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Portege R700 will not turn on

Question: Portege R700 will not turn on

Hi there

I have a Toshiba Portege R700. Over the last day or two it's been intermittently showing the message battery power low when it's been plugged into the mains. This morning it did the same then shut down.

I've put it on charge but now it will not start at all if i press the power button (nothing happens). If I remove the power lead and press the power button, nothing happens. if i remove the battery then replace it, then press the power button, the fan starts momentarily and the screen comes on showing the 'Toshiba leading innovation' then it goes off. Hope this makes sense! I?d be very grateful for any advice or opinion.

Thanks so much.

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Preferred Solution: Portege R700 will not turn on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Portege R700 will not turn on

What happen when you remove battery and try to start notebook with AC power supply only?

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I had 2x 2GB PC3 10600 ram in my R700 (i3) which is running Windows 7 x64.

I have some 4GB sticks of ram I wanted to upgrade my laptop to 8GB in total.

I put in the memory which consists of:
1x 4GB PC3 12800
1x 4GB PC3 10600

The laptop gets to the screen where it says "Starting Windows" and looks like it freezes before the windows animation.

If I try using 1x 4GB (either speeds) and 1x 2GB then Windows boots just fine but there is a problem when I use both the 4GB sticks.

I have tested the ram with Memtest and they pass the tests.

If I put the 4GB sticks of ram in a R840 (Windows 8.1 Pro), this boots fine.
If I put the 4GB sticks of ram in a R700 (i5 running Windows 8.1 Pro), this also boots fine.

If I try putting in the 2x 4GB sticks of ram in the R700-i3 and attempt to install Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 then it gets to the screen which says "Windows is loading files" and the progress bar completes but then the screen just goes blank and the fan spins up but nothing else happens.

I have previously had 8GB ram in the R700-i3 so I know it does support it. The BIOS detects that there is 8GB ram when I have both inserted and the BIOS is updated to the latest version which is 2.20 iirc.

Can anyone shed some light on the problem?

Answer:Cant use 8GB in Portege R700

Hi Borito

If specification says that your notebook model can handle with 8GB RAM than we must not discuss about it.
By RAM upgrade is important to use 100% compatible and two identical RAM modules (the same specification).
I have tested it on my machine too using standard and one ?cheap? RAM and my machine was death. With two identical RAM modules everything is OK.

Can you please post exact model name of your Portege notebook (R700-xxx) and I will try to find exact part number for 4GB RAM offered for this notebook model.

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Something I am not quite following.
I love the look of and weight of the portege but cant understand why I cant buy one in the uk with 64 bit professional windows.

I mean 32 bit should only be able to address up to 3 to 3.5 gb.
They are being sold with upto 4 and all adverts suggest they can be expanded to 8gb.
Or can someone point me towards someone selling them with the 64 bit os.

Answer:Portege R700 - Why no 64 bit OS?

Hmm? The Portege R700-106 was delivered with preinstalled WIN7 64BIT PROFESSIONAL and additionally you would get Win XP DVD.

But this can depand on R700 notebook model...

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Hi I'm new to the forum and was wondering if people can give me advice on which solid state hard drive to buy for my Toshiba Portege R700 laptop?

I've heard a number of drives can give booting problems such as certain Ocz and Corsair models.

Ideally I'm looking for around 256 GB of storage space; any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks :)

Answer:Portege R700 - Which SSD should I buy?


You can buy any SSD drive which supports the SATA interface.
It could be possible that you will need to update the firmware but this should be checked with the SSD drive manufacturer

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I wanted to upgrade the existing RAM (2 x Samsung 2GB 2Rx8 PC3 - 8500). I've installed 2 x Samsung 4GB 1xR8 - 12800S, but it didn't work.
The notebook didn't boot (black screen and fan always working).
I guess the problem is with the 1xR8 of the "new" RAM instead of 2xR8 of the existing one. Could anybody give me a suggestion and advise on the right memory I should buy?

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I'm replacing my HDD to a lower size 64GB SSD.

Unfortunately i cannot run the recovery cd, it stuck with error "not enough space".

I found that i got stuck when it try to create the DATA partition (to store the HDDRecovery)

Any help is very much appreciated.


Answer:Re: Portege R700-15P - Cannot use recovery cd on SSD 64 GB

Is the SSD detected in the BIOS? Maybe the system can't initialize the SSD properly.

What SSD brand and model is it?

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I have recently got a R700-15Q.
When running the customary updates Toshiba have recommened several 3G drivers and software updates but one won't install and the others don't recognise a 3G device.

I can not seem to find anything that says this notebook has 3G capabilities but why would Toshiba recommend these updates?

If the notebook doesn't come with 3G hardware - is it possible to install it?

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Portege R700-15Q - does it have 3G capability


This notebook model does not support Bluetooth and does not support 3G module
It?s support just WLan.

The point is that there are different R700 on the market with different hardware components and configurations but one image.
Therefore you can receive such update notifications.


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Not sure what the changelog is.

Answer:Portege R700 - BIOS 1.90 now available

Unfortunately Toshiba Europe doesn?t offer list with description what is new in this BIOS update.

As far as I know on Toshiba US support page you can find this list.

Check it there.

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Hi all,

I've a problem about usb ports. When i rise up from hibernate or stand-by mode, any sticked environmental usb devices to USB1 and USB2 ports (printer, mouse etc.) cannot any action. But USB3 (E-sata/USB) port, always properly working. When i was reboot computer, properly working other ports to.

How can i resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance..

Answer:USB issues on Portege R700-M14


>How can i resolve this issue?
The easiest solution would switching the USB ports if the notebook is shut down or has not been set to hibernation mode ;)
But try to disable the power saving in control panel -> device manager -> USB hubs & controllers

But to be honest, this is not a serious issue...

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Hello !

I've an issue with my computer : sometimes (quite often, always at the wrong time) it freezes, the fan starts to turn very quickly and makes lot of noise, and I can not do anything other than shut it down by pressing the "Stop" button for a while.
This happens very often when it's on my docking station, but not only. Because of the fan, I've always had the impression that the problem is due to the heat, but now it's winter and my room is about to 19?C, I can't do anything!

Is that something which happens to other computer than mine? Can I do something about it? Can I send it to Toshiba and they will do something about it?

Thanks in advance for your answer,


Answer:Portege R700 freezes often

Sounds like you need to update the Fingerprint driver. If you have Service Station installed, use that to update the driver. Otherwise grab the driver from the Toshiba website from the R700 downloads page.

Or if you don't use the fingerprint reader, you can simply disable the biometric fingerprint device in Device Manager.

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Hi all,

I have brought an R7001F7 few days ago, there are some question hopefully some of you could help.

1. The laptop base is not level (balance) and wobbles toward to right hand corner, the rubber foot doesn't not seems to be the culprit, not sure if it is the chassis malformed...

2. The memory status shows 4GB available but only 2GB usable, the speed is rather disappointed, is there any way to improve this? have I miss some setting? because it should reach maximum of 4GB...

Does anyone of you come across with the above issue? since I have just brought it, do you think I shall return the machine or contact the warrenty team? The problem is before I noticed these issue, I have already registered the machine on warrenty, not sure if I can still get a refund... on the other hand, I have already transfer all my files to the system... Therefore I would be much appreciate if someone could give me some advice here.

Thank you


Answer:Two questions about new Portege R700


Generally speaking you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They know how to act in such situations, especially about some visual issues.

Can you please tell us which R700 do you have exactly (R700-xxx). Is win7 32bit preinstalled on your notebook?
More about RAM usage on 32bit OS you can read here -

What to say about notebook speed or performance in general? It doesn?t depend on RAM only. it is very important that preinstalled OS is configured properly. Original recovery image that you got with your notebook contains many tools and utilities that run in the background and reduce notebook?s performance.

I recommend you to check running applications (start > run > msconfig > start-up) and disable all useless tools and utilities. What makes OS slow is tempro and preinstalled antivirus software.

Check it out.

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I've a two day old Portege R700 and it has developed a freeze and fan issue. Actually it kicked in on day one.
Basically the screen freezes and the cooling fan kicks into gear and nothing else responds until you do the off & on again thing. Its happened a couple of times now on two different days.

Any ideas?
Send it back?
Download an amazing bit of software I currently know nothing about?
Persevere on the toshiba website until I find out how to contact Toshiba directly rather than you good folk?
Ignore it and hope it goes away?

Any advice welcome. Though please make it as basic as possible as I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to the technical stuff.

(Just in case you're thinking about overheating, based in the UK and it isn't a hot day and there is free air circulation around the laptop. The second freeze happened after only ~2h30 of use.)

