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Satellite U920T - sound with headphones quiet and distorted

Question: Satellite U920T - sound with headphones quiet and distorted


i have following Problem with my U920T. The sound with the built-in speakers is perfekt, but if i use headphones the sound gets very quiet nearly unhearable.
I tested several headphones und different settings of the software. I also tried installing all Windowsupdates and the driver updates incl BIOS from the Toshiba homepage nad drivers from realtek.
Now i reinstalled Windows but the problem still exists.
I still thinks is a driver problem but have no idea what to do now.

I hope for fast help

regards 7even

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Preferred Solution: Satellite U920T - sound with headphones quiet and distorted

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite U920T - sound with headphones quiet and distorted

That?s really strange but I think there is problem with some wrong settings.
I don't know how do you test your headphones but make some test with browser player.
Open Internet Explorer and open this test page. Start for instance my favourite In the Mix radio and when music runs click with left mouse button on speaker icon and open option Mixer.
Your IE will be listed there. You can move volume level for speakers but for IE too.
Set both of them on the 50% and check if the problem persists.

I use headphones pretty often but I?ve never noticed such problem.
Please test it and send some feedback.

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So my PC just had a whole bunch of issues which seem unrelated, but there was a massive mess with a system restore and a whole bunch of updates and stuff, but I don't know why all of a sudden my headphones are really quiet, even on the maximum volume setting.

This is an issue with all sound devices I own. They work fine on other computers by the way, so it's most likely a PC issue.
Any possible explanation/fix for this?

Answer:Sound quiet all of a sudden in headphones.

For starters would be helpful to fill in system specs here or list them for us. What were all these other unrelated issues, which updates, windows or hardware,software ? What other spound devices we talking about stereo receiver ? Start by checking settings in software for sound card, then in Windows sound properties.

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First of all, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to put this kind of problem ^_^; It's a little confusing.

Secondly, my problem!

My laptop (HP Envy dv6t-7200, with Windows 8) suddenly has a strange problem! It all started yesterday - I had a cheap pair of headphones accidentally break, but the headphone jack was still stuck inside the laptop! So I had to get tweezers to grip it and pull it out. Then I used a new pair of headphones and listened to some videos for a bit before I turned my computer off and went to go do other things. An hour or two later, I'm back on here and suddenly the sound is not working properly! When I play a video, if it has background music, that's pretty much all I hear. I have to turn the volume up on both the video and the laptop to be able to even understand what they're saying, and I still can't hear quite well - the background music or noise overpowers it. It's the same with music that has voices, too. I dunno what caused this, but I really hope someone can help me fix it!

I know it's for sure the laptop because I tried it with 3 pairs of headphones, and then used the headphones on my phone and 3DS and sound worked perfect. Also - this is just with headphones. When I just use my laptop's speakers, the sound is ok.

I appreciate you guys reading this, thanks.

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Hi, I've purchased a rather clean second hand T61 (7661-12G) and there is a problem with the sound coming out of the headphone jack.  The right channel is *very* quiet compared to the left channel and I've had to adjust the sound balance quite heavily to compensate.  The jack is slightly loose but from an electrical perspective there should be no attenuation on it at all (I'm an EE and dismantled the thing to check and it is 100% open circuit). Any ideas on how to fix? It's not the end of the world but is slightly annoying. Initially the sound didn't work properly at all but remove and reinstall the drivers worked. I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit SP1 with the ThinkVantage provided drivers (ADI SoundMax) with everything up to date from Windows update.

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Hello,I purchased a Thinkpad Twist a few months ago and hadn't used the headphone jack until a few days ago. There seems to be absolutely no audio issues with the speakers, but whenever I'm using headphones, the sound is reduced in normal volume (and has an underwater/echo effect) along with a series of static crackles and pops whenever adjusting the plug or typing. I have tried several different pairs of headphones, have updated/uninstalled/reinstalled the Realtek Audio Driver, did the same with the Dolby HD, and tried listening with different power plans selected. I discovered when I placed the heel of my palm on the case right above the jack to type that any sort of slight pressure will cause the audio to return to normal volume without any static, but will stubbornly fight it with a crackling storm before returning to its abnormal sound.I've searched the forum but couldn't find an issue this specific. Anybody have/know of similar experiences or suggestions before I chalk this up to hardware failure? 

Answer:Distorted Sound When Using Headphones On Thinkpad Twist

I had this problem, changing the power cord fixed it

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Hello  I have been using my hp for over a year with little or no problems and this only happened 3 days ago. I came home from college and I booted up the laptop and there was no sound what so ever so I plugged in my headhones and the sound was distorted. So I thought It must be a Driver Issue so I updated the drivers and It fixed it or so I thought. The next day I came home and had the same problem but when I had the headphones in I could hear that the sound was going from distorted to normal rapidly so I just jiggled the headphone jack and It was fixed. Now today I came home as usual and same thing happens so I tried the jiggle trick from yesterday and nope it didnt work. But after a few mins It ficed itself  Now I havent got a clue whats causing this and Im getting frustrated. Can I do anything to resolve this   Does It matter that I have my headphones plugged on all the time or could it be the head phone jack that is causing issues

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I've got the A75 and it runs like a dream. I'm pleased with it.

Only one thing: the sound output is very low, very quiet. Even my MP3 player running on batteries kicks out better sound.
Its just so quiet.
Anyone else got the same problem.

I've visited the control panel and hardware setup and twiddled all the dials I know. (I'm a computer support guy, so am used to torubleshooting.)

Any comments?

Answer:Satellite A75 sound very quiet?


Maybe stupid recommendation from me, but check please volume control dial on the right side.

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I have bought a Satellite P200D-11L few weeks ago and when I got it sound was perfect.
There was good amount of bass and no distortion when I turned volume to 100%. Harman/kardon speakers are cool :) But now sound is distorted. This has started about week ago.

When I try to listen to the music (in windows media player and winamp, there's no difference) it is very distorted on laptop speakers, but on my headphones it is good. Also same song/songs are normal on my desktop PC.
I don't know what's problem, so please help. I've tried to restore windows with Toshiba product recovery disc, but same problem is still here. Could it be that speakers are in some way damaged, because on my headphones sound is OK? And yeah, I told you that on my headphones sound is OK, but it 's little different than it was when I got laptop ...

When I got laptop sound had more bass, but now when that problem occurred, sound also has less bass (bass is almost unnoticeable).

Answer:Satellite P200D-11L sound problem - sound gets distorted

Hi mate,

since you?ve already tried everything I would say that your speakerhardware is, please click [HERE| 000000871] to find the next and nearest ASP in your country, contact them and send your machine to them.

They should fix that problem.


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Hi there.

The sound has always been very quiet on my notebook - the speakers emit a tiny sound, and with headphones it is only just about audible.

All the usual volume control-panels are at 100%, and sound does register on the volume scales, but the built-in speakers might as well not be there. Please could you suggest what is going wrong?

I've had the computer for 6 months and it has always been like this. Many thanks.

Answer:Why is sound so very quiet on my Satellite A100-447

I cannot give your a professional opinion about the sound loudness because I cannot hear this. Who knows? maybe the notebook provides a normal loudness but you mean that it?s too quiet.

Usually all volume controls should be set to the highest level then you should get the best sound loudness.

If you think there is something wrong with the speakers, ask the ASP for an notebook check!

Good luck

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Got the one with Conexant chip.
there is only one driver out there and probably faulty. I cannot access Properties page, just the generic Volume Control. Everything up and sound still too quiet, especially on headphones - hardly audible.

Plus, sound is cranky and a stutters a bit. It is heard e.g. when clicking the volume slide a few times, it just coughes and cracks.

Tried everything, even reinstall. Any ideas?
[email protected]

Answer:Satellite P100-219 - sound is too quiet

I suggest you check the task manager and see if the cpu usage is high, this can affect the sound continuity. The volume could be quiet as the internal speakers are small. try external active speakers connected though the headphone socket. try disk cleanup and disk defrag see if this helps also check for viruses then if you still have a problem you may have too many programs working in the background.

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I have a Satellite L10 notebook that is approx. 1 yr old. The sound has all of a sudden become distorted. This occurs when playing music via Media Player / itunes over external speakers and when it is played over the notebook's internal speakers.

The sound is even distorted when using windows (for example, the windows start-up sound)
I think it may be something to do with the sound drivers?
What could be the cause of this and how can I fix it?


