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Satellite L500- 1QV - Question about Windows 7 installation

Question: Satellite L500- 1QV - Question about Windows 7 installation


I've been willing to format my old satellite L500- 1QV but I don't have a dvd so I was trying to download windows 7 from the microsoft web site and i've also downloaded the windows 7 usb/dvd tool. microsoft is asking me for the key product but right after i click in order to accept the key ive put in, then it tells me there is an error with my download and that i have to contact the producers to get the drivers i need.
on the toshiba support part of the website, the are so many divers and i have no idea if any of them are useful for what i need to do.. or if there are any others way to do it, id be greatfull to know.

please hepl!

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L500- 1QV - Question about Windows 7 installation

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hi people,

I Have Toshiba Satellite L500 Model and run Windows 7, currently. Now, I want to Install Windows XP on it , I checked that all drivers are available on Toshiba page.
So teach me how to install Xp successfully.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Windows XP installation on Satellite L500


if you want to install Xp on your computer, you need to change Sata Controller in Bios ,,Compatible,, otherwise you will meet a blue screen during installation. It's because of AHCI drivers Then after installation, you can download and install Storage Manager and return AHCi mode in Bios. You can also integrate them into Windows disk.

You can read here:

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I have got a Toshiba L500 13W laptop which originally came with windows Vista.
I already installed Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit, but i don't like either Vista or 7, becausa of that new taskbar interface.
So i was thinking to install windows xp on it.

Toshiba offers the drivers, but i already had problems installing xp on a Vista designed desktop.
I had to make a special CD with the SATA drivers, which toshiba doesn't offer for this laptop.

So i wanted to know if somone of you people have already installed xp on this laptop model.
If you had any problems, what drivers did you use and if the original factory disc worked.

thank you for reading ,

please reply!!!

Answer:Re: Satellite L500-13W - Windows XP installation - need details

Hi mate

First of all you can install Windows XP on this notebook without the installation of SATA drivers too.
In BIOS you have to set the SATA controller mode to compatible (instead of AHCI).
This will simulate an IDE HDD controller and this does not need any SATA drivers.

Of course it?s advisable to install the SATA drivers because of the HDD performance but Win XP will run in compatible mode too.

The notebook L500-13W belongs to PSLJ3E series.
You should choose this series for driver download.

You can download the drivers from Toshiba European driver page.

The Intel Storage Manager contains the SATA drivers?

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After install SP1 on Windows 7 64bit does not work setting the display brightness! Installing Toshiba Value Added Package 1.4.1 for Windows 7 64-bit not helped!

Need help!

Answer:Satellite L500 - FN+F6/F7 not work after Windows 7 SP1 installation


Let's try to find out what can be the cause by checking general behaviour:

- Pressing FN only should partly light up a small lamp on the keyboard AND if TVAP was installed with basic configuration should also put some images in the top of your screen. Please explain what happens in your case concerning the lamp and the visual feedback on the screen when pressing and holding the FN button only.

- Pressing i.e. FN + F5 should give You a possibility to switch between display outputs which is visualized on the display with some nice pictures. Let us know what happens when You do this please.



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hello guys. I want to make some questions

I have windows vista in my laptop and I want to make a clean installation with windows 7 64 bit. I have seen that drivers are ok in the site. So here are my questions

a) should i delete the hidden recovery partition or not? (eisa config if i remember correct)

b) I have taken 4 dvds with toshiba recovery disc creator. If I erase every partition in the laptop how can I restore my DVDs? With a programme in Windows or just setting bios to boot from dvds and then the procedure is automatic? Is the first dvd bootable?

thanks in advance and sorry for my english

Answer:Satellite L500-128 - Clean installation of Windows 7 64bit


a) Of course you can delete this hidden WinRE partition. If you have installed a new/other OS, this partition is useless.

b) You?re right. To restore factory settings from Toshiba recover disk you have to boot from the disks. The first disk is bootable and there you can start from the installation. This happens automatically, only few clicks are necessary to confirm the installation and create the user accounts, etc. Pretty easy and all drivers and tools are installed too! :)

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When starting 64-bit version of win 7 cmd.exe script faile due to following error
ERROR could not move v:\_IMG\10185xsP*.swm to v:\HDDRecovery\SWImg

Duplicate file of file already exists.

Has anyone had similar error?
This happens when installing Win 7 as a first time startup

Answer:Satellite L500-1DT - HDD recovery Windows 7 64bit installation fails

Which notebook model do you have?
Please send full model name and model number.

You can find it on Toshiba sticker at the bottom.

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I have Satellite L500-13W and install Windows 7 32bit. I download all drivers.

Which installation order for my model?

Answer:Satellite L500-13W - Which driver installation order on Windows 7 32bit?

Install the Chipset Driver first, then the Display Driver, then the Toshiba Value Added Package. The order of the rest of the drivers are not too important.

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I installed Windows 7 professional 64 bit and everything was working probs. But now I want to install Windows XP (normal 32 bit edition) on another partition but it doesn't work?

He gets in to the setup CD, loads the hardware drivers (the very first step) but then, when he has to step to the partitioning menu or "where do you want to install xp" - menu, he gives me a bluescreen with the information: (It's in german, I try to translate):

It has encountered a problem. Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. If you get the error message for the first time, you should restart the computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check your computer for viruses. Unregister any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. Make sure that the disk is properly configured. Run CHKDSK / F, to determine whether the disk is damaged.

Technical Information: **** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xFA36063C, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I have tried so many things. I formatted all partitions with a linux live cd, so now the hard drive is fully empty,nevertheless is doesn't work. I assume that windows 7 (64 bit) caused the problem.. but WHAT???

Can anybody help me please? I'm going crazy here.. I only want to install xp, nothing more.. :/

Info: My notebook is a satellite L500-164

Answer:Satellite L500-164 - BSOD during XP installation


This BSOD code means that you use a wrong SATA driver or you try to install XP without XP

You have to download the Intel Storage Manager for Satellite L500. It contains the driver that you need.
Just search here a little bit in forum to find more similar threads about this issue.

Alternative you set the HDD mode in BIOS from AHCI to Compatible.


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I' am Sorin from Romania and I have a problem with sound driver on my Satellite L500-1EQ.
I download the driver and don't work the sound.
I have a message with some error.
I tried many versions for this driver but nothing happened.

Can you help me, please?
Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Answer:No sound after WXP installation on my Satellite L500-EQ

Hello Sorin

Which version of WXP have you installed? SP2 or SP3?

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I have turned on a Satellite L500-1XD for the first time this morning and during the first time installation, the power was interrupted. It is now taking an age to finish the installation.
Is this normal?

Is there anything I can do?


Answer:First time installation on Satellite L500-1XD was interrupted

What to say?
One thing is clear here: power interruption while first installation runs is not normal and should not happen.
So, how to say if this happen now is normal or not when it should not happen at all. Do you really believe any of us do this with intent just to see how it works?

Anyway, there is no other choice for you except to wait and hope everything will go well.
Other way the preinstalled recovery image is destroyed and you will not be able to install it at all.

Please send some feedback soon.

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I successfully upgraded Windows 7 from my OEM Vista yesterday.
What if in the future, I need to reinstall the whole system?
Can I re-activate Win 7 after the new installation?

PS. My OEM Vista is 64 bit version and my win 7 is the ultimate 64 bit upgrade version


Answer:Satellite L500-126: Win7 upgrade -can I re-activateit after new installation?

I hope I understand your question right so here is what I know about it:
When you upgrade original preinstalled Vista you don't need to activate Win7 but if you make clean Win7 installation then you must activate preinstalled version.

With other words to have activations-free Win7 you must install Vista at first using Toshiba recovery DVD and then upgrade it to Win7.

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I wanted to install a new Windows 7 (no recovery) but the hard disk wasn't found during the installation. In the boot menue on the contrary I can find the disk. So what I need is a driver. But I have no clue where to get one! Can someone help?

Version: PSLS0E-06T01KGR


Answer:Satellite L500 (PSLS0E) - HDD wasn't found during the Win7 installation

Maybe stupid question now but do you use original Microsoft Win7 installation disc?

I have installed Win7 on several different Toshiba notebooks (older and newer) and HDD was ?visible? every time. I have removed existing partitions, created new one and installed Win7 on it successfully.

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I have just purchased a Toshiba Satellite L500, switched it on and the first thing it is doing is going to the "System Recover Menu". Is this what it is supposed to do???

I selected the 64 bit option and now it comes up with a big "WARNING" that all my data will be overwritten. HELP I go ahead with this system recovery stuff.

This is a brand new laptop never been switched on before.

Answer:Question about Satellite L500

This notebook model is not known to me but I presume your notebook is delivered with Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit operating systems. When you start it for the first time you must make decision which one you want to use.

If you choose 64-bit version other one will be deleted and you can use installed version only.
So think twice before you choose OS you want to use.

