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Satellite U920T-100 PSUL1E - WIDI is not working after Win 8.1 upgrade

Question: Satellite U920T-100 PSUL1E - WIDI is not working after Win 8.1 upgrade

Hi Folks,

is there some one who has WIDI working? AFAIC there was a WIDI Symbol in Device Manager @W7, after upgrading to W8.1 there is no way to get it work.

Trying to use Intel Display Driver fails because customized toshiba Driver, the latest Toshiba Driver is dated with 28.10.2013 that should be an early W8.1 Driver if not W7.

Is this something like the Broadcom GNSS Feature? Build in but still not usable?

Relevance 100%
Preferred Solution: Satellite U920T-100 PSUL1E - WIDI is not working after Win 8.1 upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite U920T-100 PSUL1E - WIDI is not working after Win 8.1 upgrade


According to Toshiba information which I found in the technical support bulletin document, the Intel Wireless Display is no longer supported on Windows 8.1, but you may be able to connect to external display wirelessly, if your computer supports Miracast?.

Here the link to the doc:

Important notice for users of Wireless Display (WiDi)

By the way: the Intel display driver can be installed and updated but you have to do that within the device manager. You have to download an zip package containing single driver files and then you could update the driver using the advanced procedure within the device manager which allows you to choose the driver folder containing the single files.

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Please read this fully before replying with your copied and pasted replies.

My touchscreen used to stop working but was always fixed with a machine restart.
Now it's not working at all and *I have already tried everything posted elsewhere in this forum*.

I have tried changing the battery power settings, trying to update drivers (not exactly sure which is the right one though!?).

Please can someone help because it's a new machine and it is very frustrating.

Serial Number: 7D054633H
Model: Toshiba Satellite U920t-10P PSUL1E-01900JEN

Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Touch screen not working for Satellite U920t-10P

> Please read this fully before replying with your copied and pasted replies.
IMHO I don?t think that someone here in the forum doesn?t read the messages before replaying?
I hope this part of your message is just a result of frustration due to the notebook malfunction...

Back to your issue:
> I have already tried everything posted elsewhere in this forum.
?and what does this mean? What did you try exactly?
Did you system reset and factory settings?

If not try it and in case this does not help you the notebook?s hardware might be affected which requires further hardware checks by authorized service engineer

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Since 2 weeks my microfone dont work in skype.
Also my touchscreen dont working.

How to pepair?

Answer:Satellite U920T-10J: microphone and touchscreen not working

Regarding the touchscreen issue:
Does it happen while the screen is pushed up?

I read about the similar issue in different thread and this problem could be related to lose connection.

But check firstly this workaround:
1. Window+run
2 .type services.msc
3. go to Human interface device access
4. right click --->property---->start up type----->automatic (delay start)

But if this will not work, the issue could be caused due to hardware malfunction and such kind of issues must be fixed by authorized service provider.

Regarding the internal mic issue:
Please check if internal mic appears in control panel – sound – recording device
Check also whether all recording device are enabled. Click right and ensure that both options “show disabled devices” / “show hidden devices” were marked.

Also the Skype sound settings should be checked. The internal mic should be chosen as default mic.

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I have the Toshiba u920t factory standard laptop and after a reboot the volume keys (F9 and F10) do not work.
I need to run the Toshiba Function Keys software and select Repair which fixes the problem until the next reboot.

How do I fix this annoying little problem?

Answer:Satellite U920T - volume keys are not working

Is it possible to use the volume key in connection with FN button; like Fn + F9 or Fn + F10?

If yes, please check this:

+How to change the Function Keys Mode+

The function key mode allows you to use the function key without pressing the FN button
In case the function key mode is disabled, you have to use additional Fn key

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The touch screen on my Satellite U920T does not work since a couple of days back.
I cannot find any settings for touch or any touch device (apart from the touchpad) in the device manager.

I'm unsure exaclty when it started to malfunction.
I installed the Windows 8.1 some months ago and had some problem with the wireless card in the beginning, but the issue with the touch screen just appeard this week.

Which Toshiba driver controls the touch screen?
Is this a hardware or software issue?

Answer:Satellite U920T - Touch screen not working


To be honest there are no special drivers to control the touchscreen.
The driver is provided by Windows system.

I think you should recover the notebook back to factory settings but I?m afraid this will not solve the issue. It smells like hardware related problem since I found some threads here in this forum about the touchscreen malfunction and mostly the issue could be solved by service agents.

By the way: Before running the recovery process try to configure the pen and touch display.
Go to control panel (Windows key + X -> control panel) -> ?Tablet PC setting?.
The first tab ?Display? contains options like ?Configure the pen and touch display?.
Here you should be able to start Setup and to identify the touch screen.
The first option should contain ?1 internal LCD?
At the bottom you could find button to calibrate and reset the settings for this internal LCD.

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The screen has stopped working on a relatively new U920t. It displays in second screen mode on the TV but the actual screen does not light up at all in either laptop or tablet mode.

Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite U920T screen has stopped working

> It displays in second screen mode on the TV but the actual screen does not light up at all in either laptop or tablet mode.

This means that there is nothing wrong with the graphic chip on the motherboard but probably the connection between the display and motherboard isn?t OK or maybe the internal display malfunctions.

Fact is that this is a hardware problem and you should contact the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country to get it fixed.
If warranty is valid, the notebook should be repaired free of charge.


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Hello, Good morning/ evening ...
I'm using ( Satellite U920T) and recently upgraded my tablet to Windows 10
but after that, the function keys, volume, brightness, FN key, and even the backlight doesn't work anymore !!

I have tried to recover the system and to update driver's software but nothing worked ..

I use these keys all the time and now it's really hard without them !!

What's the problem? what should I do?

Answer:Satellite U920T - Function keys not working after update to Win 10

The problem is that Satellite U920T isn’t listed as Win 10 supported unit and therefore the Win 10 Toshiba drivers and software which controls the FN keys isn’t released.
But as far as I know to use the FN keys, the Toshiba System driver as well as Flash Card Support Utility must be installed.

For all Toshiba Win 10 supported units, the drivers can be downloaded from this page:

Maybe you could try the drivers released for other Win 10 supported notebook models…
I’m not quite sure if the software will be fully compatible with your U920T model but its definitely worth a try…

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My touch screen as stopped working. It was working fine, screen went to sleep and when I woke it up the touch screen had stopped working. Not sure if I may have push or touched something to lock or deactivate the touch screen?

There is a function key to lock the touch pad (mouse pad) on the keyboard but nothing obvious for the screen.

Answer:Satellite U920T - touch screen has stopped working

If you restart Windows does it work again?

If not, you may need to send the tablet to an authorized Toshiba repair center.

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My U920 has been goten worst every day, first it was the thouchscreen, then the cameras and finnally today the screen has stoped working.

The ribon attachment has problems, don't know if I'm the only one or if is a design problem, but the main problemhas been the total lack of support from Toshiba.

Amazing how bad can costumer service be....

Answer:Satellite U920T - display, touchscreen and camera has stopped working

I don?t understand why you are not satisfied with the consumer service but fact is that in case of hardware problems, you should always contact the local Toshiba authorized service provider which is available in your country.

How to now if it?s really an hardware problem or maybe just an software issue (corrupt system)?
There is a very simple method and workaround:
In most cases if you recover the notebook back to the factory settings, the software issues should be fixed the notebook should work properly.

In case the recovery does not solve the notebook problems, the notebook?s hardware might be affected. In such case (as already mentioned above) you will need additional help from notebook engineer.

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Hello there,

Since yesterday the touchscreen is not working when the Satellite u920T is in laptop position. When I put the Satellite u920t is in tablet position it works. All the two years before the touchscreen also worked in laptop position (keyboard slided out)
Can you solve this?


Edwin Stenneke

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Just opened my new u920t-117, my first time buying a Toshiba, 5 mins in and excitement has started to turn to worry.

I really hope its me doing something simple wrong, or at worst a software issue.

At no stage has the touch function worked (neither in tablet or laptop mode).
In control panel --> System under Pen & Touch it says "no pen or touch input is available for this display" just like my last computer that had no touch screen.

Does this mean there is a problem with the driver or something.

Also it seems when i click shut down it shuts down and about 5 secs later starts up again.

