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Satellite A200 - 1CR boot from external hard disk

Question: Satellite A200 - 1CR boot from external hard disk


I have been trying unsuccsessfully to boot from an external hard drive. I have a spare HDD with Windows Vista, which I have mounted on an external case. While on start screen, I press F12, I do find the external drive and select it, but while it begins booting it fails after a few seconds, resulting on blue screen. The OS I am using on the internal HDD is Windows 10.

I also tried to swap HDDs and the result was quite the same. While on starting screen with windows 10 logo, after a while, a message is shown which briefly says that 'the system encountered a problem while booting and has to restart".

I came to the conclusion that either the BIOS doesn't support booting fron external HDDs or the USB 2.0 is too slow for running the OS via a USB port...

Any answer or suggestions would be largely appreciated.

Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite A200 - 1CR boot from external hard disk

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A200 - 1CR boot from external hard disk

I think that you cannot start OS from external HDD. In the past several forum users have tried to do the same but without success.

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I've had my Satellite A200 (PSAE6E) for many years now, and although I cared for it in order to make it last, the hard drive is giving its first signs of failure. The symptoms started to happen a few months ago. The disk will stop working, the system will freeze, and I start hearing a clicking sound coming from the disk. I fear that one of these days it will stop working completely and I cannot afford being without a laptop.

I would like to replace it for a new hard drive or one that is in good condition, but I'm having a hard time finding information on hard drives that are compatible with this model. Could anyone help me with this?

Thank you,

Answer:Re: Problems with hard disk on a Satellite A200

What you can do is to remove original HDD and order the same one.
What you actually need is SATA HDD and you can get it in every electronic or PC store. I presume original HDD was about 200GB. What you can do now is to buy new one with more capacity.

By the way which OS do you use? I mean Win7 runs perfectly on this old piece of hardware.

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Good day,

I have been using an +A200-1AH+ for three years. Unfortunately, I'm suffering from free hard-disk space problem. So, I decided to replace my hard-disk with a new one.

How do I know, the hdd which I'm going to buy will be suitable for my notebook?

Can you please tell me what ere the +key-points+ that I have to know when purchasing a new hdd for my notebook?

Message was edited by: alicozgo

I changed the subject, because that was so dumb. why do I ask "what hdd can I buy" in a Toshiba forum :) what a forum administration...

Answer:Satellite A200-1AH - Need some advices for hard-disk replacement


Satellite A200 is a newer notebook series. Such notebook series use and support the SATA HDD controller and this means that you need an SATA HDD!

The notebook handles the 2.5? HDDs. The HDD speed is not very important for the compatibility? so you can choose 4200rpm or other?

Furthermore the SATA controller has no size limitation? therefore THEORITICALLY you should be able to use HDDs with 320GB or bigger?
But in some very rare cases the BIOS would not be able to handle certain HDD sizes? but usually this is not the case?

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I have a Satellite A200 that has a hard disk read error on a critical windows file. I have tried loading the recovery CD and it goes to a point and hangs. Is there a wAY I can reformat or force a reformat of the C: drive ? Any help gratefully received. Running Windows XP. Bill.

Answer:Hard disk read error on Satellite A200

If there are bad sectors on the HDD, you cannot repair it. It should be replaced, otherwise you can lose important data.

Have you backed up your data yet? You should do it as soon as possible before the HDD gets worse.

Test the Hard Disk for errors by using DFT.
DFT Download:

Download the ISO File and burn it to a CD-R Disc (There is also a Floppy Disk version if that's easier).
If you dont know how to burn an ISO file, read this guide:
Restart your laptop and boot from the DFT Disc.
Choose the "Advanced" Test and let it run (it may take an hour or so).
If you see a red message box, the HDD is faulty.
An error code 0x70 means there are bad sectors and the HDD needs replacing.

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I need to reinstall the notebook but every time I boot from CD it won't.
I tried every boot disk ( xp pro, xp home, Toshiba recovery disk ) at house but none of it works.

The recovery disk boots (windows is loading) but after loading my laptop restarts.

Answer:Satellite A200 won't boot from recovery disk

Try to run Recocery CD under Windows and then choose reinstall option from cd menu

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I want to know if *Satellite A200-1XO* has a slot extension for hard disk?

Answer:Question about hard disk slot extension on Satellite A200-1XO

My A200-09V have a slot but I don't have the connector. And if I check in the manual, the slot is available but not in all model... :(

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last week my a200-137 crashed and now i have new hitachi 500 gb hdd on it, same as before the crash.
I install with Toshiba recovery DVD windows Vista on it and after succesfull install i have to start windows, it says preparing windows for first use then i have to wait a moment and then i get the message that windows installation is not completed. But it is complete!

After trying for 3 times installing with recovert I tried to install windows xp.
After a couple of minutes and transering files, I get the message no disk found! It says that there is no hard disk on the laptop!
But when I start up the boot menu or the setup menu I can see the 500 gb Hitachi hard disk!

So why can windows not find the hard disk and why can I not start windowds visat after installing with the recovery dvd?

Answer:Satellite A200-137 - Can not install windows after hard disk crash

> So why can windows not find the hard disk and why can I not start windowds visat after installing with the recovery dvd?
On this virtual way it is not easy to say why you cannot install recovery image. It would be interesting to know if the same will happen when you replace HDD with the same or identical one.
Which capacity has had original HDD?
If possible try to obtain original Microsoft installation disc and check if HDD will be recognized by Vista or Win7 and of course if you will be able to install and start preinstalled OS.

About WXP installation: it is well known that WXP installation will not starts properly due to missing SATA driver that must be loaded before WXP installation starts.
Check this forum and you will find hundreds of threads with detailed explanation why this happen and what can you do about it.

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I have Vista business and my laptop is currently running slow and is full of rubbish.
I have in the past used my recovery disc to completely re-install vista and start from a fresh version.

However, i have tried this time and it says that it cannot boot from cd - code 1.

Can someone tell me what this is and how to re-install vista?

Answer:Satellite A200 - Cannot boot from Recovery disk - code 1

Hmm?. strange?.
Are you sure you?ve got the right Recovery disk?
Are you abele to boot using other bootable disk like MS Win XP CD or Linux CD?

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Hi all,

Need to ghost several sat pro a200 machines using a network ghost boot disk. when i use the ghost disk provided by ghost boot wizard and booting into PC dos i get the message "No Fast Ethernet PCI Adapter Found!" Serious Internal Error! (hardware works OK in XP/Vista)

i have tried booting from CD, Mem Stick and USB floppy with drivers from toshiba and realtek without any success, searches on google seem to point toward there needing to be a driver to interface with the cardbus / PCMCIA adapter - if this IS the case can anyone shed any light on the whereabouts of such a driver and how i could go about doing this?

Many thanks,
Gav Shakespeare.

Answer:Satellite Pro A200: Recovery using a network ghost boot disk

Sorry folks answered my own question - the network card is reported as being an RTL8134 in windows XP but is in fact an RTL8100E/RTL8101E so i was using the wrong NDIS2 Driver!. doh!

emergency over.

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Hi folks,

I have a new Satlellite A200 and it will not boot up. Tried running recovery CDs but no joy.
Could someone please tell me, if I selected

'Erase Hard Disk' then 'Delete all data and partitions from the hard disk'

would this also delete the computer's internal recovery partition?

I have the recovery CDs but as I said, they don't work and I was wondering if clearing the HDD completely then running the recovery from the HDD recovery partition would help.

Sorry if this is a basic question for you guys! I've read through hundreds of threads, but can't find a definitive answer.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite A200 - Does 'Erase hard disk' option remove recovery partition?

> 'Erase Hard Disk' then 'Delete all data and partitions from the hard disk'
>would this also delete the computer's internal recovery partition?

If you mean the hidden Vista WinRE partition then; YES

But don?t worry buddy; The Toshiba Vista recovery CD would format the whole HDD and would erase all partitions but it creates the hidden Vista WinRE partition again on the HDD.


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my o.s or driver got corrupted..itsnt booting..only one drive in my lap..since i need my date i couldnt format and reinstall os...i have one driver c.d..i tried to repair but invain..its not bootin thro safe mode too..i inserted xp cd and tried to repair os..i went to cmd prompt ..then in cmd i tried to copy data from c: to my pen drive..but its says no access ..pls any suggestion to copy my data ..can i boot xp thro any ex.hard disk and is t possible to copy data after that???

Answer:Is it possible to boot my Dell through external hard disk

There are a number of BootCDs you could use. A good favorite of many is The Ultimate BootCD

Yes backup to USB flash, then install Xp clean (removing the partition when asked in the initial setup process)

Note, you do not need to create a new partition or even format the drive, as Windows setup will automatically create an NTFS formatted file system, on a non-partitioned drive, during Windows install.

