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Portege M750 - 2nd HDD caddy in select bay instead of optical drive

Question: Portege M750 - 2nd HDD caddy in select bay instead of optical drive

I just bought I used Portege M750 because my M700 was broken. Unfortunately, the select bays between both models are not compatible. Although the availability of a 2nd hdd caddy is mentioned in the users manual, I couldn't find the part no of the HDD caddy for the M750. I tried a standard SATA-SATA HDD caddy, but I get an "select bay error" message on startup, although the caddy works in windows as long as you don't hibernate.

Does anyone know the part no of the genuine 2nd hdd caddy for Portege M750 / M780? Or is there another 2nd hdd caddy which does work with the M750 without any restrictions?

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Preferred Solution: Portege M750 - 2nd HDD caddy in select bay instead of optical drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Portege M750 - 2nd HDD caddy in select bay instead of optical drive


I assume you will need an Hard drive caddy part number: P000452980
Then you could place this into the Toshiba's Ultra Slim HDD Adaptor PA3408U-1ETC and PA3408U-2ETC

But you can also contact the Toshiba ASP in your country to get an confirmation...

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I would like to buy a caddy for an extra hard drive for my HP Notebook - 15-ay168sa but I would like to know the dimension of this laptop to buy the cady because there are two version one is 9.5mm and the other is 12.7! so would you please help identifying which one fits my laptop?

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I have an Edge 14. Intel i3 M370 model.  I ordered a OBHC and installed a 160 Gb SATA drive, loaded with WIN 7.  In the main drive bay I have an Ubuntu OS setup.Trying to set up a dual boot configuration.  But, when I boot the drive and enter the BIOS set up, the drive in the caddy doesn't show.  If I let it boot from the main drive, Ubuntu starts up. If I put the Ubuntu drive in the caddy and nothing in the main bay, "NO OPERATING SYSTEM." When I look at the computer in Ubuntu, the OS7 drive is there.  All three partitions (Lenovo, OS and startup).  I can mount them, etc.  When I use Disk Utility in Ubuntu, the drive shows up listed under the SATA controller and is located at position 2 of the SATA bus.   I updated the BIOS and it is now 1.26. Still no sign of the HDD in the caddy.  Very odd.  When I power up the computer, the LED in the caddy does light up. When I run sudo update-grub in Ubuntu, the WIN 7 loader shows up in the list.  So a bootable OS is seen.  But if I select WIN 7 loader in the GRUB list at boot, I get a "no such drive" message, and am lead back the the GRUB list. In the BIOS, the config menu, the startup list only includes HDD0.   Is there some secret BIOS trick I need to play?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but there aren't any jumper settings, etc. on a SATA drive, right?  Nothing there to change. Any suggestions would be very much appreci... Read more

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Greetings, I ordered a 9.5mm "Universal" drive caddy from Amazon which stated compatibility with the V5-571, but it's terribly tight trying to get it to fit and even though I push it until it feels like it's seated in the SATA port, the screw holes under the keyboard don't line up and I can't get Windows 7 to recognize the 1TB 7200rpm NTFS-formatted drive, even though I've verified that the drive can be recognized on another Win7 system. I'm concerned about the mis-fit and wondered if anyone here has had success in installing a caddy in the optical bay? If so, I would love to know if there is a measurement or other specification I need to look for, or better yet, a link to where I might find one. Many thanks.

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Hello, I'm going to be replacing my primary HDD (1tb) with a SSD and will place the HDD in a drive caddy, replacing the existing DVD drive. 3rd party vendors list both 12mm and 9.5mm drive caddys for this - I imagine a newer laptop would have the smaller form factor, unfortunately this spec info is not available from the manual or Lenovo tech support - does anyone happen to know? Might be best if I yank the drive and measure it or take it with me to buy a caddy in person, rather than order online. Thanks for reading,Paul

Answer:Replacing the Optical drive on Ideapad 510151SK with HDD caddy, need drive size -12mm or 9.5mm?

Per page 63 of the Lenovo ideapad 510-15ISK/ ideapad 510-15IKB Hardware Maintenance Manual item #4, your laptop uses one of 3 9.0mm optical drives (see below) so a 9.5mm caddy may not work.   There are some 9.0mm universal versions like this one available, but I have not used them, so be sure to check with the seller for capatability before ordering. No     Description                                                                      Part# /FRU4        HLDS GUE0N 9.0mm Slim Tray Rambo ODD             5DX0J464884        PLDS DA-8A6SH 9.0mm  Slim Tray Rambo ODD      5DX0F864044        TSST SU-228GB 9.0 Rambo ODD                                5DX0H14227 Lenovo ideapad 510-15ISK/ ideapad 510-15IKB Hardware Maintenance Manual Cheers,

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Hello everyone! I am planning to add a SSD to my HP Pavilion 15-p263nl Notebook PC. I found on some sites that I can remove the optical drive and put a second drive using a caddy adapter into the optical drive bay. I found that some people on the forum have done it successfully, but nothing about my PC model. I want to know if it could work with my product. In other words, there is my plan:1-Remove the actual HDD from the hard drive bay and replace it with the new SSD.2-Remove the optical drive and replace it with the caddy adapter containing my old HDD.3-Do a clean install of Windows 10 on the SSD, using a USB recovery flash drive made with my actual Windows 10 system (which was updated from Windows 8.1 by July 2016). I already have a 120 GB SSD drive from OCZ (OCZ Vertex 3). I have some questions before buying the adapter:1- Will the two drives (my old HDD and the new SSD) be recognized by the motherboard / BIOS and the operating system (Windows 10)? Is there a limit of one unique HDD/SSD drive on the computer?2- which dimensions does the adapter have to be? I found offers for both 9.5mm and 12.7mm that are said to be suitable for HP Pavilion generally speaking3- Do these parts work together and with my computer (size, compatibility)? Do you expect any problem with this upgrade?4- Will the clean install of Windows 10 work, since I plan to install it on a different drive than the one I used to create the USB recovery flash drive? I have never done a clean... Read more

Answer:2nd HDD caddy replacing optical drive for HP Pavilion 15-p26...

Hi, 1. Yes,2.  Your machines uses 9.5mm SATA tray,3.  Problem ? I can't answer this question because who knows anything down to the track.4. I don't know how did you create recovery USB but a proper clean install should work. Regards.

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Does the Acer Aspire E5-574g have the sata connection for a 2nd hdd via a optical drive caddy? The e5-574g does not come with an optical drive installed. If it is possible, will a 9.5mm drive caddy work in this computer?

Answer:optical drive caddy for 2nd hdd in acer aspire e5-...

Hello, Unscrew the screw marked in the attachment and remove the dummy ODD. You should see normally a SATA connector in the bottom of the housing. The heigh of the original ODD is 9.0mm.

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Can i replace a optical drive with caddy on G50-80 laptop? will it void warrenty?
Which caddy i need to use 9.5 mm or 12.5mm?
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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Does the Acer Aspire E5-574g have the sata connection for a 2nd hdd via a optical drive caddy? The e5-574g does not come with an optical drive installed. If it is possible, will a 9.5mm drive caddy work in this computer?

Answer:optical drive caddy for 2nd hdd in acer aspire e5-...

Hello, Unscrew the screw marked in the attachment and remove the dummy ODD. You should see normally a SATA connector in the bottom of the housing. The heigh of the original ODD is 9.0mm.

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I have HP Probook 6570b notebook. I bought this machine without optical disc drive. So It has jus a plastic box on the optical disc drive's place. Nowdays i bought a HDD Caddy, but I can't fix it to the notebook with twists and i have not faceplate (or bezel) that it would be aesthetical. My question, how can i purchase order faceplate or (if simplier) optical disc drive with accessory?

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I want to replace my optical drive with an ssd. So i want to know the height of the drive caddy i should purchase? whether 9.5mm or 12.7mm height is the required height?Please help me out. My model is HP Pavilion 15 ab549tx.

Answer:2nd HDD caddy replacing optical drive for HP Pavilion 15-ab5...

From the Manual: Optical drive Fixed, serial ATA, 9.5-mm tray load You seem to know what you want to do but let me just toss out a couple things you may not have considered. The optical drive port is a lower speed SATA than the hard drive port. So if you put an SSD in there it will be running slower than it can. Also it is not bootable so you would be using an SSD just for storage. You may want to consider just putting a bigger and less expensive mechanical hard drive in there for storage.  The laptop has ports for 2.5 inch SATA hard drives and a SATA-type M.2 disk so you can add a solid state drive that will work way better, just not in the optical bay.  Service Manual Post back if you need any more help.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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I am trying to replace my optical drive with a HDD Caddy with a Seagate 2TB HDD. When I start my laptop with the drive installed both my bios and os don't recognized it. If I start my laptop and then slide the caddy into the optical bay my os picks it up immediately. If I restart the computer the drive is gone. I have discussed with the caddy manufacturer and they aren't sure what the issue is. I have updated all my drivers and my bios via Dell's website.
Can anyone provide some insight?
Thank you.

