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Satellite P50 touchpad issue

Question: Satellite P50 touchpad issue

I have a problem which is driving me to distraction.

Unless I'm staring at the touchpad when I do it, about 60% of the time I try to
left-click with the touchpad, I right-click it by mistake. I'm not sure whether this
is because the touchpad is offset so far to the left compared with the other
laptop I use, a Thinkpad, or what.

Anyway, the only way I think I can carry on using this machine is if I can
somehow change the settings so that wherever I click on the touchpad
it interprets it as a left-clift - I'd be quite happy to use the RH Windows key
to get context menus, etc.

Can I do this and how?

I'm using Win10 Pro 64-bit if that makes any difference.

TIA, Martyn

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Preferred Solution: Satellite P50 touchpad issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi everyone!!

I have bought a Satellite P300-15D and I'm experiencing some problems with the touchpad.

I simply turn the pc on and sometimes the touchpad is working, sometimes not.

I tried FN+F9 button's but it simply doesn't work. The touchpad doesn't even appears in the system devices list.

I have search the web and this Toshiba forums support for help, but I haven't found anything related.

Please help me!!

Answer:Touchpad issue on Satellite P300-15D

Sound like a hardware issue which should be checked by a technician or an authorized service provider.

If I were you I would click [here| 000000871], search for the nearest ASP in your country and send my machine to them to fix that.


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The mouse, out of nowhere, starts to go to the right or to the left and there is nothing to do to remove it from the place. Sometimes it stops and others doesn't. This problem prevents us from working. It has nothing to do with the mouse (we tried several) or with docking station because it happens without the docking station.

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I'm having a stange problem with the touchpad of my Toshiba Satellite C70-A-14M.
After a few seconds of the start menu/desktop loading up, the functionality of the touchpad automatically switches from the normal free-moving cursor to only selecting the various tiles/menu bars etc. that are accessible on-screen.

The cursor freezes, but the touchpad and buttons still work, however they are only able to switch between the various objects on the screen that are capable of being selected, vastly reducing the functionality of the laptop.

I have tried the usual trick of turning my laptop off and on again, with no results.
The laptop is about two months old, so there is no new touchpad device driver to which I can upgrade, and I am unable to un- or re-install the existing one.

I have not yet tried a system restore, as I don't want to loose the programmes that I have downloaded and go through the hassle of re-installing them unless there is no other option.

So, what should I do next? Any help and advice would be much appreciated!

Answer:Satellite C70-A-14M - stange issue with the touchpad


I guess you are describing the gesture feature (Modern Touch Pad)

I think you should check this document / workaround how to change some Synaptic touchpad settings.

[How to change the Synaptic touchpad settings in Windows 8?|]

I guess there you would find the settings to enable or disable the gesture feature.

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I recently had major problems with my Satellite A200-AH6 PSAE0C notebook after I did a BIOS flash. I brought it in, got it repaired, and everything is running normally.

However, there are 2 problems which I cannot seem to figure out.

The first issue is with the volume control -- the scroll for the volume works fine, but the display bar does not show up on my screen indicating volume level. This is NOT a major issue at all, but I'd like to know if someone knows a solution to it. Maybe a missing .dll?

The 2nd issue (VERY IMPORTANT) is with the touchpad -- the scroll on the right side of it does not work anymore. I cannot find any problem with it, and I compared it to my brother's laptop (exact same kind) and it is identical. I assume there is a missing driver....please, someone help with this issue. It is critical that I can scroll up and down, because using Page Up and Page Down is just too annoying.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A200 Touchpad Issue

Well just go to the toshiba drivers section, put your laptop model and look for the touchpad driver and install it to see if then the scroll works. (Don't know if it's the same for all toshiba laptops but if your laptop has the alps or something like that touchpad driver then install that one instead of synaptics)

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Hey Guys,

I've been having an on and off issue with my touchpad for at least a couple of months now. I've tried doing the function +F9 thing with little effect. I also re-downloaded the synaptics driver which seems to make it work for a little while but then it started working only sporadically.

Currently my touchpad works some of the time, if it fails at first pressing Ctrl Alt Del and then Esc seems to make it work for a little while longer but after that it simply stops working. I'm a student and not having a fully functioning laptop is often a great hindrance so any help would be great.



Answer:Satellite Pro C660 - on and off issue with the Touchpad


My first question is: when did you notice this touchpad issue.

I mean, the Sat Pro C660 is an older notebook and if this issue did not appear from first day of purchase, then something has affected the touchpad functionality in the past.

The question is: is there something wrong with software or maybe touchpad module.
I think this can be answered only settings the notebook back to factory state.
If you recover the notebook using Toshiba recover disk, you will get exactly the same state like at the first day of purchase.

If touchpad would still not work properly, well then there is some hardware problem

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I have Satellite C55-A-1R8, using Windows 8.1.
The Synaptics touchpad has always given some unpredictable results, whatever setings I have used or cancelled.

For example, it suddeny loses the ability to receive a double click, even though the icon still has 'tap to click' ticked; when I do click it, the cursor flies off into the top right corner of the screen and is difficult to control again.

The buttons continue to work normally, though, But if I sleep or hibernate the computer things are normal again immediately it wakes.
Also, the pad often picks up and moves icons/files without double clicking. I installed the most recent Synaptics driver update, but no change.

However, I am told that the casework on this model is so thin that fingers resting on it below the keyboard can interfere with the touchpad commands, and am beginning to suspect that this might be the reason for some of the odd behaviour.

If it is, can I insulate it with anything to prevent this happening?

Answer:Satellite C55-A-1R8 - Touchpad interference issue

Have you tried to reduce mouse sensitivity?

Since when have you noticed such strange touchpad behaviour? From the first day maybe?

I don't think it is the best solution for you but maybe you should reinstall operating system using original recovery image and test he touchpad functionality with “factory settings”.
If the problem persists it could be some hardware related issue so you can contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

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I've a Satellite P300-1AN notebook and since the beginning (two weeks)
I have a touchpad issue: it is not immediately responsive and the pointer trembles when touching the pad. Very often it freezes for just one or two seconds.

This is VERY annoying. A USB mouse works perfectly.
I tried reinstalling ALPS drivers, tried Synaptics ones, tried just Windows Vista drivers: no way.

Now I have found the reason: this issue is present only when the notebook is powered by AC adapter.
With battery the touchpad is perfect.

I contacted Toshiba Service and thay said that they won't change the AC adapter if I don't try before a complete system restore!
Isn't it simpler just try with a new adapter and only then, if the problem persists, try more drastic procedures?

Has anyone had this same issue?

Answer:Satellite P300-1AN - Touchpad issue with AC adapter

> I contacted Toshiba Service and thay said that they won't change the AC adapter if I don't try before a complete system restore! Isn't it simpler just try with a new adapter and only then, if the problem persists, try more drastic procedures?

The point is that your notebook should be always checked using the Toshiba factory configuration.
Why? Because the ASP wants to be sure that this issue is not related to a software problem (compatibility issue with 3rd party applications). The software issues are not covered by warranty.

Furthermore the ASP will always recover the notebook before checking any hardware parts for a malfunction. Therefore you should always backup your data from the HDD before you will send the notebook for checking.

I would recommend to reinstall the OS using the Toshiba recover disk and then check if the issue would appears.
If yes then you can contact the ASP again and could provide all details which are necessary for an technician.


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I keep getting a 'bubble' come up telling me that another pointing device is overriding my touchpad, and thus I am unable to use the touchpad because it freezes / jumps / constantly displays this message.

This started 4 weeks ago (only had the laptop 7weeks) and problem is becoming progressively worse; it starts quicker and only stops when I reboot (which takes a while with Vista!)

Had no reply and really at wits end. Its soooooooooo frustrating!
I'm not great with computers, but have checked all settings & even when the pointer isn't working, it says it is working fine on its 'properties'.

None of my neighbours have wireless / bluetooth or infared pointers. At wits end.

Answer:Strange issue with synaptics touchpad v6.2 on Satellite L30


did you already tried to make a system recovery on your machine with the shipped recovery media? Maybe it would be worthy to give it a try, but if this doesn?t helps, then contact the next available service partner of toshiba and send/bring your machine to them for a hardware-checkup or a repair.