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I have come across a bit of a problem. This morning I replaced 2 of my case fans as they were getting old and noisy. I booted the pc and It would not boot after stating the processor present. I tried mutiple times cleaned my cpufan etc and tried again. Still failed. After removing everything I booted fine and it turns out my pc wont boot into bios or past the processor information if my external hardisk is turned on. This hardisk is just used for backup/storage so there is not boot info on it. It worked fine before I changed the fans. Once the pc is in windows I can turn the external disk on and it works fine. But the pc wont boot with it on. any ideas or suggestions ?

Answer:Pc Wont Boot with external Hard disk on

BIOS boot sequence?

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how to boot from external hard disk? my cd rom is broken and i use vista and i want to go back to xp because vista is so bad but when i put the xp files in external hard disk and run the setup it says i cant install older version of windows, someone help please

Answer:boot from external hard disk or flash memory

Then ought to work. of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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My internal laptop hard drive is a Hitach HTS725050A9A360 and it recently started to get bad sectors. Given that my laptop is under warranty, I decided to ship it to Sony to have it replaced. Problem is, they don't restore data and their service centre is in the US and I am in the UK. So I decided to clone this drive through Norton Ghost 15 to my external 500Gb ST350083 0AS iOmega External USB drive (succesfully) and boot from the external drive until Sony sends a replacement drive.

It can boot, but then restarts shortly after 'Starting Windows' shows up and won't even boot into Safe Mode... so we have two identical installs of W7 on different drives and one fails to boot. Any idea how to get this fixed?


Answer:External Hard Disk Drive won't boot after Ghosting

Hello fatcatsat. Welcome to the Forum.

I have never tried to do what you are doing, but my guess is that Windows is waking up expecting to be in one place and finds itself in another. While installing an OS on an external drive is common, cloning to an external is not the same thing.

You may be able to get it to boot by repairing the MBR on the external's install.
Startup Repair
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times
System Repair Disc - Create

Worth a shot.

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Hi,I have an external USB Buffalo hard disk attached to my Lenovo E73 W7 Pro PC.If i boot with it connected then the PC won't boot through to Windows until i disconnect the Buffalo.I have been into the Bios and set the boot order to not only styart with the HD but also ignore USB and CD ROM.Interestingly before i changed the Bios it would stop the boot and when i disconnected the Buffalo i would get the option to go the bios; now that i have changed the bios although it still doesn't boot through to Windows, when i disconnect the Buffalo the Windows spalsh screen appears immediately. So..My thoughts are that the bios change has been a good thing and now there is a Windows option that needs to be changed to make it boot to Windows ignoring the Buffalo until it has started. Has anyone any advice please? Cheers,Simon  

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hi there!

this is my first post. please excuse if i have done it in the wrong place.

using axiomatic software i backedup my system partition of 20 gb to the 80 gb exboot usb external disk.

i enabled, boot from usb in my bios, selected external disk as first boot priority and started the computer.

the external disk boots, reaches the windows splash screen, i can see the moving illuminated squares, but windows fails to load.

the computer reboots and goes to the screen which asks whether to load normally, or safe mode etc?

i tried the options, safe mode etc, but no luck.

could anybody suggest any error on my part?

thanks for reading and for any help in advance.

i am using windows xp with service pack 2.

i use a intel 915 gav motherboard.


Answer:exboot usb external hard disk fails to boot into windows

Can you please post a link to the axiomatic program that you used to back up your hard drive.

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Sorry for my english because I'm french. I have a problem with boot on this computer. I have installed windows xp on my hard disk but the computer don't boot on this hard disk. If I want to boot on this hard disk I must push F12 and select hard disk and after windows load.
In the bios the hard disk is in first but this hard disk don't boot automaticly.

Can you help me please?

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Satellite L10-144 - Can't boot from Hard Disk

Hi Demilego,

That?s really strange... Normally the computer should boot from HDD automatically.

In your case I would check the BIOS and load the default settings.
Does it work?

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I have read the threads on this forum, but I didn't come up with an exact answer to my problem.

With my regular PC I got a Vista Installation Disk, that also serves as recovery disk (like the one one could make with XP). One of the more useful things is that when you boot from that disk you have an option to "repair" the system, meaning that all vital files (like the bootloader...) will be restored, but for the rest all existing data wil remain. This is extremely important when for example you install a dual boot with Linux, when often Vista refuses to boot and repairing the bootloader solves the problem. Of course it can easily and quickly fix all kind of other system problems as well.

My Toshiba laptop A200 (otherwise a wonderful machine), came with the Toshiba Product Recovery disk. From all I have read on the forum and from what it says on the disk itself, I understand that it only allows for a total re-install of the whole system, factory-set, wiping out your whole disk and all on it.

Does Toshiba really leave us without a "repair" "option ??
I find that quite amazing, since after all I paid for the Vista operating system, so why shouldn't I get the options I would have if I had an original Vista disk?

If all above I is right, it means that if I want to install a dual boot with Ubuntu and would get a bootloader problem, I would loose all my data, when I only have to repair the bootloader?? (An issue that with the "repair" o... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200: Can I use Recovery disk without wiping disk

Hey Yossi

I think you have misunderstood something!

You have received the Toshiba Recovery CD with the Toshiba image! The image contains the Vista OS, Toshiba drivers, tools, utilities and additional programs!

Please don?t compare this disk to the original Microsoft Vista CD and don?t mix it!!!

So using this disk you can set the notebook back to the factory settings!!!
This is very useful because this procedure takes about 10min only and you get the whole functioning OS with all drivers, tools, etc?

Please note that no all users and customers who buy such notebook are technicians and computer scientists ;) but simply newbie and such recovery possibility is always welcome!!!

?but the usage of this Recovery CD formats the whole HDD and erases all partitions.
Therefore it?s advisable to backup the data before using the recovery CD/DVD

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Answer:R50e-How can i boot or install operating software by using external hard disk or cd/dvd ram?

sohailkm, welcome to the forum,
you can normally reinstall by pressing the blue Access IBM at start up button which will then boot into the hidden partition allowing a recovery to factory settings.
If this no longer works you can use the internal cd/dvd drive or external drives; in this case you will need to change the boot order in BIOS by pressing F1 when starting and select the Start Up menu.

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I?ve got Toshiba Satellite A200-1m8
I have got a connected external monitor to the laptop.

I?d like to know if it is possible to disconnect the laptop's monitor so it becomes out my way so that I can see the external monitor easily.
If so, please send me the instructions on how to do it along with pictures if possible .


Answer:How to use external monitor only - Satellite A200-1m8

I?d like to know one thing too. Have you may be checked ?User?s manuals? you got with your notebook?
Sorry buddy but such questions are usually described in the manuals. Check if you can find something about FN+F5.

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Hi to all.

I have Satellite A200-PSAE6E, and I bought universal external battery. But external battery can't produce enough current for my laptop when internal battery is not full. When internal battery is full, external keeps it full and run laptop, but when internal battery isn't full and I plug in external battery, in a few seconds laptop shows that it is plugged in, and battery is charging, but after that few seconds, it shows only that laptop is plugged in, and battery doesn't charging.

Problem is that when laptop is plugged in and battery doesn't charging it use internal battery (like when it isn't plugged in), and when it empty internal battery it turn off, and there still shows that it is plugged in. Can I set that when laptop is plugged in, but doesn't charging it will use external power?
I am sure that is only software solution.

Answer:Satellite A200 won't use external battery

does anybody have any useful idea?

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i A200-13R that comes with Vista home basic. As most of my works in XP i felt not comfortable with vista. so i installed win Xp pro as a Dual operating system. and i hv installed all the drivers downloaded from Toshiba site.

But when i'm using yahoo or other messengers system is not identifying if i plugged in the external mic. it's using only the mic inbuild with the system. do i forgot something to install?

experts pls help me.

Answer:Satellite A200-13R: After installing the XP cannot use external mic


First of all there are no experts but simply Tosh user ;)

> Do I forgot something to install

I don?t think you have forgotten something to install. Only the sound driver is needed to get the sound and mic working.
I presume it?s only a setting issue!!!

I would recommend checking the mic settings in the control panel -> sound and audio devices
In the single tabs like ?audio? and ?voice? please check if the mic was selected.

Furthermore please be sure that the mic mute was market in the ?volume? -> ?advanced? -> microphone control.

This will disable the internal mic!!! To enable the external mic you have to press ?Advanced? button under the ?microphone? controller.
In the new window called ?Advanced controls for microphone? you will need to enable the ?MIC2 select? and ?Mic Boost?.

Best regards

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Hi I've got a one and a half year old laptop similar to this one.

