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Satellite C660 PSC0LE - Win7 64bit clean installation - update issue

Question: Satellite C660 PSC0LE - Win7 64bit clean installation - update issue

Don't know if anyone can help me but I'm losing the will to live.

I've got this laptop, the OS corrupted and basically failed due to a malware infection. I never had the recovery disks so I've clean installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit twice in the space of 3 days because each time, Windows Update will not work. It simply sits on checking for updates and never finishes. I've tried EVERY solution going - ive reset windows update, done all the fix it programs supplied by microsoft to no avail.

As I said, this is a totally clean install, no anti virus, no 3rd party firewall, updates attempted via both ethernet and wifi. Am I missing a driver of some sort? There are no exclamation marks or warnings in device manager?!

It's doing my head in. What am i doing wrong?!

One observation, both installs have required me to activate via phone, it wouldn't work via the internet?! Is this related in any way?
Drivers installed:

I got them off this page:

Is there any that I'm missing that are important?

Thanks in advance!


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Preferred Solution: Satellite C660 PSC0LE - Win7 64bit clean installation - update issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C660 PSC0LE - Win7 64bit clean installation - update issue

Is SP1 already installed on your Windows 7 system?
If not, you could download this from here:

Otherwise I recommend you to check the MS knowledge base regarding the Windows 7 update issues.

You don’t’ use the Toshiba image and therefore this isn’t Toshiba notebook problem but system issue.

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I bought Satellite c660-13r 11.05.2011

After Install, and setup Internet conection, ther was message on Bulletin Board, NEW BIOS so I update the laptop bios with TOSHIBA BULLETIN BOARD. I updated the bios to 1.30 with no problems,

1. POST takes 30sec,
2. booting windows is slow
3. notebook is so slow i can cry!
4. when i open new window or just klick to open new link, everything stay for 3-4sec

and i must ask you, how is this posibile, when i open HWSetup, in start menu ->toshiba->utilytis
I can see BIOS.Version 1.40 04/08/2011 i can send you screenshots

How can i flasch BIOS with other versions,
Its big problem to work

Thank you and i hope you can help me..

Answer:Satellite C660-13r PSC0LE - BIOS update problem


The BIOS version should be mentioned in the BIOS settings.
Power up the unit, press F2 and check the version there.

Furthermore I recommend settings the BIOS back to default settings.
In BIOS settings you will need to press F9 to get default. Then save the changes and exit BIOS.
Reboot the unit and check how many processes are running in the OS background.

I recommend disabling some not essential processes in msconfig.
There you can go to StartUp tab and could uncheck not needed processes.

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Iv been given a toshiba satellite c660-1j6.
The problem is the hard drive has been wiped (including the back up). I have none of the Toshiba back up disks , but i have new copies of win 7 home prem and xp pro. However when i try to install win7 i get as far as selecting the drive to install it and i click on the drive and i get the message about how windows cant be installed on this drive please check the drive controller is enabled.

Iv check the BIOS more then a few times and i cant find anything to do with it apart from the SATA Controller Mode and that dose nothing.
Toshiba Tech Support where no help at all. so is the HD locked or the BIOS and is there any way of unlocking them so i can install the O/s?

Iv tested the drive by hooking it up to a desk top PC and installing windows that way but as soon as i put the drive back in the laptop it comes up with no O/S installed again

Can someone give any help....or clues even , iv been at this for a week now and im going insane.

Answer:Satellite C660-1J6 Win7 clean installation failed - HDD controller disabled


HDD is not locked. You can install any OS on the HDD.
Usually the Win 7 operating system already contains the SATA drivers which are needed in order to see the HDD. So it?s not necessary to include SATA drivers while Win 7 installation. You said you?ve got a Win 7 copy disk. Is this a original Microsoft disk with full functional Win 7?
I?ve installed many times Win 7 on my Toshiba notebooks and didn?t need to use SATA drivers?

In BIOS you have found SATA controller mode. This should be set to AHCI. You can change this pressing SPACE.
But also settings the BIOS to default should do this job.

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Hi All,

First time poster here.

Have had my Toshiba C660 PSC0LE-00500JEN now for the best part of 18 months, and now looking to extend its capabilities.

I dont really have a LAN at home, but have a WLAN, so am looking to implement "Wake on Wireless Lan".
I have the "Realtek PCIe FE - RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n adapter, and when I viewed the settings of it, the box to allow it to "allow this device to wake the computer from sleep" seems to have been greyed out.

I am looking to see if this adapter will allow the laptop to wake from sleep, or if it can only be done on the LAN cable...


Answer:Satellite C660 PSC0LE - Can i enable the "Wake on WLan" option?


I think this is not possible.
As far as I know in BIOS the ?Wake Up on WLan? is not supported and the Wlan works only if the system has been booted up.

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>...Satellite Pro C660-16N - Windows 7 64bit Home Premium preinstalled...

Does anyone know what the best route is to change Win7 64bit to Win7 32bit. Does this model have a 32bit install option on HDD recovery?

Or will it have to be a clean install from a Win7 32bit DVD.

Many thanks.

Answer:Changing Win7 64bit to 32 bit on Satellite Pro C660-16N

I presume this notebook is offered with 64bit version only (specification) and there is only one way to install 32 bit OS version ? you must install it using original Microsoft Win7 32 bit installation disc.
Please note: for OS activation you cannot use product key from the sticker. You must buy new licence for your own installation.

By the way: check also if this notebook model is supported for 32 bit version. You can do this on Toshiba support and download page under

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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After a problem with my SatC 660 i decided to Nuke the hard drive and do a fresh install using a W7 32 Bit disk created from the web ( there is a free library of Windows 7 iso images (Sorry forgot name).

So i had the disk in and the disk drive which has the disk in, W7 is now saying it cant find the device driver for the DVD Drive which it has just used for it to show the W7 first screen.

Looked everywhere for the drivers for the DVD Drive but no joy on the web.

Can anybody help me out please?

Answer:Satellite C660 - need help with fresh Win7 installation

Maybe stupid question on the beginning but why you don't install original Win7 64 bit? I presume you got your machine with preinstalled operating system.

> So i had the disk in and the disk drive which has the disk in, W7 is now saying it cant find the device driver for the DVD Drive which it has just used for it to show the W7 first screen.
Sorry but after reading this sentence I?m completely confused and don't know how to understand this. If you have created bootable installation disc I hope you were able to install Win7 correctly. After first start you must continue to install all necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on Toshiba download page -

Optical disc drive uses Microsoft driver and there is no some special driver for this device. It must be recognized automatically by preinstalled operating system.

If my posting was not helpful for you please be more precise with your problem description.

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Good morning!

The first apologize for my English, I am Spanish and use a translator.

I have a Satellite C660-1NX (PSC1LE-00F00NCE), I had to reformat the computer, put on a clean Windows 7 64x (not recovery) with all original drivers giving official Toshiba page,

Everything looks perfect but when turn off the computer is completely frozen, I thought it was 64x and 86x and install the same, the first day all right, then started the same problem, eh updated BIOS, as usual, before formatting this did not happen, it is very weird,

I find the reason for the problem never happened to any computer this.

Best regards

Answer:Satellite C660-1NX freezes while shutdown after clean Win 7 installation

?and what happen when you install the system using Recovery disk?
Does the notebook freezes too?

I doubt someone will be able to say why the unit does not shut down properly.
I think first of all its necessary to find out if its hardware or software related problem.

In case its software related issue, the recovery disk containing the configured Toshiba image should resolve this annoying issue.

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I have a SATELLITE C660-26Z after formatting and reinstalling a new version of windows my function keys are not working.

However they work until I log in and then they do not work on any account I may have accidentally turned they off if so is it possible to turn them back on? FN and keys 1-4 work but Fn keys Esc all the way to F9 do not work any ideas?

thank you


p.s. i have Toshiba Value Added Package

Answer:Re: satellite C660-26Z: FN buttons don't work after Win7 installation


You need to install VAP and Flash Card Support Utility.
The Flash Cards Utility controls the FN buttons.

Install this and test again

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I have a Satellite C660-115 that is stuck in a "loop of despair".
I'm an IT support engineer and a customer brought this notebook to me, which was stuck in a Win7 (64 bit prem) repair loop which simply said Win7 could not be repaired.

I backed up customer profile using Hiren boot CD (did chkdsk as well - all OK), then did a factory restore.
No problem at all with the restore.

Started to do Win7 updates; SP1 seemed to install OK without errors.
The system then picked up 37 Win7 updates automatically and requested a reboot.
On reboot Win7 went into "drvload.exe" and started an automatic repair.
This took some time and the system did start up OK, but without any sign of SP1, so looks like the system restored to an earlier point?

I've though the this update process 3 times now and every time, after a batch of auto updates, the same sequence occurs.

How do I get out of this loop? What is causing this problem, which I've never seen before?

No software has been installed, other than that from the recovery process.
I've even uninstalled McAfee, just in case this might be an issue - no change.

Ah, just took another look. Noted in Win7 system logs that the restore was caused by a corrupted C:\ci.dll file. Googled to find this was a sign of by a rootkit virus in the HDD Master Boot Record (the ci.dll file itself is NOT corrupted) . Found a fix tool

That identified the ... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660-115 Win7 update stuck in loop; SOLVED!

Thanks for sharing!

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I recently purchased toshiba Satellite C660 M21G Laptop with windows 7 32 bit installed (not licensed) and I installed all the hardware drivers except the SM Bus Controller and the Nvidia GeForce graphic adapter driver, this because it does not exit on toshiba web site, or by other mean it exist but when I try to install either the Chipset utility or the display driver (VGA driver) an error message appear in both installation indicates that I didnt matched the minimum system software requirments for installing both the Dispaly adapter and the chipset.

