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BSOD/ Intel RAID volume failing but CHKDSK clean volume

Question: BSOD/ Intel RAID volume failing but CHKDSK clean volume

I know I should read and followed the pinned piece before I asked for help, but given the emergency please excuse me, is what I encountered:
Blue Screen of death w/ description says uncorrectible hardware error, I guess that's truly bad. 
I did the memory test using sony vaio/ microsoft OEM, memory is good.
I did the system restore several times, although completed and says successful, but blue screen keep coming back.
I went ahead did the CHKDSK, took me 4 and half hours, found 1 bad cluster, but corrected it says, then when i reboot windows, Intel Matrix Storage Console pops up at lower right hand corner of computer, telling me  "a drive is failing, back-up asap; seems to me it's port 1.
I know I need to back up, but given this situation, does it mean i have no choice but to expect this solid state drive is dying and can't be repair??

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Preferred Solution: BSOD/ Intel RAID volume failing but CHKDSK clean volume

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: BSOD/ Intel RAID volume failing but CHKDSK clean volume

Here is the spec of my laptop:
Sony VGN-AR770U Vista Ultimate sp2
Intel 2.6 Ghz
Solid State HDD 320GB set 2 partitions
did not installed any new stuff lately, ran Malwarebites anti malware, clean at safe mode. 
Many thanks

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My computer has been taking longer then usual to boot and today it came up with A drive in a Raid O Volume is failing Backup immediately. Tried to back up but there was an error with that too.Can someone please tell me what I should do.



Answer:raid o volume is failing

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Recently when loading the new version of Maya onto my Dell XPS m1730 laptop (running windows vista home premium) an error occurred. Now, when I boot the system it says a volume in a Raid 0 is failing.  The system is working great, at normal speeds, and without crashing. Do I need to be concerned or can I keep clicking the "ignore this for now" button? Thank you for the help. 

Answer:Drive in Raid 0 volume is failing - help!

I would DLoad and run the diagnostics from the drive manuf. site and run them immediately...Also start backing up your important data.

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Hello, i have a Dell XPS m1730 and my computer is refurbished but im not sure what my problem is. I have no clue what RAID or SMART means and i was wondering if somebody could please educate me what this means as well as help me figure out my problem im having. I restarted my laptop one day and all of a sudden i get this error
A drive in a RAID 0 volume is failing try to back up data immediately. Now again i dont have the slightest clue what a RAID drive is or what it does so if somebody could peelase help me understand my problem instead of just help me fix it that would be great. that way i can always have the knowledge thank you.

p.s i attached a j peg of the image error

Answer:a drive in a RAID 0 volume is failing

Also i now have two physical disk errors. My system tells me everytime when i restart my laptop of my pc status. Someone please HELP!!!!!!

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Hi guys,

I ran 'chk disk' scan earlier this evening & it detected & rebuilt 2 bad sectors.

Upon reboot I received the following message, "Drive in a Raid 0 Volume is Failing. Try to backup data immediatley"

Im not sure how to tackle this head on so Ive been through google trying to get some pointers but without success.

Do I need to back up everything on the pc which amounts to 295GB or can I be more selective.

Im mostly concerned about the music production software & the music files I have written from them which I dont want to lose.

Can I just back up these files or is it necessary to back up more?

Secondly, with the XP back up facility I read that you can not make a back up cdr disc with it, so can you reccomend any freeware programs that would let me do this?

Also, would it be wise to burn the software & music files to disc before I try to back up Raid (in case it dosnt work) or is this likely to cause more problems?

I have a Dell Dimension 9150 using windows xp home edition if that helps.

Since receiving the warning message I havnt taken any action until I know what Im doing, Im using my mac laptop at the moment as Im unsure how to proceed with the issue on my dell pc.

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

Answer:Drive in a Raid 0 Volume is Failing!

Do you have a hard drive large enough for the whole RAID to be copied to? If you do, I would try XXClone (I don't think it works with Vista) or Acronis(sp) is supposed to be very good, I have not tried it.

These let you clone the entire drive to another one. You can then replace the failing drive, rebuild your RAID and clone the backup drive to the new RAID drives.

If that is not an option, backup anything you want to keep as quickly as possible! If one of those drives dies, your info is gone! :cry

Good luck! And you are doing the right thing staying off that computer as much as possible. All hard drives eventually will fail. Your's has warned you it is failing!

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I'm new to using a Raid setup, and so far it seems to be pretty fast. It's been running fine for about 2 weeks, but a message just popped up "A drive in a Raid 0 volume is failing."

I'm running 2 80 gig Seagate 7200's, Vista 64, and Intel 975xbx2kr.

When I check the main volume for both drives the status says normal, but when checking each individual hard drive the one on port one has a status of "error occurred"

Anyone know what to check for here? Is this a software or hardware issue? And how can I resolve this?

Answer:Drive in a Raid 0 Volume is Failing, what are my options?

Hard Drive health (HDD) is a program you can download, that will inform you of a Drives SMART Status. Which is Hardware. The only thing you can do is backup important information regularly and continue to use it. If a Drives dies you will either have to use the other by itself or buy another Drive.

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While on my laptop just now an error message, "Drive in a Raid 0 Volume is Failing. Try to backup data immediately" pops up.

When I clicked on the message, it brings me to 'Intel Matrix Storage Console' which shows that one of my 2 Seagate 320GB hard drives (running in Raid 0), Port 0 has a status which says that an error has occurred. I've backed up all the files I want onto external hard drives, so that's not an issue.

The error message then disappeared, but after a little while I got the dreaded Blue Screen of Death and the laptop rebooted to the regular start-up screen. It said that it was bootable, but confirmed that one of the hard drives had an error. It gave the option of starting Windows normally or in Safe mode, but I chose to let it rest overnight in case overheating had something to do with it.

The laptop is running Windows 7 64bit Ultimate edition SP1.

I also downloaded Seatools (as recommended on another forum), but it didn't find anything wrong in the couple of tests I ran, although the BSOD did occur directly after a longer Seatools test.

Any help as to what to do next would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Answer:'Drive in a Raid 0 Volume is Failing.' Error Message on Gateway FX p7805u

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I hope you can help me, I have this very frustrating problem that I can't seem to solve in that when I put the computer to sleep and then try and restart it it goes into a loop situation where it tries to start up (power light comes on, fans start), then about a second later fails and goes back to sleep (power button goes off, fans stop). It will do this continually until I pull the power cord, neither the power or reset buttons affect the behavior.

This is a desktop PC built with the Gigabyte GA-EG45M-UD2H board ... uctID=3021 and using Intel RAID 1 on two Seagate ES.2 drives, no additional cards, 2GB kingston memory (1 module).

Vista Ultimate x64 installed on the RAID 1 volume.

Intel ICH10R, latest Matrix Storage manager, latest Mobo BIOS etc.

This also happens in Win 7 RC 64-bit but am now stuck on what to troubleshoot next.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Answer:Sleep problems with Vista 64 on Intel RAID 1 Volume

Finally figured this out as having being due to enabling C2/C2E state support in the BIOS. Once disabled sleep worked normally!

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Hi, My laptop is about two years old. I got one of two intel RAID 0 volumes failed several months after I got this laptop. This problem has been on my laptop for a long time. The functionality of my laptop started to become poor after this volume failed.In the beginning, windows explorer stopped working and restarted every time I opened the laptop. The windows repair tool said windows could not be repaired... So I reinstalled the OS and reset it to factory setting. However, the crashes persisted and gradually became more frequent. Many other error reports showed up. After searching for solutions, I finally did a clean windows install and used the BIOS Intel RST to repair the corrupted volume (I deleted old volumes created new ones). Unfortunately, now, the same volume fail error appears again and the functionality of my laptop is impacted. Sometime I cannot save my excel or pdf file because program stop working, or cannot open a pdf file. I have to restart the OS. The detail error message of Intel RST is: "your volume appears inaccessible. Try fixing any problems reported on the array disks. If this fails, review the Troubleshooting section under Help for more information. In all cases, back up any accessible data before taking action".  I'm now wondering if it is the hardware issue. If so, I'm thinking about buying an extended warranty because my orignal warranty has expired. However, I... Read more

Answer:RAID 0 volume failed - Intel RST, W530 (wonder if it is hardware issue now)

Does HD Tune report any health issues on any of the drives?