Answer:Portege R700 - freeze & fan

It is not easy to discuss about such issues.
1/ we don?t know which OS do you use
2/ OS configuration is not known to us
3/ who knows which additional software do you use and what is running in the background
4/ does this happen with AC power supply, battery power supply or in both cases

I really don?t know what so say at the moment. What you can do, if possible, is to contact nearest authorized service, visit them, explain the situation and see what they will say about all this.

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I am considering the purchase of an R700. I have or look after several other laptops and desktops (for a charity) and they are all still running Windows XP.

Is it still possible to downgrade a new R700 to run Windows XP so that all my machines can be on the same OS.


Answer:Re: Portege R700 - Is it possible to downgrade to XP?


The compatibility of other operating systems you can check on Toshiba website yourself if there are other drivers available.

As you can see on official driver download page all drivers for Windows XP are available so it supports XP! :)

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Dear all,

I'm not using my dvd drive at all and would like to replace it by a hdd/ssd .
Any way to do this?


Answer:Portege R700 - Replace DVD by HDD/SDD


I have checked specification for this Portege and cannot find info about this kind of upgrade.

In the past Toshiba has offered several different notebook models with separate ?SelectableBay HDD adaptor? and instead of ODD it was possible to put second HDD. Unfortunately I think it is not available for this Portege.

Have you tried to find some info about this?

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I have a Toshiba R700-18P that will not boot. Flashes the LED of the battery and disc, makes the activation noise of the CD player and turns off. Nothing appears on the screen.

What could it be?

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Hello together,

so I bought two new RAM-sticks for my old laptop
Toshiba Portege R700-19T

But since I've installed them, the machine won't boot into an OS anymore.
The installed Windows 7 64bit goes to a black screen before the windows logo on startup (same with safe mode). And after a few seconds the fans are going fast but nothing seems to happen.

The next thing I tried was an ubuntu(12.04) live dvd. But this won't boot either. No error message or something, only an automatic restart after a few seconds of black screen.

Next thing was memtest86+ v4.20:
It crashes immediately sometimes to a black screen and sometimes to this .
I've tested my new two sticks together and alone, always the same problem. The old ones work perfectly and no crash from memtest.

In the BIOS is only one thing about memory and there it shows the correct "Total Memory Size 8192 MB"

laptop-mem specs from toshiba:

Standard : 4 (2 + 2) GBmax. Speicherausstattung : 8 GBTechnologie : DDR3 RAM (1.066 MHz)

link to product description from Toshiba:

old (working) ram-sticks:
2x Samsung 2GB 1Rx8 PC3-10600S-09-10-ZZZ M471B5773CHS-CH9

new ram-sticks:
2x G.Skill 4GB DDR3-1333 (PC3-10600)
link to shop where I bought it:

In my understanding the two new sticks should work well with my laptop, or am I something missing?


Answer:Portege R700-19T - New RAM -> no more booting

To me the issue is clear enough; the notebook does not boot due to new RAM modules.

Either the new RAM modules are not fully compatible or the RAM modules are faulty.

I would recommend you to test another modules; for example modules manufactured by Kingston.

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How can I replace the SSD by a standard-HDD? Toshiba used special connectors in the R700-172.

Message was edited by: tron

Answer:Portege R700-172 How to replace SSD

Hi tron,

Can you post a screenshot of this special connector?

As far as I know all SSDs on the market have the same connector, it?s SATA port so I can?t imagine that you are not able to install a normal HDD because they have the same SATA port as SSDs.

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Hello, I need to upgrade this modell R700-1CC with 3G.

Anybody know how can I solve this problem?

Answer:3G upgrade on Portege R700

I?m not 100% sure but I think such upgrade is not possible.
I think Portege is either with or without 3G module. It is not known to me that Toshiba supports such upgrade.

What you can try is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

They have maintenance manuals and also direct contact to Toshiba so they can pick up all info that can help you.

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I just ordered an R700 and am hoping to upgrade the 320GB HDD to an OCZ Vertex 2 SSD.
How easy is it to replace the hard drive in the R700? Will I need to remove the keyboard is there a panel on the back?
What size hard drive will I need - 2.5" or 1.8"?
Will an SSD simply plug in using the existing connections, or is something else required?


Answer:HDD replacement on Portege R700

According notebook specification Portege R700 has 2,5? HDD and it is HDD with SATA interface so I think you should order 2,5? SSD with standard SATA connectors.

HDD is placed at the bottom side near the cooling vent and it is fixed with one screw only.

Remove the screw and HDD cover. You will see how the HDD is placed and how it must be removed.
It is very simply and you can do this alone.

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I'm trying to update the BIOS of my R700 computers with a command line on Windows 7 (x86 french edition).
The BIOS version I'm trying to use is P007Bv170_EC73V140.

I have downloaded the from Toshiba official website. In the zip file, there is no instruction (no Readme.txt or other help files ...).

Is there a way to silently upgrade the BIOS ?
Thank you for your help,


Answer:Portege R700 - How to update the BIOS?


You have to start the exe file that you can find in zip-archive that you downloaded. After this the BIOS update will start.

But before you do this update, unzip all files and close all running programs. Make also sure that you are logged in as Administrator.

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what is the BIOS EC?

in my BIOS it states BIOS version of 2.10 and EC version 1.40

on toshiba website latest revision is BIOS v2.10 and EC 1.50 as same flash update download. but as the BIOS is already upto date i want to know if trying to flash for the EC from 1.40 to 1.50 would be worth it?



n.b. presume the latest R700 BIOS is v2.10 as stated on the website? is there anywhere else i can check?

Answer:Portege R700 - BIOS EC update from 1.40 to 1.50

I believe the EC is an important function so I would update the EC to ensure the notebook is running optimally.

I don't know what was changed but you can usually find this information on the Toshiba America website in the support/downloads section/

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I have a Portege r700 with original Windows 7 OEM installation.

The Windows 7 is up to date and Windows Update program is offering me to upgrade to Windows 10.

The upgrade process is starting fine, downloading & pre-configuring all necessary stuff, then finaly ask me to reboot the system in order to go on with the upgrade.

After a few seconds, the reboot process is launched, and load... the current Windows 7 system, saying that an error occured during the upgrade process.

I performed a few tests ; I am also a Linux fan so I tried to boot the system with a LiveCD of my prefered distros : after loading the prompt menu asking what I want to do (liveCD boot, install, diagnose, etc.), it reboots... and show me again the prompt menu (prompt menu is a GRUB feature, the kernel has not been loaded at this time).

I understand that "something" (and I guess it is the Toshiba restauration system) is preventing me to boot on something else than the original partition, preventing the Windows 10 upgrade.

Any idea ?

Answer:Portege R700 - cannot upgrade to Windows 10

I was offered the free upgrade on my R700-12U and R930-1DK Toshibas - and the upgrades was done without any problems. However, if I understand it right, the R700 is not on the list of upgradable units but it worked very well on mine, starting from updated W7.

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Hi there,

I seem to have a non-standard connector type on my SSD (THNSNC128GMLJ). I'm now concerned that I will not be able to upgrade my SSD for a larger capacity. Does anyone know anything about Toshiba using anything other than the standard SATA family of connectors on their SSD's?

This is pretty annoying as the laptop was advertised as follows - "Hard Drive - 128 GB Solid State Drive - Serial ATA-150" I'm no expert but the connector on my SSD does not look anything like the SATA connectors I've seen before.

Any help or information would be most appreciated.

Answer:Portege R700-155 - SSD Connector question

i believe the SSD's as standard were a different ribbon connector to the standard HDD's in the R700 series, however i also think (but don't quote me) that the actual connector for the ribbon on the motherboard is the same. so in order to fit a new SSD to the one you have you need to get hold of the HDD style ribbon from a lower spec R700

my R700-184 (european spec) was highest spec without SSD and it has normal SATA connector on the end of the ribbon. fitted an OCZ vertex 2 lovely :-)

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Good evening,

I needed a new battery for my Portege R700-11P. I had a battery model PA3832U-1BRS and I bought a new battery that fits this. To be honest the battery was rather cheap, so I already thought back in my head that there might be a downside to this.

However, my problem is the following: I put the battery in and plug the laptop in. Then my laptop will show the orange charging light for a few minutes before it says that it's 100% charged (and the light turns yellow). Then I unplug the laptop to test whether the battery is charged and immediately the laptop shuts down. This means the battery was not charged at all, right?

So it says the battery is fully charged but isn't. I already removed the AC/DC and the battery and pressed the on-button for 30 seconds but it didn't help.
So, what can I do about this? Is the battery faulty?

Help would be extremely appreciated

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I want to change my HDD in Toshiba Portege R700 to SSD. How to install Windows 7 on this new SSD? I didn't get any Windows installation disc.

Or will it be possible to move partition from the old HDD to new SSD (using Acronis, i was able to move partition to new HDD)?

I heard about partition offset and that SSD block should be the same as FAT cluster (the same alignment).