I dont know why those requirments does not included in the error message ?

I have more that 12 hours trying to find a way out to install the dispaly driver because the standard VGA driver that windows 7 (32 bit) installed is very poor and i cant running any games or playing video smoothly
I am suffer and I need help

best regards

Answer:Satellite C660-M21G SM bus controller and display driver installation issue

From my knowledge the Satellite C660-M21G belongs to the PSC1SE series.
I?m wondering where did you find the right display driver for this series?
The notebook seems to support the NVIDIA GeForce 315M

I checked the Toshiba European driver page and not all Win 7 32bit drivers are released on the European driver page? I think you tried to install wrong or not compatible graphic card driver and therefore this error message appeared while installing the drivers.

But it seems that Win 7 64bit driver is available for this series therefore I would recommend testing the driver for Win 7 64bit.
The SM bus controller might be the Card reader and in such case you should install the Card Reader Controller driver from Realtek. There is also an Win 7 64bit driver version available on European driver page?

Test it simply?

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My Satellite A350 (PSAL6A) has after only about 6 months crashed with a fatal hard drive error.

I?ve decided to up the hard drive to something a little faster (5400 rpm) and finally rid myself of the dreaded Vista.
I?m upgrading to Win 7 (64) but I?m a bit suspect of some of the web sites offering Toshiba drivers
Is there a site where I can download all the drivers I need Just for Win 7 and not have to sort through the other hundreds that seem to be available.

Answer:Satellite A350 and Win7 64bit installation

Your question confusing me completely.
I use Toshiba download page for years and to find right drivers is quite easy. Choose right notebook model and OS you want and you will have full list of all available drivers.
Why is this so complicated for you.

Have you tried serial number or auto detection on ?

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hello guys. I want to make some questions

I have windows vista in my laptop and I want to make a clean installation with windows 7 64 bit. I have seen that drivers are ok in the site. So here are my questions

a) should i delete the hidden recovery partition or not? (eisa config if i remember correct)

b) I have taken 4 dvds with toshiba recovery disc creator. If I erase every partition in the laptop how can I restore my DVDs? With a programme in Windows or just setting bios to boot from dvds and then the procedure is automatic? Is the first dvd bootable?

thanks in advance and sorry for my english

Answer:Satellite L500-128 - Clean installation of Windows 7 64bit


a) Of course you can delete this hidden WinRE partition. If you have installed a new/other OS, this partition is useless.

b) You?re right. To restore factory settings from Toshiba recover disk you have to boot from the disks. The first disk is bootable and there you can start from the installation. This happens automatically, only few clicks are necessary to confirm the installation and create the user accounts, etc. Pretty easy and all drivers and tools are installed too! :)

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Hi ! I am trying to install win7 - 64 bit version on a virgin HDD. The computer boot on the DVD as expected, then when I click "install now" button, an error show up.'no device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK'I don't even get to the point where I can choose a custom installation. Is it a known issue ? What kind of drivers are missing ? The computer (T410) can run on Win7 - 64bit with my company HD.My goal is to make my own HD so I can swap between company and personal use. Thx for any answer.


Go to Solution.

Answer:T410 win7 - 64bit installation issue

I've not seen this before. Check the BIOS settings. Is it set for SATA drives

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Win 10 64bitZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Win 10 64bit FHD 17.3", G840 w/2GB

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Hi all

I was updating BIOS on TOSHIBA SATELLITE C660-13R from windows 7 64 bits. Downloaded driver from toshiba web. Half way the installation laptop freezes. I have left it for 40 mins to run but it did not get back to normal state. As motherboard fan has started to move on high speed I decided to take battery out. In result when I power back my laptop I have 1 beep from the motherboard and black screen.

Can some one help me please ?

Answer:Satellite C660-13R - BIOS update issue

Obviously the BIOS update procedure has failed. Something went wrong during the update process and it looks like the EMRPOM module has not been flashed properly.
This is the reason why the notebook does not work anymore.

Possible solution?
Well, if EMPROM isn?t damage, it should be possible to re-flash the BIOS module once again using special BIOS version and BIOS crisis disk.
Usually the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country should be able to re-flash the module using such crisis disk.

I read also in this forum that some people managed to re-flash the EPROM module using some 3rd party crisis disk found somewhere in the internet? but this did not work always?
So probably the ASP will be your last resort?

However, use the forums advanced search option to find related threads about the BIOS crisis disk? could be interesting for you

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sorry for my English level, I'm French

I have an issue without solution with my Satellite C660 (for the moment i hope!) I downloaded the software google sketchup 8, dedicated to the architecture drawing, but it doesnt work, I always have a bug message informing that it is necessary to update de drivers of the graphic card (According to google support it seems that OPENGL functions should be implemented in the drivers of my laptop)

So I have downloaded the last available drivers for the configuration I have ( Intel HD graphics for pentium, windows 7 64 bits) ;

the link ( french website, the one for Intel is not currently available, it is an .exe document)

I have tried to manually update de graphic card driver with the device manager menu (graphics card > update the drivers button> manual file.exe selection ), but at the end there is no update, I only have a very quick message informing that windows has determinated that the drivers are already updated.

Actually there is no changes on the drivers (still the same date of the pilotes 28/07/2010 in the graphics card properties) and sketchup is still out of work

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C660 - Intel HD Graphics update issue


What C660-xxx do you have exactly?

If you have an Intel graphic card, you should download the driver directly from the Intel website.
There you should find the latest driver version

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New to this forum so dont know if this problem has been covered.

Have installed Photoshop elements 11 and premier elements 11.
The elements program runs ok but cannot get get premier elements to open new project. Adobe advised trying to update drivers which I have tried without success.

When running driver update on laptop it says latest driver installed.
On checking Toshiba update site it shows later version
Have downloaded this ,I then unzipped it and it says will start automatic installation when finished but nothing happens.

Have tried several times but once unzipped it will not install.

Any help would be appreciated and infact confirmation of latest driver.

Answer:Satellite C660-23M - graphic driver update issue

It may be software related by the sounds of it, Have you updated direct x, as this is used aswell as adobe.

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Reinstalled Win 7 prof. again, installed all necessary drivers for graphic, sound, touchpad, etc, plus latest Value Added Package for my model, and shortcuts (pressin FN on keyboard + F1-F12) does not work. But when i point mouse to up of my screen and i click those buttons by mouse - they work.

But it's irritating to minimize game or movie to change brightness of screen, or when batteries from my bluetooth mouse are gone - i can not turn on touch pad with FN+F9 shortcut.
Tried also (before format) using Flash Card and some other stuff which was working on Vista 64, but they do not work on Win 7 64.

Any solution yet for that? Seen couple topics about that but now they are gone, or i'm blind?
I'll be very happy if i could use those at last.

Answer:Satellite A350-110 + Win7 64bit - FN keys issue

Hi, have you installed the FlashCards Support Driver? It should be available on the Toshiba website.

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I have a problem with updating the BIOS on Toshiba Satellite c600-28j.
Error: Project ID check fail

Model: C660-28J
Part NO: PSC1NE-01200XRU
Serial: XB063018K
BIOS Version: 1.10
OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1 32-bit

What can you recommend?


Answer:BIOS update issue on Satellite C660-28J - Project ID check fail

Check this thread:

The BIOS from Toshiba Australian page should work

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I just formatted my laptop and reinstalled windows 7. I have been installing the required toshiba drivers with success.

My fn-keys do work as they are supposed to but when I press them no visualization for their function appears on the screen.

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction on how to re-establish the visualization.


Answer:Re: Satellite L755-165 - after clean WIn7 installation FN-keys are not visible

According notebook?s specification your notebook was delivered with WIN7 64BIT HOME PREMIUM.
Is there some problem with preinstalled OS or you just want to have other Win7 version?

Sorry for this question but I don?t understand why to make things more complicated if not necessary.
I just hope you have created recovery DVD before you have installed own OS.

Generally speaking all drivers, tools and utilities must be installed in right installation order. Who knows how you have installed all this stuff.
What you can try is to restart flash cards using option in start > all programs > Toshiba > utilities.

Test it.

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i have L500-12T and i upgrade to WIN 7 64 bit.
After the upgrade the FN key not working and i can't turn on the wireless card .

So i can't surf with the wireless.
I download all the driver that i found on the site of toshiba and it's still not working.

What i can do ?

Answer:Satellite L500-12t: FN buttons issue after Win7 64bit upgrade


I think you didn?t install the needed Toshiba software.
You have to install the VAP (value added package) and have to install the Flash Card Support Utility!

Be aware of this


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My L500 wants me to update my CD creator and when I do the computer tells me that it can only be done on 64 bit OS.

Which it should be preinstalled from Toshiba.
Sattelite L500 PSLS3E-01T00VN5)

Answer:Satellite L500 (PSLS3E) - Can't update Toshiba CD Creator on Win7 64bit

Hi cba1,

Is this update necessary or can you ignore this update message?
In my opinion updates only necessary if something doesn?t work properly?

I don?t use Toshiba CD creator because there are some good alternative (freeware) programs, like CD Burner XP. Have you ever heard of that?
If not it?s worth a try!!! ;)

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Can anyone advise if it is possible to upgrade the cpu on this model.

Answer:Is it possible to upgrade CPU on Satellite C660 64bit


Maybe this could help you:
+Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU of a Toshiba Notebook?+

So officially its not supported by Toshiba but if the chipset and socket of the motherboard would support the new CPU then you would have good chances to get the new CPU running on this unit.

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My C660-23M arrived with GPU drivers which weren't working.
This meant I couldn't run Java applications for example Minecraft, as it would crash and give me the EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error in the file "aticfx32.dll" or "aticfx64.dll".

My graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 3000 and I did some troubleshooting on Intel's website, which said that my driver had errors, but even though it is an Intel driver, they couldn't supply me with another one, and I had to contact Toshiba for it.

I went on the Support section of Toshiba's website and downloaded the correct Intel Display driver for my model (I couldn't find GPU anywhere), which installed correctly, but I still cannot run Java applications and now Photoshop is saying that it encountered problems with the GPU driver.

Does anyone know where I can find the GPU driver for my system?
Again: Windows 7 (x64) Toshiba C660-23M


Answer:Satellite C660-23M: Need Win 7 64bit GPU drivers


On the Toshiba European driver page you can find the display drivers for Win XP and Win 7 32bit and 64bit.

<img src='' border='0' width='550px'/>

Available version number is

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My Toshiba Satellite Notebook C660/01C PSC0LA-01C01H came with Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit installed. I later upgraded to Windows 7 Professional 32-bit.

This supports a maximum of 4 Gb RAM.
The Celeron Dual-Core T3500 CPU supports 64-bit processing according to the Celeron and C660 specs.

Will the other hardware and firmware -- data bus and BIOS, etc. -- support 64-bit memory addressing if I install Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. CAN I even install Win7 64-bit?


Answer:Re: Does Satellite C660 support Windows 7 64bit?

Of course you can install Win7 64bit. It is supported and you can find all drivers, tools and utilities on Toshiba download page .

Check it out.

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I just bought a ThinkPad T400, and 8GB DDR3 upgrade kit. After first log on, I realized the Windows 7 is 32bit. How can I upgrade to Ultimate x64 instead?

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Win7 32bit Home Premium to Win7 64bit Ultimate: Possible without Clean Install?

you cannot change architecture without a clean install.

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I just bought a ThinkPad T400, and 8GB DDR3 upgrade kit. After first log on, I realized the Windows 7 is 32bit. How can I upgrade to Ultimate x64 instead?

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Win7 32bit Home Premium to Win7 64bit Ultimate: Possible without Clean

I think you have to Wipe and reinstall. You can't go from 32bit to 64bit over the top of the 32bit.

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Hi Guys

my laptop Specs: Satellite C660-1JG
- Genuine Windows? 7 Home Premium 64-bit (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery)
- Intel? Celeron? Processor T3500
- 2048 MB DDR3 RAM (800MHz).

recently I upgrade my RAM to 4 GB (2+2 GB), since installation, as soon windows7 64 bit start loading, ended up with BSOD. sometime windows loads fine but within a minute or two BSOD appears. I can confirm that it does read the full RAM of 4GB, I checked while laptop was on for 2 or 3 minutes ON. then I take out 1 RAM stick laptop is fine, no BSOD!!

so question raises if RAM is at fault, mismatch etc. but I have dual boot OS and other OS is Ubuntu 11. that reads the RAM 3.84GB, and no crashing or BSOD or any issue.

Then I installed Windos 7 32 bit to check if that still has issues with 4GB RAM, but NO, 32 bit reads RAM as 4GB(Usable 2.8GB). no crashing or BSOD with 32 version, only problem with 64 bit windows!!!!
I checked specification it says Max RAM 4GB Ram and yes it does support 4GB RAM with Linux and win7 32 bit.

I tried to upgrade BIOS to 1.20 version(currently is on 1.40), but always got error ::: Firmware does not have Flash (AFUWINGUI)support!!
just wondering if any of you can guide me to right direction.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C660 - Windows 7 64bit BSOD after upgrading RAM

I cannot say for sure but maybe BSOD occurs due to compatibility problem.
Which RAM have you bought as additional module (brand and specification)?

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Having recently set up a new Satellite C660-1ZM running Windows 7 64bit (upgraded from Home Premium to Ultimate) for a friend, the mousepad and USB ports have suddenly stopped working. The drivers show an exclamation mark against them and the error is "code 52" which is related to driver signing. Windows doesn't seem to recognise the driver signatures for the published drivers that came on the machine's pre-installed disc, so the devices don't work. I've updated the drivers (Intel chipset [which includes USB]; Synaptics touchpad) to the latest ones publised on the Toshiba web site - and we have the same problem.

Pressing F8 on boot allows you to select "disable checking of driver signing" in the WIndows 7 boot options, which then enables the drivers and all is well, until you reboot - at which point you have to hit F8 again.

I think that one of the many recent Windows updates has somehow messed things up, but we can't easily prove that. The machine worked fine for a week or so, then the mousepad suddenly quit working around 8th August 2012.

1) Are there valid signed drivers that pass whatever checks Microsoft impose on driver signing, including whatever checks they've potentially just imposed via some recently inflicted update?

2) Does anyone know exactly how to disable the checking of driver signing permanently, so that a reboot will not require the F8 keypress and so on?

Uninstalling the mousepad driver and rebooting gives the ba... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660-1ZM Win 7 64bit: mousepad and USB - "code 52" driver error


Did you receive the error that windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device? Usually this means the error code 52
Since the USB drivers are parts of the Windows OS, I don?t think that this could be an signature issue? I think some files are damaged.

Try to uninstalling/reinstalling the driver and deleting the device and it?s drivers from device manager before reinstalling.
Usually this should help, if not, well try to repair the system.

Power up the unit and press F8. Then choose Repair my Computer.
Now choose the first option which would help to repair the system.

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I have toshiba C660-1u1.
I want to know, how to disaseembly to clean cpu and the fan.
One manual to disassembly or step by step.


Answer:How to diassembly to clean Satellite C660


I would not recommend to disassemble the notebook only to clean the fans.
Fact is that disassembling is tricky and you would lose the warranty.
But important thing to know is that you can clean the fans using compressed air spray. This is good enough to get the dust and debris removed from the cooling modules.

This might be interesting too:
+How to clean the cooling system of a Toshiba notebook+

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I bought laptop and I installed windows 7. Next I installed drivers and I looked everywhere driver for Graphics Card and I can't found it I don't know what I should do now.

Answer:Need Win7 drivers for Satellite C660-1DR

Graphics Card -- Mobility Radeon HD 5470.

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I have a satellite C660-23M and have recently reinstalled Windows 7 to get a clean install without bloatware.

I have installed Value Added Products and the Flash Cards Support Utility and, on the whole, the functionality of the Fn+F keys work OK and give an appropriate OSD, so that one can see what is happening when using the key controls.

Unfortunately however, Fn+3 (reduce volume) and Fn+4 (increase volume,) whilst functioning correctly in terms of actually effecting a reduction or increase in the volume setting, do not show an appropriate simultaneous OSD which would allow one to confirm the effect, and fine-tune the level of volume actually set.

Can anyone help with a fix/solution please ?

Answer:Satellite C660-23M: Volume OSD not working under Fn Key+2 or 3 using Win7

Maybe stupid question now but have it worked as you wisch with original preinstalled Win7?
I ask this because on my NB520 i use the same key combination but volume OSB is not shown on the screen.

I can just see that taskbar symbol is changing.

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We have a number of C660's and up until last week we have hid minimal problems with it.

Now we are experiencing something very strange.

On a couple of the laptops we have lost the LAN when booted into to Windows 7.

Anybody else had this problem and know of a solution?


Answer:Satellite C660 LAN missing while booting the Win7


Do you mean that your LAN card is not visible in device manager or what?

Usually if no network cable is plugged to the LAN jack, the system switches off the LAN network adapter to extend the battery run time.

+The network adapter is missing in the Device Manager+

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When I want to download drivers for my c660 psc1ne laptop, I can't find some of drivers(Windows 7, 64bit), for example: Bluetooth Stack, Wireless Lan Driver. Where is it? Or now it is not necessary?

Explain please!

Answer:Cannot find some Win7 drivers for my Satellite C660

Here the [link| &selFamily=2&selSeries=312&selProduct=6013&selShor tMod=3007&language=all&selOS=30&selType=all&yearup load=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=al lMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=all &page=1] where this drivers not listed.

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So basically i have a Satellite C660, and it came loaded with a iso on drive D. So whenever i need to clean my system i can just use the iso from drive d and it will be like new again. However i hate all this toshiba bloatware it installs and all other stupid stuff, so i was wondering if i got a windows 7 disk, and like booted the laptop up from the disk, and installed windows 7 from it without all the stupid stuff, would everything still work as normal? or what?


Answer:Satellite C660 - Can I use own Win7 without Toshiba bloatware?

Generally speaking you can do with your notebook whatever you want and nobody force you to use preinstalled stuff. You can install own Win7 version and if you install all necessary drivers it will works without any problems.

Please note: for this own Win7 version you must have valid licence for product activation and before you start installation create recovery DVD for recovery image back-up. After your Win7 installation you will not be able to start recovery image installation from HDD.

What I do, and can also recommend to you and all other people, is preinstalled OS optimization. Use original Win7 but remove all stuff you don?t need. After doing this you will have original, activated OS that will run much faster and without some ?useless? stuff.

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I recently bought Satellite C660-1MP
Product Code PSC1NE-006004G5

I bought Windows7 32bit

I searched for 32bit drivers on the toshiba website and there are not for 32 bit. I tried 64bit unsuccesfully.

Please advice if you have the right drivers. I canot install 64bit version due tu some application conflicts.

Answer:Need Win7 32bit drivers for Satellite C660-1MP

You are right. Drivers for Win7 32bit are not offered. But there is one interesting thing: your notebook has Intel HM65 Express Chipset and this chipset is offered on several other models and none of them is supported for 32 bit OS.

I?ve tried to find something but unfortunately without success. Sorry. Try to find driver on Intel support page. If you will find it let us know. We can try to find other important drivers together.

