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spare parts price is same like the total price!!!

Question: spare parts price is same like the total price!!!

Good day , i hope to find a solution through your kindnessI live in Egypt my uncle bought for me hp split from US mar 2015it get issue on keyboard attach on oct 2015 and repaired through geeksquad (replaced the slate dock board )when my uncle was on US last jan 2016after just one week when he came back to Egypt it got hardware failurei try to solve it through hp Egypt agent (feb2016 ) and give them the receipt on (17 mar 2016) so i have all my rights for warranty servicehp respond that it wouldn't deliver theSpare parts while there is someone who in US find that the parts is available on 500 $ price where i shocked (the total hpSplit price is around 500$)i hope hp to solve this complicated as they have the parts why they didn't send it to their agent here in Egypt to solve my problemthere was a communicate with hp social didn't find a way to handle this problemAnd all what they can help me is to arrange for the unit to be shipped to a friend/relative within the US so that they can arrange for servicebut it isn't allowed to ship the laptop so they give me email for CEO and President Dion WeislerI send email by the problem 28 mar and there was no respond and send again on 7 apr and wait and no respond tooI really don't know who is the one who got the ability to take responsible for helpWith all my respect to you

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Preferred Solution: spare parts price is same like the total price!!!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I thought I would get some opinions on what I am putting together. It has been many years since I have done much of this so I am not as sure about current thoughts on the diiferent brands. (and yes I am sticking with Intel) This is all from newegg. I was going to put it in a Ultra Wizard Black ATX Mid-Tower Case and add a 250gb 7200 within a month. (is the raptor worth it?) Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Lite-On 16X DVD Dual Drive, Model SOHW-1633S Black, Retail
Item# N82E16827106962 - $63

Lite-On 16X DVD-ROM, Model SOHD-167T Black, RETAIL
Item# N82E16827131119 - $26

SONY Black 1.44MB 3.5inch Floppy Disk Drive, Model MPF920, OEM - $8
Item# N82E16821103116

Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM SATA Hard Drive, Model WD740GD, OEM Drive Only - $176
Item# N82E16822144160

Kingston ValueRAM 240-Pin 512MB DDR2 PC2-4200 - OEM
Item# N82E16820144165 (x2 1GB Total) - $229

Intel "BOXD925XECV2LK" i925XE Chipset Motherboard For Intel LGA 775 CPU -RETAIL -$199
Item# N82E16813121262

Thermaltake W0014 Silent Purepower 480W with Black housing - Xaser Edition ATX 2-Fan Power Supply -$56
Item# N82E16817153007

Intel LGA775 Pentium 4 550 3.4 GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache, Hyper Threading Technology - Retail - $280

MSI nVIDIA GeForce 6800 Video Card, 256MB DDR, 256-Bit, TV-Out/DVI, PCI-Express, Model "NX6800-TD256E" -RETAIL - $335
Item# N82E16814127149

Product total: $1,373

Answer:New build, parts/price ok?

I don't see a power supply? Its a very important piece. also if you could afford it i'd get the Nvidia Geforce 6800 GT, the regular 6800's are a waste I think. but its about $120 dollars more, but thats your call.

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Hello my com recently broke, so a friend of mine let me "borrow" his old one, its 5 years old and hasnt been turned on in 2 years. Turned out the motherboard was broke, so i took some parts of his. Took the Graphic card, Power supply, and 2x ram.
They are as following:

Ram: Corsair XMS2 2gb ddr2, 400 mhz pr. one (there is two).
Power supply. thermaltake thoughpower 700w
Graphic card: GeForce 8800 GTS 320 mb.

So basically im just trying to find a fair price for theese parts. Looked around the net and i could pay slightly more then hes asking and get better parts

Answer:Need help with price check on old computer parts!

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I've not built a pc in years as I've been buying laptops instead. I've just spent the last half hour picking parts of dabs, can someone tell me if this is good for the price or would it be cheaper to buy pre-built? or can you suggest a better site in the uk to use?

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2HGz AM3 Black Edition Processor 242.99

Gigabyte AM3 AMD 880G DDR3 ATX 88.11
Kingston ValueRAM 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 88.84
Sapphire Technology ATI Radeon 5550 HD 1GB PCI-Express 2.1 x16 DVI HDMI 68.79
LG Electronics 22" W2261VP 5MS DVI HDMI HD LCD TFT 140.98
Samsung 1TB SpinPoint HD105SI 3.5" SATA-300 5400RPM 32MB Cache 52.81
Antec Three Hundred Case Black 44.23
Best Value 850W 80+ Dual 12v V2.2 HE PSU 44.46

Answer:Building a PC - is this a good price for the parts?

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Today, the price of gold sits around $1660/fine ounce, maybe Huawei should put their E173 and E220 drivers on wall st. The price per unit would surely surpass that of gold before the close of trade.
On the Vodacom website there are two downloads for the E220, a pc software for vodafone and a VMC update for the dashboard. I downloaded and installed the software for Vodafone onto the laptop, and thereafter dowloaded and updated the E220 with the VMCLite_E220_3_2_1_156_standard program.

Now, since the modem's dashboard could be updated, it would be safe to say that the modem was detected, right?
Well, this is what happens when I open the Vodafone program:

I have been struggling to sort this out for a while, and I'm sure I'm missing something so simple...
Please can someone help out?

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Question: Spare parts

I'm looking for a replacement power supply for a HP pavilion 7920 PC. It's smaller than the standard ATX power supply in all dimensions.Any suggestions of UK-based websites selling spares?

Answer:Spare parts

Put the part number here click here might help.

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Question: Spare Parts

Hi guys, a question about transferring parts from an old pc to a new one. I've recently bought a new Packard Bell 1605 imedia with 512 ram and 200gb hard drive. My previous pc is a several years old compaq with 256 ram and a 7gb hard drive, which I intend to keep as a back up. As it's just sitting there doing nothing, I wondered what parts I can transfer over to my new pc.

The 256ram is the obvious one, but I'm not sure if it would be compatable from such an old machine, also I only seem to see ram figures doubling ie 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, so would it be ok to have an "odd" ram figure of 768 and would it make a great deal of difference? And is it an easy task to perform, having never done it before?

Secondly, the 7gb hard drive - although the actual 7gb's won't make much of a difference to the 200gb's I've now got, is there a benefit to having a slave drive as well as a master albeit very small in comparison?

