily to change monitors from 1 pc ... a kmv swicht will allow multiple computers to switch between 1 screen im looking for something that would allow me to switch between displays easerly many thanks 

Answer:smilar to a kmv switch but not a kmv switch

So you only want to switch displays, but each system has its own keyboard and mouse?

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I am in the process of setting up a pretty extensive gigabit network in my home. I have the new D-Link DIR-655 Pre-N Router with four gigabit ports and I am using all four to run to 8-port D-Link unmanaged switches in four locations. The first location is right next to the router. I have a fifth location. I searched hard for an 8-port wired gigabit router. If I had found one (at a reasonable price) I would use it as the base in from the modem then use the D-Link for wireless only (no routing). Alas ... I was unable to find one and so I am wondering if there are any issues running from a switch to another switch.

Answer:Router to switch to switch?

Only issue is a slight impariment in speed as it passes thru two switches and the router . . You may not be able to decerne it.

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MY PC has started the recent habit of switching itself off almost immediately after I push the front panel on switch. Today for example it took about 6 presses before it finally purred into life. Once on it runs perfectly; the machine is 3 years old, self built with an ECS nforce3-A motherboard, AMD Sempron 2800 processor and 2 x 512Mb DDR sticks of Crucial memory, this machine runs Windows XP.After switching on it doesn't reach post or any screens and just turns off a second or so after the button is pushed.I am figuring power supply but I would be interested in any suggestions others in this form might have.

Answer:Switch on - almost instant switch off

It could just be a bad connection on the switch, it could be the power supply though.You could try connecting the reset switch to the power connectors instead of the on/off switch and see if that works, if it does, its the switch thats faulty ( I'm fairly sure that works ok but let someone else confirm it).

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Hi all,

Just wondering if I can connect a switch to a switch? so my network would look like this

Router ---- Switch ---- Switch - - - - computer connected wirelessly

primary reason for doing this is i want to bring the wireless router closer to the middle of my house... some areas are getting really weak signals..


Answer:Switch to Switch Connection?

You could do that, but why not just get a longer network cable? Ethernet on Cat-5e is good up to 100m.

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Adding another switch in my network? What isthe proper way to do so?

I have:

cable modem ---- smoothwall firewall ---- cisco router ---- linksys switch ----- linksys switch --- PC's

when connecting 2 switches via cat5 cable, do I just plug the cable connecting the 2 in any RJ-45 hookup on both sides or does it matter? Can it be just any old regualr cat5 or 6 cable?

Thanks for any info.

Answer:Connecting switch to switch?

well you need to use a crossover, or use the uplink port on one of the switches

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Will it work if i connect a router to a switch to another switch to a computer?

Router ---> Switch ---->Switch---->Computer
------------------------- |_____>Computer 2

Answer:Connecting a Switch to a Switch

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Hello. I currently have a home network as follows.

3 PC's connected to router.
router connected to cable modem.

I would like to increase the througput on my LAN (amongst the 3 pc's) so I'm thinking about adding a switch such that it would be [3pc's->switch->router-cable modem]. I was wondering whether adding the switch would actually improve the LAN thoroughput or is this just adding unnecessarily repetetive. I am aware of the "7 layers of the osi model" of networking but am wondering whether switches and routers work on the same layers. Im assuming NO because router bases routing based on IP address while switch will deal with the MAC addresses (am i correct???). Since a switch will perform less inspections on the packets (IP filtering, SPI, etc..) am I going to get better results when adding the switch??

BTW, my router: SMC2804WBR
Switch i might add: Gigafast Mini Switch EZ500-S

Answer:To switch or not to switch? That is the question.

Your router has a 100Mbit switch in it so unless you are getting a gigabit switch and your PCs have gigabit interfaces you will get no significant boost in network speed.

You may get a small speed inrease if you buy a good 100Mbit switch - the ones integrated in home routers tend to be the bottom of the barrel type - this will give you some extra under very high loads.

What is a "good" switch? You would want something with crossbar fabric and/or cut-through packet forwarding (those are expensive).

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1.Connecting two Pc's to a 100 Mbps Router, both Pc's will have a maximum traffic speed of 50 Mbps. Correct?
2.Connecting the same Pc's to a 100 Mbps Switch, both Pc's will have a maximum traffic speed of 100 Mbps. Correct?
3.If you connect the same Pc's to a 100 Mbps Router with built in Switch, what will be the maximum traffic speed on both Pc's?
4.Is a router the same as a hub?

Answer:Router vs Switch vs Hub with switch

"collision domain is a group of Ethernet or fast Ethernet devices that are directly connected by repeaters or hubs. At any time only one node/device may transmit inside of this collision domain. Repeaters and hubs are physical layer devices and do not understand Ethernet frames or protocols. Their role is to simply extend distance and to facilitate star topology. All nodes/devices that share an Ethernet or fast Ethernet LAN using the CSMA/CD rules are part of the same collision domain or, in other words, all the nodes/devices that are connected to a hub are part of the same collision domain. So, when a collision occurs in a collision domain, everyone in that domain gets affected.
A switch on the other hand is not a repeater but actually a bridge, which acts upon the content of the Ethernet frame it receives and forwards the frame to the appropriate port on the switch. Switches break the network into multiple collision domains and hence simplify the expansion rules by avoiding the collision domain restrictions."

Basically a switch cuts down on traffic - hub are 'dumb' devices - unmanaged. The switch forwards traffic instead of broadcasting it - cutting down on collisions.

"A router determines the next network point to which a packet should be forwarded toward its destination. The router is connected to at least two networks and decides which way to send each information packet based on its current understanding of the state of the networks it... Read more

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I just bought a netgear Cable/DSL router with an 8 port switch built in. I am currently still at school, so there is no need for the router, but I want to use the hardware as a switch. I am confused as to how to set this up.

The router I have is a Netgear RO318.

I know very little about setting up networks, but I assumed it would be the same as just switching out the hub. Boy was I wrong. I switched them out and it doesn't work like I thought it would. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks all.

Answer:Using router/switch as just a switch

Actually, at this very second I am trying to figure out that exact same thing! I will definately help you out if and when i get it figured out.

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Hello ,

When I ran Windows 98, I was constantly rebooting and always switched the whole system off at the end of the day.

What are the pros and cons of leaving Windows 2000 on indefinitely?
Also, will this affect the wear of my monitor? Should that be switched off separately and the system left running?

Win2K is certainly very much more stable than 98, and hasn't crashed since I had it installed.

Pentium III
Win 2K
480 MB RAM
550 cpu

(I am looking to upgrade motherboard and videa card, etc. as soon as funds are available.)

Thanks for any thoughts you may have.

<img src="">

<img src="">

Answer:To Switch off Computer, or not Switch off?

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