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BIOS Update not possible for Portege M700

Question: BIOS Update not possible for Portege M700

I tried to Update the BIOS at my M700-110 PPM70E-02302DEN from 1.60 up to 1.80 (P005Bv180.exe).

However it fails with the error " BIOS Update is not supported OS. Unsupported OS or service pack installed."

Within the "more information" I could read "OS independent".
Is the Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1 not supported?

What's the matter?
Which BIOS is the right one for my system?

Please help me!
THanks a lot.

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Preferred Solution: BIOS Update not possible for Portege M700

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: BIOS Update not possible for Portege M700


It seems that Vista OS was preinstalled on this notebook.
This means that you have installed the Win 7 system at your own hand.

The point is that BIOS update requires some essential Toshiba tools.
For example the Value Added Package is important software and should be preinstalled on the notebook.

Is VAP installed?
If not install the VAP before trying to update the BIOS.

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HI, I have Portege M700 - 116 with Vista Ultimate SP1. And I download a fresh BIOS (P005Bv160.exe) from [] version 1.60-WIN date 10/10/08. When I try to install it I have an error window said:

Unsupported product type is installed.
BIOS Package BIOS version: Ver.1.60
Current BIOS version: Ver.1.50

So my question is... WHATS WRONG?? What a product type? This BIOS update is OS independent and language independent (world wide), so i think many people with M700 will have the same problem. Is it some problems with previous version of BIOS? which I downloaded from the same site month ago. I dont understand, the BIOS installer for Windows was made to make the process easy, but it does not even work...

Answer:Portege M700 - 116 BIOS Update Error


I see you are using the Vista Ultimate.
I doubt this is an original preinstalled Vista version.

The error message: Unsupported product type is installed says that the product (software OS) which is preinstalled is not supported by BIOS. I think the error is related to the preinstalled Vista Ultimate. Possibly the BIOS cannot be updated running Vista Ultimate.

SO it would be very interesting to know if you can update the BIOS running Toshiba preinstalled OS.
Should check this!

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How I enter BIOS setup at my notebook Toshiba Portege M700/106???Delete and F8 didn t working???

Answer:Portege M700/106 enter to BIOS Setup

Try with ESC button.

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Been trying to download BIOS Update file for Portege M700 from the Toshiba website with no luck. The file is 1.60-WIN. No luck. Is the link down or something? Could someone please try it?

Answer:Re: Portege M700 - BIOS Download link not working


I have noticed similar behavior in the past and there is one reason for this: every time when Toshiba upload new BIOS update the link is death for about 24 hours.

Try tomorrow. I am pretty sure it will work properly.

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I have a Toshiba Portege M700 tablet and the fingerprint scanner with the truesuite software and the password bank plugin.

It was all working fine and dandy with firefox 2.
Then last night I went and updated to firefox 3 and now I can't log into websites with the fingerprint scanner.

No error messages, nothing. As far as i can tell the truesuite or password bank software isn't detecting firefox 3. I updated it to the newest version i could find,

I found this thread telling me that the process of updating firefox breaks it and that i should completely uninstall and reinstall firefox, which i did.
That didnt fix it.

Then i completely uninstalled and reinstalled truesuite. That didnt help either.
Its still broken.

Does anyone know a workaround or a way to fix this, or should i just wait and see if there is an updated version of password bank? (i find that unlikely because its not really a standard program)

Answer:Portege M700: Cannot use fingerprint scanner after update to Firefox 3

ok i found the thread about updating firefox

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I'm wondering, is there posibility to use additional HDD drive in place of DVD?

On *european* page, there is no sign of such combination, but on *canadian* I found something like that...
...this option also exists on european page, but with no connection to *M700*.
[ ldCategory=4699&OPTION_ID=110319&toshibaShop=false &tab=2#2]

So maybe someone will know who is right or where to find the answer?
Correct model in which i'm interested is M700-106.

I could ask the same question about battery.

Thanks for help

Answer:Portege M700 expansion bay


I think you could do this.
The Portege M700 is equipped with the Toshiba Ultra Slim Bay. It allows the standard DVD muliti drive to be removed and replaced with the 2nd HDD or with a weight saver panel for a greater versatility!


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I recently bought a Portege M700
It came preinstalled with Vista on the disk.

Now I got a original Win XP x64 and all my programs aren't really Vista compatible. So I want to install Win XP x64.
I install WXP x64, but there are no drivers for it, only for winXP tablet pc edition and vista drivers.

Is it possible to find drivers for WXP x64?

Has anyone ever had a problem like this one?

Anyways thanx already for the response.

Answer:Portege M700 - need drivers for WXP x64


I doubt you will get the Windows XP 64bit drivers for this notebook from the Toshiba driver page.
I didn?t find Windows XP 64bit drivers for ANY Toshiba notebooks.
Why? I think the Win XP 64bit was not so popular like Win XP 32bit and most applications were designed for XP 32bit OS.

If you would install XP 64bit on this machine you will have to search across the different 3rd party websites for compatible drivers?

Good luck

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Hi all,

I've installed Windows 7 RC on my Portege M700, and everything went well except:

- Intel(R) Management Engine Interface (Showing on Device Manager as PCI Simple Communications Controller);
- Novatel Mobilink for the built-in Novatel Wireless Broadband (3G HSDPA) SM-Bus MiniCard Modem (EU870D) (Showing on Device Manager as 4 Data Interfaces).

I used the Windows 7 drivers available at rpn=PPM70U&modelFilter=&selCategory=3&selFamily=10 73768662 and everything wenf fine.

I even managed to get the drivers for the Novatel MiniCard Modem from an earlier version and Device Manager accepted them.
But when i try to install the v2.02.27 of Novatel's Mobilink available [here| &selFamily=4&selSeries=157&selProduct=773&selShort Mod=684&language=13&selOS=26&selType=all&yearuploa d=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=allMa chines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=8&page =2&startPage=1] it justs roles back the instalation before it's finished.

Do you know if toshiba plans to deliver a version of Novatel's Mobilink compatible with Windows 7?
And what about the Intel(R) Management Engine Interface? Is there going to be a compatible version too? ... Read more

Answer:Portege M700 and Windows 7

Not sure about Mobilink, but I believe the Intel Management Engine is "Intel AMT"

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My son dropped his padded computer bag with his Toshiba Portege M700 laptop inside off his desk (just out of warranty).

The laptop shows no sign of damage, but on powering on it makes 'all the right noises' but there is no display on the screen. If the laptop is powered on with the charger connected then some vertical colored bars appear, and then they fill with white, but nothing else.

We have tried connecting an external monitor and pressing Fn+F5, and the vertical bars disappear from the internal monitor, and it goes completely black, but nothing appears on the external monitor. Pressing Fn+F5 again returns the random vertical lines on the internal monitor.

We have also tried booting the laptop into the Safe Mode menu by tapping F8 when the laptop is booted, with and without an external monitor, with and without Fn+F5, but can get no video on either the internal or external monitor.

Does it appear that maybe a connector has been dislodged by the shock of the drop, it do you think the laptop is now pushing up daisies?

Any advice gratefully received.


Answer:Re: No Display on Portege M700

To be honest I don?t know which connector do you mean but if there is no pic on external display there must be some serious problem.
It seems that video signal cannot be sent through video out port.

It is not easy to offer some precise diagnostic on this ?virtual? way.
What do you want to do now? Try to repair it or what?

Maybe you should contact Toshiba service and ask for check. They can run diagnostic tools and tell you what is defective, what must be replaced and how much it will costs. Then you can make decision what to do.

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I have a new Portege M700, model no. PPM70E-01D01CSP bought in Spain (came with Windows XP).
My problem is that the fan is allways on, and quite loud. In addition when it ramps up on AC it never ramps down, even when the processor gets to a cool 35?C.

If I reboot the the fan does ramp down, although it never stops.

I have tried changing the power management settings, and several programs for windows and linux that claim to control toshiba's fans, but the don't work in my tablet.
I find it very annoying since I bought this computer because reviews said it was extremely silent.

Any help?


Answer:Portege M700 - fan is allways on


What OS do you use? Is it Win XP?

So usually the Toshiba Power saver should be preinstalled on this notebook
There you can find the options like ?Cooling Method?, ?CPU processing speed? and ?CPU control method?.

Try to change the Cooling Method to a lower performance. This should decrease the fan rotation speed.
Furthermore I would recommend decreasing the ?CPU processing speed?.
This would help to reduce the heat and the cooling modules should run slower.


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Hello all

On my Portege M700 (Vista), I can see that pressing FN + F8 should cycle through the devices and enable the internal WAN ( HSDPA ) device.

But it doesn't seem to do anything.

What could I be doing wrong here?

Answer:FN+F8 does not enabling the WAN on Portege M700


As far as I know only some models are equipped with the Wireless WAN functions.
Did you buy the m700 with the WAN functionality?

Usually the WAN indicator glows or blinks blue when the Wireless WAN function is on.
The indicator will glow or blink in order to indicate the connection status of the WAN function.