Answer:Distorted sound on Satellite L10

I have read that a new OS installation from the Recovery CD will help to solve this sound issue. I presume there are any corrupt files or registry keys. This is only my suggestion but it would be very interesting to know if it would also solve this problem on your notebook.

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Hi all,

Recently, I have purchased a new laptop, a Toshiba Satellite L50-A-1DF.

From the beginning I have experienced issues with the HDMI connection.
When I connect my laptop to another monitor via HDMI more often than not the sound is stuttering and slightly distorted.

When I unplug the cable and put it in again a few times, this most of the time solves the problem.
I have used different HDMI cables and different monitors with the same effect.

Other laptops work fine with these cables and monitors.
I have reinstalled the display drivers without any luck and eventually sent my laptop in for repair.

Unfortunately, the problem was not found when they examined it and I will get it back without a repair.

I have no clue what the issue could be, since it could not be found by the repair team.
Customer services unfortunately are reluctant to help me any further.

Can anyone think of an explanation for this issue?

Thank you very much in advance for your input!

Kind regards,

Answer:Satellite L50-A-1DF - distorted sound using HDMI connection

>I have no clue what the issue could be, since it could not be found by the repair team.

This means that the service engineer did not notice the distorted sound.
I think it?s very difficult to fix an issue which is not replicable.

In my opinion you should check exactly when this issue appears and should try to reproduce the HDMI sound problem.
You should focus on the audio source and the software which is running while connecting the notebook to the external monitor TV.

Furthermore I recommend you to perform the tests after the system has been recovered to factory settings.

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My sound has started to stop and start and become distorted / crackling.
I have installed the latest bios and sound drivers but sound is still the same.
Connecting to external speakers does not solve the problem either.
Can anyone help???

Answer:Satellite P100 - Sound become distorted/crackling


Have you checked the Windows sound settings?
Maybe there is a wrong option.

You should also make sure that in the Sound software are the settings correct.
As far as I know you have a Conexant sound card and therefore you must have similar software like Sound Effect Manager on notebooks with Realtek sound card.


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The sound on my Satellite A100-599 seems to be very distorted and crackled.
The problem seems to be new, it occurs on windows vista welcome screen and in some applications and games

Answer:Satellite A100-599 sound in Vista seems to be distorted and crackled

Does it appear also if you connect the headphones???
If you can hear also an distorted and crackled sound through the headphones then the issue can be related to software or to the sound card problem.

In first step I would recommend deleting the old sound driver and to install a new one from the Toshiba page.
If it does not help try to clean the registry and the system files using the freeware applications called ?CCleaner?.
This program is great and could repair your system and registry?

If you will not notice any improvements after these two procedures I would recommend reinstalling the OS from the Toshiba recovery CD.
But please don?t forget to create a backup of your private files and data because a new installation will format the HDD .

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L30-115 notebook. I use preinstalled WinDVD to watch DVDs. Everything was fine until yesterday. Since then my DVD player seems to have problems with playing (original) DVD films.

It's a bit slower than should be and the sound is somewhat distorted. The same DVDs my notebook had no problems to play, now it seems impossible to play properly.

I tried system recovery to the date everything was fine, but that didn't help.

Everything is fine, when I play films from my hardrive, but my DVD player apparently can't play it right.
I tried various combinations (turning on and off digital playing in the device manager), but nothing seems to work.

Any idea how to solve it?

Answer:Satellite L30: watching DVD problem - slowly and sound is distorted

First, give it a try with cleaning the lens of your DVD player. Many times a dirty lens or CD/DVD is making the proper read-out impossible causing the delays.
Since the Movies play back from the HDD correctly, it doesn't sound to be a codec related problem but,... you should try anyway to use a different DVD player software to make sure WinDVD is not the source.

I'd suggest you also in order to keep your drive's life longer, to install a CD-speed reducing software during normal everyday use. As you know, the disk spins a lot faster than actually necessary inside of the drive which makes the reading procedure (especially on scratched CD) more difficult and consumes more power, too.

Reducing the speed solves many times problems like the one you have. Here is a link to TOSHIBA's Acoustic Silencer Version 1.00.008 (from the satellite L30 driver page), give it a try:
(This software runs independent whether you have european/american version of L30 notebook, even on a different model like Satellite Pro 6100 a.s.o)


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Hello users. In years of using Toshiba notebook, this is the first time any of them developed a fault overnight: after hibernating, my windows system sound has become screechy and distorted. Interestingly, other sounds just work fine (like listening to an mp3 or wmv file). I checked all sound system hardware and drivers parameters and everything looks squeaky clean. I'm at a loss for a solution.
Has anyone encountered the same problem? is it a Windows problem rather than Toshiba?
Any help is appreciated.


Answer:Satellite M50 Windows system sound screechy and distorted


I have never heard about this problem. Usually if there is some sound problem it takes affect on any kind of sound playback.

Tray to roll back the OS to earlier time, if you can find any systemcheck restore point in system restore tool.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L30-101 notebook. Every time I watch a DVD the film runs slower than it should and the sound is somewhat distorted.
I tried using various DVD players and nothing made a difference. I then copied a DVD to the hard disk and played it from there and everything was ok.....
there must be something wrong with the cd/dvd unit, I have also noticed that copying from the cd/dvd takes an age.

I see from this forum that I am not the only person who has had this problem, but no-one has come up with a solution.
I am running windows 2K professional, I have NO memory problems, I have tried to clean the head and I have even
installed the Acoustic silencer - which doesn't seem to do anything apart from telling me that rundll32.exe insn't a valid win32

Please please please could someone find a solution to this problem.

[email protected]

Answer:Satellite L30: watching DVD problem - slowly and sound is distorted

Is Satellite L30 supported for Windows 2K?

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I have a Satellite L650-11E.

When I see videos on youtube the sound gets distorted, almost beyond recognition.

I need help on this subject, I start to get desperate and a little annoyed with the time I wasted with this.


Answer:Satellite L650-11E The sound is distorted on my Laptop when I see videos..

are your drivers up-to-date? Do you can try, and use another internet browser.

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I know many people here have the same problem but till now I have not found any solution.
My soundcard is a Realtek. After reinstalling Windows 7 I have no sound out from my headphones while I have some from my speakers.

As soon as I connect the headphones, the Realtek manager appears and I choose headphone but if I press the "Test" button there is no sound and no sound if I play music.
Any des/re-installation of the drivers does not fix.

I have to mention that my headphones work perfectly with Ubuntu. So the jack entry is good.
In "Playback devices" from the sound control icon, the "Speakers" entry has "Set default" in grey.

Thanks a lot for any help.


Answer:Satellite C660 - No sound from headphones but sound from speakers - Win7

> As soon as I connect the headphones, the Realtek manager appears and I choose headphone but if I press the "Test" button there is no sound and no sound if I play music.

Go to Control Panel -> Realtek HD audio manager

Here you should see the tab ?speakers?. Click on the yellow folder sign in the right upper corner.
Ensure that the option ?disable front panel jack detection? is NOT checked.
Furthermore check the option at the bottom called ?Enable auto popup dialog???
[Realtek HD audio manager screenshot|]

By the way: in control panel -> sound -> playback tab click right and mark the two options ?show disabled devices?, ?show hidden devices??
Now you should also see the headphones jack. In case it was disabled, you could make it active.

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Hi, I was just on my computer today and randomly out of the blue my sound just started to not work. I rebooted and they were very quiet and scratchy and distorted, I then reinstalled windows: NO LUCK. Ive also got all the latest drivers and nothing works! Im so mad right now because I only got this computer 4 months ago.

Thanks for the help; Thewierd1

Answer:Audio is unclear distorted, quiet and scratchy

Hello mate just what do you mean by weird and scratchy what external system do you have hooked up and from where a sound card or just the motherboard socket?

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I purchased this machine last week only and on very first day I could notice the distortion in sound while playing music or games on it. Then I tried using headphones (instead of Harmon Kardon built in speakers) as to verify if thats speaker's problem or sound card's.

But I found the same distortion in headphones also which suggested something is wrong with the sound card system. I have high definition conexant sound chip for it.
If any of you faced this issue before, please let me know.

Many Thanks!

Answer:Distorted sound while playing music on Satellite P100-465 PSPAD


Did you search on the Toshiba knowledge base for more details???

I did and found this:

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Well, this is my second problem.

Running flash videos on my browser causes the sound of those videos to distort.
Also, sometimes I get BSOD.

