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Portege M780-106 - mouse cursor lagging behind the stylus position

Question: Portege M780-106 - mouse cursor lagging behind the stylus position

Question re Toshiba portege M780-106 touchscreen laptop:
We have a problem with the mouse cursor lagging behind the stylus position.

This gap increases dramatically as the velocity of the stylus movement increases.
As we are running a tracking task with the stylus this is problematic.

We are running the task in Windows 7 using python 2.6 with primarily pygame library functions.
Is there a way to disable the process that produces this discrepancy between stylus and mouse pointer?

Any help much appreciated!


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Preferred Solution: Portege M780-106 - mouse cursor lagging behind the stylus position

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Portege M780-106 - mouse cursor lagging behind the stylus position

Is the CPU running in performance mode? Perhaps there is a lag because eco mode is turned on, or the CPU speed has throttled to a low speed.

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Just got my brand new Portege 780-102.
But when typing in any application the cursor jumps erratically around.
(...and no it's not my sleeve brushing the mouse pad)

Rummaging around on the web...
Seems Toshiba laptops have a bit of a history with this type of <software> problem.

There is a suggestion that I should re-load the bluetooth application pack.
Trying to speak to Toshiba in the UK but they are on a bank holiday.

Has anyone else had the same problem and do you have any known solutions to the problem?

Thanks a mill! Katie x

Answer:Portege M780-102 cursor jumps erratically around while typing

Hi mate

I read also about such cursor issue on different notebook models (from different manufacturers).
But in most cases the users didn?t notice that the touchpad has been touchpad accidently while typing.
You said you have checked this? hmm? but anyway, try to disable the touchpad while typing just for testing purposes?

Furthermore some people said that BIOS update might be helpful too?
So if newer BIOS is available, update this!

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I have been battling with my stylus the past few months. When I use it, the cursor is only accurate to the tip, when I am in the corners (where the calibration takes place). The more central I get on the screen, the more off it is. We talk about half a centimeter, which doesn't seem a lot, but which can be a real pain, if you try to write or draw on the screen.
The tragic part is that it started AFTER I used the calibration tool for the first time. Had I known it makes things worse, I wouldn't have touched it.
My question is: Is there anyone out there with the same problem, or is this unique? If it is, I will have a talk with my dealership after I return home.

If it is not unique, how was this dealt with?

My Laptop is a Portege M700, with Windows Vista Business SP1. This issue has been consistent through all kinds of situations, hardware configurations and software contents, and the starting point was clearly the calibration.
I thank in advance anyone that can shed some light on this for me.


Answer:Re: Inaccurate cursor when using the stylus in tablet mode on Portege M700

Are you calibrating it with the stylus on an angle?

Try it with the stylus completely vertical.

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On my Windows Vista Home Premium system I have for years had a problem: The "active point" of the mouse cursor is not stable. (By "active point" I mean the point that responds when I click.)

For example, the mouse may be the usual arrow. However the "active point" is not necessarily at the tip of the arrow. So when I click, the system may think I clicked at the pixel in the middle of the arrow icon instead of the the pixel at the tip of the arrow.

It helps quite a bit that many buttons in Windows Vista lights up when I am over them, but for precision work it is very frustrating.

Can anybody help me solve this problem once and for all?!?

Best regards,

Answer:Mouse cursor problem - unstable position

Hello Lars and welcome to the forums

Are you using a custom cursor? If so, can you change all of your cursors back to the default ones please and let us know if the problem persists.


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What happens like 1-2 times a day is that the cursor position will freeze up and stop moving. However, the mouse is still working because I can still do thing like right click and select stuff. Its just that I cant see what Im moused over when I click.

Also although the position of the cursor is frozen it still changes properly in context. It changes to a hand when (I think) I mouse over a hyperlink or it changes to the window resize cursor when (I think) i mouse to the edge of a window.

I have to reboot to solve this but its pretty damn annoying. A couple of times it unfreezes and I can continue. Anyone have a quick way to solve this? I would rather put off the whole formatting thing for a while longer.

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I recently bought the new XPS 15 laptop and since receiving it the cursor laggs when I open the start menu and move it over the border onto the desktop. It also continues by itself even when I remove my hand from the touchpad and takes some time to respond. If I have another window open on the desktop and open the start menu the cursor works fine over that menu also but once over the border and hovering over the desktop the lagg starts again. It works perfectly otherwise, just once the start menu is up. Also works fine in safe mode and as I said has been like this since receiving the laptop.Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Ok this is getting REALLY frustrating!

For some reason my mouse cursor & functions are lagging behind by a few seconds. Even when I type sometimes it takes a few seconds for the words to appear. Hightlighting doesnt work right away and sometimes the cursor takes a few seconds to even appear.

Any ideas what this is at all & how to fix it?

It just started in the last day or so and I cant deal with this any more.

Answer:Mouse cursor & functions are lagging behind by a few seconds

Sounds like it may be memory. Take memtest86 and tell us how it goes.

You may also want to check graphics card and drivers.

Whenever there is an unexpected change, I always recommend a anti virus scan
and to
Download and run a scan with malwarebytes.

Since it is so easy, type cmd, in search. Then right click and run as administrator. Then in cmd type sfc /scannow

If available, try another mouse, too.

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Ok, so I have a client that has a Toshiba Portege M780 and she wants the touchpad disabled because whenever she is typing she brushes against it and causes the curser to jump to a field that she does not want to type in. This computer is used by a doctor in her office to file out patient medical records and reports. She uses a wireless mouse so she does not need the touchpad. The fn + F9 is supposed to disable the touchpad but it doesn't. I did some researching found some more recent drivers for the Alps touchpad that she has and installed them as they were supposed to correct this issue but they haven't. I have also tried uninstalling it but it just re-installs on reboot. In the properties the disable button is greyed out so cannot use that. Have selected disable in services but it is still working. Any ideas I what I can try next?

Answer:Toshiba Portege M780

Can't you disable it in device manager?

Did you install chipset drivers?

You could just unhook it, but you'd have to open the case for that.

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My tablet pen is physically stuck in its bay.
It is supposed to spring out when you push it.

However when you push it (it still moves) then it wont come out.
I couldn't dislodge it from the battery bay either.

Any ideas?

Answer:Portege M780-10H: tablet pen won't come out

Hmm? maybe the spring inside the bay where the pen is located does not work properly? Maybe you could use some tools like pair of tweezers in order to remove this pen from the bay?

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Hey everybody, been working on my Portege M780-s7210 that I got yesterday and put a fresh install of Windows7 64-bit on it on a new SeaGate 5006B HDD. The install was good but driver installs are naturally being a pain.

I have six main questions that I am having issues with:

1) When I turn the laptop into tablet mode the screen does not rotate, it just stays like it does in laptop mode. It also does not change after pressing and holding the screen rotate button. I believe I have installed all correct drivers, but I may be mistaken.

2) I have read that there is a way to use my finger on the touchscreen, which would make sense since it is a touchscreen. But I do not see any way to use my fingers on the screen as I have read there is a button to press for this. I cannot get it to work, but can only assume there is another driver I am missing for this as well?

3) Screen Calibration - With the included stylus, the stylus and touch points are just slightly off. Is there a way to clibrate the pen and the screen?

4) This laptop came with an extended battery, but whenever I connect the battery and then plug it in it says Battery #2: Plugged in, not charging. Anyone know why this isn't charging?

5) Is there an easy way to clean behind the touch part of the screen? It looks like there is some dust trapped behind the touch panel and the LCD itself.

6) I can't use the quick buttons at the top of the keyboard by using fn + 1/2/3 etc..

