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Re: Using Expert Recovery Mode in Product Recovery CD for Satellite Pro M70-220

Question: Re: Using Expert Recovery Mode in Product Recovery CD for Satellite Pro M70-220

I would greatly appreciate advice on the following.

My Sat Pro M70-220 (PSM75E-00D008G3), laptop has 4 partitions created by Acronis Disk Director Suit v9:

C: OS-Win XP Pro SP3
D: Programs
E: Data& Downloads
F: Backups

After booting the laptop into Win XP, I inserted the Toshiba Product Recovery CD into the DVD-RAM drive
and navigated to BMP folder, R:\G_INST\BMP, where I found the file "menu.bmp" which gives 2 Recovery

*1. Recover entire Hard disk*
Warning . All stored data o your computer will be lost.
Factory pre-installed software will be installed.

*2. Expert Recovery Mode Warning:*
This is for PC experts only.
Factory pre-installed Software can be installed onto an existing partition.

My questions are with respect to using the "Expert Recovery Mode" :
- will I be able to use the "Expert Recovery Mode" of the Recovery CD to reinstall the Win XP Pro (factory pre-installed software) onto my C: partition, whilst not affecting the D, E & F partitions ?
- will I be able to format the C: partition, using the "Expert Recovery Mode", without formatting the other partitions ?
- what is the exact "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?
- where can I find further info on the "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?

Thank you


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Preferred Solution: Re: Using Expert Recovery Mode in Product Recovery CD for Satellite Pro M70-220

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Re: Using Expert Recovery Mode in Product Recovery CD for Satellite Pro M70-220

>will I be able to use the "Expert Recovery Mode" of the Recovery CD to reinstall the Win XP Pro (factory pre-installed software) onto my C: partition, whilst not affecting the D, E & F partitions

Yes, this should be possible. Using the Expert Recovery Mode you should get the Ghost window in which you could select the partition where the OS should be installed. In such case only this partition would be formatted.

> will I be able to format the C: partition, using the "Expert Recovery Mode", without formatting the other partitions?

Yes, theoretically this should be possible.

> what is the exact "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?
As I mentioned above, this mode allows you to restore the OS on a certain partition and only this partition will be formatted.

> where can I find further info on the "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?
How about searching here in the forum?
I found this thread:

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I am trying to reconfigure the partition sizes of the windows and recovery partitions as I don't like the idea of having the drive poit 50/50.

I therefore want to reduce it so that only the recovery data will fit on the D drive and my main partition will be a lot bigger. ie C: = 240GB+ and the recovery drive (D:) will only be 5GB (Big enough for the recovery data only.)

I posted this thread here a couple of day ago.


This and searching these forums has gotten me to the point where I think I need to use the recovery DVD in "EXPERT" mode. This should allow me to set the partitions manually rather than automatically right down the middle!

I have noticed that the screen which asks me what to install has a SETTINGS option which is always greyed out.

Does anyone know how to open the SETTINGS screen or if there is another way to manually create the partitions?

Thanks for any replies.

Answer:Satellite A300 1J1 - Recovery "Expert" Mode to change partition size


I have already answered the other thread (see link in your posting)

The point is that you cannot resize the partitions using the Toshiba Vista Recovery DVD.

The mentioned ?Expert mode? is not available in Vista recovery DVD.
The expert mode was a part of the Win XP recovery CD.

However, fact is that the Vista Recovery DVD sets the notebook to the factory settings and also the partition sizes.

The partitions sizes can be changed in Vista Disk Management!


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Sorry - I did not find the button for ANSWERING another contribution.
Thanks for the procedure for how to install with a particion.

The question remains: Did I receive a Windows XP CD when I got the computer? Or did I not receive it because everything is on the Recovery CD and I do not need more to install in expert mode.

By the way: I find it strange that TOSHIBA does not officially inform its customers how to do installations in expert mode so that a customer has to ask another customer for advice.

Answer:Recovery CD sufficient for expert mode?


you got when you bought the notebook a Toshiba Recovery CD with a Windows XP OEM license!

With this Recovery CD the user has, as you mentioned, 2 possibilities. The standard mode which deletes all data and partitions on the HDD.
And the Expert Mode which only deletes a choosen partition.

The Expert Mode is Norton Ghost with a short menu. If you want to use the expert mode you must know which file orton Ghost requires!

Bye Pelox

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Can i get the files of a image cd?
If yes, can i get the directory \i386 and setup again my xp software??

I change my hard drive, and i cant do the boot with my usb cd/dvd, so i copy the files in the directory \i386 of my xp cd, an run winnt from DOS.
Now i have my Port?g? M200 working very good, but my instalation is a normal xp sp2 windows, and i need to change to tablet pc edition.

Same body have the same problem??
Can i get upgrade from microsoft for this problem??
Can i get the recovery files of my image???

Thans 4 all

Answer:Portg M200: Expert Mode in recovery CD


On the recovery CD you will find only the image files and not a completely OS.
The only way to get the recovery files is to recover the OS with the Toshiba recovery CD and then to copy the folders from the unit to another notebook (HDD, etc.)

Please check these topics how to recover the M200.

Usually you need a compatible and supported external drive which should be recognized by BIOS.

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Hi all,

I have problem with my computer, a Satellite 2410-303. Yesterday there was a blackout and since then windows does not start. The only "reaction" I get from the computer is by using the recovery CD. I had read the forum and learnt about the expert mode and I know that you can install windows in a partition so you can save your data in other partitions. The problem is that I did not made any, I just have the old "C:" in it. I would really need to recover the data inside the computer.

Answer:Recovery CD expert Mode...Is it possible to save data?


Of course, it is possible to create the partition in the expert mode.
After choosing the expert mode the ghost window should appear.
There you have to change the HDD size to the lower size.

For example: the HDD has 60 GB and you want to have a second partition with 20GB
So you have to change the HDD size to 40GB. Then after installing of the OS you should enter the disk management and should make the 20GB partition visible.

OK, this procedure should create the partition but I?m not 100% sure if it will NOT delete the existing files on the HDD.

However, the 100% safely procedure is to put out the HDD and to connect it as a external USB HDD to a second computer and then to make some backups from the external HDD.
After this procedure you can install the HDD again in the notebook and then start the OS recovery procedure.

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I want to use the recovery-cd without losing my data on two other partitions.
according to this document i should have the opportunity to choose between the partitions.
I only see one partition with the same size as my entire harddisk.

I have created the partitions with the expert-mode and windows disk management and windows shows me three local disks.
How can i use the recovery cd without losing my data?

Answer:Expert mode recovery doesn't recognize partitions


Check please this topic

There you can find step-by-step explanation (Quad) how to install OS on persisting partition.

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I own a Satellite A100-237 notebook which, after a long struggle with various virus and trojan attacks, needs a system recovery. I have a 2-CD Product Recovery package with Windows XP Home edition along with SP2 and all the drivers/tools etc. and the process is supposedly pretty straightforward - albeit I have a serious issue at hand: Partitions.

My 80 GB HD is divided in two partitions: A 60 GB C: for the OS and general use and a 20 GB D: for back-ups of EXTREME PROMINENCE. Now that I know that I can use an "expert recovery mode" to recover my system while keeping the back-ups intact. Now that's actually where the problem steps in.

When I boot from the recovery CD there is absolutely NO OPTION FOR AN "EXPERT" RECOVERY MODE!

I'm simply greeted by a language selection screen. Past that is the option to install Windows XP Home in English or localized version (Turkish, in my case), in both cases the entire HD is wiped out. Next to it are an "Abort" button and a "Settings" button. "Abort", well as the label suggests, shuts the computer down. "Settings" on the other hand is more complicated. You are presented with a window with a nice slider which maxes out at 76 GB - you are supposed to set an installation partition of preferred size. However, in this case the whole HD gets wiped out as well - you get only an installation partition and the remaining space simply becomes "Unallocated". I have tri... Read more

Answer:No expert recovery option on Satellite A100-237?

I have contacted the local distributor and various technical service centers - the response is still the same: "A100 series notebooks are not meant to be used with a partitioned disk, use of a partitioned disk will put the machine out of warranty and you will not be eligible for technical support if any problems arise." They "kindly" offered me another Windows XP license for $170, though. And one service center actually offered me a counterfeit copy of the Windows XP CD - they surely haven't met BSA, I say.

All in all I'm between returning the machine for a refund or just picking a sledgehammer and pummeling it to the ground. The second option seems more appealing as the refund grace period has long expired and they'll probably charge me just to dispose of the machine. A computer I can't use with a partitioned disk is little more than a worthless piece of silicon and plastic.

I guess the only remaining "sane" solution is legal action.

But then I have to use a pirated XP to retain my partitions, which puts me under equal liability.

I guess this problem is unsolvable.

EDIT: I absolutely have no idea how and why I have violated the rules of this forum - hence my post is edited by the administrator. Still, I apologize for any violation. I'm unsurprisingly enraged by the current situation and may have made a mistake. Anyway, my stopgap solution is to stick with a non-genuine XP and purchase Vista when it's out. My A100-237 is out-of-t... Read more

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I admit to TOTAL unexcusable ignorance - Yes I had a backup, in fact 2 imaged backups - however, the first MIA during home remodel/construction and the second accidently formatted over thinking it was another drive which was identical in specs.

The Problem is that I can no longer boot into windows. At this time when booting I get " an invalid boot.ini file - booting from c:\windows" which then brings up an window as follows:

"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system"

I can get into the recovery console and it will list files using the dir command. All efforts for recovery to date have been unsuccessful and there is years of data at stake! BEG BEG!

The Problem Began when attempting to do an inplace xp repair using the recovery console. However, the Repair Install option did not show up therefore I proceeded as follows:

Possible Fix by reconfiguring boot.ini using Recovery Console.

1.Boot with XP CD or 6 floppy boot disk set.

