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Satellite L500-128 - Screen problem -

Question: Satellite L500-128 - Screen problem -

Moving the lcd screen-cover (more opening or closing) causes black out the screenpicture. The problem becomes worse. an extra LCD screen gives a normal and good picture. I'm afraid there is anything wrong with de videodataconnection somewher around the movingparts of the screencover?
Anybody any idea? Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L500-128 - Screen problem -

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a new laptop which was dropped yesterday! It is a Satellite L500-1XJ. Can anybody advise me where I can (a) get it repaired or (b) where can I order a new screen.

Waiting in anticipation. carol

Answer:Satellite L500-1XJ - Where to get replacement screen?

Hi carol,

You should contact an authorized service provider in your country. The guys can repair your notebook and order all original Toshiba spare parts. So get in contact with the guys and ask for help.

Here you can find a list of them: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Good luck! :)

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My Satellite L500 screen is not working. I can connect laptop to a monitor and use ok but the screen on the laptop is blank.

Have I done something to cause this?

Answer:Screen is not working on my Satellite L500

I don?t think so.
If you cannot switch back to notebook?s display using FN+F5 I?m afraid there is some hardware problem.

Either is the problem with display cable or display itself. Fact is that notebook must be disassembled and all this must be checked.
You can contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-19X and the screen keeps going black.

When you boot the computer it briefly flashes up the Start / Boot up screen properly before going black straight away. Occasionally, the picture will be displayed properly for 3 or 4 minutes before also going black.

If you hold / tilt the screen under a strong light you can see a ghost outline of what should be displayed and if you connect an external monitor the external monitor works fine and you can see a black ghost of what is on the external monitor on the laptop screen.

I have tried reinstalling the drivers but it has had no effect.

Do you think I need to replace the screen, invertor board or just reseat the screen connectors?

Many Thanks for your advice.


Answer:Re: Satellite L500-19X - the screen keeps going black


First of all to solve this issue, you would need to disassemble the notebook.
I don?t know exactly the step by step procedure for L500 series but such disassembling procedure isn?t very easy and you could damage other parts.

Back to the issue.
It looks like the graphic card is OK and the issue is related to the backlight.
The Satellite L500 was equipped with an common LCD (no backlight) and FL inverter board.
The FL inverter controls the display?s backlight level and I think in your case this part is faulty.
To solve this issue, it?s necessary to remove and to replace the FL inverter.

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after about 30 minutes of being on, my laptop screen will go black, laptop stays on but nothing happens, I have to switch off and restart, but same happens again.

Hope someone can help



Answer:Satellite L500-1XM - Screen going black

Could it be possible that the notebook goes into hibernation (or sleep) mode after 30 min?

Did you check the windows power plan settings for display shutdown and the mentioned hibernation / sleep mode?

From my point of view there are no many reasons why the display should go off after 30min.
Either this is controlled and set in windows power options or there is some problem with the system.

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I have Satellite L500-14x laptop with a broken screen and I would like to know if any screen of the same screen model would be compatible with this laptop. The screen model is LP156WH1 TL C1 . I have found this screen model sold in eBay and several other sites that state "compatible with XXXX" where XXXX other laptop models/brands.

Is this going to be compatible with my Toshiba or the laptop's model should be stated on the screen description?

Answer:Screen exchange on Satellite L500-14X


As far as I know the Satellite L500 supports different screens but the size has to be the same.
The L500 support the 15.6 HD TFT Color LCD display.

I think you could use the following displays:
AUO (B156XW01 V.2)
CMO (N156B3-L02)
LG (LP156WH1-TLC1)

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Hi all,

who can help me with a screen or laptop Satellite L500 to replace mine.

ty Joldor

Answer:Screen replacement on Satellite L500

Did you check with some online dealers who sells 2nd hand parts?
The Satellite L500 supports an common 15.6? TFT Color LCD
So it should not be a big deal to get an 2nd hand part.

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I have a Satellite Pro L500-1D6, the operting system is windows 7.
Since I bought the laptop I have been experiencing screen vibration.
The problem is most accute when I am running java on firefox and then open a program like Outlook, and attempt to use the drop down box to select a contact.
When I do this, the Outlook screen vibrates madly and it is impossible to stop unless I close the firefox program.
There are occassions when this happens without firefox being open.

The graphic card is an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4600 Series
I am on version 8.634.1.0 of the driver.

I have attempted to upgrade the screen driver through the ATI website, but it cannot be upgraded as it requires a Toshiba driver and the one on my machine is the latest available.

I have turned off the Aero Glass effect, but this has not worked.

Can anyone assist?

Answer:Screen vibration on Satellite Pro L500-1D6


> I have attempted to upgrade the screen driver through the ATI website, but it cannot be upgraded as it requires a Toshiba driver and the one on my machine is the latest available.

The Ati drivers aren't pretested by Toshiba and don't have overheating protection. So, it's not recommended even trying to install.

> When I do this, the Outlook screen vibrates madly and it is impossible to stop unless I close the firefox program

Have you tried to update the Firefox version or move to opera?

It's a little bit difficult say what happens to your laptop, but it looks like the software related problems. I don't own satellite Pro L500, let's wait what others can suggest

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first I want to apologize for the case that I might not be very good at using this forum. I am new and have never used any support forum before. And English is not my native language.

I am using a Toshiba Satellite L500-20X. For some time now the performance of the screen has gotten worse. It started with interference stripes that were there for a second or so and then vanished again. By now, I have to put the screen at a certain angle to get a decent image, at all. If I don't, there are intereference stripes all the time.

From what I gathered, it seems that the screen cable is most likely the cause. I therefore have two questions: Would you agree? And, if so, how can I find out which cable I need to replace the (possibly) broken one?

Thanks so far!

Answer:Satellite L500-20X - screen issues

Is there really nobody who can help me with this issue?

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I have an L500 - came out with Windows 7. I also cant adjust the brightness - the external monitor is fine. The other 17 laptops in the same school are fine - just this one.
The FN key doesnt seem to work - the screen on the laptop is so dark it isnt readable.

I havent seen any responses that answer this?

Answer:Satellite L500 - Can't adjust screen brightness

Hi redmg,

The FN keys are controlled by Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. So if you can?t use the FN keys properly reinstall both Toshiba tools. You can download them on official Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

But remove the old versions before you install the new versions.

After this all FN keys should work properly again.

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We have a Satellite L500-1XJ laptop which our 3 Year got at and pressed buttons on the key board .Now when you turn it on the screen gives aflicker then stays dark.
I have tried FN F5 and FN F7 to see if it was switched to the external screen or the brightness was turned down but neither made any difference.

Have you any advice as to how I might be able to resolve the problem?

Answer:Satellite L500-1XJ - black screen after start-up

> Now when you turn it on the screen gives aflicker then stays dark. I have tried FN F5 and FN F7 to see if it was switched to the external screen or the brightness was turned down but
> neither made any difference.

It looks like serious problems with hardware related to mobo (vga). Can you enter Bios on startup or the screen just stays dark? Is external monitor connected to the laptop?

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My laptop since it starts has the screen blank

Screen, flex and inverted have been discarded From an external screen you see And the RAM has no flaws

A little help I'm desperate


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There is something seriously wrong with my laptop. I bought this satellite L500 toshiba for my sister a few months ago and this problem has happened ever since it was bought. I never found out about the problem until I recently got the laptop for myself. I originally thought it was something to do with the battery (recently the battery warning has came up saying that I needed to replace it. It has since gone away).

For some reason, the screen will randomly go wonky then turn into vertical coloured lines. It happens at random intervals so I can't tell when it will occur next and it doesn't matter what I'm doing on the laptop it just happens and the only way I can get rid of it is to force restart.

The thing I want to know is if it is a major problem or something that can easily be fixed?... Will warranty cover it or should I start saving up for a new one?

Screen caps:

Answer:Satellite L500 verticle lines on screen

>The thing I want to know is if it is a major problem or something that can easily be fixed?...
This could be a serious hardware issue.
Did you notice the same lines on the external monitor.
If yes, then these lines might be related to faulty graphic chip.
In such case the motherboard needs to be replaced.

>Will warranty cover it or should I start saving up for a new one?
Well, if the warranty is valid, then the notebook should be fixed free of charge.
Usually the standard warranty is valid 12month long from the date of purchase?
Check this?