Any advices? (i know i should defrag my HDD before moving :) )

Answer:Re: Portege R700 - How to install Windows 7 on new SSD?

Hi buddy,

> I didn't get any Windows installation disc.
Create the Toshiba recovery disk as mentioned in user manual before you exchange the drive then you have an installation disk. The Toshiba recovery disk will restore out of box settings with all drivers and tools. It can be used on every drive and how often you want.

After this exchange the drive and boot from Toshiba recovery disk. Follow the screen instructions and everything will be installed.

Check this!!!

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I bougth Portege R700, and i have now some trouble.

the button for desactivate the touchpad is not working.
the button on the top rigth of keyboard (the eco button), don't pass the pc from normal to eco, but open windows mobility center.
when i press th FN key + other like volume for exemple, i have no information on screen.

also why the ligth for wlan is all the time activate also when
i desactivate the WLAn (the orange ligth under the touchpad)

i did reinstall TVAP, but nothing change.

please could you help me to find again all the function of my laptop.

is running in WIN7 x64 french.

thank you.

Message was edited by: sapeur3873

Answer:Portege R700 - some buttons don't response

There are too many different issues and if you will try to fix one by one it will take too many time and there is no guarantee you will have success with all this.

Best thing you can do is to set notebook to ?factory settings? again and start using notebook with ?out of box? state. After doing this at first check all this and be sure everything works fine.

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Hi There!

One of the keys on my R700 Notebook Model R700 PT311A-00Y00Q has a broken key. Apparently you can't get replacement keys, so I need a whole new keyboard.

I found this on EBay: keyboard&_sacat=0

But I can't find a guide to replacing the keyboard, would you mind linking me to a guide?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege R700 How to replace the keyboard

I read some reports from users who tried to replace the keyboard on this R700 and this is not very easy.
It?s difficult because you will need to remove other parts like
Battery, sim card, express card slot, memory modules, base assembly to get access to an
aluminum tape from the back of the cover assembly. Then you could turn the cover assembly face up and peel off the keyboard adhered to the insulator.
And additionally you can not use the removed keyboard and keyboard insulator again. You will need to use new parts

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I would like to put the standard windows 7 OS on the laptop (R700-14f PT310E)
I'm having problmes to make Fn + F8 work.
It only lets me disable or enable the bluetooth.

Now I think the problem lies with the driver of the wireless card ( broadcom)

The prepared image of toshiba has driver Broadcom driver version :

in the download section i can only find driver version:

Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver Windows 7 (32/64)

best regards,


Answer:Portege R700-14f - Cannot enable the WLan


Well, if the Wlan driver is not installed then you will not be able to enable the WLan using FN + F8
This means that you need to install WLan driver.

I recommend checking the WLan card. Install an diagnostic tool like Everest home edit which will help you to get the WLan card details.

All drivers can be found here:

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I have encountered the fault that crops up on addition of an admin password for the BIOS on my R700. i added the password directly in the BIOS itself as i have re-installed windows onto an SSD and as such dont have any of the bloatware from toshiba installed.

now when i try to access the BIOS on bootup by pressing the Esc key i get a black screen and white message saying press F2 to enter setup. i press F2 and the system reboots and loads to windows, or if i press Esc again same message. it will loop like this forever with no BIOS access. pressing F1 does nothing as does Esc at the press F2 request.

so essentially i'm completely locked out of my own BIOS. i have tried putting the old HDD back in with the toshiba security manager in it but it doesnt find any BIOS password so i cant delete it using that

my next plan was to simply dismantle the computer and remove the CMOS battery and allow the BIOS to reset to defaults......however i know this only works on certain computers not all, so my question is, is this worth a shot??? or if not what can i do to get back into my BIOS??



Answer:Portege R700 - BIOS access

Hi 1994F7PT

Switch on your notebook and press INS key and the prompt for the supervisor password appears. Enter the supervisor password and when it?s vertified then a menu appears with next operation (F2 for BIOS, F12 for boot menu, etc.)

Check this!!!

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I recently bought a Portege R700 19M and I have downloaded the latest version of the BIOS available in the Toshiba support page and when I run the .exe file, it doesn't work with this message: "The computer is not supported"
And, when I have a look in the HWSetup Toshiba tool, it doesn't display the BIOS version but some weird character (not usual letters) so I can't know which version is installed.
thank you for your help

Answer:Portege R700 - Can't update the BIOS

Hi buddy,

Do you update the BIOS on preinstalled Windows version from Toshiba?
Are you logged in as Administrator when you try the update?

To be honest I doubt it?s a problem of released BIOS update because I found other threads where users report that BIOS update was successful.

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When I switch on my Portege R700 and immediately open the Toshiba PC health program (monitoring the sensors) it shows the CPU temperature to be very low, of course, while the System temperature is already at 90C.

As a consequence (I think but I might be wrong) the fan spins at almost maximal speed.
The situation does not change in time: the CPU temperature stays typically under 40C, System temperature at 90C, fan always spinning fast.

Is this normal? The Cooling test program says everything is fine.


Answer:System temperature at 90C in Portege R700

You should try to perform a laptop cleaning:

> Toshiba PC health program (monitoring the sensors) it shows the CPU temperature to be very low

Hmm.. If it shows the temperature is low but it's going up to 90 C, means doesn't work properly. Reinstall it, but before perform cooling system cleaning

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I have a R700 and the dvd is set to region 1 and as i live in Australia (region 4) and i am going to travel overseas and will be watching DVD overthere.

The manual says that i can only change the region a few times before it locks itself to that region.

I was wondering how can you stop it from locking to a region OS so i can watch and run DVD when i get back\r\n


Answer:Portege R700 - DVD region unlocking


> I was wondering how can you stop it from locking to a region OS so i can watch and run DVD when i get back\r\n

This is not possible. This lock function is controlled by drives firmware.
Of course you will find many information and some hack tools in the internet which say that this is possible but to be honest; I?ve never tried this out and according to information from some users, such tools can affect the CD/DVD drive functionality.
In worst case the CD/DVD drive would not be recognized by BIOS due to modification in the firmware and you will not be able to read other disks?

So what to say; I would not recommend trying this out if you don?t want to get some ?surprises?.

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for some reason all of a sudden CD/DVD burning on my new Portege R700 has almost ground to a halt. It worked fine initially, but now won't get above 1Mb/sec tops.... this is a REAL pain....

The issue occurs with both the onboard DVD drive and a USB connected Lacie drive that has worked fine for years, so it has to be an O/S or H/W issue of some sort. am about to update the BIOS but with no real hope

I have done some googling and things seem to point to IDE controller issues. I have taken some of the advice and removed / reinstalled the controller, but to no effect...

does anyone else have the same problem - or more importantly a solution please?

in some desparation


Answer:Portege R700 - Slow DVD burning


not easy to say why it burns so slow. have you tested burning with other disks and programs?

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OK... I give up.

Toshiba, you win, very amusing.

Now, has anyone out there discovered the closely-guarded secret of *where* one might install a SIM card on a Portege R700-185?

It must go somewhere (?).... the Ericsson F3607gw 3G module is picked up by Windows 7, TOSHIBA Wireless Manager came pre-installed and (unhelpfully) tells me I have no SIM installed (yes...thanks for that).
The spec for the 185 says it does 3G, although seemingly every website has simply copied the same blurb from Toshiba's press office so maybe it's all a big mistake - there's no mention of it at all that I can find in the User's Manual (I've downloaded it again just to make sure). I do get offered drivers for it, though, so perhaps that's a good sign. :)

I've looked under the two removable panels - one has the memory, the other has a bunch of chips... no obvious SIM holder, and I'm loathe to go poking about!

Does anyone know - 'cos Toshiba don't seem to want to tell? Thanks in advance....

Answer:Where's the SIM card slot on a Portege R700-185?


I don?t have this notebook model but if I remember well (already discussed on this forum) SIM card slot is visible when you remove battery.

Remove please he battery and I hope you will find it.
Please send some feedback.

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I want to make a image of a *Toshiba Portege R700* in my Landesk 8.8 environnement.

I search the driver of the chipset (*Intel(R) 5 Series 6 Port SATA AHCI Controller*) of my laptop, but I don't find it in the download page.I need somes files : txtsetup.oem and a iastor.sys

How can I find If ? Has someone a solution ?

Thank you

Answer:Portege R700 - Need driver of the chipset

Hi Goldostef,

Did you find similar threads about SATA drivers? ;)

The SATA drivers that you mean are a part of Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver and not of the chipset drivers. So please check the Toshiba website again and download the mentioned driver that contains the driver that you search.

If you have more questions you can post again :)

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I just bought a new monitor. I have plugged it to the laptop with hdmi. I can get a picture fine but when i close the laptop lid I loose the hdmi output. As I want to use this monitor for my work at home the natural state of the laptop for me is with the lid closed but the laptop fully powered.