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I bought myself a SATA caddy to replace the optical drive on my Lenovo Z51-70, with a 2.5" SATA Drive.The caddy and the hard drive work, as tested on another HP Laptop.But on my Z51-70, the Hard drive is not detected, either in BIOS, or within Windows itself. I checked the Device Manager and Disk Management, but it is not visible anywhere like it is on my HP Laptop. Any and all help and suggestions will be appreciated!I desperately need this to work!Please Help! 

Answer:Z51-70 2nd Hard Drive via SATA Caddy to replace Optical Drive.

Lenovo released a new bios update! Did you try it?

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Hi Everyone, My issue is the following: I replaced my optical drive, and insert an additional HDD to my ThinkPad T440p computer using and ODD caddy ICY-BOX AC640. However, the replaced unit seems to blink the activity led for a short time (~1 sec) only when powering on and powering off the machine, and is not detected neither in the BIOS or by the OS.Additionally, the most recent BIOS version (GLET81WW (2.35 )) has only limited settings available compared to the previous versions, so that options regarding the handling of disks is unavailable.I run LinuxMint 17.2. Any hints/helps regarding the topic is welcome.Regards,Marton 

Answer:T440p Replacing optical drive with ODD caddy 9.5mm - not working

Hi,I'm having the same problem with the B50-80. I replaced the original HD with an SSD and it worked fine. But when I insert the second HD in the optical bay with the proper caddy neighter the BIOS nor Windows recognize the hd. The only application that reads the hd is Device Manager that detects an unknown device with the right name of the hd (toshiba). I am running Windows 10 and the 3.0 bios version. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks

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I want to replace optical drive with SSD, now I am not sure if its better to replace Optical drive with SSD ot to replace HDD with SSD and Optical drive with HDD. Dont know the difference. Then I want to do clean install of WIn10 on SSD. I bought 128 gb SunDisk SSD. I wanted to buy caddy with these specs:2.5" SATA III HDD/SDD caddy 9.5mm   Size: 125mm*125mm*9.5mm Both SSD and HDD if I checked correctly are 2.5' and SATA. What I dont know is Optical drive SATA aswell. What I am asking if someone can confirm that it will fit and witch option is better (above).And is there any other parameter that I should check out before ordering caddy? Thanks in andvance.

Answer:SSD caddy replacing optical drive for HP Pavilion 15-au003nm

Here are some things to consider about an optical drive caddy. 1. A drive placed in there will run slower than a drive placed in the main SATA bay. 2. A drive in an optical bay adapter/caddy will not be bootable so will not be able to hold the OS.  So, what you want to do is take that SSD and place it where the hard drive currently is located and then place the old hard drive in the optical caddy. You can still access data on the optical bay drive and transfer is fast enough for video streaming and music but will not be optimal for things like video editing. Just pure raw storage, really. Here is the Service Manual: Manual Hard drive access is on page 32 and optical drive removal is on page 27. The optical drive is 9mm, not 9.5mm and we have had some people report trying to use a 9.5mm bay adapter will not work as it is just a hair too thick to fit inside the laptop. You might find that a 9.5 mm drive adapter will fit, but I cannot guarantee it. It only uses 7mm hard drives but if you happen to have a 9.5 mm form factor hard drive you can (carefully) see if it will fit in the optical bay slot.  Your laptop does have an M.2 mSSD ("gumstick") hard drive slot which would have been a better choice for upgrade. If you can return the 128 gig SSD might not be a bad idea. It only uses the SATA type 2280 M.2 disks with the B + M keys.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.   

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I wish to move my ssd with Win 7 installed to an internal caddy fitted in an optical drive space.
I am using the same data cable, and the bay is powered.
On bootup Windows is not recognising the drive.
I tried using my installation disc to reinstall in the new location, but again the drive is not recognised.
Take it out of the caddy and it works fine.
Partition Magic recognises the drive when in the caddy.
ssd is Samsung evo 850
Any suggestions appreciated
My Win7 is an upgrade version from XP so I beleive I can't use Sysprep.

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My ideapad 500-15isk is equiped whit a 128 GB SSd and has no optical drive.I'm wondering if i can place a HDD-Caddy and put a 1TB drive in it, since there is not an optical drive in this laptop.On the seller's homepage it says: The caddy comes with 1pcs flat Standard faceplate , and it is not an exact match. All buyers need to remove their optical drive's faceplate to attach onto caddy for proper working. Any other accessories like Mounting Bracket or ejector latch will not included. Please take it from optical drive to re-use.This is to get to get it to work properlyAlso, i read that some people have troubles to get the laptop to recognize the HDD Caddy.I really need to know for sure if it works before i order the caddy and the HDD.Anyone has any expierence with this option and specific laptop?Greetings,D. Karel

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I am having difficulty finding any compatible caddies? Has anyone succesfully added a drive caddy in place of PLDS DVD-RW DA8A5SH optical drive?
thank you.
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Answer:Flex 2 15 - Any options to add a ssd caddy in place of optical drive w. Flex2 15?

Hi. I bought from ebay : , and it's working. I installed the hdd inside.

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Model: 80TV01CKMXThe laptop has a dummy bracket.Can this be removed and install anything useful like an optical drive or a SSD?

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I have an Acer E5 772g 57Q7 notebook. It does not have an optical device, but it has a black blank installed. The lettering on the blank was this: TS:442.04X0B.0001#1REV:AO1.15.08.26.NBJT130322#1 Is there an option to switch this out with an optical drive hdd caddy, and if so, where could I find one?


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Answer:Acer Aspire E17 e5 772g 57Q7 Optical Drive Caddy?

Oups! About the bezel, you can request a quote and place an order from your Acer store by chat or by phone. (part number stated in the first column .... cheap part).

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i am planning to replace my HDD with a samsung 850 evo 250gb ssd and place my current HDD to my optical drive after removing it . But i am not able to find any answers online for as to which caddy i can use for the HDD . can someone please suggest 

Answer:optical drive hard disk caddy for HP Notebook - 15-ay011ne

  HP does not make the caddy for the optical drive but nearly every Chinese shop does so the market is flooded with them. There are some compromises that will be made with one of these devices which I am happy to explain if you wish. Also, are you clear on how to open it up and replace the HDD with the SSD? Happy to help further. 

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The plan is to do a fresh install of windows 10 on the SSD once installed. How do I do that? I think I have a digital licence

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I've gone through several of these caddys.

My laptop (a Lenovo G500) continually has the same problem; it refuses to recognize the HD I connect to it using an Optical Bay Caddy I purchased on eBay (I've tried several, it does this with all of them). The first time I connected it it saw the Hard Drive and worked perfectly. I rebooted and it hasn't shown up in the BIOS's Boot Screen or anywhere else since.

Here are some pictures of the caddy itself:

Related BIOS configuration screens:,bq46dDy,Ofcp0XW,6RFCQVn,RK28j...

Laptop specs:

System: Lenovo G500 CPU: Intel Core i3-3120M CPU @ 2.50GHz Dual-Core
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000, 1366 x 768

What could be causing this?

Answer:Laptop refuses to recognize Optical Bay Hard Drive Caddy?

Have you tried setting Sata Controller Mode to Compatible? I assume it's just a name for the old IDE mode, which means that if it works,it will be slower.

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Hi, I a colleague of mine dropped some fish oil (by accident) on my keyboard. Now more than half of my keys are not working. I removed the keyboard, cleaned it (still not working properly), cleaned the laptop (none of the oil got inside the laptop), and now want to replace it.
The problem is that I have no idea where to buy one. The keyboard model is: NSK-T691D.
Any thoughts?

Answer:Portege M750 - need a new keyboard

I don't know where you live but if you contact nearest Toshiba service provider they can help.
Open GOOGLE for your country and put as searched term ?Portege M750 keyboard? and pick up best offer for you.

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I have just purchased a Portege M750 laptop which came preinstalled with Vista Business 32bit and seperate XP tablet on a recovery disc.

I am looking to resinstall with 64bit Vista business, then install the XP as part of a dual boot system to take full advantage of the 4GB already installed and further memory expansion in the future.

My question is this: Although the Toshiba drivers download page does not specifically list a Vista 64 bit OS, has anyone carried out a similar OS change on a portege/or different laptop and had any incompatabilty with the 32bit drivers and applications? If so, which drivers/features were problematic afterwards.