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I have Toshiba Satellite C660-1FL (PSC1JE-00800FRU).
I'd like to install Windows XP, but i see "stop error" during installation.
I know that i need press F6 for install disk driver but WHERE CAN I GET IT?

Thanks a lot!


Answer:Satellite C660 - Where is HDD driver for XP installation?

Maybe is THIS what you need. Check it out.

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I have a problem in installing the ATI vga-driver. I know that only drivers from the Toshiba's site can be used, but they don't even work. I have a Toshiba Satellite C660 1-EF notebook with ATI HD5470, and Windows 7 SP1 x64 installed. I had bought it without an OS, so I didn't get any disks.

After I installed (clean install) the OS, I saw that some devices had been installed with the built in drivers of the Windows (or not even installed). So I decided to download the appropriate drivers. The first problem was, that I couldn't find ATI driver for W7 x64 on the Toshiba's site for this type of notebook. I tried to find a similar laptop, which has the same graphics card. At least I could find a driver. But when I wanted to install it, it was closed. It didn't do anything, just closed.

Since that, I have tried several drivers (most of them I downloaded from the Toshiba's site), but the result was the same.

What should I do?

Answer:Re: ATI Driver installation on Satellite C660 1-EF


THIS is the right ATI display driver for Win7 64bit.
Can you install it?

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I removed the operating system from the C drive in my laptop and now i want to use the HDD recovery to re-install the recovery again
Can I know the right way to make this!!

Answer:Satellite C660-172 and HDD recovery installation

I don't know how you have removed OS from partition C and what have you done exactly and I?m a little bit sceptic this will work but you can try it anyway.

Do it as described in follow document -

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I have a problem with Windows 7 installation from USB on NEW HDD (Seagate). Every time I try to boot from USB, I receive Boot\BCD error oxcoooooof

Answer:Satellite C660 Windows 7 installation from USB

Are you able to boot from the internal ODD (optical disk drive) properly?

Did you check whether this bootable USB stick would work in connection with other computer?

I’m asking because to me it looks like the bootable USB flash memory stick is broken.

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I can't install WLAN driver on my Satellite C660-168 after Windows 7 installing.

What's the problem?

Answer:Can not instal Win7 WLAN Driver for Satellite C660-168


Maybe you used a wrong WLan driver?.
The notebook support BROADCOM 802.11(B/G) BCM94313-HMC WLan card.
Here you can download the latest driver:

Check the Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver

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I installed new Kingston SSD (480gig).
I tired tired installed win 7 and win 10
It stop on the win logo and the blue screen
Is there something to do in order to install Windows

Note: I tried the the ssd on other laptop and it installed the Windows without any problems

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Please help. My old OS is 64bit Vista and I changed it to 32bit Windows 7. I would like to install now 64bit Windows 7 but the system says that the CD I put (Windows 7 64bit) is not compatible with the current OS.

How could I change my OS? I cannot change the boot settings. I have a Toshiba Satellite P500 series. Thanks. Hoping somebody could help me.

By the way even the original Vista 64bit can?t be installed because it says same reason, not compatible. Thanks again.

Answer:Satellite P500 - How to upgrade from Win7 32bit to Win7 64bit?

I think you must do a clean install.
Are you saying that you can't change the boot sequence with F12(???) at power on?

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I burnt the CD from my schools MSDNAA and load it into my computer, it asks me to set the languages and then i click next and it asks for drivers "Required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing..."

I am clueless, I accidently got 32bit installed on it and working fine, but now that I try to clean install the 64bit I get this.

Gigabyte GA-MA790GPT-UD3H
WD 640GB Sata Black Edition
Sony Optiarc(sp?) DVD-RW

Answer:Cant clean install win7 64bit

I've done like 30+ 7 x64 installs and I don't know what you are talking about. Where are you seeing this? Explain in a bit more detail.

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Over a year ago i have changed to windows 10 (not aware that my laptop is not suitable for this)
It worked fine untill Microsoft started the Windows10 anniversary upgrade 1607.
each time this will result in unbootable system and in need of external recovery to window 10 version 1511.
blocking updates is not simple in Windows10.
I would like to revert to window 7.
The harddisk is error free and there are 4 partitons available:
Partition 1: System 399MB
Cannot use this to parttion install official windows7 from microsoft
Partition 2: Windows 232MB Primair
Partition 3: 786MB OEM reseverd
Partition 4: Data 232MB Primair

pressing 0 at startup does not reset to the original sw

Help appreciated,


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I have a small problem. I can't find a HotKey driver and Utility for Windows 7 64bit on Toshiba c660-16z.
Please help me

Answer:Satellite C660-16z HotKey driver and utility for Win7 needed

I think its this file []

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Hi. my notebook doesn't see build-in microphone. I'v allready update sound card drivers, but it still "there is no microphone on your system".

Answer:Build-in microphone doesn't work Satellite C660-1TM Win7 64


The internal mic is a part of the webcam.
Does the internal webcam work properly?

What is shown in the control panel -> sound -> recording tab ???
There you should see all available devices (mic)

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Hi, we have a C660-2EV that came with Win 7 Home Ed and we upgraded it to the Ultimate edition. We have restored all the drivers apart from the PCI SImple Communications Controller which comes up as driver not installed. I've tried just about everything on the Toshiba drivers downloads but can't seem to find it. Can someone please tell me what I need to install!

These are the hardware ids (I tried looking on the Intel site but that was no help either)

Compatible IDs are listed as:


I am familiar with technical systems and computers as I work with atmospheric physics instrumentation but I'm not up on hardware jargon so I'd appreciate it if you could keep any replies worded for the layman (woman) ;-) thanks

Answer:Satellite C660 - missing PCI SImple Communications Controller in Win7 (64)


Try to identify device using PCI code -
If you still need some help let us know.

Check please
Here you can find instruction how to do this.

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How can I do a clean install of W10 and some original Toshiba software later on a fresh formatted partition. I don't want to upgrade on a fresh W7 again.
Question is: Can I ad this software to W10 later on?


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on the laptop TOSHIBA C660, replaced the hard drive and, as a fact, the OS flew down (Windows 7 SP1 HB x 64).
Installed not licensed, there was no way out, on the Microsoft website, to download the image, the key from the laptop is not suitable.

Not a licensed image, there was no desire to put, the assembly is an assembly, naturally installed such an operating system behaved badly, buggy.

Done, and now the laptop does not work.
In the service center installation of OS and drivers costs 3500 rbl.

Offensively. So I'm looking for help on the forum.

Please, kindly request help. Thank you.

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I just got a unused C660-21Z from a acquaintance, only the Device itself though, no charger or Recovery Disks.
Charger is already orderd, and if I try to boot it (Batteries are still charged), it says there is no Operating System installed, so I have to do that myself, too. (Windows 7 x64)
Not that installing Windows is a problem for me, but looking on the Driver page, I see that there are ~ 40 Downloads for win7x64, and no Instructions about how / in which order to install them correctly.
So, my questions are:
* What exactly do the things marked with '?' do?
* In which order should I install the drivers (See further down)?

List of Downloads:
* Assist
* Bluetooth Filter Driver Package
* Bluetooth Monitor
* Bluetooth Stack
* Bulletin Board
* Bulletin Board Assistant
* Card Reader Controller
* Chip Set Utility
* Config Free
* Display Driver
* Face Recognition
* ? Flash Cards Support Utility (Info says it is needed for other Toshiba applications, but not what it is?)
* HDD/SSD Alert Utility
* ? Hardware Setup
* ? Intel Management Engine Interface
* LAN Driver
* ? Media Controller
* ? Network Device ID Registry Setting Tool
* ? Online Product Information ('Informs you about Updates')
* ? PlayReady PC Runtime
* ? Rapid Storage Technology Driver
* ? Recovery Patch
* ReelTime
* ? Registry Patch
* ? Service Station ('Informs you about Updates' #2?)
* Sound Driver
* Supervisor Password Utility
* ? TEMPRO ('Informs you about Updates' #3 -_-) ... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660-21Z - Manual Driver Installation Win7x64

Hi mate

All details about single software or drivers which are provided on the Toshiba driver page can be found also on the driver page in ?More info? column.

<img src='' border='0' width='540px'/>

>Flash Cards Support Utility (Info says it is needed for other Toshiba applications, but not what it is?)
This tool controls the FN buttons
>Value Added Package (Seems to be a compilation of things already listed above?)
This tool controls multimedia button and contains and installs a range of important utilities

Further details can be found on the driver page.

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This is a Dell Optiplex 980 with a Core i7 processor, 4 GB of RAM. New box. Fresh install of Win7 Enterprise 64bit.

Have the latest drivers from dell, but am getting a BSOD 7F about once a day. No heavy use at the time either.

Windbg shows the following for all of them:

Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!KiDoubleFaultAbort+b2 )

I'm attaching a zip with the last dump, but all are the same cause.

Any clues?

Answer:Win7 64bit BSOD - clean install

1. Replace McAfee with MSE:

mfeapfk.sys Wed Aug 05 18:49:17 2009

How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee consumer products using the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR.exe)

2. Update:

mv2.sys Wed Feb 06 23:02:40 2008
UVNC BVBA UltraVnc miniport

RTDVHD64.sys Mon Nov 16 15:26:16 2009
Realtek Audio

HECIx64.sys Thu Sep 17 22:54:16 2009
Intel Management Engine

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [F:\a\Minidump\D M P\101210-21278-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\websymbols*
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7600 MP (8 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7600.16617.amd64fre.win7_gdr.100618-1621
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`02a5d000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`02c9ae50
Debug session time: Tue Oct 12 15:59:53.345 2010 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 0 days 15:16:40.360
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* ... Read more

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OK I recently did a clean install of windows, I was running a 32bit windows 7 and have now had a clean install and am running 64bit windows 7.