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I ran OTL as instructed.I attempted to run GMER, but GMER caused a BSOD IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL...Here is the OTL file:OTL logfile created on: 3/31/2010 7:34:40 PM - Run 3OTL by OldTimer - Version Folder = C:\Documents and Settings\David Garcia\DesktopWindows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 3 (Version = 5.1.2600) - Type = NTWorkstationInternet Explorer (Version = 8.0.6001.18702)Locale: 00000409 | Country: United States | Language: ENU | Date Format: M/d/yyyy 1,022.00 Mb Total Physical Memory | 541.00 Mb Available Physical Memory | 53.00% Memory free2.00 Gb Paging File | 2.00 Gb Available in Paging File | 85.00% Paging File freePaging file location(s): C:\pagefile.sys 1536 3072 [binary data] %SystemDrive% = C: | %SystemRoot% = C:\WINDOWS | %ProgramFiles% = C:\Program FilesDrive C: | 144.31 Gb Total Space | 100.07 Gb Free Space | 69.34% Space Free | Partition Type: NTFSD: Drive not present or media not loadedE: Drive not present or media not loadedF: Drive not present or media not loadedG: Drive not present or media not loadedH: Drive not present or media not loadedI: Drive not present or media not loaded Computer Name: DAVIDCurrent User Name: David GarciaLogged in as Administrator. Current Boot Mode: NormalScan Mode: All usersCompany Name Whitelist: OffSkip Microsoft Files: OffFile Age = 30 DaysOutput = Minimal ========== Processes (SafeList) ========== PRC - C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgtray.exe (AVG Technolog... Read more

Answer:used to BSOD - Now Chkdsk Volume is dirty

This topic is now Closed.You have a reply from our MRT tech pwgib here request a DDS and Gmer log.

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I typed into Command Prompt chkdsk /r, it told me that it cannot lock the drive, and asked if I wanted to run the utility on next reboot. I hit y to do so, I immediately restarted, and chkdsk took ONLY three seconds, it immediately bails out with "The Volume is clean." It did not run chkdsk at all! Even with a perfectly fine HDD, it should take WAY MORE than a few seconds to do a disk check. I tried to tell it to run again and the SAME thing happened on my Dell Optiplex 780. I Googled the problem but the ONLY results titled the problem were dodgy results, everything legit was unrelated results.

Anybody know what the problem is?

Answer:ChkDsk Will Not Run! Immediately bails on "Volume is clean"

Sylveon mate I always use the command prompt method run as admin see this
Disk Check < if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2 see option 2

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I typed into Command Prompt chkdsk /r, it told me that it cannot lock the drive, and asked if I wanted to run the utility on next reboot. I hit y to do so, I immediately restarted, and chkdsk took ONLY three seconds, it immediately bails out with "The Volume is clean." It did not run chkdsk at all! Even with a perfectly fine HDD, it should take WAY MORE than a few seconds to do a disk check. I tried to tell it to run again and the SAME thing happened on my Dell Optiplex 780. I Googled the problem but the ONLY results titled the problem were dodgy results, everything legit was unrelated results.

Anybody know what the problem is?

Answer:ChkDsk Will Not Run! Immediately bails on "Volume is clean"

Sylveon mate I always use the command prompt method run as admin see this
Disk Check < if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2 see option 2

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as the title says. I have reason to believe the filesystem is corrupted, getting read errors in spite of healthy disks and storage controllers, several explorer hangs, etc...

I run:


The system reboots and goes into the chkdsk console, but doesn't scan the disk, just reports "Volume is clean", then continues booting Windows.
Event viewer does not show any entry for WinLogon following this.

If the /f switch will not force it around this behavior, is there another way?

Answer:chkdsk -f on reboot bails: "Volume is clean"

might want to goto the manufacturer's website for disk utilities

edit - question is what does volume is clean mean?

why chkdsk fails to rectify ntfs errors


Drive failure?
A failing hard drive will also cause this problem. One of my favorite tools it the Drive Fitness Test, I like it because it works on many different drives and gives good info on the drive type, manufacturer and size which will enable you to download the diagnostic specific to your drive without having to disassemble your computer. But I like it most because it will tell you if your drive is fit or not fit.

DFT here: Support - Downloads and Utilities
Posted: 02/18/2007 @ 07:38 AM (PST) (edited 02/18/2007 @ 07:40 AM (PST))
Michael Jay 12
Job Role: Technical/PC Support
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Member since: 06/25/2002

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I'm not sure if this happened with 5.55, but with 5.56, when I hit the volume up or down on my keyboard to turn the sound down for everything, it turns down winamp's volume bar too. Sometimes I can move winamp's volume bar up and down and it won't even be working. What causes this? It's pretty annoying for the music to turn down twice as fast or winamp's volume bar to not even work at all.EDIT: Moved to a more appropriate forum

Answer:Volume keys turning down computer volume and winamp volume at the same time?


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First time posting :blush:,

Situation: I have two hard drives : main drive: Seagate 500GB w/ windows xp and second drive: WD 1TB blank.

Without backing up the main drive (ops...), i went ahead and enabled RAID 0 on both drives and created a RAID volume (128KB strip / Size: 1TB (931.5GB)).
NOTE: the RAID volume size is only showing the exact space of the 1TB, excluding the 500GB drive.
After realizing that I needed to create a backup image of my main drive to use RAID with an existing drive, I'm left with the "Operating System Not Found" message.

Question: If I Delete RAID Volume (which is based on the size from the blank 1TB drive), will both drives become available as non-RAID disks and keep the original data on the 500GB main drive and be able to run windows again?

I'm using software RAID through Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v5.6.2

I understood that "Resetting the drives to Non-Raid" will cause all data on the disk to be lost, so this isn't the approach that I'll be taking til I find a solution to backup my data.
However, from reading the "Delete RAID Volume" option, it listed Deleting a volume will destroy the volume data on the drive(s) and cause any member disks to become available as non-RAID disks, so knowing that the RAID Volume is blank, then maybe trying this will be the answer.

When using the Microsoft Recovery Console in (RAID mode attached w/ both drives) logically there isn't ... Read more

Answer:RAID issue - deleting RAID volume to restore non-RAID disks

sadly, there's no way to do what you want without an existing backup.

Look at it this way;
A disk has a container ~ the partition.
The partition as a structure ~ the filesystem (eg NTFS, FAT32, RAID).
We put our data into the structure.

When we create backups, we are getting only the data itself (unless you use an image program like Ghost or Acronis where you get all three).

Deleting the RAID will give back the two independent HDs, but also breaks the structure so that the data becomes in accessible.

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Encrypted Volume Check: Volume Info on \\?\Volume{X}Can Not Read

Found this in my Event Viewer on each start/restart. I don't have any Volumes that I have encrypted. Is this malware? I've run everything prior to noticing including Windows Offline Defender.
Not sure if this is even the correct area to post this!

Answer:Encrypted Volume Check: Volume Info on \\?\Volume{X}Can't read

I'm going to take a guess, please upload a screenshot of the disk manager (Windows Key+R to open the Run dialog, type diskmgmt.msc, and press Enter).
Posting the actual entry from the Event Viewer can help.

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re: a raid volume is degraded but may be rebuilt to a non-raid disk Not sure what happend but I was traveling lightly today and when I booted I got this error. I have (had) a raid 1 mirror so I wouldn't lose data but now I'm not sure if I still do or what.. -If I rebuild does that mean I have to reformat and reinstall everything to get the mirror back.. so confused! w700ds

Answer:a raid volume is degraded but may be rebuilt to a non-raid disk

  Just replace the bad disk with another one (same size, rpms...preferrably exact same model) and after rebuilding, you will have your data back. RAID 1 just means that as data is written to the disk, it writes the exact same data to a second disk(backup disk) so if either disk fails, it can be replaced & rebuilt by the remaining 'good' disk. "RAID 1 Mirroring  (without parity or striping).Data is written identically to multiple disks (a "mirrored set"). Although many implementations create sets of 2 disks, sets may contain 3 or more disks. Array provides fault tolerance from disk errors or failures and continues to operate as long as at least one drive in the mirrored set is functioning. Increased read performance occurs when using a multi-threaded operating system that supports split seeks, as well as a very small performance reduction when writing. Using RAID 1 with a separate controller for each disk is sometimes called duplexing."-  

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chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts? (Y/N)=====================================================So does this mean I have a Virus ?

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The other day, my system just crashed to a BSoD and since then I have not been able to boot it. It was just idling away, not being used when it crashed.Now, when I try to boot it, it recognises the drives in POST, goes through the RAID detection fine(I am using RAID 0) and starts Win XP Pro. However, it gets as far as the bar crossing the screen two and three quarters times (every time!) across then BSoD:UNMOUTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME*** STOP: 0x000000ED (0x866FCB80, 0xc000009D, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)Sometimes: ...(0x866D4E30,?.)Sometimes it will not get this far and the Windows logo will be very faint (like it is just appearing) and it will crash out with a very quick BSoD which reads something like:MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTIONAnd it is too quick to get the numbers then it reboots, inevitably to the UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME BSoD.It has been doing this quick BSoD for months, but after a while it would boot fine so I ignored it.I don't know if the two are related.I have done a fair bit of Googling and found many suggestions, including the Recovery Console, Chkdsk /r, fixboot, fixmbr etc but no joy. I can't even reinstall or repair Windows as the partition is detected but there is no drive letter associated with it, and when I try to partition it, I get an error.Windows can see the drives when I boot from an old IDE drive but my SiL Array Manager is reporting them as two ?orphans?.My Computer also sees one drive but when I try to open it, I get the message that it ?is not accessible... Read more

Answer:Wont boot - Raid 0 - Unmountable Boot Volume BSoD

hi sounds like one of the drives in the array is its a raid 0 array there may be nothing you can do to recover the data, as the data is spread across 2 drives ,if one fails, you lose everything.i hope this is not the case, but it does highlight the need for backup .please wait for further replies as someone may know better than myself(just experimenting with raid 0 myself).Dave.

