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Satellite L670-134 - CPU upgrade question

Question: Satellite L670-134 - CPU upgrade question


I would like to upgrade my 5 year old laptop, because of memory... I have now changed and a SSD hard drive added (500GB) and a new battery but I want more: the processor ... I have read in the Internet that this is but one has at its manufacturer which processors ask for the device suitable and this I want to do with it what better processor I could use in my good old laptop purely build the perfect works with all components.

Additionally the graphic chip (if possible) but ...

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L670-134 - CPU upgrade question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L670-134 - CPU upgrade question

Check for cpu upgrade in the cpu support upgrades forum section

and place a request there they will ask u to fill in some information with CPU-Z program then they can determin which cpu upgrade is best for your laptop.

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I'm new to the forum having just purchased a Satellite L670-1DR.

Has anybody out there any idea if its possible to fit a blu ray drive to my laptop, and if so which is the best one to buy.

Many Thanks.

Answer:Satellite L670-1DR - Upgrade with a Blu ray drive?


Theoretically a Blu Ray drive should be possible but I think in this case you need a 100% sure answer that you don?t buy something that will not work and you shouldn?t make any experiments.
There are some L670 models on the market they have Blu ray drive so I?m sure an authorized service provider in your country can sell you such a compatible drive. Here it?s only an user to user forum so I don?t think somebody can tell you what drive is compatible or not.

You can find a list of ASPs here:

I?m sure you can clarify this problem with the guys ;)

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Can I upgrade my RAM memory? I have stock 2x2GB. Could I replace these two with one RAM module of 8GB ?
Also what frequency to choose?

Can I put 8GB with 1600MHz?

Answer:Re: Satellite L670-112 - RAM module upgrade

According notebook specification you can upgrade it up to 8GB RAM and I found info that you can use 2 x 4GB modules. Compatible 4GB RAM has part number PA3677U-1M4G.

I don?t know if you can use one module only but I?m pretty sure that 8GB modules are pretty expensive at the moment.
Do you think one 8GB module has some advantage compared to 2 x 4GB modules?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L670 and I was wondering if i could change the DVD Drive and put a Blu-Ray one.
Can that be done?

Answer:Satellite L670 - Upgrade to Blu-ray drive

Hi evilgr,

Theoretically it should be no problem to upgrade to a Blu-ray drive. Other Satellite L670 models where equipped with such a drive so theoretically it?s no problem.

Best is you contact an authorized service provider in your country. The guys can tell you what drive is compatible and order it for you. Not all drives are compatible to all notebooks so it?s important that you buy a compatible drive.

Please get in contact with an authorized service provider. The guys can order such a drive.

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I try to upgrade the RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB. When I replace the two 2GB modules by 2 4GB modules the BIOS (which is the newest) realizes the 8GB, but the boot doesn't start. There's just the white not blinking cursor.

When I put in 1 4GB module and 1 2GB module the system boots with no problem and has 6 GB. I have checked both 4GB modules, they are working in any combination but not when both are installed together.

I couldn't find any jumper or bios settings for RAM...

Any idea?

Thanks in advance for some help

Answer:Satellite L670-1EE does not boot after RAM Upgrade 4GB to 8GB

The last plausible explanation is that both modules are ok but not compatible to each other.
The notebook can be upgraded up to 8GB RAM. This should not be a problem since the unit supports the Mobile Intel HM55 Express Chipset.

So I think you should replace the modules? Kingston modules are great and work trouble free.

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Hello, does anybody know if there is a recovery partition on die HD or do I have to use the DVDs to recover my system?

Edit: I have just found it myself. But I still have the problem that I do not not get there. The manual says to press "0" while booting but I can just choose to start my system or use some diagnose tools.

Answer:Satellite L670 - Recovery Question

If notebook has ?factory settings? recovery partition should be there but we don?t know what have you done in the past with your notebook.

If you have recovery disc use these discs for recovery image installation.

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Recently I have been tying to run some simulations in my laptop and my media accelarator ,Intel? Graphics Media Accelerator HD struggles for even basic simulations.

I want to add a graphics card in my laptop, does any one know any compatible versions of graphics card that can be added, something around 1GB atleast if possible.



Answer:Re: Satellite L670-12J - Graphic card upgrade possible?


Such an upgrade is not possible, mate. The graphic card is fixed on mainboard and therefore you can?t exchange it. It?s not as easy as on desktop computer due smaller form factor.

For simulations or let?s say games you should buy a Qosmio notebook because they are especially designed for this kind of applications. They are really great and fast. :)

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I have upgraded my Toshiba Satellite L670 from Windows 7 (64bit) to Windows 10 although it is not mentioned in the list of allowed laptops. First I had no problems with Microsoft office programs like Word or Excel. Open Office and all other programs like Internet-Security-Software etc. work without problems.
The only feature, I found until last week, which does not work, is: it is not possible to read Data from a camera (Olympus), from video camcorder (Sony) and from navigation device (TomTom route map) via USB. The file manager of Win 10 recognizes the connected device and displays it, but there is no option (Explorer) to read the data.

Which driver from Toshiba must be updated/upgraded to activate this feature for Windows 10?

Currently I returned to Windows 7.


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I have this satelite and i will upgrate the video card is that possible ?
I shold help some details . What video card cand make in .

Answer:Satellite L670-1H1 - video card upgrade

GPU card on mobile machines cannot be upgraded.
More about that you can read on -

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Hi there,

My 3 month old-new toshiba laptop has a problem with the screen resolution. Firefox and office 2010 appear crystal clear on the screen. Progams like google chrome, MS works, Skype and the toshiba board come with the wrong resolution. This resuls in a blurry image and a headache. Can someone please explain what to do to solve this issue?

Please help.


Answer:Question about screen resolution on Satellite L670

Hello Roos

Can you please tell us what resolution settings are defined at the moment?

Check it please on this way: right click on the desktop > Screen resolution > Resolution?
According notebook specification it should be 1600 x 900.

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I?ve upgrade my L670 from Win7 to Win10. After upgrade the Fn-Key don't work. Is there a way, to recover the functionality of these buttons in Windows 10.


Answer:Satellite L670 Fn keys don't work after Windows 10 upgrade


Each notebook function requires special tools and utilities.
In case of FN keys, Toshiba software controls this functionality.

But as far as I know the Satellite L670 will not get any Windows 10 utilities so probably this keys will not work running Win 10.

Here details about the Windows 10 upgrade:

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Hi Folks,

Have just bought online the above model of laptop boosted to 6GB RAM and had a few second thoughts re its suitability for specific tasks after reading a forum or 2 - (not this one). As I haven't booted it up because I can return it for full refund (but must notify seller before Wednesday 12th and can't boot it if I want refund) I have not been able to resolve issues I may have namely;

1. I bought it as a general purpose laptop for it's large screen (have never owned a laptop before and been used to 23" screen on a desktop) BUT I do a reasonably amount of photography and the machine must display images to a decent standard. That is a prerequisite for buying the Toshiba. If it won't then it can go back. Sadly I have not been able to find similar model in any store locally to see how it performs.

2. Have read it viewing angles are not great.

3. Sound quality is poor.

Have any of you experience with this model, particulary if you are a photgraphy, and can you comment please? Any help whatsoever will be appreciated.

Many thanks.

Answer:Satellite Pro L670-14P - Question about screen for image editing

> 1. I bought it as a general purpose laptop for it's large screen (have never owned a laptop before and been used to 23" screen on a desktop) BUT I do a reasonably amount of photography and the machine must display images to a decent standard. That is a prerequisite for buying the Toshiba. If it won't then it can go back. Sadly I have not been able to find similar model in any store locally to see how it performs

You can use this notebook for different purposes
The notebook supports an 17.3 HD+ TFT Color LCD with an resolution of 1600 x 900 and 16:9 aspect ration.
For me it sounds like a great LCD!

>2. Have read it viewing angles are not great.

_Horizontal Viewing Angle_
-40~ +40 degrees(Min.), -45 ~ +45 degrees(Typ.)

_Vertical Viewing Angle_
-10~ +30 degrees(Min.), -15~ +35 degrees(Typ.)