Does the "Toshiba" folder in the C:\ directory of laptop contain all the drivers and setup files required or would these all have to be downloaded from the website.


Answer:Portege M750 - Change from 32-bit to 64-bit


Usually the 32bit divers are designed and created only for 32bit OS and usually they would not run on 64bit OS. But who knows, maybe some single drivers would be compatible with 64bit but this is more as questionable.

> Does the "Toshiba" folder in the C:\ directory of laptop contain all the drivers and setup files required or would these all have to be downloaded from the website.
Usually all Toshiba drivers could be downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page.
The Toshiba folder on C may contains only the installed tools and software.


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Hi all,

can anyone help i got 2 spare batteries for my protege m750-11w and they dont work and i'm wondering do i need to do a BIOS update for them. The batteyr in my protege is PA3191U-5BRS and the two new batteries are both PA3191U-1BAS and it said that this battery would work where the -5BRS was in use.

I have updated my BIOS already from version 1.6 to version 3 and the battery still doesnt work i just get a white cursor flashing in the top left hand corner.

Does anyone know where i can obtain a BIOS update to except this battery?



Answer:Portege M750-11W - New battery won't work


That means Windows doesn?t start with new battery and you see only the flashing cursor?
That?s strange? Have you connected the AC/DC adaptor?

In my opinion you should fully charge the battery before you start Windows. After this try it again.

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Hi all..

i have something that really bothered me.. i just bought the M750.
Its important for me to have the sensitivity option in the brushes inside photoshop but sadly the new driver doesn't recognize the tablet.
I did try installing the older versions.. none of them made everything works right..

Any one knows to fix this?
I searched the internet for this they all replay with some long ways that doesnt work..
So i guess this is where i should look in the first place...

Hopefully one of u will find the answer for this...

Answer:Portege M750 Sensetivitiy in Photoshop


What do you mean by ?sadly the new driver doesn't recognize the tablet??.
What driver do you mean and what do you mean by tablet??

Do you mean the touchpad of M750???

Could you please post more details and clarify this?

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Is my M750 tablet 64 bit capable?
I'd like to install 8G of ram and be able to use that amount.....
The processor will run 64 bit, the motherboard will support 8G, but will the rest of the system?


Answer:Portege M750 - is it 64bit capable?


Do you want to know if your Win 7 would recognize the 8GB RAM?
In order to use more than 4GB RAM three components needs to support this;
- chipset
- OS 64bit

As far as I know some of the M750 supports the Mobile Intel(R) GM45 Express Chipset.
This chipset is 8GB capable so it should be able to use 8GB RAM.
In such case I think that BIOS would also recognize 8GB RAM.

You can install any OS. You can use Win 7 64bit and I don?t see any reasons why this should not work

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Anyone knows where can I get VISTA drivers for my Portege M750?

Answer:Need Vista drivers for Portege M750

Do you have European or US model?

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having just installed the latest Bios update, I can no longer select boot options, etc in the HWSetup window.

It does open but only shows Bios Version with no info aand two buttons, Default and About.

HW version V5.00.14.32 (from the 'About' button)


Answer:Portege M750 - HWSetup changes unavailable


Did you try to reinstall this tool?
Check if this helps!

I would also recommend checking the BIOS settings? if possible set it to the default and save the changes.

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Just recently got my new Portege M750 (12G - but I don't see it on any lists). Anyway I'm a graphic designer so I tried to get the laptop to register pressure so I could pain better by installing the wacom tabletpc drivers from here:

They installed fine but ever since the responsiveness of the pen has dropped a lot. Its difficult to register clicks and dragging is buggy aswell. I've tried to remove the drivers, but when I reboot it just wants to reinstall the wacom tablet driver again.

Please this is getting frustrating, I remove the wacom drivers (though it stays in the control panel), i've tried inserting the restore disc to let it search for the original drivers, but it doesn't find anything.

Anyone know how to reset the drivers back to their original setting?

Thanks in advance, any help is much appreciated.

~this is a repost from the american forums, haven't gotten an anser yet~

Answer:Portege M750 pen/tablet problems

To be honest I must say that I don't have much experience with tablet PCs. I played few times with one Portege model but I cannot say I am expert for tablet PCs.
Until you wait for final answer I just want to offer my personal opinion about all this.

As you know Toshiba has delivered this tablet notebook with own drivers, tools and utilities. All this stuff is designed for certain tablet PC. All Toshiba stuff is tested and it must work properly.

Anyway, back to your question. How to restore drivers?
Delivered ?restore disc? is an installations recovery image and you can use it if you want to install OS and have ?factory state? again (clean preinstalled OS). So you cannot use it for single driver installation.

If you want to install some specific drivers you can download them from Toshiba support page.
For downloading right drivers you must know right model number for your notebook. You can find it on the Toshiba sticker at the bottom side.

Where you bought this notebook? What is the country of purchase?

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Hey guys I desperately need your help.
Yesterday my little nephew was playing on my laptop and change the user names password so now I cant get back in and he forgot what it was, so now I want to reformat the laptop,

When I put in a Windows CD, I don?t know how to boot from it, usually when a laptop turns on there?s a display showing F2 to enter BIOS etc, but I didn?t get any of that its black and just load straight into Windows, so what do I do?

I lost all my work on the laptop so I need to reformat and use the laptop.

Please help me guys

Answer:Portege M750 - How can I boot from CD to format it?

You can boot from the recovery disk if you go in the boot menu and select the CD/DVD drive.
Power on the notebook, press F12 key and then you are in the boot menu where you can select the CD/DVD drive.

I hope I could help you.

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I have a Portege M750 tablet. This is the first computer I have ever purchased that did not come with disks to restore it after a crash, and it is the first one that I have needed those disks! The hard drive was going bad and so it has been replaced. The person who replaced it got the tablet pen to work fine, and got Windows Vista reinstalled, but I need the Toshiba software that makes the special buttons on the computer work (such as the screen rotate button) and causes the screen view to rotate when I flip the screen into tablet mode.

How do I get this software?

In case it helps, I DO still have the old hard drive and it still works sufficiently that I can get things off it - just has a bad section but there isn't much lost in the bad section.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Portege M750 - Where to get Toshiba software?

Hi organzier,

First of all your notebook wasn?t equipped with a recovery disk because you have to create this disk yourself using Toshiba recovery disk creator. Everything of these was preinstalled on your computer but you didn?t do that and now it?s too late? Why you didn?t read the user manual?

Anyway, now you can get all drivers and tools from the official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Check this!!!

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Is there any way to configure the *optical drive* on the Portege notebook to emit *less noise* when in use? Is the noise to do with the _speed_ at which it is spinning the CD / DVD?

How do we configure the spinning speed (i.e. 12x, 8x, 4x) to reduce the noise?

Answer:Loud optical drive on Portege

Unfortunately there is no way to fully control CD speed.
The only you can try is the Toshiba Acoustic Silencer. This tool allows to reduce CD speed to 2x.
You can download it from Toshiba support page for your Portege Model.

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I have a hp intellmouse, often it freezes for a moment and at the moment when it works again, it makes a souind. the sound it makes is the same sound used by the voice recognition software

how can I fix this?

Answer:Portege M750 - mouse freezes on Win7


Did you test other external mouse?
Did you try different USB ports?

I noticed similar behavior on my other notebook. Sometimes the mouse disconnects and connects for a moment? This happened several times?
I have switches to another USB port and this helped to stop this issue?

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Does the Portege M750 work on the Advanced Port Replicator III plus (PA3474E-1PRP)?

Answer:Portege M750 on the Advanced Port Replicator III plus


I found out that the Express port replicator II is compatible with Portege M750.

I searched a little bit in google and found this link to a Advanced Port Replicator III plus datasheet. But it?s only in german.

However, the Poretge M750 is not listed as a compatible and supported unit.
So I assume the Advanced Port Replicator III plus cannot be used toghterer with Prot?g? M750


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Hi all:

Portege M750 has several sensors inside (3D sensor, Accelerometer and GPS). Does enybody know if there are Windows 7 gadgets based on these sensors, like an aircraft horizon or others?

Answer:Portege M750 - How to use Windows 7 gadgets with 3D sensor?

Very interesting question.
Have you also tried to ask this on Win7 forums?

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Can't configure the tablet bottons on my M750, where can I donload the drivers to be able to configure them.

When I touch the botton it doesn't happen anything.

Answer:Can't configure the tablet bottons on Portege M750

Do you have XP or Vista installed?

Did you install Windows yourself using a Retail version of Windows?

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Ok, So today when I started my M750 like usual.
I noticed the battery said 4 mins left 84% remaining?
I had the lowest settings on with toshiba power saver but 3 mins?
That is just SAD.