Later when the OS is installed first thing you should do is to create recovery installation DVD. If something goes wrong you will be able to install chosen operating system using this disc.
For DVD creation use please preinstalled "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator". I am pretty sure shortcut for quick start you can find on the desktop.

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In first....sorry for my English.

My Neighbor bring me an an L500-1UR which he bought with defect. Panel broken, no HDD, no RAM, Optical-LW. If i can change the TFT and and and ?

What he & i did not know: there is no Fan in Case. Before i will work, i like to testing the l500; ist CPU & GPU working etc. Now my Question:

There is no Fan in Case: need the Motherboard of the L500 an Fan-Signal ?
When no Fan-Signal, no Reaction (exept the greenLED / Accu/Power & ?) after press the Power-Button possible ?


Answer:Hardware Question for an Satellite L500-1UR


I didn?t make such experiments but I think you should have complete hardware including cooling fan. At the start up CPU reaches very fast high temperature and on most notebooks cooling fan starts to run immediately when machine is switched on.

Check on eBay if you can buy already used cooling fan and build all together before you start to check notebook functionality.

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I have 2 Toshiba L500 one with the T7500 and other with T4200.
The board is the same do, i installed a new processor and both are with t7500.
The problem is that one is now showing the bios code - CPUID: FB NO MICROCODE UPDATE LOADED FOR ALTERNATE PROCESSOR.
The rest it works normal, the Windows 7 64 bits recognize it and temperature is always under the 47 ? C
I updated the Bios but the problem remains. Do you know any bios update to similar model the will fix this?

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards


Answer:Satellite L500-1TU Bios Question - CPUID:FB no Microcod Update

CPU upgrade is definitely not supported and I think you should know this.
There are many different reasons for this >

As far as I know there is no ?special? BIOS designed for such purposes, especially not for public usage.
Try to contact Toshiba service in your country and ask for help.
I don?t think anyone here can help you with this.

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i can't install Windows 8.1 (Windows 8 is running successfull). Is this "by design" (maybe missing support for things like PAE, NX or SSE2. see

Thanks for help


Answer:Satellite L500-1C7 and Windows 8.1

If Win 8 runs on your notebook properly, then it should be possible to upgrade the Win 8 to Windows 8.1 too…

In order to get Win 8.1, install all Win 8 updates and then access the Windows Store to get the Win 8.1 update.

It should be possible to install the Win 8.1 update in case Win 8 is already up to date.

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I changed my operating system to windows 8 64bit , all hardware defined by windows except chipset & blutooth (I defined them once from Windows 7 another time from latest model like L830). but the function key not working (for wirekess/blutooth on/off ).

Is there any drivers for L500-21T for windows 8 64bit or from specific new compatible models drivers?

Answer:Satellite L500-21T & Windows 8 64-bit

> Is there any drivers for L500-21T for windows 8 64bit...
On you can check if your notebook is supported for Win8 OS.

One more thing: your notebook has Intel HM55 Express Chipset. Interesting is that Tecra A11 with part number PTSE0E has the same chipset and it is supported for Win8 so you can try to use chipset driver offered for this Tecra notebook.

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What about Drivers for Windows XP (32-Bit)?

On the Toshiba Driver Site for this product there are only drivers vor vista 32 bit and vista 64 bit...

where can I find drivers for Win XP??? Or do the Vista drivers work for Win XP, too??

I cannot test it now because I first want to ensure that it will work with win xp, after I wanted to install it..

Answer:Satellite L500-164 Drivers for Windows XP?


The Satellite L500 doesn?t support Windows XP, it supports only Vista 32bit and Vista 64bit. Windows XP is pretty old OS, it? the past. Now it?s Windows Vista or Windows 7.

If you want to install XP you have to collect the drivers by yourself on external websites, like Intel, Realtek and so far.

But to be honest be happy with preinstalled OS. All new notebooks are fast enough for Vista. ;)


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Hello everyone!

I just purchased a Sat Pro L500-196 which comes with Windows7 installed.

However for the use of older software which I need for my work, I want to install the Windows XP from my old laptop.
I want to setup a dual-boot environment so I can use Win7 for most of the time but be able to boot into XP whenever I need to.

The support page for this model lists 96 drivers for WinXP for this modell.
Which of these drivers do I really need?
And are there any instructions in which order install them? Or can I download/order a cd (or cd-image) with all drivers for WinXP

As far as i know, after installing WinXP on a second partition, I need a Windows7 installation-DVD to repair the boot manager.
Otherwise only WinXP sill start.
My laptop came without such a DVD, there is just a recovery partition.
Is it possible to use the recovery-system to make Win7 start again or do I really need a Win7 DVD?

Thanks in advance,
Juergen from Germany

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L500-196: Which drivers for Windows XP

>The support page for this model lists 96 drivers for WinXP for this modell.
>Which of these drivers do I really need?
There is no special installation order needed?
But I would start with common drivers like:
Display driver, LAN driver, Wlan driver, Modem driver, Card Reader Controller, touchpad driver, etc?.

The Controls driver should be installed before Controls (utility)?.
Try it simply?.

>As far as i know, after installing WinXP on a second partition, I need a Windows7 installation-DVD to repair the boot manager.
This is right?. I had the same issue with Vista and had to boot Vista DVD in order to repair the Vista boot manager

>Is it possible to use the recovery-system to make Win7 start again or do I really need a Win7 DVD?
No because it?s not the same.
The recovery image will format the HDD and partitions and will erase the installed Win XP.

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I have bought a new Satellite L500-1PU and tried to load Windows XP and it gave me a blue screen twice.
What could be the problem? If I were to buy an Operating system should it be 32 bit or 64 bit. Please help (They dont come preloaded like the rest in its family)

Answer:Cannot load Windows XP on Satellite L500-1PU

Any suggestions?

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I gonna upgrade my system to windows 7 64 bit, however the windows 7 64 Bit drivers are currently not available for L500-126.
I noticed that the windows 7 32 bit drivers have been available since last week, I am wondering when the win7 64 bit drivers would be ready?


Answer:Satellite L500-126 and Windows 7 64 Bit Drivers

For my L500-164 I used all Vsta x64 drivers for windows 7. They work.
You could give it a try.


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Apologies if this isn't the right forum. Not sure if this is purely for those laptops upgraded through the official Update programme.

But anyway, I have a Satellite L500-1ZR which isn't covered by the official programme so I went and updated my laptop directly through Microsoft. Everything works perfectly so far. However, Windows has installed its own drivers for my Radeon Mobility HD 4500 series and I would prefer to use the ATI drivers. As is normal, I can't install the drivers directly from the ATI website but when I try to install drivers through the Catalyst Install Manager that is on the Toshiba website, as I've always done in the past, it claims that it can't find any installable content.

Is there any way around this or is it a matter of waiting (and hoping) that Toshiba release Windows 8 drivers?

Answer:Satellite L500 - Windows 8 GPU Drivers

Here is a nice thread about Win 8 supported notebook series:

Check if your series is listed.
If its listed, it will get Win 8 drivers

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I bought a Satellite L500 with Vista as the os. I upgraded to win 7 using the Toshiba upgrade disc I was sent. Since installing Windows 7 my laptop freezes at any time.
Ctrl-alt-del do nothing.

My only option is to turn it off with the power button. I have installed all the available drivers from the Toshiba site but to no avail. Also, since installing Win 7 the FN key does not work, the touch pad won't work and the eco utility won't work. I have checked all the drivers that I can find and reinstalled or tried to update them. I have looked at the settings for the mouse and pointing device and it all says its working.

I think it is because I can't turn it on with the FN key- FN+F9. I can mute the volume now with FN+ESC (couldn?t a few days ago) I can use the FN key to sleep and lock the laptop but the dim/ brightness keys don't work. It seems they work up to F5 only.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Satellite L500 - several issues with Windows 7

Hi joey,

Can you find any information in Windows event viewer about this freeze?

You should check the device manager for unknown devices or yellow exclamation marks. Maybe it?s a driver issue.

Regarding the FN keys you have to install Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. They are required for FN keys and then you are able to enable/disable the touchpad (FN+F9).

Last but not least check the Toshiba page for a Windows 7 version of Eco Utility.

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I have a toshiba satellite l500-02f and I have windows 7 32bit intalled.

I have programs such as adobe premiere pro cs5 and adobe after effect cs5, but I cannot install them because I have windows 7 32bit.

So I would like to know if it's possible to back up my files and programs in my laptop, then upgrading windows 7 32bit to a windows 7 64bit in the toshiba satellite l500-02f ?

Thank you.

Answer:Can Windows 7 64-bit work on Satellite L500-02F?


I found your notebook on Canadian support page and it is supported for Win7 64bit. With other words you can download drivers from download page -

Check it out.

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I've a little problem... I wanted to install my Windows 7 Upgrade but after choosing my language I should choose the Model name of my notebook and the modell Satellite L500-N14 is not in the list.

Can anybody tell me what I have to do or what can I do now to go on with installing my Windows 7 Upgrade???

