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Satellite M50-A-110 doesn't recognize new SSDs?

Question: Satellite M50-A-110 doesn't recognize new SSDs?


I bought the M50-A-110 model and tried to replace the HDD with a Samsung 840 Pro SSD. The notebook didn't recognize the SSD, so I sent it to the local Toshiba service for inspection.

They discovered that the laptop doesn't recognize ANY of the newer SSDs (they tried Samsun, Intel, Crucial, Kingston and Seagate SSDs). They checked, and I have the newest possible BIOS so this can't be a problem, and all the SSDs worked fine on other computers.

Does anybody know how to fix this mess?
Does Toshiba have a beta BIOS that I could try?
Any other idea would be welcome as well.

As a longtime Toshiba user, I must say that I'm a bit disappointed. I mean I work in IT, and this is the first-time something like this has happened to me with a brand-new product.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite M50-A-110 doesn't recognize new SSDs?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite M50-A-110 doesn't recognize new SSDs?

I'm about to buy a M50D-A-103 and the first thing I want to do is to replace the HDD by a SSD.
If this is not possible this is a reason to not buy it. Hopefully Toshiba will reply to this thread soon.

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I have problems with my internal DVD Driver.
If i insert a cd, cd run and run and run but want start.
I had install all relevant systemdrivers and all other drivers from this link:

In Bios it start me only the recovery CDs and thats all. Other Windows 8 original CDs start in bios only over a second external DVD-Drive.
In my Supportlink i found not any DVD-Driver for my Satellite Toshiba Satellite L875D.
And Microsoft install an too old driver see additional picture:

I hope someone can give me support with the correct driver.
Thank you for your answers.

Answer:Satellite L875D - ODD doesn't recognize CDs


According notebook specification your notebook has supermulti DVD inside and should be able to read CDs and DVDs. ODD uses standard Microsoft driver and Toshiba doesn't offer some additional drivers for ODD functionality.

Have you tested functionality using different original music CDs and DVDs (movies)?

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Hi all after 3 days of searching for any type of information ive found this site and I'm hoping somebody can help me.

I have a Satellite A300-1J1 and had to do a full reinstall of Windows using my recovery disc that was supplyed with the laptop (Vista Home Premium).
Anyway the install went fine and it rebooted and said I had to activate Windows not a problem I thought looked under laptop for key tapped it in and it will not recognize the CD key as being for Vista Premium. Now how is this possible the disc came with the laptop and the CD key is there?

Any help is greatly appreciated


Answer:Satellite A300-1J1 - Doesn't recognize the CD key

The preinstalled version of Windows shouldn't ask you to activate. If it detects that its not a Toshiba laptop, it will ask you to activate.

Have you had the mainboard replaced? Maybe the system information on the mainboard has not been updated. You'll need to send the laptop back to the ASP and get them to update the system.

It can also happen if you install a generic (retail) version of Windows, or you are using a Recovery CD from another Toshiba model. The CD Key on the base of the laptop wont work with a retail version. It only works with the Toshiba version.

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today I boughted two 2GB Corsair RAM dimms (DDR2 - 667mhz) for my Satellite Pro A100.

After I updated the BIOS it detected the 4GB RAM, but the RAM-check on boot prompt just checks 3GB RAM. So I can use only 3GB RAM (i'm using ubuntu 64 as OS). When I try the RAM in another laptop, it works perfectly. A memtest86+ check says: no errors. When I plug just one dimm into the laptop it is detected correctly as a 2GB dimm (tested both dimms in both mainboard slots)

Does someone else saw this behaviour? For me it seems like a limitation or a bug in the BIOS version.

(The CPU supports 64bit (core2duo t5500))


Answer:Satellite Pro A100 - It doesn't recognize 4GB RAM


What Satellite Pro A100 you have exactly?
As far as I know some models can only be upgraded to 2GB RAM.

It?s really not easy to say what the reason is for this because I?m confused about this that the BIOS do recognize the 4GB RAM but not the boot prompt.
I?m not sure that maybe the modules are not compatible with your notebook. Can you test other modules?


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My Toshiba C50-A-1G6 has a problem recognizing my smartphone.

I connect my smartphone to the laptop using the USB cable, and I here the sound that it’s connected.
But in the Windows screen my device doesn’t show up.

When I go to the systems folder to check for devices it shows my phone.. but I need it to be there in the windows folder so I can transfer files via usb.

Please help.. thank you

Answer:Satellite C50-A-1G6 doesn't recognize smartphone

What system does the smartphone use?
Is it Android system?

In case of Android system you should check the Android settings and should enable the ?USB debugging? option.

The option could be found somewhere within the settings -> Developer Options -> Android Debugging

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Put CD in to laptop and nothing happehs - have gone to my computer and tried running from there but still nothing.
Have tried various CDs and none seem to be recognised - its like the driver is not working.

Please reply in terms for a computer idiot


Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L300 - Doesn't recognize CDs


First of all you should give us more informations about your exact notebook model number and operating system.
Your posting is not so exactly so did you try to boot from a CD? Does it work?

If you have only problems in Windows you should try to remove the upper- and lower filters:
1) Run Regedit (Start -> Run -> Regedit)
2) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
3) In the right pane, delete the "UpperFilters" key, and delete the "LowerFilters" key.
4) Reboot.

Good luck! :)

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I have a Toshiba C55-A-1L4 and the problem is that my laptop doesn't seem to recognize the battery.
The battery is full and when I open the pc, before I put in the password, I can see that it's full and it shows it, BUT if I try to have it work only on battery it doesn't work, I can't start the laptop.

Also,I've noticed that the little lamp in front for the battery doesn't glow like the other 2 (one for wi-fi one for power) the one that doesn't work has a plug/battery drawn next to it.

So, to conclude, I have no idea why this is happening and if anyone knows how to fix it please share :)


Answer:Satellite C55-A doesn't recognize the battery


The DC IN / battery LED (indicator) should glow amber when the AC adaptor is connected and battery is being charged. In case the battery charge is low, the indicator will flash amber indicates that only few minutes of battery power remain.

If it?s not the case, there must be some problem either with the AC adaptor power supply or the battery.

In my opinion the new battery should be tested?

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Hey guys,

I've searched around this board and others, and haven't found anything that's quite like this. Basically my wife's laptop (toshiba a100) was working fine, and then one day it suddenly stop recognizing that the ac adaptor was plugged in. The ac adaptor light stopped lighting up and it stop charging the battery.

I didn't notice it wasn't charging until it was basically empty, so now the battery is dead, and the laptop definitely can't tell the ac adaptor is plugged in. I figured the adaptor itsellf was messed up, but I tested it with a voltmeter, and it seems to be working fine.

Basically, I just want to know if you've got any tips or tricks for getting it to work. I imagine I'm going to have to take it in for repairs, but I'm wondering what the actual problem is, and whether it's going to involve replacing the motherboard or something like that?

Thanks for any advice or info you can give!


Answer:Satellite A100 doesn't recognize the AC adaptor

What happens if you remove the battery and will try to power up the notebook connected ONLY to AC adaptor? Is it possible???

If not then there are two possibilities;
Either the AC adaptor is faulty or there is something wrong on the motherboard?
In both cases the faulty parts must be replaced?

I think in such case only an notebook technician could find out what?s exactly wrong with your machine

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For some unknown reason, my Satellite C650-1CP has stopped reading DVD's (though it works for cd's), it simply doesn't recognise a DVD is in the drive.

I've tried several games (including games that have previously worked on my laptop) and none are working, any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite C650-1CP - Doesn't recognize DVDs

Hi uncleben,

Maybe the DVDs are scratched... Have you tried different kind of DVDs and are you sure the disks are ok?

You could also try to delete the upper- and lowerfilters in registry. Therefore follow the instructions in this Microsoft article:

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I have a Satellite L550 and buyed yesterday a USB Headset but my Laptop doesnt see somehting when i put the usb in the port?

How can i fix that problem?