And a final, unrelated, hardware question, I occasionally receive a message in my sys tray telling me that the hardware wizard has detected new hardware (an unknown usb device) that would work faster if it was connected to a high speed hub/port, but I haven't installed anything - any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance

Answer:Spare Parts

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First Look At The Attached Pic...

I am in the middle of doing some e-bay sales on some parts I got at a steal.

I thinks its kinda cool actually, I never had so much good hardware in my possession

Heres whats there.....

5 AMD X2 4200+ 2.2ghz
1 AMD X2 4600+ 2.4ghz
1 Intel Pentium D 3.4ghz
1 Intel Pentium D 3.0ghz

THATS 19.6ghz OF POWER !!!!

8GB PC3200 DDR


3 Terabyte (3000MB) SATA 3GB/s hard drives.....

Not trying to impress anyone but I think its kinda cool lol

Answer:Spare Parts LoL tAkE a LoOk !!!

Wow thats a helluva deal... how much did you pay for all that?

P.S. something makes me think that that stuff doesn't work... to sell all that stuff at once is suspicious even for Ebay.

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Anyone know any sites/company's were I can get hold of a right side hinge for a Dell C610 laptop

Answer:Looking for spare parts

click hereclick hereclick here

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I've accumulated enough old parts to assemble a PC from, more as a "hobby" project than actual need. I have three ideas for the OS. First the hardware:

Athlon 64 X2 6400+
AM2+ Motherboard
4GB of DDR2 800 RAM

Definitely not going to set the world on fire, but it would be fine for a backup PC for browsing or playing old games. My OS choices are Windows 7 OEM for about $80 (Newegg often has it on sale for that). Only bad thing is that its tied to that one hardware setup and since the hardware is pretty old that might not be a wise choice. Second choice is Windows 8.1 full version for $107.00. That I can moved from PC to PC. Third choice is a dual boot with Windows XP and a Linux distro. I can keep the XP side offline after April. That choice would cost me nothing (and give me a chance to learn something about Linux). What would you do? Also, if I keep the XP side of a dual boot without a network connection, would it still be vulnerable if I have the PC hooked up to the internet (for the Linux side)?

Answer:Spare Parts PC - Which OS to Get?

If you have an SSD, I wouldn't use less than 7. As for whether you should use 7 or 8, only you can answer that.

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Question: spare parts?

does anyone out there have a crossfire motherboard and cpu for sale??

Answer:spare parts?

You are not allowed to ask that here?
You are also not allowed to do any business over this forum.

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Question: spare parts

I have a pavilion 15-e078ea, Product = E9J38EA#ABU,[personal information removed]
UK Model
I need a new base cover but can't find the part number or any replacement parts
Can somebody advise me on part numbers, How to order and costs please
Many Thanks

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this little, tiny white piece of plastic, which is attaches underneath the ALT/GR?

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro S - Where to get spare parts?

Hi masimba,

I don?t know which part you mean exactly but for keyboards there are no single parts available. That means you would need a complelty new keyboard.

Anyway, you should contact an ASP. There you can get all Toshiba parts: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

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Which other tecra part can I use on the TE2000?

Answer:Need spare parts for TE2000

Hi buddy,

what do you mean? Do you would like to know if parts from other tecras fit in your machine? If this is your question I can tell you:

It would not fit. Almost every toshiba machine has it?s own hardware which makes it very hard for us users to try fixing the machines on our own.

Sorry dude.
Nice weekend

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Question: Spare Parts specs

My HP PAVILION ELITE m9150f pc, collapsed. The Power supply burnt down and the Motherboard has several issues. Could you please help me in identifying the parts numbers and specs for both the motherboard and power supply? Thank you.So far I found the following in AmazonHP 350W Power Supply Proliant ML310 G2 ML110 G2 - Refurbished - 377580-001by HP$133.14(1 used offer)462797-001 HP DX2400 G33 IPIBL-LB Intel Desktop Motherboard s775by HP$ 149 00FREE Shipping on eligible ordersMore Buying Choices$55.00(1 used offer)5 out of 5 stars 1Product FeaturesHP Original Part Number 462797-001

Answer:Spare Parts specs

Hi: Enter the product number for your PC (KC880AA) in the box at the link below, and you will be directed to the parts list for your PC. HP no longer carries the power supply for your PC, but if you google the part number, perhaps you can get one on eBay or elsewhere. Both the motherboard and power supply are listed toward the bottom of the page.

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IdeaPad laptops were designed for the general consumer. Thus repair, if needed, will be dealt with at a service center. Parts are not offered as a purchase separately. If you need to replace a broken/defective part, you will have to contact the Lenovo service department. Otherwise your out of luck.

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

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for a Compaq Presario 1215. Somebody gave me one to mess with and I'm bored so I thought I'd see what I could do with it.

I just wanted to find a list of compatible parts. I can already tell that one speaker's shot and the battery is near dead.

Answer:Anybody know where to find spare parts...

Rollin said:

for a Compaq Presario 1215. Somebody gave me one to mess with and I'm bored so I thought I'd see what I could do with it.

I just wanted to find a list of compatible parts. I can already tell that one speaker's shot and the battery is near dead.Click to expand...

Any old computer would do. Buy a spare one with the same slot/socket, that's probably the best. It depends on it's age if you can get hold of parts. Some of them are rare.

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I'm currently on my way to building my first computer. I have a CPU, motherboard, and RAM, and a case picked out

-AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 512KB L2 Cache, Socket 939 64-bit Processor
-GIGABYTE "GA-K8NS-939" NVIDIA nForce3 ULTRA Chipset Motherboard For AMD Socket 939 CPU
-Kingmax SuperRAM Series Dual Channel Kit 184-Pin 1GB(512MBx2) DDR PC-3200, Model MPXD42D-2

Now what I was thinking of doing, was using the computer i currently have, and simply taking its harddrive, cd/dvd-rom drives, and video card and using them in my new build instead of purchasing new parts.
Does this shortcut seem like a good idea? i dont have that big of a budget for this build. i dont want to have to distribute my money on many low quality parts, but just on a few so i can really maximize the quality of the parts i can afford. mixing a bit older technology with new, my main concern is the harddrive. Should I have it reformatted and erase everything currently on it before putting it in the new computer? being this my first build, the most daunting thing about it is that i've never done it before, and i'm not sure exactly how everything will play out when i put it all together.

so, is this hybrid of used computer parts with new parts a viable option, or should i just buy everything new?