Dot Pitch 0.2388 x 0.2388 mm

> 3. Sound quality is poor.
The notebook supports the Realtek ALC259-GR sound chip as most notebooks.
Cannot say anything about the speakers? but it looks like they are not too small?

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is it possible to add a second hard drive on the L670-1CN ? I would like to buy a laptop which has this feature to put a ssd in a second bay.

Thank you for your help.

Answer:Satellite L670-1CN - Second HDD possible?

Hi buddy,

Why you don?t answer this question yourself?

If you have a second HDD bay, remove the HDD cover. Can you see a second SATA connector?
If yes it?s possible to use a second HDD, otherwise not because you can?t upgrade it with such a connector.

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As I sit in front of my new L670 laptop, from the left end of the keyboard comes a frequent whirring up and down sound that i'm pretty sure is the CPU fan
(not the HD).
How much of this is too much? I find it disturbing.There's no sound like it from my 1 year old Toshiba. The temperature of the room is a constant 20degrees, so it isn't overheating.
And it does it even when sitting idle with only the Windows7 screen up ie no software activity going on at all.

I'm worried this is a defective computer. It's 2 days old (to me) - purchased brand new. Still could take it back.

Grateful for any thoughts.


Answer:Satellite L670 cpu fan noise


I don?t know how do you use your notebook but for ?normal usage? I recommend you to use balanced power plan. Enter advanced power settings for balanced power plan and open Toshiba power saver.
There you will find ?Cooling method? options.
Set it on battery optimized.

This should reduce cooling fan activity.
Please test it.

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'fn' key doesn't work properly because I can only use volume keys, other functions don't work at all.

Answer:'fn' key problem in Satellite L670-1KO

I selected 'answered' by mistake.

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I bought a Sattelite L670-187 three weeks ago. There is a serious typing lag (slow, repeating the same letter, creating spaces when not typed, no typing response at all, etc) in all MO 2010-applications (Word, Outlook, Excell). I've gradually worked my way through all options (re-install Windows 7 -64, reinstall Office), only to find on a US Toshiba support forum that the problem is due to the Sattellite itself.

Dozens of similar complaints from recent Sattellite byers were listed there, all with the exact same typing problem. A Toshiba engineer named Jim requested serial and part numbers this week and promised Toshiba would (finally) look into this problem and provide a solution.

Can anyone tell me how long this can take and what form this solution will take? Isa

Answer:Satellite L670-187 - Typing lag


This theme was discussed a lot of time here in the forum.
The BIOS update should solve this slow typing keyboard issue.

Furthermore you should play around with the settings which you could find here:
Control Panel" - "Ease of Access" - "Change how your Keyboard works" - "Setup Bounce Keys

In my case this improved the keyboard functionality

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I had a msg error fews days ago on the boot menu HDD TOSHIBA MK7575GSX is failed.
After 2 recovery using F8 key and one defrag I managed to make it work again,but Toshiba told me that my hard disk is dying and that I'll have to replace it as soon as possible.Toshiba is definitly too expensive (280EUR for same HD!), my HD is HDD SATA 2.5 750GB divided onto 2 partitions 349 & 348GB.
Capacity : 750 Go
Hauteur : 9.5 mm
Interfaces : 1 x SATA 3 Gb-s

I found my HD @ 72EUR second hand let's say but I'm not very hot buying it.

Question: somebody could recommand a HD to replace the original one ? Max price 80EUR capacity 500GB minimum.

I found a HDD 2.5 Seagate/Samsung Momentus 1TB 5400 rpm SATA-300 ST1000LM024 ?72EUR, I ask to the seller if compatible with my Satellite.

What is the best way to save my OS knowing that I would like to save the factory recovery option integrated on my HD that I used to restore
my laptop using F8 key.

For info : I bought a crucial ssd for my Qosmio x870-13v last year, they gave me a serial for Acronis software. I used it once to create an image of my Qosmio under windows 10 but the result was very bad when I tried to used it back, I had to make a factory restoration (it's Toshiba itself who changed my HD using the image I provided them). Then, Acronis image, I'm not very confident with this software.

Any advice welcome,
Guillaume (french)

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since some weeks I cant use my webcam! I allready tried to reinstall with the driver from this page, without success! So who can help me? There was an error message, and i clicked to do not show this again.

Something like: The Webcam isnt installed.
I cant see other people with there cam too! Perhaps graphic driver?

Answer:Cam is defect on my Satellite L670-1LJ

Can you please tell us which notebook model and operating system do you use?

Have you tried to roll back OS to earlier time using system restore tool?

Is cam installed properly and listed in device manager?

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It appears as if this model is not yet ready for Windows 10. Has anyone with same model installed W10 yet and what limitations found if any?

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I have just purchased a new laptop and have windows xp installed. After installing some other programs and then turning the computer off, it would not turn back on again. A blue error message screen appears but I can't read it because it flashes on and off the screen too quickly. It enters into a loop where Windows never starts, a screen appears that says that windows was unable to start and gives me several options such as "restart windows securely" or "restart windows using a previous configuration." No matter what option I select, it returns to the blue error message screen and then back to the screen telling me to select an option.

I have tried reinstalling Windows XP with the original disc from Toshiba. It worked for three days and then the same problems occurred again. The last thing I did before I turned it off was to install a plug in from Adobe. I installed it again this morning and I am worried that this error loop is going to happen again. I don't know why this is happening and I want to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Answer:Satellite Pro L670 and windows XP

I also don?t know why this happen but let us at first clarify some basic stuff.

Which notebook model do you have exactly (L670-xxx)?
Have you got original WXP recovery disc with your notebook?
Have you changes SATA settings in BIOS?

Please enter BIOS and set it to default settings. After doing this install OS again using original WXP disc if you got it with your notebook.

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Hi all,

I have a Satellite L670-1DG laptop (out of garantee) and I would like to change the HDD 5400 rpm to 7200 rpm.
Is it technically possible on this machine ? Is is necessary to use a Toshiba HDD (or is it open) ?

Thanks for your responses.

Answer:Satellite L670-1DG - Can I use an 7200rpm HDD?

Of course you can use it and no it must not be Toshiba HDD.
Only thing that can happen is that this faster HDD produce a bit more heat so the place where the HDD is placed can be a bit more hot than usual.

That?s all.

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Hello everybody and excuse for my bad english.

I actually have a laggy probleme with my computer that is only 3 months old. I can't play any games or write correctly because my systeme lag every 2 seconds or something like that.

er's an example of he kind of senence I get if I don't orrect jut after writing.

A friend of mine has the same computer and the same problem. Could you help me please ?

Answer:Lag system on Satellite L670-1FU

Try to update BIOS. Maybe this will help.

Is HDD active when this happen (HDD LED is blinking)?

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Ok, here goes ...

I've got a Tosh Satellite L670 with all the toshiba trimmings, including recovery centre and the hidden recovey drive/image. All good so far. Until the I had a disk crash :( So, no toshiba recovery centre, and no factory image. And, being a software developer (not a hardware tech), I didn't create a set of recovery DVD's.

Foolishly, I didn't get around to it, so my bad.

I managed to get a bootable Windows7 disk, and got a DOS prompt, and managed to reformat the main disk and boot sector. Then I got an image of another, very similar, Toshiba, loaded that image, re-registered windows 7 and got the old girl back up and running. Obviously, I'm still having problems as the images are a bit incompatible, but I've got a working system, so I can go online and do normal stuff, but I wanted to reset the whole thing back to its factory settings. I got the reset discs for my make/model sent to me by toshiba (for a price, of course).

The instructions to use the factory reset discs are very simple. Put the disc in the dvd drive, shut down the laptop, restart it, press F12, and choose 'Boot from DVD'.

Did that ... Didn't work :( The message I get is that the DVD boot failed.

My problem now is that I (allegedly) have 2 factory reset discs supplied by Toshiba, and no way to use them. I've done a little research, and the files on the discs (SWM files) appear to be split windows image files (WIM files), so I downloaded the Windows System Image Manager to see... Read more

Answer:Cannot recover my Satellite L670

Hello Rico

It is really bad situation now. Generally speaking if recovery disc is created properly it should work. It is not designed for some kind of manipulation and either it works or not. I don?t think you can do anything about that.

Try please to use it several times and if the same error will happen again and again I recommend you to contact Avato and explain the situation.

