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Satellite Z30-A-1D0: No Wlan after sleep mode / touchpad issue

Question: Satellite Z30-A-1D0: No Wlan after sleep mode / touchpad issue


I purchased this laptop early September and I am super happy with it, but there's two minor things that annoy me and I haven't been able to fix yet:

1) When coming out of sleep or standby, it never automatically re-connects to the wireless it's on, I have to manually do this every time. The windows Wireless service is running fine, so that's not it, but what is?

2) Sometimes the touchpad will stop working randomly and I have to either use a mouse or reboot to fix it. I have reinstalled the touchpad drivers. Turning the touchpad off/on using the function keys does not solve the problem.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Preferred Solution: Satellite Z30-A-1D0: No Wlan after sleep mode / touchpad issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite Z30-A-1D0: No Wlan after sleep mode / touchpad issue

I can confirm both problems.
Update the WLAN Driver...seems fixed now.
(AC3160 - Driver:

Touchpad and trackpointer sometimes won't work yes. I than just restart... I still hope on some overhaul of the ALPS mouse stuff.... (maybe with Win 10 this problems all will be gone - as the manufacturers (pretty sure) will release new (hopefully fixed) drivers.)

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Hi guys,

I am having problems with my Laptop at the moment. Whenever I put it into sleep mode, it wakes straight back up without any warning. When I close the system, nothing happens, as if I never closed it. It is the same if I press the power button, except it goes into sleep mode for a second them wakes up to a black screen.

Can anyone help me here?

Answer:Sleep mode issue on Satellite C50-B-14D

Wait a moment. When you close the lid and your notebook go into stand-by mode what happen exactly?
I presume your notebook is in stand-by mode and when you open the lid notebook should wake-up as usual.

Have you tested it with hibernation mode? Is there some difference?

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when in sleep or hibernate mode, the laptop regularly tries to come out of this state of its own accord, makes a sound and displays the login box. Have tried to address by reinstalling Windows Vista Home Basic from the factory disks and have also disconnected the mouse.

Any ideas what this could be?

Answer:Sleep Mode issue on Satellite L300D

Hi Pedro

Sorry but I don?t understand described issue. How do you switch your notebook to go into stand-by or hibernation mode? Do you use FN keys combination or do you simply close the display lid?

Does notebook wake up from alone or what?

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Hopefully someone who knows more about power management than me can help out!

I bought a Satellite C50D-A-13N a few days ago and it has been fine.
However, I've had an issue with sleep mode a couple of times.

The laptop will go into sleep mode as expected (when the lid is shut or when I press the power button). However, when I press the power button to turn it back on, it comes to life for a few seconds - the screen is on and I can move the mouse and interact with stuff - but then goes straight back into sleep mode again after a few seconds. All I can do to get it to work is to shut it down completely by holding down the power button and restarting, which I REALLY hate doing.

The laptop is fully charged and happy plugged in or unplugged.

Has anyone experienced this issue in Windows 8.1 before?



Answer:Satellite C50D-A-13N - Windows 8.1 wake-up from sleep mode issue

On my notebook I use the same settings but when I close the lid notebook goes into sleep mode. When I open the lid notebook starts automatically without using power button.

Does the same happen with your notebook?

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I am getting the deep sleep mode issue while installing ethernet in my Toshiba C665 laptop.
Even i tried plugging the Ethernet cable in the Jack its not getting Enabled

Pls help me in this situation.

The Ethernet in Device Manager goes in to hidden state.

Please any one can update on this issue...?

Answer:Satellite C665-p5010 - deep sleep mode issue while installing ethernet

What do you mean by deep sleep mode exactly?
What Ethernet driver did you install?

Ethernet could mean LAN or WLan driver.

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Hi there,

I have a Satellite P100-434 (PSPADE) with an Intel ABG Wireless Adapter.
Recently, I have noticed the adapter becoming warmer than usual, (I have checked this by unscrewing the adapters' cover, to make sure that it is this causing the heat)...

I have experienced no problems whatsoever with the wireless reception.

However, after prolonged use, the heat is transferring into the touchpad above, making this rather warm.
In turn, the touchpad then becomes unreliable, and erratic.

This is annoying as when I am simply moving my finger accross to move the mouse from one end of the screen to another. The touchpad emulates random clicks, causeing it to either click on unwanted links, or drag and drop files.

I have played around with sensetivity settings, and have had no success. I also understand that this sounds as if it is just bad use of the touchpad.
However, I use this laptop all the time, and have had no such problems with it before.

When looking at the 'Synaptics pressure graph', with my finger held at a constant presure, with no movement, there are erratic fluctuations in the graph, showing that it is a problem with the touchpad...

If anyone has any suggestions, they would be much appreciated, as this problem deems the laptop practially useless.

Thanks in adance.

Answer:Satellite P100-434 WLan gets hot - causes by touchpad malfunction

Are you sure the Wireless card is causing the problem? Perhaps the Touchpad has a fault. Could it be caused by a liquid spill?

Try removing the Wireless card and see if the touchpad still becomes eratic.

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I can't find any driver f?r Windows 8.1.
This is not so bad, if I have an idea, how I can switch on and off the WLAN module (key FN+F8) and how I can configure the touch pad.

I would like switch off the click of the panel surface.
Click should be only the "mouse-button" on the touch pad.

Cheers, Mike

Answer:Satellite Pro L550-199: How to configure touchpad + enable WLan in Win 8.1


_Touchpad options:_
Press Windows button + X
Then choose control panel. Then click on Mouse.
Here you have to change to tab ?Device settings?
Click on Settings button and you will get Synaptics touchpad settings where you could change all possible options.

_WLan On/OFF_
Press Windows button + C
In Charm bar click on PC settings -> Network

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After my kid played with some buttons on my new Surface Laptop, Sleep Mode now comes on anytime I do the two-finger scroll option with the touchpad. I looked in Power options under Control Panel, but don't see a way to fix this?? It doesn't do it if you slowly and gently scroll with two fingers, but if you do it with any speed or do where you "fling" the page up and down, it does. It also does it with the touch screen. Can touch screen and move page up down slowly, but try with any speed, and turns off into sleep mode. Help!

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I have a satellite A660 18N with a built in ''Realtek RTL8191SE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC'' wireless network adaptor.

When i resume from sleep mode it is impossible to connect a wireless network, they come up in the list but they just wont connect, when i run the troubleshooter it just says 'make shure that the wireless network (name) is in range'' the only way to fix this is to reboot the laptop.
Its had this problem from the day i bought it (in pc world).

I cannot find any bug fixes online or on the toshiba downloads page and after updating the wireless adaptor drivers it still didnt work.
Has anyone else got this or know how to permenantly fix and if not how do i contacte toshiba about it.

Ps. It also has a the screen stuck on maximum brightness???? [update-> FIxed]

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Answer:Satellite A660-18N WLan disables after coming from sleep and wont reenable

And when you restart your notebook your notebook connects automatically to certain network?

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Hello,I have HP EliteBook 8560pAfter updating it from windows 7 to windows 10 i have a problem with touchpad. Touchpad is working untill Notebook went to sleep mode, after waking up touchpad is not responding. I tried to reinstall drivers, install older and install drivers from Microsoft. Any suggestions what to do ? If nothing will help I will go back to windows 7, because that issue is very irritating.

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I have an E530 running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.  From what I can tell the Synaptics UltraNav program is running normally. However, after the comuter has been to sleep (lid closed) and then wakes up (lid open), the touchpad does not work at all.  I have updated the drivers for the touchpad and even uninstalled and reinstalled them and there is no change.  After about 5 minutes from waking up, the touchpad will just start working.  Can anyone help?  Thanks!

Answer:E530 - Touchpad doesn't work after sleep mode.

Welcome to the community.
As per your concern when the system wakes up from the sleep mode then TouchPad does not work.
To diagnose, I would suggest you to please update the Power Manager software and Bios of your system from the below mentioned web link.
Afterwards, please restart the system and check whether the issue gets resolved.

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i bought a new Satellite A500-19N three days ago and a have the problem,
When i used the laptop in the accu mode, the wlan switch between connect and disconnect.
With powersupplier, i have no problems.

All wlan energy settings i adjusted to full performance and now, i have now idea how i can resolve the problem.
Do you have any ideas or advisories?

Many Thanks

Answer:Satellite A500-19N - Wlan switch between On & OFF in battery mode


You should check the WLan power settings in Win 7 power management and should disable the power saving for WLan in battery mode

I found an great HowTo but for Vista OS.
But the settings are not really different.

Check this:


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TouchPad doesn't work in sleep mode. I can't wake my computer up using a touchpad. I have downloaded and installed a driver for Windows 7 32-bit from a Synaptics driver page, but it didn't help.

Answer:Qosmio X300-11W - TouchPad doesn't work in sleep mode

Can you wake up your Qosmio using power button?
Do you close the lid when notebook goes into slip mode?
After opening the lid notebook should wake up. Does it work properly?

