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Re: Satellite Pro 2100: RAM upgrade issue from 512mb to 1GB

Question: Re: Satellite Pro 2100: RAM upgrade issue from 512mb to 1GB

ok atm i have 512mb in my netbook and i want upgrade to 1gb
now i already have 512mb in teh nebook and i got another
but when i insert the other 512mb
the only thing i get is a black screen

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Preferred Solution: Re: Satellite Pro 2100: RAM upgrade issue from 512mb to 1GB

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Re: Satellite Pro 2100: RAM upgrade issue from 512mb to 1GB


The notebook supports max 1GB RAM.
This means you can use max 2 x 512MB modules; 512MB module in each slot.

I assume 1GB RAM is not supported and therefore you cannot boot up the unit properly!

Go back to 2 x 512MB

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Is it possible to switch the factory installed Pentium M 1.7 / 512k cpu with eg a Centrino with FSB400 and 1 or 2M cache?

If so, which ones would fit my machine?

I want to upgrade my portable, otherwise it will have to be replaced... :s

Thanks for the reply

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 - CPU upgrade


Generally it?s not advisable to replace or to upgrade the CPU.
But if you want you can try to contact the Toshiba service partner in your country to find out which CPU could be compatible with the motherboard.

Good luck

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In my toshiba SP there is processor 1,5GHz according to link <>. what is the best processor I can put instead the one which I have now?

What about bus speed and cache size? Am I allowed to put something like 2.8 Ghz with 512 cache size and higher bus speed? where is the limit?

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: How to upgrade the CPU?


I've found this processor should work:
type : Mobile Intel? Pentium? 4 processor - M
clock speed : 2.2 GHz
Front Side Bus : 400 MHz
1st level cache : 12 KB
2nd level cache : 512 KB


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Hi everyone !

This time my question belongs to the CPU in my Satellite Pro 2100. Currently built in an 1,9 GH Intel Pentium 4 M , my question is, wether I could built in a "higher" (meaning more powerful) processor. Have seen CPU types Intel Pentium 4 M up to above 3,0 GH. Of course this is related to the front side bus, and due to the fact that I do not know what kind of mainboard I have I simply want to know if anyone here knows the maximum.

I know there is Toshiba Satellite Pro Notebooks with 2,2 GH Intel Pentium 4 M CPUs inside.

glad about any advice


Answer:CPU upgrade on Satellite Pro 2100

As I remember the Satellite Pro 2100 was equipped with 5 different Intel Pentium 4-M CPU?s
1.7GHz, 1.8GHz, 1.9GHz, 2.0GHz, 2.2GHz

So theoretically you could insert an 2.2Ghz Intel Pentium 4-M CPU.

But please don?t ask me if it?s really possible because the CPU upgrade on notebooks looks different as a upgrade on the desktop PC.
On some older notebooks the CPU was fixed to the mobo and it was not easy to remove it.

This is everything what I can say regarding this case.


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My Laptop model is a M50-108! But i cant see info about this model anywhere, what kind of memory would be best to add to my computer? (512 MB one )!

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Answer:Satellite M50-108: Ram upgrade from 512MB to 1GB


you surely mean the type because to ask which size would be funny. :) (more is always better)
The right type for that machine is DDR333 and the maximum amount of RAM you can install is 2GB (2 x 1GB memory module).

It does not matter which manufacturer but I can tell you from my experience that a well known brand (kingston, crucial, samsung) is always better then a no name. And try to use two absolutely similar modules because of performance and compatibility reasons.

Hope I could help.


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Hello together !

For your information:

Did a memory upgrade today at 2 Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 (1,9 GH, 256 MB DDR-RAM originally), both up to 1 GB, all fine and not problems.

Just wanted to end rumours about "only 512 MB all together" or even less.

If searching for it, remember to think of the specifications:

DDR-266 (PC2100)
200 PIN
CL 2.5

concerning RAM frequency, building form etc.



P.S.: Don`t think a discussion is necessary, thread could therefore be closed...

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 - RAM Upgrade - Memory Upgrade

According the notebook specification Satellite Pro has two memory slots and can be upgraded up to 1 GB. It is very useful to have your confirmation about RAM upgrade for this old but still good notebook model.

Have a nice day.

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I would like to upgrade my sp2100 RAM with 512MB additional but the online manual and the online technical specs contradict each other.

The online manual states (on page 1-3) that for the celeron
models max memory is 1GB (SDR) and for the P4 models 512MB (DDR)
The online product specs state a maximum of 1GB (DDR)
When I take a look at the 'per model' expansions page from the toshiba site the 512MB modules are available for my laptop.

My laptop: SP2100 P4 1700/256/30G/15XT/DCW/LM
I suppose it is the same as "Satellite Pro 2100 P4-M 1.7GHz/256MB/30GB/15"/DVD_CDRW/L/XPP tri" since that resembles mine most

Maybe 2 modules with the same capacity should be installed?

thx in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 memory upgrade

Same user as KinGcoBRA.
@the mods here: sorry, I hadn't noted down that I was registered here. now I did so no more double accounts. KinGcoBRA can therefore be removed.

The FAQ just learned me that 1GB is the max but then there still is the contradiction to the online manual...

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I need to obtain a Wireless card and more memory for my computer. I cannot find anywhere to contact on this website. Can anyone help?

Answer:Upgrade parts for Satellite Pro 2100

I hope you know very well that your notebook is about 5 years old and you must not be surprised if you can not find this ?oldie? listed on actual Toshiba page. ;)

Anyway, I have found follow information:
- your notebook can handle with max 1GB of Ram and compatible module are PC2100 256MB (PA3127U-1M25) and PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51)
- compatible Wireless LAN Card Kit is with part number PA3212U-1MPC

if you need WLAN card for faster data transfer you can use USB or PCMCIA card.

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Hi have sat 2100 and want to upgrade to 1 gig but laptop only reconises 512 meg and wont work at all with 2 x 512's.
Would a bios update help?


Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: Is it possible to upgrade memory to 1GB?


According to this website about Satellite Pro 2100 memory, the notebook support max 512MB.

This is the max value which can be used in the notebook.
The BIOS will not help because this is a motherboard hardware limitation!!!

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Hi all.

I have a Satellite Pro SP 2100 laptop with a 1.5 GHz Celeron processor (SL6FN).
Its getting a bit long in the tooth so I decided to buy a 2.0GHz Pentium Mobile processor - SL6FK with 512KB L2 Cache. I researched on the intel processor finder and the CPU-World website to see if this processor would be compatable - it seemed hardly any difference, same pin number, same socket but when I installed it all i get is a continuous beep on power on and no Toshiba Logo.

I had to go down to a 1.8GHz Celeron which is a bit quicker but hardly the same as a full blown Pentium.

There IS a 2GHz Pentium Mobile processor version of the SP2100 - i assumed the harware would be identical but i am obviously wrong.
I did try flashing the BIOS to the latest version but to no effect. Is it a BIOS issue?
maybe the BIOS in my laptop with the SL6FN processor is not compatable with the new processor? And to think - me a Network Manager of 7 years!

Hope someone can help,


Answer:Processor Upgrade on Satellite Pro SP 2100


You should read:


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ich have a Satellite Pro 2100 with a harddrive capacity of 40GB. Now I want wo upgrate it with a 100GB or 120GB HDD. Is it supported? Where is the upper limit of supported capacity? Is there something I have to look out? Are there special attributes which I have to look for?

forward thanks for your support

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: Question about HDD Upgrade


It's very improbable that the 100 or 120GB HDD will work.
I assume the BIOS will not recognize these HDDs.
I don't found any officials documents about the supported HDDs but I think the 60GB HDD is biggest HDD which would works on the Satellite Pro 2100.

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Just want to confirm this realy as I've been caught out once before buying the wrong memory. I have read another thread so am pretty sure I'm ok with this.

Ok the RAM I require for the Satellite Pro A60 upgrade is:
200-pin SODIMM, DDR PC2700 Unbuffered (Non-ECC) CL2.5

A31CG DDR SODIMM 2700 512M

512MB, 200-pin SODIMM, DDR PC2700 Upgrade for the Toshiba Satellite Pro A60 Series Laptop/Notebook

I don't think 1GIG RAM is necessary for my daughter :-)

Note: On my main PC I did have faulty Crutial Ballistix memory, but Crutial were very good in replacing it for free.