Answer:Building with spare parts

by the way, in case you need, the parts currently in the computer i have -

Maxtor 4D080H4 80GB Harddrive
Compaq DVD-ROM DVD-117

pretty generic, but they serve the purpous i need them for, so i figure theyd be good for what i need with my new computer.

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I have loads of laptops that I want to repair in order to sell on ebay, the problem is, I dont know where to get spare parts from. Obviously, I have been looking on the internet for websites that may sell spare parts, but can not find any. I should mention that I am from the UK, so I will need to buy from somewhere that ships to me.

Any help ?

Also, I am specifically looking for spare ribbon cables that connect to laptop touchpads (Mouse) and new plastics i.e palmrests.

Answer:Where to buy spare laptop parts ??

Since every model of laptop has unique components and flex cables, you normally buy them from the manufacturer. Another source is find dead laptops and cannibalize them for the parts. Most of the cables in a laptop are not generic like desktop machines.

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Question: T420S Spare parts

Please can anyone advice - where can I find think pads spareparts (particulary T420S) - I'm looking to replace screen bezel and moulding, plastic parts and so on ...

Answer:T420S Spare parts

you can get them from IBM spare parts, just call up warranty support and inquire about spare parts purchase.

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My lapop is for repair 3 weeks and the company says the part (RAM memory) is not arriving. It's serial number is: CB*******. How is this possible in 2015?
Moderator note: serial number removed for member's protection.

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Question: Epson spare parts

Anybody know where I can get a replacement ac adapter for Epson Perfection 1670 scanner, I've looked all over the web to no avail. Any help in pointing me in the right direction much appreciated.

Answer:Epson spare parts

Check the specification plate on the old adapter if you have it, or look for details in the manual / on the scanner itself which will tell you the output voltage, current rating and current type (usually DC, indicated by 2 parallell lines, one solid and one dashed). You can then get a replacement from places like Maplins (click here) or Ebuyer (click here)- ebuyer is cheaper, but in a maplins store you will get advice.

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HI CAN ANYONE HELP.I have a toshiba laptop which has been inspected by a technician and am told I require a PCB which apparently is the circuit board containing the switch and the lid switch ( which is broke ).Does anyone know where I can get hold of such part as its quite old.Its a satelitte s1800-752smany thanks

Answer:toshiba spare parts

click hereclick heregive these a ring they maybe able to help...

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Just wanted to know if anyone had any spare PC parts; I'd be willing to pay.

I am looking for:
1x8gb DDR3 RAM
550W+ PSU Gold


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Hi, i have spare parts from a Emachine T5224 (processor, ram, dvd drive.. pretty much it..) and i was wondering if there was any possible way i could get the rest of the parts i need (case, motherboard, power supply) so i can play some pc games, mostly just stalker: shadows of chernobyl, its prequel, and the sequel.. for under $300. im going to ask for a graphics card for xmas so any ideas for one under $200 would be great.

heres a link to the t5224 specs

thanks for looking .

Answer:help building a pc from spare parts and $300

Man, this just keeps getting harder.
You won't be able to reuse that ram. It's too old.

mobo: this one

psu: 400w+

case: this one

hdd: 500gb

ram: 1gb until you can afford more

You might want to wait because this is as good as you can do for $200.
and it won't be long until it's outdated.

EDIT: here it is in a wishlist

EDIT2: please note that you won't be able to get an operating system.

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I have a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. I accidentally damaged the receiver and can't get one in UK and Logiteck only deliver to US and Canada. I just wondered if anyone had any ideas on how to get a hold of a replacement.

Receiver (C-BU44), Cordless Desktop Comfort Laser/Cordless Desktop MX 3000 Laser

Answer:Logitech Spare Parts

Hi BlueDancer,

How about this here. The one you need is 4 rows down.

Spare Parts Store

Logitech Spare Parts store, and the UK is listed in the shipping area.

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Question: Dell Spare Parts

Well, I just called Dell Spare Parts to ask what the cost would be for the XPS 730x motherboard C771N and XPS 730x Intel 940 processor G441M. Barely 2 minutes into the call, Julia hung up on me...FOR NO REASON!!!!! I called right back using her extension and whaddya know, I'm told I need to leave a message. Dell must have a requirement for people to have an I.Q. lower than 70 if they want to operate the phones.

Then, I call back a second time. Mark proceeds to tell me that maybe I should upgrade my hard drive and ram and I replied that I have 10,000rpm Raptor hard drives and 4gb of ram, I don't need to upgrade either of them but that I want to upgrade my chipset and cpu to the latest technology. He then tells me that I need to be transferred to tech support to make sure it would be compatible with my system. I tell him that I have an XPS 730 and I know it's compatible but he proceeds to transfer me anyway. Then, tech support transfers me back to sales.

This time, I finally have someone who knows what's going on. However, she asks me why I want to change my chipset and cpu, what has happened to my computer? I tell her nothing, I just want to upgrade. I give her the part number for the Core i7 chipset and she asks where I got this information and I tell her from Dell Chris M, the desktop liaison for the Dell support forum. The price for the chipset...$569. She tells me they're not allowed to sell the processors and I tell her that she's misinformed because I have the par... Read more

Answer:Dell Spare Parts

Well, yeah, you are always better off when seeking high performance to build it yourself.. Dell just like all the others are proprietary machines.. they will always limit you.

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Question: ram price

what is an average price for 1gb of ddr pc3200 ram? and where can i get it?

Answer:ram price

Check the following link for suggestions.
Happy computering.

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Question: Best price

Please tell me where to find AOMEI Backupper Professional 3.5 best price or giveaway .

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Question: price of 4 gb ram

hello,I want to upgrade my 4gb ram to 8 gb ram ,so can i know how much it costs???

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Question: Price help!!!

So My friend is selling me a used 1 year gaming computer for about 800$, i took a look at it, and it looks genuine from all the parts.. but i'm not sure with the latest buzz about new vid cards and processors if this is actually worth that much. Please tell me if this is actually a good deal? great deal? ****ty deal? or just plain rip off! - specs are below

26 inch samsung hdtv, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. including a 250GB External HDD.

Stats on desktop computer:

-APEVIA X-Pleasure Black Aluminum Full Tower Case

-Samsung 18x DVD+/-R DVD Burner with Lightscribe SATA

-Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10000RPM SATA 1.5Gb/s HD

-Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium

-Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer 7.1 Channels PCI Interface Sound Card

-4GB A-DATA 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM

-EVGA GeForce 8800GTS 640MB 320-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16

-MSI P6N SLI Platinum LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard

-Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 Conroe 2.66Ghz Processor

-OCZ GameXStream 700W ATX12V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready Power Supply

-2 Firewire and 6 USB ports

-4 Fans

-blue LED lights

Answer:Price help!!!