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Okay so last night i was copying to my usb and cancled it then it didnt cancel for some time and i was in a hurry so i used Task maneger and closed the program and EVERYTHING exept the task maneger,sidebar and background pic dissapeared so i loged out and shut down it said all unsaved user data will be lost i just clicked im trying to continue to copy first it said u dont have permision so i did RUN,regedit and gave myself all the permision it it still didnt help instead it said something like your Chkdsk Volume is dirty 0x80071AC3 now i need help i think its coz of my permission i was trying to copy SQL files to usb coz was copying Dragon Age:Origins so i could allways have it with me can you plz help me it might be coz of my regedit to permission i think i did something wrong can u tell me what has permison over what and what typr of permision?like :HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT,CREATOR OWNER(special permisssions),SYSTEM(Full control)ect also the owner of the file coz i somehow changed mine to LAPTOP/OWNER ill be very grateful if you help thx if u help

Answer:Chkdsk Volume is Dirty HELP!!!

I'm not sure I understand your problem, but have you tried running CHKDSK on all your volumes, including the USB stick?

I like to open a DOS window (administrative mode) and type:


... and so on for all my drives, including USB drives. Then type the following to shut down and reboot your machine:


Rebooting will take a while to check all the disks, but any bad sectors will be marked, improperly marked sectors cleared and so on.

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I received a message stating that I have corrupt files on my disk and I was advised to run the chkdsk utility. When I try to run chkdsk c: /r I receive the message that the volume is in use by another process. I mark the Yes for the disk to be checked the next time the computer restarts but nothing every happens. I have restarted my computer many times trying to run the chkdsk utility and I still end up receiving the message that the volume is in use. Does it matter which mode I am under because I am either in safe mode or safe mode with networks. I cannot get my computer to run in regular mode, it will just end up restarting after a blue screen pops up telling me that the computer is being restarted to prevent further damage. I know I have some sort of virus or trojan on my computer but I cannot get rid of it without the chkdsk utility. Please Help.

Answer:chkdsk- volume in use by another process

Run Startup Repair from the Vista installation DVD (on some systems you can access it through "Repair my computer" in the Safe Mode screen). More info on it here:

Startup Repair will run chkdsk /r and other things to ensure that you can boot (or will report that it can't fix it). You can also access the Command Prompt in the advanced options of Startup Repair - and then can run CHKDSK /R from there.

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On trying to Defrag Drive C 120G O.S. XP Pro, receive the following message.Disk Defragmenter has detected that Chkdsk is scheduled to run on volume (c:).Please run chkdsk/f.Cannot analyze or defragment Drive C.Advice please. Thanks. Wilbor.

Answer:chkdsk scheduled on volume (c:)

click here

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OK, I was looking through simpswrsig, a wealth of stuff to know, thanks. I decided to see what I find using the chkdsk command. When I type in chkdsk, it did just fine went through all 3 stages. It said I had some errors. When I wanted to repair errors without scanning the volume for bad sectors I used the chkdsk volume:/f and got back this reply.

The drive, the path, or file name is not valid. What gives? For this to be a fresh install (hard drive/disc restore) I'm running into all types of hassels. Thanks for any assistance as always.


Answer:Chkdsk volume:/f, not vaild?

The word volume stands for the drive you are running chkdsk on for example if it is drive c you would type

chkdsk c: /f

To do this properly goto RUN type cmd and press enter
Then type
chkdsk c: /f
Press the enter key and if it asks you to dismopunt the volume say NO and then yes to run on next boot.

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I am doing some work for a client. They gave me about 1.5 tb of data on cds, dvds and usb storage devices. They wanted me to put all of it onto 1 USB hard drive. I copied all the info across 3 PCs, when that was done I bought a 2tb drive and conected it to machine 1 and started to move it. I did crash several times but it think that is because of how much data is being moved. My issue is 1 of the PCs, they all are running XP Pro by the way, crashes way more than the others. when Ireboot it goes into chkdsk mode. Claims there is a "Dirty Volume". I loose that PC for 45min while it does the 3 stages and then it will reboot. I am trying to move smaller ammounts of data at a time and reboot before it crashes. It seems to be better, but still occasionally goes into the chkdsk mode. Any thoughts?

Answer:CHKDSK-Dirty Volume

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I've tried the reg edits here:

Troubleshooting Windows XP, Tweaks and Fixes for Windows XP

and here:

How to permanently disable Disk Check / Remove dirty bit that runs chkdsk upon reboot - Overclockers Forums

and here also:

C Page - Windows XP from A to Z

also this:

Disable Autochk on Reboot in Windows XP

But nothing has been able to help me.

I can get it to stop doing the check during boot, even if I let it run, it finds NO errors at all. Yet with the CMD console, it does say The Volume is dirty.

The problem is, I want to defrag, but I can't because CHKDSK / AUTODSK always runs and you can't defrag when it's set. None of the options I've tried has worked!! Ugh, what a pain. Thanks for any help.

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chkdsk will not run. It tells me that the volume can not be accessed; that it is in use by something else. I have tried chkdsk /f/r, restarting, etc. Nothing is working. Chkdsk has not been able to run for quite sometime and my computer is running very very slow.

Answer:Cannot Run CHKDSK; volume has no direct acces

chkdsk checks harddrive for bad sectors, not make computer faster. to Perform Disk Error Checking in Windows XP

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Is it possible to run ChkDsk on \Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1?

If so please explain how to do it. My Event Viewer is showing an occasional System NTFS error as shown below:

The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume \Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1. Event ID 55

My Windows 7 computer has a single 1 TB disk and no backup drives. I assume Volume Shadow Copy is running and that files are stored somewhere and perhaps contained within a System Restore Point.

Answer:How to Run ChkDsk on Volume \Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1


Why don't you try to remove the restore points? May be this might solve the problem.

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I read an archived, closed, post about this but still need help. I'm getting corrupt file error messages, telling me to run chkdsk. Can't do it from the prompt, as it can't access the file so it asks (from the prompt and from "tools" under the C drive) to schedule upon reboot. Do that, and I get the cannot open volume, NIFS mess.

Windows help says to update the Service Pack. Service Pack 3 is installed. So that doesn't help. In the old thread, the poster had Spyware Doctor installed, which, when uninstalled, fixed the problem. I don't have that installed.

Any ideas? I will try booting from the CD and seeing if I can do anything that way, but wanted to get this started.

Answer:chkdsk error cannot open volume

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Can't seem to find a way to chkdsk a volume that is mounted in a folder and does not contain a drive letter in XP. There used to be a way in Windows 2000 but it looks like that option no longer exists. Appreciate any help. Thanx.

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I have started getting a blue screen with the error "Unmountable Boot Volume" whenever I try to start up my Compaq laptop and load Windows (I am running Windows XP Pro). Additionally, the computer restarts itself after a few seconds of this (only to try loading xp and getting the blue screen again).

I don't have the original XP cd, and the laptop doesn't have a floppy drive, so I found a place where I could burn the windows recovery console onto a bootable cd (here: The CD I made booted successfully on the laptop.

I pressed "r" to run the recovery console. Before launching the recovery console, the setup program indicated that it was "examining 38155 mb disk 0 id 0 on bus 0 on atapi," which took about thirty seconds (this is while still in the setup screen with the blue background).

Finally, the recovery console opened and I entered the command prompt. However, instead of being asked for my admin password or which Windows installation I wanted to log onto, the command prompt immediately said:

The path or file specified is not valid

When I then tried to run chkdsk /r, it said:

The specified drive is not valid, or there is no disk in the drive.

I entered "map," to find out the drive letter my laptop's hard disk was assigned to, and got:

? 38147MB \Device\Harddisk0\Partition1
D: \Device\CdRom0

For some reason my hard disk could n... Read more

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I when I start up my computer it is coming up with a message.
Checking files system on C.
The type of volume is NTFS.
The volume is dirty.
Chkdsk is verifying files 1-3 then it is indexes 2-3then security descripters 3-3.
The computer runs through to 100% and it is clear this happens every time I restart computer.
I have run chkdsk manually and defragmented but the message still keeps coming back.
When I open up Picasa 3 it comes up with a messagem,Picasa 3.EXE-corrupt file exception processing message c0000102 Parameters 75b6b7c 75b6b7c .
Also another message is DDE server windows Picasa3.exe corrupt file

Answer:Solved: Chkdsk volume is dirty

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I have the dirty bit set on my C: volume, but Chkdsk does not run on startup. How can I get it to run, or at least reset the dirty bit so I can run defrag?

