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Satellite S70 - Numlock issue after Windows 10 upgrade

Question: Satellite S70 - Numlock issue after Windows 10 upgrade


I just upgraded my S70 to windows 10 from windows 8.
Everything seemed ok except that now when I press numlock the computer just beeps and the light goes on and off.

The number pad is effectively useless now (direction functionality is present no matter the state of the num lock key).
There are no updated drivers and my laptop has its language settings for the keyboard as United Kingdom Qwerty.

When I look at the keyboard preview I do not see in the diagram a keypad. Can anyone help me please its most frustrating.


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Preferred Solution: Satellite S70 - Numlock issue after Windows 10 upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite S70 - Numlock issue after Windows 10 upgrade

Try this to restore the NUM keys going to

Control Panel
Ease of Access Center
Set Up Mouse Keys
Other Settings: Use mouse keys when NUM LOCK is: Make sure OFF is selected.

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After having exhausted every known solution to the NumLock key actually working on Windows 8 start up, the next question to ask those who have installed the Windows 8.1 upgrade is:

Will the NumLock key work on Windows 8.1 start up?

Thanks for any help.

Answer:NumLock on Startup with Windows 8.1 Upgrade

I have tried every thing I find, I did the registry edit on keyindicator and changed it to 2147483650. this had worked for me on Windows 8 but not 8.1 I also read that I need to have a local account for this to work, now that I haven't tried yet but I like having it attached to my live account, isn't that one of the big perks of windows 8? Also my BIOS doesn't give me an option for num lock so the answer isn't in there. After the regedit I have num lock enabled when I unlock the PC but not on the lock screen. Please this is my only complaint with 8.1 so far can any one help?

Edit: I finally found something that fixed it... dont know how I didnt see this suggestion before but I had to turn off Fast Start. With that off Num Lock is on at boot... hooray!

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Hello to all forum users.

I have a Toshiba Satellite P70-B-102 laptop with the operating system Windows 8.1 in Portuguese.

The problem I have is that I can not upgrade to Windows 10, since, according to the application Windows upgrade, the computer can not update Bluetooth drivers, including the following: Bluetooth RFHID, RFBNEP, RFBUS and RFCOMM.

This situation remains for at least a month and a half and I can not update the windows to version 10.

Someone can help me solve this problem?

Thanks for your precious help!
Pedro Moura

Answer:Satellite P70-B-102 - Bluetooth issue upgrade to Windows 10

This is very strange… i think this must be some kind of Windows bug… i would recommend you to check whether all Windows updates and fixes are installed…

Furthermore the unit is listed as a Win 10 upgrade supported model, therefore Win 10 upgrade should be possible.

The unit is listed here:

The Win 10 driver can be downloaded and updated from this page:

but in case the Windows 10 upgrade using the automatic upgrade procedure would not work, try to upgrade Windows 10 using the media creation tool

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Hi everyone, new to this,

but purchased a toshiba c70d-b-30d laptop, the thing is its stall installing running up all was going well until i was asked if i wanted to upgrade from windows 8 to 10,

i pressed yes and thats where it has been for ages, i must admit after 3 hours i thought it was done as screen looked good, but without testing performance i shut down,

turning on again this morning ready to use it looked good but would do nothing,
so thought i would do a restart and it went into keep your pc on until this is done installing 1 of 1 its been hours now,

any ideas how i can sort this,

many thank for any replies peter

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-30D - Windows 10 upgrade issue

Power off the notebook.

Then power up the unit again and press F12.
Now you should see the Advanced boot menu.
Here choose HDD recovery
Then choose language and keyboard.
Then Troubleshoot -> Advanced options ->Automatic Repair.

Hope it helps.

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Keys 3 5 7 8 9 0 = rows numeric pad 3 5
all function keys do nothing at all ..........

I had similar problem with C670-11M I therefore put back to WIN 8.1

That can not C70D since that is new .....................
Where can I find the right drivers ??

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G'Day All,

I have made 2 posts to Microsoft Discussion groups:

*Post 1:*
G'Day All,

Just upgraded two (networked) Vista Systems to Win 7 HP (32-bit).
Minor network/Homegroup problems - all resolved.

Desktop - Fine.

Laptop - ??
Toshiba Satellite 300.

After restart, any login shows 'Performance Options' dialog - no pagefile.
Administrator a/c may change (Automatic/Managed/Manual) - 'Restart required'
as expected.

GoTo previous paragraph (loop).

Any offers?

Pat Garard
Melbourne, Australia

*Post 2 (Self-reply):*
For those who may follow ...

The solution may be found at:

>Run the following from an elevated CMD prompt:
> sc config afs start= disabled
>(note that the syntax of the command is very particular -
>there is no space before the =, but there is one after it)
>Then, reboot.
>To start an elevated CMD prompt, click the start orb,
>type cmd.exe {in the search box at the bottom that has the focus},
>and then in the list right-click CMD.exe and choose "Run as Administrator".

AFS - APPEARS TO BE a distributed network filesystem ...

It would be wonderful if somebody knowledgeable could clarify all this ...
... how it came to be on a Toshiba laptop ...
... Could it be "SQL Server Active Directory Helper" (the only difference
between deskto... Read more

Answer:Satellite A300 - Windows 7 post upgrade issue

Hi mate

First of all it seems that it?s not clear for you that this is a user ? to user forum?
You can start a discussion with common Toshiba notebook users?

Back to your posting;
To be honest it?s not clear for me what you are talking about or what the problem is?

You try to upgrade the Vista to Win 7?
Well, please note that there are some installed applications which could not be supported by Win 7!

Maybe you should take a look here:

+Windows 7 upgrade: Step-by-step Upgrade Guide+

+Windows 7 upgrade: Notes and Restrictions+

Check it! Maybe it could be useful.

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Hello, I tried to update from Windows 7 to Windows 8. I followed all the instructions deleting all the apps asked but, unfortunately, I received an error message from Windows 8 (Windows 8 not installed).

My computer is a C855 (PSKCCE) I saw supported on the list of Toshiba products for the upgrade.
Is something special to do (e.g.; delete antivirus or other special programs) before the upgrade?

Do you have any suggestions?

Answer:Error Windows 8 not installed - upgrade issue on Satellite C855 PSKCCE


Please go through the single Win 8 documents:

*Windows 8 Upgrade - Notes and Restrictions*

*Windows 8 Upgrade Guide*

This document describes the upgrade installation from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

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Hello all,

I just have a problem with an old game, that I can not run under nvidia card. You do not know what to do? Graphics card I have updated to the latest version. All new game works fine. Only one game not working. On windows 7 every works fine.

Thank you. Happy new year.


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I am using Windows 7 Home Premium/W/SP1. Toshiba Satellite Laptop
The numlock key comes on [at least the light comes on] at boot and totally disables all keyboard functions including the keys on the numeric keypad!
I have scanned for malware, viruses, etc. and no indications of trouble there.
The only way I was able to get around this, was to install an external keyboard via a usb port, then turn off the numlock with it. This toggles the key on/off on both the external and built in keyboard and activates the keys. If I open a word processor and press the numlock key, either one, it places the characters " ';B " without the quotes [that might be another character, I can't remember] then all other characters work from the keyboards.
If I press the numlock key on the built in keyboard, it comes on and locks everything out again until I go back to the external keyboard.
Do I have a defective built in keyboard or perhaps a corrupted file? Help please!

Answer:Another Numlock Issue


Did you look around in your BIOS for anything that says "turn on Numlock on bootup"?

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Question: NumLock issue

I am in desperate need of help with my Lenovo X1Carbon 20BS function keys. I use it for accounting and the numeric keypad is important for me, thus I purchased a Bluetooth keypad which is connecting nicely to the computer. But it functions as if the NumLock key on the computer is ON (that is 8 4 2 6 act as Up Lside Down and Rside arrows). There is NO NumLock key to toggle off. I guess the function keys being multi function it must be there??? Can someone help please??? Thank you in advance. I realize I may be in the wrong place, please direct me. BestLevon Keshishian

Answer:NumLock issue

Hello and welcome,
You can try bringing up the on-screen keyboard, clicking on OPTIONS, and enabling the numeric keypad.  That should add a NUMLOCK key to the on-screen kbd and you can try toggling that.
No idea if it will help but give it a try.