I have installed just about every dri... Read more

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After upgrading my Portege M780-10R to win 10 pro neither AUDIO and TOUCH SCREEN functions are working.
I've searched for updated drivers but there is nothing than win7 or earlier.
Do i have a possibility to make things work in win 10 pro 32bit?


Answer:Portege M780 + Win10 - is it possible?

M780 is not compatible with Win10. The touchscreen is not a standard touch device.

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I reinstalled windows 7 pro on my Portege M780 and i need the Toshiba Pre installed Apps
It was 7 Pro 32bit and I clean installed 7 Pro 64bit Iv grabbed all thats offered in the download section for 7 64bit but not all is there.

I used to have cam , screen rotate control , DVD app plus more Im not even sure what as i only got it the day before installing windows :(
If anyone could help that would be awesome Thanks

PS i cant get the finger scanner to work right as well, once i installed it and set-up com wouldnt start after log-in screen but did in safe mode so i disabled it in device manager. Any ideas Anyony Cheers

I tryed getting the Pre installed apps from recovery but with no luck :(

Answer:I need Pre installed software for Portege M780

Original recovery image that you got with your notebook contains operating system, all necessary drivers, Toshiba specific tools and utilities, and of course some additional software like DVD player, antivirus application, trial Office.

When you do own OS installation on Toshiba download page you will find drivers, tools and utilities only. Such additional applications will not be offered. This you can have if you install original recovery image.

At the end one very important info: Toshiba offer all this for supported operating systems only so if you cannot find it on download page I can just say ? bad luck.
In this case you must try to find right drivers offered for other models but with the same hardware components and this is pretty complicated.

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I have a Toshiba Portege M780-10U running Windows 7 (x32) SP1.
I have updated all the drivers for the display, bios, etc.

Whenever I connect my Acer G235H display the laptop freezes after about 3 hours of operation.
Nothing is logged anywhere, just a complete freeze that requires a hard reset. The CPU fan then runs on full power once the freeze occurs.

I am not running any special graphics applications when it crashes just standard Office 2007 and IE8.
I have isolated the freezes down to the display by using an HP L1906 monitor and had no freezes for 2 days.

I have tried the ACER G235H display using both VGA and HDMI and i stilL get freezes.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can resolve this?


Answer:Portege M780-10U frezees when using external LCD

>I have isolated the freezes down to the display by using an HP L1906 monitor and had no freezes for 2 days.
For me it?s really hard to believe that an external monitor could affect the notebook functionality but it seems that your notebook freezes only using this special monitor (G235H).
Using the HP L1906 monitor everything is ok. Is it right?

Hmm? did you connect the L1906 monitor to the same port like G235H?
Maybe there are differences between external resolutions?

Sorry mate, but it?s really difficult to say what could cause this? maybe it?s a high temperature issue and maybe its pure chance that the notebook freezes using this external monitor.

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Hi Guys,

Do you have similar problem on Portege M780, I try to send SMS, I tick the number for the name I send but the name does not get transferred and I had to type manually myself.. very frustrating.

Answer:Portege M780 - Names not getting transferred

What SMS software are you using?

If it's the Wireless Manager, try updating it to the latest version from the Toshiba support/drivers website.

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I'm happy with my M780-10V and don't plan to change it too soon but would like to enhance it.

I've upgraded RAM to 8GB though windows 7 32bit only recognises 2.9GB - any thoughts?

Has anybody tried going for Windows 7 64bit which should make more RAM available.

Also has anybody swapped out the drive and installed an SSD, I'm think 250GB, I guess that should give it a real boost.

As to swapping the i5 to an i7, I'm not sure that would be worth it - seems an expensive change - as the i7 doesn't seem to add that much looking at the various comparison sites.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Portege M780-10V upgrade questions

I've upgraded RAM to 8GB though windows 7 32bit only recognises 2.9GB - any thoughts?

Win 7 32bit as well as other 32bit systems recognize only 3.2GB RAM. This is the 32bit limitation
Therefore its recommended to use 64bit system in case you’ve got more than 3GB RAM
The Portege M780-10V supports up to 8GB RAM therefore the memory upgrade is possible.

Also has anybody swapped out the drive and installed an SSD, I'm think 250GB, I guess that should give it a real boost.

The upgrade from HDD to SSD is the best move you could do… the performance boost will be noticeable. I did such upgrade on my Tecra notebook and I’m very happy with that…

As to swapping the i5 to an i7, I'm not sure that would be worth it - seems an expensive change - as the i7 doesn't seem to add that much looking at the various comparison sites.

In my opinion this is not necessary and I would not recommend you to upgrade the CPU. First of all Toshiba as well as other notebook manufacturers don’t support such CPU upgrades. Nobody knows if such upgrade would not affect the notebook functionality and in worst case the BIOS would not support a new CPU.
At the other hand you will not notice the performance boost using new CPU… in my eyes such upgrade would not be very useful.

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I have a M780. I wanted to upgrade to 8GB. But if I open the memory module, I find only one slot for the memory. How can I access the other one to put in 2x4GB?

As they seem to be similiar to the M750, maybe it is the same with the M750 and someone can answer this question. Could not find a service manual for the M750/M780 either.



Answer:Portege M780 - How to upgrade the memory?

Hi schuerstedt,

You really ask where to find the other memory module slot?
User manual is not interesting for you? Right???

Well, if you check the user manual, you can find an exact description how to replace both memory modules with a lot of pictures.
Check this!!!

Btw, the other slot is placed under the keyboard.

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Would ANYONE at all know when the M780 will be available? I would really like to buy one but cannot find the model and I have looked! (Misco, Insight, Amazon, ebay, kelkoo)

Thank you

Answer:Portege M780 Series availability

P.s. I thought that they were going to be multi-touch?

According to this, no:

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I saw the following link which give dates for release of a "full set of WIndows 10 Software components" for some models- probably recent ones . This does not cover the Portege M780 I have or indeed any Portege models far as I can see.

Windows 10 upgrade would be available from microsoft anyway but is there any advice re doing this upgrade from Toshiba or has anyone ese done this or something similar. I am especialy keen to know if the fingerprint reader is supported.



Answer:Portege M780 - Windows 10 Upgrade

The newer Portege's support Win10, Z930, R30-A.
The M780 may simply be too old to run Win10 smoothly.

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I have a Portege M780 and Windows 7 x64.

My laptop recognizes the pen and one point touch devices.

I can use the pen fine, no problem with this. But finger touch screen doesn?t work. I go to control panel and finger touch is activated.

I download Wacom dual touch drivers for W7x64 from Toshiba?s support web, but I can?t install it because when I try it says ? not supported platform ?.

Someone could help please?

Answer:Portege M780 finger touch not working

I download Wacom dual touch drivers for W7x64 from Toshiba?s support web

Where did you find this 64bit driver?
The Toshiba European driver page does not provide Dual touch driver for Win 7 64bit but only for Win 7 32bit

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I have a problem with my computer that's been on and off for the past month or so (it would only happen once a week). However, as of late, it has been occurring much more commonly. I could get on my computer for an hour, sometimes much less, before the problem occurs once more.
I don't see any pattern in terms of when the problem happens (such as specific programs being open or anything of the sort) and it just seems totally random. It could happen as soon as I start my computer or while I'm playing a game. Anything.
Help me!