Answer:Satellite U920T-117 - touch screen is not working & shut down restarts

Hi stephen

> I really hope its me doing something simple wrong, or at worst a software issue.

I’m afraid the worst case is a hardware malfunction and I guess your Satellite U920T touch screen malfunctions.

I read in other thread about the similar issue and it looks like the service engineers needs to be contacted in order to solve such touch screen problems.

I don’t know if you could ask your dealer for a unit replacement but in case the dealer would not replace the notebook, get in contact with an Toshiba ASP in your country to fix it.

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Hi All,

my 2 yr old U920t laptop/tablet satellite ultrabook has poor battery life. The battery will only last a maximum of 2 hrs before requiring recharging under normal word doc/excel data entry.

Any ideas on how i can improve it?

The Toshiba pc health monitor function continually informs me that I need to replace the battery due to normal wear and tear but I thought the battery being an 'internal' item means it cant be replaced?

If anyone can offer some advice that would be great!

Answer:Satellite U920T - short battery working time after 2 years of usage


In my opinion there is no some kind of ?rule? or ?norm? about battery life in general. On some machines battery hold capacity for longer period of time comparing it with other notebook models.
Fact is that over time battery will lose the capacity and result will be shorter working hours.

You can try to increase working hours changing some power options and shutting off some useless background processes.
Many newer notebook models have newer design where battery cannot be removed so simply and it is placed under the bottom cover but it can be replaced too. One day when you need new one contact nearest Toshiba service provider and they can replace it for you.

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widi windows8 is problem but widi windows 8.1 and windows 10 not work.please widi software in Windows 10...

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widi windows8 is problem but widi windows 8.1 and windows 10 not work.please widi software in Windows 10
intel centrino n 1030

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Is there somebody that can tell me if GPS on this tablet can work without data connexion ?

Impossible to use it normaly actually.

Thank you !

Answer:How does GPS works on the Satellite U920T?


The inclusion of a GPS is a nice feature for road warriors ;) but the point is that you?ll need to tether the U920T to your phone, due to the lack of cellular data connectivity.

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I've bought the Toshiba Satellite U920t-100. i have for this tablet some questions. can i simple install windows 8 professional over the current installation?
what about the driver's, toshiba installed software and others? are the any problems with it?
is there somthing to know about a win8 pro installation?

What about the display when i run the u920t with an external monitor ?

I want buy me the Toshiba PA3927E-1PRP Dynadock U3
is that a good idea for that?

Best regards

Answer:Some questions about Satellite U920t-100

So many different questions? so let?s start with the first one.

>can i simple install windows 8 professional over the current installation?

Read this Toshiba FAQ document. It provides all answers and an detailed instruction.
[How to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro|]

>what about the driver's, toshiba installed software and others?
Windows 8 uses the same drivers like Pro

>What about the display when i run the u920t with an external monitor ?
What do you mean exactly? You can use internal display, external display or both at the same time

>I want buy me the Toshiba PA3927E-1PRP Dynadock U3
>is that a good idea for that?

Why not. Dynadock U3 supports own GPU therefore you could use 3 displays at the same time

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Hi guys,

my girlfriend ordered a Toshiba Satellite U920T-100 about three months ago, and she has had problems with it since. We are not quite sure what causes them, because they seem to happen at random.

The issues are:
- It starts, but freezes at the Win8 Login with a blue screen (a rather warm blue, not the blue screen of death)
- It won't start at all, only after few attempts
- It won't shutdown
- It freezes while organizing files (e.g. copying files from A to B, but not even large amounts of files)

Again: those issues seem to be appearing completely at random, I wasn't able to reproduce them in any way.

Additionally: the WLAN connectivity is really bad.
The laptop isn't able to find networks, while my laptop has no problems with it.
And when it does find them and connects, the connection gets lost - again: no clue why.

This surprises me the most, because in the tests and reviews I've read the connectivity got praises everywhere.

Should I factory reset it?
Run through some specific tests?
Or is is hopeless, because there're so many issues with it?

I would appreciate your help!

Answer:Some issues with Satellite U920T-100


>Should I factory reset it?

I think you should do that because the described issue can be related to system problems as well as hardware issue (i.e HDD). The factory recovery helps you to check if its software or hardware related problem.

Usually all software (system) problems could be solved by recovery process. Hardware problems would continue.

So from my point of view, system recovery is the first step you should try to perform in order to solve the issue.
In case this does not help, an hardware issue (HDD or RAM) can be possible and since the notebook is still covered by warranty, I would recommend you to contact the service in order to check the unit.

Hope my advice could help you a little bit

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Hello together,

i have been using nice nice device now since a few weeks and starting to get troubles with it.

I have the problem that randomly the touchscreen get without any function, i can touch the screen
however i want but without any reaction.

It just starts without starting any applications or anything before, i just browsing in the web and from one second to another.

If i restart the PC, everything is working normal again, i still using the drivers that were pre-installed and did not any changes to the Drivers so far.

Any suggestions what could cause this issue ?

Kind Regards

Answer:Satellite U920T-10G - touchscreen without any function


In my opinion an process which controls the touchscreen hangs or does not response anymore and therefore you cannot get the touchscreen function to work.

Would recommend to reinstall the +Toshiba System Driver+ from Toshiba EU driver page.
If this does not help try the system recovery and test the unit with factory settings.

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after the windows creator update, i get BCD error message 34, i have run the following:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrev /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd - this gives and error message of 'a device attached to the system i not functioning'

I have managed to go to the c: drive and copy all data to a USB stick

was going to run Toshiba maintence and recover HDD, does this set the machine back to factory defaults as it says it will erase all drives and partitions ?



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Has anyone upgraded a Toshiba U920T to Windows 10?

I only ask because that model is not listed in the Toshiba Tempro list of models that can be upgraded. So am I stuck with Windows 8.1?

My part no is PSUL1E-00D00JEN; SER No:: ZC128613H

Answer:No Windows 10 support for Satellite U920T?

According to this Toshiba page: “models supported for upgrade to Windows 10”, the Satellite U920T will not get Win 10 drivers.

Models not listed do not support an upgrade to Windows 10.

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Hello, I need to be able to connect my U920T to VGA projector for presentations. I bought an HDMI to VGA adaptor which works fine for the video but not the audio. Is there a setting I can change to force to laptop to use to internal speakers rather than output through the HDMI?

Answer:Satellite U920T connecting to VGA projector

>I bought an HDMI to VGA adaptor which works fine for the video but not the audio

VGA port/cable does not support audio. You can send only video signals.
To get audio signal you would need to connect the notebook to the projector additionally using an audio cable.
Maybe you could connect the notebook?s headphone jack with projectors audio IN port (if available)

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Hello someone can hepl me?

I can?t use my webcam, it doesn?t works.

When i go to device administrator in the image devices I haven't any webcam, and I have a unknown device but it can't search the correct driver in internet,

Where is the webcam driver in the Toshiba support section?
I think this is the problem but could be another one.

Can someone help me?

Answer:Satellite U920T - webcam is missing

Hi dude

What system do you use?

As far as I know the Satellite U920T where preinstalled and delivered with Windows 8

The webcam software is not available for Windows 8 because the system contains and provide an own webcam driver. This means that webcam should be recognized automatically.

Feedback is much appreciated.

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The microphone and the webcam do not work.
Can you give me a solution.
I downloaded the Sound System drivers unsuccessfully.
Thank you for your help.

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Anyone elses touchscreen freezing for extended periods?

Answer:Satellite U920T-117 - freezing touchscreen

Have you noticed it from the first moment of usage?

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My display settings say: generic pnp monitor with a driver date of 2006. Updating the display settings does not change this.
What is the proper display driver for this laptop and how can i change it?

Answer:Old display driver for Satellite U920T-10J

Proper display driver you can find on Toshiba download page -
There you can find last and tested drivers.
All drives offered there are part of original recovery image when you get notebook with preinstalled operating system.

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Since i installed MS office 2013 the touch screen function is not available any more in the system settings.
Who can help me?

Best regards J?rgen

Answer:Satellite u920t - Touchscreen does not work

Hi Juergen

Which machine do you have?
Have you tried to remove Office and test functionality again?

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I have a fresh system with Win 8.1 64bit ??but in the course of my installations leads something to this problem.
I never had this trouble.