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Hi, I put my laptop to sleep mode (AC Adapter on) for 7 hours, then both trackpoint and touchpad stopped working. OS is Windows 10 pro. I updated the UltraNav, the auto-detect system update webpage shows that I am using a T470 (Type 20HD, 20HE) Laptop (ThinkPad), and "No drivers are required to update for your machine". And also I load the setup to default from BIOS (both trackpoint and touchpad are "ON") None of the current solutions I can find on the forum works, so please help me !

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On my Toshiba Satellite A210-16F small problem:

When I have high performance mode on notebook it doesn't fall aspleep. But when I have Power saving mode then all is right. He fall aspleep. Do you know how is it behaves?

Where is problem?

Answer:Satellite A210-16F - Can't go in sleep mode if I have performance mode

Are you running Vista?

Check the Power Options in Control Panel in Vista. Hibernation/Suspend mode may be disabled in the Performance Mode Profile.

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I purchased a C50-A-1DV Satellite for my wife and have noted 2 significant "features" which to all intent and purposes should be readily resolvable but I'm damned if I can cure them for her.

1st the touchpad (at least I assume it's the touchpad) seems incredibly sensitive. Sidebars, alternate workspace (running windows 8) seem to open-up even without direct contact with the pad. This is really quite annoying but it is just about in bounds for being able to live with it.

2nd the machine is unexpectedly dropping into a sleep/energy save mode. Now personally I've not encountered this one when running through checks on it but the aching of my ear tells me otherwise.

Anyone else experienced this or better still has a solution to this?

Answer:Touchpad and sleep issues on Satellite C50-A-1DV

> 1st the touchpad (at least I assume it's the touchpad) seems incredibly sensitive. Sidebars, alternate workspace (running windows 8) seem to open-up even without direct contact with the pad. This is really quite annoying but it is just about in bounds for being able to live with

The changes to the touchpad can be applied very easily:
Go to control panel -> mouse
Last tab Device Settings would provide you some further options to improve the touchpad functionality.

Take a look into this Toshiba HowTo doc about the touchpad settings. It should be useful for you:
[How to change the Synaptics touchpad settings in Windows 8?|]

>2nd the machine is unexpectedly dropping into a sleep/energy save mode. Now personally I've not encountered this one when running through checks on it but the aching of my ear tells me otherwise.

Well, you could disable or change the single power plant settings in control panel -> power options.
There you will find the option for sleep and hibernation mode

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I have a Prot?g? Z10A and the touchpad and keyboard intermittiently stops working after sleep mode. I cannot wake it up or restart without re-booting.

I have done the update to the firmware keyboard docker as advised in a thread on January 2014 but this has not helped the problem.
This computer is only 2 weeks old.

I have been to download site and updated all drivers and updates.
The computer works perfectly except for this problem.

When the tablet is asleep the white led is blinking, and when it is all works ok, but if the light for some reason is not blinking but permanently lit then it will not restart and I have to re-boot the tablet.

I have disabled the hibernation mode in options but still no help.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Portege Z10t-A - touchpad intermittiently stops working after sleep mode


I?m wondering if the option (within the BIOS) called Wake-Up on Keyboard is enabled.
To restore the operation of the computer from sleep mode, press the power button or any key on the keyboard dock for a short amount of time. But the keyboard keys can only be used if the mentioned option is enabled.

Note: when the notebook is in Sleep Mode, the power indicator will blink white. If the power indicator does not blink white, the notebook isn?t set to sleep mode!

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I have a Port?g? Z10t-A computer running Windows 8.1 that's touchpad stops working intermittently after coming out of standby.

I have tried upgrading to the latest firmware "HID\VID_0930&PID_0807&REV_3;00&MI_01&Col01" as suggested in a previous post but this has made no difference.

Any ideas on how this can be resolved?

Answer:Portege Z10t-A - touchpad intermittiently stops working after sleep mode

>I have tried upgrading to the latest firmware "HID\VID_0930&PID_0807&REV_3;00&MI_01&Col01" as suggested in a previous post but this has made no difference.

I think you are speaking about this firmware update
[Firmware update for Keybord Docker for Portege Z10t fixes connection problems|]

This has improved the keyboard performance switching between the tablet and notebook mode.

In your case I would recommend installing the newest version of Synaptics driver.

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Unable to Login in normal mode Windows XP Pro Satellite P100. I can only access my PC under XP in safe mode.
I have my Windows password. What happened : I have tryed to update my LAN card drivers and i set the access to check connexion.

I cannot update my wireless driver in safe mode, and i can't login in normal mode as the driver is not appropriately installed.

When i have the windows XP Pro login i type my password and click OK.
The Login window stays on the screen i cannot go any further.
The system must be checking the wireless card and as i cannot configure it I am blocked.

And when i access in safe mode i cannot update the wireless drivers, not allowed in safe mode. I cannot access in safe mode with networking.

Thx for ur help

Answer:Satellite P100 - Win XP PRO - unable to Login in normal mode - WLAN card

Have you tried Restoring the system back to a previous state?

Go back a couple of days/weeks in System Restore (accessible in Safe Mode)

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i installed windows xp on my l300-12b and got everything working except for the LAN and WLAN.

My problem is that i downloaded the WLAN-driver for the RTL 8189 chipset( the one for XP, of course) and i cant get the wlan to work, i could install the driver with this 2 lines inserted in the .inf- i hope you know what i'm talking about(english is not my native language as you surely noticed)..

There is no error or anything like that, but the wlan finds no network(the wlan switch is on), i dont know if it has something to do with the missing fn-keys.. but the LAN also finds no network. When i plug the cable windows notices this, but i cannot ping my router or anything, there is no connection.

thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite L300-12B Windows XP WLAN Issue


So are you 100% sure that you?ve installed the right LAN, WLan drivers???

As far as I know this notebook L300-12B was equipped with the Realtek 802.11(b/g) 13ch-RTL8187B WLan chip and with Realtek 10/100 Base-TX LAN driver.
After the installation of these drivers the device manager shouldn?t shows any yellow exclamation marks. This is important!

After the correct installation check the network properties: Wlan and Lan.
There are different protocols. You need to choose the TP/IP protocol and cick on the properties.

All the settings like ?IP address? and ?DNS? should be set to ?assign automatically? or something like that.


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Hi Toshiba Fans,
I got some very odd problems. The keyboard works in the BIOS but later on, after windows 7 64bit booted only if I go in sleep mode and awake.
Why is that?
The touchpad is not working at all, neither the pad, nor the buttons. I have activiated it with the little black button above the touchpad.

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For un-important reasons i disabled my wireless card (using my feather button)
Then, when i turned on my pc the next day, i went to turn my wireless card back on, and none of my feather buttons are working.

Any know why?

Answer:Satellite P750-135 - FN button issue - Cannot enable WLan

Are you still running Win 7?

If yes, go to all programs ? Toshiba
And here restart the Flash Card Support Utility.

I don?t know what function key more you use, but the function button can be used with and without pressed FN button


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I have just taken delivery of a P300 19Q which seems fine other than....

1. The wireless doesn't work

2. The keyboard, in my opinion is c**p

I removed Vista as I'm using the laptop for recording music and XP is much better (not sure if this is related) but I cannot get the WiFi to work.
I have spent hours on the phone to Tiscali and Laptops Directs own tech help with no joy.

Any ideas?

Also I'm not at all happy with the keyboard. The whole keyboard flaps about, the keys on the far left and right seem very solid but all the rest seem like they should be on a toy. Its this really how they should be?

I would appreciate a speedy reply as I'm undecided whether I should get a refund or replacement.

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro P300-19Q WLan don't work in Win XP & keyboard issue


As far as I know the notebook uses a Intel WLan card. Right?
In such case you should update the BIOS to version 3.00 or higher.

Regarding the keyboard;
I don?t know what you mean exactly by ?rest seem like they should be on a toy? but it?s a common glossy black 105 button keyboard like these notebook keyboards:

You will find such keyboards on different notebook from different manufacturers.

But if you think there is a keyboard issue and that there is something wrong then contact the ASP in your country for a keyboard check? (just to be 100% sure)


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Hi there

Recently got a Toshiba L755 and have been having an issue with audio & video playback since I got it.
I have updated the latest drivers for the Conexant HD Audio card and this made no difference.

Basically during playback there is an intermitant distorted sound during mp3 playback, video playback and online streams.

I have tried different programs and the same thing happens, however, when I have a LAN cable plugged in there is no issue - it is only when im connected to the net via wireless.
I have a netgear router which is working fine.

Can anyone please tell me what might cause the wireless to create this issue and how to go about fixing it?

many thanks

Answer:Satellite L755 - Audio/Video issue using WLAN connection

Strange? did you notice this in battery mode and AC adaptor mode as well?
Maybe some Wlan signal interferences might cause this?

