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Portege R111 - Where is 'END' button on keyboard

Question: Portege R111 - Where is 'END' button on keyboard


I have a notebook Portege R111, model no. PPR11N-01KOK2.
In bios I've changed. The changes are applied to the 'End' button. With no ESC changes.

This 'End' button I do not find on the keyboard.

Can anyone tell me where the key is located on the keyboard?

Thanks in advance,

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Preferred Solution: Portege R111 - Where is 'END' button on keyboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Portege R111 - Where is 'END' button on keyboard

This Portege notebook isn’t known to me… it does not seem to be an European notebook model therefore I didn’t find many details about this unit… however, the keyboard button allocation depends on keyboard language layout.
On my first notebook’s keyboard the END button is located between the DEL and PGDN (page down) buttons.

The other notebook supports another keyboard layout and the END button is placed between POS1 and PGUP (page up) buttons.

Additionally I would recommend you to check the user manual too.
Mostly the different keyboard layouts are described in the user manuals

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where do I get Bios updates and drivers for my Portege R111 (dynabook ss s9/210lnkw) from?
This is very important.

thanks a lot

Answer:Need BIOS update for Portege R111


In which country was the laptop originally purchased from, if you don't mind me asking?


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I have recently bought quite old notebook of Toshiba Portege R111 Series. There was Dynabook SS 2120 DS11L/2. Can anybody help me to find BIOS update file for it? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege R111 BIOS update

Do you have really the Prot?g? R111?

For me is known only the Portege R100?
What the model number is it?

As far as I know Dynabook series has been released for Japan market only?
So possibly the drivers could be found on some Japanese sites?

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Quick question - will a keyboard for a Portege S100 work in a Portege M100?

Layout looks similar; albeit a different colour.

Answer:Will a keyboard for a Portege S100 work in a Portege M100?


I think you cannot use the same keyboard because the Portege S100 supports the an-easy-to-use 84-key (US) or 85-key (UK) keyboard and the Portege M100 supports the an-easy-to-use 85/86-key keyboard.
Furthermore the connector of the S100 supports the CN3230 keyboard interface 34 pin connector and the M100 supports the PJ3230 keyboard 34pin connector.

So possibly this could be a problem.
I recommend using the original keyboards released for the each notebook model.

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After roll back from win 10, option button on touch keyboard froze - no action happens when I click - so I cannot change keyboard language.
Please, help me to fix touch keyboard.
Excuse me for my english.

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Hello again!

I need to customize either a keyboard or joypad button, to fire the "F6" key both when pressing down a button AND when depressing it.

I'll explain: I'm working on the setting and instrumentations of a research, and I need to keep things as easy as possible to manipulate. Here is a program's command which is a toggle: I need to press F6 both when I want the function to start, and it to end. Since you can't see the screen when pressing it, customizing it as a hold button would prevent errors.

Thanks for any help!

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the @ button and the " buttons are interchanged eg when i press @ i get """ quote markes and vice versa.
Does anyone else have this glitch ,or/and know how to resolve it?


Answer:Portege R700 - @ button and " are interchanged


You have to change the keyboard language.
Possibly it?s set to EN (US). Change it to EN (UK).

1. Go to Start and then Control Panel
2. In Control Panel click Clock, Language, and Region
3. Go to Regional and Language Options.
4. Go the Keyboards and Languages tab and then click Change keyboards.


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Hi all,
My Satellite Z30-A keys started popping out, so i thought to use a Portege Z30-A keyboard (much easier to get a hold of) as a replacement. The two models are pretty much identical except for the blue AccuPoint thingy in the middle of the keyboard, so hopefully the Portege keyboard will Just Work, with the trackpoint idly sitting there doing nothing. Maybe someone here has experience with this and can confirm/deny this is possible?

For reference, here's the Portege's keyboard:
And the Satellite's:

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I have Toshiba Portege R700-14L laptop and have some Toshiba utilities.
I wanted to adjust the function of the eco and presentation buttons, but the Button Support utility shows nothing:

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On the top right of my keyboard (Portege R500) theres a button which shows a square in the foreground with a sun in the background.

I assume this is some sort of glare/brightness button to be used outside.
However pressing this does nothing.

Can anyone suggest what this button is and how I get it working?


Answer:Re: Button on top right corner does not work on Portege R500

I think you are speaking about the ?Outdoor display switch?.

This back light on/off button enables and disables the display?s back light .

Are you sure that you didn't notice any difference pressing this button??

If you turn off the back light outdoor in a good weather, you can use the computer for a longer period.

Maybe I?m wrong but usually it should be able to configure such button in the OS ?Power Options?.


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After installing windows 7 - 64 bit on Portege A600-133, neither Toshiba Assist button nor Toshiba a presenter button are working. All other buttons are working fine. How I can solve this?

Answer:Portege A600-133 Windows 7 64 bit button problem


Did you install the latest VAP (value added package)?
Toshiba page provides the latest Win 7 VAP for A600 which is v1.2.40

Are you using the latest BIOS?
Check this!

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Brand new R930 (PT330A) and a minor but annoying thing ... the little button above the touch pad and below the space bar for Touch Pad On/Off does not work. I cannot find any configuration options for this anywhere. Fn-F9 works fine.

No big deal but I like things to work! And this button would be handy for a quick switch.


Answer:Portege R930 - Touch Pad On/Off Button is not working

Can you use Toshiba buttons? I think you should have eco button and presentation button on this machine.

Check please if you can enable/disable these buttons in HWsetup tool.
I don?t have Win8 machine but I think all these buttons can be enabled/disabled.

Please check this and send some feedback.

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I have a Portege R500 and I noticed a small button in the upper left corner of my desktop (see screenshot, inside the red circle). The button looks very much like a close button on a window, but if I click it, nothing happens. It appears when I minimize all my opened windows. When I press the "display desktop" button in the "quick launch bar" however, it isn't there.
Has someone encountered the same problem or does anyone has an idea where this button comes from and how I can prevent it from showing up?


Thanks in advance

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Answer:Portege R500 - Unknown button on desktop

Hi there,

do you have ICQ installed? If yes, then you know what this "object" is, it?s the sign that ICQ runs in the background. Otherwise it?s some other application which runs in the background and places such a symbol somewhere around the desktop.

Could you please tell me which 3rd party apps are installed on your machine? Would be useful to know, maybe we can figure out what this weird symbol means..


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The power button on my R930 has become lodged down in its opening so that I can no longer use it to turn the computer on and off (I have been just putting my computer to sleep). I assume this may be a simple mechanical fix, but am currently in a place where I do not have access to any professional help. Any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Answer:Portege R930 - Power button stuck

Sounds like the plastics or switch is broken.
A Toshiba Service Center can fix it.

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The backlight button on my R600 is not working. I am not missing any drivers in device manager and the Hotkey Utilities for Display Devices is not a downloadable driver for Windows 7.

Any ideas?

