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Satellite CLICK 10 - LX0W-C-104 sound problem

Question: Satellite CLICK 10 - LX0W-C-104 sound problem


I just bought and Toshiba Click 10 Hybrid computer, but after using it for some time the sound starts crackling (will post a video when it happens again). Disabling the device in the playback devices, and enabling it again fixes the problem for some time, restarting the windows also fixes it. Also, it happens in the device speakers and in the headphone jack.

The user in this review, also reports the same problem.

Does anybody knows a fix for this problem.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite CLICK 10 - LX0W-C-104 sound problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite CLICK 10 - LX0W-C-104 sound problem

Here is the promissed video.

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Hello guys. Firstly, sorry for my bad english, becouse Im from Ukraine. Secondly, may who knows how activate second battery of keyboard-dock? Pls, help.

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Hello everybody.
I am new in the forum and i also have to admit i do not have a clue about laptops. The problem:

I have a SATELLITE CLICK 10 LX0W-C-104 with Windows 10. Although i do not have files and the total capacity of any programs that i have downloaded as extra is very small, approximately 5 Giga, i can not download the windows updates. It appears that i do not have enough space. Can i replace the 32 Giga SSD with something of bigger capacity like 128 GB? Someone told me to use a micro-sd card but is this only for files, like documents or images? Or should i just leave the windows not updated??

Any response will be helpfull


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Hello all,
I have recently acquired a Satellite Click 10 LX0W Toshiba notebook.
The specifications says that it is compatible with micro SD with UHS-I (max. size: 128 GB)
According to SD Association, the Bus Mode UHS-I is compatible with UHS Speed classes 1 and 3 (
However, the card I bought (Kingston 64 GB, micro SD XC I, UHS speed class 3) does not work properly in this notebook but it works perfect in other devices.
The card is recognised by the Satellite Click 10 but reading or writting is extremely slow and often give error messages. I cannot even format it using this notebook.
I think there is something wrong with the Toshiba notebook but can you give me your opinion please?

Thank you!

Answer:MicroSD does not work with Satellite Click 10 LX0W

Same here

Toshiba click 10 with windows 10, micro SD card 64GB Kingston Class10 (UHS-1) does not work. Card is detected allright - can see it in Storage Manager, but can not format it. If I format it in some another device, Toshiba click 10 can not use it - it can not write to it - it will destroy ntfs/exFAT FS on card. Event viewer is full of SD card related errors.

Any suggestion here, please?

Driver is from 2006 (on windows 10) but can not find never anywhere.

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Hi, i have a click 10 that has recently started saying it is 'plugged in, not charging'.

Both batteries are available, and the dock battery is at 100%, whilst the tablet battery is discharging and will not charge in windows from the cable or the keyboard battery.

it also says 'plugged in, not charging' whether i take the cable out or leave it in.

i have tried the 'remove accpi drivers' trick, and i am running the most recent bios 1.7.

One strange thing to note is that undocked, the tablet will charge as normal, but when i remove the cable it stops charging as expected but still says 'plugged in, not charging'.

really confused with this and not sure what else to try.

Answer:Satellite Click 10 LX0W-C-104 Windows 10 - Plugged in, not charging issue

also to note is that it charges perfectly fine when switched off using the supplied charger.

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About a month ago i bought the satellite click 10 and the battery in the keyboard is not being recognized. It says batter one is charging but on battery 2 its says "This battery is not available for use. i have updated the bios and kept on charge over 24 hours . i type on it ok and it registers everything OK its just the battery. if anybody has any ideas on how to fix this problem it would be help ful

Answer:Satellite click 10 LX0W-C64M keybord battery not charging

Originally Posted by ryanm8070

About a month ago i bought the satellite click 10 and the battery in the keyboard is not being recognized. It says batter one is charging but on battery 2 its says "This battery is not available for use. i have updated the bios and kept on charge over 24 hours . i type on it ok and it registers everything OK its just the battery. if anybody has any ideas on how to fix this problem it would be help ful

Hi, did you received an answer for your problem?
i have the same problem, the kayboard dosn?t charge

hope for your reply

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Hi, i have a click 10 that has recently started saying it is 'plugged in, not charging'.

Both batteries are available, and the dock battery is at 100%, whilst the tablet battery is discharging and will not charge in windows from the cable or the keyboard battery.

it also says 'plugged in, not charging' whether i take the cable out or leave it in.

i have tried the 'remove accpi drivers' trick, and i am running the most recent bios 1.7.

One strange thing to note is that undocked, the tablet will charge as normal, but when i remove the cable it stops charging as expected but still says 'plugged in, not charging'.

really confused with this and not sure what else to try.

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I seem to have an issue with the 2nd Battery on my Click 10. The notebook is about 1 month old. The 2nd battery is always at 100% and never depletes, so I only getting approx. 40% use out of battery 1 before it turns off. It does not give me a low battery warning as it normally shows around 55-60% remaining. I have looked at the handbook and believe that the 2nd battery should be used 1st but this does not seem to be the case on mine.
Has anyone had this issue before and if so how did you resolve it?

Many thanks for reading.

Hopefully there is someone out there who can help.

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Hi all.

I have a P70-A08S with which is an most pleased.
There are, however, two concerns that have been there since it came out of the box - one is a terrible keyboard which I'm dealing with.

The other is frequent irregular clicks and pops from the sound card.

It is not the speaks because it happens with headphones. It also happens if I take sound out via USB. Is there any software issue that could be causing this - ie, in the drivers.

Is the sound in this laptop on a separate card or is it on the main board?
MIDI processing, sound and video production are among the reasons I have this laptop, so this is significant to me.

Answer:Click/pop from sound card on Satellite P70-A08S

> It is not the speaks because it happens with headphones. It also happens if I take sound out via USB. Is there any software issue that could be causing this - ie, in the drivers.

To be honest I cannot imagine what clicks or sound pops you are meaning.
Fact is that windows system creates and produces different sounds depending on the system event. For example a sound would appear starting windows OS, logging off or even receiving mails, checking for viruses or other events etc?

This setting can be found and changes / disabled in control panel -> sound -> sounds tab

By the way: the sound card is part of the motherboard and I guess its Conexant sound chip.

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I have a problem with the mouse volume - everytime I tap the touch pad it is like I am clicking the mouse and its very noisey.

How do i turn it off?

Thank you

Answer:How to disable touchpad click sound on Satellite L


Usually the touchpad does not create any sounds.
I assume you have installed an USB mouse and the sound appears due to the usage of this mouse.

I have no clue what mouse software this is but I think you should check the settings inside this tool.
Otherwise you have to check the control panel -> mouse
There are some options which are available to mouse and touchpad.


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Just bought this laptop and it's a relief to have something new at last.

I was wondering if it's normal that the DVD Drive goes on before the BIOS screen comes on. It sort of makes a small click/starting sound, which I have heard in some Toshibas and not in others. From F2 the boot menu order is 1.HDD, 2.USB, 3.ODD, 4.FDD, 5.LAN.

Just also wondering what to do in terms of upgrading to Windows 7 Professional as I have a copy that I bought when Win 7 first came out, but it is not SP1, and this laptop is SP1, so I am concerned that upgrading with my version may cause me a problem.

Message was edited by: meridius10_1

Answer:Satellite L750-16Z - DVD ROM click sound at startup/Upgrade OS

Just adding to this after looking at some other blogs. I am wondering if the (almost starting) noise at start up and dvd light briefly on the dvd drive is just the Power on Self Test Sound?

I have compared this to an A500-1GL (no noise) and an older Portege 4000 (noise), so what is the norm?

NB. The drive itself is working fine. Also, the laptop is brand new.

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I have Toshiba Satellite P850- A839
Core i7
Ram 8 gb
1tb toshiba hdd
Win 7 64bit

I begin to hear faint soft click sound from laptop
Dont now where it come from
I think it is on the middle to right and slightly down
So I think it near my hdd

Sound appear only after 13min. From start up windows
And then appear every 3-10 sec.
May disappear for a while but return

My laptop performance is excellent
No freezing or hanging or other things like that

I examind hdd by alot of programs but all of them say its ok

Some people say that its normal and if it disappeared your system will be

Please let me know whats is this and how can I make it silent.

Answer:Soft click sound on my Satellite P850- A839

I also think that this sound comes from HDD but it is nothing unusual. When HDD is not in use read heads move on the side in safe position. I can imagine you can hear this soft sound when this happen.

There is no reason for panic. All I can recommend you is to create recovery disc (DVD or USB) and from time to time make data back-ups.

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My click mini has been fine and I've watched several programmes via blinkbox, both streamed and downloaded. Last night I was watching a programme and the sound became distorted. I tried another tablet and the sound was fine so it's obviously a problem with my click mini.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Answer:Satellite Click Mini - sound distortion when watching via Blinkbox

Maybe you should simply reinstall / update the sound driver?