Answer:Satellite L500-14N - Windows 7 Upgrade


I can remember that month or two ago someone asked the same question but with Satellite L500D.
Can you please send us exact model number and offered numbers on upgrade DVD?

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Windows 7 officially launched today and I was wondering if the drivers will be available for my L500 laptop any time soon.
The reason I ask is because I bought the Windows 7 Ultimate and want to implement it on my laptop.

I've been using Vista drivers but ofcourse some bugs occur every now and then. Especially the Toshiva Value Added Package / Flash Card Button support giving me a hard time.
There aren't any drivers for the ATI Mobility Radeon 4570 since it's a new chipset so I editted my own driver by rewriting the INI file inside the driver folder. Setting it to my hardware ID.

But anyway, when I bought the laptop it had some kind of folder with it stating that I can upgrade my laptop to Windows 7. Allthough no drivers are available yet.

I'm probably asking the obvious but is there a date set for the drivers to be available ?

I'm sorry if this post has been answered elsewhere. I didn't manage to find an answer.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L500-128 and Windows 7 drivers

Your laptop model will definitely be supported for Win7 and I am pretty sure drivers, tools and utilities will be available soon.
I don't believe anyone here can say for sure when exactly but I think next days they should be available for download.

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I just bought this laptop, and if I knew that it does not support XP, that it has only drivers for Vista I doubt, better yet I know that I would not take Toshiba.

There's no warning thas says "Vista only" or something similar, at least not in my contry and it was unpacked.

The problem is that I have only XP and I do not like VIsta at all, so is there any drivers for XP?

I couldn't find any drivers for XP, there is no drivers even for Win7, only for Vista.


Answer:Satellite L500-12P - Where can I get Windows XP drivers?


In my opinion Windows XP is pretty old OS and is the past. Vista is the future and in few days it will be Windows 7.

So you should be happy if your notebook runs properly with preinstalled Vista. The notebook is fast enough for this OS and with new SP2 it runs faster as without SP. Furthermore you can switch to classic mode and then it looks like XP.
Have you check this?

If you really want XP you have to collect drivers yourself on external websites, like Intel, Realtek and so far.


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I've just bought 2 satellite L500 1xl/1xj second hand with a view to re selling one and keeping the other.

Problem is both have the HDD pulled from them and I have no installation CDs to re install Windows 7.
How can I do this without the CDs or original HDD?

Answer:Satellite L500 - how to install Windows 7 on new HDD

> i have no installation cds to re install windows 7, how can i do this without the cds or original hdd ???

Get Windows copy disk and install, all drivers are available on the [Toshiba driver page|] You can also buy a [Recovery disk|] I don't see any other options to do.

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I have a satellite L500-02F with windows 7 and I would like to downgrade to Windows XP, but on the Toshiba web site there is only driver for windows 7.
I have found a web site where I can download or buy a cd with the driver for it, but I'm not sure the driver will be good.

Thank to help me if you can

+Message was edited: Link has been removed - not allowed+

Answer:Satellite L500-02F - Drivers for Windows XP?

It seems that SATELLITE L500-02F PSLS0C-02F012 belongs to Toshiba Canadian series.
Indeed, there are only Win 7 drivers.

But you can check the Toshiba European driver page.

There you will find different L500 models and there are some Win XP drivers which could work in connection with you L500 series.

Some single missing drivers you could collect at you own hand?

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Recently I have bought Satellite L500 with Windows Vista. I hope Toshiba make the Windows 7 drivers soon so I can install Windows 7 Professional on my laptop. Why does it take so long?

Would the drivers come I an few weeks or must we wait till next year?

Greats, from the netherlands!!

Answer:Satellite L500-128 - When can I get Windows 7 drivers?


I think i have found windows 7 drivers for the l500 serie.
My laptop have almost the same specfication as the usa Satellite L500-ST2522 !

Follow this link and press downloads: rpn=PSLU0U&modelFilter=L500-ST2522&selCategory=3&selFamily=1073768663
I go to test it soon!!



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I have a L500-19X supplied with Windows 7 trial which has now expired. Can I easily load XP Pro to replace?

I would appreciate jargon free replies as I am a computor dummy.

Answer:Satellite L500-19X - Change from Windows 7 to XP Pro


Before installing Windows xp, check if Win Xp drivers are available for your model:

If there are no drivers, it's useless to install Xp. You have to look for them in the web and most of them are not existing.

By the way, if you use a laptop with supplied Windows, there is no expiration.

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My new laptop is Satellite L500-1KK and I can not find WinXP drivers for it. I hope to find a good help


Answer:Satellite L500-1KK - Need Windows XP drivers


The Satellite L500-1KK belongs to the PSLJTE series and therefore you can find all drivers on the Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

I have checked the page and it seems that all XP drivers are available.

But why you want to change the OS? Are you not satisfied with the Toshiba preinstalled OS?


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Hi There, To EveryOne .

Can Any One Please Help Me To Find The Drivers For My *Toshiba Setellite L500-14F* For *Windows 7* .


Any Can It Be Possible To Downgrade This Notebook To *Windows XP Pro* ? and Where Can I Found Drivers For This ?

I Will Be Thank Full if Any Body Help Me Regurding My Questions.


Answer:Where To Find Windows 7 Drivers For Satellite L500-14F?

I?m really wondering you cannot find the drivers alone.
WXP and Win7 drivers you can find on Toshiba support and download page under > Support & Download

Your notebook belongs to PSLJTE group so be sure you choose the right notebook model and right short model number.

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I have recently purchased a Satellite L500.
I wanted Nero on it so this was part of the appeal of the Toshiba.

I now find that the version of Nero installed on the laptop
is not compatible with Windows 7.
I am sure that Toshiba must be disappointed with this glitch and it was not their intention.

I would be grateful if someone could suggest a resolution to this problem outwith purchasing an upgrade because this adds considerably to the final cost of the unit.

Answer:Satellite L500 - Windows 7 compatibility with Nero


Which version of Nero you are trying to install?

I assume some older versions are not compatible so you should check the Nero homepage for latest version. All current versions there are compatible with your notebook.

By the way: For 3 months now I?m using CD Burner XP. It?s freeware tool and smaller as Nero. I like it, it?s my favorite. :)

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Hi I have a Satellite L500-1XM that keeps bluescreening with an iaStor.sys error. It happens randomly between 10 mins and a few seconds after booting (even in safe mode).

I have tried a memory test and that has turned out fine. I have checked the system logs and they don't indicate hard drive failure nor does chkdsk report any corruption or bad sectors.
What could be causing this?

Answer:Satellite L500-1XM Windows 7 Bluescreen iaStor.sys

I ended up rebuilding the Win 7 OS from a recovery CD and all seems to be well now.
I am suspecting it was caused by a crafty virus as I ran GMER in safe mode and I got a message saying C:\windows\system32\config cannot be accessed, which seemed quite unusual.

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My nephew owns this 1 year old laptop and asked me for help yesterday.
There is a permanent eggtimer on the mouse cursor and clicking trackpad or any key does nothing.

I ctrl, alt, del to open and select task manager but then the thing freezes. depowering then the only solution.
I could not access my computer or start/ programs etc. clicking anything does nothing.

I booted in safe mode with networking and updated & ran several programs - super antispyware, spybot, ccleaner & anti malwarebytes. the latter found some stuff but no importance or anything was reported by any.

He has no recovery discs as none were supplied. he never made the recovery discs as advised when new So i tried to make a set of discs but it was unable to read some files and i had to abort the operation.
I downloaded and ran system mechanic but this found no real problems.

When i try to open my computer the response is a long time in coming and opens up a m/s windows help page only. It advises system restore but there ar no restore points available.

When i tried running avg it was behaving "very weird" to say the least. i uninstalled this too.

I uninstalled several toolbars and gaming stuff that my nephew had but for all of my efforts, above the situation remains the same. I'm now making a windows repair disc and will try that to see if it helps.

I put the disc in and rebooted with poor results. it asked me to reinstall windows and i accepted. i then, a long time l... Read more

Answer:Satellite L500 does not boot up - Windows issue?

>I think i need a new windows 7 (64) disc or a recovery dvd set from toshiba.
> Any thoughts on recovering a bad situation would be most welcome.

Yes, I agree with you? at this point I would also try to reinstall an fresh Windows system or the image from Toshiba Recovery disk?
Usually the new OS installation would help to determine what?s wrong here? from my point of view, it looks like the OS has been muddled up and possibly an installation of OS would solve this.

But as you know, this is just a theory. I think if new OS installation (Recovery) would not help you, then the next should be an HDD and RAM test?

What do you think?

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I have a laptop Satellite L500-1UU, I installed on Windows 8 but, don't work all F/ keys on windows 8.
How it works?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500 - FN keys don't work on Windows 8

Maybe stupid question at the beginning of our discussion but have you checked if your notebook is supported for Win8?
I mean which drivers and Toshiba specific tools and utilities you want to install if your notebook is not supported for Win8?