It suddenly became really slow to an unusable level a few days ago and got a windows warning saying there's some issues with the hard disk. It asked me to run diagnostic and automatic repair. When I did that, it went into a loop of boot screen and different options that I can recover/reset windows,etc and I can never go back to the windows anymore. I've tried resetting/restoring and command line chkdsk command, but none of those work so far. It happened once before, that I had to reinstall windows but I'm now suspecting it might be a hardware issue. Can someone suggest what I can do to fix the laptop? Thanks

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I have a Satellite L500, when booting up it comes up with "booting from BBS Hard disk" and that's where it stays. I've tried changing the boot sequence as well as boot speed.

Would this be hardware related or will the recovery disk work?
Any ideas what else I can try?

Answer:Satellite L500 - "Boot from BBS Hard disk" shown at start-up

Set BIOS to default settings and try again.

By the way: since when you have noticed this message?
Have you made some changes that can be responsible for this?

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I push on button - briefly see the In Touch with tomorrow TOSHIBA screen - then '+a disk read error has occurred Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart+".

I control alt delete takes me briefly back to TOSHIBA screen where I can choose either F2 or F12.

Do I need a boot disk and where can I get one from so as to boot it from the CD ROM?
Do I try and enter the Satellite M40 Product Recovery DVD-ROM - this worry's me as the hard disk will be reformatted and all data will be lost.

I am stuck please help!!

Answer:Satellite M40 does not boot from hard disk drive - read error


If you enter the Product Recovery disk, Windows will be reinstalled and all data on the HDD will be erasing.

I think your HDD is damaged. You can check this with the Drive Fitness Test. Here you can download it:
Download the CD image, burn it on a CD and boot from it. Then you can test the HDD.
On the same website is a user guide if you want to know more.

By the way: You can save the data on the HDD, when you put in an external HDD case. Then you can save the data on an other PC if the HDD is ok and do not have errors.


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Does integrated graphic card Intel GMA X3100 in my satellite pro A200 notebook can support 1920x1200 resolution?
I want to buy an external 24" monitor. Will it work in the native resolution?


Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - external screen resolution


What does the Satellite Pro A200 manual said?
Did you check it???

I checked it (you can download it from the Toshiba page) and there is a info;
The notebook supports these CRT resolutions on external TV:

- 800x600
- 1024x768
- 1280x800
- 1280x1024
- 1600x1200
- 1920x1440
- 2048x1536

But note; some of these resolutions might be not supported if the installed graphic driver doesn?t support it!

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I got my self and Acer 20 inch monitor and after few mins of use the monitor resets (goes black and goes to 1280 x 800).
I have tried it on another Satellite A200 with same specs (my brothers) works like a charm but when its hooked onto mine it keeps resetting. And also I see horizontal lines accross the monitor.

My model is TOSHIBA Satellite A200-1AX (with HD 2600 vga card).

Answer:Satellite A200-1AX - External monitor Resetting

try to turn off internal monitor when external is pluged in....or maybe simply close the lid...

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I have a Satellite Pro A200-CH7 and have the same problem with my external monitor.

It's a Viewsonic 22" VX2262WM and I see flickering in the display. I tried the monitor on another laptop and it worked well.
The issue is the graphics card my Toshiba laptop.

Answer:Satellite Pro A200-CH7 - flickering on external monitor


Maybe the flickering could be related to the bad earthing?
Sometimes this could affect the external display.

Please check if the problem go away if you disconnect the AC Adapter from the notebook


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I recently purchased an IPS monitor for photo editing. I configured the monitor in multiple ways, as dual monitor or extended monitors, but the image on the external monitor has some small flickering and the image is not very pleasant for the eye, a sensation like small refresh rate on old monitor, very disturbing for the eye.
I connected the monitor to another laptop and the image looks much better.

What could be the problem? I have Windows 7 32 bit and Ati Mobility Radeon HD 2600 as adapter with latest drivers.

Answer:Re: Satellite A200-1IZ - External monitor issue

We don't know which monitor have you exactly but what is the native display resolution and which resolution is set on this external monitor when you use it with your notebook?

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I have a display problem with my laptop, which is:

When I connect my computer to an external display (projector - data show - using rgb cable or s-video), the contents of my computer are not displayed.
I used F5, Catalyst Control Center, but without success.
When I connect it with a TV using s-video, I get the message "no signal".
I think that the devices know the existance of each other, but the contents are not sent to the external display.

I don't know what is the problem. I need to use my computer and display using projector for my presentations which is very frequent.
The problem is that it used to work then suddenly it stopped displaying on external displays.
I couldn't figure out the problem then I thought that the settings may have been changed accidently.
So I formatted my computer to return it to the factory configuration, but my try failed and it still doesn't display on the external display.

My computer specifications:
- Toshiba Satellite A200-1BJ
- CPU: Intel Core2 Duo
- OS: Windows Vista Home Premium
- Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600

Does anyone know the solution??

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200-1BJ - No display on external monitor

In your case I would update the display driver and the BIOS. Both you can find on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Have you tested different cables? Maybe it?s faulty or too long.

Make also sure that you use a supported display resolution and refresh rate for the external display. You can change this in Catalyst Control Center.

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I encountered a problem with my Toshiba notebook and i can't fix it and I am in need your help please..
The problem is that when i connect a USB portable device (external USB harddisk , iPod ,Flash memory ..etc) with more than 8GB of Memory..
It's not properly installed in device manager and appears under "universal serial bus controller ".

But it doesn't say that it's an unknown device. It appears normally with its name, but it's not properly installed (it doesn't say that either ) where it is supposed to be under a specific category (harddisk under "disk drives" , camera under "imaging devices " and so on )

And i can't use the device because the HDD doesn't appear in "My computer" and my iPod can't be used

I'd like to inform you that this problem is with all USB devices with more than 8GB of memory.
Not just one device. I tried many devices to make sure that it's not a problem with the device.

So it's a problem with my laptop and i installed Windows many times with no progress.
Thanks for your help in advance ..

Answer:Satellite A200: Cannot use external USB devices properly

Is it XP or Vista?

If its XP, ensure you have at least Service Pack 2.
This hotfix may help XP see high capacity media:
but that wouldn't really affect external USB HDD's.

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We have bought 5x satellite A200. After connecting it to any external display we get nothing but blurred picture.
It's impossible to work on it.

Our other notebooks P200 series work well on presented displays. We really do not know what to do with it. We tried to use Nvidia utility, WIndows utility, upgrading the drivers, switching the display via keyboard but we get the blurred picture in all cases.

We are very satisfied with A200 performance, but the external picture is unusable. Would you recommend us a solution?

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A200 external display is blurred


Could you please post exactly name of the Satellite A200.

Are these units delivered with an NVIDIA graphic card or with Intel card?
In the nVidia control panel you can change the brightness and the contrast of the display.
I?m not 100% sure if you will be able to choose the external monitor but it?s worth a try.

Go to the control panel -> nVidia -> Display -> Adjust desktop colour settings
The new page should appear where you can adjust your colour settings.

Check if the external monitor appears and choose it. Then you could change the position of the brightness and contrast control.

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hi all,

i would like to ask you a very basic question:

What is the difference between an external hard disk and an internal hard disk mounted on external enclosure?

Is using internal hard disk in external enclosure risky in terms of loosing the data?

Is using internal hard disk in external enclosure reliable to use?

kindly let me know as there is a vast difference in the price of these hard disks. The external hard disk is costing more and if i use internal hard disk in external enclosure price is very much reduced.

my only concern about using internal hard disk in external enclosure is the reliability.

thanks in advance,


Answer:External Hard Disk v/s Internal Hard Disk in External Enclosure

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I have problem with my microphone, maybe not microphone but my input in laptop.
When I connect something to input, and i start program to record, there is nothing just silence, and when I disconnect (microphone or something like that) program is recording sound.

I don't know what is going on.I off camera drivers.....
and I reinstall sound drivers, maybe more i just format my computer and still nothing.
Serious I don't know where is the problem...

Please help because I'm going crazy :D

Answer:Satellite A200-1SM PSAE6E - cannot record using external microphone


I would recommend checking the settings firstly.
In control panel -> sound you should check the volume of the microphone.
The volume should be set to highest level.

In control panel you should find also the Realtek Audio Manger. There you can change some options too.
On the right side (right column) you will find options called ?Advanced settings?. There you can change the settings for headphone and mic jacks.

By the way; be sure that your external microphone which you connect to the notebook is ok

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Model: A200-1AE

I wish to use the external display in Windows XP. It would be necessary that the external display was the main thing, and desktop expansions occurred on the laptop display. The driver, downloaded from your site do not allow to make it... Though in Windows Vista such possibility is.

How it is possible to solve my problem?

Answer:Satellite A200-1AE: How to set external monitor as main display on Win XP


As far as I know this is not possible. In my case this option is grayed out!!!

But maybe it?s possible on your notebook. In such case you should access the graphic card properties. Then go the last tab called ?Settings?.