Many thanks and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you on this forum.

Answer:Memory upgrade from 256 to 512MB on Satellite Pro A60

Ah, just one other thing I'm not clear about.

Does the NEW RAM replace the existing, in other words I remove the 256 and replace with the 512? From reading the user manual it's not clear and talks about expansion module. It would probably be obvious if I opened it up but I'd rather not at this stage.


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I own a Toshiba Satellite P30-133 which has Graphics as follows:

Chip type : ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9700 AGP (0x4E50)
DAC type: Internal DAC (400MHz)
Memory size: 128MB
Adapter String: ATI MOBILITI RADEON 9600/9700 Series
Bios Information: BK-ATI VER008.011.002.025

I would like to upgrade it to 256MB or 512MB

Can anyone help me out in finding the right part?
I wish to upgrade it with the best 'match' to this laptop.

Thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite P30-133 - Graphic upgrade to 256 or 512MB?


The graphic card can not be exchanged because it?s soldered on the mainboard.

And here is an article about upgrading the CPU/GPU of a Toshiba notebook:


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I recently bought a stick of 512mb 2700 RAM from crucial, thinking that my current stick of 256mb 2100 was 2700. But alas, it's not! Anyways, I know that my ram will only be as fast as the slowest stick, so I'm wondering if it would be better to have 768 of 2100 or 512 of 2700? Here's my specs:

Windows XP SP1
P4 2.4ghz.
Radeon 9700 TX (the dell version)
60 gig harddrive
PCI512 Soundblaster (I know, it's ancient)

By the way, my main usage on my computer is for playing video games. Just thought I'd throw that in.

Answer:768mb 2100 or 512mb 2700? Which is better?

I believe 512MBs of 2700 would be better. I cant imagine windows or a video game wanting to eat more than 512MBs of RAM. If you went with 768 of 2100, I think you'd have a bunch of free, slow(er) RAM staying there not being used. Just my thoughts :rolleyes:

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Is it possible to upgrade my display adaptor on my Satellite Pro 2100? I currently have NVIDIA GEFORCE4 420 to GO, with the latest driver


Answer:Display adaptor upgrade on Satellite Pro 2100


Sorry for the question but what do you what to upgrade?
The display graphic card or the TFT colour display?
Generally it?s not possible to upgrade the graphic card. The graphic card on the notebooks looks like a small chip which is fixed on the motherboard. It?s not the same device like on the desktop PC.

This unit was delivered with a 14.1" (1024x768) TFT colour display and with a 15.1" display.
In this case it is possible to use this two TFT screens.


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I am upgrading my mate's laptop; original memory is 256 Mb Toshiba SODIMM; purchased a Crucial 512 Mb SODIMM; fitted Crucial memory to slot 1 & original Toshiba to slot 2; laptop refused to boot; removed Toshiba module; laptop booted OK; tried all combinations but laptop will only boot with one (or other) of the memory modules in slot 1 with slot 2 empty; laptop is supposed to accept up to 1024 Mb with both slots in use; BIOS upgraded to version 1.40 (latest) Is there something I'm missing; could it be that the machine will only accept 2 identical size modules?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 Memory Upgrade

try contacting Toshiba Computer systems supportclick here

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I've had my Satellite Pro 2100 for quite a few years.
Up until now it has worked well.
However, now the cd drive always displays the yellow light just after trying to load a cd, followed by a quiet thump sound. This means that i cannot access the cd's contents (audio or data).

The drive is still recognised by the device manager, and i am told it is working well - i know better however, it most certainly isnt! the drive still comes up under my computer, and i can still try and explore the contents of an inserted cd, which is always empty!

Ant help or advice would be most appreciated, as i really wanna re-prep the system!

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: TEAC CD drive issue - Cannot access the CDs

Can you please test the drive with some bootable device (Linux or WXP installations CD). Set the ODD as first bootable device and try to start your notebook.

Please let us know what happen exactly.

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Hi Guys,

I got Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100, SP2100, Model No:PS210E-005ES-EN,
This laptop supposed to be designed for windows XP as the manual says, ok.
I am facing now two different issues have to solve them individually.

First one's the audio, after formatting installing a fresh copy of windows XP Pro, installing all the drivers from Toshiba , all of them're 2008 drivers, selected according to the model no, every driver installed fine except the one for yamaha ac-xg wdm.

Every time i try to install i only get "driver not installed" in the end, tried loads of other drivers designed for ac-xg wdm. No success, when i go to the device manager i only see "unknown device" which's the sound card i guess....
Bios also updated to the latest version...

The other issue is the laptop fails to send signal to screen; sometimes completely dead except the front green light.
Also i noticed that when switched off the battery green light remains on but slightly dim....have to remove battery, plug and unplug from power to get it functioning........processor reseated, pasted with the heat sink white stuff, no clog......etc..

Wishing you all merry Xmas.....

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 : Yamaha sound driver issue & screen is black sometimes

forgot to say that i also tried to point it to the diver manually, installation goes fine then asking for yacxgc.sys.
Although this file is available in the Cat folder downloaded with the driver from toshiba but not accepted, when pointing the file does't show to select....

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Hi to all,

I have just got a Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 but the hard drive has been removed for data protection. I now do not know what kind of HDD I need to get PATA/SATA?
Can some one help please?

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 - Which HDD do I need?

Am i being stupd is it in front of my face? its all legal n everything i got it from my work. I Know it is an IDE but i went to look at pc world and the one they had their was a PATA, now i was like ugh!
Model number is:- ps210e-005es-en

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hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite refurbished, thats why 512Mb ram memory. When I read the manual, it sais it?s ok to put in 1530Mb more too end at 2 Gb so-dim ram memory.
Don?t get it. went to a shop, as telling that an A60 has the memory, on the motherboard, it?s only one slot.
??? Maybe I missunderstod, but who can tell me to get around this , don?t think there is any 1,5 Gb so-dimm.
The CPU 3,06 Ghz.

Answer:Satellite A60 and 512MB RAM


I have found information that Satellite A60 has 512 MB RAM on board and just one RAM slot is available. The RAM module for your unit must be PC2100 DDR-RAM and max memory that your unit can handle with is 1536MB.

The RAM modules recommended by Toshiba are:
256MB (PA3311U-1M25)
512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)


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I wanted to upgrade my SP2100 with a WD1200BEVE. (120 GB from WD).

Disk-Copy via USB + TrueImage worked, but after changing the disk the new one does not boot: The notebook hangs up with blinking cursor.
Already checked that the partition is active and even a new installation from a XP-CD has the same result!? The BIOS seems to accept the disk (if not, installation via CD should have failed) so where is the problem?

Any hints?

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 - New HDD is not booting

Hi Kannengiesser,

That?s really strange that you can?t boot from new HDD even it?s recognized in BIOS properly...

Do you have Toshiba recovery disk? If yes you could try factory settings from this disk. If it works, it was just an installation issue.

But I could also imagine that the new HDD is not working properly? Last week I had a similar problem. Did an HDD upgrade but few days later Windows didn?t start anymore because the HDD had a defective sector? Now I wait for a replacement drive.

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I have an old satellite pro 2100 laptop and an trying to get mp4 files to play. I have copied and converted on my main pc, dvds to play on sons psp - they work fine and I can play the converted files on pc from disc using quicktime. However, when i try to play the dvd on the laptop it does not recognise the disc. Anyone help?

Answer:Can't play DVD on Satellite Pro 2100


I have found a information about the drive which was delivered with this notebook.
It?s compatible with these Medias:
CD Extra, CD-DA, DVD-ROM, DVD Video

Well, it?s possible that your drive doesn?t support the current DVD media.

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Do not work the keys multimedia!
Who knows what do- prompt what exactly driver and Utilities it is necessary to put?

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: Want to use key multimedia

First of all you should post what OS you have.

If you use the Windows XP then you need to install the Common Modules and the Controls.

Both applications you can find on the Toshiba European driver page -> *ARCHIVE*

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My dvd-rom drive in the laptop is old and broken, now I have here a another dvd-rom drive but I don't know how to remove the old dvd-rom without removing all parts of my laptop. Is there some service manual how to replace the dvd-rom drive?