Now then, to the actual problem itself. First, my cursor would begin to lag. It would freeze for a couple of seconds and then function normally again for several minutes. It would continue to do this for around ten minutes. Then, the cursor would suddenly turn orange. I tried to take a picture of it with my phone. Click (link removed) for the picture. As you can see, it doesn't look like a regular cursor. It changes, gaining spirals and other symbols in different colours.
I tried to, as you say, 'google' the problem but to no avail. I have no idea what this is. After the cursor has lagged and changed, the computer would just suddenly lose its signal to my monitor. A icon would pop up on my monitor saying 'No Signal' yet the computer would still be turned on. It doesn't work again until I restart the computer, but the problem still persists after an hour or so of usage.
What is this?

Is my computer sl... Read more

Answer:Orange distorted cursor, lagging mouse, losing visual signal

I've edited your post to remove the links. Please upload the images so that they can be viewed in the post without having to visit another site.

Also, why have you posted this in the General Security forum? Do you suspect malware? If so, please start a new thread in the Virus & Other Malware Removal forum and provide the logs requested in the sticky at the top of that forum. If not then please advise what operating system you're running and I'll move the thread to that forum.

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Hi all,

I think thereis a bug in the M780 BIOS. I have set only a Supervisor password on all 100-odd machines that we have. There are no other security settings enabled and when a machine goes into deep sleep (ie. after a few hours) they get prompted for the Supervisor password when waking the machine.

All machines are running the latest BIOS (2.10) and WIndows 7 64bit. As we are a school we want to prevent the kids from booting from CDs etc.,

I have configured the Security section of BIOS like so;

User Password: Not Registered
Supervisor Password: Registered
HDD1/SSD1 Password Mode: &lt;User Only&gt;
HDD User Password: Not Registered
TPM: &lt;Disabled&gt;

Any help or confirmation of the issue would be appreciated. Cheers!

Answer:Portege M780 - Prompted for supervisor password after sleep

UPDATE: I have since discovered that the problem exists when waking from hibernation, not from sleep. I have disbaled this via Group Policy for the "Balanced" power plan which has resolved my immediate issue, although this behaviour still shouldn't occur.

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Does anyone know if the Ultra slim Selectbay unit is available and it where i can bougut it?
I want one fo my Portege M780

Answer:Ultra slim selectbay unit available for Portege M780


The Portge M780 supports 1 x Ultra Slim SelectBay so you should be able to get such device from a Toshiba Authorized service partner.

<img src='' border='0' width='550px'/>

You could also search for part number: OBHD9-SATA-SATA-B

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When I start my Portege Z series the mouse cursor moves by its own. Alfer several minutes (less than one hour) it stops and it works properly.
For your information on the Notebook the Antivirus is installed and updated: AVIRA and Spybot

What I've already tried to resolve the problem:
1) I've downloaded and installed the last version of the driver ALPS pointer device even thus the same versione was already installed. No results, same behaviour
2) I've tried with an external USB mouse, deactivating touchpad/pointing stick. No results, same behaviour

Any suggestions, please?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Portege Z series - mouse cursor moves on its own

Maybe you could try to boot with a Live CD/USB Stick. If this issue also happens with the Live OS the issue is notebook related. If not, it?s a Windows issue and maybe a recovery would solve the problem.

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Hello to all

I got a stylus for my Portege Z10T-A (PT141E) purchased, original from Toshiba (pen PA5133U 1EUC).
With my Z10 no stylus was at the time of purchase, which didn't bother me...
Now I wanted to try it but once.

But he is not recognized by the system.

My Z10 works as far as trouble-free until the chop my towel in the display at does.

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I have a client who wants to use a Portege Z20T but in a wall-mounted position (either fixed or flexible bracket / frame).
Has anyone had to deal with this situation and what have they used?
Or, what would anyone suggest (apart from not using a Portege Z20T)! :-)


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im having the same problem this guy had on this post except with internet explorer 10. anyone know how to fix this?

When opening new tab I am directed to Google, but the cursor stays in the address bar. Anyway to automatically move the cursor to the google search bar? | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support


Answer:default cursor position in IE 10

A problem Google hasn't fixed to the best of my knowledge.

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Hi,I just purchased my Thinkpad x201 tablet notebook. I have Windows 7, and I also installed the appropriate Wacom driver to support pressure sensitivity (which by the way works perfectly).  My problem is that after several exact calibrations, the cursor is always a bit off relative to the tip of the pen. In the center part of the screen this difference is extremely small, but approaching either one of the edges it becomes larger.  Beforehand, I didn't think this would be a problem, but later on I realized it makes operations much harder. E. g. graphics, photo editing, which need precise movements. If there's anything else that I could tell you, please ask. Any ideas would be appreciated.Thanks.

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I used to have this problem and it went away and now it's back. I don't remember how I got rid of it so I'm looking for some help.

The problem is that, as I'm typing on my Gateway Windows XP laptop using the cursor in the laptop, the cursor jumps to somewhere else in my text and I don't even realize it until a few letters after so I continuously have to delete what letters ended up getting put in the wrong place and bringing the cursor back to where I want to type. This happens often as I'm typing and ends up deleting words too and is extretmely frustrating. Please help!!

Answer:Cursor changes position while I'm typing!!

Have you scanned for spyware and viruses? If so, with what programs?

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I have a Windows 7 multi-touch device and every time i touch the screen i get a mouse graphic. Its really annoying
because it has a tendency to get in the way when i am tapping around with my fingers on the screen. can i remove and have only cursor arrow without mouse. i know there is a option but i need only cursor arrow. is it possible with any registry edit option.

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Hi, I have this irritating problem lately (only started having this problem after changing into Windows Vista & Compaq laptop).While typing a sentence, the cursor will suddenly jumped to somewhere in the middle of the sentence, resulting in me typing in the middle of an 'already typed' sentence. Usually, I will not be able to monitor where my words are since we just type continuously. So with this problem, a lot of my sentences are disrupted and I find it extremely irritating.Anyone knows why this happens and the solution ?Eg > I am typing -"Today is a lovely day and..."The cursor jumps to middle > "Today is a  <cursor> , and I intend to talk a walk ..lovely day and "RgdsSerene

Answer:Why cursor bleep suddenly changes position

I sometimes have this problem when I accidentally touch the mouse pad with my hand.Do you think you might be touching the mouse pad unintentionally (assuming this is a new laptop)?

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In my laptop cursor always remains in the top/left most . When i select any item apart from the top/left most item,cursor automatically goes to the top/left most position. I thought it may be OS problem and i full formatted my laptop and installed win7,win 8,win10 one by one. But the problem is not solved. please help

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I'm new to this forum so this is my first question.

My curser keeps jumping to the same position on my centre(main) screen (I have three screens), every 60 seconds.

It starts by the blue circle appearing then the curser snapsto the same mid position on the screen. I have also noticed the wireless keyboardstops working for a few seconds at the same time.

I have half cured the by un ticking the ‘Snap To’ optionunder mouse properties/pointer options, now I jet get the blue circle and thekeyboard not working every 60 seconds.

I have been using the Microsoft wireless ‘Comfort 5000 Desktop’for about two months and got this problem six days ago after a Windows update.I then did a restore which resolved the problem for a day(ish) and them theproblem returned and further restores didn’t help. I have not done any further Windowsupdates since having this problem.

I have just reinstated my old wired keyboard and that isnot being affected by the second blip!

I hope someone can help?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 2806 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5450, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 203772 MB, Free - 67563 MB; D: Total - 499998 MB, Free - 349076 MB; E: Total - 249998 MB, Free - 249900 MB; I: Total - 1907726 MB, Free - 1173434 MB;
Motherboard: Foxconn, H67MP... Read more

Answer:Cursor jumps to same position every 60 seconds

This really sounds like a driver issue. You should re-install the drivers for the mouse. Completely remove the driver, and re-install if windows does not auto re-install for you.