Answer:Satellite L550 doesn't recognize USB Headset

Have you noticed the same situation using all USB ports?
Are other USB devices recognized properly?
Which operating system do you use?
Do you use original OS you?ve got with your notebook?

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I recently bought Satellite L50-B-1VP and I have some problems to connect it to my TV.
I have tried using an HDMI cable and also a VGA cable but nothing happens.

The cables and the TV are ok because i have used them before.
When i try with the HDMI it says ;no signal detected, but using the VGA cable the TV kind of restarts and the screen is black. I am using Windows 7 32-bit and i tried Fn+F4 and also Windows + P.

The problem is that the external TV is not recognized and does not appear in display settings.
What can i do?

If anyone could help me i would appreciate it very much!

Answer:Satellite L50-B-1VP doesn't recognize external monitor

The notebook was sold without preinstalled Windows system. It seems that you installed and configured Win 7 at your own hand.

Well, I guess the problems with the video output may be related to missing drivers or to system misconfiguration.
From my point of few you should check some essential points.

First of all I would recommend you to check if the essential graphic card driver was installed.
The notebook does not support dedicated graphic card but the CPU (Intel N3540) provides internal GPU Intel HD Graphics.

So I recommend you to reinstall the Intel Display Driver as well as the Intel Chip Set Utility

Feedback would be appreciated

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Hey all,

I have just bought a Toshiba Satellite 1900 (PS192E) and put an old 20GB HDD into it from an old laptop.

When I boot up, the display is in VGA 16 colour mode, it recognises the DVD drive but doesn't recognise any CD/DVD when inserted. I have tried to install and run Toshibas "driver robot" utility but the display is such that I can't see the whole screen to start the scan.

If there is anyone out there that could give me some guidance I'd be hugely appreciative.

Many thanks


Answer:Satellite 1900 (PS192E) - Doesn't recognize any CD/DVD


Ok, you have installed the HDD from another laptop but did you format the HDD too? I mean if the HDD was from another laptop you have to reinstall Windows because now you have other hardware installed.
What Windows version is it?

If you want to install a driver for the graphic card go to device manager and select update driver.

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Having a problem with my DVD drive on my Satellite A315.

It will recognize data discs and CDs but is unable to recognize DVDs. When I insert a DVD, the drive spins like crazy but nothing happens. If I go to the Windows explorer and try to expand the DVD folder, it asks me to insert a disc.


Answer:Satellite A315 - DVD doesn't recognize DVDs

Try removing the CD/DVD Filters from the Registry.
When CD/DVD related software is installed (such as iTunes, Nero, virtual CD software), they install filters into the registry, which can cause compatibility problems.

1) Run Regedit (Start -> Run -> Regedit)
2) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
3) In the right pane, delete the "UpperFilters" key, and delete the "LowerFilters" key.
4) Reboot.

If your CD/DVD programs stop working, you will need to reinstall them (preferably with an updated version).

Or run this utility:

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I have a Satellite A30 notebook and when I start it I get this message:

For Realtek RTL8139(X)/8130/810X PCI Fast Ethernet Controller v2.13 (020326)
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM

I think my notebook is trying to boot from LAN because doesn't recognize the hard disk, but the hard disk is ok, i've tryed in another computer with out problem. Sometimes, not always and I don't know why, I can start from the CD. If I boot from Windows XP intallation disk I can access to the hard disk. I have executed fixboot and fixmbr over the hard disk but it doesn't change anything. The bios neither recognizes the hard disk. BIOS vertsion is 1.20. I've tryed to upgrade the BIOS but I need Windows, so...

Thank you very much and sorry for my english :)


Answer:Satellite A30-30E doesn't recognize my hard disk


For the PXE message you can check this document:

I think your HDD or HDD controller on the mainboard is faulty but I?m not sure.
Have you checked the HDD with a special tool for this? The Drive Fitness Test can check the HDD for defective sectors or something else:

Try the test and post your result!


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My new Ii've recieved it only today) notebook Satellite Pro L500 doesn't recognize battery. I cannot turn it on without AC. When AC is on, the LED of a battery is glowing orange for a 20-30 seconds, then LED turns off and Windows 7 says, that there's not battery.

I've read on this forum, that I can put my battery in, while the Windows is already going on and I've tryed that, it founds battery for a 20-30 seconds, and starts to charging, but than it's again doesn't see the battery. I've checked BIOS version, I've got 1.90. It is a latest, as can I understand, isn't it?

What can I do with it? Is it hardware trouble and I should post it in service or I can fix it somehow?

Answer:Satellite Pro L500-1T5 - Doesn't recognize battery

Hi Ponny,

What happens if you leave the AC/DC adaptor connected for 24 hours or over night and then you start the notebook without AC/DC adaptor? On first charging it takes a little bit longer until the battery is fully charged.

If this doesn?t work you should contact the shop where you purchased it or an authorized service provider. In this case you should get a new battery for free.

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I have Satellite L500-1UU and wont to use 3G SIM card functions is the close to the battery down space I was found and putted SIM card but in win 7 32 bit doesn?t recognize this driver and wasn?t find him on the official drivers page ?

Please help what is the problem.

Answer:Satellite L500-1UU doesn’t recognize SIM card

According notebook specification 3G module on this notebook model is NOT available so you cannot use your SIM card with it.


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Computer: Satellite A500
Software: Vista Premium Home

Disc drive recognizes all the other (5) discs in the set, but one doesn't "see" one of the discs.
The drive is working fine; I've cleaned the disc (correctly) and still no luck. \

What's up?

Answer:Satellite A500 - DVD drive doesn't recognize one disc but other does


Possibly the disk is faulty (production error) or it?s not fully compatible with the CD/DVD drive.
This is nothing unusual and can always happen. Throwaway this disk and try another one...

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I have ubuntu 9.10 with 64bit kernel, but system see only 3.2GB memory.
BIOS displayed 4096MB!

Answer:Satellite U200-181 - Ubuntu 9.10 doesn't recognize full 4GB RAM


Normally if the BIOS shows the full 4GB of RAM the modules are recognized properly and in this case it?s a problem of Ubuntu I think.

Have you checked how much RAM Windows shows? But you need a 64bit version of Windows to use the whole capacity.
And are you sure that?s a 64bit version of Ubuntu? 3.2GB memory are typical for 32bit OS?

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I have an U500-17D Toshiba PC, i bough a combo PCMCIA card and when i try to inserted them the PC don't reconise them, I don't know if the PCMCIA module need activation or not and if works or not. Can you help me please?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite U500-17D doesn't recognize PCMCIA Module

Have you bought high quality PCMCIA card designed to run under Win7?
Few years ago my brother bought some cheap card from China on eBay and has faced the same problem.

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For some reason my DVD drive wil no longer recognizes -R discs.
I have a MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ862AS drive.

Any clues?

Answer:UJ862AS DVD-RAM doesn't recognize -R discs on Satellite U400


Try to clean the laser lens using the cotton wool tip and alcohol.
In my cases this worked? additionally try different ?R disk from different manufacturers. I use the TDK ?R CDs and DVDs and never hand any troubles.

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Hello, everyone.

I have got a Satellite U500. After I have done a format my computer doesn't recognise the battery. I search in the forum and somebody had posted that the BIOS should be updated.
The problem is that the installer stop because the battery is not recognised.

Please help me.

Answer:After format my Satellite U500 doesn’t recognize the battery

Remove the battery and start your notebook with AC power adapter only. When the operating system is fully loaded put battery in place.

Is the battery recognized properly again?

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Hello everybody,
i bought my notebook 3 months ago and all worked well, but 2 weeks ago i noticed that it didn't recognize internal modem anymore (error 797)
i tried to uninstall it from modem/phone menu, but now i can't install it again... neither using drivers on installation cd nor the ones i downloaded from this site.
i have winxp home edition with sp2 and every other update installed... what can i do?
thanks a lot,

Answer:satellite A50 doesn't recognize internal modem anymore


Please check this topic.