Answer:How to replace CD/DVD-Rom on Satellite Pro 2100


I?m not 100% sure about the CD/DVD drive replacement on this notebook but I assume the procedure is very similar to another notebooks drives.
Mostly the ODD is secured with the one screw at the bottom of the unit.
You will have to remove this screw to pull out and to swap the drive.

But be careful and don?t do it if you have no experience!!!
By the way, not all drives are compatible and supported because of the master/slave/c-sel settings. If you don?t know what drives are compatible you should ask the ASP in your country for a advice!!!

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Actually, it's my girlfriend's, which is even worse, I guess. Anyway, the headphone socket on it broke so I had a look inside and fixed it and all was good, and then I was putting the circuit board back in (computer turned on at this point; silly, I guess) the screen totally froze and wouldn't do anything.

All I could think of was to yank the power cable and now, since then, nothing's happened - no power, no lights, no sound, no nothing. Dead.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

A computer repair place I saw today said it was probably the motherboard and that it would cost more than the machine's worth to fix and I should just buy a new machine which would be faster anyway, but I'm not sure that sounds right. So...over to you, whoever you are...

Answer:I think I killed Satellite Pro 2100

HI Rory,

In this situation I would normally disconnect all power sources (that is the AC supply AND the battery) so that there is no residual current to the notebook. Once this is done I re-insert the battery and try to power up the notebook (always assuming that the battery is not fully discharged of course). If this works I then re-attach the AC supply and check that the notebook switches to AC supply and starts to charge the battery.

If the notebook still shows no sign of life then I'm afraid it would definitely have to be checked by an authorised service technicion to identify the actual fault.


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I used to find that when monitoring cpu temp with speedfan, i'd see when the temp (labelled local or remote or temp1 , i can't remember. Maybe 'local').
reached 50 or > 50, then the fan went on.

But I don't find that now. The fan still works 'cos I can turn it on with speedfan by telling speedfan to set it to 50% or more, then it goes on.
(below 50% it's either not on, or at such a low speed - I believe a constant one - that it's inaudible).

I'd like to know why the fan doesn't go on when the temp reaches > 50 anymore.. Where the setting is..
is there a program that I can use to make it do so?

Answer:Fan control on Satellite Pro 2100

found it...
you know toshiba replaces the power management thing with its own toshiba power saver thing. That toshiba power saver thing had a setting..

"Cooling method"
"Intel Speedstep Technology"

Each can be set to Performance, or Battery Optimised or something.

Safest to set cooling method to "performance".. if you say "battery optimised" then I think the processor gets rather hot.

Whereas, for intel speedstep technology.. i can't remember which i have set there, but I guess that battery optimised would make the processor cooler.

However, I noticed when changing settings in the more advanced page of toshiba power saver, setting processor speed to lowest, it was extremely slow but still a high idle temp, about 50 i think, so not much if any difference there.

I think that was under 0 load , or 0-10 load. I did monitor load with notebook hardware control, speedfan, and maybe some other programs.. only one was necessary though.

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I have installed a second hand Toshiba 40GB hard drive in my Pro 2100 but it fails to recognise it in the BIOS. Any ideas ?

Answer:Which HDD can I install on Satellite Pro 2100?

Yes, I have an idea ;)
Did you check if the HDD is not corrupt?
I think this is a first step to find out what?s wrong.

If you?re 100% sure that the HDD is not damage so in my opinion the BIOS cannot handle the HDD size. It?s simply too big size.
The BIOS supports several HDD sizes but if the HDD it too big the BIOS cannot be able to recognize the HDD.

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Is it possible to connect this laptop to a tv using the video out jack? If so what do you have to do? Any help would be very much appreciated.

Answer:How do you connect a Satellite Pro 2100 to a TV?


As far as I know this unit support a TV-Out Composite RCA Video-Port at the back side.
To connect a TV please follow these steps:
1. turn the PC off
2. Use the video cable to connect the TV to the video
3. turn the TV on
4. turn the notebook on
5. use the FN +F5 key combination to change the display device

If the TV is connected to the notebook, please set the TV in the display properties.

To set the TV types please follow these steps:
1. Go to the display properties
2. click the setting tab and click the advanced button
3. click on nView tab, click device settings and click the select output device
4. select the TV in the output device tab
5. Select the format box and select the format that your TV supports.

PS: I would recommend reading firstly the user manual. There you can find many useful tips

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No sound present, including when playing a CD, except for sometimes a quiet crackle in the speakers.
Already tried the following remedies:
Mute button is not ticked.
Volume settings are maximum.

Under Sounds and Audio Devices properties, the Default device is YAMAHA AC-XG WDM Audio.
Windows XPSp2 (upgraded over existing system)
Installed the very latest Yamaha AC-XG WDM Audio driver YMF753 from Toshiba support downloads.

Hardware/Device manager/Sound shows no yellow exclamation marks. All indications are that everything is working properly!
Could the sound card still be faulty, and is it built into the motherboard?

All comments greatly appreciated

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 - No Sound


Well, for me it sounds like a sound card malfunction or speaker fault.
I?m not sure if it?s possible to replace only the sound card because usually the notebooks use the ?sound on board? module.
I recommend to contact the Toshiba service in your country for details.

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I need a soundcard for my Satellite Pro 2100. Is there any dealers I can go to?

Answer:Need soundcard for Satellite Pro 2100


The compatible parts like soundcards, Wlan cards, etc you can order from the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.
Please visit this website:

There you can find the Toshiba service that is responsible for your country.

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Hello community,

i am looking for a BIOS for the PS210E 00C3G GR Notebook.
Hopefully it will run on a Floppy Disk as Start disk.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you

Rainer Borchmann

[email protected]

Answer:BIOS for Satellite Pro 2100

You can find BIOS in BIOS download page under
Your old notebook is listed in ARCHIVE.

Unfortunately there is WIN BIOS update only. That means this BIOS update can be executed in running WXP only.

Anyway, I have uploaded 1.40 version on
Check it out.

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What is the name for the standard DVD-CD ROM drive attached to this. Mine is not removable but it has all of a sudden stopped working properly.
I wish to get a new one but can you all please advice how to remove the old one. Also how or where can I buy a replacement that would work with this laptop spec (please give product name or code). Thank you all.


Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 DVD-CD ROM issues


when at a drive is fixed at a Toshiba notebook a "normal" enduser like us, can't change it! :-(

If the drive doesn't work you have to contact a Toshiba Service Partner, they can order a new one and can install it!

At under Support&Download menu at the righ side you will find a list of every Service Partner in europe!

Bye Bob

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I have a 2100.
I've started using it again after not using it for a few months.

I've noticed when it's sat on my knee if feels very warm and the fan comes on an awful lot.
The problem is I can't remember if it always was like this or if it's a recent thing.

Does anyone know if this is normal behavoir or is it signs that the computer may be running a little on the hot side?

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 gets hot when using on knee

I don?t wonder that the temperature would increases while using the notebook on knees.
The point is that the cooling modules are placed at the bottom of the notebook and you would clog up the cooling ventilators using the notebook on knees?
I recommend using the notebook on desk and to leave enough free space around the unit.
Last but not least you should check if the ventilators are not clogged by dust and debris.
In most cases the dust prevents the cooling ventilators from properly working and this leads to a higher temperature.

Clean the cooling modules using a compressed air spray? you can buy it from different computer dealers or online?.


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Ive got a satellite pro 2100 and i want to change the cd writer to a dvd writer. is there a model that i can get which will be a straight swap for the internal one or will i need an external dvd writer? Thanks.

Answer:A new DVD writer for satellite pro 2100

HI Jamie,

DVD writers generally come in two varieties, IDE usually denotes those intended for desktop tower systems, and 'slimline' which are normally fitted in notebooks.

The physical shape of the drive is normally constant from model to model (in fact Toshiba use various makes in their notebooks). The device will have various plastic trim components attached to it which will need tro be transferred to your new unit, and also there will be metal attachments screwed on which are used to attach the unit to the notebook. These will also need to be transferred to the new unit.

You may also need dedicated device drivers for the new unit which may come supplied on a CD or else be downloadable from the unit manufacturers web-site.