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When I am typing an email in Outlook or typing in a web page search box the cursor randomly jumps to a different position. This is on a Windows desktop machine. I can find lots of answers for a laptop where the problem is the track pad but nothing for a desktop. This doesn't happen in Word or MYOB so it doesn't seem to be mouse or keyboard related. I tried doing an Outlook repair and ran Malware-bytes and cCleaner but nothing found. Any thing else to try? If I reinstall Outlook will I lose all my email settings?

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I wanted to create a macro that would give orders to the cursor to click and do some commands.For example... in my office everyone uses 19" screens with resolution 1280 x 1024.I want to give orders like "position cursor at x' 120 y' 200 and click"First of all I want to know if it is even posible...And secondly I want to know if anyone knows a good tutorial. Thanks in advance

Answer:Excel VBA move cursor position

What problem are you attempting to solve?How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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Entering data from keyboard, I sometimes find cursor has jumped position.Happens in Office and Emails in particular.Windows Vista home used.Sony LaptopI also experienced this with Dell XP pro

Answer:Cursor wanders and jumps position

The most common reason for this behaviour is that you are accidentally brushing the touchpad while typing you could try reducing the touch pad sensitivity or even covering the touchpad with a small piece of fabric or paper even Gheers HC

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A minor problem but a nuisance.
On Turning off the cursor defaults to Standby. Can the default be changed to Shutdown?


Answer:Solved: Cursor default position

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Hey Guys,

How do I get my cusor to automaticaly go to a specific textbox when I load a form?

Answer:Cursor auto position in textbox

This worked for me:

Either set that textboxe's tabindex property to zero, or in the Form_Activate event code sub add TextBox1.SetFocus

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I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and now every time I open an existing Word document, it opens at the very top of the document. How can I get it to start opening in the last saved cursor position? This worked in Vista so what changed in Windows 7 and how do I get around it?


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How do I set the default cursor position on Chrome start up?
I want the cursor to start on the search input box, but it starts in the Address Bar (think it’s known as the Omnibox)

Answer:Default cursor position on Chrome start up

Not sure what you mean by "the search input box" as the Omnibox acts as Chrome's built in search box as well as address bar. There is only that one box.

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I want to build a letterhead in word that I can regularly do I save it as a template so that the cursor starts in the correct position that I require every time?

Answer:Word Cursor Start Position Problem

You do not say which version of Word you have. In version 2007 you click on the office button top left, then on new, and choose letterhead. You should then be able to save this as a template.

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I recently downloaded AutoDesk Design Review to view DWG files. I then uninstalled it, only noticing later that my CorelDraw Graphics Suite had been affected in the process. I've since resolved all the issues except one. When I fire the program up, the cursor defaults to the bottom right corner. The effect is to show the desktop with open programs ghosted by outline. The effect goes away when I move the mouse, but how do I stop the cursor going to the bottom right corner in the first place?
BTW, it only does this for CorelDraw, not Corel PhotoPaint.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4009 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1812 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 181248 MB, Free - 45728 MB; D: Total - 271967 MB, Free - 157021 MB;
Motherboard: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., 300E4A/300E5A/300E7A/3430EA/3530EA
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition, Updated and Enabled

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I was wondering if you *have* to use the original stylus on a Portege M200 or if you can use any stylus. I read something about the included stylus having a magnetic tip, so I'm not sure wether the touchscreen on a tablet PC is basically the same as a touchscreen on let's say any PDA or a Nintendo DS.

I'm asking because I'm about to buy a second hand M200 but it doesn't include the original stylus. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Do I need original stylus on Portege M200?

Usually you should use the same, compatible part with your notebook.
Fact is that an Port?g? M200 stylus supports two different buttons;

_Pen button_ ? acts as the clicking of the tight touch pad control button.

_Eraser button_ ? You can use this button as an eraser when using the application software for graphic. The application software for texts enables you to select and delete characters with one-touch action.

So if you think you don?t need these two buttons then you can use another stylus.


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When IE loads a page, usually the cursor/carat is in the same place in the page, but sometimes it is not. This makes controlling the cursor impossible.

Is there some kind of keystroke or command that will start the cursor at the same "home" position every time?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:[SOLVED] Cursor/Carat Position on IE Page Load

Have you tried toggling F7?

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I recently rolled over to Windows Live Mail and got my signature working there by creating it in HTML and linking to an image, but now when I compose any new mail my cursor starts at the image and the Image tools tab at the top is selected. Is there a way to reset the default cursor location to the top of the email so that when I press tab after writing the To: and Subject: fields I can start writing the email without having to left click the top of the email?

HTML Code:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html;charset=iso-8859-1">
<BODY dir=ltr>
<DIV dir=ltr>
<DIV style="FONT-SIZE: 12pt; FONT-FAMILY: 'Calibri'; COLOR: #000000">
<DIV style="FONT-SIZE: 12pt; FONT-FAMILY: 'Calibri'; COLOR: #000000">
<DIV dir=ltr>
<DIV style="FONT-SIZE: 12pt; FONT-FAMILY: 'Calibri'; COLOR: #000000">
<DIV style="FONT-SIZE: 12pt; FONT-FAMILY: 'Calibri'; COLOR: #000000">
<DIV dir=ltr>
<DIV style="FONT-SIZE: 12pt; FONT-FAMILY: 'Calibri'; COLOR: #000000">
<P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"><A name=_MailAutoSig><SPAN
style="mso-fareast-font-family: 'Times New Roman'; mso-fareast-theme-font: minor-fareast; mso-no-proof: yes"><FONT
style="FONT-SIZE: 11pt">... Read more

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How can I set the cursor position in a Win32 Console application? Here is what I am trying to do:
COORD pos = {x, y};
char * str = "Some Text\r\n";
DWDORD len = strlen(str);

SetConsoleCursorPosition(hConsole_c, pos);
WriteConsole(hConsole_c, str, len, &dwBytesWritten, NULL);
The text string `str` is never sent to the screen. Is there something else that I should be doing? Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Setting Cursor Position in Win32 Console App

This is crude but will work - note the comment about a keypress or breakpoint - if the program runs as far as the handle close - you will see nothing.
#include <windows.h>

int main()
BOOL bSuccess;
DWORD dwBytesWritten;
COORD posn;
char * str = "Some Text\r\n";

DWORD len = strlen(str);
HANDLE hConsole_c = CreateConsoleScreenBuffer(GENERIC_READ | GENERIC_WRITE,
bSuccess = SetConsoleActiveScreenBuffer(hConsole_c);
posn.X = 0; posn.Y = 0;
bSuccess = SetConsoleCursorPosition(hConsole_c, posn);
bSuccess = WriteConsole(hConsole_c, str, len, &dwBytesWritten, NULL);
posn.X = 10; posn.Y = 10;
bSuccess = SetConsoleCursorPosition(hConsole_c, posn);
bSuccess = WriteConsole(hConsole_c, str, len, &dwBytesWritten, NULL);

// if you want to see anything put a keypress or breakpoint here
return 0;


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I have Portege M200. The stylus stops working after a few minutes' use. WindowsXP event log shows system error against the driver. When I reboot it starts working again.

The touchpad continues to work OK.

Drivers have been updated.
Any ideas?

Answer:Stylus stops working - Portege M200


Special Toshiba software is responsible for the usage of the tablet pen on the M200.
I your case it seems like a software malfunction. In my opinion you should try to remove this software from the OS and after rebooting try to install it again.
I think this procedure should solve this issue.

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I have Portege M400-S4031.
How change the end of the stylus?

Answer:Portege M400-S4031: How to change the end of stylus?