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I have a P300 satellite, and my keypad doens't work normally when I lock numlock in order to write figures (1, 2, 3 ...). In any case (touch "numlock" Iocked or not) I cannot manage to write figures thanks to the keypad. When the green light is on it happens nothing when I press a touch of the keypad, when the light is off it works normaly, I mean it is like the arrows.
May be somebody can help me.
Thank you.

Answer:Pb with Key pad (numlock) Satellite P300

My friends P300 had the same problem!

The "7890UIOPJKLM>" keys on the keyboard would output numbers even though its a full sized keyboard with a separate keypad.

I cant remember exactly how the ASP fixed it, apparently there is a setting that changes the screen size to 17". I dont know how they changed it, I am guessing they use a special Diagnostics disk or DMI utility.

Send it to an ASP, they should be able to fix it :)

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Numlock turns off when w7 gets to user login screen. I have to hit the numlock key to turn it back on before login. HK CurrentUser CP Keyboard InitialBoad Registry value is set to 2.

Same issue with a different keyboard. This issue appeared after I reinstalled windows 7. Everything else seems to be normal.

Is there any way to keep numlock on?

Answer:Keyboard Numlock Issue

hi ayuppie, welcome to the forums
I take that you have numlock on at startup in your BIOS, right?

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Can someone please help me with my query with the NUMLOCK keypad?

I have Dell Inspiron 3521 i5 - 64 Bit - Windows 7 and the issue here is that, from last three days, the number keypad(on the right handside) on my lappy isn't working, when I press NumLock it beeps one sound and when repress the same key again, it rebeeps with different sound. Why so?
First time, when I press NUMLOCK key, it beeps with one sound and when repress it again, it beeps with another sound. What does that mean?

I'm not sure, that may have pressed any key which is not allowing me to use Number keypad on the right side.

Your suggestion is highly appreciated.

- Nilesh


Hi Nilesh,
I recommend running diagnostics on the computer. Below link would help you run diagnostics on the computer:
Kindly private message the service tag of the computer so that I can check the wireless card installed and assist you.I have added you as a friend. Please accept my friend request by clicking on my name highlighted in blue and then click on “Friends” tab at the top and then click on “Request to Review” and finally click on “Accept” button.I am sending you a private message as well. Click on “Inbox” to respond to the message and provide system’s Service Tag and contact details so I may access your system records and check for further course of action. You could also click on Start Conversation to send a private message.Awaiting your response!

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Hi everyone,
I do have a Satellite P200 notebook for more than 2 years, but since yesterday I did a clean install of Windows7 on the machine.
But when I boot/reboot the numlock is off, but it would be nice to have that 'on'

I searched already on the Internet bout this topic, but did not solve the problem.
- Boot, and when you have to login push the numlock to on and reboot. Did not work...
- Searched in BIOS, but could not find where to change. I think it's not in it to change...
- Also find a registry entry to change.
Regedit: +HKEY_USERS>.DEFAULT>Control Panel>Keyboard>InitialKeyboardIndicators+
In there you can right-click and change the value to 2.
In many forums is said to change the value from 0 to 2, but I do have 10 digits as value. So, I did not do it...

Please anyone knows how to change?
Thans in advance!

Best Regards,

Answer:Satellite P200-15N boot with numlock on

I think you've got the wrong registry entry. It's this one:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keyboard]

(current user since its the status after logging in)

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Each time when I started my laptop L350 I have to set the numlock button to use my keypad. Is it not possibele that the laptop remember the setting numlock on each time I started it up?

I hope that the forum users can help me,


Answer:Re: Satellite L350 - Can I always activate the numlock?

Hello Brian

This option is not available. I have Satellite P200 and numlock option must be enabled every time.
But it should not be so problematic. ;)

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Notebook starts up withhout NUMLOCK on! What to do? Bios no numlock and HKEY settng change not working.

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I have a laptop with a numeric keypad.

When I turn numlock on the numeric keypad works, but when I push on the *m, j, k, l, i, o, p* I get also the numeric keys.
The model of the laptop is a Satellite P300-116 with windows Vista 32-bit.
How can I solve this problem?

Answer:Satellite P300 - numlock works wrong

Has the laptop been serviced/repaired recently? (a mainboard replacement for example)

Someone had the same problem in another post, they returned the laptop to the ASP who just needed to update the DMI (I think it was the screen size setting or something like that), and that fixed the problem :)

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Is it possible to remove Numlock (Fn F11) which is enabled by defalut on my Satellite U400 ?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Re: Satellite U400: How to disable Numlock by default


What? I?ve got a u400 and numlock is not enabled.
However, you can disable this using the key combination FN + F11


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Dear all,

Nobody knows how we can activate "Numlock" button on startup from the laptop.

Concern : Satellite Pro C850 - 1LN

I search in the BIOS (6.70) > Advanced ... but nothing to find
I search also in Windows 8.1 but also without success.

Any idea to help me ?

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite Pro C850 - How to activate "Numlock" on startup

Hi Marc

As far as I know there is no some special option for num lock activation and you cannot set is as default to be always activated. Additional numeric block on the keyboard is designed for usage with different applications like Office Excel and allow you comfortable numbers input in certain document.

On my notebook (P500) I have noticed that always when I switch notebook off with activated num lock it will be On by next start so let is ON all the time.

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I purchased a brand new PC with 'Windows 7 and trying to set-up Windows 7.

I encountered 'NumLock' that stays and I am NOT able to type any.

How to unlock 'Numlock?'

Thanks for your help in advance.

Answer:[SOLVED] Num Lock Issue, ... How to 'Unlock' NumLock?

Using Keyboard came with the PC/Win 7 solved the issue.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545, running Windows 7 (64-bit). I just got a second-hand (but great condition) Dell BT keyboard (this style:

The keyboard works fine except for the NumLock. When it's turned on, the 10-key number keys still do not work. It does disable the Home, End, PageUp and Page Down, but when I hit the 10-key numbers, it moves the cursor very slowly around the screen.

I've updated my computer's BIOS, download SetPoint from Logitech (the maker of the keyboard), and have tried fiddling with the settings in both SetPoint and Control Panel. But nothing seems to work. All the other buttons, including the optional media buttons work well.

In response to other posts I have seen. I have hit the ScrollLock key repeatedly to apparently reset my keyboard. Nothing happened. I am also aware I'm not holding the shift key while using the 10-key (which apparently reverts it to a cursor).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Solved: Dell BT Keyboard Numlock Issue

Check these instructions and make sure the mouse keys are not enabled.

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I have recently purchased E15-551G laptop in Kolkata, India. The problem which i am facing is, there is no indication of capslock and numlock in the laptop which is creating problem particularly while typing passwords. Is there any solution for the above proble. Kindly reply.

Answer:Capslock and Numlock issue in Acer E15-551G.

When pressing the Num Lock or Caps Lock on your keyboard, there is no notification to indicate the status. The on-screen indicators for Num Lock and Caps Lock are not available in Windows 8, 8.1, 10.Instead, it is possible to activate a beep signal when the key is pressed:Press the Windows () key to open the Start screen.. Type Control and select Control Panel.In the Control Panel, select Ease of Access.Select Change how your keyboard works.Enable Turn on Toggle Keys.Click or tap OK to save the changes.You may download and use third party Keyboard LEDs software that are avaliable for free. Click the Kudos to say ?Thanks? for helping! select "Accept Solution" if your issue is resovled.

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Hi out there,

how can I disable these 'ugly' notification sounds when I press NumLock CapsLock or Scroll?

It's an Satellite Pro P100-438. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Answer:Satellite Pro P100-438: How to disable NumLock CapsLock or Scroll sounds

That's quite easy mate.

Do the following:

- Keep the right <shift> key pressed for about 10 seconds.
A messagebox will show up (Filterkeys settings) and provide you a menu:
- Click on the [settings] button and a new window will appear.
- Remove the tag [x] from [use Togglekeys].
- Click [OK] to save your changes
You are done :)

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Hi there,

at first, sorry for my english I'm from Germany;
at the P870 PSPLFE of my wife i need to open the setup, because the numlock key doesn't work, and I think in the setup there is a possibillty to fix it...

