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Portege Z20t SSD upgrade – SATA M.2 only?

Question: Portege Z20t SSD upgrade – SATA M.2 only?

I?ve got a Z20t-B-10C with a 256 GB SSD Samsung MZNTE256HMHP, which is a SATA M.2 2280 module.

I assume, I could replace this one by any other SATA M.2 2280 module, like the new SanDisk X400 1 TB (also named SD8SB8U-1T00-1122 or SD8UB8U-1T00-1122, don?t know the difference yet).

Does anyone know, where I could also replace it by a PCIe M.2 2280 module (also called NVMe), like the Samsung SSD SM951-NVMe 512 GB M.2 (MZVPV512HDGL) or the Plextor M6e 512 GB M.2 (PX-G512M6E)? Do I have to look for the M.2 ?B? and/or ?M? key?

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Preferred Solution: Portege Z20t SSD upgrade – SATA M.2 only?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Portege Z20t SSD upgrade – SATA M.2 only?

I dont think the notebook supports PCIe, you should get a SATA drive to ensure compatibility.

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I can't find any reliable info whether the z20t-b or z20t-c supports the DisplayPort Alternate Mode over its usb type c port. If so does it support 3840*[email protected] ?

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Hey cant get my position with bing maps, here maps, oder mapfactor navigator, even GPS Information Apps cant show position when WLAN is off.

I bought this for Stand Alone GPS Features.
Updated Win 8.1 to the latest Updates. Still no location Service in APPs.

GPS is on in Windows 8.1 Settings, i allowed the apps to use the gps/position.
All latest Toshiba service updates are installed. Even with a SIM CARD i get no GPS.

Only in WLan i get a position..

So return this is it damaged? BTW must work tomorrow drive around the world. When its not working i must return it.

Tested here Maps und the windows maps app and mapfatorGPS.
none gets a fix when wlan is off.

Answer:Portege Z20t-b GPS no working

In the description of Portege Z20t-b-xxx the “Assisted GPS” is mentioned.

The assisted GPS is part of the 3G module… so it should work using the 3G connection too.

Did you test it?

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When I go to input method panel in Win 10 I cannot choose inking as input method.
I have latest Wacom software.

How can I enable inking (handwriting) input method?

Answer:Cannot use inking handwriting on Win 10 with Portege Z20t

I also have this problem after upgrading to Windows 10. handwriting entry panel has disappeared and there is not way to enter data in Tablet mode. The pen works elsewhere but the pen entry option is greyed out in the keyboard chooser.

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The camera apps "Camera" and "TruCapture" on my Windows 10 Z20T-B2112 don't offer the rear camera, only the front web cam.
Any idea how I can fix this? Is there a specific driver needed?

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Had a portege Z20t-b for 4 weeks, turned it on and had 5% left on primary battery, 5 min later it suddenly turns off and now won't turn back on. Tried plugging the power in and turning it back on. Removed the screen and tried turning it on and nothing happens. The battery light is flashing and goss solid when plugged it. Any ideas what my problem is?

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I have a Z20t-C-15M. SN 5H071828H. Online specs says there's a battery inside the docking keyboard and a battery inside the tablet.
Battery indicators is saying Battery # 1 is not present whereas battery led indicator in the keyboard dock displays no light (nor white nor orange).
Battery indicators is saying battery # 2 present and led indicator is white on the tablet.
Is this a normal behavior or an issue ? Why can'I get the secondary battery ?
From the specs :
Battery Life up to 9h30min tablet only (Mobile Mark? 2014 running Win10)
up to 19h tablet & keyboard (Mobile Mark? 2014 running Win10)


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Its possible charging Z20t-C through USB-C or only proprietary power brick works?

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I own a Portege Z20T B-10C which is a rather nice machine, but has one annoying flaw: The screen gets scratched by virtually any contact. For example, I can't use the "emergency pen" for touch input or to write on the screen as it causes scratches. Also, the screen has already collected a series of scratches shaping the outline of the touchpad, i.e. supposedly produced when closing the laptop. Hence, you can't really use the laptop the way it should be used and I fear that a few months from now the screen will be filled with scratches.

While I'm waiting for my notebook shop to decide whether this is a warranty case or not, I wonder if anyone of you owns this model and has come across the same problem?


Answer:Portege Z20T: Screen becomes scratched by virtually anything

I have exactly the same problem. I've only been using the machine since July and already it's quite damages. Basically the screen rubs against the dock and I have the imprint in the outline of the touchpad. I'm concerned that they will soon damaging the images captured by the camera since the outline of the touch pad is right over the lens.

Toshiba is so far unwilling to repair this and I've included the response from my account rep below. Frankly, I was shocked since this is such an expensive computer and the cause of the problem seems so obvious. I was also disappointed that they didn't consider this thread when evaluating my case since it is the first result when one Googles 'portege scratched screen'.
Hello Eric,

I sent your email with the pictures of your laptop screen scratches. They replied back saying that the scratches are not due to a manufacture defect and there have not been another reports of other Z20t touchscreens getting scratches like this on the screen, so there is nothing they can do to replace it. Our Customer Service Manager will usually just make the call to replace it, if the laptop is with the first 90 days, which is 2 ? months past the normal return policy. He was not able to get the approval to replace it.

I am glad that you were able to get this laptop back up and running. Please keep that Business Technical Support number handy for any future needs, which I hope that you do not ever have to use it in the future. Please give me ... Read more

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I can't seem to fix this problem. The screen on my Port?g? Z20t-B2112 is just out of focus. It's enough to make you nauseous. Any ideas? I installed the windows 8.1pro.

Answer:Fuzzy screen on Portg Z20t-B2112

Have you set the right display resolution?

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I've worked on many Toshiba portege z20t laptop/tablet and i always have the same issue: the screen feel slack on the hinge. If i put a little piece of paper on the hinge before connect screen it solve the problem but it's not a professionnal solution...

Anyone can help me please ?


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Last April I bought a Port?g? Z20T-C 13Q (PT16AE-02J03LCE) and a Stylus Pen (PA5133U-1EUC), with the intention of starting to use this device (as in the advertising itself of the product is announced) Other uses, take notes and draw schemes.

Unfortunately, I saw from the beginning that the Stylus Pen did not work. I thought the reason was that neither the Wacom drivers nor the TruNote program were installed. There was no major problem, because I downloaded those files from the support page for my Port?g?. After installing them, my computer still does not recognize the pressure of my fingers, let alone the presence of the Stylus (maybe because I have chosen the wrong stylus).

Please: What should I do? How do I get to use my computer as it is initially advertised on the website? What Stylus do I need?

Curiously, on an Amazon website we recommend this Stylus Pen as Toshiba Portege Z20T Stylus Pen, and for that reason I bought it from the Toshiba dealer along with the computer.

Thank you for answering my questions.

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I am interested to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue. Since upgrading Windows 10 to the latest Version 1511, Build 10586 released in November by Microsoft i am having strange issues with the Conexant HD Audio device.

The issue being when i am playing stereo music and i encounter a lower volume section of the music (i.e - strings etc) the sound switches from Stereo to Mono and when the volume of the track increases it again reverts to stereo. Sometimes it switched back and forth regularly which is irritating.

I have the latest DTS Studio Sound (1.2.41) for Windows 10 and the correct Conexant HD Audio driver from Toshiba ( and this is the exact same driver/software version i had prior to updating Windows 10 to the latest version so the issue has definately been caused by the update.

To get around the issue i have installed the generic High Defination Audio Device drivers from Microsoft and the issue no longer occurs but i obvisuly can no longer use DTS Studio Sound with these drivers.

I am hoping Toshiba will be releasing a new DTS Studio Sound and/or driver to correct this issue.

Thanks in advance


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I undocked the screen from the keyboard without issue (using the "eject hardware safely" icon), but when reattaching the screen, it does not recognize the keyboard. Physical connection is 100%, but no communication at all. Usually it dings and switches from tablet mode to PC mode. Not this time. Interestingly, it DOES know that the keyboard is being charged, but only "Battery 2" is present.

Any ideas before sending it to the dreaded "Depot"?

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I have a client who wants to use a Portege Z20T but in a wall-mounted position (either fixed or flexible bracket / frame).
Has anyone had to deal with this situation and what have they used?
Or, what would anyone suggest (apart from not using a Portege Z20T)! :-)


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Good morning, after using the Lenovo x61t for over 7 jears it is time to find a new one.