Answer:Portege R600 - Backlight button is not working

Hi ldoodle,

I?m not sure what the problem is exactly because I don?t have this model but usually if there is a problem with some ?special? keys you have to reinstall Toshiba Value Added Package because it controls such special functions?

You can download it on official Toshiba website but I would recommend removing the old version first.

Check this!!!

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Hi all,
the LED Button, which does normally turn on/off LED Lights and LED Lights beside touchpad does not work anymore.
When pushing it flashes for about 1second and then turns off.
Thanx for replies

Answer:Portege M800 LED Button does not work anymore

May I ask you what operating system do you use?

As I?m not mistaken you mean the Toshiba Control button near the power button.
Am I right?

Depending on the M800 model you can use this button to mute the volume or to switch the illumination of the touchpad, brand logo and buttons on or off.

The M800 is not known to me but I know that some other notebook series supports an option in the BIOS called ?Illumination LED?. You can disable it and enable it.
Please enable it in the BIOS and save the settings.

Furthermore you should check the settings in the Toshiba Controls Utility. Maybe there is an option which could helps to control the button properties.

Last but not least a new driver reinstallation might solve this issue.

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I have reinstalled Win XP(include formatting HDD) so recovery is impossible...
I need a link or an exact driver name to activate FN buttons on my keyboard...

Please advise...

Answer:Portege R500: Need XP drivers for FN button utility

I think you need to install the Common Modules driver for the R500. This can be found in the downloads/support section on the Toshiba Website.

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Hi everyone, I have a very weird error here...
My PC is a P4, 3,4GHZ, 1GB RAM, Radeon x800xl running WIN XP with SP2
But the real problem is my keyboard... I got an a4 tech kehyboard AntiRSI keyboard, and a few minutes ago while I pressed alt+tab to get out of a game (PES5) it went in stand by mode....and the problem is I can't even get out of it...
I restarted, went in windows again and tried to see what proccesses are running and pressed ctrl + alt + delete and it went in stand by again...
Anyway I founded that this is caused when pressing the left ALT button...My pc seems to confuse it as my sleep button ( I tested this by going in Control Panel - Power Options - Advanced and played with the "When I press my sleep button on my computer" and selected different options and when I pressed the left alt button it did what I selected in there )

Does anyone know what's the cause of this and how I can fix it?

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Q. How do you get the little button bellow the spacebar to work on a Port?g? R830-13C laptop?

There is a button bellow the spacebar on Port?g? R830-13C laptop; that seems to indicate its ability to enable and disable touchpad. It does not work.

Pressing FN + F9 (buttons together [F9] has the same icon) - Works!

Answer:Portg R830-13C (touchpad enable/disable button)

its built into the fn key functions using the toshiba flash cards utility. download and install the latest version of flashcards and see if that cures it

the fact that it works through fn f9 combo tho makes me think you have a faulty button unfortunately

for reference, mine works fine under both fn f9 and the dedicated button

do the two buttons on the top of the keyboard work? they are also flashcard controlled iirc?

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The left mouse button has suddenly stopped working on my touchpad. I tried to restart including taking the battery out but this didn't help.

I tried to uninstall the driver (called Synaptics Ps/2 touchpad port on my control panel). It then asked me if I wanted to uninstall the software. I clicked yes.

After this, the driver now changed to being called just PS/2 touchpad port but there is still an option to uninstall available.

I tried to uninstall again but nothing happens. I tired to download new driver software for Toshiba touchpad from the website, but it is failing to download.

I am able to use an external mouse normally but would really like to get my touchpad working normally again.

Can someone please advise on what might be causing this problem and how to fix it?


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When i pressed the security button on the Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC nothing happens and the log in screen stays as if i have not pressed anything.

Is there any fault in my PC?

Answer:Security button on Portege M200 doesnt work

When the operating system is loaded this Windows security button has the same function as CTRL+ALT+DEL.
Can you use it when the operating system is fully loaded?

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is there a driver that can make this work?

Answer:Portege M 200 Tablet rotation button doesn't work on Vista


I had the same problem on the M200 and now onthe M400.
My solution was to install the Intel Supplied Drivers. With those drivers the rotation is made with CTRL+ALT+ARROW (Up Arrow to point up, Right Arrow to point right, etc).

Good luck!

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I can't get the right-click buton on the barrel of the stylus to work with my new Portege M400 tablet PC. I've tried it both with the "Use stylus buton to right-click" option in the "Stylus settings" tab of the "Tablet and stylus settings" dialog checked and unchecked, but neither worked.

Is the stylus faulty, or worse still the computer? Or can someone suggest how to get it to work?



PS: "stylus" should be "nep" reversed in the option, tab and dialog names above, but the dumb profanity filter won't accept the word "nep" (reversed).

Answer:Portege M400: right-click button on stylus doesn't work


Do you have this problem since first day? Please be sure the pen is not in a very long distance from the display. Like you know if the distance is too big the pen will not work ?as usual?.

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I have a new Portege R600, delivered with Windows 7 32 Bit and the Switch On/Off Button for the Backlight does not work.
I Installed the newest VAP package, before I deinstalled the old one. Installed also the newest Bios version.

Used the Toshiba Button support and put in the backlight.exe file, still does not work. if I manually type on the backlight.exe file it works.
It is not a hardware issue, as IT put in the harddisk from my former R600 with XP professional and the button works.

Anything I can do?
Toshiba support is not able to help, talk about new installation, but is the the original one without a change.
Maybe in the Button support I need to put in an option in the empty file?

Answer:Portege R600 - Windows 7 Backlight Switch Button does not work

> Switch On/Off Button for the Backlight does not work.
As far as I know some BIOS versions contains the additional option in order to enable and disable the Illumination.
Please check if the illumination is not disabled in BIOS.

I searched also in this forum for some tips and found this thread:

Check this!

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I can't get my Windows Security Tablet Button to work after rebuilding?

Any help appreciated.


Answer:Portege M200: Windows Security Button doesn't work


Rebuilding? Did you install the OS again? And if Yes so did you use the Toshiba image?
If not so I would recommend installing the OS from the Toshiba recovery CD because on this CD all Toshiba drivers and utilities are preinstalled.

I think the button doesn?t work because you have simply not installed the necessary drivers or responsible tool.

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I couldnt save my Bios setup because i can't find the end keys to save the changes.
I tried to hit all the keys in keyboard but none of it save the settings.

Can you show me the keyboard diagram showing the end keys?
I have toshiba portege 2001 series.

Answer:Portege 2010 - Cannot find the END button in order to save BIOS changes

>Can you show me the keyboard diagram showing the end keys?

I checked the user manual which you can download from the Toshiba user manual page and the END button seems to be located in the upper right corner? it?s above the ?Backspace? button.


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I have a Portege M700 and when I turn it into tablet mode the rotation button quits working.
It works when it in laptop mode.

I have the rotation utility set to go into secondary landscape and its no longer switching and the button on the front of the screen will not switch it anymore either.
I can go into the rotation software and rotate it manually.

Any suggestions on how to get the button functioning again?