But it would be interesting to know whether the sound distortion is noticeable using connected headphones.

In case the sound would appear properly using headphones, the sound issue could be related to speaker malfunction…

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Hi all

I'm new and I'd like to try to resolve some problems with my new laptop *SATELLITE A300-1MZ*(with Vista) and *its hard drive* (a Fj-simens MHZ250BH) .

I've noticed that it's very mechanical in normal usage, in fact, when I turn my computer on, I hear an obvious rattling and mechanic sound from the disk drive at various times also when there should be no drive activity.
*Particularlly each 3-5 seconds* I hear a very strange sound such as a small but very distinguible mechanic "CLACK" (this isn't refer to indexing ordefrag or load cycle count). Idem on my distro LINUX ubuntu.
However the notebook never crashs

_It's appareed from first boot and it's very noise_.
I'd like to ask if this is all normal...This is appeared independently by AC or battery power source.

I've just perform SMART software that don't find any problem but I'm very worried for this problem.
By telephone, I've just say all that to my country Toshiba's center but for them it's all right. The notebook work ok.

Besides I've found that *the hard disk* becomes *very hot* also if there are no programs or process that use it.
It starts at 29°-31° and it becomes hot with normal usage (35°-36° after finished boot and after 30-40 min it's temperature become more hot-42°-46°, after its average temperature is of 46°-48°- You imagine if I turn for exemple an antivirus scan or a video encoding software- It's become very hot: 50°-55°. (I've always try to not superate this last ... Read more

Answer:Re: Satellite A300 - noisy HDD - strange click sound while booting


I think it?s nothing wrong with your HDD.
I?ve got two notebooks and one PS3 at home.
The HDD in one of the notebooks makes similar click sound. Additionally I noticed the same sound in PS3. Since upgrade to 500GB the HDD makes the similar sound like the HDD in my notebook.
I believe it?s nothing wrong with the HDD and possibly it?s nothing serious.

> Finally i'd like to know if the battery time of 1h30mins (with balanced mode) is acceptable for a new laptop (with saving mode it's 1h40mins max).
The battery working time depends on the notebook usage.
The battery lasts a shorter time when high performance applications would be running on the notebook. Also if the display brightness is set to the highest level, the battery would discharge much faster.
So I think 1.30min is OK for the notebook. Of course you can buy a stronger battery in order to use the notebook longer with battery power.

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I have a Satellite Click Mini L9W B for one month,

When I load it (with different loaders), the logo with the baterry appears 3 seconds, then disapears, then appears, and disapears,,, So the tablet cant be loaded,
Can you help me?

Thank you


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My Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W has no long available the option of wireless display on Windows 8.1
I'm going to Devices -> Project, but I don't have the option of "Add a wireless display".
Is there any software from Toshiba to manage wireless display?

Answer:Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W Miracast problem

Did you use this feature in the past?

I?m asking because the Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) isn?t supported on Windows 8.1 system. You have to use the Miracast (if supported) instead of Intel WiDi


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Hello everyone!
I have a new toshiba satellite click 10, but when I try to upgrade the BIOS to 1.6 it appears an error that says "the bios image to be updated is invalid to secure flash or current bios does not support secure flash". What does it mean? how can i fix it?
Thanks for your help!

Answer:satellite click 10 - problem upgrding BIOS

The most recent BIOS version is 5.20. You can get it from the Toshiba website:

I've not come across that particular error, just try installing the latest BIOS and make sure you select the correct laptop model when downloading (I've made that mistake before!).

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I have just bought click & convert, to transfer my old videos to dvd, I can't get any sound on them, would be really grateful for any help as I am going mad trying to sort it!! also the quality of the dvd is awful, am I doing something wrong or is it just rubbish anyway..
many thanks in advance for any ideas, I am using samsung R510 with vista

Answer:Click & convert /video to DVD, sound problem!

What format are your old videos in? I've not heard of the software you bought, and a quick google search didn't come up with anything.

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hi there! anyone could help me please. after upgrading and installing windows 10 back camera doesnt function anymore. what will i do to solve this problem? please help. thanks

Answer:Satellite click mini back camera problem

Click Mini - Camera driver fix
This has two cameras:
- "Front" is a low resolution webcam above the screen. I think this uses an OV2722 sensor.
- "Rear" is a higher resolution camera in one corner of the white case. I think this uses an AR0543 sensor (Intel AVStream camera)
When I got the Click Mini (Win 8.1) only the rear camera was working. After the Win10 upgrade only the front webcam was working
- the earlier forum discussion below gave me enough information to fix the problem.

1. In Device Manager there are three relevant entries:
- under Imaging devices there was a single entry for "Imaging Signal Processor 2400"
- under System devices there were two entries: Camera Sensor OV2722 and Camera Sensor Unicam ar0543
2. The driver for Camera Sensor Unicam ar0543 is OK(10/07/2015) but you need to let it search online for updates of the other two.
- With Camera Sensor OV2722 it just does an updated driver from 2014 to 15/06/2015
- With "Imaging Signal Processor 2400" it updates the driver (to 04/07/2015) but the Imaging devices entry changes to "Intel AVStream Camera"
3. Win10 then tells you to reboot as there has been a hardware change.
- after that the camera app has an extra button which lets you switch between the two cameras and both work fine.

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Hello all,

I have a problem after my installation of Windows 10. Everything is working so far, but I am not able change the brightness of the display anymore.

The function keys are working and also the display on the left hand upper side appears but the brightness does not change.

Maybe someone can help me to solve this.

Thanks for your answers.



Answer:Satellite Click Mini - Display problem after Win 10 installation

There is a Windows 10 driver upgrade available for the Click Mini on the Toshiba support web site. If you have not done it already update the drivers and see if that fixes the problem. For info, the two keys are working correctly on my Windows 10 Click Mini.

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I have a y510 and it's been annoying me with this little tick sound after something finishes playing.  It's like the speakers go to sleep after a sound plays.  I've tried updating driver's many times, but i can't fix it.  If I use the generic driver's from Vista, the tick sound goes away, but then the system doesn't utilize all the speakers.  Any suggestions?

Answer:Problem with Y510 speakers making a click sound!

I got that problem TOO!!!Anyone can help?

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I have a y510 and it's been annoying me with this little tick sound after something finishes playing.  It's like the speakers go to sleep after a sound plays.  I've tried updating driver's many times, but i can't fix it.  If I use the generic driver's from Vista, the tick sound goes away, but then the system doesn't utilize all the speakers.  Any suggestions?

Answer:Problem with Y510 speakers making a click sound

neonz wrote:I have a y510 and it's been annoying me with this little tick sound after something finishes playing. It's like the speakers go to sleep after a sound plays. I've tried updating driver's many times, but i can't fix it. If I use the generic driver's from Vista, the tick sound goes away, but then the system doesn't utilize all the speakers. Any suggestions?I have the same problem on my Y510: click!In my humble opinion, it is a bug Realtek HD Audio Drivers / Microphon.But I still do not know how to solve this problem! Does anyone ideas?Message Edited by Vogel on 08-04-2008 10:05 PM

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I have bought a Satellite P200D-11L few weeks ago and when I got it sound was perfect.
There was good amount of bass and no distortion when I turned volume to 100%. Harman/kardon speakers are cool :) But now sound is distorted. This has started about week ago.

When I try to listen to the music (in windows media player and winamp, there's no difference) it is very distorted on laptop speakers, but on my headphones it is good. Also same song/songs are normal on my desktop PC.
I don't know what's problem, so please help. I've tried to restore windows with Toshiba product recovery disc, but same problem is still here. Could it be that speakers are in some way damaged, because on my headphones sound is OK? And yeah, I told you that on my headphones sound is OK, but it 's little different than it was when I got laptop ...

When I got laptop sound had more bass, but now when that problem occurred, sound also has less bass (bass is almost unnoticeable).

Answer:Satellite P200D-11L sound problem - sound gets distorted

Hi mate,

since you?ve already tried everything I would say that your speakerhardware is, please click [HERE| 000000871] to find the next and nearest ASP in your country, contact them and send your machine to them.

They should fix that problem.


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Can a mod please explain why all my posts complaining about the fact that Toshiba can't fix the well-known Click Mini keyboard battery problem have been removed?

Caveat emptor, it would appear that not only does the product not work as advertised but all attempts to engage to get this fixed and to alert the community seem to be censored, too...

Answer:Satellite Click Mini - BIOS and keyboard battery problem

Please try this (worked for me)

Turn off laptop fully by holding down the power button

Place it in charger.

test to see whether or not it is fully turned off by quickly tapping the power button once. You should see two battery indicators.

Wait until the top one has charged..