I hope it helps.

Cristina if you have sometimes some problem you can also check if there is some solution. Please use ?Advanced Search? and put desired term and you can find lot of topics with similar theme.

If you still have problem please write again. It must be possible to solve your problem.


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I have a toshiba-satellite-5200-801 (that is what it says on the stiker in the laptop but when I registred with the SN. it came up as been a toshiba-satellite-5200-701) I upgrade the bios 1.50 resently and the problem is that now can not write DVD.

My toshiba came with a DVD-RW drive and it did work before. When I put a dvd now and try to copy any folders, it does not reconazed the DVD. Can any one help me with this problem? Sorry for my bad spelling as I am spanish. Thanks!

Answer:DVD-RW drive on Satellite 5200 doesn’t recognize DVD anymore


You are right. Satellite 5200-801 has DVD-R/RW drive. I can really not understand that BIOS update has a influence on drive identification. Try to remove the drive in device manager and restart the unit. The drive should be recognized and installed again.

Be also careful with data burning. Don?t forget to change to DVD option in your burning software.


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Hello together,

I have the following problem:

In my DVD ROM disk drive not all CD or DVD are recognized.

But not basically CD or DVD separate sometimes this sometimes the other!

Where come on lies that what can I do there?

Must I exchange the DVD ROM disk drive?

Help me please!


Answer:Satellite S1800-750 - DVD ROM Drive doesn't recognize all CDs or DVDs

Hello JMK

Can you please be more specific? Do you have this problem with original medias, self created or also if you want to burn own medias?

As far as I know this unit is about 4 years old and it is really possible that laser calibration don?t work good anymore and it can happen that in a short time you will not be able to use DVD at all.

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I have a problem with the card reader,if i insert a RS-MMC card this does not recognized and windows crash.
SD or MMC cards functions perfectly.
The card reader is damaged?

Answer:Satellite M40: card reader doesn’t recognize RS-MMC cards


I am not 100% sure but I think that Multimedia reader don?t support Reduced Size Multimediacard (RS-MMC). As far as I know it can be used just with adapter. In this case it can be readable like normal (Full Size-) MMC card.


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I regularly get usb malfunction pop up when built in webcam fails to initiate, I booked in for service but today it is working again. Any ideas what causes this and how can I prevent in future? My family is overseas, and its feature I use most.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L640 - Doesn't recognize USB and won't start webcam

Hi europacific,

> I regularly get usb malfunction pop up
What popup you get exactly? Can you post a screenshot of this message? This would be useful.

Sorry but what to say about this? Some more details would be useful and nobody knows what operating system you have.

If you have some problems with webcam I would try updating the webcam driver. You can download it on official Toshiba website.

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Hi experts,
hope you can help me.

I'd like to transfer some pics from my laptop to my mobile phone via IR but for any reasons both devices dont recognize each other (I activated the function on my mobile and I think I set up the IR function on my laptop correctly).
It is strange because my mobile phone is able to communicate with every (and even much older) laptops/mobile phones but it does not work with my private Toshiba laptop. I wonder why?
I already transfered pictures from different laptops to my mobile phone in the past and it worked without any issues.

On my laptop I can see that the light for IR is on.

Who can help me? I dont know what else I should do.

Your appropriate answer is highly appreciated.

Best regards

[Edited by: admin on 21-Jan-06 15:07]

Answer:Satellite M30-241 IR issues - laptop doesn't recognize mobile phone


Your unit definitely has a IrDA port and it should works properly. I don?t know which IrDA light you mean, because there are no status lights for IrDA. Always for wireless LAN and this is not the same!
As far as I know you can enable the IrDA function in ?Control panel?. In this case please check if this option is enabled.
Furthermore the IrDA port is placed at the front-side of the notebook.


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I have a problem, because my satellite A200-1AE with Microsoft Vista doesn't recognize the USB 2.0 flash hard drive. It asks me for a programme/software!
The same USB works without a problem in other computers with vista!

Anyone knows what should I do?

Answer:Satellite A200-1AE doesn't recognize the USB 2.0 flash hard drive


First of all you should disconnect all USB devices and should remove the USB ports and controllers from the device manager.
After this procedure you should reboot the notebook. After new restart the Vista OS should recognize the USB ports and should reinstall the USB drivers again.

Then you should update the Vista to the latest state! All patches and fixes should be installed. Please note that you will have to visit the MS update site to get all patches?

Note; MS has released an Vista SP1 beta version. I have installed it on my notebook and it has solved several issues?.

Best regards

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I purchased SAT P105-S6084 laptop from US, but I use it in the UK. It comes with Windows XP MCE and an external TV tuner. However when I'm trying to set up the tuner, it says that UK is not a supported region and that I should install a different tuner. I have my old DVB-T USB stick and I tried using that, but the MCE does not recognize it.

Can someone help, please?

Answer:Satellite P105-S6084: MCE doesn't recognize the external TV tuner

I have found a info that the Microsoft Windows Media Centre Edition operating system is only setup for use within the country in which the notebook was purchased. This setup relates to functions such as obtaining the Electronic Programme Guide via the Internet.
Maybb therefore the MCE cannot be able to handle your TV tuner

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The Windows 7 RC's device manager doesn't recognize my Wireless Network Adaptater (e.g. : Atheros, Intel, or Realtek). I tried to install all the drivers from Toshiba support, but none of them work :

After installation, they ask me to plug the device on my computer (of course it is yet on the mainboard !).

=> Is there a way to know what is my Wifi adaptater ?

that one failed : (it's only say "network adaptateur" with a yellow exclamation mark).

=> Does anybody know when Windows 7 Drivers will be released on the website ?

Answer:Satellite L500 13z - Windows 7 doesn't recognize WLAN adapter


Before you start to install all WLAN drivers that you can find on the Toshiba website you should make sure that WLAN card you have exactly. You can check this in device manager => properties => Details of WLAN card.
There you should an information like PCI\VEN_XXXX & DEV_XXXX

If you have founded this information you search with these terms on this website to determine the exact WLAN card:

After this you can download the correct driver for your notebook. Before you install it you should uninstall all other versions and restart the notebook.
Make also sure that WLAN is enabled with the hardware switch and FN+F8.


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My notebook is a satellite 4100XCDT with windows xp and i want to install linux.
Have bootable linux cd(tested on other computers) but notebook didn't boot form cd so i updated the bios with version 8.20 from the toshiba support site.
Tried 1.44 and 7.20 formatted disks as recommended in manual for 4xxx series. Bios was updated successfully

Result: after pressing the power switch the usual Toshiba screen appears, after that the harddisk led flashes for a few seconds then the windows save modus menu is displayed. After i made my choice (tried them all) a few seconds later(and hard disk led burning) a blue screen flashes (not long enough to read the message) and the machine is restarted. When starting up from bootable dos diskette i can't reach the C(hdd) and D(cd rom) drives
But in my opinion the windows save modus menu is called upon from the harddisk (so i think the harddisk still works)

Answer:Satellite 4100xcdt doesn't recognize HDD after updating BIOS with version 8,20


Well, in my opinion the bootable partition or a part on the HDD could be corrupt.
You are right, if the Windows save mode appears so HDD was recognized by BIOS and the HDD is bootable.

I think there must be something wrong with the data on the HDD.
Something similar has happened on my notebook several weeks ago. After using the chkdsk /r I was able to run the OS again. But then I have installed everything again.

On the Toshiba page I have found the companion disk.
The Companion Diskette is able to detect your CD-ROM drive on the
Toshiba computer during the boot process. If you need to access your CD-ROM
drive, then remove the word 'rem' out of the following lines in AUTOEXEC.BAT
and CONFIG.SYS on the Companion Diskette.

rem if exist toscd001 a:\mscdex /D:TOSCD001 /M:10 (AUTOEXEC.BAT)

rem device=a:\toscdrom.sys (CONFIG.SYS)

Hope it helps

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Running windows 7 (32bit) as an upgrade from Vista and couldnt get most external devices to work because of driver problems. Talked to Microsoft and they found that my drivers are still there but cant find them unless I tell them where to look and so every device I plug in I need to browse to install drivers twice for.