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My L500 19X had Windows 7 trial which has now expired. Any problems re-loading with XP Pro which I prefer?

Answer:Satellite L500-19X - Windows 7 trial now expired


Go to the Toshiba driver page and check if the drivers for Windows xp are avalaible:

Talking about Windows trial, you can activate it buying the serial number.

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Have a Satellite L500 Windows 7 32 bit. Windows Backup on external disk does not (longer) work. Message: Last backup was not successfull. Error message 0x8007002.

Can set restoration/recovery point and can backup from restoration/recovery points, but cannot actively save/backup data on external units with Windows tools. Toshiba Board for "secure your laptop" does not work as well. If possible, do not want to restore the whole OS.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite L500 - Error in Windows backup


To be honest I doubt this issue has something to do with Toshiba?

Have you already checked Google for useful links?

I found an answer that cleaning the registry with CCleaner (or another program) worked? It would be worth a try ;)

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I have bought a new laptop Toshiba Satellite L500-1EV. Now I am with Windows 7 32 bit OS, and I noticed that some of the shortcuts - espacially the "fn-F8" - for switching on and off the wireless adapter and "fn-F9" for toggling between mouse and touchpad input don't work. After I press FN-F8 the wireless adapter is still working and the indicator still lights. After pressing FN-F9 the system keeps on receiving input from both mouse and touchpad.

Am I missing some driver?
Thank you !

Answer:Satellite L500-1EV- Some FN keys don't work on Windows 7


Have you installed Windows 7 yourself or was it preinstalled on your notebook?

As far as I know for the FN keys you need Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. In your case I would try to reinstall both of them, VAP firstly and then Flash Cards Support Utility.

Check the Toshiba website where you can find both tools! :)

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Although FN buttons working, when I bought this computer first I was seeing a panel and shows FN operations. However, now I can not see this panel when I push to FN button. I don t know what happen and how can I solve this problem. I unistalled vap and installed again.

Can anyone help me?

Answer:Satellite L500-1UU - Can't see FN cards on Windows 7 64bit


try to install Flashcard support utility [Toshiba drivers|] You can also try to restart flashcard support in Toshiba utility folder (go start-Toshiba utility)

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Hi all,

I'm newly joined here in the forum and I am looking for a sound driver for my Satellite L500-1EJ model laptop which I bought last year here in Doha.

I am really surprised that the model number is not available in Toshiba driver download website!! ??

Can anyone help me please?? I am using Windows XP, service pack 2 now.


Answer:Satellite L500-1EJ - Looking for Windows XP sound driver

Hi shihabuhashim,

Why is the model number not available on Toshiba website? Where have you searched?

I have checked the Toshiba website and I can find it: > Support & Downloads > Download drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L500 > PSLS0E > Windows XP
(Satellite L500-1EJ belongs to PSLS0E series)

Now download the sound driver that you need but it?s recommendable installing Service Pack 3 before you start with driver installation because it contains important updates.

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Hi all.

Although still mostly functional, Ive got several issues with my L500 which i bought 2 years ago (win updater, security center, a bunch of stupid annoying little things i have to scour the internet for specific answers) so I've decided to reinstall windows and start again from scratch rather than try to deal with each of them individually. I have tried to fix them several times now.

Ive never used a laptop before this one so this is somewhat different to what i used to do when reinstalling windows on my old pc so i thought before going ahead I'd check with some experienced laptop users.

My L500 came with minimal instructions, a product key and no windows cd. From what I have gathered so far from help documents, surfing and from a quick chat today with some one who sells computer gear is:

create a 'recovery disk' -which windows told me to label as 'windows 7 64bit repair disk'

back up my data- im buying a 500gb external hardrive for the occasion.

format my internal harddrive (erm its still right click *format* isnt it?)

once formatted insert all haloed recovery disk wich restores my L500 to manufacturers factory default setting from a partition i seem to remember the computer creating when i first turned the thing on.(is there a way i can check this? or is it standard?)

this is pretty much the gist of what the guy in the store told me today. he said it was a much faster alternative to buying a new windows cd and doing that from scratch. its also... Read more

Answer:Satellite L500 - reinstalling Windows check

OK I have an L600 as my old laptop and I reinstalled windows 7 by downloading a windows 7 iso and burning it to a DVD and using my product key you if it,s the same you have intel graphics and chipset i may be wrong but mine does so google digital river windows 7 ISO download it 64 or 32 depending what your flavour is you will need your wifi driver too as windows does,nt pick that up should be able to get that from Toshiba support.

I,d recommend formatting the whole drive and removing all the junk that they pre install so you have a nice clean install but you first install could be a test run to get you drivers you can use the intel detect you find your drivers for chipset and graphics

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Good day,
I bought my Toshiba Satellite L500 around 1 and a half years ago. I remember seeing a page in my manual that said that it would be possible to download Windows 7 free of charge.
I've been searching around for this however I couldn't find anything. Is there anyway I can find this page?

Thank you in advance,
Eduardas Lazebnyj

Answer:Re: Satellite L500 - 2e - free Windows 7 download

Operating system download is not possible.
I don?t know what kind of info you saw at this time but I presume you saw info about Windows7 upgrade.

Upgrade DVD was for free and Toshiba customers have paid shipment only.

Unfortunately this offer was limited in time and doesn?t exist anymore.

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My notebook has not modem/fax analogic. Because I need send fax, please send us factory and model *WIN7 driver compatibile* for send fax.


Answer:Satellite Pro L500 - Need modem/fax driver for Windows 7


For sending a fax the modem must be installed properly and therefore you can find the driver on the Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

There you can download the modem driver for Windows 7 32bit and Windows 7 64bit. :)


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To me are necessary the driver for L500-1en. On a site has not found. If it is fashionable to use the driver from other model write from what.

To me are necessary the driver on Windows XP, Windows 7.

Answer:Satellite L500-1EN - Where to find drivers for XP and Windows 7?


I have a little bit searched on the Toshiba website and it seems that your model belongs to the PSLJTE series and therefore you can download all drivers for XP and Windows 7 here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L500 > PSLJTE

Check this!!!

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No this model on toshiba site at all and all that I need is to find drivers for Windows XP for this model. Yes L500-1WR comes with preinstalled Windows 7 but I cant find drivers even for Windows 7!

Can anyone give me link to XP drivers?

Answer:Satellite L500-1WR - Can't find Windows XP drivers


Google says that L500-1WR belongs to PSLS9E series. Go to the [European Toshiba Driver Page|] and check for your laptop drivers:

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at first excuse my bad english, please. :)

I bought my L500-208 a few years ago, with Windows7 64bit.
My activation-Key is on the bottom, but its not really readable completely anymore. I still got the bill included the bill of the license key (Windows7 64bit).
How do i get my activatino-key back. Is there any way to get it?

Thank you for your helpp,


Answer:Win7 Windows key on my Satellite L500 is not readable

Maybe it sounds stupid now but it is not important if this product key is readable or not. It is just evidence that you have bought notebook with preinstalled OS and valid licence key.

This key belongs to original preinstalled OS (recovery image) and this original recovery image must not be activated. You can install it 1000 times and it will be activated every time after clean installation.

In case that you want to install other OS version this key cannot be used for activation. Simply put, this key is useless.

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Good afternoon,

I have just upgraded to Windows 10 on my Satellite L500 and have noticed that none of the FN keys are working.
Is there any driver which; A is available and B where can this be downloaded.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite L500 - FN keys not working after windows 10 upgrade

Usually the Win 10 drivers can be downloaded here but only for Win 10 supported units

Unfortunately, the L500 isn’t listed a Win 10 supported notebook model.

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I have lost my Web Camera Application from off the desktop.

I can bring it back by going to the Web Camera Application / Program files(86) / Toshiba/ Web Camera Application and clicking on the Web Camera Application .exe. But it will not reappear when I boot. I have the Auto Run ticked,

My laptop is the Satellite L500-19X, Windows 7
Thanks for any help.

Answer:Re: Satellite L500-19X - Webcam application start with Windows

Hi Altone,

Normally in webcam software you choose if the application should be started with Windows or not.
Have you checked this?

Furthermore you should check this in msconfig (start > run > msconfig). There you can find a list of all programs they will be started with Windows. Make sure that webcam software is not disabled.

In worst case you must reinstall the software but this takes only few minutes. ;)

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I received my copy of the win7 upgrade today. having gone to install it, once it checks what type of computer i have, it tells me it isn't supported. clearly it is, otherwise i wouldn't have been able to order it to begin with.... anyone have any suggestions for me?

when i look at the properties of my computer, it just lists the model name as 'Toshiba Notebook', i figure this may have something to do with it, but i have no idea how to fix it

can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite L500 telling me it isn't supported for windows 7 upgrade


I have a sattlite l500-128 laptop and im running windows 7 without any problem it detects al hardware automatic!
Can you start an clean installation? or is it not possible with a upgrade of windows 7?

which laptop do you have l500-*** ?