Can anyone explain how I can resolve this issue please?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege R700 - using HDMI when the lid is closed

Have you tried updating the BIOS?

Also try updating the Display Driver and the Toshiba Value Added Package.

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In my company, we are going to buy 3 portatil computers model Portege R700-1E0
Our computers staff is installed in Windows Xp.
My question: Is it possible to realize downgrade to Windows XP?

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Answer:Re: Downgrade Windows XP for Portege R700-1E0


I have checked Toshiba support page under and I found WXP drivers, tools and utilities for WXP for your Portege R700 (PT311E) so you should be able to install WXP on this Portege notebook.

If you need more assistance you are welcome.

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Hi every body

How can i access to the built-in Webcam of my Portege R700 with a third part software Polycom PVX for exemple, in the configuration panel of this software i can choose the toshiba webcam as video device, but it doesn't work ( no image)

Thanks in advance for your help

Answer:Portege R700-1DL built in Webcam


To be honest I never heard about this problem but if you want to use the webcam with external software like Skype, you have to close the webcam software first. For example the webcam software will be started with Windows and you should close it before you start such an 3rd party program.

Check this!!!

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Hello there

I have just purchased a R700-184 and the plan is to sling W7 Ultimate 64-bit, 8gb of ram and a SSD into it

my question is as its a HDD as standard, what are the limitations and issues i'm likely to encounter carrying out this upgrade?

thanks in advance


Answer:Portege R700 - SSD Upgrade Limitations


There is no big difference between the SSD and HDD so usually the notebook should be able to handle SSD SATA drive properly.
In some cases a firmware update for SSD drive is needed but usually this is provided by SSD drive manufacturer?

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the @ button and the " buttons are interchanged eg when i press @ i get """ quote markes and vice versa.
Does anyone else have this glitch ,or/and know how to resolve it?


Answer:Portege R700 - @ button and " are interchanged


You have to change the keyboard language.
Possibly it?s set to EN (US). Change it to EN (UK).

1. Go to Start and then Control Panel
2. In Control Panel click Clock, Language, and Region
3. Go to Regional and Language Options.
4. Go the Keyboards and Languages tab and then click Change keyboards.


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Hi all,
I have just purchased a R700 and the laptop does not wake up after going to sleep. I have done a bios upgrade. I have all the power options for sleep to "never" at the moment and other options to hibernate which works fine.
I am a little concerned as I have to do software upgrades to sensitive equipment and during a couple of them the R700 shut down and I had to do a force power down.

When it tries to come out of sleep the screen remains blank and the fan ramps up to takeoff speed and stays there until I have to force a shutdown.

Any ideas?

I have unistalled tempro as when I searched for driver updates it did not find any so searched manually and found some. Waste of time and interefering.

Answer:Re: Portege R700 will not wake up after sleep


Have you noticed this issue from the day one or later after installing these updates?
> I am a little concerned as I have to do software upgrades...
Nobody force you to make any updates. What you should install are Microsoft updates.
If system runs well with original Toshiba recovery image (Factory settings) leave it.

Only thing you should do is to optimize OS and remove stuff you don?t need.

Back to your question:
Can you confirm that this issue occurs with factory settings and without any updates installation?

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Hello everyone,
My laptop is working very slowly lately and I've decided I want to upgrade the memory and add an SSD.
I have 2 memory chips installed - 1GB memory chip and 2GB memory chip.
I want to replace them and install 2 4GB chips.
I've been trying to find out the what are the specs of the memory that will be compatible with my laptop?
I would appreciate any help.

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Had my R700 for a few months now, only just randomly noticed that the displayed screen, as in when on and showing windows desktop, doesnt go right to the edge of the lcd panel., there is a black border on the screen itself,then the actual plastic bezel of the laptop

is this normal for this laptop?



Answer:Portege R700 - Screen Query


Without seeing your problem it?s very hard to say if it?s normal or not but if you use the native screen resolution of your notebook the display should show the desktop in fullscreen without any black borders.

In your case I would contact an authorized service provider in your country. The guys can check your notebook and give you an official answer what to do now. Furthermore if your notebook is under warranty such repair would be for free. :)

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Do Toshiba or anyone else for that matter make a keyboard cover for the R700 series?

i want to preserve my laptop in as new condition, so wearing the buttons is something i'd like to avoid with one of those translucent rubberised covers i've seen for other laptops



Answer:Portege R700 - Keyboard Cover

Hi 1994F7PT,

As far as I know Toshiba doesn?t offer such keyboard covers. I have done a Google search for keyboard covers on Portege R700 and I found some offers but for US keyboard. Maybe you can find some keyboard covers for R700 and EU keyboard. Have also a look on eBay, there you can also get many notebook parts.

If you have found something you can post it here. I?m sure it?s interesting for other P700 owners! :)

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Despite some reports of 'flaky' operation and similar, I decided to rip out my HDD and slap a SSD and W7 Pro 64-bit onto my portege R700-184

flippin heck its sped the thing up!!!!

I used a sandforce based OCZ Vertex 2 120Gb drive and Retail Media to install the 64-bit windows. this is with no other firmware or software updates for the SSD or Laptop, so straight out the box

Before it used to boot from cold in 95 seconds, down to 23 seconds on the SSD! and it wakes from sleep in around 4 seconds!!! VERY impressed!

similarly the 64-bit o/s has improved my WEI scores as well, the CPU is up from 6.5 to 6.9, the RAM from 5.4 to 5.9 and obviously the SSD has taken hard drive from 5.9 to a scorching 7.4 :-)

excellent upgrade in the embryonic stages, i will report back on long term testing after i've got all my drivers back up and running and restored my files!


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Answer:Portege R700 - Lightning Fast!

> i decided to rip out my HDD and slap an SSD and W7 Pro 64-bit onto my Portege R700-184

I never upgraded one of my notebooks with an SSD drive but according to your post this should improve the notebook performance a lot? great to known this? so thanks for sharing this info!!!

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Pressing Fn+F8 to enable/disable wireless on an R700 - what registry key values does this change? Is anyone able to tell me the Registry path for the wireless functionality on the Portege R700's?



Answer:Portege R700 - Registry key for FN+F8 key combination

Hi buddy,

The exact registry key only knows Toshiba. I can tell you that FN keys are controlled by Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility.

Both tools can be downloaded on official Toshiba website so for FN keys you need an additional tool and it?s not only a simple registry key.

Do you have any problems with FN key combinations?

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I own the canadian version of Portege R700, called Tecra R700 (PT319C-00E002).
The CPU fan is always turning between 43% and 51% (independently of the selected frequency mode), which makes the computer noisy - too noisy to be used comfortably, too noisy to be used in meetings of in silent public areas.

The fan seems to be controled by the BIOS, so that applications such as SpeedFan are useless. Is there a way to fix this issue?

Kind regards.

Answer:Portege R700 - High CPU fan noise

Hi dernierrecours,

>The CPU fan is always turning between 43% and 51% (independently of the selected frequency mode)
That means the fan will always run on the same level independently of cooling method that you can choose in Windows Power Management?!

Well, have you already tried to update the BIOS? Is the newest version installed?
Check the Toshiba page for an update.

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Firstly, there is no fingerprint driver for the Portege R700 - In this case an R700-181

I am using Win 7 x86 - no driver in our entire driver repository will work for this device, which is apparently an AuthenTec AES 1660.

Out of all the different OEMs we buy or have bought hardware from, Toshiba is by far the worst. So bad in fact it has prompted me to complain.

Secondly, despite Intel and ATI updating their display driver to account for a reduction in the available memory space for kernel modules in Windows, due to a security update (as detailed here, because Toshiba cannot be bothered, or dont have any concern for after sales support, it means that we have dozens of devices blue screening.

The only workaround is to not install this security patch, which due to the nature of our work is totally unacceptable. This patch has been created for a reason, and that is to improve security, but Toshiba customers cannot benefit due to poor support from Toshiba.

Incidentally, I have finally found a driver that works for the R700 by finding an old driver from a different model.

Sort yourselves out Toshiba - we will not be renewing out contract with the reseller at this rate.

Answer:No Win 7 Fingerprint driver for Portege R700


The fingerprint software for Win 7 32bit is available on Toshiba European driver page.

You can choose The Portege R830 since the fingerprint software is the same.

<img src='' border='0' width='550px'/>

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I have a Portege R700-1E8 with Win7 Pro.
WinUpdate does not detect SP1, but it detected the other updates and it installed them (the SO is activated).

If I'm installing SP1 manually (downloaded as iso file from Microsoft download site) it seems to be installed without troubles.
Still, I've recovered the notebook to the original state and tried to detect the windows updates again.