There you should mark the display 2 and should enable the option called ?use this device as the primary monitor?.
But if this option is not available you will be not able to set this!!!!

Best regards

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when I try to connect my laptop to my Samsung 32" LCD with VGA, I have strange ripples on the screen.
I tried changing every settings in my computer and in my TV and it's still there.

How can I fix this?
It's almost impossible to watch like this.


Answer:Re: Satellite A200-1GB - strange ripples on the external LCD screen

Did you test the notebook with other external monitors?
You should do this to ensure that this is not a LCD issue?

Furthermore I recommend checking if such ?ripples? are visible using different screen resolutions!

Last but not least an graphic card driver update would be useful too.

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i have linked my monitor of my old pc with my Satellite A200-10W and i seted it as a primary and i closed the monitor of laptop,

i have find colours at the pc and at the games, but i am not so glad when i play a movie to my satellite,
same movie, same monitor only different pc and i get lowest graphics,
there's any way to fix it?

my problem is only when i saw a avi movie or a dvd

Answer:Satellite A200-10W - external monitor problem with graphics

You compare an TFT screen with an CRT monitor?
Hey buddy? don?t compare it because both screens are completely different!!!

I don?t want to describe the whole technology in details but if you want you can read some articles on Wikipedia:

just one hint; you will notice always an difference between both screens while watching an movie or similar!

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Hi !

I have this kind of a problem: I am working with my external Toshiba 3,5 alu case HDD 500GB and after a while of copying files into laptop it dissappears and shows up that device wasn?t recognised.
Can this be caused by not enough power in USB port?

THX for any help or workaround

Answer:Satellite A200-1SI - external HDD after a while shows up "unknown device"

Hi there,

yes this may be caused by the fact there is not enough power supplied by the USB port. firstly note that 3.5inch external USB hard drives are usually designed to be used with desktop systems due to their higher power requirements (this is also the reason that many require an external power supply of their own). my suggestion would be in future buy a 2.5inch external USB hard drive designed for use with laptops. another reason that the hard drive may disappear while copying files is that there may be a problem with the USB cable connection between the laptop and the external HDD. i would suggest checking that both ends are plugged in securely and not to place any pressure on the cables and to keep them stable.

i hope this helps you with your matter

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Is it possible to disable the monitor on the Toshiba Notebook A200-Ah7 while I'm using a second monitor?

It is distracting to have the notebook monitor on at the same time.


Answer:How to disable Satellite A200-Ah7 screen while using external monitor

Hmm?I think this is no possible but did you try to press FN + F5 several time?
Is only a CRT monitor available?
The CRT monitor means external screen and if only this is available, then you could try to choose this.

Otherwise you can close the lid if you don't want to use internal monitor

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After crashing motherboard of my Satellite A200-23Z I need to rescue some important files from Satellites hdd. With external USB enclosure I can access only some.... Can't see programm files, system files - really nothing from system disk, a lot of files was on desktop...

How to get full access to all hdd? - to all logical drives?

Please - help... :(

Answer:Satellite A200-23Z - HDD as external USB drive - how access all files?

I don?t understand what happen there. I have old P200 (similar to your but with 17? display) and when I connect HDD as external HDD to my new P500 I have full access to all saved data.
There is no limitation at all.

>a lot of files was on desktop...
Do you know how to find the right location for desktop?

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Hi dear ,,

I have lab top model satellite A200-20C , the serial number is 18232821K .

I try to find the information about my lab top but it's give me is error , and this model not found , please tell me what's the problem and what can i do .

2nd , i need to order for Recovery DvD becose my cd is not ok and showing me some file missing i don't know what's problem . tell me how to order the DVD and my laptop is supported for windows 7 , tell me how chaged from vista to win 7 .


Answer:Satellite A200-20C - Need the recovery disk


As far as I know for older notebooks it?s not possible to order a recovery disk from Toshiba online.

For such older computers you have to order a disk from an authorized service provider. List of them you can find here:

Good luck! :)

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On Thursday of last week ended up with the Blue page of death, tried to use the product recovery disk and found to my horror it has a large crack in it .
Can anyone tell me were I can upload a new disk from?

Have managed at cost to get the laptop up and running but from windows vista have had to install windows 7 Originaly the laptop came with windows XP. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Where to get new recovery disk?

You can get [Recovery disk|] from Toshiba

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I thought I would do a clean install of windows as I have a very slow PC, I have the product recovery disk that came with the computer with the toshiba label etc, but cannot get it to work. When I try to boot from the CD it doesn't load.

I have also tried the repair your computer option but that doesn't work either.

I don't have any recovery disk creator software on the pc that I can find.

All help appreciated.


Answer:Trying to use Recovery disk for Satellite A200-19K

Well, first u need to confiugure th computer to boot from CD/DVD drive. 2ndly check if that cd is bootable and whethere it containes windows operating system. (assuming this is windows XP)

if all goes wrong get a retail CD and resintall and get drivers.

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I purchased a new Toshiba A200 Satellite Notebook and a 500 GB Maxtor One Touch 4 500GB Hard Drive.
The end of the USB cable for the HDD does not match any of the ports on the Toshiba.

Should I get an adapter or try to find a cord?
HDD uses USB 1.1, 2.0, or Firewire port.


Answer:External HDD USB cable doesn't match with Satellite A200 USB ports


Sorry but I don?t believe that.
The Satellite A200 supports common USB 2.0 ports and it should be possible to connect a common USB cable to the notebook!

Are you 100% sure you are using the right cable?

It should looks like this one:

[USB 2.0 cable|]

and this are typical USB ports:

[USB 2.0 port|]

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I have this problem which is driving me crazy .... I bought an external monitor for my Toshiba Satellite A200-1s9 laptop but the problem with it is that the image, on the external monitor, is shaking. I tried another monitor, the same, another cable, same problem; the only way how to stop it is to unplug the AC from the laptop.

I also tried to move the monitor further from the laptop but nothing.
I can making stop shaking so hard only if I switch to the AC profile from FULL POWER to Save power ... but even with this the image is still shaking a bit.

So basically there is a magnetic field around there, probably in the laptop, which is making my image shaking like crazy ... does anybody know how to stop it?

Answer:Shaking image on external monitor when Satellite A200 is running on AC


I don't think that this has to do something with magnetic fields.

Cause it is related to the power consumption of the computer, it seems that there is a problem with the AC-Adaptor.
If it has to deliver much 'juice', it's condensators to keep the voltage absolutely stable are perhaps too weak.
Such instabilities ( which have the 50 Hz frequency of the power supply ) can disturb the signal to the monitor.

A solution for that ? ..if you know how to solder some fat condensators somehow in between...

It's a grounding problem
I never heard from such problems with LCD-Monitors (VGA out??). Mostly this is the case when you you use analog video out,
leading to no color on the TV.
Do you have an annoying buzzing when you connect audio out to an amplifier ? That would be a sign for that.
I had such a problem and solved it by plugging my laptop on AC on another circuit in the house than my audio devices
So experiment with that.
First: disconnect all other stuff ( printer, sticks, antennas, everything ) These are nasty problems with lots of possible interferences.

Let me know!

Greets Matz

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I have a Satellite A200-IP8 PSAE6E, with a Mobility Radeon HD 2400 display driver (driver version 8.452). I want to connect my note book to my external monitor from Iiyama Pro Liet E 2202 WS. This only works good with a resolution of 1680 x 1050, but this option is not available in Windows Vista, nor the ATI software (Catalyst Control Center). I tried already to download older driver version, and also drivers of the monitor, but nothing seems to work. I know it is possible, because it worked some months ago.

Does anybody know what i could do? Thanks in advance,

Answer:How to get resolution 1680 x 1050 on my external monitor? - Satellite A200

it can be on your monitor..
some monitors doesn't work perfect without driver.. (such as mine) ;)
so take the cd from your monitor or download the driver from the producers page or something..
by myself it works ;) so it can be works by you to


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I bought a Toshiba Satellite A200 (PSAE3) two years ago, and cause it don't work as well as he did I need to format it. The problem is that I can't find the recovery disk that I need to do that.
What can I do to format my computer? It's the recovery partition an option or... How can I order a new recovery disk for my laptop?

Thanks for advanced!

Answer:Satellite A200 recovery disk lost

You can order new Toshiba recovery installations CD under

Check it out.

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I am thinking of reinstalling windows Vista, because I am getting more and more problems (often my explorer.exe freezes, and I'm getting sick of it).
However, I got 2 dvd's with my pc.

Are these dvd's all I need?
Because I don't want to screw up my pc further by doing something wrong :P

Answer:Vista reinstallation on Satellite A200-1TW - What disk should I use?


You have to use a disk which is called Toshiba Recovery.
In some cases the image file was too large and didn?t match on one disk? therefore you could receive two disks?

However, as I said you need recovery disk?