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I have a new MP3 Jukebox that can run at USB 2.0. Can I do anything to get my Satellite Pro 2100 to operate at 2.0 speed this as it currently only runs at USB 1.1 ? Sorry but I'm not very technical.
Hope someone can advise me

Answer:Can I get my satellite Pro 2100 to run USB 2.0 speed?

Hi Bob

The best solution for you is to buy a PCMCIA USB 2.0 card. As far as I know there are cards with two or four USB port. This card is not expensive and installation is not complicated.

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I have a Satellite 1410 laptop. I have a spare 512MB RAM board and I would like to add this to the computer to make it 1GB. Unfortunately, the board only supports 512MB.
Is there anyway to configure the BIOS or anything else to make this computer accept the extra 512MB RAM or there is no possible way to make the limit larger than 512MB?


Answer:Satellite 1410 - More than 512MB RAM possible?


Hmm? I have even downloaded the user manual of Satellite 1410 and it shows that the computer supports 1GB RAM. That means you can install 512MB RAM module in every slot for a maximum of 1GB capacity?

You can try to install the RAM module? In worst case the computer will not boot or recognize it. Then you can have to remove the module but that?s all what can happen in worst case. :)

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Why Does my Toshiba Satellite, saying that I only have 480Mb of RAM, I thaught it had 512mb as advertised on the website?

I would like to thank anyone who reply's this message.
Thanks for Reading,
Ewan :)

Answer:Shoudn't the Satellite A30 have 512MB of Ram?


I would be very interesting to know the exactly name of this unit.
Satellite A30-xxx ?

Where did you find the informations about 512 MB?

Please give us the feedback.

Best regards

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Hi, A few months ago I bought a K300 IdeaCentre Desktop off Best Buy I'm planning on adding in a graphics card and updating the power supply, but I'm unaware of the restrictions. Another thing is that I couldn't find this specific computer model on the website (the only k330's they had were i5's and i7's). I did find a PCI slot in the case, but I'm not sure if it would support modern GPU's (GTX 460, AMD 6850 etc). Also, what are the restrictions to upgrading the PSU?

Answer:K330 (i3-2100) GPU/PSU Upgrade

Some ideas: Contact Lenovo's support to see if you can replace the PSU with any atx-size PSU, like a cooler master 700W PSU. Lenovo's PSU may have some custom-made connectors for specific case features, keep that in mind. Lenovo started selling a new K330 model that incorporates a 450W PSU, you could visit and aks them about this new PSU availability, even if it is not published. This new K330 incorporates the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460. The model is IdeaCentre K330 - 77273FU.I opted for not replacing anything except the graphics card, but had to choose carefully because of the PSU 280W limitation on my K330 77274HU. The HD Radeon 5670 1GB DDR3 does work fine, cool and silent, now I can play COD WAW at 1680x1050 with decent performance and no stability problems. I bought a 2nd PC, same model, and plan to install a HD radeon 6670, which should be even faster but consumes only 2W more than the 5670, so it should play nice too. Regards,Martin 

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I have a couple of usb mass storage devices I connect to my sat pro 2100 but it complains that its a standard usb port and will run at slower speeds. Is there any way (software) to upgrade the port to support usb 2.0

Answer:SP 2100: how can i upgrade my USB root hub?

HI Ross,

You best option would be a PCMCIA USB 2.0 card, this would give you USB 2 capability.


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hello, i am try to upgrade the memeory of my tm2t  2100 (WV736AV)  from 8 gm to 16 gm right now it have 2 X 4gb ..when i add memeroy it did even boot up any more .. i put back old one and it work fine again .. like to know how i can upgrade memory .. i am useing the same type of memery which alrady have in system  thanks  


H Memory Two SODIMM slotsCustomer accessible/upgradableDual-channel supportDDR3, 1333-MHz, can be downgraded to 800-MHz 8192-MB total system memory(4096 MB × 2, dual-channel) 6144-MB total system memory(4096 MB + 2048 MB) 4096-MB total system memory(4096 MB × 1; 2048 MB × 2, dual-channel)3072-MB total system memory(2048 MB + 1024 MB) 2048-MB total system memory(2048 MB × 1; 1024 MB × 2, dual-channel) Manual service: Regards.

? I do not work for HP, I volunteer.? To close the topic, check "accept as a solution" the correct answer or Thumb to say thank you.? I'm sorry but you do not answer questions privately.

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I purchased two 1 gig DDR PC2700 333MHz cards to upgrade my T41 from its 512MB of memory to a full 2G.When I install these my laptop doesnt boot up.  If I replace the memory on the bottom of the laptop with the original 512M card, and keep the new 1GB card under the keyboard, it boots up fine.  I have upgraded to the latest Bios and Embedded controller software, but for some reason no difference.  I tried a new memory card thinking the one i had was bad but still get the same errors. Has anyone else had a similar issue?  Thanks in advance for any advice. Dean

Answer:T41 memory upgrade from 512MB to 2GB

What is your operating system?   I also upgraded  my IBM t41 from 512 to 2 gb,i have XP pro,2004 counts it up just fine,my problem is suddenly system crashes during  HALO CE,i.e. blue screen stating technical error,then internal error on windows reboot,then shuts off. I seen on one website cheap memory stated as compatible with t41, has incompatible chip.  my t41 is the 2373700 motherboard.    I have been upgrading my own memory since 8086s walked the earth,and over and over if memory did not show up in count it was either not contacting socket properly ,not to oem specs,or just plain defective.

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Purchased 2x1Gb RAM 184 pin DDR3200 400Mz no matter what of the available configurations tried ,it will not boot.I can get the PC to enter setup cannot find a problem,PC will not boot!!Motherboard D915GAG with 4 slots(RAM) max 4Gbany suggestions please,have tried for some 2 days!Thank you,ericj

Answer:upgrade from 512Mb to 2.512Gb

Have you tried installing the ram one stick at a time? thats what i would do, install one, turn the pc on, see what happens, etc. are you sure the memory is compatible with your motherboard?

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I currently have 2 RAM slots in my PC and each of them are holding a 256 RAM card. I'm hoping to buy two 512mb RAM cards to replace the 256's but is there anything I should know before I buy them?

Also, if I can't afford two 512mb cards would it be possible to have a 256mb RAM card + a 512mb RAM card so that I've got 768mb RAM? Just wondering because I heard somewhere that you can't combine two different sizes of RAM.



Answer:Wanting To Upgrade From 512mb To 1gb RAM

It varies by manufacturer and board model.Simplest, whether you buy from them or not, is to use the memory advisor at If you have a name brand machine, or if you know the motherboard make and model, it can tell you exactly what you can use in your particular machine, and whether memory must be installed in same-sized pairsor can it be mixed.

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Most of the two-dozen XP-Pro PCs at our school currently only have 128Mb of RAM, which of course is woefully inadequate. A handful have 256Mb. We have the option/funding available at the moment to upgrade them to 512Mb or 1 gig. They are generally used for all Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher etc.), Internet and, perhaps most importantly when it comes to this question, also for putting together and editing short films using MovieMaker (at present nigh on impossible on the 128Mb machines). In anyone's experience, is there anything to be gained from spending the extra cash to go to 1 gig or do folks think that 512Mb would be sufficient?

Answer:Upgrade school PCs to 512Mb or 1 gig?

as a school kid i will say a gig but maybe not needed....start with a 512 in some and a gig in others and see how it goes

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I recently bought a Toshiba satellite l50d-c-13g with a stick of crucial RAM, specs are 8GB DDR3 1600 (PC3-12800) CL11 SODIMM 204pin 1.35V. The Crucial website itself recommended this for my device and I did some research and many people have confirmed that it is compatible as a combination for L50 devices much like this one. The installation itself went great, my machine and OS are picking up the total 16GB of RAM. However I'm experiencing an issue where the RAM is being throttled at 665.3 MHz (which I am assuming is 665.3X2) according to CPU-z and Seccy. My GPU is also being throttled as a result of this as it's using the RAM for shared memory and what's stranger still, is that even though my machine and OS is reading 16GBs, dual channel mode is not activated.

Currently my OS is not asking for a reactivation, and there is no option to enable/disable XMP in BIOS. Would a XMP profile have to be provided by the OEM for this machine to accept the new RAM or is this a known issue with some other work around to have it clock at a full 800MHz?