But note!!!
The WAN card must be installed to use this function. Some models are equipped with such card but NOT all!!!

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I'm having a small issue with my toshiba m700 if i plug it into the docking station i can use the pen ok but if i want to remove it from the docking station and write somthing in tablet mode after removal from the docker the pen stops working.

The only way to start it working again is to restart the laptop.

I've tried to reinstall the pen driver for this but it did not help, it seams to work ok for my collogue who has the same laptop and docking station.


Answer:Portege M700 Tablet Pen Problem

sounds that some docking settings are wrong.
check the settings with those of the other m700.
also a installed software can cause this issue...

as you said the pen works when docked so there is nothing wrong with thw pen and/or driver..

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I have owned my M700 for 2 years now, and I use it in tablet mode with the pen all the time, and probably on average for 8 hours every day! So my screen is now a mess of scratches and pits and I doubt it will last much longer. I tried a " replacement laptop screens" web site but they referred me to Toshiba. I've emailed Toshiba but no answer as yet. So, does anyone know - can the screen be replaced on an M700, whilst maintaining the pen function? If so, how much and where, and is it diy -able? (I'm happy dismantling and re-assembling laptops within reason)

Thanks for any help.



Answer:Replacing the screen on a Portege M700-110

At first I must say that probably no one here can say for sure how it works because just Toshiba service has maintenance manuals and exact description how the display must be exchanged.
You know that tablet PC has different display cover and the whole work must be done in dust free room.

So my advice to you is to leave professionals to do this job for you. I don't know where you sent your mail but what you should do is to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider.
The addresses and phone numbers you can find on Toshiba support page under > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP.

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I have a Portege M700 tablet.
I would like to disable the touchscreen facility on it (but not the stylus-activated drawing/writing capability).

Is this possible?

Answer:How to disable touchscreen on Portege M700?

My friend has an M700 and he disabled the touchscreen feature, so it is possible.

I'm not exactly sure how to do it, check the users manual, or go to control panel and look in the Tablet utility.

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Is it possible to change a US-keyboard into a german keyboard at the Portege m700? Is it easy to change? How much does a german keyboard cost?

Are there other differences between a US-Version and a German-Version of the M700 ?

ty, greets

Answer:Is it possible to change keyboard at Portege M700?

It IS possible and there should be no technical difference between these keyboards. I don?t know if it?s very hard to exchange a keyboard but it shouldn?t be.
Nowadays I would recommend you to refer to an authorized service partner and order this part there. Maybe it would be good to ask them regarding the warranty conditions after replacing such an keyboard by yourself because if you damage something you could loose the warranty on your machine.


P.S.: You can find the nearest available service partner simply by visiting the official toshiba mobile computers website and check the Support section.

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I cannot change the resolution on a Dynadock-connected display and cannot save any display settings at all - how do I fix this??

I have a Portege M700 running Vista business SP1 - mostly the machine is used as a desktop replacement, connected to a Viewsonic 19" widescreen through the Dynadock DVI - when so connected, I have the laptop's screen turned off and use only the Viewsonic at 1440x900 resolution. I had been annoyed by the fact that whenever resuming from the screensaver, the resolution would drop down to some lower state (I was not able to identify the dimensions it thought it was using but probably 1280x800, the default resolution of the internal display).

I tried to resolve this problem with level 3 tech support to no avail. I thought I'd be clever and try installing the updated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver which can be found on the Intel website (if you simply try to install this software, Vista won't let you, but if you unzip it and manually update the drivers it works). This resulted in the Dynadock-connected display being shut off completely - no signal! So I uninstalled those drivers, reinstalled the original Intel drivers, but now I have no ability to set the resolution on the Dynadock-connected display - and it is defaulting to something that is wrong (too wide and not high enough)!

I have been through multiple cycles of uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the display adapter (Mobile Intel 965 chipset) and the Dynado... Read more

Answer:Portege M700 - problem with Dynadock

Hello Tony

It is really long story but I use Portege M700 with Dynadock DVI (PA3542Y1PRP) and have no problems at all. After reading your posting I have tested it changing all display options and I didn?t notice something strange. It works well.

Reading your posting I can see you have tried to install different stuff and I am not wondering that you have so many problems. The best solution for you is to install OS again using recovery image. Make clean OS installation and install latest Dynadock Utility 2.3c. be careful while installation runs and do not interrupt the installations procedure. Be sure all software components are installed properly.

When you start Dynadock Utility installation Dynacock may not be connected. When you see window where you will be ask to connect USB Audio device connect the Dynadock to your favorite USB port. I use USB port at the back side.

I use external 22?? LCD display with 1680 x 1050 resolution. In display settings it is display number three and when I click on it I can set resolution to maximum level (native resolution). The picture is perfect.

I have tried the same as you:
- Set external display as main monitor (notebook LCD was OFF)
- I have enabled screen saver and tested several time but the resolution was always the same ? no changes at all
- With those settings I have restarted notebook several times and the resolution was always the same ? no problem at all

After restart I can see the picture on notebook LCD onl... Read more

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I would like to order the Portege M700-S7008 with 2.40ghz + turbo cache + US-qwerty keyboard, which is available from the US-based toshiba site.

On my local toshiba site I can only find Portege M700-10O (which has 2.20ghz, no turbo cache, BE-azerty keyboard), which is definitely not what I want. But the US-site has no option to ship international.

What should I do?

Answer:Problems with ordering Portege M700


the fact is that the machine with the configuration YOU want is only available in America. Since Toshiba sells for every country separate configurations you have only 2 options:

1. Find some distributor on google which could help you and sell/send you the machine with THAT configuration

2. Or you could wait some time with obtainig this machine, maybe toshiba europe will give some offer you need in some weeks. Usually (as I know) Toshiba europe is sometimes not parallel with their services and offers like other countrys. This also applies to other countrys like Australia, Canada or Great Britain.
I think some patience and you will get what you want/need.


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Hi there,

i was wondering if the M700 keyboard would fit into a M400 Portege?

Just because the M700 seems to have a more "standard" layout which I'd prefer.

If using the M400 screen in an M700 would work, I'd switch to using the M700 but I won't "downgrade" to 800x1280 when I can have 1050x1400. Yes, I'm talking Portrait.

Thanks for any input.


Answer:Does Portege M700 keyboard would fit into a M400?

Well? the Portege M700 should be equipped with the Toshiba Standard Key Layout B5 type.
I found out that the Vendor is Darfon and the total number of keys is: 85(US) 86(Euro) 87(Japan)

So I don?t think the M700 keyboard could be compatible with M400 Portege because as far as I know only the M700 Portege was delivered with this keyboard.

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What is the best way to remove bloatware from my laptop. I hear the best way is to reformat the HD.
Any suggestions?

Answer:Portege M700 - How to remove Boatware

What bloatware do you mean?
The preinstalled applications and programs are necessary to use all the notebook features.

Of course you can remove the preinstalled programs, tools or utilities but then different options like FN buttons, Toshiba control keys, etc will not function!!!

By the way; you can remove the installed programs in control panel -> Software (Add & remove programs)

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I have recently purchased a Portege M700-110 and am trying to use my finger instead of the pointing device.

However the calibration of the finger presses is wrong, since when pressing central to the screen there isn't a problem. But when pressing somewhere to the left or right the device completely misses the place where I touched and instead the cursor appears at the edge of the screen.

I've looked through the utilities but can?t see a calibration one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Answer:Touch Problems at Portege M700

Hello Andrew

Unfortunately I do not have this notebook model and can not give any advice but one info is interesting for me. According User?s manuals document Portege M700 is delivered with two different displays. One is DIGITIZER screen model and operations on the display screen can be done by using the tablet PC Pen only.
The second one is DIGITIZER and TOUCH screen model and on this display can be done by a finger or using tablet PC pen.

The question is: which one you have? Is there any way to check this? Can you please confirm you have DIGITIZER and TOUCH screen?

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Hello, this can be a dumb question, but... here it goes:

"You can install up to 4GB RAM into this Tablet PC. Up to 2GB memory module into each slot. You should use DDR2-667MHz, PC2-5300 modules."

But i think that there are 4GB modules available, if so, can I use 2 modules of 4GB in the 2 slots and have 8GB, thats possible? or this laptop just works with the max of 4GB ?

Thank you.
PS: maybe its not 4Gb and its (2x2)...

Answer:Whats the max memory in a Portege M700-12l?

If you have Portege M700 (PPM70E) then you can upgrade RAM up to 4 GB only.
To have 8 GB is not possible because the mainboard can handle with 4 GB RAM only.

You can use 2 x 2GB (PA3513U-1M2G).


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I bought a Portege M700 with 1 GB preinstalled RAM and two 2 GB RAM modules. I could install one of them in the empty slot on its back, but I cant find the second slot (where the 1 GB is preinstalled). Where is it?


Answer:How to upgrade a Portege M700 to full 4gb RAM?


I presume the Port?g? M700 supports two memory slots but only one slot is user upgradeable.