Guidance from Toshiba? Here on user-to-user forum? Forget it. All you can do is to contact Toshiba service provider in your country and ask for help or advice.

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(sorry for my English, i'm French)

I was working on MSWord when suddenly my display became red. I can read what is display but lot of pixels are red...
I try to reboot, and when BIOS is loading the image is already red...
I load Linux (on another partition), and the problem is the same.
I connect an external display to verify : the image is impeccable.
It's seems to be a problem of hardware, no ?

Thank you for your help !

Answer:Red pixels on my Satellite L670-1KZ


To show you my problem, see this two image : the first is the original, the seconde is how i see it.

<a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' href=''><img src='' border='0'/></a>

<a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' href=''><img src='' border='0'/></a>

In fact, on my computer i see the same image with the same defaults ;(

What do you think about that ?

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I have to replace the LCD display of my "L670-1HD". So i?m searching for an online-shop (best in germany) that sells the right screens to a low price with good quality.

Does anyone know some good shops?

Thanks a lot!

Answer:Satellite L670-1HD - need new display

Good quality and low price???
Well, either you will get an original display which was built in the L670 series or you will search in Ebay for some 2nd hand parts?

In my opinion the display is very costly part? sometimes its better to purchase some 2nd hand parts as a new part which would be more expensive as an new notebook.

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Cannot switch off at all.Works ok but on permanently.Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Cannot switch my Satellite L670-1DN off

Can you please post more details?
Do you use original OS that you got with it?
Since when you have this problem?

What happen when you try to switch it off on regular way using start button?

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Since yesterday I'm receiving notice from Toshiba Bulletin Board that a new version of the BIOS is available, version 2.30-WIN dated 02/14/12.

Since i'm in the process of struggling and asking myself if Toshiba allows users to change the default Wifi adapter, I'm interested in what this BIOS update is needed for, if it wasn't for allowing users to install their prefered Wifi adapter i'm totally happy with my current BIOS version, and not going to update to something that brings anything new or improves anything.

Therefor : Is their any page where people can find out what's new in a newer BIOS update ?
All we always get is a zipped .EXE file and a prechewed "This Bios Update adds increased functionality to your system" message on the download page....but nothing of concrete information.

Answer:Satellite L670-143 - New BIOS available, but what's new?

Hello Moose

In one thing I agree with you: don?t change BIOS if there is no radical problem with old one or with system in general. Many people here have reported about different issues after BIOS update so if you are happy with your notebook and if everything runs perfectly don?t change anything.

Problem is that on European download page you will not find any info about BIOS update. With other words there is nothing about new stuff in latest BIOS version.
It is interesting that Toshiba US offers such info so I?m asking myself where difference between offered stuff in US and Europe is. I?m not an expert for this stuff but maybe is there some reason related to law or customers protection. I don?t know.

What you can do, if you have a bit time, is to visit US page under > download, find similar model with the same BIOS update and check if you can find any useful info there.

At the end one more time: don?t change anything if everything works well. I have 2 years old Satellite P500 and use it with original BIOS and recovery image. It works perfectly. Best Toshiba notebook I had in last 10 years.

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Hello all,

Lately i bought 8 gb of ram for my toshiba.

its in 2 sticks 4gb, "integral" IN3V4GNYBGI , DDR3 1066 mhz SODIMM.

Bios is seeing all this ram properly, but after possibility to enter bios, laptop is freezing.

I have then black screen and "_" cursor blinking in upper left corner.

I've tried changing ram positions, but it didnt help.
Also i tried with my old sticks, and figured that it boots with 2gb old stick in main slot, but it won't boot with 4gb stick in main slot.

I've got bios update from 02.2011 , both sticks were checked with memtest and they seem fine.

any1 have ideas how to make it run on 2x 4gb sticks?

thanks for all answers


Answer:Satellite Pro L670-14P - problem with 8GB RAM

In my opinion the issue is related to comatibilty problems between RAM modules and the notebook.
You should test other modules from different manufacturers?
The Kingston modules should work properly? I upgraded two of my notebooks with Kingston modules and this worked perfectly?

I also read here in the forum that some users had problems with RAM upgrade and after switching to Kingston the problems had gone?

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I have an L670 laptop, the keyboard is faulty. I have already checked out other threads on this exact problem and apparently it is a worldwide fault with this laptop. Keyboard lags badly, and also repeats random letters. I know updating BIOS works for a week or two then the problem occurs again, it's not the battery either. Others have mentioned it is likely a motherboard fault but even after returning the laptop back for repair, they mention it is still not fixed.

So my question is: Is this laptop completely stuffed or can it be fixed?

I do not want to get a new one only to be faced with the exact same problem because it seems every L670 has this fault (by the way, this message has taken over 15mins to type when it should have only taken me 2mins).

Who can help me and what have Toshiba said about this issue?

Answer:Satellite L670 - Is there a fix for keyboard?

haver you contacted the toshiba service center in your country to ask them about issue?

> y the way, this message has taken over 15mins to type when it should have only taken me 2mins).

it's really crazy :(

> I do not want to get a new one only to be faced with the exact same problem because it seems every L670

What if you replace it for other Toshiba model?

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Hi Folks,

does any one know when and where to get the upgrade from WIN 7pro to WIN 10 ?

Or maybe there will be an update following.

THX for all information and possible Links

Answer:Satellite Pro L670-170 PSK3BE Update to WIn 10 possible?

All supported models you can find on
The question is if the list will be updated and increased with older models. To be honest I don't think so.

In my opinion you should used supported OS and you know that everything will works perfectly.

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So, I've started having problems with my fan and I'm not sure but I think that it's been since I've updated BIOS to version 1.50.

My fan is pretty loud, and my CPU temp is always around 45-50? which should be normal, but my fan is always around 70% and it's a bit noisy. And it goes on 90% when I open some movie or just watch a video on youtube, and it never goes down, I have to put my latpop to sleep and wait a bit and turn it on again so my fan works normally (normally as in 65-70%) again.

So I thought to try to downgrade the BIOS, it may fix the problem but I can't find the old BIOS version anywhere (The dust certainly isn't the problem cause my laptop is only 2 weeks old)?

oh and yeah, PC usage is around 5-10%, never above 35%, so there isn't really a reason for my fan to run that fast. When I open some 3D app I know that it's normal for a fan to run fast, but even when I close it it keeps running on 90%-100%.

thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite L670-112 - Fan is pretty loud


Generally speaking new and powerful hardware need a better cooling then older hardware so I think it?s normal that you notice some fan activity.

Furthermore you can adjust the fan control in Windows Power Management. There you can choose between different modes and adjust the fan a little bit. Maybe it helps?

About BIOS downgrade: This is not possible. If you want an older BIOS version you must get in contact with an authorized service provider.

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I have recently purchased an SSD (Crucial M4) for my Toshiba Satellite Pro L670-14M. It performs well and certainly boosts performance. However, when I test my SSD's benchmarks, it only reaches about 230-260mb/s on sequential read speeds, when it should be getting up to 500mb/s as advertised.

I am assuming that it is because my SSD is running through SATA 3gb/s, so I am asking, does my laptop support SATA 6gb/s? If not, its not a big disappointment, although It would be great to have up to 500mb/s sequential read speeds for that extra performance.

Can anyone confirm on whether my laptop (Satellite Pro L670-14M) supports SATA 6gb/s or not?

Answer:Satellite Pro L670-14M and SATA 6GB/S Support


SATA-III was introduced in the Sandy Bridge chipset (Intel Series 6 with 2nd generation Core i CPU's).

Your notebook is a Calpella based series 5 chipset so it will have SATA II @ 300mb/s.

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I'd like to buy this laptop and I need to know something about his upgrade capabiliities:
-can I replace the 2gb module with 2 module of 4gb (total of 8gb)
-can I mount a second HD on this model?

Answer:Installing 8GB ddr3 on Satellite Pro L670-14L is possible?

> -can I replace the 2gb module with 2 module of 4gb (total of 8gb)

According to it's specifications:

standard : 2,048 MB
maximum expandability : 8,192 MB
technology : DDR3 RAM (1,066 MHz)

You may upgrade up to 8 gb DDR3

> -can I mount a second HD on this model?

i am not familiar with this model and don't know if there is an available slot. but you may use the external hard drive.