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I want to upguard the HD bat the new toshiba HD doesn't run in my notebook. bat in an other PC it will work fine. if i turn the original HD in a PC it doesen't work but it work in the notebook can enyone helb me?

I think the original HD have a other format

thank you for your help

Answer:Satellite 5100-503: HDD upgrade issue


How big is the new HDD?
As far as I know this unit was delivered with a 40GB HDD.
If the new HDD is bigger so maybe the BIOS have some problems to recognize the HDD correctly.

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I tried to install INTEL BG 2100 wireless mini-PCI card. Drivers work OK, but they say "Radio off". Nothing changes when I press [FN]+[F7]. Card is OK (tested in some Arima-made notebook).
How can I use the card?

Answer:Satellite P10-792: wireless LAN Intel 2100


First of all to switch to the WLan you have to use the key combination FN+F8 and not FN+F7.
Furthermore you will find the WLan antenna switch at the left side of the notebook.
This switch must be enabled if you want to use the Wlan.

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Have used this laptop for many years without any problems that is until today. the laptop refuses to boot up.
DC in 15V Ok.
Power light green On.
Battery light green On.
Built-in HDD Off.
When I pressed the start button, thought I heard two short beeps.

Can anyone please help?

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 Wont boot up


Did you see something on the display?? Maybe an error message which says that no boot source was found or something likes that???

Several times ago my notebook was not able to boot up. I have simply disconnected the AC adaptor, I have removed the battery and I have waited about 20 min.
Then I have connected everything again and the notebook has booted up?

I don?t know if it will help you but you know? trying is for free ;)
So, check it?

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My DVD ROM has disappeared from 'my computer' and in device manager also.
Where can I get a driver for the standard DVD ROM?
Computer does not see the drive, how do I 'make it see the drive' so that I can install the driver?

Any words of wisdom?

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: DVD-ROM not detected - need drivers

Hi Ramesh,

Check in Device Manager to see if your DVD-ROM is listed and if so does it have an exclamation mark against it ? If it is there, then simply delete it from your system and then reboot. Windows will identify it as a new device and install it with the correct driver.

It is also possible that the drive may have 'gone missing' if you recently removed any DVD software. This is a known problem and a solution is described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article :-


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I have a Toshiba SP2100 and i want to replace the hard drive, but i don't have any recovery cd's.
So how can i put the o/s back on?

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: How to reinstall the OS after HDD replacement

Try to connect the external HDD to the notebook via USB and try to copy the whole content from the internal HDD on the external HDD. Then you could try to insert the external HDD into the notebook.
But I have never tried such procedure and don?t know if it will work.

But usually after HDD replacement you should boot up from the booting CD like recovery CD or the original Microsoft Windows CD.
After installation of the clean windows OS you could visit the Toshiba drivers site and you could download and install the Toshiba drivers and utilities.

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I have a new CD drive that I need to put into my SP2100. Does anyone have instructions on how I can remove the old one and install the new one.

Many thanks.


Answer:Need disassembly instructions for Satellite Pro 2100

Hello Tony

Disassembling procedure is pretty complicated for this unit and you can not remove ODD so simply. Before you can do this you must remove keyboard, metal plate under the keyboard and at the end whole top cover.

ODD itself is connected to the mainboard with one connector. When disconnected you must slide the drive to the right side.

I can not give you detailed step-by-step explanation because I have not this notebook here but if you are not familiar with disassembling procedure please don?t do this alone. Problem is that there are many screws and also plastic parts and cables that must be removed in the right moment.

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the quickfix drivers for win xp on my toshiba satellite pro 2100 doesnt work saying the drivers needs xp without service pack2.
Are there any drivers for winxp service pack 2?

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: Quick fix don't work with Win XP SP2

Please do not mix drivers and quickfixes. Install WXP SP2 on your notebook, install drivers for chipset, display, sound, LAN and other hardware components.

When finished connect your notebook to Internet, make windows update, restart your notebook and enjoy your life.

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When I switch on the laptop the 'welcome' Toshiba window comes on, but then after it disappears, up in the top left hand corner 'PASSWORD:' appears.

This is not my personal computer, so I've never set a password for this machine, any ideas of a factory password? Help!


Answer:Password on switching Satellite PRO 2100 ON

There is no any kind of ?Factory password?. If someone else have access to this notebook talk with them. Someone else has set BIOS password.

It can be removed by service only.

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I've got a Satellite Pro 2100 (Model #: PS210E-0053R-EN), and recently bought two 256 sticks of RAM for it, which according to the manufacturer would be compatible. They didn't work, and I'm going to send them back, but before I do the company asked me to take certain steps, i.e. retest them, and also update the Bios. I've never updated a BIOS before, and am a bit worried about doing something wrong, or picking the wrong update.

Does anyone know which is the right one off the update section of the site? I know there's one for Satellite Pro 2100, but is that compatible with all of the models of that notebook?


Answer:BIOS update on Satellite Pro 2100


Satellite Pro 2100 is delivered with two different CPUs (cel or PIV) but the model number is absolutely the same (PS210E). That means you can use BIOS update for both models.

I recommend you to make traditional BIOS update using FDD. As described on Toshiba BIOS update page it is very important, that you refer to Toshiba BIOS-Update Description before proceeding.

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I've seen on another post that L0nestar has installed a Western Digital WD2500BEVE (250GB, 5400RPM) into a Pro 2100.
The question I have is what interface is required EIDE or SATA? The original drive states its a SATA interface, but the WD2500BEVE is an EIDE interface?

Hope someone can clear this up for me.


Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 and new hard drive

As far as I know all old notebook models have HDDs with EIDE interface. Satellite Pro 2100 is delivered with Enhanced IDE (ATA-5) HDD.


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Hi all,

I have been provided with 2 x 512MB sticks of RAM from a reliable supplier that reassures me that this RAM is compatible with the SP2100 laptop.

With both sticks installed, as soon as the machine is switched on I get no display and 5 beeps (1 long one followed by 4 shorter beeps). Each stick of RAM works well individually, and I have also tested slot A and slot B. So, both sticks of RAM are working alone and both slots are working. It seems that this machine has a problem with two sticks of RAM.

The ACPI BIOS is up to date (v1.40). I have also tried the old stick of 256MB with one of the new 512MB sticks - same problem. I tried this as the memory supplier mentioned that this Toshiba can only take 1GB maximum.

Any ideas why two sticks of RAM is not working?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,


Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 - not functioning with two sticks of RAM


You are right?. The notebook should be able to handle the 1024MB memory. (2 x 512MB)
Because of your description I think the both modules are compatible but cannot play together?.
In my opinion you should use both modules with same specifications?

Try to use the modules recommended by Toshiba;
PC2100 256MB (PA3127U-1M25)
PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51)

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I have a SP PRO 2100 which *was* running Win XP Pro SP1 with Celeron 2Ghz, 512Mb Ram & 30GB HDD. Purchased early 2003, so out of warranty. I tried to install SP2 from a MS CD, but got bored after a while and left the machine unattended. I returned about half an hour later to find the machine apparently trying to boot into SP2. 10 minutes later the splash screen was still on, but the machine hadn't booted. (HDD light was active throughout, as it has been in the following scenarios).

To cut a long story short I tried Safe Mode and Repairing the Installation without joy, before giving up in the belief that SP2 was the problem. Data was all backed up and I have a spare full copy of XP Pro SP2, so I thought I'd do a clean installation. Booted from XPSP2 CD and tried to format HDD. Hung at 0% formatted for 20 mins before I stopped.

Eventually tried Product Recovery CD, which seemed to install properly, including replacing the partition I'd had to destroy when I wanted to format HDD. Little difference to boot problem - now it slowly boots as far as the XP SP1 splash screen and doesn't move for several minutes, until a BSOD appears with the technical element of the message (all on one line) STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000006, 0x80658CAA, 0xF8954704, 0xF8954404)

Safe Mode 'boot' now consists of an intermittently scrolling list of drivers which stops on agp440.sys for a while before the BSOD appears, as above.