Who can help me?
Every time I have to renew system but it does not help.

greeting markus

Answer:Satellite U920t . Win 8.1 64bit swiches from dpc

Sorry matte but could you provide more details to your issue and could you describe this problem in detail

Your post is not very helpful and more details would be required.

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my hard disk was playing up so i and refused to boot with blue screen error 34, after trying everthing else i decided to use the toshiba harddisk recovery tool that was on the recovery partition.

this has deleted all the partitions and i am no unable to load any operating system, i am looking for anyone that has a recovery disc for this system so i can the restore it back to factory defaults.


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I have a new U920t-102 which I am very happy with, but I have this issue with the mousepad's right click (meaning the 'button' the user is able to press on the bottom-right side of the mousepad): sometimes it actually works as a right click, sometimes it works as a left click.
This is annoying especially during web navigation: I'm used to right click on links and open them in a new tab, but when the right click acts as left, I loose the current web page.

I tried to figure out what this behaviour depends on, looking at the animated synaptic icon in windows' tray bar while playing with the left and right click; if I continuosly press the right click button on the mousepad, after some repetitions it will consistely and correctly work as right click, but if press the left click once or more than once, the right click button works as left click for some pressures, and then 'corrects' itself and start again to work correctly.

Any idea/suggestion? is it a hardware problem?


Answer:Satellite U920t-102 touchpad right click issue

Usually the touchpad right / left click can be configured in the Synaptics settings.
Right click on Synaptics icon in tray and point to devices properties.
In buttons tab you will be able to choose right handed scheme or left handed.
Here you could choose the scheme appropriate for you.

You can also try to uninstall the Synaptics touchpad driver and could test the touchpad functionality without the usage of additional touchpad software.

But if this doesn’t help, your might have hardware problem

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hello everyone
I have upgraded to win 10 on my notebook & since then I lost the touch ability of my screen, it's working now as a regular display monitor.
I've been searching for many weeks on the net for a solution but I realized that Toshiba doesn't care about solving the issue so anyone have reached a solution? it seems to be a driver or a software issue related to win 8.1 & 10.

Answer:Satellite U920T touchscreen does not work using Windows 10

Hi there.

Same as Dr. Joe.... I also upgraded to Windows 10 and lost touch screen and also camera. I reverted to Windows 8.1 and I still have no Touch Screen. I appear to have lost my HID Touch Screen drivers as well.

Anybody got any thoughts on how to restore the touch screen drivers? I can't find them in the Toshiba driver download section after hours of research.

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Any one knows if there is a service manual for this model or schematic of inside this computer with the back cover off .


Answer:Satellite U920T-11C: How to insert additional RAM modules?

The Satellite U920T memory is not user upgradable. This means that if you would like to upgrade the memory, you should contact a Toshiba authorized service provider for assistance.
In case you would try to disassemble the notebook by youself, you would lose the warranty validity.

But from my knowledge the Satellite U920T series supports only ONE memory slot and only one memory module (max 8GB RAM) can be installed. So even if you would like to upgrade the memory, you are limited to 8GB RAM.

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I just purchased the U920T-11C a few days ago.
I like it but there a few issues they are putting me off and make me want to return it.

The first issue is the loud fan noise that comes on. Is there anyway to turn this off?

It happens about 15 mins into using the web and then goes on and off every 5 mins or so. It is really loud and being in quiet room it is noticeable.

Is there anything I can do to stop this? I am only using the web and not running any other programs.

Also I have noticed the touchscreen fails to respond for no particular reason. I don't know if there is a pattern but it is frustrating when it just stops for no reason and then sometimes just works again.

Looking at these forums it seems like it is a common problem with the Toshiba. I have a few days before I can return so if these are not solved I think I might just go form the Samsun ATIV Book 9 Lite instead.


Answer:Satellite U920T-11C fan noise and touchscreen fails sometimes

> It happens about 15 mins into using the web and then goes on and off every 5 mins or so. It is really loud and being in quiet room it is noticeable.

I assume the noise is coming from the fans which need to run faster in case the internal temperature would increase.
What you could do is to change the cooling module performance in single power plan.
You could also decrease the CPU performance. This would lead to smaller heat dissipation and the fans would slow down.

> Also I have noticed the touchscreen fails to respond for no particular reason. I don't know if there is a pattern but it is frustrating when it just stops for no reason and then sometimes just works again

You could try to calibrate the digitizer
Go to control panel (Windows key + X -> control panel) -> ?Tablet PC setting?.

The first tab ?Display? contains options like ?Configure the pen and touch display?.
Here you should be able to start Setup and to identify the touch screen.

The first option should contain ?1 internal LCD?
At the bottom you could find button to calibrate and reset the settings for this internal LCD.

But it could be also an hardware malfunction. I cannot say for sure why this happens but maybe an technician should take a look on the hardware.

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Error BSOD Toshiba U920T card reader and Windows 8.1

Whenever I do a Scan, Format, Copy or Delete operation on my internal SDCARD I receive this error.

I have tested everything, all drivers are updated and it happens even with laptop in safe mode.

I even experimented with SDCARD formatted with Fat32, exFat and with NTFS.

This happens with the internal reader, if I use an external SDCARD reader connected to USB, there isn?t any problem, so there is no physical problem with cards.

I use 2 SD, one with 128GB and the other with 32GB.

If 32GB inserted, I do a disk>properties>scan and comes the BSOD saying FAT_FILE_SYSTEM without number

If 128GB inserted, I do a scan and comes the BSOD saying KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED no number

Anyone has any idea or my internal card reader needs to go guarantee?

Answer:Satellite U920T - SD card reader error

It looks like the internal SD card reader does not handle the inserted cards properly.
According to the notebook specifications (user manual) the card reader supports the SD card, SDHC and SDXC cards.

The card reader supports
SD cards up to 8GB
SDHC card (4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB)
SDXC card up to 64GB

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I have just purchased a Satellite U920T. It is running very slow internet speeds. Speedtest generally shows between 1 and 2mbps. I have tried other laptops sitting next to it I can get speeds of 18-20mbps.

Is there a driver upgrade that will fix this or is there a hardware fault that will need repair?

Answer:Satellite U920T/01Y - very slow internet speed

Hardware fault?
I doubt?

First of all it would be interesting to know what connection do you use? Lan or WLan?

Secondly: was the notebook connected to the AC adaptor or its running with battery power?

Thirdly: the internet speed depends on the internet connection, server and all the devices which shares the same line? so if more notebooks and other devices are connected to the same router, the data throughput might be lower?

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I have a U920T, using only the touchpad, combined with the touchscreen.
But the touchpad got dirty, with some dust inside.

It is quite annoying on a daily use.
I could not clean it with a vacuum cleaner, nor by blowing air with a bike pump.

Does somebody knows a way to remove dust from within the touchpad?

Thank you

Answer:How to remove dust within the touchpad on Satellite U920T

I use some adhesive strips in order to remove the dust between the touchpad and touchpad buttons.

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Hi, I have just killed my GNSS Driver. I have found one Lenovo 8bit but dosn't work.
Is there another Link?



Answer:Re: Satellite U920T-100 - need Broadcom GNSS Driver

Hi Heinz

Which GNSS do you use?
I mean I don?t think it is Toshiba related issue.

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as I know the 920T -100 has NFC possibilities ... but I can't install the drivers from support page.

While trying, the allow change pops up, yes and then nothing happens.
I have unpacked the package with 7zip and started the setup, it is checking the system and its all ok and it ends with a warning there was a script fault.

I have tried to find the Intel NFC Software Kit, but cant find.

Any help for me?

Regards Heinz

Answer:Satellite U920T-100: NFC Win 8.1 driver doesn't load

>as I know the 920T -100 has NFC possibilities..
I found the details about the Satellite U920T-100 and the specifications page (it?s in German but can be translated) and the NFC is not listed there.

The NFC (near-field communication) is provided with some U920T models (for example U920T-117) but it looks like its not available for Satellite U920T-100.

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I have a Satellite U920t.

When I powered up this morning, Windows displayed a message "Keep your PC on until this is done. Installing update I of 5...".

This status stayed on for ages, in fact, I left it on for hours hoping that it was a large update file, I even went out shopping and when I got back home, it was still displaying the same.