The z20t seems to be the only one which fits my needs:
* convertible
* track stick
* at least full HD display (and not a mirror one!)
* native(!) Ethernet

The only drawback is the little ssd (max. 256) and that is only HDMI 1,4, no 2.0 (CPU limitation) or Display Port to get [email protected]

Then I stumbled over a Z20t-B-10C-SE with a 500 GB SSD ! Is this real or a fake? It was listed yesterday with 16 GB RAM, today with only 8 GB RAM.

If I'm allowed to dream, I would add these ones to the z20T:
* the third mouse button to the trackstick for scrolling (this is something I use almost everytime))
* Perhaps putting 16 GB RAM to the notebook
* HDMI 2.0 or Displayport - this problem is solved itself via an upgrade to Skylake which provides HDMI 2.0
* Having PCe-Lanes (one would be enough) in the dock connector
The last one enables to have more keyboard variants:
* the one which is offered today
* one with a ExpressCard slot (additional card reader, more USB ports, TV cards, special internet connection cards, interface cards for data aquisition etc.)
* one with a ExpressCard slot & second SSD/HDD bay (e.g. for a "cheap & really big HDD")

Additional, a "small & tiny" one for people for which every gramm is important could be nice (no, I prefer the "standard" one which comes with the z20t a lot over the tiny ones which comes with many other tables)... Read more

Answer:Portege Z20t-B-10C-SE - hardware specification question

Your “dreams” sounds good

- The additional 3rd mouse button… well I never required such button on my touchpad… so for me such button would be useless…

- 16GB RAM… definitely big YES… but unfortunately this Portege Z20t-B-10C supports max 8GB RAM… this limitation appears due to the chipset/CPU

- Espress Card slot is could be a nice-to-have feature but I think this kind of interface is already more or less in decline…

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I've got a z20t-B-107. Lovely machine, upgraded to win 10, all working fine - I had to download a new Wacom driver to get the 'left-click' to work with the pen.

I'm using it in tablet mode to digitise some data points on a map, and to sketch with the pen. However, when I rest my hand on the screen it 'activates' the touch screen and makes things go crazy. I really need to be able to temporarily switch off the touch digitiser and have only the Wacom digitiser running, and if I can toggle it on/off somehow that would be useful. Otherwise i need to use the pen in a very unnatural position to avoid touching the screen with my hand.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note which uses the Wacom type digitiser - it doesn't seem to suffer from this, as soon as it detects the pen near the screen it appear to switch off the touch part.

I would be grateful for any help - I've tried search engines but they only seem to give results about touch pads, and that's completely different...

Many thanks in advance

Answer:Portege Z20t - can I turn touch screen OFF?


I use a Z20t too (but with Win8.1) and have the same problem. I have decided to switch off the touch complete. It is not a good solution, but a good working with OneNote is only with switching off the touch functionality possible.
Maybe this is a possible solution for you.
In Win8.1 I switched off the driver in the device manager.

I found the following steps here:

1. Right-click and select "All Apps" at the lower right corner, then select Control Panel
2. Select Hardware and Sound
3. Select Device Manager
4. Select Human Interface Devices
5. From the list, look for the driver for the touch screen. This can be tricky since on my tablet they are all listed as "USB Input Device" and there are 3 of them. I found it by disabling and re-enabling one at a time until the touch screen stopped responding. You can also identify the touch screen by checking the Properties | Details and get the "Hardware Ids" then do a search online to see what the device is. In my case, the touch screen has the ID USB/VID_0EEF&PID_7302.
6. Once you know which is the touch screen, disable the driver and the touch screen should no longer work
Enable this device to make the touch screen work again.

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ThinkPad Super Low Profile TrackPoint Cap Set, Part number:4XH0L55146. this is the cap fits to thinpad x1 yoga.

since having z20t for the last year and half. I still can not find any other 2-in-1 to be better. this comes from someone who had previously only used the most expensive thinkpad models and updating every 1-2 years.

however, the trackpoint cap drives me a bit crazy as I rely on it most time as a 10+ year thinkpad user. it is tiny, needs a lot of force to move, and after a while, the surface becomes smooth and easy to slip.

I did tons of search and bought quite a few replacement caps to try, none worked. and it bugs me that toshiba does not sell a replacement either. so one day when the cap wears out or damaged, I would need to buy a new keyboard dock at least.

finally I found one that works perfectly, from no other than thinkpad itself.
ThinkPad Super Low Profile TrackPoint Cap Set, Part number:4XH0L55146. this is the cap fits to thinpad x1 yoga.

It fits perfect into the space, right size recess to connect to keyboard, just a bit higher than keyboard surface for easier usage. It is also low enough that it does not touch screen at all (far from it) when closed.

more importantly, as it is bigger and have many dimple on it. it is actually much much better user experience. I would say now it would give similar feeling as the best thinkpad trackpoint now. no slip, needs much less force to move around.

I found this solution by accident as I bought a... Read more

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Recently We order some model "TOSHIBA Z20T-C".Our company policy have to enable Windows bitlocker function.
I have a problem. I can't input bitlocker pin on screen keyboard when I power on the tablet or normal model .
Model "Z20T-B" is no problem.

PS:Portege Z20t-C
P/N : PT16BT-01T04Y
BIOS Version : 5.50
EC Version : 1.30
OS:Win10 or Win8.1

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When I turn the display off, the touchscreen and digitizer are still enabled, so, if I touch the screen, the display comes back on. Any way to solve this?

Also, not sure if related, if I turn the screen off and leave it overnight, the battery drops by 25-30% in about 8 hours. Same thing happens when I leave the screen turned off for a short period of time, the battery just doesn't last. Not sure if its because the touchscreen and digitizer are still on.

P.S. Running on upgraded Windows 10 64bit.

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Hi ,
I have bought new toshiba portege z20t that came with pre-installed windows 8.1 pro downgraded to windows 7 pro , inorder to get windows 8.1 pro againe toshiba company has accompanied 3 DVD recovery media for windows 8.1 with laptop and its written in instructions to switch from windwos 7 to 8.1 I have to enter bios change it from CSM mode to UEFI mode I made this and I put the first DVD in my External dvd and chose F12 then boot from ODD what happened is that Toshiba logo came in screen loading for long time with no further continue to enter /windows 8.1 installing option . I don't know how can I setup the windows

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I have a Toshiba Portege Z20T-C. I purchased it 6 months ago. After 3 months it developed a white ghost spot on the screen (approx 1cm across) which I now understand to be a pressure mark.

I don't actually use the touch screen of the laptop so I was surprised about this.

I wondered if any other Z20T owners have had this problem. Since I don't use the touch screen I wondered if it was a common fault with this model.

I did send the laptop back to be looked at under Toshiba's repair and warranty, but was told it wasn't covered and it'd cost me ?528 to repair.

I paid this. It took 3 months to get the machine back and the new screen has a similar pressure mark, just on a different part of the screen. Plus I have a lot of nice scratches all over my (was as new) laptop.
I suspect the pressure mark was caused by the engineer whilst reassembling the machine and pressing on the screen.

The Toshiba repair company say I can send it back to be re-assessed. They won't guarantee to fix it under their 90 day warranty - only to assess it.

I certainly won't spend another ?528 and wait another 3 months.
So, I've had a very expensive laptop for 3 months that's now pretty useless.
I can't say I'm having the best experience as a Toshiba customer.

Does anyone have any advice?

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in the instructions:

Changing the screen orientation
When operating the computer in tablet mode, you can change the screen orientation by roting the computer sideways. The screen orientation automatically changes according to the rotation angle detected.

But it does not go!
The operating system is windows 10.

What can i do?

Answer:Portege Z20T: Windows 10 - Changing screen orientation don't work

This response from Toshiba is an outrage.
Es tut mir sehr leid, dass Sie eine negative Erfahrung mit Ihrem Toshiba Ger?t machen mussten.

Aufgrund der Themen-Komplexit?t und m?glicher notwendiger R?ckfragen k?nnen Anfragen zur Konfiguration und Installation von Software (Treiber, Betriebssystem etc.) nicht immer vollst?ndig per E-Mail beantwortet werden. Wir bitten daher um Verst?ndnis.

Nutzen Sie hierzu bitte unsere umfangreichen Online Supportangebote <> oder wenden Sie an unsere Experten unter 0900-18674422 (1,56 Euro/Minute).