One memory slot is placed at the bottom of the unit and the other should be found under the keyboard.

But as I said above only one slot is user upgradeable and the second memory slot should be upgraded by a notebook technician.

I think you could lose the warranty validity if you would remove the keyboard at your own hand.

Therefore don?t risk the warranty and ask the ASP technician for the memory upgrade.

Best regards

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I am a training course presenter; unfortunately I am disabled so I need to use the tablet functionality in order to avoid having to use flip charts. However, I've come across some problems...

* I haven't yet worked out whether or not it's possible for projector orientation to change when you switch to tablet mode. I would like to use the tablet in secondary landscape, but then it appears on the screen upside down!
* I don't seem to be able to get the Rotation Utility button to work. It does work as an alternative to [ESC] but holding it down (as mentioned in the instruction manual) doesn't seem to change the orientation.
* How does one contact TOSHIBA UK about operating issues? I look through the support site here, but although I have found this excellent forum, there seems no way of contacting Toshiba themselves.
I hope someone can help me!


Answer:Portege M700 - need help with display orientation


may I ask you if the operating system was installed from scratch or from recovery media? Another good question is to check if the newest version of all tools and drivers are installed so you can ensure that everything is up-to-date.
Which service pack is installed?

Regarding your "contact-toshiba-problem":

Toshiba itself cannot be contacted, you must work with the Authorized Service Partner in UK together, which means you must search for an ASP, contact them and ask them what you need.
Here?s a link to an ASP locator: 000000871


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I was wondering why my M700 Vista Ultimate came with 3 partitions.
An EISA, the C: System part., a nameless 5GB primary partition.

The EISA should be the recovery partition, but what's the last one for?

Can I delete it in order to create a different partitioning scheme?


Answer:Question about partitions on Portege M700

EISA is not recovery partition and this 1,5 GB partition belongs to Vista. The name of this partition is also WinRE (Windows Recovery Envirionment). If you want to learn more about it please use Google. You will find many interesting documents about it.

Portege 700 is not known to me but 5 GB partition can be recovery partitions that contains recovery image. For older notebook models the recovery image was always saved on DVD media what means the recovery image is pretty big. I presume it is between 3 and 5 GB.

Have you already created recovery DVD? if not try to do this. Tell me if you need two empty DVD medias.

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Hi everybody

I've been searching the net for a full day now trying to find answers to this.
Note, i'm an accountant and not a computer techie.

I have a Portege M700 laptop. I am trying to update from Vista to Win7.

Here is the problem:
- Initially tried to uninstall Toshiba HDD Protection through Control Panel and received an error message stating "internal error 2753 setupftc.exe" .
- Then searched the internet and realised that I was supposed to stop the service first. Note, i did NOT originally stop the service in Service Manager.
- Now went into Service Manager to look for HDD Protection and it doesn't show up at all.
- Went back to Control Panel - Toshiba HDD Protection is listed as a programme. It still WON'T Uninstall.. the uninstall wizard activiates, and after a few seconds it simply states the same error message i.e. ""internal error 2753 setupftc.exe"

- an internet search on this error yields no useful results. They only point to registry cleaner programmes. I did NOT install any registry cleaners.

- then i went to the registry and created a backup of the registry.
Then searched for all items with "HDD Protection" and started deleting them hoping this would work.
Then tried to uninstall.
The computer popped up a message indicating that a restart was necessary.
Tried to restart and got a bluescreen.
Then restared in safe mode, reloaded the old registry file and VOILA the computer is back to... Read more

Answer:Portege M700 - HDD protection issue

If clean Toshiba HDD protection tool installation didn?t help then some registry entries must be screwed up.
Believe me, best thing you can do is to install OS again using HDD recovery installation mode - or use recovery DVD if you have one.
After clean Vista installation everything will work properly and then you can start with Win7 upgrade procedure.

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I've got my very own Portege M700 today and I decided to perform a clean install to remove the bloatware.

Now, I've installed a OEM Vista Business 32bit and I've installed all the drivers and utilities to make it work properly, for all but one function.

The login option.

How do I set up the fingerprint application/toshiba utilities to let me have the option to either type-in my password or swipe my finger to login?

The factory default had both options available, but now I'm stuck with only 1 choice, and it's bothering me a lot.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Portege M700: Question about the fingerprint log-in

try press CTRL+ALT+DEL

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First of all Hi everybody, as above mentioned in the title is about the Portege M700, I'm looking for a PCI UMTS card for this model have here a 8775 Sierra lying around, but this is unfortunately not recognized in Win7, I can times someone may say what card for this laptop is, or even something where I could get so ...???

Thanks apologize in advance

Answer:I'm looking for a PCI UMTS card for Portege M700


You need a 3G broadband module?

As far as I know some of the M700 Portege series have been equipped with the 3G module? I think it?s from Novatel but I?m not quit sure?

However, if you need an part for the Toshiba notebook which would be compatible for sure, then the best place for buying such part is your ASP.

The guys could check what parts are compatible and could order it from Toshiba if this would be really necessary?


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In the User Guide, in the equipment checklist section, it says 'Ultra Slim Bay Weight Saver (Is included with some models)'. And since i received an Ultra Slim Bay case (which is also included in some models), logically, it would also come with the Weight Saver. Because, when i remove my DVD drive to place into the Ultra Slim Bay case, there's a gaping hole left in the laptop where the DVD drive used to be. It doesn't make sense that Toshiba didn't provide the Weight Saver, does it...?

Thanks for your help,


Message was edited by: jojojojo

PS. This message was rejected by the system because it was profanity?! what is going on? it took me 7 tries till I decided to edit my message instead. What is wrong with the system? It was VERY frustrating and it doesn't tell you which part it wanted you to edit! poor code... fix it.

Answer:Portege M700 - Ultra Slim Bay

What is the model number of your M700?

PPM7xx-xxxxx ?

I think the Dummy DVD Tray is only included in models that come with no DVD drive.

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There is a water in the screen.
I think because I was in outdoor and went back to indoor and it was cold outside.

Is there any solution that I can get rid the water that it is inside the screen?

Answer:Portege M700 - Water in the screen

That?s really bad.
I think the screen must be replaced because I think there is no way to get the water out of screen.

Ask your local ASP for help. They can order and exchange the display. > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP

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Does anyone know what is maximum drive capacity for Portege M700?

Thanks for answer

Answer:What is maximum HDD capacity for Portege M700?

As I?m not mistaken the Portege M700 supports an SATA HDD.
In such cases there should not be any limitation of HDD size?
Usually you could use almost all 2.5? SATA HDDs in you M700.

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I bought a VGA to S-video/audio adapter and connected it to my VGA port and to the TV.
Nothing happened.

In control panel.... no other display/external display was detected.
The only postings I have come across use a port emulator or something.
I have the Portege M700 preinstalled with Vista Business tablet.

Any ideas would be most welcome.

Answer:How to connect Portege M700 to TV using VGA port?


All my laptops have S-Video port and I didn?t tried this ?combination? but when notebook is connected to the TV enable S-Video port on the TV and use FN+F5 key combination.
Please let us know if there is option to switch the desktop from the LCD to the TV.

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Can anyone suggest a resolution to a problem I have?

As i type, the cursor periodically jumps all over the screen. This means that one moment I am on a particular line, the next I am inserting text into a line elsewhere in the document.

Is this a faulty machine or is it a "feature" of the M700?

Answer:Cursor periodically jumps on Portege M700

Before you start to type disable TouchPad using FN+F9 key combination. I do the same.
Try it. I hope the cursor will not jump around again.

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Hi guys, I would really appreciate some help, please


I am having trouble with factory reset procedure on my Toshiba Portege M700 running Vista,

what I do is following:

1. Turn off the computer by pressing & holding the power button
2. Power up by pressing the power button
3. I am prompted for ( BIOS HDD ) password, I enter pasword
4. I press F8 and enter into Advanced Boot Options
5. Select Repair Your Computer, hit enter
6. I select correct keyboard layout in System Recovery Options pop up, hit Next
7. I log in as User by entering my password
8. I select Windows Complete PC Restore

New window appears, saying "Restore your entire computer from a backup" - Windows cannot find a backup on the hard disks or DVDs on this computer. The area where I could specify the route to the file is grayed out. It's not that I now the route, but I assume there is a hidden partition with the Vista install files on it (?)

In a smaller pop up screen (on top of the first one) there is a similar message:" No valid backup locations could be found"...

In an ideal world, I would use the (factory) backup from the original internal hard drive, rather than buying and waiting for the factory backup / restore DVDs ...

Many many thanks in advance!!

Answer:Factory reset Portege M700 - Vista OS


The explanation is pretty simply. For some reason your notebook cannot find recovery image saved on your HDD. I cannot say why but this can happen if the recovery image is deleted, removed to other folder or in case that HDD partitions are changed.

Recovery image is fixed with so called ?markers? and when you start recovery image installation the wizard search these markers. In case the markers are not found you will get this message on the screen.