Can Anyone tell me how to fix this? Or should I just get a new battery?
I usually charged my laptop wherever I went, but now I HAVE to.

Answer:Portege M750 - low battery usage time


Try to new calibrate the battery. This means you should complete discharge the battery until the notebook shut down itself. Then load the battery complete and try it again.

If you have the same problem again, I would go to an ASP.


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my notebook got infected with a virous Mallware Doctor and I do not think it is fully clean. I want to reformat, I just finished my other XP disktop and not it is the notebook turn. how do I do it since I do not have a window 7 CD as the notebook is preloaded with the OS and drivers.


Answer:How to reformate Portege M750 (PPM75A-OR904L)?

Hi samjesse,

Did you create the Toshiba recovery disk as mentioned in user manual? Using this disk you can restore the original out of box settings (factory settings) within few minutes. Therefore you have to boot from disk and follow the screen instructions. All drivers and Toshiba tools will be installed automatically you don?t have to do something yourself. You can drink a coffee during this installation ;)

If you don?t have the Toshiba recovery disk have a look in start menu > Toshiba. In this folder you should find ?Toshiba recovery media creator? to create this disk.

Check this!!!

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I have 2 Toshiba M750 models that are having Hibernation issues. They have about 15 to 20 applications open. They put the unit in Hibernation and it seems 4 out of 5 times the hibernation wakes up on it 's own. I am not sure where to start to check. Wake on lan,. Bios, They are having issues where the Toshiba power save feature disappears from the task bar.

I have dealt with some non-Toshiba notebooks and never had luck with HIbernation. I am wondering what else I can do or check?

Answer:Hibernation issues with Portege M750 model

Are there any USB devices attached? Or a Network cable?

Maybe they are waking up the system.

Check the BIOS and the Toshiba Utilities for these options.

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I have an UMTS Start XS4ALL mobiel internet usb-stick. Can i use this simcard in de connection under the battery from my Portege M750 (Mobiel Breedband WWAN/3G (HSDPA 7.2Mbps / HSUPA 2Mbps) )

And how make I then a connection to the internet?

With greetings

Answer:Mobiel Breedband WWAN/3G in Portege M750

I think you can use the SIM in other modems - its basically just a standard SIM.

Does the XS4ALL come with a Connection Manager? Maybe you need to install that so the modem can be recognised properly

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Hello everybody,

I'm an Artist and I'm planing to buy a protege M750 so i wish to know the pen pressure levels is 256 or 512?
And if it's Wacom penabled cause i will sketche, paint and animate...and if not which protege is the best for this??

Thanks sooo muchhh

Rami D.

Answer:What pen pressure levels (256 or 512) does Portege M750 supports

I think the M750 would be the best tablet - in fact I think its the only one available at the moment. It definitely has a Wacom digitizer, and touchscreen.

It may be difficult finding out if its 256 or 512 levels, unless you use software. Is there much difference between 256 and 512?

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Hi Everyone,

I have a Portege M750 Model PPM75A-007010 and I need to change the CMOS (RTC) battery.

Can anyone share with me
- where to find this battery
- is this the normal round battery and if you can tell me the battery number?
- or where can I purchase this battery and price range?


Answer:Portege M750 - CMOS (RTC) Battery replacement


Normally the RTC batteries in these models are rechargeable.
If not yet done, please let the unit run overnight (not off, not hibernated, not standby - but ON) and see if the issue is resolved.

I think the charge-description/characeristics of the RTC battery is mentioned in your users manual.

BR Tom

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Hello everyone.

The question is in the subject. :-)

The other question : even if it's not multitouch capable, is it still possible to have panning somehow ? (scroll the windows with the finger).
You don't need two fingers to have this fonctionnality.

Thank you.

Answer:Is Portege M750's screen mutlitouch capable?

sure it must be, just a question of drivers . . .
Googleling, found N-Trig and Toshiba were working on it . . .
Let's hope :-)

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I have the above Tablet PC and the Touch Screen is working intermittently,

The Stylus used is the magnetic one with the Right click functionality

Anyone Encountered any similar issues?

Kind Regards

Answer:Portege M750/10J - Touch Screen Issue

Have you installed the latest BIOS?

If the latest BIOS doesn't help, there could be a loose connection, or the system needs an update. An ASP can do this for you.

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I have about 40 Porteges a mixture between M700 and M750's I need to know the hardware and driver differences between the two for Ghosting purposes.

Answer:Hardware Differences Between Portege M700 and M750

I think the only difference is that the M700 uses the Intel Santa Rosa chipset (9xx series), and the M750 uses the newer Montevina chipset (4x Series).

So you would need to install an Intel Chipset utility/driver that supports both chipsets.

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I, would like to have the multi touch instead of single touch actualy,
were can I find correct drivers for?

Thks, regards

Answer:Multitouch instead of single touch on Portege M750


Could you be more specific?
What do you want to change??? Touchpad functionality???
Little more details are would not be bad? you know..

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I need to change my optical drive but i don't kown where to buy one.
The reference of my laptop is PPR50E-08M046FR.



Answer:How to change optical drive for Portege R500-135


As far as I know it?s not easy to replace the ODD because it?s hidden under the bottom cover? this cover needs to be removed firstly in order to get access the CD/DVD drive, HDD, etc?
But I found a useful page:
[Portege R500|]

But note; everything what you do, it your own risk? you could dame the notebook parts. So be always careful and don?t use force

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Hi guys,

Is it possible to do a recovery of my M200 without using an opitcal drive or a floppy disk?

Every solution i've got so far relies on having an optical drive of some kind or a floppy.
The only solution seems to be doing it via a networked boot disk, but all the info with regards to that option is only availble for full XP disks not recovery disks, so i can't get that to work either!!!

Can anyone tell me if there is a way of doing a recovery from the SD card without the need for an optical drive or a floppy???


Answer:How to recover the Portege M200 without optical drive or fdd

As far as I know SD card will not help at all. If you have original recovery CDs you need optical disc drive. If I am remembering well the docking station for this Portege should have one.

Sorry but I do not see other solution there.

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is there any option how to make this work under win 7 / 64 bit, please?
i really miss this function since it would be work to charge my phone and other gadgets overnight while travelling...

Answer:Re: USB sleep and charge is not available for Portege M750-129 under Win7 64bit


try to install THIS version.
It is listed for U500 but I am 100% sure you can install it on your Portege too.

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Since I remmember I use my laptop with enable sleep and hibernate features.
A couple of days ago it started not to restart after sleep or hibernate.

You have to take ou the battery and AC power and then it starts but without assuming the sleep/hibernate.

Another thing is that when you press the switch on button the AC power led, which is green normally, it starts blinking yellow with some sort of a code long and short flashes.

This happens with different operating systems cause I tried to reinstall and the problem persists.

Answer:Portege M750 doesn't restart after sleep or hibernate

> Another thing is that when you press the switch on button the AC power led, which is green normally, it starts blinking yellow with some sort of a code long and short flash

I know that if there is a memory malfunction the *Power indicator* will repeatedly flash on and off (0.5sec) If there is an error in slot A the indicator would flash orange twice then green.
If there is an error in slot B, the LED will flash orange once and green twice.
If error is in both slots, the LED flashes orange and green twice.

By the way: is your BIOS up to date?

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just wanted to leave a message with the solutions I found for different applications for Portege M750.
These are the applications I use the most,
so if you need other drivers/applications just leave a reply and I'll try to find it.

_Got working:_
Bluetooth and 3G driver and therefore the GPS ( [Toshiba Europe|] )
Screen Buttons, except the Toshiba Assist and Presentation button.
Both opens this: [Buttons| f=1] ,

Which I find more useful then the old functions.
Installed Value Added Package, I think from here: [Go to download section| d=2266999&os=&ct=SB&selFamily=1073768662] . The one from europe site didn't worked.

FingerPrint utility.
Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Accounts and you have an option in the left side of the window for fingerprints. Installed the drivers and programs, works like a charm. Or search on google for TrueSuite

For the ctrl+al+arrow to flip the screen, I used iRotate (google it).

Still no solution for the HDD protection utility, yet.

Answer:Portege M750 PPM75E Windows 8 drivers - SOLUTION

Many Win7 drivers would work with Win 8 system.
But there are still some drivers and utilities which are not fully compatible.
I?ve got a tip for you:
As far as I know the HDD protection Utility is not a model related software.
You could try to install the Win 8 HDD protection Utility released for Prot?g? Z930

Would be really interesting to know if it works.