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I've been given an A60 to upgrade for a friend and one of the things needed is a wireless card.

I got a 32bit cardbus card but when I insert it into the laptop nothing happens. XP doesn't recognise it, the lights oo the card don't come on.
First I thought it was a faulty card but I tried other cards and get the same results and I've reinstalled XP and all drivers but nothing.

I've seen other posts about changing the mode in the BIOS but there's no mention of the CardBus in the BIOS.
The laptop is using BIOS version 1.9. I just want to check is there something I'm missing or is the CardBus slot just not working?

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A60 - PCMCIA WLAN card does not work CardBus issue


Satellite Pro A60 has been equipped with the PCMCIA 32bit and 16bit slot which supports the PCMCIA card *Type-II* only !!!!

Did you use the *PCMCIA Type-II* card???

Possibly you used not compatible PCMCIA card? You should check this firstly!

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The originally installed atheros wlan adapter is just b/g and too slow for my network/needs

So I bought a n-draft one: 4965agn mm1 (intel) (it has got a toshiba p/n and s/n too)

I replaced the atheros one and plugged in the Intel - booted and installed the drivers - reboot -> adaper works fine -> reboot - nb stops at the toshiba BIOS screen without loading any windows. i can't even get to BIOS -> removed Intel wlan adapter and nb boots as usual.

Please let me know what I'm supposed to do to make things work

Answer:Satellite A210-14S - strange issue with new WLAN adapter Intel 4965agn mm1

no ideas?

google dind't help yet.

the laptop just doesn't boot windows and stops at the first screen (i think toshiba welcome)

i read about a whitelist but dont really understand what it is. is it possible that toshiba blocks certain pcie devices via bios?

i updated bios. my version is 2.00 now. i think thats the newest one right now.

please help me out. maybe recommend working n-draft adapters.

thanks in advance

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Help I cannot for the life of me get this laptop to go to sleep it used to have a good sleep but now it stays awake which is causing the battery life to run down very quickly! I have been into the battery settings and done all I can there but no joy - what can I look at please!!

Answer:Satellite P50-C does not go to sleep mode

Did you install a program or driver recently?

Try a system restore, go back a week or two.

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Question: Sleep Mode Issue

I have two computers running Windows 8.1.  The one I'm on now would not go into sleep mode until I flashed the BIOS, updated the chipset and a couple other drivers and eventually uninstalled the ASUS AI Suite program.  The other computer quit going into sleep mode when I installed Windows 8.  Sleep mode was working in Windows 7 but I have to manually put the computer to sleep now.  There is nothing much installed on the other computer and BIOS and chipset drivers are current from ASUS.  I don't notice anything in Task Manager using CPU cycles and can't figure out why sleep mode is broken.  I'm not sure where to begin trouble shooting beyone what I've already done.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

Answer:Sleep Mode Issue

Sleep mode issues are very common.
First off, make sure all of your programs are closed.  This issue is a biggie with win 8 and 8.1, because the tiles keep the last 4 apps open. 
To check what is open in the tiles do the following
To close a tile or app while you are in it, (so you dont leave it open) save your work then press
ALT+F4 (some keyboard require you to use the FN+ALT+F4 or FN+F4)
The above will close the current app your on.
ALso you can view a list of the open apps by pressing keys
This will make a list of them on the left side go to think link to see this guide and a bunch of others for WIndows 8 and 8.1
If this is not the issue, and it usually is, because if the programs are open Windows will not sleep until they are all closed. 
If not then try these steps from Vonnie Hudson's guides on windows.

1. Check your Power Options
Let’s try the obvious stuff first.  It stands to reason that clicking Sleep should put the computer to sleep; however, those settings can change — let’s make sure they haven’t. Go to the Start Screen and type

power options
Press enter and your power plan should immediately show up. Go ahead and click the blue Change plan settings link immediately to the right of your power plan

The Edit Plan Settings box will pop onto the screen.  Click Change advanced power settings

The Power Options box shows up with a myriad of settings.
S... Read more

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Question: Sleep mode issue

Hello everybody, my first post here and I joined specifically because I need some help. This problem is concerning my computers sleep mode, when ever I put it too sleep or when it does it automatically, the computer will sleep for a couple seconds before waking itself up again. Once it wakes up I get 2 errors on the screen, I attached a screenshot of the error to this post, if you want to see it. This thing is very strange, since it only started happening recently (I can't tell if it started once I got the internet or when I got wireless keyboard/mouse, I got them both a couple weeks ago around the same time). I've checked all over the internet and I can't find anyone with a similar issue, I've even checked a thread here with a walkthough, which didn't help at all. Can someone please help me spot and fix this issue?

Answer:Sleep mode issue

Hello Carwrex. (nice name btw)

It looks like a missing or corrupted DLL file. If you have a Vista disk, pop it in and select repair. If you don't try /sfc scannow.


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Question: Sleep mode issue.

When the laptop goes into sleep mode it does not turn on back but when turn it off by holding the power key and then restarting it, it runs normally again. How can I fix this problem?


View Solution.

Answer:Sleep mode issue.

Hi, Try disabling Windows 10 hybrid boot - you can do this as follows. Open Settings and select System.  Select Power and sleep, then click on Additional power settings - in the following window, click on 'Choose what the power button does' in the left hand pane. In the subsequent window, first click on 'Change settings that are currently unavailable' ( near the top of the Window ) and then remove the checkmark from the box against 'Turn on fast start-up (recommended)'.  Click the Save Settings button, then close any open windows and shutdown the notebook by right click the Start Menu icon, select Command Prompt (Admin) and click ?Yes? to the uac prompt. Type ( or copy and paste ) in the following command ( including spaces ) and hit enter. shutdown /s /t 0 Start the notebook and let Windows fully load for a couple of minutes before checking if it will now shutdown correctly from the Start Menu. If this has corrected the issue, it may be worth turning Fast Start-up back on ? sometimes just deleting and re-creating the file will resolve the problem. Regards, DP-K

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*sigh Yup, that is exactly what it is and before you think "search the forum" or "GOOOOGLE", I've tried. I have tried almost every possible solution to this problem and this problem is that every single time I put my computer into Sleep Mode, the PC will sleep for about ten seconds then awake to the log on screen.

These are the things I've tried without success:
Turning off "wake on this device" in Device Manager for EVERY thing
Turning off automatic updates
Turning off firewall (just to be sure)
Configuring my BIOS any and every way possible
Closing background programs before I enable sleep
turned off all my computer's extremities (stereo, hdd, monitor)
I even closed out of Windows Sidebar and all my gadgets
I may have forgot some different attempts as well. I was hoping someone here would have an idea that escaped my knowledge and frantic Google searches.


Answer:Not another sleep mode issue?

Quote: Originally Posted by Kevlar

*sigh Yup, that is exactly what it is and before you think "search the forum" or "GOOOOGLE", I've tried. I have tried almost every possible solution to this problem and this problem is that every single time I put my computer into Sleep Mode, the PC will sleep for about ten seconds then awake to the log on screen.

These are the things I've tried without success:
Turning off "wake on this device" in Device Manager for EVERY thing
Turning off automatic updates
Turning off firewall (just to be sure)
Configuring my BIOS any and every way possible
Closing background programs before I enable sleep
turned off all my computer's extremities (stereo, hdd, monitor)
I even closed out of Windows Sidebar and all my gadgets
I may have forgot some different attempts as well. I was hoping someone here would have an idea that escaped my knowledge and frantic Google searches.


Do a clean boot. You can determine which process is waking your machine

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Question: Sleep Mode Issue

I'm having a pretty annoying issue with sleep mode. I'm a decently savvy computer user to i might have changed a setting or two in my bios but i don't think its the issue. But anywho, My problem is that when i select sleep mode, everything powers down and then when my pc itself powers down, it just powers up without a hitch and returns me too my desktop. I dont really like shutting down my pc i use it a bit and the answer to this problem eludes me. I tried to change the "Allow wake timer" setting in power management to disable and in my bios, the ACPI suspend type is S3&S1 which is what it was when i installed windows. And too make it worse all the hardware im using is the same when on a previous installation of windows, sleep mode worked fine. I cant think of what it is and a handy google search didn't help me either.
I'm using a program that came with my mobo called asus ai suite. its a auto cpu overclock sort of program, and it has a "ai nap" program in it that basically puts the cpu in a sleep mode of its own but doesn't power down the rest of the pc. I don't think its the conflict (it didn't stop anything before.)
Ive had good luck with the fine fellow geeks here on bleeping computer and was hoping one of you could help

I've attached a sysinfo file from nvidia's control panel, i do it more-so out of randomness, but if you don't need it, ignore it, its just hardware info..... Read more

Answer:Sleep Mode Issue

Neither Sleep nor Hibernate were ever truly perfected by Microsoft. While either or both functions work flawlessly for many people, the either don't work at all or cause problems on some systems. Instead of sleep I always recommend just changing the power options so your hd and display will power down after a defined period of inactivity. Both you and your computer will be happier afterwards

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Question: Sleep Mode Issue

1. Please click Start >> in the search field type the key word as: Device Manager >> then click the Device Manager link from the top of the Start menu.