If you need some help to find the nearest available service partner in your country then check this link:

Nice weekend

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Hello, I'm a very experienced user and am extremely frustrated with the mouse pad on my brand new Tosh S50.

I am constantly finding the 'charms' bar appearing on the right hand side of the screen and the clock on the bottom left - for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

The mouse pointer can be in the middle of the screen and still it happens.
I do not believe I have a faulty mouse pad, I recon it's just a design flaw.

To approximate how often this happens, I would say that with every 5 minutes of use the charms bar appears for no reason about 20 times - it's incredibly frustrating and distracts me from my work. I could disable the touchpad and use a mouse but that's not the point I need this working!!

Anyone with any suggestions, or should I ask for a refund and buy something else?


Answer:Satellite S50-A-10V: touchpad issue - charm bar slides out


I think you are unaware of additional touchpad functionality and features.
The touchpad seems to support additional gesture (multi touch). This additional touchpad function can be useful in case you want to control some notebook function directly.

I recommend you reading the user manual (page 48) there you will find details about touchpad.
For example the gesture ?swipe? (quickly move the finger in from left the edge of the touchpad) show you recently opened apps. The swipe from right opens the Charm bar (search, share, start, devices, settings)

So this _is definitely NOT touchpad problem_ but the additional feature.

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Excuse me for my bad English

My touchpad dysfunctions when I do place the cursor in a place and leaves my finger. It trembles, of the times when I it deplace, it makes jumps ahead I changed no reglages and tested with others, it is similar. Must I return it in guarantee?

Satellite L10-254, 6 months old.

Answer:Satellite L10-254: touchpad issue, pointer jumps around


On my Tecra M1 this happen sometimes too but not so often. If your notebook is new one, contact your local dealer and explain the problem.

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can someone please help me out, my touch pad was working fine last week, however when logging back into my machine the device would not work. I have located the device under hidden devices in device manager.

I have attempted to reinstall the drivers but keep getting the error message of the device may not be available, or some drivers may be missing. Any help that can be provided with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a new U920t-102 which I am very happy with, but I have this issue with the mousepad's right click (meaning the 'button' the user is able to press on the bottom-right side of the mousepad): sometimes it actually works as a right click, sometimes it works as a left click.
This is annoying especially during web navigation: I'm used to right click on links and open them in a new tab, but when the right click acts as left, I loose the current web page.

I tried to figure out what this behaviour depends on, looking at the animated synaptic icon in windows' tray bar while playing with the left and right click; if I continuosly press the right click button on the mousepad, after some repetitions it will consistely and correctly work as right click, but if press the left click once or more than once, the right click button works as left click for some pressures, and then 'corrects' itself and start again to work correctly.

Any idea/suggestion? is it a hardware problem?


Answer:Satellite U920t-102 touchpad right click issue

Usually the touchpad right / left click can be configured in the Synaptics settings.
Right click on Synaptics icon in tray and point to devices properties.
In buttons tab you will be able to choose right handed scheme or left handed.
Here you could choose the scheme appropriate for you.

You can also try to uninstall the Synaptics touchpad driver and could test the touchpad functionality without the usage of additional touchpad software.

But if this doesn’t help, your might have hardware problem

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Just had delivery of a new Tosh T110-107 which I have to say looks wonderful, however a problem. One bootup the touchpad works ok but as soon as I connect the USB mouse then neither work - making the system unusable, until I disconnect the mouse and reboot. SO what have I done to it?

Uninstalled McAfee and addded Norton 360 and Office (both originals) and thats it, the problem was found before anything was done - as it came out of the box.

Win7 Home Premium, never had problems with Win7 but then not used it on a laptop especially this model. Can only imagine its config/software but straight out of the box? Tosh must know there is a problem them - they have too, yet sold it?

ANyone else had this issue?

Answer:Satellite T110-107 - Touchpad / mouse issue

Ah answer my own question, mouse at fault, once the wheel is moved it all works, but one has to continuously move it or it don't work. Turns out the mouse was not part of the package, so my apologies to Toshiba, but then thats why I got him to buy this model - reputable manufacturer - great machine though and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about buying one.

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Satellite Pro P100 with Synaptics touch pad, was running Vista, now Win 7 64 bit.
The original driver had an option "disable when external pointing device connected".

I have installed a driver from Synaptics Synaptics_v14_0_3_C_XP64_Vista64_Win7-64_Signed_default.exe which does not have this check box.

It works fine except that sometimes the Microsoft Mouse turns off and on every few seconds as it or the touchpad fight each. I have to disable the touchpad.
Then next time I turn on. If I do so without a mouse, I cannot use the touchpad, until i plug in the mouse, reactivate, then unplug the mouse.


Answer:Satellite Pro P100 - Synaptics touchpad issue using Win 7


Try to install the Synaptics and Alps touchpad drivers from Toshiba European driver page.
Choose the Win 7 touchpad drivers released for a satellite L500 series.

By the way; the touchpad can be enabled and disabled using the FN + F9 button combination. Its not needed to have any options if FN + F9 works fine.

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I have a Satellite A350D-122 laptop. I'm experiencing 2 issues I can't resolve.
- At some point, the touchpad scroll feature stops functionning. It simply deactivate itself and the only way to reactivate it is to reboot the computer.
- The picture on the webcam is dark. It's like there was no light at all in the room, the only thing that comes out are the light sources. I've tried to change the options but nothing changes on the screen.

I tried re-installing the drivers but the issues stills remain.


Answer:Re: Satellite A350 - Touchpad and webcam issue


1.I would try a touchpad driver update. Maybe something has muddled up the driver or something else so the virtual scroll function stop working. You can download a newer version on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

After touchpad driver installation make sure that virtual scrolling function is enabled in touchpad driver options of control panel.

2.I think that?s the perfect article for you:
How to change the settings for the integrated webcam if the image is very dark or black

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Suddenly my touchpad has developed a mind of its own.
If I hover on something for a couple of seconds it is as though I have clicked on it.

It's really annoying as I've been deleting things I don't want to delete, selecting programs I don't want to select etc.etc.

I have looked at the Synaptics settings & can't find anything that may resolve the problem, although I am totally thick when it comes to anything like this.
If anyone can offer a solution which even I can understand I will be really, truly grateful.

Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200 - Touchpad sensitivity issue


All you can do is to check all these settings, especially change the sensitivity level in hope this behaviour will stops.
Other way I don't see other was as to visit Toshiba service.

Is external mouse usage solution for you? I mean you can completely disable touchpad with FN+F9 and use external mouse.

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I have a one month old Satellite L500-19Z operating on Windows 7 64bit.
Whilst using it to edit some photographs, it began to behave strangely. It was as if someone was rapidly depressing the mouse left button. I was unable to exit any program or use the Start Menu to reboot.

After disconnecting power, and battery, I started it in Safe Mode, but the problem was still there. If I hovered over any icon it brought the window up repeatedly. By disabling the touchpad using Fn+F9, I was able to use a graphic tablet to re-boot and it works as normal. I am reluctant to use the System Recovery or the Recovery Discs that I created when I bought it due to the number of third party programs that I would lose.

Has anyone experienced this problem please? What do I do to enable the touchpad to see if it is now working properly?
Many thanks

Answer:Strange issue with touchpad on Satellite L500-19Z


Can you enable/disable the touchpad by pressing FN+F9 as usual?

In your case I would also update the touchpad driver. You can download it here: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

If an external mouse works but the touchpad still makes problems I think you should use the Toshiba recovery disk to restore factory settings. After this you have the same settings as on the first day where you bought the notebook.

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I just have a few issues with my L500.

I've only had it for 2 months and I am pedantic about it to the point that it is either always in a bag when not being used or on a desk when it is and I even clean it with a paintbrush.

Despite all this it looks like I've had it for years. There are chunks missing out of the case and scratches all over the thing and the little rubber feet either side of the webcam are coming unstuck and will eventually fall out.

The mouse pad is also doing strange things regardless of the settings I have selected for it. It sometimes will not work on the left hand side of the screen and will flick off to the right and I have to restart the machine to get it to work properly again or I have to tap it several times to get it to do anything at all or it scrolls wildly and I can't get it to stop.

Basically it's under warranty, I'm unimpressed with that fact that it is obviously made of shoddy material and is being damaged when I am taking care of it and I'm wondering if there is anything I can do about it.