So now you have the problem because HDD installation will not work. Only option for you now is to install original recovery image using recovery media but I?m afraid you didn't create one, right?

Either you must order original recovery disc from Toshiba or you can install own OS version using Microsoft installation disc.

What do you think about all that?

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I recently got a Portege M700 as a gift and I didn't really like the Intel video card that came with the laptop. So I want to change the video card to a more suitable one for more modern games. Something like an nVidia or ATi video card. I don't think it's possible, but if it is, could anyone reply?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Can I change the video card in the Portege M700?


You are right, buddy.
It?s not possible to exchange the graphic card on a notebook because it?s soldered on the mainboard:

Sorry but I think a Portege M700 is not designed for games. For me it?s a business notebook and for games are Qosmio notebooks the better choice.


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I am very interested in those tablets... but I have little question that I wasn't able to find out on the web.
Since I use photoshop and corel a lot, are those two tablet PCs Wacom penabled?

From what I've read its hardware feature not just some driver thingy... so it must be manufacturer supported.
I'd really appreciate pressure recognition.


Answer:Are Portege M700 and R400 Wacom penabled

Yes, this is from Wacom.

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I've got a new Portege M700, and the firs image I see when I start it is:
PXE-361: Media tet failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent

What does that mean?
Is there something wrong?


Answer:Re: Portege M700 - Media test failure

It seems to be that LAN card is set to be the first bootable device. Can you please enter BIOS settings and change boot order and be sure the HDD is set to be the first one.

When you start your notebook press F12 and tell us which devices are listed there?

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I would like to by SSD disk for my Toshiba Port?g? M700-116.

Which SATA dish speed can I buy?

SATA 1.0 (SATA 1.5 Gb/s)
SATA 2.0 (SATA 3 Gb/s)
SATA 3.0 (SATA 6 Gb/s)

Thank you

Answer:Portege M700 - SATA speed/standdard for new SSD


I?m not quite sure about the SATA specification but I think the Portege M700 supports an SATA II HDD controller.
However, you can install some hardware diagnostic tools like SANDRA Sisoft to get detailed controller specifications.

But SATA is backward compatible and this means that even if you would use an SATA III SSD drive, the SSD would be recognized but speed would be limited to SATA II performance.

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I've been using the M700 since two months and I've encountered a very annoying bug. It's not mentioned in this forum so far, but there are other reports on the Internet that mention this behavior also. (

*The issue:*

Tablet is put on hibernation. When it awakes all seems okay. When using the pen or the touch functions the cursor doesn't move. Tablet and Pen services haven't crashed, but there's no connection anymore between screen/digitizer and software.

+Technical assumption+
The serial/USB connector isn't reset after waking up or the hibernation has died the serial connection

*Tried solutions*
So far I reinstalled Vista, tried XP (and will stick to that for it's a better OS in many cases) and have reinstalled all kinds of Wacom drivers.

*What we want*
Wacom also seems to be aware of the problem but states that it is a Toshiba issue. I'm impressed by the build and quality of the M700 (it's a replacement for my sturdy but now almost unusable M200 and I've a M400 too, but I never liked it) and this issue is the only glitch I encounter.
I'd like to know if anyone else in this forum has encountered a Wacom-coma after resuming from hibernation or stand-by and if yes, if they found a solution (apart from restarting their PC)

And I'd really like to have an answer from a Toshiba representative considering this issue.

Answer:Portege M700 Wacom does not response after hibernation

Hi buddy

I?m not a M700 owner and therefore I cannot say much about this issue but from my knowledge there were some different issues with Vista and hibernation mode.
For example High definition audio device, display WLan failed after resuming from hibernation.
These issues were definitely Vista issues.

The Tablet d river installed on Portege M700 has been developed by Wacom? I wonder why the guys states that it is a Toshiba issue? ?:| (maybe because it?s Toshiba notebook ;) )

Anyway, you said you have reinstalled the Tablet driver from the Toshiba page and updated the Vista to the latest state?. Well check the BIOS update? maybe it could improve the functionality?

If this will not work I recommend contacting the ASP in order to find out if this is a known issue?

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The Portege M700 had touch screen functionality before I upgraded Vista to Windows 7. Now it does not function, nor does the two finger functionality which W7 is supposed to offer. Any ideas on how to recover the touch screen functionality?

Answer:Portege M700, Windows 7 and touch screen


I think you should install the Tablet Driver from Wacom.
The driver is placed on the Toshiba European driver page?
The WACOM Dual Touch driver for the integrated tablet is necessary to use the tablet functions.

There is also the Tablet PC Extension Package.
This driver package installs a range of important utilities.
_TOSHIBA Rotation Utility:_ Set the default screen orientation you want the system to use when switching from PC to Tablet mode, or vice-versa.
_TOSHIBA Tablet PC Buttons Driver:_ You can dedicate tablet buttons to performing common tasks so that you can easily operate your tablet computer when you're away from your workstation. For example, you can dedicate a button to open a program or to change your screen orientation.
_TOSHIBA Accelerometer Utilities:_ These Utilities are a set of hardware utilities that work with the motion sensors built into you machine. With the Accelerometer, your machine will be able to detect the way you are holding it at any given moment. You can set the machine to perform a specific function when the unit is quickly tilted to the left or right, or to the front or back. You can also take control of the cursor in some applications and make it move by leaning the PC in a certain direction.

But all this tools are released for Vista? anyway maybe they will work with Win 7 too? check this!!

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we have a Portege M700-130 with the portreplicator PA3508E-1PRP and have a problem with the external display (monitor) connected to the portreplicator.
The OS is Vista Business. The external monitor is a EIZO S2401WE-GY.

Now the question:
*Can you just place your Portege into the portreplicator, start it with the key of the portreplicator and get a picture on your external monitor till the login picture of the OS without doing anything on your notebook?*
It would allready help us, if someone with the same Portege and an portreplicator can give us his experience about this.

Because we can't, but we absolut want to or better must. We allready tested all settings in power options and Hardware Setup. The point is: When the Portege gets started without portreplicator and is replaced off into the portreplicator, then started with the portreplicator the external monitor becomes black when the login picture of the OS is loaded. Only after the notebook display is fliped open we get an picture on the external display.

About any help or reply I would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Portege M700-130 + Portreplicator + external display


A friend of mine has tested this on the Portege M700 running Vista OS.
He has connected the external monitor using a VGA (analog) and DVI port.

It seems that it functions as you suggested in your posting.
The Portege lid is closed and connected to the external monitor.
You don?t need to touch the Portege M700. It should start pressing the key of the port replicator.


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Every time I start up my new Portege M700 this program claims that the drivers are not installed for the fingerprint scanner and tries t install them again. TrueSuite Access Manager Installer starts and then it asks me to restart my PC. EVERY time. I am currently ignoring this but it bugs me.

I can login with the fingerprint scanner which suggests that the message is bogus.

Anyone recommend a way to resolve this?

I am tempted to remove the device from the hardware manager and uninstall the software, then restart, reinstall the software then redetect the hardware...

Anyone got a better idea before I waste my time?



Answer:TrueSuite Access Manager on Portege M700-13P

I agree with you and I think that the first step you can try it to remove preinstalled software and install latest version from Toshiba support page.

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Hi everyone.

I've had my M700 for about three months now. I always knew there was a fingerprint login but just recently, I wanted to get it activated.

Does anyone know how to activate the fingerprint login? I've tried searching for hardware and going through Program Files but nothing...


Answer:Portege M700 - how to activate the fingerprint login


Do you have preinstalled program called ?True Suite Access Manager?.
It?s fingerprint software. You should find it in the Toshiba Utilities folder!

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The Notbook has an invisible partition, from which the system can repair or restore. Theoretically, should I start with f8 in the meantime. It does not work.

The main problem is a mini change. I have to start over LAN to Disable. After the restart standing: "NTLDR is missing ...."

After much Experiment, I think, I have made more damage than necessary.

"NTLDR is missing ..." also, if I start with F8.
With F2 or F12 can I get a surface from which I get from CD, USB stick or memory card can start.

Can I get from there to somehow to invisible partition to recovery the system?
The device is without Recovery DVD. Whether i have asked by the shop, if i can get one. If i get one, I still don`t know. Currently, I have none.


P.S. It is a Windows XP Pro (Tablet)

Answer:Portege M700-7008x - How can I recover the system, if F8 ist not possible?


I think there is no much to do?

If you have a original Microsoft Windows XP CD then you could use it and could star the repair console. But to be honest it?s really tricky to use the XP repair console and you?ve got limited access capabilities.

But it looks like you don?t have such CD and therefore you last resort would be the new OS installation.

Good luck

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I want to be able to use the tablet stylus to annotate, for example, but find that I am also touching the screen with my hand.

Is it possible to turn off the finger touch screen so that only the stylus registers?

Answer:Can I switch off touch screen on Portege M700?