2. Press R to load the Recovery Console.

3. Type bootcfg.

4. This should fix any boot.ini errors causing setup not to see the XP OS

5. Try the repair install.

One more suggestion from MVP Alex Nichol

"Reboot, this time taking the immediate R option and if the CD letter is say K: give these commands

copy K:\i386\ntldr C:\
copy K:\i386\ C:\

(two other files needed - just in cas... Read more

Answer:XP PRO RECOVERY SOUGHT! - Seeking XP expert to assist in recovery!

Hi teamplus, you mention you tried the repair install but the option wasn't in the recovery console. You need to go past the recovery console to access the repair installation option. Please see the link below as it explains the process, step by step with screenshots:

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I have had this laptop for a while, it has been getting progressively worse over the years and now appears to have completely given up.

I can barely open anything without being asked which programme i would like to open it with, and web browsing is becoming next to impossible.

I have all product recovery disks but when i attempt to use them by following the instruction "Insert disk in to drive, turn on your PC whilst keeping the C key pressed" nothing happens, after a whole lot of bleeping windows continues to load.

I am close to throwing this thing out of the window (I live in a 3rd floor flat) but cannont afford a replacement. If anyone can offer me any advice whatsoever i'd very much appreciate it.


Answer:Satellite Pro L10 - How to use product recovery?

Hi buddy,

If I understand you right you want to reinstall Windows. Is this right?

Therefore you should use the Toshiba recovery disk. As far as I know on old Satellite L10 there is no HDD recovery option available, so pressing the C key will not help you.

So insert the Toshiba recovery disk and start your notebook. Then go in the BIOS or BIOS boot menu and choose booting from CD/DVD drive.
The CD will start and you can reinstall Windows :)

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Misplaced my product recovery CD. Where can I get one from?

Answer:Need Product recovery cd for Satellite M30-106


As far as I know recovery CDs can be obtained by authorized service partner in your country. To be honest M30 is pretty old notebook model and I hope ASP will be able to order one copy for you.

If you need addresses or phone numbers please check > Download & Support > Find an ASP.

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Are you going to help me by sending any product recovery CD for this L10-205 system. I shall be very grateful to you if you are bale to do this


Answer:Satellite L10-205: Need product recovery CD

Hi mate

I don?t know why you think I would be able to send you a recovery disk ?:|
I?m not a Sat L10 owner and I don?t have such disk for spare?
I?ve got a Sat A210 but it was not delivered with recovery disk.
I have created it using the preinstalled software (Toshiba recovery disk creator).

In your case I recommend asking the ASP for the help.
But as already mentioned here in this thread I?m not sure if the L10 recovery disk are available?

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I have to restore the HD of my boy's Satellite A30.
He handed me only one DVD "Product Recovery DVD-ROM"
where it also states "2/2", which I assume it's disc 2 of 2.

This DVD seems not bootable. so I assume there might be a disc 1/2 which is bootable and contains the base recovery program.

My question: Am I right in above assumption and if yes, where can we get the first DVD, since my boy seems to have lost it.

Thanks for any help.


Answer:Satellite A30 Product Recovery CD


you are right! There must be a No. 1/2 Recovery DVD!

If you (or your son) have lost it you can order a new one at every Toshiba Service Partner. You have only to sign a statutory declaration for MS that you have lost the CD!

At when you go to Support & Downloads you will find a list of Toshiba Service Partners!

Bye Tanya

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I was having problems with my Satellite M40-136 laptop that I purchased a year ago. If I shut down the machine when I next turned it on it would give me a screen saying there was a problem going into Windows and gave me the option to 'start windows normally', 'start using last successful settings', 'start in safe mode', 'start in safe mode with networking' or 'start in safe mode with command prompt'. It would typically take several attempts before Windows would fire up ok, no matter which option I choose. However yesterday no matter have many times I tried it would not go into windows.

I decided I would have to use the product recovery dvd-rom to be a complete re-install (luckily I had backed up my personal files). I did this but at the end when it said to 'ctrl-alt-del' to reboot, on rebooting I got the same 'problem going into windows' message with the same options. I repeated the recovery process 2 more times with no luck.

This morning it did get further and asked me to go through the Windows setup process (i.e. giving the laptop a name, asking whether I wanted to register the machine with toshiba/microsoft etc) however it then popped up with 'problem going into windows' message with the options I mentioned before. No matter what option I choose it ends up back on this same screen.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite M40-136 product recovery dvd

HI Nicky,

It is possible that you have a problem with your hard drive. Typically the operating system will always reside in the same sectors of the hard drive so even after a re-installation using your recovery CD the same sectors of the hard drive will have been used to store the OS files.

I suggest you try running a CHKDSK/F on your hard drive to see what it reports. Obviously id there are a lot of bad sectors then you will be looking at replacing the hard drive.


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After starting OS product recovery using supplied disc one Installation stops, with error number 11122 displayed with message ''cannot load bitmap file. max height 100''.

Also wondering why when recovery starts on screen message states ,loading Windows 98, whereas XP home was pre installed on computer.
Any ideas?

Answer:Question about product recovery for Satellite A30 -514


Do you use original recovery CD or copy? Satellite A30 is pretty old unit and I am wondering since when you have noticed this issue?

Recovery procedure runs in MS-DOS mode. Because of that there is still W98 listed. Absolutely unimportant thing.

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My Product Recovery CD for my Satellite A200-1Z2 does not appear to be working?

Answer:Re: Product Recovery CD for my Satellite A200-1Z2


What do you mean exactly by ?does not appear to be working??
Do you get some error messages? Or what?s wrong?

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I have a Satellite M60-104 laptop. I want to do product recovery, however, I seem to have lost my product recovery dvd. Is there anyway where i can re-order one for this laptop, or download it from the internet (if so, where!?)



Answer:How to order product recovery for my Satellite M60-104?

Hi Sunny I had the same problem and couldn't fine one anywhere till I got given a No. for Toshiba information systems on 08702202202 (uk) and cost about ?17.
or there is a user on eBay called laptop-recovery-cds who clamed to be able to supply recovery cd's for all laptops but they never got back to me.

Good luck

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I have been using my x200 for a while now but Vista is acting up and I want to re-install the OS.
My worries is what information I might loose. The computer has 2 150gig HDs (it came with C: (Vista) 75g, D: (empty) 150gig, E: (empty) 75gig) so I am guessing the first HD was partitioned into 2 (C: & E:)
I have since installed Windows XP on the E: drive so I could have both operating systems. I have also lots of other stuff (music, pictures, videos, games, etc).

Before I do the restore I am going to move all my stuff from the C: drive to the other drives (I need to use both D: and E: because D: is full). I know C: will be completely cleared and the other drives shouldn't be touched. But I am untrustworthy! I am worried the E: drive will also be cleared as it is on the same HD. I would just like to hear from anyone who has done a system recovery on a x200 with the same drive setup.

Please don't just tell me to back everything up, I don't have a spare 200+ gig's lying around.

Answer:Product Recovery on a Satellite x200

> I am worried the E: drive will also be cleared as it is on the same HD. I would just like to hear from anyone who has done a system recovery on a x200 with the same drive setup.

Yes, you are right. As far as I know the Toshiba Vista Recovery disk will format the whole HDD and will erase everything from the HDD; also the created partitions.

So before you will use the Recovery disk I would recommend backup the data on external HDD, DVD or similar?

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Does someone know where I can get another copy of recovery disc for my Satellite A30 part no. psa33e? Hope somebody will give me a positive answer....cheers!

Answer:Need product recovery disc for Satellite A30

You can order the Recovery CD from the ASP in your country !

Do you know how to find the ASP?

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i have just bought a new HDD and have realized that i need a PRODUCT RECOVERY CD for my TOSHIBA SATELLITE A50.. without this i am unable to install XP...

Does any know where i could download or find a recovery CD??????


Answer:Need a Product recovery CD for TOSHIBA SATELLITE A50

I just searched Google:

Hope that helps

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I am an owner of notebook Toshiba Satellite L650-116. I purchased my laptop with original Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit (OEM licence). Unfortunately I am forced to reinstall my Windows 7 system but I realized that the sticker with my Product Key is wiped out (I cannot recognize any of the digits). I am not sure if I have recovery partition (I know there is a way to reinstall Windows if you have this partition).

Is there any chance that I can restore my Product Key without buying a new one?

I would be grateful for a prompt answer!

Answer:Product Key recovery on Satellite L650-116


At first I must tell you that product key that you can see on the Microsoft sticker is ?useless?. This product key belongs to original OS version that you have got with your machine so it cannot be used for Windows activation if you install your own version.

Try at first to install original recovery image, if possible. How it works you can read on -

Please post some feedback.

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My product recovery CD does not work at all, spoke to customer service but no help.
How can I get recovery CD? I bought the machine from UAE, it?s a Satellite M70-122 (PSM70E)

Please help me

Answer:Need Product Recovery media for Satellite M70-122

How do you mean that your recovery does not work?

Which problem do you have exactly or which error message appears when you put the disc into the drive and press "C" to recover your machine?

Would be very interesting to know..

Please give some feedback on that case.


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I have a new Toshiba Satellite Pro L550-13M running Windows 7 and I fired it up this morning and it said Windows could not start and went into startup repair.

The last thing I did with it was last night, when I ran RegistryBooster2 and it cleaned up the registry. I've used this utility loads of times with this and previous notebooks and it's been fine. I guess it's caused the problem though. It backs up the registry, but I can't restore that because I can't boot up!

So, after rebooting a few times, it eventually said "Windows cannot repair this computer automatically". If I view the diagnostic and repair details, the log lists all these tests, but says they have completed successfully. I'm on repair attempt 38. During one of them, startup repair said it was fixing a registry problem.

If I try to view the advanced options for system recovery, and select a UK keyboard, I get this message:

"You must log in to access System Recovery Options"

and my only option is to click an OK button to restart.

So, I'm stuck.

I got a Windows 7 recover CD and running startup repair on that comes up with no errors!

However, because the notebook is so new, I haven't created any restore points or recovery disks (didn't have any blank DVDs at the time).