I have tried disabling HW acceleration which seemed to prolong the time of getting a BSOD. Anyway, I have updated the gfx drivers to the latest version and did not get a BSOD (so far).

Though, the sound distorting problem is still there.
Deleting cache data from Flash Player on Control Panel fixes it temporarily.
Though, it comes back after watching other videos.

What?s causing this? Is this a software issue, driver issue, or the gfx card itself.
Also, I have noticed frame dropping problem while playing games on max settings.

What causing that?
Thanks a lot. I hope you can actually help me with this cause I am really frustrated.

Answer:Re: Satellite L750-A218 - distorted sound while watching flash videos


I would like to know if you noticed this issue with the system preinstalled by Toshiba (factory settings).
From the other threads which you have posted here, I know that you have changed the system from Win 732bit to 64bit version? so it would be interesting to know if this happened before changing the version.

> Also, I have noticed frame dropping problem while playing games on max settings.
Mostly this happens because of high requirements to the hardware?
Possibly the game would need stronger CPU and GPU in order to run smoothly at highest resolutions and all graphic details.

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Just bough Satellite L70-A-K5S.
Sound goes only via headphones. When headphones plugged off, sound (music, skype) can be hear via speakers for a few seconds, then silence.
I've checked all options -- mute, levels, effects. All seems ok. I've updated driver for conexant.
Didn't help.

Music/voice plays for few seconds then stops (while level meters in mixer shows that there is still sound goes).

Answer:Satellite L70-A-K5S - Sound goes only through headphones

I did full Windows reset (factory reset).
Doesn't help. Each other program can play only 0.5-1 sec through speakers then silence.
If you restart program or open other file -- again, 1 sec then silence.
Is this HW problem or software?

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Question: headphones quiet!!

i just bought some logitech speakers
and when i put my headhones in the sounds not very loud........
of course the speakers are pretty loud when i unplug them.....
so my question is can i turn up my headphones in xp? (my volume controls maxed) and if not is there a programme i could dl maybe to boost the headphone jack?
thanx guys and merry christmas!!!!

Answer:headphones quiet!!

Where are you plugging in the headphones? If it's into the sound card, my guess is you are out of luck. Most new sound cards need an amplified device...

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Question: Quiet Headphones

Hi,I have some headphones, but when plugged into my PC are quiet, even with everything on the PC turned up. Is there any software etc that will boost the output to the headphones??the speakers are fine but they have there own volume control.CheersJamie.

Answer:Quiet Headphones

Headphones should have their own volume control, do you have some sort of control panel for your Audio

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I got an L750 recently and when I plug headphones into the jack, no sound comes through them.

It cuts off sound from the speakers so it recognises that i've plugged them in. But no audio comes through.

Answer:Satellite L750 - No sound through headphones

do you connect a headset or a sound system with speakers? Your headset is working?

try it to update the current audio driver, and look at the audio config maybe is your audio output/headset muted.

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Hi All,

I have a problem for some time already - sound was coming only from headphones jacket, no from built in speakers.

I have replaced the headphones socket but still the same. When checking settings in Realtek Audio Manager I can see that laptop still has bold icon under headphones, even if they are not plugged in, which means it is probably cutting off speakers constantly.

Does any of you have similar problem and how did you manage it?#

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Satellite C855 - sound only from headphones

No one had similar issue?

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The headphones were working fine on Vista Ultimate until I reinstall windows Vista. You can see that the headphones are installed and when you test them you can hear voice on headphones, but when you start music from W>M> Player or other program you can't hear anything on the headphones, only from the speakers.

I have tried everything in the audio setting in control panels and devices. I have updated drivers. Not successful. Please give me some advice.

Answer:Satellite M300 Headphones- no sound

Have you tested it with some other headphones? Are you sure your headphones are working properly?

If headphones are not the problem I can just imagine there is some problem with port.
At the end you can test functionality with ?factory settings? again to be sure port is working properly.

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Hi people,
I can?t hear music with the headphones (or external loudspeakers) as I used.

Windows Vista
Model A300D-13R
Sound is coming from my heaphones but only the test sound (Control panel --> Audio sistem --> Headphones --> Test OK)
But when playing music with the headphones connected music continue comingo out from the laptop loudspeakers.

I checked everything:headphones are ok, sound on control panel is ok. Out of headphone nothing, anyway.

What can I do?
Thanks a lot

[email protected]

Answer:Satellite A300D No sound from headphones

Have you tested different music players and headphones?
I?m not sure but maybe you can also set different sound outputs in players.

Furthermore I would make a sound driver update.
Visit the Toshiba European website and search for an update:

And make sure that all sound settings are really correct.

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Hello guys!

Normally, I would not put such a question in a forum, as I am quite familiar with hardware, but there are unexplained situations.
My laptop model in the title came with windows 8.1, is working with 10 without any problems.

Yesterday I decided to make the creators update. Alright, it did without stress, in spite of one or another problem of hardware configuration drivers it went okay,

Then i noticied that I have no sound, neither the speakers nor the jack. I hear a punctual click and when doing mute / unmute it always clicks on the speakers, it does only in the left column, on the right it does nothing.

After doing the creators update, I made manual update to most of the drivers that there were available. I've tried all kinds of drivers from realtek and toshiba, including those from msft.

Now the strangest thing is that I did a restore from a backup one month ago, where everything worked fine and the problem remains.
I'm getting screwed because I can not find an explanation. The click on the speakers starts when windows is booting, in safe mode, being the sound service off no clicks are heard.

Even deleting the drivers and trying everyone and some more nothing works.
Eventually, if the speakers are failing, there should be sound from the headphones jack.
Has anyone had a similar experience you would like to share?


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I got a toshiba Satellite A200-22C with Realtek HD with driver, DirectX 9.0c and codec ALC268.
I have nice sound in my speakers, but when I conect my headphones, the sound does not go through them.
The headphones work OK in other PCs.

Can you help me?

Answer:No sound in my headphones on Satellite A200-22C


What OS are you using or what do you have installed?

Do you still use the Vista?
If yes, access the control panel and go to the Realtek HD audio Manager.

The first tab ?Speakers? provides a option on the right. There you should see a ?yellow folder?.
Please click on it and check if the option was NOT marked.

Then connect the headphones. Please ensure that you are using the right jack!!
After the headphone was connected the green jack should highlights.

This means that your headphones were recognized properly.

Please check this!

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When I plug in my headphones, the speakers don't mute and there is no sound at all through the headphones.
I just bought the laptop from a used laptop store and it had a fresh install of Vista.

A google searched showed there are a few people out there with the same problem but I couldn't see any fixes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Satellite Pro P200 - no sound through headphones


Did you try to move the headphone jack a little bit?
I mean you should try to plug the jack not to the end but lets a small space between the plug and the port.

I read a thread here about a similar issue and the headphones didn?t work because of some loose contacts?

Check this!

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I have a Satellite Pro U200 and I install a Vista. I have installed the sound driver but there is no sound from the speaker just through headphones.

Answer:Satellite Pro U200 - sound at headphones only

The answer is given in this thread:

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And I hear NOTHING.
When I make the loudest sound possible on this laptop,
I can hear a very tiny whimper from the headphones.
Speakers Fine. If I plug in any other headphones it will still have the same problem.

Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Just Downgraded from Win10(x64)
Gateway NE56R

Answer:Headphones being as quiet as a rock.

Generally, the downgrade goes OK but "murphy's law" always is present.

First step is to "refresh" the sound. Go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for your sound driver and then LEFT click "Uninstall". DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. Any Windows sound corruptions will be fixed.

If that doesn't fix it, reinstall the sound driver (from Gateway).

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i have a problem with my headphones.
When i listen a song for example from the speakers and i plug in my headphones, the sound does not trasport to my headphones automatically.

I still hear the song from the speakers...
if i close the media player for example and then i plug in the headphones and i open again the media player then i hear the song throw my headphones... and if i put out the plug in (while i listen to the music) then i cannot even hear thes song and the media players stops.

I would appreciate it if someone can help me..

Thank you for your time.

Answer:Satellite A300D - No sound through headphones automatically

Try a BIOS and Audio Driver update. If that doesn't help, then it sounds like the Mainboard may have a problem, in which case you would need to send the laptop to an ASP for repair.

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Since a week, after I installed a new MTN modem (HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G modem) for internet use in the north east of the DR Congo I cannot use my logitec headphones anymore as the slider of the speaker volume slides back to no volume.