Hi mate,

which OS is in question? Did you already checked if the fingertouch feature can be disabled in the tablet configuration?? Did you even read the manual? I am asking because itīs stated there that you can disable the touch function.
I would recommend to check the manual and/or the configuration tool for your tablet digitizer.


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I have about 40 Porteges a mixture between M700 and M750's I need to know the hardware and driver differences between the two for Ghosting purposes.

Answer:Hardware Differences Between Portege M700 and M750

I think the only difference is that the M700 uses the Intel Santa Rosa chipset (9xx series), and the M750 uses the newer Montevina chipset (4x Series).

So you would need to install an Intel Chipset utility/driver that supports both chipsets.

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I see that a thread about this problem was closed as assumed fixed - it isn't...

I can kille the process pwdbank.exe but that is no fix.

gonna run ccleaner and report back but please do not mark this as fixed until someone actually posts a real fix.



Answer:Portege M700 - PWDBANK access violation

Hello Rob

I read your posting several times and I am really confused now. Please check your last thread. At first it is not closed or locked and most interesting is that you wrote the last comment with words: I will call this one closed and answered by me and follow the new threads about it elsewhere.

So my question is: what are you writing about? What is solved and what is not closed?

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I have problem with password bank on my notebook with OS win Vista Bussines SP1.
When I start windows and open web browser Mozilla Firefox after some seconds pwdbank.exe cannot work and is disabled.

Can you help me please?

Answer:Problem with Password Bank on Portege M700-116


Just one question: is this Firefox message or something else. I have installed Firefox on friends M700 and there is no message. I didn?t test it intensively but the message does not is not shown.

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I recently installed some software that require .NET Framework 3.5 to run properly.

I downloaded it from the Microsoft website, but to my dismay. Whenever I try to install it, it gives me an error. I also tried to install the new Vista SP2. It also gave me an error for an unknown reason.

I currently use Vista Business and have a Portege M700.
Please help!!

Answer:Portege M700 - Can't install .NET Framework 3.5 on Vista


Possibly your Vista OS is muddles up. I came to this conclusion because SP2 and .NET Framework 3.5 cannot be installed.

But what error message did you get?
Did you search in google for this error message?

Usually you should uninstall .net framework 3.5 and reinstall it from the following link

It should work.

PS: If you have installed earlier versions of Framework 3.5, then you must uninstall them prior to running this installation by using Add or Remove Programs.

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Last few days pwdbank.exe has started giving out repeated access violations. Often 4 or 5 on screen at a time.

address 004250BF, read of address 0022F7FC

Anybody seen it before, or got any ideas why, or what to do about it.

Currently needs a reboot, but then it starts failing again after a few hours.


Answer:Portege M700 - PWDBANK access violation

Hmm?.. seems it?s a software issue? possibly some files or registry entries are bad?
Who knows? it?s a software application and something like that can happen always?

In you case maybe registry cleaning could helps?
Try to install the free tool called ?CCleaner?. It cleans the system and the registry entries.
It?s worth a try before you will remove this software from the system and would try to reinstall it again.


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I upgraded to windows 7 last night on my portege m700. It is Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. I installed all the drivers under the Windows & 64 bit category on Toshiba's page. Everything works great except the screen will not properly rotate when put into tablet mode. I can push ctrl+alt+ arrow keys to rotate it, and I can also use windows mobility center to rotate 90 degrees at one time. I am wondering what I need to have it rotate once snapped into tablet mode, like it did in Vista. I have the Toshiba rotation utility installed but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. It seems like it is not receiving a signal from the monitor that it has been rotated.

I need this for school, so any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Answer:Portege M700 rotation issues after upgrading to Windows 7 64 bit


I think there are not all Win 7 64boit drivers published and released for M700 and you will have to install also some drivers released for Vista 64bit!

For example:
*Tablet PC Extension Package v for Vista 64bit*
This driver package installs a range of important utilities.

_TOSHIBA Rotation Utility:_ Set the default screen orientation you want the system to use when switching from PC to Tablet mode, or vice-versa.

_TOSHIBA Tablet PC Buttons Driver:_ You can dedicate tablet buttons to performing common tasks so that you can easily operate your tablet computer when you're away from your workstation. For example, you can dedicate a button to open a program or to change your screen orientation.

_TOSHIBA Accelerometer Utilities:_ These Utilities are a set of hardware utilities that work with the motion sensors built into you machine. With the Accelerometer, your machine will be able to detect the way you are holding it at any given moment. You can set the machine to perform a specific function when the unit is quickly tilted to the left or right, or to the front or back. You can also take control of the cursor in some applications and make it move by leaning the PC in a certain direction.

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Hi all,

I was showing off the laptop this weekend and found that the touchscreen didn't appear to work (i haven't used it in some time)...

I went to the control panel to check if it was on and the Touch Settings Control Panel has a link that goes nowhere. It just throws an error and the control panel icon is now blank.

Now all i've done for updates to drivers is the stuff i've got from the Toshiba Tempro thingy... have they remove this function?

What might I have done to break it?

How do I fix it?

Many thanks all,


Answer:Portege M700 touch screen control panel gone...

Go to the Toshiba Website and install the Wacom Dual Touch Driver

Also update the BIOS and install the latest Toshiba Value Added Package (assuming you are using Vista).

If that doesn't work, you could try reinstalling Windows by running Recovery (hold the Zero key during power-up). Remember to backup your data first.

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I am a new M700 user and just recently installed a clean copy of Vista Business on my PC.
I was also able to successfully install all the drivers from Toshiba's website but since i have not installed any of the Toshiba utilities so all the buttons on my notebook are not functioning as they should be.

I see that there are a lot of utilities available and might be useful as well but unfortunately Toshiba's support website does not provide any detailed information on what a particular utility might do for the user and it is pretty much left to the user to make out from the name.

I will really appreciate if someone can kindly guide me on what all utilities i need to install to enjoy the full capability and functionality of my machine and at the same time not compromise on performance.

Also, please identify what the following utilities do?

1) Toshiba tablet PC extension
2) Toshiba value added pack
3) Camera utility (Do i need this application to use the web cam with skype??)
4) Optical Drive Auto Lock ( and power on)

Lastly, the touch feature on my tablet is not working and can someone please help me identify if i have this functionality or not as when i try to install the Wacom driver from Toshiba's website it says that "Supported Hardware not found"

Thanks for reading & helping!!!

Answer:Portege M700: Vista Bussines - What Toshiba Utilities do I need


On the Toshiba European driver page you can find all necessary drivers for the Vista OS.
You can also find the whole description about the single drivers and utilities which are available on the page.

On the page you can find a red arrow and header ?More Info?.
There you can find the details what the tool or driver do.

So check it yourself? if you need more help? just post again ;)

Best regards

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I am using a Portege M700 under Vista.

Some time ago, because of a cursor problem (it jumped randomly to another position in the text I am typing), I switched off (by software) the (use of the) touchpad. Starting from then, I use the M700's keyboard and an external mouse.

Unfortunately, I have forgotten how I did it, and am now unable to switch the touchpad on again ... Even after spending much time to search for the command (in Vista), I have not discovered its location ...

Any help woud be appreciated.

Thanking you.

Answer:Portege M700: how to switch on (by software) the touchpad under Vista ?


The touchpad can b switched ON and OFF by using the key combination FN +F9.

This feature work on most Toshiba notebooks!!!

PS; This is also mentioned in user manual ;) take a look into the user manual if you need more details about your notebook.


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Windows Vista Business SP1 is intermittently on startups displaying a DEP message saying it has disabled the 'Tablet PC Component'. This happened unpredictably on 5 occasions in the last 3 days. Once it happens, data entry via the touchpen and handwriting input tool no longer functions correctly.

I reported this to Toshiba UK support and they told me to reinstate the system from the recovery disk -

Are you serious? What - after I spent nearly 4 hours updating the BIOS, Windows Vista SP1, and MS Office then configuring Outlook for Exchange server and HSDPA too?

Sounds like there's not been any testing against the Vista and Office upgrades...

Should I disable DEP?

Answer:Portege M700: DEP message saying it has disabled the Tablet PC Component


You could still let the DEP enabled but could add the ?Tablet PC Component? (touchpen) to the list of applications which are ignored by DEP.

You could do this in:
Control panel -> System -> advanced system settings -> Advanced tab -> first button ?Settings? -> last tab Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

There you can choose the second option and could ad the touchpen (exe) to the list?

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Can I find somewhere at Toshiba's websites Windows XP tablet Edition 2005 with complet drivers
(for example:Recovery DVD with XP) for download for notebook Toshiba Portege M700/106???

Where I Can download AHCI drivers for notebook Toshiba Portege M700-106???

I want to install Windows XP on my book but I don't know how!


Answer:Where to find Win XP tablet Edition 2005 for Portege M700-106


> Can I find somewhere at Toshiba's websites Windows XP tablet Edition 2005 with complete drivers
(for example: Recovery DVD with XP) for download for notebook Toshiba Portege M700/106???