By the way; the Toshiba ASP (authorized service provider) in your country should be able to fix this.

Good luck

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Please help, when I closed my Satellite L500 notebook I smelt an electrical smell, reopened it and the screen is black.

I took it to a repairer and he told me that he thinks that the wire/cord that connects the screen to the keypad has been severed as it runs through the hinges. He actually told me that he had the same problem on same model notebook 2 weeks earlier.

He said that without opening it up and looking (which would cost $250 straight away!) he could not be sure. My warranty ran out 6 months ago. Any ideas?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500 - screen wire severed

> Any ideas?
Fact is that there is hardware problem and it should be checked. I know it is expensive but you can try to contact other service and see if they can do the same job for less money.

Can you use your notebook now?

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Hi all,

I have a problem with my Satellite L500-19R. It won't respond to the on and off button. At first is was just the battery that was worn out, but it was still functioning fine on net adaptor only. But now it doesn't respond at all anymore. There is still a green indicator lamp that shines when I connect the net adaptor, so I don't think it's that. I bought a new battery, hoping that would solve it, but even though it seems to charge the battery (first it was blinking orange, then steady orange then two green lights) there is still no response when I try the on/off button.

Should I just go to a store to have them check if it's the motherboard, or is there something else I can try on my own?

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My Toshiba Satellite L500 laptop will not load past the 'welcome' screen. The cursor thing just keeps going around and around but won't go to my desktop.

Last night it went into some temporary profile and it had a message saying 'your other profile cannot load at this time please try again later'

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L500 will not load past the 'welcome' screen

The error message is not known to me and also searching in google didn?t get any hints.
Possibly your Windows OS is muddled up.

Did you try to boot Win 7 in safe mode?
Try this. Restart your notebook, tap the F8 key.
In advanced boot options choose the option called Safe Mode.

If the notebook does not allow booting in Safe Mode, try the option Last Good Known Configuration.

If this didn?t help, try Repair my Computer. Here you can choose between different settings.
The one which could solve this is HDD recovery which helps you to set the notebook to factory settings. But this means also that your HDD would be formatted!

So be aware of this!

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I am using the touchpad at the moment as my mouse has died. When I am using the touchpad the screen keeps resizing - in the time I have been on this page, the screen has gone from normal to huge to normal to huge and is currently normal size.

It is sooooo frustrating as it doesn't happen when I use my mouse.

Can anyone tell me how to stop the touchpad resizing the screen??


Answer:Satellite L500 - Screen resizing when using the touchpad


Do you mean the Internet Explorer screen or what?

I?m not quite sure what cause this but it could be possible that you have activated a touchpad option which could cause this.

Please check the option in control panel -> mouse -> Pointing Device -> settings (or properties)
There you should find Synaptics options for touchpad

Check if you could find some options which could affect this issue.

Please be aware that FN + Space key combination would change the screen resolution too.
Maybe you activated this.

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I just bought a brand new Toshiba Satellite L500.

As I'm a student in high school, this was a huge and very expensive purchase for me.
I've had a Toshiba previously that served me extraordinarily well, so I was willing to purchase another one, but now, I'm having trouble with it.
I have a L5000 with Windows 7 Professional OS.

The notebook boots up fine, showing the welcome screen and allowing me to enter my password, but once the password is accepted, and the welcome screen disappears, I am left with a black screen showing only my mouse pointer.

If I enter CTRL+ALT+DEL, the Task Manager becomes visible, but I can't see anything else UNLESS I select 'explorer' under the Processes tab and End Process, then run explorer again - only then does the home screen become visible.

It's a brand new notebook - needless to say I don't want to have to do this everytime I turn it on. Should I attempt to restore to factory default?
I'm generally very competent with computers, but I don't have faith enough to fiddle around with it.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite L500 boots up, allows me to log in, then the screen goes black

hi Korosuhito,
it sound like a infection or misconfiguration...

you can try to boot in safe mode and look for services running maybe you can find the "bad guy"

or (the faster way) is to restore to factory settings
make sure that the bios is on "default settings" as well

i think you have no personal data on this machine so recovery is the easiest and fastest way!

if the error occours after recovery is made bring it back to your dealer and get another one

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Good day!

I use Toshiba Satellite L500-1WP. I have bought a new monitor Dell U2711 with max resolution 2560x1440. I tryed to connect this monitor to my computer using HDMI cable, the video card identifies that monitor as an HD TV and makes max. resolution possible 1920x1080.

Is it possible to make theese 2 work together with the resolution I need (2560x1440), or I should buy a new computer with DVI port?

Answer:Satellite L500-1WP - Higher screen resolution than HD?

Hi buddy,

You should check the user manual? There I founded an information that the computer can display up to 2048 horizontal and 1536 vertical pixels at up to 16M colors.

So for me it sounds like you can?t use the native screen resolution of your external monitor but normally 1080p should be good enough. :)

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I am experiencing issues with my notebook. My Display had been casuing problems for quite a while. I had black and white lines and patterns all over the screen and always had to change the angle of the screen. I opened the notebook once and magically the situation changed for the better without me actually doing much of anything. It stayed like that for about a year.

Well, recently it got worse again and one day me screen stayed black when I tried to start the notebook. I tried an external monitor using the windows button+P and Fn+F5, but neither worked. Then I tried closing the Notebook right after pushing the power button. It worked. I had a clear image on the external monitor. Then I opened my notebook and - magically to me - had an image on the internal screen, too. It worked until - after several hours - I had to restart the notebook. Now I am back with the same issue I had before and even the once successful tactic seems to no longer work.

Long story short: I thought, I might as well try a hard power cycle ( before opening the notebook again. And anyway, I don't know if opening it will do me any good.

My questions here are:

1) Does anybody have an idea what might be going on here?

2) Will a hard power cycle leave my data on the hard drive intact? This is not the same as a factory reset, is it? (Actually this is much more about the data then about the notebook. I'd rather sacrifice the notebook than the data.)

Thanks... Read more

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L500 - 1UU which i purchased 4 months back.... started noticing black dots that stay black around different parts of the screen about 7 of them... they are stationary shows on all light especially on white background ... i am told they are defective pixels and that i have to get my LCD replaced... Is that covered in the warranty?

Is there a minimum number of defective pixels before they replace the screen?

Answer:Satellite L500 - Black Dots on screen

> Is there a minimum number of defective pixels before they replace the screen?
Yes. More about all this you can read under

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After shutting it down normally last night, when I turned it on today the display stays blank. I hooked it up to external montior and that works fine, I checked in device manager and theres no conflicts showing up. The screen isnt black, its like the backlight is working it more grey once the comp is turned on. Also when I try to change the resolution using the external monitor the screen flickers like its trying to change but it always goes back to grey.

Any ideas? Laptop is only 18 months old with minimal usage.

Answer:Satellite L500 - Screen stays blank

Hi Outkast_IRE,

> I hooked it up to external montior and that works fine
This was very good that you have done this because so you have checked if the problem is related to internal monitor or graphic card.

Now it?s something with internal monitor and it could be the cable, LCD panel itself or something else. More exact diagnostic is not possible and can only be done from an authorized service provider so you should get in contact with the notebook technicians.

On Toshiba website there is a list with all ASPs. Give them a call or write an email and they will tell you what to do now.

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Hi all,

I?m looking for for some advice,
I am far from a computer whizz but know my round fairly well. I have put my model below.

For no apparent reason I have the black screen.
The laptop was working fine yesterday. Windows shut down the computer automatically to install an update. Since trying the laptop this morning, nothing.
The power comes on, the web cam light flashes, the windows sound plays.
No courser. But nothing
I can even enter my password and its logging on. I have tired the battery out fix but this hasn't worked. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help !!

my model is
Satellite L500-1WG
Part Number : PSLS0E-07501DEN

Key Features
Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery) and
Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery)
- Intel? Pentium Processor T4400
- DVD-RW SuperMulti drive (Double Layer)
- 4096 MB 2048 +2048 DDR3 RAM (1066MHZ)
- 39.6cm 15.6" TruBrite HD 1366 x 768 High Brightness display with LED backlight with 16:9 aspect ratio

Answer:Satellite L500-1WG - Black screen, power on

Pressing the FN+ F5 allow you to switch between the internal and external monitor.
I would recommend you to connect the external monitor (or an LCD TV) and to press the mentioned keys in order to check whether the external display would work correctly.