I'm thinking abnormal wear and tear is possibly the case here.


Answer:Satellite L500 case, scratches and touchpad issue

> Despite all this it looks like I've had it for years. There are chunks missing out of the case and scratches all over the thing and the little rubber feet either side of the webcam are coming unstuck and will eventually fall out.

Hmm? strange? what to say? my L505 is some month old but it looks like purchased at the first day.
No scratches, nothing! Of course I?m careful with this notebook and use a microfiber cloth in order to clean this. I don?t use it ?on the road? and I think this is the reason why it looks so nice? the plastic covers looks like other common covers used in other notebooks models? so don?t see any big differences.

> The mouse pad is also doing strange things regardless of the settings I have selected for it. It sometimes will not work on the left hand side of the screen and will flick off to the right and I have to restart the machine to get it to work properly again or I have to tap it several times to get it to do anything at all or it scrolls wildly and I can't get it to stop.

Regarding the touchpad;
I think you should take a look into touchpad configuration settings: control panel -> mouse -> device settings -> settings (or properties)
There you can configure the settings provided by Synaptics driver.
Note; touchpad uses both drivers: Alps and Synaptics?
If you have some issues then an update might be recommended.

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Hello, i just bought a Satellite A500-1EJ and i have two problems:

It turns on by tself and the volume and the light touch pad does not work correctly.

Answer:Satellite A500-1EJ turns on by itself - touchpad light issue

Regarding the issue with automatic starups:
Please check this thread:
You have to update the BIOS to the latest version in order to solve this?

>the volume and the light touch pad does not work correctly
I?m not sure what volume light or touchpad light you meant exactly and what does this mean ?work not correctly????
Maybe you could be more specific and could provide more details?


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I purchased this laptop early September and I am super happy with it, but there's two minor things that annoy me and I haven't been able to fix yet:

1) When coming out of sleep or standby, it never automatically re-connects to the wireless it's on, I have to manually do this every time. The windows Wireless service is running fine, so that's not it, but what is?

2) Sometimes the touchpad will stop working randomly and I have to either use a mouse or reboot to fix it. I have reinstalled the touchpad drivers. Turning the touchpad off/on using the function keys does not solve the problem.

Any help would be appreciated!

Answer:Satellite Z30-A-1D0: No Wlan after sleep mode / touchpad issue

I can confirm both problems.
Update the WLAN Driver...seems fixed now.
(AC3160 - Driver:

Touchpad and trackpointer sometimes won't work yes. I than just restart... I still hope on some overhaul of the ALPS mouse stuff.... (maybe with Win 10 this problems all will be gone - as the manufacturers (pretty sure) will release new (hopefully fixed) drivers.)

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Hi folks, I'm new here and hope you can help me.

I have a Satellite L750D here which has a strange Keyboard/touchpad issue.

Recently my screen has been replaced and I toke the opportunity to replace the DD with a SDD.

I used the OS restore cd's which I created from the recovery partition and completely reinstalled Windows 7 64-Bit from those.

Everything seemed to work well until after the last reboot.

Then my after reboot, the keyboard wasn't working and neither the touchpad.
I tried rebooting / shutting down and starting again, no change.

I connected an USB keyboard and mouse, both work perfectly.

I reinstalled the touchpad drivers from the Toshiba website, still no change.

I then closed the lid and let the notebook go into sleepmode/hibernation and found that when I opened the lid/screen, that the keyboard was working again, but not the touchpad.

Fn-F9 made no difference.

I then pressed the button above the touchpad, but the touchpad remained dead. But after pressing that button, the keyboard went dead too!!?
Switching the button for the touchpad on/off made no difference, both keyboard and touchpad remained dead.

Rebooting made no difference either.

Throwing away the drivers in safe-mode led the drivers to be reinstalled, but both keyboard and touchpad remained dead.

The only thing to bring the keyboard back to life is closing the lid and going to sleepmode/hibernation and reawakening the notebook.

But press the button above ... Read more

Answer:Satellite L750D - Strange Keyboard/touchpad issue

I connected an USB keyboard and mouse, both work perfectly.

This is really strange… from my point of few, if the external keyboard and mouse works properly, then the controller should be OK, and this would mean that the malfunction must be related to the faulty keyboard / touchpad.

But at the other hand, you said that the keyboard works properly booting from Linux Live CD.
To me this makes no sense and I’m confused…

Anyway, since the notebook has been disassembled in order to replace the screen and other parts, I think something went wrong during this procedure and probably a part was affected…

In my opinion it’s advisable to replace the keyboard and to check if it will fix the issue.

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Hello everybody,

I have two questions and I will highly appreciate your help.

First, when I got the laptop it used to have a Fn bar that comes down from the top of the screen when I press Fn, it shows all the Fn keys, now it disappeared. I need to get it back, I almost tried everything and nothing is there yet.

Second, the touch pad is not zooming anymore when I apply the 2 fingers in and out, it used to do that before.

My laptop is Satellite L505-13W

Thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite L505-13W - FN keys not shown and touchpad issue

Hi abdouni,

1. I think the problem is related to Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. Both tools control the FN keys and the Flash Cards appear if you press FN key.
You can download it on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Regarding the installation: First of all remove both tools and restart the notebook. Now install Value Added Package and restart again. Install Flash Cards Support Utility and make one restart. Now the FN keys should work again.

2. This could be related to Value Added Package too? So check my posting.
If it?s not work, reinstall the touchpad driver.

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I am trying to solve some issues regarding touchpad. My Toshiba U400-150 PSU45E has been equiped in ALPS touchpad (instead od synaptics, which is much better by the way).

Previously I worked on another manufactures laptop with Synaptics and the software for it had advanced options, better than ALPS.

1. When I use ALPS driver the movement of coursor seems to be little "jumpy", any movement regulations don't help. So I uninstalled ALPS driver, installed Synaptisc and the movement was fluent. However the software for Synaptics did not include all the advanced options (such as touch areas, scrolling, etc). Therefore I restored the driver for ALPS again, and the 'jumpy' movement returned. I assume that the driver is not as good as synaptics.

2. I need actually emulation for middle button. In synaptisc there was such option in "touch areas". I was using top right corner for emulation of middle mouse button. I was searching for such option in ALPS driver but there is no any .

I woud be gratefull for any sollutions, suggestions regarding issue 1 and 2. Is there any possibility to emulate middle mouse button in ALPS?


Answer:Satellite U400-150 (PSU45E) - ALPS touchpad issue

I have an Alps touchpad on my Tecra and its very smooth, so maybe you just need to update the Alps driver?

Are you using XP or Vista?

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Good afternoon all,

I currently have a Satellite series T110-107 and am having issues with the touchpad.

I start the computer up and the touchpad works fine for a few seconds, after this the touch pad ceases to work in its full capacity.
If i roam my finger over the touchpad and the pointer doesnt move, sometimes it will move up and down but not as it should.

Is this a common problem, or is it a hardware issue....or is it the fact i'm just not used to or have the correct settings on windows7?

Any help wuold be great as this is very frustrating!

Kind regards!

Answer:Satellite T110-107: touchpad issue - pointer doesn't move sometimes

Hi All

My Satellite T130-11H is having the same fault with the mouse, every now and again the mouse just will not move it will just jump around the screen when I try to move it, it can only be resolved by rebooting my system, I have not changed any settings since I had my laptop so I know it is not what I have done. Help!!!!

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Have recently downloaded Opera browser & find the Synaptics scroll function no longer works !
All other funtions seem OK & scrolling is still fine with MS Explorer
Can anyone tell me if this can be fixed ?
[Using a Satellite 5200-902]

Also Touchpad light goes out after 5 seconds.[This is normal]
Does anyone know if it is possible to find the code & change this to say 60 seconds ?

Any help with the above would be appreciated

Answer:Satellite 5200 - Touchpad scrolling in Opera / Touchpad backlight

I?m not sure but I think the Opera explorer doesn?t support this option.

But if the Opera supports this option so maybe you have to enable it only in the Opera settings?
But sorry I don?t use the explorer and therefore I can?t give you a exactly instruction hoe to do it.

But play around with the settings or visit some Opera support sites

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Hello Everyone,

My problem started after updating windows 8.1 to windows 10, of course!
First the touchpad just stopped working, for no reason.