You can find only a Windows XP tablet edition drivers on the Toshiba European driver page! But you will not find a Windows XP tablet Edition 2005 OS for download!!!
You will have to buy a clean OS and then you could install the Toshiba drivers downloaded for the notebook.

PS: I don?t know what OS was preinstalled on your M700 but mostly a Toshiba recovery CD/DVD should be delivered together with the notebook.

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Hi there,

I've been looking for some time to buy a HDD adaptor for my Ultra Slim Selectbay in my M700-139. I can't find one to buy in the UK that says it's compatible with the M700.

Does anyone know if it is possible to buy an adaptor for this bay - and if you can, any idea of where to buy it from?

Thanks very much!

Answer:Portege M700 - Ultra Slim Selectbay expansion to HDD?


I found this:

But listen dude; all compatible parts and Portege M700 supported parts can be ordered from the ASP in your country.

So maybe you would contact the guys and would ask for such adaptor.


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I have just registered my M700 in order to get support updates, as i have found that some updates have been issued that i was not told about.

When i submitted the form, it told me that my serial number had already been registered. I thought I had registered before, but my username is not recognised.

On my home page, when i click Portege M700, it tells me the product is not available in my region.

The laptop was supplied by my insurance after my old one was irrepairable.

How can i have a product that is not available?

Why am i not receiving updates if i am already registered, or why does it say i am registered when i am not?

Thanks for any help...

Answer:Portege M700 - registration issue - product is not available in my region


Toshiba delivers own notebook series for different countries.
I think your Port?g? M700 series was delivered in different countries under different model numbers.

What notebook model is it exactly?

Anyway? all newest drivers for Port?g? M700 are released on the Toshiba European driver page?

So you can download it also from this page: -> Support & Download -> Download Drivers


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I bought a Portege M700 tablet PC for school a few months ago. It has been working great this whole time and I have been loving it. A problem started this morning though.

When I wrote there would be random lines coming off of the letters that made it hard to read. After doing some testing I realized that it seemed to be like the screen was getting stuck back somehow. What is happening is I will write something and after I lift the pen it will continue to write for a little bit after. The reason I think the screen is getting stuck is because the harder I press down when writing the longer it will continue to write even though the pen is not touching the screen.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas on how I can fix it? Thanks for any help.

Answer:Portege M700 - random lines are shown when I write

Try to calibrate the screen.
If you use system tool for writing then check if you have enough free system resources for it.
I have problem like this with some 3rd party programs for handwriting (for example paragon penreader - handwriting anywhere on screen).
This problem was with programs which took too much system resourses for its work and recognition and even drawing a line was very slow.
If you have some non standard programs for handwriting i reccomend uninstall it and check again.

And try to remember what software you installing in last week or two when this problem starts;)

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The existing batter will no longer charge. It is a Li-ion PA3191U-5BRS - 10.8V 4700 mAh. I have an almost new replacement battery for my earlier Portege with idenitcal fittings but with 10.8V 4600mAh. It is not a Toshiba model and states that it is to replace PA3176U-2BRS. Can I use it in my M700 without risk of damage or reduced performance?

Answer:Portege M700 - Battery replacement - will alternative work?


To be honest I doubt that it will work because the specifications are different.
In your case I wouldn?t try it, in worst case you destroy the computer.

It would be better if you buy a new battery with the exact specifications. Authorized service provider in your country can make you an offer for this.

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I installed the webcam driver for the M700 and each time I install it, I recieve the same error message:

"Webcam driver open fail - Please restart camera or computer."

I've reinstalled the drivers numerous times, and it still doesn't work.

Therefore, I tried the msconfig method, and disabled all start up processes, and then reenabled them.

The webcam displays the same error message, and now the screen wont change orientation when I swivel the screen.

Answer:Portege M700 wont change screen orientation

Do you try to use WXP or what? Usually every notebook is delivered with preinstalled and well configured operating system.

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Running Vista business 32 bit.

When I put my M700 in tablet mode, and tilt the tablet to 1side and press the button next to the cursor button it used to rotate the screen to that direction.
it doesnt do this anymore. I
Also noted that all accelerometer utilities, like tilt, shake, and advanced security do not work anymore. hdd motion detection does work.

I've reinstalled from recovery discs and installed original and new version from tablet extension and tvap. Nothing seems to help. I've also installed Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, it doesnt work there either. Ive actually noticed that it also doesnt work in vista because of it not working under Windows 7.

I'm wondering whether or not my accelerometer is broken or not because it used to work with the original installation discs or is this a software issue?

Answer:Portege M700 - Rotation buton and accelerometer not working

Hey mate,

> I've reinstalled from recovery discs
To be honest if you have the same problem with factory settings it seems to be a hardware malfunction. Normally with factory settings everything should work properly without updating any software or driver.
So I would recommend contacting an authorized service provider. The guys can help you because here it?s only an user to user forum.

By the way: Is the newest BIOS version installed?

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Hi there,

I've tried the Disc Creator that came pre-installed, and also the Nero All under Vista 32-bits.

The latter seems to have no clue about the problem, as it says smething like unknown failure.

The disc creator mentions error code 380381-26-BF040304.

The problem happens just at the begining, I've tried with three discs, so I don't think the discs are the problem. Anyway, they are DVD+R DL from Verbatim, and support up to 8x, while the recorder goes only upto 4x for double layer, so I think I'm ok.

My suspicion is that may be the firmware version in the DVD needs update... It mentions Hw 1.00, Fw 1.10. Other laptop manufacturers like offer DVD firmware upgrades for it, but I could not find any from TOSHIBA.

Any ideas?


Answer:Portege M700 - DVD drive fails when recording discs


Have you tried to remove the upper and lower filters? On the Microsoft Knowledge Base is a workaround how to do this so check this!

I have also good experience with Verbatim disks so I doubt that this is the problem.
Do you have the same issue with Nero or only if you use the Toshiba recovery disk creator?


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The Vista SP1 does nothing to the failure of Vista to recognise the Portege M700 built-in webcam.
The existing forum thread marks this question as answered, despite the link to the toshiba document mentioning entirely different error messages to the ones quoted by those of us having problems

I find it strange that the UK M700 wouldn't have a built in webcam; is this really true?

Answer:Webcam issue not fixed by SP1 Vista on Portege M700


I have noticed a webcam issue in a early time of Vista release but it was related to the ?buggy? Vista OS and was solved by SP1.

Sorry but another webcam issue in not known to me and as far as I know the internal webcam works fine also on Port?g? M700.

As you already suggested the internal webcam is not available on all Port?g? M700 series. Fact is that Toshiba notebooks, no matter which series, are equipped with different hardware specifications and for example the internal webcam, webcam light and internal microphone are available only on certain models.

Maybe there is no issue with a webcam but some Port?g? M700 are not equipped really with a internal webcam ;)

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Dear All,

My portege M700 laptop has for the most part performed reliably.
However, it used to be very sluggish resuming from sleep after a few wake-sleep iterations, taking >5min.

I have now installed Windows 7 32-bit, which is working very well. There are no longer any problems with resuming from sleep. However, about 1-2 times per day now I get a message that Explorer has crashed and must restart. About once per week, the system locks up entirely with a windows blue screen (kernel fault). Most times, in the few seconds around the time the screen freezes, I hear the fan switch on at full speed (much faster than it ever normally runs) and the case becomes quite warm.

I have installed the latest Windows 7 32-bit drivers from the Toshiba UK website.

Can anyone help me diagnose the cause of these crashes?

Many thanks,


Answer:Portege M700 crashes after upgrading to Windows 7 32bit


It?s hard to say what could cause this strange system behavior.
But you said something about warm case and fans starts to rotate faster?

It seems that the notebooks internal temperature increases to a higher level.
Higher temperature can affect the RAM modules and this might be the reason why the system hangs and does not response.

What to say? you should check the Win 7 power management settings.
There are a lot of options which could decrease the CPU performance and could increase the cooling.
Furthermore you should check if the cooling fans are free of dust? clogged fans could not rotate properly and this would increase the temperature as well.

Hope this helps you?

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after upgrading my Portege M700 to Windows 7 most of the hardware seems to work.

One exception are the tablet buttons needed to adjust screen orientation or to be used as cursor replacement. When changing to tablet mode (e.g. for entering notes while a meeting) the original (VISTA) installation offers certain functions by the tablet buttons (e.g. moving cursor, new page, scroll through pages etc.). But it seems these buttons are predefined for certain windows functions and I do not know resp. find no tool for changing this.

I installed the newest version of the TOSHIBA utilities (util_tvap, value added package) but do not find any tool for assigning the proper function of the tablet buttons.

Any tips how to manage that?

Thanks in advance ...

Answer:Portege M700 with Windows7 / Issue with assignment of tablet buttons

Have you upgraded your Portege notebook using Toshiba upgrade kit or you have installed own Win7 version?
Usually when you make upgrade using Toshiba upgrade kit and upgrade preinstalled Vista everything should work properly.

Have you also latest BIOS version?

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Hello everyone,

my friend give me his old toshiba Portege M700 and I have problem with it.