Im using a wireless LAN PCI card to connect to the internet. I have reinstalled the drivers and all of the other main drivers I think I needed via USB stick.

My system tray shows connected and says "internet Access" but I cannot view any websites and when i try connect I usually get the yesllow exclamation mark.

When I diagnose the problem I get 2 errors. First says the connection between your router, modem... is broken. Second says the default gateway is not available. The second message has a green tick and says fixed, the first does not.

Im confident there is nothing wrong with the router, as Im connected to the internet with my laptop (using this now), any ideas as Im now completely lost.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Problems after clean install of win7 64bit

It sounds like a driver, problem, actually.

Could you upload your msinfo32 file for us?

Originally Posted by JK

Enter msinfo32.exe into the start menu, and press enter. Go to File>Save, and save a copy on your desktop. Right-click on it, and select Send to>New compressed folder. Then attach the file to your next post.

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Hi Ive done a complete Clean Installation of Windows 7 64bit onto my laptop Is there anything from my Software & Driver Downloads section on the HP website that I dont need to Install as I want to just keep my laptop basic because I Only use it for My football manager game and browsing the Internet this is my laptop click here Thanks Every help will be appreciated.

Answer:Clean Installation of Windows 7 64bit

Apart from installing all drivers for your laptop, there is no need to install any of the HP software/bloatware.I am puzzled as to why you went for 64 bit as opposed to 32 bit, when as you say, you only need it for a football manager game?

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i just installed xp on my laptop
unfortunaly when i want to install the intel hd graphics drivers,a message appears sayin that i have to install the latest .NET framework
the problem is that ive already installed the .NET framework 4

how can i install the drivers in this case
Thanks in advance for the answer

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - Intel HD graphics drivers installation problem

But you have installed offered chipset utility from Toshiba download page at first?

Which display driver version you try to install?

Which C660 (C660-xxx) do you have exactly?

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My laptop is Toshiba Satellite C660-M161 and I bought it 10 months ago.
When I bought it the audio was high and excellent but when I setup new Windows the voice become lower than first time.

How can I recover it to be higher level?
Please help me

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-M161 lower audio level after new Win installation

I presume you have installed own Windows version right?
Maybe stupid question now but have you created recovery disc before you?ve installed new Win version?

Anyway, if you have installed all necessary drivers, tools and utilities everything should work properly. Have you installed right sound driver?

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hello every1,

this is my first time posting here as i couldnt find an answer to my question anywhere on the net. actualy there are many little questions instead of a big one.

1) i recently bough an acer aspire 5745g to replace my "old" sony vaio vgn-fw41e.
now.. the acer has significantly better specs than the vaio and for some reason it feels like its a lot worse..
it takes 2-3 mins to fully load windows where the vaio only took 30 secs
it is slower at opening applications such as mozilla, msn, winLive mail and some more
and the graphics on games dont respond that well than with the vaio
what could be the cause of this? i have cleared all the items from the startup and maximized performance for nvidia graphics and still dont see any difference..

2)i was thinking about doing a clean reinstall of win7 pro ( it came with home edition) so i can maybe get rid of any acer programs i dont need. the thing is.. as with my previous laptop, i needed to install the drivers in a very specific order to get them all working properly.
i cant find that order for the aspire 5745g and even though i found the drivers on their support site i see many different drivers for the same thing. how can i know which one is for my pc?

i just feel like i got screwed .

well..there actually were only 2 relatively big questions after all.
i would really appreciate any help you could give me!

Answer:win7 64bit clean install on acer aspire

A clean install might be the easiest, at this point. It is probably all the software already on the laptop that is causing this problem.

If you upload a msinfo32 report for us, we can find you the drivers you may need. Chances are, though, that your devices will work fine with the default Windows drivers.

Originally Posted by JK

Enter msinfo32.exe into the start menu, and press enter. Go to File>Save, and save a copy on your desktop. Right-click on it, and select Send to>New compressed folder. Then attach the file to your next post.

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Guys, need your help to figure this out. I have a win7 ultimate 32bit installed and I want to do a clean install of win7 64bit because I do have extra RAM here. But when I do so, BSOD comes again. And sometimes my pc went on some random shutdown/restart.

Hope you can help me with this.


Answer:BSOD when trying to do clean install a Win7 ultimate 64bit


Are you using the bit locker drive encryption tool of windows?

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Hi everybody.

I'm a little confused about installing Win 7 pro 64bit. to my PC offline. I don't have any opportunity to be online during the installation. Everything is fine, i formatted the drive, ran the installation, copying files, unpacking files, installing...everything worked fine. BUT, when the installation was about installing updates, it didn't do anything. The PC didn't freeze, mouse is moving, there are tree points behind the "installing updates" running. I know i'm offline, but what should I do to make it work?


Answer:Win 7 Pro 64bit. clean installation problem - updates


I want to be sure that I understand your situation. You install windows 7, while not online. The installation completes and everything is fine, except that you do not have updates. You are able to use the OS with not problem and you are able to go online. Is this correct?

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Hi,  I have installed Thinkpad -brands 1000-2000 in my career but every now and then Lenovo publish new products I usually face these nasty driver issues. I have a slight problem, I got a new Lenovo Thinkpad X260 and want to install a clean Windows 7 installation  on to it. I am doing the installation from USB stick (I tried the CDROM too) The problem is that Windows 7 installation does not detect a harddrive. X260 has an nvme ssd and it is missing the drivers. I have tried to find a solution for this without any luck what so ever yet. I happened to notice that Windows 7 installation ISO image does not have in-box drivers for the nvm ssd drive. I tried to find it from Lenovo Support site under X260. In addition I found out that I need to download a hotfix for the  Windows 7 installation media. I was not able to download it because microsoft did not send the download link via email Could any of you, be so kind that provide me the step by step guide for getting it work.  I think I need the nvm ssd drivers and usb 3 drivers for the installation to be succeeded.  

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Sorry, if this is a duplicate thread.
I'm so frustating about this bsod.

I just bought a PC, and it use win7 64bit
and, it getting bsod IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL

I read many thread about this, and still can't fix my problem

so, I decided to make this thread and attach minidump file

hope you guys can help me

Best Regards,

Answer:BSOD after installation win7 64bit

The zip you uploaded does not contain any crash dump.

Follow it: Dump Files - Configure Windows to Create on BSOD
Go to Option Two, Point 2. Download the .reg file and merge it in registry by double clicking it.

Now wait for another BSOD. When it occurred, search the .dmp files manually in the default path: C:\Windows\Minidump or %SystemRoot%\Minidump. See if the crash dump is recorded or not (hopefully it will be recorded).Post it following the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions.

Dont run any disc cleanup tool before you upload another zip.

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Hey Guys,

I've been having an on and off issue with my touchpad for at least a couple of months now. I've tried doing the function +F9 thing with little effect. I also re-downloaded the synaptics driver which seems to make it work for a little while but then it started working only sporadically.

Currently my touchpad works some of the time, if it fails at first pressing Ctrl Alt Del and then Esc seems to make it work for a little while longer but after that it simply stops working. I'm a student and not having a fully functioning laptop is often a great hindrance so any help would be great.



Answer:Satellite Pro C660 - on and off issue with the Touchpad


My first question is: when did you notice this touchpad issue.

I mean, the Sat Pro C660 is an older notebook and if this issue did not appear from first day of purchase, then something has affected the touchpad functionality in the past.

The question is: is there something wrong with software or maybe touchpad module.
I think this can be answered only settings the notebook back to factory state.
If you recover the notebook using Toshiba recover disk, you will get exactly the same state like at the first day of purchase.

If touchpad would still not work properly, well then there is some hardware problem

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i have this notebook just about 2 months, so the solution of this problem cant be that my notebook is old and inside is dust..
if am i just surfing on internet, temperature of notebook is about 40-60 degress, but if am i gaming it goes quickly up (65-75)
- maybe after 2 hours gaming temperature goes up and i must quit game.
If temperature is about 75 degress, computer started to be noisy and i think it goes down..

What i have to do?

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-11W - overheating issue

After reading your posting I don?t know what the problem is. The temperature you mentioned in your posting is not on critical level so I think there is no reason for panic.

When you want to play the game, close all useless applications, switch to high performance power plan and be sure notebook is placed properly on the desk. Cooling fans should not be blocked and notebook must be able to ?take a breath?.

Until there is no ?unexpected switch off? there is no reason for panic.

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Hi all!

I have Toshiba Satellite C660-1GK for about year and a half. After 6 months my hard disk drive died.

First the laptop got really slow and then started the famous clicking sound from the disk.
I've made backup and checked the drive with Hirens tools. Toshiba diag won't even read it, S.M.A.R.T. said that his health is poor (30% or so), bad sectors started popping out.. so I've took the laptop to my ASP.

They replaced the disk and then, 13 months later (a week ago) the same story! Disk health went even lower (was at 11%) and bad sectors started jumping out like maniacs.
Again a trip to ASP.

I've got my laptop today with a new disk. After reading posts on this forum, I'm worried that it's or motherboard/power supply problem or we're just all with bad luck with drives.

I just can't accept that disks randomly die every 4-12 months as an answer. My last disk on HP laptop lasted 4 years! I have about five more months of warranty and I'm really not happy with situation. This laptop is on my work desk, has it's own station with a nice, big fan so it's not overheating - basically I've took it out of house last September.

I'm careful with it! But if this drive dies before end of year, maybe it's time to get a new laptop.
Not Toshiba this time :(

Please, do you have any thoughts, advices..?

Answer:Satellite C660-1GK - HDD partition C issue


Some years ago i purchased an notebook from another manufacturer.
My first HDD died after more than 2 years of usage. I bought another one, replaced the old HDD and the new HDD died after 4 month of usage.