2. Click on the + sign near Network Adapters.

3. Right click on Network adapter listed there and select Properties.

4. Then click on the Power management tab.

5. Uncheck the option "Allow this device to wake the computer." and click on OK button.

This should resolve the unexpected Sleep Mode wakeup issue.



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Ok I built a system for some one last weekend with a MSI H97 Guard-Pro and a I5-4690 and all went well, Anyhow yesterday when he went to bed he left the system on and it went into sleep mode as a lot of people do. On MSI there is a LED on the board that blinks when it's in sleep mode, Well no matter what I do I can NOT get it out of sleep mode now, Cleared cmos, powered down. I even took the system apart and reassembled it to make sure nothing was grounding out (Yes I tried to boot it out of the case) Well anyway if I hold the power button the sleep light just starts blinking as if it's in sleep mode. I actually DID have someone come to me with a system doing the same thing but I managed to get that one going but for the life of me I don't remember what I did since it was years ago. Any ideas on this one. Tried different ram different PS, re seat the CPU.... I'm running out of ideas. PS won't even spin up the fan, just one little LED blinking to let me know it's in sleep mode. No bios to go into until I can wake this puppy up. Hoping this won't turn into a RMA.

Thanks for any help.


Answer:MSI H97 sleep mode issue, Need a little help

When you cleared the CMOS, did you unplug the PSU and then press the power button a few times to clear any juice left in the capacitors in the PSU? Same with when you totally reassembled it - it's possible that there's something going on there maybe?

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Question: sleep mode issue

computer comes out of sleep mode automatically after 20 secs

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My Satellite A60 has begun to start itself from sleep/hibernation mode.

Does anyone know how to prevent this?

I run Windows XP.

Thomas Jedenfelt

Answer:Self-starts from Sleep mode - Satellite A60


Does this happen when display lid is closed?

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I bought a Satellite C50-A about 8 months ago. From day one I have been having this issue.

What happens is that when the laptop is left on for any length of time, I guess it goes to sleep or something, not a single light is on tough.

The only way to get it to switch back on is to remove all power to the laptop and hold down the power button for a while.
Like I said, this has been happening since the day I bought it and has been happening a few times a day.

Any help will be hugely appreciated.


Answer:Satellite C50-A wan't wake up from sleep mode

You can disable the automatic sleep mode within the Windows Power Options.

Go to control panel -> Power Options -> Edit plan settings
Here you would need to modify the option: “Put the computer to sleep” … set it to "never"

Furthermore I would recommend you to disable the hybrid shutdown mode and to perform a complete shutdown.
Here you can find the step by step instruction How to perform a complete shutdown in Windows 8

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I've got a satellite p50, just over a year old
The charger stopped working couple of weeks ago and I had to replace it.

Now when I try and turn it on the power button just flashes white. The charging light also flashes white
I've tried holding down the power button for ten seconds plus. Nothing happens
None of the keyboard keys respond

I've tried a hard reset by pressing the reset button underneath
This seems to turn the computer fully off.

However when I then press the power button it goes straight back into sleep mode indicated by the power light flashing

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite P50 won't turn on seems to be in sleep mode

From my point of few the notebook cannot access the sleep mode straight after pressing the power button.

Usually the notebook can access the sleep mode after the system has been booted up? the meaning of the sleep mode is that the computer saves the content of its RAM to the HDD or SSD drive. So first of all an content needs to be loaded to RAM before accessing the sleep mode.

However, you said that the power indicator glows white when the computer is turned on.
If the power indicator blinks white, the computer goes into sleep mode. This is fact?

So something is wrong here? I would recommend you following workaround.
First of all disconnect the AC adaptor and press and hold the rest switch at the bottom of the unit and power off the unit.
Now open the RAM slot and remove the RAM modules.
After that press and hold the rest switch once again. Then press and hold the power button.
I?m wondering about how the unit acts while doing this?

After this procedure insert the removed RAM modules and connect the AC adaptor.
Now try to power up the unit.

Feedback would be appreciated.

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The laptop will not go into sleep mode. The display switches off but the PC does not sleep. I can force sleep using the function keys, by closing the lid or the start menu.

I have two Satellites with the same applications, one works perfectly but the new one does not sleep. The old PC is running Windows 7 32, the new PC is running Windows 7 64 with Toshibas own power management utility.

I have tried changing the power management settings in Windows 7 and this has not resolved the problem. The computer will not sleep in mains or battery mode. The PC is a C650-1CN, bios has been upgraded to 1.5 and it has 4M of RAM.

Spoils a very nice machine that is good value.

Answer:Satellite C650-1CN will not go into sleep mode

> The laptop will not go into sleep mode. The display switches off but the PC does not sleep.
>I can force sleep using the function keys, by closing the lid or the start menu.

Did you try to change the different time for sleep mode?
How about processes running in the background?
Such running processes can prevent the notebook from accessing the sleep mode.

As you can see here on this screeshot, it?s necessary to configure the power plant.

Furthermore you have to be sure that this power plant has been set as default!

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İ am experiencing the issue with Windows 7 (64 bit) sleeping mode.When I am trying to put my laptop to in SLEEP MODE, it works fine for me but when I am trying to power on again, it doesn't work just remaining as a black screen.

Note: My English is not very well.So i am sorry about that.İ hope you will understand my point.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Windows sleep mode issue

Try updating your video driver and see if that helps.
Turn off screen saver if you use it.

Here is a tutorial by Brink you can work through:
Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems

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Every time I wake up my pc, all my desktop shortcuts have dissapeared and all my running apps show they are still running. However whenever I click on that app on the task bar, that app never opens. Any advice. All my graphics drivers are up to date. I do have a second hdd with Windows 7 hooked up to the mb. Could it be a power issue? Any takers?

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First Issue: Networking

I don't know whats happening but suddenly past few days any time my laptop
goes in sleep mode, the network shuts off and ridiculously takes several
attempts to connect after coming back out of sleep mode. It always disconnects
and then connects "with limited access" (in other words, ziltch).

This is what event log shows:


Helper Class (RNWF MSM Helper Class) Event:

Wireless Diagnostic Helper Class Event

For complete information about this session see the Wireless Diagnostic Informational Event.

Helper Class: Native WiFi MSM
Initialize status: Success

Information for connection being diagnosed
Interface GUID: a4d82cd3-f26f-4c5a-86a7-4e928b1a8402
Interface name: Intel? PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection
Interface type: Native WiFi
Profile: Secured
SSID: Secured
SSID length: 7
Connection mode: Infra
Security: Yes
Connect even if network is not broadcasting: No

Result of diagnosis: Problem found

Root cause:
Windows cannot connect to "Secured"
Wireless association failed.

Detailed root cause:
802.11 connection failed due to status code 14: Received an Authentication frame with authentication transaction sequence number out of expected sequence

Repair option:
Try connecting to "Secured" again
If the problem continues, contact your network administrator or hardware manufacturer for further assistance.

Event Verbosity:0

... Read more

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G'day all-

I have my pc set up to go to sleep in 60 mins, monitor turns off in 30 mins, screen saver engages in 10 mins. Everything was working fine yesterday, and I made NO changes to the system. I have a Samsung SSD, and the power setting is set to Samsung High Performance by Samsung Magician settings. The screen saver kicks in at 10 mins, and the monitor shuts down at 30, like set. At 60 mins, the pc attempts to go to sleep, but simply restarts. For the record, we've run 'sfc/ scannow' and it comes up with no integrity violations.

Please find attached the 'Energy Report-html'

Please advise if you need any screen shots from 'DevMgr', Advanced Power Settings, or wherever.

Sure would appreciate any help with this, and offer a Thank You in advance.



Answer:PwrCfg/Sleep Mode Issue


Ran CMD 'powercfg lastwake' and it listed the Intel USB 3.0eXtensible Host Controller as the last wake up incidence. Went to 'DevMgr' and checked settings, but there's no tab for power management. The plot thickens!...Perhaps reinstall device?... there are NO 3.0 USB devices plugged in at present.

Please note attached CMD screen shot.



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Every time I wake up my pc, all my desktop shortcuts have dissapeared and all my running apps show they are still running. However whenever I click on that app on the task bar, that app never opens. Any advice. All my graphics drivers are up to date. I do have a second hdd with Windows 7 hooked up to the mb. Could it be a power issue? Any takers?

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so, randomly about 2 days ago, when putting my system in sleep mode not everything turns off like it used to. I hear the hard drive go click and shut off but all my fans and everything keep going.