Oh and I am running Vista Business with SP 2.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Portege M700 - Rotation Button Not Working In Tablet Mode

If you rotate the whole laptop, does the screen rotate automatically using the accelerometer?

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I had assumed that this sound was configurable but apparently the noisy click each time the left or right button is pressed cannot be stopped.

Answer:Portege R600 left and right button click sound annoys everyone nearby

Sorry but I don't know what do you mean with ?that sound?.
Do you writing about mechanical click or what?

Maybe you should check sound properties.

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After installing the most recent version of Toshiba's Value Added Package, the two buttons (toshiba assist and backlight on/off) do not work properly: they open instead a firefox browser window.

I assume there is something to configure in the "optimisation" section of Toshiba Assist.
When I open the program "Toshiba buttons functions" (sorry for the puny translation, in Spanish it's called: "Funciones de botones de Toshiba") all the entries are blank and I have to indicate the Url of the program supposed turning off my LCD's backlight...
I have no clue where to find this executable.

Can anybody help me?

Answer:Re: Portege R500: Contros button doesn't work after installing update

Why you don?t use the OS restore option?
The OS supports the option called ?system restore? and this helps to set the system to the previous point.

Check it, maybe it helps to get the old version of the Toshiba's Value Added Package.

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I have installed Windows 7 afresh on a Portege M750 and everything seems fine except the buttons on the display to handle tablet functions. The only one I really would like to work is the screen orientation one. I've looked for drivers, but can't find any that will control the tablet buttons. I read that for the M700 you need to download the tablet driver as it contains the drivers for the buttons, but no such driver exists for the M750.

All devices are ok in device manager with none requiring drivers.

Any ideas/thoughts/suggestions are very welcome.

Answer:Portege M750 with Windows 7 - Screen Rotation Button not working correctly

Have you installed the Value Added Package from the Toshiba website?

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I just did a clean install on W10 and change my bios to UEFI (which it supports.) I'm having this intermittent problem with the Windows "Start" Button in the lower left. It just stops working - left clicking doesn't do anything, although right-clicking does. I just have the basics installed now.

Also, my Windows "Start" key on my keyboard stops working as well. I checked on a keyboard checker and the key itself is fine. I have to log out/back in to get it to work again. Annoying!

Any thoughts?

Answer:"Start" virtual button & keyboard button stop working

bump, anyone? keeps happening. I get one or two clicks on the Start button, then left click quits working

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I just did a clean install on W10 and change my bios to UEFI (which it supports.) I'm having this intermittent problem with the Windows "Start" Button in the lower left. It just stops working - left clicking doesn't do anything, although right-clicking does. I just have the basics installed now.

Also, my Windows "Start" key on my keyboard stops working as well. I checked on a keyboard checker and the key itself is fine. I have to log out/back in to get it to work again. Annoying!

Any thoughts?

Answer:"Start" virtual button & keyboard button stop working

bump, anyone? keeps happening. I get one or two clicks on the Start button, then left click quits working

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Hi, I a colleague of mine dropped some fish oil (by accident) on my keyboard. Now more than half of my keys are not working. I removed the keyboard, cleaned it (still not working properly), cleaned the laptop (none of the oil got inside the laptop), and now want to replace it.
The problem is that I have no idea where to buy one. The keyboard model is: NSK-T691D.
Any thoughts?

Answer:Portege M750 - need a new keyboard

I don't know where you live but if you contact nearest Toshiba service provider they can help.
Open GOOGLE for your country and put as searched term ?Portege M750 keyboard? and pick up best offer for you.

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Can anyone help. Keyboard types double letters. i.e. when typing s I get ks when typing i, I get iw. Shift key puts on caps lock. Space bar does nt work, nordoes back space. numers also affected by same problem

Answer:Portege 7200 Keyboard

Hi Stevie

You can try to install some ?Keyboard test software?. I have tried one from PassMark. In my opinion you should try it.

It will be interesting to know since when this problem occur. On this way it is not easy to say what the problem can be but it seems to be that your keyboard is defective. You can contact service partner and let them check the unit.


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I spilled water on the keyboard of my Portege Z30-A-10W (it's backlit) and some of the keys don't work. Where can a replacement keyboard (backlit with UK layout) be bought online?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Portege Z30 - where to get replacement keyboard?

In my opinion the question is: who should exchange the keyboard?
Best option for you is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can order original keyboard for your machine and exchange it for you.

If you want to do this alone it can be risky, small mistake and you can damage something. Anyway, every keyboard at the back side has part number that can help you to find it Goolging around.

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Hi There!

One of the keys on my R700 Notebook Model R700 PT311A-00Y00Q has a broken key. Apparently you can't get replacement keys, so I need a whole new keyboard.

I found this on EBay: keyboard&_sacat=0

But I can't find a guide to replacing the keyboard, would you mind linking me to a guide?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege R700 How to replace the keyboard

I read some reports from users who tried to replace the keyboard on this R700 and this is not very easy.
It?s difficult because you will need to remove other parts like
Battery, sim card, express card slot, memory modules, base assembly to get access to an
aluminum tape from the back of the cover assembly. Then you could turn the cover assembly face up and peel off the keyboard adhered to the insulator.
And additionally you can not use the removed keyboard and keyboard insulator again. You will need to use new parts

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Do Toshiba or anyone else for that matter make a keyboard cover for the R700 series?

i want to preserve my laptop in as new condition, so wearing the buttons is something i'd like to avoid with one of those translucent rubberised covers i've seen for other laptops



Answer:Portege R700 - Keyboard Cover

Hi 1994F7PT,

As far as I know Toshiba doesn?t offer such keyboard covers. I have done a Google search for keyboard covers on Portege R700 and I found some offers but for US keyboard. Maybe you can find some keyboard covers for R700 and EU keyboard. Have also a look on eBay, there you can also get many notebook parts.

If you have found something you can post it here. I?m sure it?s interesting for other P700 owners! :)

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The keys w, p, f, h, k and l of my M100 keyboard suddenly do not work. Have dismantled and there are no evident problems. Saw on the web someone had similar problem. Anyone know a possible solution? (apart from replacing the keyboard)

Answer:Re: Portege M100 keyboard malfunction


Looks like an keyboard malfunction but did you check if the external keyboard would function properly? Do this?

Nevertheless, it looks like a keyboard issue and for such problem there is just one solution;
You will need a new keyboard and need to replace the old one?

The compatible keyboard could be ordered from an local service partner? otherwise you can check some offers in the internet?


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On the laptop keyboard, you can use Fn+F5 to switch the video output from the notebook screen to an externally connected one.
Is there a key press that you can use with a USB keyboard connected to the laptop that would have the same effect at Fn+F5?

We have a problem with our Portege R500's.
When the laptop is docked in the port replicator, we have an extended desktop on two monitors - a 22" screen on DVI and a 17" on VGA.
When the user takes their laptop away and uses it out of the port replicator, the display reverts to single display on the notebook screen so this means when they re-dock their laptop in the port replicator they have no display on either screen.