The notebook has a HDD recovery partition, but I can't run the recovery disk to access that option because of the "you must log in" thing above.

I'm stuck!!!!! Anyone out there with any idea... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro L550-13M - cannot run HD product recovery

Install OS again following instruction on and you will have ?factory settings? again. with ?factory settings? everything will be OK again.

For login use the same account and password as in Win7 (if you have one).

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How to get product recovery disk for my M30-304 since my original product recovery cd is scratched and not working anymore?

Answer:Need product recovery disk for Satellite Pro M30-304

Hi there,

you will have to contact a local authorized service partner how to get a new one, since you cannot buy it in the store.
If you need a help finding a service partner, then you can find the nearest one here:

Good luck

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Hey all.

I have a bit of a problem that I hope someone can help me.
My Satellite M40 notebook fell while it was in the bag and the dvd drive stopped working .

I had it repaired and it plays cds but I can't get the recovery disk to work.
It opens but for some reason the files are unreadable.
When I try to press C after turning it on, the computer sounds like it is about to work but then the windows XP icon just appears.

Can anyone help or offer advice? I'd really appreciate

Answer:Satellite M40 does not read from product Recovery DVD

Seems the drive is not able to read the original Toshiba recovery CD.
According to your message I don?t think that the Recovery CD is faulty or scratched.

In my opinion the problem is related to the CD/DVD drive. Possibly the lens cannot calibrate properly after the notebook fall.

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I have a Toshiba laptop, model no: Sat A100-306.
I have lost the product recovery cd... How can i buy a recovery cd?

Answer:Need product recovery cd for Satellite A100-306


try this page:

Otherwise if you get the message that this service is not available for this notebook model then you would need to use a Microsoft Windows disk.
The necessary driver can be downloaded from the Toshiba driver page.


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The product recovery DVD of my Toshiba Satelite Pro L 100 got lost. Can anyone tell me how to obtain (or download) a new copy ?
Thanks a lot.
Bert van Herk

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L100 - Where to get the Product Recovery DVD

You can not download the recovery DVD. But you could ask local ASP or order it directly from this place:

Have a try.

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My Laptop froze and will not reboot so am using the product recovery disks to reboot but the first time it stopped about 25% of the way through and then I tried again and it is going very slow.
It says 27 hours remaining. Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Satellite A10 - Product Recovery stopped after 25%


I cannot say for sure why this happen. Try please several times and be sure it stops every time after 25%. Post the result please.
It can be that HDD has some problem with defective sectors and the recovery image cannot be written properly on HDD.

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I own my satellite P20-S103 laptop from pc world 3 years ago. However my pc was last one on the store display one. There was one disk missing. The missing disk was the product recovery disk. Now I need this disk to repair my laptop.

Can any one help me please? Can any one send it this software to my e-mail or can any one give me this website address to download this software product recovery software?

Answer:I Need Satellite product recovery disk or CD

This ghost image can not be sent by e-mail. Please contact Toshiba authorized service partner in your country and ask them if they can order one for you.

If you need addresses please visit > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP.

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Please help me about my toshiba Satellite A40 laptop...
I want to reformat my HDD with its XP OS..

My first question is, does it install my XP OS after i run the recovery cd?
I'm afraid that after i run the recovery cd i will lose my XP OS...

I don't have an XP cd... i only got this product recovery cd (disc1)

Does it have a disc2 because the cd that i got was just disc1...

Please help me about this..

Answer:Satellite A40: Question regarding the product recovery dvd

If you purchase the laptop with XP preinstalled, then the Recovery disc should have the same OS.

Does it show you the OS on the Recovery Disc?

If you boot from the Disc, it may show you the OS. Remember to backup your data first!

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I decided to do a product recovery of my laptop after a several incidents of the computer shutting down. After I backed up my important files and documents, I inserted the Product Recovery CD and turned the computer off as instructed in the manual. Then I turned it on and followed instructions. I came to the Recovery Console and chose the option #1 (WindowsXP, Norsk (My language), then #1 again (Start installation) and then #1 another time (the recovery of the whole hdd option) and #1 again (Warning message - Continue..).

Now I get the Error message:

"Could not wipe disk #1"

And here I am now. I cannot do nothing more. Does someone got any advise on what maybe wrong?

Answer:Product Recovery on Satellite Pro M70 (PSM75)

It seems there is something wrong on the HDD and the Toshiba recovery CD is not able to erase the HDD. Maybe because of some partitions.
You should try to delete and format the HDD on a different way and then to use the Toshiba recovery CD.

PS: You could try to boot up from another Microsoft CD. Usually the Windows CD deletes and formats the HDD.

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I purchase a Toshiba Satellite L10 - 205 Laptop from Dubai and since than it was working fine.
But now it was getting slow and I thought to format it by using the original product recovery CD.

When I format it, it gives an error a about 25% of the formatting.
I tried to do it again and again but the same problem persists.

What I think i got the wrong Product recover CD as when it starts formatting it says loading Windows 98, but I have windows xp in my computer.

Could you please provide me the soultion or is it possible to get the right porduct recovery CD

Answer:Satellite L10-205 - Product recovery CD is not working

> What I think i got the wrong Product recover CD as when it starts formatting it says loading Windows 98, but I have windows xp in my computer.
This is not a fault? the Toshiba image which is on recovery disks for an older notebook series is based on Win 98 even so the Win XP is on the disk! So don?t worry it?s Win XP!

I?m not quite sure why you cannot recover the notebook but there are two options; either the HDD malfunctions or therefore the notebook was slower or the recovery disk is faulty (maybe due to some scratches, etc?)

In you case it would be advisable to test the notebook with other bootable disks (MS Win XP or Linux) in order to check if the HDD is ok?

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Hi everyone!

I own my Satellite A80-144 for almost 4 years now, but now my baby seems not to be happy anymore and went on strike. I have used my product recovery DVD-rom in hope to bring back the good old times No go!!!

What happens are error warnings on lost sectors or undefined partitions and all that bla, bla, bla, which does not help me much without YOUR professional opinion.

Following all the on screen instructions during the recovery procedure did not help. What to do? The hard disk is now formatted, but it does not boot. Always an error.


Answer:Satellite A80 - product recovery trouble


>What happens are error warnings on lost sectors or undefined partitions and all that bla, bla, bla,
According to this statement an HDD malfunction is possible.
You receive an message about lost sectors and faulty partitions and in my opinion this appears because the HDD is not ok.
If you can try to format the HDD but if this will not help I recommend replacing the HDD


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I own a Satellite P20-842 Notebook.
I received a Product recovery DVD with it(2 DVDs)
I wish to format the Harddisk!
When i try to use the DVD, i get a message "starting windows 98"
some 900ish files get copied and then NOTHING!!! i restart and i get a windows XP stiarting message...
My questions
1) how do i use the DVD to format the harddisk!
2) when i bought this notebook, it had windows XP preinstalled... so where does windows 98 come into picture??

I need to format my drive ASAP as my comp keeps crashing....
I need HELP!!!!!! ASAP!!

Answer:Satellite P20-842: Question about product Recovery DVD-ROM


Don?t be afraid. Everything is ok.
The Recovery CD contains the ghost image files and it uses Windows 98 MS-Based system files for booting from CD.
This is usual that the Win98 message appears during the booting.
Furthermore the recovery CD formats and deletes the HDD automatically.
You have only to boot from this CD and you have to select the standard mode.

In such case the recovery CD will erase the HDD completely.

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I lost the product recovery disk for my P100, but I do have the disks for a P30 and P300, both of which are windows XP.

My P100 which my husband uses has become so slow that I feel I have to reload it. But when I tried starting up holding 0, F8 and F12 (one of them gave me a menu, I forget which), I couldn't find an option which allowed it to return to factory settings.

So I wonder if I can use one of the other product recovery disks on the P100? Would really appreciate advice. (I used to own a P30, and I still own a P300)

Answer:Can I use product recovery for Satellite P300 on Satellite P100?


Every single recovery image is designed for certain notebook model. Why?
Every notebook model has specific hardware infrastructure and also specific drivers are needed.

When you compare two different notebooks there are different CPUs, graphic card, modem, cam maybe and so on. So if you want to have properly working OS this will not work.

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I am new to this forum and have spent 3 days reading through this and other forums to try to solve my problem, I have found many answers but none work for me so thought I would see if I could get some very much needed help here.

I have the problem that when I boot the laptop the windows logo appears then Microsoft corporation across the bottom and then the black screen with the whit cursor, now I have tried every type of boot possible in the bios settings and just goes back to that screen, I can?t get no command prompts or anything, I have used knoppix and managed to transfer any files I need to my external HDD, so thought I would just reset it to factory settings with the product recovery disc that came with the laptop, the disc has never been used or taken out of the packet till now so is in tip top condition, so I put it in drive, start computer press f12 and make CD primary boot, but all that happens is it says windows is loading files and I return back to the dreaded black screen and cursor.

Can anybody please help????

Answer:Satellite L450D - Cannot use product recovery disc

If you have original Toshiba recovery disc I presume you have pretty old notebook model with old WXP. To be honest it would be interesting to know which one do you have.

Anyway, out of curiosity but can you start preinstalled OS in safe mode?
Enter BIOS settings and set it to default at first. After ding this change BIOS boot order and set CD/DVD as first bootable device. Put recovery media into optical disc drive and start your notebook. While notebook try to start press ?C? button several times.

Usually this should force your notebook to use ODD as first bootable device.
Long time ago I had similar problem and such ?combination? helped me to force ODD to read recovery disc and WXP recovery installation. Of course I hope everything is OK with your HDD.

Please test it and send some feedback.

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I have lost my recovery disc for my Satellite 2450-101 and can not order it from the backupmedia website address as it is too old. How can I get it please?????

Answer:Product recovery disc for Satellite S2450-101

Ok, in your case you will have to contact a local authorised service provider. You can use a very nice search function on this page:

Just keep right, and look for one ASP in your country.
The guys over there should be able to order such a recovery disc for you.