When you see that the charge indicator is on the second battery, this will unfortunately not charge it... however..

tap the power button quickly to see the two indicators.

Quickly remove the charger plug from the laptop (not from the wall) and reinsert it back

Then wait...

After 20 minutes feel the charger on the wall.. if it is warm, then it is charging the keyboard battery...

Use Bios 1.7 or 5 before doing this (I tried it on bios 5)

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My son has just purchased a Satellite P850 laptop to use for school work and gaming and has noticed a problem with the behaviour of the touchpad.

When using the touchpad, if you have one finger in the area of the touchpad used for mouse movement, and then try to click the right hand mouse button, the laptop behaves as if you clicked the left mouse button. If you click the right hand mouse button when you are not touching the mouse movement area, it behaves correctly.

We have tried changing various touchpad settings but have not been able to correct this problem. We have also updated the drivers for the touchpad to the latest version from the Synaptics website, but the problem still exists.

Is there a particular driver or setting that gives the correct behaviour of the right hand mouse button whilst still touching the touchpad with the other finger?

Answer:Satellite P850 - Right click on touchpad acting like a left click

> When using the touchpad, if you have one finger in the area of the touchpad used for mouse >movement, and then try to click the right hand mouse button, the laptop behaves as if you clicked >the left mouse button
Sorry but I use touchpad too but in moment when I use one of the touchpad buttons I don?t touch touchpad area at this moment. I have two Toshiba notebooks and I tried to test this on both of them but none of them react on the way described in your posting.

As far as I know such behaviour can be result of ?confused? touchpad.
>... when you are not touching the mouse movement area, it behaves correctly.
In my opinion it is the right way to use touchpad correctly. I don?t think you can change anything using some other touchpad driver. Preinstalled driver is tested and I think the right one.

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My Satellite C660D-1EN has its USB port thats not picking anything up but the things it wont pick up work on a different computer an also my left mouse button is not working.
It's acting as a right click.

Answer:Satellite C660D-1EN - USB don't work /left click acting as right click


How about deleting the USB ports/hubs and controllers from device manager?
Did you try that?

In device manager expands the USB controllers and delete all devices available there.
Furthermore you need to reboot the notebook to ensure all USB devices would be recognized again.
I had some problems with USB ports too and this method helped !

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Yes, I really liked it too.It's just gone. Where is it? Anyone?

Answer:Lost that 'click' sound when I click a link

control panel, sounds multimedia ,sound tab scroll down to windows explorer and tick start navigation

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Hi all,I replaced my power supply to upgrade from 250w to 480w.  I carefully unplugged the old and re-plugged the new (after unplugging power source) and when I confidently turned everything back on the hard drive seems not to work.  there's a faint beep but I'm not sure if it's the POST beep or not.  (I have a vague understanding of that)Instead, the hard drive clicks quite clearly and it clicks 4x then pauses, then 4x, pause, etc, etc. I tried re-plugging the old power supply back in and get the same result.   The computer screen just stays blank the whole time.Did my hard drive just die at that point?   Could switching ps cause the hd to die?a few facts:I do touch the computer case before I stick my hands in there to remove static charge.HD is western digital caviar 40g  WD400Computer is 3ghz P4 running xp with sp3replacement power supply says it's for a P4 and it fits perfectly where the old one came out, same connections etc.I have a 160g drive on it's way from Ebay that I intended to replace this drive with anyway and I have the 40g drive backed up on an external so it's not a disaster but it sure is an inconvenience.I'm ready to try hitting it on the side (percussive maintenance) but thought I'd try a post first. :-)Thanks,John

Answer:western digital hard drive "click,click,click,,etc

try a different power connector to the hard drive. I take it the machine doesn't post, then? If not, it could be something else.Does everything work again when you use the old PSU?

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I have bought Satellite A80-129 laptop few days ago. I decided to install Win XP Prof. instead of Win XP Home, which came with the laptop. After I installed all sorts of software I noticed something wierd. Namely sound was quite low.

I checked all sorts of possible settings of volume everywhere and it is set to max everywhere possible. Also I've checked the volume wheel on laptop and it is also turned to max. I have installed WM Player 10, RealPlayer, Quicktime and Winamp 5.08.

After playing some of my music I stumbled on something interesting. While I was playing my music in Winamp, I have also played one small video file in WM Player 10 and voila sound was realy loud. Immediately I looked which audio codec is used in this video file and it is WMA 9 (64kbps,48kHz stereo, (A/V) 1-pass CBR). When I stop playing this video, sound volume drops again.

I also tried sound in other software like RealPlayer and Quicktime and only after I play this video file sound gets realy loud in all players. Any suggestions???

I have to point out also that it doesn't matter if I play music (mp3, wav, CD audio,..) or video (avi, mpeg, rm, ...), sound is still low. Only after I play that specific video, sound becomes loud in all players, playing music or video.

Also I have problems with Power Saver. If I install it, everything that I write everywhere is so slow, that it appears letter by letter eventhough that I alredy wrote whole sentence. If I unistall it, then everything is back t... Read more

Answer:Satellite A80-129 sound problem

Hi Kekec

It is very strange because all Tools & Utilities should work properly using WinXP Home and Professional. Did you have all this problems at the beginning using OS preinstalled by Toshiba? The original OS provided by Toshiba included SP2. Did you install it too?

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At the beginning and the end of a sound file there is a click.
Attempt to eliminate defect (at a level of the user) has not given any results. Click is audible so and in headphones.
Please help to solve this problem.

I apologize for my English language. But! So will be not always :o)

Answer:Sound problem Satellite M40-129 GR


Please go to Toshiba download site and install the newest sound driver. If there is some clicking noise check also Sound card?s ?power mode?. Set it please to ?No Power Savings?.

You can find it in Control panel under ?SoundMAX?.


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Whenever, I lean on the Lenovo Fle 2 15 to type, on the right where the dvd burner/reader makes a whirring and then a click sound. This is so annoying when I am typing or just leaning on the keyboard.

Answer:When leaning on laptop, dvd reader/burner makes a whirring sound and a click sound!

Dear Apad121
Are you sure that this sounds are comming from the optical driver ( DVD rom ) ?
Let me know

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I recently started having serious sound problems on my laptop, I have a Toshiba Satellite SA 60-662, for no reason the sound will become very distorted/muted/hi pitched or slowed down, this happens regardless of the type of media being used(with the exception of playing DVD's), it happens regardless of the program I use to play the media, in my attempts to fix the problem I have downloaded and installed the newest sounddrivers and the newest BIOS update, the problem still persist and is now happening more frequently.

Have anybody run across this problem before or have a possible solution?



Answer:Sound problem on Satellite SA60


It would be very interesting to know if this problem occurs if you only play DVDs or if you use other applications (i.e. MP3).
Nevertheless in the ?Control Panel? you can find the ?Sound Effect Manager?.
There you can set some changes for speakers, equalizer etc.
Please check this option.


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I have a problem with my toshiba satellite C870 . The sound stopped working. the sound icon is muted and I have a message: no speakerphone or headset is connected. I tried corrections but I am told that my driver is updated. For precision I am under W7. Sorry if my english is bad (i speak french but u can answer me in english)


Answer:Sound Problem with my Satellite C870


Go to:
Control panel -> sound -> playback tab

Can you see the speakers and/or headphone there?
If yes, ensure that the speakers are marked as default device.

Furthermore the combination of FN + F11 would enable and disable MUTE.
Check this!

In case both workarounds don?t help, uninstall the High Definition audio device / controller as well as the sound driver from device manager and reboot the n notebook.
After new reboot the system should install the uninstalled drivers again in most cases this should help to get the sound back.

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I have notebook Satellite A10
System - Windows XP and SP2
The sound does not work :(
Has established the last of the driver - has not helped :(
Without SP all works

Answer:Satellite A10: WinXP & SP2 sound problem :(

Hello sm,

When you want to download some Driver there is one document called ?Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Update information?. I saw straight that for your A10 the update for Sound Driver is not necessary.

Anyway please check in ?Sound and Audio Devices Properties? all adjustments.

Please check also your Volume control Dial in front side of your Notebook. :)

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THE official driver cannot find the speakers on xp. What can I do to fix it?

Answer:Sound problem on Satellite P100

Maybe in your case buddy. What is your problem? Do you have problem with sound driver installation or speakers functionality?

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Hello, I just bought a new satellite x200-21k and when i finished the toshibe updates with "toshiba tempo" and i tried to install the sound driver release on 20-11-2007 , the installation just canceled and I lost the realtek program from my computer.
I tried the operation again, the same happened.

The sound program find only stereo speakers no 4.1 and the media player when I turn on srs wow effects just stop the sound of my speakers.