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I have a Portege M750 notebook that had Vista business on it.
I removed vista and installed the windows 7 RC

Now i have received the final windows 7 vista upgrade but can't install over Win7rc or stand alone as it needs to have vista first.
I dont have a vista cd for the notebook as it only came with windows xp cds for some reason.

The recovery partition was removed when win7 rc was installed
I am currently downloading a vista torrent that should work but is a few hours away

Was wondering if there is any other option to get the windows 7 upgrade to install

Answer:Portege M750 - How to upgrade to Windows 7 without preinsatlled Vista?


You cannot ?upgrade? to Win 7 without preinstalled Vista OS.
In such case you can make ONLY a clean installation of Win 7.
But for that you will need an Win 7 DVD and not an ?upgrade? disk.

I think the notebook was preinstalled with Vista and there was a possibility to create an Vista Recovery Disk.
(additionaly you get an Win XP disk in order to have two operating system).
It looks like you have not create such Toshiba Vista recovery disk using Toshiba Recovery disk creator (should be preinsatlled on the notebook) and this means that you will not be able to reinstall the Vista again?

I think there is nothing to do as to purchase an Win 7 disk and to make a clean install.

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I have an orange flash error code on my power light (1 long flash 3 short 1 long 2 short 1 long 1 short).....

I have to take the power connector out battery out and start by battery to get it to work......

I'm using Toshiba's windows 7 image with all updates from Microsoft (now I NEEDED a lot of the for verying reasons so don't grill me yet... eg DON"T LOAD MICROSOFT UPDATES blah blah blah)

What does this code mean and is there a Beta Bios above version 3 for these things......

Any helpful comments would be greatly appriciated......

Answer:Portege M750 doesn't start - power LED flashes


Short means 0, long means 1.
In your case the binary code is 1000 1001
Now you have to reverse the binary code due to most significant bit.
This means the code is; 1001 0001
The HEX code means; 91h

So error code is 91h but I don?t know what 91h means and what part could be affected exactly!

Possibly it?s something wrong with power supply electronic on the motherboard? but only the ASP technician could provide more details?
However, in most cases the motherboard is affected and should be replaced.


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I'm having difficulties installing the tablet buttons in WINDOWS 8.1 Pro. Everything else works, perfectly.

In Windows 8 Pro this buttons worked nicely, but now, after a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro two of the buttons don't work. The buttons are the Toshiba assist button and the presebtation button. I've tried to configure them in Toshiba assist software but nothing happens.

I'm sure I've installed all drivers that made wverything work with Windows 8. As anyone tryed this and add success?

Answer:Portege M750 and Win8.1 Pro -tablet buttons don't work

> I'm sure I've installed all drivers that made wverything work with Windows 8

Windows 8.1 is not Windows 8 and many of Toshiba Win 8 drivers and tools don?t work or are not fully compatible with Win 8.1

As far as I know the Toshiba does not support Win 8.1 on this Portege M750.
This means that no Win 8.1 drivers will be released and in such case some notebook features like the control buttons could not work properly.

Fact is that using Windows Vista or Win 7, such buttons were controlled by Value Added Package. This package does not exist for Win 8.1 and has been replaced by other software called Toshiba System Driver

So in case you want to try to get the buttons to work, I recommend checking this with Toshiba System Driver

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I would like to replace the optical disk drive (ODD) with a Solid State Drive (SSD) on my Portege R700.
So my first question is : what is the way to remove the ODD?

And my second question is: can I replace it with a HDD Caddy like ICY BOX IB-AC642 or Akasa AK-OS2SSA-BK?
Will the caddy's SATA interface fit with the ODD interface?

Thank you for your answer

Answer:Portege R700 - How to replace the Optical Disc Drive?


It?s really tricky because the ODD is placed inside and to remove this you have to remove all screws fixing the bottom cover.

I would not do that since you would lose the warranty.
Additionally I doubt you could get the second HDD to work in the ODD bay.
I think this is not supported?
Just the notebook?s like Port?g? M400, M700, M750, Tecra M9, S3 or S4 with an slim select bay support would handle the 2nd HDD instead of ODD.

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Just realized the optical disc drive of my quite new Portege R-600 is dead.
It will not open and when I do it with a paper clip, CD/DVD will not be read. It used to work fine and I cannot imagine what happened for the ODD to go altogether inactive.
Is it a case for reinstalling Windows XP or is there an easier way to deal with the problem?

Thanks for helping.

Answer:Optical disc drive dead on my Portege R600

Can you boot from Bootable CD's? Try the memtest ISO at

I doubt reinstalling Windows would fix it, it sounds like the Drive or Cable is faulty.

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Can anyone tell me if the R400 Tablet PC can take a 2nd battery instead of the optical drive?
The Toshiba website and specs don't say so do I assume it doesn't?

Answer:Portege R400 Tablet PC - 2nd battery instead of the optical drive

The Toshiba R400 (the white notebook) doesn't have an optical drive build in!
Perhaps you mean the M400 Tablet-PC. Here is the answer no it can't.

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For those of you that, as myself, tryed to install windows 8 in a Toshiba Portege M750 and had problems in portrait tablet mode I recommend the following driver it works perfectly:

The problem I had was that swipe didn't work with metro interface, and touch didn't work also and in portrait, strangely, when you touch the secren two arrows with different directions woul appear.

This driver solved my problem.

Hope that this can help...

Answer:Portege M750 and Win8 - metro interface, and touchpad don't work

Problem with wacom dual touch driver solved

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Just made a fresh intall of Windows 7 (32 bit). This was done from scracth with Toshiba CD. The drivers I downloaded from Toshiba website. Everything is ok, except the volume wheel it doesn't control the sound.

Does anyone know wich driver I'm missing? Every other butons and functions are active except volume wheel.

Answer:Portege M750 - Volume Wheel doesn't control the sound


Did you install the VAP (value added package) for Win 7?
On Toshiba EU driver page VAP v 1.2.40 can be found

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Got an Windows 7 upgrade through Toshiba for my M750 tablet pc. Everything went smooth and seems to be working, except (!) the tablet functions. The pen is not recognized. Touch a little bit, but unpredictably.

Please advise what I can do.


Answer:Portege M750 - Tablet doesn't work after Windows 7 upgrade


Are all devices recognized properly in device manager? Have you checked this?

As far as I know you have to install or update the Dual Touch driver. This dirver is for the Digitizer and touch screen model. It enables the functionality that the Tablet PC Pen or finger can be used as a pointing device.
You can download this driver on the Toshiba website.

Check this!!

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I cannot get TOSHIBA Wireless Manager (3G) to work in a new installation of Win 7 64 bit.

I made a successful trial installation of Windows 7 64-bit on and old SATA hard disk drive and checked that TOSHIBA Wireless Manager would work. It did.

I then made a new installation of Windows 7 64-bit on a new Crucial C300 Real SSD 256GB.

The new installation with the Crucial SSD is not very successful.... The "shutdown and restart" operation does not work -- the shutdown does not always power off completely and you have to hold the power switch down to power off.

Sometimes the SSD will not boot -- you enter the BIOS password but then nothing happens. Sometimes you have to power down and take the battery out before the drive will boot.

But the biggest problem is that the Wireless Manager (3G) will not work. The application opens and states that "Radio is turned off" -- which it can't be as I'm using the WiFi to post this question.

I have tried installing the Vodafone 3G software. This detects the presence of the "mobile device" (SIM card in the slot) but then cannot enable it.

I have downloaded and installed all the latest chip drivers, the 3G driver, 3G software, LAN driver, LAN software and all Windows 7 updates.

I have the latest BIOS (3.0) but this has not been updated by Toshiba since 04/11/09.

I note that the Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool does not recognize the 8G memory installed (but ccleaner does):

Model Name ... Read more

Answer:Portege M750 Win7 64bit Wireless Manager (3G) will not work

points to a firmware issue on the SSD drive (is it sandforce) coupled to BIOS incompatability of the SSD.

i presume all the drivers etc installed were identical on the HDD trial install? so if thats the case it has to be the SSD not communicating with the BIOS correctly, hence the other issues as well

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Hi, had an upgraded SSD for my machine so decided to do a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit and now I have and error saying PCI controller software is not installed, tried windows update no luck - any ideas please?

Thanks, Peter

Answer:Portege M750 - PCI controller software not installed on Windows 7 64bit

Hi pbaker_1,

Hmm... PCI controller could mean everything... I think you have forget to install the driver for this device?

What is the device and vendor ID of it?

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Have very old Portege tablet that I use for teaching.
Recently have 2 issues.

First Fn F5 stopped working (used to tap through different display options and now doesn't)
It will work with some projectors if turn computer on while connected but not others.
Have tried all control panel/windows mobility options to no avail.