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I recently buy this notebook, but I can't connect standard 3.5 jack headphones (or microphone) - connector is too long, I can't plug it entire.

Manual says notebook have 3.5 connectors, so where is problem?

(PS: sorry for my english, I didn't use it for a few years...)

Thanks for answers.

Answer:Satellite L670-1DW - can't connect 3.5 jack

Yes, manuals says it has 3,5 mm audio port and it is standard for all Toshiba notebooks.
Where is the problem?
It is not easy to say. Maybe you use some other standard.

Talk with your local dealer and ask him where the problem is. Show the headset/ headphones and ask him what is wrong there.
It is not easy to discuss this on the forum. We don?t know which device you want to use and how it looks like.

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Since a while, I want to reinstall my version of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on my Toshiba Satellite L670-143.

Only, the problem is, whenever I try to follow these steps: or

It states that the map 'HDD Recovery' on the second station on the first disk is missing.


Answer:Satellite L670--143 - HDD recovery error


For me it sounds like that the HDD recovery files are deleted or missing so how do you start the HDD recovery installation?
Usually you can do this in advanced boot menu of Windows (F8) and then select ?Repair my Computer?. After loading some files you should be able to choose ?Toshiba HDD recovery? option.

It it doesn?t work you need the Toshiba recovery disk but did you create it?

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The notebook of my mother has a problem since yesterday. Its a L670-11R. When we start it, the monitor remains black. I tried different things, waiting, removing the battery, pressing F8 and also tried another monitor.
Nothing worked. Any ideas? We bought it exact one year ago. -.-



Answer:Satellite L670-11R - Black monitor


> pressing F8
Why pressing F8?

Can you see something on monitor like Toshiba BIOS screen or is it always black? Do you notice some HDD activity that Windows will be started or is there no HDD activity?

To make an exact diagnostic I would recommend connecting an external monitor. So you can check if the problem is related to internal monitor itself or mainboard.

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Hi all,

I would like to install a new HDD and would like to know how big the 2.5" HDD may be because there are pretty quite different sizes and in the past I probably had a problem with a notebook from other manufacturer.

Does anyone know the maximum values ??for width, depth and height of the notebook hdd?

Greeting helli

Answer:Satellite L670-134 - max compatible HDD size

Generally speaking such info is not available. You can just hope that someone who has the same notebook model post own experiences with HDD upgrade.

By the way: which HDD you want to use with your Satellite notebook?

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So i was serching for some decent gaming laptop and found : Toshiba Satellite Pro L670-14L to be a good combination power/price
but after reading some reviews i found out that many people complain that the toshiba drivers are not being updated,
which seems to be true because latest drivers for my P300 with 4500m are from 2008!

So i've checked Vista display drivers for L670 and could not find any! Even for Win7 they seem to be old already,
is that mean Toshiba does not support Vista anymore? Am I gonna have to use windows 7 only?

Answer:Vista drivers for new Satellite Pro L670-14L

As I can see in notebook specification your notebook was delivered with WIN7 64BIT HOME PREMIUM.
Can you confirm this?

Why you ask about Vista drivers if you got newest Win7 operating system. Do you want to use Vista or what?
I mean Win7 is much better OS than old Vista so I don?t understand what you want exactly. To use Vista or you ask here for newer WIn7 display driver?

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My son has a Pro L670-14P i5-430 Dual Core running Windows 7 64bit, which is less than 6 months old. He plays World of Warcraft for several hours at a time and is finding that the Laptop shuts down after maybe an hour of constant gaming.

We bought him this model because we assumed it could handle him being on various games for hours on end. Is this a problem with the laptop or should we just tell him to go easier on it? Alternatively, if this is perfectly normal for this model, is there anything we can do to upgrade the fan, assuming it is shutting down due to over heating? When he leaves it off for an hour he can then boot it up and start gaming again, but the same thing will happen again after some time.

Thanks, Ric

Answer:Satellite Pro L670-14P - Shuts down frequently


I can imagine that your son uses the notebook pretty often if he is World of Warcraft player ;) so I believe there is a lot of dust in cooling modules. That means you should clean the notebook using compressed air spray to blow out the dust from cooling ventilator. It?s very easy and takes 5 minutes only because it?s not necessary to disassemble the notebook.

An exact how to article you can find here:

I hope it helps!

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Hi there,

i need to access the BIOS but i dont know the key combination.
Tried F1 F2 DEL Backspace etc none worked.
I think i turned an option like fast boot on once before... when i turn on the laptop i cant see any postscreen, the screen stays black after turning the laptop on and then the windows logo appears.

So how do i access the BIOS!?

Answer:How to access BIOS on Satellite L670-134


Usually you can access the BIOS pressing the F2 immediately after the notebook has been powered up!
Try this once again?. you can also press F2 several times to be sure that this was accepted.

Furthermore try INS button while powering the notebook up and then F2

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To have a single 500GB partition for system and data.

Current Situation:
Partition 1 - System 232GB
Partition 2 - Data 232GB - Contains HDD Recovery data

What I have done so far:
I created the 3 recovery DVDs from the recovery partition using the toshiba software.
Restarted and booted from the recovery DVDs made, however no option is given to me during the HDD recovery proceedure allowing to alter the size of the partitions created (fixed size seems to be 232GB).

After completing the recover process I tried resizing the partition in disk manager. I formatted the data partition and converted it to unallocated space but the option to expand the system partition is unavailable.

Answer:Re: Resizing Partitions on Satellite L670-12J

> After completing the recover process I tried resizing the partition in disk manager. I formatted the data partition and converted it to
> unallocated space but the option to expand the system partition is unavailable.

I recommend you to use a program called Paragon Partition Manager. Download and install. Then, choose option restribute free space in the program. So, you will able to expand space on local C: shrinking it on local D:

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My new Satellite L670-12J running Windows 7 64bit freezes constantly, usually a few minutes after booting up almost every time I turn it on. It becomes non-responsive: I cannot switch applications, show the task manager or activate the start menu. The mouse cursor moves but shows the waiting icon and I cannot click anywhere. The harddisk light flashes in a regular way, a quick flash about once a second.

It does not seem to be related to a specific program I am running. I can happen when the computer is idle or when I am running some random application.

The only way to recover from it is turning the computer off (holding down the power button for a few seconds). Once it restarts, it works without problem until the next time I turn it on.

As I bought it just this week, should I return it to the dealer and ask for another one or is there something that I can do to fix this?


Answer:Satellite L670-12J - Becomes non-responsive constantly


Usually such freezes can be related to hardware or software problem. Have you installed any other drivers for software after you got the notebook?

Generally speaking before you return the notebook you should reinstall Windows using Toshiba recovery disk. The disk can restore factory settings and if it?s just a software problem, it will be solved after reinstalling Windows.

If not you need help from service? :(

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Hi All,

If I plug my external speakers into the headphone jack they work ok, if I then remove the jack the sound comes from the laptops internal speakers for approx 10 secs before cutting out. if I then plug in the external speakers everything is ok, I then disconnect them, the internal speakers work for approx 10 secs before cutting out........... ad infinitum

any ideas anyone ?


Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L670-103 - Sound issue

Have you tried removing currant and replacing the audio software with the latest version.


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Hi there,

Please i need your help ;

i have a Toshiba Sattelite L670 and when i am turning on the portable its stay in Black Screen :

i have bought a new LCD (new) + New MB (sencond hand) + Power Switch (second hand)

But Still dosnt up correctly : some times 1/5 its turning and i can go to the Windows but freez or dont any rebbot = Black screen when restarting !!!

When i put AC power :
1- led of AC is coming ON
When i push Power Button
2- led of power coming ON

Led of HDD is ON for 2 seconds and OFF = no more detection of HDD

The Cpu Fan continu to turning , sometimes stops, sometimes going very fast and OFF directly.

Please Help

Message was edited : add photo for model form G+

Answer:Satellite L670-1DX is not rebooting correctly

Huh..... on this virtual way it is not easy to explain the situation and you know that sch problems must be checked by diagnostic software and tools.
It is not easy to say why this happen.

Are you 100% sure that all parts you bought are working well?