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I was just wondering if there is a video card out there that is better than this one for around the same price-

Answer:Anything better than this for the price?

For that price you will have a hard time beating a 6600GT.

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Question: Need a price...

Hi folks,

I have searched everywhere I can think of to find this board for sale:

I understand it is very new, but would like to maybe try it. But I can't find anybody that currently stocks it. Anybody here have an idea on price range or perhaps a place that sells this online?

My usual places like NewEgg and CPUsolutions don't even mention it.

Answer:Need a price...

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512mb 6800 ultra :amazed:

Answer:For more than $100 more than the price of an FX-55, you get...


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Question: BB price +VAT?

Do most BB providers include VAT when quoting their prices?

Answer:BB price +VAT?

As far as I am aware, the quotes are for Direct Debits and do not attract VAT. I have heard of Pay As You Go broadband, but don't know if VAT applies or not, as it is often added to call charges.

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Question: Price

Just been searching all over the net and within this forum and cant find the price on Vista. I understand it wont be released until January but surely there is a ballpark figure for its cost??(sorry if its already been posted but i couldnt find it)


click here

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Question: price please?

can anyone help me with me ict database for my coursework, has anyone got a link to find all the possible speeds of intel celeron chips above 1G and the different mobo for each new cpu??????and also pentium 4 and AMD 64...........any help would be very very grateful.........

Answer:price please?

This is a start click here

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Question: Price this...

hey everybudy i just wanna see how much this **** wud cost?? cuz my friend wanna get this specs and he wants to see if hes gettin fooled or not, and i honeslty cudnt help him very much,
these are the specs

Intel P.D Dual Core 3.0GHZ (L2 cache-4mb)
Motherboard Intel 945 (+Sound+Network) 2 places for RAM
2Gigs RAM DDR2
Hard drive 200 gigs SATA
LG DVD Burner.
Creative blaster Modem V.92 Fax modem
VC Geforce 256MB DDR2 7300gt
Floppy Drive
Genius Keyboard+ Mouse(Wireless)

What Do u think of this System? and Price it up! how much u think it wud cost??

Edit: Fixed sum Info,,,

Answer:Price this...

plz i need to know ASAP!
thanks in advance!

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Question: Price my pc?

would anyone here be able to give my setup a round about price if i was to sell it on ebay.
I have a nice system casing with great air circulation. nice looking blue led's, and clear side panel to see the lights. ok now for specs.
-2 dvd-rw drives
-200gb internal hd space
-8800gt with extra fan in a pci slot under it.
-intel 2.6ghz quad core
-3gb ddr2 (800mhz) memory
-600 watt power supply.
-windows XP
-17 inch crt monitor
-2.1 speakers
-wireless mouse, keyboard, usb hub, pci firewire port. (extras?).

thanks ahead of time guys. I just wanted to get an idea before i bothered making an account and putting it up on ebay.

Answer:Price my pc?

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Question: help price my pc

hey guys i wanted to know could you have a look at my pc specs and tell me how much you think i could sell it for.

i wanna sell so i can build my own from scratch.
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+, x64 Family 15 Model 67 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3070 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5450
Hard Drives: C: Total - 500GB, D: total - 500GB.
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0RY206, , ..CN6986177P06F3.

Answer:help price my pc

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Was looking for a quote as I want to sell my PC (which I bought in 2012 for around £800). Details are as follows:
Advent model number dt2213.
intel i7-2600 3.4ghz quad core.
8gb ram.
1.7gb graphics card - intel hd2000.
2tb hard drive.
8011bgn wifi.
windows 10.
excellent conidition.
Any other details needed, please ask.

Answer:Need a price of my used PC

802.11bgn wifi*

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Hi im new hear
Any one have any idea if the x79 and x99 go down in price after the x299 is released ?

Answer:will the x79 and x99 go down in price after the x2

If you want strong multi-threaded performance, at a lower price, I suggest you take a close look at AMD Ryzen 7. Do be aware that greater multi-threaded performance has little benefit when gaming, as most games do not run in more than 4 threads.

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When I moved from the Amiga to the PC in late '94 I spent quite a few on that PC. Just the 16MB of RAM cost me the equivalent of $700. So I took a look at one of the local PC chains for a pre-made PC with about the same price.

Not adjusted for inflation I could buy today: Core i7 3770K, 16GB RAM, GeForce 660 Ti, 120GB SSD + 2TB HDD, IPS 1080p monitor, decent gaming keyboard and mouse.

Adjusted for inflation:Core i7 3930K, 16GB RAM, GeForce 680, 120GB SSD + 2TB HDD, two IPS monitors, decent gaming keyboard and mouse.​
Of course if I chose the components myself I'd choose differently, but then, I'd never spend that kind of money on a PC these days.

Answer:What PC can you buy for the price of your first PC?

Don't forget $500 CD burners (2x speed), now 52x are $20 and they also burn DVDs. We've come a long way in 20 years - I'm sure that people looking back to 2013 from 2033 will laugh at how slow our PCs were. If they still make PCs after the World Financial Wars of 2014, 2018, & 2020.

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Question: OS Price

What is the cheapest I am going to get a copy of XP home for building a new computer.

Answer:OS Price

You could get an OEM copy, you could probably get a Windows XP Home OEM copy for easily under a $100.

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Question: D.J.Price

I have a good friend who constantly sends me dozens of unwanted e-mails on a daily basis, I do not wish to hurt his feelings by being nasty, is there a way to block messages from his e-mail address? Please save my sanity!!


Get MailWash and use it to bounce and delete his email back to him and to spammers.
He will get the email back thinking your address is no good.

There is a free and pro version.

Program works great.

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Question: Price?