The work around is to open the laptop, press Fn+F5, close the laptop log on and set the display mode from saved schemes in the intel software.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Portege R500 - Can I use Fn+F5 on external keyboard?


You message described exactly how the display switch function works.
Everything is OK.

If you ask for FN + F5 function on external keyboard then I have to say that as far as I know this FN functionality is not available if the external keyboard does not support FN buttons.

But you could also check the Toshiba Mobile Extension (if you are using Win XP).
In Mobile Extension -> Display change service tab you could enable the ?Display change service? and could check how the display changes after docking and undocking the R500.

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I am facing a problem. My laptops keyboard is not working. How can I buy a new key board for this model or how can i solve the problem.

Answer:Portege R100: keyboard is not working


I don?t know what?s the exactly problem with your keyboard but I suppose that the keyboard must be replaced.
In my knowledge the keyboard was secured with 2 screws under the thin cover above the keyboard.
You have to remove the thin cover and then the 2 screws.
Then you will be able to put out the keyboard.

But be careful; the keyboard should be connected with the flat cable to the motherboard.

The compatible keyboard part you can order from the Toshiba service partner in your country.


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I need change the keyboard and I don't know how.

Please help me


Answer:How to change keyboard on Portege R830-1DU?

Check please your first post

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I want the Toshiba Portege Z30-A-1E5, but it is apparently only available to buy from German and Austrian vendors with the QWERTZ keyboard. I would like to buy one and swap over the keyboard to either AZERTY or QWERTY (UK).

However I spoke with a company that does this and they cannot confirm that they can get a part unless I can provide them with a keyboard part number (they also can't give me a quote without it), but this number does not seem to be easy to get a hold of without actually having the computer and taking the keyboard off and looking underneath! I feel a bit nervous spending so much money when there is a chance that I won't be able to swap the keyboard over.

So my question is, can anybody tell me what the keyboard part number is for the portege z30-a-1e5?

Any assistance would be much appreciated!!!!!


Answer:What is the keyboard part number for Portege Z30-A-1E5?

Hi Kate

I?m wondering why you want to purchase a Portege Z30-A-1E5 which isn?t available in UK?
The notebooks are preinstalled with a Windows system in different languages. In case of Portege Z30-A-1E5 available in Germany, the system language would be German.
Also the keyboard supports different layout.

Portege Z30-A-1E5 was equipped with an i7 CPU, 512GB SSD drive and 16GB RAM.
Very similar notebook Portege Z30-A-1D6 was released in UK. Its preinstalled with Windows system in English language and English keyboard layout.
Of course the hardware specifications are a little bit lower (256GB SSD drive and 8GB RAM) but I think this could be upgraded much easier as to replace the keyboard.

However, in case you would purchase the Portege Z30-A-1E5, I recommend you to contact the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country for keyboard replacement. The guys could order the right keyboard from Toshiba and could perform the replacement.

Just one note: the replacement should be done by authorized service provider because of warranty validity. The replacement must be performed by authorized engineer to keep the warranty valid.

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My M600 just got a tiny problem (hope so) today.

The 'x key' doesn't function well. I need to press very hard on this key to show the letter 'x'. It seems the top-left part of this key is stuck so it leans to bottom-right when I press it. How can I fix this problem?

I'm located in Glasgow (G4 0JQ) and not sure if there is any maintenance service office here, but simply find out the nationalwide Pick-Up & Return Service for Notebooks from website. However, I prefer to handle it face to face with the engineer in couple of minutes because I assume it's not a big deal, isn't it?

Thanks a lot,

Answer:Portege M600: keyboard issue

Hi Ting

What to say? You know that the best solution is ASP and eventually keyboard exchange. I really do not believe you can fix it alone.

I recommend you to check > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP. You will see where the nearest ASP is. Make a call and you will see what they will say about keyboard issue.

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How I change the Keyboard on laptop Portege R830-1DU?
Please send the response to [email protected]


Answer:Re: How to exchange keyboard on Portege R830?


Generally speaking keyboard should be exchanged by authorized personal only. Small mistake can result with broken plastic parts like keyboard connector.
I presume you don?t have experience with this stuff so I strongly recommend you to visit nearest service and ask for help.
By the way: what is wrong with your machine? Why do you want to exchange keyboard?

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Have a Toshiba M400 laptop and the keyboard is locked.
Does anybody know how to unlock it?

Have tried the function key in combination with other keys but no luck.
Need to know which keys to use, Thank you

Answer:Portege M400 - How can I unlock the keyboard?

The keyboard is locked? What do you mean exactly?

Do all the keys not function? If you press the Caps Lock, does the LED light up?

Does the keyboard work in the BIOS?

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Hello everybody ,

I get a Toshiba Portege R500-10J , with the keyboard QWERTY .
I want to change it with the keyboard AZERTY, because I use usually French.

But I don't find on the net the explanation or details for doing this .
Somebody get some pictures or some advice for change the keyboard of this laptop.


Answer:How can I exchange the keyboard on Portege R500?

Do you really want to replace it by yourself and to lose the warranty validity???
The Port?g? R500 is a great business notebook and I think it?s not the cheapest one.

In your case I would not risk to lose the warranty.
Therefore ask the Toshiba service provider in your country for a compatible keyboard with the AZERY layout and for the replacement.

I think it?s safer.

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Can anyone provide advice or documentation on how to replace the keyboard in a Z930?


Answer:Keyboard replacement on Portege Z930

Maintenance manual is not a public document so it is not possible to find it.
Sorry but this Portege is one of the newest models so if there is some problem why you don?t contact Toshiba service and ask for help?
What is wrong with keyboard?

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I had the keyboard pretty bad and I took it to be changed, but when I brought it back home, we realized that it was not the same as it had before. His explanation was that the original would be much more expensive ... but it does not match the volume keys or many others and also sinks a lot in the center when writing.

Anyone know how much it can cost an original keyboard of this model to replace it ??

I would like to put a claim but I want to have all the details first.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Anyone know where I can get a replacement keyboard for this model notebook? The part number on the back of the keyboard is UE2025P03KB-EN

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Need new keyboard for Portege 4000/4010

How about the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country??
Did you ask them?? I several times ago I have ordered a notebook drive for my unit and I believe it?s possible to order every spare part.

Contact the guys and ask for the compatible part?

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I would like to know if my laptop R30-A-1C4 has a backlit keyboard?
Nowhere can I find this information.

Answer:Does Portege R30-A-1C4 support backlii keyboard

No, i guess this unit does not support backlight keyboard.
It was equipped with the full-size matt black tile keyboard

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Is it possible to change a US-keyboard into a german keyboard at the Portege m700? Is it easy to change? How much does a german keyboard cost?

Are there other differences between a US-Version and a German-Version of the M700 ?

ty, greets

Answer:Is it possible to change keyboard at Portege M700?

It IS possible and there should be no technical difference between these keyboards. I don?t know if it?s very hard to exchange a keyboard but it shouldn?t be.
Nowadays I would recommend you to refer to an authorized service partner and order this part there. Maybe it would be good to ask them regarding the warranty conditions after replacing such an keyboard by yourself because if you damage something you could loose the warranty on your machine.