My solution was to uninstall the drive and restart the laptop. And from time to time I had to do this proceed. Two weeks ago windows updated, and the touchpad issue's gone. . Unfortunately, another one appeared.

The feature "mousekey", which is turn it on at ease access to use the numeric keys to use them as a mouse, It's turning itself on. And doesn't matter how many times I turn it off, few seconds and it's on again.

I've tried uninstalling the drive, which after windows the last updating was "ELAN".

Then I replaced by the Toshiba drivers, which is "Synaptic", and uninstalled the drives ,the problem is the same. Because of that, I can't use my numeric key, which is annoying!! If anyone can come up with something I will be grateful.

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Good day from a newbie.

I have bought a Satellite L450D and the touchpad is worn plus the left button is knackered.
I want to replace the whole palm rest complete with pad and buttons from ebay but can only see Satellite Pro L450D examples on offer,

Are they interchangeable?


Answer:Satellite L450D-113 vs Sat Pro L450D-13x - touchpad issue


Satellite L450D-113 PSLY5E-00J01LEN and Satellite L450D-13X PSLY5E-01Y01LEN belongs to the same series: PSLY5E
So touchpad module used in both series should be the same.

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I have a toshiba Satellite A300. Upon powering it up this morning I noticed the "Satellite" icon and the touch pad aren't lighting up as they normally do.
Still working normally but I'm sure they used to be lighted whenever the laptop was on, or im not so sure now?

Help me pls. thanks


Answer:Satellite A300 - Satellite icon and touchpad aren't lighting

Can you roll back the OS a day or two back to see if this will work again. Use please system restore tool and roll back the OS to earlier time.

On my Satellite A300 it is always on.

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Does Lenovo test the drivers they release any more? I just updated the touchpad driver today and the two finger scrolling is locked to the same setting whether you pick Traditional or Standard in the setting menu. Latest Intel Graphics Driver Lenovo released causes Youtube video to freeze in Chrome and they still haven't released an update even though Intel already did. My X1 Carbon 3rd gen has screen flicker/freeze issue after waking up from sleep. I submitted a ticket a week ago and hear absolutely nothing. According to other member, even replacing motherboard doesn't fix it. I am really started to regret my purchase.

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Question: Touchpad Issue

Got a  Notebook 15 ba079sa, running windows 10 64bit. The touchpad doesn't seem to scroll down and doesn't allow me to zoom. I have looked through the internet and tried various versions of synaptics but haven't been successful. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you

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Question: touchpad issue

I have an MSI PR210 YA EDITION. My touchpad is frozen I can only use a USB mouse. would appreciate some help.

Answer:touchpad issue

On page 2-28 of the users manual, it shows what function keys disable and enable the touchpad.

You will press FN+F3 to enable and Disable the touchpad.

Hope this helps,

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Hello Everyone!After update to Windows 10 build 1703 the Synaptics Touchpad stopped working.Do not respond to button presses or on touch.I tried completely to remove the driver, installed all possible drivers that I could find, but nothing helped.On all previous Windows updates the touchpad has worked properly.Has anyone else encountered such a problem and how to solve it? Thanks for your replies!

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Question: Touchpad Issue

i have HP Pavilian g6 core's touchpad's lock button   is not working after i install new window...... helppp ..... 

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Question: touchpad issue

since the day i purchased after 3 months i decided to show my touchpad not working normally.. i went to customer service   to get it fix .. After 15 days of working period i rececived it with normal condition and then wen after couple of times using  it show auto update and with the same problem.. i gave them like 4 times and its the same .. my warrnty is expired now and my laptop still looks brand new.. i dont know what i do but sometimes it works but again the same . its my ist experience with hp and  i like this brand , help me out plz,,,,,,,,,Spoiler (Highlight to read)  

Answer:touchpad issue

As we have properly understood your issue you are facing issue in touch pad issue. Can you please help us with model number and name of the device you are facing issue? Nitin singh guleria

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Question: Touchpad issue

Hi all, i am facing issue using the touchpad in my laptop. After updating the driver, something went wrong and i have not been able to use the utilities of the device. So, i uninstalled everything regarding the touchpad, but now i can't install the drivers again. The message is something like "cannot find the touchpad" and that's all. In the Device Manager is shown as "Unknown device" and the Windows cannot find suitable driver for it.

Off cource i can reinstall the whole system, but this will be the last option

My little machine is Asus EEEpc 1000h

Any suggestions?

Answer:Touchpad issue

Quote: Originally Posted by bizbizan

Hi all, i am facing issue using the touchpad in my laptop. After updating the driver, something went wrong and i have not been able to use the utilities of the device. So, i uninstalled everything regarding the touchpad, but now i can't install the drivers again. The message is something like "cannot find the touchpad" and that's all. In the Device Manager is shown as "Unknown device" and the Windows cannot find suitable driver for it.

Off cource i can reinstall the whole system, but this will be the last option

My little machine is Asus EEEpc 1000h

Any suggestions?

Try updating the touchpad by forcing the installation of its driver from device manager

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Question: Touchpad Issue.

Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place.

So basically I had been using a program called ScpToolKit Driver Installer to add a PS3 controller to my laptop to play emulators, and it works. But when I do, it removes my mouse (touchpad) from use. I figure it's something to do with a Bluetooth driver but I'm not sure.

Anyway, I had been going into Device Manager, to 'libusbK USB Devices' where there would be three things: HD WebCam, Bluetooth USB Module, and a blank one. When I rolled back the blank one, the mouse would work again.

But every time I powered on, I had to do this, so I thought uninstalling their driver would work, but hasn't, and now my touchpad doesn't work at all.

I'm guessing it's just a driver I need, but I'm a novice in this area. I have tried loading all the drivers in the Scp program again but no joy. When I go to mouse in control pad, it shows nothing in hardware.

Would really appreciate any help. Thanks.

Edit: forgot to mention, downloaded synaptics but it doesn't seem to have worked. Don't see it in my device manager either.

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The touchpad on my HP Spectre x360 2 in 1 13.3" laptop "broke" today. I put broke in quotations because it works completely in its software functionality, it can scroll, left click, right click, zoom, etc. However it no longer clicks properly; the touchpad barely moves down and requres a lot of force to press. It feels as though it is suck or locked somehow, and as i had mentioned it no longer clicks it just bends downwards and is very stiff.I was wondering if anyone else has encountered and what they did, if anything, to fix it. As well as get support and help on how to fix this.All comments, tips, suggestions, and insights are welcome...pls halp PS: I know I'm terrible at expllaining things so it please ask questions.

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Question: DM4 Touchpad Issue


My HP DM4 is a beautiful computer but has a touchpad issue. The scroll never works on it. This happened the first few days after I got it. Sometimes, when I turn the pc on, it will in fact work, but sometimes it wont.

I uninstall the driver and disable/enable it through the device manager, and this does usually fix it after I restart my computer. But, of course, sometimes this does not work. I get very tired of uninstalling a driver just to be able to scroll on my touchpad.

Does anyone know how to fix this without forcing me to keep reinstalling it?

Note: I don't know if it is the latest version, nor do not know how to check it. I have downloaded updates for it via the update on win7 but it never changes anything

Thanks! I will post more information if asked and I will be checking this thread often.

Answer:DM4 Touchpad Issue

Not sure if it will help and this isn't really your problem, but if this is your laptop check to see if this driver is newer than what you have.

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Question: Touchpad issue

My touchpad is real touchy and every time I type, somehow I manage to rub against it and it sends my cursor all over the place. How do I turn it off?