This did not used to happen.

Was there an update to Vista recently that may have changed the way sleep mode works? I have not changed anything in my bios, installed any new software, or anything else I can think of that may be causing the issue. (Other than windows updates)

I am at a complete loss as to why this started happening on Monday.

Answer:Vista 64: Sleep mode issue

random bios changes other than the system clock sound pretty suspect.

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I have an issue with my Yoga 900 not reacting when putting it into sleep mode. I have tried chaning my sleep and wake up settings and the laptop is supposed to wake up upon use of the keyboard or mouse, but nothing happens. Also hitting the power button doesn't help. The only solution is a hard reset.This is particularly annoying when the computer goes into sleep automatically. Does anyone else have this problem? Any ideas for a solution? 

Answer:Yoga 900 - Sleep mode issue

I just bought a Yoga as well and seeing similar issues. Anyone knows why sleep mode not working properly. Is it a windows issue or a yoga laptop issue?

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MY Screen will no longer go in sleep mode.  I have rebooted and changed the times in the display settings and it did not fix the problem.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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I have been using T42 for the past year. When i close the lid and open again, T42 does  not come out of the sleep mode. When i restart my laptop there is no display on the screen or nothing happens except the 'Z' light "Power Status Indicator and the Battery light is visible rest all are not. This things happend only when it goes only in the sleep mode. I have to keep the pc Shut down for few days (Minimum 3 days and Max a month) without any use, then i start the laptop it starts normally. So right now i have remove the sleep mode option when the lid is closed and when the battery is low. IBM guys told me that there is some issue integrated Graphics card on the mother board, that needs to be replaced. But i am not sure whether that is right solution, as computer seems to work fine when i have removed the Sleep option. Need some help how to reslove this sleep mode issue?Message Edited by bthaker on 04-21-2008 10:21 AMMessage Edited by bthaker on 04-21-2008 10:22 AM

Answer:Thinkpad T42 Sleep Mode issue

I had a similar (though not identical) problem which occured due to ATI drivers.I have posted my solution that worked for me at: can check if it applies to you.
Moderator Note; converted to clickable linkMessage Edited by andyP on 04-21-2008 11:37 AM

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Hi all,

I just finished building my first computer yesterday. Everything seems to be working just great, except when I put my computer in sleep mode and try to wake it up.

Here is my issue: When I put my computer to sleep, it works fine. When I try to wake it up (by pressing power button or hitting key on keyboard), it powers on for a brief second and then shuts down. The only way to get it back on is by pressing the power button again, resetting the pc. I just want to know how to set it up so when i hit a key on my keyboard it will wake up with no issues. Side notes: I have disabled hybrid sleep mode and clicked the box to allow keyboard to wake computer.

Please help. Thank you.

Answer:wake up from sleep mode issue. please help :)

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When system goes to sleep longer than a hour and you wake it up the bottom third of the screen freezing.

The top 2/3's get split like window pane a when you scroll the top 2/s's will scroll but the bottom 1/3 will remain as it was before sleep...

Also the bottom third wont have any hover icon effects though icon will still work, the task work as intended...

If I restart the programs the will work fine but windows has to restart for icon hover effects to work....

Any Idea whats going on here...

This is a New Build less than 4 months old just starting doing this, No driver crashes, hardware not returning any errors..

System specs

AMD FX6100 ( 6 core )
8gb DDR3 12800
XFX radeon 7850 Double D 2gb

All driver are up to date

Answer:Windows 7 Sleep mode issue

I will add it does not happen every time...

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Hi to all members ..

I have dell inspiron 2020 all in one. no wireless or Ethernet adapters showing in control panel.

Solutions attemps:
1. installing new drivers after downloading it from dell drivers (Message show to turn off deep sleep mode"
2. turn off the PC for 10 minutes and unplog it then plug it again.
3. load default setting on bios.

AM not able to open the all in one screen. any ideas that I can disable deep sleep more ?

Answer:Deep sleep mode issue

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
You might try this
Hibernate - Enable or Disable

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Hi All, I've been experience troubles with issues ralated to sleeping. Sometimes it just sleeps well. Sometimes my Y2P sometimes won't go sleep(insomnia???). The screen goes off but the fan doesn't stop and the keyboard backlit doesn't go off. And whatever I do won't wake it up in this circumstance, for example hitting a key on the keyboard, hitting the power button, or touch the screen. I have to restart to enter the OS. (FYI VirtualBox may cause this problem but I was not running it. I don't even have it installed.) And sometimes it does go sleeping and can be waken up, but during the sleep the fan doesn't stop and the machine becomes very hot. This seems to happen only under the power manager high performance mode but I'm not sure. Twice I just closed my laptop and went to bed. and left the poor Y2P baking-hot overnight. As a result, the battery capacity estimate in the power manager is now 'Normal'. I believe it was 'Excellent' or 'Good' when I first received it. (FYI the capacity is now 54760mWh.) I really love this machine. Yellow issue is not a killer but the sleep problem does troubles me a lot. I'm not able to return it because I just passed the 15-day return period. Any suggestion to solve those problem, folks? -K

Answer:Yoga 2 Pro - Sleep mode issue

Hey hey, just got my y2p today, swithcing from an x220t I have this too! but mine's a little different...I'm noticing that shutdown is taking a really long time while the restart is instantaneous. but the reason why i note this is that whenever I close my lid (to go to sleep, the computer initiates shut down! I was trying to figure out why it was "stuck" in sleep mode and then the more i looked into it i realized it wasn't sleeping but rather it was shutting down.  I don't care if shut down takes a while, because i almost never shut down (and by a while, I'm talking like 3/4 minutes) but I don't know how to stop it from shutting down instead of going to sleep!

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First of all - can anyone answer me on wich e-mail adress should I send all of my reports to Microsoft regarding Windows 7 problems that I encountered ?
Second, here is the problem wich was very annoying but I did solve it so my point is to warn Microsoft about this so they can fix it in future Windows update or Service Packs for Windows 7.
When you are using (for example I used "High Performance" Power Plan) and in advanced options of any of Power Plans you let option - "Hard disk - Turn off hard disk after" to be turned ON (for example if you make your hard disk turn off after 15 minutes) you will have some serious trouble.

This was happening:

In Windows Vista - all worked well. I would put my PC in sleep mode, get back for hour and just press power button on my PC and he went up pretty fast. That was great option and it was working just fine.

But in Windows 7, I found out trough days and days of testing that when I put my PC to "Sleep mode" if it's "Sleeping" more then 15 minutes - I just can't get it back to desktop from sleep!

I would press Power button, fans would start but then PC would just shut down and try to start itself again and again until i completely shut it down from power and re-started it again.
After some time I was very mystified by this problem and many of my colleagues and friends had similar or the same issue. One day we all discovered that if we set "Turn off hard disk" option to... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 Sleep mode issue

UPDATE: I just now did try again, did put my PC to sleep for an hour and 10 minutes but this time I'm having problem of PC not turning on again (fans start and etc. but after four seconds it shuts down then tries again and in circle like that until i shut it down via cable or power supply itself).

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Dell Inspiron laptop. i5 series, 2.53 GHz, 6GB memory, windows 7 64-bit.

I am constantly having an issue that is getting progressively worse. As my computer is coming out of sleep mode, instead of taking me to my log in screen (security), the screen just starts scrolling through various solid colors... black... red... blue... green... etc. I have to hit the power button, to put it back in sleep mode, watch while it struggles with this, then when the power button is flashing, I hit it again, to bring it back. Then, and only then, will it go to my log in where I enter my password.

I actually called Dell, but that was such a big headache and a waste of time. I have a 16 month old and I can't sit on the phone while they read through their books like I'm an idiot.

I'm wondering if it is my video card but I'm not sure how to test it.


[email protected]

Answer:Issue Coming out of Sleep Mode

Hello JLOinNC,
My name is Krishna and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. Allow me to sincerely apologize for any difficulties you may have encountered in attempting to resolve your concerns. Based on the above symptoms, It is more likely that you have a bad video card or corrupted video drivers.
Try downloading and installing the latest video drivers and see if it helps. Depending on your system model, you can find it on Also, run the hardware diagnostics and check for errors. You can follow the instructions from

Dell-Kris K

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When I put my (admittedly old) laptop into sleep mode (while plugged in) it will appear to work, but when I wake it up, the screen remains black. It is awake, but the backlight does not turn back on when the CPU does. I haven't seen information about this being a common issue with this computer (although there are other Sleep Mode issues with it). A full restart fixes this issue, for now.

The AMD Radeon video driver would not install properly recently, so I got around to manually installing it a few nights ago. Everything else is working properly, and the Windows Experience Index actually went up after installing the new driver (for whatever that's worth).

It is an HP Pavilion g6 2090ca; Intel Core i5 2450M processor; 6 GB DDR3 RAM; Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1.