Answer:Solved: Volume dirty, Chkdsk won't run

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I received a message stating that I have corrupt files on my disk and I was advised to run the chkdsk utility. When I try to run chkdsk c: /r I receive the message that the volume is in use by another process. I mark the Yes for the disk to be checked the next time the computer restarts but nothing every happens. I have restarted my computer many times trying to run the chkdsk utility and I still end up receiving the message that the volume is in use. Does it matter which mode I am under because I am either in safe mode or safe mode with networks. I cannot get my computer to run in regular mode, it will just end up restarting after a blue screen pops up telling me that the computer is being restarted to prevent further damage. I know I have some sort of virus or trojan on my computer but I cannot get rid of it without the chkdsk utility. Please Help.

Answer:chkdsk utility- Volume in use by another process

Do you have your Windows XP CD? And does it have SP1 or later integrated? (if your hard drive is over 128GB - if it's less than 128GB SP1 isn't needed) If yes to the above, boot from the CD (make sure it's set to boot from the CD first in BIOS). Pick R for repair and get into the recovery console. The administrator password is the one you set when you installed Windows. If you don't recall setting one you can probably press enter. Then type
chkdsk c: /p
to exit type exit.

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after run disk cheup through cmd. its showing the messign in cmd that "volume -e is diry" pleses help me how to resolve this.

Answer:Any fix for Windows 7 Chkdsk Volume is Dirty?

You can use CHKDSK E: /R /F at a command prompt with admin rights. The switches /R and /F will find and repair or mark the bad sectors on the hard disk. ( Pls do not forget to add blank spaces before E and before the slashes. )CoolGuy

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Hi all, originally posted this in another thread I thought was more general Two new issues have come up after 8.1 update and updating all drivers---first my fn+volume (up/down arrow) hot keys don't work. All other fn+key combos do. I have read old posts about similar problems, but nothing seems to work. Second, my search charm is failing for control panel items. E.g., if I use the search charm, or just start typing, I can launch files and apps that come up, but if I search for, say, Change User Account Control Settings, or Change System Volume (anything that Search finds with a setting icon or notification flag icon), it will show but I can't click on it. It goes nowhere.Mostly I know where to track down any settings I need through the Control Panel, but it kind of defeats the purpose of a search function if you can't access that sort of stuff quickly. Thanks in advance for any ideas and help,Mike

Answer:Volume hotkeys and Search failing after Win 8.1 up...

What computer model do you have?
Can you also let us know specifically which updates/drivers you installed?

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I'm working on an HP Media Center m7138c, running XP SP2, 1gb of ram.

I'm re-installing XP on this PC. It was actually running fine (no complaints) but the user is giving it to her mom, and she wanted it wiped clean so mom would have a fresh PC.

So I went through the normal install procedure, wiped out the old user's partition, left the recovery partition alone, and began the install.

About 15 minutes into the install I get a BSOD. I've never seen that happen during an install - especially if everything had been wiped clean just prior. So I powered down, restarted, went into the recovery console, and ran chkdsk /r. That's when I got the message:


Hmmm. What gives? Again...the computer was running fine prior to this.

Any thoughts???


Howdy newreel

Hmm this is a tough one.. As you cannot get to the boot.ini file..

Do you have another hard drive that is just laying around and you don't really need? If you do have another hard drive, and your XP disk, you could load XP on that, then slave the other drive to it, and maybe be able to do a repair on it.

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Hi.Scheduled a chkdsk on start-up, and received the following message: "Cannot open volume for direct access." Which I assume means the chkdsk failed. Windows then starts up as usual. Chkdsk now runs every time I boot-up, and displays the same message.Anybody know what's happening, and how to fix the error. (Nothing too techiie, please!)Am running Windows XP Home Edition v2002 Service Pack 1.

Answer:Chkdsk can't open volume for direct access

Install SP2 click here

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Anything I've found about this relates to dead hard drives or driver issues. I however have no issues aside from chkdsk annoying me.

To explain: I guess Windows didn't take too kindly to the latest BSOD and upon reboot, I got that error for my primary drive. But it boots fine.
Of course it should probably be checked. But... Getting rid of the annoying chkdsk prompt is a much higher priority to me.

Does anybody here know how I could convince chkdsk to either not run or to make it work (I.e. get rid of the direct access issue)?
It is a Crucial m4 SSD by the way and SMART values are perfectly fine.

Answer:chkdsk - cannot open volume for direct access

All disks are accessible? You can create and delete and access files on the filesystems?

In Elevated Command Prompt

chkdsk/f C:
that gives the error?

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Alright, very odd problem here:

My house loses power suddenly as I'm using my computer for some text work.I go to boot up Windows XP and get the awesome blue screen, declaring an Unmountable Boot Problem. I figure no problem, I'll go ahead and run the restore utility. I run chkdsk and fixboot, then retry. No luck. I try a myriad of other options. Finally, I figure I'll install windows on a different partition of my 160 gig hard drive.

When I go into that utility option, it shows me the available partitions. For some reason, the partition C:/ reads as 104000 free out of 104000. The E: (backup) drive, on the other hand, is nearly full, and there's a seperate 5 gig partition assigned to H:. The H: drive has a bootable sector, and is apparently the partition the computer was attempting to boot to.

I am having difficulty understanding the issue. Is my C: drive really empty? What the heck is the H drive?

Answer:Unmountable Boot Volume-CHKDSK does not work

I think it may have been a mistake to install OS on a partition section of your hard drive. That may be why you now have an "H" drive. But I am in NO WAY an expert in this.

Someone I know experienced a power outage just as he was logging into his account. Before it loaded, it was zapped! It hosed his system and he couldn't fix it. He couldn't even get his Ghost backup restored on it (couldn't boot up). He was able to go a friend's computer to plug in his hard drive (in an empty bay) and get his backup restored that way. Once the backup was restored, he was okay, minus what he lost since the backup.

Wish I had more for you. Good Luck.

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When I started up my computer this morning it went immediately to Checking file system on C: The type of the file system is NTFS. The volume is dirty. CHKDSK is verifying.... This Check file runs over and over again. It reboots and goes through the same routine over and over. I recently added the new Firefox edition and Avast free antivirus to my system. It is a Windows XP system. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Answer:CHKDSK file system on C volume is dirty

Hi, boot from the Xp install Cd...when prompted press [R]
Choose Windows installation [typically by pressing [1]
When prompted for password.
Press Enter.
chkntfs /x c:

Note space before the /x and before c:
C: being the drive letter that Xp is installed on. This should clear the dirty bits on the drive and allow a normal boot.
It has to be the full Xp install Cd - a not an OEM Cd [original equipment manufacturer]

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I ran chkdsk after having a "freeze" and having to do a reset. I believe the freeze was due to a particular program, which I have disabled and the freeze has not been repeated.
The CHKDSK being run on my C: drive, it was "scheduled" and ran on the next system restart.  I received the above error message, along with information that this was due to a newly installed software package and I should do a Restore. 
I did the Restore back to the earliest available date (about three weeks ago) and tried again with the same result.
I then booted into Repair mode -- using F8 at startup so as to bring up the menu with that and a bunch of other options.  In this mode, I was able to run CHKDSK successfully on the OS partition.  CHKDSK completed; it gave me a message that NO errors
were found; but then a different error message ""Failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50."
Finally, since this drive is a pair of 512MB SSD's connected in RAID0 on an Intel controller, I used the Intel program to do a "verify" of the disk, and this also completed successfully.
I've not seen this behavior before with this hardware.
Because both the "Repair" CHKDSK and the Intel "Verify" did not reveal any errors, I find it hard to believe there is a HD (SSD) problem.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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running chkdsk /r for the 3rd time now. first 2 times computer overheated during the process and shut off on me. very strange as its sitting on a hard surface w/ fan running...

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Question: Non-Raid Volume

I want to set my hard drives from Raid 0 to Non Raid. Do you always erase both hard drives when you do this.

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Question: Bad RAID volume

Hi of my computers is down..the OS is XP sp 3 and it is using RAID...this morning when booting up it said a windows system config file was corrupt and to do a recovery to the system...I attempted to that but everytime I got to the R for recovery the system said the "Drive could not be found" i.e. no hard drive...My thinking is that the main Drive is bad..It is an Hitachi drive..I would like to take advantage of the fact that I have a second drive that is suppose to mirror this drive...I was going to replace the Hitachi with the Mirror drive and make that the main one and then I realized that I would have to turn off the RAID function as I now will only have one good drive (I am assuming the mirror drive is good)..Is my thinking correct.?

Please advise

Answer:Bad RAID volume

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sorry if this is the wrong place to post

I am trying to create a new volume using the new simple volume wizard as I have 232.88gb unallocated which I wish to make useable however no matter what amount I enter into "simple volume size" It will state at the end that there is not enough space on the disk. when in the wizard the maximum disk mb says 238463mb which is higher than the unallocated amount

Answer:win 10 disk management failing to create new volume

Can you post a screenshot? What amount are you entering? Are you entering the number in GB or MB? You should be able to just accept the default maximum in the wizard.