Please, could anybody help me


Answer:Satellite P870 PSPLFE - cannot start BIOS update - need to fix numlock key

Why do you think that BIOS update will fix your NumLock key issue?
Did this key work in the past running the same BIOS?

Does the Numlock key work properly using external USB keyboard?
If key, your BIOS and keyboard controller are OK and the problem is related to internal keyboard.
Mostly only keyboard replacement would fix this.

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My Satellite Pro R850 won't boot up. When I press the power button the power indicator light on the laptop (below the mouse buttons) cycles through flashing green, green, orange, orange and the fan whirrs; also the numlock indicator on the NumPad is lit and won't go off if pressed. The screen is blank and plugging in a monitor shows a blank screen.

Taking out the battery has no effect, same results as with.

The hard disk is readable as took out and attached to other pc as external drive using a caddy.

No ideas as to what to try, hope someone can help.

thanks Carol

Answer:Satellite Pro R850 won't boot - fan whirrs; power light cycles; numlock on

Can you see an Toshiba Splash Screen at the beginning?
Can you access the BIOS?

If this is not possible, an serious hardware problem appeared...
It could be just an memory module but in worst case your motherboard is the problem

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I want to upguard the HD bat the new toshiba HD doesn't run in my notebook. bat in an other PC it will work fine. if i turn the original HD in a PC it doesen't work but it work in the notebook can enyone helb me?

I think the original HD have a other format

thank you for your help

Answer:Satellite 5100-503: HDD upgrade issue


How big is the new HDD?
As far as I know this unit was delivered with a 40GB HDD.
If the new HDD is bigger so maybe the BIOS have some problems to recognize the HDD correctly.

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I recently bought a Toshiba satellite l50d-c-13g with a stick of crucial RAM, specs are 8GB DDR3 1600 (PC3-12800) CL11 SODIMM 204pin 1.35V. The Crucial website itself recommended this for my device and I did some research and many people have confirmed that it is compatible as a combination for L50 devices much like this one. The installation itself went great, my machine and OS are picking up the total 16GB of RAM. However I'm experiencing an issue where the RAM is being throttled at 665.3 MHz (which I am assuming is 665.3X2) according to CPU-z and Seccy. My GPU is also being throttled as a result of this as it's using the RAM for shared memory and what's stranger still, is that even though my machine and OS is reading 16GBs, dual channel mode is not activated.

Currently my OS is not asking for a reactivation, and there is no option to enable/disable XMP in BIOS. Would a XMP profile have to be provided by the OEM for this machine to accept the new RAM or is this a known issue with some other work around to have it clock at a full 800MHz?

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I had tried to replace the old DVD/CDRW with the above UJ-830B ( FW: 1.50, HW: 1.00) but the result was IDE error. It is not recognize it in Windows at all.
I have tried to solder the contact 48 and 49 but result is the same.

How can I make to work this UJ-830B ( FW: 1.50, HW: 1.00) on Toshiba Pro M10?

Is any one have any solution like firmware upgrade or some hardware soldering/desoldering?



Answer:Satellite Pro M10: firmware upgrade issue DVD UJ-830B FW:1.50, HW:1.00

This is not possible because such software is not placed or released on any of Toshiba webpage.

Fact is that not all CD/DVD drives are compatible with all notebooks due to different master/slave/c-sel settings.
Therefore it?s always advisable to contact the ASP in your country or to check the user manual to get the details about combatable drives.

I can recommend only buying an compatible and supported ODD.


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I have Satellite A100-011 (PSAARE) and i have just upgraded memory RAM to 4 GB with 2x2GB Kingston (KTT533D2/2G).
BIOS can see all my 4GB installed,so my Windows (x64) but my Task Manager shows me 3069 MB!!!
How is this possible?Is there any way to fix that?My BIOS version is 6.00.

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A100-011 (PSAARE) RAM upgrade issue


Are you sure that you have a 64bit version from Windows XP?
I ask this because the Toshiba website does not offer drivers for XP 64bit.

If you have really a 64bit OS make sure that you have installed all Service Packs and Hotfixes from Microsoft.

And install a program like Everest and look how much RAM this program shows.


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I know that the issue has been already discussed several times, however it seems none of the solutions or suggestions posted earlier applies to my situation.
I have recently bought an old Toshiba Sat Pro 4300. The notebook had one memory slot filled with 64MB module so total memory in the system was 128 MB.
Since in my opinion the system worked to slow i have decided to buy an additional memory module. I have bought 128 MB - TOSHIBA PA3005U -K module and placed it in the slot B

I was quite suprised when I have found that after the upgrade, Windows showed that the total memory is 192 MB.
When I put the 128 MB module in slot A and the old 64MB module in slot B - the suprise was even greater, since the Windows showed only 128 MB.

First I thought that the slot B is faulty, but in such case it would be impossible to get 192 MB in the first place. Then I thought that the new memory module was either faulty or it was 64MB instead of 128MB, but this option is also unlikely, based on my observations. Furthermore, I checked the system with the EVEREST software and it recognizes the new module as 128 MB module, but does not see the old 64MB module.

The situation is quite strange. Does anybody has any idea whay is going on?



Answer:Satellite Pro 4300 - memory upgrade issue

From my knowledge the Satellite Pro 4300 can be upgraded to max 320MB.

The 64MB module which was equipped with your notebook should be ?not removable?.
So in this slot ONLY this 64MB module could works correctly.

I know this is strange but computer world is sometimes strange ;) you know :D


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I purchased a Satellite A500 laptop containing Vista 32 bit Home Premium.
It came with a upgrade to Windows 7 for which I completed the install/uninstall process for upgrading from Vista Home Premium 32 bit to Windows 7 32 bit from the Toshiba site before the start of the DVD windows 7 install process.

After the re-start of my computer at step 6, I have a message 'new hardware found - base system device' I have tried searching c: and I have tried searching the Windows 7 DVD for the specific file and am unable to locate it.

The install/uninstall removed the drivers to connect to the internet.

Can't seem to start the install of Windows 7 from the DVD.

Please help.

Answer:Issue with Windows7 upgrade - Satellite A500


The Win 7 asks for the driver!
It?s not placed on the C or on the Win 7 DVD.

I assume you have upgraded the Vista to Win 7 and did not the clean install?.
I recommend a clean install because Win 7 would install everything again and will not use the applications which were preinstalled on Vista.
In many cases such apps are not fully compatible with Win 7.

After the clean Win 7 installation, you could install the Win 7 drivers which you will find on the Toshiba pages.

But Win 7 drivers are not published on Toshiba European page at this time?
So you could use a Toshiba US page to get the drivers or should check the European page later?

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ok atm i have 512mb in my netbook and i want upgrade to 1gb
now i already have 512mb in teh nebook and i got another
but when i insert the other 512mb
the only thing i get is a black screen

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro 2100: RAM upgrade issue from 512mb to 1GB


The notebook supports max 1GB RAM.
This means you can use max 2 x 512MB modules; 512MB module in each slot.

I assume 1GB RAM is not supported and therefore you cannot boot up the unit properly!

Go back to 2 x 512MB

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I tried to install Win10 on my Satellite L850-1RX, as I could have downloaded the version of WIn10 of Microsoft, but Windows asks me key to activate the copy and I can not because I find the serial number
Can you help me?

Answer:Satellite L850-1RX - serial key issue - Win 8 to Win 10 upgrade

I have numer serie Satellite L850

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Good day, fellow Toshiba notebook owners.

I have a little trouble upgrading my BIOS to a "newer" (according to Tempro) version.
I just installed the Tempro application, and it detected that my BIOS needs an upgrade, so I naturally downloaded the "new" BIOS. Everything went fine, but when I tried to install it, a message popped up in the install window:

"*The program will be closed!* There is an error occurred, please check below items. Bios version above 190. Battery capacity more than 10%. AC is attached."

No matter what I do, I get the same error, over and over again. I looked the problem up before I posted this thread, and other people encountered it, but, unlike my case, advices like "Close all background applications", "Charge your battery", or "Make sure the AC is attached" really helped them.

I tried closing everything, my battery is always fully charged, as I rarely disconnect the AC adapter, and, of course, the AC connection issue is not the cause, since it is almost always plugged in.