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Satellite L500-PSLJ3E, upgrade to Windows 7 64bit and none of my function keys work with the fn keys. Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility are installed.

Does somebody know how can I solve it?

thank you very much,

Answer:Satellite L500 - FN keys don't work after Windows 7 upgrade


Have you installed the newest tools from the Toshiba page? If you install both VAP must be installed first and then Flash Cards Support Utility.

Furthermore I would try to clean the registry using CCleaner.

Here in forum are already some threads about this issue. You should also use the forum search.

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Anybody knowing if Toshiba Satellite L500 supports 64 bit Vista or Windows 7?


Answer:Satellite L500-13T - Does it support Vista or Windows 7 64bit?


You can check this on the Toshiba page in few minutes if you will get all drivers for these OS: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers


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Answer:Wireless not working in toshiba satellite l500 in windows 7

For a start, turn off CAPS LOCK - it's considered to be shouting & many will ignore you.Did the laptop come with Windows 7 or have you installed it later? Are you sure there are drivers available for the wireless card - check the manufacturer's website if necessary. Some Toshiba laptops have a separate wireless switch on the front edge - if it's there make sure it is in the 'on' position. The usual key combination, as far as I recall, is Fn and F8 pressed at the same time (not F8 on its own) - there should be an LED that lights up on the front edge of the laptop when the wireless adapter is on."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..." Pink Floyd

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I have found and installed all drivers I need for this laptop using Windows XP. My problem is that I can only activate Wireless on this laptop by pushin FN+F8 key, I have installed the Realtek Wireless drivers and they are installed fine, but I can't get Wireless to work because of the FN keys. When I push the FN+F8 key, a blue led should turn on next to the volume controller, but it doesn't...

I've searched for the Hotkey Utility in the Toshiba India site, I downloaded and tryed it but I get the error "This software utility does not support this system", the Common Modules gives me the same error too.

I've tryed installing other Hotkey Utility driver for another laptop, and it doesn't give me that error, but it doesn't work either... I actually leaves my laptop freezing a second, every 5 seconds... and the FN keys still don't work.

Anyone know where I can find a working Hotkey Utility for my laptop using XP?

Or maybe is there a way to activate Wireless without the FN keys? I don't need the other keys... I just want a way to activate Wireless.

Thanks for your time

Answer:Satellite L500 - Can't find drivers for FN keys for Windows XP!


That?s very strange buddy because the point is that XP is the past and newer notebooks doesn?t support this OS.

What you can do is to download the utilities for another Satellite L notebook, e. g. Satellite L300. This supports Windows XP and maybe the tools from that notebook are working on yours.
Check this!!

In worst case you have to live with this issue or you upgrade to Windows Vista. That?s all what you can do.


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Hope I've got this in the right place.

Purchased above and upgraded sucessfully to Windows 7 from XP.
However, the sound is very poor quality - sounds "tinny"

This is applicable to CDs, radio and DVDs particularly when listening to audio books and radio making it impossible to listen to. Have tried changing the settings for the Realtek High Def Speakers, but no difference. Then updated drivers. Windows test 'sounds' are okay and sound coming from both speakers.

I think I've tweaked every available setting I can find but can't find a tweak/setting to change the sound (less bass?). I have seen the volume control and it makes no difference.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L500 - 1UU with Windows 7 64 bit OS factory Installed... I want to install a 16 bit windows 95 program which works on XP and Vista 32bit versions. I tried the compatibility wizard in windows 7 in Win 95, 98, XP, Vista settings but i get the message " out of memory resources". Is there a way around? Will i get same message if i install 32 Bit windows 7? Theres no drivers for windows vista on the support pages well.. Where will i get the drivers for Vista if theres no way around but to change my OS?

Answer:installing a16 bit windows 95 Program On Tosh Satellite L500 - 1UU


Maybe, you should install Vmware with Xp environment to run Win 95 programs or look for Windows 95 emulators in Google

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I just bougth my first Toshiba laptop, it comes with Windows 7 Professional pre-installed. Before I start spending hours on this, I am just wondering if this can be done:

1) I would like to use the Windows 7 Professional in 64 bit mode and then

2) Create second partition on HD to install Windows XP 32 bit on it.

Just wondering about if this is possible and what is the recommended sequence for the install is. First thing I need to do is to create recovery disk for Windows 7, so I assume I need to configure Windows 7 first?

Thanks for any help

Answer:Satellite L500/013 - How to make dual boot of Windows 7 and XP?

> First thing I need to do is to create recovery disk for Windows 7, so I assume I need to configure Windows 7 first?
Well, this is strongly recommended!!! Before you would do anything with your HDD you should create the recovery disk!!!

I?m not quite sure how you could set up an dual boot using Win 7 because I didn?t try this but I did it using Vista.
First of all you have to create an second partition in Vista. This could be done in Disk Management.
Then I installed Win XP on the second partition. But after the XP installation I could not start Vista because Vista boot manager was damage by Win XP.
To fix this I have used a original Vista disk (not recovery disk). I booted the Vista DVD and this has repaired the Vista boot manager. In Vista I have installed EasyBCD.
EsayBCD is a small tool which helped to add the Win XP to the Vista?s boot manager.
After new reboot Vista and Win XP appeared in the boot manager and I could choose between both OS.

I think you will need the same procedure using Win 7

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I have got a problem with Windows 7 photo viewer as when I click on a picture to view it through photo viewer ( to play slide show feature ) , it just freeze on the first picture without moving to the next picture and no feature of Windows photo viewer like shuffle and Loop work there !!! even when I right click on the photo , it just doesn't do any thing ....

my laptop operating system is W 7 - 32 bit (L500) , so I don't know what I should do about?

could you share your knowledge with me about this matter ?

thanks in advanced

Answer:Satellite L500 - Windows 7 photo viewer is not working

How are you opening the picture? From the folder directly?

Did you try clicking on the Arrow buttons?

Is there more than one image in the folder?

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I've upgraded my Windows Vista to Windows 7 Utimate 64 bit (Upgrade not clean install) for my Satellite L500-126.

Everything works fine except the hotkeys (FN+F keys), the hotkeys worked fine in Vista before upgrade. I want to reinstall the drivers or applications for the hotkeys but the downloads page confuses me a lot. Which driver and applicantion I should download for that hotkeys?


Answer:Satellite L500-126 - Hotkeys doesn't work on Windows 7


For the FN keys and all other ?special function? you need only the Toshiba Value Added Package. It contains all drivers that you need for these functions: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

I have installed Windows 7 on my Satellite A300 and Qosmio F50. After the installation of Value Added Package I can successful use the FN keys. :)

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I needed to reinstall Windows 7 on a Satellite L500 but I can't get the FN keys to work. Would anyone here be able to give any ideas on how to get this to work?


Answer:Satellite L500 - How to get FN keys working on Windows 7 64bit?


It's pretty easy. Go to the [Toshiba driver page|] and download Vap utility and Flashcard support. Then, install Vap and restart your laptop. After that do it for Flashcard support.

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I have just bought a microsoft camera as my other older version Trust webcam is not compatible with Windows 7. Surely I would have no problems with a Microsoft webcam? Wrong!

Whereas before on Vista, my trusty trust webcam worked fine on yahoo messenger, I now find that I can go My Webcam - File - Preferences - Camera Settings and then Device Settings, but Camera Controls shows only Exposure. All the other options on Camera Controls are greyed out, including Zoom which I always used on my previous Toshiba Vista laptop. Very frustrating!

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite L500 - Microsoft webcam not work on Windows 7

ps The laptop is a satellite L500

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Satellite L500-12T

I've checked other threads for this issue but they have the F8 option during start up, this laptop doesn?t have that option.
After turning on the laptop it?s either press F2 for Setup or F12 to select boot options. I try to load my Windows CD but it doesn?t load/read the disk. I also don?t know what to troubleshoot on BIOS.

It recognizes all the basic hardware. HDD and CD drive. I?ve tried to remove the battery and mouse, then just attach the adapter but I sometimes get "program cannot start press ok to turn off the computer".

Can anyone help me? What are my options to have this fixed / recovered? I can?t rely on the phone tech support since the unit is out of warranty.

Any replies would be most welcome. Thanks :)

Answer:Satellite L500 won't load. Windows.stops at x:\windows\system32\drvload


Your story is pretty confusing. It is full of different information but we don?t know which operating system do you use and has your notebook ?factory settings? or not.

Is there some reason why your notebook acts so strange? Have you done anything that can be responsible for this? Can you start OS or not.
>... sometimes get "program cannot start press ok to turn off the computer".
How to understand ?sometimes?? Which program? What happen when you press power button?

Sorry but I don?t know how to understand all this and start with discussion.
Missing F8 option is also very confusing.
Try please to set BIOS to default settings and try to start OS again.

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I bought a notebook Satellite L500-21T from saudi arabia.