More importantly the touchscreen has stopped responding to either finger or pen.
If I open windows journal and try to write the file name and menu options just go grey and the cursor temporarily disappears.

After a few seconds if I jiggle my finger on the mouse pad the cursor reappears and if I then click the mouse button the menu options can be selected again, but as soon as I try to write the same thing happens.

I have checked that all Wacom drivers are working properly and up to date and that the pen and input device settings are correct - please help!

Answer:Touchscreen stopped responding on Portege M750 Windows Vista SP2


To be honest I don?t know why the tablet feature stopped working but I guess its software issue and should be fixed by driver/software reinstallation.

First of all I would recommend you to uninstall the following software parts:

_Value Added Package_
This package installs a range of important utilities.
- TOSHIBA Components Common Driver is an essential component of Windows Vista. It is required to make the other TOSHIBA original programs work properly.
- TOSHIBA Power Saver controls power consumption by switching to optimum power settings, based on whether the machine is plugged in or on battery power, and based on the remaining battery power.
- TOSHIBA Utilities lets you customize your hardware settings according to the way that you work with your computer and the peripherals you use. To start the utility, click the Windows Start button and click Control Panel and select the TOSHIBA HW Setup icon.
- TOSHIBA Password Utility lets you set a password that restricts access to the computer.
- TOSHIBA Flash Cards provides the Hotkey function and the launcher function that starts the Hotkey function and launches the other TOSHIBA utilities.
- TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool can display the basic information of a computer and diagnose

_Tablet PC Extension Package_
This driver package installs a range of important utilities.
- TOSHIBA Rotation Utility: Set the default screen orientation you want the system to use when switching from PC to Tablet mode, or vice-ve... Read more

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This Portege R500 recently begun not starting up. Initially it failed some times, later on, frequently. By chance, I discovered that if I left it alone for about a minute or two, it will continue booting. This, and the noise coming from the optical driver, made me suspect the problem was not with the HDD, as I feared initially, but with the optical driver.

I read in the thread below that other people had this problem. MrBear mentions *I pulled it apart again and pushed on the ribbons connecting the CDROM to make sure they were secure. Powered it up again and it fired up without a problem!!!*

Link: []

Could somebody elaborate into what ribbons should be dealt with? Just the ones that are visible by opening the drive? Or it is necessary to open the notebook?

By the way, if I booted into Windows, it stopped again, for a minute or two, while loading Windows. With Ubuntu there was no such a problem. Perhaps Windows tries to communicate with the optical driver for some reason.

Tnaks for any help!

Answer:Portege R500 - Bad optical drive delays boot - How to correct?


Just one question; is the warranty valid?
If yes then you should not start any trying to fix it yourself?
This would cancel the warranty!!!

PS; as far as I know there is only one connector which connects the CD/DVD drive with the motherboard controller?
I assume the other user disconnected and then connected the ODD again in order to ensure that there are no looses contacts and that the cable has been connected properly.

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can't install os on a Portege m200 tablet.
there is no cd rom or a drive,and no support for a usb drive.It will boot over a network pxe, but I don't no how to do that. I have try a lot of stuff like pulling the drive installing in another computer all I get is a missing boot manger. help if you can thanks

Answer:Can't install OS on optical drive-less Portege m200 Tablet, no USB boot

You don't say which operating system you are trying to install but try using the other PC to install the OS and then moving the hard drive back to the tablet to install the drivers and programs. Of course, you will need a bootable operating system cd and you should download your tablet drivers from the Toshiba website.

When you got the "missing boot manager" message, evidently you were trying to boot from that hard drive but that's not what you want to do if you are trying to install Windows, for example. Change the boot order to CD first so it will boot from your OS installation CD.

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On my R700 (Windows 7) I see an icon in the taskbar that shows whether my Optical Drive is powered ON or OFF. I can toggle this with Fn-TAB. If you context click the icon it offers you "Optical Drive auto lock" and an "Unlock time settings" - what does this do?

I can't find it documented anywhere and it appears to be independent of the ODD being ON or OFF.


Answer:Portege R700 - What is the "Optical Drive auto lock" feature?

To be honest this tool is mysterious to me too.
I found only one Toshiba page with explanation > open + near the ?Toshiba ODD Power On/Off Utility?

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I have installed Windows 7 afresh on a Portege M750 and everything seems fine except the buttons on the display to handle tablet functions. The only one I really would like to work is the screen orientation one. I've looked for drivers, but can't find any that will control the tablet buttons. I read that for the M700 you need to download the tablet driver as it contains the drivers for the buttons, but no such driver exists for the M750.

All devices are ok in device manager with none requiring drivers.

Any ideas/thoughts/suggestions are very welcome.

Answer:Portege M750 with Windows 7 - Screen Rotation Button not working correctly

Have you installed the Value Added Package from the Toshiba website?

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I have installed win7 64 bit ("fresh install" on my M750-129) and i have also downloaded and installed all the newest drivers from toshiba website.
the device manager shows no problem / drivers needed, and trhings like HDD protection work well.

However, i have four groups of problems i would love and appreciate to find answer:

1) when i change the screen position to tablet, it does not change the orientation nor the resolution.
There is no utility to set the desired orientations of screen as it was in vista (horribly unstable and slow OS, though).
This, naturally, is diminishing the usefullness of the tablet finction

2) the buttons do not work properly; the screen rotation button starts excel (!!) , the centre of mobility button starts word (!!), and the toshiba assistance button does not work at all

3) fingerprints: the fingerprint utility lets me to screen my fingerprint, asks if it should save it, and than says "saving impossible; another duplicate pattern exists" which i completely do not understand what it means...

4) some applications are not available at all after fresh install: face recognition, DVD player, bussines card screener - but i can love without those; 1-3 worries me much much more and i would appreciate any functional help. thanx on advance for any try!

Answer:Portege M750 tablet, buttons and fingerprint functions not working in win7


I think you would need an extension package in order to use the tablet functions on the Portege series.
I didn?t find the Tablet PC Extension Package for Win 7 but there is an package for Win Vista.

Usually many tools and drivers which were released for Vista would work with Win 7.
So in my opinion you should try to install additionally this Tablet PC Extension Package.
I think this should solve the issue with the buttons too!

Regarding the fingerprint;
I think the message means that an fingerprint was already registered and therefore an second save is not possible.
Check if you can delete other fingerprints?

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I would like to use a SSD instead of the conventional HDD, but the SSDs are really expensive and therefore I would like to replace the optical drive with my conventional HDD. The optical drive is not often used and therefore I am looking for an optical bay caddy that easily replaces the DVD player. I know from old Tecra systems (e.g. 8100), that such a bay was available.

I do not want to use an external disk, because I do not like to carry to many devices with me. Please can someone help me?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Optical bay caddy for Tecra S10-106

Hey mate,

I know there are such optical by caddy for certain Toshiba notebooks but I don?t know if they are available for Tecra S10 and if it?s possible.

You should ask an authorized service provider in your country. If such a optical bay caddy is available, you order if from the technicians and they can give you a detailed answer. :)

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How to obtain the four screws that secure the caddy to the laptop body?  
(Not the screws that keep the HDD inside the caddy.)
Does anyone know the specification for these screws, and where I can buy them?
Thanks in advance.

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Since I rarely use my optical drive and frequently back up files to an external hard drive, I'd like to put a HDD in the optical bay and just swap it out for the DVD player whenever that is needed. My T530 (i5-3210M Win7HP) has a 256GB Crucial mSSD for the boot drive and programs;  the original 500GB/7200 rpm in the drive bay has data files, Outlook and Quicken files, music, photos and documents. For the optical bay HDD 500 GB would be plenty, but the 750 GB is only about $10 more, so why not?  (I'd probably put the 750 in the drive bay and make it the data drive, with the 500 in the optical bay for a back up drive... and this is about convenience more than need.) Best I can tell the optical drive supports SATA 6GB/sec but most of the 2.5" 750GBx7200 rpm drives are SATA 3GB/sec.  (On the other hand, the Hitachi MK5061GSY 500GBx7200 that came in my T530 appears to be 'only' SATA II, and most forum posters suggest there's not a noticable difference.) Of the 750 GB drives it seems the Seagate Momentus ($82) and Western Digital Scorpio Black ($78) would be the top two choices.  I think they're both 9.5mm and would fit. Some reviews indicate the Western Digital is quieter. The caddy is more problematic, as there are so many choices, and many appear to be poorly-fitting Chinese knockoffs.  I'm not inclined to pay $70 for the Lenovo, when the others are in the $10-15 range, but I do want one that fits well and works well and lasts.&n... Read more

Answer:Advice needed - optical bay caddy and HDD for T530

try newmodeus caddies. i have ordered both caddy and 2nd hard drive from lenovofor the same reasons you mentioned. sure, after market 750gb hdd is way cheaperthan lenovo 500gb hdd but i didn't want to risk it. newmodeus caddies would be mychoice if i hadn't . unfortunately i don't have any first hand experience with them.but manufacturer seems legit, prices are somewhat higher than ebay options (45 bucks)website is pretty informative... anyway, i would also like to know first hand experienceswith newmodeus caddies if anyone has them. also, newmodeus sells external caddies for optical drives. sure, nothing fancy, butas i said, it seems legit. bit pricey though too. also, regarding your hard drive dilemma,i would humbly suggest western digital (black, stay away from greens and blues) drives.5 year warranty, pretty fast, don't get too hot during extensive operations. have a few blacks.500gb and two 750gb drives and they're working like a charm (knock on wood).