I checked my BIOS version in +msinfo32.exe+ and it is 1.90 already, but I remember upgrading it months ago (sooner than the release date of this last version), and if, hypothetically, I have the last version already installed, why doesn't Tempro acknowledge it and keeps alerting me over a non-existent issue?

Maybe there is something wrong with Tempro, but I just need to be sure before... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660 - 1C7: BIOS upgrade issue


Tempro notify you about new uploaded drivers or BIOS?
The Toshiba European driver page provides all the drivers and BIOS files and the latest BIOS version 1.90-win has been uploaded at 04.06.2012 and therefore you received this notification by Tempro software.

Who knows why they uploaded this file once again.. but fact is that your BIOS is up to date and therefore you cannot update the BIOS once again using the one and the same version.

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I have two problems with my laptop it's satellite L755-M1KQ ,

my first question is, can i download windows 10 on it?

my part Number is PSK2YE-0KQ02UAR

my second problem is the sound in my same laptop doesn't work , not always just sometime , please help me .

Answer:Satellite L755: Win 10 upgrade question and sound issue

Of course you could upgrade the system to Windows 10.

The hardware is strong enough to handle the Windows 10.
But Toshiba does not provide Windows 10 drivers for this series… therefore it could be possible that some notebook features (FN buttons, etc..) would not work properly….

Regarding the sound:
You did not provide many details and if the issue cannot be replicated, then it will be very difficult to find a fix…
I think you should check whether the sound issue appears using headphones or speakers only… also check if you could update the sound driver…

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Please help.

Having problems burning CD/DVDs. Thought upgrading the firmware from TO01 to TO02 would solve the problem but then the TO02 driver failed to install.

Tried installing the driver but the software says the latest software is already installed.

Driver date: 21/06/2006
Driver version: 6.0.6001.18000

Answer:Firmware TS-L632H upgrade issue on Satellite P200D


I have checked the Toshiba driver page ?More info? section (it?s on the right) and found are some details about this firmware update;
Changes were made to correct the following:
Unable to burn songs from iTunes to certain CD media. iTunes error "The attempt to burn a disc fialied. An unknown error occurred (2131)" is displayed

So the firmware update does not solve any issues with CD/DVDs burning!

I presume you?ve got some CD and DVD burning issues because the medias are not fully compatible.
What you could do is checking different CDs/DVDs from different manufacturers.

One note; if I?m not mistaken the user manual should provide some details about compatible and supported CDs and DVDs.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-768 from PSAA9 update bios S10V600,
I have no backlight on the screen apart from and I have the original bios .

voila now I see the page but there are over backlight except at the start.

help me please

Answer:Satellite A100-768 - backlight issue after BIOS upgrade

There is not much you can do except send the laptop to an ASP for a quote. The Inverter or screen may have a problem.

There is a list of ASP's on the Toshiba website.

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Hi guys,

I recently upgraded my processor from the 1.4 to the T5500 Duo Core to give it more omff.
I've upgraded the RAM aswell with a 1GB. Thats worked fine. Its now at 1.5GB RAM.

Well the laptop fires up fine and works but the processor only runs at 800mhz on each core every now and again it jumps upto 1300mhz.
I know this as I've downloaded CPUZ. I've also tried using clockgen old and new version and it doesn't work.
I've also tried using NHC and no luck.

I can't seem to up the voltage to make it run right or change to speed using clockgen. Also when i go into Bios i can't change anything in there either.
I'm new to computer speak so replies need to be dumbed down for me in laymens terms.

I'm shaw I've read a post on the net saying they have this processor running in there L30-134 and it works fine but can't seem to find it again.
I am i shooting myself in the foot or can i get it to work?

Answer:Satellite L30-134 CPU upgrade issue - runs at 800Mhz & 1300Mhz

Hi buddy

I think there is nothing wrong with your notebook or with the CPU.
Fact is that the Intel Core2 Duo Mobile Processor T5500 supports the _?Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology?_ and this is the reason why the CPU speed is not running constantly at 1.66 GHz.

Please check this Intel document about ?Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology?

_It says:_+Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology allows the system to dynamically adjust processor voltage and core frequency, which can result in decreased average power consumption and decreased average heat production+

I think this should clarify everything!


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Hello everybody,

I just did an upgrade for my Satellite A300 to Windows 7 32. I started my laptop and everything was fine but after I write my username and password and log on my display goes black.
I can hear that it is working but I can?t see anything.

When I used the safe mode it worked fine. I checked the display info and it said unknown
I downloaded the latest drivers for ATI card from the Toshiba site but when I installed it, it said driver not detected because I think I am in safe mode and it is not connected and I can't install it in normal mode because I can't see anything

What should I do?

Please help

Answer:Display issue on Satellite A300 after Win7 upgrade


It is not easy to say what is wrong there. I have Satellite A300 too and since last week I use Win7 too.
On my notebook everything works perfectly.
I also found small Toshiba group on Facebook and one guy there described how to install Win7 on Satellite A300. If you are on Facebook too you can check it HERE .

I recommend you to install Win7 again following installations order posted there.
If you have more questions please let us know.

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i have L500-12T and i upgrade to WIN 7 64 bit.
After the upgrade the FN key not working and i can't turn on the wireless card .

So i can't surf with the wireless.
I download all the driver that i found on the site of toshiba and it's still not working.

What i can do ?

Answer:Satellite L500-12t: FN buttons issue after Win7 64bit upgrade


I think you didn?t install the needed Toshiba software.
You have to install the VAP (value added package) and have to install the Flash Card Support Utility!

Be aware of this


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The problem concerns the driver for Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family. System: Vindows VISTA 32bit Home Premium Service Pack 1. Laptop: Satellite A200.

I installed the new driver from this source (suggestion by Toshiba TEMPO): rLanguage=42&SOURCE=TEMPO&LNG=20

After switching on of the computer, the system is constantly asking me ("warning about securities"), whether to run (open) 3 files: C:\Windows\System32\igfxtray.exe / ...hkcmd.exe / ...igfxpers.exe. Disabling of option "Always ask before opening of the file" doesn't help. I have to choose option "Open / Cancel / Close" to continue switching on of the Windows (any option allows switching on). Please mind that I have translated above mentioned communications from Polish.

Answer for the question, which I received from Intel(R) Technical Support:

++This is actually not a problem with our drivers. This is related to the administrative/user rights and security features set by Windows* Vista.++

Yours faithfully,

Maciej Kochan

Answer:Satellite A200 - strange issue after graphic driver upgrade

When you install drivers, you should Right-click the EXE file and choose "Run as Administrator".

You should also temporarily disable your security software or reconfigure it to allow the system file.
Spyware removal tools such as AdAware and Spybot (or the spyware tool in your Internet Security package) may be blocking the system file.

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To Whom It May Concern,

I bought a A350 laptop in 2009 and ordered Windows 7 by using program, however I couldn't receive anything from anywhere until today.

Recently, I asked about the delivery since during 2 months nothing delivered but the team behind this program canceled my order. (Order No: 4440058036)

Two days ago, I ordered again (Order No:4440124899) but this time another email was sent about my credit card since they couldn't charge the card so they are not able to send the Windows 7 upgrade.
In addition to that, it is mentioned to contact with customer service in Turkey but the phone number provided on the page is not working.
I am sure my credit card is working since I order many stuff from another websites in the world.

Nearly 3 months past, still I don't know where to contact and how to order Windows 7 upgrade.

I trust TOSHIBA brand while buying A350 laptop, but today I am considering my decision is not true at all.

Please advise how to deal with whom to order Windows 7 upgrade as advertised during sale of A350 laptop.


Answer:Satellite A350 - Cannot order the Win 7 Upgrade - credit card issue


For me it sounds like there are some problems with the credit card.
Who knows what you did wrong? maybe you typed the wrong number or missed something? maybe there is other issue with your credit card?
In my opinion you should get in contact with you bank and should ask what could be wrong?

Here is other Toshiba page where you could ask an Support Team for a help if an problem with Win 7 upgrade kit would appear.


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After upgrading to Windows 10 HDMI audio stopped working.
Tried to reinstall Conexant Audio Driver
Any ideas how this could be solved?