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The question(s) of this post are the following:

This Windows 8.1 installation is executing what appears to be a chkdsk on
every boot, specifying the following message at boot: Scanning
and Repairing \\?\Volume{4293f4d0-c749-11e6-88This windows installation appears to register a Volume for hardware I cannot identify. This volume is missing a lot of properties when queried by Powershell's GWMI. How do you stop windows
from creating this volume and/or deleting this presumed phantom volume?

The value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session
Manager\BootExecutehas not been changed (autocheck
autochk *).

I have deleted the following entries from the registery. The entry at CPC\Volume\ is
reinstated by a reboot with the property Generation=1 changed
from Generation=3.



CPC reinstation:

mountvol output (a5222769-348a-48b3-9117-3dc81a6892b3 is WINRETOOLS)

*** NO MOUNT POIN... Read more

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please advise.

ive downloaded the 6 floppys to get into the recovery console.

followed the instrctions to: chkdsk /r

pc then states: AUTOCHK.EXE could not be located in either the startup directory or the cd rom drive.

type the full path (including drive letter for the location of autochk.exe

ive also tried: FIXBOOT

Answer:unmountable boot volume: chkdsk doesnt work!!

Greetings Individual.
Attempt this procedure:


followed by


Restart your computer afterwards.

Enter without quotes.
MBR = Master Boot Record

P.S. We are not responsible for any damage or error that might occur as a (in)direct result of you or anyone else following our advices.

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1. I tried FIXBOOT and still didn't work, it said:
The file system on the startup partition is unknown.
FIXBOOT is attempting to detect the file system type.

The bootsector is corrupt.
FIXBOOT is checking the filesystem type...
The partition is using the NTFS file sysstem.

FIXBOOT is writing a new boot sector.

The boot sector cannot be fixed.

2. Tried CHKDSK /R and att 27% complete, it said:
The volume appears to contain one or more uncoverable problems.

3. Tried FIXNBR:

This computer appears to have a non-standard or invalid master boot record.

Didn't want to try it.

All we want is to access the files and save it on the USB Drive but when I typed DIR it said:
Directory of C:\
(after 1 or 2 minutes)
It said: A error occurred during directory enumeration.

Any suggestions to just get my important files. It's on a laptop so Im a bit limited on just taking the hard drive and putting it as a slave and so forth.


If you have a desktop PC then go buy a 2.5 to 3.5 hdd converter then take out your 2.5 laptop hdd and slave it to your desktop and just copy the files off it.

If you don't have a desktop you may want to look into the bootable USB thumbdrives. This will allow you to boot up to at least a dos prompt and move the important data to a thumb drive.

Another thought is if your laptop has a floppy make a bootable floppy with USB drivers and attach a large USB HDD (alot like the thumbdrive idea just a different approach also easier if its an older laptop that does not have USB boot enabled)

Last thought is recovery software such as Ontracks software recovery program but as you said your on a laptop so it will make it hard to recover to something if you can't pull it out.

Just a few thoughts.

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Hi, I am new to the forum and hoping to get some help with an old tired pc. I started having problems about a year ago when the computor contracted a serious trojan virus. It took over the pc and hyjacked the web browser. At the time we had a Dell tech service agreement and they rescued it for us. But said some processes were at risk. They could fix them for an additional charge which was quite a bit. We declined. Anyway long story short. it's a year later and we just lost our Verizon internet security suite after an upgrade by verizon to the virus program by mcafee. The other nite when a tech was trying to make it work he said the sys is way to slow and needs work, stating the windows installer is broken, the windows updater is not working and after trying to do a chkdsk said it's not responding. I also noticed that we cannot do a system restore and that no restore points have been made for awhile. We attempted to try running a defrag on the system and can't access that either. Any thoughts on what other then shooting this old thing we could do to rescue it. I am old school we do not use the pc much other then for bill paying some face book stuff and alittle web surfing from time to time. But being on social security it's kind of our life line for alot of important things. If it's any help i visited this site and downloaded the tuneup and repair program that was suggested. We ran it and it helped to speed it up but it will not fix most of the problems i outlin... Read more

Answer:can't run chkdsk program starts and says can't access volume then stops

In the 'my computer' link, how much hard drive is free?

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Hey guys im new here so.. this will be my saying hi haha.. anyway yesterday i did a partition of the c drive and split it in half so i could install vista on the second half. it end up being 50 gigs each partition. now the funny thing is partition worked perfect there were no files on the second half of it. but now when i try to run chkdsk it says the drive is locked or something. ill reboot and tell you the exact. all the files are there i think my computer is trying to look beyond the 50 gig point but its not there.. im really not sure. the computer is working fine the only thing that wont work is the scandisk or defrag. the only problem this is on is the C portion. the D works fine. ive been trying all kinds of scans.. so fire any ideas that you have... im listening! thanks

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i got the blue screen with the unmountable boot volume message. i put in a dell xp cd and it wouldnt read it. i then hit F2 and changed the boot order to start with the diskdrive. i got to the recovery console and typed chkdsk/r. the result was "the command is not recognized Type HELP for a list of supported commands."

i have a dell 4100inspiron. my usb and port1 drives are broken cause of drops.
i've been running really low on disk space the last week cause im a idiot. i think i had 80mb left. i was about to make room too till this happened.

i dont want to lose my files. i have a lot of pictures and documents that cant be replaced that are valuable to me.

whats my next move? thanks

Answer:Unmountable boot volume and chkdsk/r wont work

Try "chkdsk /r" (space between k and /)


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I have read all threads so far on this subject, downloaded the boot files on the floppy disks and run them. Have now got to the stage of running chkdsk /r, the hard drive sounds like its working overtime! but chkdsk only gets to 75% then goes back to 50%, does anyone have any ideas how I can get past this? Incidentally this is the second time in 3 months I have had this problem, fixed it OK last time.

Answer:unmountable boot volume - chkdsk wont complete

If your going to reinstall your OS if you have a floppy drive stick a windows 98 or ME in on the A prompt choose without CD Rom support on the A:\TYPE FDISK and delete the none dos partition then reinstall WXP. ALL DATA WILL BE LOST.

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The question(s) of this post are the following:
This Windows 8.1 installation is executing what appears to be a chkdsk on every boot, specifying the following message at boot: Scanning and Repairing \\?\Volume{4293f4d0-c749-11e6-88

  • This windows installation appears to register a Volume for hardware I cannot identify. This volume is missing a lot of properties when queried by Powershell's GWMI. How do you stop windows from creating this volume and/or deleting this presumed phantom volume?

  • The value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\BootExecutehas not been changed (autocheck autochk *).

    I have deleted the following entries from the registery. The entry at CPC\Volume\ is reinstated by a reboot with the property Generation=1 changed from Generation=3.



    CPC reinstation:

    mountvol output (a5222769-348a-48b3-9117-3dc81a6892b3 is WINRETOOLS)


    \\?\Volume{a5222769-348a-48... Read more

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    I got an ASUS zenbook with windows 10 installed. When I turn it on it shows the BSOD error "unmountable boot volume". It keeps on re-starting forever and never display any "repair computer options".

    To try and solve I created an Windows10 image on a usb device and tried to run the repair from that. This is not working since the laptop is freezing after I press "System Restore" or "Automatic repair". The only thing that works is the command prompt option. I ran the chkdsk /r command two times and it seems to run ok (checks all files) but are not able to provide an error log afterwards. When I restart the computer it goes back to the BSOD-message and is rebooting constantly.

    Is there anything else I can try?

    Answer:Unmountable boot volume - chkdsk /r does not solve issue

    Hi Erdinger,

    Do you see an option 'Startup repair' in the advanced options?
    If you do, run it 3 times with a reboot between each.

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    Disk Defragmenter won't run, and gives me the titled message.

    I've tried a number of fixes for this problem. PLEASE NOTE: Chkdsk does NOT EVER run on startup, nor can I get a DOS Boot. PC Pitstop finds no registery errors.

    What has been done:

    Computer has been rebooted 4 times in order to get Chkdsk to run. It never runs.

    HD Tune has been run.

    Recently, Norton Internet Security was removed from my PC because of serious performance issues it was causing. I am now running AVG Free Edition with Windows firewall at the advice of an IT Specialist.

    Railroad Tycoon 3 won't launch. I get a blank X Error Message (the X usually comes with some sort of error message).

    I have 28 GB of hard drive space, so it has nothing to do with lack of space.

    Chkdsk is NOT in startup tasks.

    I am getting System Mechanic Pro in about a month, but right now I have no cash, and need my PC back as it hosts a radio show. Please help!


    Answer:Disk Defragmenter has detected that Chkdsk is scheduled to run on the volume:

    Hi and Welcome to TSF

    Does PC Pitfall have a built-in Disk Defragmenter?

    Lets try this:

    Open up a Command Prompt:
    Start/All Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt

    Change into your Windows\System32 directory. Your windows directory will be either Windows or Winnt
    Type:cd \windows\system32

    Register the defrag components, by typing the following hitting enter after each one:
    regsvr32 dfrgsnap.dll
    regsvr32 dfrgui.dll

    Do you find the defragmenter works? If not, there is try this one more step .