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I have uninstalled "TOSHIBA recovery media" from Windows7 before uninstall TRORMCLauncher. Now TRORMCLauncher uninstall routine don't run because he need "TOSHIBA recovery media"!!

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

My laptop: Thoshiba SatellitePro L670-16+ Windows7 Pro OA

Answer:Satellite Pro L670-16 - How to uninstall TRORMCLauncher?

Can you please tell me where you found ?TRORMCLauncher? listed and if there is exactly listed as TRORMCLauncher?
Many preinstalled stuff must not be removed from the system but just disable from start-up lis in MSCONFIG > Startup.

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my Toshiba Satellite L670-143 turns off when I play a game on it or just watch a movie, mostly after 10 or less minutes. I have to let it cool down for about 10 minutes until I can start it up again, otherwise it turns after like 10 secondes again. And when it turns off I have to plug the adapter out an in again to start it, otherwise even starting it is impossible.

So what is the problem here?


Answer:Cooling problems with Satellite L670-143

How old is your notebook?
Do you use original preinstalled operating system you got with your notebook?
Do you use your notebook on the desk?
Are cooling fan grills free and not blocked when this happen?

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I have recently bought the above laptop for my partner.
Its been operating perfectly for 10 days now.
Last week she had a message come up on start up saying conflict between discs.
Before i could go and have a look it failed totally.

A message appeared with the following code "0x0008ffff".
I tried to re-start and nothing apart form the boot-up menu appears.
I've tried to re-start at the last known back-up and still the system will not allow it.
I've now got a message saying that Windows can not be loaded and to re-install the original disc.
But still it comes up with the various "Start-Up" options.

Can anyone offer any advise and help.

Answer:Satellite L670-1H1 - Windows can not be loaded

> I've now got a message saying that Windows can not be loaded and to re-install the original disc.

It looks that Windows OS is muddled up!
Reinstall the OS using HDD recovery (if possible)

- power up the unit, press F8, choose repair my computer and choose HDD recovery.

If this is not possible then you should reinstall the OS using recovery disk!!

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Hi there!

I've recently bought a Satellite L670 and there is a problem with the DVD player: the cds and dvds don't run smoothly, there are a lot of video and audio cuts.
I've uninstalled the DVD player driver and reboot the laptop, but it didn't resolve the problem.

Could anyone help me with that?

Greetings from France!

Answer:Satellite L670 - CDs and DVDs don't run smoothly

There may be some dust on the optical lens. You can gently wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

Also check the the Toshiba Optical Drive utility in the System Tray, maybe the drive is set to low power mode.

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Google Transtale:
I have a problem with my laptop, I of course put him at a servis BiH. And they called me and said I need a new part.
That problem was, my keyboard does not work, so it does not good. Servis told me that I need a new part.
I was shown how much does a new keyboard.
The series hit I do not know because my laptop is just in the servis ..
I can only give you the following:
Toshiba Satellite L670-10P
So I wanted only reported as a normal keyboard wiel cost approx ... that I know it.
Why do I ask this
Because these people steal money .. and I have to rate as shown.
Thank you.
Just so you what has that problem ...

Ismar from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Answer:Keyboard issue on Satellite L670-10P

Hello Ismar

To be honest I didn?t understand your posting very well but if you have new and registered notebook with valid warranty you must not pay anything if the notebook or any hardware part is defective.

While warranty time all that must be done, I mean all costs, will be covered by warranty.

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I have bought this laptop a few months ago, I am very satisfied about this product, except for this: each time I ask complicated tasks, like a recent game, the laptop go very hot, even if the ventilating system is not obstruated at all. The PC go more and more hot, until it crash and shutdown. Then, it is impossible to boot it before a dozen minutes, even the alimentation led stays off.

Some simple tasks may cause superheating too: I've been very surprised to see that Heroes III or Google Chrome with numerous tabs cause crash as well as Crysis 2 or Shogun 2 TW.

How could I resolve this problem, without adding some external mechanical fan? Is this problem a caracreristic of the product, or is it a manufacturing effect concerning only my laptop?

Thanks for your help and please forgive my low english-writting skills!

Answer:Satellite L670-184 superheating and crashing

> each time I ask complicated tasks, like a recent game, the laptop go very hot, even if the ventilating system is not obstruated at all. The PC go more and more hot, until it crash and shutdown.

This is because all devices like CPU or GPU run with high performance and creates a lot of warmness. This is nothing unusual. But it?s unusual that your notebook overheats.
I think the cooling fans and grilles are clogged by dust and cannot cool the parts properly.

The cooling grilles should be cleaned from time to time using compressed air spray.
I do this from time to time on my notebook to avoid such annoying notebook issues.

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Hi everybody, I got an Satellite L670, and I have a problem with my keyboard, it's so slow!

ps: Searched for a french section but there isn't, sorry if my thread is not in the good section

Answer:Satellite L670 - Keyboard is slow

Well I might misunderstand you, have you checked kayboard settings in controll panel?

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TOSHIBA - Satellite Pro L670-16Z Intel i3-350M RAM 4GB 17" LED Windows 7 Professional / XP.
Next week I'm going to buy this model. I read some reviews about a decline in the middle of the keyboard.

"The one on our review sample flexed a great deal in the middle. As a result, we felt rather like we were typing on a bouncy castle."

Read more:

I wanted to know from someone who has this model, if the problem is present.

Answer:Satellite Pro L670-16Z keyboard issue


I don?t have it but best friend of my girlfriend had it and I have installed and configured this machine so I had it in my hands and I must say that keyboard is OK and I didn?t notice anything unusual.

By the way, talk with your local dealer about retour option. In my country I have 14 days time to send the product back if I don?t like it. Maybe you have the same option in your country. Check it out.

Anyway I must also say that Satellite Pro L670 is good notebook for ?every day? activities. Nice design, pretty good hardware and enough power/performance. With other words: nice piece of hardware for that money.

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I'm looking for some help: Who knows, what Intel chipset is in the Satellite Pro L670-1M3? Is it the Intel H55 Mobile?
If yes - is it this chipset in all manufacturing series of the 1M3?

I couldn't find this information on the Toshiba website.

Many thx


Answer:Satellite Pro L670-1M3 - Chipset in this model


Yes the chipset is Intel HM55 Mobile.
All L670-1M3 will have the same chipset.



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Is there any way I can have my laptop plugged in with battery in it not being charged? In many notebooks, for example my Dell Latitude E6500, there is such an option.

I don't see it in Toshiba Satellite Pro L670 but maybe there's some software? I haven't found anything like that so far.

Sorry for my English.

Answer:Satellite Pro L670 - battery - more control

There is no option to disable the Battery while it's plugged in. You would need to physically remove it.

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A couple of days ago the Touchpad, and left and right click buttons stopped working.

The computer works fine with a USB Mouse. I have tried everything even restoring back to factory state with no luck. When I look under device manager it tells me that the synaptics pointing device is working properly, when obviously it isn't.


Answer:Satellite L670 - touchpad not working

Try pressing Fn+F9 to toggle the touchpad.

Also try resetting the BIOS to default settings (press F2 during POST to enter the BIOS).

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I have a problem with my laptop, and more precisely with the AMD graphic drivers.
My laptop has a ATI Radeon HD 5650, and i can't update the graphic drivers. Recently i bought Battlefield 3, and i have to update the drivers to completely enjoy the game (because i have some screen-lag and control delays issues).
The problem is that i can't install the official (and latest) drivers via the AMD website ... Apparently the only way to update these drivers, is to install the official Toshiba ones ... but there last drivers was in February 2011.

Someone can help me ? How to install the latest drivers without passing by the Toshiba support, and dirctly by AMD ?

(sorry for my english)

Answer:Satellite L670 and Graphic drivers

Have the same Problem. Needs a new display driver cause have some Bugs and map mistakes. The last driver update was February... thats long ago.

We need a new and better one!

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Regards to all the forums. I'm new here.

Next week I should get a new pc, *Satellite Pro L670-16Z*. I have some questions.

*1.* If I, for a few weeks, use my computer with Windows 7, after I can downgrade to Windows XP?

*2.* If I downgrade to XP, you can reinstall Windows 7 again?
Thanks in advance for replay.