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  Had this new laptop for two weeks.  Came with Win 8.1 and, surprisingly, a 28 gb SSD, larger than the advertized 8 gb,Basically pleased with the unit, except for the touchpad.   It has had serious control problems since day 1.  Have  adjusted the "tools" to bare minimum necessities (one finger control, no smart moves, multifinger, etc.) in an effort to fine tune this down to something bearable, but no go.  The problem is still there.  It manifests itself by suddenly jumping to a condition where the cursor does not follow the finger movement.  Instead it wanders in the general direction desired, jumping up and down (sometimes requiring extra finger pressure to even get it to move) and is awfully difficult to get the cursor to stop on exactly where you want. The system came with elan ver dated 7/30/2015 which is a later one than available on Lenovo's download page for this unit (elan_11.4.65.2_s dated sllightly earlier).   Downloaded Win10, hopiing that there might be something in it that would cure the condition. Nope.   Called Lenovo support and worked with them for an hour.   She approached it like she had never heard of this issue before and  eventually had me remove the driver, go into BIOS and set things up to "load default" and reboot.  Ended up with the "64" version of driver mentioned above.  At the time it seemed to be working so ended the call but keepiing ... Read more

Answer:Z70-80 touchpad issue

Mine doesn't do that but has other symtoms.- lost of locked pointer.- moving my finger on the pad causes zoomed image instead of point movement I don't know if this is hardware or software issue.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Windows 7 Home Prem - 64bit w/8GBZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Window 8.1 64bit FHD 17.3 inch Display, Nvidia G840 w/2GB memory

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Question: Touchpad led issue

when the touchpad is enabled,the led turns off .. and when it's disabled, the led turns on.That has happened after installing windows 10 and updating synaptics to a newer version .. as i don't know whether the problem results from (synaptics newer version or windows 10).

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Question: Touchpad issue

My Tap for Click on my touchpad is not responding and I am forced to Click in order to open links or select single words. It also selects out of control, I have to continuously deselect text ..
"Allow Taps on touchpad - On"
How can I fix this or get back to default settings?
Thank you

Answer:Touchpad issue

Please list Dell model number and version of windows. Ex: Dell Inspiron 3543, windows 10

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Hello Sir,
i installed windows 8 pro in vmware a day ago. Everything is working fine except that my Synaptics touchpad is not providing all the functionalities which it provides in windows 7. I read some blog somewhere and downloaded and installed the drivers for the touchpad. But that didn't help. Even now, i can't scroll or pinch zoom or rotate pictures or do stuff like that with my touch pad.

Another thing,my wi-fi is working but the icon is not the same as we get for wi-fi connections. I am getting that icon (a monitor with a cable pointing upwards in the side) which we get for dial up connections.

Would b very grateful if anybody of you could help me with these issues.
Thank You.

Answer:Touchpad and Wi-fi issue

Originally Posted by ankitSurfzen

Hello Sir,
i installed windows 8 pro in vmware a day ago. Everything is working fine except that my Synaptics touchpad is not providing all the functionalities which it provides in windows 7. I read some blog somewhere and downloaded and installed the drivers for the touchpad. But that didn't help. Even now, i can't scroll or pinch zoom or rotate pictures or do stuff like that with my touch pad.

Another thing,my wi-fi is working but the icon is not the same as we get for wi-fi connections. I am getting that icon (a monitor with a cable pointing upwards in the side) which we get for dial up connections.

Would b very grateful if anybody of you could help me with these issues.
Thank You.

no replies??

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Question: touchpad issue

hi everyoneI just purchased the Z580 today.  I noticed that intelligent touchpad does not scroll! is it supposed to be that way?

Answer:touchpad issue

MaximillianT wrote:hi everyoneI just purchased the Z580 today.  I noticed that intelligent touchpad does not scroll! is it supposed to be that way?What OS are you using?

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Question: Touchpad Issue.

Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place.

So basically I had been using a program called ScpToolKit Driver Installer to add a PS3 controller to my laptop to play emulators, and it works. But when I do, it removes my mouse (touchpad) from use. I figure it's something to do with a Bluetooth driver but I'm not sure.

Anyway, I had been going into Device Manager, to 'libusbK USB Devices' where there would be three things: HD WebCam, Bluetooth USB Module, and a blank one. When I rolled back the blank one, the mouse would work again.

But every time I powered on, I had to do this, so I thought uninstalling their driver would work, but hasn't, and now my touchpad doesn't work at all.

I'm guessing it's just a driver I need, but I'm a novice in this area. I have tried loading all the drivers in the Scp program again but no joy. When I go to mouse in control pad, it shows nothing in hardware.

Would really appreciate any help. Thanks.

Edit: forgot to mention, downloaded synaptics but it doesn't seem to have worked. Don't see it in my device manager either.

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Question: Touchpad Issue

Hello i have msi gt628 notebook and i installed there win7 x64 but i'm unable to scroll with touchpad . Windows is recognising this device as wheel mouse and on msi web there is written that windows has implemented drivers for pointing devices so there is know driver avalaible. i have already tried synaptics driver v13 for vista x64 but it didn't helped so i will be grateful for every piece of advice

Answer:Touchpad Issue

MSI Global ?€“ Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Mainboard, Graphics and more It actualy says : this device used native driver bundled in OS. So knowing it came with Vista, the windows 7 equivalent should have worked, but then it is probably a generic and missing specific inf. file Hopefully someone here with a simular issue can help you with a fix. What build # of win 7 are you using?

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Question: Touchpad issue

I just received a  R61i with a touchpad.  Everything works great except the touchpad.  It does respond to the touch, but unpredictably.  I can move the arrow side to side pretty well, but up and down - it either won't move or will suddenly move to the top/bottom of the screen. In control panel, there are buttons to set mouse sensitivity, but they don't help.  There appears to be no software installed to adjust the touchpad settings individually.  Somewhere on the net, in trying to find the answer, someone suggested that fn f8 would give me a menu - when I hit that, I get a box saying "ultranav drivers not installed."  I don' t know what that means, because if there were no drivers, it wouldn't work at all, right?  Any help would be appreciated.

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A while ago I disabled my touchpad using FN+F9 so I could use an optical mouse. When I tried to switch it back on using the FN+F9 keys it won?t work so I can?t get it to work. Please help

Cheers foxyfox

Answer:Can not enable touchpad on Satellite M40


As you already said the FN+F9 key function disables the touchpad but it?s also possible to enable and to disable
the touchpad in the control panel -> mouse -> mouse properties -> touchpad on/off

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brand new L500, downloaded a few programmes, all of a sudden, cant use the touchpad at all
i can use external mouse no prob

Answer:Cannot use touchpad on my new Satellite L500

Is maybe touchpad disabled with FN+F9?
Please use this key combination and be sure touchpad is enabled.

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When using my touch-pad the slightest movement causes the cursor to highlight random text and moves tabs. I've tried updating the ELAN driver, uninstalling the driver, and resetting the computer to an earlier point in time. Nothing, Can someone help?

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Im using Toshiba A300-U01...
I want to know why the touchpad gets too hot.. i just bought it new..

Answer:Touchpad gets hot on Satellite A300-U01

Sometimes this happend becouse the proccesor is below the mousepad, but this aint rigth, you need to go with an toshiba ASP to fix the problem.......

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Hi All!

I have A210-1AO notebook!
I installed Windows 7(32) on it!
Now I cannot use touchpad and VPA.

At first I install VPA(differant versions) nothing happen. FN is not working! On desktop nothing!

When I try to install touchpad driver there is mistak!("Can not execute DPInst.EXE on your current operating system")

What can I do? thx!

Answer:Satellite A210-1A0 - I cannot use FN and touchpad


> When I try to install touchpad driver there is mistak!("Can not execute DPInst.EXE on your current operating system")

I searched for this ?DPInst.EXE? error and it seems that you are using 64bit driver on 32bit system.

First of all you should check the VAP (value added package) and the Flash Card Support Utility from other notebook series like Sat L500 for example.
I installed VAP and Flash Card Support Utility which were released for newer notebook series and FN buttons work.

I also installed touchpad driver from other series since touchpad driver is not specific to a notebook model.

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When I go to disable my touchpad (FN + F9), it no longer works. The only way I am able to disable/enable my touchpad is by running through the BIOS on reboots. I wish to confirm the reason and find fixes...

I deleted the Toshiba virtual FN keys that always dropped down because it tended to freeze and hogged the CPU/RAM usage while in classes.

Has anyone had this issue before/know how to rectify it?

Answer:Satellite Pro P-100 - FN Key + touchpad errors

Are you running Vista?

I would install TVAP from the Toshiba Website, I believe this package controls the FN functions.

I found the FlashCards thing to be in the way as well, so I disabled it. In the Start Menu Programs under the Toshiba folder, you should see a Flashcards utility where you can select to disable the FN Popup Bar but keep the FN functionality.

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Hi All,

I have purchased my Toshiba satellite i5 on 26/12/2010. Unfortunately it was stopped while working on 05/02/11.
I went to repair centre and they checked my laptop and told me hard drive was corrupted.
They took 12 days to fix my laptop.