But I’m a little bit confused… you said that you were abele to enter the password…
Can you see the field in order to type in the password?

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I need to replace the LCD screen for my Satellite L500 PSLJ0A-01K013, but I am having difficulty finding a suitable 15.6" LCD screen. I am trying to find it online, but it seems the websites which sell LCDs do not have my model of laptop. Will it be the same for any of the L500 series?

Thank you.

Answer:Replacement LCD screen for Satellite L500 (PSLJ0A-01K013)

> Will it be the same for any of the L500 series?
I think so. If you compare your L500 with other models (different PSxxxx number) the difference is offered hardware package like CPU, GPU, HDD capacity, ports maybe but, generally speaking, the LCD panel is always the same.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-19X, and my display is not working properly. When I turn the computer on, the display goes blank, but it gets lightened up, it gets all white.
The VGA external output works fine, I have no problems with an external monitor.

I have already changed the flat cable (Flex) that goes to the display, but I got the same results.
Can anyone help me? What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite L500-19X - Screen goes blank (white light)

Fact is that graphic card is OK since you said that external display works properly.
Therefore I guess that either the internal display or the FL inverter is the troublemaker.
But its just an personal opinion? I think you will need to test both parts?

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I upgraded my laptop from Vista to Windows 7 with Toshiba DVD's, and everythinks works right, but since i did it, a message in the bottom corner of the screen always appears "safe mode" and I d'ont know why.

Any idea? thanks.

Answer:Satellite L500-128 - Safe mode message on the screen


Do you start the notebook in safe mode?

Normally this message only appears if you start the notebook in safe mode if you go in advanced boot menu and select safe mode boot option.

Sorry but that?s all what I can say at the moment. In worst case you have to reinstall Windows again I think? :(

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I have this laptop and i can start up the laptop and it loads fine to the login page i then can login but when the screens opens after login it appears as a blank blue screen with the document folder open i have no background picture and no startup menu nothing else except the document folder.

From there i can access my files etc and anything else internet etc everything but i dont know how to get the screen back to normal.

If i go on background display i can see the image that should be on the background and change it but nothing happens on the full screen.

I have no restore point as yet as new laptop for xmas, i do have backup discs but think its just something to do with the display.
If go into files and folders it shows me the icons on the desktop but all i see is this blank screen.

Any ideas please, if not would restore files work or full back up disc

Thanks very much for any help

Answer:Satellite L500 - blank blue screen after login to Win 7


Check this:
Click right on the desktop and choose Personalize.
There you should check the area: ?Basis design and design with high contrast?
Choose Windows 7 ? basic.
Then reboot the unit.

Usually this should help to get the Windows 7 common design and desktop settings.
But if this will not help then you could use an fast solution which would be a usage of the recovery disk of HDD recovery option.
This would format the HDD and would reinstall everything again

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I have problem with resolution in my new Satellite notebook.

This model has 15,6" monitor and resolution 1366x768. In my notebook from the begining the resolution is 1280x800 which means, that on my display I see black area on the right side, and I cannot see the bottom part of screen. There is no possibility to change resolution in graphic card options (all modes availble are for 4:3 display, and are lower than 1280x800) - what is strange - the refreshing rate of monitor is 58Hz (??).

More strange is that from time to time (during 3 weeks it happens twice) after opening my notebook the resolution is correct (1366x768, 60Hz and availble are all others modes), but after restart the resolution is wrong again - even during booting.

I've tried to flash BIOS, install new drivers, but the problem remains.

Please for any advice (and sorry for my english)

Answer:Satellite L500-13F (PSLJ0E) - Wrong screen resolution


As you said the notebook supports the 15.6"(HD) screen with the 16:9 aspect ratio and the native resolution should be 1366 x 768.

I have no idea why your resolution changes but possibly it?s just a graphic card driver issue?

As far as I know the notebook uses the INTEL GL40 graphic chip? is it right?
In your case I recommend checking the GPU driver from the Intel page?
Then you should install or update the driver from device manger?
Just simply mark the graphic card and use the Advanced installation? then point to the driver files?

In the Intel driver for Mobile settings (in control panel) you could also change the Aspect ratio options?
There are 3 different options: maintain aspect ratio; full screen (no borders); center desktop? check all?

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Initially the screen was dark, dim, but not blank.
I attempted to reinstall toshiba's software and reset the brightness.
Unfortunately, even after a complete OS reinstall, it appears as though the actual cause was the inverter.

I just replaced the inverter but the screen is still dim.
HDMI works fine.

Can anyone expand on this and maybe help?
Anything would be greatly appreciated, thank you

+Message was edited by: nullsys+

+Updated to exclude a HDMI cable as the culprit.+
+Everything else works fine, cables, grfx card, etc. Just something wrong with either LCD, Inverter or Backlight.+

Answer:Satellite L500-1RF - screen is completely blank, not just dark


Does this mean that neither the internal nor the external display work properly?
It sounds a little bit like a graphic card problem.

Are you sure you have connected all the cables properly?

Has the external monitor worked before replacing the inverter?

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I have a L500 and after my computer went on stand by, l tried to turn it back on. Now it wont display anything on the sceen its completly black and l have no idea what has happen or to do.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite L500 - Screen is completly black after stand by


Can you see something on an external screen? Probably the internal screen is defective so you don?t see anything.

If an external monitor is still black I would try to remove the battery and disconnect AC/DC adapter. Then wait at least one or overnight. Now connect AC/DC adapter and install the battery. Before you turn the notebook on, make sure that battery is completely charged. Now try to start your notebook and check what happens.

In worst case it serious hardware malfunction and this means you would need professional help from an authorized service provider in your country.

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2 weeks ago i bought a Toshiba laptop Satellite L500/00W and today i was reading something online than this grey screen with lines come up..
It has done it two time already.. I getting worry..

What could be causing this?? How do i fix it? Has this happen to anyone else??


Answer:Satellite L500/00W - grey screen with lines appeared twice


I?m not L500 owner so I cannot say you if this happened to me or not.
I?ve got A200 and U400 as for my business and I didn?t have such display symptoms in the past?

It?s strange sign if the display changes the brightness and shows vertical lines.
Possibly it could be a display issue or something with graphic card.

If you would see this symptom again then I would recommend connecting the notebook to external monitor in order to check if the same would be visible on the 2nd screen.

If the same would be visible on 2nd screen then there is a big chance that and GPU would be affected.

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I have recently purchased my L500 and it runs fine when plugged into the mains but when I have it running on battery the screen jumps and flickers.
I was told to look at the BIOS but that seems fine.

Any ideas??


Answer:Satellite L500-1XD - Why does the screen jump when running on batteries?

Jumps and flickers?
Does the same happen when you use different power plans?

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My laptop screen has gone all weird, help! The display seems to have shifted. I've updated all display drivers, done system restore, checked screen resolution any other ideas?

The start bar is below the edge of the screen and there is a black band on the side where the mouse pointer disappears.

When I did 'print screen' it did it normally and showed the start bar and not the black strip.

Message was edited by: starpoi

Answer:Satellite L500-1DT - Black stripe down side of screen


I can?t view the picture, I get the message ?This photo is currently unavailable?.

Anyway, do you notice the same behavior on external monitor?

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I have a Satellite L500-1XL, when I switch it on the fan and lights come on and the hdd light flickers a few times then nothing, it will not go to Toshiba screen, screen stays black, have also tried ext monitor but still nothing.

The fan is still running very quietly and the hdd is running to, I put the hdd into another L500 and it is fine and can be accessed no problem, it has only 1 stick of 2GB DDR3 RAM and the other L500 I have is DDR2 so I cant try changing the RAM. If i remove the ram should it beep or is that only desktops do that? Mine does nothing when it is removed.

Any help would be very helpfull, thanks!!

Answer:Satellite L500-1XL - Won't boot and screen stays black

Hi gazzdowzell,

If your notebook doesn?t boot it seems to be a hardware malfunction? It could be everything, mainboard, BIOS, CPU, etc. and it?s hard to say what is exactly wrong.