Sollten Sie noch Fragen haben, z?gern Sie bitte nicht, erneut mit uns Kontakt aufzunehmen. Sie erreichen uns Montag bis Freitag von 8.00 Uhr bis 18.00 Uhr unter der Telefonnummer (0 21 31) 52 40 40 00

Mit freundlichen Gr??en,

i.A. IME Service
Who can help, when the Support dont help?????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????

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The current driver in my computer is:-
Device Manager>Display Adapters>Intel(R) HD Graphics 5300>Driver>
Version= 18-11-2015 Intel Corporation.

On the Toshiba web site,
Intel Display Driver Driver Windows 10 64-bit 179.7 MB

And on the Intel Web site, Driver is 28-JAN-2016

Now how is the Intel driver at 28-JAN-2016 version 15 and the one in the computer at version 20 but dated NOV-2015 and the toshiba web site says version 10 and says that is still current?

And all of this is because Firefox does not restore properly and also the computer does not wake up when I open the lid.

Answer:Portege Z20t - Win10 graphic card driver version

I am using Portege z20t with Dynadock 4k and external monitor. The Intel 5300 driver cannot see second display and is clearly not working properly. Will this be fixed? Can I update it to latest version of driver from Intel?

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We have bought a Portege Z20t-C-121 to test it as a replacement for some of our senior management. I re-built it with Windows 10 Enterprise and installed all the latest Drivers from the Toshiba Website. The Intel Wi-Fi Driver did not work correctly so I downloaded and installed it from the Intel website.

The only thing I can't get to function seems to be the auto screen rotation; when I un-dock the screen to use it as a tablet Windows detects this and switches to tablet mode but, however I turn the screen it remains in the same landscape orientation that it was in when it was docked.

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
OS Version: 10.0.10586 N/A Build 10586

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get this feature to work please?

Answer:Portege Z20t-C-121 screen does not auto rotate in tablet mode

Did you install Win8 or Win10 drivers?

Did you install the Toshiba System Driver and Toshiba System Settings?

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i tried to install a toshiba Z20t-c-11g

OS: Windows 10 LTSB
Driver: complete

I tried to install the new BIOS from the drivers page on
That BIOS sadly does not work ...? Why?

Anyway... the problem i had and i wanted to have fixed is:

Bitlocker encrypted my whole drive.
it starts correctly and displays the keyboard.
GPO: Keyboard Slates (or something like that) is activated.
BUT: Touchscreen does not work. That means.. i can see the keyboard but it does not work.
thats why i wanted to update my bios but it says it is not working on my computer... well thats frustrating...
why offer the bios update when it does not work at all... or is it some sort of windows 7 only? cant imagine that tbh.

i guess the only problem is the bios but i could be wrong (z20t-b works on same settings for example)

Any help would be pretty nice. Thanks ..

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on a Z20t-B-10C with one minor modification (upgraded to a 500GB Samsung SSD, dropped recovery partition, but not the EFI partition), I have the following issue:
When the BestCrpyt Pre-boot screen shows up, I cannot directly enter the passphrase, but have to 1) hit at least one key 2) wait for approx. 10 sec. 3) delete the entered key(s) and then 4) enter the passphrase.
Thought it may have to do with a delayed interaction between tablet and keyboard dock, but a USB keyboard directly connected to the tablet, not the dock, shows the same behaviour. Trying different things in the Bios (switching to UEFI legacy, etc.), with no effect. This phenomenon is, according to their support, not known to the BestCrypt people. Operation system is Windows 10 64bit, all drivers and bios are recent.
Has anybody else observed this behaviour? Or experience with other full disk encryption which are compatible with a UEFI bios?
Thank you in advance,
Kind regards,

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HI, I have a Portege z20t - the letter "A" key has come off and I am wondering if anyone knows the trick to getting it to stay back on. I am still under warranty but it is such a long process to get it fixed ( return it to Telstra who send it off etc) that I am wondering if its an easy fix? thanks

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My Box config

AMD athlon 64bit 2800+

ASUS K8-VX Mother board

want to upgrade to 500 gigs or if possible to 1tb Sata HDD

Problem is
1) Mother board is old done almost 3 years
2) I don't know what version of SATA will be supported
Please advise

Thanks in advance for your answers


Answer:Need to upgrade to SATA Not sure if it is sata or sata II which my mobo supports

I don't know why, but everytime I go to asus, they're hving site maintenance
Anyway see if you can click on Specifications there

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I recently started to look for a SSD drive to improve my laptop's performance.
How fast is SATA controller in R830 - 3 or 6Gbps?
Is there any list of compatible devices?



Answer:How fast is SATA controller in Portege R830?


As far as I know the notebook supports the Serial ATA Rev. 2.6 interface.
According to the Wikipedia info the SATA revision 2.x supports 3 Gbit/s


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I have upgraded my Port?g? R600-13X replacing HDD with SSD (Sandisk Ultra Plus / SATA 3.0)
This laptop has the Intel? GS45 Express chipset wich should support SATA 2.0, however I only can achieve transfer rate 1.5Gb/s. I have updated everything I could, including BIOS - which still doesn't show any option that would for instance enable switching between SATA modes..

Does anyone have R600 with an SSD and getting better results?
I only failed to update the chipset as the installation ends with an error and that is suggesting that there is something not quite right

Answer:Portege R600 - SSD performance limited by SATA 1.0


Did you check the BIOS settings for SATA mode option?

Some BIOS supports an SATA mode: AHCI and compatible.
In case you want to use the SATA performance, you have to use AHCI setting.

As far as I know the external eSATA port supports the 300MB/s and in BIOS should be set to serial ATA port4 (default).

The host interface support max 300MB/s but sustained data read would be max 100MB/s and sustained data write is max 40MB/s

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I have a Port?g? R30-A-19Q, ref. PT341E-07D044FR, running under Win 10.
Trying to install a Samsung 2To SSD 850 Evo, I hit the following difficulty.

1) Samsung delivers the SSD with no cable, so I bought an Inateck USB 3.0 external casing for SSD 2,5 SATA-I II III HDD with USB3.0 cable

2) Neither the Samsung Magician software, nor Win 10 recognized the external storage device,

3) Digging further, I found that the SATA parameters need to be changed from IDE to AHCI, which normally is feasible from the BIOS screen,

4) Since my BIOS did not offer this possibility, I went to the register, in order to modifiy directly the following key :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > services > msahci.

5) The above key not being present in my Win 10 register, I may need to reinstall Win 10 (?).

Before I do this, I would like to know from someone who can access the key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > services > msahci,
from his/her Win 10 register, the exhaustive list of settings/values it normally includes.
I may try and copy this into my own register and try it.

Otherwise (maybe this si where I should have started), does anybody know if the
Port?g? R30-A-19Q motherboard incudes the possibility to run SATA in AHCI mode?


Answer:Portg R30-A-19Q Win 10 : How to change SATA parameters from IDE to AHCI ?

What is the Boot Mode set to in the BIOS?

If its set to UEFI Boot Mode then AHCI will already be enabled.
Compatibility mode only works in CSM Boot Mode.

If you download and install the latest Intel Rapid Storage driver from does that resolve the problem?

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I would like to by SSD disk for my Toshiba Port?g? M700-116.

Which SATA dish speed can I buy?

SATA 1.0 (SATA 1.5 Gb/s)
SATA 2.0 (SATA 3 Gb/s)
SATA 3.0 (SATA 6 Gb/s)

Thank you

Answer:Portege M700 - SATA speed/standdard for new SSD


I?m not quite sure about the SATA specification but I think the Portege M700 supports an SATA II HDD controller.
However, you can install some hardware diagnostic tools like SANDRA Sisoft to get detailed controller specifications.

But SATA is backward compatible and this means that even if you would use an SATA III SSD drive, the SSD would be recognized but speed would be limited to SATA II performance.

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I bought new and bigger SATA hard drive for Toshiba Portege M400. It is Seagate Momentus 5400.2 NCQ 120 GB SATA drive, but this drive is NOT working in M400. Notebook not recognize this HD - only message is HD error (after ca. 3 minutes) and BIOS and RAID part of BIOS also doesn't know this HD.

I don't know why, in my desktop this drive works perfectly. Can anybody help me with this drive in M400? Is it possible problem with NCQ function? (I don't know, how i must set off this NCQ function) Or something else?

Thank you!