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I want to replace my hdd and make a fresh install of the system. Will my recovery cd work with a non-native hdd?

Answer:Re: Recovery disk with non-native hdd (Satellite A200)

Of course it will work.
As far as I know Toshiba supports RAM and HDD upgrade and you can upgrade or exchange both hardware components.

Which one do you want to have as new one?

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Hi To All,

I have here an A200 the owner said it just stopped working, it gives the "BOOTMGR is missing" message, it was running Vista basic. Vista recovery disk found no operating system (the recovery program wrote a couple of Notepad files on the drive which appear to be the only things on it) installing the drive in an external enclosure and trying it on another computer shows that the only files are the Notepad ones. A disk check program found a few bad sectors.

I intend to replace the drive, my question is what can I do re. the operating system, it had a legal copy of Vista, but came from Harvey Norman with no recovery disks (should disks have been supplied?) do I need to purchase a new copy of the operating system.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Answer:Satellite A200 - Recovery disk for HDD replacement


Virtually all notebook manufacturers include the Recovery partition on the HDD, rather than supply physical discs these days.

There would have been an Icon on the Windows Desktop to create the Recovery Discs. Since the HDD is faulty, you need to order a Recovery Disc from the Toshiba Website, or phone their Call Center.

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Hey there, regarding Windows 7.

I have purchased my laptop model which is Toshiba Satellite A200-1M8 in year 2007.

I want to know first:

If i'm able to upgrade it for free or for money according to Windows Vista to Windows 7 upgrade thing you offer, if yes to which Version of windows 7 it will be upgraded (Home, Professional, etc..)

If not, can I order Toshiba to make a Recovery DVD for Windows 7 specially for my laptop version and if yes, to which version of Windows 7 will toshiba give me?


Answer:Satellite A200-1M8 - Can I get a Windows 7 upgrade disk?


All informations that you want to know you can find on the Windows 7 upgrade page: > Windows 7 Learn More

As you can see a free upgrade is only possible on notebooks purchased from June 26, 2009 to January 31, 2010.
Furthermore your model isn?t Windows 7 supported. There is only a limited driver support for a clean Windows 7 installation and so you can?t get a Windows 7 disk from Toshiba.

But all these informations are already on the Toshiba page ;)

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I just bought the (Brand new from big tech shop) Satellite A200 for a few month and did not used because I was aways on business trip. Over the weekend I open it and running for a while.

After I read the manual and found that I need to create a recovery disk from the tools provided. However, the problem start here:

1. When I click on "Recovery Disc Creator", a message is display "no HDD Recovery Area!, The toshiba Recovery Disc creator can not be lauched."

2. Then I call up the service support center and was advise that there is an issue with the "Recovery Disc Creator" and I should recover the LAPTOP using the recovery from hard disk partition (Hold 0 when power-up the system) and the following step is carry out:
a. the LAPTOP is boot into the recovery screen function.
b. When I try "restore windows PC" (option 3), it's display and error about file not found.
c. When I try click on "restore from recovery disk" (option 5), it's asking me to put in the recovery disc which I don't have?!?

NOTE: I am sure that the hidden recovery partition is therre. 1.46 GB. There is no way that I can access to the hidden partition from a normal windows vista screen (no drive letter).

I then call the service support center again (now which difference person support) and was advise that:

1. My recovery partition is corrupt and I need to get the recovery disk again (which I don't have), it's will cost me $66 AUD... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200 - Recovery Disk issues

Hi Thomas

I?ve got a A200 European model (don?t know what you model is) and the A200 was NOT equipped with the HDD recovery option!!! This means you cannot create your own Recovery Disk!!
My notebook was delivered with the Toshiba Vista recovery DVD!!

Fact is that your hidden partition 1.46 GB is not the Toshiba recovery partition but the Vista hidden partition. It contains the WinRE files which are helpful to repair the OS if something will go wrong!

Secondly the Toshiba recovery folder is too big for the 1.46 GB partition!!!
So it?s not possible that it would be placed on this partition!!!

So finally it seems that you will be not able to create the own recovery disk and therefore you will have to order it from the ASP in your country.


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_Satellite Pro A200 PSAE4E Windows XP_

I started getting bad “Not-Ready” system errors on the original ODD. Toshiba Disc Creator report: TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L632H TO01. I tried the FW update, but that did not help.

I replaced the ODD with a new one from Amazon. Toshiba Disc Creator report: TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L632H SC04. The new ODD is listed as suitable in the User Manual - it’s the same model as the original. The new ODD works perfectly for normal use within XP. But when I attempt to use the Recovery Disk, it is ignored and XP always boots from the HDD. And when I press F12 during boot, the new ODD is not listed.

Can you assist me to get the ODD recognised at boot time please?



Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - New ODD ignors the Recovery disk


Have you already tried loading the default settings in BIOS and is it recognized in BIOS setup? The BIOS defaults you can load if you go into BIOS, press F9 key and save & exit BIOS setup. Then restart the computer and try it again to boot from ODD.
Can you change the boot order and set the ODD as first boot device?

If it doesn?t help I would try a BIOS update. The newest BIOS can be downloaded on official Toshiba website.

But it?s really strange the drive works properly on XP but you can?t boot from it?

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I recently bought this laptop with a 22" AOC monitor (N22-W) and need to set a screen resolution of 1680 x 1050. I do have higher resolutions available...but not the one I need. It uses the Intel GMA-950 chipset. I realise that this is a fairly common problem, but I have had no luck in finding a solution.

I would appreciate any help on getting this straightened out. Many thanks in advance to anybody who has time to help out.

Answer:Satellite A200-1A9 - can not set screen resolution of 1680 x 1050 on external display


If you are not able to choose this resolution or this resolution is not available in the graphic card properties, then the graphic card driver doesn?t contain and doesn?t support this resolution!!!!

I think you use the original graphic driver from the Toshiba page.
Well, sometimes all available and possible screen resolutions are not included!
Therefore sometimes the installation and usage of the graphic drivers from the GPU manufacture site could helps.

I think you should visit the Intel page and should try to install the compatible and supported graphic driver from this website.

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I have a new A200. I have and USB hub and a USB-powered external hard disk. When I put it in sleep mode their lights remains ON. It has come with Vista. I searched for the setting but I couldn't find any. It's not good for battery. Any advise?

Thank you.


Answer:Satellite A200 doesn't power of external USB devices when in sleep mode


The lights are also on when the notebook is staying in the standby mode or hibernation mode.
You cannot disable the LED?s

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Dear Toshiba,

When I bought my A200-1WR, a little less than a year ago, it came with 2 recovery DVDs, containing Windows XP SP2.
I used Vista, which was pre-installed, for a little while, untill it started conflicting with some of my plug-n-play devices, leading up to severe delay of boot, etc. After a few months, I was hardly able to get the laptop booted at all. Fortunately, the Recovery Media provided contains XP Pro, so I ran those discs to solve the problem. Initially, I did want to make a Vista Recovery Disc before installing XP, but the Toshiba Recovery Disc creator did not work anymore under the conflicting Vista, so when I ran the XP discs, I lost the "Data"-partition, containing Vista in the original factory installation/setup of my laptop.

I am planning on selling my A200, so I am trying to restore "the product" to its original shape. Therefore, I need to add the XP Recovery Media, as well as the manuals. The latter, I have downloaded, so I can either provide those as a PDF on the HD or a flash drive. However, the recovery discs, those I don't have laying around. At first, I wanted to copy the recovery media of my A300 Pro, but then I'd miss out on including all drivers needed for the A200.

Therefore, my question to you is whether you are prepared to send me those original Recovery DVDs.
If the manuals could come this way as well, it would be greatly appreciated, but like I said, that part I could solve myself. Vista this website, I... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200-1WR: Can I have Windows XP Reocvery disk for free

Hi mate

This is s user-to-user forum ;) I doubt someone from Toshiba would read this?

Anyway, the recovery disk can be ordered and you have to pay for such disk?
It?s not for free and cannot be downloaded?

I asked my ASP if it would be possible to download such image but they said that this is not possible due to some copy rights?

You can also use an clean MS Windows disk? the necessary Toshiba drivers are placed on the driver page?

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This is driving me mad.
I have two A200 laptops that were issued to staff. They have left and the laptops were completely OK.

Before I issue the laptops to new staff I format and re-install the operating system and software. Simple I thought, I have the recovery DVD. I rebooted with the DVD in gone through the process all seems to be well. It reboots into windows get to the first windows XP screen with the green dots just underneath. I then get a very quick flash of a blue screen and the laptop reboots and then keeps going through with the quick blue screen.
This happens on both A200 I have.