I tried pressing ALT-DEL, but nothing happened. I then powered the PC down, left it for a few minutes and powered it back up, but the PC just came straight back up with the same update message!!!

I also noticed that after the PC was supposedly powered off, the system drive LED would blink on and off intermittently as though it is actually still running or locked.

Bearing in mind that this PC uses solid state SSD drive, and I have no way to remove power from the unit completely, I suppose that I am actually not turning the process off.

Can anyone tell me how I can get this PC out of this loop and get my PC back working again please?

I tried looking up the web on another PC, but all the information seems all over the place.

I presume that this is really a Microsoft issue, but I would really love to know how to get back into my PC again.


Answer:Satellite U920t: Win update - Unable to reboot even when power off/on


Did you try to press and hold the power button 4 seconds long?
Usually this should interrupt the loop process.

Try also this:
Power up the unit and press F12 button. Now you should see an boot menu where you could choose certain devices. Last option should be HDD recovery.

Chosing this HDD Recovery option would allow you to reset the system back to the factory settings.
Check it out!

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Hi there,
Today my laptop (windows 8.1) ran out of battery. Later when it was charged again, only a black screen with a cursor appears. Additional the power button does not work. When I press the power button the laptop does not shut down nor boot again, just the black screen with the cursor appears again. Alt+Ctrl+Del does not work either... I don't know what I can do else. Can anybody solve this problem?
Thank you very much for your help

Answer:toshiba satellite u920t black screen with cursor

Press and hold the power button - does it turn off and on again ?
if so do three times in quick succession - this should trigger the repair your computer screen - select start up repair - see if this solves the problem.
If you can't get to that point do you have a windows DVD?

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Hi Forum,

I am new here and am having a problem I can't solve by my own, so am asking for help.
I am using a Toschiba Satellite U920T-100 since more than a year.

Since around 1 week, once I slide up the display to have access to keyboard, the touchscreen does not work anymore. Once folded (keyboard hidden) touchscreen works.
I downloaded most of the drivers, re-istalled, even did a "set back" to cancel last Windows Update... etc.

Trying to modify touchscreen settings under control panel, I receive a message "touch- and pen settings are not available. contact pc-manufacturer (error = 0)"

Does anybody have an idea what to do?

Ane more, but might not be connected to the problem above: Under device manager, "INTEL WiUSB" entry shows a yellow exclamation mark.

Would be great if someone could help. Thanks!


Answer:Satellite U920T - Touchscreen disabled when display is slided out


I have exactly the opposite problem, my touchscreen is disabled when the keyboard is slided in and enabled when slided out.

I have contacted Toshiba support, but the only answer they have is to reset Windows!

Thank you for any actual solution.

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i have following Problem with my U920T. The sound with the built-in speakers is perfekt, but if i use headphones the sound gets very quiet nearly unhearable.
I tested several headphones und different settings of the software. I also tried installing all Windowsupdates and the driver updates incl BIOS from the Toshiba homepage nad drivers from realtek.
Now i reinstalled Windows but the problem still exists.
I still thinks is a driver problem but have no idea what to do now.

I hope for fast help

regards 7even

Answer:Satellite U920T - sound with headphones quiet and distorted

That?s really strange but I think there is problem with some wrong settings.
I don't know how do you test your headphones but make some test with browser player.
Open Internet Explorer and open this test page. Start for instance my favourite In the Mix radio and when music runs click with left mouse button on speaker icon and open option Mixer.
Your IE will be listed there. You can move volume level for speakers but for IE too.
Set both of them on the 50% and check if the problem persists.

I use headphones pretty often but I?ve never noticed such problem.
Please test it and send some feedback.

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The internal SSD-Drive 128GB from my Toshiba Satellite U920T-101 is to small.
How can I change the internal 128GB SSD to a new 500GB SSD Drive.
Is there a manual for the SSD change available?

Many thanks.

Answer:Satellite U920T: Change internal 128GB SSD to 500GB SSD Drive

Due to specific design SSD upgrade should be done by authorized service. To have full access to build in SSD almost whole machine must be disassembled so I recommend you to contact nearest authorized Toshiba service provider and ask for opinion and they can help you with this.

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Hi everyone, I'd really like to get some help here.

My relatively new Satellite U920T-10G blacks out for no reason. I turned it on as tablet and when I pulled the keyboard, it just went black. At first, when I hid the keyboard the screen will just work again but now it is just not working anyway (eventhough I see its on!) Iam sure I must be missing something as this did not happen in the couple of months Ive been using it.

Thank you in advance!!!


Answer:Satellite U920t black out - lights blinking but screen is completely out

Hi Claudia

I don?t have this machine and cannot say what the problem can be. Try to roll back OS to earlier time when it worked just to see if this will help. If not try to reinstall OS using recovery image installation and test it with ?factory settings?.

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I've been using my u920t for almost 10 mont and i really like that i can still use the touchscreen when the keyboard ist out.

But a couple of days ago it stopped working. I don't remeber changing anything.

Windows now tells me the screen is not a touchscreen.
Once i put the screen down and go into tablet mode everything works fine.
Tablet PC setting in the control panel also disappear once the keyboard ist out..

I tried reinstalling the driver.
I also did a windows 8 refresh (no backup unfortunately)

Any ideas?

Thank you for your help.

Answer:Satellite U920T - when I slide out the keyboard touchscreen no longer works

> Tablet PC setting in the control panel also disappear once the keyboard ist out..
I assume this should be OK since the tablet PC settings should be available only if the notebook is used in ?tablet mode?

The point is that this notebook can be used in three different modes.
1) tablet mode -> the keyboard and touchpad are pulled in and only touchscreen can be used
2) laptop mode -> the keyboard and touchpad are pulled out
3) photography mode -> keyboard is pulled in but touchpad is pulled out and can be used as well as the touchscreen.

I?m not quite sure if the ?orientation lock button? (on the left side) would affect the touchscreen but fact is that using this button the automatic rotation of the screen orientation can be enabled or disabled.
If you are operating the computer in laptop or in photography mode, the screen orientation will always be in Landscape mode.

Please check also if the touch display has been calibrated properly
Go to control panel (win key + x control panel) -> Tablet PC settings

Here you will find the first tab called ?Display?
Click on ?Setup? button to start the setup where you could identify the touchscreen
In bottom area called ?display options? you could calibrate the touch display.

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Hello everybody,

I just bought a "half" of an U920T: a laptop without the display(which was literally ripped off, you could see the bent hinges and what is left of the cable).
It's a great piece of hardware and I can use it with an external monitor, thanks to the HDMI connection.

What is the problem?
I only get video signal on the HDMI display, when windows(10) is loaded.

What do I want?
I would very much like to access the bios settings and set the primary output to HDMI, if possible.

I have already tried:
- removed the display cable from the mainboard
- using the F4 and the Fn+F4 to switch between displays. (it only works in windows)
- using the Toshiba System Settings Windows App. (there is no "video output" setting there)

Would any of you who have a similar model be so kind as to:
1. Check their bios to see if the option is available?
2. Upload a picture with the location of this setting in bios, or even better a video?

Thank you!!

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This morning i turned on my U920T-10J but the screen stayed black.

At first I thought the screen was broken but in "tablet mode" the screen went on. Now when i want to slide out the keyboard the screen goes black again.

How can this problem be solved?

Answer:Satellite U920T - screen turns black when sliding out the keyboard


For me it looks like a loose connection somewhere between the display and the motherboard.
This might be possible reason for display blackouts while sliding in and out.

I guess this cannot be solved easily and I think this is a job for an technician (authorized service provider). I recommend you to contact the service technician in your country to get the notebook fixed. Hopefully the warranty is still valid in order to fix it free of charge.

I hope this can be fixed?. I keep finger crossed.

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Can we charge a u920t ultrabook on solar powered voltaic charger

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Can somebody please point me in the right direction regarding a spare part for my ultrabook.

It's the charging port and it has "130122-E5" stamped on it.

Thanks in advance


Answer:Satellite U920T - power cord spare part required

In my opinion you should get in contact with local ASP.

I think this will be the best chance to get a compatible part for a Toshiba notebook.

Usually the ASP will be able to order such part from Toshiba head warehouse

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Despite having it for 2 days, I'm only getting 1 hour. My laptop gets 6 or 7 hours with the same settings. This is rather disappointing for a tablet as I thought it'd last longer than just a mere hour. Is there a setting I need to change?