Answer:Portege M400: SATA 120 GB HD Seagate Momentus is not recognized

In my opinion your notebook and the BIOS cannot recognize this HDD because of the big size.
As far as I know you can use 40GB, 60GB, 80GB and 100GB HDDs. I'm not sure about 120GB HDD size.
But if you want to be 100% sure about compatible and supported devices you can contact the Toshiba service partner in your country.
There you can also order this parts.

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Hey all its me again. One of our Clients just purchased this laptop and it comes with vista home premium, but they want xp pro. So i got the xpp and i have no clue where to find the xpp sata drivers for this particular laptop. Now we have a slipstream disc w/ sata drivers for the xp/vista dual boot, but I think it was made w/ the xph cd. does taht matter or no?

anyhelp appreciated. My co-worker who did this kinda stuff is no longer with us and he only partially showed me, and i cannot remember if he siad that this disc with the sata drivers already installed will work with all sata or not.

Answer:Toshiba Portege R500-02G Windows XP Pro Sata Drivers

BEFORE you format the drive and install XP, check to be sure that WinXP drivers are even available for that model of PC! These forums are full of people who formatted to dump Vista in favor of XP only to discover that very limited (in some cases non-existent) driver support was available. So, visit the Toshiba web site and make sure the XP drivers are available for download. If they have 'em, download them and burn them to a CD before starting the install just to be sure you have them. Chances are, they have the driver you're looking for too....

If you can't find the SATA driver at the Toshiba web site, but they have all the other drivers, post here and we'll try to help!

Good luck!

(BTW- the model number you listed does not exist at the Toshiba web site. Portege models in the R500 series have model numbers that look like this: R500-S5001X through S5008X and an R500-S8199. Some of the models have a V or no letter, but NONE have a G, and none have only 2 or 3 numbers after the R500 so you might want to double check the model number. This is for US models; if you're not in the US, you may have a different model numbering structure)

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I wish to install a solid state drive, and to maintain XP. Setting the correct partition alignment in the SSD and electromechanically installing it are now easy, but there is apparently a SATA driver problem because I cannot boot to either the Toshiba restore disk, a new XP install disk, or an image of the original HDD.

Some have suggested using nlite to slipstream the correct SATA drivers into the XP install, and then beginning from scratch with all app installations, etc.

When I look at the laptop's Devices, I find the Toshiba MK1652GSX HDD, drivers for which appear at
C:\WINDOWS\system21\DRIVERS - then
PartMgr.sys, pssnap.sys, and thpdrv.sys

Is that what nlite needs?

Is there another source for the SATA drivers for this laptop?


Answer:Portege R600 - where can I find the correct SATA drivers?

Basically you need the Intel SATA Driver, which can be found:

1) On the Toshiba website, from the Intel Matrix Storage Driver (in the F6flpy folder)

2) From Intel 9&strOSs=All&OSFullName=All%20Operating%20Systems& lang=eng

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Can I install a Western Digital SATA drive in my Portege M400?

I've tried and failed.

I can copy the system resore CD to the new HD but the result is a blue-screen failure when the system boots.

I can't get a clean install of Windows XP to even start -- the HD is not recognised despite using the Toshiba SATA/RAID drivers from a floppy.

I've tried using Norton Ghost to copy an image of the existing (working) HD to the new HD but that also results in a blue-screen failure.

Is there something proprietary about the SATA?

Will the laptop only work with the original HD?

Will a replacement (larger) Toshiba HD work?


Answer:Portege M400: Can I install a Western Digital SATA drive?

Power down the notebook and start it pressed ESC key.
On the third bios page (pg down) you find the raid configuration.
I assume you actually have already the RAID setting but it is not really written to the HDD.

At first remove the RAID and change to JOBD the password confirmation 1234.
Save settings und reboot. Enter bios again and change it from JOBD to RAID (again 1234).
After this your HDD will work fine!

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Hello All,

I've recently bought a L830-11G, I would like to upgrade the HDD to SSD, I cant find anywhere if this laptop is SATA 2 (3Gb/s) or SATA 3 (6Gb/s).

The information is not in the online specs.

Can anyone tell me which version it is?

Answer:Satellite Pro L830-11G - upgrade to SSD, SATA 2 or SATA 3 connector?


I think its SATA II (3Gbs)
But if you know to check it, I recommend installing the SiSoft Sandra lite software to get all the hardware details about your notebook.

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This problem has been submitted me by my son in Mallorca who because of telephone installation problems cannot yet access the internet.He has a new laptop, 2.4 Ghz, running Win XP. With a 7500 ATI Radion and the recommended necessary cables he is attempting to transfer DVD content to a TV but all he can get is a black and white picture on the TV although the monitor shows, when used alone, full colour. He feels that he is probably missing something simple in the software setup and wonders whether anyone can help with suggestions please.

Answer:Computer to TV – Problems

in display properties he should be able to change the output format to S-Video (RGB) which should sort it

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Figured I'd check here first before dumping money into this. Up until buying a 90GB OCZ Vertex SSD that supports 6GB/s SATA III speed, I was totally satisfied with my setup running quickly on SATA II 3GB/s with regular 7200RPM 500GB Seagate Drive. My system is now running still off of the 500GB SATA II drive and I am using my SSD that is capable of SATA III 6GB/s speed, at the backwards compatible SATA II 3GB/s speed and this drive is my gaming drive that runs as slave to my 7200RPM drive that is master. Game load times and performance is way better/faster on this SSD such as World of Warcraft load times and transition times porting from place to place with map loading etc.Knowing that I "could" get even faster performance with 6GB/s vs the 3GB/s that I am currently running is very tempting to spend money and run for the speed and take full advantage of that SSD's abilities vs running it at 1/2 of its speed.In order to get this 6GB/s speed of SATA III I will have to replace my motherboard as for I dont have an available PCIe slot for a SATA III drive controller card, and I read somewheres online someone stating that the PCIe expansion slot with SATA III controller card max's out at 5GB/s due to limited bandwidth of the PCIe slot. Here is my hardware:Motherboard = BioStar MCP6PB M2+CPU =              Athlon II x4 620 ( 2.6Ghz Quad ) AM3Ram =              DDR2 800Mhz ( 4GB, but only 3... Read more

Answer:Is SATA III upgrade from SATA II worth it?

I guess it really depends if you need that extra speed. And, of course, whether the SSD is capable of speeds higher than 3gbps. Most consumer-available SSD drives top out around half a gigabyte/sec read, and ~300gb/s write, so I don't think you will get any faster by changing the interface.Now, on the other hand, there are faster SSD drives available, and it seems reasonable to expect that as time passes those will become available to the consumer. So I guess the real question is, Will you have already moved on from that machine by then? And, since you would need that faster SSD anyway, it might make sense for that to be "allotted" as part of some future build.That's my take on it anyway. I'm envious of anybody that has an SSD, personally. And you spoiled buggers still want more speed! 

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Okay, so my question is what complications, if any, will I have if I recently realized that my mobo has SATA 6Gbps support and I have my two HDDs in RAID-0 plugged into the older SATA 3 Gbps slots and I wanted to unplug them and hook them up to the newer and better SATA 3.0s? I wanted to make sure I wouldn't have any catastrophic problems when trying to switch the connectors. Will I just have to go into the BIOS and change something first or will it work automatically? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Upgrade HDD from SATA 2.0 to SATA 3.0 connectors ?

SATA 6Gbps ports might not support RAID-0.  Why would you need or want RAID-0 with SATA 6Gbps or 3Gbps?

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Hello fellow forum members.
Informaion on this topic is pretty rare (if not non-existent).
Please can anyone clarify if z20t-c (Skylake gen model)
is compatible with PCIe or NVMe M.2 SSDs?
There's one PDF that says in specs:
"Choice of 128GB M.2 SATA / 256GB M.2 SATA / 256GB M.2 PCIe / 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD's"

Can anyone confirm that?


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I have Portage Z20T-C-11C. According to the specifications ( the device is using Sierra Wireless EM7305 broadband module and has Assisted GPS as special feature.

The manufacturer specifications of EM7305 ( confirm the GPS and Glonass satellite system support.

Unfortunately I did not find a way to enable the GPS support. Haw can I enable the GPS on my z20t-C device?

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I bought a z830-10f (i5)

Does some people tried to install a 8 gig so-dimm on you Z830?

Some people have tried it with success.

I tried with a 8gig so-dimm corsair, system detect it, but the next boot it was not detected.

With the original 2 gig samsung that work fine.