Any body got ideas how to fix this?

Answer:Satellite A300 - Windows 7 doesn't recognize external devices

Hi doug47,

To be honest I think I can?t help you because I don?t know what you want to know exactly.

Which external devices you mean? Not for all you need drivers, like USB sticks, external HDDs, etc. Such drives will be recognized automatically (plug & play) and they are read to use after connecting.

If you mean printer or mobile phones there you need additional drivers. You can get it from the manufacture.

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I have upgraded preinstalled Vista Home with Vista Bussiness x64, and since then I have troubles with my optical drive. Notebook is one month old.

It reads CDs and DVDs without problem, but when I start burning software (Toshiba Disc Creator and Burner XP Pro) it can't read my device. In BurnerXP Pro it says "no compatible drives," and in Toshiba DC I first get a few repeating errors (32007C-26-00000001, 32019-26-00000001) and when I click on "disc information" it has no options in "Drive" drop-down menu.

When I insert empty disc, Windows gives me an option to burn files using Windows, though I haven't tried it yet.

I've tried reinstalling drivers, but it doesn't help. My firmware is also updated.

The device is TSST corp CDDVDW TS-L633A Ata Device.

Any help is welcome, thanks!

Answer:Satellite A300D-21D - Burning software doesn't recognize my optical drive


Friend of me had a similar issue that he couldn?t burn any CDs or DVDs anymore. He was using Nero and not Toshiba software or CD Burner XP but he removed the upper and lower filters from Windows registry and after this all worked fine.

Here is an article from the Microsoft Knowledge Base how to remove it:

I hope it works for you too so give us a feedback, please! :)

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Having problems with Password Bank (TrueSuite Access Manager, latest version ; Vista); utility is not working, does not recognize website password input, does not react at all. Tried in IE8 and Opera 10, tried reinstalling Truesuite Access Manager. Fingerprint login works fine, File protection works fine.

Anyone have the same problem? Any ideas on solution?

Thank you.

Answer:Fingerprint utility doesn't recognize website password - Satellite U400

Sorry for this thread...i've found in this forum that there is a compatibility issues with IE8 causing TrueSuite Access Manager not to work properly.

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can anyone tell me why Win98se doesn`t recognize my toshiba cardbus ethernet card?

also, where can i find drivers?

i really hope somebody can give me the answer!

best regards,


Answer:Satellite 220cds: Win98SE doesn`t recognize cardbus ethernet card

First, you need to install the driver. I'm assuming that you don't have the installation disk. You need to download it to a folder of your choice or to where you can find it, it may come as an exe or a zip file. Install the driver and restart. Once the driver is installed, you can insert the adapter. Windows98se will automatically install the driver for your hardware, if a version conflict screen appears, select "yes" to use the newer file and continue. Resart your computer.
To find the driver you need, go to and register there, it's free all you need is a valid email address to activate your account. Once you register with driverguide, check your mail and click on the validation link, it'll take you back to the website and you should already be logged in, skip all the offers till you get to the "welcome to driverguide" page, scroll down to driver search wizard, choose your product device type, in this case, network adapter, you should be able to navigate from there and find your driver.
Good luck!

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Odd issue. Toshiba website doesn't recognize my serial number. Has anyone encounted that? I assume alpha characters are upper case. Serial number is 9 characters long with alpha characters at either end of string.
Has anyone had problems registering their laptops?

Answer:Toshiba website doesn't recognize my serial number of Satellite A215-S7428

Wait a moment my friend. On which Toshiba website you try to do this? I hope you do not try to register non-European notebook model on European support page.

Am I right or you really try to do this? As far as I know you have an US notebook model.

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I want to use a Sandisk SDHC cards in the bridge media slot.

The manual says: "Bridge media slot allows you to easily transfer data from devices, such as digital camera and PDA, that use flash memory (Secure Digital (SD)/Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC)/Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC)/Memory Stick, (MS)/Memory Stick PRO (MS PRO)//MultiMediaCard (MMC).

The maximum capacity of SD memory cards is 2 GB. The maximum capacity of SDHC memory cards is 32 GB.The maximum capacity of SDXC memory cards is 64 GB."
Why is my L630 not recognizing my Sandisk MicroSDHC cards in the supplied adapters in the bridge media slot. It sees them as SD cards rather than SDHC cards and they can't be used.

The MicroSDHC cards work in the bridge media slots of an ASUS and Mac book pro, but not the Toshiba L630 PSK041-037001, so the problem lies with the Toshiba. It works in a USB adapter on the Toshiba.

I have reinstalled the Realtek Card reader driver, but this didn't help.

How can i get the SDHC card to be read in the Bridge media slot? Does Toshiba have another driver?


Answer:Satellite L630 doesn't recognize 8 or 32gb SDHC cards running Windows7 32bit

As far as I know the card reader in this notebook series supports following media:

SD Card, 8MB-2GB
Mini SD Card, 32MB-2GB
Micro SD Card,
SDHC Card, 4GB-16GB
Memory Stick Card, 8MB-256MB
Memory Stick Pro Card, 256MB-2GB

SDHC 32GB are not supported.
SDXC is not supported

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Has anyone ever tried installing a SanDisk SSD to a Toshiba Satellite laptop or know if these two in general are compatible or not?

I am specificially looking into insalling a 240 GB SanDisk Ultra II SSD on my Toshiba A200-1BP, or PSAECE-01U00XTE, to replace the existing 160 GB Toshiba 2.5" SATA HDD (MK1637GSX).

The SSD seems to have the right form (2.5") and the interface (SATA) but I am not sure if these two are enough to ensure compatibility. Unfortunately, SanDisk says (unlike Crucial for example) it does not provide compatibility information for specific computer models. Thank you.


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I am running a HP compaq with AMD64 Athlon dual core and Win 8.1. I had a WD Caviar (2TB WD2001FASS) connected as an external hard rive. All went well for about 2 weeks. Then my PC wouldn't recognize the external drive. I tried all of the fixes that you shared with me-no luck. I figured I had a hardware issue so I replaced my external case with a Voyager S3. This allows me to swap HDs by dropping them in a slot. Now, my PC recognizes my Seagate Baracuda 7200.10 but not the WDs ( i have 3 of them). I have data on one drive that I would like to save and my recovery drive is also one of the WDs. the third is blank.

I am hoping you can help.

Thanks in advance, PM

Answer:pc doesn't recognize wd hd but does recognize seagate

This software is the release candidate, as in a beta release and is bound to have bugs.

Do you have an alternate full release operating system?

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I have the BLU Win HD LTE unlocked. for some reason it doesn't show anything in device manager at all when I connect with a USB cable. The phone is charging though. I thought being a windows phone it would have better compatibility but my android devices have been better. Any idea what I can do? I wanted to transfer files

Answer:my PC doesn't recognize my BLU win HD Lte.

Usually it is a borked driver setup.
Use this utility: View any installed/connected USB device on your system Right click the executable and Run as Admin.
Examine your USB drivers and delete any that look related to the BLU or Lumia (you may have some legacy drivers from either class left over that cause conflict).
Plug the BLU in again and let the drivers install.
FWIW I've had 2 BLU Windows Phones and never had an issue getting them recognized by 8.1 or 10. I've had far more driver conflicts that needed clearing with Android handsets, but I used to really mod the heck out of them.
If you need to add additional information or want to post additional questions, please join the site so you can see the reply button and continue the conversation in the same thread you originally made. Please see this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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I've put together a barebones kit with windows XP as the OS and everything works great - except the CD ROM which works fine in my other computer.
If I set it as the primary slave, i get a boot error which says detecting IDE drive and then gives the error "boot error" insert system disk.