1GB, 240-pin DIMM, DDR2 PC2-4200 memory module CT12864AA53EUS Why is there such a difference in price between firms for this 1GB. I know some are out for business but one firms price is 17 another is 30Are they both the same 1GB



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Question: Pc price tag

So I found 2 pc's with almost the same specs and the only difference is that one has gddr5 and one ddr3 also the gddr5 has win 8.1 with free update to win 10 or so I heard.
(Also the case is different)

Thing is the better one costs 1.015 usd and the other one 710 usd and 840 usd if I also want to add win 10.
So is the difference bettwen specs that high so that the better one is actually worth it?
(Also I'm poor so pls consider that and I want it for gaming ofc)

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Question: Price this pc

My friend wants to buy my pc. Just the box. This is what it is a Pentium 4 2.00 ghz 233fsb proccessor with 512mb of pc2100 ram running at ddr333 233mhz. It has the radeon 9250 256mb pci which is the best i can put in for pci. It has a western digital 70gb hd running at 7200rpm. It has the stock i think 250w psu and stock fans. Also a cdr burner and dvd reader. It will come with some free games such as battlefield 1942 with all add-ons, cs:s hl2 those games, and norton antivirus 2005. Also some basic oc guides and radeons ati tray tool. Also i put a fan on the 9250 video card. What should i sell this pc to him for. I was thinking maybe 300 cause the origonal dell 2350 is from 2001.

Answer:Price this pc

150? 200?

that card can't even handle those mentioned games, so it doesn't even matter unless you get another gfx card

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Question: What price?

Hey all,

I've got some bills that are forcing me to sell my desktop computer. Sucks, but what do ya do.

Anyway, I don't know what a fair price for my rig would be. Help me out here if ya can. Below is a list of what I have.

Green Alienware Case (In perfect shape)
Intell Core 2 Duo 2.2 ghz
Abit IP35 Pro Motherboard
eVGA Nvidia 7900 GTX 512mb (w/SLI Connector)
120 gig HDD
PC Power & Cooing 510 Turbo Express power
2 Gigs Crucial Balistix Ram
CD/DVD burner
2.1 Dell Speaker System

Should I try to sell intact or part it out?

Thanks everyone.

Answer:What price?

if your lucky you'd maybe get 500dollars, thats if your really lucky tho.

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A work colleague has lost the metal contact on the cover of her Canon Powershot A460 battery compartment - looks like a simple snap-in, if I can get a replacement.
Anyone got a source?

Answer:Digital Camera Spare Parts

Suggest she tries an authorised repairer Canon services locator

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Does anyone know where I can get a new screen - motherboard data cable?
I need to fix a relatives laptop and that is the part that I need, it burnt out.

Answer:Need spare parts for Satellite U400-14B


All spare parts can be ordered from an local ASP (authorized service provider).
Get in contact with the guys and order the needed parts.

Here you can find the database with all ASPs worldwide: -> Support & Downloads -> Find an Authorized Service Provider


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I got a computer with eather a grounded motherboard or a dead power supply (long story short wont turn on fans jog but nothing happens)and since i don't play pc games anymore I would like to know where i can sell it if anywhere. Here are my specs

Asus m2n32 sli deluxe
2gb ram (2 1gb corsair sticks)
Nvida geforce 7950 gx
Wavemaster coolermaster blue special edition case (fair condition minor dents)
Amd Athlon 4600 dual core

I live in toronto canada.

Answer:Sell whole computer? or spare parts?

How much do you want for it? I might be interested

And personally I would just try another PSU and if it works, sell it as a whole.

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Hello,Is there way how to purchase spare parts for Lenovo Thinkpad e560 model 20EV000YMC? I have changed the DVD-rom with hardik caddy and removed optical driver. The point is that I was probably not carefully enough and pins which are holding DVD plastic front panel are broken. So the DVD-rom panel is not holding well. It is more cosmetic problem, but I'm worried about waranty of this laptop. In case that there will be necessary in future to send laptop for repair, this can be probably consideres as problem i think.I would like purchase this front plastic pannel, or entire dvd rom with plastic part if it is necessary. But i have not found it anywhere. Can some help me ? :-)Thank you in advance. Milos

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Spent 10 mins trying to find an email addresson (without success) so that I can email the following query . I need a new Base cover assm for a 14.1" T60 FRU 41V9937 As I cracked and bent the corner of mine after a fall on the ice (I had the battery out, and the edge near the DVD drive cracked). How to do I contact Lenovo (Norway) for find out about price and availability?  

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Dears,I am currently located in egypt and i wanted to order a dual language keyboard english/arabic for my x240.I found this on the Bill of material04X0182 N CS13X Backlit KBD Arabic Chicony - Primary, but i don't know if this will be dual language or only arabic tags on the keys?unforunatly non of the local stores in here have this one so everyone keep saying that it will be hard to find if any of you know how to order what am i looking for don't hesiste to reply.have a good day

Answer:thinkpad x240 spare parts

I "believe" that the Lenovo part number you need is FRU 04X0182 (Backlit KBD Arabic Chicony Part Number 04X0182) but I only see one site online that claims to have one, and it is in the UK.     The part is not cheap, so I would suggest you contact them directly (see link below) and make sure it fits your exact model, but they do appear to have one left in stock, and can ship to Egypt. EAF Supply Chain You might also search for the Lenovo Part Number/FRU  elsewhere to see if you can get a better price if you do not need it right away,  but the link above was the only one I found that actually claims to have one in stock.  

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I'm trying to find the following spare parts for an Evesham Voyager 8640 Laptop and getting a complete runaround from Evesham and their designated repairers and spares suppliers - Mitac and Puma. 1) LCD screen: Hannstar HSD150PX112) Backlight for the above 3) Inverter: PWA-Stingray Inverter BD(for 8640)Does anyone know of any other sources?Thanks.

Answer:Spare Parts for an Evesham Voyager

Puma were the only source I ever found. They eventually came up with the goods but it was a lengthy process.

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Hi I have an probook 440 G1 LAPTOP.Product number J734VPA.Its top cover(palm cover) and base cover edges are slightly dammaged in one corner and I want to replace them as this laptop belongs to my the hp quaotation was too high for thease 2 parts I want to buy one similar model used laptop from market whose above mention parts can be interchanged with the company laptop and keep the used laptop with me for personal use and return company laptop to company when I resign else they may penalise.As used laptop with same product number is not available in market in India please suggest which other product number laptop base cover and top cover are compatible with this laptop. Can I use parts from any hp probook 440 G1 series or g2 series irrespective of their product number.please help.would be great if you reply with compatible product number if possible.