Maybe the so-dimm is defected?


Answer:Portege Z830 - 8GB RAM upgrade possible?


I think only 6GB are possible because 2GB RAM are onboard.
And only the second slot would be upgradable using an 4GB RAM module.

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Hello Every Body.
I have just registered on the forum and I would like to request help from the forum members.
The help that I would like to request is about adding RAM Memory to my Notebook A Toshiba Portege R500.
The main reason for this request is because today I went to a computer shop and one of the technicians attempted to install 4GB RAM memory into my Notebook but it could not be done, when the new Memory was installed my notebook would not start.

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I am wanting to upgrade a company Toshiba Portege-z30-a-10w laptop from 128 SSD to 512 SSD
However when windows 7 loads, it crashes at login with a blue screen Error Error 0x00000001

The SSD 512 I am using is

and according to

It is compatible with the Toshiba portege-z30-a-10w
I have upgraded the BIOS on the laptop to V4 30/04/2015 (which to my knowledge is the latest)
Furthermore I have upgraded the firmware on the 512 SSD to what I believe is the latest
Version MU02
However I still get the same issue with Windows 7 crashing with a blue screen just before login.

Any ideas


Answer:Portege Z30-A-10w: Win 7 BSOD after SSD upgrade

I never managed to install Windows 7....However I installed Windows 8 and that goes on fine.....

I don't why but installing Windows 8 appears to allow the 512 SSD to be used

Hope this is of some help.


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I've upgraded my portege 3440 hard disk to a Samsung 40MB hard disk, and now when I try to install Windows XP, I always get a blue screen saying that a problem has been detected.

Technical Information:
*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xFAF7B640, 0xC0000034, 0x0000000, 0x0000000)

I'm doing a clean installation from a external pcmcia Freecom cdrom.
I get the blue screen after setup loads the device files and the message "Setup is starting windows" is displayed in the bottom line of the screen.
Can any body help me on solving this problem?

Answer:HD upgrade on Portege 3440CT


here is first emergency help list:

How to troubleshoot "Stop 0x0000007B" errors in Windows XP

This step-by-step article describes how to troubleshoot "Stop 0x0000007B" error messages in Windows XP. This article describes issues that can cause this Stop error including boot sector viruses and device driver issues or hardware issues.

If you cannot resolve the problem after you review these issues, use the general troubleshooting steps that appear at the end of the article.

When you start your computer, you may receive one of the following error messages:
? STOP: 0x0000007B (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4) INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE
? Setup has encountered a fatal error that prevents it from continuing.

Contact your product support representative for assistance. The following status will assist them in diagnosing the problem.

(0x4, 0x1, 0, 0)

Setup cannot continue. Power down or reboot your computer now.

You may also receive a "Stop 0x0000007B" error message during Windows XP Setup when the Setup program restarts during the installation process.

When you receive a Stop error while the Setup program is running, you receive the second error message. To troubleshoot this issue, read the following four sections to determine if any one of the issues applies to you.

If none of the issues apply to you, use the following general troubleshooting steps at the end of the article.... Read more

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Hi there,

Anyone have tryed to upgrade Z930's SSD?
Looking for some info, they appear to use mSATA interface - mini PCI-E like conectors.

Any specific information about the disk inside?

I'm planning to put this beauty on the machine:


Answer:SSD Upgrade for Portege Z930

The mSATA connector looks very similar to miniPCI connector but they are totally different.
So your only solution is to replace the HDD with a 2.5" SATA SSD.

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Hi, I wonder if it's possible to upgrade the processor on my Portege 2010, I work as a pc-technican so I have no problem to do the work.
If so what models can I use?


Answer:Is CPU upgrade possible on Portege 2010

The CPU upgrade on the notebook is really not easy and tricky. I think you know this because you are a pc-technician.
The Portege 2010 seems to be an oldie? I didn?t find many details about this unit but I found out that this notebook was equipped with the PIII-M (Mobile) 866MHz CPU 133MHz FSB.

What you could do is to install and hardware diagnostic tool to find out what chipset is supported. Then check the details of this chipset (maybe on Intel page) and what CPU could be supported.

However, I?m really skeptical that the notebook will run stable after the upgrade. The overheating could be a big trouble!

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A very raw newbie at this.

I picked up a couple of 512MB PC133 SDRAM for my 4010 but when I put them in to the slots and pressed the power button.....Nothing Happened.

Would appreciate any help at all...

Answer:Portege 4010 - After RAM upgrade nothing happens


It sounds like that the new RAM is not compatible with your notebook.
What manufacture is it? If it?s a no-name module you should buy another one like Kingston, Infineon or something else.

What memory have you installed before upgrade or do you use only the new module in the notebook?


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I shopped around for a replacement HDD for my trusty P2000 and ended up with a 30GB MK3008GAL which I thought was an improvement over the original MK2003GAH. However, I noticed too late that the new drive sports a ZIF connector instead of the IDE-like multipin connector found inside the computer. Is there some sort of adaptor to get out of this mess? Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Portege 2000 - HDD upgrade


As far as I know HDD can be used just in combination with original HDD holder and there is no any kind of adapters. Sorry but something like that is not known to me.

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I upgraded my Portege R30-A to add a second SSD (Crucial M550) replacing the optical drive with the new SSD with caddy.

But now the system won't boot automatically from the original SSD.

I could press F12 while turning on my laptop, and bring up the boot manual. Here I can see my original SSD and I can boot from it correctly.

In the boot order in the BIOS, I only see HDD/SSD, USB Memory, ODD .... It doesn't give me the option to choose between SSDs.

Anyway when I boot in this way I get blue screens after a while in win7.

I have tried to instal a HDD as the second disc instead os SSD and the resut is the same.

Is there anything I can do to solve this, now I have to use the second disc as an external USB disc.


Answer:Portege R30 won't boot from SSD after upgrade to SSD and HDD


Such ODD to SSD/HDD replacement is not always possible and in many cases the BIOS will not handle and will not recognize the new HDD properly.

As far as I can remember some older Toshiba Tecra and Portege notebooks which supported the Slim Select Bay feature were able to handle 2nd HDD instead of ODD drive but this was possible due to available slim select bay.

In your case it looks like the notebook as well as the BIOS does not support such feature and therefore the additional SSD/HDD isn?t recognized properly.

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I have a Portege R100 and I would like to upgrade the 40Gb HDD. What is the highest size i could upgrade using Toshiba or not Toshiba HDD?
There are 1.8"SSD? WHat would be the best way to upgrade it?


Answer:Portege R100 and HDD upgrade

I have one old Portege 2000 and it is almost the same notebook as your one, but my was delivered with 20 GB HDD. I have upgraded it with 60 GB and it works perfect.
I can understand your wishes about HDD upgrade but I recommend you to be a little bit realistic and do upgrade that is logic and understandable for this old notebook model.

So I can confirm that 60 GB HDD will works well. Maybe you can use HDD with more capacity but Toshiba has at this time delivered your Portege with 40 GB max. What you can do is to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and ask if they have more experiences with hardware upgrade on this notebook.

To be honest this notebook is not designed for multimedia stuff and actually 60 GB HDD is quite enough for different application installation and for saving all important stuff like office documents, photos and maybe some videos.

What you want to do with this notebook?

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Just purchased a R30 and a very cheap OCZ 240Gb SSD, I'm trying to replace the HDD in the Toshiba with the SSD. I've created the Toshiba recovery disks, and inserted the disk and followed the recovery process from the DVDs.

When I attempt to boot the laptop I get the "Insert a system disk and press any key to continue error".

I've turned off secure boot, I;ve switched to CSM mode I've checked the SSD, I cannot get the R30 to recognise the new SSD.

Any help or suggestions?

Answer:HDD to SSD upgrade - Portege R30 is not booting

Just purchased a R30 and a very cheap OCZ 240Gb SSD
I cannot get the R30 to recognise the new SSD

Is the SSD recognized by BIOS?
The SSD drive should be visible on the first BIOS page… if its not visible, the BIOS does not see the SSD drive…
Why? Mostly due to compatibility issues…

In such case you have no many options; the SSD drive must be replaced with another one which would be compatible…Unfortunately, there are not details which SSD drive would be 100% compatible and therefore you would need to check it at your own hand…

If you found good working one, please share the details here in the community… could be interesting for other members…

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Hi All,

Just joined the club. Has anyone successfully replaced the existing 6GB HDD on the 3440CT with a bigger one and how?
Any reply is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Portege 3440CT HDD Upgrade


that's a problem, but I have no experince with it!