When it starts up just shows toshiba logo and then this "please insert system disk and press any key when ready.

I haven't any disk from where can i download the iso and then burn to disk or something like that, I really don't know much about pcs and sorry for my bad english, please help me if anyone can

thanks a lot

Answer:Message "insert system disk" while booting Portege M700

i just want the link of iso image or something like that, i need to create system disk

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My old original battery discharges in 30 minutes and I purchased an original new one from Toshiba authorized dealer in Croatia.

After several days of charging and discharging, the new genuine Toshiba battery discharges 1.5 hours of normal use without powering any external devices nor optical drive.

Toshiba specification for this model of Portege states that battery should last approximately 4 hours.
How I can get the battery replaced when local dealer stated that he can not guaranty battery life and that the new battery came directly from authorized Toshiba parts distributor in Europe?

Answer:Portege M700 new genuine Battery discharges in aproximately 1.5 hours

> After several days of charging and discharging, the new genuine Toshiba battery discharges 1.5 hours of normal use without powering any external devices nor optical drive.

The battery should be calibrated properly. This means that you should charge and discharge the battery until it?s fully empty. This should be repeated several times?

Furthermore the battery working times depends on notebook usage? using notebook with max display brightness or running applications which needs full CPU, GPU and HDD performance would decrease the battery working time.

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I have been battling with my stylus the past few months. When I use it, the cursor is only accurate to the tip, when I am in the corners (where the calibration takes place). The more central I get on the screen, the more off it is. We talk about half a centimeter, which doesn't seem a lot, but which can be a real pain, if you try to write or draw on the screen.
The tragic part is that it started AFTER I used the calibration tool for the first time. Had I known it makes things worse, I wouldn't have touched it.
My question is: Is there anyone out there with the same problem, or is this unique? If it is, I will have a talk with my dealership after I return home.

If it is not unique, how was this dealt with?

My Laptop is a Portege M700, with Windows Vista Business SP1. This issue has been consistent through all kinds of situations, hardware configurations and software contents, and the starting point was clearly the calibration.
I thank in advance anyone that can shed some light on this for me.


Answer:Re: Inaccurate cursor when using the stylus in tablet mode on Portege M700

Are you calibrating it with the stylus on an angle?

Try it with the stylus completely vertical.

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I?m trying to restore my m700. However, whenever I try to use my recovery discs I get this error with the text "this product is not supported".
I tried to upgrade my Bios from version 1.3 to 1.7 and got the same kind of message that "this product is not supported".

What's wrong with my Portege M700 and how can I fix this?

Answer:Recovery DVD is not working on my Portege M700 - error 1F-3FFF-0000

1) Are you using Portege M700 Recovery Discs? Discs from other models wont work.

2) Has the laptop ever been in for repair (for example a Mainboard replacement)? Maybe the system information was not updated by the repair center.

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I have a Portege M700 and when I turn it into tablet mode the rotation button quits working.
It works when it in laptop mode.

I have the rotation utility set to go into secondary landscape and its no longer switching and the button on the front of the screen will not switch it anymore either.
I can go into the rotation software and rotate it manually.

Any suggestions on how to get the button functioning again?

Oh and I am running Vista Business with SP 2.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Portege M700 - Rotation Button Not Working In Tablet Mode

If you rotate the whole laptop, does the screen rotate automatically using the accelerometer?

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I have bought an M700 which came back from a company leasing.
It has neither a webcam nor the WWAN module installed.
I am not missing the webcam but trying to upgrade the WAAN card.

Model No. PPM70E-0QH02DEN

I have got a sim-card holder in the battery bay, so only the mini-pci card should be missing.

Is it possible to upgrade?
How do I access the mini-pci slot?
Which parts do I need? (F3507g card, antenna, wires, screws)

Thanks for help.


Answer:Installation of F3507g WWAN module to Portege M700 PPM70E


You mean 3G module?

From my knowledge the 3G module was not installed in all Portege M700
This means that there are different motherboards which provide different hardware specification.

In your case I recommend getting in contact with an local ASP.
The guys would be able to help you and would provide the right parts for an upgrade (if possible)

As far as I know some of M700 have been equipped with an 3g+/HSDPA Broadband with a data transfer rates of up to 3.6 Mbit/s (Module can be upgradeable to 7.2Mbps by firmware)


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I have a Portege Z835, with a battery problem: don't charge. The battery indicator says "3% connected and charging" but it don't charging the battery.

Some forums says that the solution is updating the Bios. I have a Bios update v.1.60 ready for install. When I try to install, we get the message "the battery power is not enough".

My power cord is always connected. If I disconnect the power cord, laptop is off.

Please, what can I do?



Answer:Portege Z835 - need help with BIOS update

To be honest I don?t think it is BIOS related issue. As far as I know battery should be charged even if the notebook is OFF so why BIOS update if battery cannot be charged at all.

For me it sounds like hardware related issue.

How old is your Portege?
Is warranty still valid?

Maybe you should contact Toshiba service and ask for help or even their opinion.

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what is the BIOS EC?

in my BIOS it states BIOS version of 2.10 and EC version 1.40

on toshiba website latest revision is BIOS v2.10 and EC 1.50 as same flash update download. but as the BIOS is already upto date i want to know if trying to flash for the EC from 1.40 to 1.50 would be worth it?



n.b. presume the latest R700 BIOS is v2.10 as stated on the website? is there anywhere else i can check?

Answer:Portege R700 - BIOS EC update from 1.40 to 1.50

I believe the EC is an important function so I would update the EC to ensure the notebook is running optimally.

I don't know what was changed but you can usually find this information on the Toshiba America website in the support/downloads section/

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Hi I was wondering can this machine update it's BIOS without the use of an external FDD........I do not have one......buying one is more costly than a USB FDD..........Or is there a way to flash the bios with a use of an application executed in windows ?

Appreciate to those who can help ............

Answer:Bios update on Portege 3110Ct


Check this

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Hi there,
When I look for an update to the BIOS in my M400 at the Nordics version of Toshibas homepage - here is what I find;
On the nordics toshiba website they have the 1.50 version available for download, while the US version website I can download the newer 1.60 version. As my M400 is a Danish version I am a little unsure as to if it's ok to update my BIOS to v1.60 now that the nordics toshiba website don't have that BIOS version available.

Any thoughts and views about going ahead and installing the version 1.60 on my DK-version M400 is very welcomed.


Answer:Portege M400 - BIOS update to 1.60


Please don?t compare European and US notebooks models and don?t make update mix. If you have European notebook please use just the stuff available on Toshiba Europe download page.

If you don?t have problems with your unit and if operating system runs stabile, don?t do anything. It is just my advice.

Have a nice day!

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Has anyone tried this new update ?
I was put off by the wording on the disclaimer.
It seems that in order to cut down on constant fan use the price to pay will be a hotter computer.
Is that going to affect the computer life time ?
Also, as it is a "stand alone" update, is it possible to undo the changes and revert to a previous version if necessary ?
Finally, is the increased heat on the base of the unit going to make it uncomfortable to work with as a tablet ?
Thanks for feed back.

Answer:Portege M400. BIOS update V 1.8


Yes I have updated my m400 to version 1.8 and No it does not run that hot im currently suing speed fan to monitor the temp and its stable at 38 degrees - with BIOS set to cooling - battery optimised, its very quite now! thats what i wanted as the fan for me was just to loud for such a small laptop. I went from 1.4 straight to 1.8 didnt do 1.7.
I still find however the power saver dosent do much in terms of the fan speed, but at least we know there was an issue and they have identified it in the BIOS release.

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i recently purchased two used portege 3490 CT Notebooks, both with BIOS version 1.60. I tried to upgrade to Version 1.90 with a USB-Floppy, but it wont accept the floppies. Theres no floppy access when i press a key after the bios update message.

Also booting from this USB floppy wont work. Is this a problem related to this specific USB floppy drive (it's a NEC)? Are there any other procedures to update the BIOS?


Answer:BIOS Update on a Portege 3490

Hello Thomas

I am not sure but I assume that your unit has no USB legacy support and, as far as I know, you can do it using original Toshiba FDD. Check please your BIOS settings.

I am pretty sure that you will not be able to make BIOS update using your FDD.


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i have a portege m200 and because it doesn't have any device on it (fdd,dvd) i want to be able to boot from an sd-card. For that I need the newest bios version v1.70win, but to intall it ,it requires the Common Module. I have instaled it (there was no error, at least) but when I retry to do the update , a"missing common module" message appears. So I'm a little bit confused. I suppose that the best think to do is to erase any previous version of common module,and reintall it, but I have no ideea how should I do it.
can anyone give me clue, or maybe i'm on the wrong path!?

Answer:Portege M200 BIOS update

Hello Daniel

As far as I know it?s not necessary to install a Common Modules if you want to update the BIOS. Nevertheless normally you can find the Common Modules in ?Add and remove programs?. If you need a whole instruction ?how to make a BIOS update? you can find it on the Toshiba website.