If I set it as the secondary master or slave, it boots up, there's a light on (which stays on) the CD ROM but its not recognized in the device manager or my computer.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Doesn't Recognize CD ROM

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I've had nothing but problems with my LG dvd drive. When I first got it I had no problems with it. Later on though it all of a sudden failed to read DVD's, but would still read and type of cd. CD data audio etc. I sent it away on it's manufacture's warranty. When it returned I hooked it up and it ran fine. But the next time I went to use it, one boot later it wouldn't recognize dvd's again. I had already tried many options when it first happened and went through all the settings, drivers etc on and on and came up with nothing. So I tried something different and switched my dvd to master and my cd burner to slave and it worked, but only once again. Next time I went to use it on the same boot it failed to recognize the DVD again. Any input would be much appreciated.

Answer:dvd Doesn't recognize DVD's

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I installed a second DVD/CD Optical Drive (Samsung Super Writemaster) in my Dell Optiplex 780 and Windows 7 Pro doesn't (will not) recognize the presence of the new drive. I reinstalled the OS disc and did a CHKDSK on it yesterday. No change.The drive is hooked up with a new SATA cable to the SATA2 connection port and the power supply is plugged into the drive and is operating. It still doesn't know the new drive is there. Anyone know what the problem might be??

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my computer is running on 440 ram when i have 512 installed. is this normal? if not what can i do to fix it

Answer:my pc doesn't recognize 512 of ram

It sounds like you have onboard video which is sharing the ram. This is quite normal. You should have more than 512 installed anyhow. If your machine is capable of handling more ram, you can add some or you can add a dedicated video card. Without knowing your system specs, it's hard to say.

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xp stopped recognizing cd-rw's several weeks ago. It showed in properties things like size 1.2 mg. no available space. I found a workaround by turning off and then on recording in properties. Other burning software works fine so this is definitely an xp problem. I tried sfc /scannow, an xp repair install. deleting the cd driver in device manager, and deleting the upper and lower filters in the registry. I did a google and it seems others are having this problem. Any ideas?

Answer:xp doesn't recognize cd-rw

well it might have something to do with the drivers or maybe try installing any software that came with it again you should check for some updates or check with the manufacturer to see if there was any recalls but if others are having the problems it means that there isn't any odd unheard of problem with your machine i don't have many more ideas because i don't know your machine or any other things but check out your options

if you have any other questions post back or just email me i'd be glad to help!

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windows media player doesn't detect any of my 2 cd drives when i try and copy music to a cd-r. they used to. every time i click write file to cd it says insert a writeable disk and try again but ive tried every type of cd-r i own but nothing works. plz help me its so frustrating.

Answer:Doesn't recognize cd-r

Have you checked from WMP's Tools>Options>Devices>highlight drive>Properties>Recording tab that it is Enabled?

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I'm trying to download DVD pictures made on a Mac to Windows 10, but the OS doesn't recognize the disk. Can I download free software that will enable me to do this?

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I have an Asus P4C800-E Deluxe MB (and P4 2.4 CPU) with an existing PATA (WD Ultra IDE ATA 100) 80GB HD connected to the PRIMARY IDE channel.

I installed a new SATA (WD Ultra IDE ATA 133) 200 GB HD to the 20378 Promise UltraDMA 133 Channel, Non-RAID (40 pin x 80 wire cable).

When I boot it doesn't recognize my new HD. It doesn't show in BIOS either.

I have BIOS IDE Configuration set at;

Onboard IDE Operate Mode= Enhanced
Enhanced Mode Support On= S-ATA
Configure S-ATA as RAID= No
IDE Detect Time Out= 35

I didn't change the boot sequence since my new HD isn't showing.

I hope this is enough info for a response. I just don't know what to do next.

Thanks. Mica7

Answer:MB doesn't recognize new HD

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I have an IBM thinkpad (old).For 3 mos., my cd-rom plays cd's, dvd's and previously copied cd-roms but it doesn't recognize or play any other cd roms. When i click on the dvd/dc window (to install it) , it's blank. Under programs the unsuccessful cd-roms are there(even though i didn't install them), but my computer says "unable to load uninstall data".

Can you help me?

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I bought a WD Caviar Black 1TB hard drive as a third drive in my system. It shows up in the device manager but not in my computer. What should I do? Troubleshooting is worthless on Windows.

Answer:XP doesn't recognize my new HD

Right click properties and choose manage. Go to Disk Management is the drive listed here. If it is there and all is well then you probably just need to partition and format the drive. If you cannot do that check the status of the disk it might need to be imported into the system. If it doesn't show up try scan for a new drive.

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xp stopped recognizing cd-rw's several weeks ago. It showed in properties things like size 1.2 mg. no available space. I found a workaround by turning off and then on recording in properties. Other burning software works fine so this is definitely an xp problem. I tried sfc /scannow, an xp repair install. deleting the cd driver in device manager, and deleting the upper and lower filters in the registry. I did a google and it seems others are having this problem. Any ideas?

Answer:xp doesn't recognize cd-rw

The drive is a Mitsumi cr-48xate if this helps.

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I noticed a couple of e books on my desktop did
not look right. I clicked on them and got "windows
can't open this file" & suggested I search web service
to see how it was created.

They are pdf files. Don't know what happened. I have
always use pdf files.

How do I fix this ?

Answer:Xp Doesn't Recognize Pdf Files

Install or Re-install Acrobat reader

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my PC kept saying "USB not recongnized" anyway, I ignored it because my usb stuff worked fine. Until this morning, that's when none of my usb devices worked on my PC. I tried almost everything. Disabling my USB hosts in the control panel, restored my PC to when it was healthy. But nothing seems to work, I need help. I tried plugging my psp, usb thumb dive and even my iPhone, yet none of the will sync with my PC because my PC won't recognize an USB device for some reason. Honestly, all of this started one day when my brother needed help with his GPS he called Garmin n they sent him a USB cable; once I plugged it in and it was fix I left the cable in my pc and that's when all this started. Could that be an issue? Oh and I'm using Win xp.

And here's my usb info.

IRQ 0 System timer OK
IRQ 1 Logitech PS/2 Keyboard OK
IRQ 4 Communications Port (COM1) OK
IRQ 8 System CMOS/real time clock OK
IRQ 9 Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System OK
IRQ 10 NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management OK
IRQ 12 Logitech-compatible Mouse PS/2 OK
IRQ 13 Numeric data processor OK
IRQ 14 Primary IDE Channel OK
IRQ 15 Secondary IDE Channel OK
IRQ 16 NVIDIA GeForce 6100 OK
IRQ 16 VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller OK
IRQ 18 Hauppauge WinTV PVR PCI II (26xxx) OK
IRQ 19 PCI Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP OK
IRQ 20 Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller OK
IRQ 20 Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio OK
IRQ 21 Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Ho... Read more

Answer:PC doesn't recognize USB devices

And here's my usb infoClick to expand...

Well that's your IRQ info, for all your installed devices

Have you tried removing your USB devices in Device Manager, even in Safe Mode?
Device Manager: Start->Run-> Devmgmt.msc

Note: if you only have USB Keyboard and Mouse, you will lose all functionality of these devices until restart

You could also try Checkdisk on your drive as well

Checkdisk Xp, or Checkdisk Vista instructions

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my pc has problems of reading a Cd-ROM, it gives me the message that it visualize only music files, but actually in the ROM there're utilities and so on.
The CD is not damaged because i can read from another pc, what can it be?
how can i fix this?

Answer:doesn't recognize the CDrom...

Sounds like the CD-ROM drive itself. Is this an original CD or a CD-R/W? Older drives did this and faulty drives do this.

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My DVD-RW doesn't recognize any of the dvd movies;it doesn't show anything. However, it correctly recognizes all of my dvd games.
How can I solve this problem?
My dvd-rw: LITE-ON DVDRW SHW=160P6S

Answer:My DVD-RW doesn't recognize any of the dvd movies!

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I don't even know where to post this because, why would this ever happen?