First of all I would try this:
[Which steps should be followed if your Toshiba notebook doesn't start? |]

If it doesn?t work you should contact an authorized service provider in your country. If your notebook is under warranty, the repair is for free.
Furthermore if you remove the RAM and the notebook doesn?t beep, it seems to be another problem. If the RAM module would be faulty and you have removed it, the computer would beep.

Good luck!

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Hi there,

After starting from sleep mode the screen is fine for 3 or 4 minutes, then I will notice a quick flashing. This gets worse and worse until I then have to restart the laptop, or put it into hibernation and power up again. I've tried to gently move the screen to see if the connection is loose but the screen just continues to flash as before. The flashing is random, its like watching the CPU light flash but its my whole screen going. It only seems to happen after sleep mode, it doesn't happen every single time but i'd say more than fifty percent.

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm wondering what I should do next or who to contact. I only got the laptop in July!

Many thanks in advance for any advice you can offer,

Answer:Satellite L500-1XD - why does my screen flash after Sleep Mode?

Hello Anna

Have you noticed this behaviour from the first day?
You know, sometimes some Microsoft updates can have negative influence on such standard functions. Since few months I have noticed strange situation on my Satellite notebook. After standby I get some stupid error and mouse is death. I didn't have it in the past.

What you can try is to install OS again using HDD recovery procedure and test functionality with ?factory settings?. I am pretty sure with clean preinstalled OS everything will be OK. if the problem persists maybe you should contact nearest Toshiba service.

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Hi -- have just bought laptop for my son (Satellite L500-19X with Win7 Home preloaded) and am getting it ready for Christmas.

The logon screen is the Toshiba logo with white background. This makes the drop shadow font very difficult to read that is used for usernames; and the 'switch user' list etc after <ctrl alt del>.
What is the name of the file that produces this logon screen background please so that I can replace it to make the text readable?

n.b. the same issue arises on the desktop but this can be prevented by unticking the 'drop shadow' box in visual affects & changing the wallpaper.

Many thanks

Answer:Change welcome/logon/splash screen on Satellite L500


I have googled a little bit and found this:

The procedure is a little but tricky.
You have to change the registry.

- Start registry (Regedit.exe)
- go to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Authentication \ LogonUI \ Background

- Create a new DWORD value named OEMBackground
- Double-click OEMBackground and set 1 as its value data
- access registry

This allows you to include the wallpaper image (jpg)

In C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds you could include the jpg file.
The file should be named +backgroundDefault.jpg+

Note: info and background folders don?t exist by default. You have to create these folders manually. Furthermore the images must be less than 256kb!!!!

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I enabled FAST Boot in BIOS on my Satellite L500-1UU.


Answer:Re: Satellite L500-1UU BIOS Splash screen not visible anymore


Why you don?t set the BIOS back to default settings?
Power up the unit, press F2 and then choose Default settings in BIOS (I think you need to press F9).
Save the changes and reboot.

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Hi all,
First post so please ask if I have not included all information needed.

I have Satellite Pro L500-1TX (Win 7 os 32bit) and all was working fine including the Fn key drop down menu.

Now, whenever I press the Fn key it crashes the laptop to a blue screen. The computer then reboots automatically and as it was a unplanned shutdown it offers the usual safe mode option.

Unfortunately I do not know when this started as I don't use the Fn key often, so am reluctant to just do a system restore. I don't know how far back to go. It was a few weeks before I associated the crashes with hitting the Fn key.

Any suggestion as to which Toshiba drivers might need to be reinstalled. The computer is otherwise working fine.

Cheers in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro L500 - Press Fn key crashes laptop to blue screen

Hello if anyone is reading this.

A search of other threads has helped me.

I downloaded Flash Card Setup Utility driver and ran this twice (once to uninstall and again to reinstall).

A reboot is required after install.

Pressing the Fn Key now pops up the correct drop down menu.

Hope this helps others.


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I havent used my L500 for approx 6 weeks
I tried to boot it up last night only to find it "dead"

I charged the battery overnight and tried again this morning, only to find my screen isnt working.
I connected an external screen which is working, I then tried FN F5 to switch between screens.

The pc will now only operate in safe mode


Answer:Satellite L500: internal screen is dead - external monitor is ok

Did you tried to reinstall display driver, what OS you are using?

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Laptop screen goes black when I unplug the Mains cable, even though the battery says 100% charged. Plug it back in and the screen display comes back up. Is it the battery or something else?

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Ok I have an Satellite L500 and I got it back in December 2009. Ever since I first got it, if I ever press the function button the BSOD appears and the computer restarts. I don?t particularly use the function button often, but it?s just in case I press the wrong button and it?s a nice feeling not to have a laptop-suicide button haunting my keyboard.

Also if I decide to shut down the laptop completely, and turn it back on at a later time, it?s likely that it will appear then as well. I have no clue as to why this is but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot
A. Mcstea

Answer:Function button on Satellite L500 causes Blue Screen Of Death

>... a laptop-suicide button..

Do you mean FN button?

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Toshiba L500-1TE PSLS0E-06J01LG3

I have a problem with video driver bacause it doesnt recognize widescreen and shows only 1280*800 with black emty bar on the right (same as here but without lucky hapy-end).

tried to install plenty of drivers and tried to use system recovery - but nothing changes with that bar

vary-vary rare computer start with correct resolution

Can anybody help?

Answer:Satellite L500-1TE - wrong screen resolution - 1280*800 with black bar


Are you sure that right settings has been chosen in the Intel graphic and Media Control Panel?

In my opinion you should check this:
Under General Settings you have to choose: +scaling -> scale full screen+

Here an nice youtube video explaining this step:

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-1TC and since yesterday it doesn't start anymore.
The picture freezed up and it restarted. Since that I can push the on/off button on my laptop and the LED says that it's on, but the screen remains black.
Any idea what I can do?
The warranty still is active, so can I send it to Toshiba?
Kind regards
(sorry for my bad english)

Answer:Satellite L500-1TC - Doesn't start and the screen remains black

Hi buddy,

What you can try before contacting an official Toshiba services is this:
[Which steps should be followed if your Toshiba notebook doesn't start?|]

If it doesn?t work it seems to be a hardware problem and then you should contact an authorized service provider. If your notebook is under warranty, the repair is for free :)

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Hi everyone,

This has frustrated me for three weeks but I have only just realised it is associated with restart either manual or software requested.

My 6 week old L500 laptop refuses to do other than display lights for indiactors on front - no light on keyboard, no screen, fan running but no disk activity I can hear.
I have somehow managed to break through on three occasions by forcing shut down using the power on/off hold down, removing battery waiting and then starting up.

Earlier today it decided to restart under this method and I was able to quickly jump in and dump my Libraries and outlook.pst to an external hard drive cause my business runs off it.

Anyone know a solution to this problem?
This is the first Toshiba I have ever owned and it's really frustrating to have to fire up this 4 year old Acer to find a solution to my problem.

Maybe the problem is Windows 7 but can't find my way through that place to an answer.

Anyone, please???

Answer:Satellite L500 - black screen after manual or auto restart


You mean the L500 does not boot anymore?
The workaround removing the battery and ac adaptor doesn?t help anymore?

Hmm? usually this should not happen? sometimes the notebook could hang somewhere during the stand by or hibernation and the mentioned workaround could be a option to wake up the unit?

It?s hard to say what?s going wrong here? possibly it?s hardware related issue?
So maybe it would be the best get in contact with an local ASP? the warranty should be valid and I think everything should be done for free?

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This is a Satellite L500 that has been subjected to a recovery process. The Battery is as flat as can be and won't charge.

Power the laptop on and the normal BIOS information is displayed with the option to press F2 or F12 at the bottom of the screen. The BIOS has been set to boot from HDD first.

Left to do it's own thing, the screen goes blank and nothing happens. Press any key, and there are no text prompts to touch anything, and the system begins to boot from the HDD. it proceeds to boot successfully and the laptop works normally (bar the flat battery).

I have reset the BIOS to defaults and there is nothing I can see that would otherwise cause this.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite L500 - Blank screen. No attempt to boot until key pressed.