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Hi all!! Can somebody please explain to me how to re-partition hard disk prior to or during a product recovery from the disc supplied with notebook. I've gone into expert mode (option 2) but can't figure out how to re-partition. Just had a thought, could it be like '98 where you run fdisk from command prompt. Any further help would be appreciated. Thank you
Cheers Edd

Answer:Satellite (Equium) A60-157 Product recovery disc

Hi Edd

Please use advanced search option and put "expert" as search term. You will find a lot of topics with detailed description about expert mode recovery procedure.

Good luck!

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Never needed to use recovery with this laptop and worried about getting it wrong! Used Nero Backitup to backup all files and settings, but feel I need to format c drive to get rid of all gremlins. Will my recovery disc reinstall the operating system after formatting, and, if not, what should I do to restore laptop to factory state?
I would describe my technical knowledge as intermediate, but enthusiastic!

I have a two year project at stake, so can't afford to mess it up.

Many thanks for reading.

Answer:Product Recovery Disc for Satellite Pro U300 XP Pro SP3


Using recovery image installations disc on your notebook will be installed recovery image. After doing this your notebook will have ?factory settings? again.
Recovery image contains operating system. All necessary drivers and Toshiba specific tools and utilities. Back up all your important data and use recovery disc for clean OS installation.

Back up all your import

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Hello, my problem is pretty straightforward:

I won't to recover original configuration of my laptop, but my original, factory PR CD won't load.

It seems to be visible on other computers, comp in question has working disc drive (other CD's and DVD work alright) .

But everytime I try to start it, it tries to read it, after a while there's little *bip* sound, drive does some jarring sound, and everything repeats itself...

Disc cannot be even seen by the drive. It was literally never used, and starts on other PCs, so I doubt disc is dysfunctional...

So I'm not really sure WTH may be happening.

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Product Recovery CD won't load - Satellite A100-712


How did you try to recover the notebook? Did you try to boot from the recovery disk?
Maybe your CD/DVD drive laser lens is dirty and cannot handle the disk.
Try to clean the lens using cotton wool tip and alcohol? and then try to boot from the disk again.

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I've had a big problem with my L450 D and was advised by the warranty provider to use the Product Recovery disc. I have done this but I am unable to get past the following command:


Can anyone tell me what this means and how I can get past it to continue with product recovery on my laptop please?

Many thanks

Answer:Trouble with Product Recovery for Satellite L450 D


have you tried to restore from hdd image?

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I bought a Satellite Pro 6100 (model number: PS610E-029ZV-BE) second hand and have experienced a non recoverable crash.

I need to reinstall but as you can guess, I don't have the recovery CD/DVDs. Does anyone out there have them and could send/ftp a copy ?

I have tried with an official windows XP Pro CD, but the key which is on the little sticker on the laptop is not accepted...

Thanks in advance for your help
Bruno Mamer

Answer:Product recovery CD/DVDs for Satellite Pro 6100 ?

Hi Bruno,

I would recommend that you obtain a new set of recovery CDs from an Authorised Service Agent. They are not too expensive as I recall.


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I need to re-format my laptop but I can't find my product recovery cd. I don't remember if i ever got it or not to be honest. Can I get one sent to me? Or can I download the recovery stuff from anywhere?

I do have the Tools & Utilities cd, is the Product recovery stuff on there?



Answer:Satellite 1410/2410 - need Product recovery CD


If you want to have original Toshiba recovery media you can order it by service partner in your country.

Other solution is that you can use Microsoft full version CD for OS installation. All necessary Toshiba stuff you can find on Toshiba download page under


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DVD/CD Driver is not working properly. Is it possible to run Toshiba Product Recovery CD from an external DVD/CD player?

Answer:Satellite Pro A120-144 - can I run Product Recovery from an external DVD/CD

I don't think that is possible.

I tried it on my Tecra A8 and it only detects the internal DVD Drive, even if the internal Drive is faulty or missing.

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How do i create a product recovery disc and use it to clean my computer so it was as if it was brand new again?

Answer:Satellite L30-10X: How do i create a product recovery disc


Do you have an original Toshiba Recovery CD?

If not, then you could order it from the ASP (authorized service provider) in your country.

At the other hand you could create a own image using a 3rd party application like Norton Ghost Utility.
Such software would be useful to create a won bootable CD or only a image file which could be stored on another partition.

However, if you want to restore you notebook, then reinstall the Windows OS.
All important Toshiba drivers and tools can be found on the Toshiba European driver page.


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My gf and I just bought 2 new Toshiba's both came with Windows 7.

When my gf turned her's on for the first time and it was recovering, it switched off because she didnt plug in the power >< When she turned it back on it wouldnt boot, so she placed the product recovery disc that came with the laptop in
Next thing we know its loaded XP instead of windows 7

plz help! Is there anyway to switch it??

Answer:Satellite L550 - Product recovery failure

Hi waxinfred,

Maybe you used the Windows XP downgrade disk... What recovery disk you mean exactly? Can you find some informations on it?

Normally the Windows 7 recovery disk you have to create yourself using Toshiba recovery disk creator but this can only be done on running Windows 7 system.

But I think it?s too late now and you have to order a Windows 7 recovery disk from Toshiba directly but that?s not for free?

By the way: Did you buy exactly the same notebooks? If yes you could use the Toshiba recovery disk from your other L550. It?s worth a try ;)

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so, here's my problem

I bought my notebook over 2 years ago in Germany though I live in Poland
with it i get Product recovery DVD, of course German edition
but my disc got terrible scratch and I can't use it any more

is it possible to get a new one, not especially in German, it can be in Polish (i prefer) and how much it will cost me

and can I do my own recovery DVD, I already installed XP from other cd, found most of the drivers i needed (from Toshiba website) but still i can's find few:

dla V4.95BUILD490B69B
intervideo windvd 5.0B11.475-I0203
warranty booklet V8.02.05
manuals V5.16
record now V7.22BUILD720B80E
sd secure module V1.0.2
toshiba zooming hook V2.31.0.2C

anyone knows where i can find them, i would be appreciate

thx in advance

Answer:Satellite m40x-249 'Product Recovery DVD' in other language

The other tools are only additional software which is bundled with the notebook.
This software is available only on the Toshiba recovery CD and cannot be downloaded.
All other Toshiba drivers are published on the Toshiba page!

If you want you can order the Recovery CD from the ASP where you have bought the notebook. In you case it?s Germany.
Last but not least the recovery CD can be ordered only in the same language.
If you have bought the notebook in Germany, you will get only the Recovery CD in germane language.

I?m not sure about the costs but it should be not very expensive!
Contact the ASP and ask simply!

best regards

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Hello. I hope someone can help me with the following... This week I've had various issues with my laptop following a Vista update that System Restore did not fix, so I decided to go for a full Product Recovery (as I have a full backup of all my files).

So far I have used product recovery on my laptop in each of the 3 ways I can see (and more than once): without changing settings, changing settings and maximising the partition, changing settings and selecting the advance / expert option.

Each time I was able to complete the initialisation of windows, creating a new user account, etc. Once the desktop has been set up, I get a small window with a progress bar and when this completes I click the 'restart' button...

After restarting I get to the black screen that says Microsoft Corporation with the green progress bar, but it stays there for what feels like 'too long'. After a while I get a black screen with a cursor and then a blue screen for a crash dump.

If I use F8 and start in Safe Mode, the system stops at the CplIR.sys file, although hard disk activity seems to continue. After 10+ minutes I switch off.

If I use F8 and then select Repair Computer... this is what happens with each option
- Restore the complete windows operating system: after clicking OK nothing happens.
- Memory diagnostics: there are no problems with the memory
- DOS prompt: I have run CHKDSK and there are no problems with the hard drive
- Startup Repair: there are no errors,although the ... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200 - can't use Vista after Product Recovery


It is very interesting story. I have recovered several notebooks many times but I have never noticed something like this.
I must say that all you have done right and you think in right way. If I were you I would try exactly the same steps to get it work somehow.
I don't know which ?various issues? you had before but I presume there issues were just ?software issues? and not relevant for hardware functionality.

It is really hard to say what the problem can be. What you can try is obtain somewhere Microsoft Vista installations disc and install ?naked? Vista to see if the same will happen again.
Anyway, the fact is that recovery images are tested and adapted for each notebook model and if the hardware is OK there is no reason for such behaviour.

Try with clean installation using Microsoft installations disc and let us know what happen exactly.

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I have a Satellite Pro A200. It is running very slowly and sometimes it freezes up when I log on.
Also the homepage has been hijacked and I have tried several anti spyware programs and they have not worked.

I have the product recovery disc but the problem the DVD rom drive has stopped working.
The light is on but it will not open unless I use the manual release.
I have removed it and checked the connections but it seems o.k.

The DVD/CD rom has disappeared from the device manager and does not show up under hardware.
I have tried system restore but this also will not work.

Is there anyway you can use the product recovery software if you boot from a USB key?

I have tried restarting the computer and choosing boot from CD but it will not give me that option.
I have looked in the bios and the only boot options that it gives are harddrive, CD rom, land and FDD

Answer:Product recovery problems on Satellite Pro A200

> Is there anyway you can use the product recovery software if you boot from a USB key?

No, this Toshiba Recovery disk cannot be copied to USB flash memory stick and used for OS installation. I?m afraid this would not work.

But if you?ve got an Microsoft Windows CD you should be able to create an bootable USB flash memory stick. In internet you will find many useful step by step instructions how to create such bootable USB stick.

But booting from USB flash memory stick should be definitely possible since the BIOS supports following bootable devices:
USB FDD, HDD, ODD, Network(LAN), USB Memory

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I'm trying to re-image my Satellite M70-181 using the Product Recovery DVD.
Should be easy you might say but the internal DVD drive does not work anymore.
I do not want to buy a new one for this rather old notebook, so I borrowed an external USB drive.