And the fan kicks in so often it becomes annoying. It sounds like a small strimmer, or a moped and I'm sure it'll bother students in the college campus library.

Answer:Battery life in Satellite U920T and annoying frequent buzzing fan spinup

>is there a setting I need to change?

According to the Satellite U920T specs page where the details about the battery working time are mentioned, you should be able to use the notebook up to 4 hours running with battery power.
You should know that battery working time depends on notebook usage. Very bright display settings may reduce the battery working time dramatically. Also running heavy performance applications like game or graphic editor tools would decrease the battery working time.

But the notebook seems to be very new and the battery isn?t calibrated therefore I would recommend you to calibrate the battery firstly. The calibration means charging and discharging the battery fully and to repeat this procedure several times in the row? after some days of usage and calibration, the battery should reach the full performance level.

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From the list of drivers available for the Satellite U920T notebook, which one handles the pen and touch screen facility?


Answer:What tool or driver handles touch screen facility of Satellite U920T

An essential Toshiba software/tool which needs to be installed for Win 8 and Windows 8.1 is Toshiba System Driver.

But Win 8 and Win 8.1 provides own drivers to control the 10 finger capacitive touch screen.

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Hi there,

Today my laptop (windows 8.1) ran out of battery. Later when it was charged again, only a black screen with a cursor appears. Additional the power button does not work. When I press the power button the laptop does not shut down nor boot again, just the black screen with the cursor appears again. Alt+Ctrl+Del does not work either... I don't know what I can do else. Can anybody solve this problem?

Thank you very much for your help

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I have the issue that the touch screen + front camera + back camera + windows button on the screen are not working.

I tried installing the display/graphics drivers but that did not helped.

I bought this laptop from Saudi Arabia and it is still under warranty but I am out of country so i cant claim the warranty as well.

someone please sort out this issue and tell me the solution or tell me what i should do?

Help will be really appreciated.
some details about my laptop:

Toshiba Satellite U920T-B919.
windows 8.1 update 64 bit.


Answer:Satellite U920T - front/back cam + touch screen + win button doesn't work

Since you mentioned different issues with your notebook, I think that in this case its advisable to recover the notebook back to factory settings just to check if all these problems are related to system problem.

Regarding the webcam: the Windows 8 /8.1 already contains the webcam drivers and therefore additional webcam driver installation isn?t possible. Additional webcam driver does not exist simply.

From my point of few the whole description smells a little bit like a hardware problem of the upper slide part where the touchscreen is part of.
The win button as well as the both cams are located there and probably there is some lose connection between the two parts (touchscreen and keyboard)

Anyway, as I said above, its advisable to recover the notebook to factory settings just to ensure that the system isn?t the troublemaker.
In case of hardware problems, you would need to get in contact with service available in your country.

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Hi There, I am using Lenovo 420 - 4236 and while installing intel widi getting following message " This platform is not compatible with Intel widi or the application is in use" I have checked the compatibility and driver version it is latest one. Kindly help to fix this. Under display adapter it shows Intel HD graphics family and NVDIA nvs 4200M, do i need to disable NVDIA ? Ganesh

Answer:Lenovo T420 (4236) widi error : this platform incompatible with Intel Widi

Go to and let the automated plugin examine your system. Download all the recommended files. The installation order is critical. Display first. WiFi second, WiDi third. Do not mix and match Intel and Lenovo drivers. Good luck.

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I have a Satellite L50-A-11T and i've tried to use Intel widi with Windows 8.1 and doesn't work, it says that the system is not compatible.

With Windows 8 it was ok and worked fine, but in the instruccions for upgrading it said to remove Intel widi.
Why is that?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Cannot use Intel widi with my Satellite L50-A-11T


I found this important info in the Toshiba knowledge base:

Important notice for users of Wireless Display (WiDi)

There you can find this info:
*Intel? Wireless Display is no longer supported on Windows 8.1*

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I'm having a problem with the WiDi on the P50-C notebook.

I've tried it previously to connect to a Miracast tv and it wasn't having any of it. I did a bit of research and found a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter which I bought. However I can't connect to this either, even though I have ran the Intel compatability checker and it came back fine.

The notebook will find the adapter without any issue, but it will not connect for love nor money. I've tried all afternoon switching and updating drivers here there and everywhere but nothing will work. I don't think its a problem with the adapter which was brand new out the box, but fairly convinced its something up with the notebook.

Anyone else had similar problems and found a resolution?


Answer:Satellite P50-C WiDi problem?

You may just need to update the Intel WiDi software. Download the latest version from

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I can't display my screen content through Intel Wireless Display. I have Toshiba TV that seems to work ok and displays WiDi welcome screen and all needed information.
On the computer I reached the level where I got the TV-unit displayed in the Intel application but no connection was possible as I couldn't type the code from the TV-set. There was no window asking for that. After that I upgraded all drivers (as advised from Intel support web-page). Now Intel application can't even find the TV.
I bought both computer and TV-set to have this fancy WiDi and now I ma really disappointed. Can anybody help?

Answer:WiDi by Satellite P845T-107

Have you got rid of this problem? []

Did you update the Wifi and chipset drivers?

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The model Satellite L-172 has an Intel Core processor 32 nm (P6000). Does it have WiDi capabilities?

Answer:Does Satellite L655 have WiDi capabilities?

In order to use Intel WiDi, the unit should support following specifications:
[What are the system requirements for the Intel? Wireless Display (WiDi)?|]

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I have just bought a Toshiba Satellite z830-10w. The salesperson climed it should have Intels Widi capability.
I cannot find it in the specifications of this computer.

Before I open the box, can someone tell if this is the case?

mvh cp

Answer:Does Satellite z830-10w support WiDI


Intel? Wireless Display (WiDi) requires an Intel WLan card.

The Satellite z830-10w has been equipped with the Atheros Wlan card? so WiDi is not supported in your case?

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Before I upgraded to 10 I had miracast working on my laptop with 8.1pro. I don't use widi miracast a lot and did not discover it was missing until I went to use it this past week. When I tired to undo 10 so I could go back to my very needed casting ability, I received a message that I could not go back after 30 days.
I paid over 900 dollars for a lap top that I could take with me and using a screenbeam mini 2 project to a tv or projector when I wanted it. Now nothing I do seems to correct this. What can I do???

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 U41-70 WIDI not working WHY ?? Article #700100000002591 This computer does not meet the Intel® WiDi system requirements.

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I bought new WiFi module from ebay and Intel 7260 supports 867Mbps wifi speed (in theory) and Bluetooth 4.0.

Wifi works perfect but problem is Bluetooth device doesnt shown in device manager, i tried to install driver but there is no change...

Then i figure out, in real world, "i dont need bluetooth, i need WiDi"!

Real problem is Windows7 cant see IGP (Intel HD Graphics 3000 @ i3-2330). I tried to install WiDi software then installation didnt start and says "Your graphics driver and device are not compatible". Yes because i have nVidia gt520 and it will be supports "nVidia Optimus" then i get latest nvidia driver but there is no change.

I need my own Cpu's IGP to install WiDi Software,

please help!

Answer:Intel WiDi issue with my Satellite L750

The WLan seems to support WiDi as shown on the Intel ARK page:

But to use the Intel WiDi some these system requirements are necessary:
[What are the system requirements for the Intel? Wireless Display (WiDi)?|]

Furthermore I recommend checking this document:
[Are there known issues when using Intel? Wireless Display (WiDi)?|]

Furthermore you should update the Intel software to the latest state:
? Intel HD Graphics Driver min. revision
? Intel PROSet/Wireless Software min. revision 15.5.6_e(64 / 32)
? Intel WiDi driver min. revision

*Important notice for users of Wireless Display (WiDi):*
Intel? Wireless Display is no longer supported on Windows 8.1

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Appreciate your help with the following problem.