If I try and load windows XP from our retail copy of windows, it always says no disks can be detected. Again it happens on both. I hear you say-?its the hard drive?. Well it is not the hard drive. I have removed the drive placed it into another laptop and a PC installed windows and it runs as it should, this is both hard drives. With the hard drives in the original A200 laptops I can install Linux (unbuntu) without any errors. I run disk checks all is OK.
The Toshiba guys say it is a virus! Seems to be the answer to everything they cannot solve over the phone!

I love theses laptops, they have been very good for us here, would love to get them working again. They are two years old so out of warranty.
The BIOS version is 5.20
Any help would be great

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 - Recovery disk gives blue screen


It's a little bit difficult to say what happens to your laptops, but if i have such installation problems, I wipe hard disk with cd bootable media from Acronis, Acronis drive Cleanser

or East-Tec DisposeSecure

These software are shareware and need to be activated in order to make a bootable media.

I wipe a hard disk, then install original Windows copy for my clients. If they have problems with ODD, I make a bootable usb drive (if Bios supports) or over Lan installation. By the way, have you tried to install from a bootable usb flash drive.

Talking about viruses, it also can take place that's why the hdd wipe is recommended. In our service, we also answer like this by phone like Toshiba guys say. Believe me, it's not easy to solve problems by phone, the problem is that many customers can't describe malfunction properly!

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I have Toshiba Satellite A200. Hard drive died and changed it to a new one.

If I buy the product recovery disc will it work and install windows vista home premium that came with the machine?

Answer:Satellite A200 - Recovery disk will install Windows?

Hi spiropi,

Yes, the Toshiba recovery disk will install the original operating system that came with the notebook. Toshiba recovery disk works always even you have changed the HDD. The disk contains an image of factory settings with all drivers and tools so everything will be installed automatically and you get out of box settings back.

So you can order such a disk and you can the original settings back on your new HDD. :)

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Hi I have a Satellite A200 that was delivered with a 'product recovery cd'. I recently have had an infection/trojan/spyware of some sort as the windows defender has been taken over by something other (plenty of abnormal error messaes and asking me to buy the full version). I am no expert but i surely know that windows defender is a free program.

Anyway, please could someone give me advice on the best way to overcome this. i.e. the best option to use. Is there anyway I can back up the files I have (apart from using an external HD drive).

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A200 - How to use recovery disk and backup all files?


_How to use the recovery disk?_
That?s pretty easy: Insert the disk and boot from it ? That?s all!
Furthermore you have to follow the screen instructions and make some clicks but that?s really all!

_How to backup the files?_
First of all I?m wondering that you ask for that. You didn?t make a backup as yet? What do you do if your HDD crashes on next morning?

Anyway, the Toshiba recovery disk wipes your whole HDD. That means you have to save your files on an additional drive. Everything on the internal HDD will be deleted.

You don?t want to use an external HDD?! Why?

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I am using a Toshiba Satellite A200-AH9 Part #PSAE0C-AH908C with the pre-installed version of Windows Vista. I have moved since purchasing this laptop, and the recovery disk I made after purchasing it has gone missing! I called Toshiba, however it is approx. 50$ to replace the recovery CD from them. Does anybody have one they could send me an image of? I would greatly appreciate it!


Answer:Toshiba Satellite A200-AH9 Recovery Disk - Vista

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Hello there, i'm hoping there might be someone out there who could give me a bit of advice!

I have an Equium A200-1VO Laptop, but unfortunately i need to replace the hard disk drive. It currently holds a 120GB drive, but i am wondering if the laptop would cope if i replaced it with a capacity of 500GB? If not, 350GB?!

I hope you can help!

Kindest Regards,


Answer:Re: Equium A200-1VO Hard Disk Upgrade

I had a look at other A200 models in google, and it appears that it supports any size HDD, 160GB, 200GB, 250GB, etc...

So if it supports those sizes, then you can use higher capacity drives since there is no limitation at the moment (as long as the physical height of the HDD is the same as the original HDD).

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I have just bought a Portege A200 few months ago, and recently noticed that the hard disk starts making some 'scratchy' noise. Can anybody:
1)advise what might be the problem, or is it normal?
2)recommend what is the best way/tool/program to check the fitness status of the hard disk?

thanks for helping. Greatly appreciate it.

Portege A200; 60Gb; Window XP Professional

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Answer:Hard Disk Problem with Portege A200

i have a problem to start my notebook. I loose my supervisor password and now i can't start my notebook. Can you help me please.! I try to reset bios but i ?can't find the jumper cmos to reset bios.

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I have a Sattelite Pro A200 lap top and would like to install 64bit Vista.
As i've read you can use the 32bit key to install the 62bit version. Is there a way to get the "Product Recovery Disk" in a 64bit version.

Or to download it from somewhere

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 How to get a 64bit Vista recovery disk from Toshiba


What OS was preinstalled on your notebook?
If it was a 32bit Vista OS then you can get ?only? a 32bit Vista Toshiba recovery CD.

If you want to install another OS, no matter if it?s XP or Vista 64bit, you have to buy the OS from Microsoft.

PS: As far as I know the serial key used for the Vista 32bit OS is only a OEM key and it does not work with other operating systems!

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Hello eveyone, in the last days i install Vista home premium 64 bits on my Satellite A200-1DY PSAE3E and unfortunatelly I have lost the Toshiba programs.

For me it was very useful toshiba disk creator, and i like donwnload it if its possible, but i cant find this great program.

Can anyone tell me where i can download this?


Answer:Where i can download Toshiba Disk Creator for Satellite A200-1DY PSAE3E

You cannot download this additional software.
The Disk Creator can be installed only using the Toshiba recovery CD. The software is a part of the image on the Recovery.

The point is that you have purchased the notebook with an OEM licenses and such additional software can be used only in connection with the Toshiba image.

Unfortunately but a full version cannot be downloaded. If you wan to use it on a different OS you will have to purchase it

Regards amigo

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So I lent my laptop to my daughter until she could get enough to buy a p.c.
Well I've gotten it back only she installed a lot of stuff on to the point where it's chugging on vista even after my attempts to clean it up I decided start the laptop by using the recovery disk creation that came with the laptop.

However now I have used about 8 dvd disks trying to create a good disk but i restart the p. with the disk in .. nothing happens. I try to run it directly through vista...and it says cannot read disk. I have recreated the disk several times and the same result and well this was the only type of recover disk that came with the laptop.]

Also as i have gotten it back when i use the touch pad my cursor is jumping all over the place, is that fixable?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200 recovery disk creation problem + touch pad


Sorry but in your posting something must be wrong. As far as i know Satellite A200 is delivered with original Toshiba recovery DVD. You must not create anything. Newer notebooks like A300 are NOT delivered with recovery DVD and every notebook user must create it alone but not with Toshiba Disc Creator. For this purposes Toshiba offer another tool. The name is ?Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator?. It is not the same tool. So you should have probably original Toshiba disc.

So if you have it please use this recovery DVD as described in this thread:

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I have a Satellite A200-298 which came with a 200gb hard drive I was wondering if it was possible for a second larger hard drive to be added to help with file storage Ie Itunes and movies.

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Answer:Can a Second Hard drive be add to a Satellite A200-298

Hi mate,

unfortunately there cannot be a second harddrive added because if your machine was only equipped with one single drive then the other harddrive bay would not have a harddrive connector installed.

I would buy an external harddrive and store my stuff there I were you..


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Hello everyone!

Could someone explain me what to do in order to connect a second HDD in the secondary slot of this laptop?

I've opened the lid but there is no socket or connector for install one.

For what I see, seems that I have to buy some additional piece, but I've no idea of what.
The manual is telling that there is this bay (hence it's usable since Toshiba bother to write it's presence in the manual).

Can someone help me???

I would really prefer it for practical reason to an external HDD even if will reduce the laptop autonomy when on battery.

Thank you!!!!

Answer:Satellite A200 UH1 - 2nd bay hard drive

If you want to connect a second HDD in this slot there must be a connector and if you don?t have one you can?t put in a second HDD.
Not every Satellite A200 has such a connector.
About this second HDD slot I founded the following information in user manual:
>HDD2: ? The availability of this feature depends on the model you purchased

But you can use a second HDD in the slot of the CD/DVD drive. For this you can use a bay for a second HDD.
Ask an ASP for this part. They can order it.

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I have a satellite A200-1GB, but the graphic card don't run, however I could get another iskaa ls 3481p, but not exactly the same, because i have a m76 with 256 mb ati radeon, and the new card is a m72 with 256 mb ati radeon from A200-2C5.

Would it be possible?

Excuse me for possible writting mistakes.

Greetings and thanks

Answer:Information about compatibilty of graphic card Satellite A200-1GB Satellite A200-2C5

Do you want to exchange the whole mainboards or just the GPU?

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Hi guys,

I'm glad i found this forum site, i'm pretty much hopeful to find a solution here.

well this problem isn't very complicated, actually my DVD drive (Model TS-L632) is not reading anymore, so then i decided to changed it with new one, however it's not the same model as the original drive.
It's likely generic DVD drive actually.