Please help

Answer:Satellite X200-21K - Sound Problem

Ok, I think the best workaround would be to go to the realtek website ( and download the latest drivers/tools from there. They must work and you will do nothing wrong when installing the native realtek sound drivers.

Please give a lttle feedback if it worked


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I have the Toshiba M30-852 with Windows XP HE preinstalled. Yesterday I've tried to use the modem to dialup to Internet. The modem works fine, but only If I turn off the modem speaker sound. If the modem speaker is turned on the modem still is connecting fine, but the sound from the notebook speakers is harshing. It seems like the sounds is cuting periodically i.e. at ~3 sec. time frame I hear the dial tone, then there is no sound for 1 sec, after it sounds again. This doesn't affect the connection, but it annoys me. Another feature, if I am turning off the modem speaker, the all sound is turning off, i.e. I can not listen the music, played etc. Did someone experienced with such problems?

Answer:Satellite M30-852 modem & sound problem


that's tricky! But here are some suggestions to solve it!
But first some questions, did you install the Toshiba recovery OS or an own MS OS? If you have an own MS OS you have to pay attention about the driver install order. When the drivers are installed in the false order the notebook doesn't work correctly!

Did you update the Modem, Sound and BIOS yet?

You have to know that the Modem is software emulated and the modem and the sound card are related to each other.

In my opinion there is perhaps a buggy driver.

Test it and post again! :-)


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Hi people,

I think this is where we can help. For a long time struggling to fix the sound, but I fail.
When you boot, you will hear windows sound, the sound for some time, and then suddenly disappear.

Drivers are good, I deleted and then went Automatic update. All in all, the sound works for a short time.
Could this be a software or hardware failure? Thanks people!

My laptop is: Toshiba Satellite L755 - 1LZ

I find it strange that the sound works, but briefly, the fault may be to the speaker .. what do you think?
I'm so grateful in advance

Answer:Problem with sound on my Satellite L755-1LZ

After reading your posting t is not easy to understand what happen exactly.
Have you tested it with headphones/headset? What is with speakers status in sound properties (playback devices)?

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The sound on my toshiba satellite a25 is not working at all no speakers, nothing through the external jacks. tried updating the drivers but had no results maybe i didnt get the right updates or is there another answer? oh yeah and all volume controls are on, nothing muted, made sure.

Answer:Toshiba satellite a25 sound problem

Does it show your sound card as working in device manager?

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After I installed SP3 for XP the sound is very slow and I don?t know what to do.
Sond driver is the latest, but there is no change!

Can someone help me?

Answer:Re: Sound problem satellite A100-590 and SP3

What do you mean by "very slow" ?

Is the speed of the playback slow? Or is the volume low?

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Hi, Folks - I'm New, here...

I recently bought a new Toshiba Satellite P105 pre-loaded with Vista.

We use a proprietary system at work that connects through a VPN and our server would not acknowledge Vista, so I immediately re-formatted and loaded XP Pro.

I managed to get all of my drivers for every device except sound. The PC has a Toshiba V92 modem connected to a high-def audio bus with Harmon Kardon speakers.

I can't seem to find the correct drivers for my sound.

Anyone else experienced this? Any help in solving my delimma?

I've spent hours at Toshiba's support site.


Answer:Sound Problem- Toshiba Satellite

Hi, Dave, and welcome to TSF!

Have you tried using a generic driver? Go into device manager and see if your audio chipset shows up there with a yellow ! next to it. If it does, run the add new hardware wizard and have it select a driver for it automatically.

I have moved you to Windows XP support.

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My laptop has been repaired ( new motherboard ) and I have some trouble playing MP3 files.
When playing MP3 by different programs ( Windows media player , winamp etc .) there are some kinds of ` cracks` , the music is not played fluently as it used to be.
It looks like there is some trouble in transferring mp3 data to the player ..... ????
Although this does not happen when watching movies.

All the test on the machine are all right so I think it is some configuration problem.

What can be the problem ?


Answer:Satellite P100-160 with sound problem


First of al you should check if the new BIOS is available.
If you use the old BIOS version then try to update it!

Furthermore you should check your sound driver! If possible update the sound driver too?. (do this but after the BIOS update!!!)

Good luck and best regards

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I've got a problem with my Toshiba U200-10h. There is no sound through speakers or headphones.
All drivers installed correctly. I've reinstalled Windows Vista from Recovery CD, but it didn't help.
What can I do to solve this problem?

Answer:Sound problem on Satellite U200-10h

The solution was found here:[email protected]@@@11 [email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccchaddmmhdiej mcgfkceghdgngdgmn.0

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I bought a new Toshiba Satellite L655-1FO before 5 days , I install all driver on XP an my sound work ok , but today I connect my headphone and I didn?t hear sound like music just some scratch sound and when I disconnect my headphones , there was no more sound from my PC .

I restarted but the problem stay. What?s happen with my pc , is it broken?
I need to know because I have 7 days to back it and get new or to contact with service?


Answer:Problem with sound on my new Satellite L655-1FO

You must understand that nobody here can say for sure if something is broken or not. We an just speculate what the problem can be.

I recommend you to install WXP one more time to see if this issue will be fixed. If not contact your local dealer and ask for replacement.

In the headphones port there is small switch that disable internal speakers when external speakers are connected. Maybe this switch stuck somehow. Who knows?

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I had a new hard-drive installed and since there has been no sound. I updated the BIOS and the sound card driver (Sound Max Integrated Audio). Today there is some sound but it is very faint, and all the volume controls are up to full. The sound was working perfectly before the hard drive was replaced.
This happened once before, with the old hard-drive, and then it suddenly returned until...

Thank you for any help you can give.

Answer:Satellite 2450-sound problem


did you checked the volume control at the left or right side of the notebook?

Also you should check your Device Manager soundcard entry!

Was the HDD replaced by yourself?

Bye Hans

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When I connect a box to the laptop and i have the powercable connect, than I hear a broom/sound. What can i do?

Answer:Satellite A110-153 sound problem


here?s a link which describes what exactly the problem is:

You must ground your power connection between the amp and the machine. Thats all. Since this is a very extensive topic I would suggest you to go to and type the following words: "laptop ground loop amp"

You should have many hits where the problem is described and resolved. I would put some links from another forums here but I am not sure how the admin?s here would be reacting. ;)

Cheers and good luck

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I have a problem playing CD's & DVD's on my laptop. The DVD pictures are fine, but the sound "crackles & misses" also with CD's. I can copy CD's to my hard drive and play them back from my hard drive ok. I've tried Windows Media player, Real Player, Nero & Inter Video Windvd, all with the same results.

Can anyone help please?

Message was edited by: amscho

Answer:Drive D - Sound problem on Satellite Pro P100

I will try to solve this issue. I hope ;)

Well, go to the drive properties and select the hardware tab.
Then choose the CD/DVD drive and ?Properties?.
Then select the tab called ?Properties?.

There you have to enable the option ?digital CD audio for this CD-rom device?

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My google phone in google email says it cannot detect a proper working audio setup but the sound throughout the rest of the computer works just fine. One day it was fine and when I went back to it the next day my sound on the phone had disappeared for no reason I can find. It tells me to ensure that my microphone is working properly and try again. The phone sound in my Skype doesn't work either but the sound is fine everywhere but in the phones...If anyone can steer me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it.

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the last month i italled win8 in my laptop. The problem is that sound doesnt work!!!!

anyone whith the same problem????


Answer:Sound problem with Windows8 Satellite A300-1MS

But you know that your old A300 is NOT supported for Win8, right?

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Good night.
I have two identical laptops at home, Satellite L735-13C model, and the two I noticed that when starting Windows 7, when you update the virus database of a particular antivirus (if I can not name names) indicates a voice that has been updated, but the sound is cut and heard incorrectly.

Then I'm listening to music and just open a web page the same problem occurs, regardless of the operation carried out is the same.

I tried to reinstall the sound driver but was updated with the latest version and still is the same.

He asked whether there is a solution or a hardware problem and that is under warranty and also occurs in the two teams that are the same model.

Thank you very much.


Answer:Sound problem Satellite L735-13C model

Since you have two of those notebooks you can try swapping the hard disks around to check if it's a hardware or software problem. If the sound problem still happens when the other hard disk is installed then the notebook may have a hardware problem or the BIOS needs updating.

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This is my first post here, my tech buddy couldnt help me with this one so here goes...

i had problems with the virtual sound program that came with my laptop when i first got it and uninstalled it, then reinstalled it from a website assuming that the HD wow SRS program download would be the same, i guess it wasnt exactly the same.

it would come up once, so i could tweak my listening experience then disappear into thin air, it would be in 'Add or Remove' files but nowhere else.

so decided to download it again, from a different site this time, downloaded it, but this time it told me to restart computer to kick it in, didnt have to do that b4.

when i reloaded my satellite laptop this HORRIFIC sound came out of my speakers and wouldnt stop, it sounded from the depths of driver gone wrong hell, so i uninstalled it, rebooted and it was gone but NOW my windows media player does not play ANYTHING and goes "Sorry for the inconvienence but Windows explorer must close".

what gives ??????????????????????

oh by the way i had to take it in 2 weeks ago for fixing because the motherboard quit, warranty people replaced it, boo urns.