After I inserted the Product Recovery DVD the notebook boots from there, autoexec creates a RAMDRIVE and copies files to there.
Analyzing 'recover.bat', the external DVD drive should be accessible via drive X:. However, there are some files missing on the DVD to mount the external DVD drive: there is no file %RAMDRV%\TOOLS\USB20.DEV nor a file %RAMDRV%\TOOLS\USB11.DEV.
The attempt to mount the external drive fails, recover.bat enters a loop telling "Please insert Recovery CD-ROM #1 !".

What can I do now? Please help.

Thanks in advance


Answer:Satellite M70-181 to perform Product Recovery from USB DVD drive


As far as I know this notebook model does not support booting from USB CD/DVD drive and recovery CD.
You can boot from USB FDD drive and bootable FDD but I doubt this would be possible with a Toshiba recover disk.

I think you could use this recovery disk only in connection with internal ODD.

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Hello my name is james.
I live in dublin Ireland and my product recovery disk for my toshiba A100 549 is gone and my labtop is after crashing can any one help?
I would be very greatful thanks.

Answer:Product Recovery disk for Satellite A100 549 is gone

If you want you can order the Recovery CD from the ASP in Ireland.
Here you can find the whole ASP database: -> Support & Download -> Find an Authorized Service Provider


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My Toshiba P300 150 was delivered today and I have mess things up. I put a Toshiba P200 Product Recovery in the P300. I am not able to get to the desktop because everything was erased when I put the P200 Product Recovery Disc in the new laptop.

I am not able to get the Product Recovery from Toshiba until January 7 because the site is down.

I am so desperate, so if anyone has the same laptop, I would be so grateful if you would be able to make a copy of the Product Recovery, just email me if you are able to help.

Answer:Satellite P300 150 - Need Product Recovery Disc


Why did you insert the recovery disk from a P200 notebook? When you get a Toshiba notebook it?s all preinstalled ? Windows, drivers and tools.

It?s a user to user forum and I think it?s not allowed to copy such disks. ;)

But you can also get a new disc from an ASP (authorized service provider). Here you can search for one: => Support & Downloads => Find an ASP


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While using Product recovery disc to repair my Laptop it hang after displaying Language page.

Meaning when it displays language select ,I select language and press next ,no action further it remains there.......I can move only pointer.

Can some assist how to solve the problem.

Answer:Satellite L40 hangs while using product recovery disc

> Meaning when it displays language select ,I select language and press next ,no action further it remains there

maybe, your recovery disk is corrupted. What if you try with Windows copy disk?

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I tried to use my product recovery cd to reinstall windows so that the computer would be back to an 'as new' state. However, when using disk one and at about 25% progress it crashed on me saying it couldn't read the disk. Now when i attempt to boot it says 'Please Insert System Disk and press any key' i do so but i just get the same message repeated. It does this is if i try to book from the hardrive or the cd.

Whats my next step, how can i get my computer back!?


Answer:Error with Product Recovery. Now won't boot. Satellite Pro A40

Hmmm? it?s not easy to say why you couldn?t finish the installation. For me it looks like the Recovery CD would be faulty.

Anyway, the message says that no OS was found on the HDD and the notebook cannot boot up!
So what to do? I think you should insert an original Windows XP CD and try to boot from the CD. The XP CD should format the HDD and should install the new OS.

Sorry, but I don?t see other possibility.

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I have had to replace my hard drive after failure but cannot install WXP (Home) from the recovery CD. I have followed the instructions on the CD case but nothing happens, just a flashing cursor on the top left of the screen. If I try installing XP from a disc (which I cannot complete because it is already registered) then the installation begins as it should. A windows 2000 disc also installs successfully.

I realize that it could be the disc itself but it does seem the disc is not bootable. I shall be grateful for suggestions.


Answer:Cannot install OS using Product Recovery CD-ROM on Satellite 1110

Hello Simon

Delivered recovery CD is definitely bootable. If I am remembering well you should have 2 recovery CDs (1/2 and 2/2). It sounds stupid but you can try to start installations procedure using CD 2/2. Few months ago I have read one topic where one forum member reported about wrong CD labeling.

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Satellite laptop / L30-psl33E

this is what happens:.........

Product recovery disk boots, windows loading files, recovery utility box shows select english, then gives option of partitions for drive or use whole drive, i click for recommended whole drive, then computer goes to black screen, erasing partition 0, erasing partition 1. *error box pops up..
( error create file\\./physical drive0, the system cannot find the file specified ),
hard disk # 0 is not accessible or bad raid configuration.
*Then a administrator box pops up*:... disc part failed, failed the raid class, press any key to continue, *I press a key,*, computer hangs, press a key again, another administrators box pops up with the command line,

Any nice person got any tips or advice, thanks

Answer:Satellite L30-PSL33E - product recovery fails

This is very strange?

The error message says something about RAID but the L30 does not support the RAID and also the RAID drivers are not necessary.

I?m a little bit confused and I think there could be something wrong with the HDD.
Did you try to reinstall the OS from the Microsoft original Windows CD?

Try this? format the HDD using such CD and then try again to reinstall the OS.

If this fails then a HDD issue is possible

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Hi everyone,

I have a Satellite L20-217 (aka PSL2XE) which is now more than three years old. It's been a satisfactory unit but needs a clean re-install of Windows XP to improve performance and stability, or optionally to install a new larger hard disk. My problem is that I do not have a product recovery CD or DVD - it is either lost or was not delivered by the dealer who also installed some additional software at time of purchase.

Plan A: I checked out the Toshiba Europe online backup disk ordering site at as suggested by other folks in this forum. Unfortunately my model (or particular unit) is not supported. When I enter my serial number it gives me the message "For your device no recovery medium can be ordered, because it comes either not from the region of Toshiba Europe, or it is too old for this service."

Plan B: I could use some other Windows XP CD to install the base operating system and then deal with the drivers as needed. I have successfully created a backup CDR of the L20's drivers and utilities, but do not have access to a vanilla Windows XP Home install disk. (I tried the recovery CD for my Satellite A70 which was not recognized by the L20 at all, and an XP Pro install CD for my other machines, but of course the license key isn't right - the L70 is license for XP Home not Pro.)

Plan C: The L20 is still operational. Is it somehow possible to create a Recovery Disk from this machine itself? I... Read more

Answer:Satellite L20-217 : Product Recovery CD/DVD (Windows XP re-install)

> ) Is it somehow possible to create a Recovery Disk from this machine itself?
No! You cannot create own recovery disk on this notebook because such option was not included on this model. Only newer notebook models which are not delivered with the Recovery disk support a possibility to create a Recovery disk.

> 2) Is there another way to contact Toshiba Europe to order a CD or DVD? (As I currently live in Canada after having purchased the L20 in Gibraltar while living in Europe, the cost + shipping is likely to be more than the computer is worth)
Usually you could order the Recovery Disk from the Toshiba ASP but I?m not quite sure if the European ASP would forward it to Canada. Furthermore it could be possible that the Recovery Disk for this notebook is not available anymore.
However, maybe you should contact the ASP (in you European country) in order to get more details.

> 3) As a last resort, do I have to try to find a bootleg XP media CD somewhere?
Well, the last option would be a original Win XP disk with the right OS key.
After installation of clean Win XP you could download the Win XP drivers from the Toshiba page.

> 4) Any other solutions?
I doubt there are other solutions? either you will install the OS using the Toshiba disk or Microsoft disk?

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Hi All, Okay, I have been spinning my head, I have an OEM version of the Rescue and Recovery and Product Recovery disk from IBM, since the T43 that I got from someone, was wiped with a messed up XP loaded onto it.  Thus, I figure that I was restore the T43 back to factory condition. However when I have run thru disk 1-7, I get this dreaded message 'IBM Product Recovery Failure During the Convertion Phase'. Any one have any suggestions as I have run it three times and all loaded up until after the 7th disk, I get this error message when the system reboots after loading the final disk. I rather try to keep it Factory OEM, but I'm thinking, myabe I should just re-install XP on a reformated HDD, but more of a hassle to try to reload all the drivers and maybe some missing DLL files too... Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.


Now my message says " IBM Product Recovery Failed to restore your system" what next??? I am at a lost and I really don't want to re-load Win XP directly.

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Hello, I've lost access to my Thinkpad because of lost password to Hard disk.Then purchased another HDD and installed OS and drivers. Getting few problems, one is that I cannot use ThinkVantage key to restore my system. But I have Rescue and Recovery Startup Disk & Product Recovery Disks, so can I recover my old HDD?If not possible to use the old, can I get back my system working[as factory default] with those disks? Thanks.

Answer:Thinkpad z60m: HDD password [But have Rescue and Recovery Startup Disk & Product Recovery Disks]

For second option, what will be the passwords of the recovered system: BIOS, HDD, Windows?

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I just had a bit of trouble installing a piece of software which, in the end I was able to sort out with a system restore. This process caused me some concern at the time as I couldn't get the software uninstalled correctly (I had to download a program from the maker to uninstall it!)

At one point I considered restoring my Satellite P100-188 notebook with the product recovery disk, the thing is I have never done this before and was wondering if someone could tell me the best sequence to do this for future reference.

I have a standard Windows Media Centre Edition OS, a product recovery disk, an Express Media Player disk and a Drivers and Tools CD which I created when I got the notebook.

I have a printout saying to restore Express Media Player before Windows, does this mean I have to insert this disk, install Express Media Player, then insert the product recovery disk to install Windows?

Does the Express Media Player disk format the drive? This isn't clear to me and I don't want to run into problems when I eventually do have to re-install my Operating System.

I've searched this forum in order to see if this information was already posted and couldn't find any relevant information, all I can find are problems with using recovery disks and missing disks.

If it has been posted before could you supply me with a link, and forgive me asking for the information again.

Answer:Satellite P100-188: How to perform the product recovery procedure?

Hello Gary

If you want to have clean preinstalled OS the best solution is to use delivered recovery media. If the Express media player works well leave it as it is and use the recovery DVD only for clean OS installation. That?s all!