P.S.: You can find the nearest available service partner simply by visiting the official toshiba mobile computers website and check the Support section.

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I need a replacement keyboard for my Portege R600. I need a US-international keyboard.

Can you please tell me where I can buy that? Google gave me links for R500 but not for R600. Also the part number would help, for R500 it's P000488460, but for R600 I haven't found it yet.


Answer:Portege R600 - replacement keyboard


You can buy a keyboard and other parts by an ASP (authorized service provider). Here you can search: => Support & Downloads => Find an ASP

I don?t have a part number because it?s a user to user forum. Part numbers only have ASPs.


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can anyone tell me what the size of the connector should be on the Portege A600-120 keyboard?

My keyboard failed last week and I ordered a new one which was supposed to be compatible with A600 but the connector was too wide.

Mine is a flat ribbon termination 15mm wide.

Keyboard serial number is G8C000903EN but a Google serach shows that is the keyboard for the R500....


Answer:Keyboard replacement for Portege A600-120

>can anyone tell me what the size of the connector should be on the Portege A600-120 keyboard?
Unfortunately I cannot help you with this info but at the bottom side of the keyboard you will find label with exact part number.

Strange thing is that using Google and G8C000903EN I cannot find anything.

Can you please check this part number one more time?

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Out of the blue, I am experiencing keyboard problems on my portege 4010. I have difficulty booting up and now that I have, I can't access certain problems, the keys get stuck, funny bleeping noises...all the symptoms of a dodgy keyboard. Anything I can do other than buy a replacement keyboard (v.expensive) or use an external keyboard?

I personally have not dropped anything on the keyboard, therefore can probelms just develop overnight or should I interogate my husband.

Answer:Keyboard Problems on my Portege 4010


Maybe your husband has changed something? ;)
But seriously, if you have some problems with booting and with the keyboard in my opinion you should try to recover you OS. If the malfunction stills the same I would recommend to contact the ASP for further informations.


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Can anybody give me some more detailed information about how to remove the keyboard of my R400. I want to insert the SIM card but I am worried about damaging my new laptop.

many thanks
G. Elmo

Answer:How to remove the keyboard of a Portege R400

Hi mate,

To add or remove a SIM card you must perform the following steps:

1. Your machine must be OFF!
2. Remove and disconnect any attached cable and device (USB, Parallel, etc.)
3. Remove the battery
4. Remove the keyboard cover by pulling it up where the grooves on each side of the cover are. You can also use a small flat-blade screwdriver or your fingernails to pull it up.
5. Remove the 2 screws which hold the keyboard down.
6. Pull the keyboard slow and gently up, you must pull it in your direction.
7. The SIM slot is on the right side on the mainboard, pull the slot gently to the left side to pull it up. It?s like removing a SIM card from a cellphone :)
8. Put the SIM card in the slot. The golden chip of the SIM must show on the top. (You must see the chip when installing the card)
9. Click the slot down and push it gently to the right side to lock it.
10. Install the keyboard by placing the clips under the palmrest.
11. Don?t forget the screws ;)
12. And the keyboard cover.
13. Done.

P.s.: Thanks for reading my text, if you want to send me some money, gold or champagner just ask for my address. ;)

Good luck and nice weekend

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The keyboard of my Toshiba Z10 is not responding any more.
Tablet mode is fine.

I try reset, reboot, I have installed the patch, nothing, battery is charging through the keyboard.
Thank's for support.

Answer:Portege Z10T-A - keyboard not responding


Hmm… usually the firmware update (patch) should help to resolve such issue.
I would another thread about the same theme and the firmware update was the key.

I also found this Toshiba doc in the knowledge base about the Firmware update for Keybord Docker for Portege Z10t fixes connection problems

But it seems that you already installed the patch but this did not help you.
Therefore I think there is a problem with the keyboard connection.

You should get in contact with Toshiba authorized service in your country in order to check the keyboard.

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I've got a Portege M300-101, and I'd love to find out if there are any instructions online for how to change the keyboard itself. Our unit shipped with, I think, a Belgian keyboard installed...and a US keyboard in the box. Are there instructions available for how to switch out the keyboards? Also, I'm guessing that it's a good idea to switch the keyboards before turning on the Notebook for the first time. Do you agree?

Dainis W. Michel

Answer:How to change the keyboard on Portege M300-101?

Hello Danis

Unfortunately there is no public document about that. You can try to do it alone but please don?t forget that on this way valid warranty will be canceled. Basically, the keyboard replacement is not much complicated and technicians need maybe 15 minutes to do that.

In my opinion you can make a risk and pay for replacement before you lose the valid warranty. This Portege is very expensive and by hardware damage it is very risky to be without warranty.

If you still think that you will do it alone write again.

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I'm having a problem very similar to the one described here:

My keyboard doesn't work, though the alt and shift keys are working at the password login screen. At the login screen, the F10 light is lit.

There are beeps when the computer is started up. The first time I counted 14 beeps. On subsequent reboots this was replaced with fast, repetitive beeping.

The pen seems to be working OK. When in Windows, the only key which works is the Context Menu key. Clicking on that activates the Function 10 light again. Then clicking on Shift switches the light to Function 11.

I also can't get into the bios, presumably because the keyboard fails and the Esc key isn't recognised.

Any suggestions what might be happening?


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Answer:Portege 3500 - keyboard issue


It?s very strange issue.
It?s possible that there is a keyboard hardware fault.
The 14 beeps at the beginning are very strange and as far as I know it?s unusually on the notebook.
I would recommend to contact the Toshiba service.

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The keyboard has stopped working. Seems that one key is jammed "on" - transmitting the "#" at all times.

Does this require a replacement keyboard or can it be fixed?

Where do I buy a replacement if required?



Answer:Faulty keyboard Portege 3500

Portege 3500 has a 3 year international warranty so if you take it to an Authorized Service Center , they can fix it for free.

You can search for the service centers from the link below

or you can contact the support center in your area and they can arrange a collection for the laptop to fix the problem


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I'm trying to fix an issue with this laptop (R930-157)

When i press the left arrow key, it prints a 6 on screen (notepad)
When i press the spacebar, it prints a / on screen, when disabling numpad the spacebar prints a +
CTRL + spacebar does print a normal space

This does not happen with an external keyboard, only the build in one.
I've tried disabling the touchpad, does not work

Issue reproduced on Windows 10 and Windows 7

Even in the bios the keyboard bahaves strange, the up arrow goes to exit (normal escape)

Tried updating drivers (first uninstalled, rebooted, installed new ones)

First we though it was about the keyboard, so we bought a new keyboard and replace the old one, same issue.
Any tips / suggestions / fixes ?

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Hi there,

i was wondering if the M700 keyboard would fit into a M400 Portege?

Just because the M700 seems to have a more "standard" layout which I'd prefer.

If using the M400 screen in an M700 would work, I'd switch to using the M700 but I won't "downgrade" to 800x1280 when I can have 1050x1400. Yes, I'm talking Portrait.