Maybe it sounds stupid now but it is not easy to understand what happen exactly.
> Left to do it's own thing, the screen goes blank and nothing happens.
Does all this happen after recovery image installation and first start after successfully recovery installation? Or preinstalled OS is already configured and ready for first start?
>.. and the system begins to boot from the HDD
Can you see anything n the screen when this happen?
>? it proceeds to boot successfully and the laptop works normally (bar the flat battery).
After reading this sentence I presume OS boots OK and you can use your notebook. Can you confirm this?

When you restart OS does the same happen again and again?

Have you tried to reinstall recovery image again?

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Toshiba Satellite L500 screen display colour problem; black turn green and white turn pink. When the laptop is on after a while, the display go back to normal but just for a second. Then it turns back to green and pink for black and white colour again. The screen is also flickering.

Anyone, please help me.

Answer:Satellite L500 - Screen flickering and black color turn green


Theoretically two parts can be affected: Notebok display or graphic card itself.

Easiest way to check this is connecting an external monitor. If the external monitor is ok the graphic card is affected. Otherwise the notebook display must be exchanged.

Is your notebook still under warranty?

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Dear All,
I need help I have Satellite L500-1GJ windows 7 home Premium. With recovery CD I installed OS but after complete installation my laptop screen shows with lot of rectangular dots on the screen and freezes , I tried many times and it comes to the same problem. Find attached screen shot.

Thanking you.
Best Regards

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I bought a Toshiba Satellite L500-1XD laptop from an Argos store in August. Soon after I got it it occasionally restarted itself and displayed the blue recovery screen saying the laptop has recovered from a hardware failure. This has become more frequent recently and it often shuts down, displays blue screen, restarts and does this over and over again.

I have not installed many new programmes on the laptop and have installed all updates. I have removed any programmes I did install with the exception of Microsoft Office.

Another thing that might be related if that when the laptop starts up it says the Toshiba Service Station has stopped working and tries to check for a solution to the problem.

I would any appreciate any advice on how I could perhaps remedy this

Thanks in anticipation

Answer:Satellite L500-1XD constantly restarting & displaying blue recovery screen

Hi katrina_1,

That means the preinstalled Windows version is still installed, right?!

Well, I think it?s hard to say why it happens? It could be a software or hardware malfunction. Both could be possible.
The most reasons for blue screens are drivers or hardware itself? Are all devices installed properly in device manager or do you see yellow exclamation marks?

In your case I would try to reinstall Windows. Maybe it?s only a software or driver issue?
Furthermore if you have installed two RAM modules, test it with one module only. You can also use ?Memtest86? or another RAM diagnostic tool to test the RAM modules for failures.

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I'm hoping someone can help. My Satellite L500 is hanging on the blue startup screen after it restarted after a windows update, the mouse arrow is moving, and there seems to be some hard drive activity with some flickering in the system indicator lights. Other than that, nothing? Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite L500 - System hanging on startup screen after Windows update


> hanging on the blue startup screen after it restarted after a windows update
Does it mean you get a bluescreen after Windows update and you can?t start Windows anymore?

Can you start Windows in safe mode?

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I have a Satellite L500-1UR, with 64-Bit.

After a Windows Update my grapic board is down. I only have a standard monitor.
I can only switch between two different resoultions (1024x768 or 800x600).
Previous i have something with 1300x768.
I cannote use the previos driver anymore.

My Graphic board is Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family.
When I actualize the driver nothing happen.

Under the properties stand, that the digital signature can?t be prooved.
Code 52. I make a system recovery.
The first days it was like before but after another windows update the same failure happen again.

And now i can?t make another system recovery anymore.

Please help me somebody, I am desperate.


Answer:Satellite L500-1UR - Problem with the graphic


Unfortunately I cannot explain what happened exactly with your machine. Maybe you have installed all available updates (important and optional). Maybe the display driver was offered as optional driver.

Anyway, what you can do now is follow:
-try to roll back OS to earlier time using system restore option
-reinstall display driver -
-in worst case you can reinstall OS using HDD recovery option (I hope it works)

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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For the past few months my Toshiba Satellite L500-1 is shutting down frequently due overheating, which occurs during intensive use of the laptop (during gaming, photomanipulation etc.). However, I do not know what I can do about this. I will not open my laptop, unless I am told to open my laptop to do a specific task.

Today my laptop shut off again. However, when I turn it back on I noticed something happened with my fan. At this point, my laptop will not overheat fast as usually. Instead of fanspeed of 90+% it stays around the 58 to 60% (according to the Toshiba PC Health Monitor). Nevertheless, I noticed something happened with my fan. After shutdown I noticed that the fan will occasionally make a ticking noise, which is heard once every 10 minutes when the laptop is under intensive use.

What should I do now? This does worry me, should I be worried about this? Maybe another Toshiba user with a similar problem can provide me support. I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

- DR

Answer:Satellite L500 - Shutdown and a fan problem


On this virtual way it is not easy to say what the problem can be.
When you use your notebook do you use it placed on the desk?
Do you use it with AC power supply?

Which power profile do you use when notebook shuts down?
Have you tried to change power settings or anything else?

Before you start to use it intensively have you tried to end some background processes, disconnect external devices, just to see if this will help?

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I tried to upgrade my Toshiba L500-22R Memory to 8GB. I bought 2x4GB Kingston PC3L 12800 SODIMM and the OS doesn't start, I did a memory check and it fails too. I tried with a Samsung 4GB 12800 and it fails too.

The original memory works good.

Any ideas?

CPU-Z TXT Report:
CPU-Z version 1.72.0.x64

Processors Information
Processor 1 ID = 0
Number of cores 2 (max 8)
Number of threads 4 (max 16)
Name Intel Core i5 430M
Codename Arrandale
Specification Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz
Package (platform ID) Socket 989 rPGA (0x4)
CPUID 6.5.2
Extended CPUID 6.25
Core Stepping C2
Technology 32 nm
TDP Limit 25.0 Watts
Core Speed 1187.2 MHz
Multiplier x Bus Speed 9.0 x 131.9 MHz
Rated Bus speed 2374.3 MHz
Stock frequency 2266 MHz
Instructions sets MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, EM64T
L1 Data cache 2 x 32 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size
L1 Instruction cache 2 x 32 KBytes, 4-way set associative, 64-byte line size
L2 cache 2 x 256 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size
L3 cache 3 MBytes, 12-way set associative, 64-byte line size
FID/VID Control yes

Northbridge Intel Havendale/Clarkdale Host Bridge rev. 02
Southbridge Intel HM55 rev. 05
Graphic Interface PCI-Express
PCI-E Link Width x16
PCI-E Max Link Width x16
Memory Type DDR3
Memory Size 4 GBytes
Channels Dual, (Symmetric)
Memory Frequency 527.6 MHz (4:16)
CAS# l... Read more

Answer:Satellite L500-22R - memory problem

Obviously you bought not compatible modules.
The PC3 12800 1600Mhz isn?t listed as an supported module.

The Satellite L500 can be upgraded up to 8GB RAM and you can use two 4GB DDR3 1066MHz (PC3-8500) SO-DIMM modules.

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I just want to ask regarding the error message of my laptop that appears every time i will open it.

StartRep.exe-Application Error

The instruction of 0xfc66584d referenced memory at 0x00000008 the memory could not be read.

Do i need to reformat it or should i buy a new memory, but i wonder how can i saved my important files on my laptop?

I am also interested to go to your service center, i just want to know first how much does it cost to repair my laptop?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L500 PROBLEM!

Quote: Originally Posted by destiny24

I am also interested to go to your service center, i just want to know first how much does it cost to repair my laptop?

This "Service Center" is called
Help is offered free of charge.
We are volunteers from all parts of our world who endevour to help you in our spare time.
All we hope for is a "thank you" if we have assisted you in any way.

Please be patient & someone should be able to assist you soon.

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Hello everyone,

I recently bought myself a new notebook, the Satellite L500-1C7. It's running fine except for one question that I have: I am aware of the fact, that the battery lasts for only about 2-2,5 hours. But is it normal for the computer to shut down when the battery sign is showing 22% (happens after about 2,25 hours)? Then, after I put the power cable in, the battery sign suddenly shows 5%.
Is this usual or is something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L500-1C7 battery problem

At first I must say that 2,5 hours working time on battery power supply is really great and the same is with my Satellite A300.