Tools and Utility CD can be used if you need it to reinstall any of Toshiba designed tools or if you want to install your own OS using Microsoft installations CD. If you have more questions please post again.

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I'm trying to recover my laptop to factory settings, but while it was about to start... it mentioned my "current recovery drive size is 238gb" while my hardisk is 500gb! :S


Answer:Satellite A500: Toshiba Product Recovery and HDD capacity

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have?
Do you use it for the first time?

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Hey there, fellow Toshiba buyers.

I have a few questions about prod. recovery on my laptop.

*_First of all, is it safe?_*
Because my sister performed this on her Vista laptop (a Toshiba) and ended up with a BSOD and a trip to PC World for a HDD replacement.
*_Second, will it restore C: and D: or just C:?_*
I inadvertently deleted the D: partition on my hard disk and would like it back.
*_Third, I am formatting due to incompatibility with certain apps, namely 32-bit ones._*
Can I somehow run incompatible 32 bit's on my 64 bit?
*_Finally, will it erase Ubuntu as well?_*
I have Ubuntu (10.04 LTS incase you're wondering) and would like to keep it and it's data intact.


YES, I HAVE BACKED UP MY DATA (who here goes by the words "I don't need no sti-- oh, wait, what's that clicking/grinding noise?")? I just don't feel comfortable with formatting yet until I know these questions are answered, but, then again, I do only have 200MB left of C: (come on, 250GB in 8 months?!?!?!?) and need the performance back (GHIII and GTA: San Andreas used to run at 40fps, but now playing them is like wading through (laggy) treacle! Please answer soon and I look forward to answers!

Answer:Re: A few questions about product recovery on my Satellite L450D-113 laptop


> First of all, is it safe?

recovery process is a completely safe procedure.

> Second, will it restore C: and D: or just C:?

it will restore os with factory settings on disk C;. On local d: it will create hdd image folder as i know.

> Can I somehow run incompatible 32 bit's on my 64 bit?

It depends on application. I mean, right click on application and choose Properties where you can Compatible mode.

> Finally, will it erase Ubuntu as well?

If it is installed on local d: I guess it will erase. To be honest, not sure

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I have the P200-1EE which has 2 internal hard drives > drive C and drive E. Drive C is the one with Vista installed on and Drive E is were I keep my backup files.

I really want to use a recovery because I have lots of junk and the system is running a little sluggish. I just want to go back to factory settings and I know I can do this with my product recovery DVD.

My question is does it only reformat drive C or will it delete data of drive E also?

I have backed up my data to drive E and i really need the files on it. I just don't want it to get deleted will recovering the system.

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE: Does product recovery affect both drives?

If you want to do a recovery, just insert recovery DVD, start up notebook and press C to boot directly from backup media.

I' m pretty sure, that it does not affect your E drive. Operating system data is only on C and I think nothing was on drive E when you bought it, right?
But, to be 100 percent sure, you should backup your files parked on E.

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I have the correct Product Recovery disk and have got the recovery screen by holding down "C". I press 1 and the 1 again to do a full wipe clean. The progress indicator bar then show progress until about the 25% level (takes around 5 mins) then machine shuts down.

Has any one experienced this issue? Greatly appreciate any comments ideas. Many thanks, Brendan.

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Answer:Product Recovery shuts down unexpectedly on Satellite 1900-303

Hi Brendan

Is this first time that you make OS reinstallation using recovery CD?

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I recently ordered a Toshiba product recovery for my Toshiba Satellite A500, which runs on windows 7. When using the product recovery DVD everything is fine, but near the end I keep getting a error. And now I can't even start up my pc, it keeps saying "BOOT MGR IS MISSING" .

Thank You

Answer:Satellite A500 error while using Toshiba product recovery

That?s really strange. And the same happen when you use recovery DVD again and again?
Always the same problem?

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i want to reformat my laptop, its a Satellite P300.... many things do not work anymore ie: system restore and corrupted c drive

1) would reformatting my laptop fix these problems?

2) 2 disks "product recovery media TOSHIBA satellite p300 etc and says windows vista ulimate 64 bit

Does that mean they contain vista? (vista came pre installed

3) should i make a copy of the vista serial PRODUCT ID that is on my system menu screen

4) how would i run these disks.....

I appreciate if you could help, its an awesome computer

Will reserach on how to run the disks, just wanting to make sure they contain vista

Answer:Satellite P300 - Does the product recovery disks contain Vista?

> 1) would reformatting my laptop fix these problems?
Probably yes

> 2) 2 disks "product recovery media TOSHIBA satellite p300 etc and says windows vista ultimate 64 bit
As far as I know P300 has been equipped with HDD recovery and the Vista 32bit was preinstalled. There should be an option which would helps to recover the notebook using the HDD recovery option. Press F8 while notebook booting up. Then choose Repair my Computer and start the HDD recovery.
This should set the machine to factory settings. Finally you could create a recovery disk using the preinstalled software called Toshiba recovery disk creator.

> 3) should i make a copy of the vista serial PRODUCT ID that is on my system menu screen
You could do this but as far as I know the Vista on the Toshiba Recovery disk is already activated and you don?t need any serial keys.

> 4) how would i run these disks.....
Usually you have to boot from such disk

PS; to get more details you should read the user manual and should read the threads in this forum!

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is there a way i can run the product recovery without the disk?

its an old laptop that has a lot of rubbish on there. I'd like to wipe everything so my kids can use it. I've used the disk once or twice before without issues but its not playing ball this time.



Answer:Satellite 2410-601 - product recovery disk is damaged

Hi Tom

The unit You got there is old.
You won't get hold of recovery media from the webservice found here:

And recovering without them is not possible as far as I know. There is no recovery-partition on that model. This came later.

So to be honest, there are 2 possibilities:

- try to find a second hand unit with a working set.
- try to find a generic, what is it - WinXP? media and do a clean install. Add any necessary drivers to get the unit in a working state.

Good luck and have fun :)

BR Tom

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Hi to everybody, my first post in the forum:

I have a Toshiba Satellite L505-10k and I want to do a recovery product. Lucky me I made a recovery dvd with the windows 7 64. I start the process and I think that it is going to be erased my partition because it says to me that is going to be erased "all the hard disk". Is there any solution? Can I just lose my "Local Disk C:"?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Recovery Product on Satellite L505-10k without losing the partition

Hi again,

I'm reading the manual of the laptop and it seems that this model don't give me the option "recover without changing the hard drive partitions". Anyone knows if it's right?

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It is very unfortunate that after reinstalling the product recovery disc of my Satellite A200 the language now is in Deutsch. Since that I have to return the recovery disk to Toshiba Center for a replacement, do you think thank they will replace it with an English version? If so does it will affect the whole notebook in its performance or maybe some pre-instaled program might be gone or miss.

Do product recovery disc is standard for the same model unit since there is no product key requires?

Answer:Is the Product Recovery Disc for Satellite A200 standard?

Hi there,

first of all, if you purchased a english machine then you have a english recovery. If you have a german machine then you have a german recovery. Thats simple and easy, so please don?t tell me that you have bought a english machine and a german recovery because thats impossible. Even if you had a nearly complete english interface (the interface of windows can be configured)

If you?ve got an german version they won?t replace it with an english since thats no warranty issue nor any other problem.
The product recovery is not for every unit, the recovery you have for your machine is only intended for your machine and no other. The key is embedded in this OEM version of windows.

If I were you I would avoid installing some another recovery on my machine because THAT could affect your machine?s performance (except the same product recovery for your model but in english, this will work)


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I recently purchased a Satellite Pro A300-13X notebook with Vista Business installed.
It came with two product recovery discs to install XP professional.

Since I decided just to use XP, I followed the procedure for product recovery and I am now running XP from the first disc. It seems to run properly.

I'm unable to install the second disc and wonder where it is for. It contains 7 application files 001-002-003-004 crc and tpa.

Does anyone know what to do with this disk?

Answer:Satellite Pro A300-13X: Question regarding the Product Recovery disks

Don't know what this disc contains or how to install it, but check if everything works and if all utilities and programs are installed, which you had under Windows Vista.

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My satellite 2410-303 wont read my product recovery cd rom.
When I shut down my pc with the disk in, I get messages saying the disk is not formatted properly.

Answer:Satellite 2410-303 wont read the product Recovery CD


thats weird, is your CD-drive reading other disks? Did you tried to read your recovery cd with another computer? If the same error occurs on another computer system, then the cd is probably defective.

Just a question: I assume you want to recover your machine, don?t you?


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Can you name steps for a sure good formatting with restoring factory settings?

I never used the backup tools on my system, should I? Wont it be just like copying the files I need manually?

Thanks :)

Answer:Steps to formating HDD with the product recovery DVD in Satellite P200D


There is no good or bad formatting. :)

The recovery procedure is quite simply.
- start your notebook and press F12 to load the list of all bootable devices
- put the recovery DVD into optical disc drive
- choose CD/DVD device in the list and press ENTER button
- after loading Windows files confirm the marked language with OK
- if you want to define the partitions click on SETUP button and on the next window choose the first option and choose the first partition capacity
- confirm with OK and start recovery procedure
- after finishing just follow the menu on the screen
- after restart continue to follow the installations menu

That?s all!

Good luck

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I will explain my problem as short as possible :

Together with my laptop I got a product recovery cd, which I used. After starting the laptop, I pressed f12 and selected the cd/dvd in the following window. So far so good, windows started to load the files. Now here comes my problem : After loading the files, nothing happend. There was a black screen during a long time. I tryed it a few times, but everytime the same problem.

I hope somebody could help :)


Answer:Satellite P200 - product recovery doesnt start

something to add: its the same problem, when I try to repair computer

f8 -> chose "repair computer" -> windows loading files -> blackscreen

Is there anybody, who got a solution for this problem?

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The HDD in my Toshiba Satellite A200 PSAF6A-0US01N is not recognised in the machine or by any other computer, therefore I cannot run any windows/toshiba repair.