Thanks for any input.


Answer:Does Portege M700 keyboard would fit into a M400?

Well? the Portege M700 should be equipped with the Toshiba Standard Key Layout B5 type.
I found out that the Vendor is Darfon and the total number of keys is: 85(US) 86(Euro) 87(Japan)

So I don?t think the M700 keyboard could be compatible with M400 Portege because as far as I know only the M700 Portege was delivered with this keyboard.

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I wish to clean the keyboard of my Port?g? Z930-105 since I spilled some orange juice on it and its now very sticky.

How can I do that?

Many thanks!!

Answer:Portg Z930-105 - need to clean the keyboard

What do you mean exactly?
Do you want to remove the keyboard in order to clean it or do you want to clean it without removing the keyboard?

If warranty is valid I would not recommend removing the keyboard since this would cancel your warranty. In such case I would contact an service to keep my warranty valid.

In your case I would use an cotton wool tip and clean water/fluid in order to clean the single keys.

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I undocked the screen from the keyboard without issue (using the "eject hardware safely" icon), but when reattaching the screen, it does not recognize the keyboard. Physical connection is 100%, but no communication at all. Usually it dings and switches from tablet mode to PC mode. Not this time. Interestingly, it DOES know that the keyboard is being charged, but only "Battery 2" is present.

Any ideas before sending it to the dreaded "Depot"?

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to put it simply, the keys produce random characters instead of what they should produce
i've tried googling the problem, but i can't find any help

pic related
it's running XP tablet edition BTW

Answer:toshiba portege 3500 keyboard problem

Likely to be hardware related, in that the cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard is patially disconnected or a keyboard electronics or motherboard electronics failure.

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I messed up my original keyboard by flooding with water and then by hairdrying it to the point where a couple keys melted.
I know it is a stupid thing to do. But, what can I say ....

I attempted to ask an official technical center to fix it, only a few keys were not responding. Everything else works fine.
Without really looking in detail, they wanted to change the whole motherboard and a number of other parts for a price nearing that of the laptop itself.

So I bought a new keyboard on eBay. However, I am lacking instructions on how to replace it.
On the net, I found instructions for older Portege versions and couldn't find any for the M800.
Can anyone, please, help ?



Answer:Instructions on how to replace a keyboard on a Portege M800


I think you will not find detailed instructions how to disassemble a Portege M800. All what you can download is the user manual and technical manuals are not for public, I think they are only available for ASP?s.

Anyway, as far as I know you have to remove the keyboard holder and two screws they are securing the keyboard. Then you can remove it.

But to be honest I would recommend contacting a notebook technician for help. Notebook disassembling isn?t easy, it?s a little bit tricky and you have to remove a lot of screws. So you are on the safely side because M800 is pretty new notebook. ;)

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First of all I want to share that I am 100% happy with the Z20T-B-10C. Even after 2 years 15+ hours per day usage, the battery still has a 15+ hour capacity. The screen provides an amazing quality and is easy on the eyes (it is no problem to read tiny letters on a screen) and most importantly, the laptop is completely silent (no fan) while there has been no sign of lack of power for regular internet / office usage.

If I would need to consider a new laptop today, the Z20T-B-10C would still be in the top category of options. It doesn't lack anything.

Regrettably, a weakness has appeared to be the keyboard. While cleaning (simply wiping the keys with a wet towel) several keys have become unavailable over the years, and today the Enter key became unavailable.
I hereby want to inform where I can find a replacement keyboard dock for the Z20T-B-10C.

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I have a Toshiba Portege R700 - and I have spilt some coke onto a small section of the keyboard.
Unsurprisingly, two or three keys are now "sticky".

Is this as simple as getting access to the keyboard and cleaning the relevant keys?
Or is it not as simple as that?
If I can do this, is there a pictorial guide on how to access the keyboard?

I am loathe to open it without a look at the tech manual first.


Answer:Portege R700 - how to clean keyboard keys?


In my opinion you will not be able to clean it properly. Coke is full of sugar. It can be complicated but you can try it.

In worst case you must exchange he keyboard.
So what you must do is to remove key cap for each critical button. It is fixed with small plastic holders. Just take something like credit card but more stabile, put under the key cap and try to remove it. Under the key cap is small key mechanism. Try to clean it up with wet cloth. Be very careful and clean it without much pressure.

When you think it is OK place the key cap in the place and press it down, very gently of course.

You will hear ?click? noise and the key cp should be in place again.

I hope you will be able to get it work again.
Please post some feedback.

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I own a R835-p88, which i bought in US a year ago. Because i had a food spillage last week on the laptop now i need to replace both keyboard and screen. As i live in UK i would like to buy it in UK.

My question is:
Will TOSHIBA P000540040 KEYBOARDOEM FOR Portege R705 R830 R835(UK) would be a replacement =item19c9b744e2 ?

Also for the lcd screen would nels&hash=item4ac6c7d5f7
this be a match ?


Answer:Portege R835-P88 - keyboard and screen replacement

The parts for Portege R830 should be compatible with the R835 too.
Usually this is the same series but released in another region.

The display seems to be compatible with the Portege R705, R830 and R835 series.
Therefore it should be compatible with your model too.

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Can anyone tell me how to type the @ character please?
When I attempt to type that character my screen shows " .
This also applies to the # character - which shows a $ sign.
There must be a toggle to access these characters.

Please advise.
Many thanks Roblgay

Answer:Re: Portege 4010 - Question about Keyboard options


This can be solved with right keyboard language settings. I do not know which OS youuse but one very nice web page about keyboard settings you can find under

Good luck!

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I would like to replace my keyboard, I'm going to buy a new keyboard soon. I've done this flawlessly with multiple laptops before, but for the R500/R600 it's not comletely clear how to lift the old one out properly.

Are there any screws to remove (except the one on the side) or is it "just lifting it out"?


Answer:How to replace the keyboard on a Portege R500/R600


I?m not quite sure if the Portege R500 keyboard removal is easy.
As far as I know it?s more complicated as on other notebooks series and in such case I recommend contacting the ASP in your country for a help.

Everything what I know is that the keyboard adheres to insulator and both parts stuck on the middle frame using the double-sided tapes.

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I have a Portege A100 now getting on for three years old.
There is a problem with the keyboard, only affecting keys 5tgb - one diagonal line.
When the PC is first turned on these keys often do not work at all. After a while, if I press hard, particularly if I turn caps lock on, the keys start working and then work more or less fine. Sometimes turning the PC off and on again sorts the problem out; using the shift key often makes it worse. Sometimes the keys work, but only with a delay. No other keys are affected.
I am baffled as to whether this is a hardware problem (are these keys connected though a single connector?) or some strange software problem, perhaps connected with the microsoft traditional chinese input method editor which I recently downloaded.

Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

Alan Watson

Answer:Strange keyboard problem - Portege A100


The keys are connected on the board as the rest of the keyboard buttons.
There are not connected separately. For me it looks like an hardware would malfunctions.
Why? Well, this is not easy to say?. Sometimes looses keyboard cable affects the keyboard usage. But maybe the whole keyboard must be replaced.