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Hi all, Picked up a U300s it initially didn't have an SSD, managed to source one quite luckily, once I had installed the SSD it booted to Win 7 HB but kept blue screening every few minutes. So my next move was to reinstall windows, as luck would have it the USB2.0 port didn't work so ordered a replacement and it still didn't work, and couldnt at that stage install Win 7 through USB3.0 (found out how to do it now), so started install from inside Windows bad move it blue screened halfway through and then would only use startup repair, my OKR button didn't work full stop, didn't power the laptop or anything. So at this point I booted to the CMD Prompt within startup repair in order to erase the partitions and create a blank SSD as I knew how to install Win 7 through USB3.0, the BIOS battery had unplugged itself when I had been tinkering prerviously and reset back to fast boot. GAHAHHAHAHAH. Now cant get up boot menu to change the boot speed because the OKR button does nothing, I'm going to replace the whole button assembly now in an attempt to get into the BIOS to change the boot speed in order to boot from USB to get WIn 7 installed. In the meantime, can anyone shed any light into why the USB2.0 or OKR doesn't work? Also if anyone wants to sell me there U300s as spares? Mine was pretty beat up when I aquired it and is missing touchpad cable and these are hard to find along with the SSD's! Please help I'm at my wits end here!! BTW I'm an experieinced har... Read more

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I want ask. Where I can buy the metal internal hard drive bay to mount the second hard drive in this toshiba.have anyone any web adresses. and bluetooth internal module???

Answer:Need spare parts for Satellite P300-156

All the needed parts for a second HDD bay can be ordered by an autorised service provider.

For the bluetooth moduel I think it is on the same card as the wireless lan and therefore the whole card has to be replaced. You should ask them for this too, as they are able to tell you how much this would cost and do the installation of the card, so no warranty is lost.

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I've been given a Gateway PC (made 10/04/01) that requires a Mobo part No.GW 4000689, The system is not up to much but it has 933Mhz P3 cpu and will run Win Me okay, so its worth the price of a new Mobo. Problem is I've done extensive searches on Google, and I can only locate it in the USA, which for warranty reasons I don't want to purchase. I've contacted Gateway Support via e-mail, but as yet had no response. Does anyone know of a site in the Uk where I can find Gateway or Gateway compatible Mobos. The system case is Low Profile ATX, so I can't replace it with any old Mobo, it has to a direct swap out.Many thankspepe

Answer:Gateway Spare Parts Required

Hi pepe, I can't direct you to a source of motherboard for your old case, but if you can find a standard ATX motherboard to accept your P3 processor you could consider also buying an ATX case. You can get a quite good quality case for under 50. If you are up to replacing a motherboard, you will find replacing a case quite simple.

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Can anyone help me to locate hinges for the LCD for my Satellite A40-221? The LCD keeps on flopping backward in certain positions and stays put in yet other positions.

Answer:Need info about spare parts for Satellite A40-221

Hi buddy,

I googled a little bit around and found this shop:

they have some parts. If you don?t find what you need then contact a service partner, maybe they will be able to help you:

Hope I could help you a little bit :)


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HiI have a ideacentre c205 and require a new inverter board.Any body know how i can obtain one lenovo support did not help they just put the phone down on me.cheers all and Happy christmas

Answer:Ideacentre C205 spare parts uk?

Welcome to the community.
As per your concern I would suggest you to please contact the service centre and here the associated representative will assist you accordingly regarding the spare parts of the IdeaCentre C205.

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i would like to upgrade my laptop with : touch screeen and an extra 8 gb ram please advise if it is fesible and the model number of the parts and how to get it intalled 

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Hi,Last year i bought a HP Envy 15-k003nk touchsmart , I admit that it is my fault because i didn't treat with enough care , but in my defense this envy model is quite fragile....long story short the screen recieved quite the damage and now i need to replace some parts -the screen hinges are messed up-the touch digitizer is cracked-the screen back cover is in a bad shape i looked around the internet and couldn't find them espcially the last one , i read here that hp does sell spare parts , and yet no trace of this model's spare parts in the hp parts websitecan someone help me find them ? or do i have to contact hp to pass a specific order ? if so, how  ?

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Hello, Where can I buy those parts (numbers taken from service manual): QIQY6 2ND Module Frame For(VGA/Fan/HDD) (Y510p) - FRU No 90201992 QIQY6 2ND VGA Bezel (Y510p) - FRU No 90201991 Or eventually the S2602 ultrabay fan, so i can dissasemble it and take the parts i need?

Answer:Y510p Ultrabay GPU spare parts

I have this question too. Ultrabay is the first feature marketed for Y510p: UltrabayNeed a laptop for gaming? Dial up your laptop's performance with this interchangeable bay that can be instantly swapped out for dual graphics capability, increased storage space or an additional fan for cooling. I am interested in parts listed by krez as well as in increased storage space and an additional fan for cooling options.

---------------------------------Lenovo Y510P, GT755M SLI FHD, I7-4700MQ, 8GB RAM, M550 512GB, Win8.1

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Silly question: is the price of W8.1 likely to fall after the introduction of W10? I got shafted when I bought a new PC that had Wenterprise installed and this cannot be renewed. I have three weeks left until my license runs out. So I will be able to upgrade to W10 after getting a new license?
I very much doubt that the shop that sold me the PC will help in any way.

Answer:Price of Windows 8.1

What is Wenterprise?  I couldn't find it in search.  Do you mean Windows Enterprise? What version do you have now?

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Relevance 66.42% Advent 3519 PC. I am selling one and have hardly used it. It cost me 1500 from PC world in May 2004. I have listed the spec below. How much should I be putting this in the ad section of my local newspaper? I am not up with PC's these days, so if anyone can tell me a realistic figure to sell this PC for that would be much appreciated.Thank You17inch Advent Flat TFT monitorCPU Intel Pentium 4 3.4 GHz HT BIOS Phoenix-Award BIOS. Press the Delete key to enter. Motherboard MSI MS 6743 ver 1.0 Memory 1024 MB DDR RAM - PC2700 Hard Drive 250GB Maxtor MaXLine Plus II 7Y250P0 CD Drive 16 x JLMS 166S DVD ROMLite-On LDW411S dual DVD writer MC Reader Flash Memory Card Drive (7 in 1) Video Card nVIDIA GeFORCE FX 5700 (256MB) Sound Card C-Media AC'97 TV Card AverMedia TV-tuner Speakers Advent SP-120N Modem SoftK56 Data Fax Voice Speakerphone CARP (V.92) Network Card Intel Pro/100 VE ethernet Case Jupiter Keyboard Advent multimedia keyboard Mouse Advent optical mouse Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance for reading this.

Answer:What is a realistic price for...

Im afraid with the deals out there at the moment,not a lot...sorry :-(Best offer,my guess around 150-200I take it has a Operating system ?

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Question: price change

ok which one is the better deal




I would get the cpu only J/k save your 4 USD and get the warranty LOL.