Answer:Satellite Pro L670-16Z - Installing XP after using Windows 7?

If you want to reinstall Windows 7, you should create the Recovery Disc first. There should be an Icon on the Desktop. Use good quality DVD Discs since bad quality ones can cause errors during recovery.

To install XP, you need to purchase XP from a shop (which may be hard).

You can run XP inside of Windows 7 Professional or higher using a Virtual Machine.

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My L670 came pre-installed with two drives C and D.
There is nothing in the User guide as to how one should use these drives.
I'm assuming that there is a single physical drive with two equal partitions, but how can one tell?

On the D drive I can see that it has the Recovery area, but why is the D partition so big?
Is it OK to use the D drive for general purpose stuff?
Can it be re-sized so that the D drive is only big enough for the recovery data leaving a larger C drive?

Any advice welcome.

Cheers, Jerry.

Answer:Satellite L670: What purpose is the 'D' drive for?

> I'm assuming that there is a single physical drive with two equal partitions, but how can one tell?

This is right! There is one HDD which is partitioned in two partitions.
The C partition is the system partition containing the Win 7 OS and the D partition contains the HDD recovery and the image files.

The images files are needed to create an own Toshiba Recovery disk (using Toshiba Recovery media Creator). The HDD recovery helps you to recover the notebook without the usage of any disk?such recovery process can be started from the HDD. Of course this is only possible if the D partition would not be changed?

If you want to change the size of D partition, then I would strongly recommend to create an recover disk before touching this partition!

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I have this laptop : Satellite L670-184 PSK3EE-039007FR

This laptop is not under warranty anymore, but my willing is to save my datas and to know if my hard disk could be fix.

For 13 monthes, I have having no problems with it, but for 2 weeks, i experiment some freezing and bug during the boot. Last week, i could not reach the OS login windows, i try to reach the restore tool (F8 button) but it was no possibility to reach the restore partition.

With a live CD, i manage to save some datas but the day after this save, my hard disk was not identified either under linux live cd or under a SATA / USB link.

The hard disk boots itself but is not identified. The disk has no uncommon or metallic noises. It is impossible to load an OS or the TOSHIBA restore partition in the laptop (SATA port) or via USB ( SATA/USB tool).

The laptop boots well with another SATA hard disk (SATA disk exchange).

What is your opinion?

Can this be fixed (At this point, it is not a question of money but a question of possibility...) ?
Does it exist software or process to identy, reboot or restore the disk without it recognition ? how to make it identified ?



Answer:Satellite L670-184 PSK3EE: Cannot boot OS


> The laptop boots well with another SATA hard disk (SATA disk exchange).
In this case this would mean that the HDD is faulty? I would recommend replacing this HDD and to install the OS once again using the Toshiba Recover disk.

If you didn?t create the recover disk in the past then you can order this here:

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I have some sort of bug with my keyboard makes when I write it looks like it s'arete every one second and does not write for 0.5 seconds so that makes me miss two then bringing letters.

I try to give support "aaaaaaaaa" so ca confirmed what I said writing ca the "aaaaaaaaa" then hangs ca ca 0.5 seconds and then continuing with "aaaaaaa" but
which was written these 0.5 seconds, the computer does not take into account is therefore not really lag what is even more annoying because people not understand what I writing a 'Hi "done" Slu "I'm on my Toshiba Satellite l670-105 and I try to connect another keyboard to my laptop and it worked without the keyboard stop every second he was going perfectly well I tried to dessnstaller keyboard which is integrated into the laptop and reinstalled but it did not work for donque.

Right now I'm forced to use another keyboard to write on my laptop which is really annoying in my case: S
(sorry about my english)

and 1 more thing one of my friends changed the keyboard @ toshiba service and the problem didn't went away ! so warranty is not an option..I'm disappointed from the brand !

Answer:Satellite L670-105 - Can't use internal keyboard

Hi buddy,

Your posting is a little bit confusing? Did you read it too? ;)

Anyway, if an external keyboard works properly, the case is clear: The internal keyboard doesn?t work properly and must be exchanged.

You can contact an authorized service provider. They can exchange it for free due warranty. It takes only few days until you get your notebook repaired back. :)

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My problem is hopefully not as bad as it appears first....

I was trying to dual boot my laptop when I must have selected to use the entire disk for the new installation rather than the partition I selected.
As such, All my partitions are gone with my Windows 7 installation and HDD recovery partition.

The upside is that I backed up my C:\ and D:\ So I stll have a folder with "HDD recovery" but I don't know how to make it bootable (if that's possible).
I can't create a DVD right now but I'm going to try tomorrow. Will this work?

Anyone got any ideas?

Any help would be appreciated - Thanks

Answer:Satellite L670-L14 - Recovery issue

> The upside is that I backed up my C:\ and D:\ So I stll have a folder with "HDD recovery" but I don't know how to make it bootable (if that's possible).
Usually you could get access to the HDD recovery option by pressing F8 while booting up the unit. Then a option should appear called ?repair my computer?.
Then you should be able to choose HDD recovery.

But I?m not quite sure if this would work after you have deleted the partitions?
So possibly you will need to use the Toshiba recovery disk which you will try to create tomorrow ;) .

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My English is not so good en the laptop is not so goo, so excuse me for mistakes.

So you can see on the tekst before my laptop is not register every letter i type
This is very frustration me. I buy a very fast laptop, but what have i with a laptop that is not write what i type?

Is there a solution for or do i need to bring him back. I have him just for a week ...


Answer:Satellite L670 - Typing is not good


That?s a known and actual issue so check the other forum threads because you have to update BIOS:
[Satellite L670 - Is there a fix for keyboard? |]

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This is my first post and I am not a computer wizard so apologise if I don't understand everything on here.
I have a Satellite Pro laptop which I purchased with Windows 7 pre installed serial number is 5A250685K which was running great which as it was the best I could afford pleased me.
Was chuffed when Microsoft offered me a free upgrade to Windows 10, at first it ran well then after a few days I started to get problems with freezing screen , running slow, and then notification that my AVG anti virus was disabled so after many days of problems I contacted AVG and after trying various solutions came to the conclusion that it was down to Windows 10. I contacted Microsoft who had one of their technicians to do a remote connection but they were unable to rectify the problem, they tried this on several occasions with no resolution until after the last effort I could not start my laptop it gets to Toshiba logo with the F2 or F12 options and then just starts again and does this several times before shutting down. A Toshiba technician then told me that I cannot get a installation disc for this. Which Microsoft have told me it requires and although I have my Windows 7 key they say I cannot download it from Microsoft because there will be specific drivers that Toshiba use. So does anyone have any ideas as I cannot afford to replace this laptop and for me it was expensive, do I just have to throw it in a skip or does someone out there have a Disc or other solution.

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When my Satellite L670-1JN is not in sleep mode and when no application is running (only OS) with an ambiant temp 20?C at wich temperaure approximately must be the processor?
At which temperature fan start and stop?

Power mode selected is normal with optimization of performance, with the power adapter.


Answer:Satellite L670-1JN - Fan activity and temperature


Why is it important for you? Do you have any problems with temperature?

The fan activity will be controlled automatically. Everything what you can adjust is changing the cooling method in Windows Power Management to battery optimized.

By the way: Here is a similar thread:

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Can anyone help? I have a Satellite L670-12J it has a intel hd graphics. running driver (it the most recent I can find I found a post saying up date your driver fix the problem. it didnt work). It happened about 6 weeks ago (it was only 3 weeks old when it first happened).

here is a pic you carnt see to much from the pic but t the naked eye its certanly not HD like its supposed to be!

sometimes a reboot cures the problem. I've rebooted about 10 times now and its stil the same.

Answer:Satellite L670-12J - Display red and pixelated

Do you see the same problem on an External Monitor?

If you gently bend the LCD, does the red go away?

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I bought a brand new Satellite L670-1JQ especially for the blu-ray an HDMI-out. I also have a 42" flatscreen with HDMI-in.
The meaning was to play a blu-ray on the laptop and to transfer the video to the flatscreen.
When I connect the laptop to the flatscreen, I can duplicate or extend the desktop. That's not the problem. The problem is when I move Corel WinDVD BD from my desktop to the flatscreen I see the player screen but no video and when I move the player back to my desktop the video reappears.