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I have a Satellite L750/L755. I have had it for the last three years!!!

I have recently been having problems with the sound. When I switch my laptop on, I am able to play audio for about 30-40 mins and then it just switches off. I have clicked on the speaker icon and it seems like it is working ok, but there is no sound. When I play around with the playback audio, I have sound again but then it last for about another 5 mins and its gone again :/

Please help... its getting annoying now!! My work revolves around my laptop and would really appreciate any help!!!

Thanks x

Answer:Satellite L750/L755 - sound problem


I've what appears to be the same problem.

The bad news is that it hit about nine months ago, and that I've not found a fix. I've long since reckoned it to be a hardware fault. I believe the audio card on the mainboard became flakey as a consequence of stress introduced at the headphone socket.

Anyhoo, there is good news.
I've the L750D, and it has both USB & Bluetooth options available, and I use both.
Also, in my case the headphone socket itself does still work..

The problem is still a damned nuisance, but workroundable.....
The hastle of the various workarounds is more than compensated for by the happy fact that the audio you're then presented with is a vast improvement over that produced by the original laptop speakers.

Also, there's DLNA. So you can dongle-up and cast to your TV wirelessly.
Also there's HDMI for a wired option.

Your choice...!!!

All the best from NZ

One more "also" .... a USB FM transmitter is a tidy solution.

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Toshiba Satellite M35X-S311 laptop

Only have sound on one side (right) either through built in speakers or headphone jack. Have disassembled it to see if anything was lose, disconnected, etc. Found no problems. Disconnected/reconnected the ribbon wire leading from the sound portion to the MB just for giggles. Still the same. Ideas?

I asked an irishman if the irish always answer a question with a question. He answered "who told you that"?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite laptop sound problem

Have you checked the volume properties inside Windows?

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I upgraded my laptop from win 98 to win 2000 pro. I used a new HD and installed also a DVD burner. Originally the machine came with Win 98 and a DVD reader. Since the upgrade, sound crackles when booting up and also when playing a DVD. I tried the old 98 HD with the new DVD burner and it works fine. It seems to do with the the sound driver. I have uninstalled and re installed the sound driver several times but no change. I am on SP 3. I tried changing the Page file and that makes the machine simply reboot when a DVD is inserted. I have enabled DMA as well.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Sound does not work. Operating system windows vista. Reinstalled audio drivers from toshiba support page but still no sound

Answer:Sound problem on Satellite L505-s6946

Have you checked if sound isn't muted? Today was the user who couldn't solve sound problem for 2 days as the sound was muted. Have you tried to plug headphones?

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I have Satellite Pro A100 (PSAAC) "PSAACE-00200DG3 " with Windows XP.
I have recently formated my hard drive and run my Toshiba recovery CD. All was working fine. Than I have downloaded newest drivers for my machine including Toshiba Virtual Sound drivers. After I have removed old Virtual Sound driver and started to install new version of the same following message appeared "Toshiba Virtual Sound does not support your computer."
Then I have tried to install later version of the same which was on the Recovery CD and I would get the same message again. By the way, after clean installation of Windows XP, Virtual Sound is working OK. Please had anyone had same problem and could you give me some solution.

Thanks !!!

Answer:Virtual Sound Problem on Satellite Pro A100

Have you downloaded the right version? I mean version for your notebook model (PSAAC)?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L30-101 notebook. Every time I watch a DVD the film runs slower than it should and the sound is somewhat distorted.
I tried using various DVD players and nothing made a difference. I then copied a DVD to the hard disk and played it from there and everything was ok.....
there must be something wrong with the cd/dvd unit, I have also noticed that copying from the cd/dvd takes an age.

I see from this forum that I am not the only person who has had this problem, but no-one has come up with a solution.
I am running windows 2K professional, I have NO memory problems, I have tried to clean the head and I have even
installed the Acoustic silencer - which doesn't seem to do anything apart from telling me that rundll32.exe insn't a valid win32

Please please please could someone find a solution to this problem.

[email protected]

Answer:Satellite L30: watching DVD problem - slowly and sound is distorted

Is Satellite L30 supported for Windows 2K?

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I've installed driver, from toshiba web page. I'm working on xp pro sp2. I also tried the ali(or Uli now) drivers - integrated 213:

* AGP Driver: v. 2.14 dla Windows 2K / XP z M1563, v. 2.30 dla Windows XP / 2003 / x64 , v. 2.14 dla Windows 98SE / WinME;
* IDE Cache Utility 1.06 dla Windows 95 OSR2.1 / 98 / 98SE / WinME;
* Mini-IDE Driver dla Windows 2K / XP(WHQL).
* FIR Driver 1.150 dla Windows 98(WHQL) / 98SE(WHQL) / FIR Driver 1.141 dla Windows ME(WHQL) / FIR Driver 2.01 dla Windows 2K(WHQL) / XP(WHQL);
* Audio M5451 WDM Driver dla Windows 98SE / ME(WHQL)/2K(WHQL) / XP(WHQL);
* Audio M5455 WDM Driver dla Windows 98SE / ME / 2K/ XP(WHQL), dla x64.
* Memory Stick Driver 1.32.1018 dla Windows 98SE / WinME; v. 1.32.1030 dla Windows 2000 / XP.
* SD/MMC Driver 1.10.1018 dla Windows 98SE / ME; v.1.10.1040 dla Windows 2000 / XP;
* LAN Driver 3.50 dla Windows 98 / 98SE / ME / 2K(WHQL) / 2003 / XP(WHQL)/x64(WHQL).
* USB 1.1 Controller 1.03 dla Windows 95 OSR2.1.
* M7101 Patch 1.01 dla Windows 95.
* IRQ Miniport Driver 0.1 dla Windows 95
* USB 2.0 Controller 1.76 dla Windows 98SE / ME / 2K / 2003 / XP;
* M5228 v Driver dla Windows NT4 / 98SE / Me / 2000 / XP / 2003 / x64
* M5281 v Driver dla Windows NT4 / 98 SE / Me; v dla Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / x64
* M5287 v Driver dla Windows 2000(WHQL) /... Read more

Answer:Satellite 1800-354S has sound card problem


may I ask how you resolved your problem? Would be interesting for me and the other users, because sometimes the one or the other will need a solution if he/she faces the same problem.

Would appreciate some feedback. :)


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O.S. Vista Home Premium.

Since 'Vista Update' installed a new sound driver 'Conexant High Definition SmartAudio HD2' the sound doesn't work.
It only works after I do a 'surch for changed devices' via 'Device Manager'.
But I have to do this each time I startup the Laptop.
Should I first remove this driver( and how?) and than install the correct driver from the Toshiba site?

Answer:Satellite P100-442 - Sound problem after Vista update

Try to roll back to earlier time using system restore option.

If everything works again DO NOT install updates for ANY listed driver. Just install updated marked as important. All other (optional) updated MUST NOT be installed at all.

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Hi, I have problem with my new notebook *L650D-101* short part. num. *PSK1SE* with *Windows 7 64bit* and with *sound device*.

There is sound icon in the system tray, but with red circle with white cross and this message (I have Czech language and translated form from our language is) "There isn't connect any speaker or headphones", but this model have an built-in speakers... And if I go to volume control option (right click on speaker icon and the last item) I see only one audio device: High Definition Audio (Digital Sound HDMI). I think this is sound card placed od ATI HD graphic card. 7

I can connect my headphones to internal 3,5 jack, but still have the same problem and still have the same message...

I tried to install the latest sound drivers , that I can find, but with no success. I tried to run every windows update, uninstall sound driver, no success.

Can anybody help me please?

Thanks a lot and I'm sorry for my English.
V?clav Fojt?k

Answer:Re: Satellite L650D-101 PSK1SE sound device problem

Have a look in Device Manager, do you see any unresolved devices or errors?

Have you installed any USB devices recently? maybe another driver is conflicting.

If you want to test if it is hardware or software, you can try a bootable "Live" Linux CD.

If all else fails, you may need to back up your important files and run Recovery.

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I have little problem. I have been downloaded from your website BIOS 2.1 for Toshiba Satellite L750D (PSK32E).

I have been updated BIOS to 2.1 and start problem with sound. When I start game, music or something other only 2 first minutes sound plays properly but then it stops for no reason. No sound at all. I have been reinstalled op system but the problem is still there.