    Using Windows Explorer browse to your Windows\inf folder.
    In there you will find a file called dfrg.inf right click this file, and select Install.

    Do you happen to have Spyware Doctor 3.5 installed? There seems to be a conflict between this app and the lastest updates.

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    I'm having issues with one of my two drives for RAID 0 array.

    The one in yellow is the one that just goes 298GB and then goes back on. The one 0GB doesn't exists and only appears when the other one fails.
    All drivers are updated and no change has been made.
    When I check the PC for errors nothing appears.
    Can someone help me here?


    Answer:RAID 0 Volume Disconnects Itself

    Please provide information as described below:
    Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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    Question: RAID Volume error

    On start up, once desk top is drawn in, I get - 'RAID volume error window ... backup may still be possible'(I have fully backed up OK)

    ran CHKDSK from boot ... apart from one cluster fix - no problems, but still declares Disk error on POST :
    PORT 1 Error occurred.

    In the Intel Matrix Storage Console (v 8.9) it shows: Port 1 error occurred.
    If I 'right click' on Volume 0 it tells me "1 ECC error found'

    I selected ‘verify volume data’ , ran it through .. one Block reassigned due to media error – no other faults.
    Reboot .. same issue.

    I have 2 x 300GB WD disks configure for RAID 0
    PC is a Dell 9200 running VISTA

    Answer:RAID Volume error

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    Hello, I have a laptop, it runs vista. It's using RAID 5 (3 hard drives). One of the volumes has failed, and it can't find the operating system now. I went into the system config and it's giving me options to delete and create raid volume.

    What should I do??

    Any help would be much appreciated!!

    Answer:RAID Volume failed, HELP!

    Oh, and the exact message that's reported in the Status field in red is: Error Occurred (0)

    The other two drives are green.

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    Hello Guys.

    My latest Computer which I built about 4 weeks ago is playing up.

    It is the first time I have used Sata drives and my first RAID setup. My chipset is 945P, I have two WD 3.0 250gb Hard drives set up as RAID 0. I have Wndows with SP2.

    Anyway here's what it is doing. Most times I start it up it will not boot, I get a black screen asking me to select proper boot drive. I have tried loads of different 'boot orders' but it is still unpredictable so I will keep trying by turning it off and on and it will boot eventually. The thing is, Sometimes when the computer is on and I am doing something it will crash and go to that same screen.

    The other problem I have is I am getting an alert from my task bar that says an Error has occurred in my RAID volume and I should backup immediately. If I click on the icon it will take me to the "intel matrix storage console" where it will state that my volume on Port 1 has an error.

    What I'd like to know is if the two problems I am having are related and if the 'error' on Port 1 is a physical error within that HD or I can just format and start again.

    Any help is appreciated and I am happy to answer any questions.


    Answer:Problem with RAID 0 volume.

    while you got it running update raid drivers sounds like they are corrupt
    if not that the raid controllers may be bad
    make sure all the cables are in good
    just shoot'n in the dark

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    A HDD just died in my onboard Intel raid 5 so I pluggged a new one in expecting to be able to restore the volume but it just shows up as a Non-Raid HDD and the only other option I get is to make it a Spare drive.

    Is there something else I have to do to enable the drive so I can recover the raid?

    Also the HDD I plugged in is identical to the one I took out except the firmware is a few revisions newer.

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    My hard drives are a 128GB SSD boot drive, and an HDD data drive. Recently I upgraded my data drive from a single 1TB drive to a 3 disk RAID 5. There was no issues in changing to RAID from AHCI, and no issues assigning drives to the LD.

    Windows 7 boots and is stable as long as I'm not writing to the RAID volume. I can read off it fine, and can write to it for a random amount of time prior to getting a BSOD.

    Using BlueScreenView I get a check string of DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and a code of 0x000000d1. The processes in the stack for each crash were ahci64s.sys and ntoskrnl.exe. I'm not sure where you can find what each parameter actually is telling you, so I can't provide much amplifying information there. I couldn't gather anything from the events that occurred around it.

    Any help on this would be appreciated. Even if you just let me know where I can find the meaning for each parameter in the dump file, that'd be greatly appreciated.

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    So i have my computer running with a 120gb ssd as the boot drive and 2x 1tb hdds in raid 0 for the data. And today when i went to boot up my computer the raid 0 failed to start....both of the drives are detected but only one appears to be in the raid 0 volume. I know the disc physically still have all there data on them because i have not touched them. Is there any way that i can recover that raid 0 volume? i ask because i have data programs and complicated mk links setup to manage the files.....and yes i know i should have backups....... i have a asus p8z68-v pro gen 3 board with 8gb ram and a i5-2500k


    Answer:Recovering a raid 0 volume?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ITtechy

    So i have my computer running with a 120gb ssd as the boot drive and 2x 1tb hdds in raid 0 for the data. And today when i went to boot up my computer the raid 0 failed to start....both of the drives are detected but only one appears to be in the raid 0 volume. I know the disc physically still have all there data on them because i have not touched them. Is there any way that i can recover that raid 0 volume? i ask because i have data programs and complicated mk links setup to manage the files.....and yes i know i should have backups....... i have a asus p8z68-v pro gen 3 board with 8gb ram and a i5-2500k


    RAID 0 means striping. Both disks must be fine otherwise you lost everything!!
    Both are detected... what do you mean... BIOS sees them?
    Only one in raid volume.... maybe you mean something else but both are needed. Only one isn't possible.

    Disks can die

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    I have an EliteDesk 800 G1 running Win 7x64 Ultimate, with a 1TB system drive and a 4x2.7TB (8TB total) RAID-5 array functioning as a library.  The system drive only had about 300 GB of data on it; OS and apps and a little data.The system is set up so it boots from the 1TB 10K 2.5" Velociraptor drive for speed, but all the critical data is safely stored in RAID-5.Last month, the 1TB system drive failed.  (I tried mightily to revive it, but I think I can hear something rattling when I shake it gently.  One of the heads must be damaged.) So I bought a new 1TB drive and started to rebuild the system.But I can't get it to see the RAID-5 array as a single drive, and I can't get at the data.When booting, I see the screen go by that gives me the ability to configure the drives (Intel Rapid Storage Technology, "Press CTRL+I to configure")) and it shows all the drives are present and part of an array, but when I stop it to inquire, I can't do anything but exit or take drives out of the array.  It also indicates that "Volumes with the status "rebuild" wil lbe rebuilt within the operating system," but this has yet to happen. How do I get that array to rebuild and become available again?

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    My Dell XPS 400 desktop PC with Windows XP (all available updates are installed), will not boot and I am out of options. After the loading screen, it goes to a blue screen (not BSOD, but it may be) and says the volume is dirty and automatically runs a CHKDSK. It fails during step 2 (verifying indexes). Here are the other things I have tried:-Booting from CD to repair install windows XP, stalls at 25%-Tried recovery console, chkdsk will not work there either-Tried to boot in safe mode, did not work, now I am not even given that option.I only want to get files off of this hard drive but am out of ideas. I have a new Dell XPS M1330 laptop with Vista. Is there a way to hook my PC hard drive to my laptop and access files, or can I purchase a new internal hard drive for the PC, install windows on it, and access my files that way, without having to load windows on my currently jacked-up hdd? I have exhausted my computing skills and am stuck. Please help.

    Answer:XP Will not load, Volume is Dirty, CHKDSK stalls (Dell XPS 400 Desktop)

    My guess would be that HDD is failing...STOP using it immediately.Remove it from the dead machine and hook it up as a slave drive on the working machine.Don't try and burn your important data...copy it to the good machine's can always burn the data later.Jumper diagrams will be on top of the HDD otherwise visit the drive manuf. site...Best of Luck !

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    I'd appreciate some help. I'm setting up 2 x Western Digital RE4?s in RAID 1 for Data Storage in a Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit system that is using a single SSD for the OS.

    The two RE4?s have been set up in the option ROM and when the OS completes startup, Rapid Storage Technology indicates that the drives were set up correctly in RAID 1.

    The drives have been initialized. However, the RAID Volume is not being seen by the OS.
    Here?s what I?ve tried: I right-click on ?Computer?, left-click on ?Manage? which takes me into Computer Management. I then left-click on disk management which provides a graphic on the right side of the screen of the unallocated RAID volume. Right-clicking on the unallocated graphic provides the choice of: ?New Simple Volume?, ?New Spanned Volume?, ?New Striped Volume?, ?New Mirrored Volume?, ?Properties?, and ?Help?. Note: ?Change drive letter and path? is NOT available as an option.
    From there, I?m not sure how to proceed. The graphical representation of the unallocated volume is the RAID Array. I don?t want to create another RAID 1 Volume.
    Any help is appreciated.


    Answer:No Drive Letter For RAID 1 Volume


    You need to select New Mirrored Volume.