I lost the hd recovery during trying fix windows 7 installation. If I try to install windows 7 I get stop code 0x0000009c error. If I turn sata to compitibality from AHCI Windows xp sp2 not sp3 installed but most drivers like display and wlan not installed. Trying to update BIOS give that is not suitable for that the phoenix version of bios 1.5

I changed HD and RAM but the same problem. It may the BIOS?

plz help me

Answer:Satellite L500-21T - Stop error code when installing Windows 7

Hi buddy,

I?m a little bit confused now... Do you want Windows 7 or Windows XP?

If you miss some drivers after XP installation, why do you update the BIOS?

As far as I know Satellite L500 support Windows XP so you can download all missing drivers and tools on official Toshiba website:

Check this!!!

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The Windows 7 RC's device manager doesn't recognize my Wireless Network Adaptater (e.g. : Atheros, Intel, or Realtek). I tried to install all the drivers from Toshiba support, but none of them work :

After installation, they ask me to plug the device on my computer (of course it is yet on the mainboard !).

=> Is there a way to know what is my Wifi adaptater ?

that one failed : (it's only say "network adaptateur" with a yellow exclamation mark).

=> Does anybody know when Windows 7 Drivers will be released on the website ?

Answer:Satellite L500 13z - Windows 7 doesn't recognize WLAN adapter


Before you start to install all WLAN drivers that you can find on the Toshiba website you should make sure that WLAN card you have exactly. You can check this in device manager => properties => Details of WLAN card.
There you should an information like PCI\VEN_XXXX & DEV_XXXX

If you have founded this information you search with these terms on this website to determine the exact WLAN card:

After this you can download the correct driver for your notebook. Before you install it you should uninstall all other versions and restart the notebook.
Make also sure that WLAN is enabled with the hardware switch and FN+F8.


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I'm hoping someone can help. My Satellite L500 is hanging on the blue startup screen after it restarted after a windows update, the mouse arrow is moving, and there seems to be some hard drive activity with some flickering in the system indicator lights. Other than that, nothing? Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite L500 - System hanging on startup screen after Windows update


> hanging on the blue startup screen after it restarted after a windows update
Does it mean you get a bluescreen after Windows update and you can?t start Windows anymore?

Can you start Windows in safe mode?

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Hi folks,

I'm running windows 7 on a Toshiba Satellite L500-1XL.

About 6 weeks ago, Windows refused to load.
I'd get the 'Toshiba' screen and then Windows startup splash, but then nothing but a black screen with a (moveable) mouse icon.

i couldn't get into safe mode, and Toshiba's built in recovery utility wouldn't work.
Even using the Toshiba 'Product Recovery" DVD was doing nothing, although the disk was making a few strange and repetitive clicks during that, so I suspected a faulty hard drive. (Possibly where the MBR was OK, but the data wasn't?)

Anyway I put in a replacement HDD (backups are a wonderful thing BTW!) and the recovery DVD loaded perfectly and all seemed well.

About 2 weeks later, I got the same problem
('Toshiba' screen Windows startup splash, but then nothing but a black screen with a (moveable) mouse icon; no safe mode; no recovery utility)

This time, however the Product recovery DVD worked fine first time.

Another 2 weeks go by and the same problem happens again; this time it took another HDD for the recovery media to work.

So my question is really what could be causing this fault?

Could it be a virus which is corrupting something which is preventing Windows from loading? And 'preventing' it so much that I can't even load the recovery utilities?

In which case could it also prevent the Product recovery DVD from loading?

Or am I looking at an intermittent fault with the HDD connector which is either physically d... Read more

Answer:Satellite L500-1XL - Strange Windows 7 Error - Virus Or Hardware fault?

> So my question is really what could be causing this fault?
I doubt it?s a virus or something like that but nothing is impossible.

From my experience the data on the HDD can be affected by different software tools.
In my case the data on the HDD was corrupt because the 3rd party software changed some files and the boot master record has been damaged.
I formatted the HDD and created new partitions.

I also use the CCleaner and I defragment the HDD several times in the week.
Since than the HDD and the data is ok and didn?t notice such symptoms anymore.

Maybe you should try this too?

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I have updatet my Toshiba Satellite L500-20X to Windows 8.
Unfortunately, since this update my WLAN Switch no longer works. All function keys work to F7, only F8 (WLAN switch) and F9 (touchpad) no longer work.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Answer:Satellite L500-20X - WLAN switch doesn't work after Windows 8 Upgrade

Satellite L500 is not Win 8 upgrade supported? so I think the problem is a missing driver or software?

As far as I know in order to use the FN buttons the Value Added Package for Win 8 needs to be installed.
Check other driver area for Toshiba notebook series supporting the Win 8.
Maybe you could use the VAP released for other series.

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Can anyone help?

I have a Satellite L500-1WG, I have ripped music into my music (the default setting), and it doesn't show in my media player library. I have spent hours trying to figure this out

Answer:Satellite L500-1WG - Windows Media Player doesn't show my libary


I think you have to check the libary settings of Windows Media Player. In Options > Library you can choose which folders should be monitored. I think you have to monitor the folder where you added the music.

Check this!!!

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Hello, I bought Toshiba L500 in January but I haven't been able to update it with Tempro since May. Towards the end of setup, setup crashes and it says the following in Turkish:

"Hata 1722. Bu Windows Installer paketi ile ilgili bir sorun var. Kurulumun bir par?as? olarak ?al??an program beklendi?i gibi sonlanmad?. Destek sorumlunuza veya paket sat?c?s?na ba?vurun."

If I translate it briefly,

"Error 1722. There is a problem with his Windows Installer package. The program working as a part of the setup didn't finish as expected. Apply your support service or package seller."

I download the Tempro setup file, but whenever I start setup, it always says so. How can I update my laptop?
Thank you for your interest and answers.

Answer:Re: Satellite L500 - Temro issue - Error 1722 Windows Installer package


If the 1722 error appears then this means that a program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected
Please check the new Tempro version here:

I installed Tempro and is functioned so I assume it?s a problem with your Windows OS.

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Good morning everybody!
I have recently performed a factory default installation on the notebook object of this thread followed by Windows 7 update.
I had some problem in reinstalling all the drivers, but I solved it.

Because I always am a lucky guy , the installation of the AHCI driver has brought another undesired issue.

I have a problem in searching and installing Windows updates through, obviously, Windows Update (WU).
When I try to perform an update research, I get this error:? Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running...?.

The first thing I did was to check if WU service was running looking into the service ?tab? of control panel.
Nothing was changed accidentally and in fact the WU service was turned on as always.

The second step, suggested by some tutorials on the web, concerned into stopping the Windows Update service, deleting the ?SoftwareDistribution? folder and turning on another time the Windows Update service. This procedure did not solve the issue.

After many others attempts, I found the solution reading a thread in an Italian forum.

Briefly, the post explains that the issue (more evident on just formatted machines) is caused by an incompatibility of Intel Matrix Storage Manager with some processes of Windows Update. This causes that error appearing without any apparent reason.

The solution is uninstalling the Intel Matrix Storage Manager software and installing a newer one, for example this suggested by... Read more

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I am wanting to do a clean install on this old Satellite P10 [2004] but am a bit worried about the updates i will have to do.
I believe it could run into hundreds.

Any advice how to proceed appreciated,

Answer:Satellite P10-804 - Question about new installation


You can install the Windows OS on your notebook and would need to install the P10 drivers separately?
The drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba page.

Of course you will need to update the Win OS to the latest state but this should run automatically? you could drink a coffee and wait? ;)

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Hey folks,

Does anybody have experiences with the downgrading to XP on L40-13C?

Heard about so many Vista problems that I rather want to avoid it till the teething problems are gone.

Thanks for any help!

Answer:Question about XP installation on Satellite L40-13C


I don't see any reasons why you shouldn't install the XP on the L40.
Maybe one; the Toshiba XP drivers are not available at this time on the page.

But in my opinion it's merely a matter of time. I think the Toshiba will provide some XP drivers as for another notebook series!

Please also check this thread about XP and L40:

best regards ;)

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I have lost my recovery disk and I am trying to reinstall the software due to a virus.
I have downloaded all drivers from the toshiba site, but I still have some questions cause I couldn't manage to understand where I have to find some drivers.
I have one toshiba satellite m70-249

let's read togheder the installation order:

Satellite M70 (PSM70);Satellite M70 (PSM71);Satellite Pro M70 (SPM75);Satellite Pro M70 (SPM76); Equium M70 PSM77 / 78
Installation order for Windows xp

>1 Windows XP HE(English) Service Pack2(RTM)
>2 Windows XP Pro(English) Service Pack2(RTM)
>3 VALUEADD folder Service Pack2(RTM)
>4 Support folder Service Pack2(RTM)
those I suppose are native with xp HE, I don't really understand the meaning of RTM but I suppose they come with XP system

>5 Microsoft Internet Explorer V6.0(SP2)
>6 DirectX V9.0c(SP2)
I think those come with Service pack 2 (SP2)? Right?