Now when i inserted my recovery disk or any bootable disk isn't booting from CD and when i press F12 for boot priority i can't find any DVD/CD drive, but running in the windows i can find the DVD drive and it can normally read any CD.

Just having problem during booting in CD.
I was thinking maybe their is any security for this model that locked some hardware.
So guys please kindly help me how to figure it out,

any help would greatly appreciated.


Answer:Satellite A200-19L can't boot from CD

>when i press F12 for boot priority i can't find any DVD/CD drive, but running in the windows i can find the DVD drive and it can normally read any CD.

The whole story sounds really strange to me?
If you access the BIOS, can you see the CD/DVD drive details? Is the drive recognized properly?

If not then I assume the inserted ODD is not fully compatible due to different master/slave/c-sel settings.

>but running in the windows i can find the DVD drive and it can normally read any CD
It?s also strange for me that the CD/DVD drive appears in device manager even though the CD/DVD drive option in booting menu does not appear.

But check firstly the BIOS?

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Urgent Assistance required, 3 month old A200-16Y was working fine yesterday.
When attempting to power up today power light comes on, CD/DVD drive engages, fans starts.....then nothing.

Screen remains Black (off) yet the power light is on?
Nothing works. I have switched on several times, Battery and AC were not in over night.
I have tried booting with Battery only, AC only and both.


Answer:Satellite Pro A200 does not boot up

Did you remove the battery and the AC adaptor and for several minutes?
Sometimes this helps?
I had a similar issue. I was not able to power up the notebook.
I have removed the battery and disconnected the AC for about 30min. After this short period of time I have connected both parts again and the notebook booted up!

Maybe it?s worth a try?. So check it!

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200-1BW Model which frooze while in use and would not boot up again.
I have checked all the power supply,lead options fine.

I have the blue AC power light on and the orange charging light on to but pc does nothing. I have tried to power up without battery using AC power but still the same issue.
No fans come on etheir. Pc does not go into boot stage and nothing is shown on screen which is constantly blank.

I dont get the 200GB hard disk startng up so i swapped it for an identical working spare but still pc does not start.

My only conclusions are that i have a dead mother board or an internal power issue.

Its the frist real issue i have had with this laptop so am just checking to see if anyone out there has had the same issue or knows of any fixes i have not tried.

Answer:Satellite A200-1BW does not boot up

Yes, it sounds like a serious hardware defect.
Looks like motherboard, GPU or another part on mobo might be faulty.

How about RAM modules? Did you check both?
Please do this?

Otherwise if it?s not RAM issue then you will need an professional technician help.
At this moment I don?t see any other solution for you? :(

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I've installed 2 x 2GB, but it seems it doesn't work. The funny thing is that when running just one memory strip (so 2GB) it works, when running both it doesn't work and it freezes. These are the Samsung 2GB 2Rx8 PC2 - 6400s - 666 - 12 - E3

Ive' installed the latest BIOS update (64bit v2.60) for the Satellite Pro A200 and I am running Windows 7 64bit

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Won't boot with 4GB RAM

Hi caribman

What Satellite Pro A200 you have exactly?

I ask this because some A200 models were equipped with Intel 943GML chipset and these models support 2GB only!!!

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 running VISTA.
The laptop will not boot. I can get to the Toshiba splash screen, but go no further just getting the laptop hang and display a ??? symbol at the top right of the screen.

I have tried

- Resetting to factory defaults (no difference)
- Starting with battery in and out (no difference)
- Removing memory modules and trying various configurations (no difference)
- Removing hard drive (Screen displays Intel details and say no HD media detected ? no Toshiba screen either)
- Hitting the key to try to get to windows safe mode (can?t get there).

As background information, under settings I can see the hardrive and DVD drive is connected is connected.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 does not boot up

Hi mate

It seems you have already tried all possible solution proposals?
But what happens if you boot up the notebook using an bootable disk; for example recovery disk, Win XP disk, Linux live CD, etc????

I saw it could be an HDD issue even if the HDD is detected by BIOS properly?
Maybe an HDD replacement could help? maybe?.

Otherwise it could be an serious hardware problem? I?m thinking about motherboard?

What do you think?

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Hi to all,

I have a startup problem with my Satellite A200.
I am booting from my USB key. It is bootable Linux to install the tutorial is this:

Insert the USB key or drive you want to boot from.
Restart the computer.
During startup, when prompted, press the appropriate button to display the "Boot Options". Usually it is F2, F8 or F12 (be displayed on the splash screen).
In the boot menu, select the drive to boot from.

The computer will now boot from the USB key or the first disc to change the boot priority back to boot from the hard drive. Perform the procedure again, but to choose the hard drive in step 4 the computer will now boot from the first hard disk.

My problem just part shift to the right that when it restarts with the USB key plugged remain frozen and Toshiba screen is displayed but it does not load anything.

F2 I want to access the BIOS it makes me please wait but nothing happen. I'm nothing like 1hr wait for F12 boot selections except that all boot are marked exceptions to the FDD one on which I want to boot.

So I find myself facing an impasse because for Toshiba loads must be connected to nothing which is silly because I want to boot on my key.

If someone has a solution...

Message was edited: posting has been translated

Answer:Satellite A200 - need help with USB boot


Please disconnect your USB stick and start your notebook to see if everything is OK.
Test it with:

F2 - to enter BIOS settings
F8 ? to enter advanced boot options
F12 - to enter start-up menu

If possible try to enter BIOS settings and set it to default settings.

After doing this restart your notebook and use F12 to enter boot menu. When boot menu is shown put USB stick into USB port, choose USB as bootable device and press ENTER.

But the first step is to check if you can enter BIOS and change it to default settings.

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I have two of these laptops both purchased at the same time.
I have upgraded the hard disc's to 320 Gb and tried to upgrade the RAM to 4 Gb as the spec states can be done.

I have used the recommended type of RAM but the computer will not boot with two RAM modules inserted. If I remove either one of them the laptop boots! I thought that I would upgrade the BIOS but found the the only version available on the download web site is the same as I have.

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Can't boot with new RAM

What are the model numbers of both laptops?

Also what is the Intel Chipset model? You can view the chipset details using CPU-Z

If its a 943 chipset, it may be limited to 2GB

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My company's computer needs to be patitioned and reformat. The system is still working well. I mean, nothing wrong with anything (weird huh?). Ok the hard disk just need to be 'split'. I mean, make drive C & D on the hard disk. I know how to do that... easy... Then the HD need to be formatted & reinstall windows XP. Ok, easy too..

But the main problem occured before I do anything (partition & format). I have my own bootable CD that I usually use for partitioning & formatting.

Ok, i insert the CD & restart.
I went to BIOS & changed the boot order (1st boot: CD-ROM, 2nd: HDD-0 & 3rd: Floppy). Then restart again.
Ok the bootable CD is excellently loaded.
I typed fdisk, then came the first problem. it says something like 'no fixed disk'. I exit fdisk.
Then I typed format c:, 2nd problem occured. it says something like, 'invalid drive'.
I forgot the error message because the pc is in my office right now. I'm currently at home 'begging for help' So the error message is not accurate. sorry..

I think, if I run the CD, the hard disk will not be loaded (or should I say, hard disk failure). & If I take off the CD & restart again, change the BIOS (1st boot: HDD-0) then windows will load! Weird right?

I don't think my CD is 'corrupted' nor broken because I tried to run the CD from another PC. Yes, I can access the C drive from that PC.

Does anyone have any idea of the ... Read more

Answer:Can't format hard-disk nor do partition when using boot disk. Hard-disk failure

It sounds like it might be the bootable CD you've created is not picking up the HDD's/partitions.
To eliminate this as a posibility travel to bootdisk and grab the WinME bootdisk and boot from there. If it picks up the HDD you can FDISK and Format from there.
The other option is to boot using the XP CD and let it handle the formatting/partitioning duties...


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I see my new Satellite A200-1BW has two hard drive bays,on looking into the second bay I cannot see how a second drive can be fitted as the plug in socket appears to be missing.

What parts do i need to fit to fit a second drive as they are held in stock by my local computer outlet and are quite cheap,can anybody advise me on part numbers etc of the bits I need.

Answer:How to install second hard drive in Satellite A200-1BW?


there are many different models of your machine on the market and some of them have a second drive, some of them not. If you bought a model with one drive then you will only be able to install ONE drive because your model was only intended to have one drive.

And even if you solder a connector to it or attach it in any other way then you don?t know if the bios supports the second drive.
My suggestion on it: obtain a USB-HDD and store your data on that drive. Would be making more sense then spending a lot of time on investigation to find out that your mainboard is not able to handle a second drive.