Answer:Satellite L650D HDMI audio driver issue after WIN10 upgrade

I recently saw something on the CATALYST Driver of the Graphiccard. There was an option "INSTALL HDMI AUDIO Driver". I was surprised to see this option under Graphic-Catalyst-Driver. But it makes sense, the HDMI is a Video- as well as Audio-(AV)Connection.

So please try to install the latest driver of your graphiccard.
Perhaps this will work for you.

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Hey all.

I recently bought a Satellite A200-1CZ (PSAEC). This one has Vista Home Premium preinstalled. But i wanted it to be able to connect to my domain at work, so therefor i had to upgrade it to Vista Ultimate. THe upgrade itself went fine, but after the upgrade i cant get the integrated Chicony web camera to work again. I tried reinstalling the camera software without luck.

I also tried to lead the driver installation to the location on the PC where the drivers are located. It says that it indeed is the correct drivers, but that there might be missing a post in the INF file. It seems like it needs to be specifically written to Ultimate.

Anyone got some other drivers or maybe a solution to this problem?


Answer:Chicony camera issue after Vista Ultimate upgrade on Satellite A200-1CZ PSAEC

Hi Dan

Please don?t be mad at me but why you don?t search here in the forum firstly?
The forum ?advanced search? is the beautiful option to find threads related to this issue.

I found this:

Here is also the solution to your problem =TIU00000038fc


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Hi there, I need some advice on my laptop upgrade. My laptop is a:

Toshiba Satellite P300D - 21K
Model No: PSPD0E - 00H003EN

I'm thinking of upgrading to 64 bit windows (lucky students can do this for 30!) to help speed up my laptop. I use some CAD applications so 64 bit should help with the speed of these apps. Question:

1) Is there any reasons anyone would advise me to not upgrade to 64 bit with my laptop?
2) I will need to upgrade my RAM to at least 4 gig for 64 Bit. I currently have 3 gig, so I guess I need to replace my 1 gig stick with a 2 gig stick? Or can I put a 4 gig stick in with my existing 2 gig stick?
3) Will upgrading my ram, and operating system void my warrenty?

Answer:Satellite P300D-21K: Windows 7 64bit Upgrade & RAM Upgrade Advice

hi rossbardon,

1. make sure that your application can use the features of a 64bit system otherwise there will be no performace boost in that application. except the expanded memory...
2. i would use always the same make and modell of ram because mixing is only good when drinking cocktails...
so 2x 2gb ram from a known manufacturer should be a good choice. why not 2x 4gb when using win7 with 64bit?
3. as far as i know you are allowed to change your ram without loosing your warranty... i think the warranty is hardware related.... to make sure if you allowed ask a servicepartner next to you.
you will have no support related to the win7 installation and software related issues.

hey upgrade to win7! due to this price and no danger (it's software) ahead i would do it.
make sure that the needed drivers are at hand before installing!

good luck and pls report what you have done.

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I waited until the last minute (literally) to upgrade from Win7 to Win10. During the wait I kept up with all the Win10 HP blogs. My HP all-in-1 printer works great thanks to the support blog but I am still having difficulty getting my BOSE speakers to sound as they did with Beats on Win 7. I have downloaded and installed the compatible IDT HiDef Audio CODEC driver but the sound quality is still poor. The "Speakers/Headphones" property sound setting is "24-bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality)". I would like to adjust the treble/bass settings as before - I want my BOSE speakers back!! Any recent recommendations?Thanx!!  

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I've received my Toshiba Windows 7 upgrade DVDROM today.

The upgrade process stops after checking the system saying system is not applicable for upgrade.

I was under the impression that this laptop was upgradeable to Windows 7. (purchased 2 weeks ago)

Has anyone come across this problem? Any assistance would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L500D - Upgrade assistant will not let me Upgrade to Windows 7

Hello Nik

Just one question: have you got two DVDs (component and upgrade DVDs) or just one?
BTW: what is exact model name (L500D-xxx)?

Satellite L500D is newest notebook model and it must be Win7 upgradable.

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We have a Satellite Pro A300-2C4 (purchased 23/11/09) which came with Vista Business 32Bit installed but was downgraded (using disk provided) to Windows XP because of business network requirements.

When Windows 7 became available I purchased the Windows 7 upgrade DVD that Toshiba were offering so that if the Business decided to upgrade to the new operating system we could do so on this laptop.

This is what I have recently tried to do to discover it cannot be done as the DVD is for Win Vista Bus to Win 7 Pro upgrade.What is the best way to do the upgrade without having to purchase another upgrade disk. I do have a set of Recovery Discs for another Toshiba SatellitePro A300-2C4 which was purchased about 2 months before this one; these were created using the Toshiba Recovery software before any changes were made on the laprop. Would I be able to recover the system to its Windows Vista state using these discs and then use the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade DVD to do the upgarde?

Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly received.

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A300-2C4 'Windows 7 Professional Upgrade DVD' to upgrade


Upgrading from WinXP to Win7 is not supported by Toshiba nor by Microsoft.
The only possible way to upgrade (go from 1 installation with some data to Win7 and keeping your settings and data) is from WinVista SP1 or later.

So regardless of how You look at it, You need to get XP out and either begin with WinVista factory installation + any 1 million updates that were released after this, OR
you can boot up from the Win7 media directly and install clean.
The second method saves a lot of time BUT have some negative side effects - namely not all drivers and utilities will be available in the final system if installed clean.
Some packages from WinVista works well in Win7 and are for that reason expected to be in the system during the update.
Hence, if You do a clean install, they will be missing.

However, they might not cause any trouble for You if they are not there, but that is not known until You're there and can see what You are missing.
Basic functionality should be expected though (WLAN, LAN, Sound, on)

So, think about what You want to do and get busy with either recovering your unit with the WinVista set, updating, and then running the Toshiba Upgrade DVD, Win 7 upgrade and finally the Toshiba upgrade DVD again, OR just install Win7 clean + adding as much as possible / needed from the Toshiba Upgrade DVD.

Good luck!

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How to set numlock on @ windows XP startup please suggest.

Answer:set numlock on at windows xp startup

Set the Capslock, Numlock or Scroll Lock to be enabled or disabled at startup.1. Go to Start and type Regedit. (Click RUN then type REGEDIT in XP)2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keyboard3. Open InitialKeyboardIndicators. Set the value to one of the following numbers0 ? All Keys off1 ? Caps Lock on2 ? Num Lock on 3 ? Caps Lock and Num Lock on4 ? Scroll Lock on5 ? Caps Lock and Scroll Lock on6 ? Num Lock and Scroll Lock on7 ? Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock onTry This :)

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Currently running Win 10.0.15061 on an Acer Predator laptop. On system resume from sleep or hibernate, I always have to manually turn on numlock before entering my pin. I've tried the registry setting "fix," the disabling fast boot "fix," and the shutting down from lock screen with numlock on method, all to know avail. (all as suggested in ; ;
Through searching, I don't see any threads on this in the past year - has anyone discovered a permanent fix?

Answer:Numlock on startup on Windows 10

Did you try simply refreshing windows 10?
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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I searched online and the advise was to turn on numlock, then reboot.

It is still off.

Any pointers?!?

Answer:Numlock at startup Windows 10

In the BIOS there should be a setting to always have Num Lock on when Windows starts.

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So I'm having trouble with NumLock defaulting on the Logon screen in Windows 10. I have a Dell Inspiron 15R.
I tried the following;
1. On the Logon screen, press the NumLock key on the keyboard to turn it on. On the bottom right corner of the Login screen I clicked the power button to reboot Windows.
2. using Registry tweak, InitialKeyboardIndicators under HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Keyboard using code(s) 2147483650 then tried 80000002 as well as just 2
Before installing Win10 it worked as desired (I did #2 above using code "2"). Anyone find a solution?

Answer:Why isn't NumLock defaulting with Windows 10?

I did the registry tweak, changed the value to 80000002 and it works.

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When I reboot and go to enter my login PIN the numlock is off and I have to turn it on. I can't seem to find a solution to make it stay on on reboot, except turning off fast boot. Any solutions?

Answer:How do I keep numlock on at reboot Windows 10?

This is more of a setting in the BIOS menu, check it out.