I know the drives have a factory reset hidden on the drive and to press 0 on power up but with the drive unreadable how do I repair my installation of Windows Vista?

Answer:Satellite A200 PSAF6A - HDD is not recognised. No Product recovery


If the HDD is not recognized by BIOS nor by other notebooks, then I would say that your HDD is faulty.
In such case you have to replace the HDD.
In such case you will not be able to start the recovery procedure from HDD because it malfunctions as already said?

You are from Australia? If you need a recovery disk then I recommend contacting the local Toshiba ASP to get such disk?

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Hi, I own a T60 laptop with Windows XP professional.I bought the Product Recovery CDs separately, around 1 year ago.Now my HDD has completely died, I cannot restore the orginal configuration.So, I got a new HDD, and tried using the product recovery CDs, but realized that I do not have a bootable CD which can ask me to load these product recovery CDs. It seems that Lenovo forgot to ship me this bootable disc - which I have found in forums is called - "Rescue and Recovery CD". How can I get these rescue and recovery CD? Has anybody gone through this?Do I need to buy these CDs again?   I got the following product recovery cds:Main FRU P/N: 43T8618XP-P SP2 Disc 1 of 6: CD P/N 43T8619Disc 2 of 6: CD P/N 43T8620Disc 3 of 6: CD P/N 43T8621Disc 4 of 6: CD P/N 43T8622Disc 5 of 6: CD P/N 43T8623Disc 6 of 6: CD P/N 43T7840  Please help.Peter.     

Answer:Did not receive bootable disc (rescue and recovery CD) along with product recovery CDs.

Anybody - please help.

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Last week, I purchased a new Lenovo X260 (Type 20F6-006AUS). Packaging said it came with Windows 10, but when I fired it up it booted into Windows 7. After searching for the Windows 10 media or files, finally succumbed and contacted Lenovo support. The agent said the Windows 10 files are available by request and come on separate media, so I made the request.  This afternoon, a thumb drive with the Windows 10 Product Recovery arrived.  (Rhetorical: Can it really be Product Recovery if the laptop was represented as having Windows 10 installed, but was not actually installed?) I followed the instructions. Now when it boots to the thumb drive, I click past the Acceptance of Terms and conditions, acknowledge it'll wipe out all my personal data and watch the recovery start. About 1 minute in, I get a pop-up with the window banner "Product Recovery" and the message "Recovery failed." The recovery process must have gotten far enough that it wiped out the boot sector on the SSD, because I can neither boot to the original factory SSD or to the Product Recovery USB they shipped. I've searched around and found no solutions for this specific problem. Some have speculated it may be because they didn't have factory installed HDD, but I've swapped nothing out from how it came shrink-wrapped. Any suggestions?

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I had a problem a while back with my Satellite L10 and was unable to get full recovery settings after installing Sun Virtual Box and ignoring Microsoft warnings.

I suspect this has now cloned my disk. Something is very very wrong. I am using Win 7 beta in the interim but would like my XP back.

My notes to Sun Microsystems are here:

[ ]

Has anyone had the same experience or what does Toshiba recommend?



Answer:Sun Virtual Box & Toshiba Satellite L10 - product recovery settings problem


Sun Virtual Box is not known to me and I don?t know what happened with your installed Win XP on the HDD (if you have such OS installed)?
Usually you should be able to start the system using the safe mode? Restart your computer and start pressing the F8 key on your keyboard. Select an option (last good configuration, etc?) when the Windows Advanced Options menu appears, and then press ENTER.
Check this!

If you are able to boot into the Win XP then you could use the system restore tool and could set the OS to the early time point before the Sun Virtual Box has been installed

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because my laptop (Satellite P200 - I bought it in dec. 2007) didn't work properly anymore - and when after a lot of cleaning up it still didn't work properly - I decided to start from the beginning and restore the operating system with the 2 product recovery cd's/dvd's.

Product Recovery Disk 1/2 worked fine - Windows Vista Home Premium is loaded again on my computer.

But what abot *Product Recovery Disck2/2*??
At one point the recovery program asks for an 'ADD-ON' but when I put in Product Recovery Disk 2/2 at that moment the program doesn't recognize the disk. During the rest of the recovery program the program doesn't ask for Product Recovery Disk 2/2, so the content of that cd-rom/dvd now isn't loaded on my laptop.

Has anyone had this problem too?
What did you do about it?
Is it a problem not to have loaded the content of Product Recovery Disk 2/2 (can I go without it?)?

Thanks in advance for any reactions!


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Answer:Satellite P200 - Product Recovery Disk 2/2 doesn't work


> Product Recovery Disk 1/2 worked fine - Windows Vista Home Premium is loaded again on my computer.

I don?t know what Add-ons the tool asked for but as far as I know the Toshiba image contains the Vista OS, Toshiba drivers and the additional software.
So if you have recovered the notebook using the Toshiba Recovery disk 1 then the notebook should be set to the SAME state like at the first day of purchase.

PS: what files can you find on the second disk?

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I have a Satellite M60 notebook which I formatted in 2007. At that time, I used a Product Recovery CD that I purchased from Tosiba Australia.
I now want to format my HDD again using the same CD, but this time when I boot from the CD, I get a "Wrong machine" error.
I assume that the information on my HDD has been corrupted which causes the utility to fail.

Can anyone provide me with any ideas on how to overcome this problem?

Answer:Re: Satellite M60 - Wrong machine error when booting from Product Recovery CD

>I have a Satellite M60 notebook which I formatted in 2007. At that time, I used a Product Recovery CD that I purchased from Toshiba Australia.
Sorry Richard but one thing is confusing for me. At this time every Toshiba notebook was delivered with recovery installations disc and it was in the box with brand new notebook model. I don't know where do you live and where you bought your notebook model but I don't understand is your notebook an Australian notebook model and you bought recovery CD in ?country of purchase?.

Recovery installations discs are specific discs created for certain notebook models. Before the recovery installations starts specific info on recovery disc will be compared to data saved on the notebook and just if the info matches recovery procedure will be continued. That means you cannot use recovery from some other notebook model and install it on your Satellite model.
This data is not saved on HDD and HDD is not relevant for this data check.

Usually when the notebook is repaired and mainboard exchanged technician must rewrite right information data. Sometimes this will be forgotten and a recovery installation ends with ?Wrong machine error?.

The question is: Was your notebook repaired in the past?

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Hi, Three days of struggling to clean an infected Thinkpad so I am ready for drastic action. Wife's  T60 2007-43U rendered useless by ramnit virus. Long story, but reformat seems like only solution. Have T60 2008-SAA with as-built installation, and expect I can make  Product Recovery discs for that machine. Also have T60P 2007-8JU working fine, but with no recovery partition or great Thinkpad utilities,Sonic or WinDVD as reformat by previous owner deleted them. All three computers have XP Pro with SP-3. Questions:1. Can self-made Product Recovery Disc from one Thinkpad be used to reinstall factory load on these others?2. If so, should doing that completely clean the disk of existing virus and leave it in "new" condition?3. Understand 6 CD's make up the factory set of Recovery Discs. The  as built load is about 10GB! Is there a list somewhere of what all is included in the Recovery?  Before I start making these discs, should I expect a total of 6, more, or fewer? Thanks!         

Answer:Use Product Recovery Disc on different Thinkpad for virus recovery?

1) Yes
2) You should wipe the drive with DBAN or something along those lines first.
3) The set will have a total of 7 or 8 disks altogether...Rescue & Recovery + 6 CDs + possibly supplemental CD
Good luck.

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I had a problem, and it was stil under waranty, so they installed me fresh  Rescue&recovery partition.I wanted to restore my sistem, everything went OK, but it did not instal any drivers. I had working windows xp, without drivers.., maybe i acidentaly exit black window... i do not know. I went to Rescue&recovery again, tried to restor factory state.. it started but i received this message:Product recovery failed to restore your system. Tried it few more times. What can i do? I do not want to pay Service for thing like this. Thank you for help!  

Answer:Z61m Rescue&recovery "Product recovery failed to r...

It sounds to me like your rescue and recovery partition may be corrupted. My recommendations is to get the rescue and recovery CD's from Lenovo. I had to purchase some for an old T40 and it cost me like $45, but after you have them you can have piece of mind that you can replace the hard drive and still restore back to Factory settings. After you get the recovery CD's I would recommend reinstalling rescue and recovery.

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I have Toshiba A100-147, just out of warranty. I have tried to recover with disc, the disc unpacks to 69% then I get message "ERROR READING FROM COMPRESSION FILE(1). I have no choice but to click OK in the error message box, then abandon the recovery as it stops running.

Any help would be extremely welcome.

Answer:Satellite A100-147 Compression file error with Product Recovery Disc


Looks like a problem with the Toshiba recovery CD.
Did you try to repeat this procedure?

How about the HDD? Did you format the HDD using an original MS XP CD?
It?s very interesting if an HDD format could helps to perform the OS installation from the Toshiba recovery CD.

I remember something like this happened on my friend?s notebook? It was not able to recover the OS using the Toshiba CD. Finally we found out that some sectors on the HDD were corrupted. The whole HDD format helped and my friend was able to install the Toshiba image.
It?s worth a try ;)

But of course this error could happen due to the faulty recovery CD.

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Product recovery disc will not work, hangs on step 2 of setup.

Help appreciated

Answer:Satellite L300 - Product recovery disc hangs on step 2 of setup


Do you mean you cannot create the Recovery disk or do you mean that you cannot finish the recovery installation procedure???

If you cannot finish creating the recovery disk then you should test different disks from different manufacturers. In most cases this helps?

I?m using Verbatim DVD-R?