>7 Windows Media Player 10 V10.00.00.3646
I downloaded this version by myself on

>8 Windows Movie Maker V2.1.4026.0
I don't really need this I think I can do without

>9 Step by Step Interactive Training(Home) V3.5.25(WinXP Home) V3.5.23(WinXP Pro)
>10 SLP Module OEMSLP2.0 (523759)
I have read in this forum that these two are not necessary, so, go on...

>11 Microsoft .NET Framework V1.1.4322(SR1)
SR1 stands for service pack 1? or what? should I download this or will came with window upgrade?

12 Microsoft Office(R) OneNote(T... Read more

Answer:Question about driver installation on Satellite M70-249

This is a very long thread! Puh?. You would be very lucky man if someone would post step-by-step description ;)

First of all the Sat M70-249 belongs to the PSM71 series. You have to choose the drivers made for this series!

So now to you driver list;
Generally you have to install everything from the page if you want to use whole notebook features!

Now to the list;

> I think those come with Service pack 2 (SP2)? Right?
Yes, it?s right. You need to install SP2

>7 Windows Media Player 10 V10.00.00.3646
>I downloaded this version by myself on
This is not relevant. You can use the old or new version.

> 11 Microsoft .NET Framework V1.1.4322(SR1)
>SR1 stands for service pack 1? or what? should I download this or will came with window upgrade?
The Microsoft .NET Framework can be downloaded from the MS site. Don?t know what version is the newest but you can check it yourself.

> 17 Atheros 802.11ag/g Client Utility V4.1.1.228.i141
>This? Where I cand find this?
This is a WLan tool which helps to configure the Wlan connection. It can be only used if your notebook was equipped with the Atheros Wlan card. (you must check this in the device manager what WLan card was installed)
But this tool is not necessary. You can use the Win XP option to configure the WLan.

> 18 Atheros 802.11ag/g Wireless lan V4.1.2.71
>In Toshiba there is Atheros wireless lan driver, is this ok?
As said above it depends on the Wlan... Read more

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I have a Satellite A100-307 with problems to install Windows XP. Model PSAA9E-11F03XFR

The Recovery CD is lost and I installed the notebook with a normal Windows XP (sp2) CD.

During the Installation the monitor ist black.

Is the Installation without Recovery CD possible?

I created a Nlite CD with XP but the SATA Controller not found or the Installation break.

Help me, please.


Answer:Question about XP Installation on Satellite A100-307


basically it?s possible to install an OS from a genuine XP/Vista CD, I think thats the reason why Toshiba provides drivers on their Driver Download site.

How do you mean that, the monitor stays black? A more precisely description would be better...
Another question: which SATA controller did you slipstreamed on the XP CD?? I hope you?re aware about that the A100 has an older controller (should be an ICH7M).
By the way: did you already seen this document from Toshiba?:


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Dears at Toshiba

I have Toshiba Satellite M40 , when I installed the recovery CD with win Xp I found everything is ok except the following:

when I go to "Local area connection properities " and press "install" botton to install client for netware...I recieve the next message:
"windows unable to find any drivers for this device...if you have a disk that contains the update driver or to search click ok"

please help
thank you

Answer:Satellite M40: Question about driver installation

Hello Mohamed

It seems your notebook tries to install the network driver but the OS can?t find it or you the driver source is false.
In this case you should download the network driver from Toshiba website and install it.


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I'm upgrading the memory in my buddies laptop but for all intensive purposes it will from here on out be referred to as mine.

The toshiba satellite L35 originally came with 1x512 mb of RAM, 6 months I upgraded, putting 1x1gb stick in and keeping the 512 in as well (this has worked good for the whole time I've had it). I decided to upgrade again and bought 1x2gb stick.

When I first put it in I put the 2gb stick into slot 0 (correct me if that's the wrong term for the bottom slot when the laptop's upside down) and the 1gb stick into slot 1.
When I booted up the computer only should 1.87 for RAM, when it should be a little under 3.
I've tried every combination that involves the 2gb stick
2gb in slot 0, 1gb in slot 1
2gb in slot 1, 1gb in slot 0
2gb in slot 0, 512mb in slot 1
2gb in slot 1, 512mb in slot 0

For all of these it shows up as 1.87, no matter where the 2gb is and what else is in there with it.

the 512mb (computer's original) is hynix 512mb 2Rx16 PC2-4200
the 1gb (upgrade 6 months ago) is kingston KVR667D1S0/1GR
the 2gb (brand new) is G.Skill DDRII533 PC2-4200 (F2-4200CL4S-2GBSQ)

I'm getting mixed answers from and about what this laptop can handle.
So my question i guess...Do I need to send the G.Skill back and get a different 2gb? is that the compatibility issue?
Should I get a kingston? Or am I just doing something wrong.

Thanks guys, and thanks for the forum in general, I looked here for instructions on how to in... Read more

Answer:Satellite L35 memory installation question


The L35 is not known to me. It seems to be a notebook series designed for the US market.
But the L30 is known to me and as far as I know the L30 is very similar to the L35.

However, the point is that the RAM can be upgraded only up to 2GB.
This means that you can use a 1GB module in one slot.
A higher memory module size is not supported by memory slots and therefore the notebook shows about 1.87GB for RAM.

Hopefully this helps to explain the issue.

Best regards

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I have a lot of problems with Vista. First it took me a week to install my wirless printer. (sollution: install as local printer lpt1, change port properties en give a network location (computer/printername).
Last problem: vista give no rights to copy from my usb protable hd with xp files.

Finaly I lost all hope and want to get back to xp.

Is there anybody with experience in installing win xp on that notebook. And is it possible to inform me of the steps you have been taken to do it.
Are there any troubles like no having some drivers, things that will not work or problems with the sata hd.



Answer:Question about Win XP installation on Satellite Pro P200

Hi there,

thats a difficult topic -> XP on Vista machines.

First of all: yes you can install XP on it because all important drivers are available (VGA, SATA, WIRELESS, XP BIOS, BLUETOOTH) and that should be enough.

Since your machine has a Vista BIOS (I assume it has one) please install the XP BIOS first and then start the installation of XP. In case that your HDD is not recognized then you will have to install the SATA driver during the windows XP installation. The procedure is described in the installation instruction of Satellite L40 -> XP, so if you want to install it and encounter some SATA (No HDD during XP setup) problems you must check the installation instruction of Windows XP for a SATELLITE L40!

In case of further questions I recommend you to place your question here before doing something which could brake your nerves afterwards. :)


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A friend is considering the Toshiba Satellite U300-13u which comes with Vista.
He wants to install XP. Will the XP drivers work with this model?


Answer:Re: Satellite U300-13U: Question about XP installation

Of course!
You will find all drivers here:

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I followed the instructions using nLite to add chipset drivers to XP installation CD.

DennisFarina mentioned burning the ISO image which was created using nLite to disk.

I have now a CD with an ISO image on.

What do I do with this ISO image because I can?t boot off it?


Answer:XP installation question for Satellite A200


You want to install the XP on your notebook but you can not do this because the HDD is not recognized by XP setup. Is it right?

Well, in such case I?ve got something for you!

Check this Toshiba Knowledge doc:

[How to integrate a SATA driver in a Windows XP Setup CD|]

Usually this doc should help you to install the XP on your notebook.

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I have a Satellite Pro A120 (PSACIE) with Vista installed. I have created a dual boot with XP Prof. I seem to have all the drivers installed except the WLAN and LAN drivers. I downloaded the LAN driver there is no setup.exe file. No problem, (I think, perhaps someone out there knows differently?).

I used device manager to load the inf file and selected intel pro/1000 PL network connection with the install hardware wizard. On completion the wizard says there was an error code 10 and that the device probably would not work properly.

Can anyone help? It sure does not work! By pure luck I purchased a port replicator, its LAN works with XP but do not work with Vista!!! (There is a clue here)

Is there any way that I can get details on the LAN device, like model, serial number? Any help gratefully appreciated.

Answer:Question about WXP LAN Driver installation on Satellite Pro A120


Are you sure you used a right and supported LAN driver???
The error code 10 is known to me and mostly it appears if the device cannot be started because the driver is not compatible?

Ok?. In my knowledge there are two different Sat Pro A120:
the PSAC0E unit supports Lan Chip Realtek 8100CL

and the PSAC1E supports Chip Intel 82573L(Vidalia)

So what notebook do you use???

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My second laptop is the above. The HDD is 2GB and clear of data. If I bought an OEM Windows 95 on floppy disks would this load onto the machine and work?

Answer:Satellite 100CS: Question about Win95 installation


Wow! You want to use this oldie?
As far as I know this notebook is about 10 maybe 11 years old!!!
The max memory which this notebook uses is 40MB!
Unfortunately I don?t know if this OS will run on your notebook and I?m not 100% sure if you will be able to buy this Toshiba recovery OS.
You will be very lucky man if somebody here in the forum will get you a exactly answer.