Sound works for 2 minutes only then is completely off. Every start application with sound plays 2 minutes and stop all quiet is. I have made a probe on my mother laptop it?s a twin laptop. I have been updated bios same problem 2 minutes and then no sound. My operating system is win 8 pro 64 my mother laptop is with win 7 x64 premium.

Two BIOS updated 2.1 ver on L750D and the problem is same. Please fix BIOS.

Answer:Satellite L750D - BIOS update 2.1 and sound problem

The BIOS seems to be very old. I was released nearly 1.5 years ago? so to be honest I doubt its and BIOS issue.

I had the similar issue with my other notebook equipped with an Realtek sound card.
The sound appeared again after plugging and removing the headphone jack?
But i could solve this installing the newest sound driver update from Realtek driver page.

But it seems that your Satellite does not support Realtek sound chip but Conexant sound chip.
Therefore the solution might not be useful for you.

However, I think you need to update the sound driver?.I recommend you to google for Conexant SmartAudio HD driver and to test the newest available driver version.
In internet I could found the Conexant SmartAudio HD Driver version for Win 7/ Win 8 / Win 8.1
Not quite sure if this is the newest version but you can test it?.

In order to manually update your driver:

1. Go to Device Manager (right click on My Computer, choose Manage and then find Device Manager in the left panel)
2. Right click on the hardware device you wish to update and choose Update Driver Software
3. Choose to select the location of the new driver manually and browse to the folder where you downloaded the driver

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My sound has been silent for while now. I did not know about the sneaky volume control hidden on the side of my notebook so I've done all sorts....

Today, I was so desperate to hear some sounds (a little knowledge is a dangerous thing) that I played around.....I seem to have uninstalled an audio device -In the Control Panel, windows informs me I now have no audio device.

Clearly, this was a stupid thing to do - how can I remedy it? Can I download something from microsoft? Or is this a Toshiba problem? My manual is no help.

Thanks in advance


Answer:Satellite 2450-101 sound problem/audio device

Hi Charlotte,

You should be able to re-install the audio device from the Toshiba utilities CD (NOT the Recovery CDs) that you received with your notebook.


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Three weeks back I purchased Satellite A200-1H2 laptop.

I got the Windows vista with my new laptop.

1. When am doing online voice chat(yahoo chat or Just VOIP) , receiver is not able to hear my voice but am able to listen his/her voice clearly.
My sound cards versions are:
Realtek high definition audio, version:
High definition Audio Device, version: 6.0.6000.16386

I checked sound drivers, my speakers and sound settings. every thing is fine. Even though problem still exist.

2. I installed Norton Anti virus in my machine which came with new laptop, even though one virus settled in my machine, its typing messge automatically in between my messages.
But whenever I run anti virus, am getting a message like one cookie must be resolved, even after fixing that cookie also in next virus scan am getting same cookie again.

I deleted cookie from IE->Tools->options. But It's not solved the problem.

Could any body help me on these above problems?

Answer:Satellite A200-1H2 - Virus and Sound driver problem


Googling around I have found many postings about sound problems using Yahoo under Vista. Have you checked what other people write about this? Yahoo is not my favorite messenger but I would like to know if you use version designed for Vista ?

Unfortunately I cannot say anything about Norton. I have tested this 90 days version on my P200 but after few days I have removed it from the system. It is not my favorite program for system protection.

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My notebook is Toshiba Satellite M100. After bios upgrade (5.10->2.80) and OS downgrade (Vista->XP) I have a sound trouble.
There are not sound from speakers. But sound from line out (headphones) is ptesent.
I use sound drivers for XP from official site. Any ideas?

Answer:Sound problem after Vista->XP downgrade on Satellite M100

Hi there,

there is a good solution for your problem.
Go to this site:

and download the sounddrivers from there. In any case they should work perfectly since they are the native drivers for that chipset.


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Hello everybody,

I got me a Satellite L300 C21.

Everything's fine for eight months now. But I experienced some "special effect":
When I plug the Notebook via headphone-output to my HiFi-Receiver, I get big noise.
This may be a matter of configuration.

But when I plug-off the AC-adapter, noise disappears!!!
Running "on-accu" is fine.

Any solutions?
Yours Ralph

Answer:Satellite L300 C21 external Sound Noise Problem

>When I plug the Notebook via headphone-output to my HiFi-Receiver, I get big noise.
> This may be a matter of configuration.
> But when I plug-off the AC-adapter, noise disappears!!!
> Running "on-accu" is fine.


Possibly this noise is affected by main power? looks like a grounding issue or something like that.
Some guys in the internet have recommended a usage of 3 power cord cable and AC adaptor?
In most cases this could eliminate such noise.

I think you should get in contact with the ASP in your country. Maybe the guys could provide you another cable with AC adaptor?

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Hi Guys

I recently bought a Satellite A 200 PSAE7. I got it downgraded to Win XP.

Everything worked perfectly until last night. I restarted the laptop and i had no sound. I tried to reinstall the Realtek sound drivers, it succeeds, ask for a restart but the sound is still not working. I tried everything, removing the drivers through add/remove programs, and device manager and then reinstalling it. When i restart it tells me "PCI device detected" after i installed the sound drivers. But the sound doesn't work.

Any advice?

Answer:Problem's with sound driver on Satellite A200 running Win XP SP3

The problem is that you have not installed the MS hotfixes which are really essential.
I?m speaking about the *KB888111 and KB835221* hotfixes.

You have to remove firstly the sound driver from the system.
Then you have to install both fixes.
After new reboot, reinstall the sound driver which can be found on the Toshiba driver page.

Best regards and good luck

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Hi all

Just purchased a Satellite P300-172 laptop, which is great in its self, until you want to play 3D games. Problem being none of the games I have tried to install work unless I disable the conexant sound card first.

Even my old laptop which was a Satellite P10 would play Battlefield 2 with low settings but this P300-172 refuses to play games with the sound card enabled. Does any one know if this problem can be sorted or should I quickly return the laptop while I still have time.......

Thanks for any advice

Answer:Satellite P300-172 - problem with sound card and 3D games

Hi there,
Can you describe, how it is shown, that games don't run? I mean, are you able to enter the main menu of your games?
If so, you should try to disable all sound acceleration and Surround Sound standards like EAX.

Help me more then once.
Make sure you have latest directx and sound card driver version. And of course update your games with latest patches.

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I have problem with this sound drivers The problem is that output works perfect but there is no input.

When can I expect good working drivers on Toshiba Support?

My way to have input and output working good is: first install drivers from Toshiba site, than install from Intel Support and after install do not reboot. This is difficult because every time when I reboot PC I must to make this from begin.

Have anybody the same problem and found another working drivers?


Answer:Satellite P100-487: sound drivers for WXP - input problem

HI Supportneeded,

You gave me the hint with the driver to solve the problem within the next reboot.
And I replied to your thread on thursday evening at 20:30PM. Ask u to phone Toshiba Support when we can expect new drivers. (i have a Satego P100-10F) I added a litte complaint that Toshiba should also support an "old" OS like XP. And after that at 21:00PM the posting was completly away.

Anyway, i tested some drivers from other Manufacturers and other Chipsetdrivers, always the same problem.
the sound with this Hardware is not running on XP due a bad sounddriver.

Obviously toshiba brings out a new driver that will be function at end of february, but now it is march and i see nothing. (stop: a new driver for WindowsVista is online since yesterday)
I had installed it under xp and the sound is completly down. Whether in- or output.

Did u phoned already toshiba support when they expect to solve our problems?


[Edited by: admin on 17-Mar-2007 17:03]

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I've recently bought Satellite L40-17R (PSL4CE) without OS preinstalled. I've installed Windows XP Home Edition SP 2.

Then I have installed all drivers I have found for this model on Toshiba driver site. I've even upgraded BIOS.
After that all Fn hotkeys works fine *except those responsible for volume control (Fn + Up/Down Arrow, Esc)*.
I have searched the forum for solution of this problem and found this topic
but I am unable to install +ATK Hotkey Utility+ and +ATK Hotkey Driver+ since I cannot find *Driver Package* at Toshiba driver site:
as if it was removed.

I also studied instructions from
Driver Package is also mentioned there on page 7, 8, 9 but it does not appear in a +Driver type+ listbox as described.

Also when I don't specify "Driver type" field in the search form there is no any Driver Package in search result.

Can anybody tell me where to find Driver Package, ATK Hotkey Utility or ATK Hotkey Driver for Satellite L40+ Win XP?
Am I missing something? Is my Toshiba drivers link not up to date? Is there any other solution to make sound hotkeys work?


Answer:Satellite L40-17R - FN Sound Volume Hotkey problem - Windows XP

Hi there,

just wait some time, it happens sometimes due some maintainance reasons that the remove/upload drivers due some updates or whatever. I think if it was already online then they should place it online again.