That's in extend mode. When I try to open WinDVD on the duplicated desktop on my flatscreen, then sometimes nothing happens at all! Am I doing something wrong? Or can the videocart not handle the flatscreen?

Answer:Satellite L670-1jQ - HDMI problem

As far as I know this with player will never work on extended display. The player will work on LCD only.
To be honest I don?t understand why you use extended desktop when you want to watch movies.
After connecting your flatscreen use FN+F5 key combination and switch to TV only. Then start BD player and movie. When the movie starts switch player to full screen mode and enjoy the movie on the TV.

Extended display will work perfectly when you work with some applications but there must be some graphic limitation and with BD player will not work.

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hi i have Satellite L670 Labtop, is there any password, if i try to Access to the bios?

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i have a Toshiba Satellite L670-1H2 and the Battery is very low.
I want to buy a new one, which part numbers are compatible with this notebook?



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I am unable to get my L670-103, when in Windows (7 Pro x64), to connect to the internet through the ethernet socket.

I have tried running the windows troubleshooter and reinstalling the ethernet driver with no luck.
The computer used to work fine with the same network (I have no control over network itself as I am on a university campus), and my other, much older laptop (with XP), connects with no bother.

I'm pretty sure the issue is software-based though - I tried going online through the same socket after booting from an Ubuntu live CD and it worked fine.

What can I do to fix it?

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L670-103 - Not able to connect to internet using LAN


Can you confirm that LAN driver was installed successfully?
Is the LAN card recognized properly in the device manager?

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Hello all,

I am an owner of a Satellite L 670 laptop and recently i have encountered many problems concerning the DNS server and the Windows 7.
At this moment i am living away from home where i bought it and i want to do a format, but i do not have the recovery discs / windows on me.
Is there a way for Toshiba to mail me the windows/drivers? Do i have to pay? Note that i am still covered by insurance.


Answer:Satellite L670-10T and Win7 installation

Every new notebook is delivered with preinstalled OS and recovery image back up on HDD so you can install recovery image using HDD installation mode -

How it works is described in user?s manuals too so I?m wondering you didn?t inform yourself about your notebook and pick up all useful info how it works.

If this will not work you have big problem but about all this we can discuss later. At first try to install OS following Toshiba?s ?How to? document.

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i have some issue with keyboard on my satellite pro L670-1L0.

where can i find the last bios/firmware version of this laptop ?



Answer:Need last BIOS version for my Satellite Pro L670-1L0


Latest BIOS version for your machine you can find on Toshiba support page -

By the way: what kind of issues do you have with the keyboard?

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I have a Toshiba laptop with windows 7 64bit running.
I recently bought an DJ mixer with midi control an allen and heath xone db2. When I connect it to the usb port it works for a minute and then stops working. I tried all the usb ports and have the correct driver installed but nothing works.
Next to the mixer I have an allen and heath xone k2 midi controller and this one works fine on my Toshiba laptop.

I also have another laptop (Medion) and the mixer works fine on that laptop, so the device is not broken.
Anyone got an answer to my problem.

Answer:Satellite L670-143 - USB or midi problem

Just one question: do you have any other problems using the USB ports?
I mean do other USB devices work properly?
If you have no other problems using the USB ports in conenction with other USB devices, I don?t think that this issue is related to notebook.

However, it can be always an compatibility problem between two devices but in such case you should check midi mixer manufacturer page for some details.

From my opinion you should check if you installed the software properly.
I read the XoneDB2 user manual and it mentions some important details (page 28 PC installation).

1? Connect the XONE:DB2 to your mains electricity supply and switch on.
Do not connect the DB2 to the PC at this time.
2? Open the Drivers folder and run Setup.exe.
3? Select your preferred language
4? Select Install the driver
5? When prompted, connect the DB2 to the PC with the USB lead.
6?If this window appears, select ?Install?.
7?The USB driver will now install.
8? If this window appears, select ?Install?.
9? Reboot to complete installation.

+The installation process may differ slightly dependant upon Operating System and+
+Security Software.+
+*Note:* Always use the same USB port with your XONE:DB2. When installing on a MS+
+Windows system, the drivers will be associated with the USB port that you are currently plugged into. If you attempt to use the DB2 with another USB port, or without installing the drivers at all, the system may work but with degraded performance (XP, Vi... Read more

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Any help appreciated.

I have recently purchased Toshiba notebook Satellite L670/055. Never had Toshiba always Compaq/HP. Trying to type with the keyboard is so frustrating. You type away, and when you look up you have missed half the letter and space. It appears to 'stick'. I have contacted Tosh and read threads and tried to download BIOS update. However I get this message:

The program will be closed:
There is an error, please check items below.
Battery capacity more than 10%. AC is attached

UEFI WinFlash

I suspect this has nothing to do with the issues but I am only using a trial of Windows 7 - any suggestions as the laptop is useless to me!!!

many thanks for any help

Answer:Re: Keyboard issue on Satellite L670/055

BIOS update will definitely fix this issue.
Have you downloaded BIOS update for right notebook model from Toshiba Australia support page?

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Will a Toshiba Satellite L670 Run Windows XP.

I have had the L670 unit for 3 weeks and find Widows 7 and add-ons the biggest heap of bovine excreta possible. With frustration levels at an all-time high the only way out I see is downgrade back to XP.
Can I reformat and load XP?
?PLEASE stop punishing the intelligent for the actions of the ignorant?

Answer:Satellite L670 - downgrade from Widows 7 to XP

Of course you can install Win XP. Why not?
On the Toshiba European driver page you will find some Win XP drivers.
If some drivers would be missing, then you could search for drivers at your own hand.

This HowTo should be useful:

Good luck

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I have one plea... :/

My laptop overheats when im using multiple programns or playing game and automatically shuts down...

So can you please put some tutorial about solving that problem?


Answer:Satellite L670 - 1EE overheating tutorial?

> So can you please put some tutorial about solving that problem?
In your life everything must be pretty easy and simply, right?
Why do you think there is some ?magic solution? to your problem?

My tutorial for you is: optimize preinstalled OS and maybe your notebook will run better and without overheating issues.
I don?t know which multiple programs do you use but if you need more performance upgrade RAM.
I also don?t know where do you use your notebook but if you use it blocking cooling vents I?m not wondering something like this can happen. So please be sure that your notebook is placed on the desk and none of cooling vents is blocked.

Sorry but at this moment is not possible to give some more advice.

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i have just brought a new toshiba laptop Satellite L670.
I just looked at the drive and its split but they have put 139g onto the d drive,
Is there anyway i can change that ?

Answer:Satellite L670 - Changing HDD partitions


How do you want to change this?
I don?t recommend doing this before you didn?t create a Toshiba recovery disk!
You should create this disk in order to be able to reinstall the OS again in case something would go wrong with the HDD partitions?

Generally speaking, you can change the partitions size in the disk management of Win 7.
To start disk management use the command diskmgmt.msc in RUN

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L670 with Windows 7 64bit Home Premium.

Recently I've bought 3 usb sticks SanDisk Cruzer, 2x8Gb and 4GB. Have tried multiple USB ports on this computer, but same result. The computer recognizes the SanDisk Cruzers, as it makes the sound when the USB drive is plugged into the machine, but it doesn't show up on File Manager or windows explorer of this machine, so cannot use the USB drive.

I have moved the USB sticks to another two Windows 7 machines (Home Premium version). The USB drive is immediately recognized by the other desktop and opens and is available in windows explorer, with no problems. I have found a temporary solution by desconecting my Toshiba from power cable and after reboot the sticks are recognized but only for 10-15 minutes.

very awkward situation, please help!

Answer:Satellite L670 - USB sticks not recognized


Well, if the USB sticks were recognized from another computer the USB sticks seem to be ok and it must be a problem of your notebook.

Have you checked the device manager if all USB ports are recognized properly or is there a yellow exclamation mark in device manager on USB ports?

I had a similar problem related to USB ports so I deleted all USB ports in device manager (right click > uninstall) and then I restarted the computer. After this the ports were recognized again and I could use my USB devices again. :)

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Is there any way to get a more up to date graphics driver for the ATI mobility radeon hd 5650 than the one Toshiba provides on the website?