I connect my laptop (Toshiba PSCMLA-03F07Q - link provided PSCMLA-03F07Q - Toshiba Satellite C50 Computer - Australia :: Toshiba :: Computers, Laptops/Notebooks, Tablets, Televisi?) to my TV (LG 55LB5820-TB through WiDi. It connects (a message appears - "Connected to Intel WiDi application" or similar) but then the TV screen and laptop screens goes blank or black. I can see the cursor move on the TV screen, but no mirroring of screens from laptop to TV, in other words, there is no picture. I've tried changing the projection setting but this hasn't worked.
Points to note:

- I use Windows 10, have only recently upgraded within the last week so assume all drivers are up to date.
- TV supports WiDi and I assume has the latest firmware (TV has not requested I download updates recently).
- I was able to connect the laptop to TV using WiDi when I was on Windows 8.
- I've run the Compatibility Checker and it says the computer supports WiDi/Miracast.

I've had discussions with Intel Support (see full thread here but no luck...

Inte's last response is here:

According to ARK, an Intel? website available to the public where you can find information about Intel? Product : Intel? Celeron? Processor N2830 (1M Cache, up to 2.41 GHz) Specifications it supports Intel? WiDi, However, the adapter: Qualcomm* Atheros AR956x Wireless Network... Read more

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Hey Just curious for the Lenovo Helix (gen 1) owners who have upgraded to windows 10.  Does miracast/wireless display still work? I lost that functionality on the x220.  So not so keen on upgrading as I need the wireless display.

Answer:Helix (Gen 1): WIndows 10 Upgrade: Miracast/Widi

Nope, I can't work it out at all, I can't install the intel windows 8 drivers as the OS doesn't match, and the intel windows 10 drivers say I don't have the required hardware. Really frustrating.

____Lenovo Helix i7 256gb... wish I bought a Surface Pro for better support...

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Hi all I have a X230i that previosly worked fine with WiDi in Windows 7, but after upgrading to Windows 10 I can't get it to work. I've update all the drivers, but Intels WiDi install tool says my PC isn't compatible. Any ideas? Best regardsMorten

Answer:Widi not working in Windows 10

Hi Mollevs,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums!
The WIDI drivers could have been incorrectly downloaded or installed. Try uninstalling all the wireless drivers and then reinstall all of them in the proper order as seen here on the link
To install the Wireless drivers please find the link below from Lenovo support:
Please let me whether the steps helped you.
Thank you, have a good day.
Did someone help you today? Click on the ?upper half star? at the left side of the post to thank them with a Kudo!

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Greetings, We are trying to get WIDI to work with one of our Lenovo T430s. Its is running a i7 3520M with Intel HD Graphics 400 and 64bit Windows 7.When trying to install the Software it says the Plattform is not compatible. It used to work on this very Laptop before we did a clean install and all of our other Laptops (with the same specs)  have no problems with WIDI.  Can someone provide some help as to what the issue might be here?

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I bought the S50t-B laptop last year

Here are the specifications

It mentions Wireless Display Intel WiDi.

This week I got the Netgear Push2TV Wireless Display Adapter PTV3000 and tried to connect to it, but the laptop simply does not give the option to select any wireless display adapter.

I have updated all the drivers and still I don't see the option available. What should I do?

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google translator

object as I have a laptop toshiba satellite L850-1L1 and a TV always toshiba model 50L7335D

I can not interfacing with intel widi, what should I do?

Thanks to all

Answer:Intel WiDi doesnt work with Satellite L850-1L1

The Satellite L850-1L1 was preinstalled and released with Windows 8
Are you still using this Windows 8 system or did you upgraded to Windows 8.1?

I?m asking because Intel WiDi is NOT supported under Windows 8.1 on Toshiba notebooks and you will not be able to use Intel WiDi with Win 8.1

Here are the details I found on Toshiba page:
[Important notice for users of Wireless Display (WiDi)| ]

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im going to upgrade my wireless chip in Z830-11H (pt22le) to enable intel WiDi. Before ordering a new chip i'd like to get a certainty about which Intel Chips that support WiDi are supported by my system? Right now i have Atheros AR9002WB-1NG, which otherwise works quite well, except missing widi, and im just tired of not being able to use it since my LG tv supports it!

So please help me out! Which one of these cards can i use?

I would rather get one of the newer models but which ever works will do.

Thank You so much in advance to anybody who takes the time to help me out!

Answer:Upgrading wireless chip in Satellite Z830-11H to get WiDi

As far as I know such upgrade is not supported so I don?t think anyone here will be able to help you with right information. I mean, such info can be offered by Toshiba service if they know it.

As you probably know hardware upgrade is very limited and except HDD or RAM other kind of hardware upgrade on mobile machines is not supported.

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I have the Toshiba Satellite S70T-B laptop and a Samsung smart tv.
I try to perform wireless mirror screen and i have problems. while tries to connect, after screen becomes black and give me a message saying that video data aren'be supported
Could you help me please ;

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Hi, in my TOSHIBA SATELLITE L650-108 is the function WiDi to connect the notebook to the SMART TV?
Thank you.

Answer:WiDi on board to connect Satellite L650-108 to the SMART TV

Exact specification you can find here .

All available functions are also described in user?s manuals document.

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The thread subject is a little disingenuous - apologies.

The essence of my post is that Toshiba have advertised the handy Intel Widi feature as part of the Satellite P850 laptop when in actual fact it isn't supported. This was one the reasons I chose this laptop and saw no need to confirm it's compatibility with Intel - why would I if a company with Toshiba's pedigree are advertising it as available in the laptop's specifications?

After following all of the setup steps and the feature not working, I contacted Intel and they informed me the Intel processor found in this laptop is not supported (3rd generation Intel? Core? i7-3610QM) - despite Toshiba saying otherwise.

An explanation would be appreciated as this very useful technology is going to waste in this otherwise great laptop.

Answer:Intel WiDi not compatible with Satellite P850 laptop

I can share my knowledge with you about Intel Wireless Display.
To use this Intel WiDi you need this system components:

ONE of the following CPUs:
Intel? Core? i7 Processor: 640M; 660LM; 640LM; 620LM; 620M; 610E; 690UM; 680UM; 660UM; 640UM; 620UM; 660UE; 2710QE; 2820QM; 2720QM; 2635QM; 2630QM; 2657M; 2649M; 2629M; 2620M; 2617M; 2540M; 2520M; 2510E; 2640LM; 2620LM; 2630UM; 2610UM; 2530UM; 2920XM
Intel? Core? i5 Processor: 580M; 560M; 540M; 520M; 480M; 460M; 450M; 430M; 580UM; 560UM; 540UM; 520UM; 470UM; 430UM; 2540M; 2520M; 2410M; 2537M; 2430M; 2435M, 2450M; 2467M
Intel? Core? i3 Processor: 390M; 380M; 370M; 350M; 330M; 330E; 2310M

GPU: Intel? HD Graphics

ONE of the following WLan cards:
Intel? Centrino? Wireless-N 1000, 1030, 2200, or 2230
Intel? Centrino? Wireless-N 2200 for Desktop
Intel? Centrino? Advanced-N 6200, 6205, 6230, or 6235
Intel? Centrino? Advanced-N 6205 for Desktop
Intel? Centrino? Wireless-N + WiMAX 6150
Intel? Centrino? Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250
Intel? Centrino? Ultimate-N 6300

Preinstalled system:
Windows 7 64-bit, Home Premium, Ultimate or Professional
Windows 7 32-bit, Home Premium, Ultimate, Professional or Basic
Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit editions

Also the Intel My WiFi Technology (Intel MWT) and Intel Wireless Display must be pre-installed and enabled.

If your notebook does not meed these requirements, the Intel WiDi cannot be used.

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I have a brand new E7470 and would like to connect it to the WiDi adapter on our boardroom TV. When I fire up the WiDi Pro software I get "Your system isn't capable of running the Intel WiDi application for the following reasons:
Unfortunately it doesn't list the reasons. It just has this error message over top of the main program.
This laptop has the Intel Tri-Band wireless AC adapter, i7 6600OU Processor with 520HD graphics.
Any ideas why this is happening?

Answer:Widi on E7470 not working on Windows 7

Intel is no longer supporting WiDi -- Miracast is the way to go.