Is this a known issue with Radeon cards, HP laptops from that generation, or just a sign that my computer is on its last legs?

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I have made formatted my laptop then after there is no option for adjusting brightness and sleep mode option .

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I recently bought a Satellite A200-1YO model PSAE3E. I have tried to enable the dual mode touch pad however nothing happens no blue lights are seen etc. How can I find out if this model has this feature?

Originally I had the Alps driver and I tried to install the Synaptics one but this removed the Alps one so I had limited functionality i.e no Advanced settings option.
I have restored this again to the Alps one.

The OS is Win Vista Premium Home edition 32 bit.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Dual mode of touchpad does not work on Satellite A200-1Y0

Hi friend,

does this problem happen since you bought the machine, took it out of the box, power it on and the Dual mode did not work??

I mean, did you already tried to recover your machine to the factory defaults???
Maybe this should help you.


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hi ...

1st of all , i wanna know if my laptop supports "Sleep Mode" or not ,,

if the answer is "Yes" , then here is the problem ,,

i set my laptop to go into " Sleep Mode " when i close the lid , either it's working on battery or AC adapter .. but when i close the lid , it shuts down and the power lid stay blue and doesn't turn into blinking orange as the manual said , and doesn't respond to any key , even the power key ... and it still on this till i release it by contineous pressing the power key to make it shut down completely ...

this also happens with all options that lead to " Sleep Mode " ... i.e. i have NO " Sleep Mode " ...

any suggestions ???

thx i nadvance ,,,

Answer:Satellite A200-10X sleep mode troubleshooting

First of all buddy, I want to know what do you mean with the ?Sleep mode????
Do you mean the hibernation mode or the stand-by mode???

Please check the option which is enabled by closing the lid.

This settings can be changed in the Power options of the Vista operating system!!!

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Okay I just picked up this thing a few days ago at walmart on sale, its got a AMD A-8 quad core 3520M with Radeon HD graphics 1600 (1.60 GHZ) 6GB RAm mem. Windows 7 premium 64bit 640GB HD.
Toshiba Satellite L755D A8-3520M
Two driffrent times now I have left it on while I went to eat dinner and clean up wash dishes and stuff, when i came back the screen was black.. I hit keys and mouse pad and it really wouldn't do anything. the power light was on but it says it has a On/off light, ive nver had a PC with this before, what does this mean ? I think it was a amber color so does this mean it was in sleep mode? I hit the power button not knowing what else to do and the display would come up to where you type in a password but then it would fade right back out to black before I had time to type in my password. Ended up having to just hold down the power button to let it cut itself off then restarted it ( i really had shutting down PC's this way espically brand new ones, but didn't know what else to do the book reall didn't tell anything about this )
is this just the sleep mode of the PC? i went into the power settings lastnight and it has the options to what to do if its just on battery or on power pluged into the wall. I just turned everything off so it doesn't do anything after 15 minutes, that is how long it was all set for . I was scared this would happen again and i would end up messing up the PC by shutting it down..
if this was just a sleep mode how the h... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L755 Sleep mode? or

Somebody has to ask, make and model it gives the guys something to work on.

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My satellite L50D-B-16Q will not come out of sleep mode.
When I switch on the power button both the NUM LOCK and CAPS LOCK come on

Answer:Satellite L50D-B does not wake up from sleep mode


How about this workaround:

Disconnect AC adaptorRemove main batteryPress and hold power button 30-40sec longInsert battery againConnect AC adaptorPress power button

Note: repeat this procedure 4-5 times in the row and check if you could power up the unit after each step

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Hi, I have a Satellite Pro L650, Model No: PSK1KA-00Y01E running Windows 7 64 bit.
This laptop does not often recover after going into sleep mode.

Can someone offer some suggestions on how to fix this?

What happens:
When the computer sleeps, either by pressing the sleep button, or closing the lid, this seems to work okay.
After a minute or 2, I try to get the computer going by either opening the lid, or pressing the power button. Sometimes it works correctly.

Most of the time the white led lights at the front flash on for a few seconds and then off. Then we press the power button and often the computer starts, and says that Windows was shutdown incorrectly, and then completely restarts to a new session.

Sometimes the computer does not start at all, and we need to disconnect the power, and then press the power button, which then goes through a complete restart of the computer to a new session.

We installed the latest bios (2.20) a few weeks ago, and the problem still exists.
Is this a driver issue, or a hardware issue?
If it is a driver issue, what drivers should I attempt to install?


Answer:Satellite Pro L650 does not often recover from sleep mode


> After a minute or 2, I try to get the computer going by either opening the lid, or pressing the power button. Sometimes it works correctly.
This means that this issue does not appear always but only sometimes and it?s not possible to replicate this.
In such case is not easy to find a right solution for that?

> We installed the latest bios (2.20) a few weeks ago, and the problem still exists.
> Is this a driver issue, or a hardware issue?
In my opinion it could be a software issue. I mean the issue could be related to corrupt Win OS. Maybe registry is muddled up. Usually if the notebook is set to hibernation / sleep mode, pressing power button should wakeup the system from this mode and should not shut down the notebook.
So maybe it?s OS issue?

As I understood your message, you have just updated the BIOS but didn?t try the recovery procedure. Well, to check if it?s hardware or software issue, you should recover the notebook to factory settings.

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Hello everyone,

I have bought a Toshiba Satellite L50D-B-16M on June 19 2015.

On July 6 when when I tried go back to my session after being in sleeping mode the screen stayed black while the computer was plugged and there was no apparent noise of either CPU or HDD. The connected to sector light was on (white light) as well as the connected to WiFi light (orange light). I tried:

to press the on/off button several times with no result
to unfold refold laptop screen with no result
unplug/replug the sector wire with no result

Finally, I had to let the computer rest for a time (about an hour) to get it functioning again by pressing the on/off button.

On July 12 (6 days later), again I couldn't get into my session while the computer was in sleep mode and I faced the same problem: I tried the same three things with no result, the screen remained black. After 30 minutes I retried to make it work but there was no reaction from the screen.
I had to force shut down the computer (Holding the on/off key) but the computer still did not have any results...

Finally, it's only after another forced shutdown and after I have removed and put back the battery (physically) that it started again.

Since that date the problem reappear again ...

I can't understand why this is happening to a brand new computer, I'm currently doing a PhD and I really need a working computer when I'm abroad for conferences... I'm afraid this will happen again in the worst moment, in a... Read more

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My toshiba A300-1EG auto wake up from 'sleep' mode.
My DVD-drive auto start and then wake up from 'Sleep' mode.

Please, what I need to do not to auto wake up from sleep mode?
Sleep mode stay only about 2(or) 3 minutes.

Answer:Satellite A300-1EG wake up from Sleep mode


Is your notebook connected to the LAN while waking up from the sleep mode?

My notebook has waked up from sleep mode because the Wake up on LAN option has been enabled in LAN card properties -> advanced tab.

Please check these settings in this tab and disable it!

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sometimes my L850-B4K does not want to wake up after sleep mode. When i press power button i hear a click and the lights blink and nothing more. i can press again but only click and 1 sec. lights blink.

Battery is full. So i have to detach the battery to power on. When i search bios update i find "no bios update" for my model.

How can i resolve it?

Answer:Satellite L850-B4k sometimes does not want to wake up after sleep mode

This satellite notebook is newest model and newest models are offered with latest BIOS version. That?s the reason why you cannot find BIOS update. Maybe 6 months later Toshiba will offer some updates.

Back to described problem: it is not easy to say why this happen and what ?blocks? your notebook to wake up properly.
Have you noticed this issue from the first day or later?
You know it is always complicated to handle some cases or issues when they happen ?sometimes?.

Have you installed some additional software or connected some external devices to your notebook?

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HI all, Purchased my Satellite L750D this morning and have been playing around on it.

Have noticed when I put it to 'sleep', and then wake it back up, the screen remains dim..almost to the point where you cant see a thing. I end up having to restart it and then its fine. Doesnt do it when I select hibernate, just sleep mode.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite L750D - Dim screen after sleep mode

Just one question: when the notebook wake up from sleeping mode can you use FN+F7 key combination to change display brightness to higher level?

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I have had my L750 for 10 months now. suddenly it will not go into sleep mode when i shut the lid. I have checked the power settings and it is set to sleep mode when shut.

Anyone got any ideas, I am sick of it running full time.

Answer:Satellite L750 does not go into sleep mode anymore

Somthing is stopping it from entering sleep mode.

Software such as Media Center or DVD players can prevent sleep mode, or drivers for an external USB device may prevent sleep mode.

Check Event Viewer for details.

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My laptop (Satellite L50-B-1HU) randomly goes into sleep mode.
It has happened atleast 10 times in the last fortnight.

Once it randomly goes to sleep it requires the power button to be turn on again ,but the power button has to be 1-3 times as it can go back to sleep straight after pressing the power button.