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I am going to start a new build P.C. for myself just before the christmas holiday season, and to help my funds, I am selling on the system I use just now. I am looking to see what people feel is a fair price to ask.The system comprises of, Lian Li pc65 silver aluminium case (with side window), 550 watt Aerocool purepower PSU with all sheathed cables, (still under warranty) Athlon64x3200 2.08Mhz, Epox 9NDA Ultra socket 939 Mobo, 2Gb (four x 512 MB) dual channel 400Mhz ram, (lifetime warranty), two x 160GB Maxtor diamondmax 7200rpm Drives, Pioneer Dvr-111D DVD-RW, NEC ND-3520A DVD-RW, Sony floppy drive, Aerocool cool panel (5.25 panel with 2 usb 2.0, firewire, multi card reader/writer, fan controller and 2 sata connections) Gainward 6800 Golden sample 512 Mb graphics.LG L1915S LCD panel, Microsoft digital pro keyboard, and Microsoft wireless optical mouse, and Phillips desktop speakers. There is also a fair bit of software which can be bundled, including XP home with CD.All I am looking for is a fair price, for a system which is over two and a half years old, but still runs as well as the day it was assembled.I will be gutted when I see this go, but in my case the time has come for a new system build, and the thrill of a new system booting up for the first time, has got me hooked again.Any opinions on the price etc will be more than welcome.Regards Joe.

Answer:what is a fair price.?

Sorry, I never stated that the ram is Geil.

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I've been researching and I see tigerdirect has a deal on the 8600GT and I wanted to know was their any card better for the price?

Answer:What card is better than this for the price

would give you slightly better performance at the same price. However, it is a DX9 card...and might not be future-proof because DX10 games can jump onto the shelves at any moment.

If you want DirectX 10 support with okay performance, then the XFX 8600GT XXX is a good choice. The "XXX Edition" cards by XFX are always the most highly overclocked products of each respective chipset.
For example, the XFX 8600GT XXX is clocked higher than any other 8600GT card made by other nVIDIA brands. If you do end up getting the 8600GT, then get the one you linked to, it's faster than the rest.

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Hi all,

I'm currently looking into buying a new server for the company I'm interning at. The issue is I'm somewhat clueless about IT in general, so I'm concerned an offer I've received for a Dell PowerEdge T430 server which I've pasted below is a rip off. The price I've been quoted is $4020,10.

Here are the specs:
"Server Dell PowerEdge T430 8B, (1)*Intel Xeon E5-2630v4 Processor (2.2GHz, 10C, 25MB, 8.0GT/s QPI, 85W), 32GB (2x16GB) 2400MHz RDIMM, PERC H330, DVD+/-RW, (2)*1TB SATA 6Gbps 7.2k 3.5" HD Hot Plug (up to 8x3.5"HDD), Broadcom 5720 GbE Dual Port on board, IDRAC8 Ent., (2)*750W, No Rails, 3y NBD"

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

Also if it helps the initial uses of the server would be secure data storage, hosting an email service for 12 staff members, and if possible setting up a hybrid disaster recovery solution, for instance linking the service to a cloud based service like Microsoft Azure.

If anyone out there can suggest a cheaper and viable alternative that would be ace!

Best regards,


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I am planning on selling my Sony VAIO PCVRX755 Desktop (and the monitor.) I'm trying to determine a fair price, since a friend is buying it for her father.

I don't want to "give it away", but I want to be fair to myself and to my friend. Any suggestions on how to determine a fair price for a used desktop? I've been surfing and trying to find something....ANYTHING....and have come up empty handed.

Thanks very much!

Answer:How to price used desktop?

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Hi. i need new PC do's this look ok to you at 529.99...Features for this HEWLETT PACKARD 7775 - Intel Core Duo E6600 Processor - 2.40GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 4MB Cache - Microsoft Windows Vista Premium - 2GB DDR RAM - 400GB Hard Disk - Multi-Format Dual Layer DVD Rw Drive - 512MB ATI Radeon 1650SE DVI Graphics - Built-in TV Tuner - 15-in-1 Media Card Reader - 6 USB Connections Specification for this HEWLETT PACKARD 7775 Processor Type Intel Core Duo Processor E6600 Clock-Speed 2.4 Front Side BUS 1066MHz Cache 4 MB Operating-System Windows Vista Home Premium RAM Memory 2000 MB Hard Disk Capacity 400 Gb Optical Drive 1 DVD writer Double Layer Built-in TV Tuner Yes Built-in Digital TV Tuner No Graphics Memory 512 dedicated MB Graphics Description ATI Radeon 1650SE DVI Sound Card High Definition Audio 7.1 Soundcard included No Media Card Reader 15-in-1 Built-In HP Docking Station No No of USB connections 6 No of PCI Slots 4 No. of Firewire Connections 2 Keyboard Yes Wireless Keyboard and Mouse No Mouse Yes Weight 13.8 kg Height 420 mm Width 192 mm Depth 385 mm Software Titles Included Works 8.5 If not can you sugest any ???

Answer:Reconditioned PC (what price ?)

Sounds like a reasonable spec / price to me. Do you already have a monitor? What are you wanting to do with it?

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Hey guys, I have a budget of $1200, and I'm slightly over my budget. Could you guys reccomend what to cut?

DFI Lanparty SLI-DR
3500+ Venice
Powerstream 520W
Zalman 7700
Seagate 80GB 7200
OCZ Gold VX 1 GB


Answer:Price Reductions...

Cut the PSU down a little bit?

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Question: good for the price

is this good spec for a computer for 399INTEL Core2Duo E4600 / SAMSUNG 4GB DDR800MAXTOR 500GB SATA2 / SONY 20XDVD+/-RWNVIDIA GeForce 7050TC 512MBMICROSOFT XP Home Or Vista HomeTFT 22' Widescreen TFT 5MS 1680*1050

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Question: Good Price?

Hi all,I'm considering installing Windows 7, but which version should I go for?I've found this link, but what are your thoughts?

Answer:Good Price?

If at all costs, I would like to suggest going retail. You get 2 versions of the same OS.

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Hey guys I want to upgrade my pc by buying some cable sleeving, a few cathodes, and a cheap ($100 around) SSD.

Since SSD pricings have changed so much in the past few months, I was wondering what advice you guys could give me on the best priceerformance ratio for a low end ssd. My primary product source is (Canadian resident) if that's any concern.


Answer:Best Price:Performance SSD For Now?