I don?t know if you mean this part but check this page:

I have investigated in this forum and bingo! I have found this very similar theme:

Hope it helps!

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Last April I bought a Port?g? Z20T-C 13Q (PT16AE-02J03LCE) and a Stylus Pen (PA5133U-1EUC), with the intention of starting to use this device (as in the advertising itself of the product is announced) Other uses, take notes and draw schemes.

Unfortunately, I saw from the beginning that the Stylus Pen did not work. I thought the reason was that neither the Wacom drivers nor the TruNote program were installed. There was no major problem, because I downloaded those files from the support page for my Port?g?. After installing them, my computer still does not recognize the pressure of my fingers, let alone the presence of the Stylus (maybe because I have chosen the wrong stylus).

Please: What should I do? How do I get to use my computer as it is initially advertised on the website? What Stylus do I need?

Curiously, on an Amazon website we recommend this Stylus Pen as Toshiba Portege Z20T Stylus Pen, and for that reason I bought it from the Toshiba dealer along with the computer.

Thank you for answering my questions.

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Here's a simple question that probably doesn't have an easy answer.

The Navigation Pane on the left side of Windows Explorer has six major categories from top to bottom as follows: Favorites, SkyDrive, Home Group, This PC, Libraries and Network. When I open Windows Explorer, the cursor is positioned on the Library Category. I would prefer the default cursor position to be on Favorites. I assume that there is no easy way to make this change, at least without editing the Registry somewhere.

Answer:Windows Explorer Navigation Pane Cursor Position on Open

That's peculiar, my cursor doesn't default to the navigation pane.
When I'm showing Libraries in the navigation pane and open File Explorer from the taskbar, Libraries is highlighted. When I don't show Libraries, This PC is highlighted.
I guess you could pin Favorites to the Start Menu and launch it from there.
Just a thought.

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I have a Toshiba Portege z10t.

I am trying to use the stylus in Photoshop. I have 2 problems. Firstly - when i use the stylus the circle that indicates where the stylus is going to be used is below the point of the stylus. Not only is it causing incorrect actions, but i can't see it properly to guide it. Is there a way to re-calibrate? I have tried re-calibrating from the control panel.

Secondly, in Photoshop, I can use my finger to select items in the menus and tools, but not to draw or select anything on the page. I have the same problem with any other stylus I use (I want to use a finer tipped one, but would be happy to use the one with the laptop if it was calibrated correctly.)

Can anyone help me?


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my stylus on my portege isn't working in parts of the screen the parts change and are sometimes not there.
This happened after replacing the screen but not straight away.

Answer:Portege 3500 stylus not working in parts of the screen

Maybe your chance to fix this will be to give the Machine to a local Toshiba servicepartner, because this sounds like a problem of your hardware, that you cannot fix without good knowledge about that machine.


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I can't get the right-click buton on the barrel of the stylus to work with my new Portege M400 tablet PC. I've tried it both with the "Use stylus buton to right-click" option in the "Stylus settings" tab of the "Tablet and stylus settings" dialog checked and unchecked, but neither worked.

Is the stylus faulty, or worse still the computer? Or can someone suggest how to get it to work?



PS: "stylus" should be "nep" reversed in the option, tab and dialog names above, but the dumb profanity filter won't accept the word "nep" (reversed).

Answer:Portege M400: right-click button on stylus doesn't work


Do you have this problem since first day? Please be sure the pen is not in a very long distance from the display. Like you know if the distance is too big the pen will not work ?as usual?.

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Hello, my cursor gets laggy randomly, for a couple second in every 5-10 minutes.
It does when idle too, I am monitoring CPU usage and temperature, it is around 45?C, never goes over 55?C.
My only thought is that maybe the thermal paste on the GPU may be getting dry, as it is around 70?C idle, though doesn't go over 80?C.
All drivers are the latest. Any ideas?

Answer:Lagging cursor issue

Is the mouse you are using wired or wireless?

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The cursor on my inspiron 3521 laptop some times freezes n comes back after sometime.and with that the double finger scrolling also stops starts working after restarting. But I randomly pops up now and then.

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Not even sure should i put this under this thread but here it goes :

Hello guys,its even hard to explain,like i got razer abyssus and all was going fine until all of the sudden it started lagging when browsing net,like its tough to even get to link you want,and when i go in the game i play(cod2) it's even worse,its impossible to play,when i tried connecting other mouse it was better when browsing the net(not sure if perfectly fine,i guess i lost sense of perception a bit after this) but i was able to browse net with no problems but again when i go in cod2 it's same as previous mouse so maybe it's got to do something about game,and maybe it was just better then previous one because it's new but it was still a bit laggy but i wouldnt say so.I recorded a video of the problem,here it is : So far i tried changing usb ports,checking mouse sensitivites and properties,reinstalling mouse drivers but im starting to think its something with system,or maybe some kind of virus got into? idk

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Product: Pen Power TOOYA PRO

After having installed the newest driver found, the stylus would cause problems when clicked. It became impossible to drag anything at all because tapping would cause the cursor to freeze until another mouse-equivalent device was moved. It was also impossible to cause the computer to recognize clicking (and dragging), although it would still be possible to move the cursor with the stylus, the touch-pad, or a USB mouse (of which the latter two have no problems). The computer affected has an Intel Core I5 processor, runs on Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit), and requires no new service packs.

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So this was weird, i just booted my V5-591G right now, opened Itunes and shortly after, I moved the cursor and it lagged a second before moving over in a choppy way with the machine making beeps each "chop" it jumped. It was like the beep when you plug in the power source. Also, it opened Cortana by itself right after. It shouldn't be a virus because I just ran a scan yesterday and it quarantined a few files, which were deleted and the machine was rebooted.

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So a few days ago my cursor started lagging. Everything else run normally - it's just the cursor. Occasionally it goes smooth again, but then returns to lag-ville after a while.

I've ran NOD32 antivirus scans, cleaned my registries with CCleaner, ran Spybot, tried reinstalling/updating mouse and display drivers. Still nothing.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 23:49:15, on 23.10.2011
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7601.17514)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Smart Security\egui.exe
C:\Program Files\DivX\DivX Update\DivXUpdate.exe
C:\Program Files\DivX\DivX Plus Web Player\DDMService.exe
C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RtHDVCpl.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTLite.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp\UWA\AAM Updates Notifier.exe
C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe
C:\Users\Sam\Dropbox\Sam\Random\Software\The Action Machine\ActionMachine.exe
C:\Users\Sam\Dropbox\Sam\Random\Software\Smoooth DBA\SmooothDBA311.exe
C:\Users\Sam\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome... Read more

Answer:Cursor/Pointer lagging on laptop

You have lots of Chrome stuff running. Do you use Chrome as your browser? If not uninstall it. If yes, uninstall, reboot and reinstall, see if that helps.

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When I access the start menu in windows ME the mouse pointer seems to lose its position, although you can see it moving on the screen it seems to think it is somewhere else i.e. if ponted at one icon it will high light another, also the pointer is only visible on the bottom half of the screen, as though it had shifted down.

Answer:Mouse pointer out of position

Have you tried System Restore to a time before this started happening?