My piece of crap computer has no idea when headphones are plugged in. I get no sound from them and it doesn't display on playback devices. I have tried with 3 pairs of headphones. I'm very angry.

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I don't even know where to post this because, why would this ever happen?

My piece of crap computer has no idea when headphones are plugged in. I get no sound from them and it doesn't display on playback devices. I have tried with 3 pairs of headphones. I'm very angry.

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My new build does not recognize the HDD. It is a 250Gb Seagate Barricuda SATA drive. BIOS does not show it in a SATA connector and Op. system does not locate it. I changed SATA cables, power cable and SATA connector. It recognizes my CD+RW in every SATA port, but not my HDD. Could my HDD be bad, or am I missing something to connect it properly? Thanks in advance.

Answer:New build doesn't recognize HDD?

Well you've eliminated all other possibilities - you've got a dead HDD.

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Ok, so here's my problem.

My Lenovo came with a pre-installed Win 8 x64 - I formatted it and installed Ubuntu.
Now I want Win 7 on it. So I'm making a bootable USB stick (don't have any CD ROM on the laptop) with Rufus (on my work computer). My BIOS can switch from UEFI to Legacy. I've tried and create a USB following your guide on post #1. However, it doesn't recognize the stick when I'm in UEFI. So I switch to Legacy, and then it pops up. Now I receive an error with drivers (during installation) which could be the result of the USB 3.0 ports. I'm not sure if any of them are 2.0, I just know that one of them is blue. However, I tried all of em' with the same error.

I tried 3 different ISO files with same result. I want to format the USB to FAT32 but the ISO is 5.1GB so that's not possible.
I mean, I have been able to create a bootable USB to install Ubuntu, but Win 7 won't work for some reason.

I don't know what to do anymore. I tried all different variations. UEFI on PC and NTFS on stick. Legacy in BIOS and so on.

Any suggestions?

Answer:doesn't recognize the USB stick

Have you seen this tutorial: How to Downgrade Windows 8 Preinstalled to Windows 7

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I recently reformatted my entire machine and now when I put in a DVD it will not even recognize the file?? I think codec's?? any ideas
I have two drives neither works.
I have windows media 9 also

Answer:Computer doesn't recognize DVD's

Codecs is a distinct possiblity. Did you reformat the machine with discs that came with the computer or did you install an entire new operating system? Went through this with my computer when getting a new hard drive. Could also be a driver problem. Who made the dvd player? You may have to go to their website and see if you can get the driver. If you need a codecs package google 'codecs'.

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I recently came home and my computer was on the black start-up screen. It gave the error status: 0xc000000F, File:\boot\BCD. I tried to run the repair disk, but it doesn't recognize the Win 7 OS. It does see the old Vista OS. I believe this occurred after a recent Windows update (set to automatic).

I tried to load drivers but don't know which ones to load. I can see all of my Win 7 files. someone please help. I don't want to re-install and lose all my files.

Answer:Repair doesn't Recognize my Win 7 OS

Hello and Welcome !

First make sure the boot order is rite in the BIOS. Hard disk is set to boot first. Follow this article and see if you can run a Startup Repair make sure you run it atleast 5 to 6 times. Startup Repair

If that didn't work try this article MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record and How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows

Hope this helps,

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Okay, my CD driver quit working. It actually quit several weeks ago, but then I went out of town for 6 weeks and left my computer off the entire time. I came back and it worked just fine (I actually had forgotten that it quit working). But then, when I was trying to play a CD to put into iTunes, it quit working again, and now won't recognize any disc. If it helps, it's a IDE-CDR/RW 48xC. I'm running Windows XP. Not sure what other info you might need to help me, but please HELP!!!

Answer:CD Rom doesn't recognize any discs

Assuming that the light comes on and the tray opens and closes, you may need to check inside that the flat "ribbon" cable is fully connected.

You also have to consider that it could be a failed drive, in which case a new drive would be needed.

At this point we do not know if you have a desktop or a laptop PC, but new drives for desktops PC's are very cheap. The model number you have given is a generic description which could be any common type.

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I have an external 750GB HDD that I bought to to store programming from my Dish Network Receiver. The receiver software reformatted the virgin HDD to some proprietary system used by Dish. I think someone said it's a Linux based siystem.

I now want to reformat it for use with my Windows 7 computer. When I plug it into the USB port Win says device is ready to use, but it doesn't show in windows explorer.

Disk Management shows the disk with 3 partitions, but I can't see any way to reformat it to NTFS.

How do I reformat it?

Answer:How do I reformat a HDD that W7 doesn't recognize?

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

Try a clean in command prompt.
Step 1.
Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command
Step 2.
Partition or Volume - Create New

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3200+, x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 447 Mb
Graphics Card: VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP , 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 72336 MB, Free - 51865 MB; D: Total - 3964 MB, Free - 520 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer INC., Kelut , 2.02, MB-1234567890
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

It seems strange that both drives stopped working at the same time. They don't show up as having a disc installed when I bring up MY COMPUTER, gives message "please installed a disc". I have not yet opened the case and checked the cables, will do that now.

I have reviewed the thread and if I correctly understood and performed the suggestions I have elimated the drivers, and suspect that the problem is with the registery/filters. I tried to do the registery fix recommended on support but am too dumb to understand how to copy the fix, click on it and get it to merge.

Would appreciate help with that fix.

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Hello, I've read through many pages on this forum, and I found something similar however not exact to what I am having a problem with, so I'm going to ask. However, if this has already been covered, please let me know where.

Recently I noticed my dvd/cd rom drive on my computer won't reconize disks. It starts to run, sounds like its going to load, then . . .nothing. I try to click on the drive to open it and it asks me to insert a disk, even when there's one in there. No errors on the drives in my device manager and all drivers are up to date?

I did notice however that there are three errors elsewhere in device manager, but I couldn't figure out if they were connected to it? The errors are on:


It says that there are problems with these drivers or that they are uninstalled. Could this be related to the dvd/cd problem?

As you can see, I'm not super tech savvy, so I could be completely off base?

Thanks for your help in advance!


Answer:Computer Doesn't recognize Cd's or Dvd's

I don't know what Windev-3cf2-863 is, unless it has something to do with the IDE, but I think the other two are for the network and serial ports. Sadly, I have encountered the problem I think you have many times over the years. It can be caused by the drive's lens getting scratched or clogged with a film or dust. I haven't found a solution, but sometimes you can get a little more out of the drive by opening the tray and blowing compressed air into the slot (with power off, and probably out of the case so you don't get it dusty. And I often clean the case too, if needed.) You can get drive cleaning discs with brushes that clean inside, but they don't do much if the drive can't see them, because they don't spin fast enough unless they tell the drive to spin faster. It can be dangerous to open CD drives, as they have a laser inside. Modern drives are self-cleaning to a large extent, but this seems to keep happening. I just keep replacing them.

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MY lap top wasn't working and they gave me a thread to fix it ..
i downloaded all the files i needed but wen i tried to put them into a cd my pc wouldn't recognize it ..
i tried several different blank disc and it just said insert a blank disc.
.Recently i found out that music CD's or any other CD will play on the CD-ROM drive..
the PC has a

... nothings wrong with the DVD-ROM drive but i cant get the CD-ROM drive to recognize ANY CD.
both drives visible are in MY COMPUTER but when any CD is in there and i right click the CD-ROM drive it says please insert a disc..

Answer:Solved: XP doesn't recognize any CD

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I recently built a PC and my monitor doesn't detect it, i'm using a HDMI cable and I know it works because I use same one for my TV and I tested the cable on my laptop. Please help!

GeForce GTX 1050ti
8gb ram
1tb hardrive
250gb ssd

Thank you!

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I have 32bit Win7 and core 2 Duo ........and of 8gb ram but it shows only 3gb usable can i use 8gb or not

Answer:Win 7 32-bit doesn't recognize all of my PC 8GB RAM memory

"can i use 8gb or not"Not. You need the 64-bit version.