I know there are BIOS restrictions about HDD size. I think there is one at 8GB, but I'm nt sure.
At is a BIOS compendium available with some detailed infos like HDD restrictions!

Bye Chris

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I have a PORTEGE R500 bought in 2007, SERIAL NO.48025469H.

I have obvious problems with VISTA and with WINDOWS 7. Both are not working well because it seems to have insufficient memory. I’m wondering if I can increase the memory and replace the disk with an SSD. I want to keep this notebook because it is perfect for all my needs.


Message was edited: posting has been translated

Answer:Portege R500 - RAM and SSD upgrade


According notebook specification your notebook can handle with ?GB RAM but was delivered with 2GB so memory upgrade is not possible.

What to say about SSD? SSD upgrade is possible and you can use 256GB SSD for upgrade. After doing this system will be much faster and you will get definitely more performance and ?speed?.

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I have just bought a second hand Portege M300 with the built-in CD RW unit. I wondered if anyone has upgraded to DVD RW and which models might fit/ work. I have read somewhere (but I can't find it again!) that there is a "block" on different drives being installed (i.e. the machine won't recognise the new drive if its not factory fitted). Is this true or a cyber-myth?

I asked Technical Support this question but they didn't seem to have a useful answer...

Can I replace my CDRW drive with a DVD RW internal drive?

I know I could buy an external drive relatively cheaply on Ebay, but I would prefer an internal, carry with me type of thing!

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege M300 - is upgrade to DVD RW possible?


I have found info that DVD Super Multi Drive Matsu****a (UJ-822) is also delivered with this notebook model.

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I have portege 3480ct with 12gig disk running W2k
I run latest bios 1.4
tried to install toshiba mk1031gas 100gb drive but get DRIVE INACCESSIBLE errors
The drive works ok in a desktop pc
IS it too big to run on this machine?
IF NOT how do i make it work?

Answer:HD upgrade in Portege 3480ct


I am pretty sure that HDD is too big for this machine. Your Portege can maybe works properly with 20GB but 100GB is too much. Sorry but I think there is no way to make it work.

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Hello Toshiba-Community!

I own a Toshiba Portege 7200 with the following configuration:

- P3 600 MHz
- 320 MB RAM
- 12GB HDD

However, the laptop is running well, but the CPU is pretty slow.

So I wanted to _upgrade the CPU_ with a faster P3.

My questions are:
Is this possible?
What are the requirements?

I searched a lot in the internet but I did not find a solution for this question.

Do you have one?? :-)

thx a lot in advance!

Answer:Is CPU upgrade for Portege 7200 available?

Usually such upgrades are not easy and in most case to possible and not advisable.

In most cases the different CPU can cause troubles with the BIOS.
Furthermore the higher CPU speed would produce more heat dissipation which could lead to an overheating.

Therefore it?s not advisable to upgrade the CPU

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Hello everybody.

I'd like to upgrade my SSD from the actual 128GB to a bigger one: which are the specs for the new SSD to work? Which interface does it need to have? Which physical dimensions?

Any help will be appreciated.


Answer:Portege R600-102: which SSD for upgrade?


I assume the SSD upgrade is the same like HDD upgrade.
The notebook support SATA controller? You will need an SATA SSD drive.
The old SSD drive is 9.5mm height? the new SSD drive should support the same height.

Since the SATA controller is not limited to any size, it should be possible to use SSD drives bigger than 128GB but there is still an question of BIOS support.

Unfortunately, it?s not known to me if the BIOS would support bigger SSD drives but usually this should be supported.

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Hello, I need to upgrade this modell R700-1CC with 3G.

Anybody know how can I solve this problem?

Answer:3G upgrade on Portege R700

I?m not 100% sure but I think such upgrade is not possible.
I think Portege is either with or without 3G module. It is not known to me that Toshiba supports such upgrade.

What you can try is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

They have maintenance manuals and also direct contact to Toshiba so they can pick up all info that can help you.

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Hi all...

I read on the internet that the 7220cte is especially picky on its RAM type.
I want to upgrade it with an extra 256MB. (From what I've found it needs a PC100 sdram 144pin low profile 16x8 Low Density 16chip)

I can't figure out if its just the PA3051U that is compatible or PA3069U is good as well (seems to have the same specs, but its slightly cheaper)
And will this one be good for example?

How does one know if it has the low density 16x8 arrangement or some other, if the specs don't mention it? they only say PC100 256MB Sodimm...

I found some Toshiba PDF with original expansion parts list, only the PA3051U was listed... thats why I was worried.

Also I'd like to add a hard drive, does anyone know if an 80GB 2.5" drive will be compatible with the bios..?

M a n y t h a n k s....

Answer:Portege 7220cte: I want to upgrade the RAM and the HDD


First of all you have to know that the Portege 7220CTE memory can be upgraded up to 320MB. The notebook supports 64MB of internal memory. This kind of memory is fix and cannot be removed or upgraded.

Therefore there is only one upgradeable memory slot and you can put max 256MB module.

I found this website which provides module specification for Portege 7220CTE:

As you already said the notebook supports 144-Pin PC100 SODIMM modules and in my opinion every 256MB 144-Pin PC100 SODIMM memory module should be compatible.

greetings and bye

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Hi to everybody :)

I have a Portege M400 with a T2300 and I would like to know If is possible to make a cpu's upgrade
If yes, which cpu are compatible and with which version of bios?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Portege M400: Is it possible to upgrade CPU


Usually the CPU upgrade or replacement on the notebooks is not possible or very difficult and risky. It could be possible that the notebook will not boot or will not run stable after the CPU upgrade. The overheating could be one of the biggest problems!!!

So I really not recommend upgrading the CPU!!! It?s not worth to risk the damage only to get a tiny CPU performance increase.

But if you want to know what CPU are supported by the chipset? so here is the list ;)

The M400 computer is equipped with an Intel Core Duo Processor or Intel Core Solo Processor. These processors incorporate a math co-processor, a 2MB L2 cache memory.

The M400 comes in with one of the following speeds:

_Intel Core Duo Processor_
- 1.66GHz (Processor Number : T2300)
- 1.83GHz (Processor Number : T2400)
- 2.00GHz (Processor Number : T2500)
- 2.16GHz (Processor Number : T2600)

_Intel Core Solo Processor_
- 1.66GHz (Processor Number : T1300)

Hope I could helps!

Regards and cheers buddy :)

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I am looking to upgrade my portege m400-ez5031 with the fastest cpu it can handle,
now it is centrino duo T5600 1,83ghz.
I think the best is T7600 is it possible?

Answer:Re: Portege M400 cpu upgrade?


I don't know your motherboard's specification if it can handle T7600, but I think you should read:

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Is it possible to upgrade RAM in Portege M300 laptop?

Answer:Is it possible to upgrade RAM in Portege M300


Yes, it is possible.

Mostly this oldie came with 512MB (2 x 256MB) RAM installed.
It should be possible to extend the RAM to 1024MB (2 x 512MB)

I think all details could be found in user manual which you could download from Toshiba page:

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Hi Guys,

My laptop is Portege M600, and the CPU is:

Intel Core 2 Duo T5450 @ 1.66 GHZ .

My question is, my laptop's processor upgradable? If so which processor suit my machine?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege M600 - Can I upgrade the CPU?


Let me give you a word of advice: Before you start a new topic, you should serach a little bit using the Forum search function. This question was being asked 100 times I think or more.

However, Toshiba doesn?t CPU upgrade on notebooks and you will loose the warranty. The mainboard and BIOS are configured for preinstalled CPU and nobody is able to say if it?s support another CPU or not.
Here you can get more informations:

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Dear Forum Member,

I own a Portege R400. Now I want to upgrade my hard Disk from the installed 80 GB 1,8 inch (IDE Connector) to a higher capacitiy. Today I called a Toshiba dealer and they told me, that this is not possible because all the new 1,8 inch HDD?s have the new ZIF connector. Now my question is: Is that true or is there a possibility to replace the exisitng 80 GB HDD with a 120GB or 160 GB HDD. If yes, which HDD Model will work?

Any help would be GREAT!!!



Answer:HDD Upgrade on a Portege R400

Hello Giovanni

Since 4 days nobody wrote anything here and you will be pretty lucky if someone here can give you proper answer. Googling around I found that Toshiba offers 1,8?? HDD with more capacity than your original 80 GB capacity.