Any HDD will die sooner or later because its expendable part? it?s a matter of HDD usage and matter of how you handle the unit.

In my opinion it?s a bad luck? of course its always pity if an HDD start to malfunction but I?m afraid there are no many options to prevent it.
Of course you could switch to an SSD drive which is much stable in use. I did it some month ago? I purchased the 250GB SSD drive and replaced the internal HDD

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Hi I have just recently been provided a Satellite C660 for my further education, though I do believe in my haste to get it set up how I like to set up my computers I might of turned off the hot-keys now reading about on this forum I have found that to make them work again I will need to allow TOSHIBA Button Support to run at start up, but no matter how hard i try to find it on msconfig it no longer seems to be there, any one have any ideas about where I could find it on the C drive?

Though one of the strangest things I have noticed about this problem is that the volume hot-keys still work perfectly its just the rest of them.


Just to let other people out there know I think I have solved my problem, here is the process I used to fix the hot-key issue.

Start menu - -> write msconfig in the search box on vista or windows 7 (if using XP type it into the run box) --> go to start up --> look for KeNotify Application and select it to run at start up.

There you have it it seemed to fix my issue so I hope it helps you out.

Message was edited by: Sneblot

Answer:Satellite C660 Hot-keys issue

Just to let other people out there know I think I have solved my problem, here is the process I used to fix the hot-key issue.

Start menu - -> write msconfig in the search box on vista or windows 7 (if using XP type it into the run box) --> go to start up --> look for KeNotify Application and select it to run at start up.

There you have it it seemed to fix my issue so I hope it helps you out.

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i am having a kind of software glitch on my laptop. when i turned it on, it showed a message with options either to launch startup repair (recommended) or start windows normally. i chose the first option as that seem to be the recommended option and i thought this might repair if there was any damage. however, after the repair process was completed, it showed an error message with steps to install Windows. i am getting this message now everytime i turn my laptop on!

Since i have the software pre-isntalled on my laptop, i do not have the Windows 7 disc with me. this is really strange as i am unsure why this happened.

Although my laptop is covered with the warranty, i am not sure if it covers the software warranty too?

Please can some one advise me on the best way out of this problem.

its really very painful and irritating to deal with this, as its been just 5 months since i bought this laptop.

Answer:Windows 7 issue on my Satellite C660-1F1

> however, after the repair process was completed, it showed an error message with steps to install Windows. i am getting this message now everytime i turn my laptop on!

Looks like something has gone wrong with the installed OS.
Not sure why but it seems that you need to reinstall the windows once again.

> ince i have the software pre-isntalled on my laptop, i do not have the Windows 7 disc with me. this is really strange as i am unsure why this happened.

You did not receive any disks because the notebook supports the HDD recovery and additionally there was/is a option to create a own recover disk.
You could use the Recover disk creator software in order to create such disks?
But not sure if this would be possible now because of the error?

So would recommend starting the HDD recover as described here.

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Hi there,

I have purchased a Satellite C660-17J and occasionally when I turn it on (holding the power button for 2 or three seconds and then releasing) - it doesn't seem to power on properly eg - fan starts - power light comes on - but not screen. If I hold the power button again it goes off. Then if I try again it will come on but the date and time resets itself to 2008.

Any ideas or will I have to send it back to Amazon as faulty? (could do without doing that!).

Answer:Satellite C660-17J - Power on issue

Hi ebarnyard,

When you connect an external screen, can you see something on it or is it still black as internal screen?

> Then if I try again it will come on but the date and time resets itself to 2008.
Do you mean the time of Windows or BIOS?

Generally speaking I must say this is no normal behavior and in my opinion it?s something wrong with hardware itself. So I would contact an authorized service provider in your country and ask the guys to check your notebook what?s wrong with it because hardware repair is for free due warranty time ;)

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I am having an issue with the keyboard on my Satellite c660 laptop, part number: PSC1LE.
The best way I can describe it is as a stuttering problem because it comes and go's (fine for a few hours, then not for a short while).

The problem is that for reasons unknown to me I keep encountering a problem where the A, N and Enter keys do not work when pressed. Occasionally pressing the key repeatedly (they aren't jammed) just makes the letter come out, but I can't keep pressing the key five or six times to get one letter. Just to mention, I have not spilled anything on the keyboard.

I have done full anti-virus and spyware scans but have found no issues.
I have this evening done all of the windows updates available to me, however it doesn't seem to have done the trick.

After restarting the device following the updates all worked well for about 15 minutes, until the same three keys stopped working again. On this occasion it lasted only for a couple of minutes, and now I am writing this with the same keyboard.

Note: I am not using the original keyboard. I changed the board due to minor material damage but had it done privately.
However this was done the better part of a year ago and has worked perfectly since being installed, until this new issue occurred in the last few weeks.

If anyone has any further recommendations or suggestions as to what may be the cause or any solutions then please share them.

Answer:Satellite C660 - Keyboard issue

I think you would understand that nobody is able to say why your keyboard malfunctions.
Only if the notebook hardware has been checked/scanned, it would be possible to say what?s wrong here?
But generally speaking there is a good workaround to diagnose the problem.

You could connect the external USB keyboard to the notebook and could check if the same problems with the mentioned buttons will occur.

In case the external USB keyboard would work properly, I think that your internal keyboard is the troublemaker? in such case you would need to replace the keyboard once again.

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Apologies if this is the wrong subforum:

Being the idiot I am, I changed my WIndows Login password and since I use very long passwords, I have no idea what I changed it to. Guessing is out of the question.

So I powered on my laptop while holding the 0 key, which brought me to the Windows Boot Manager screen. I pressed F8 on Windows 7 for advanced options and opted for 'Recovery Mode' as I have used this in the past to install the OS from scratch.

It asks me to select a keyboard layout and then enter my username and password to procede with HDD Recovery. It is this lack of password which is the reason for recovery.

Any advice on what I can do?


Answer:HDD Recovery Issue on C660 Satellite

>It asks me to select a keyboard layout and then enter my username and password to procede with HDD Recovery. It is this lack of password which is the reason for recovery.
On this step you must enter your Windows login name and login password. Without right password you will not be able to start HDD recovery installation.

There is second option to install recovery image. You can do it now using recovery DVD. Have you created it using preinstalled Toshiba recovery disc creator?

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When my wife got off the plane a baggage handler helped her by pushing her mother in the wheelchair and dragging one of the bags behind him allowing my wife to take care of the rest of the luggage. Unfortunately the laptop that was sitting on top of that bag decided that it didn't like the ride, it jumped off the bag and tried to enter the terminal under its own battery power.

There is no visible damage to the laptop as it was inside the laptop bag and no cracks or anything on the screen. When the laptop turns on, the screen can remain blank, flicker or it will display the log on and desktop but instead of showing white it displays a pinkish purple, only white is affected not off white. Other colours display correctly although they do look as if the display is set to 256 colour or using the wrong driver.

I connected an external monitor to it and that works fine with full colour. If the laptop screen flickers a light tap to the back of it will get it to stay on but the colour isn't corrected. I am thinking that it may be just a loose connection or broken wire between the screen and the motherboard but not sure if the change in colour would be caused by this.

Satellite C660 (PSC1LA-00J001) looks brand new but I don't think it would be worth taking in to get fixed.

Any ideas on what the problem might be?

It took me 2 1/2 hours to post this exact same message because somewhere in there is profanity or inappropriate language. :(

Answer:Satellite C660 - screen issue


On this virtual way it is not possible to say for sure what is wrong there. Your notebook must be disassembled and all must be checked. Graphic card seems to be OK so there must be some problem with connectors, cable or with the display itself.
>Satellite C660 (PSC1LA-00J001) looks brand new but I don't think it would be worth taking in to get fixed.
Why not? Even display exchange is not so problematic. Googling around you will find many online stores where you can order new display, if necessary. Even on eBay you can get it for reasonable price.

If you don't have experience with this stuff I recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider or some independent IT service and ask for help. Check which options are available and how much you must pay for repair.

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Good people of Seven Forums,

The last two days have been Geek Hell for me. I finally upgraded everything in my system, and to naturally take advantage of my 16GB's of DDR3 RAM (Oh joy, oh redundant joy!) I wanted to install Win7 64Bit Pro which I got from my college and have burned on a CD, complete with Key and everything.

My previous PC build worked super-fine under Win7 32bit and I double checked th DVD of Win7 64bit just to make sure it was operational and fine.

Well, I go into BIOS, set my boot options for DVD, since I only have the one blank hard drive in the new PC.

Slam-bang. BOSD the precise second the "Starting Windows" graphics appear. It says "Loading Files" once really fast and twice, loading in increments from the DVD and then, without fail or mercy BOSD (I attached the files as per your directions). The insane thing is, after double checking and solo-checking every last component of my PC, I found them all to be in top form. Desperate I took the machine to service ( A huge disgrace for a hardcore nerd) where they told me that it was simply a matter of me having left in my old sata 2 HDD (right...) and simply removed it, told me they'd installed win7 and uninstalled from DVD without problems (didn't ask if it was 64 bit, in hindsight, that would have been crucial) and gave it back to me.

Imagine my unholy terror and geeky dismay, when, all hopeful, I fired up the installation and got the SAME BSOD. In utterly impotent nerd-ra... Read more

Answer:BSOD when attempting to clean install Win7 64bit Professional

No DMP's were included

We do need the DMP file as it contains the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.

If you are overclocking STOP

You may be able to get the DMP files without crashing by booting into safe mode (F8) with networking.

To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
* Zip up the copy.
* Attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button.
*If the files are too large please upload them to a file sharing service like "Rapidshare" and put a link to them in your reply.