I got my laptop on Friday and from Saturday its mouse pad is not working.

Could you please advise what should i do now?



Answer:Touchpad of my Satellite is not working


Probably the touchpad is just disabled and so it doesn?t work anymore?

Have you tried FN+F9 key combination? With this key combination you can enable/disable the touchpad so I would test this.

If not try reinstalling the touchpad driver. You can download it on Toshiba website :)

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I have a 3 month old satellite L45 laptop.
The touch pad is so sensetive I cannot get anything done.

Everytime I move the cursor over any part of a page it opens it up or blocks it, basically does its own thing.
This has just started happening and its driving me mad.

Anyone having the same problem's and is there a solution?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L45 - touchpad too sensetive

Hi Michelle

You should change simply the touchpad settings!

On my notebook I can find the settings in the *control panel -> mouse -> device settings -> settings*

Maybe it?s a little bit different on you L45 but you should definitely search in the ?Mouse? option for the touchpad configuration settings.

Best regards and good luck

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I have a problem with touchpad of my laptop. When laptop is in charge, touchpad don't work correctly but if I unplug it work.

What is the problem? I don't understand...


Answer:Satellite M70-309 - Problem with touchpad

Hmm? when did you notice this issue?
From first day of purchase?

I?m not quite sure if this could be a software issue? but of course you could try to update the touchpad driver to ensure that this isn?t touchpad driver related problem.

If the driver update doesn?t help then a hardware issue could be possible?
It?s hard to say what part could be affected but an notebook technician could run some tests and could be able to say what?s wrong.

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Hi All,

I recently sent my Satellite A30 back for repair because the touchpad died. Since I have had it 'repaired', it behaves erratically. Sometimes I lost all horizontal motion, with only the vertical direction working. Sometimes during a windows session, I lose complete touchpad functionality (including the left/right button).

I have also noticed that a fresh windows session allows me to use the scroll function (side of the touchpad) and also the back/forward facility in web browsers. However, after a little while, windows stopss recognising the scroll and b/f gestures (even though the touchpad icon in my tray highlights the fact I am using them).

I have upgraded my ALPS drivers to the latest version but this didn't fix it.

I am guessing that this is a software issue and not a hardware fault as a reboot fixes these problems temporarily. I'm not sure if there is a hardware problem which then confuses the software. I have no idea.

If anyone has any thoughts or has experienced this before, please let me know as this is most annoying.



Answer:Touchpad Issues on Satellite A30


It?s not easy to say why this touchpad issue occurs.
Sometimes very strange issues occur because of overheating. I have noticed that if the temperature goes to the critical level the OS shuts down, the notebook hangs or many strange issues occurs like touchpad malfunction. In your case I recommend checking the cooling modules and try to use the vacuum cleaner for the cleaning. Maybe it helps.

The second possibility is that the touchpad has a malfunction. You know, it was replaced in the past and it?s possible that there is something wrong with the hardware.
You can contact the Toshiba service partner and explain him the situation after touchpad replacing.

Good luck

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Hi people!

I have a Satellite M50-A-118 and I can't scroll with my touchpad.
How can I fix this problem?

Answer:Satellite M50-A-118 - can't scroll using touchpad

Please check touchpad options and be sure that scrolling option is enabled.
Have you already done this?

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The touchpad is very sensitify concerning the mouse klicks via touchpad. Is there any way to disable mouse clicking on the touchpad (ony use the mouse left and right keys)? In the driver settings I did not find such a configuration possibility.

Michael Rocholl

Answer:Problems with touchpad on Satellite C

Yes, disable "Tapping" in the Advanced Mouse settings.

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on March 9 I bought my new laptop, a Satellite P70-B-10T. I immediately experienced problems with its touchpad: reaction to touch is not "proper"; when I use the touchpad with short movements, the response is not fast enough and sometimes there is no response at all; it is as if the maximum speed of the pointer would need to go beyond the maximum allowed by the system. Also the precision of the touchpad is very bad; for instance, when I draw a circle, I have the impression that precision drops when moving SW. I would be grateful if you could suggest me what to do. Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

Answer:Problem with the touchpad of my Satellite P70-B-10T

The touchpad configuration can be changed in
Control panel ? mouse ? last tab (Device settings???) ? settings button.

I guess the touchpad software made by Synaptics controls this notebook?s touchpad.

So all touchpad properties can be changed and configured using the Synaptics touchpad settings.

Nevertheless, you could also try to reinstall or update the touchpad driver in order to check if there is some noticeable improvement.

Synaptics provides also own up to date software on the websites:

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Hi, I have been having some problems with the touchpad on my *Toshiba Satellite C50-A-157* laptop.

I use windows 8, and i have had my laptop for a couple of weeks, but all vof a sudden,
I can only use the touchpad and operate the cursor when i have either of the mouse buttons held down.
I have been having to use the "Tab" key and the "Arrow Keys" to navigate through menus and options.

The *F5* key does not work and i have already tried updating/reinstalling the device drivers. Troubleshooting does not seem to work either.

However, whenever i have not got the mouse button pressed down, and the sursor is not movning, when i move my finger up and down on the touchpad, it will navigate through the vertical series of options closest to the left edge of the screen.

For example, in the windows 8 start menu, the mouse will be stationary in the middle of the screen, but when i move my finger up and down on the mouse pad, it seems to scroll through the tiles on the left of the menu, highlighting each one on the way up or down.

I realise this is quite a long, boring post, so thanks for reading this far and any help/suggestions you can give will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Touchpad Problems on my Satellite C50-A-157

It is really strange issue. Try to roll back OS to earlier time before this started to happen just to see if problem will be fixed. Post some feedback.

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We got a satelite c50-b-140, and the touchpad is almost unusable.

It keeps freezing sporadically. and is very frustrating to use.
machine in win 8.

Can anyone advise, if this is a known issue, or is there a fix for it??

Answer:Satellite C50-B-140 - touchpad is almost unusable


I?m not quite sure what kind of touchpad your notebook support because there are two different touchpad modules: Synaptics and ELAN.

However, you can check this detail in control panel ? mouse ? last tab (settings button)

If you would find out what touchpad your notebook supports, visit the Toshiba EU driver page an download the touchpad driver for the touchpad module.

The new Synaptics and ELAN drivers were released some weeks ago? therefore its advisable to check new driver version.

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I have problem with multi touchpad, doasn't work. I think I just delete by mistake my drivers and I can't fund another one to dowland.
Thx for any help

Answer:Touchpad is not working on my Satellite S50-B-12Q

I think I just delete by mistake my drivers

Are you sure?
What have you done in the past?

Usually you could roll back the system to the early time point and this would help to get the driver back.

Please try it out… use the Windows own internal option “Backup & Restore” to set the OS back to early restore point.

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I have had a Tosh C50-B-11L for just 2 weeks (to replace an old Tosh sat L300 that was very reliable).
I feel like throwing it away due to the response of the touchpad. It will freeze, or none responsive, erratic, will ignore taps,etc.Resulting in deletions on sites when the cursor was not where it appeared to
be. And is extremely frustrating, as simply I am unable to use the laptop to its potential.

I have got the latest Elan driver. I see that this seems to be an issue, that does not seem to be addressed properly by Toshiba.

Any suggestions? Could I remove the Elan drivers, and still have a working touchpad?
Or will I have to forget it and buy a hardware mouse (which rather defeats the point)

Thanks for any suggestions (I've done the F5/F9 stuff to no avail)

Answer:Satellite C50-B-11L - Erratic Touchpad

Looks like there's been no-one else here for a while. My question will probably go unanswered as well.

Personally, I think the touch pad you got was made at 3:30 on a friday afternoon, recently sorted someone's computer with exactly the same sort of problems. Turned out there was nothing at all wrong with his computer, it was the wireless mouse getting funky.

But there's something else that's worth looking at too, it's part of a Desktop Help tutorial I wrote and it might be relevant to your problems as well. Remember, when you're going through this process to dump all the Toshiba proprietry rubbish as well and let Windows itself handle all of these functions, you'll quickly discover that Windows isn't all that slow after all.

Mods - please feel free to use any or all of the following text as a sticky thread, it really will help a lot of people.

Shamefully, this forum doesn't allow file attachments and has a character limit on post size. OK. Just means I have to spread the text over 2 posts. Starting to remind me of my troubles with getting a new BIOS.