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i have this 3 drivers:
- Sound driver (conexant)
- Toshiba audio enhancement (Toshiba)
- DTS studio sound (DTS inc)

I know that i must install sound driver but do i need 2 others?

I have read some bad feedback:
- on toshiba audio enhancement about sound level/quality
- on DTS studio sound about inopportune rise/drop sound level

Note: my laptop is Satellite C75-A

Answer:Satellite C75-A - sound driver installation question

When i try to install toshiba audio enhancement, i launch toshiba extractor then i have the yes/no windows pop-up.
I click on yes then nothing, no install.

my OS is win7 64b

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Hi, a friend has given me his Satellite L20 system to install XP Pro SP2 (system was originally shipped with XP Home). After installing XP Pro SP2, I tried installing the chipset driver from the driver page of the site, but I kept receiving a message saying that the chipset driver could not be installed because my Windows installation was not complete. After consulting the driver page again, and looking at the installation order for the L20 I was shocked to see so many microsoft updates and fixes that supposedly have to be installed before I can install the drivers on the system.
What I want to know this installation order accurate? I am having trouble getting all the specified updates and hotfixes required to get the system up and running......

Any advice or ideas would be graetly appreciated.


Answer:Question about driver installation on Satellite L20-153 PSL2XE

You are right. Satellite L20 is delivered with WXP Home but with SP2 version. There is no difference and all drivers can be installed with WXP Pro Sp2. I really don't understand what you are doing wrong.

After installing WXP Pro start your notebook and install all Toshiba stuff following Installation Instructions document and exact installations order described there. You must not install all those Microsoft hotfixes. When you are finished with drivers, tools and utilities installation just activate Microsoft update and install offered updates automatically.
Pay attention about SP3. Many people here report about difficult problems after SP3 installation.

Before you do this, read this interesting thread:
Suggestion before installing service pack 3

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Recently bought a toshiba a200-1MB laptop.
It came with a 1GB ram( 512+512 DDR2,667Mhz).

I want to upgrade the ram to about 2 GB, is it possible to add RAM keeping the originals in place?

Also, I wish to replace the Vista with XP, is it possible to do so. The product recovery cd came with vista preinstalled in it. Can i install the drivers from the recovery cd and install xp separately.


Answer:Satellite A200-1MB - Question about RAM upgrade and XP installation

Both slots are already busy.
If you want to upgrade the RAM you have to remove one module.

You can upgrade the RAM up to max 4GB (2 x 2GB)

You could use the DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) 200-PIN SODIMM

>Also, I wish to replace the Vista with XP, is it possible to do so. The product recovery cd came with vista preinstalled in it. Can i install the drivers from the recovery cd and install xp separately.

This is possible. You will have to install the XP from your original Microsoft CD. The XP drivers can be find on the Toshiba page

Best regards

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I have the Toshiba P200-17C Personal Computer and I don't want software like Norton ISI because I want to install my own I, so was thinking of formatting the drive to install Vista Premium on it's own and then install the various drivers and utilities from the download section on the Toshiba webssite but, after reading the thread at this link:

I see that some users who also have this pc have had problems installing the drivers and utilities they got from the website for their P200-17C. One user who installed Vista Business instead of Vista Premium and then tried to install the drivers/utilities for Vista Business which he downloaded from toshiba and was getting error messages like 'incorrect serial number'.

I still want to use Vista Premium on my P200-17C and then install my selected Toshiba approved drivers/utilities. Surely in this situation, all of the drivers and utilities should install without problems on the same computer model and s/n?



Answer:Satellite P200-17C: Question about installation of own Vista


The Toshiba European driver page provides the drivers for Vista OS. This means that these drivers should be compatible with all Vista versions. There should be no problem because all Vista OS?s uses the same core!

But note; if you use the own Vista you have to use also a compatible serial key for a right Vista version. Additionally you should note that there are different P200 series and therefore right drivers for the right series should be choose from the download form.

That?s all

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I recently (09-09-2007) bought a Satellite P200-14H from a reseller from Romania, and Windows Vista has crashed. I was obligated to reinstall OS without loosing the entire information on the HDD drive (2 partitions -c: windows installation, d: some information that I must not loose.). With the DVD you provided I have to delete the entire HDD which is NOT an option so I looked over the internet and downloaded a windows vista installation image so I can install windows without deleting the d: partition.

I have started to look for the drivers and I have found them but when I tried to install some of them the following error occurs: "invalid serial number" when I try to install the following applications: Flash Media Driver, Hardware Setup and Value Added Package.

What can I do in order to be able to use the function keys, for example? I have phoned computers shop, the regional representative of Toshiba in Romania and I received the answer that their only job is related to hardware not software.

I have followed the entire 'Installation Instructions' how to but it doesn't work. I can't use the function keys of my computer and it is out of the question to loose the information on entire HDD driver, but only on partition C.

Thank you very much and I hope you will give me a solution soon.

Answer:Question about software installation on Satellite P200

Hello Adrian

Unfortunately you are right about recovering procedure. But if I am understand you right you can start and use Vista now. If yes why you do not save all your data on external device or create data DVDs? When all your data are saved you can install OS again using delivered recovery media and later copy the data on to partition D again.

I can understand the answer from people you are talking with. If there is no hardware damage and you have recovery DVD they can not do much for you. The notebook is not defective. Crashed Vista is your responsibility. You have recovery DVD and you can install OS 1000 times if you want. Sorry but the arguments are not on your side.

We can discuss about why you can not install OS on existing partition but it will not help you. If you can start Vista save all your data and make a clean OS installation.

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I need a new keyboard for my L500 and found out, that the keyboad of the P200 (and some other models) seems to be the same (105 keys, num pad, 2 win keys). Are those keyboards 100% compatible or do they just look the same?

Answer:Satellite L500 and Satellite P200 - compatible keyboards?


In my opinion this question is for Toshiba service and not for user-to-user forum.

Anyway I think that both keyboards are not the same and you should order 100% identical keyboard designed for your notebook model.

Question is: why do you look for keyboards for old notebook models if you can order new one for L500.
On eBay you can get it quite affordable.

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Dear all,

I need to know that I have "Satellite"L300 .Windows Vista Home edition installed. Its HDD contain only one partition.
How do I install Windows XP pro as a dual operating system?

**"This reason I would like to install in I want to install ?WINDOWS VIRTUAL PC" on my LAPTOP.**

Please guide in details.


Answer:Question about dual boot installation on my Satellite L300

It is not necessary to write too much about that. What you must do is to create second partition. On the first you can leave Vista and on second install WXP SP2. There should not be any problems.

Important is follow: when you install WXP you will not be able to start Vista again. Because of that you need to install Boot manager that offers you at start up choice to start favourite operating system.

That?s all!

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I have been given a Satellite 4090, but it has no hard drive. Can anyone tell me how to fit it. I can not see anywhere to slot it, so I assume the case has to be opened. Also are all toshiba hard drives the same.

I have seen lots on ebay, but they don't say what model they are for.

Hopeful Alan

Answer:Satellite 4090 hard drive installation question

Toshiba Satellite 4030, 4060, 4080, 4090, 4100 Series

1. Remove all the cables.
2. Turn the Notebook up side down.
3. The HDD compartment is located on the right/front side panel of the notebook
4. Remove the 2 screws securing the HDD bay-cover and remove the cover.
5. Remove the 1 screw that is securing the HDD into place.
6. Gently slide the HDD out of the compartment.
7. Slide the new hard drive into the hard drive compartment and replace the 1 screw to secure the HDD.
8. Replace the HDD bay-cover and 2 screws from step 4.
9. Replace all the cables.

Hope this helps you could also try here for a hard drive ODUCT_ID=5685&DISC_MODEL=0&tab=1

It might be better to fit an external hard drive as the only hard drives i could find for this model were only 6.4gb so you might not be able to upgrade to a bigger h/d coz your laptop wont recognize it, all though someone else might be able to answer that question better than me, good luck

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hi there!!

i had a toshiba satellite a300 that unfortunately died... i want to take the hard disk drive from it an put it on my cousin's toshiba satellite l500 laptop...
I siply put it to l500 but it stacks at a point that shows again and again something about media test and more...

What i'm supposed to do?
Te strange (to me that i'm not very computer guy) is that at bios setting shows the model of the hard disk...
I mean that the l500 recognises the drive...please help me...

thanks in advance..

Answer:HDD swop from Satellite A300 to Satellite L500


Satellite A300 supports the same HDD like a Satellite L500. Both use the SATA HDD therefore the inserted HDD should work.
Its good sign, that the HDD is visible in BIOS. This means that HDD is recognized and in good condition.

I?m wondering what you have done after the HDD has been inserted.
Did you try to install the system using Toshiba recovery disk or another disk?
Did you try to format the HDD firstly?

Try to boot form the system disk and format the HDD firstly.
Then follow with system installation

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