Unfortunately about this new connector I cannot say anything but the best place where you can get this info is authorized Toshiba service partner in your country. They are specialized for Toshiba notebook repair and I am pretty sure they have access to Toshiba parts database.

Make a call and ask them about HDD upgrade. Maybe you can also order new HDD for replacement.
The addresses and phone numbers you can find under > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP.

Bye and good luck!

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I would you ask, if is possible to upgrade internal HDD on Portege R4OO. I would like change my internal 80 Gb 4200rpm HDD to anything else with 5400 or 7200 rpm, is it possible? I think, that i have there Toshiba MK8007GAH and this is 1,8" HDD, can i somewhere buy 1,8" HDD with 5400 rpm or higher?


Answer:Can I upgrade the HDD on Portege R400?


You can upgrade the HDD on the Port?g? but the HDD must be compatible!!!
You have a 80GB (4200rpm) PATA Slim (1.8 Inch) MK8007GAH) HDD.

In my opinion you could use also a 100GB and 120GB HDD with higher rotation. This shouldn?t be a problem.

Check this and come back and post the result.

Best regards

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I've got a Port?g? R500-S5006V with a 64GB SSD installed.
Currently I've got space problems, but still so happy with this lovely computer I don't want to replace it.

Is it possible to upgrade to a larger SSD drive? What kind of drives are compatible?
Do I have to send it to Toshiba, or can a regular computer service workshop do this for me?

Answer:Portege R500 and SSD upgrade

I believe the SSD in that machine is not a standard 2.5" SATA or IDE Drive, it is 1.8" and has a ZIF connector and runs as an IDE device.

Do a google search for "SSD ZIF IDE" and you will find some drives that may be compatible. In theory they should work in the R500 but I am not 100% sure.

An ASP can install it for you for a fee.

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I'd like to know if I can upgrade my Porteg? 3500
with the MK8026-GAX 80Gb hdu.
The bios version installed is 1.40.

Thanks in advanvce.

Best Regards.

Answer:HDU upgrade for Porteg 3500


i am not sure that it will be work. In my opinion you should try to built in HDD with lower capacity. Mazbe about 20 GB. I am afraid that 80 GB capacity is too much and it is possible that it will not work properly.

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Is it possible to upgrade a Portege R200 to 2.25 GB RAM? I read the specs, but I'm still not sure whether it will work or not, e.g. with piece of Kingston (KTT533D2/2G).
Has anybody any experiences?


Answer:Portege R200 - Upgrade RAM to 2.25 GB possible?

I don't think so, as far a I know your R200 has *one* memory-expansion slot in which you can put a module of max 1024 mb

so the maximum total system memory will be1280 mb

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I am thinking of upgradidng my ssd from the stock 128gb to a bigger 250gb model. I am not sure of the type of ssd used in the machine as want to get the right size etc so can clone my drive and doa straight replacement. Does anyone know the type of drive used and how straightforward this is to do - pretty new to this


It is Portege Z930-14C

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Answer:SSD Upgrade in Portege Z930-14C

Satellite 930? Or do you mean Portege? If so which Portege 930 - the Portege Z 930 or the R 930? I have changed the SSD in my R930 myself, very easy (2.5" SATA).

I think it is a little more complicated for the Z930 (mSATA). I was very helped by info on Youtube - just search for the Toshibamodel you have and you will find good guidance. But as always - at your own risk...


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I'm having Portege 7200. It was just given away to me. Thus, there's no documentation or manuals.
I'm interested in upgrading its old 4GB HDD to something more modern. Can anyone tell me what could be done for that? I mean - if standard 2.5" HDD is Ok, is there any motherboard/BIOS limitation as to the maximum size, etc.?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Portege 7200 - HDD upgrade


The user manual can be downloaded from the Toshiba European page;

Here you should go to Support & Downloads -> Toshiba User Manual.
In the download form you should choose;
Archive -> Portege Archive -> Portege 7xxx -> Portege 7200

Maybe you will find some info in the user manual.

But I would like to provide some details too.
In my knowledge many BIOS versions supports an HDD size limitation. I mean not every HDD size is supported.
I have goggled a little bit and found out that the Toshiba MK1214GAP HDD can be used with the Portege 7200. It?s a 12GB HDD which supports the ATA-2/ATA-3/ATA-4 interface.

Maybe could test it.

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I would like to know if it is possible to upgrade the memory of my R830 up to 2x8GB. The US technical specification of the R830-S8330 (see the link) seem to be exactly the same as my R830.

Thanks for your answers


Answer:Portege R830-10R: RAM upgrade up to 2 x 8GB

I guess if both models have exactly the same Chipset variation and CPU, then you can use 8GB Modules. But I would test it first before purchasing the RAM if possible. There may be something else limiting the RAM to 4GB Modules.

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I wanted to upgrade the existing RAM (2 x Samsung 2GB 2Rx8 PC3 - 8500). I've installed 2 x Samsung 4GB 1xR8 - 12800S, but it didn't work.
The notebook didn't boot (black screen and fan always working).
I guess the problem is with the 1xR8 of the "new" RAM instead of 2xR8 of the existing one. Could anybody give me a suggestion and advise on the right memory I should buy?

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I own a Toshiba Portege R100 (1GHz, 512MB RAM)

One of the 256MB RAM modules is unmovable, the other is removable (so I have been told).

I am thinking of upgrading to Vista and hence want to upgrade my RAM.

Will any DDR SODIMM PC2100 266Mhz module work, or are there specific brands / specifications I should use?

Normally paired RAM is used for best performance, but I've seen Dells sold with unmatched RAM (1GB plus 2GB for instance). What are the disadvantages (if any) of using a 1GB or 512GB module with the fixed 256MB module?

PC2100 is now more expensive than backward compatible PC2700. Will a 1GB module of backward compatible (to PC2100) PC2700 RAM work with the fixed 256MB PC2100?


Answer:Portege R100: RAM upgrade

You can install a universal DDR1 Sodimm PC2100 *or* PC2700 module

It will work together with the basic memory without problems, but of course the PC2700 will be 'downgraded' to PC2100.

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Hello, l just want to know if it's possible as i'm telling in the Title to move from XpPro to Seven. What i have to take care of? What is the best "how to do that step by step" to get non inconvenient ?
Thank you all
sorry for my frenglish.
nice day

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First Post! I'm the proud new owner of a gently used Portege 2000.

Been scouring the web trying to find out if the Portege 2000 will take a hard drive other than the MK2003GAH. I have a MK4004GAH, but when installed it does not appear to be detected, BIOS reports no hard drive installed. The drive could be deffective of course, but I have nothing else to connect it to and of course I cannot test it because it is not detected.

Also, does the 2000 use standard PC100 SODIMMs? When I removed the RAM cover it does not look like a standard SODIMM slot.

Thanks Guys


Answer:HDD Upgrade with Portege 2000


I have no much experience with this Portege but I can just confirm that this notebook is delivered with 1,8 inch Toshiba MK2003GAH HDD. I really do not know which HDDs are compatible with this notebook model but maybe authorized service partner in your country can give you precise info about that. They are specialized for notebook upgrade.

About RAM module I have just found info that this Portege can handle with 512 MB max and compatible memory module is PC133 256MB-PA3158U-1M25.

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I have a Portege 4010 and cannot find the memory expansion bay to upgrade the memory. Under my laptop is the harddrive, dvd, battery and what I think should be the memory, BUT it has 2 wires attached to it.

Answer:Portege 4010 - Memory upgrade


The memory modules are hidden under the keyboard!
So you will have to remove firstly a think plastic cover above the F1-F12 keys.
Then you should find 2 screws which secure the keyboard.

Please be careful because the keyboard is attached to motherboard with a thin flat cable?

Then you could see the memory modules. Gently press out on two latches.
One end of the expansion memory module will pop up. Then grasp the expansion memory module and pull it out.

Hope this helps...

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Hey, is it also possible to upgrade the current celeron 400ghz processor to a much greater processor, how much ?

Answer:Processor upgrade on Portege 3410ct


I think it?s not possible to upgrade it.
This notebook is a little bit older. Am I right?
I found a information that the Port?g? 3410 was delivered only with Intel Celeron 400Mhz CPU.
The Port?g? 3440 for example was delivered with the PIII 500 MHz.
Both units seem to be very similar. But I don?t think that it could be possible to use a PIII 500 MHz in the Port?g? 3410. I?m not sure about the socket but the PIII produce more warmness and this could lead to the overheating issues.