Its happen even though the track pad is in use. In windows power options i turned off sleep mode also.

The laptop itself has only been used for two weeks (happened since first use)

Any advice?

Answer:Satellite L50-B-1HU randomly enters sleep mode

Does it happen running the notebook at battery power or also using the connected AC adaptor?
From my point of few the notebook could enter the sleep mode because of the low battery.

Also some 3rd party application preinstalled on the notebook could set the unit into sleep mode.
Guess what: try to boot the notebook is safe mode and keep it running for a longer period of time. It would be interesting to know if the notebook would access the sleep mode using the safe mode.

You can also use the command "powercfg?. Windows 8 PowerCfg has a useful switch called -Energy.
This technique is invaluable for troubleshooting sleep problems.
Start the console using the command: cmd.
Within the console type: powercfg ?ENERGY

Now it takes 60 sec and will create an HTML file which you can open in your web browser to get the full energy report. Now quite sure if the information would be useful but it would be interesting what details this report would provide.

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My Satellite L50D-B fails to wake up from sleep mode, quite annoying.
The only way out is a hard reset.

This seems to be a common but unresolved problem for many. Any fixes that do work?

Thanks - Paul

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Hi There,

I just bought a Satellite L750 and it will not wake from sleep mode. I have to force shutdown with power button every time in goes into sleep mode.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite L750 - does not waking from sleep mode

Do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with your notebook?
Have you noticed the same issue with hibernation mode?

Have you installed some additional software?

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My ~3year old toshiba laptop is not working anymore. When I boot up I don't see anything on the screen. The white light shines that shows that the laptop is on, i hear a fan blowing (but it keeps blowing in the same rhytmn, like you hear when you startup the laptop but normally this stops once you actually are booted up). I can open the CD-drive (don't know if this could be of any help but I thought i'd share it ! ).

I've tried a lot of things already, things i found people suggesting online.
- Put an other screen on it (the screen stays black, but says that there is a connection, well rather, the external screen doesn't show an error message 'no connection" or something like that.
- Tried getting the battery out, putting AC in, holding power button 2min while no battery/AC.

This problem started about a week ago, but then randomly my laptop would start up (after opening and closing it for like 50 times (<- probably not the smartest thing to do but it did the trick back then).
Now nothing seems to work!

Thanks in advance

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I have the following problem. My laptop is Satellite T110-10X with Windows 7 64bit.
When the computer enters sleep mode and after I wake it up with power button it turns on, I type my pasword and in less than a minute it freezes.

I try towait and wait for like 10 minutes but nothing happens. Strange thing is that this don't happen each time, but when it happens I had to turn it off by keeping power button pressed and restart it and sometimes the same problem during the restart.

Please can somebody help me with this. I have been reading a lot and can't fix it.


Answer:Satellite t100-10x freeze after sleep mode


I can remember that my old notebook froze sometimes only if the temperature increased to a higher level.
I don?t know if this could be the reason for your problems but it?s could be possible.

It could be also a software related issue. Maybe the new OS installation could help you but its not easy o say if it would help you?.

Anyway, the possible solutions should be checked in order to be sure what could be the reason for such OS blackouts?

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Hello all!

Sorry on my English...well I do have a problem with freezing under XP.
I made a downgrade and everything is working fine unless I try to restart or make it sleep...then it freezes ...sometimes...not all the time...does anybody knows how to solve this or does somebody have the same issue like me???


BIOS is 1.60...(on Toshiba download page is 1.50 for Xp)
Dual core 2390
ati 3470 256MB

Enjoy your life while you can :)))

Answer:Satellite A300-1ed freezes while sleep mode under XP

Check Event Viewer in Control Panel -> Administrative Tools for errors.

Ensure the Drivers and BIOS are updated. Check the Drivers section on the Toshiba Website.

If you installed a Printer or Scanner, try removing its software.

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About half the time, when my computer tries to go into sleep mode when I've left it for a while, it doesn't fall asleep properly. I'm not very good with computers, but when the computer is on standby the power light at the front flashes. Well, sometimes The screen will go dark, the the power light won't flash and the NUM LOCK button is still lit up. It doesn't respond to me toggling on the mouse pad and the only thing I can do is force a shut down and reboot.
It doesn't happen all the time, but it seems to be happening a lot more often than it should be.
It happen almost constantly when I was downloading a game from steam. I had to keep the computer constantly running for it to download and couldn't leave it to sit.
If anyone has any advice, it'd be much appreciates. Especially if I can do it myself and not take it to a shop.
Thank you!

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro won't go into sleep mode correctly

are you sure that the PC isnt going into hibernation sometimes? moving the mouse doesnt wake my laptop up either, for me its either lifting the lid or pressing the power button (all laptops are configured differently depending on manufacturers preference for these settings). Check your advanced power options and make sure the computer isnt going into hibernation first.

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My brand new Satellite P300 hangs sometimes in sleep mode of Vista, and I cannot recover just with a shutdown.
(standby of XP works fine)
I see that others experienced similar problem, but in my case seems to happen when I tickle accidentaly the mouse (on USB) while going into sleep mode.
I just updated the BIOS to the latest version, I've disabled wake up on LAN features, but problem is still on.
Moreover sometimes revives from sleep mode if I touch accidentally the mouse, event if the lid is closed.

What has to do the mouse with the sleep mode ? I see no other power options which are related to USB.
Any other ideas ?

Answer:Satellite P300-135 hangs when in sleep mode


It seems that this issue has nothing to do with the notebooks hardware because it works fine on Win XP.
As you said possibly the external USB mouse causes this issue and we should try to find out why it happens?

In the BIOS you can find the option called ?USB Sleep and Charge?.
Please disable this!!!

I?m not quite sure if it will help you but you should try this!

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It's me again, in last thread :

"Hello Friends,

I have a great problem after Windows 7 updated itself. I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L505D. When I close the lid, it should automatically go to the sleep mode. Unfortunately, only the screen is black and the laptop is still running, I have to shut it down then switch on again. Is it a problem with the 'battery driver'?Please, help me :)"

The sleep mode worked perfeclty for couple of days and it is again gone.. What is more when I try to enter the sleep mode I can't do anything on the notebook , it is still running on blank screen and the processors' fan is working on high speed. During these last days, when the sleep mode worked, windows didn't update itself..

I don't know what is happening.. :) Weird problem, isn't it?

Answer:Satellite L505D - Problem with sleep mode in Win 7

It is not easy to say why this happen. In your last posting you wrote about some windows updates. Who knows what is wrong there.
If nothing helps, not even system restore and you want to use stand-by mode I recommend you to back-up all your data and install OS again using recovery mode.

With ?factory settings? everything will be OK again but then be careful with ?updates?.

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I have a problem which is driving me to distraction.

Unless I'm staring at the touchpad when I do it, about 60% of the time I try to
left-click with the touchpad, I right-click it by mistake. I'm not sure whether this
is because the touchpad is offset so far to the left compared with the other
laptop I use, a Thinkpad, or what.

Anyway, the only way I think I can carry on using this machine is if I can
somehow change the settings so that wherever I click on the touchpad
it interprets it as a left-clift - I'd be quite happy to use the RH Windows key
to get context menus, etc.

Can I do this and how?

I'm using Win10 Pro 64-bit if that makes any difference.

TIA, Martyn

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Greetings.Windows 10 Home x64 (build 14393.693).  (latest updates 29.01.2017)Issue with HP IR camera (latest driver from HP site, sp77657.exe, ver. 10.0.10586.11211, 29.07.2016) Sometimes after restoring from sleep mode camera works 1-2 seconds and then goes off.As result windows Hello cannot recognize face and cannot logon to system. 

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Recently upgraded a friends computer to windows 10 and we're running into an annoying issue while playing a low resolution (800x600?) game. The game boots up fine and everything is great until we pause and come out of sleep mode when the whole image on the screen is compressed to half the screen with inverted colors (this same thing happens when the windows key is hit to go back to the desktop and try to go back to the game). The image isnt frozen, you can hear the sounds and see things lighting up. The actions are working on the whole screen but the image is compressed to the left half of the screen. So it seems to me that there's some software issue involving the graphics card since the computer is having issues switching between resolutions? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks

Answer:issue with low res game coming out of sleep mode

The computer is put into sleep mode with the game up?

Usually this does not end well for any game. older games will not alt-tab well either. (hitting the Win key to "tab" out is basically the same thing.)
Most likely the issue is the game losing exclusive mode and not getting it back.

What is the game you're playing?

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I recently had to do a clean install of Windows 7 after trying Windows 10 and having serious issues.  I have nearly everything back to normal, but screen remains black on wake-up from sleep mode.  I have tried downloading drivers multiple times to no avail...........