__________________________________________________________________________________________T530: i7-3630QM, 4 GB DDR3-1600, NVS 5400M, 2x 500GB 7200RPM, 9-cell, HD+ 1600x900, Backlit US, WinXP ProL430: i3-2370M, 4 GB DDR3-1600, HD 3000, 320GB 7200RPM, 6-cell, HD 1366 x 768, Win7 Home Premium 64-bit

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I recently installed a second SSD in the optical bay of my DV6-7300. I am getting terrible performance from the drive.  When copying a 5GB file from my main SSD to the optical bay SSD, it starts at a reasonable speed but then quickly drop down to a crawl (going between 5MB/s and 20MB/s) as you can see below:   The strange thing is running a CrystalDiskMark benchmark, it gives better (although not amazing) results:  Is this a limitation of my laptop's SSD controller, or is there some change of configuration that will improve performance? 

Answer:Very slow SSD performance in optical caddy (DV6-7300)

For quite a while I have been advising people not to put an SSD in an otical drive caddy. Why? Because the SATA interface for an optical drive does not need to be anything faster than SATA-I so that is generally what you find. A hard drive/ssd in the optical drive bay will run slow so the only thing it is good for is just mass storage. Video will stream from it but it will not be suitable for operations which require fast disk access like video editing or CAD work, Code assembly, etc. 

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I have just installed a SSD and moved my original HDD to a optical bay caddy. It all worked fine until I fitted the 2nd HDD optical bay caddy. After I did this it now boots from the 2nd HDD optical bay caddy rather than the SSD in the main drive slot. It has also moved the SSD to drive letter E, with the HDD as C. I would just change them back but I'm not sure whether you can just do that when an OS is installed and running on them. My type of BIOS does also not display any of the drives, just displaying 'OS boot manager', 'CD Rom (Internal)', 'USB Key', 'CD Rom (USB)'. I have a HP Pavilion G6 laptop and I'm running Window 8. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Laptop Booting From 2nd HDD Optical Caddy

I have since disconnected the 2nd HDD Caddy and Windows is booting from the SSD fine with it labeled as the C drive. I fear though if I reconnect it it will push the SSD to the E drive again (the D drive is the recovery partition of the HDD). I tried connecting the caddy when the laptop was switched on but I couldn't get it to display in disk management after a rescan and refresh. As there is no data on the HDD that I actually want (as it is a new laptop) I would happily delete the whole HDD (C drive), the only data on the drive I would wish to keep is the recovery partition (D drive).

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I found nothing on the internet about the read write speeds of drives (hard drives, SSD) using optical drive bay caddies, therefore I decide to do some tests myself.
I have a Vostro 3450 and recently bought an off-lease Latitude E6410. They both run Windows 7  The optical drive bay of both laptops are removable (more conveniently on the Vostro). I bought the optical drive caddies on eBay:
Both caddies can take drives (HDD, SSD) up to 9.5 mm thick.
First of all, I want to find out what interface the optical drive use to communicate with the laptop. I use Speecy ( ), a system hardward information freeware to find this informaton. It turns out that this is SATA II (transfer speed 3 Gbps = 384 MBps) on the Latitude E6410 and SATA III (6Gbps = 768 MBps) on the Vostro.
The optical bay caddies of both laptops are "hot swappable" (ie. can be inserted / removed on-the-fly without rebooting, and the new drive will be automatically detected / deleted by the operating system). This is easily done on the Latitude which has an Eject button on the DVD drive (and the caddy I bought - there are models without the ejector). You need to remove one screw on the bottom panel of the Vostro, remove another screw that holds the drive in place, and use a small flat-head scre... Read more

Answer:Optical bay caddy read write speed

thanks a lot . I asked about it ...

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I change th? optical drive with a caddy ssd. In bios it's ok. I see my hdd and on odd my ssd. I can't install. It stop on a black screen. I I change the bios order and it boots on hdd.

I ?ve got th? last bios update. If i only put the ssd in the hdd box it's ok.

Please help

Answer:Portege R930 replace odd with ssd in caddy

I think the ODD port is designed for ODD only. SSD wont work.

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Hello everyone,
I am using HP p028TX as my primary laptop, Reviewed here-
[Honest Review] HP P028TX Laptop Review [Core i3 1.9Ghz, 4GB ram, 1TB HDD, Nvidia 830M 2GB, Beats] | NotebookReview

The laptop is Mostly used For Photo/Videos and Gaming. The laptop came with 1TB HDD and I am lately running out of space. Its very cumbersome to use External USB HDD for certain Data. I have ordered an optical Drive HDD caddy with a view to adding one more HDD and enjoy software RAID.

Here's what I plan to do-
1> Install One more 1TB HDD in Optical Caddy.
2> Convert Both Disks (Internal+Caddy) to Dynamic Disks.
3> Setup Striping RAID 0 array for the data part. I am not touching the Boot partition nor willing to install Windows on RAID.
4> Enjoy higher performance of software for Games/ Large videos etc.

Here are my doubts-
1> Will conversion to Dynamic disks mess up the windows 7 bootup? Is the process better from Inbuilt disk management or I need some professional tool?

2> Will the Windows Image Backup Still able to backup/Restore system C:\ partitions from Dynamic disks? (To external USB HDD)

3> Is the Configuration Reliable Long term? (I am aware of Risks regarding RAID 0, Many PCs at my office Run RAID 0). I am more curious regarding the reliablity of DYNAMIC DISK.

4> Is it very cumbersome to restore/Recover data from a Dynamic disk in case something messed up? I do keep backups of Data on USB HDD, But I rely on windows Image backup for ... Read more

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Hi, my first post here but I've been reading a lot on this forum and always found the solution to my problems. Except now, I can't find any post related to my problem:

I've been improving my girlfriend's Acer Aspire 5750G (i7-2630QM - 8GB RAM (upgraded from 4GB) -NVIDIA GeForce GT540M - HD: WD6400BVPT @5400rpm) and I wanted to install a Kingston SV100S2/256G (version: SSDNow V100) with Win7 Home Premium on the SSD of course.
Roadmap to my problem:

The SSD doesn't fit in the normal HDD bay: There are 2 plastic pins above the SATA connector so the SSD doesn't fit in there (the SATA connector of a normal 2,5" HDD isn't covered by the casing like the SSD). I found someone on the webs who just broke these pins off but I don't want to lose the warranty on the laptop... yet.

Solution 1: I bought an optical HDD Caddy for the SSD so I could reinstall Windows with the Acer erecovery program which gave me the next problem: The stupid program doesn't let me choose where to install Win7!

Solution 2: I downloaded all drivers seperatly from the Acer site and installed a second Win7 (from a USB stick) on the SSD. Next problem: I tried to install the 100MB partition with the bootmgr on the SSD but that didn't work when I only booted from the SSD without the normal HDD in it. I realised then that the BIOS didn't recognize the SSD in the optical bay. The BIOS only 'sees' the WD HDD.

Solution 3: I deleted the 100MB partition on the SSD, reinstalled Win7 on it and used Ea... Read more

Answer:Bios Acer 5750G doens't recognize SSD in Optical bay caddy

I also posted this message on the microsoft technet forum... This is what I found out in the meantime (some thing I repeated because the next text is a combination of 2 answers to 2 replies on the technet forum).

I already updated the BIOS to the last version (1.20). In the 75750G's BIOS the AHCI controller is already enabled (only SATA-ports on this laptop, no IDE). In the BIOS menu the SSD doesn't show anywhere. It should be on the ATAPI CD-ROM but nothing to see there. If I change the boot priority to the ATAPI CD-ROM, it doesn't work (with or whitout the WD HDD in it). It didn't even work when the bootmanager was still on the SSD.

I guess the only option I have is to wait until my warranty is over (october 2013) and then try the SSD in the normal HDD bay or hope that eventually Acer releases a BIOS update that will recognize the SSD.I asked Acer if they could help me with the BIOS problem so I'll see if they can help me out in any way... I'll let you know.