To be honest the whole story is a little bit strange for me. Usually before notebook switches off you should hear and see battery alarm when the critical power level is reached.
Please try to change these settings in advanced power settings and watch what happen exactly. set it to 10 or 15% and change also settings what should happen when critical level is reached (standby/hibernation/switching OFF).

If the critical level is 5% I cannot imagine notebook switches off at 22% without this battery alarm message.
How do you know it happens on 22% when notebook suddenly switches off?

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I have a friends TOSHIBA Satellite Pro L500 running win7 32bit. It has this boot up problem I have not come across before. When it boots it stops at the screen with F2 for setup and F12 for boot devices and goes no further. F12 brings up the boot device menu and when the HDD is selected the windows boot menu appears safe mode etc, I need to select 'start windows normally' which it then does.

I have tried 'startup repair', updated bios, deleted partitions and did clean install of the OS and also tried a different HDD. Nothing works.

I don't think it is a BIOS virus because no messages appear. is the ROM damaged?

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Hello every one Two days ago my laptop suddenly freeze with strange sound and screen off, after i restart it it's doesn't work and screen is black, i connected laptop to PC screen, sometimes PC screen start and down and some times get strange line " in attach", and other it work fine and laptop screen on , when i restart i face the same problem.When i start the laptop the fan work with high speed and hot air get out from it.

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Yesterday is installed the bios update, and everything went ok. The only problem is when I now plug in my headphones, the sound also comes out from the laptop speakers. Before the bios update only the headphones made sound when I had them plugged in.

What can i do about this?

I have Windows 7 x64

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L500-1ZP - Sound problem after bios update

Problem fixed. I reinstalled the drivers.

Sorry for not trying this at first.

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I recently received an Satellite L500-1XL, working just fine until i gave it to a friend...
The problem is that he updated the bios to V 2.10 (don't know why) and since then the image on the display appears like 15.4" even in bios.

Any ideas what could cause the problem?


Answer:Re: Satellite L500-1XL - display problem after BIOS update

Can you please make a pic how it looks like and post is here?
2.10 is right version and I really don?t understand what the problem is.

Is Toshiba welcome screen shown as usual?

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I have a problem creating recovery disks for the Satellite L500-126.

I am using the Toshiba recovery disk creator.

The 1st disk is ok.
When I try to make the 2nd disk, the systems stops exactly at 50% of the 2nd disk. and no more reaction from the disk creator.

I tried 2x, and each time i had to abort and throw away the dvd's.

any suggestions?

Answer:Problem creating recovery disks for the Satellite L500-126


You should try another DVD from different manufacturers?
It?s nothing unusual that some DVDs are not fully compatible and that the CD/DVD drives cannot write the data properly?
I had such issue in the past and could solve this testing and using different DVDs.

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Dear Toshiba,

Perhaps some can explain for me how this happens.

We have 2 x L500 laptops, One was purchased and activated on a day July 2010 ( Machine1 )
The other was purchased 1 day later from the same store and activated on the same day - 1 day later ( machine 2)

Yesterday, machine 1 responded with the Warning message, there is a problem with the cooling system - please shut down the machine and return it for service.

Today machine 2 responded with the exact same message, just after being switched on after 4 hours unusual situation you say or is it some sort of built in : service generating feature ???
I am not convinced it's a fluke and there was nothing wrong with either machine that I could see.

Anyway a reboot of each machine fixed the problem, see how long it takes to return.
As you guessed it , both machines are out of warranty by a few months now.

If any of you have a similar problem, would be glad to hear from you.



Answer:Satellite L500: Warning : Problem with Cooling system message


A friend of mine has got the Satellite L500. As far as I know the notebook runs pretty well.

I?m not sure if this message has been created due to a software issue but the notebook should shuts down automatically if the cooling modules would not work properly and if the temperature would goes up to a higher level?

So I recommend watching the temp level for the next time and of course you could get in contact with an Toshiba ASP in your country if would notice higher temp or some hardware issue with the cooling module?

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My DVD player is not working.

There is power to it. The motor fires up when I eject and reinsert it. The Control Panel Troubleshooting for Hardware and Devices says it is a driver problem but cannot fix it. Problem with driver.

I have reinstalled it from Toshiba site.
Is it saving to the correct place?
I'm running Windows 7 64 Bit and chose the correct driver for this.

Should I be using the 64bit?
I only have 3MB RAM which was the spec when bought.

If I wanted to change to the 32bit how do you do it without the CD/DVD player?
Is there any point in doing this?



Answer:Satellite L500-1CQ PSLS0E - CD/DVD drive does not work - Driver problem?


To be honest I?m a little bit confused.
Are you not able to boot from ANY disks; Windows disk, recover disk, Linux disk???

If it?s the case, then this means that you CD/DVD drive is faulty.
Why? Because CD/DVD drive is recognized and controlled by BIOS while booting from CD or DVD.

When Windows operating system has booted up, then the CD/DVD drive should use the common Microsoft driver which is a part of the Windows OS.
This means that you don?t need to install ANY drivers in order to get the CD/DVD working.

If you can boot from any disk but if the CD/DVD drive is not recognized in MY Computer, then I recommend checking this:

Before you would delete the upper and lower filters from the registry, delete the CD/DVD drive from device manager and then go to registry and remove filters. Then reboot the unit.

Good luck

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I need a new keyboard for my L500 and found out, that the keyboad of the P200 (and some other models) seems to be the same (105 keys, num pad, 2 win keys). Are those keyboards 100% compatible or do they just look the same?

Answer:Satellite L500 and Satellite P200 - compatible keyboards?


In my opinion this question is for Toshiba service and not for user-to-user forum.

Anyway I think that both keyboards are not the same and you should order 100% identical keyboard designed for your notebook model.

Question is: why do you look for keyboards for old notebook models if you can order new one for L500.
On eBay you can get it quite affordable.

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hi there!!

i had a toshiba satellite a300 that unfortunately died... i want to take the hard disk drive from it an put it on my cousin's toshiba satellite l500 laptop...
I siply put it to l500 but it stacks at a point that shows again and again something about media test and more...

What i'm supposed to do?
Te strange (to me that i'm not very computer guy) is that at bios setting shows the model of the hard disk...
I mean that the l500 recognises the drive...please help me...

thanks in advance..

Answer:HDD swop from Satellite A300 to Satellite L500


Satellite A300 supports the same HDD like a Satellite L500. Both use the SATA HDD therefore the inserted HDD should work.
Its good sign, that the HDD is visible in BIOS. This means that HDD is recognized and in good condition.

I?m wondering what you have done after the HDD has been inserted.
Did you try to install the system using Toshiba recovery disk or another disk?
Did you try to format the HDD firstly?

Try to boot form the system disk and format the HDD firstly.
Then follow with system installation

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Satellite L500/049
Part Number - PSLS3A-049002

my note book model is this one. When i buy this computer on last December. I install 32bit Window 7 . Then i found out the ram only used 2.84GB.

So i follow the toshiba webpage to recover my computer and upgrate to 64bit Window7. But final i found out the ram still 4GB (2.84GB used)

so how can i make the ram from 2.84 to 4.00 GB ?????? = ''4.00GB (4.00GB used)


Answer:4GB ram use on Satellite L500/049


Not sure if it solves your problem but try:

Go Start-Control Panel-System security -Administrative tools- System configuration-Boot - advanced options
make sure that maximum Memory option is not checked. If it's checked, uncheck, press Apply, Ok and restart.

Message was edited by: Jeka-IL

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I have a Satellite L500-02C and I install Windows 7 32bit from original version of 64bit to run application that wouldn't work on it. I have installed all drivers for the 32bit, but I am having trouble getting the drivers for the touchpad (synaptic) also the driver for the function keys. I have tried the Toshiba web site download from there but they don't work.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500-02C

Download and install the 32bit versions of the Toshiba Value Added Package and the Flashcards Support Utility from the L500 drivers page. 64bit version may not work.

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When I ran a diagnostic report on my laptop (Satellite L500-1XL) it said that my RAM was low and to upgrade it for better performance - it has been very slow to start up as of late.
However I have discovered that my model has been discontinued and I'm not sure what to do.
Any suggestions?