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I just installed a DVD-RW in place of the DVD-ROM drive.  The computer still says the DVD-ROM is installed.  I tried removing it in windows device drivers but it still brings up the old drive.   I went into the BIOS and can't find anything in there for the Multimedia drives.   What do I need to do in order to use the DVD-RW drive? I found a Driver Update Utility I'm wondering if that's all that I need, just doesn't have the proper drivers to recognize the drive maybe?  

Answer:T-410 doesn't recognize DVD-RW Drive

Just a little more information.  Last night I tried doing a Lenovo firmware update for the multi-media drives.  Even with the new drive installed it doesn't recognize that its a DVD-RW Multi-drive, it still shows the DVD-ROM drive.  I did a BIOS update as well with no luck.   Does anyone know of a solution to get my DVD-RW drive installed properly and working?  

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I turn pc on windows screen come on then reboots goes to black screen tells me diskette drive o seek failure f1 to continue or f2 for setup utilitys.I try to run in safemode but pc only let's me in setup utils does'nt recognize hard drive

Answer:Keeps rebooting doesn't recognize hd

Until more experienced help comes along, did you try to go to your Bios to see if your Hard drive is still being recognized? This has happened once to a friend of mine before, wayyy back mind you and I don't remember the details as to why.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L655D laptop. I've played DVD movies quite a bit using the DVD drive with no problem. Then sporadically the DVD drive would not play a DVD and would give an error message that there was no disc in the drive. Now DVD's don't play at all. CD's play fine. The other odd part is this - I have made copies of several of my movies for my own backup, and the burned copies play fine, but the original DVD's do not play. I tried reinstalling the drivers, disabling and reinstalling the drive, but nothing helps. Time for a new drive? Or does someone have a different fix I could try? Thanks for any help you can offer. This is a newer laptop (although just out of warranty, of course!).

Answer:CD/DVD Drive doesn't recognize DVD's.

Very carefully open the tray and clean the lens with a damp cotton bud.

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About 2 years old HP laptop with (from Device Manager) an HP TS-L633M DVD-RW drive. So far I've found no consistent data except that some DVD's (original, commercial movie DVD's) it simply won't recognize. I doubt if this is a codec problem as the problem isn't simply that it won't play the movie, the problem is that it won't recognize the disk. After 2 years' use I might believe the drive has developed a problem except that it still works fine for most disks. So does anybody have any ideas what might be different about the disks it doesn't recognize? So far they work fine in my wife's HP laptop (same model but a year newer so it has an HP TS-L633N DVD-RW drive).

So far I haven't been able to find anything consistently different between the disks the drive does recognize and those it doesn't so at this point I'd even appreciate guesses.


Forgot to mention the OS is Win7 Home Premium 64-bit, Service Pack 1.

Answer:Drive doesn't recognize some DVD's

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I was going through some old cds and came to this one that shows it empty when opened but shows it full with no free space after clicking on properties. I don't want to erase it if it has something I wanted to keep.

I posted a thread about XP not recognizing files on a cd and thought to check my dvd/cd player recorder. I found an unknown device (disabled) in device manager between my network adapters and ports. I don't think they're related (DVD/CD player and unknown device), just showing how I found it. I can't think of any hardware I've disabled.

Answer:XP doesn't recognize files on CD

Update your motherboard drivers. They allow everything to communicate. Don't know your system specs so not sur what srivers you need. If something is disabled or has a exclamation point you can often remove the device and reboot to see if Windows detects it but in this case I suspect drivers. Also, try to read the cd froma different computer.

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Just started doing this. I have 2 hard drives. C & D. Upon cold boot up it doesn't recognize D, in the bios or windows.
If I hit F8 and run in safe mode, then it recognizes both. I can then reboot & everything is fine.
Its been working fine for 3 years. Running Win XP, sp3 C is IDE, D is SATA

Answer:Doesn't recognize 2nd drive

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All of a sudden my computer no longer recognizes its CD or DVD drive. They do not show up anywhere. I've tried some of the fixes on the internet but nothing seems to work. The PC has Windows XP. Please help.

Answer:PC doesn't recognize CD or DVD drive

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I am trying to sign into my laptop as the Administrator, but it does not recognize my password. I am next to positive I am using the correct password. This is an old laptop that I rarely use. Are there any password reset programs that will let you sign into a regular user account without Administrator rights and reset the Administrator password without having to burn a CD or use a USB memory stick? What are the best free programs?

Answer:XP Doesn't Recognize My Password

We cannot assist with password issues. Please refer to the site rules:
Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

Closing thread.

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Ok recently, we had a power surge which burnt our motherboard and power supply. We replaced the power supply and motherboard (I don't know the new motherboard model). Now Windows XP Pro SP3 will not recognize the ram in the motherboard above 256 mb. My husband ran Belarc advisor and it sees all three ram chips at 512 each but says that there is only 256mb usable ram. I have tried changing max ram setting in the boot.ini settings but it always resets back to 256 mb. I have tried several combinations of ram and using only 1 stick of 512 in each slot in turn, but cannot get Windows to recognize the ram in the computer.

One of the ram chips was never in the computer that had the power surge and we did do a complete reinstall of Windows XP. At this point I am ready to take a sledge hammer to the computer. It was a custom built system so I don't have a lot of specs to give you but it is a AMD Semperon 1.6 processor. I have 2 sticks of DDR2 PC2100 double sided ram and 1 stick of DDR2 PC2100 single sided ram. The person who originally built the computer gave us the replacement board and said that our ram would be compatable so I don't believe it is a hardware issue.

Bios is set for auto detect of ram. Don't know if there is anything else I can provide to get a better answer but ask and I will try if it helps fix this computer. I am trying to get a better job where I can work from home, but have to have the computer to get the job!

Answer:Windows XP SP3 doesn't recognize Ram

have you tried 1 at a time and see if the Bios recognise each 512K RAM Chip ?

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When I click on my CD-ROM drive in My Computer it says please insert disk. There is already a disk in there. What is wrong?

Answer:CD-rom doesn't recognize disk

Hi sinnerT, Welcome to TSG !!
Does this happen to all CDs?
Did this just start?
What OS are you running?
The cdrom could be dirty. Try a cleaner or clean the disk. Some time when they do this they are dirty.


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Hello everyone, I have a problem regarding my Envy 15 j040el charger. After upgrading at windows 10 my pc doesn't recognize the charger when i plug it in. The only way i can make it work is to insert it when the PC is off and without the battery. I tryed to do a rapid test of the system before turning it on and it gave me this ID ERROR90C3S3-6N98AM-MFGJWK-C0AG03 Please help me!  kind regards,CAITALY

Answer:PC doesn't recognize Charger

That error message decodes to any of the following components may have failed. AC Adaptor, Battery, Cache Battery Pack, Charger, Power Cord, Power Supply Does the power LED light up when you plug it in? When the notebook is turned off and the power adapter is plugged in, does the battery charge? When you remove the battery, plug in the power adapter and press the power button, does the notebook boot to a login screen?   

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Hey again folks!
I'm working on a pc that's running XP Pro, PII, 399Mhz and 288MB of RAM. Now, at one time this did recognize the cd-rom but now it doesn't show up in the My Computer list OR the Device Manager list. The CD seems to work alright as it accepts CD's and when you restart the pc it closes if you leave it open.
How can I get it to show up?
Thanks so much for your help and may God bless,

Answer:Solved: PC doesn't recognize CD-ROM...

Where is it placed on the secondary as slave or master??

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I have a Mad Dog Dominator Cd burner that I installed (on my PC with Windows XP). When I turn on my computer, it only recognizes that I have a cd-rom drive maybe one in every 20 times. During start-up, when I hear it spinning, I know it will be one of the times it's going to work. The burner works fine at these times until I have to shut my computer off for some reason. Please help! :giddy:

Answer:Computer doesn't recognize Mad Dog cd-rom

It could be you don't have enough power to the drive (doubtful, yet possible), so can you hook it up so its your only cd drive (if you have multiple). Or it could be that you have a dead drive (IMO the more likely senario).