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This is a follow-up. I found the post which shows how to put an entry in the registry to turn on NumLock at startup on my new Windows 10 laptop, as for some reason, after the last downloaded update, it didn't work when trying to enter my PIN. I followed instructions for making the changes, restarted my laptop, and it worked fine... ONLY ONCE! The next time I shut down/restarted, the number pad didn't work. I had to use the numbers on the top row of the keyboard to enter my PIN at login. SOOO, I reinstalled the registry fix. Still doesn't work at the point where I enter my PIN, the number pad won't function until several minutes after I have gotten logged in. Any ideas?

Answer:setting NumLock ON at startup in Windows 10

Hello leathrpaws,

Unfortunately, updates will sometimes reset stuff back to default. When this happens, you can only just reapply your customizations again. I like to merge all my customizations into one .reg file to make reapplying easier in situations like this.

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This is a follow-up. I found the post which shows how to put an entry in the registry to turn on NumLock at startup on my new Windows 10 laptop, as for some reason, after the last downloaded update, it didn't work when trying to enter my PIN. I followed instructions for making the changes, restarted my laptop, and it worked fine... ONLY ONCE! The next time I shut down/restarted, the number pad didn't work. I had to use the numbers on the top row of the keyboard to enter my PIN at login. SOOO, I reinstalled the registry fix. Still doesn't work at the point where I enter my PIN, the number pad won't function until several minutes after I have gotten logged in. Any ideas?

Answer:setting NumLock ON at startup in Windows 10

Hello leathrpaws,

Unfortunately, updates will sometimes reset stuff back to default. When this happens, you can only just reapply your customizations again. I like to merge all my customizations into one .reg file to make reapplying easier in situations like this.

Num Lock - Enable or Disable on Sign-in Screen in Windows 10

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After much hemming and hawing over whether or not I should upgrade my Lenovo Z70-80 to Windows 10, I finally made the leap, and the transition has been fairly painless. A couple of driver updates here and there, and I'm fairly happy with the results. Hopefully, I won't come across too many issues! Before the upgrade, I had my system startup with Numlock on by default, but this setting seems to have been reversed. I cannot seem to find where to set Numlock on boot. I thought it was in the BIOS, but I can't find it there? While it's only one extra keypress per startup, any help would be greatly appreciated and getting this resolved. Thanks ahead of time for any responses!

"There is no such thing as a foolproof system. Someone will make a better fool, tomorrow." @LoneWolffe

Answer:Enable Numlock on Boot - Z70-80 Windows 10

 I wanted to do the same thing and the answer at the URL below worked for me on my Lenovo Z70-80.

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I just got a new Lenovo Ideapad running Windows 10. All things considered it's a fine operating system, and I'm having only minor, fixable problems. Except for this.

These indicators are giant and distracting to the most annoying possible degree. I have tried following other tutorials to get rid of this: going into Advanced Display Settings, only to find that it has been taken out of this version by the Microsoft Geniuses; Another thread mentioned Logitech Unifying Software, something I cannot even find; I've looked in the Ease of Access center and other keyboard and software related settings, all with no luck.

I just want these irritating indicators gone!

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at about 15 computers I performed monthly patch update + UAC set to the default (was off) + installed Foolish Premium.

Unfortunately for me, the two stations have become the following previously unseen problems:

1) often spontaneously switches numlock (I solved by Numlocker utility)

2) Turn off and turn on the computer 2x happened to me that Windows starts up "Troubleshooting startup and automatic system recovery",
dialogue can be canceled and shut down the system completely and normally booting.

3) sometime lose network shortcuts on desktop (I turned off Automatic troubleshooter for "maintenance" shortcut)

The logs do not contain anything interesting ... No virus by AVG and other online virus scanners (Eset ...)

Anybody got a tip what could it cause? I note that the same configuration on more than 15 additional machines were completed without problems.

Thanks for the tips ...

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How do you enable the NumLock when you start a Dell Inspiron Desktop running Windows 10?
I have edited the Registry value for "InitialKeyboardIndicators" to 2147483650. After powering down and restarting, NumLock is still not on.
Do I have to disable "Fast Startup", too?
I accessed the BIOS menu on startup, but did not see any option for the Keyboard settings - unless I missed it.

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hi im using z580 i bought 2 months, i donno when and how but suddenly my caps lock, num lock notification and the alternative desktops  one for viewing photos and other a notepad , i think they are lenovo apps  and i loved them. But  they are all not working now . i might have messed up with something, can u help me get them back??? 

Answer:lost caps lock , numlock notifications and also the special windows

Hi Tejesh and welcome to the communityPlease reinstall the lenovo energy management driver and caposd driver. They will be in the drivers folder of d drive..Otherwise links are below

Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)If you think a post helped you, then you can give Kudos to the post by pressing the Star on the left of the post. If you think a post solved your problem, then mark it as a solution so that others having the same problem can refer to it.

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You can upgrade my computer to Windows 10 satellite M60.
Thank you

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I have tried to upgrade to Windows 7 Pro from XP Pro but towards the nd of the upgrade, my notebook reboots and freezes up trying to start Windows 7.

Does anybody kow how I can correct this? My system has the required disk space (55.6 GB) and memory (1GB).

Answer:Satellite M40 and Windows 7 Upgrade

Do you know how old your notebook is?

Requirements don't mean just enough space on HDD and enough RAM but also the hardware infrastructure.
Your notebook is not designed for Win7.

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I have tried many ways to upgrade, many fixes but I just cannot upgrade my Toshiba Satellite CL10-B-101 to Windows 10.

I've tried using the regular Windows Update interface, WindowsUpdateDiagnostic, MediaCreationToolx64, lots of other step by step fixes described by Microsoft staff, installing to USB (as the SSD hard disk is only 21GB) etc.

Every time I ended up with this or that Windows error code.

Is it at all possible to upgrade Toshiba Sattelite CL10-B-101 to Windows 10? Anyone successful?

Answer:How to upgrade Satellite CL-10-B-101 to Windows 10

What are the Windows error codes?

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My PC just migrated to Windows 10 and everything looks fine so far. My only issue is that CD/DVD player is not being recognized. No error appears. I cannot find proper drivers and I tried all fixes I could find on the Internet.

Do you have any suggestions how I can fix it?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite P50-B-10V - no CD/DVD after Windows 10 upgrade


Do you have iTunes or DVD burning software installed?

Try uninstalling that software.

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I thought I'd posted this question yesterday, but I can't see it so apparently I didn't :-)

To keep it simple, I've reserved my copy of Windows 10 like millions of other people. Specifically for the Toshiba M series (Mine's a N50-A-11Q shipped with Win 8.1) what are your intentions...

1) Upgrade as soon as you can

2. Stick with Win 8.1 indefinitely

3. Stick with 8.0 indefinitely if that's what it shipped with

4. Wait a while to see if other Toshiba M50 users get any compatibility or performance issues



Answer:Satellite M50-A-11Q - Windows 10 upgrade

Hi David

I have Satellite S50-B and I?ve also reserved my Win10 copy.
To be honest I will not wait until Toshiba starts Win10 support. I will install it immediately to see how it works and if there is some software related issue.

If something goes wrong I can install original recovery image again.

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I am planning to get a R-50-B. This has Win 8.1 pre-installed.
In July Windows 10 will be released.
Can I upgrade to Windows 10 without any problems?
Regards, Theo

Answer:Upgrade to Windows 10 - Satellite Pro R50-B


In last few days many people ask the same question. If you have some time check please this similar and very interesting thread ? here

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How can I get the setting so that when my end user logs on the number pad is accessible without having to press "numlock" every time? Is there a BIOS setting to change this?
Thank you!

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Users might have come across an issue after Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 8.1, wherein the wireless networks are not available.

It occurs even when the wireless network adapter functions properly as well as after restarting and reinstalling the wireless network adapter driver several times.

The issue might also prevent the wired Ethernet connection from functioning properly.

According to Microsoft, the issue is caused by unsupported VPN software present during the Windows 10 upgrade.

"The issue may occur if older VPN software is installed on Windows 8.1 and is present during the upgrade to Windows 10. Older software versions contain a Filter Driver (the Deterministic Network Enhancer) which is not properly upgraded, leading to the issue," explains Microsoft.