    RAID0 = striped
    RAID1 = mirrored


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    This system has an Intel DQ35JO mobo with two WD 320 GB hard drives configured in a RAID 1 array. When the system was brougt to us, it was infected with malware. My technician connected each of the hard drives to another computer to begin the malware removal process. He used SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes to remove what they could find. When the hard drives were installed back in the computer, he got a boot error "C:\windows\system32\hal.dll-missing or corrupt", and the system would not boot. I disconnected the drive on Port 1 and the system booted successfully to the drive on Port 0. The Intel Matrix Control Manager saw the RAID array as degraded of course. I turned off the computer, reconnected the non-booting drive to Port 1 and rebooted; the computer booted sucessfully and Matrix Control Manager began rebuilding the array. Why did the computer give the hal.dll missing message and not boot, instead of booting automatically to the drive with the good OS on it? I have limited experience wth RAID arrays, but is that not the purpose of a RAID 1 array?

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    Hey all,

    I had a question regarding a spanned volume versus RAID 0.

    I understand that RAID 0 uses stripping, and for that reason, if one HDD dies you lose the data of the entire array. However, what I don't understand is why people suggest the same fate if you lose a single drive in a spanned volume setup. Even the Wikipedia page for spanned volumes states that "if any disk fails, the data on the whole volume could be lost." The entire volume? That doesn't sound right to me...

    My understanding of a spanned volume is that most files would only be on one drive or the other, and very rarely split. So, if one drive fails, the data loss would be very limited. I always assumed that with a spanned volume, data would just be written to where ever there's free space, so splitting files between multiple drives would only happen when free space is low. Are my assumptions wrong? Do files frequently get split between multiple drives? Or is that just some over exaggerated caution?

    Answer:Spanned volume versus RAID 0 ?

    That's due directly to the type of RAID setup you for basic RAID setup (2 HDD's) that copies data on to both HDDs, you should use RAID 1. This method will allow you to remove any failed drives and replace with new drive and data will be transferred automatically with no data loss.

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    Ok here is what I got. 3 WD 120g drives in raid 5 on a promise 4 channel ata raid card. I partitioned it into two drives with one being 20g, the other was going to be around 200g. The problem is when I format from windows (recommended in the Promise setup manual), I get the error message "Cannot format, volume too big". This is on a machine with Windows 2000 server SP4 and I'm using FAT32. Is there a work around in Windows or do I need to format it using FDISK which I normally use for single HD's. If I do need to use FDISK, how do I access the raid from it? I have searched on this topic and is was suggested I have the raid cards driver on the boot disk. Not a problem to add that, just curious as to how I need to go about doing this from the boot disk.

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    Setup mb asus p6t6 ich10r (raid controller)
    2 x vertex 30GB
    2 x seagate 1.5TB in ( motherboards controller fakeraid ) raid 0 array Volume1 = 1 GPT partition with 1 windows dynamic simple volume ntfs formated (just 1 big ~3TB partition for storage created on a previous install of win7)

    Reinstall Window 7 on a vertex

    After reinstall the raid array is not recognized by win7 it asks me to initialize the disk (which is a raid volume).
    I say yes, then asks to create MBR or GPT i say GPT.
    But then it says the disk is unallocated and wants me to create a new dynamic volume, i say simple volume.
    But now is asking to format... and here i stopped, with out formating to new ntfs.

    Is there a way to recuperate / restore / reinstate / recover / rescue / rebuild .... the old dynamic ntfs simple volume ?
    So that i could access the data without having to use a data recuperation program for 3TB of data.

    Will a quick ntfs format and a scan-disk make that possible?


    Answer:raid 0 windows ntfs gpt volume

    Hello MasBlaMan,

    I think it is a big mistake to use any RAID for storage without having backups I also think that as you have started to make changes in windows that it may well be too late to save your files, but I may be wrong. Formatting it would only make matters worse so I would not do that.
    You could try booting a live linux cd and see if it is possible to retrieve your data that way, but you would need somewhere to put it ie an external drive.
    Download | Ubuntu

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    I am trying to setup on my media workstation and I am having problems initialization the volume after i setup the Raid through the raid untiliy. It does not matter what Raid I try 0, 1, 5, 10. I go into disk managment in Windows 7 and I see the volume and everything looks good with the volume and the properties. But when I try to initialization the volume it clocks for about 5 seconds and then just stops. There is no error or anything. I am adding some details below but now sure what details needed. Any help would be great. Thanks

    Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H
    Harddrives - 4 hard drives - Western Digital Caviar Green 2 TB,Internal,5400 RPM,3.5" (WD20EARS) Hard Drive
    Raid Controller - Addonics ADSA4R5 PCI Low Profile SATA II (3.0Gb/s) 4-Port RAID 5 / JBOD Controller
    OS - Windows 7

    Answer:Problems initialization Raid Volume

    Any help we be appreciated. This thing is driving me crazy.

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    Hi there,   i recently upgraded my Hp laptop by a 128GB m.2 SSD. first i removed my old HDD(1TB) & i installed my OS(w8.1) to the new m.2 SSD. it was running super fast. but as soon as i inserted the old HDD with the SSD,  it fails to boot. it say "boot device not found". i think there's a AHCI sata port issue on my laptop bios & i can't access it. Is there any way to access it ? i think my old 5400RPM HDD is the first boot device anyhow. but i want the new SSD as my first HDD.Sincerely,Me

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    I attempted to install XP 64-bit on a RAID-0 volume. When I load the CD, I press "F6" as instructed. When prompted, I press the "S" key and load the floppy with the Intel ICH9R RAID driver. Windows accepts the driver with no error.

    However, a short time later I receive an error that Windows "cannot copy iaStor.sys" (if I skip, it lists a few other drivers as well). 32-bit XP accepts and copies the (32-bit) drivers, and the floppy was created from the same ASUS CD as the 64-bit floppy was. I've tried three different new floppy disks, same results.

    Anyone here know of existing compatibility issues with XP-64 and Intel ICH9R drivers?

    Answer:Problem installing XP x64 on RAID-0 volume

    It might be the computer gods telling you to ditch RAID0 for something more useful. Anyway, have you tried using the latest drivers from Intel? Anytime I get a CD with a motherboard, I use it as a coaster for the beer I'm having while I install my OS on the new setup.

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    chkdisk on my new Windows 7 install returned the following:

    CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the
    master file table (MFT) bitmap.
    CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the volume bitmap.
    Windows has made corrections to the file system.

    This is a brand new clean install of Windows that's barely been used. What could have caused this?

    I'm trying to troubleshoot problems with slow boots and general lack of responsiveness, and have reinstalled three times now trying to fix it...

    Answer:CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the volume bitmap.

    Have a look at Brink's tutorial explaining how to read the Event Viewer log relating to chkdsk, which may give you some pointers as to what's going on.

    Check Disk (chkdsk) - Read Event Viewer Log

    How big is your hard drive? Problems will manifest themselves if the drive is getting full.

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    I recently built a computer with 1 RAPTOR HDD. I want to buy a 2nd one and create a RAID volume. Does that mean I have to reinstall Vista with them already as a RAID volume? Is there any way to install the 2nd HDD in RAID mode with the original that Vista installed on, I only have OEM Vista Premium. Do I have a buy another OEM license?

    Also, I bought a 1 TB Server hard drive for storage. If I simply plug it in will I be able to format it and use it? I've only built computers with 1 HDD and never built a system with RAID installed.

    I have the DS3R motherboard from Gigabyte, it has 6 SATA ports with the southbridge ICH9R and 2 purple Gigabyte SATA II ports. Either would support RAID. I installed the original HDD to 1 of the yellow ICH9R standard SATA ports. I also plugged in a Blu-ray player to another one of those ports. Can I move HDDs to another port, other than the one it was installed on?

    Sorry for being so wordy. Basically, is there a way to install RAID after setting up the OS on 1 HDD and now want to add an indentical HDD to mirror the original?

    Answer:Creating a RAID volume after installing Vista

    You need to find out what sort of raid you require first.

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    I have enabled RAID in the BIOS, and have 2 drives connected. I do not see any options and nothing happens when I press CTRL-I during boot. I've done this many times on a PowerEdge and it prompts you to enter RAID bios during POST.
    Why don't I have option to configure? I called support and they were scratching their heads too. It may be worth noting that WIndows 8 is installed and secure boot is enabled. 

    Answer:How to configure a raid volume on Precision T1700

    I know this has been a while, but which RAID controller are you using?

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    I have a 4-disc enclosure set up as a single RAID volume, attached to a desktop running Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit.

    About every 2 or 3 weeks, I must reindex this volume, because it simply stops working. I don't know if it is getting corrupt or just disappearing, but the windows search on this volume clearly doesn't reference an index any longer. I can rebuild the index, and the search works, using the index again.

    I have googled quite a bit and found many people discussing Windows 7 indexing and some problems associated with it, including the thread here about rebuilding. I have yet to find anyone who seems to suffer the "losing index" problem that I am describing.

    Any guidance on this will be appreciated.

    Answer:Windows 7 keeps losing index of RAID volume

    I've been researching more and I found a Vista user that says his index was lost after running defrags.