P.S.: Just have some cups of tea and patience ;)

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My Satellite X200-252 is running under Vista Home Premium operating system.

I have strange problem with sound mixer. After (I think) some security patches applied my vista stopped from recognizing the sound device.
The taskbar sound icon on the right side of the screen is marked with red cross and while im clicking the icon the info-window states that there is no sound device connected.
When I select the properties, I see all 3 output devices, i.e. internal speakers, hdmi and digital output. However no icon is displayed in the window. But the configuration is working.

Moreover the keyboard shortcuts as well as touchpad works as expected. I mean I can mute/unmute etc..

But I can not change the volumes per channel. For this I need the mixer app.

What I can do to repair my comp?


Answer:Satellite X200-252 and Vista sound mixer problem


In your case I would recommend reinstalling the sound driver.
As far as I know this notebook supports an Realtek sound card.

You could visit the Realtek website and could download the sound driver directly from this page.
You need an HD sound driver.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite L30-115 notebook. I use preinstalled WinDVD to watch DVDs. Everything was fine until yesterday. Since then my DVD player seems to have problems with playing (original) DVD films.

It's a bit slower than should be and the sound is somewhat distorted. The same DVDs my notebook had no problems to play, now it seems impossible to play properly.

I tried system recovery to the date everything was fine, but that didn't help.

Everything is fine, when I play films from my hardrive, but my DVD player apparently can't play it right.
I tried various combinations (turning on and off digital playing in the device manager), but nothing seems to work.

Any idea how to solve it?

Answer:Satellite L30: watching DVD problem - slowly and sound is distorted

First, give it a try with cleaning the lens of your DVD player. Many times a dirty lens or CD/DVD is making the proper read-out impossible causing the delays.
Since the Movies play back from the HDD correctly, it doesn't sound to be a codec related problem but,... you should try anyway to use a different DVD player software to make sure WinDVD is not the source.

I'd suggest you also in order to keep your drive's life longer, to install a CD-speed reducing software during normal everyday use. As you know, the disk spins a lot faster than actually necessary inside of the drive which makes the reading procedure (especially on scratched CD) more difficult and consumes more power, too.

Reducing the speed solves many times problems like the one you have. Here is a link to TOSHIBA's Acoustic Silencer Version 1.00.008 (from the satellite L30 driver page), give it a try:
(This software runs independent whether you have european/american version of L30 notebook, even on a different model like Satellite Pro 6100 a.s.o)


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Yesterday is installed the bios update, and everything went ok. The only problem is when I now plug in my headphones, the sound also comes out from the laptop speakers. Before the bios update only the headphones made sound when I had them plugged in.

What can i do about this?

I have Windows 7 x64

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L500-1ZP - Sound problem after bios update

Problem fixed. I reinstalled the drivers.

Sorry for not trying this at first.

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Hey guys.

My laptop is a TOSHIBA Satellite L775 (Windows 7) and for quite a while now I’ve been having ‘stuttering’ problems with the sound. If I’m watching a youtube video (or listening to music files on my hard drive) occasionally the sound lags. It wasn’t too much of a problem at first but it’s happening quite often now and is incredibly annoying/worrying.

I’ve checked out a lot of forums and questions online regarding similar problems, so far I have disabled and replaced my sound driver (although there are like 5 NVIDIA sound drivers I did not have the option to uninstall), disabled a few programs/services using the msconfig (although I don’t think its related to the processor or processes, my laptop has 4GB of RAM and an intel i5 processor, I’ve ran pretty intensive games on it in the past with no problems so can’t see it lagging over music).

I tried downloading a new ‘atheros’ network driver, I didn’t uninstall the current one as I’m in the middle of revision and don’t want to cut myself off from the internet by mistake. I simply downloaded the replacement driver and ran the install wizard for it, the problem still wasn’t fixed.

It might be worth nothing that after I disabled a few programs to see if it was the RAM that the problem seemed to get worse, with massive hangs in the audio. The first time I remember seeing this was almost a year ago, I was playing Crysis 2 and the game/sound crashed. Occasionally after this the stuttering would occur whils... Read more

Answer:Sound stuttering/lagging problem, Toshiba satellite

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I have upgraded my Satellite 2800-400 to XP-SP2 and my sound card driver does aperently not work with SP2. I have downloaded the latest driver that I can find and that is from 2002, but this driver does not work together with the program Skype. I get a massage that the sound card driver does not suport SP2.
How can I solve this problem without deleting the SP2 upgrade.

Message was edited by: felixnorway

Answer:Satellite 2800-400 sound card driver problem with XP-SP2


The unit was delivered with this sound card:
Yamaha YMF754 FM synthesizer, MPU401 MIDI; SB-Pro compatible

You can try to check other notebooks with the same sound card for the newer sound card driver or you visit the manufacturer?s website and search there for the new release on this driver.

Please check also this page:

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Hey guys and girls,

I have a toshiba satellite 1905-s301 laptop running windows xp home edition. Starting 2 weeks ago, i lost the sound. I tried to go to the volume control pad but the laptop sayd that there is was no selected audio device. I did some investigating and i found that my sound device (Crystal WDM audio codec)had an error next to it(device could not start, code 10). Soon after, i started getting the blue screen with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL message. I went to the toshiba website and downloaded the updated driver. Installed it and nothing.
So i said screw it and had my buddy reformat the laptop with the toshiba recovery cds. Laptop is back to day 1 settings and still the same issue. So i disabled the sound device (Crystal WDM audio codec) and i have been able to use my computer without having constant shutdowns. I get an occasional blue screen (once every 2 days and usually while opening a new webpage) but not the same time it comes up i will post up the message.

I have run mcafee that i get from aol, adaware, reg run and winpatrol and i got rid of lots of viruses and spyware but still hasnt fixed the issue. What should i do?

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you for your help,


Answer:Toshiba Satellite 1905 s301 sound problem

Did some research and this guy was having the same exact problem as me

Unfortunately, he hasnt been online since may 23rd so i can't find out if he found a fix.
I know SOMEBODY has to have a solution for this.

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Hi all,
I'm about to get REALLY crazy!! I'd really appreciate if anyone can help me..

My story is:
I've lost all my recovery&driver CDs that were given to me in 2004 . But, I had to format my pc at this weekend due to many system reasons(bugs, unable to connect to net, etc).
My first step was I downloaded all kind of drivers for Satellite A30 from Toshiba site. And I got XP professional SP2 from my friend and installed it. But after finishing all the installations below is the result:

1) NO SOUND :(

2) Question marks on 2 items that are a)Multimedia Sound Controller and b)PCI Modem in Device Manager/Other Devices.

3) Chipset installation error message: Intel(R) Chipset installation utility requires chipset platform supported by the supporting operating system. Please read system requirements section in readme.txt for further info.
As far as I checked in forums my chipset was not properly installed, but, when I try yo install the Intel chipset 895PE ( that I downloaded from download address, it gives error message and some people tells to install drivers in a right order as, first install XP with SP1 and then install chipset utilitt, then install SP2 etc..But this seems to be not easy for me..

I can really repeat my FORMAT process again, but in which order..

Answer:Satellite A30: Sound card & Chipset driver problem.


Just to inform you that my problem was solved by itself :)
I've reformatted my laptop and installed the original XP Pro SP2 again by following the instructions.

Sound problem was solved automatically, no chipset utility installation required..
The sound problem was probably caused due to missing Microsoft KB835221 update for SP1, and KB888111 for SP2, which then was solved with the original latest XP..


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I just bought this mouse and I thought the right click was not working but found out that I had to hold left button to perform a right click. This is my first time encountering this problem and I don't know what to do. Please help.

This is the mouse:

Answer:Weird Mouse problem, have to hold left click to perform right click

Hi welcome to the forum

i would test the mouse on another computer if does same thing then return the mouse and get another.

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Good morning every body

I have formatted the harddrive of my Toshiba Satellite A100-712 notebook and dowloaded the sound and BT drivers from this amazing site.

But still there is a problem.
In the device manager there are yellow signs with the bt and realtek drivers. I don't know what to do?

Please, can you list the steps for proper installation for these drivers?
bcz i'll be crazy ... :(
thank you

Answer:Problem in installing Sound and Bluetooth drivers in a Satellite A100-712


First question: Why you don?t use the Toshiba recovery CD?
This CD contains all drivers, tools and utilities and you will not need to install all the drivers separately?

Secondly: On the Toshiba driver page you should find the ?installation instruction document??
Simply follow the installation order mentioned in the txt file and everything should works!!!

PS: Be sure that you use the right drivers?. I think the A100-712 is apart from the PSAA9E series?

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A500 Windows 7 - 64 Bit

I have download the latest versions of sound driver ( and Display Driver ( and I have some problems.
The colours are too bright and the sound is too deep (like the mid are too low).