There are a lot of updates available, but no SP1 AND IE9.

Any ideea?
Thank you,


Answer:Portege R700 and Win 7 Update does not detect SP1


> If I'm installing SP1 manually (downloaded as iso file from Microsoft download site) it seems to be installed without troubles.

So where is the problem if you were able to install the SP1 manually?
I had also some problems installing the patches in the past? I could not install some patches? After rebooting the system and disabling an 3rd party firewall, I could install necessary updates which were receiving automatically by Win 7.

However, SP1 can be installed manually and it should be possible installing other patches automatically? so in such case I would not be worried?

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Is there anyway to add express card slot to R700-18E? It does not have express card slot on it. It is possible to add express card slot with docking station? Or any other option?

I want Express card slot for graphic card upgare.

Answer:Re: Can I add Express Card on Portege R700-18E?

In my opinion you should use such adapter . I think it is easiest solution for you.

What do you think?

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I came to know that the cooling problem on the R700 latop is due to a bad design.

To be more specific, aluminium was used to build the heat sink instead of copper as it is showed in the Toshiba commercial video (see below please). I sent my latop for repare and it is just arrived in Sommerdae (Germany).

Nevertheless I want to ask a a replacement for an other laptop out of this range if the problem heat could not be fixed definitely.

Best Regards,
Tahar B.

video link:

Answer:Cooling issue on Portege R700


A friend of mine bought an R830 and we talked about the cooling modules performance on his R830 and we compared the performance and heat dissipation with my R series notebook.

My notebook is runs more quiet? we have compared the settings and I think we could find a workaround for this?

I have updated the BIOS is the past? and I recommended checking the Toshiba pages for newer BIOS. Indeed the new BIOS was published and could flash the BIOS as well?

Furthermore I?ve improved the power management settings in Win 7
Control Panel - Power Options - Change plan settings - Change advanced power settings - TOSHIBA Power Saver Settings - Cooling Method ... Here I set both options to battery optimized.

I also disabled the Intel Turbo boost technology in BIOS because I didn?t notice any performance boosts if this option was enabled? so I tested this with disabled option?
Last but not least the Toshiba HW setup seems to contains options for CPU? I set the option ?Dynamic CPU frequency mode? to first option ?Dynamically Switchable??

seems that notebook runs quiet and I?m pleased with that?

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I would like to install a small SSD as a second drive in my r700-15q, in order to experience the SSD renaissance.

I see others have done this using a caddy that is installed in the optical drive bay.

My laptop does not come with an optical drive, or a bay for an optical drive. It only came with an internal 7200 RPM traditional drive. here is the full spec

Is there anyway to install a second drive in my laptop (r700-15Q)?

In the worst case, is there enough connectors and space to fit a small SSD inside using electrical tape!


Answer:Portege R700-15Q- Usage of SSD as 2nd drive

> Is there anyway to install a second drive in my laptop (r700-15Q)?
If you want to use an SSD drive, you will need to replace it with the internal HDD

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I have a very annoying problem:
My touch pad is deactivating and activating itself all the time. As if i would constantly press fn+f9 (several times in a row). I had this problem before but it just stopped. It seems the problem occurs more often when using the keyboard.
And the small on/off-Button doesn't seem to work.
I cleaned the keyboard and removed the F9-button in case but the only result was that I can't put it back as it won't stay in position...

please help me. I can barely use the keyboard as I am constantly interrupted by the touch pad on/off-message.


Message was edited by: kashel

Answer:Portege R700-174 - Touchpad randomly on and off

Alright I solved the issue. There is a function key utility downloadable in the drivers section of
It blocks the pop-ups and everything just works fine for now :)

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Is it possible somehow to put an HDD disk where theDVD player is at Portege R700-1CZ?
Any help appreciable.

Answer:Portege R700 - can I change the DVD player with HDD?

As far as I know something like this is not possible and Toshiba doesn?t offer HDD caddy for that.

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Hello friends,

i have Portege R700-1321 Laptop.
about 1 year a go i was update my BIOS version to 2.20 and after that i cant enter the BIOS!!!
try any way but noway :(

when press F2 after rebooting computer nothing append and reset again .
try to F10 ro change boot order but again just restarting :(
i need to change boot order to install new fresh OS and of course change my BIOS setting.

please help me.
if any body had a same problem or know way to fix it :(

Answer:Cannot enter BIOS on my Portege R700

Can you use F8 or F12 at start-up?
Is maybe ?fast boot? option enabled? Check it out please.
Open Toshiba assist > optimize > Toshiba HWSetup > Boot priority. There you should find option for boot speed. Be sure it is set to ?normal?

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Attempting to reinstall Windows 7 on my R700-1DD but I am coming across the dreaded select the driver to be installed page.

Ive installed OS's on many systems before so know to be looking for a chipset or Sata driver.
However i cant seem to find any, maybe im missing something?

If anyone could shed some light on the situation or point me in the right direction of some drivers would very much appreciate it



Answer:Portege R700-1DD: Windows 7 installation


All Win 7 drivers for Portege R700 PT311E are available on the Toshiba European driver page.

<IMG src= width=530px>

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In my Porteg? R700 there is no way to make autorun working (for CD/DVD and USB keys as well). CD/DVD and USB keys work perfectely, but not the autorun.

I've tried to use both the AutoFix of Microsoft and the PowerToys, but the problem it's still there. I've tried also to modify the Registry, but it seems that the changes are not kept. I suspect there is something related to some utilities or so.
Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege R700 - No autorun for CD/DVD and USB keys


> I suspect there is something related to some utilities or so.
What kind of utilites you have installed? Theoretically they could block the autorun?

Normally if autorun doesn?t work on XP you can enable it in Windows registry:
Start > run > regedit

The registry editor will open and navigate to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer
Double click on the value ?NoDriveTypeAutoRun? and set the value ?91?.

Now you have to navigate to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Services / Cdrom

Double click on the value ?AutoRun? and set the value ?1?.

Now restart your computer and test it again, usually autorun should work again.
Furthermore make sure that newest Service Pack is installed for XP (SP3).

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I just got my R700.
According to product description / datasheet Nero Backup Essential is bundled to it and it was preinstalled.

Since there is no backup DVD supplied with the notebook, I tried to make it on my own.
But when I open Nero BackIt and try to make an image of the HD, I get an popup, telling me that I have to *buy* nero first.

I've looked on nero home page: it states that nero essential should be capable to make backups of HDDs.

How can I create a backup? And how can I get NERO to work properly?

br Wolfgang K.

Answer:Portege-R700-19L - How can I create a backup?


To crate a recovery disk you have to use the preinstalled Toshiba tool called Toshiba Recovery Media Creator!
This tool helps you to create a Recovery disk!!

Regarding the Nero:
The preinstalled Nero version is a essential suite which means it?s not full product.
The essential Nero Multimedia suite supports: Nero BackUpIt 1)*Auto backup* and 2)*Syncing*

The File backup, Drive backup and Image tool disk creator is not a part of essential nero suite but it?s part of Nero Full product.

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Hi everybody :-)

am looking bios v. 1.50 for toshiba r700 model PT311E sold e.g in Poland.
On Toshiba download page is only new version 1.60 but I need previous version 1.50.

Can someone help me and send me via e-mail ? [email protected]

thanks a lot.

Answer:Portege R700 PT311E -I'm looking for Bios v1.50


Unfortunately, Toshiba European driver page provides just the newest BISO versions.
But I found also older BIOS versions on the Toshiba US driver page.
[Portege R700-S1320| rpn=PT311U&modelFilter=R700-S1320&selCategory=2756709&selFamily=1073768662]

But it?s for Portege R700-S1320 and the series PT310U / PT311U / PT314U
So possibly it?s the same BIOS which is designed for Portege R700 PT311E (E means European U means USA)

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The HDD installed was 320GB, it has developed surface errors.

I decided I would upgrade to a Solid state drive. I got a m4 64GB.

I swapped the disks and booted from recovery DVD. It gave one option to install. Selected and it opens a command prompt where it starts to partition the disk, all ok until it copies files. It errors with "CRC or HDD error"

Question is, with the Toshiba recovery, does it need more than 64GB? How can I choose partition sizes?


Message was edited by: dannix

Answer:Portege R700-15U HDD upgrade to SSD using recovery media

ignore this, I couldn't post as it kept saying i had profanity or inappropriate language!

Message was edited by: dannix

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I'm the happy owner of a R700, at least until now.
This morning, I'd try to protect my laptop with a boot password.
So i set up a supervisor password and restarted my computer.
It has two downsides :
First of all, there is no boot password required and secondly if I push the F2 key at the boot sequece, the comuter imediately restart...

How can i enter the BIOS again and how to set up a boot password ?
And, if it's possible, how to set up a fingerprint password at boot time ?