There is a solution for this. Performing it is as simple as issuing a command. For a detailed guide check the following steps:

Step-1: Launch Command Prompt as Admin. For this, right-click Start button from there and select Command Prompt (Admin) from the drop-down menu

Step-2: Execute the following command and then press Enter

reg delete HKCRCLSID{988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3} /va /f

Step-3: Enter the bellow command and press Enter

netcfg -v -u dni_dne

Now restart your PC and check the Wi-Fi settings. You should now be able to get all visible networks around.

A note for those who are running the older versions of Cisco VPN client or SonicWall Global VPN client: First uninstall... Read more

Answer:How to fix no Wi-Fi available issue after Windows 10 upgrade

reg delete HKCR\CLSID\{988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3} /va /f


And BTW I have tried this, my computer have no registry key with this name and I have the problem still unsolved.

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i have an issue upgrading my Dell lop top to windows 10. It gives me the error code bello. What can I do?

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So I decided to upgrade from XP Home to Pro. 90% into the install it errored out saying it could not initiate a .dll file. So now I am stuck in between the old version and the new one. When I restart, the comp automatically goes to the install process of the Pro version which I do not want, since it will not complete. Do you know how to revert back to the old Home version?

Thanks in advance.

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I have currently windows 8 running. I know I wont be able to upgrade to Windows 10 directly. I will be upgrading via create installation media (DVD). I tried via store previously and again rolled back because it would prompt me that some files are missing, although the OS was working but I had system metro apps broken so upgrading via DVD iso. Now my question is : I have windows 8 genuine copy which came preinstalled by my OEM (HP) and I dont have serial key. If the installation asks me for a key where would I get it from. 2. Would using programs which identify our OS keys are safe? 3. If they misuse my key and somebody would use that key to upgrade to Windows 10 before I do is that possible?

Answer:Windows 10 Upgrade issue

1. Is there no key on the bottom of the laptop? or underneath the battery?
2. No
3. Possible I suppose but I haven't experienced it.

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Hi All, i recently upgrade from windows 8 to windows 8 pro so i can get windows 10 pro but whenever i run the setup file, it only allow to install windows 10 home. Even if i use the media tools and create a windows 10 pro USB, it still show as windows 10 home.

Anyway to fix this problem? Not sure what i need to do in order to get to windows 10 Pro. Thanks

Answer:windows 8 upgrade issue

Do you have the Win 8 Pro product key ?

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I have had issues with windows 8.1, specifically the KB2919355 update but have everything just about
all straightened out and the machine runs good. HP Dv7t-7300 i7 3740QM with Samsung 840 Pro SSD.

The only issue I have now is the fan runs full speed on cold start and sometimes, but not always, it gets erratic...on-off-on-off for a minute or 2 then it straightens out for the duration.

Machine is completely updated with drivers from the HP site.

I check task manager on start up and see nothing that is stressing out the CPU and I have re-loaded the video drivers and switched to older versions and back and forth and no change.

I am not sure which way to go now. HP site is of no help.


Answer:Windows 8.1 upgrade fan issue

If the PC running smoothly then you should not have to worry about it. It is normal for the temperature to spike up during the startup since it has to run many things ei. services, startup programs etc... If you are using the stock fan then this is usually the case to keep the CPU cool. If you think it's worth then replace the stock heat sink/fan with a better one. After everything is loaded and run then the temperature will drop and the fan speed will slow down.

EDIT:You can also clean the surface of the CPU and apply a good thermal paste will help too.

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Hi All, i recently upgrade from windows 8 to windows 8 pro so i can get windows 10 pro but whenever i run the setup file, it only allow to install windows 10 home. Even if i use the media tools and create a windows 10 pro USB, it still show as windows 10 home.

Anyway to fix this problem? Not sure what i need to do in order to get to windows 10 Pro. Thanks

Answer:windows 8 upgrade issue

Do you have the Win 8 Pro product key ?

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Hello,As you know from previous posts I sent about the impossibilityto upgrade my win 10 system because old pc board and drivers(intend to replace the pc). I had some peace and quiet from Microsoftfor some time, sending the update package "$windows.~BT". Now it started again, found a whole package about 6 GB, started to delete it but
certain files refused to be deleted, so had to use my recent Macrium backup, and disabled update service.Now here are my questions: How to delete files / folders which refuse to be deleted (even as admin)and how to stop again this "update package delivery" from microsoft.I believe something was 'planted' on the pc which trigers this issue.Answers will be appreciated.ThanksMotim

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We have downloaded windows 10 to our desktop computer and we are now stuck in limbo. We have been able to bring up a menu when pressing ctrl+alt+del to: power (reboot/shutdown), connect to wifi, change language and ease of access centre. These are the only options available, no start option. Other than that we have a constant blue screen with the "thinking circle". We have no option at the moment to unistall or troubleshoot.

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hello everyoneI have g50-70 laptop with windows 8.1 x64 single language preinstalled.I have downloaded the windows 10 via windows update andwhen it start getting installing it get stucks at 32%I tried the another way by downloading the same version i.e. win 10 single language iso file at microsoft site but it ask the cd key while upgrading.I did type the same by checking the cd key by other software. But according to my knowledge it should not ask key if the OS is geniune one.please help me out soon

Answer:windows 10 upgrade issue for g50-70

Having a very similar problem on my G700 - Windows Update will download the Windows 10 update (2.7GB of it downloaded 27 times now!) but then fails during the installation Error 80070003 I think was the latest 2 fails. Having given up on ever managing to do things that way around, went to Microsoft site, got the Windows 10 ISO, started the process that way. Get this far:  So, I assume that the laptop shipped with a LEGAL OEM version of Windows 8 but the Windows Key it uses is not accepted by the W10 .ISO update. Please help. Edit: Due to reboots make that 29 x 2,712.6 MB - I can see my ISP sending me a LARGE bill over this debarcle!

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I just upgraded from Win 7 to 10 and now my laptop speakers don't work. When I go in to configure the speakers they seem to be OK but the apps (youtube, etc) don't play any sound.
I am running Avast AV.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD E-450 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 20 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3818 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 461477 MB, Free - 309391 MB; S: Total - 298 MB, Free - 85 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, HMA51-BZ
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Answer:Windows 10 Upgrade Issue

does any sound work
whats the make and model of the PC - and any service tag number if on the label

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when i try to upgrade vista to W7 after checking compatibility it says i done have enough memory on hdd? i currently have 17.9 Gb free yet still keep getting the same issue.can someone point me in the right direction pleasemany thanks

Answer:windows 7 upgrade issue

what are your complete system specs?

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I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 on my Yoga 8.1 device. I followed the application removal instructions before upgrading, then reinstalled the correct drivers for 8.1. Everything works well except for the fact that I get a Windows warning that there is a Power Management Compatibility Issue with the Lenovo ACPI-Compliant Virtual Power Controller. Any idea how to fix this? All hardware in the Device Manager are working properly. Thanks in advance for your help. I have BIOS 7xxx. Regards,Nate


Go to Solution.

Answer:Yoga 11s Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Upgrade - Power Management Compatibility Issue

I have this exact same issue, but with the 8.x BIOS.My 11S also has issues going to sleep automatically when plugged in or on battery power, as well as staying asleep more than one second when on battery power, regardless of whether I initiate sleep manually via the menu or by closing the lid/pressing power button. I figured they could be related to this, but I'm pretty sure I had the same issues before the Windows 8.1 upgrade.

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Please I want to Upgrad satellite U500 ( PSU8CE ) to windows 8 And my PC is powered by the company?

What is the solution? :(

Answer:Re: Please upgrade Satellite U500 to Windows 8?

As you probably know Toshiba will not support all notebook models and all info about Win8 support you can find on
Exact list of supported models you can find if you open Toshiba Compatibility Matrix.

You can install own Win8 version to see how it works and also try to use some Toshiba specific tools offered for newer notebook models. At the moment on this forum we don?t have much feedback about Win8 on older notebook models.

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Is it possible to upgrade a C670D-12T to Win10? Currently it's not on the list of supported laptops on the Toshiba website, but Win10 compatibility check does not encounter any issues.
Did somebody tried to upgrade such a laptop already?