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I have been directed here from the Global Mod: Boopme He has cleared my computer and says it is not a malware issue he thinks a sofrware issue, to come here.
My cursor keeps lagging for a few seconds, then it will respond. It will just freeze up, then resume.
After I launch an application(firefox, or a game) sometimes my monitor will just turn off and go in to "save mode". I have no option but to hold the power button on my pc.
Whenever I notice my cursor start to lag, that is usually the first sign that something is going wrong. Then my monitor will go down. So when I see my cursor isn't responding/wrong cursor when typing,clicking I just restart my computer. So the past 72 hours I have been having to hold the power button and force shut downs, and do frequent restarts to try to prevent me having to do the powerbutton shutdown.
For reference of all the work I have done so far with Boopme:
Kindest Regards,

Answer:Monitor turning off , cursor freezing/lagging

Have you monitored the temperatures of your CPU, or hard drive(s)? Perhaps the graphics card?

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After looking around a bit I couldn't find anyone with this particular problem, but maybe I missed something.  At any rate, my problem is that any time I use the stylus near the top or left hand side of the screen, it simply stops working. On the left side, it simply won't go the last centimeter over. It's as if it thinks it's reached the edge of the screen.  At the top centimeter however, it gets stuck. If I move the stylus up into that area, it will reach a certain horizontal line. Moving the stylus up further will cause no vertical movement and spastic, oversensitive horizontal movement. However, if I start moving my stylus down, the cursor begins to very slowly move up. The curser will stay in the top centimeter of the screen until the stylus is touched somewhere in the bottom fourth of the screen, whereapon the cursor will snap back to where the stylus actually is. If the stylus touches the screen anywhere while it's 'stuck,' it will click at wherever it seems to think it is, which very often causes unwanted closing of tabs or windows.  This problem does not occur when using touch. If I use my finger, the computer can accurately tell where I've pressed it, even if it's in the areas that cause problems.   Is there a problem with the software/drivers? Is the pen faulty? Or is there something wrong with my screen?    

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1. Optical USB mouse won't move the cursor.
2. Mouse buttons function properly
3. Bought a new similar mouse, same problem, ruling out damaged mouse likelihood.

4. Have tried multiple USB slots. Have tried rebooting. Have tried uninstalling the driver and rebooting.
5. Saw somewhere to remove battery but I'm in a hotel and have no screwdriver to do so.

Really need to fix this as my shoulder is becoming inflamed reaching to the mousepad. Help?

Toshiba Satellite M50, Win7.

Answer:Laptop Mouse Cursor Won't Move, MousePAD cursor does

Have mercy, all. I know this isn't a mouse hardware issue...must be something solvable. Any help?

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I have a Lenovo Y50-70 on Windows 10.  I have no probem at all with any app except Adobe Photoshop CC.  Photoshop starts pretty fast and after I import a couple of pictures, the cursor begins to lag to the point I cannot work and have to exit Photoshop.  For instance, if I click on File, it takes about 2 seconds for the dropdown menu to appear.  Then the cursor would not respond to my mouse movement like it normally does.  Again, it lags about 2 seconds. I have drivers updated for Intel HD 4600 and Nvdia Geforce GTX 860M.  Don't know what else to do and would appreciate your help.  Photoshop CC is not usable on my otherwise fine Lenovo Y50-70 Thank you!

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Yoga thinkpad 20cd. I have the original stylus that came with the lap top as well as an aftermarket LIfebook stylus. The screen doesn't register either stylus. When i go to the windows pen calibration the stylus works fine. The calibration consists of tapping targets with the stylus pen. It is very accurate. Soon as i close the calibration window the stylus doesn't interact with the screen at all. I assume I must have changed some setting by accident or it occurred with an update. The stylus use to work a few months ago. I have tried messing with my display settings to remove the adaptive brightness at one point and may have selected a wrong setting. Thank you for any help provided. 


Go to Solution.

Answer:Touch screen not responding to stylus only finger. But in stylus calibration, the stylus works fine.

SOLVEDOpened Wacom Pen and restored to default settings. started working again. Never have opened Wacom pen before, not sure why that worked. 

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Is there a way to move the mouse pointer into the middle of the screen if the mouse is not used
lets say for 1 or 2 min this way I know were to find it easer?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Move Mouse Pointer position to middle of the screen when not in use

I know of no way to do that. Perhaps someone else here has some idea.
Would you like to try this instead? Keep track of your Mouse Pointer in Windows 8 | 7

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Hello there. I have a problem with the touchpad: occasionally (but rather frequently) the cursor starts moving by itself in some diagonal direction. Eventually it stops moving autonomously, but the problem can resume later. When the problem occurs, the laptop becomes unusable.

I ask to a technician here at my work to look into the problem, and he said that the drivers are up-to-date.

Is there a fix for this?

Answer:Portege Z30-A-191 - the cursor starts moving by itself

Can you please make small test. Remove touchpad driver from the system and check how it works with “standard driver”. Please send us some feedback.

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When typing the cursor suddenly jumps to another part of the text. Solutions?

Answer:Portege R500 jumping cursor

Hmm? I had the same issue on my small 13? notebook.
And I solved this! Do you know how?

I didn?t notice that I touched the touchpad surface while typing and this moved the cursor the other point.
I disabled the touchpad using the key combination FN+F9.

PS: Please check if your Prot?g? uses the newest BIOS version? if not, then update it.

Bye mate & great weekend

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I recently purchased the portege R500-11C. However I've found it has an annoying bug in that when typing the cursor regularly jumps back to the middle of previous text - mid typing...

I know that this isn't due to my typing, and I read somewhere that other people had experienced this bug with this model... but I can't find the way to resolve the problem anywhere... can anyone help!!!

Answer:Jumping cursor on Portege R500-11C


Believe me it is definitely not the bug and many people have reported about this ?phenomena?.
Before you start typing disable touchpad using FN+F9 key combination and let us know if the problem persists.

Bye and good luck!

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every time i getting the screen opside down to the tablet position the keyboards and the mouse are gone and getting unused. i need them when the screen is down. really have that will work. sorry about my bad english! thank very much!!!

Answer:yoga 500 - how can i use the keyboard and the mouse when the screen is upside down (tablet position)

Hi there, Offiroz -  
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
I also have a Lenovo Yoga 500 running Windows 10 and have had the same problem as many others with the keyboard and touchpad suddenly stop working. I have done a system reset, updated the BIOS and even run a Lenovo system update, all only giving a temporary fix. In the last few days I have narrowed it down to a 'glitch' in the screen rotation changes, even though tent or tablet mode are hardly ever used. This is what I have found and currently have to do on each start up.
Power up the machine in laptop mode, flip over to tent mode and let the screen rotate and settle for a few seconds. Flip back over to desktop mode, watch the screen rotate back and hey presto the touchpad, mouse and keyboard are working again! Sometimes only angling the the screen forward a few degrees will do it, without going to tent mode first.
Update us how it goes.
Kindly note- Please mark the Answer as "Accept as solution" if information provided is helpful. Give Kudos to a post which you think is helpful and reply oriented

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I'm having trouble with the touchpad on a Portege R600 running Windows 7.
The cursor goes out of control.

When I'm scrolling a page and need to move the cursor onto the page, the screen will scroll down out of control.
I can sometimes fix it in place by double tapping the touchpad, but as often that doesn't work.

When I'm typing the cursor will jump to a different part of the page and insert the typing there.
The combination of these problems at times makes the laptop nearly unusable.

I note that several forum users have brought up variations of this problem, but have not received an answer.

Can anyone shed light on how to fix?

Answer:Portege R600 - touchpad cursor goes out of control


I think it?s a temporal issue regarding to the touchpad sensitivity settings and to the Microsoft windows OS.

First of all you should change the touchpad sensitivity settings like PalmCheck and touch sensitivity.
You can do this in control panel -> mouse -> device settings tab -> touchpad settings

Furthermore you should ensure that the OS is clean and that some background processes don?t affect the touchpad functionality. In many cases the touchpad don?t work properly due to system ?overloading?.
Clean the registry using CCleaner, disable some no necessary processes in msconfig and at least update the touchpad drivers.