Does the BIOS recognise it? Does the drive open when you hit the button?

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In My Computer, I do not see my CD player. When the system boots up, it is recognized in the BIOS, but when I get to windows, in My Computer, I dont see it. In Device manager, there is a "!" next to the CD device. I have tried to delete it and let Windows redetect it, but the "!" comes back. I have taken the CD to another computer and it works fine. I have also installed a new CD in this computer and it still wont recognize it. any suggestions?


Answer:Windows XP doesn't recognize the CD

System Cannot Access CD-Rom, CD-Recorder or DVD Devices
If you uninstalled and reinstalled Nero in XP, or did an upgrade from a previous OS to XP without uninstalling Nero first, this is a known error (for both Adaptec and Nero). There is a problem caused by an association created in the system registry between some Adaptec driver files and the CD file system drivers for Windows 2000/XP. If the Adaptec driver files are renamed or removed, then the system will loose access to any CD drive (CD ROM, CD recorder, or DVD)
Check here before trying the fix below;EN-US;Q270008&ID=KB;EN-US;Q270008
IMPORTANT: The following contains information about editing the registry. Before you edit the registry, make sure you understand how to restore it if a problem occurs. If Windows XP won't start you can restore the registry by rebooting while pressing the F8 Key. Select "Last Known Good Configuration". Or you can use "System Restore" from Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools.

1. Uninstall all CD Burning software from the system.
2. Go to the RUN line and type in Regedt32 and press Enter.
3. Go to the following registry locations and delete the key values for UPPERFILTERS and LOWERFILTERS (Do NOT delete the entire 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BBFC1-08002BE10318 key just right click the individual keys and select Delete)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BBFC... Read more

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my PC kept saying "USB not recongnized" anyway, I ignored it because my usb stuff worked fine. Until this morning, that's when none of my usb devices worked on my PC. I tried almost everything. Disabling my USB hosts in the control panel, restored my PC to when it was healthy. But nothing seems to work, I need help. I tried plugging my psp, usb thumb dive and even my iPhone, yet none of the will sync with my PC because my PC won't recognize an USB device for some reason. Honestly, all of this started one day when my brother needed help with his GPS he called Garmin n they sent him a USB cable; once I plugged it in and it was fix I left the cable in my pc and that's when all this started. Could that be an issue? Oh and I'm using Win xp. I tried everything I could think of safe mode,dsk chk and plugging everthing out. I need help.

And here's my usb info.

IRQ 0 System timer OK
IRQ 1 Logitech PS/2 Keyboard OK
IRQ 4 Communications Port (COM1) OK
IRQ 8 System CMOS/real time clock OK
IRQ 9 Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System OK
IRQ 10 NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management OK
IRQ 12 Logitech-compatible Mouse PS/2 OK
IRQ 13 Numeric data processor OK
IRQ 14 Primary IDE Channel OK
IRQ 15 Secondary IDE Channel OK
IRQ 16 NVIDIA GeForce 6100 OK
IRQ 16 VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller OK
IRQ 18 Hauppauge WinTV PVR PCI II (26xxx) OK
IRQ 19 PCI Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP OK
IRQ 20 Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller OK
IRQ 20 Microsoft UAA Bus Drive... Read more

Answer:PC doesn't recognize USB devices

Try going into device manager and uninstalling all USB ports and hubs. Restart your computer and the USB ports will install themselves automatically when Windows boots.

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I can't get my pc to recognize an 8 GB San Disk, although it will recognize a 2GB without any problem

Answer:PC doesn't recognize 8GB SanDisk

Are we talking USB drives or SD cards?

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I have a Compaq Presario 4540. It came with Win95. I installed a Win2000 - 120 day trial version and formatted everything in NTFS volumes. Now I just converted to Win98 on FAT... but my problem is that my PC is not recognizing the modem!! I have two modems that I have been trying: a PCI modem (that worked well with Win2000) and a ISA modem (originally installed and good with Win95). I can't ID the make or model of either modem and I don't have the correct drivers. I have tried uninstalling and installing the modems but the system only recognizes an unknown communication device. My questions are:

How do I get my computer to recognize the modem?
How can I ID my modems in order to get the correct drivers?
Do I need the correct drivers installed before my PC will recognize the modem?

My apologies if this posting shows up twice... I think I screwed up the first try. This is my first submission so I am looking forward to some awesome advice!! Thanks in advance.

Answer:my PC doesn't recognize my modem

Hi Flora, welcome

On the modems you'll need to find some kind of FCC #, model number, name on a sticker, should be something on either one of them.....and yes, you will need the correct drivers or an install disk or cdrom for either of them. On the one that came with your Compaq, there should be drivers on the cdrom that came with the computer. On the other one, you may have a floppy disk laying around with the correct drivers......

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I'm running into an odd wireless issue. I have an IBM T42 running W2K/SP3 with a "Cisco Systems PCI Wireless LAN Adaptor"  using IBM Access Connections 3.1 to set up the wireless LAN.I just changed from DSL with my own unsecured wireless router to ATT UVerse. When I tried to connect up to the UVerse 2WIRE wireless modem set up to use WPA-PSK, IAC would not let me configure WPA-PSK security for my LAN adaptor. The option was greyed out and could not be selected. I updated to IAC 5.2 but now no longer even see WPA-PSK on the menu. I was able to set up a wireless connection using a shared "static WEP key" on both the LAN adaptor and 2WIRE. Unfortunately most of the rest of the world seems to use WPA-PSK so I'm guessing I'll be unable to connect to other wireless routers when I'm away from home. Any ideas? Thanks, Lawrence Hannon

Answer:wireless doesn't recognize WPA-PSK

Welcome to the forum! Your wireless card supports WEP only, and you'll have to upgrade the card to be able to use WPA. Hope this helps.

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My CDRW DVDROM drive doesn't recognize anything I put into it.
Device manager shows it as working.
Machine is Emachines M6805 laptop.
I'm thinking this is software related but don't know where to start.
I uninstalled Zonealarm(it has caused me problems playing DVD's before) but it didn't make a differencethis time so i re-installed it
Any Ideas?.

Answer:My CD drive doesn't recognize cd's

Is your laptop old or new...was it working before, then all the sudden quit working...if so...did you do something (i.e. install an app. or change a setting elsewhere, etc, etc) immediately before it crapped out on you????


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I'm trying to trade out 12Gigs of RAM for 16Gigs(2X8). I have BIOS version 3.2.3 in an Inspiron 3650. The RAM is Kingston HyperX Fury, and BIOS doesn't recognize it. I'd appreciate any help.

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I put a second hdd into my new H430. While the BIOS sees the new drive on the main page, neither the Boot order or Windows 8 shows the second drive. I've put three different drives in with the same result. Once booted up I went to Computer-Disk Management and it didn't show the new drive. One drive I tried only had data on it. The other to had OS systems (Win7 abnd XP). They all gave the same result.I also tried the option 'rescan drives' with no success.Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:H430 doesn't recognize second hdd

hi Windward,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
Do you have an extended/logical partitions on the HDD's that you're trying to connect?
According to this microsoft thread, if Windows 8 is installed via UEFI, it won't boot together with a drive that has a logical/extended partition. Try to connect a drive that has no logical/extended partition or a drive that has only unallocated space and check this guide to initialize it in disk management.
Hope this helps

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I am trying to run two HDDs and one CD-Rom drive, on win98 SE.

Bios shows all three drives, but when i load windows, it can only find the HD that windows is insalled on, and the CD.

I have tried changing the locatation (master/slave, and 1st bus/2nd bus). Every time bios finds it, and windoze does not.

Answer:Win98 doesn't recognize my 2nd HDD

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I'm sure I must be missing something elementary. I just set up my network card and under network neighborhood can see other computers on the network; but, I can't see the one I am on. The workgroup is the same as the others. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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