Answer:Windows 10 Upgrade for Satellite C670D-12T?

Originally Posted by Hirschmann

Is it possible to upgrade a C670D-12T to Win10? Currently it's not on the list of supported laptops on the Toshiba website, but Win10 compatibility check does not encounter any issues.
Did somebody tried to upgrade such a laptop already?

Hi Hirschmann

I just posted the same question (waiting for moderation) and wondered if you took the plunge with Windows 10 since posting yourself?.

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As a owner of a Toshiba Satellite P875-31P

I have Windows 8 pre-installed, but assume this is the Standard edition and ask if it is possible to upgrade to Windows 8 pro.

Has anyone had experience of this updgade?

How can I tell which version of the Windows 8 OS is installed?
Which Microsort product do I need to upgrade.
Can I purchase an new Windows 8 Pro OEM license?
From where to I buy an upgrade to my existing OS (from Toshiba?)

Is an upgrade to Widows 8 Pro advisable?

Answer:Re: Satellite P875-31P - Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro possible?

Hi<br /><br />According to the info which I found on the Toshiba page, the notebook is preinstalled with common Windows 8 64bit system.<br /><br />If you would like to upgrade this Windows 8 to Pro version, you would need to purchase the upgrade from Microsoft.<br /><br />But the question is if such upgrade would be really necessary for you&hellip;<br />I don&rsquo;t know&hellip; check this page and take a look to the Windows 8 Pro details provided by Microsoft<br /><span><p dir="ltr" align="left"><a href=""><span style="font-family: Arial"><span></span></span></a></p></span><br />You can see what advantages the Window 8 Pro version would provide.<br />Usually there is no big difference between Windows 8 and the Pro version.

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Hey guys goodnight,

I'm curious to find out. Do you all think it's wise to upgrade my satellite laptop to windows 7.

If so, would I be able to install the ecopackage and tvap utility programs so I can once again use my eco utility and pc health monitor features.

I am considering the upgrade, not that costly and I've been told the laptop will run alot smoother specially since it's a year old and viruses probably have played there part.

Also, has or does anyone know of any problems believed to have been experienced with upgrading the satellite series to windows 7 (wanna do a clean upgrade).

Answer:Do you all think it's wise to upgrade my Satellite to windows 7


In my opinion the Windows 7 is the best OS which has been released by Microsoft.
Of course it needs more hardware resources as the early Win XP (which was really good) but the point is that Win 7 is the future and all other systems are past.
I would recommend Win 7. I switched both my notebooks to Win 7 and everything works great.

The VAP and ECO Utility are released for many Toshiba notebooks, so if your notebook series would not contains such tools, then I would recommend checking the tools released for other series.

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I plan to buy the Satellite Pro A300 1NT but want to be sure that I will be able to upgrade to Windows 7 and specifically the touch screen features.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my question.

Answer:Satellite Pro A300 1NT - Possible to upgrade to Windows 7?


I think nobody can say if the Satellite A300 compatible with Windows 7.
Windows 7 is not on the market yet and it I think it will take few times to release.

And the Satellite A300 has no touch screen so I think you can not use these features on this notebook.


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Would you like to know why my notebook is not in the list of products compatible with W10?

At that appears after clicking on the refresh icon, the problem is with the Bluetooth. Anyway If I install the new operating system, what can happen?

Thank you.

?Quisiera saber por qu? mi portatil no est? en la lista de productos compatibles con W10?

Por lo que aparece tras pinchar en el icono de actualizaci?n, el problema est? en el Bluetooth. ?Si de todas formas instalo el nuevo sistema operativo, qu? puede ocurrir?


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I recently got my copy of Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. when I actually bought my laptop it was shipped with Windows Vista home premium 64 bit, all I wanted is to upgrade to Windows 7 which I bought.

So I followed the instructions with the Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant Tool but I get this annoying unfix-able message
This model does not support windows 7.. and it quits when I click OK.. So I'm unable to upgrade because I'm afraid of damaging anything. Slthough its an A500-PSAM3E-014011G3. It can totally support Windows 7 so I don't even have a clue where to start to fix that. The BIOS version is even 1.21

I can't find a solution for this HELP PLEASE

Answer:Satellite A500 - Can't upgrade to Windows 7


What Windows 7 disk you are using? Is it a Microsoft one?
And do you get more error informations as only this one?

To be honest I never heard about such an issue. Does it work if you install Windows 7 due a clean installation and not an upgrade?
Maybe you should also contact Microsoft for help?

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Have read through forums but can't see a particular mention of my model of laptop. Short Part PSC13A.

Have just bought Windows 8 Pro with intention of upgrading from Win 7.
Has anyone else with this model managed to do successfully?
Should I download a driver update first? Or install Win8 first and then update driver?

Have run Upgrade Assistant and looks mostly ok apart from "Your PC's firmware doesn't support Secure Boot so you won't be able to use it in Windows 8.".

Is this anything to worry about?

Cheers for any help you can give a geeky mum. =-)

Answer:Windows 8 Pro upgrade possible for Satellite Pro C650?

Secure Boot is a new feature in UEFI Firmware. UEFI replaces the BIOS on notebooks that ship with Windows 8..

Windows 8 will work on PC's that have a BIOS, you dont need UEFI / Secure Boot.

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I purchased a Toshiba A 300 in May so I am not eligible for a free upgrade. I have these questions that I wasn't able to answer after extensive trips to the Toshiba and Microsoft websites:

I assume that if I purchase the Windows 7 and install it (clean install) I would lose the ability to use some of the Toshiba functionality and the recovery partition functionality which is based on Vista for my machine.

I'd be happy to pay for an installation CD from Toshiba that would create a clean install of Windows 7 on my machine with the original Toshiba software as well as create recovery partitions.
I just haven't found any mention of it anywhere. It all about the "free upgrade" which I don't qualify for by virtue of one month. Can anyone out there point me in the right direction?

Many thanks,


Answer:Windows 7 Upgrade on Satellite A300

Hello Dave

Your notebook is delivered with preinstalled Vista. Vista recovery image is saved on second partition in folder called ?HDDRecovery? and there is no some kind of ?special hidden recovery partition?.
You can install Vista on your notebook so often you want and after fresh Vista installation you will have ?factory settings?.
You can install Vista from HDD using F8 and ?repair my computer ?option or you can install Vista using installations DVD. This DVD must be created by you using preinstalled "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator". Please create this disc; maybe twice to be sure you will not lose it. After creating this DVD you can do with your notebook whatever you want. You can delete whole content and ?kill? all partitions. Using created DVDs you can have everything as before.

So now you can install new OS. I agree with you and best way to install Win7 is clean OS installation using Microsoft installations DVD. When Win7 support starts all Toshiba drivers and Toshiba specific tools and utilities will be offer for download. All this Toshiba stuff you can install alone and you don't need Toshiba Win7 recovery media.

If you have more questions let me know.

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My Satellite P70 B 10T wont upgrade to Windows 10 - keeps failing to install I get this error,
critical hardware components made by Intel for your pc don't have drivers for windows 10 yet. contact Intel for more information

I install the Intel driver checker utility that that shows a problem with the Graphics - see attachment.

I am very confused now - can anyone help?


Answer:Satellite P70-B-10T wont upgrade to Windows 10

Try uninstalling the Intel graphics driver from control panel -> Programs and Features.
Then install the latest Intel HD graphics driver from
Then try the upgrade again.

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I have a Satellite A110-178 and I'd like to upgrade my OS from Windows XP to Windows 7.
I've never installed new drivers or a new BIOS on my notebook so I guess a lot of them are outdated.

What's the smartest thing to do?
Update drivers and/or BIOS before upgrading to Windows 7? Or install Windows 7 and install the necessary drivers afterwards?

In case the BIOS needs to be updated: as there is no BIOS update available for Windows 7, which BIOS version is the right one to go for?

Thanks for the info!


Answer:Satellite A110-178 - Upgrade from XP to Windows 7

Hi Oliver,

First of all an upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 isn?t possible. That means you have to make a new clean installation and after this you can install all drivers.

An upgrade to Windows 7 is only possible from Vista, but not on XP.

The BIOS update is normally not necessary. This update should only be done if it?s really necessary.

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