Answer:Satellite A500: problem with sound and display driver after update!


So why you don?t go back to the previous driver versions?
In your case I would recommend setting the OS back to the early time point, before you have updated the drivers.
Usually this should helps to get the old drivers back again.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite L750 1XK, my laptop is approx 18 months old now

The problem I have been having is that the sound works for a minute or two and then cuts off! I have seen ALOT of people in this forum have the same problem but I'm yet to find a thread where the problem was actually resolved.

As with most people with the same problem, I can plug in headphones and remove them and it works again briefly but then cuts out again. I have tried everything I can think of. I don't know much about laptops but I have tried to reinstall the drivers, I checked the device manager to see if there were problems in there but everything seems fine.

I then thought maybe my computer has too much on it and, removed everything and defraged etc and cleaned it up but still didnt work. Then I decided to go one step further and actually restore the laptop to factory settings, it wiped everything off and did a clean install of windows and its still doing the same thing.

I really have no idea what to do now. Is this a hardware problem, if so, will it be an expensive fix?

Answer:Satellite L750-1XK Sound problem - works for 1-2 mins then cuts off

> As with most people with the same problem, I can plug in headphones and remove them and it works again briefly but then cuts out again

Had the same issue with my other notebook equipped with an Realtek sound card and i coudl solve thsi installing the newest sound driver update from Realtek driver page.

But it seems that your Satellite L750-1XK does not support Realtek sound chip but Conexant sound chip.
Therefore the solution might not be useful for you.

However, I guess there are two possible reasons for that:
1) sound driver malfunction
2) sound chip malfunction.

In case of sound driver malfunction, I recommend you to google for Conexant SmartAudio HD driver and to test the newest available driver version. In internet I could found the Conexant SmartAudio HD Driver version for Win 7/ Win 8 / Win 8.1

In order to manually update your driver:

1. Go to Device Manager (right click on My Computer, choose Manage and then find Device Manager in the left panel)
2. Right click on the hardware device you wish to update and choose Update Driver Software
3. Choose to select the location of the new driver manually and browse to the folder where you downloaded the driver

In case of sound chip malfunction you could try to use an external USB sound card.

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I've just purchased:
"Creative I-Trigue 3400" 2.1 channel external PC speakers for my Toshiba M60 Laptop.

My problem is that their is no sound in the right speaker.

* Headphones/onboard speakers work fine
* I have updated the sound drivers (Realtek AC97)
* The creative speakers work great with my I-Pod
* The creative speakers work great with my cheaper/older laptop.

I have experimented with the sound panel settings including the Toshiba Virtual Sound settings with no success.

any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite M60 - Problem configuring sound for 2.1 external speakers

On closer examination, i noticed that there is a slight (millimeters)overhanging "lip" above the headphone jack.

The creative speaker's are shipped with a heavy duty input jack that gets partially blocked by this overhang - using my cheaper "thinner" input cable solved my problem.

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I'm using the track point for navigation and the touchpad for the mouse click functions, I notice that when I click the touch pad once the laptop registers 2 clicks, this is especially noticeable when using hotmail, i.e. you delete 1 email from the inbox and the next one is also deleted as well. It is as if the de-bounce on the track pad isn't working that well, any ideas what causes this and is there a setting I can adjust to increase the de-bounce period? Thanks J

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please slove it 
i am click single time but mouse take double times and files are open 
please slove it
thank you

Answer:double click problem in mouse i click single time

G'day hassensk, and Welcome to BC.
Windows 7 ?    windows XP...? Windows 8 ?......

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I have a Satellite S2410-304 equipped with Yamaha AC-XG. After installing SP2 it used to work normally for 6 months, but somehow the speaker icon disappeared yesterday.

The device manager panel shows a yellow exclamation mark (error code 39) for the Yamaha AC-XG device. I tried to install original drivers, v6.13.10.2152, v6.13.10.3152 and newer ones 3157, 3159. But everytime Windows warns that the drivers are not MS signed.

What can I do about this issue?

Answer:Yamaha sound driver problem - error code 39 - Satellite 2410-304


ignore the MS warning, it should work anyway.


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I bought a Notebook Toshiba Satellite L300-17I (PSLBCE-00R002GR)!
After the installation of WIN XP Prof. SP2, i have the current drivers downloaded by the Toshiba homepage and installs.
It functions everything perfectly except the tone!
The driver does not function!
Does anyone can help me please?

Answer:No Sound Satellite L300 -17I - Problem with Realtek High Definition Audio

This issue is known to me. I had it too.

The solution is simply; you need to install the MS patches and hot fixes: *KB835221 and KB888111*

It?s very important that you would install firstly these patches and then the Realtek HD audio driver!!!

Best regards

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I have a strange problem with my XP Installation. I had to re-install XP two days ago because it periodically didn't start up.

Anyway on my new installation, i can't install ANY Conexant drivers, which would be the modem and the sound driver. I don't need the modem, so thats not the important point, but the missing sound is annoying. I've been trying several drivers I found in the internet but none works, they all complain at the installation, that there is no device found that would fit to the driver.

The strange thing is, that i was able to install those drivers, when I installed XP about 3 weeks ago... I have no idea, what the problem is now.
Both devices are shown as "PCI Device" in the device manager. What is interesting is that the Device Instance ID of the devices do NOT match with the ones, which are in the driver's files...... maybe a problem with the chipset drivers, which do wrap things up there?

Any advice?
Thanks in advance :)

Satellite P300D-13N PSPDCE

Answer:Satellite P300D WinXP Conexant Sound/Modem Driver Problem

Did you install the chipset drivers?

Are any other devices in Device Manager not installed?

Did you download the correct driver for the P300D, not the P300?

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Hello everyone,
I am working on a - A300-1MO with win 7 ultimate 32 bit

In the last few days (since I have installed the Bluetooth driver but I don?t think it matters), the sound card, and therefore the laptop speakers, switch from being mute to being active, sometimes in high volume.

It disturbs me a lot because my computer is making sounds while I am in classes (from apps running\web sites etc.). I almost got kicked out of class several times because of it.

I tried muting the sound card from the windows mixer and from the sound card application, it's no use.

I will appreciate any help.

Thanks a bunch

Answer:Satellite A300 and Win7 - Strange problem with speakers\sound card


Did you try to reinstall / update the sound card driver?
I think this should be the first step which you should try.

The notebook uses an Realtek sound chip.
Visit the Realtek page in order to get the latest Realtek sound driver.
Remove the old installed sound driver and after new reboot try the downloaded Realtek sound driver.

Greets & Good luck

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I have big problem with Toshiba Virtual Sound after install Windows. After installation new Windows XP (Orginal CD not Toshiba Recovery Disk) and any drivers (newest) the Virtual Sound Setup report problem: Is not possible install Virtual Sound because not present this hardware !!!

After reinstalling Windows was all OK ( with Toshiba Recovery Disk). Thanks

Answer:Satellite A100-847: After fresh XP installtion Virtual Sound Setup reports problem


May I ask what notebook you have???

You said something about the installation of any drivers (newest)?.
Did you really install all necessary and right drivers???
The notebook runs successfully after installation of the Toshiba recovery CD because this CD contains all drivers and important tools?
It occurs to me that you did not install necessary drivers

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Here are the screenshots of how I calibrated RMClock to solve this problem on my Satellite A100 with T7200 processor.

Answer:Satellite A100: High pitched noise / sound problem solved using RMClock 2.25

Nice info?
Found a similar topic about ?High pitched noise?. Maybe it helps others.

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Just went through my sister's computer and removed all the spyware and viruses (a lot). While doing this I noticed that I couldn't double-click on anything in Explorer. I could double-click on anything on the desktop. I can select objects in Explorer, but no double or right click on the files. To open anything, I have to select it and then File > Open. Anyone have a fix for this?

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When I double click over a file or right click to open it, it takes 30sec to 2minutes time. That really irritates me. Instead if i open the application i want and then drag the file over it...its really fine, no problems. but i am really fed up doing so...

My exact problem....If i wanna listen to an mp3 file if i double click over that it takes 30sec to 2min...if i open the media player and drag the file over that....its fine...

plez help me sort out this problem....

i even tried to see if that were a virus problem but it was not....i scanned all the drives with Norton...

Answer:problem while i do right click or double click...

Hiya and welcome

Are you still having this problem? If so, lets take a look at a log. go to , and download 'Hijack This!'.
Unzip, doubleclick HijackThis.exe, and hit "Scan".

When the scan is finished, the "Scan" button will change into a "Save Log" button.
Press that, save the log somewhere, and please copy & paste its contents to the forum.

It will possibly show other issues deserving our attention, but most of what it lists will be harmless or even required, so do NOT fix anything yet.
Someone here will be happy to help you analyze the results.



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