Thank you very much,

Answer:Re: Portege R700 BIOS supervisor password


Try to press ESC and then F1 in order to access the BIOS.
There you can change or delete the User and Supervisor password.

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Hello all

I have huge problem with my laptop. My hard drive was damaged, of course, I forgot to create a recovery disc on DVD, and now I lost it.

In this situation, from where I have to get a new one. Whether it is at all possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Answer:Portege R700-15L - recovery disc needed

Check please
There you can order recovery disc if they are still available.

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On my notebook (Win7x64), I only need to restore the DVD player software. Yes, I could restore the factory default system from the HDD or my self-made recovery disks, but according to the manual, this is an all or nothing process. This is really the last thing I need, because reinstalling all my other software after a factory default reset would take me a day or two.

After hours of searching for a solution in vain, I'm desperate for help, please.

Answer:Portege R700 - DVD player utility restore


You want to install the preinstalled DVD player software? This tool isn?t downloadable for Windows 7 64bit and can only be installed from recovery disk with the whole recovery image.

But why installing a DVD player? Just use VLC media player that can play a lot of more video and audio files. It?s nice freeware tools and makes DVD player software unnecessary. You can download it here:

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My DVD does not open the tray.
When I hit eject I hear it attempting to open and after a couple of seconds the lights go on but the tray does not open.

Is there a fix for this. I unplugged my PC and tried the eject with just power on my PC and it works fine, able to open and close it using the button. I know it is software related but I don't know how to fix it.

Any ideas?

Many thanks, Iris

Answer:Portege R700-1E8: DVD drive does not eject the tray


>Is there a fix for this.

There should be a small, tiny hole near the eject button.
You can open the tray manually inserting an thin object like staple or clip in this hole.
The tray should eject and you should be able to insert a disk

PS: In my opinion its NOT software issue since the ODD tray isn't controlled by any software

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I currently have a Toshiba Portege R700-17Z.

I want to increase the amount of RAM from 2GB to 8GB, and as a result I want to run Windows 64 bit. I was planning on running a clean reinstall, but is 64 bit Windows built into this machine? Or will I need a separate disk?

If I need a separate disk, any ideas on how to do this without an optical drive?

Many thanks!

Answer:Portege R700-17Z - Upgrading to Windows 7 64bit

At first info about RAM upgrade: You are right. You can upgrade your Portege up to 8GB and compatible 4GB modules have part number PA3677U-1M4G.

According notebook specification your Portege was delivered with WIN7 32BIT PROFESSIONAL but it is supported for Win7 64bit. 64bit drivers and Toshiba specific tools and utilities can be downloaded from Toshiba download page.

What is your decision now? If you need some assistance with OS installation let us know.

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I have re-installed windows 7 in 64-bit flavour after an SSD upgrade, however i can't seem to find the correct installer to get the on screen display that shows you what the 'Fn' key is doing??

any idea folks

only thing i've not installed off the toshiba site is 'Value Added Package' as i really dont want to clutter the pc up with rubbish!



Answer:Portege R700 - On Screen Display for Fn key actions

> however i can't seem to find the correct installer to get the on screen display that shows you what the 'Fn' key is doing?
You need Toshiba Flash Card Support Utility. This tool controls the FN buttons.
Please check if you can find this tool in the driver area for other notebook series.

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I've got an Portege R700 from November 2010. Ever since I got the computer, the left speaker has occasionally been making a very loud, slightly scary noise whenever it is not muted.
It does this both when it's playing music (or any other sounds), and when it isn't supposed to do anything. It also makes the sound when the computer is starting up.

It's becoming more and more frequent, and by now I can't use the computer when the speakers are on at all. Someone has told me that it might be related to the hard drive?
Any suggestions?


Answer:Portege R700 - Very loud scratchy sound

It is definitely hardware related issue but I don?t know if anyone here can say for sure why this happen.

Your notebook is not old and has valid warranty. Best thing you can do is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider. Explain the situation and they can check this. If something must be exchanged it will be done for free.

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I have been having issues trying to get the Fingerprint Utility to work on my new test laptop. I have created a new SCCM build and associated task sequence which includes the utility.
However when I launch the Fingerprint Utility for the first time the finger prompt pops up which I can't bypass to register any finger prints?
I am using the version on Windows 7.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Answer:Portege R700 - Enrolling Fingerprints on Windows 7

Did you read fingerprint setup details in the user manual mate?
In use, the fingerprint authentification system will use the same username and password as defined within the windows OS. If no windows password has been configured, you must do this before starting the fingerprint registration process.

Click on Start -> All Programs -> Toshiba Utilities -> Toshiba Fingerprint Utility of click on icon in the taskbar.
The enroll screen is displayed. Enter the current account password on the windows password field. If no windows password has been configured, you will be asked to configure the logon password. Then click next.
Click the non-enrolled finger icon above the finger you want to register and then click next
The note go enrollment operation screen is displayed. Conform the message and then click next.
Then the scanning practice screen is displayed. You are able to practice swiping (three times) your fingers to ensure you use the correct method. When you finished, click next.
Swipe three times with the same finger. If succeeds, message will appear. Then click OK

Further details you will find in user manual page 82

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Hi everybody!

This is my first post in this forum.
I've been looking for an answer to my problem and I haven't found it so I've opened this post.

I bought a Portege R700-PT311E few moths ago and now I'd like to install a SSD drive in the DVD slot. Do anyone know if is that possible?

I want to install the OS in the SSD drive and leave the 500GB HDD to store the information.

Thank you very much in advance,

Answer:Portege R700 - Replace DVD unit with SSD drive

thats in an R835 but essentially the same computer, all you need to ensure is that the dvd drive is SATA and not USB so the HDD can connect

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I am running Windows7 64bit on a R700. When I connect the laptop to my flat screen tv using the built in HDMI slot, I do not get any sound being output through my TV.
There is nothing wrong with my TV or HDMI cabling as I use the same on my PS3 and everything works fine.

Is there a setting that needs changing or something? Is it a driver issue?

Any and all help would be gratefully appreciated.

Best Regards,

Answer:Portege R700 - HDMI sound issue


Have you tried to change playback device in sound properties (playback)?
Usually it should works automatically but try please to change it manually.

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I've just bought a Port?g? R700-1C2 which comes with Windows 7 only.
In the Toshiba web site another model is shown (R700-13L) with the same features, but with Window 7 plus a so called XP Professional Media Recovery DVD.

Because of, for a number of reasons, I very much prefer to use XP, I'd like to know where/how could I get/buy that DVD (which I assume has all the specific drivers in).

Thanks in advance for the help.


Answer:Portégé R700-1C2: Where to get XP Downgrade Media Recovery


This R700-1C2 notebook has been released and preinstalled with WIN7 64BIT PROFESSIONAL.
The R700-13L was delivered with WIN7 64BIT PROFESSIONAL & WIN XP DVD.

I?m not quite sure if you will get the recovery Win XP DVD for the R700-1C2 but you can try this page:

This is the one and only page where the recovery disk can be ordered.

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Hi There

my brand new R700 seems to have a bit of a surrender monkey of a screen on it.
When i use the machine at home i sit it on a low coffee table, thus titling the screen a fair way back to angle it right for viewing

If i then pick up the laptop to use it on my....well lap basically.......the screen falls back to fully open/flat just through the motion of lifitng the machine

Anyone else had a similar problem and if so is it as simple as nipping up the hinge bolts and how are they accessed to do this?
I rip apart laptops all the time, but never a brand new one that i'm worried about scratching, so i want to make sure i get it right!!!



Answer:Portege R700 - screen hinges are loose


Don?t have any similar issues with my notebook but possibly the display hinges are loose?
Usually such hinges are hidden behind the plastic chassis and you would need to disassemble the notebook in order to get access to such parts.

Generally speaking I don?t recommend disassembling this nice notebook.
Firstly you will lose the warranty status if you would remove the plastic cover.
Secondly you could damage or break this and I think this is not worth a risk.

If I would be you, I would spend small fee and would ask a technician for a help.

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Win 7 Pro, after clean install (I installed all Toshiba drivers again) I have 2 unrecognized devises left.

1 one:
AuthenTec Inc. AES1660
Location: Port_#0002.Hub_#0003

it is working properly, but no driver is shown and it is not recognized by windows.
Yes, I did install drivers for Fingerprint and Touchpad.

2 one: Unknown device
Other devices
on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System
The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

Details: ACPI\TOS6205

Any ideas? Thank you!

Answer:Portege R700 - Unknown devices in hardware

The first one should be fingerprint sensor and second one BT module. If you have installed BT stack installation enable BT (FN+F8) to finish BT module installation.