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I have spent hours on this problem like several others in the 9 page message thread that also deals with this topic. I am starting a new thread because the other one has not been updated for some time and it is quite large with tangent topics. First, I have two brand new Yoga 2 Pro's with Windows 8.1 (had them for two weeks) and I recently purchased the Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro and started working with it last night. Second, *both* of the Yoga 2 Pro's are behaving in exactly the same way, and I'll describe that in a moment. Both systems are also update with the latest drivers. I have taken the time to compare all installed versions with the latest available from either Lenovo or Intel. All of the latest Windows updates have been applied. I am religious about keeping my systems patched. I'm not trying to impress anyone, but I've been an IT engineer for 31 years and build and over-clock all of my desktop systems; I know my way around. Third, the firewall was disabled during one interation just to demonstrate that it was not the problem. Now, here are the installation steps and the resulting problem: The ScreenBeam is properly connected to an HDTV and is displaying it's initial screen Swiping into Charms and making my way down to  PC and devices -> Devices -> Add a device, results in the Screen Beam being discovered as a television, a PIN being displayed on the TV screen, and that PIN is then entered at the prompt from the "add device" di... Read more

Answer:Yoga 2 Pro - WiDi with ScreenBeam Pro not working

Hello all, I have determined the cause of the problem and WiDi is now fully operational! It turns out that even though I had disabled the firewall in the internet security product that I used, the virtual packet filtering NIC's that it creates appear to have been causing the problem. The tip-off came along after I installed the Actiontec configuration utility from the MS App store (it's free!). I installed it because I had nothing else to test with other than adding/removing the device from within Windows. I found that the configurator app would actually connect about 1 - 2 times out of 10 attempts and I was able to access the ScreenBeam and change it's configuration. The intermittency led me to believe that it was network related yet all other network traffic was fine. I went digging further into WiDi operation and noted the virtual NIC's in Device Manager; in order to see them you must enter Windows Device Manager and set it to show hidden devices. What jumped out were the virtual packet filtering virtual NIC's created by the internet security solution. The only way that I knew of to remove them was to completely uninstall the security solution. I did that, rebooted and everything stared working. Once I rediscovered the Actiontec and entered a new PIN, the "Add a wireless display" choice was now available in the Project menu. I enabled Windows Firewall and I am using MS anti-malware tools to have some kind of protection for the system. I am going to search their KB to see i... Read more

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The Thinkpad Yoga have all the hardware to work with WIDI, and in fact got it working prier by installing the wifi driver from intel instead from lenovo. But now probably after updating the graphics driver from lenovo, no option to connect to wireless display in the charms menu. Run Windows 8.1, only the option to switch physical displays, not even trying to find wireless display anymore. Any help to make it work again is much appreciated.    

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So frustrating!

I had a Toshiba R705 (i3, from Best Buy in the US), which was very nice, until..

I then started to use it for scoring car rallies, and wanted to share my "results" screen with the large tv screen at the local football club where we run the events, so I bought a WiDi device (Netgear Push2Tv).

After several hours of trying to get the R705 to connect to the NetGear box, I installed the latest Intel Networking Wireless drivers, which became corrupt, and stopped all of my networking devices, so now the machine was useless.

I could not connect the PC to ANYTHING anymore, and I could'nt roll back the intel drivers so now my nice little laptop was as useless as a house brick. I got so angry I punched it and broke the screen. I then threw the laptop in the bin in disgust.

After calming down, I have now purchased a Satellite z930 Ultrabook, which is also very nice (and much faster).

Against my wifes best endeavours, I am now trying to connect the Sattelite Z930 to the same Netgear Push2TV.
I get exactly the same errors that I got with the old 705.

The Toshiba detects the Netgear, I enter the matching pin number etc, and then it says it is "connecting" then after a while it drops out.


To top it off, myfriend brought his other computer around, and suggested we try it. It connected, and he was sharing his scr... Read more

Answer:Can't get WiDi working on Portege R705 and Z930


Does your Prot?g? or the Satellite Z930 meets the Intel Widi hardware requirements?
Here is a detailed info what hardware and software is needed to use the Intel WiDi:

+Intel? Wireless Display requires a compatible laptop, TV adapter, and a TV with HDMI or composite A/V input.+

I found also another document about known issues using Intel WiDi

+Are there known issues when using Intel? Wireless Display (WiDi)?+

last but not least an step by step tutorial how to use Extended Video Mode with Intel? Wireless Display (WiDi)

By the way:
You should ensure that latest Intel? Wireless Display Software is installed properly ang=eng&OSVersion=Windows%208%2C%2064-bit*&DownloadType=Software%20Applications

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My Thinkpad Yoga was unable to connect to WIDI (Netgear P2TV) out of the box.  I reinstalled Windows 8.1, over the top, and WIDI started to work.  After updates ran, WIDI stopped working.  Reinstalling Windows 8.1 fixes it again. Updates break it again.  I've been unable to determine which update is breaking it.  I went through the process of uninstalling all of the winows updates one at a time and this did not fix the problem.  I have not gone through the process of installing updates one at a time to see which one breaks it. Behavior:no "Add a wireless display" option under PROJECT.Add Device finds and installs P2TV, but no way to project to it.Reinstalling Windows 8.1 fixes problem.I think updates, either Lenovo or Windows, break it. I'm considering making this device our standard laptop for all teachers, but must resolve this issue first.  please help.

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WIDI or Miracast stopped working properly after I got my screen replaced by Lenovo warranty repair.Prior to the repair, I had no issues with connecting to my smart TV (samsung UN55F6400) I got the latest drivers for the Intel HD Graphics 4000 and RTL8723AU wireless adapter, but still no go. What happens:I can add a new device and mirror my screen, but after I disconnect, the next time I try to connect it says "Tap to fix the connection", then I have to set it up again as a new connection. It used to work flawlessly before so not sure what changed. Anyone else have any issues or successes? If it works for you, can you post your driver versions for the graphics and wireless adapter?

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Has anyone gotten this to work? I've had the same issue with the T430 laptops. I've gotten it to work before on the T430 by installing the "Intel My Wifi Technology" under the Change Option in the Proset Drivers. I don't see this option or have gotten it to work, when I launch Intel WiDi, it says there's no adapter. Anyone have any info on this? Thank you

Answer:Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) Not Working

You might like to post which system you are referring to and post some details about it's configuration and which operating system you have installed, members don't have a lot to go on at the moment.

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I am unable to install WIDI software from Intel, I tried with Lenovo tech support but no use. Looks like this model does not support WIDI but on their website they mention it is supported. I am planning to return this laptop. Let me know if anyone is successful with WIDI on this model.

Answer:Lenovo Y400 - WIDI Wireless Display not working.

Have you seen this thread? Same problem on the Y400/Y500 with Win 8. DragonRider

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Ok, I have a Toshiba Z835-P330 ultrabook with a 2nd Gen i3. I know most computers with the i3 are not WIDI capable, however, mine is. I can easily use WIDI when im running windows 7. When I switch to windows 8 however, WIDI isn't even available and it looks like the program/drivers are missing.

In what order do I download WIDI drivers and Software from Intel? I have had issues with WIDI before in win8 release preview, so instead of stumbling through it again, I'd like to get someone else's take. Any input/help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Folks - I have two X1 Carbons sitting in front of me, both running Windows 8.1, trying to connect to my Samsung TV.The X1 Carbon (2014) has display corruption on WiDi, while the X1 Carbon (original) works fine. On the 2014 X1 Carbon, you get display corruption, and choppy squeaky audio every few seconds. With the original everything is smooth as silk. Any thoughts? I've already run Lenovo System Update on X1 Carbon (2014) as well as Windows Update, so everything is up to date. Don't know what else to try? Clearly, it's not the TV, nor the router, nor interference - since one machine works and the other doesn't... Thanks!  

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I bought 512MB PC3200 RAM to my L10. After installing the module the computer failed to boot up. I tried all possible combinations (like changing the slots, installing only the new modules) but the computer only boots up with its original memory module. I would appreciate any help on the issue.


Answer:Satellite L10-102 RAM upgrade not working


the Satellite L10 needs this memory:
PC2700 256MB (PA3311U-1M25)
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)


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Switched laptop ON and screen is not working. Have updated memory to 2GB.
Can this be the reason for not working screen? Have tried to reboot the system but it didn?t help.

Answer:After RAM upgrade the screen is not working on Satellite L30-105


Can you please tell us which notebook model you have? Have you noticed the same problem before you made RAM upgrade?
What is about new RAM? Have you bought a compatible one?