To ensure minidumps are enabled:

* Go to Start, in the Search Box type: sysdm.cpl, press Enter.
* Under the Advanced tab, click on the Startup and Recovery Settings... button.
* Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
* Under the Write Debugging Information header select Small memory dump (256 kB) in the dropdown box (the 256kb varies).
* Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as %systemroot%\Minidump.
* OK your way out.
* Reboot if changes have been made.

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Tried a lot of thing. several clean win7 install still my laptop has random crashes. would be very thankful for any suggestions.

Answer:random BSOD clean win7 64bit install, need your help guys

Please Enable Driver verifier:

Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable

This should cause your computer to crash, when it does please post back with your new crash dumps. I have a feeling that this might be cause by your Video card driver, but I want to be sure first.

WARNING!: If you can not boot normally into windows after enabling driver verifier Please boot into Safe Mode and then disable Driver Verifier.

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I'm trying to upgrade my buddy's toshiba satellite laptop from vista32bit to win7 64bit. Windows won't let me to do the installation so I went to bios and change to boot CD-rom first. I booted the cd installation and tried to do the install process. It showed me a screen with the list of partitions on it including the recovery drive. I figured since I'm installing a new OS on there I won't need the recovery. I formatted all drives and put them back into one and here's where I said "oh f..." It says something along the lines of not able to find a HD to install it on. I rebooted the laptop thru CD again. Once the Window 7 installation screen popped up I chose Repair your computer. I tried to follow this guide tutorial 161 but in figure 4. the box is empty. I tried loading a driver that i burnt on cd but it won't recognize it. I tried running the MS-Dos to run the exe file for the driver but the run .exe doesn't even work, nothing happens. I went back and tried installing again but get stuck on Expanding files 0%. I skipped a lot of little things but if anyone need the details I'll try to fill you in... my friend's pissed...pls help

Answer:vista32bit to win7 64bit installation problem

ok i own a toshiba satellite l305d-s5940
you can not upgrade a 32 bit operating system to a 64 bit operating system
what you have to do is the following

make a backup of all of the data(music, pictures, etc)
then do a bios update for the unit
then wipe the hard drive out clean and install 7 with the disk that toshiba may have sent you or your own copy.
if its a disk that toshiba sent you just ignore any messages you get when doing a clean install.
then download all the drivers and do windows update. for WIN7 thers only like 30-40 updates for seven.(i just did it on a netbook)

then your all set.

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I have been using a foldable keyboard and a remote keyboard and have been having problems:

1.Characters not showing when typed.
2.Cursor jumping from typing position to another place usually outside the box that I am typing in.
3.Characters repeating while typing.
4.Actions ie Backspace not operating.

These problems do not seem to happen in Gmail and are not happening as I type this.
The problems have occurred so far in Google Calendar,a text doco and login to a site.
The problem did occur with the on board keyboard once so I am wondering if it is a malfunction or a virus.

Any ideas ?.

Answer:Satellite C660 keyboard typing issue


In this forum you could find a lot threads about similar theme and the solution is easy:
You have to update the BIOS.
New BIOS version would solve the issue? this was also confirmed in the forum.

Good luck

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Last year I purchased a Satellite C660-1G3 laptop from UK; even today, I am using the factory settings, and running the originally installed Windows 7 OS. The following is the issue that I started facing yesterday onwards:
- Even when the battery is well-plugged and the laptop running, the Power Meter indicates a falling charge level, with the "Plugged in, Not Charging" notification. The orange LED keeps blinking

- However, when I completely shut-down the laptop, without touching anything (not even touching the adapter or the power cord), the orange LED indicating battery charging process stops blinking and becomes stable

- On re-starting the laptop, for about 1 minute or so, the battery appears to be charging (orange LED not blinking and "Plugged in, Charging" message). However, soon the orange LED again starts blinking and the nuisance message again comes up

A couple of things:
- the battery seems to be working fine and charging properly when laptop is shutdown (in fact, till a couple of days back, the battery used to show 2:30 hours of time available on 100% charged level)
- is there some issue with the Operating system? no idea on that

can experts help me in resolving this issue? I do not really want to approach the Service Center due to long distance involved.

- Biren

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-1G3 - "Plugged in, Not Charging" issue

Hi Biren

Not sure if I can help you but I would like to provide you some tips.

1) Check if your BIOS is up to date. If Toshiba European driver page provides newer version, then update the BIOS. Additionally set the BIOS to default pressing F9 and save changed pressing F10.
2) Try to calibrate the battery. To calibrate the battery you should discharge the battery completely and charge the battery again. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times in the row.
3) Remove the battery and AC adaptor and press power button (30 sec long) then connect both parts and check if the LED would start blinking again.

Finally I think that the notebook should be tested using new, good working battery. But if the issue would still persist, then I would assume that your motherboard might be affected.

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Good day, fellow Toshiba notebook owners.

I have a little trouble upgrading my BIOS to a "newer" (according to Tempro) version.
I just installed the Tempro application, and it detected that my BIOS needs an upgrade, so I naturally downloaded the "new" BIOS. Everything went fine, but when I tried to install it, a message popped up in the install window:

"*The program will be closed!* There is an error occurred, please check below items. Bios version above 190. Battery capacity more than 10%. AC is attached."

No matter what I do, I get the same error, over and over again. I looked the problem up before I posted this thread, and other people encountered it, but, unlike my case, advices like "Close all background applications", "Charge your battery", or "Make sure the AC is attached" really helped them.

I tried closing everything, my battery is always fully charged, as I rarely disconnect the AC adapter, and, of course, the AC connection issue is not the cause, since it is almost always plugged in.

I checked my BIOS version in +msinfo32.exe+ and it is 1.90 already, but I remember upgrading it months ago (sooner than the release date of this last version), and if, hypothetically, I have the last version already installed, why doesn't Tempro acknowledge it and keeps alerting me over a non-existent issue?

Maybe there is something wrong with Tempro, but I just need to be sure before... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660 - 1C7: BIOS upgrade issue


Tempro notify you about new uploaded drivers or BIOS?
The Toshiba European driver page provides all the drivers and BIOS files and the latest BIOS version 1.90-win has been uploaded at 04.06.2012 and therefore you received this notification by Tempro software.

Who knows why they uploaded this file once again.. but fact is that your BIOS is up to date and therefore you cannot update the BIOS once again using the one and the same version.

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I cant find graphic drivers for my tosh. I try search it on intel site but they send me here

plz help

Answer:Satellite C660-1KW - graphic drivers issue

Yes, you should use driver offered on Toshiba download page. This driver is tested and adapted for your notebook model.

Check please Toshiba download page on
There you can find all drivers for al supported operating systems.

If you need help anyway let us know.

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I've been using my Satellite C660-1D7 for a year now, and recently I'm having a wireless connection problem with my laptop. I can find the network in my laptop, but it constantly loses connection. It's kinda annoying.

So I tried to update BIOS update, but every time, it showed up ' There is an error occured, please check below items. BIOS version above 200. battery capacity more than 10%. ac is attached.' Well, I've checked mine, and it's 'TOSHIBA 1.40, 2011/1/21'.

Can anyone please help me out?


Answer:Satellite C660-1D7 - Cannot run BIOS update

>... but it constantly loses connection. It's kinda annoying.
Have you this problem with battery power supply only or the problem is there when notebook is connected to AC power supply too?

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Hi their.

I need to update the bios of my Satellite C660. I download the install pack versionn 2. But I get this messege: "Tere is an error occured. Please check below items. BIOS version above 200. Battery capacity more than 10%. AC is attached."
So my current version is 1.5, battery full, and AC plugged.
What's the problem?


Answer:BIOS update on Satellite C660


Can you please post full model name of your notebook? I just want to check which BIOS version is offered for download.

By the way: why do you want to update BIOS? Is there some serious problem with your machine?

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windows7 64 bit
anti virus f-secure from talktalk

downloaded BIOS_V200_WIN.EXE when got tempo alert today

clicked run as administrator
extracts files and brings up box
phoenix uefi winflash
analise old and new bios
winflash for uefi has stopped working
close program
event viewer shows

Faulting application name: winflash.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4b0b90c3
Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x02774020
Faulting process id: 0x1474
Faulting application start time: 0x01cd68c5e0d498a8
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\UEFI WinFlash\winflash.exe
Faulting module path: unknown
Report Id: 1f73efe4-d4b9-11e1-a41b-b870f4c55a8a


Fault bucket 2563155615, type 5
Event Name: BEX
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: winflash.exe
P3: 4b0b90c3
P4: StackHash_e8ad
P6: 00000000
P7: 02774020
P8: c0000005
P9: 00000008

Attached files:
C:\Users\Ken\AppData\Local\Temp\WER2E9E.tmp.WERInt ernalMetadata.xml

and finally

Fault bucket 0, type 5
Event Name: PCA2
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: BIOS_V200_WIN.exe
P3: 7z Setup SFX
P4: 7-Zip
P5: Igor Pavlov
P6: 1
P7: 200

I am wondering if the f-secure anti virus is blocking the bios update

i do not want to remove it unless it is the culprit

Answer:Satellite pro c660-21d can not update BIOS

> I am wondering if the f-secure anti virus is blocking the bios update

Before running an BIOS update tool, you should close all running apps in the background and should disable firewalls and antivirus software too!

Furthermore the VAP (value added package) should be installed on your notebook.
The VAP is an Toshiba tool package which can be found on the Toshiba European driver page.