Apologies for the length of the post. I think this sounds p... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 Boot Failure


that sounds strange! I would try to start the notebook with a boot disk (could be downloaded at and start fdisk and chkdsk.exe to analyse the HDD!

Also you should check the BIOS settings and st it back to default!

try it and keep me posted!

Bye Antoni

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Hi All

My friend has just been given a Toshiba Satellite Pro "sp2100" model number sp210e-006p9-4d

Although I can find plenty of mentions on Google I cannot seem to find this model on this web site to download drivers. I get as far as select "series A, L, M ,P,S,or U but I do not know which to chose and searching the site for both sp2100 or sp210e-0066p9-4d draws a blank .

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 - Where can I download the drivers


The drivers you can find on the Toshiba website so I don?t where the problem is. You must only search in *Archive* because it?s an older notebook. => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers
*Archive* => Satellite Pro => Satellite Pro 21xx

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I have a Satellite Pro 2100.
It will only work off a charged battery.
The charger/psu does not power the laptop, with or without a battery present (the charger/psu definitely working on another SP2100 - so charger/psu is not the fault)
I have tried the battery in another SP2100 and it works find (so this battery is not the fault).
I have checked the socket on the motherboard for the charger. (the joint is fine)
A perculiar thing happens with the LEDs on the front.
With the charged battery in, only the DC in LED lights up (green, the far left LED) as though it is working off the PSU.
The charger/psu does not cause any of the LEDs to light up.

Has anyone else had this fault?
Can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite pro 2100 only works off the battery.

Sounds like the Mainboard (or power board if it was one) has failed.

I would take it to an ASP and ask for a quote.

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Hi all...

I've been trying to use the search function to find the answer to this but so far I've been unable to.
I've just been given my friends old Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 notebook, but the HDD is full of stuff I'd never use like games and old family photos that he told me to just delete.

Unfortunately he no longer has his recovery disk and I've tried entering the serial number into the reaplcement disk order service and it says it's too old...

Does anyone know where I can get one from?

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: How to order the Recovery CD


Hmm.. the Satellite Pro 2100 is a one of the older notebook series and I doubt it could be possible to order the Recovery CD for this unit. But to ensure this I would recommend contacting the local Toshiba ASP for some details.

Another possibility to install the O on this old could be the usage of the original Microsoft Windows CD. After the installation of clean XP OS you could visit the Toshiba European drive page and could download the necessary drivers.

You could find the drivers in the ARCHHIVE area.

Check it out

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Can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement motherboard as when I switch it on, the power indicator flashes yellow indicating an abnormal voltage in the system from the power supply?

I thought it would have been the power pack but the local pc repair centre said it's the motherboard, and I should bin the laptop. I don't want to bin it any ideas where I can get a good priced replacement would be great.

Anyone have the same problem or ideas would also be great.

Thanks in advance


Answer:Motherboard replacement on Satellite Pro 2100

Hello Mike

I do not know where you live but using Google maybe you will be able to find some independent hardware shop. From time to time check also eBay because there you can find a lot hardware parts for old Toshiba notebook models.

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As I understand I can use SDR memory (PC2100).

Can I SO-DIMM DDR 512/2100 instead of SDR memory (PC2100)?

Answer:Satellite 1410-604 + SO-DIMM DDR 512/2100

Different types of memory have different types of slots on the ram. You can try and install it and see if it works. If it does, then your ok. If not then use the old one. Thing is, if your computer is recommended to use 1 type of memory, aka SO-DIMM I would recommend you use that type. Even if you can use another type, it is not recommended and can harm your computer. So honestly I do not even recommend trying another type of RAM except what is recommended by Toshiba.

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I have a sat pro 2100, I cant find anything in the manual at all about entering the bios, I have tried a few F keys but without luck, what am I doing wrong? how do I get in the bios???, also I get a sharp beep from the inside of the laptop beeeeep, whats this? its not overheating?

thanks for your time.

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: How to enter the BIOS?

try ESC and then F1

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I want to upgrade my aging Satellite Pro 2100 (PS210E-00C3G-GR) with a new harddisk. Does the BIOS support drives greater than 120GB?
Thanks in advance!

Answer:What is a maximum HDD size for Satellite Pro 2100?

Hmm?. 120GB HDD? I don?t think so. But this is only my personal opinion.
From my knowledge the Pro 2100 was equipped with the 30GB HDD.

I think the 60GB is a realistic size and could be recognized by BIOS.

Anyway, I didn?t find any official Toshiba informations about supported max HDD sizes and I presume you have to test the HDD.

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I have a sp 2100 with keyboard problems. i need a replacement but i can not find sp2100 keyboard. are there other toshiba notebooks with the same keyboard?

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: need keyboard replacement

Hi Martin,

I believe the keyboard part number that you need for you SP2100 is P000405490 and this will fit various models including the Qosmio E10, F10, G10, Satellite 1410, 210 A40, M30 etc.

Try Googling for one, there are several suppliers listed.


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I am trying to install BIOS update after using my recovery disk failed. My CD drive will not read the recovery disk. Have tried to install BIOS but the FDD runs for about 2 secs and then stops.......HELP!!!!

Answer:BIOS startup for satellite 2100 cds


sorted everything out by accessing "how do Iget into BIOS setup" on the forum......everything seems to be working again

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 and I've a problem with memory upgrade.
My Notebook boot only if a plug-in one ddr module but if I insert both modules the CC IN led start blinking orange when I try to turn on the pc. The led stop blinking only if I pull out the battery and the dc adaptor.
Here is the p/n of the modules:
-KTT3614/256 (original)
256mb pc2100 both.
Pc boot with any of them, so modules are both compatible.

Any ideas?
(Sorry for my english, but I'm Italian :D )

Message was edited by: DaK_TaLeS

Answer:Problem with Satellite Pro 2100 and new RAM modules


maybe the second memory slot is the problem.
Try to boot with one module in the second slot, first slot empty.


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I have a Sat Pro 2100 and I cannot get it to remember my passwords in outlook express login, ebay accounts and even google search addresses. BIOS current as well.

I have checked all the boxes in tools/options/auto complete in explorer but to no avail.

Any ideas please as this is doing my head in???

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: Can't remember the passwords

Hi David

Check please this useful page

There is described how the user accounts and passwords can be saved in Internet explorer.

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I've had my Pro 3 years. Its only got 7% memory left and is v v slow. To be fair its loaded with photos and music. I've defraged it and checked for spyware. Tiny bit better but still slow. Next step is to purchase a 256 MB memory expansion. Will this help? Is there anything else I can do? I've heard that re-installing XP may help, but I'm not confident about doing that without losing everything on my harddrive b/c I'm not IT expert. Any comments v welcome.....

Message was edited by: timjb

Message was edited by: timjb

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: My unit is very slow


Of course the memory upgrade will increase the performance of your notebook.
Well, if your notebook OS runs since 3 years without new installation so it would be a really nice idea to recover the unit. The fact is that after new fresh OS installation the notebook runs quickly.
If you decided to recover your unit I would recommend to make a back up of your important stuff. In this case you can use a Ghost software.

About the memory upgrade:
As far as I know it?s possible to upgrade the memory to max 1024 MB and these memory modules are supported:
PC2100 128MB (PA3126U-1M12)
PC2100 256MB (PA3127U-1M25)
PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51)

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Hi, first post so be gentle with me please.

I have a Satellite Pro Satellite Pro 2100 and the hinges are shot so I bought a scrap 2100 to swap them.
Everything has gone ok except I have two wires that I cannot find a place to plug in. One black one white and they are attached to little gold square ribbons that are stuck to each top corner at the back of the screen. The other ends have little plugs on, but when i stripped the laptop these were loose and i cannot see where they go.

However, the laptop works fine without them.
Can anyone help please?

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 two wires behind the screen

All notebooks with WLAN have this. WLAN antenna is placed behind the screen and these two cables must be connected to WLAN antenna.

If your notebook doesn?t have WLAN card just put cables by side and everything will be OK.

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At our company we use the BartPE boot disc to get onto the company network from which we can then use Norton Ghost to image our PCs and laptops. This works really well. However, I've got a Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 which is refusing to read any boot CDs. It'll TRY to read the discs but simply fails.