Furthermore you wouldn?t feel really the performance increasing. Therefore the upgrade make no sense for me.

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since upgrading to Windows 8.1 my Port?g? Z10t has lost the ability to use a lot of the FN keys, I can still use the volume up and down but can not use the mute or any other FN + key function, I have reinstalled the driver that is used for this but that has not fixed the problem.

If you need any more information please ask.

And thanks

Answer:Portg Z10t (4g) Has lost FN key after Win 8.1 upgrade


On the Toshiba EU driver page you can find the Windows 8.1 ? Update drivers.

Also there is a available Installation Instructions for download.
This installation instruction zip package contains the pdf document called: Install Order Win8.1-update
There you can find details how to install the drivers.

1 Intel Wireless Display - Uninstall
2 Intel Proset - Uninstall
3 Windows 8.1 update - Install
4 TOSHIBA Desktop Assist - Upgrade
5 Intel Display Driver - Upgrade
6 Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver - Upgrade
7 Realtek Audio Driver - Upgrade
8 Synaptics Touch Pad Driver - Upgrade
9 Atheros Wireless LAN Driver - Upgrade
10 TOSHIBA System Driver - Upgrade
11 TOSHIBA Function Key - Upgrade
12 TOSHIBA eco Utility - Upgrade
13 TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor - Upgrade
14 TOSHIBA Display Utility - Upgrade
15 TOSHIBA Media Player by sMedio TrueLink+ - Upgrade
16 TOSHIBA Resolution+ Plug-in for Windows Media Player - Upgrade
17 TOSHIBA Service Station - Upgrade
18 DTS Studio Sound - Upgrade
19 PatchFiles - Upgrade

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I have an old Toshiba Portege 4000 laptop.
The user manual says a memory upgrade up to 512MB (2x256MB) is possible. But the technical specification on the toshiba-direct website says a memory upgrade up to 1GB (2x512MB) is possible.
I brought 2x512MB (SO-DIMM 512MB SD RAM SDRAM PC133 PC 133 512 MB 144 PIN) NO-NAME memory at ebay and it doesn't work. The system won't boot.

Now my question. Can I go up to 1GB with the toshiba recommended Kingston memory or won't it work in general?
Anyone there with experience on this?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege 4000 memory upgrade 1GB?

normally a portege 4000 is indeed upgradeble up to 1 gb ( 2x 512 mb sdram pc133, 3,3v )

however the architecture and number of chips on the modules can cause a incomptability, so 'bad luck' I suppose

on ebay-express you can find them for about 50 US$ ( search for portege 4000 ; memory )

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Hi all,
I'd like to know what is the recommended memory by Toshiba to upgrade the RAM at the maximum amount.
I own a Portege Z930 16M part number PT234E-08P05SIT.

If I undestood weel it needs a 4GB DDR3 memory to get to the maximum of 6GB (2 on board+4), right?

What manufacturer recommends Toshiba?

Thank you

Answer:Recommended RAM upgrade for Portege Z930

Compatible 4GB RAM has part number PA5037U-1M4G.
Check it out.

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This laptop runs on XP pro. Can I upgrade it to Vista pro without losing everything?

Answer:Vista upgrade on Portege R500

Hi there,

it should be possible without bigger problems, but I suggest you anyways to backup your personal files on e.g. a external harddisk. With the files on HDD you can be sure that everything is secure and you can then install Vista on your machine.


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i do not have a floppy drive on my machine, only usb ports and a sd card slot. How can i upgrade the bios?


Answer:Portege 4000 bios upgrade

The easiest way is to create a dos boot cd-rom. There are several descriptions on the web. Google for it.
Add the extracted Toshiba bios files, ec29nobb.bin, chgbiosa.exe and chgfirma.exe to the CD-rom.

At first boot from the cd and run 'chgfirma ec29nobb.bin'.
Now the ECKBC-Firmware is written (don't power off during flash!!!)
Than boot again from cd and run 'chgbiosa'.
This flashes the Bios.
Both flash are necessary!

Here is how to extract the Toshiba bios file.
At first you have to extract the R211VOL2.exe file. Easiest way to do so is to use 'universal extractor' -- google for it.
After this you will get the file R211VOL2.IMA. This is a floppy image file.
You can extract the single files in the archiv using winimage (trial version should work).

Good luck!

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Hello everyone,
My laptop is working very slowly lately and I've decided I want to upgrade the memory and add an SSD.
I have 2 memory chips installed - 1GB memory chip and 2GB memory chip.
I want to replace them and install 2 4GB chips.
I've been trying to find out the what are the specs of the memory that will be compatible with my laptop?
I would appreciate any help.

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I recently tried to upgrade my Portege M400 laptop from the original 512 Mb of ram to 2 Gb (which seems to be possible according to the user's manual.

I tried to install standard DDR2-533 memory (I am installing 2x 1Gb). However, when i tried to restart the computer with the new memory the hard drive didn't recognise the new memory and I had to get someone with more IT expertise than me involved. After I tried to replace the original memory back into the computer the hard drive also failed to recognise that and the laptop had to be restored to the factory settings before windows would load again.

Can anyone tell me what kind of memory I should be installing? Is there Toshiba specific memory that should be installed in the system? And finally, can I just pick this up from any toshiba re-seller?


Answer:Memory upgrade for Portege M400


Without much writing I can post compatible memory modules for your notebook model:
PA3499U-1M25(DDR2-667 256MB Memory Kit)
PA3511U-1M51(DDR2-667 512MB Memory Kit)
PA3512U-1M1G(DDR2-667 1GB Memory Kit)
PA3513U-1M2G(DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit)
DDR2-533 256MB (PA3389U-2M25)
DDR2-533 512MB (PA3412U-2M51)
DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G)

Your notebook can handle with max 4 GB RAM. If you want to order memory just use part number PAxxx.

Bye and good luck!

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Has anyone had problems upgrading a Z30A from a 256Gb mSATA Toshiba SSD to a 512Gb Crucial version?

I am cloning the disks using Acronis True Image, but the new disk crashes with a BSOD seconds after showing the signon screen...

Believe me I have tried every possible permutation of the process, including different cloning software, but cannot get past this problem, which is now beginning to look like a Toshiba problem rather than anything else.

Any feedback would be much apprieciated.


Answer:Portege Z30A - Upgrade to bigger SSD

And what happen when you install original recovery image on new SSD?

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I have a Portege r700 with original Windows 7 OEM installation.

The Windows 7 is up to date and Windows Update program is offering me to upgrade to Windows 10.

The upgrade process is starting fine, downloading & pre-configuring all necessary stuff, then finaly ask me to reboot the system in order to go on with the upgrade.

After a few seconds, the reboot process is launched, and load... the current Windows 7 system, saying that an error occured during the upgrade process.

I performed a few tests ; I am also a Linux fan so I tried to boot the system with a LiveCD of my prefered distros : after loading the prompt menu asking what I want to do (liveCD boot, install, diagnose, etc.), it reboots... and show me again the prompt menu (prompt menu is a GRUB feature, the kernel has not been loaded at this time).

I understand that "something" (and I guess it is the Toshiba restauration system) is preventing me to boot on something else than the original partition, preventing the Windows 10 upgrade.

Any idea ?

Answer:Portege R700 - cannot upgrade to Windows 10

I was offered the free upgrade on my R700-12U and R930-1DK Toshibas - and the upgrades was done without any problems. However, if I understand it right, the R700 is not on the list of upgradable units but it worked very well on mine, starting from updated W7.

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Like in the topic. Please help; after upgrading to Win 10 there is no keys-backlight after using the FN + Z combination. in bios (after upgrading) everything is fine; so when I turn backlight ON or OFF backlight runs out, but there is problem with Toshiba Funcktion Key driver I think.
I did the reinstalation of this driver, have others toshiba drivers for Win 10 installed (Eco, system driver etc.). Toshiba Funckction key runs for several seconds after system bots up, and is blocked (?) by something after jus several seconds. Weird and very annoying. The fun is that combination for screen brightness (FN + F6 or F7) and for volume up/down (FN + 3 / 4) runs perfectly vell. Backlight
I think the problem is connected with Toshiba Funcktion Key program.

Please help ! Portege is the top class of Toshiba laptops.

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