Background Programs

This is the most common problem with Windows, programs running in the background. Some programs like your antivirus software have to run constantly in the background so that they can check every file as it's opened and make sure you're not about to trigger a virus. Some programs will set themselves up to be running in the background so that when you click the icon to start the program it app... Read more

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Last week I received my brand new Toshiba C70-B-21C. After windows updates, the touchpad does not work anymore. My mouse does. I tried the options FN F5 and FN F9, but no result. Also dowloading the driver on toshiba site has no effect.

Restarting several times, and also deleting the touchpad from system settings do not help. The touchpad works in the first screen, but after entering my username and password, it stucks.

What to do now?



Answer:Re: Satellite C70-B-21C - touchpad does not work

Have you tried to roll back Windows to earlier time using system restore tool?
Test it. Choose last known point before Windows update was installed.

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Hi everyone.

I purchased a brand new Satellite C50 yesterday. Everything is working fine, apart from the TouchPad won't allow me to scroll. Both the two finger scroll and the one finger at the side fail to work. I have tried to update drivers etc but apparently they are up to date. I don't know what else to do. It's really annoying.

Thanks in advance!!

Answer:Satellite C-50 - TouchPad issues


Have you checked all touchpad options and settings?
Please do this. try to change some different settings, including scrolling option, and check touchpad functionality.

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The mouse cursor works perfectly fine during the signing in process, but it freezes once signed in. The touchpad only lets me scroll up/down. I tried FN+F5 but that doesn't work. I've had this laptop for a year and it hasn't done this until now. Any suggestions?

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I purchased a Satellite A300 last week and I have noticed that when I use the computer for one hour or so the touchpad gets quite hot.
And also the left hand area beside the touchpad.

Is it normal? . Are there any way to reduce it?



Answer:Satellite A300 - Touchpad gets too hot

Hey Pedro,

I don?t know what is for you hot and was not but on my Toshiba Satellite notebook I never had a problem that it did get too hot.

Normally I would recommend cleaning the notebook with compressed air spray but I think this is not necessary because the notebook is only one week old.
Maybe the fan or heatpipe is not working properly. Or the thermal grease must be renewed?

I don?t know but in your case I would go to an authorized service provider. The technicians can check your notebook and it should be for free because the notebook must be under warranty if it?s one week old.


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I need a solution, how I can deactivate the touchpad? Becouse it is annoying while I am gaming and my thumb comes inadvertently on the touchpad =(

It doesent matter if I deactivate it by sytemsettings or with an extra program..

Thanks for your help and support =)

Answer:Satellite A - How can I deactivate the touchpad?


Have you checked the user manual?

There you can find the explanation of the FN keys and with FN+F9 you can disable or enable the touchpad. :)
So it?s not necessary to install an additional program.


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Hi I seem to have disabled my touch pad -have looked on the control but it is not obvious where to find the on/off option for this. Hope someone can help please.

Answer:I seem to have turned my touchpad off on my Satellite C

I don?t know which notebook model do you have and which OS do you use but one of the F keys has option to enable/disable touchpad.

Check it out.

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My touchpad hasn't been working for a while now. It worked for 2 days, then last night after downloading updates it stopped working again.
I have windows 8.1 64-bit. Any suggestions?

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I was wondering if there was any advice anyone could give me.

My touchpad has gone crazy, the cursor jumps about all over the place and clicks on things I haven't clicked on and is sometimes unresponsive. Is there a driver or update I can download to rectify this.

My laptop is just over 2 years old. Thanks

Answer:Touchpad has gone crazy on Satellite L

> Is there a driver or update I can download to rectify this. My laptop is just over 2 years old. Thanks

You should check for Touchpad driver here;

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Hi there. I bought my laptop last week and here I am with quite an inportant problem.

The touchpad doesn't work properly. When I hold the finger on it the cursor jumps up and down even when the finger is still. (It's like the mouse cursor oscillates about its expected position). It is very hard to click on anything. I'm using a USB external mouse which works fine.

I do not believe that this is a software/driver problem. I uses a live CD linux distribution (Knoppix 3.7) to check whether the problem persists under linux. It does.

Is there anyone else with the same problem around here? Do you think that, given the info above, its a hardware problem or could it be the drivers?

Answer:Touchpad problem - Satellite A50-111


In my opinion it can not be driver problem because all drivers are tested. It is very difficult to say what a problem is.

You can check all mouse settings including ?Advanced feature settings?. Is there no any bettering you can contact Toshiba Service Partner. Those one are responsible for all hardware testing.

If you need info about Service partner you can find it on


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Hi. I need help. I have a Satellite A300-14S laptop, Windows Vista Home Premium
The first problem is that the touchpad was accidently uninstalled, and I don't know how to download another one.
The other problem is that when I first bought my laptop the "hibernate"?? was working but suddenly it disappeared from the power options, I tried the (Fn + F4) but I didn't work...

Thanks for u time

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Answer:Satellite A300-14S touchpad

Go to the Toshiba website and download and install these drivers:

* Toshiba Value Added Package
* Touchpad Driver for Vista

Or look for these drivers in c:\TOSAPINS

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Since several days my touchpad is not working well. It has nothing to do with the touchpad on/off key on the F5 key.

The touchpad is most of time not responding and something a little bit but I can't use the touchpad at all right now.

When I attach my external mouse to my notebook I can use my notebook otherwise I can't use my notebook.
I already restarted my laptop several times but it doesn't help at all.

Hopefully someone can help me!

Answer:My touchpad is not working well on Satellite C55-A-1ND

You said this issue has nothing to do with the touchpad?s On/Off function.
So what?s exactly wrong with the touchpad? Is it disabled or enabled?

Did you check the settings in control panel -> mouse -> last tab (Device Settings) -> Settings button?

Did you already try to reinstall the touchpad driver/software?
If not, do that.

By the way: what notebook model and what system do you have?

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Hi, i have encountered a biiiiig problem.

I'm sorry i haven't presented properly, i'm Gabriele. I have this satellite L50-A from one and a half years. Yesterday a drop of soap has dropped on the touchpad...

At first i didn't think it has filtered, but i'm not sure anymore... Right after the drop the computer started to zoom up and down the pages, it went crazy. After cleaning it the problem continued... I put the pc in standby and then turned on again and the problem disappeared. The day after (that is today) the problem reappered...

Now the problem is more dynamic: sometimes it is still and does nothing, sometimes it is still but if i move it zoomes, sometimes it moves but doesn't click, sometimes it moves but clicks (not with a tap, before all this it worked). It doesn't work all the gestures of the touchpad. I have windows 10.

If i click an icon on the desktop and then another (the same with another mouse) they remain clicked... or in the browser it opens the links in other pages even if it shouldn't. Or the scroll of the mouse make me zoom... I cannot disabilitate it with the usual double tap, but if i disabilitate it from the synaptic options the problem i have encountered with my other mouse disappear and it works great.

I have tried to disinstall synaptics from programs and feautures and then installed again, but nothing has changed... I have tried to uodate from windows but it is updated. I don't know what else to do.. I have tried this morning to c... Read more

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Hi I have a question

We have just bought a Satellite L50-B-211 but the touchpad is not working properly.
Moving the pointer around is no problem but the buttons don't work.

Using the buttons does nothing, left or right click has no effect?
If i want to get the properties of a file the right click does not work?
(two fingers press works)

The hardware is properly installed, there are no problems in the device config.

Do i have to return the device (before i install our software / config the device to our needs)
or is this a software bug?

Answer:Satellite L50-B-211 - Touchpad is not working

According notebook specification your notebook was delivered with preinstalled Win8.1 so all necessary drivers are installed and all hardware components should work properly.

Try please to check all touchpad settings and check if settings change has positive effect.
What you can try to do is to reinstall original recovery image and test it one more time with ?factory settings?. If the result will be the same I recommend you to contact your local dealer as soon as possible and explain the situation. Ask if you can get new machine.

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I have a Satellite A50 (PSA50E) and recently I got a lot of problems because of a virus. I managed to solve it, but now when I start my computer a message always appears:
"TOUCH ED-FEL Det gick inte att hmta Toshibas snabbtangenter.
Felkod- 0x00031402, 0x00000002"

I translate it: TOUCH ED-ERROR, It is not possible to find Toshiba fast keys (or Fn keys? I?m not sure how it is in English). Error code- 0x00031402, 0x00000002.