We have to consider this possibility? I think you should contact the ASP in your country. If the warranty is valid the replacement should be done for free.

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I'm interested in getting a Toshiba Portege Z830. Unfortunately everywhere I looked this unit is offered only with UK keyboard layout (i.e. high enter key, short left shift, ?/? between left shift and Z) which is a real bother. I live in Poland and our keyboard layout is the same as the US one so I'm used to it and have it on all the other computers I work on. Still Toshiba offers its computers (at least in Poland) only with the UK keyboard layout.

My question is whether it's possible to buy Toshibe Portege Z830 with a US keyboard layout in Europe?

I contacted Polish Toshiba hotline but they offered no support in this matter.

Answer:Re: Portege Z830 with US keyboard layout in Europe?

>My question is whether it's possible to buy Toshiba Portege Z830 with a US keyboard layout in Europe?

Perhaps you would need to order an US version of Portege Z830 :(
At the other hand you could order an keyboard supporting an US layout and replace it.
Usually the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country should be able to provide such single keyboard.

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Hello eyeryone!

I'm hoping someone can help me with the following "problem" concerning the backlit keyboard of my Z830.

The thing is that I don't want to use this function when it's not necessary, but every time I change my energy setting from "eco" to something else the keyboard light comes on. I'd like to deactivate this function, so that the LED backlight is only turned on manually. Does anyone know where this setting can be changed?

The keyboard light is not mentioned in the list for the energy settings and the BIOS option is already set to "off".


Answer:How to disable keyboard backlight on Portege Z830?

Hello Scorpion

I don?t have this notebook model but I think the principle is the same as on other notebooks.

Start Toshiba Assist > Optimize > HWSetup > and there you will find options for keyboard backlight.
There you can disable it.

Please check it out and send some feedback.

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I'm having problems with this keyboard. I've edited the text to6correct the faults.
The keys seem to be remapped as follows.

How can I fix this?

6 = 6 + space
space = 6 + space
0 = 0 + y
y = 0 + y
p = p + h
h = p + h
left arrow = left arrow + /
/ = left arrow + /

I'm6 phaving6 phroblems6 witph6 tphis6 ke0yboard.6 6 I've6 edited6 tphe6 text6 to6 correct6 tphe6 faults.6 6 tphis6 is6 tphe6 original6 text.

Tphe6 ke0ys6 seem6 to6 be6 remaphphed6 as6 follows.

PHow6 can6 I6 fix6 tphi?


Answer:Portege M200 - strange keyboard issue


How long does this issue occur?
Did you install any 3rd party applications which could have a bad influence on this OS?

Well, if this issue occurs on a fresh recovered OS so it could be a something wrong with the keyboard.
I don't think that this issue can be solved without any experience. In this case you should contact the service.

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I have a M600 (PPM60A), I recently did an upgrade from Vista to Win 7 (not a clean upgrade), some time (? A week??) after the requisite online updates, the keyboard & touchpad stopped working, when connected to docking station.

All is well using an external keyboard & wireless mouse.
I have tried "F9", even trying to reload the Synaptics Touchpad drivers from TOshiba website - it gives the message - Syn TP.... Install Failed.

Does anyone have any suggestions or do I now own a "low power desktop!!"

Answer:Portege M600 Keyboard & Touchpad not working

> after the requisite online updates, the keyboard & touchpad stopped working, when connected to docking station.

Did you test the notebook without docking station?
How about new OS installation? Did you test if the keyboard and touchpad will work after new recovering?
Do this!

PS: the Portege M600 is not ?low power? notebook? it?s a business class notebook and belongs to a ?better? notebook series?.

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After buying a new keyboard for the R500 on EBay about a year ago, I finally screwed up the courage to replace a badly scratched keyboard with the new one. The reason I waited? I was concerned about how to get the old keyboard off (it is well stuck down to the chassis, and it was obvious that I would damage the old one upon removal.

There is a nice general write-up about how to take an R500 apart here:

The above write-up doesn't discuss the keyboard however, so here is some additional information and some tips:

* Read this entire procedure before beginning - it's straightforward, but not for the faint of heart.

* Shut down, disconnect power, remove battery.

* Make sure you have the correct keyboard for your model. The US keyboard is p/n G83C000903US for example. The one I removed was a Rev 1, and the new one I got was a Rev 2 (don't know the difference - they look identical). These can be had as low as $40 - but verify the part number before buying.

* The keyboard connector is underneath the computer, and so you'll have to take the bottom off, carefully following the instructions in the link above.

A couple of notes: (a) the PCMCIA ribbon cable connector must be opened to disconnect the cable, as it's the only thing preventing you from removing the bottom of the computer. You can easily do this through the memory access door on the bottom, but BE... Read more

Answer:Portege R500 - Replacement of keyboard - success

Thank mate for this review.
Usually the keyboard replacement is not really tricky and someone with small technician skills should be able to replace this?

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Hi, I have a Portege R705-P35 with US keyboard and would like to physically exchange it with a different language keyboard.

Where can I get it from?
Unfortunately for this model I could not find any sources online...


Answer:Portege R705-P35 - Where can I get a keyboard to physically replace it?


Ask the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country.
The guys could help you to order and to replace the keyboard.

Here you can find all ASPs worldwide: -> Support & Downloads -> Find an Authorized Service Provider


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I recently tried installing VM Player on my Toshiba M200. When I rebooted my machine I found my network connections did not work. I tried to uninstall the VM Player but it failed half way. As the program had created a number of virtual network connections which I could not delete I went into the registry and delete 20 or so entries I thought where related.

I rebooted and found my HID Keyboard and Wireless devices not functioning. So I began using the softward ketyboard to try and fix the problem. I was able to reboot and login using the software keyboard until I did a restore to last normal boot setting. At which point, instead of getting my login window I get a message box asking me to press Ctrl-Alt-Del. When I do so using the software keyboard I get another window saying because of security I should press the Windows Security Key instead of the Ctrl-Alt-Del. When I press the Windows Security Key Button on the bottom right side of the screen nothing happens.

What can I do. I have also tried attaching a USB CD drive (Philips) but cannot get the notebook to boot from it. I get an error message (so I have got it looking for CD boot drives) saying the notebook cannot find the drive. The CD lights up during bootup but only for a sec.

I am desperate so please let me know what options I have or what I can do about this. The physical keyboard works during the bootup until the Windows first booting screen appears. No Caps lock or such working by the time I get to the ... Read more

Answer:Portege M200 - Keyboard is not working and I can't boot from CD/DVD


A long story about your issue... I think the reason of this is why you have deleted some registry keys. If you delete something in the Windows registry you should really know what you do. You can damage the complete Windows system!
So I think this is the reason why the keyboard doesn?t anymore.

In the user manual I have founded that the CD-ROM booting option is only available with optional optical disk drive.
So for me it sounds like that your USB CD drive is not compatible to the notebook?