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Can anyone suggest a resolution to a problem I have?

As i type, the cursor periodically jumps all over the screen. This means that one moment I am on a particular line, the next I am inserting text into a line elsewhere in the document.

Is this a faulty machine or is it a "feature" of the M700?

Answer:Cursor periodically jumps on Portege M700

Before you start to type disable TouchPad using FN+F9 key combination. I do the same.
Try it. I hope the cursor will not jump around again.

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Hi All,
My Portege 700 is just 2 months old. I am running XP on it. When typing, email or anything, the cursor jumps around to previous text in the message at random. I have tried to watch what is going on when this happens but can't determine what is causing it. This issue is so frustrating as I am always typing messages and it now takes me four or five times longer to to this simple task as it should.

I also have a liquid spot in the middle of the screen. I did take it to a repair center and they acted like they could fix, under warranty, due to a know problem. I have not spilled anything on this as they first suggested until they looked it up.. Anybody had this issue and what was the fix?

I am a novice when it comes to understanding my PC so when it doesn't work properly...I am totally lost.


Answer:Portege 700 Jumping Cursor and liquid on screen

Sounds like your palm is touching the Touchpad while typing. Go into the Advanced Touchpad Settings and disable "Tapping".

Are you sure its a liquid blob? Maybe the screen surface is just touching the Stylus surface? I've seen a similar problem on an old Tablet PC (it was not a Toshiba).
I would send the laptop to an ASP, maybe they can open the screen and clean it for you :)

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I got the Anniversary Update a month or two back. And ever since I have this problem on desktop icons.
The mouse hover selection is shifted away from cursor, in a way that the next icon is selected, not the one under cursor.

When I click, the icon with the hover selection is started, not the one under cursor.
This only happens with desktop icons.

Tried to update drivers, but nothing's changed.

Answer:desktop problem: mouse hover selection is not under mouse cursor


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my mouse cursor- an optical usb - is stuck in the middle of the screen. The mouse works, as I can still scroll on a webpage with it, and click on icons, but the cursor won't budge. I've also tried a PS-2 mouse, same issue, and have tested every USB port and all work fine so it is NOT a hardware issue that I can see. I've tried rebooting and doing a system restore, and I have the same issue in safe mode. When I go to device manager, it rcognizes the device and says everything is working properly. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, nothing. Everything else seems to be fine on my PC. Any help will be most appreciated, thank you!

Windows home vista

Answer:Mouse cursor stuck in middle of screen, but mouse works

Is this a laptop or a desktop? What is the make and model# of your computer/motherboard?
Boot into Setup (Bios) go to Integrated Peripherals look for Legacy USB or USB mouse, if it is disabled, using the arrow key, Enable it. Save and Exit.
Go to the computer manufacturers support/download drivers site. type in your make and model # and download the Chipset driver (for USB Support)
Also, go to Start/Search and type CMD Right click the CMD results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Command Prompt type SFC /scannow and press enter. This will replace any missing or corrupted system files.

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Wierd one here, using a Portege M400 on the docking station.

Mouse cusor shoots down to bottom left of screen at random.

Changed the mouse, disabled the touchpad, still doing it, driving me mad, any thoughts?

Answer:Portege M400 - Cursor shoots down to bottom left


Do you use external mouse for your work?

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Question: Mouse lagging

Recently I bought a new computer and a gaming mouse. The computer is a new acer aspire(intel i7 5500u, 8gb ram, sshd disc, nvidia geforce 840m) and mouse is connect IT biohazard. When using this mouse on other computer it works perfectly however when I use it on this one it laggs. I have tried different mouses on this computer and it seems to be working so the problem isnt either in mouse nor in a computer hardware. I have tried using all the usb ports even changing configuration settings disabling touchpad and updating drivers however none of this worked. I really hope I can find an answer.

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Question: Mouse Lagging

Ran a search on google and here and although there are topics concerning mouse lagging, there isnt one with my problem.

Ive had Windows 7 for about 2 month now and this issue has plagued me from the start.

When i start my computer, browse the internet, anything like that everything is fine.

However, if i play a game, or use some 3d editing software like maye etc, after 30 mins to 1 hour, my mouse behaves very erraticly as tho it is lagging.

I use a Razer Lechessis, According to theyre site the drivers they give do not support windows 7 so i have removed them and just using the HID standard drivers from Windows.

I didnt have this issue in xp, just when i upgraded to Windows 7.

If i unplug the mouse from the usb and replace it, it loses all the acceleration etc from the settings and is even slower than it should be, only way i can fix it is by rebooting.

Anyone experiencing something similar? i sent a mail to the Razer Support but i never recieved anything in return, so im here looking for help.

Filled out system specs when registering but just in case:

AMD Athlon X2 6400Black Edition
MSI K9A2-Platinum Motherboard
Sapphire HD 4870 X2
Corsair TX650W PSU
3.5gb(4gb) DDR2 OCZ Reaper HCP Edition
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

Answer:Mouse Lagging

I use a Razer Lechessis, According to theyre site the drivers they give do not support windows 7

Oh? Then what's this?

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I can't say when it started but in the last week sometime.
Lag i mean the mouse when i move it around the screen it stuck and jump from place to place random like a lag.
It's not moving smooth. Like stuttering a lot.
And it's the internet since it happen also just in regular work in any program or just when moving the mouse around the screen.

Typing is fine and program are working fine.

In Task Manager my cpu usage is around 1% and the memory usage around 45% disk i see now 0%

I'm using windows 8.1 pro 64bit.

Could be a microsoft update ? I know in the last week i had one or mroe updates and pc needed to restart.
What else can it be ?

It's only the mouse. Maybe usb ? The strange thing it was working all fine so i can't think that the mouse just like that something went wrong. Or maybe usb.

How can ic heck such a problem ?

Answer:Why my mouse is lagging so much ?

Well, first, plug the mouse into a different USB Port. Or, try a different mouse.

I had one cheap mouse here, that always seemed slow, so I unplugged it and replaced it with a Genuine Microsoft Mouse, and the slowness was gone. I also found out years ago, that a failing mouse can even cause a PC to Re-Boot.
So first I'd check the port and secondly I'd replace the mouse.

Mice, years ago could cost as much as $149, but today you can get one for $10 or less.

Don't let one little mouse ruin your day!

Happy Holidays


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Question: Lagging Mouse

I have a Windows Vista service pack 2, my computer was running and everything was fine until yesterday. My mouse started lagging and hear wierd sounds(like a msn message pop up sound). I'm not really sure what's wrong, but I suspected it was a virus and I ran a malwarebytes scan. However, nothing came up, and I haven't installed any new program or software recently. Please Help.

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Question: Mouse lagging

My mouse is 'lagging' when i play games. It moves smoothly, but it is almost delayed half of a second before it moves. On my old computer, this was fixed by reducing the number of frames to render ahead of time, but on this computer i cant seem to find that setting. I am running an ATI Radeon X1300 PCI-E x16 512 MB with the latest Catalyst drivers.

Answer:Mouse lagging

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Just got a new motherboard and AMD processor 2.1.For some reason my mouse lags up when it is running any program be it 1 or 2 programs at a time.There must be something wrong somewhere alomg the line but what I cant fathom.Any help would be very helpful indeed.Thanks in advance.MaTT.

Answer:Mouse keeps lagging

Have you been to the MoBo's manufacturer's website and downloaded the latest drivers?