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When I try and load XP Pro SP3 (32 bit) it will not install as it has no SATA drivers. I have downloaded drivers and have an external floppy to install drivers by pressing F6. My question is the machine is listed as 64 bit and the XP Pro is 32 bit. Do I choose the ICH8M 32 or 64 bit drivers. IE does the 32 or 64 bit on the ICH8M refer to the hardware or operating system. Computer is Satellite Pro A200 PSAE4E-01700WEN.

Any help appreciated


Answer:Satellite Pro A200 does not recognise hard drive XP Pro


If you use the 64bit OS, then you should use also the 64bit drivers.
I found very nice ?HowTo? from Toshiba.

Check this! It?s definitely interesting and should be helpful.

*+How to integrate a SATA AHCI driver in a Windows XP Setup CD+*

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How do I replace my Satellite A200 hard drive?

Answer:Hard drive replacement on Satellite A200-1JS

Remove HDD backward and take it out. Watching this picture I can just say: Move the HDD to the left and it will be free.

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I have just purchased an A200-1VG and whenever I load the "My computer" option it displays two hard drives but they are only half of what the overall hard drive space is. Is this normal?

Thank you in advance


Answer:Hard Drive Query - Satellite A200


Maybe you have misunderstood something. I hope you see two partitions on one HDD. Usually it is shown as partition C and D.

In Windows explorer it looks like on this photo.

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Windows 8 does not see hard drive on A200.
How to install?

Answer:Windows 8 does not see hard drive on Satellite A200

That?s strange? Windows 8 should already contain the HDD controller driver in order to recognize the HDD while installation.
Is the HDD visible in the BIOS?

Do you use original Windows 8 Microsoft disk?

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Hi. Have a satellite A200.

Initial problem, would not boot up only power light on and hard drive light came on for a second, nothing on screen, not even access to F2 settings. Reseated memory, no go, removed hard drive and test and read hard drive ok in an external case. With hard drive removed computer will boot from after market boot disc and run diagnostic program ok. Can now gain access to F2 settings.

Format hard drive externally, reinstall and boot with boot disc, hard drive appears in bios, diagnostic test runs ok.
Tried to install Windows XP and XP pro and both times windows starts to install and then comes up with an error saying there is no hard drive present, even though Bios and a diagnostic boot disc both recognize the hard drive.
Tried another hard drive with same problem, not recognized.

Any Ideas?

Answer:Satellite A200 - Hard drive not recognized


Have you tried reinstalling Windows by using Toshiba recovery disk? Normally with this disk everything should work properly because it?s pretested and especially designed for your notebook.
Check this!!!

In worst case your HDD is faulty and you need a new one. The HDD seems to have random failures.

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Hi, I have a Portege A200 and a original unused Toshiba recovery CD.

When I go to recover, the DVD drive just spins and spins and nothing happens. I've tried different methods of booting with the disk in like, holding down the C key, selecting boot from CD/DVD and just powering up with the DVD in the drive. Same problem, the disk just spins away.

I also checked the TOshiba drivers download page and gave up when I discovered that there are multiple drivers for the same thing, like 3 LAN drivers! WHich one do I use? Also, I can confirm that the CD/DVD drive works fine because I've already loaded windows XP, no problems.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Answer:Portege A200 - Can't boot from recovery disk

Hey Kieran99,

I also think that?s not a problem of the CD/DVD drive. If it spins up again and again it recognizes a disk but it can?t be read properly.

Regarding your question about the drivers I think it?s pretty easy. I can recommend checking the vendor and device ID in device manager. With these ID numbers you can search on this website to determine the LAN controller. That?s all! :)

By the way, you can check the ID?s in device manager if you click on properties of the LAN card > Details > PCI\VEN_xxxx&DEV_xxxx

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i have a 80gb internal hard disk since it was not sufficient i switched up to a 500gb hard disk so i want to know whether i can use my 80gb hard disk as an external hard disk
if so how please instruct me

Answer:how to change a internal hard disk to a external hard disk

Is the 80gb drive ide or sata?

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What is the difference of 3.5 external hard disk (e.g. WD My Book) vs a 3.5 internal hard disk fixed into an enclosure to work like an external hard disk?

Are both good to be use as an external drive to store backup?

What 3.5 enclosure is good?


Answer:3.5 external hard disk vs 3.5 internal hard disk with enclosure?

What do you mean fixed into an enclosure to work like an external drive? Are you referring to a My Book 3.0 VIA USB 3.0.... vs.... an internal SATA III SSD or HDD? Be a little more specific.

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Hello all,

I'd like to report about successfull recovery of corrupted bios on my Satellite A200-1CG (PSAE3E).
As many others i've downloaded a latest bios update for my notebook and started it under Windows 7 64 bit.

Actually i've only neded some informations from the bios update tool, but the update has started automatically
without a question. :( After serveral blocks has been updated the progress bar has stucked at one position.
In 2 minutes i've had only the completely freezed system. I've switched off the system manually, switched it on again, and...
my notebook was completely dead: black screen etc. and of course i was not able to boot into the Windows 7.

So for those, who is only planning to update the bios: DO NOT UPDATE BIOS ON SATELLITE UNDER WINDOWS! THE UPDATE MAY STUCK!

I've searched over the web a found a solution. With a specially created floppy disk and external usb floppy drive the problem can be eventually solved

I've tried the recovery procedure described there but it did not help. The earlier versions of phlash16.exe tool
where not able to restore the bios. I've heard that the floppy disk was constantly readed for about 2 minutes. After the recommended 5 min pause, I've switched the power of and then switched it on again and ... I've had the same blackness of the screen as before :(

The strange thing was that the latest version of the phlash16.exe tool also didn't work, but it was different to earlier version. If I've used the earli... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200-1CG PSAE3E: Corrupt BIOS - solved with crisis recovery disk

Thanks for the info buddy?
But to be honest the BIOS procedure is always a sensible matter and I would be always careful using such things.

Anyway? great to know that your unit is running again!

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I am trying to upgrade to 4GB of RAM. According to the manual my Satellite A200 1k7 does support up to 4GB of ram.

However, if I place two 2GB modules the computer won't turn on. Either one of the 2GB modules on it's own works fine but the two of them together won't work.

The power light turns on, the harddisk whirs and then goes quiet. Nothing happens, not even a BIOS screen.
My BIOS is up to date. I am using windows Vista 32 bits.
The memory modules I use are both SO-DIMM DDR2 PC2-5300 667 Mhz.

Please help!

Answer:Re: Satellite A200-1K7 - Doesn't boot with 4GB RAM

I?m not sure but as far as I know the Satellite A200-1K7 has an Intel 943GML chipset that supports 2GB max.
So you should check which chipset you have. For this you can use PC Wizard 2008 (

If you have an other chipset I think the modules are not compatible and so you need other modules.

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I have a Satellite A200-AH1 (PSAE0C-AH106C), The laptop will power on but the screen stays blank. I tried taking out the battery and letting it sit. I also tried reseating the HDD and RAM.
I tried booting with no RAM at all and did not get a beep error. Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated. BTW the warranty expired 1 month ago (go figure!!).


Answer:Satellite A200-AH1 Wont Boot up


My first idea was to remove the battery and to disconnect the AC adaptor and to wait for about 30min.
But it seems you have already tested it. Is it right?

Hmm?. This is really a difficult situation? if the workaround described above will not help or didn?t help then I don?t see any other way as to contact the Toshiba ASP and to check the notebook.
I mean this issue could be caused by any of the parts on the motherboard.
So we can talk about what this issue could be but only the notebook check could provide an 100% answer.


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sometimes my Sattelite makes some loud beeps at Bios boot time for about half a minute.
After that, it starts booting the OS (Vista) without any problems.
But something must be wrong (because of the beeps).

What could this be?

Thanks a lot.


Answer:Satellite A200-1O5 - Beep at Boot

Maybe there is a key stuck on the keyboard, which can happen if there was liquid ingress or foreign objects entering the keys.

You may need to send the notebook to a Toshiba Service Center for a keyboard replacement.

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I got Satellite A200 given to me that will not post.
Long out warranty but what I like know what error or light mean for it try to post.

I get two 2 blue lights on it power and dc in.

If remove ram I get no beeps or anything.
If do USB floppy and try the crisis disk on it seek disk start reading like it try re-flash bios?

Answer:Satellite A200 doesn't boot up

I think I had the same problem.

I had to make it repair, but it was on warranty... nearly a week.
They changed motherboard with CPU and graphic card too...

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Hi all, I own a Toshiba Satellite A200 laptop and I am having issues with it re-booting all the time.
I have re-installed windows 7 and everytime i do any work, all of a sudden the laptop will re-boot.

Could the problem be a bad battery?

Answer:All of a sudden Satellite A200 will re-boot

It is not easy to say if this issue has something to do with battery.
Does this happen on battery power supply only or even when AC adapter is connected to your laptop?

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