I tried to download different drive routines as Touch pad utilities, Touch pad on/off utilities, Controls, Toshiba Console, but nothing works. Does someone know what I can do it?

Answer:TouchPad error on my Satellite A50


Have you reinstalled common modules too? Try it please.

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Hi! Is it possible to regulate the sensivity of the touchpad in my laptop?
I have a Satellite A350-20J (according to the label at the bottom of the laptop), a PSAL6E-04800GRU (as of Toshiba diagnostics utility). I bought this notebook in Moscow.
It is getting already annoying to work with it as this touchpad is so sensible that I am continuously unintentionaly "making clicks" here and there, sometimes with very undesirable effects.

Another question:
To the date I am writing this message I have not been yet able to find the exact model of my laptop in both the English and Russian websites of Toshiba.

1 + Following the UK site, I reach There is a link on the top left "Click here to find your laptop". Click. A pop-up opens, with 2 ways to locate my laptop:
1.1 - Select the family, series or model you are looking for: I chose "Satellite A350 series" then the next combo offers just A350-20S. That's not the mine!!
1.2 - Enter the part number you are looking for: I enter the number in the label of my laptop, click Search and get a "Entered part number has not been found"

2 + Ok, ok, as I bought this computer in Moscow, maybe I have to go to the Russian site. I go there, everything of course is in Russian but no option to change the language to english (my native language is not English nor Russian). No problem. Browse the site up to Read more

Answer:Satellite A350-20J and Touchpad

Hello Carlos

At first I must say that you can change touchpad sensitivity. It can be done in Synaptics settings.
Please go to control panel > mouse > Device settings tab > Settings button > in next window you will find menu on the left and last option there ?Sensitivity?.
Try to change touch sensitivity there.

The whole story about notebook model identification is interesting but at the end I didn't understand why is this so important for you.
All you need to know is that you have PSAL6E model.

Using this part number on download page you will be able to download right drivers and all other Toshiba stuff for your notebook.
It will be very nice to know why is this identification so important for you.

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M60 164

the battery has gone flat in my wireless mouse, so is there a way of restarting the touchpad cos the curser will not move without it. i know i could get a new battery but if it happens again it may not be convenient.

Answer:How to restart the touchpad on my Satellite M60?


Try with FN+F9 key combination or check the mouse properties. There you will find a option for enabling/disabling.


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For no obvious reason, the touchpad on my Satellite L70-C-13C stopped working
The mouse still works.
I've powered down and back several times without success... any ideas? The laptop is about 2 months old

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Hi all, first Post.

I am a retired I.T. Technician & have worked on computers since about 1984, & on Laptops since 2001.

This topic is mainly about the L40-18Z, but 2 other Models are mentioned.

I have come across a problem with the TouchPad on a Toshiba L40-18Z, (& also an A100-338) which are both running fresh installs of 32 Bit Vista Home Premium, but not from a Recovery Partition or Dvd.
Same Problem as well on an L300-25K running Windows 7 Home Premium.

The Touchpad occasionally freezes. Sometimes you can move the cursor arrow, but very slowly.

All 3 work fine, straight away with a Usb Mouse.

ALL the latest drivers from the Toshiba website are installed on ALL 3 Laptops.
ALL Updates are installed via Microsoft.
ALL have the latest Bios Updates.

The L300-25K & the A100-338, I think I've solved the problem by installing the Value Added Package, but the VAP software is not listed in the drivers section for the L40.
I tried both the L300 & A100 VAP's on the L40 but they won't run.

Strangely, on the L40, I reduced the screen resolution from 1280 x 800 to 1280 x 768 & the problem seems to have gone, at least for the past day or so !!!

Also, I found that unplugging the Power Cord 'cured' the problem on all 3 Laptops straight away.

I tried powering all 3 Laptops without Batteries at the time the fault occured, but this made no difference, so the batteries must be okay.

The L300 is my own Personal Laptop & the oth... Read more

Answer:TouchPad Freezes on Satellite L40-18Z

More info on above question.

Touchpad still erratic & random freezing.

I found that C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTPEnh.exe was 'Blocked' so I moved the file to the Desktop, unblocked it, then moved it back.

SynTPEnh.exe is the Tray Icon.

Tried unticking the boxes for animated icon etc. but still the same.

So far, so good..........................

1 hour later & froze again.
Turned off mains to stop it charging & worked instantly.
Turned mains back on & works perfectly !?!?!?

Really baffled here.

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Hi, I have a satellite a135. it has been great for two years and suddenly the touchpad has issues. While using, it switches from maximize to minimize etc. also the curser now has a small scrolling icon which appears whenever it wants. the switching between screens is not every time i hit is, it is like every 5th time or so, and it is driving me nuts!! I reset the touchpad to default, no change, restored my computer to a few weeks prior to this starting, nothing. One other thing, out of the blue, the touchpad icon started appearing on my task bar. It seems to happen most when on the scroll bar top or bottom. any assistance would be great,I have no idea where to start. Other than that, the touchpad works great.

Answer:Satellite touchpad problems

Does a usb mouse also do this?

If not, touchpads can be replaced.

If yes there is a software problem.

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I have accidentally turned off my Touch Pad on my Toshiba Satellite A75. Obviously it will not work -- can anyone help with the command to turn on the touch pad.



Answer:How to turn on the touchpad on Satellite A75

How did you turn off the touchpad?
Did you use an FN key combination?

Try to reverse this using the FN+F9

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Hi Folks,
Following a hassle with malware and a virus (now fixed) - my touchpad is dead. I have reloaded the Touchpad drivers from my Utilities disk and rebooted but still no pad.
Is there a diagnostic or a redownload for the programs that run it??
Using a USB mouse ATM while I have no pad.

Im using a Satellite SM30 - bought in UK - Im in Sweden ATM.


Answer:Satellite M30: Touchpad dead

When you go into the device manager, what error does it show if any, for your touchpad, or is it completely missing from there? Also what malware/spyware/virus did you have? Did it infect your touchpad driver?

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I have just upgraded to Windows 7 Professional - my touch pad seems hypersensitive and causes problems while typing.

I there a facility to suspend touch pad while keyboard is in operation - I know about FN/F9 but could do with an automatic operation

Answer:Satellite L - Touchpad sensitive

Hey buddy,

Can you please tell us what notebook you have?

Normally you can change the touchpad settings if you install the driver. Then go in control panel > mouse and check the properties. There you can change all settings for the touchpad.

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I have tried "Fn and F9" to disable it with no joy. Can't disbale it from device manager and can't disable it with the Touch and Launch software I downloaded from Toshiba.

Answer:How do I disable the touchpad on a Satellite Pro A60?

Hi Neil

It is very strange. All newest Toshiba units have this option. The FN button must be hold down while you press F9 button. Check please ?Mouse properties?. There you will find ?TOUCHPAD ON/OFF? tab.

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I have owned my satellitue A100 PSAANE-03G00DEN for about 4 weeks now and I really like it and am getting used to windows vista, but I have one problem and that is the touch pad.

It seems to do what it wants and minimizes the windows when I don't want it to and it is very annoying.

I have read another user's post but I am still no wiser as to what to do to stop the touch pad doing this. I am not computer litirate so any help would be most helpful.

Thanks Doreen

Answer:Touchpad do what it wants on Satellite Pro A100

Hi there,
did you tried a external mouse, to check if the same happens with it? Does the touchpad just minimizing windows or does other weird stuff happens, like jumping or wandering cursor?


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Good morning,

I apologize for my bad English, however, a couple of months ago I bought a Toshiba laptop (L50 - B - 24C) and after a few weeks the touchpad stopped working. I, previously, I had connected a mouse for comfort for some programs.

Now when I disconnect the mouse pointer disappears from the screen.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Answer:Satellite L50-B-24C - touchpad does not work


I guess your notebook supports ELAN touchpad driver.
I read in other thread that in the past an ELAN touchpad driver update caused some problems and the touchpad did not work properly…

Therefore I would recommend you to uninstall the ELAN touchpad driver from the system.
After that, reboot the notebook and check if the touchpad would work again…

In case the touchpad would work, download the ELAN touchpad driver from the Toshiba driver page and install it again.

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