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I have Vista Ultimate on my T30 and would like to get back to XP Pro, but the 9 discs (3 sets of 3) that came with it won't  restore it to factory settings.  After inserting and completing discs 1 & 2, disc 3 says "Remove any diskettes or CDs from the drives and press Enter to restart your computer", but it restarts with the same Vista not XP.  I have tried F11 and Vista's error recovery screen appears.  I've tried keeping disc 3 in and pressing enter, but no success. I've tried keeping the CD drive open and pressing enter, but no success.  I've tried using boot from "CD drive" and "hard drive" options for disc 3, but no success.  Can anyone help me get by this disc 3 problem PLEASE?  Thank you! 

Answer:PLEASE HELP: using the recovery CDs for IBM Product Recovery Version 5.7 on Thinkpad T30

You've got to wipe the drive clean and start fresh.
Erase the contents of the hard drive with dBan or something along those lines (PC Doctor for DOS bootable CD offers this option as well).
Choose media drive as a temporary booting device and start fresh.
Good luck.

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Hi everyone, I've just recently became a new owner of a T61, and really enjoying it. I haven't had a chance yet to test-drive the lenovo phone support, as I have not yet screwed anything up that bad that required their help. I did try a clean factory reinstall from the service partition and it worked great. I would like to find out, how does one use the rescue and recovery startup disc, and the product recovery discs that I created myself? From my previous experience with Dell and HP, I only had to insert the first one and restart the computer, and the rest followed. But with ThinkPads, if I ever wanted to bring it to a clean factory state using those discs, do I use rescue and recovery first, followed by the product recovery? I'm curious, what is the difference between the two? 

_____________________________________T61 (7658CTO), T9300, 3GB, 250GB, XP Pro


Go to Solution.

Answer:How to use the rescue and recovery, and the product recovery discs ?

The disks you created will allow you to recover your operating sys. without the rescue and recovery portion of your harddrive. It is especially usefull if your harddrive dies and you need to load onto a new drive.

T61P(6459-CTO) T9300 @ 2.5 GHz, 4g ram, Quadro FX 570M, Vista Bus. 64Bit, 160gig 7200 rpm HD, WSXGA disp.

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Hello, this is my first time using a community forum, so apologies for not knowing the protocols. I have a Lenovo X121e ThinkPad, which is unfortunately 5 days out of warranty. It is pre-installed with Windows 7, but there is a problem starting Windows, so the only option available is the Startup Repair, which searches for (and attempts to repair) problems. Unfortunately, the repair is unsuccessful but the root cause is found:        Boot sector for system disk partition is corrupt. This only leaves the option to perform a product recovery. When I choose this option, the files are not found, probably because I no longer have the "Q Drive" partition - some months ago I followed the instructions to create a (USB) recovery media and release the space on the hard disk. I therefore have a USB stick called 'cbd_drive' which contains the following in the root directory: Boot [folder]factoryrecovery [folder]usb.tagwinRE.wim I assumed that I could boot from this USB drive to run the Lenovo Product Recovery so I changed the boot sequence to use USB HDD but I receive an "Error loading operating system" message. Now I'm at a loss as to what I should do next, so appreciate any advice from the community. Thank you!


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Answer:X121e - Product Recovery using USB Recovery Media

Hello and welcome,
Did you use this procedure to prepare your flash drive?
New or used USB memory keys or USB flash drives require an active partition created from within Wind...
If not you may be able to fix things by setting the  partition active.  Don't clean, create, or format, just select and set active.
If the stick is formatted incorrectly (FAT32 instead of NTFS) you can try this:  prepare a 2nd flash drive per the above instructions and copy the contents of the first drive to it.
I can't say for sure that flash prep is the problem but may be worth a try.

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Hi I have a Satelite P 70A.
It has gone into Bitdefenders "rescue Mode".
I can get to the boot menu but can't get to change the UEFI to change the boot sequence to the Windows boot mgr.
I have tried Kaspersky help (as I run KAS) Bit Defender No response.
I don't run Bit Defender.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Toshiba Satellite L30-10X.
If you know FOR CERTAIN how to enter "crisis recovery mode" on THIS computer, please suggest.
Please reply only if you know how to deal with this model.

I tried Fn+B, Fn+Esc, Fn+R, Fn+F, Win+B, Win+Esc, Win+R, Win+F with no result.
As it is said, screen may flash briefly after connecting power with these key combinations pressed. It does not happen.
Neither I see USB FDD reading attempts after turning the laptop on, nor laptop give me any other sign that it entered crisis recovery mode.

Could you say whether this model has a boot block in EEPROM at all or may be it is killed too.

I do not like the idea to solder EEPROM out, even at service centre.

Laptop's behaviour:
Fan spins at high speed, power LED lights (and battery LED too, if battery is plugged in), completely black screen, USB ports powered on.
Laptop can be turned on and off by power button.

Here is how I attempt to recover BIOS:
- everything (USB devices, external monitor) is disconnected from laptop
- USB floppy drive is connected, Crisis Recovery Disk is inserted
- battery is taken out
- HDD and DVD drive are taken out for safety
- power supply connected to laptop and disconnected from mains
- I press and hold one of magic keys combination, connect power supply to mains (actually I use a switch to save outlet's life), press "power" button on the laptop while holding magic keys for a while, then release keys and wait for the miracle to happe... Read more

Answer:Satellite L30-10X: how to enter crisis recovery mode

hi TwinCat,

sounds that your last attempt of flashing bios has failed...
you are in trouble now!

as i am reading your post right
- the notebook is unable to boot and you cant access bios.
- you have now messages displayed on screen while booting.
- you dont see the toshiba logo booting /powering up

try this:
- take out all drives (HDD ODD)
- connect the usb-floppy drive with bios disk in it to the notebook
- power up and press the left key next to the spacebar

if you are lucky it will boot from floppy
but i dont think so...

see a servicepartner and ask for help! i think you wont get it running if the bootblock of the bios is corrupted...

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A few days ago out of the blue, my laptop began to take a very long time at the login welcome loading screen. Even after that, it gets stuck at a black screen with only the cursor (which you can still move around).  This all takes about 15-20 minutes, after which the desktop loads.  The happens when I shut down the computer and restart it, but not after awakening from hibernation. So for a while I only used hibernation instead of shutting the computer off.I eventually got tired of this and decided to try to restore the laptop to factory default using the built in one key recovery.  The problem is that when I try to get the computer to boot into recovery mode, either through restarting from the application or booting from shut down by pressing the one key button, it still hangs like before and just loads windows. I'm currently running Windows 7 (what was originally on the laptop). I'm also wondering of there is a way to boot into the one key recovery environment from a USB instead, maybe that could be a solution around this. If anyone could kindly provide steps on how to go about doing this, I think that it would be worth a shot!Anyone have any other ideas for how to fix this? Help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Lenovo Y570 hangs when loading desktop; One key recovery not booting to recovery mode

Do a boot time analysis using event viewer by following this tutorial: I think there's no way to boot to the One Key Recovery that is stored on a USB. However, you can clean install Windows 7 from a USB boot by following this Don't forget to make a factory reset discs using OKR software within this location C:\Program Files\Lenovo\OneKey App\OneKey Recovery\OneKey Recovery.exe (at least 3 are needed when I did mine).

Lenovo Y470: i7-2670QM | 8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM | Nvidia GeForce GT 550M | 500 GB 7200 RPM Seagate HDD | ASUS PCE-AC56 802.11ac Network Adapter | Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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HELP! So we recently purchased an X240 for a user and it's been nothing but issues. Shortly have installing the applications he needed, the machine has been having this weird problem of unresponsiveness for no reason. You'd start up Excel and then shortly after that the machine just "pauses" for many seconds before the mouse moves again. Anyway, after trying to figure out the cause I gave up and decided to restore the machine to its factory settings. Problem is, pressing F11 and booting into recovery the process stops about 1/8th of the way and says "Recovery failed." Does anyone know what this means exactly under all of this GUI interface? There's no details as to what or where it failed. I've even created a USB recovery disk to restore from, but it bombs out at the same place... I've asked Lenovo to send me recovery disks, but that's going to take time to receive and guess what... it's coming as a DVD when this machine has no DVD drive! HELP!

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Im attempting to do a full factory restore on my T420. Im able to boot up with the recovery media and use FR disk 1 to get to the point of copying the file \recovery.ini. The Overall Progress bar shows a little under half way. At this point the system asks for FR Disk 2. The option to burn this disk when creating the media was not present and the create recovery media ended successfully while burning only the 2 disks (boot disk and FR disk 1). Ive done factory restores on tons of T500's and x220's for work and typically when you get to this point you can select NO when prompted for disk 2 and recovery continues and finishes successfully since disk 2 contains elements not essential to the factory restore. Ive clicked NO and it goes back to the recovery progress window...... and just sits there. No error messages, the system is not locked up, but no HD activity, no progress meter movement and the optical drive is silent. Ive never seen a recovery like this. Ive waited for an hour or so with no activity. No error messages... but no activity. All the buttons at the bottom are grayed since its in the middle of the process so the only option is to wait..... Anyone else ran into this?

Answer:Product recovery hangs at recovery.ini

Hi enforcer,
I don't have anything useful to suggest - except this one random thought.  Can you minimize the window when the install is "hanging"? (sorry, I don't recall if this is even possible during a restore...)  I've seen a few cases when a popup window pops up _behind_ the main window.  You can't see the popup to click "done" or whatever, and the main window is locked until you do.
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I'm trying to solve a startup issue on my aunties notebook. i can go to the setup menu withh F2 or I can choose the F12 option to choose the startup from.

On a regular base she did some backuping on a certain E-device the hidden disk and she is sure she hasn't deleted that one.

Now I would like to start the computer in safe mode. But I can't get to get that screen

Only two options are F2 or F12.

Is there a possibility to install something on an external drive and try to startup from that device as I can't choose the E-device.

Thanks in advance and don't hesitate if I need to inform you of further information altough it won't be easy as I can 't startup lol


Answer:No Recovery possible - how to get the safe mode startup on Satellite P300?

Start notebook and press F8 to enter ?Advanced boot options?.
Does it work?

If yes try please to start OS in safe mode. Can you do this?

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