I can hear it trying over and over again but it's just not working. I've tried writing using different media and different CD writers, even going down to writing at 8x speed, but nothing helps. Is there a known issue with reading CD-Rs on this range or model?


Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: Booting from a CD-R not working


To boot from the CD you can press the C button immediately after notebook starting.
Furthermore it would be very interesting to know if it's also not possible to boot from the Toshiba recovery CD.

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i have a satellite pro 2100 that i got off a friend.
he said his brother gave it him and he had no idea what was wrong as he had not had a chance to look at it.

i put windows xp pro on it and used the pro licence key from the bottom of the laptop.

but the laptop is running really really slow.
can take upto 5 minutes for anything i click on to open up.

the strange this is the laptop runs fine in safe mode, can open things as i should.

but in normal windows mode it just slows to a crawl and sometimes even crashes.

i have trie everything to my knowledge.
i even uninstalled and disable the graphics drive as i thought it maybe this, but it still does it.

i have tried many different copys of xp pro and even tried a copy of vista but still the same.

it has had 2 different lots of ram tried in it, 2 sticks was new aswel. i have even tried 3 different hard drives and still the same.

my thoughts are the onboard graphics are knackered.

can anyone else confirm this? surely its not a software issue seeing as i have tried a few different copies of xp and vista. im about to bin this now.

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 is running really really slow

> can anyone else confirm this?
Don?t think someone could confirm anything which is related to hardware malfunction.
Here in the forum we can talk about possible problems and troublemakers but nobody will be able to say for sure what?s going wrong here.

First of all the notebook is an oldie.
The Mobile Intel Pentium 4 CPU isn?t an up to date CPU and in my opinion you should not expect too much from the performance.

I don?t know how much memory this unit supports but everything below 1GB Ram would not be good enough to run the notebook smoothly.

However, since the unit runs much faster in save mode, I guess there must be a hardware related problem.

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According to the manual the 1410-303 can only install memory of 512 MB.

Just wonder anyone ever tried to install more than that? Currently installed 512MB, the machine is still kind of slow running Photoshop. Ideally 768MB or 1GB memory. any ideas/experiment?

The machine runs rather well, so no plan to get a new one any time soon. Thanks!

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Answer:More than max. memory on Satellite 1410-303 (512MB)


I didn?t try it yet but friend of mine had bad experience with it. He used the more that max memory but just max memory defined by Toshiba was recognized. In my opinion you can try to use more than 512 MB. I am also not sure that whole capacity will be recognized.

As far as I know your unit has just 16MB video RAM and I am pretty sure that this low graphic card capacity is the reason for slowly graphic illustration or graphic editing.

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Does anyone have a compatabilty list for upgrading a vostro 260 i3- 2100 processor to an i-5 processor.  I know I'll need to upgrade Power Supply.

Answer:vostro 260 i3- 2100 processor upgrade

Hi rmh0597,
Dell has tested the following i5 processors with Vostro 260:

i5-2400,3.1,4C,Sandy Bridge,D2
i5-2300,2.8,4C,Sandy Bridge

Upgrading the power supply is not required as the i5 processor should work with standard power supply shipped with the system.
Dell does not recommend or offer processor upgrade but it is at your discretion in case you really wish to go ahead with it. Warranty per say, issues arising due to the upgrade will not be covered under warranty, however we will continue providing support for other issues and parts.   
Hope this helps. Please reply if you have  any questions.

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Hi,I have a motherboard that can with an updated Bios support a Athlon XP 2100+. Thanks goes out to those who helped me with an earlier question. Would upgrading to a XP 2100+ be worth it? I play a lot of games on my PC and would (when I can afford it) like to upgrade. Memory 512 to 1GB, Graphics card to GFX 5600 or higher (or ATI 9700 or faster) and had planned to upgrade CPU. So is it worth upgrading CPU?

Answer:Is it worthwhile to upgrade from XP2000+ to 2100+?

from XP2000+ to 2100+? In a word 'No'. To be worth paying out for an upgrade I wouldn't bother with anything unless there was at least a 50% increase.

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I have a M81 small form factor Machine Type: 7518B1U that has a i3-2100 CPU. I want to install a i7-2600 CPU.Now this has a Q65 chipset that Intel says supports the i7-2600 I've done a lot of different projects with the M81, M82 , M83 series, and I knowwith the higher wattage  CPUs in the Sandy Bridge series, M81  M91P ,that Lenovo used the copper core heatsink and fans, and I got a spare one of those  The question I have is there any difference in the motherboards that Lenovoused with the i7 and the i3 with the M81?. Perhaps a CPU microcode update with the bios is needed? There was a thread on the forum somewhere where the advice was to check the machine type of the M81 to determine upgrade ability, but I'm thinking the boards are the same, with differences in the heatsinks. anyone know about this?Thanks 

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Having a four year old Medion running 512 DDR PC2100 i was thinking of upgrading.Would a DDR 1gb of PCI 3200 be backward comp and work ??

Answer:Memory Upgrade 2100 to 3200

Run the scanner at this site and it will tell you which memory is compatible with your comp. click here

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I would like to increase size of my Ram. At present it has 512MB. (Toshiba say 512MB is the maximum for the P2000). Has anyone gone above the 512MB limit? How did you do it? Advice welcome.

Answer:Portege 2000: RAM upgrade over 512MB


I presume nobody was able to increase the RAM higher than 512MB. Fred, it?s simply not possible and the single memory slot supports max 256MB module.

I have found compatible one:
It?s a PC133 256MB module with the part number: PA3158U-1M25

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Hi I have a oldish computer:
Semprone 3000 2GHz Socket A
512MB RAM PC 2700
Gigabyte GA7N400 Pro 2 Nforce 2 Motherboard
Windows XP Service Pack 2

I decided to upgrade to 1GB RAM so I bought a 1GB PC3200 Stick. On trying to use it in my system it turns on put does not even P.O.S.T. I'm not sure if Its something I have done as I have broken the first two DDR slots. Only 3 and 4 are working. I even tried using a PC2700 stick from a different manufacturer to make sure and that didn't work. I tried the 3200 stick in another Socket A computer with a Athlon XP 2700 and it worked fine. I'm hoping Its not because I've broken part of the board but it is very strange. Or maybe it's a Gigabyte motherboard thing.

Answer:Unable to upgrade past 512MB RAM

Does it have 4 RAM slots? If so they need to be paired. So you need 1 stick in slot 1 and another stick in slot 3 or/and one stick in slot 2 and one stick in slot 4. So if you've broken slots 1&2 then I'm afraid it won't work. The only way it will work is - 1&3 or/and 2&4. You can't use the configuration 1&2 or 3&4. But if all 4 slots were working you can have 1,2,3,and 4, that's what I've got. I originally I had 2x512MB sticks in slots 1&3. Then I upgraded and I added another 2x512Mb sticks in slots 2&4. so now I have RAM in slots 1,2,3 and 4. Confusing I know.

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I have an IBM thinkpad T41 with 512mb ram. I'm thinking of upgrading my memory with a 256mb ram. Only, I haven't really heard anyone ever talk of having 768mb ram before. Can I only upgrade with 512mb upwards? The 256 seems compatible in all other ways.

Thanks. My apologies if this has already been asked.

Answer:512mb + 256mb memory upgrade

768 Mb will work fine, but, you could probably get a stick of 512 for the same price as a stick of 256.

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I am trying to upgrade my computers ram from 512mb to 1 gig, and when i have the new memory stick in the slot and switch computer on it posts, and loads all the way upto just after the windows loading screen and then get the dreaded bsod (blue screen) and reboots, and constantly does that. have tried booting in safe mode and will only boot upto log on screen but wont actually let log in.