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Question: Mouse Lagging

I have a ps/2 cord/ball mouse & I'm on WINXP - I've used this mouse for years w/out any problem. Recently it's been lagging, it'll freeze for half seconds at a time, then sometimes totally freeze. When that happens I'm still able to navigate with the keyboard. Then out of nowhere it will just start working again. Is it time for a new mouse, or is it something else? I've scanned for viruses/spyware etc, 100% clean. no irq conflicts. I've also uninstalled the driver, and let XP reinstall it, and that didn't seem to solve the problem. I have 256MB ram. also there are little to no programs running in the background

Answer:Mouse Lagging

I would doubt that your mouse is the problem. Something is running in the background taking up cpu resources. Press ctrl+alt+del processes. Here you will see which process is taking up the most cpu and memory resources. When the freezing happens, look here and see which one it is. (keep the window open while working on our computer that way it's open when it freezes. Once you find the process do some research and see what program it comes from.

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Hi,It appears I somehow deactivated my touchpad or something along those lines as my mouse pointer/cursor has completely disappeared? It was working fine yesterday, and I think the only thing that might have triggered this is that I accidentally pressed some keys (unsure of which ones, so I don't even know how to reverse it). I've tried restarting, as well as looked through some of the mouse/touchpad settings to no avail. If anyone can help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it (I'm currently relying on my fingers and the touchscreen which isn't as convenient)

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Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I sadly have problems with the mouse cursor being laggy in some situations.
It's not a hardware issue as in the other thread about that topic over here (that's why I started a new topic), as it happens to my touchpad as well and even "Keyboard Mouse" (Controlling mouse pointer via Numpad).

The effect is that if I move the mouse pointer around it will suddenly stop ever approx. 3 seconds.
It doesn't happen if Task Manager is in foreground strangely.

If no program is started it doesn't happen as well, the main issue is with internet browsers. (Edge, Chrome, Firefox)

I somehow thought it might be a driver problem and I updated graphics drivers and wireless card drivers, but both didn't help.

I hadn't have this issue in Win 8.1.

Do you have any suggestions what might could help? The issue is driving me crazy.

I found the solution, it can be seen here:

Answer:Windows 10 Mouse Lagging

Does that happen when you use the dedicated GPU (the Nvidia) or the IGP (the Intel) or both?

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Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I sadly have problems with the mouse cursor being laggy in some situations.
It's not a hardware issue as in the other thread about that topic over here (that's why I started a new topic), as it happens to my touchpad as well and even "Keyboard Mouse" (Controlling mouse pointer via Numpad).

The effect is that if I move the mouse pointer around it will suddenly stop ever approx. 3 seconds.
It doesn't happen if Task Manager is in foreground strangely.

If no program is started it doesn't happen as well, the main issue is with internet browsers. (Edge, Chrome, Firefox)

I somehow thought it might be a driver problem and I updated graphics drivers and wireless card drivers, but both didn't help.

I hadn't have this issue in Win 8.1.

Do you have any suggestions what might could help? The issue is driving me crazy.

I found the solution, it can be seen here: Windows 10 Mouse Lagging

Answer:Windows 10 Mouse Lagging

Does that happen when you use the dedicated GPU (the Nvidia) or the IGP (the Intel) or both?

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Hey guys

here's my problem, after months of working normally, I began to experience the mouse lagging/jumping like crazy, it starts with just a small lag, if any at all, and as I'm logged on for longer period of time (that being 10 minutes) it gets worse and worse, and a couple of times it ended up completely freezing, so i had to restart my pc using the keyboard..but when the windows boot up, the mouse remains frozen and I can't move it at all, the only thing that helps is when I shut down the pc, and then turn it back on.. It gets back to normal, but that just helps untill it starts lagging and jumping again after a couple of minutes..

It's a ps2 ir laser mouse

Answer:mouse jumping/lagging


What Windows version and Service Pack (if applicable)?

Have you tried to boot into Safe Mode (F8 at boot) and see if the mouse shows this problem? as this may link into either a driver issue or a 3rd party application, generally security applications causing a slowdown.

What Security applications do you have installed, please name all?

Have you scanned for malware?

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I have a Microsoft Intellimouse Bluetooth connected to an usb bluetooth dongle using win 7 drivers.

Mouse works perfect f?r 30-60 minutes but then starts to lag out and move very erratic. After a reboot the mouse is back in perfect shape. Its not a signal issue since its always perfect right after reboot and signal strenght is displayed as strong.

Once starting to lag it wont go back until reboot. Any ideas?

Answer:Bluetooth mouse lagging out

It makes it sound as if it's clockwork LOL...

Normally either these work, or they don't. There's not much 'inbetween' so to speak, all I can think of is that there could be something else conflicting with the mouse, which could either be an IRQ issue, or a 2.4Ghz band/wifi issue.

The obvious thing I haven't said is whether you could be rolling along a ball of fluff in the lens aperture, or you haven't cleaned the optical lens in an eon or so, both of which would have a negative impact upon behaviour...

Otherwise perhaps it's batteries are tired, or it is simply now treading the road to dereliction, nearing the end of its natural life...

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well this just happened out of nowhere like 1hour ago, every time i scroll around with my mouse it laggs spike, its difficult to click on a button, i already checked the control panel/mouse sensitivity and its fine, it just happened randomly..

Answer:My mouse is lagging when i scroll it..

Quote: Originally Posted by Diabolical

well this just happened out of nowhere like 1hour ago, every time i scroll around with my mouse it laggs spike, its difficult to click on a button, i already checked the control panel/mouse sensitivity and its fine, it just happened randomly..

Is your mouse a wireless mouse or a wired mouse?

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Hello, I have a problem. My mouse is skipping around to insanity and it drives me insane. I've tried to Uninstall / Reinstall the IDE Drivers and bios, Ive tried the Hardware acceleration, I feel that I've been trying everything but it still skipps around. I run on a Packard bell Laptop. Also the CPU peaks every 10 - 15 seconds. I saw that there was a thread about this but it was for XP and I run Vista 64.

So hopefully you guys could help me. I also have a problem with a USB hub I have, It's hooked up to my comp via a passive 5m USB cable, but it has its own electricity so it should match it up, still everytime my comp saves something to my USB Harddrive both my USB mouse and USB Keyboard gets turned off and on 4 - 5 times and then gets shut down permanently til i dissconect and recconect the USB hub

Maybe it has something to do with my current problem? Anyways Thanks in advance for the help

Answer:Mouse Skipping and Lagging.

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I bought a new mouse CANYON CND-SGM7, and everything worked perfectly when i plugged it in , but when i turned on a game it starts lagging (stuttering) , every second fps drops below 30 for a second and its very annoying . And it happens in every game ( csgo,tf2,paladins,even minecraft ) . But when i used my old HP mouse and it doesnt lag . If you know whats wrong pls help Thanks .

Answer:My new mouse is lagging my games Please Help

If you are on XP / Vista or Win 7 you need drivers

Search results CND-SGM7 - Canyon

If that helps ?

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In almost every game I try, when I set a game up past the resolution it starts as, I get extreme mouse lagging. For example, in Warcraft III, when I play it at 800x600x16, the mouse is fully responsive. However, when I up it to 1280x1024x32, it's very unresponsive and takes a full second to respond. I just got a new comp, so I'd like to take full advantage of it whilst I'm playing games. Here are some specs

Athlon 64 3000+
80 gig HD
Logitech MX500 Optical Wired Mouse

If you need more, I'll give you more specs.

I have the newest mouse and video card drivers, but they didn't help.

It's not just Warcraft III, but about every game thats less than three years old. Max Payne 1, UT2003, and more.

Can anyone out there help?

Answer:Mouse lagging in games..

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