To be honest I don?t know what is wrong thee but here is Win7 installation order. All listed stuff must be installed in this order:

Win 7
USB3.0 Driver
USB-Serial Driver 1.00.000
TOSHIBA Assist 4.00.00
TOSHIBA Security Assist 2.0.8
TOSHIBA Bulletin Board
Infineon TPM Software Professional Package v3.60.2071.00
Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility
Intel Management Engine Interface
Intel AMT Software
Intel Display Driver
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
Realtek Audio Driver
Intel LAN Driver
Synaptics Touch Pad Driver 15.0.12
TOSHIBA Value Added Package 1.3.12_64
Ricoh Card Reader
Wireless LAN Driver
ConfigFree 8.0.30
TOSHIBA Network Device ID Registry Setting Tool
TOSHIBA Fingerprint Utility
TOSHIBA Web Camera Application V1.1.2.13
TOSHIBA Face Recognition 3.1.3
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
TOSHIBA eco Utility
TOSHIBA HDD Protection
TOSHIBA Service Station 2.1.40
TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor
TOSHIBA Sleep Utility
TOSHIBA Disc Creator for x64
TOSHIBA Media Controller
TOSHIBA Media Controller Plug-in... Read more

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I'm having problem using a 2-year old Samsung external super-multi drive with my new Portege R700-1F3, which doesn't come with a DVD drive. The usb powered Samsung dvd drive works fine with all other computers I have access to:
* MacBook with OS X 10.5
* Samsung NP-X360 laptop with 32-bit Windows XP
* Dell Inspiron Zino HD desktop with 64-bit Windows 7

The symptoms are:
* When the dvd drive is plugged into Portege, the green light on the dvd drive goes on and off.
* This happens in BIOS as well as once 32-bit Windows 7 loads.
* In Windows 7 Devices & Printers control panel, the dvd drive alternately appear & disappear continuously.
* When it appears, it shows up as "USB storage" with a yellow ! warning icon.

I've tried all 3 USB ports. The power cable is plugged into Portege. I've tried turning of digital signing during boot up. The external dvd came free with my old Samsung laptop and is model AA-ES0N09B.

Any suggestion whether it's a hardware or software problem and how to fix it?


Answer:Portege R700 - Compatibility with external DVD drive

Maybe the drive is not getting enough power.

Have you tried using a USB Y-Cable to power the drive from two USB ports?

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I have the exact same problem as outlined in:

The laptop resolution at random times and intervals seems to revert back to supporting a maximum of 1280x700 which results in a 2 inch black bar on the right hand side and the start button of windows 7 being off the screen.

At present its stuck in this display resolution and no matter what I do I can not get it to return to the normal 1366x768.

External Monitors work fine with the laptop.

Its running 2.20 BIOS which I believe is the latest.

It seems that the intel driver must be getting some information that is incorrect.
Searching on various forums and using moninfo i see that the internal display does not seem to support EDID and that the parameters seem to be set by the registry some how.

I've also tried to do an EDID override by creating a custom inf file with Moninfo but this does not seem to effect the issue.

I've also tried restoring from the recovery disks multiple times without success.
When the installation of windows occurs the display is fine.
When the additional Toshiba programs are added the display reverts back to 1280x700.
I suspect this is happening when the intel graphics driver is installed.

If I boot the laptop into safe mode the resolution is 1366x768 which seems to suggest that its the driver that has a problem.

Anyone else had this issue and understand how to fix it? I also see that intel don;... Read more

Answer:Portege R700-S1321 - Can not set resolution to 1366x768

> If I boot the laptop into safe mode the resolution is 1366x768 which seems to suggest that its the driver that has a problem.

I think you are on the right trace and I think its driver related issue.
Therefore I would recommend you to uninstall the Intel graphic card driver within the device manager.

The PORTEGE R700-S1321 was equipped with the Intel? Core i5-520M CPU and this CPU supports the Intel? HD graphic card

The newest Intel HD driver can be downloaded directly from the Intel page:
[Driver for Intel Core Processors with Intel HD Graphics| ProductLine=Laptop+graphics+drivers&ProductProduct =Intel%C2%AE+Core%E2%84%A2+Processors+with+Intel%C 2%AE+HD+Graphics&ProdId=3231&LineId=1101&FamilyId= 39]

I have to download the zip package.
Then you can install the driver via device manager using the advanced installation procedure. This allows you to point directly to this zip package. Windows system would pick up the driver automatically. After new reboot you the newest drivers would be installed and you should change your resolution.

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Touchpad buttons problem. I have this problem since I have bought a computer. Right button of the touchpad does not work and Left button occasionally behaves like a right one. eg. If pressed at the desktop screen it will open a dialog window as what usually the right button does. Also double click is not working straight after the boot and it behaves like a right button again, so I have to press once and select ?open?.. it can be solved if I press ?Cntr+Alt+Del? end then exit with Esc. It solves the double click issue, but right button is still does not work.

1. It is like that from
2. Windows was reinstalled as suggest with no luck. I also tried another non OEM disc with a same result?

Send it to service? Any ideas? Mouse works ok.
Please help.

Answer:Portege R700 - Touchpad buttons issue

Hi buddy,

Do you use the preinstalled Windows version from Toshiba?

Before you send it to service I would try updating the touchpad driver. You can download the touchpad driver on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads

If it still doesn?t work you can send it to service and I must be a hardware issue because you have everything tried.

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I have a R700-1DD with stock 320GB HDD. I want to upgrade this to 500GB. This upgrade should be quite straightforward, cloning the old to the new.

However, I was wondering about the HDD password / fingerprint.
My HDD it set to require a password/fingerprint on boot - I guess this is all related to the BIOS and the disk itself but I'm not sure exactly how.
I believe the HDD itself is locked - this is not a Windows or BIOS password.

If I change the HDD will I still be able to use the HDD boot password/fingerprint? Are there any HDD hardware requirements I need to consider before buying the new HDD? Like does it need to be a specific type of HDD to work with HDD password/fingerprint?


Answer:Portege R700-1DD: Questions about HDD replacement and passwords

Hi bullerd,

The HDD password is stored on HDD so if you exchange the HDD you have to set a new HDD password in BIOS. The password is not stored in BIOS. Furthermore the fingerprints are also stored on HDD or let?s say fingerprint software but the whole operating system must be installed after HDD exchange so it?s new problem.

So both passwords you mentioned are stored on HDD so it?s no problem to exchange the HDD. :)

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I did a full rebuild of my R700 from the Tosh recovery media today.

Since I have a relatively small hard drive (120Gb SSD) I wanted to just have one drive. Worst of all, I certainly didn't want to have all the default User folders on the smaller C: drive which has all the applications.

Can the two partitions be easily merged or am I buggered here? There was no option during the rebuild for me to specify so I honestly don't know what I would do differently anyway.

At the moment everything is on C: including all the user and document folders, on the D: there is one folder called "HDDRecovery" which I guess was put there when the system was rebuilt.

Suggestions appreciated!

Thank you


Answer:Portege R700 rebuild, ended up with two partitions

>Can the two partitions be easily merged or am I buggered here?
Well, the recovery disk has created these two partitions automatically because the second one contains the HDD recovery files and option which means that you could be able to recover the unit from HDD.

But both partitions can be merged together; look for the free tool called GParted

You can also use the internal option of Windows OS.

In Disk Management you can delete the second partition and can extend then the first partition.
This should work too.

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Just playing with my new R700.

the pointer is jumping quite a lot and it seems that my finger is causing friction and stopping/starting its slide movement accross the mouse pad.

Any ideas.
I thought perhaps clean it with a screen cleaner.

Answer:Portege R700 touchpad pointer jump around


If you are using the finger for controlling the pointer, then you should check if this happen using the touch-pen.
Furthermore I recommend reinstalling the touchpad driver which can be found on the Toshiba European driver page!

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When I clicked Camera Assistant Software i got this error: "webcam is either disabled or has failed. please check your webcam settings."

can some one help me on this?


Answer:Portege R700 - Webcam is either disabled or has failed

Hi Sagar,

Hmm? Probably it?s just a driver malfunction. Have you already tried reinstalling the webcam driver? You can download the newest version on Toshiba website:

In your case I would remove the current webcam software and restart the computer. Then install the downloaded webcam software from Toshiba page and restart your computer again.

Can you confirm it?s working now?

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I've had a Portege R700 for a few months and whilst a brilliant notebookI'm having a few problems that I can't find the answer to. I thought I'd post them both as they possibly could be interrelated.

Firstly, when I'm running on battery alone my computer wont shut down. It gets to the Windows is Shutting down screen and just hangs. After about 10 or so minutes I generally give up and manually power down the machine by holding the power button. It's my office computer so It's very rarely used on battery so I haven't really worried about it but I'd like to fix it. Also when I'm using my machine on the port replicator in the office, when I shut down my computer it comes up with the screen that a program is not responding and to force close it. I find that odd as there is no program running at the time (obviously there is probably a background program running).