When I slide it up with my mouse it works, but doesn't stay up. Everything I tried failed, and I didn't find any answer anywhere on the net.

Please help.

Answer:Satellite A110: no sound when using USB Logitech headphones

Hello Masika

You?ve offered not enough info about this issue. It will be interesting to know which Logitech headphones you have exactly. Has this headphones own volume control panel on the cable.

To be honest it is not easy to offer any reasonable and direct solution to this.
Leave the volume slider and try to set volume to higher level using volume settings in Volume mixer.

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Hi all

I hope someone can help me.

I've had my Satellite C855 - 2F3 Part no: PSCBWE -0H600NEN since april and have used my headpones in it many times and it has worked fine.

I used it this morning and it was working then suddenly stopped, everytime i try and play something say music i can hear the music sometimes it doesn't sound full but always the singing can never be hear or sounds like it's under the sea and all distorted.

This happens also if i am watching somthing on Youtube if there is music on the vid i'm i hear that but not the speaking in the video. can anyone please help me sort this out.

My speakers when the headphones are not plugged in work fine i head everything as i should..

Thanks in advance for you help

Answer:Satellite C855 - No sound when headphones connected


I?m not quite sure why this happen only to the connected headphones but from my point of view it sounds like some kind of sound profile has been chosen; something similar to karaoke etc?

The sound chip seems to be from Realtek. Therefore the Realtek HD Audio Manager should be preinstalled on the notebook.
You should find it in control panel -> Realtek HD audio manager.

I would recommend you to connect the headphones and to check the Realtek HD audio manager sound profiles.
Maybe something has been chosen which affects the sound output via headphones.

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recently I used the headphones out on my laptop for the first time, and after that the speakers stopped working, the sound is routed through the headphones out all the time, although the realtek software properly indicates whether the headphones are connected or not.

In addition the sound in the headphones is a very poor quality, there is a instant buzz and the sound level can be very easy overdriven.
Is there any hope that this is a software issue , or do I have to contact the Toshiba service?

Answer:Sound comes only trough headphones on Satellite A200

Hi mate,

the standard troubleshooting procedure is like following:

- set all BIOS settings to default
- remove recently installed software which eventually could cause such an error
- download the sound driver, remove the old driver and reinstall the sound driver with the downloaded version
- shouldn?t this help then recover your machine (backup your important data first)

The last resort would be to contact an local authorized service partner from toshiba and ask them for help. :)

If you need some link to find the nearest one the check the following link:


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I have a pair of bose headphones but cant seem to get any sound out of it,
i have a satellite p750,

need help

Answer:Satellite P750 - no sound coming from headphones

?and did you check if your headphones work with other devices?
Can you hear the sound coming from the notebook speakers?

Please also check if the headphone has been connected to the right jack ;)

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I am having an issue with my new Satellite L300D.

I am getting stereo sound from my speakers, but when I plug in headphones or a 1/8 to RCA jack I only get mono. I have used many sets of headphones and cords, and none work. I am sure that they are plugged in properly, but it is still not working. I installed Audacity as well and it will not allow me to record streaming media or anything else playing on my laptop which has never been a problem on other laptops before.

Is there a driver I am missing or something?

Answer:Satellite L300D - Only get mono sound in headphones

It is really strange but I still believe the headset jack is not connected properly.
Please check if the jack is placed in the port properly.
I cannot imagine it has something to do with sound driver.

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I have the Satellite L30 and recently had it completely restored.
Now I have a problem though. When I add extra speakers or try use headphones, no sound comes from them. I think it is a problem with the actuall laptop because I have tried the headphones in my iPod and they work fine and I tried the speakers with my desktop which worked fine. Is it some kind of setting? I have no idea.
Please help!
Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me.

Answer:Satellite L30 - No sound when I add extra speakers or headphones

Could it possibly be a driver I need to download?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with Harmon/Kardon speakers, which utilises the Realtek AC97 Audio sound card. For some reason there is no sound that comes out of the laptop speakers, yet when I connect headphones I get the sound perfectly fine, so clearly its not an issue of the volume controls. The device manager says that the sound card is working fine.

I have tried system restore and it doesnt work. Can anyone please help me?

Thanks! :)

Answer:Satellite M50-130: No sound from speakers but headphones works ok

What?s the notebook name?

Looks a little bit like a problem with the notebook speakers?
The graphic card and the sound driver works fine if the sound is coming from the headphones.

In such case the technician should be contacted because everything looks like an hardware problem.

Good luck

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Sound still coming from speakers when headphones plugged in. I've been through all the settings in the Sound Manager and cannot find anything linked with the headphone socket.

I've seen quite a few similar questions with regards other Toshiba laptops, but none of the C660.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite C660-155 - No sound through headphones, just speakers

Hi Doris,

Are you using the preinstalled Windows 7 version from Toshiba or your own Windows installation?

Normally if you plug in headphones a window should appear and ask you for headphones or line out output. Do you see this window?

If not I would recommend reinstalling the sound driver. You can download the newest version on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Check this!!!

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I noticed several weeks ago (after moving my pc) that when I listen to audio it is extremely quiet. I have listened to audio on youtube, in video games, and the audio test sounds in Realtek; they are all very quiet (almost inaudible). I have noticed the problem is the same whether I am listening through my external speakers or through my headphones plugged into the front headphone jack.

I have Realtek audio with the most recent drivers (8.19.11). I have all the sound settings maxed out at 100. I have attempted to disable all sound effects under enhancements under speaker properties. None of these attempts have been successful at resolving the problem.

Also, I ran this application, "microsoft fixit" found here, and it found no problems:

Several observations. First, when I plugged my microphone in and tested it last night (my mic is attached to my headset), it was normal volume (loud) played back through my headphones and through my speakers. This tells me that my speakers and headset seem to be working fine.

Also, I went to my computer/program files/realtek/audio/installshield and i noticed the rtkupd64 application was updated 8.4.11, which may have been around the time i started noticing these problems. Just thought i'd mention that.

Please let me know what more information you need from me. I put my computer specs I know under my profile.


Answer:Audio very quiet - headphones and speakers

So noone has any ideas? I noticed that others seemed to be receiving responses, am I not including enough information? Any help would be appreciated...

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I am having difficulty with sound on my satellite L50-B-1NM, I have none at all on speakers but it works fine if I plug in headphones, can anyone help? I have tried following the support ladies advice and tried uninstalling it but it didn't work :-( any help would be much appreciated


Answer:Satellite L50-B - sound doesnt work unless I have headphones plugged in


Go to control panel -> sound ->Playback tab

Here you should set ?Speakers? as default device.

Feedback would be appreciated

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Satellite A50, Win Xp, sound card driver installed, speakers are not mute, but when i use earphone the sound is ok.
Speakers are not working!
There are two of them, I opened the notebook there is two separate plugs
Are the speakers went down?

But how it comes that both at the same time went down?
Is there any other configuration I have to do?

Please help

Answer:Satellite A50 no sound through the speakers but headphones work fine


Maybe the speakers are not faulty but the tiny switch which is placed in the headphone port malfunctions ?:|
The tiny switch mutes the speakers when the headphones are plugged in.
Try to move the headphone jack a little bit? maybe you could notice some differences?

But just one question; can you see some yellow exclamation marks in the device manager? Did you try to reinstall the sound driver?
If not then I recommend to reinstall it!

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I have a sound problem with my computer (satellite L 70)
I've tried everything but nothing to do, no sound output, but by plugging headphones into the audio port its working well, then I uninstall Conexant reinstall, same for dts sound but its still not working,

thank you

Answer:Satellite L70 - no sound from speakers but headphones work fine

In my opinion the notebook symptoms are clear enough: it does not look like sound driver or system problem because the sound appears using the headphones.

I think the internal speakers are faulty?. it looks strange to me that both speakers started to malfunction at the same time but such issue could happen.

But before you would contact the Toshiba authorized service provider for fix, I would recommend you to recover the notebook just to be 100% sure that this issue is not related to software/system fault.

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No sound is coming out of the headphones.
Icon for headphones on Realtek HD Audio Manager in speaker tab becomes bold when headphones are connected (should the icon be coloured?).

I have updated the driver and did a windows update.
The headphones are not faulty as I have tried them on other laptops.
Everything is enabled on 'Playback Devices' and both 'show disabled devices' and 'show disconnected devices' options are ticked.