Bear in mind I am a total novice when it comes to computers so nothing too technical please!
Thank you.

Answer:Low RAM in Satellite L500-1XL

With more RAM your notebook will have better performance.
According notebook specification your notebook is delivered with 2 GB RAM but it can be upgraded up to 4 GB.

So buy second 2 GB RAM and upgrade your notebook.

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On the spesifications of the Satelite L500-1V1 it says that there is 4096MB DDR3 RAM with 1066MHz, but why is there only 533MHz in each card?

I don't suppose you have to multiply it with 2?

Answer:RAM MHZ on Satellite L500-1V1


As far as I know the notebook has been equipped with the DDR3 1066MHz (PC3-8500) 2GB modules?
There are two modules means notebook uses 4GB RAM.

But the 1066MHz can be reached only if the FSB (front side bus) would support 1066MHz too?


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I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-1XC. will it take an solid state drive to replace the hdd inside it now?
I was looking at the Toshiba 120gb stor.E comes with caddy, cables, and software to clone you old hdd, its SATA III.


Answer:Can I use SSD with my Satellite L500-1XC?

Of course you can use SSD. When you do this you will see how fast your notebook runs.
I recommend you Samsung 840 Series SSD. I use it with my Satellite notebook.

Which one you want to use is your decision.

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I would like to ask if this model can take video card with bigger memory or if this card can take bigger memory
''ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1)''
Thank you .

Answer:Satellite L500-1D9 - GPU with more memory

Check please
Toshiba doesn't support GPU upgrade so you cannot use more powerful graphic card with your notebook.

Unfortunately hardware upgrade is very limited and supported is RAM and HDD upgrade.

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I formatted my Satellite L500-1ZP (PSLS9E) and thought idd install win xp instead of win7 (dont have the backup disk/partition)
now when i start it up with the windows XP cd in it the blue screen "windows setup" starts but when its finished loading it gives me an error code:
"*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78DA63C, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"

I've read somewhere that I need to download SATA drivers for my laptop and make a windows xp installation disk with the SATA drivers on it???

I've tried searching these drivers but i dont know wich ones i need and how to make the installation disk
Do I copy my original windows XP home cd and put the drivers in a folder somewhere on the disk?

I hope someone can solve my problem because the laptop is just one year old and I dont really want to buy a new one...

Answer:How to install WXP on my Satellite L500-1ZP?

I just hope you have created recovery DVD before you have started to install own OS. After own OS installation you will not have access to recovery data anymore.

You are right. For WXP installation you need SATA driver. How to install WXP on newer notebook models you can read on

At the end I must say that your last sentence is pretty confusing for me. You have bought notebook designed for Win7 and you want to use old WXP on it. Do you really think you must buy new notebook if you want to install WXP?

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I have a L500-19Z laptop and wish to plug it into TV to watch films. Noticed it has an HDMI port.

Would an HDMI cable be sufficient to plug into TV? It also has another port similar to a DV port? can you use this also? if so what cable would I need for the latter.


Answer:Plugging Satellite L500-19Z into TV

If your notebook and TV have HDMI ports then buy high quality HDMI cable and use it to cvonnect your notebook to the TV.

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I cannot get my Toshiba Satellite L500 13T PSLJ3E to work. Here is the timeline:

1. I brought it with Win Vista, It worked great for about 6 months but started slowing down and I decided to change it to Windows 7

2. I installed the Windows 7 using custom install(creating new "windows" folder, not upgrading Vista). Once again it worked great for about a month, but once again it ran into trouble - showing the Windows 7 version of the blue screen of death for 0.5 seconds followed by a restart.

3. I browsed the net and they said that the easiest way to get rid of the problem is to re-install. I did it(after trying several windows repairs) but yes, thats right, it died - before starting the windows it showed problems with Realtek Wireless.

4. I had hopes that third time - the charm will work and re-re-installed the W7(every time using new installation).
Once more time - doesnt work, but this time I cannot even get to install it - the windows installer stops at around 60% of the expanding files and says: problems with the media device. And after the restart I cannot find the Hard Drive(the BIOS shows only FDD and CD/DVD)

Now I'm stuck here, the only way to start the windows is by Safe Mode on my Wondows installed on point 3, yet not every time .
Unfortunately the first of my Recovery DVDs cannot start and on top of that I cannot enter into the recovery partition by pressing 0 at start up, but I see the Recovery Partition when I go to the WIndows in... Read more

Answer:Cannot run the OS on Toshiba Satellite L500

Blue screen and then restart sound's like something with hardware is wrong. I had something like that when my RAM module failed. Check your memory using memtest.

PS. I will not recommend installing windows on windows and reinstalling it. Better format drive and install new clean OS.

edit: or maybe something with your hard drive - if you had an option pull out you hard drive and check it on another computer using HDtune (or something like that)

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I'm currently having issues with my Toshiba Satellite L500 series. The problem being, I can run purchased audio CDs, as well as DVD movies, but I can NOT run DVDrom games. Music CDs automatically start up Media Player just fine, as well as movies with their corresponding players.. DVDrom Games (such as Dragon Age Origins and Left 4 Dead) will not read, nor be recognized. When I go through "Computer" and try to access the game, it says "No disc available. Please insert disc into D: drive". So from what I'm understanding, the CD/DVD rom can not be completely broken if it is reading all types, except for DVDrom games.

Can someone PLEASE help me with this! It's rather frustrating since my computer is just now at a year old! I'd hate to think all computer companies sell computers that fall apart after a year.... I was hoping it was different with Toshiba.

Once again, CD/DVDrom can read CDs and DVD movies, but NOT DVDrom Games. Please help!!! Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite L500 - Can't run DVD-ROM games

Hi adecker,

Maybe it?s caused due the upper and lower filters in registry. You should try removing it as you can read in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

I had a similar problem that certain disks can?t be read anymore. So I went thorugh the forum and founded out to clean the CD/DVD drive lens by using a microfiber cloth. Be careful if you do this and don?t scratch the lens.
Check this!!!

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My Satellite L500-13W got the cmos battery broken and now it wont post it just turn on the fan for a second and turns off right after
Is it possible to fix the cmos battery?

Answer:Satellite L500-13W is not posting

I forgot to say that my cmos battery is soldered to MB

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Hi All!

I have noticed that Intel have released new drivers for their 4500MHD graphic card, however, the one's released on Toshiba's site for my Satellite L500-1KK are older and are never updated as frequently as those released on Intel's site, my questions are:

1. Is it safe to use the new drivers from Intel for their chipset or should I stick to the ones released by Toshiba?
2. What possible differences are there between these Intel drivers and Toshiba's? ?:|

Thanks all!

Answer:Satellite L500-1KK - Which driver to use?


You see, dude, If everything works fine don't touch the system with any driver update. I still run my laptop with the old drivers and satisfied.

> 1. Is it safe to use the new drivers from Intel for their chipset or should I stick to the ones released by Toshiba?

Yes, you can use intel chipset drivers and shouldn't be worry :)

> What possible differences are there between these Intel drivers and Toshiba's??

As I know, they are pretesed by Toshiba.

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to replace the existing 2Gb factory fit memory with 2 x 4Gb .

I've purchased the memory after confirming the memory requirements by manufacturer and model.
When installed the Bios correctly reports 8Gb installed yet when I allow the computer to boot the screen sits blankly with a cursor blinking in the top left corner. Leaving the unit for up to an hour makes no difference.

I've tried to load each sim individually with the same result and have replaced the memory once already with the supplier to no avail.

The memory supplier has now suggested going back to Toshiba (I guess out of desperation).

Am I doing anything fundamentally wrong ?

Answer:Upgrading RAM on Satellite L500-1XC to 8GB

> I've purchased the memory after confirming the memory requirements by manufacturer and model.
Can you please explain this with more details?

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So today I decided to restart my computer because it was being a bit slow.

Now the whole laptop wont even boot up. In the picture that happens, then it brings me to the boot menu.
I try every boot option but it just brings me back to the boot menu.

When i try to system recover, the screen turns black after it says 'Windows is loading files'.
I havent done anything to it in the last 24 hours.

What it looks like when i boot up.