Mobo specs are:-

Processor: Intel® Pentium® D, Pentium® 4 processor, Socket T (LGA775)
Chipset: SiS 661FX + 964
Front Side Bus: 800 / 533 MHz
Memory: Support Max. 2GB Single Channel 400MHz / 333MHz / 266MHz DDR x2 DIMMs
VGA on Die: Integrated
Expansion Slots: 1x AGP 8X, 3 x PCI slots
IDE: 2 x ATA 133
Serial ATA(SATA)/RAID: 2 x Serial ATA with RAID 0, 1, JBOD
Audio: 5.1 channel, Realtek ALC653 (AC?97 interface)
LAN: 0 / 100M LAN, Broadcom AC131KML
IEEE1394: N/A
Back Panel I/O Ports: 1 set 5.1 channel Audio jack (3 jacks)
1 x VGA
1 x PS/2 keyboard
4 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports
1 x PS/2 mouse
1 x RJ45 port
1 x parallel port
1 x COM port
Internal I/O Connectors: 2 x USB 2.0 headers; support 4 ports
1 x S/PDIF out header
1 x CD-IN header
1 x COM2 header
1 x IrDA header
1 x speaker header (reserve only)
1 x Front audio header
1 x buzzer
1 x Intruder
1 x AUX IN
1 x Front panel header
BIOS Features: 4Mb flash ROM, PnP1.0a, DMI 2.0, WfM 2.0, SMBIOS 2.3, ACPI 1.0b... Read more

Answer:Foxconn 661 7mi upgrade from 512mb to 1gig

Did you take out the old memory and insert the new stick by itself?
in order to set the new memory timings correctly ?

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I have Equium L20-198 which have Intel Celeron M 370/1Mb L2 cache and 512 RAM. I am wondering is it worth to upgrade the RAM up to 2GB to increase the performance in using 3D programs like 3D Max and Auto CAD with this Celeron CPU?

Is that upgrade going to be effective in terms of running the system faster?

Answer:Is it worth to upgrade 512MB RAM to 2GB - Equium L20

To upgrade RAM is definitely reasonable and with more RAM your notebook will run much better and faster. I do not use all those applications but with 2GB RAM work with these applications will be much better. The whole tools you need for 3D operations and the calculation skills will run abundantly faster than before.

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I have a Dell latitude 2100 laptop, with a Dell 365 Bluetooth module.
I finally got around to installing the driver (from Dell) to make it work.
It installed fine and everything, but it tells me that, to turn on the Bluetooth module:

"Activate Bluetooth using Fn+F2 or Radio on/off switch"

But I don't have a physical switch, and Fn+F2 is already reserved for the battery control.
And I tried clicking to turn it on, but it tells me to either use the switch or the function button.

Is there a way around this, or some other bluetooth control software I can use?

Thank you in advance

-Daniel Adams-

Answer:Latitude 2100 Bluetooth issue

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Hi there ... buddy just got an old laptop in horrible shape - we decided to fdisk and all is well - except - yesterday she was describing a lot of anomolies ... eventutally said she had had it on over 8 hours. I told her to turn it off, guessed it had probably overheated.
I know nothing about fans (I am a software nut, not hardware) - but this one does not turn on ever (she said she cleaned it with a qtip and it does move).
Are there special settings I should look for?
(she is not connected to the net to ask herself)
Many thanks

(no help from Toshiba at all - not even a manual available)

Answer:Toshiba laptop 2100 fan issue?

sounds like its gone need try to open case very carefully see if fan is removeable then look for replace ment

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Whenever I type a URL in Firefox, then click on a new tab, when I go back to the original tab while its loading, it automatically refreshes and begins the loading sequence again...

I havent had this problem before, but it happened since I started getting this problem in Fs9 where the undocked window box disappears leaving a frozen part where the solid box is meant to be (see attached picture)

Are these related and what do you think is causing the issues?

Running my 8800GTS 512 @ 802/1988/1009 with Forceware 171.23 (the only forceware my system likes (lets me use AA with)) although I've tried different forceware.

Answer:Strange 8800GTS 512MB Issue

[SOLVED] Strange 8800GTS 512MB Issue

Problem was an erroneous Skype plugin messing up Firefox.

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I tried to install Win10 on my Satellite L850-1RX, as I could have downloaded the version of WIn10 of Microsoft, but Windows asks me key to activate the copy and I can not because I find the serial number
Can you help me?

Answer:Satellite L850-1RX - serial key issue - Win 8 to Win 10 upgrade

I have numer serie Satellite L850

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I just upgraded my S70 to windows 10 from windows 8.
Everything seemed ok except that now when I press numlock the computer just beeps and the light goes on and off.

The number pad is effectively useless now (direction functionality is present no matter the state of the num lock key).
There are no updated drivers and my laptop has its language settings for the keyboard as United Kingdom Qwerty.

When I look at the keyboard preview I do not see in the diagram a keypad. Can anyone help me please its most frustrating.


Answer:Satellite S70 - Numlock issue after Windows 10 upgrade

Try this to restore the NUM keys going to

Control Panel
Ease of Access Center
Set Up Mouse Keys
Other Settings: Use mouse keys when NUM LOCK is: Make sure OFF is selected.

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I know that the issue has been already discussed several times, however it seems none of the solutions or suggestions posted earlier applies to my situation.
I have recently bought an old Toshiba Sat Pro 4300. The notebook had one memory slot filled with 64MB module so total memory in the system was 128 MB.
Since in my opinion the system worked to slow i have decided to buy an additional memory module. I have bought 128 MB - TOSHIBA PA3005U -K module and placed it in the slot B

I was quite suprised when I have found that after the upgrade, Windows showed that the total memory is 192 MB.
When I put the 128 MB module in slot A and the old 64MB module in slot B - the suprise was even greater, since the Windows showed only 128 MB.

First I thought that the slot B is faulty, but in such case it would be impossible to get 192 MB in the first place. Then I thought that the new memory module was either faulty or it was 64MB instead of 128MB, but this option is also unlikely, based on my observations. Furthermore, I checked the system with the EVEREST software and it recognizes the new module as 128 MB module, but does not see the old 64MB module.

The situation is quite strange. Does anybody has any idea whay is going on?



Answer:Satellite Pro 4300 - memory upgrade issue

From my knowledge the Satellite Pro 4300 can be upgraded to max 320MB.

The 64MB module which was equipped with your notebook should be ?not removable?.
So in this slot ONLY this 64MB module could works correctly.

I know this is strange but computer world is sometimes strange ;) you know :D


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I had tried to replace the old DVD/CDRW with the above UJ-830B ( FW: 1.50, HW: 1.00) but the result was IDE error. It is not recognize it in Windows at all.
I have tried to solder the contact 48 and 49 but result is the same.

How can I make to work this UJ-830B ( FW: 1.50, HW: 1.00) on Toshiba Pro M10?

Is any one have any solution like firmware upgrade or some hardware soldering/desoldering?



Answer:Satellite Pro M10: firmware upgrade issue DVD UJ-830B FW:1.50, HW:1.00

This is not possible because such software is not placed or released on any of Toshiba webpage.

Fact is that not all CD/DVD drives are compatible with all notebooks due to different master/slave/c-sel settings.
Therefore it?s always advisable to contact the ASP in your country or to check the user manual to get the details about combatable drives.

I can recommend only buying an compatible and supported ODD.


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Hi everyone, new to this,

but purchased a toshiba c70d-b-30d laptop, the thing is its stall installing running up all was going well until i was asked if i wanted to upgrade from windows 8 to 10,

i pressed yes and thats where it has been for ages, i must admit after 3 hours i thought it was done as screen looked good, but without testing performance i shut down,

turning on again this morning ready to use it looked good but would do nothing,
so thought i would do a restart and it went into keep your pc on until this is done installing 1 of 1 its been hours now,

any ideas how i can sort this,

many thank for any replies peter

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-30D - Windows 10 upgrade issue

Power off the notebook.

Then power up the unit again and press F12.
Now you should see the Advanced boot menu.
Here choose HDD recovery
Then choose language and keyboard.
Then Troubleshoot -> Advanced options ->Automatic Repair.

Hope it helps.

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I have Satellite A100-011 (PSAARE) and i have just upgraded memory RAM to 4 GB with 2x2GB Kingston (KTT533D2/2G).
BIOS can see all my 4GB installed,so my Windows (x64) but my Task Manager shows me 3069 MB!!!
How is this possible?Is there any way to fix that?My BIOS version is 6.00.

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A100-011 (PSAARE) RAM upgrade issue


Are you sure that you have a 64bit version from Windows XP?
I ask this because the Toshiba website does not offer drivers for XP 64bit.

If you have really a 64bit OS make sure that you have installed all Service Packs and Hotfixes from Microsoft.

And install a program like Everest and look how much RAM this program shows.


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