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My L40 PSL 48 is still running the older Bios as suplied (I think it is version 1.70) I have installed XP as it is far superior to the rubbish Vista nonsense. I read that there is a newer BIOS specifically for XP which i have downloaded and unzipped. When I try to run the winflash.exe file from within Windows the screen just flashes briefly and nothing else happens. The bios remains at 1.70. Am I doing something stupid.


Answer:BIOS upgrade on Satellite L40 not working

Try right-clicking the BIOS file, and select "Run As.." and choose Administrator.

Also make sure your virus scanner isn't blocking it.

Also look in C:\TEMP, perhaps it was extracted in there.

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I have recently bought Satellite L30 laptop with Windows XP HE preinstalled. I decided to upgrade it to XP Professional, and I did it by upgrade installation.
Everything works fine, except for Toshiba Hotkeys utility. Some Fn+ combination do work, but there is no picture (message) displayed on the screen, and some do not work. Buttons F1, F2, F3, F4 an F8 do not work for sure. Fn+Esc (mute) and F6 F7 (brightness) work quite ok. But still even though a button work, the message is not displayed.

I did the same proceeding on Satellite A110 and there everything worked fine.

I tried to reinstall hotkey but it is not possible. It is not listed in Add/Remove Software, and the installation files from TOOLSCD crashes with no message. In event viewer I can find information from Msiexec, syaing that hotkeys config failed.
The above behavior is the same when I restored original XP HE installation. Then of course, the Hotkeys work, but it is impossible to uninstall or reinstall it.

I tried to uninstall most of Toshiba utilities, but it didn't help.

Does anyone have any idea how to make Hotkeys work on XP Pro (upgraded from HE)?
I the only possibility would be clean XP Pro install (haven't tried it yet), than does anyone know how to install Office OneNote, on clean installation? It is bundled within XP HE, and I cannot find it in TOOLSCD, and I find it quite useful, so I prefer to have it on this machine.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


Answer:Satellite L30 Hotkeys not working after upgrade XP HE -> XP Pro

As far as I know there are two different L30 notebook models. The difference is visible with number PSLXXX. Are you sure you have downloaded right Toshiba stuff for your notebook model?

BTW: when notebook has factory settings you are able to create own Tools&Utilities CD. This CD can be used for every further OS installation. There is no difference between WXP Home or WXP Pro. All drivers, tools and utilities are the same. It is just important to install all of them in the right installations order.

That?s all!

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After upgrading my C55-A-1N0 to Windows10 I lost audio.

According to Satellite C55-A-1N0 P/N PSCGJE-00D004EN is not a supported model.

Anybody has had any luck getting the audio working on a C55-A-1N0 in Windows10?


Answer:Audio not working on Satellite C55-A-1N0 after Win 10 upgrade

According to Satellite C55-A-1N0 P/N PSCGJE-00D004EN is not a supported model.

According to the Toshiba models supported for upgrade to Windows 10 website,, the Satellite C55-A PSCGJE is supported.

Check the screen shot:

Therefore I recommend you to update the sound driver to the Windows 10 compatible version.

The Win 10 drivers are available here:

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Yesterday i upgraded the HD of my 3-month-old A50-109 laptop. The original HD fitted in the laptop was (to my surprise) a Fujitsu HD 40GB 4200 rpm 2mb cache.

So I upgraded to a Toshiba 80GB 5400rpm 16mb cache, and had to re-install WindowsXP Pro and all toshiba drivers.

Now, since the upgrade, the fan is constantly working even when CPU power, cooling method and all the rest are set to the lowest possible setting. Before the upgrade, the fan would obey the cooling method setting, and the fan would be COMPLETELY silent, ie not working since there was minimal usage of the CPU,etc.

Now the situation has changed, and the fan is working constantly no matter what usage. I'm terribly disturbed by the noise, and i can see no reason for the change.

Is there a solution or do i have to return the HD and/or laptop ?

Answer:Satellite A50-109 Fan not working properly after HD upgrade


I'm sorry to say I do not have an answer for your questions, but maybe some thoughts.

The drive you installed rotates faster, that means normally generating more heat.
Could it be that this is the reason for the high fan activity?
Try feeling around the HDD area if it feels warmer than you remebered the old drive.
I have myself a 60GB 5400rpm which sometimes can feel really hot!



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Hi guys,

I have upraded to Windows 10 and now to the anniversary edition. I haven't used my laptop in a while so I can't remember the last time the webcam worked, all I know is that it did. What I have noticed is that the webcam driver isn't on the laptop and when I've searched for it on the Toshiba Drivers Site I can't find it. I don't even know what it would be called. I'm quite confused as it worked before. Could somebody help me? Thanks, Matthew.

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Hi,  I'm trying to get Intel WiDI running on my X1.  Modelnumber is 20A7 from 2014.  Im running latest Win 8.1 with all updates installed (excluding the latest BIOS Update, but that should not matter here, right?)    Per Default when I try to acces  Charms>Devices>Project>WirelessDisplay I have no button to select a Wireless Display, Also if I do a search for Wireless Display i get a Win8 Settings tab "Connect to a wireless display" which takes me to the normal Screen options of Win8 where I cannot choose any wireless display to connect with.  I tried installing programms are not installable .  Quickdisplay says its "Not supported"The Wireless Display Driver says "Operating System not supported" What can I do?  Anyone got that up an running?   Specificationwise the X1 should be capable of running WiDi  EDIT:  I identified the Problem: I had no Button add a wireless adapter.  This was caused by VirtualBox and CiscoVPN. To get said button you have to go to your WiFi Adapter Settings under Network and remove the checkboxes for both connections (Tip: Cisco hides itself as Deterministic Network Adapter) Connection now working fine. Who the heck comes up with such a mess?

Answer:Resolved - X1C '14 (20A7) - Wireless Display (WiDi) not working/Drivers non-installable

Hi, So far I tried 4 different dongles Miracast compatible and manage to wirelessly display only on one (Push2TV). No other Miracast/WiDi device was working. It seems all the other HDMI dongles need you to install dedicated/individual software.That make me thinking if the WiDi was ever working (but yes, works with the Push2TV).Hade no more time to play with this so far. Being on a way I stick to Asus MB168BPlus as the second screen and I'm OK with this. cheers. 

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the web cam was working fine till the windows upgrade to Win 8.1 pro, the webcam is not shown in device manager.Bios setting o.k, I could not find a driver for TOSHIBA WEBCAM HD for windows 8.1 pro, please help

Answer:Satellite P850-057 Webcam not working after upgrade to win 8.1 pro


The Windows 8.1 does not need external webcam driver.
Usually the webcam driver is part of the Win 8.1 system and therefore the webcam should be recognized automatically.

From my knowledge the webcam is connected to USB controller. Do you have some unknown devices (USB devices) in the device manager marked with yellow exclamation mark?

By the way: Did you update the BIOS to latest state and is Toshiba System Driver for Win 8.1 installed?

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i have a problem related to my laptop LED truebright monitor.
The luminosity is working properly, but the dimming luminosity is not.

I should be able to choose from a range of 0% to 100% in both but in the dimming luminosity i cant only get up to 10% even though it says its 100%
because when i level down it says level 8,6,5,3,1 and 0 when i enter eco and when i go max it says 10% for 1 second and then 100%.

Oh, and one important thing also, changing the dimming luminosity has no effect at all, i think its just stuck at 10%.

But i know clearly that is at 10%.
I tried everything so far, restoring the archive and registry.
It wasnt even working before i restored the registry. I also tried advanced options that once solved that problem for me, tried everything expect reinstalling the OS.

I installed windows 8.1 from windows store recently i do not know if its related.
All my drivers are up to date.
This happened yesterday after installing Batman Arkham City GOTY and disabling the Anti Virus, Firewall, Etc...

I dont know what else to try, im really frustated, i cant handle this without the dimming light at its maximum. My only worry is that reinstalling the OS doesnt solve my problems.

Please give me some info on how to fix this, i will try the registry if someone can help me out.
Thank you in advance.

My best regards,

Sir.? Micael Liberal

Answer:Satellite L50-A-111: dimming not working properly after Win 8.1 upgrade


To be honest I?m a little bit confused.

You said you have upgraded to Win 8.1
After such upgrade you have to update all the Toshiba drivers as mentioned on the Toshiba Win 8.1 upgrade page.
On Toshiba EU driver page you can find installation instruction which show you how to install/ update all the drivers.

This is very important!

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