Would someone be able to help?

Answer:Satellite C855-10Z - speakers work but no sound through headphones


Not quite sure if this could be helpful for you but two day ago I had an similar issue.
The headphones were connected but no sound? I disconnected the headphones and plugged in again and the sound appeared? not quite sure what cause this but after each reboot I?ve to remove the headphones from headphone socket in order to get the sound via headphones?

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I'm having troubles with the sound in my laptop since a few months. At first I thought it would go away with updating drivers, making some system restore solutions or changing to high definition audio device drivers from Win 7 yet I cannot find the solution to this problem and today is getting worse. Right now I cannot get any kind of sound from the right side whether headphones or external speakers. Also my sound goes away after 15-30 seconds of being active from the laptop speakers. I checked the forums and blogs about this problem, but still not finding a good solution to me.

My model is:

*Satellite L750-1VW*
*Code : PSK1WE-0U500ECE*

I checked on other systems the headphones and the external speakers. So my guess is the jack has the problem or I don't know. Yesterday I remember getting a windows update download and then from there my sound started to have the static on right side of the speakers and headphones.

*First problem*: No sound after 15-30 secs of being active while watching videos (vlc, wma, youtube, etc)
*Second problem* (recent): static, crackling noise, from right side of external speakers or headphones

Any solution to this?

I bought this laptop last year around May or April, cannot remember the exact month. Thank you.

Sorry my bad english.

Answer:Satellite L750 - No sound on right speaker or headphones - Static

In my opinion your options are very limited and all you have done until now is right. You can check software settings, test it with ?factory settings or use preinstalled PC diagnostic tool.
Have you used this tool? There will be checked wave sound on both speakers. If not do it.

Anyway, I don't want to speculate but somehow I think there is hardware problem and I think you should contact nearest authorized Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They use special software for hardware test and can say for sure what the problem is.
Is warranty still valid?

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My dad bought a L500-21T from saudi arabia, riyadh last year which was supported only on toshiba;s hungary site.
everything is fine except for the sound.

It has the latest versio which is
tried downloading the latest one from realtek's site but it messed up the audio so i rolled it back

The problem is when I plug any headphone on the jack it plays on the speakers too, It's so annoying.
please help me ASAP.

Answer:Satellite L500-21T - sound plays both on speakers and headphones


Go to control panel -> Realtek HD audio manager.
There you will find options on the right hand side.
I?m not quite sure the name of these options but there you can disable the speakers when the headphones are connected.

Greets and good luck

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Hello. Sorry for my english.

I have problem when I have started some player (winamp or movie player or some game with sound) and I want to change sound from loudspeaker to headphones by connect them to headphones socket. The sound is still on loudspeaker.

Then I have to just restart this player or game and then sound is switched-over to headphones.

So sum-up: When I want to listen to sound from some player I have to connect headphones first and then start player in reverse order the sound is not switched-over to headphones line.

In other notebooks with Vista I have check this problem is not occur.
Have you some suggestion?

Answer:Satellite A200-1AE: sound comes from loudspeakers when headphones are connected

Hello Pawel

I have Satellite A200 too preinstalled with recovery DVD. I was very curious and I have tested it on my notebook. In my case everything was OK. By headphones usage notebook speakers are automatically OFF. Removing headphones speakers work again.

I am really confused and it is really not easy to say what is wrong there. As far as I know in headphones socket there is small switcher and by headphones usage this switched should disable notebook speakers. All you can do is to check if this happen after clean OS installation, maybe BIOS update or to install latest sound driver.

Sorry but I do not see other possibilities there. If nothing helps maybe you should contact service in your country. I can really not imagine that this small switcher can be defective but service only can make a check.

Bye and good luck!

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I'm not sure whats wrong with my speakers, but ill be watching something and the sound will just cut out, unless i plug headphone in then unplug them.

Answer:Satellite L750 - sound cut out unless plugging and unplugging headphones

I found another thread about the similar issue:

Someone said that this might be related to Microsoft update which could affect the Conexant sound driver… not quite sure about that but ensure that Windows 7 system is up to date.

Maybe you could also get an update of Conexant sound driver…

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Hello all!

I've just upgraded to Windows 10, and despite all the cool and fun stuff I got with the upgrade, I am quite disappointed that I cannot use my headphones on the notebook. The speakers function properly, but my headphones are producing an awkward sound. I will try to describe what I hear, based on the audio coming from "Pull me Under" - Dream Theater - - YouTube :
- Audio is distorted
- There is that "low-quality mp3" kind of effect
- I can hear noise instead of high-frequency sounds (like cymbals, for example)
- The singer's voice is distant, quieter than expected, and like it was singing from behind a shower, with a lot of echo
- Seems there is no stereo, or just a very narrow stereo field. I used the windows test beeps from sound devices and Stereo and Bass Test (HD) - YouTube to try that out and both seem to lack a good stereo field. One can barely notice a difference between left and right.

My notebook has Via HD Audio, and I have tried uninstalling and installing the drivers several times! Also, that tip of turning off enhancements doesn't mean a thing to this issue. It will keep regardless of effects.

I am still investigating, but this issue seems to happen in every sound source, be it Chrome, Groove, windows' own sounds and my games too. As already stated, the speakers do not produce this issue. Also, I am curious as why I have a separate output for headphone and speakers. I always need to change between them when I unplug/plug my head... Read more

Answer:Via HD Audio Distorted for Headphones

If you uninstall the VIA sound and uninstall the VIA drivers (in the device manager) then reboot the PC, Windows will install the generic, basic function, High Definition Audio drivers. Try that and see if it works better. If it does, the VIA drivers are the issue.

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Hello all!

I've just upgraded to Windows 10, and despite all the cool and fun stuff I got with the upgrade, I am quite disappointed that I cannot use my headphones on the notebook. The speakers function properly, but my headphones are producing an awkward sound. I will try to describe what I hear, based on the audio coming from "Pull me Under" - Dream Theater - - YouTube :
- Audio is distorted
- There is that "low-quality mp3" kind of effect
- I can hear noise instead of high-frequency sounds (like cymbals, for example)
- The singer's voice is distant, quieter than expected, and like it was singing from behind a shower, with a lot of echo
- Seems there is no stereo, or just a very narrow stereo field. I used the windows test beeps from sound devices and Stereo and Bass Test (HD) - YouTube to try that out and both seem to lack a good stereo field. One can barely notice a difference between left and right.

My notebook has Via HD Audio, and I have tried uninstalling and installing the drivers several times! Also, that tip of turning off enhancements doesn't mean a thing to this issue. It will keep regardless of effects.

I am still investigating, but this issue seems to happen in every sound source, be it Chrome, Groove, windows' own sounds and my games too. As already stated, the speakers do not produce this issue. Also, I am curious as why I have a separate output for headphone and speakers. I always need to change between them when I unplug/plug my head... Read more

Answer:Via HD Audio Distorted for Headphones

If you uninstall the VIA sound and uninstall the VIA drivers (in the device manager) then reboot the PC, Windows will install the generic, basic function, High Definition Audio drivers. Try that and see if it works better. If it does, the VIA drivers are the issue.

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Hi Everyone Im new to the forum I hope I have posted this in the right place.
Im having audio problems that I have been unable to resolve I have looked around on google and found some so called solutions but nothing has worked for me so far, I have posted my pc specs and problem below.
So since I upgraded to Windows 10 one of the biggest things that annoys me is when I plug in headphones they are not picked up by my pc and I have to manually switch to them as default audio using the Playback devices menu. On Windows 7 I had a Audio Control panel that popped up and detected the headphones.
Im also having issues with the volume sounding low throughout and terrible call quality on skype not sure if this is a separate issue, I have tryed manually updating, removing & reinstalling the audio drivers from the device manager and also tryed downloading the realtek windows 10 drivers. None of these have seemed to help, I have tryed software that detects out of date drivers to no help and also made sure other components on my pc are updated incase this somehow helped.

If you need anymore details or more pc specs let me know.

PC Specs-
POWER SUPPLY - atx power supply stp 650watt
Ram - 8GB
CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz
GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
Harddrive - 1TB Operating
Headphones - Fatal1ty Creative
System Microsoft Windows 10 (build 10240), 64-bit Version 10.0.10240
Sound Device 1 NVIDIA High Defini... Read more

Answer:Audio Issues - Quiet & no detection of headphones

I usually found had to switch between speakers and headphones either in sound properties or through sound device software to make them work. Could depend on type you are using, USB headphones or 3.5mm headphone jack or larger. One thing should of listed was brand and model of headphones. Some headphones USB come with software and drivers.