The second problem that I am having is that I'm trying to install Windows 7 SP1 via the full download from Microsoft's website, however when it comes to install the update I get the following error:


I've done a search on the web for answers but any of the fixes outlined haven't worked. My only other option could be a full reinstall of Windows which I'm loathed to do.

If anyone has any solutions that would be great.


Answer:Portege R700 Wont shut down or install W7 SP1

Hi there

why aren't you allowing Windows Update to install the updates to the machine? that method usually resolved 90% of update install problems as the update manager will only download the service pack sections required for your install/version/build of windows 7?

how is the shutdown carried out? pressing the power button or using the windows start menu shutdown button?

when on the port replicator what does the error message say exactly? what is the name of the program?

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My fingerprint device worked fine until I updated the drivers yesterday to the newest version.

I was using it mainly for login in and encrypting files but now I don?t get that option. I have uninstalled and installed again, tried to reinstall the software but nothing. When I go to control panel > biometric devices > use your fingerprint with Windows, I get the message that there is no management app installed. But when I check at the installed programs I see the "Authec Tec Winbio FingerPrint Soft" installed.

Any help?

Answer:Portege R700-1CZ - cannot use newest fingerprint driver


On the Toshiba EU driver page you could find the fingerprint software which functions properly.
I recommend firstly to uninstall the fingerprint software? additionally you could uninstall the driver in device manager too.
Reboot the unit, clean the system and registry running CCLeaner (its freeware tool. If you did not install it in the past, do that before fingerprint software installation).

Then install the fingerprint software from the driver page.
Reboot once again and run the test.

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This is a question to the techy guys at Toshiba. Please can someone confirm compatibility with OCZ Vertex2 SSD (Sandforce) drives with the Portege r700?

Ever since I've upgraded the stock HDD I've had issues with the BIOS recognising the SDD when rebooting. The issue is intermittent if I boot the laptop from cold it's fine, the SDD is recognised and everything is ok. When needing to reboot the laptop from Windows 7 (64bit) it will hang at the Toshiba Leading Innovation screen. It seems that the BIOS can't detect the drive for some reason and just freezes. I've read the threads about the Thumbprint software but am already running the version v1.0.2.32 - so think this is unrelated.

I've recently updated the OCZ Vertex2 firmware to v1.32 hoping this would fix the problem and it hasn't. The issue could be more with Sandforce compatibility with the Toshiba BIOS.

I'm currently running BIOS v1.9 - please can you guys do anything to fix this?

Answer:Portege R700 - SSD OCZ Sandforce and Toshiba BIOS v1.9

Are you able to test the SSD in another PC?

Does a HDD work ok in the R700?

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I have just reformatted the HD on my Portege R700 and the sound through the HDMI TV connection (Toshiba TV) does not work anymore -through cable. Although the control panel shows that the TV speaker is the default sound device, upon connection no sound comes through when I either use the sound test or I play any MP4 file.

Could anybody help me on how I should rectify this?

Thx a lot

Answer:Portege R700-14L - No HDMI sound after reformatting HDD


First of all I would try to update the sound driver.
Usually the sound driver from the Toshiba European driver page should work find but the latest driver can be downloaded always from chip manufacturer page?
The sound chip is from Realtek so try the HD audio manager driver directly from Realtek page.

Before installing the new sound driver, you should uninstall the old installed one?
After installation be sure that digital output has been chosen as default device?
In control panel -> sound -> playback tab you can do that?

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Is any one running Windows 7 Pro 32bit on a R700 and using the Hi Speed Port Replicator? Part No PA3838D-1PRP.

I read on a revew site that there are no Windows 7 drivers for for the port replicator.


Answer:Portege R700 and Win 7 Port Replicator Support

As far as I know you don?t need any special port replicator driver. If this port replicator is defined as compatible for your notebook model and you use original Toshiba recovery image it will be recognized automatically and you will be able to use all available ports on this port reflector.

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I have a Port?g? R700-172 - PT311E-03201KGR
It's a WIN 7 64-bit Machine.

Current BIOS 1.70
Current EC-Version: 1.40

For this machine, a BIOS and EC update is out there.
So I downloaded the "BIOS220_EC160.exe" update and tried to process.

The first message during the update process is: "There is need to update BIOS and EC".
When I continue with "Execute the update", I receive the error message:
"Error: Preparing to update was failed
Given image file is not compatible with this cimputer"

There are no changes in the hardware of the machine. The only problem I see is that we are using McAfee Endpoint Encryption (V6.0.2.6) which might have some influence on updating the BIOS.

But I'm not sure.
Does anybody have an ides?

Answer:Portege R700 - BIOS-Update 2.20-WIN is not working


Is BIOS update important for you?
Do you have problems with notebook?

I?ve got three years old notebook and BIOS has not been updated?

However, as far as I know the VAP (value added package) needs to be up to date to get BIOS updated?. Also the firewalls and other security and antivirus software preinstalled on the system should be disabled before trying to update the BIOS.

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Dear friends:

I have a Portege R700-11G, I bought it only two weeks ago.

The computer works very well, except for the high and annoying fan noise.

Even doing nothing, only boot and sometimes in the bios configuration, the fan is always turning on with a temperature of 40? or 50.

I have updated the BIOS and i don't know what to do.

Can anybody help me please?
Thanks a lot.

Answer:Portege R700-11G - high and annoying fan noise

the R700/R830 series use intel/toshiba Airflow cooling tech, which means the fan runs constantly, no matter what load

however for general browsing etc the fan should never get loud really, mine certainly doesnt. its not noticeable unless i'm in a graveyard or library!

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did anyone experienced a high-frequency chirping of the Portege. I just own it few days. Twice I had such a sound and wonder what it is (it is not the typical fan sound.)? I turned off speakers, but this wans't the source of it...

Answer:Portege R700-172 high-frequency chirping

Do you have anything connected?

A microphone, speakers, port replicator, external monitor?

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Hi, I am having LOTS of problems with my 3G connection through the Toshiba Wireless Manager. I have Windows 7, and Wireless Manager program version is CXP-901-4396/41 R3M03.
Main problems are:
- connection is continously failing: it is connected, 5 minutes after it disconnects, and I have to connect again. Sometimes, I need to reboot to be able to reconnect
- very often, while connected, the BLUE SCREEN appears!!! crashing the computer!

This only happens while the Wireless Manager is connected. Without it, the PC works 100%!

Please help.


Answer:Portege R700 Toshiba Wireless Manager


I don?t have Portege R700 in front of me but maybe it?s useful when you reinstall the Wireless Manager and 3G driver. Before you do this, check if newer version is available on Toshiba website if not try reinstalling the same drivers.

I hope it works :)

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I have a Toshiba Portege R700 - and I have spilt some coke onto a small section of the keyboard.
Unsurprisingly, two or three keys are now "sticky".

Is this as simple as getting access to the keyboard and cleaning the relevant keys?
Or is it not as simple as that?
If I can do this, is there a pictorial guide on how to access the keyboard?

I am loathe to open it without a look at the tech manual first.


Answer:Portege R700 - how to clean keyboard keys?


In my opinion you will not be able to clean it properly. Coke is full of sugar. It can be complicated but you can try it.

In worst case you must exchange he keyboard.
So what you must do is to remove key cap for each critical button. It is fixed with small plastic holders. Just take something like credit card but more stabile, put under the key cap and try to remove it. Under the key cap is small key mechanism. Try to clean it up with wet cloth. Be very careful and clean it without much pressure.

When you think it is OK place the key cap in the place and press it down, very gently of course.

You will hear ?click? noise and the key cp should be in place again.

I hope you will be able to get it work again.
Please post some feedback.

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hello !

my 'problem':

on my portege (r700-174) i run a win7 (which was preinstalled on that notebook), a win 8.1. and for some tests the win10 technical preview

all the Systems are protected via Password and Fingerprints.

also the win10 test-System (to test fingerprint-Utility within win10)

now i deleted an old build of win10 and made a clean install with the latest build

unfortunately i forgort to unregister the Fingerprint i had registerd with that old win10 - so now this finger can not be used
to be registerd for the new win10 (or any other System)

my question

is there any possibility to completely reset (delete all Fingerprints for all Systems) the fingerprintscanner out from one of my running Systems or to unregister the
Fingerprint for that system, that does not longer exist on my portege ?

thanks for any hints


Answer:How to reset fingerprint sensor on Portege R700-174?

The fingerprints are stored on the fingerprint sensor and you will need to follow the instructions in this Toshiba document to remove your fingerprint scans.

In case this procedure would not work, only Toshiba authorized service provider would be able to erase users fingerprint related privacy information on the fingerprint sensor flash.

See also other thread:

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