NCIX is in Canada so you dont' have to worry about customs or border control.

Would be my suggestion to you.

I just bought a 120 GB Intel SSD today for $229 USD

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what u guys think about this; $400 console, $100 games? sounds crazy to me...

Answer:possible PS3 price change?

Sony is using all the wrong economic methods.... they were trying to do a global release with only 500,000 consoles.... I think they're depending on the price of the console to give them a more steady revenue, otherwise if it was cheap everyone would go out and buy one straight away. But when it's 400USD, there will be the nerds that go out and buy it at first, but most people will wait for the price to reduce.

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Question: Lowest Price?

I have a Speedtouch 330 bb modem. I would like my sons PC to be connected, so I can use my PC at the same time, but I don't have a lot of spare cash, and don't quite understand which is the best way to go, plus what do I need?

Answer:Lowest Price?

The cheapest way to go would be connecting them by crossover cable as long as you have a Lan connection on both machines.what O/S is on each machine

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Question: good price??


Answer:good price??

Its a little on the high end i would put your 70 towards a new Motherboard & processor like the MSI KT4 Ultra SKT A DDR400 8x AGP USB 2.0 128MB DDR PC2100, AMD DURON 1.1GHz, cpu fan all for 126 from click here

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Question: Selling price....

If I were to sell the computer in my sig, what would be a good guess on the price? I'm short of money for the system I would like to build and having trouble finding a job isn't helping... But anways, what would an estimate be?

thx in advance

Answer:Selling price....

250 but you know that you should have this in the buy sell forum right.

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Question: laptop price?

i am buying a laptop for a 13 yr old.i do not want anything fancy.where can i get the best deal on a new one?thought someone might understand and wuold know.

Answer:laptop price?

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Question: computer price??

i am getting a new computer in a couple of weeks and would like some opinions on how much to sell my computer for as i havnt really got a clue on 2nd hand prices.specs as follows:950mhz duron,384ram,LG 40x12x40x re-writer,40gig maxtor hdd,diamond supraexpress 56ipro vcc.v92 modem plus lexmark x73 all-in-one printer. it's a hi-grade machine and is roughly 2years old.modem,re-writer and all-in-one are 2 months old. Any ideas would be appreciated thank you

Answer:computer price??

What's the graphics/sound/OS/monitor/expansion cards ect?

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I'm currently looking for an AV product for our Exchange 2003 server and can't find any review sites that aren't promoting thier own products. When you search Google a product keeps coming up from a company called GFI but I've never heard of them so I'm not sure if these results are fixed too.

I've got a Barracuda sitting between the web and the box but if I enable Outlook Web Access then the Barracuda wouldn't protect my email stores from attachments coming in through there. And I also can't run a scan of my information store with the Barracuda. So what I'm really looking for is a GOOD product that would enable real time or at the very least manual running of a virus scanner against what's already in the store. I don't care so much about the anti malware functionalitly as the Barracuda should be taking care of most of that.

I'm currently looking at:
Kaspersky - problem with Kas is they just released an "update" that was crashing our desktops and servers, wouldn't admit it, and didn't let me know when they finally got the fix for it like they said they would... so I'm very hesitant to use them again for anything and will be moving to something else when our desktop licenses expire.
Sybari/MS - but I've had bad experiences with them
Symantec - last time we used them the product was a resourse hog although I've read/heard they completely redesigned the package and it&#... Read more

Answer:Best Exchange AV for the price

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Question: Price ripoff.

Anyone using Iomega 100 Zip disks should be aware of the ripoff by pc world (surprise surprise)in the price charged for the above disks.Bought singly they are 14-99 each which makes the price of 6 bought singly 89-94. Yet a 6pack is 59-99 which makes the price of 1 from a 6pack 9-99. Maplin sell them singly at 9-99. It`s no wonder PCWorld/Dixons are always getting in hot water for some of their practises.Meshuga.

Answer:Price ripoff.

This is nothing unusual just have a wonder round your local Supermarket or any other shop and you'll find multipacks are cheaper than buying the equivalent number of individual items, that is because it is more ecnomical to produce and sell a multipack.

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i was thinking of buying a new graphic card and i was looking at two

the X800 xl and the 6600GT

i was looking at the 6600gt becuase i want to save money, is there a GIANT difference between these two cards or is the x800 the one to go

Answer:price or perfomance

I let you decide if it worth it or not and just give you the graphs

Throw out low and high to get a good average and we find that pretty much dead on you getting a average of around 15 more fps with the x800XL over the 6600GT. This makes the x800XL a significant better card then the 6600GT. Is it worth the extra money for that performance increase is up to you.

It is important to note that the x800xl of corse does better on games ATI good at but even in the games nvidia is usually better at the x800XL still does better then geforce 6600GT.

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BleepingComputer - First off, I was following a random thread somewhere else and (I believe) determined that I would need to run combofix so I apologize as I already have (I am an windows software developer so I can most likely recover from any damage) but I do not know what I'm looking for in the log.  I have/had GorillaPrice for sure and I let my 4 children ages 8-14 use this machine so who knows what else...what I can say is that whatever was on my machine had the ability to block Spybot from running...the window for Spybot came up minimized and if you maximized it was a black screen.  Never seen that before.  Anyway, here is my combofix log:
ComboFix 14-04-12.01 - Steve Lacy 04/13/2014   5:46.1.8 - x64
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium   6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.6135.4008 [GMT -5:00]
Running from: c:\users\Steve Lacy\Downloads\ComboFix.exe
AV: Norton Security Suite *Disabled/Updated* {63DF5164-9100-186D-2187-8DC619EFD8BF}
FW: Norton Security Suite *Disabled* {5BE4D041-DB6F-1935-0AD8-24F3E73C9FC4}
SP: Norton Security Suite *Enabled/Updated* {D8BEB080-B73A-17E3-1B37-B6B462689202}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((   Other Deletions   )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
c:\program files (x86)\SearchProtect
c:\program files (x86)\SearchProtect\SearchProtect\bin\SPVC64Loader.dll
c:\u... Read more

Answer:Gorilla Price & Who Knows What Else...

Hello texidio I would like to welcome you to the Malware Removal section of the forum.Around here they call me Gringo and I will be glad to help you with your malware problems.Very Important --> Please read this post completely, I have spent my time to put together somethings for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier, faster and smoother for both of us!Please do not run any tools unless instructed to do so.We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability.Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post.Please read every post completely before doing anything.Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process.Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same",... Read more

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