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I have a newer model of an Asus Eee Pc Netbook which I have maxed out as far as internal hardware goes. I have 2.1 Surround sound logitech speakers with a sub, which when on full blast can shake my room at the very least, but when I plug headphones into the auxilery jack for the speakers, or even into the laptop's audio port at that, I can't get very loud sound, it's a little louder than normal voice and it's quite annoying and pathetic. I've read a little bit about this problem and have found that that's just the way it goes, especially with netbooks; but i'm curious is there any other sollution other than external sound cards to this problem? I'm guessing I need to get higher quality headphones with a built in volume dongle so I'm not limmited to software side volume controls. Am I right, or is there some kind of obvious trick I'm ignoring?

Tyvm for all replies!

Answer:Netbook headphones too quiet...ext. spkrs. just fine

higher quality headphones with a built in volume dongleIt will only go as high as the signal being sent is telling it toIt's just a volume control in the headset, not an amplifier

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I didn't have this problem on vista - attached is an image of the amount of volume output given when using my headphones. The volume is turned up to the max but only a very tiny amount of volume, as shown by the green bar, comes out (I have the volume of the application, in this case a game, turned up to 100%). Can anyone help me fix this? Thanks.

Answer:Audio too quiet through headphones on Windows 7 (image)

How does that green bar react when you have normal computer speakers plugged in?

The headphones' impedence may not be matching well to the output. Do the green bars go higher w/ speakers attached?

Also, try raising the volume level inside the game itself. This should fix it.

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whenever i have my headphones plugged into my lenovo g580 laptop model 20150 running windows 8.1, the music is loud and the voices are way to quiet to hear anything. Please help!!!

Answer:Voice is quiet and music is loud with headphones

And when i unplug the headphones and use the speakers the problem goes away. Its only when the headpones are plugged in

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Hi guys,

my girlfriend ordered a Toshiba Satellite U920T-100 about three months ago, and she has had problems with it since. We are not quite sure what causes them, because they seem to happen at random.

The issues are:
- It starts, but freezes at the Win8 Login with a blue screen (a rather warm blue, not the blue screen of death)
- It won't start at all, only after few attempts
- It won't shutdown
- It freezes while organizing files (e.g. copying files from A to B, but not even large amounts of files)

Again: those issues seem to be appearing completely at random, I wasn't able to reproduce them in any way.

Additionally: the WLAN connectivity is really bad.
The laptop isn't able to find networks, while my laptop has no problems with it.
And when it does find them and connects, the connection gets lost - again: no clue why.

This surprises me the most, because in the tests and reviews I've read the connectivity got praises everywhere.

Should I factory reset it?
Run through some specific tests?
Or is is hopeless, because there're so many issues with it?

I would appreciate your help!

Answer:Some issues with Satellite U920T-100


>Should I factory reset it?

I think you should do that because the described issue can be related to system problems as well as hardware issue (i.e HDD). The factory recovery helps you to check if its software or hardware related problem.

Usually all software (system) problems could be solved by recovery process. Hardware problems would continue.

So from my point of view, system recovery is the first step you should try to perform in order to solve the issue.
In case this does not help, an hardware issue (HDD or RAM) can be possible and since the notebook is still covered by warranty, I would recommend you to contact the service in order to check the unit.

Hope my advice could help you a little bit

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Is there somebody that can tell me if GPS on this tablet can work without data connexion ?

Impossible to use it normaly actually.

Thank you !

Answer:How does GPS works on the Satellite U920T?


The inclusion of a GPS is a nice feature for road warriors ;) but the point is that you?ll need to tether the U920T to your phone, due to the lack of cellular data connectivity.

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I've bought the Toshiba Satellite U920t-100. i have for this tablet some questions. can i simple install windows 8 professional over the current installation?
what about the driver's, toshiba installed software and others? are the any problems with it?
is there somthing to know about a win8 pro installation?

What about the display when i run the u920t with an external monitor ?

I want buy me the Toshiba PA3927E-1PRP Dynadock U3
is that a good idea for that?

Best regards

Answer:Some questions about Satellite U920t-100

So many different questions? so let?s start with the first one.

>can i simple install windows 8 professional over the current installation?

Read this Toshiba FAQ document. It provides all answers and an detailed instruction.
[How to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro|]

>what about the driver's, toshiba installed software and others?
Windows 8 uses the same drivers like Pro

>What about the display when i run the u920t with an external monitor ?
What do you mean exactly? You can use internal display, external display or both at the same time

>I want buy me the Toshiba PA3927E-1PRP Dynadock U3
>is that a good idea for that?

Why not. Dynadock U3 supports own GPU therefore you could use 3 displays at the same time

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whenever i plug in headphones i still have sound emitting from the laptop speakers.

I have looked in the sound and realtek options but cant see a way to correct this.

It was straight forward in my old laptop.

Answer:Satellite A660: sound is still coming from speakers even if headphones are connected

Go to: "Control Panel"
Click: "Realtek HD Audio manager"
With the "Speakers Tab" highlighted
Click: "Connector settings" (this is the icon of a yellow folder, in the blue shaded part, on the top right hand side of the screen)
Click: "Enable auto popup dialogue box"
Click: "OK"
Plug in headphones
When pop up comes up, select "headphones" as the item plugged in (NOT line out)

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I've a brand new C660 258, running on Windows 7.
Playback device: Realtek High Definition Audio

*Whenever I have headphones or external speakers plugged in via the 3.5mm jack, sound still comes through the built-in speakers.*

Here's what happened so far:

When I first plugged in external speakers, I was prompted to select whether I'd plugged in headphones or speakers. I selected "speakers" and then also, perhaps foolishly, selected "do not ask me again".
Now I cannot get to that selection again.

Here's what I've tried so far:
- Reboot
- Try different headphones, try them on other devices
- System restore (failed, for some reason)
- all possible settings via the Sound control panel

Basically, i think I'm looking for a way to disable the ATAPI Internal jack when the external 3.5mm jack is in use.

I am aware there was a similar thread a while ago, but the problem may be slightly different, and possibly due to the fact that I selected "do not ask me again". At least I hope it's not a hardware problem...

Thanks in advance for any advice

Answer:Re: Satellite C660: Sound coming through speakers when headphones plugged in.

Don?t think it?s hardware issue.

Try this:
Plug the headphones.
Go to Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback tab
Here you should see the speakers and headphones.
Now choose headphones and set this to default.

Does this help you?

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HI EveryBody
i'am having a strange problem
when i'm watching a video or playing a game
the sound just stops (internal speakers), but when i plug in my headphones , the sound works
By the way here is a snapshot i took while i couldn't hear anything from my internal speakers


i have installed the latest NVIDIA sound-graphic driver i also reinstalled windows but the same problem still
I literally tried everything: system restore; flashed the BIOS to 3.60; updated all my drivers; reinstalled Windows; tried sorting out a possible conflict with other devices or with the Nvidia HD Audio device; tried deactivating the Nvidia HD Audio; and also tried uninstalling Conexant SmartAudio HD and allowing Windows to install its default Audio HD device but it only made it worse

my laptop is a toshiba l755

Answer:Satellite L755 - Sound stops on speakers (headphones work)

>... when i'm watching a video or playing a game the sound just stops
When you restart your notebook is sound OK again?

Anyway, all you have done is right and if this is permanent and general problem I think you should contact nearest Toshiba service and let them check your notebook. Original recovery image contains right and tested drivers so if there is no some hardware malfunction it should work properly.

In my opinion software is Ok but somehow the speakers loose connection. For me it is clearly hardware related issue and should be solved by authorized service provider.

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When I plug my earphones into the port nothing happens, still plays through the speakers.
Is there drivers or something that do this, because I want to redownload it.
I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 PSAF6A.

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 PSAF6A - sound plays through speakers using headphones


This seems to be a Toshiba Australian notebook series.
You can find it here:

There you can find the sound driver and the newest BIOS.

But I would recommend checking the sound settings firstly.
I assume this is a Realtek sound chip? in control panel Realtek sound manager you could fund some settings which controls the headphones and speakers.

In playback tab on the right you can find headphone jack? click right in this and check the options which are available.

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Since i installed MS office 2013 the touch screen function is not available any more in the system settings.
Who can help me?