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I wasn't sure which forum to post this in so I hope this is correct.  I have been having an issue with my Yoga 3 1170 for the past three weeks where it randomly goes into sleep mode and I have to wait a few seconds until the power button starts to blink, the only way to bring it back is to push the power button and it takes me back to the sign-in screen.  I have tried reseting my power settings several times, at first I thought it was a overheating issue but it happens sometimes as soon as I turn it on and I've tried to set the laptop on an exterior fan, nothing seems to solve the issue. This isn't just happening while the computer is idol, I will frequently be in the middle of typing something and it will just go to sleep. It seemes to be happening more frequently but there isn't any particular activity that triggers it. It also happens when it's plugged in and when it's operating off the battery. It can sometimes go hours between sleep mode and other times it will happen several times a minute.  When I bring it back from one of these crashes the Event Viewer shows these errors: PLCoreService 0 (usually repeated 5 or 6 times) DistributedCom 10016DistributedCom 10010 Any suggestions are appreciated! I've run out of trouble-shooting options!

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I'm running Vista/64 on a Dell desktop, and from the beginning have been using a castoff HP keyboard that I picked up at a church jumble sale. The HP keyboard has a Fn (function) key, and by pressing that key and F2, I can put the computer to sleep. This has been working just fine for several years now.

But now I've ordered a Microsoft 'curvy' keyboard, and note that it does NOT have a function key. So I tried putting the computer to sleep through the Start menu, but it won't work. I get a System Standby Failed notification, that the WSD (wireless?) Print Device is keeping the system from going to sleep. But this never come up using the old keyboard and its built-in Fn+F2 sleep command.

Evidently the HP keyboard is sending a different command to the system than using 'Sleep under Start.' Is there a way to duplicate this command somehow, or is its derivation hidden in the HP keyboard encoding?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Answer:Strange sleep mode issue with Vista

Some possibilities in this tutorial"

How to Create a Sleep Shortcut on the Desktop in Vista

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BSOD Netio.sys,

Update problem: 2017-06 Kumulativn? aktualizace pro Windows 10 Version 1607 pro syst?my typu x64 (KB4022715) ? chyba 0x80070005

During work on laptop the sleep mode repeatedly runs.

Thank you

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Relevance 59.86%

1) Today, Vista has not recognized my ps2 keyboard. It works fine during boot-up, and works fine when in setup. But once Vista 'welcome' screen appears, the keyboard is useless.
I can go into setup and use keyboard just fine, but it's dead once boot is done.

This problem arose this morning.....normal bootup as usual.

I'm typing this via USB keyboard.

2) Sometimes this pc just will not come out of sleep mode unless I do a hard boot.
Right now, the power save settings are:

Turn off display: Never
Put computer to sleep: Never

I have a dual monitor system:

I left the room for 30 minutes and came back to find both monitor screens black.
(The screen saver should have been was not.)

I moved the mouse and the 2nd monitor came to life while the main monitor went to sleep.......followed by the 2nd monitor......I could still hear the fan running.....I had to hard boot to shut down.

Often, when in sleep mode, the keyboard is completely unresponsive.


/ System: /
/ Asus CG5270 /
/ ACPI x64-based /
/ Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.50GHz 2.50GHz /
/ 8GB ram /
/ NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 (1GB ram) /
/ Monitor: Dell S2009W (Analog) /
/ OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, SP1 /

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Hello,I just upgraded to Windows 10 Enterprise with clean install.  I used to use Softpaq Download manager to patch my drivers on previous versions of Windows but now I see only subset of drivers for Windows 10. I tried to research forum whether somebody had issue like I am having but wasn't able to find it.  Issue is when I press Fn+F3, 8570w actually shuts itself down without going to sleep mode so I can come back quickly to work when I need.  BIOS is on latest version for this model, Windows is patched as well. Any idea where to look ? Thank you, D

View Solution.

Answer:HP 8570w, Windows 10 Ent, sleep mode issue

and this solved issue with sleep: HP is doing poor job keeping driver pages for certain model up to date ...

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I wasn't sure which forum to post this in so I hope this is correct.  I have been having an issue with my Yoga 3 1170 for the past three weeks where it randomly goes into sleep mode and I have to wait a few seconds until the power button starts to blink, the only way to bring it back is to push the power button and it takes me back to the sign-in screen.  I have tried reseting my power settings several times, at first I thought it was a overheating issue but it happens sometimes as soon as I turn it on and I've tried to set the laptop on an exterior fan, nothing seems to solve the issue. This isn't just happening while the computer is idol, I will frequently be in the middle of typing something and it will just go to sleep. It seemes to be happening more frequently but there isn't any particular activity that triggers it. It also happens when it's plugged in and when it's operating off the battery. It can sometimes go hours between sleep mode and other times it will happen several times a minute.  When I bring it back from one of these crashes the Event Viewer shows these errors: PLCoreService 0 (usually repeated 5 or 6 times) DistributedCom 10016DistributedCom 10010 Any suggestions are appreciated! I've run out of trouble-shooting options!

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My new laptop L750D-1DQ does not start properly after returning from sleep mode.
The screen is very dark, I can't get it to lighten up.

I've tried the FN-F7 combination, but this doesn't work (and other hotkeys don't work ether).
When I reboot, the screen is functioning again.

What must I do, so I can start working after coming back from sleep mode?

Answer:Satellite L750D-1DQ - dark screen after sleep mode


Are you able to change the brightness in the Win 7 Power Options?

Check this:

You can choose an power plant which is activated in power profile you are using.
There you will see the option ?adjust plan brightness?.
Set the control to right in order to increase the brightness. Do this for ?On battery setting? and a ?Plugged in setting?

Furthermore you should go to Advanced settings -> display
Here you should choose the Display brightness and should change the % value. This set the default brightness of the display when running from battery power and from AC power

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Closing the lid of my laptop (P100-160)is set to put the machine to sleep. On opening I discover that the machine does a complete restart rather than resume.

Also, if I leave the lid open and the laptop goes to sleep due to inactivity, I will frequently find on my return that it has restarted itself. There is generally an error message from Microsoft saying....Unexpected windows shutdown...clicking on more information talks about Blue screen and gives detail error codes that I don't understand.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I guess I can live with it but am checking all drivers to see if they need updating at the moment.

Message was edited by: pladds
Just happened again. Here's the detail problem statement from the Windows error box:

Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 9f
BCP1: 00000003
BCP2: 84C47030
BCP3: 86400030
BCP4: 84E647D8
OS Version: 6_0_6000
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:
C:\Users\Philip\AppData\Local\Temp\WERDA57.tmp.ver sion.txt

Read our privacy statement:

Answer:Satellite P100-160: sleep mode triggers restart


Sorry but this is a common Windows error message and it provides only a memory address dump?
This says nothing to a common windows user.
I think we should focus on the BSOD.

Mostly this blue screen of death appears if the hardware malfunctions of if an serious software error appears.
In my opinion we should find out if this issue is software or hardware related.

Firstly you should format the HDD (don?t forget to make a backup of your data) and should install the OS from the delivered Toshiba recovery CD.
The installation is very easy and run smoothly?

If the notebook will not function correctly after this procedure I assume there is something wrong with the hardware and the notebook should be checked.

It seems the P100 is not an old notebook at this time and the warranty should be valid.
So contact the ASP in your country and ask for the help!

Best regards

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My Toshiba Satelitte A300 is simply refusing to sleep - it will sleep (the amber light glows and the screen is blank) and after about 10 seconds all the lights come back on and the fan starts going.

This happens when the laptop is plugged in and running on battery.
I have read about numerous sleep problems with the Satellite series and the only general advice i seem to have picked up is to install all updates which is what I have done and the problem still persists!

I would be very grateful if anyone could help!

Answer:Satellite A300 wont go into sleep mode - it boots up again


Please check if your BIOS is up to date.
If you use an older BIOS version then update the BIOS and check if your notebook boots into sleep mode correctly.


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My Satellite A660-18N powers off 2-3 seconds after waking from sleep mode. I upgraded the memory from 4GB to 8GB, using Crucial's website, so I know it's compatible. BIOS is updated to 2.00.

Not sure what to do, how can I fix this without turning off Sleep mode completely?

Answer:Satellite A660-18N - Powers off after waking from sleep mode

Hi buddy,

> I upgraded the memory from 4GB to 8GB
And did you have the problem before you upgraded the memory too or only since memory upgrade?

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My notebook has this bug, every time it goes to "sleep" when it "wakes up' the system says that windows explorer stopped working and almost every time I have to reboot with the power switch. I changed the operating system from Vista to windows 7 but it continues to act like this. Anyone with a solution?

Answer:Satellite L crashes after coming back from "Sleep" mode


For me it looks like a Windows OS issue.
Maybe you should try a CCLeaner which cleans the registry and other files on the HDD.
You should also try to defragment the HDD.
If no improvements would be noticeable and if windows explorer would keep crashing, then an new OS installation is required.

Good luck

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