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Hello I want to ask if there any way to update EC Embedded Controller
My lap top Satellite C660-1TK (PSC1QE-01900GGE) use american megatrends bios

In last time flashing bios the EC part not make to update...
i'm currency have BIOS 1.50 version
EC 1,40

Have some problems computer not runnig well, turbo boost technology not working properly my video driver stop working, wifi card slow my PC speed, Synaptec touchpad stop-start working randomly
I try evrything Recovery win 7 not help now im using win 8 with lthe last drivers
and its still the same.......

OR Toshiba will update bios version for this model soon?

Answer:BIOS update for Satellite C660-1TK


> My lap top Satellite C660-1TK (PSC1QE-01900GGE) use american megatrends bios

This is Toshiba European notebook model and the latest available BIOS can be downloaded from Toshiba EU driver page.

The latest BIOS for this series is currently the BIOS 1.50-win
So your BIOS is already up to date.

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today I found out that somehow I had clocked my processor to just 1.3ghz. I googled that I have to install toshiba value added package. After successful installation my processor started working normally (max 2.8ghz).

Unfortunately it has caused massive overheating of my notebook. While I was downloading bios update(and surfing normal websites) temperature went up to 83?C! I'm just not doing anything it's going really high..(btw. I'm using cooling pad).

I found out that if I update bios(current version 1.5) it might solve/help(maybe) this problem. I downloaded both 1.7, 2.0 versions.

Version 1.7:
when I run it, it just throw an error:

Phoenix WinPhlash64
Failed to retrieve system BIOS information.
BCPSYS block signature was not found.
Error code: -100

Couldn't find any solution for this..

Version 2.0
There is an error occured, please check below items.
BIOS version above 200. (I've got 1.5)
Battery capacity more than 10% (tested it with 8%)
AC is attached. (it wasn't attached)

Huh? I'm totally out. Computer is unworkable if I don't fix that overheating problem.(bios update)

Thanks for any help.

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I have a Satellite C660-11K & constantly receiving updates for Bluetooth v3.0 from Toshiba Online Product Information. Do i have Bluetooth capability & if not how do i get rid of the nagging update?.

Answer:Satellite C660-11K and Bluetooth update

According notebook specification your notebook model doesn?t have BT and such update is not necessary.
> how do i get rid of the nagging update?
Remove Toshiba Online Product Information from the system and enjoy your life. ;)

One question: is BT stack software installed on your notebook? Check it in control panel > Programs and Features. If yes remove it from the system.

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Hello again.

I have Qosmio F60-11F and I install *windows 7 ultimate 64 bit* ,I install all drivers from Toshiba site,
and I am facing a problem with some drivers,
1- BIOS Update v B2.10-EC1.60 the message 'this computer not supported.
2- Eco Utility v the message 'unsupported BIOS.
3- PC Health Monitor v & v the message 'not support'.
4- TV Tuner v Nothing happens.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Qosmio F60-11F - troubles with Win7 64bit drivers installation

Have you installed the Toshiba Value Added Package?

You need the correct TVAP designed for the Qosmio F60 and Win7 64bit. Have a look on the Toshiba website (support/drivers section).

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I want to install windows 7 on my pc.
Everything works until windows has been booted from the dvd/usb (I tried with both)
I get the background of the installation and I can move my mouse, but the installation window doesn't pop-up.
nothing happens, I don't get an error or bsod.
I've tried removing everything except monitor, keyboard and mouse while booting, but that didn't help.
the 'windows upgrade advisor' says that my pc could run the 64bit version of windows 7.
please help.
Thanks in advance

Answer:weird installation problem (win7 ultimate 64bit)

Hello Detryoal, welcome to Seven Forums!

Where did you get the ISO/DVD you're doing the install from; how large a partition are you trying to install to?

If the Windows 7 install disk is one you burned yourself it may be a bad burn and needs to be done again, if so this would be the first thing to try.

Use the free ISO burner at the link below to burn another at a speed of now more than 4x and select to let the program to verify the disk before it finishes.

ImgBurn Free ISO Burner

Maybe you should have a look at this information below.


After you have made backups of everything you care to save and you want to do a real wipe "clean all" to the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) have a look at this tutorial at the link below, it over-writes everything, all the old Windows code including all the old Windows drivers, giving you the best possible space to install Windows 7 to; it goes hand-in-hand with a clean install.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

How to Do a Clean Installation with Windows 7

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In the process of reinstalling Win7 64bit as the unit simply has so much bloatware is makes it unusable.I'm pretty sure I've installed most drivers but the WWAN is not recognised by the driver installation and also no Bluetooth. The trackpad doesn't respond to presses and non of the buttons on the top bar work (mute -/+ vol etc)Has anyone come across a document which tells you how to make a fresh installation of Win7 64bit?Much obliged....Andrew. UPDATE: Another couple of hours searchin the net for solutions and I have managed to get a few more bits and pieces working. Still not buttons, blutooth...very very boring.Why don't they just do two versions, with a more expensive version without any "Lenovo" or "Lenovo Partner" software. Waste of half a day, which is worth more than the laptop... SOLUTION:  ThinkVantage System Update

You only get one lap, make it a good one.

Answer:(SOLVED) X1 Carbon fresh Win7 64bit Installation

Drivers and apps for things like the buttons should all be here: "Hotkey Features Integration" should get your buttons working. "Synaptics UltraNav" driver for the touchpad Pick driver to suit under "Wireless WAN" for WWAN. Bluetooth I installed using Broadcom's driver installer

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Stellarium (a free application for astronomie) works w/o any problem on many computers of my astronomie club but impossible to use it on my Toshiba Satellite C660-226. No problem during installation but nothing appends when I launch the program.

I run it in compatibility mode (windows XP Sp2) and Intel HD graphics driver is at level as recommended on Toshiba support center.

If I install a lower level of this driver( VGA std graphic carte at level 6.1.7600.16385) ,Stellarium works but very slowly and some functions (like zoom) are bugging.
Stellarium support center recommands to install a more recent level of intel HD graphics driver but I don't find a more recent level working with P6100 processor on Intel download site.
Can you help me?


Answer:Intel (HD) graphics issue when trying to use "Stellarium" on Satellite C660

I've got the exact same problem with a toshiba satellite pro c660-1nv.

I've found a more recent driver on the intel website : ang=eng with the version But I can't install it, I have an error message saying that this driver hadn't been validate by the manufacturer (Toshiba). Do not know what to do...

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Hi, I ran my computer for about 2 days with the clean installation of Windows on my SSD and it was running fine. Now whenever I start up my computer after the Starting Windows Logo, my screen hangs on a black screen for around 1-2mins without a cursor, and then proceeds to the Welcome screen, starting up normally. This was the main reason why I reintalled Windows and I thought it would fix this problem, which it did not... I have uninstalled Avast! and installed Microsoft Security Essentials, tired reinstalling graphics drivers. I can enter Safe Mode without any problems. The problem occurred after I installed 95 required Windows Update's and after the installation I booted into safe mode to try and delete Windows from my HDD. I failed at doing that so I restarted my computer normally and the black screen hang occurred. I ran a boot manager log and I will upload it (Windows Performance Analyzer Session File is contained in the ZIP). Thanks.
Edit: Hang* made a mistake in the title sorry.

Answer:Clean installation of Windows 7 64bit, Black Screen Hand for 2 minutes

you might want to check out this topic Startup delay with blank screen...

This however sounds worrisome

I booted into safe mode to try and delete Windows from my HDD. I failed at doing that

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i cannot update registry patch on my pc.

Answer:Cannot update registry patch on Satellite C660

And what now?
Is this some short report or what?
Do you have some questions?

I mean one sentence problem description will not help much to understand your issue.

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Hi, I've got a Satellite Pro C660-2DN, and I'm trying to update my display driver through the Toshiba UK website as Intel refers me to Toshiba when I do their driver assessment thing.

I've downloaded the three latest display driver updates that I can find in the list that corresponds to the C660 but none of them will install - the temp files are extracted, but then nothing happens. Could anyone help me?


Answer:Can't update display driver on my Satellite Pro C660

And which OS do you use?
Do you still have preinstalled original Win7 64bit home premium?

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I've been trying to get a game called Football Manager 2008 to work on this laptop for a long time. I've trawled the Internet for a solution to my problems running it, but I haven't found anything that works for me. In fact, the majority of the time, the problem seems to be solved by the person updating their graphics driver.

I've been trying to find an update that works for me, but I've not found anything so far.

Anyone shed any light on this?

Answer:Satellite C660 - 1F1 Graphic Driver Update?


From my knowledge the notebook supports the Intel HD graphic card (IntelHM55)
So latest driver can be downloaded from Intel page directly.

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Hello all,

So i'm trying to update my graphics driver on a satellite C660 1LD and I'm getting nowhere fast.

The current driver i have is version
Toshiba website offers version which i'm led to believe is an older version than my current one?

I have tried downloading the newest version from the Intel website however this doesn't work either and i cant actually find what the newest version is from this site. Can anyone offer any advice on how to get this done?

The annoying thing is i went through this process over a year ago to fix a bug on civilization 5. I remember it being a bit of a headache then. The most annoying part is that i cant remember the processes i had to go through to get it done. Doh!

Thanks in advance


Answer:Trying to update graphics driver for Satellite C660-1LD


Generally speaking you should use Toshiba drivers only. Why? Drivers offered on Toshiba support page are tested and adapted to work with notebook?s hardware. Of course, you can use drivers from GPU manufacturers support page but you must know that newer drivers will increase GPU performance. More performance means more heat and also a bit risk for hardware.

Result can be suddenly shut downs or even hardware damage.
Anyway, I hope you are satisfied with GPU performance with your last driver so I don't understand why you want to update current version. Be happy that everything works well with this ?non-supported? driver version.

Anyway, I?m sure that you know that everything you do is on your own risk so you can do with your notebook whatever you want. I found one interesting article that may help you.
Check it out please -

Good luck

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