Please go to ?Support & Downloads? then ?Knowledge Base?. There you can search for ?BIOS update?.


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I have been wrestling with this device for a while now and I seem to be progressively making the situation worse.

My current issue is that I can no longer access the BIOS after changing a setting in the BIOS that related to USB emulation (or something like that). I was in the process of trying to make the device boot from a USB and pretty much twiddling with every setting to see what would work.

This one didn't. And now the device no longer responds to F2. It's like it is ignoring the keyboard. Doh!

Is there some way to roll back or re-flash the BIOS? Or another way to access it? I tried an external keyboard, to no avail.

How did I get here?

Well ... I was given this device to put back to factory condition and I could not find an obvious option that would do this, other than the Toshiba Maintenance Utility which looked hopeful. It offered to erase the partition (which at the time seemed fair enough) - BUT THAT"S all it did - so the machine just repeatedly boots, displays "Please insert system disk" and then reboots.

OK, I'm an idiot - but it does seem silly for Toshiba to offer an option that instantly bricks the machine?

Anyway, I've moved on from that problem to one that is significantly more dire. Not being able to access the BIOS means I don't have any options - unless one of you wonderful people can help me discover one.


I have since discovered that the next setting I was going to adjust - the Secure Boot setting - may have solved... Read more

Answer:Portege - Can't access BIOS after update

Which notebook model do you have and which operating system do you use?

If you use Win8.1 you have access to some BIOS settings using settings in system settings. Check it out please.

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I recently bought a Portege R700 19M and I have downloaded the latest version of the BIOS available in the Toshiba support page and when I run the .exe file, it doesn't work with this message: "The computer is not supported"
And, when I have a look in the HWSetup Toshiba tool, it doesn't display the BIOS version but some weird character (not usual letters) so I can't know which version is installed.
thank you for your help

Answer:Portege R700 - Can't update the BIOS

Hi buddy,

Do you update the BIOS on preinstalled Windows version from Toshiba?
Are you logged in as Administrator when you try the update?

To be honest I doubt it?s a problem of released BIOS update because I found other threads where users report that BIOS update was successful.

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I have only linux (antergos) on my Portage Z30-B-100, Does anybody know of any way to flash update bios?

Answer:Portege Z30-B-100 update bios from linux


On the Toshiba EU driver page you can find only the win-based BIOS update version.
This means that BIOS can be updated from running system only and you need to run Windows OS in order to start the BIOS update procedure. Linux isn't supported in this case...

Here you can find the How to doc about the BIOS update

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What does the BIOS update for Portege Z830 (PT224 / PT225 / PT22L), version 1.80 do?

The description just says +"This BIOS Update adds increased functionality to your system."+, and I haven't been able to find anything more on Toshiba's website. The update was released 2013-05-24.

Answer:Portege Z810 and BIOS update 1.80

I presume European Portege Z810 must be similar to US Z830/Z835 (PT224x/PT225x) so I?ve checked US support page for BIOS update and here is info about BIOS updates:

+Version 1.80 - 2013-04-25+
+Optimized a BIOS setting to improve hibernation resume reliability.+

+Version 1.70 - 2012-09-12+
+Implemented the Intel specification to improve stability - updated MEBX to
+EC/KBC V1.30: Improved standby stability.+
+EC/KBC V1.30: Modified the power supply error detection method.+

+Version 1.50 - 2012-02-13+
+Added a boot LOGO sequence for ZAT (GPS) models.+
+Improved: Control of TPM on Intel TXT enabled systems.+
+Implemented a fix for an issue where the BIOS password cannot be entered when configured as follows: 1. Wired USB keyboard is connected to the port replicator. Wireless USB mouse is connected to a computer USB port. 3. Computer is docked to the port replicator.+
+Implemented a fix for an issue where the BIOS password can't be entered with some USB keyboards.+

+Version 1.40 - 2011-11-15+
+Improved: Control of the TPM on Intel TXT enabled systems.+

+Version 1.30 - 2011-10-27+
+Initial production BIOS for these models.+

I hope this will help you.

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I was looking at the 1.60-WIN BIOS update available on the download pages since 25/03/08.

Anybody know what the update does?
The explanation on the download page just says: +"This Bios Update adds increased functionality to your system."+

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege R500 BIOS update 1.60-WIN

The change-log on the US site says:

Version 1.60 - 2008-03-19
* Added support for the Toshiba 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD).

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My current bios version is 1.6, the latest is 3.0
When trying to update the bios, I get an APPCRASH from INSTALL2.EXE
exception code c000005

I tried to run it in safe mode, but this doe not help

Thanks for help

Answer:Portege A600: cannot update to bios 3.0


The istall.exe should not crash and you should not update the BIOS in safe mode!
The Windows should be booted up and should run correctly!

Here is a Toshiba FAQ How to update BIOS:

Possibly the error code is related to corrupt windows OS or to missing some necessary Toshiba tools.
Using Win XP the Common Modules should be installed.
Using Vista or Win 7 the VAP (value added packed) should be installed.

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I've been looking on the Toshiba Site for BIOS updates for a Portege 3440CT, but can't find anything for the older models. Are they still available? Also the BIOS on the laptop at the moment is 1.50, acan anyone tell me what the most recent version is?



Answer:Need BIOS update for Portege 3440CT

All BIOS updates, drivers, tools and utilities for older notebook models you can find under ARCHIVE.
For your Portege there you can find BIOS version 1.60.

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Hi All!

I would like to update the bios of my Portege R100, i've downloaded this trought this site:

unzipped and started install2.exe but i receaved this error:

"*[Error] BIOS Upgrade is failure. BIOS is not able upgraded on this configuration*"

Windows xp sp2
No external installed devices

Someone can help me?


Answer:Bios update Portege R100


You can download another version of the same bios-update here : PR10U

This file contains more information about performing the update, see the readme-file
you can either do a direct update within XP or make a bootable diskette or a bootable CD

If the "direct update" within XP won't work, you will need at least an USB-fdd-drive, most of them are recognized easily by the bios ( hold F12 during start-up and choose fdd )

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where do I get Bios updates and drivers for my Portege R111 (dynabook ss s9/210lnkw) from?
This is very important.

thanks a lot

Answer:Need BIOS update for Portege R111


In which country was the laptop originally purchased from, if you don't mind me asking?


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I have a Toshiba Portege Z30-A
Maybe someone was able to perform the upgrade bios in windows 7 64 bit?

Answer:Re: Portege Z30-A - Bios update 3.80-WIN using Win 7 64bit

I upgraded to 3.70 EC 1.4 as soon as I got hands on my Z30t-A and when I noticed the 3.80 was available I downloaded the zip file. None of the 15 files has started the upgrade process.

I run Windows 8.1, but the BIOS upgrade should function the same as for WIN 7.
Toshiba must have forgotten to add a setup.exe or something.

I haven't seen a release note, but I'm a big fan of fresh software.

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I have a Portege 3440CT with bios version 1.50.

This version does not support large HDD so I thought I'd update the BIOS. (don't know if version 1.60 does either, does anyone know?)

When I try to run the bios-update-program on win2000, it says "Initial error", anyone know what's causing this?

BIOS is downloaded from Toshibas website.

I have no floppy or CD-rom available.
Have tried the updater on win98, and also in DOS and it says "this utility not available on v86 mode!"

Is there any way to place the BIOS file on a small hard drive, and boot from that?

Ideas, anyone?

Answer:Bios update on Portege 3440CT.

Sorry CyB but I really do not understand you. If you check Toshiba support page you will find two BIOS updates. Both of them must be done using FDD. So now I am asking myself why you try to do it under running operating system. Sorry but it is really ridiculous.

Toshiba provide two different BIOS updates. One is TRAD (must be done with FDD) and WIN (can be done under running WXP or now Vista). For old notebook models there is no WIN version.

Is there any way to place the BIOS file on a small hard drive, and boot from that?

As far as I know something like this is not possible and you can check eBay and obtain FDD. You can get it for few bucks. It is really not expensive.

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I have recently bought quite old notebook of Toshiba Portege R111 Series. There was Dynabook SS 2120 DS11L/2. Can anybody help me to find BIOS update file for it? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege R111 BIOS update

Do you have really the Prot?g? R111?

For me is known only the Portege R100?
What the model number is it?

As far as I know Dynabook series has been released for Japan market only?
So possibly the drivers could be found on some Japanese sites?

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I'm trying to update the BIOS of my R700 computers with a command line on Windows 7 (x86 french edition).
The BIOS version I'm trying to use is P007Bv170_EC73V140.

I have downloaded the from Toshiba official website. In the zip file, there is no instruction (no Readme.txt or other help files ...).

Is there a way to silently upgrade the BIOS ?
Thank you for your help,


Answer:Portege R700 - How to update the BIOS?


You have to start the exe file that you can find in zip-archive that you downloaded. After this the BIOS update will start.

But before you do this update, unzip all files and close all running programs. Make also sure that you are logged in as Administrator.

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