Answer:Satellite L500 won't boot

On the picture its visible that the notebook tries to boot from the HDD?. But obviously this procedure fails.
Therefore I would assume that the internal HDD does not work properly?
Probably the previous slowdowns were related to the HDD issues.

Try to boot from using a Linux Live CD or another bootable system live disk (WinPE)
Such ?Live CDs? don?t install anything on the HDD and usually even if the HDD would be faulty, the notebook could be booted up.

Finally I think you will need to replace the HDD in order to reinstall the system.

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Im looking to upgrade my Toshiba L500-1ZP
Upgrade includes 2 x 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz a SSD 500GB and changing out the current i3 330M with an i5 580M (tdp on both is 35W)

The only problem im walking against is Bios support for the i5 580M
Did Toshiba make 1 bios version for ALL L500 series laptops?
ifso can any one tell me if there is a toshiba l500 series laptop with a i5 580m cpu?

Thanks in advanced?

Answer:RAM upgrade of Satellite L500

not sure about the bios, but you might wanna make sure that the i3 die is the same as the i5 die (in shape and size). It should be because mobile i3/5/7's are basically all the same 2c4t with different clocks and cache amounts

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does anybody know why the L500-1VT is out of stock everywhere online and the estimated times till new stock arrives keep getting pushed back?

are Toshiba replacing this model with one just a good? i.e. i5 CPU and decent ATI graphics?

Answer:Satellite Pro L500-1VT - not on stock anywhere?


As far as I know the Satellite Pro L500-1VT is available ONLY in Italy and UK.
If you are leaving somewhere else, then you would need to search for another Pro L500 model with the same hardware specifications.

I?m sure some online dealers would offer similar Pro L500 models?


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Can I change the CPU and GPU on my Satellite L500-210? If so, what is compatible?

Memory DDR3 2x2024 (4096 mb)
Chipset GM45
BIOS 2.10 05/06/2010
Socket P ( 478 pin micro FCPGA )
is currently INTEL DUAL-CORE T4500 2x2.3 GHz x64
GPU: Ati Radeon HD 4500 series 512 MB

Can I put a CORE 2 QUAD e.g. 9000 / 9100 / 9200 ?

Answer:Can I change the CPU and GPU on my Satellite L500-210?

Before we start discussion about this check please at first.

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Hi all,

The DVD is not recognized when a dvd is popped into the laptop.
I have tried to reinstall the driver but no luck.
Does anyone have an idea?



Answer:DVD is not recognized on Satellite L500-1XJ

It is not easy to say what is wrong there.
We don?t even know which DVDs do you use.

Maybe you should write little bit more about all this and offer some fact and relevant info. You know, for better understanding.

By the way, which driver you have installed again?

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I didn't use my laptop for 2 weeks and now when I try to turn it on there is no sign of life other than the power lights at the front when it's plugged in. It's not just a screen issue - there are no whirring noises or anything when I try to turn it on, I just get nothing.

So far I have tried:

A power cycle
Changing the power supply and battery with my dad's identical computer.
Removing each of the two RAM sticks one at a time, repeating the power cycle, and trying to turn on.
Disconnecting the DVD drive and turning on.

None of these worked.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Satellite L500-1XD will not turn on


> Removing each of the two RAM sticks one at a time, repeating the power cycle, and trying to turn on.

What you could try to power up the unit using the RAM modules which are used in Dad?s identical notebook.
In case this does not help, I would assume some kind of motherboard malfunction might be the reason why the notebook cannot be powered ON.

How to solve this?
I guess you have no many options; the faulty part needs to be replaced. But I think this is a matter of expense

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Can anyone tell me if there is any drivers for a satellite laptop L500-1EK for windows 10 x64 cuz I looked everywhere and I didn't find any.
Thanks, George

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I would like to restore my Toshiba back to the factory settings.

I have tried to press F8 during startup to acces repair menu, but the recovery wizard is not an option.
I have tried pressing 0 while starting up but no recovery wizard there either.

I can see the HDD folder at the drive E: but there does not seem to be an option for starting recovery there eihter

Any suggestions what to do?

Answer:How to use HDD recovery on Satellite L500?

Do you use original preinstalled OS hat you got with your notebook or own OS version?

Have you created recovery discs? If yes, use these discs for recovey image installation.

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What make and model is the Ethernet? I have looked at manual but it doesn't mention it.


Answer:Which LAN card is used on my Satellite L500-1XJ?


Your notebook has Realtek LAN card inside.

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I have just purchased a Toshiba Satellite L500, switched it on and the first thing it is doing is going to the "System Recover Menu". Is this what it is supposed to do???

I selected the 64 bit option and now it comes up with a big "WARNING" that all my data will be overwritten. HELP I go ahead with this system recovery stuff.

This is a brand new laptop never been switched on before.

Answer:Question about Satellite L500

This notebook model is not known to me but I presume your notebook is delivered with Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit operating systems. When you start it for the first time you must make decision which one you want to use.

If you choose 64-bit version other one will be deleted and you can use installed version only.
So think twice before you choose OS you want to use.

Later when the OS is installed first thing you should do is to create recovery installation DVD. If something goes wrong you will be able to install chosen operating system using this disc.
For DVD creation use please preinstalled "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator". I am pretty sure shortcut for quick start you can find on the desktop.

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Hi All

I am new to this forum. I have been given a Toshiba Satellite L500 to attempt to repair and the fault is that the laptop was shutdown normally and now will not turn on.

I have checked the power adapter which is giving out 19.25v. I have stripped the laptop down to motherboard level and have checked where the DC jack plug is soldered to the motherboard and that also reads 19.25v with the adapter plugged in. Can anyone suggest a possible cause.

My initial thoughts are a motherboard failure but any other ideas are very welcome.


Answer:Satellite L500 is not Switching ON

Your description is OK but we still don?t know some facts.

When notebook is connected to AC power supply is power LED on notebook ON or not?
Is battery LED on (charging)?

On this virtual way we can just speculate what the problem can be but if there is no power supply there must be problem with power supply electronic and, I?m afraid, you need some professional help with this.

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I am experiencing a "little" problem. Everything started with the following BSOD :

0x00009C (0x00000000, 0x8922c94c, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I managed to find out that the touchpad is faulty. I disconnected it , problem solved.

It was working fine until I noticed that only one core is working out of 2 (Intel i3 M330).

In the BIOS I found:

Dynamic CPU Freqency Mode - Always Low

Core Multi-Processing - Disabled

So I switched them on to:

Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode - Dynamic

Core Multi-Processing - Enabled

For first the windows 7 64bit crashed with the followind BSOD message:

STOP 0x0000009C (0x0000000000000000, 0xFFFFF88002F6BB70, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000)

Since this message I can switch it on but there is no display, no response.

Is there any solution for this?

Modell: Satellite L500- 1QK


Answer:Satellite L500 BSOD

>Since this message I can switch it on but there is no display, no response.

I?m afraid I don?t understand this? what do you mean by ?no display? exactly?
Can you see the Toshiba splash screen and can you access the BIOS properly?

From my understanding this BIOS should be set to default settings (in BIOS press F9 and F10 to save the changes) in order to get the same BIOS settings configured by Toshiba? then the BIOS should be configured properly.

Generally speaking the BSOD appears due to serious software or hardware problem.
In most cases the system recovery should solve system problems but if the BSOD would still appear even after the usage of recovery disk, then I would assume your hardware is affected.

This would mean that any single hardware parts like memory or motherboard should be tested

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Where can I get the driver for the FN key?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500-1XZ - Where to get FN key driver?


You can download all drivers and tools here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

You need Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility.

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My notebook have a built in camera, and this camera thos not inicialize,

I ave done a HDD recovery, and after that the web camera software was not installed. I downloaded de this software an the camera drivers and instaled it in the laptop, but the camera, but the camera doesn't work any way.

There are some way to fix it?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L500 - Web Cam is not working

The question is: is cam hardware recognized and detected by the system or not?
Can you see it in device manager?

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l500 is slow and hangs or takes ages to respond, Streaming is all so a problem, takes long to buffer

Answer:Satellite L500 shutters


Did you try new OS installation?
Try that using the HDD recovery option. (press F8 while powering the notebook and choose repair my computer)

Did you scan the OS for some viruses?
If not, do that!

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