Best regards J?rgen

Answer:Satellite u920t - Touchscreen does not work

Hi Juergen

Which machine do you have?
Have you tried to remove Office and test functionality again?

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Anyone elses touchscreen freezing for extended periods?

Answer:Satellite U920T-117 - freezing touchscreen

Have you noticed it from the first moment of usage?

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Has anyone upgraded a Toshiba U920T to Windows 10?

I only ask because that model is not listed in the Toshiba Tempro list of models that can be upgraded. So am I stuck with Windows 8.1?

My part no is PSUL1E-00D00JEN; SER No:: ZC128613H

Answer:No Windows 10 support for Satellite U920T?

According to this Toshiba page: “models supported for upgrade to Windows 10”, the Satellite U920T will not get Win 10 drivers.

Models not listed do not support an upgrade to Windows 10.

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Hello someone can hepl me?

I can?t use my webcam, it doesn?t works.

When i go to device administrator in the image devices I haven't any webcam, and I have a unknown device but it can't search the correct driver in internet,

Where is the webcam driver in the Toshiba support section?
I think this is the problem but could be another one.

Can someone help me?

Answer:Satellite U920T - webcam is missing

Hi dude

What system do you use?

As far as I know the Satellite U920T where preinstalled and delivered with Windows 8

The webcam software is not available for Windows 8 because the system contains and provide an own webcam driver. This means that webcam should be recognized automatically.

Feedback is much appreciated.

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Hello together,

i have been using nice nice device now since a few weeks and starting to get troubles with it.

I have the problem that randomly the touchscreen get without any function, i can touch the screen
however i want but without any reaction.

It just starts without starting any applications or anything before, i just browsing in the web and from one second to another.

If i restart the PC, everything is working normal again, i still using the drivers that were pre-installed and did not any changes to the Drivers so far.

Any suggestions what could cause this issue ?

Kind Regards

Answer:Satellite U920T-10G - touchscreen without any function


In my opinion an process which controls the touchscreen hangs or does not response anymore and therefore you cannot get the touchscreen function to work.

Would recommend to reinstall the +Toshiba System Driver+ from Toshiba EU driver page.
If this does not help try the system recovery and test the unit with factory settings.

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Hello, I need to be able to connect my U920T to VGA projector for presentations. I bought an HDMI to VGA adaptor which works fine for the video but not the audio. Is there a setting I can change to force to laptop to use to internal speakers rather than output through the HDMI?

Answer:Satellite U920T connecting to VGA projector

>I bought an HDMI to VGA adaptor which works fine for the video but not the audio

VGA port/cable does not support audio. You can send only video signals.
To get audio signal you would need to connect the notebook to the projector additionally using an audio cable.
Maybe you could connect the notebook?s headphone jack with projectors audio IN port (if available)

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My display settings say: generic pnp monitor with a driver date of 2006. Updating the display settings does not change this.
What is the proper display driver for this laptop and how can i change it?

Answer:Old display driver for Satellite U920T-10J

Proper display driver you can find on Toshiba download page -
There you can find last and tested drivers.
All drives offered there are part of original recovery image when you get notebook with preinstalled operating system.

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The microphone and the webcam do not work.
Can you give me a solution.
I downloaded the Sound System drivers unsuccessfully.
Thank you for your help.

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I have a fresh system with Win 8.1 64bit ??but in the course of my installations leads something to this problem.
I never had this trouble.

Who can help me?
Every time I have to renew system but it does not help.

greeting markus

Answer:Satellite U920t . Win 8.1 64bit swiches from dpc

Sorry matte but could you provide more details to your issue and could you describe this problem in detail

Your post is not very helpful and more details would be required.

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after the windows creator update, i get BCD error message 34, i have run the following:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrev /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd - this gives and error message of 'a device attached to the system i not functioning'

I have managed to go to the c: drive and copy all data to a USB stick

was going to run Toshiba maintence and recover HDD, does this set the machine back to factory defaults as it says it will erase all drives and partitions ?



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Hi Folks.

My USB ports work just fine save when trying to play back sound via my Logitech Headphones. When plugged in, the Headphones are appearing in the Device Manager list but that's all. I bought another new set with USB connection (option) and am experiencing the same problem. Could this be a hardware or software problem? Would be sure glad for any help.

Answer:Re: USB Logitech HeadPhones not playing back sound - Toshiba Satellite L550

Open "Sound" in Control Panel. If the headphones are not shown then they need a driver (shown in device manager with a yellow/black exclamation mark) If they are shown then you can double click on them and adjust volume etc. You can get to the same window via the speaker icon on your task bar

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When I plug headphones into my Satellite A660-BT2G22 Laptop the sound plays out of the speakers and the headphones.

There has to be a way for me to make the sound play only through the headphones and I would really love that because I am going off to college soon and will have a roommate and I will want to listen to my own music and stuff and not force him to hear my stuff all the time.

Please help?

Answer:Headphones usage on Satellite A660-BT2G22 -sound plays out of the speakers

This notebook model is not known to me but check control panel and option for some audio manager there. On notebooks with Realtek sound card there is ?Realtek HD Audio manager?.
Check all options there, especially small folder symbol placed at the right top side. When you click on it connector settings window will be open. Enable auto popup dialog.
Now, every time when headphones will be connected you can choose ?headphone? as only device you want to use.

Please check it out.

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So my laptop was working perfectly fine last night and it had no issues whatsoever.When I switch it on this morning I find that the speakers aren't working.I tried plugging in my earphones and the sound that comes is distorted.I've tried reinstalling the audio drivers with device manager, rolling back the realtek audio drivers and then updating it with DEvice Manager, I've used the HP Support application and followed the steps given there(including the BIOS diagnostic thing where the speakers dont work and the audio coming from the earphones is Distorted).I've also updated the BIOS and the whole system inlcuding the windows version has been updated.The problem still persists.Please HELP!

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I've posted this elsewhere, but wanted to see if I could get some help here's what I've got so far...

I don't know how better to describe it than that. All audio on my computer, when played through a headset, sounds off. Either it has a faint "underwater" sound or some other distortions. Voices will be too quiet and echo, while background audio will be loud and jarring. I've used several different headsets, and tested them on different devices, and they seem to look fine. I've used them directly in the computer's audio out, which I thought was the problem, but I've also tried using USB headphones, and using my phone and it's USB as a third party. And even odder, things seem to sound fine when played through the computer's speakers. I could be wrong about that one and just not noticing, but it seems alright.

I'm on an Acer Aspire 7551, and this sound issue seems new. Like I said, I thought the issue was the port, and that could be an unrelated problem, but it's even giving me trouble through USB ports which are fine otherwise.
I have a temporary solution that I don't like, but maybe it will offer some insight for anyone who will know what my problem is?

Like I said, speakers work fine, no problem.

When using headphones, I can make it bearable by going into playback devices' options, and adjusting the balance left or right, and turning the other to zero. Regardless if I have it to left or right, there's no more echo or distortion. Obv... Read more

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hello everyone
I have upgraded to win 10 on my notebook & since then I lost the touch ability of my screen, it's working now as a regular display monitor.
I've been searching for many weeks on the net for a solution but I realized that Toshiba doesn't care about solving the issue so anyone have reached a solution? it seems to be a driver or a software issue related to win 8.1 & 10.

Answer:Satellite U920T touchscreen does not work using Windows 10

Hi there.

Same as Dr. Joe.... I also upgraded to Windows 10 and lost touch screen and also camera. I reverted to Windows 8.1 and I still have no Touch Screen. I appear to have lost my HID Touch Screen drivers as well.

Anybody got any thoughts on how to restore the touch screen drivers? I can't find them in the Toshiba driver download section after hours of research.

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The touch screen on my Satellite U920T does not work since a couple of days back.
I cannot find any settings for touch or any touch device (apart from the touchpad) in the device manager.

I'm unsure exaclty when it started to malfunction.
I installed the Windows 8.1 some months ago and had some problem with the wireless card in the beginning, but the issue with the touch screen just appeard this week.

Which Toshiba driver controls the touch screen?
Is this a hardware or software issue?

Answer:Satellite U920T - Touch screen not working


To be honest there are no special drivers to control the touchscreen.
The driver is provided by Windows system.

I think you should recover the notebook back to factory settings but I?m afraid this will not solve the issue. It smells like hardware related problem since I found some threads here in this forum about the touchscreen malfunction and mostly the issue could be solved by service agents.