Answer:Satellite Pro L670 - graphics drivers update


In my opinion the only and one other option is the usage of drivers from 3rd party pages like
But you can use such drivers at your own risk only...

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I have a "Satellite L670-1FT" laptop where the BIOS update has failed.
There is a possibility WITHOUT LCD display to make a BIOS update, and if so what do I need?

I have tried to copy the file BIOS.ROM on a USB stick, and boot the laptop by pressing Fn + B.
He also takes about 5-10sec to on the stick, but unfortunately I still have no display.

Thanks in advance

+Message was edited: content has been translated+

Answer:Satellite L670-1FT Bios update failed

If BIOS has failed, the ROM module needs to be flashed using special BIOS crisis disk?
Unfortunately, as far as I know something like that can be done only by an Toshiba authorized service provider available in your country.

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Hi all,

I have hidden my BIOS in bios settings and i don't know how to recover access.
Can you help me ?


Answer:Lost bios access on Satellite L670-105


Were are You looking for BIOS settings? In Windows or from the F2-access at power-on?



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Can somebody provide an answer:

I purchased an L670 today and following the instructions have left it for over 3hrs to configure for the first time.
Nothing seemed to happen all I have is the underscore "_" symbol in the top left hand corner, is this normal?

I upgraded to 8GB RAM in the store otherwise as per the boxed item and was wondering if it is possibly the problem.

I noticed the TOSHIBA screen come on shortly when I first turned it on then it sat there for the next 3hrs with the underscore symbol.
After 3hrs I decided I had better switch it off as the instructions stated upto 2.5hrs.

Any advice welcome...
Greg Smith

Answer:Satellite L670/055 - no reaction - just underscore "_" symbol


Did you test the notebook without the new RAM modules?
I mean you should configure the notebook using the original RAM

I?m not 100% sure but possibly this issues is related to the new RAM

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Hello people,

I just bought the Satelite L670 and i'm very happy with it but I still have a problem.
It seems that the colors aren't set like they have to be and I cannot adjust them like I would want it.
I have tried to calibrate them but there are some steps that I cannot do because you need buttons on your screen to adjust the colors but there are no buttons there :s

Sorry for my bad english and I hope that someone can help me.


Answer:Satellite L670 - Adjust the colors of my screen


Normally you can adjust the colors in display driver options.

Have you already checked this? You can adjust every color and save the new profile.

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My Satellite Pro L670-11D doesn't see an external keyboard (PS2 connected via USB adapter). When connected, the lights on the keyboard flash once and that's it. The keys do nothing. This happens if plugging before or after booting. I'm using Windows XP. Any help appreciated!

Answer:Satellite Pro L670-11D doesn't see an external keyboard


You should update chipset drivers those responsible for such functions:

Choose your model and download, install and restart

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Is it possible to set up an L670 with 3 monitors (laptop + 2 external monitors)?
If so, how is this done?

I am vision impaired and I currently have 2 monitors connected.
A 3^rd^ monitor would be very helpful.

Answer:Usage of 2 external monitors on Satellite L670


As far as I know the Satellite L670 supports an RGB (VGA) and HDMI PORT.
But as far as I know you cannot use these ports at the same time (simultaneously)

However, I know that some Toshiba notebooks support this: like the Qosmio X500.
In such case you need to connect monitors to the VGA and HDMI port and have to press FN +F5 and have to choose the option: "HDMI + CRT Extended Desktop. But in such case the internal display will turn off. So you could use only 2 (external) displays.

But if you want to use 3 displays, then I recommend using an external device/solution like Dynadock.
Dynadock U3 seems to be great device which supports USB 3.0 standard. Google for that.

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Hi there i bought an exchange display for my Laptop, i became an LP173WD1-TLF1, originally there is an LP173WD1-TLA1 inside that Notebook.
But now i have the Problem that the Displaybrightness is inverse...if i wanna turn it brighter the Display gets darker ...if i turn it darker it gets brighter...
is this normal? The Pc guy means that the TLF1 is 100% compatible but when it is it should work 100%

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Hello together,

I have a problem with my Laptop. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit the laptop came with Win7 Home Premium 32bit.
Now I want to restore the original Windows Home Premium. On the laptop is a second partition with a folder named "HDD-Recovery".

When i hold the "0" button on start nothing happens. The System Recovery doesn?t start.

Can you help my fix the problem.

Thanks and regards,

Answer:Satellite L670 - System HDD Recovery does not start


This does not function because you have installed Win 7 64bit as you said here:
> I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit the laptop came with Win7 Home Premium 32bit.
But did you try also pressing F8 -> Repair my Computer -> HDD recovery?
Try this

Otherwise the HDD recovery does not function because the boot manager was changed/damage due to new Win 7 installation and therefore you cannot load the HDD recovery.
Therefore it?s always recommended to create a recovery disk BEFORE changing anything on the HDD.

What to say buddy? you need recovery disks. I assume you have an European notebook model

You can order the Recovery disks here:

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My notebook is always very hot and the fan starts running fast as soon as I switch on my computer.
I will try to clean the fan, but the computer is not so old, and I have been having this problem for months now.

What makes me very nervous is the fact that the computer switchs off quite often probably to protect itself.
There?s a converting software I use, that after less than 15 minutes after starting blocks the computer for overheating.

I go in bios and I set everything at the the lowest speed.
Than everything works, but naturally very slow.I also updated the bios.
My last chance is to reset the computer but you all know how long it will take to reinstall all software and data.

If any of you has / had the same problem, please let me know.

Answer:Satellite L670-1H9 shuts down due to high temperature

Can you please tell us how do you use your notebook?
As you know every notebook has cooling system designed for certain hardware platform. In the case that hardware cannot be cooled down properly hardware temperature will reach critical temperature and notebook will switch off automatically.

Reason can be dust that blocks cooling grill or maybe you use notebook on the bed or somehow that blocks cooling vents.

Sorry but on this virtual way it is not easy to say more about that.

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I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite L670.
I have noticed its started to make odd noises.

Firstly, it makes a noise as if a dvd / cd has been put into the drive but nothings been put in the drive and the drive is empty.
And secondly, i was on youtube and it made a really odd noise i bit like static it has done this whilst I was on youtube and also just when i'm browsing the internet, Thought i'd ask for advice here before i send it off.

Any advice would be really welcome

Answer:Satellite L670 started to make odd noises


Regarding the ODD noise issue;
My drive does not spin if no disk has been inserted.
So if this will still happen and will not stop, then I would recommend asking an ASP technician for hardware check? possibly the ODD needs to be replaced then?

Regarding the static noise;
I?m not quite sure what you mean but it would be interesting to know if you notice this sound all the time or only browsing in the internet.
Please check where the sound is coming from?

Furthermore you could try to update the sound driver too.

Disable also the mic in order to check if the sound is not looped like described here

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My laptop screen gets white and blinks after a few minutes working on it.

A year ago was getting just once in a while. But lately is just every 10 minutes.
Then I have to turn off and on to get it back again.

Hope somebody can help.


Answer:Satellite L670-143 white and blinking screen

Looks total unusual and I think its not software related issue?
Maybe its hardware problem?

Did you try to recover the system using recovery disk?
Do that and test the notebook with factory settings.

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hi i have Satellite L670 Labtop, is there any password, if i try to Access to the bios?
And how can i learn what the password is?

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I bought a Toshiba Satellite L670-1EE Jan. 2011
Now the System completely crashed and I need to reinstall from scratch.

My Problem is, that the first 5 digits of the Microsoft Product Key are not readable.

Is there any Chance to get the Key or can I use a special Toshiba image to recover?

I can not access the installed windows, startup fails, I tried a recovery with a win DVD but it did not work, so I need to reinstall.

Answer:Satellite L670-1EE - reinstallation of Win 7 - serial key not readable

I bought a Toshiba Sattelite L670-1EE Jan. 2011
Now the System completely crashed and I need to reinstall from scratch.
My Problem is, that the first 5 digits of the Microsoft Product Key are not readable.
Is there any Chance to get the Key or can I use a special Toshiba image to recover?
I can not access the installed windows, startup fails, I tried a recovery with a win DVD but it did not work, so I need to reinstall.

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