I know the problem is not in Windows. It's just that I have a strange system built up now. I just wanted to be able to boot from the SSD without having the bootmanager on the normal HDD and change the SSD drive letter to C:\.

I tried this now:
A different SSD and a normal HDD in the optical bay caddy: nothing recognized in the BIOS. I also tried the optical bay caddy in my Sony Vaio and no HDD to see there either.

So the only conclusion is that the BIOS isn't programmed to look for a HDD in the optical... Read more

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I am confused about the customization page of W510. Optical device: Multi Recorder Optical Drive. Can it write/record blu-ray disc? There is no explanation or no other device to select. If it can write/record blu-ray disc then it is ok. If not then how can I add a blu-ray recorder/writer in my customization? There is no option to select such device there.

Answer:About W510 Optical device: Multi Recorder Optical Drive

The blu-ray drives have disappeared from the option screens. When I bought my T400 it was available for an extra $400 or something. No idea if it will be back.

T61p, T400formerly x23, x40

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I have a problem with my Portege R500 combined with my Toshiba Optical Tilt-Wheel Mouse. I use Win XP Pro SP2.

During notebook usage the mouse will be disconnected. If I plug out the mouse and plug in another USB port, I can use the mouse for a while, but it halts not longer.

Later comes the same problem, but a reconnect to another USB port doesn?t work.
I use the original driver of Microsoft win xp.

Bye hoody

Answer:Portege R500 and Toshiba Optical Tilt-Wheel Mouse

Did you receive the special XP driver together with this mouse?
If yes then install it.

But from my knowledge it?s common USB mouse which should use a plug?n play device

So possibly you should check the USB settings.

Go to the device manger and open the USB bus controller tree?
There you should mark the single USB root hubs and should select properties.

In the power management tab disable the function ??Allow the computer to turn off this device??

Furthermore I recommend updating the XP to the latest state; I mean all hotfixes and patches should be installed!!

Good luck

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When using an external display with my R200 I can't select the native resolution of the display (1680 * 1050). According to Intel the display driver from the Toshiba support-page is to old ( version ) and I should install the newest version ( Unfortunately I can't install this one because it says it's not the valid driver for my system.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help.

Answer:Portege R200: I can't select resolution of 1680*1050 on external display


Check please this thread

Maybe it can be helpful for you.

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I'm planning on upgrading to a larger SSD in my T400. It originally shipped with a 1.8" 64GB Samsung SSD and I'm probably going to upgrade it to a 2.5" 7mm Samsung 840 (non-pro) SSD. 
I'm not sure if the current caddy in the T400 is going to fit the new SSD, or if I'll need to purchase the 2.5" caddy. If so, does anyone know the FRU # of the caddy I'll need?

Answer:T400 SSD Upgrade Question Do I need a new drive caddy? My machine shipped with a 1.8" drive.

you would need a normal 2.5 inch hdd caddy. The one that goes into the T60 and T61 will do, and cost like 4 dollars on ebay.

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I'm thinking about replacing the factory CD/DVD drive that came with my W530 and lives in the stock 12.7mm Ultrabay caddy, with a 12.7mm slim BluRay burner (say something like this Panasonic UJ-265).  Since the thickness matches, I believe this is possible.
So, can the factory Ultrabay caddy be removed and completely replaced with a fixed SATA BD drive like this?
If so, is there a SATA cable problem?  In other words, do I need a SATA-to-SlimlineSATA adapter, both for data and power, such as this item (which is shown on the same Amazon page as the UJ-265)?
Has anybody done this?  Do you have any suggestions and/or recommendations I haven't thought of?
thanks for any help or guidance you can provide.


Go to Solution.

Answer:W530: Can I replace the factory 12.7mm Ultrabay caddy and CD/DVD drive with 12.7mm BluRay drive?

The connector looks right.  If I were GUESSING, I would say that it will probably work, but it won't fit into the mechanism that locks the drive in place.

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Just bought a new z51 last month and I'd like to replace my Disc drive with a hard drive but I'm not sure which Caddy to get. There are several on Amazon for pretty cheap. Anyone successfully do this?  Thanks! Phen

Answer:Lenovo Z51 - Which Hard Drive Caddy would work to replace DVD Drive?

Any updates? Did it work? I got a 'universal' caddy, but it does not get detected on my Z51. Works on my hp though.

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I have a hotswap caddy in my Vista Dell PC and need a new hard drive to use in it.
So far I have only used 1 TB drives with it.
Is the physical size of a 3Tb drive the same as 1Tb or Tb drives, and will it go into the caddy?
Will a Dell XPS 435MT (i7 920)with Bios 1.1.2 running 64bit Vista SP2 OS be OK with a 3TB drive?
sorry, I can't find how old the PC is : maybe 3 years?
Thank you!.

Answer:3TB internal hard drive in a hot swap drive caddy?

Yes it is and yes they will.

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Very confused about what the recommended HDD Caddy for T430 is. (to swap DVD drive with a 2nd HDD)Also, is there a non Lenovo HDD that works with this? 1 TB drive preferred.Thanks.

Answer:Hard Drive Bay (Caddy) and drive for T430

Ultrabay caddies come in two thicknesses, 12.7mm for T430 and T530 (0A65623), and 9.5mm for T430s (43N3412.)
You can buy these from Lenovo or you can get "clone" caddies quite inexpensively on eBay, e.g. 9.5mm Bezel SATA 2nd HDD Hard Drive caddy bay for T400s T500 T410s X200 is $10 for a 9.5mm unit. This is what I have in my T430s. A 9.5mm caddie will fit into your T430 but will leave a small gap at the top. You can search to see what 12.7mm caddies are available.  
I haven't tested the clone caddies with HDDs larger than 500GB. There's no reason they won't work. Note that the HDD must be no thicker than the caddy in order to fit physically. Since you have a T430 with 12.7 Ultrabay opening this shouldn't be an issue for you either.

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Ok so basically i see dvd drives that replace the optical drive and allow you to put a 2nd hard drive on things like laptops.

The issue is i want one for a desktop as the ones i am finding are too small to fit in one of my desktops. Normally there is more than 1 expansion slot for an additional hard drive on MOST desktops but this isn't the case for mine as i am using a sff model and well the only way to add another hard drive is to take off my optical drive and swap it with some sort of expasion.

Anyone know where to buy one of these for a desktop optical drive as the ones for laptops are smaller

Answer:2nd dvd drive hard drive sata caddy?

Nexus_ said:

Ok so basically i see dvd drives that replace the optical drive and allow you to put a 2nd hard drive on things like laptops.

The issue is i want one for a desktop as the ones i am finding are too small to fit in one of my desktops. Normally there is more than 1 expansion slot for an additional hard drive on MOST desktops but this isn't the case for mine as i am using a sff model and well the only way to add another hard drive is to take off my optical drive and swap it with some sort of expasion.

Anyone know where to buy one of these for a desktop optical drive as the ones for laptops are smallerClick to expand...

Thee are some on this page along with some 2.5" (for laptops) and some hard drives.

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Hi all,I've just bought a icy box caddy and a hard drive to setup for a mate an external back up device.However, my brother has just bought a Lacie external hard-drive and suggests it's better/safer to use/handle than a do-it-yourself caddy & drive as the "proper" external drives better protect and against knocks and stuff.(We don't want to take his kit apart and check as it'll void the warrenty.)What's the score?Is there any truth in this?

Answer:External Hard-drive Vs Caddy & drive???

No, an external drive is just as at risk as a drive in a caddy.I myself prefer the icy box rather than an external drive for the simple reason that you can change the disk in side and internal disks are cheaper than external.Also, is good for when when friends need to retrieve their from dead computers that they haven't backed-up!

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I purchased a W530 and immediatly swapped out the included hard drive for an SSD. I also purchased the drive bay adapter and planned on moving that original drive to it, but it did not come with a drive caddy. If the drive bay does not come with an extra one, and hard drives do not come with them.... why was it not included? Where do I purchase one? Does it need those rubber sides that are now around the SSD? 

Answer:W530 Drive Bay Adapter and Drive Caddy

Hey Chuntley,
If you search around the forums you will find a lot of post on this or close to this subject about installing a second drive to W530.
Here is a link to one such post.
If you have any other questions please post back.
Best Regards,

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Can you put a normal Blu-Ray drive, ( ) into a normal external caddy?

I'm thinking there could be HDCP issues?



Answer:Can you put a Blu-Ray drive into a caddy?

A Blu-Ray drive is the same size a a non-Blu-Ray drive, so yes you can put it in a caddy

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