By the way: Before running the recovery process try to configure the pen and touch display.
Go to control panel (Windows key + X -> control panel) -> ?Tablet PC setting?.
The first tab ?Display? contains options like ?Configure the pen and touch display?.
Here you should be able to start Setup and to identify the touch screen.
The first option should contain ?1 internal LCD?
At the bottom you could find button to calibrate and reset the settings for this internal LCD.

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I have a U920T, using only the touchpad, combined with the touchscreen.
But the touchpad got dirty, with some dust inside.

It is quite annoying on a daily use.
I could not clean it with a vacuum cleaner, nor by blowing air with a bike pump.

Does somebody knows a way to remove dust from within the touchpad?

Thank you

Answer:How to remove dust within the touchpad on Satellite U920T

I use some adhesive strips in order to remove the dust between the touchpad and touchpad buttons.

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Error BSOD Toshiba U920T card reader and Windows 8.1

Whenever I do a Scan, Format, Copy or Delete operation on my internal SDCARD I receive this error.

I have tested everything, all drivers are updated and it happens even with laptop in safe mode.

I even experimented with SDCARD formatted with Fat32, exFat and with NTFS.

This happens with the internal reader, if I use an external SDCARD reader connected to USB, there isn?t any problem, so there is no physical problem with cards.

I use 2 SD, one with 128GB and the other with 32GB.

If 32GB inserted, I do a disk>properties>scan and comes the BSOD saying FAT_FILE_SYSTEM without number

If 128GB inserted, I do a scan and comes the BSOD saying KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED no number

Anyone has any idea or my internal card reader needs to go guarantee?

Answer:Satellite U920T - SD card reader error

It looks like the internal SD card reader does not handle the inserted cards properly.
According to the notebook specifications (user manual) the card reader supports the SD card, SDHC and SDXC cards.

The card reader supports
SD cards up to 8GB
SDHC card (4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB)
SDXC card up to 64GB

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Since 2 weeks my microfone dont work in skype.
Also my touchscreen dont working.

How to pepair?

Answer:Satellite U920T-10J: microphone and touchscreen not working

Regarding the touchscreen issue:
Does it happen while the screen is pushed up?

I read about the similar issue in different thread and this problem could be related to lose connection.

But check firstly this workaround:
1. Window+run
2 .type services.msc
3. go to Human interface device access
4. right click --->property---->start up type----->automatic (delay start)

But if this will not work, the issue could be caused due to hardware malfunction and such kind of issues must be fixed by authorized service provider.

Regarding the internal mic issue:
Please check if internal mic appears in control panel – sound – recording device
Check also whether all recording device are enabled. Click right and ensure that both options “show disabled devices” / “show hidden devices” were marked.

Also the Skype sound settings should be checked. The internal mic should be chosen as default mic.

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I have a new U920t-102 which I am very happy with, but I have this issue with the mousepad's right click (meaning the 'button' the user is able to press on the bottom-right side of the mousepad): sometimes it actually works as a right click, sometimes it works as a left click.
This is annoying especially during web navigation: I'm used to right click on links and open them in a new tab, but when the right click acts as left, I loose the current web page.

I tried to figure out what this behaviour depends on, looking at the animated synaptic icon in windows' tray bar while playing with the left and right click; if I continuosly press the right click button on the mousepad, after some repetitions it will consistely and correctly work as right click, but if press the left click once or more than once, the right click button works as left click for some pressures, and then 'corrects' itself and start again to work correctly.

Any idea/suggestion? is it a hardware problem?


Answer:Satellite U920t-102 touchpad right click issue

Usually the touchpad right / left click can be configured in the Synaptics settings.
Right click on Synaptics icon in tray and point to devices properties.
In buttons tab you will be able to choose right handed scheme or left handed.
Here you could choose the scheme appropriate for you.

You can also try to uninstall the Synaptics touchpad driver and could test the touchpad functionality without the usage of additional touchpad software.

But if this doesn’t help, your might have hardware problem

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I just purchased the U920T-11C a few days ago.
I like it but there a few issues they are putting me off and make me want to return it.

The first issue is the loud fan noise that comes on. Is there anyway to turn this off?

It happens about 15 mins into using the web and then goes on and off every 5 mins or so. It is really loud and being in quiet room it is noticeable.

Is there anything I can do to stop this? I am only using the web and not running any other programs.

Also I have noticed the touchscreen fails to respond for no particular reason. I don't know if there is a pattern but it is frustrating when it just stops for no reason and then sometimes just works again.

Looking at these forums it seems like it is a common problem with the Toshiba. I have a few days before I can return so if these are not solved I think I might just go form the Samsun ATIV Book 9 Lite instead.


Answer:Satellite U920T-11C fan noise and touchscreen fails sometimes

> It happens about 15 mins into using the web and then goes on and off every 5 mins or so. It is really loud and being in quiet room it is noticeable.

I assume the noise is coming from the fans which need to run faster in case the internal temperature would increase.
What you could do is to change the cooling module performance in single power plan.
You could also decrease the CPU performance. This would lead to smaller heat dissipation and the fans would slow down.

> Also I have noticed the touchscreen fails to respond for no particular reason. I don't know if there is a pattern but it is frustrating when it just stops for no reason and then sometimes just works again

You could try to calibrate the digitizer
Go to control panel (Windows key + X -> control panel) -> ?Tablet PC setting?.

The first tab ?Display? contains options like ?Configure the pen and touch display?.
Here you should be able to start Setup and to identify the touch screen.

The first option should contain ?1 internal LCD?
At the bottom you could find button to calibrate and reset the settings for this internal LCD.

But it could be also an hardware malfunction. I cannot say for sure why this happens but maybe an technician should take a look on the hardware.

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Any one knows if there is a service manual for this model or schematic of inside this computer with the back cover off .


Answer:Satellite U920T-11C: How to insert additional RAM modules?

The Satellite U920T memory is not user upgradable. This means that if you would like to upgrade the memory, you should contact a Toshiba authorized service provider for assistance.
In case you would try to disassemble the notebook by youself, you would lose the warranty validity.

But from my knowledge the Satellite U920T series supports only ONE memory slot and only one memory module (max 8GB RAM) can be installed. So even if you would like to upgrade the memory, you are limited to 8GB RAM.

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I have the Toshiba u920t factory standard laptop and after a reboot the volume keys (F9 and F10) do not work.
I need to run the Toshiba Function Keys software and select Repair which fixes the problem until the next reboot.

How do I fix this annoying little problem?

Answer:Satellite U920T - volume keys are not working

Is it possible to use the volume key in connection with FN button; like Fn + F9 or Fn + F10?

If yes, please check this:

+How to change the Function Keys Mode+

The function key mode allows you to use the function key without pressing the FN button
In case the function key mode is disabled, you have to use additional Fn key

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as I know the 920T -100 has NFC possibilities ... but I can't install the drivers from support page.

While trying, the allow change pops up, yes and then nothing happens.
I have unpacked the package with 7zip and started the setup, it is checking the system and its all ok and it ends with a warning there was a script fault.

I have tried to find the Intel NFC Software Kit, but cant find.

Any help for me?

Regards Heinz

Answer:Satellite U920T-100: NFC Win 8.1 driver doesn't load

>as I know the 920T -100 has NFC possibilities..
I found the details about the Satellite U920T-100 and the specifications page (it?s in German but can be translated) and the NFC is not listed there.

The NFC (near-field communication) is provided with some U920T models (for example U920T-117) but it looks like its not available for Satellite U920T-100.

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my hard disk was playing up so i and refused to boot with blue screen error 34, after trying everthing else i decided to use the toshiba harddisk recovery tool that was on the recovery partition.

this has deleted all the partitions and i am no unable to load any operating system, i am looking for anyone that has a recovery disc for this system so i can the restore it back to factory defaults.


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The screen has stopped working on a relatively new U920t. It displays in second screen mode on the TV but the actual screen does not light up at all in either laptop or tablet mode.

Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite U920T screen has stopped working

> It displays in second screen mode on the TV but the actual screen does not light up at all in either laptop or tablet mode.

This means that there is nothing wrong with the graphic chip on the motherboard but probably the connection between the display and motherboard isn?t OK or maybe the internal display malfunctions.

Fact is that this is a hardware problem and you should contact the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country to get it fixed.
If warranty is valid, the notebook should be repaired free of charge.


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