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Can a Portege A100 notebook be used with an external USB keyboard? If yes, does it matter which brand I use? I have finally persuaded my wife to learn to type but using the laptop's keyboard is not the easiest of keyboards to learn on.

Answer:Can I connect a external keyboard to Portege A100?


Of course it?s possible?. It?s no matter what brand you will use but the connection is important.
It should be an external USB keyboard because the prot?g? A100 supports only this interface for keyboard connection

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I work at a school where we have a large number of Port?g? Z10t-A devices. The screws keep falling out of the bottom of the keyboard dock and our service company will not replace them unless we log a job for every single screw.

Can someone please tell me the exact size of the screws so that I can buy some online?

Answer:Portg Z10t keyboard dock screws

I?m afraid it is not easy to find exact specification of this device and check the screws size. ?Maintenance manual? s not a public document.

Try to remove one screw and find out which size do you need.

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Hi - hope someone can help as I only have a few strands of hair left to pull out!

In the past fortnight a problem has developed with the trackpad - and possibly my keyboard. Here are some of the symptoms

1. The cursor on the screen will suddenly freeze. I can leave the laptop and it's working come back and it's not.

2. If I type on the keyboard (can just touch the keys or I could be typing in a document) and the cursor may freeze again. During this event the small 'mouse/trackpad' on/off icon flashes briefly on the screen. If I hit another key (literally anywhere on the keyboard) a number of times (no pattern to the number) the icon may cycle and the cursor will move and then freeze again.

It's as if every key on the keyboard is somehow performing the role of the FnF9 key.

Unfortunately I did take the laptop on a business trip recently and this time when the laptop booted - the cursor was frozen and no amount of considered or random button pressing got it going. It was a battery out job . That scared me.

If I connect a USB keyboard and mouse then pressing keys on that external keyboard does not cause the cursor to freeze. But it might do anyway - as described at 1. above.

The F9 key will unfreeze the cursor (I guess turn the trackpad back on) - but it won't be long before it cycles back off again.

I've not dropped the laptop. There's nothing physically wrong with it. The battery holds charge and it boots successfully. I've made no hardware c... Read more

Answer:Portege R830 - Trackpad/keyboard issue


According to your issue description it sounds like the touchpad would be disabled automatically.
As you already mentioned, the touchpad could be enabled and disabled using the function key combination FN+F9

Since you?ve got also some keyboard problems, my theory is that there is some keyboard problem which might be responsible for the touchpad ON/OFF issue.

What do you think about this theory?

I don?t think that there is a software problem because as you already reset the system to early time point (factory settings???). Therefore I think the software conflict cannot be the reason for that?.

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We have a Port?g? Z30-A-108. We use it with external wireless keyboard and mouse. On the external keyboard is used, the num pad does not work (as if the "num lock" was off). I tried using the function key FN+F11 on the laptop but without any succes.

Does somebody had the same problem or any idea to solve it ?



Answer:Portg Z30-A-108 - Num lock does not work on external keyboard

>On the external keyboard is used, the num pad does not work (as if the "num lock" was off)

You are talking about the external keyboard.
But from my knowledge the internal Port?g? Z30-A-108 keyboard does not contain the num pad. Possibly this is the reason why the Num Lock is turned off.

By the way: the NumLock can be enabled in the system registry.
Open Windows registry editor using the command regedit.
In the registry, go to the folders.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Control Panel\ Keyboard\

Within the keyboard folder, you should find a string value named "InitialKeyboardIndicators" with a value of 0, 1, or 2.
Here the value meaning:

0 = Num Lock is turned OFF after the logon.
1 = Disable Num Lock.
2 = Numlock is turned ON after the logon.

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Just rebuilt the machine with a new hd and i'm having some strange keyboard functions.

If I press 'enter' it does the enter function but also adds a #
If I press j it does j]
If I press m it does m'

Any ideas?

Answer:Strange keyboard behaviour on a Portege 4010


I hope you press the keys very gently. ;)

Does this happen if you typing very fast, or it doesn?t not make any difference by typing fast or slow?
Try to test it with external keyboard.

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I have a Toshiba Portege A100 (PPA10E-0002N-EN) with a frazled keyboard controller.

Would guess that it should be possible to re-flash it, but doubt anyone would want to bother.

Anyone know how I go about either getting it flashed or getting a replacement system board?

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Answer:Portege A100: How to flash the keyboard controller?

Hello Nutter

System board replacement is not so simply to do without maintenance manuals. The disassembling procedure must be done in the right order. You probably know that small mistake can damage something.

Portege A100 is very nice unit and in my opinion it would be bad to destroy something. I recommend you to contact technicians.

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I'm having trouble with my S100's keyboard. The s, d, g, j, q and a few punctuation marks don't function at all. I've had problems with them before that have sorted themselves reasonably quickly, but now it appears "permanent".

A USB keyboard works fine. I have also replaced the keyboard with a brand new one and that has not changed the situation at all.

I do not believe it to be a software problem as I have tried re-installing the drivers and used system restore a few times.

Any help resolving the matter would be appreciated :)


Answer:A few keys don't work properly on Portege S100 keyboard

Hello Dan

I presume that there is problem with keyboard controller. I recommend you to contact service partner in your country. They can flash it and it should would work properly again.

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Can anyone help me with part no for Portege R700 hebrew keyboard or how can I found it?

Thank you

Answer:Portege R700 - Part number for hebrew keyboard

Hi buddy,

It?s nice that you ask here for help but it?s user to user forum. What I want to say is nobody here as a list with exact part numbers so I think you must contact an authorized service provider in your country. The guys can tell you the exact part number for this keyboard that you want and order it for you.

Do know you the contact address of nearest authorized service provider?

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While using the Tablet in laptop mode, every so often the keyboard seems to disconnect itself, so nothing works.

Only way I can find to enable it again is to disconnect the tablet then plug it back in again.

Is there any settings or updates etc for this?


Answer:Portege Z10t-A Keyboard disconnects using laptop mode

Found the answer, Firmware Update was just released.
Hope it fixes it.


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I have a Portege 7020 ct and have been having trouble using the keyboard on it. When I get to the password page on typing my password certain letters, for example c, appear as 3 asterix instead of one and return key appears as four asterix. When I plug an external keyboard in to the laptop it functions perfectly well and I can get into the system.

When I open word and type on the laptop keyboard it again comes up with jargon unrelated to the keys being pressed but again on the plug in keyboard works fine. This is driving me crazy.
Any ideas much appreciated?

Answer:Portege 7020ct: keyboard doesnt show right letters


Is the right language set as ?Default input language? in windows settings?

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Recently We order some model "TOSHIBA Z20T-C".Our company policy have to enable Windows bitlocker function.
I have a problem. I can't input bitlocker pin on screen keyboard when I power on the tablet or normal model .
Model "Z20T-B" is no problem.

PS:Portege Z20t-C
P/N : PT16BT-01T04Y
BIOS Version : 5.50
EC Version : 1.30
OS:Win10 or Win8.1

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