    In Windows 7, does defrag run when the PC is idle? If yes, can this be turned off?

    edit: I just reread the Vista users comments, and apparently he was using a 3rd party app called "MyDefrag". But still, my question above stand. I am wondering if defragging the RAID volume can cause the index to be lost.

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    I came to this site while googling and likes the solution provided at this site. i will very grateful is someone can help me.

    I have os (Vista) installed on one hard drive and i have a raid 1 array containing two volumes. I had everything going fine but then one day my friend by mistake went into disk management and formatted one of the raid volume. Since then i am having problem even booting up my computer.

    When i disconnect my raid array by unplugging data cords behind the hard disk, i get BSOD saying that i have video car driver failure. I took my od disk out and ran chkdsk on it by connect it to an external hard drive enclosure it went fine.

    When i connect the formatted raid 1 volume to enternal hard see all 465.8 GB of free space. But when i connect my unformatted raid 1 volume i get CRC error. when i do chkdsk on it, i get error saying its a RAW file format which is not supported by chkdsk.

    Please suggest.


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    Just received a new hp computer I ordered with two raid drives. It gives instructions on how to create a volume, but unfortunately, they already created the raid drives as 0. How do I change volume from 0 to 1 as I want to run mirrored drives. Any suggestions? Drives are Intel.

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    I am having trouble installing windows 7 (home premium) on my new raid array (2x intel 330 120GB SSD in RAID0)

    Basically, windows CAN see the raid volume. it recognizes that there is a single 223 GB volume available. I select "Load Driver" for the volume, and plug in my trusty USB with the appropriate intel SATA RAID drivers. Win7 recognizes that there is a compatible driver on the USB, installs it, but still says:

    "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computers hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu"

    The format and create new partition options are grayed out for this volume.

    So what did I do to get here?

    Using the Intel Rapid Storage Technology tool, I combined the two drives into a raid0 volume. This is confirmed because when I restart, the raid volume shows up in the RST echo with the right size, and also indicates that the volume is bootable. It is also confirmed because the windows 7 setup only sees one 223GB disk.

    I have confirmed that in the BIOS, the SATA controller is set to RAID mode (not AHCI).

    I have confirmed that in the BIOS, the first boot option is "RAID intel SSD"
    Ive tried the RAID drivers that came with the motherboard, Ive also tried the raid drivers available from intel and the latest raid drivers available from the motherboard MFR.

    What else can I do?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    ASROC... Read more

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    Hey all,
    I have been beating myself up over this file sharing thing. Brief explanation of the system setups. I have a work computer that serves as a camera surveillance server with a third party program. All is fine with that, in fact never better. The cameras use the #1 NIC for the data for the surveillance program to record it and all that jazz. The time has come for more storage, so I made a NAS server of sorts with a raid controller card 8 x 2TB hard drives in RAID 5. Again all is well with that setup.

    Incoming problem

    On the camera server computer, lets call that comp. A, the #1 NIC is lan connection 1 setup as Work Network. #2 NIC is connected to the NAS server via a crossover cable. Both computers are part of the same work group called CAMERASERVER WORKGROUP. When they are both connected, the second network connection comes up as Unidentified Network (Public Network). This is not a big deal to me since from computer A I can see computer B in the network and can access the Public shared folder on computer B. But I am trying to share the raid volume designated disk E: at 12.7TB. When I right click the volume E: and select share with, I can create a share folder named NAS archive. Then on computer A I can see that shared folder, but when I try to double click into it like I do on the Public share folder I get a permissions error.

    Says something to the effect of "You do not have permission to access \\xxxxxx. Talk with your network administrator to... you know ... Read more

    Answer:Sharing Permissions for a NAS server raid volume

    I figured it out. Not like the old XP and server 2003 ways.

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    How do I bypass the raid volume screen?

    Answer:bypass raid volume screen on bootup

    Disable it in bios maybe?Just to be sure, when do you see it or do you have to respond to it?I support the 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day'. A religion doesn't deny my freedom.

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    Can someone provide me with the steps for properly setting up RAID volume(s) from scratch in IdeaPad U310 for fresh installing Windows 7? Originally I had the machine running well with Windows 7 loading very quickly because of the installed 32GB SSD in addition to 500GB HDD. I did something wrong - deleted all RAID volumes in Intel Rapid Storage Configuration Utility, and that?s when all my problems started?  I could not access the same menu anymore thereafter because I could not get to the screen where I would be prompted to press Ctrl+I. The only way to install Windows 7 was when I would set HDD mode to Compatible in BIOS, but then I could not use the SSD. After many attempts, including pulling the HDD out, deleting the HDD volume on a different computer and putting it back in the machine, I am now able to get to the ?Press Ctrl+I? screen and access the Rapid Storage Configuration Utility menu.
    Link to picture
    I have spent countless hours installing and reinstalling Windows under different BIOS settings in order to get the machine up and running as it is supposed to, but unsuccessful. I gave up, and because now I finally can get to the ?Press Ctrl+I? screen again, I don?t want to go beyond this step until I can get some support. Another problem is that when I delete all volumes and try to create a new RAID volume in this menu the default size shows 59.6GB, and I cannot go with larger size as I get a message ? ?Not enough space for creati... Read more

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    My XP desktop had a BSOD. After the reboot the Intel RAID manager saids "Failed RAID volume detected. Recover volume? (Y/N):"

    I don't want to choose yes if it will wipe all my data off both drives. I'm running a RAID1 and both drive states are "Error Occurred(0)"

    If I recover the volume will it just repair the array and keep all the data or just wipe everything and make me start over? I searched for this problem but can't find a definite answer.

    Answer:Safe to recover failed RAID volume?

    Not sure if anyone can give a definitive answer on that
    It's 50/50
    Hence the reason to always have backups created
    Raid1 (or any raid really) is not good when trying to recover data (ie nearly impossible)
    Therefore, when you're brave enough press Yes :suspiciou

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    On my newly purchased Pro A200/PSAE7 the (hardware) volume control - front side, right from speaker plug - turns endless and when using it the volume does not change "smooth" - more "abrupt". Because of this there is no "fine tuning" possible.

    Q: Does somebody else has the same hardware side (endless turn) and software side (no smooth volume change) situation?

    Many thanks for any reply in advance!

    Best regards,

    Answer:Sat Pro A200/PSAE7 - Volume Control turns endless, no smooth volume change


    "problem" of abrupt volume change when turning volume control disappeared. I am not sure if this is based on disable "TDispVol.exe" as start-up service or another reason.

    Best regards,

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    So I have a Blue Yeti, and I'm an online animator/voice actor. Whenever I record audio on my Blue Yeti (OR any other mic) I record about 4-6 inches from the mic, and turn the gain down enough that the audio doesn't peak as I yell or whatever. This is what you're supposed to do if you don't want your audio levels peaking and making your recording sound horrible and corrupted. However, afterwards, it means I have really quite recordings. Not a problem right? Now that it's recorded right, I can boost the volume of the entire clip afterwards right? WRONG. I'm not an audio expert so I must be missing something. But why in GODS NAME would the audio distort and peak AFTER it's recorded successfully? It's all there, it's all clean audio. If I turn the volume on my speakers all the way up it sounds CRYSTAL CLEAR! All I want to do is do that INSIDE the computer so that when I upload it to youtube people don't have to turn their speakers so far up. But if I increase the clips volume in the computer, it distorts! It sounds awful! Why?! I tried in Sony Acid and Audacity and they both do the same thing! Why?! I seriously don't understand what I'm missing here! I can take sound effects, and recordings made by other producers and crank them up nice and loud, but mine just fall apart! If anyone understands audio stuff, please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    Answer:Soft Recording volume with Blue Yeti, increasing volume distorts audio

    I have a home recording studio using Sonar X1 software.

    I don't know about Acid, but it should allow clean recordings. Audacity the same way.

    I record, generally, in the -10 level with my recording program, at 24 bits/44.1 Khz. At -10, I have plenty of headroom and can then adjust the levels after the recordings and at mixdown. I export the mix as a standard 16 bit/44.1Khz wav file and then "finalize" whatever I want to do to the song, including levels, with "Goldwave" (an audio editior).

    I assume you are converting the audio to MP3? If that is the case, that may be where the distortion is occuring? I find that 128Kb MP3's are very poor and at a minimum use 198 Kb MP3's.

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    My thinkpad r400 windows 7 professional was reformatted and now whenever I use the volume control buttons, the mute button, or the toggle brightness keys, there are no visual ques that pop up on my screen.  They used to be there, but since the laptop was reformatted, they have been gone.  I suppose it is a driver issue, but I don?t know which driver it would be.  Can anyone please help me? Thanks SO much!

    Answer:Please help,Thinkpad r400 volume control buttons do not display volume levels on screen

    Additionally, when I try to use the Lenovo drivers update tool, it keeps crashing whenever it "gathers user information"

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    Hi all,

    I have Toshiba Portege M800, and I have a problem with the volume wheel.
    If I try to increase or decrease the volume by this volume wheel, it will change, but the volume not change linear.

    For example, when I increase volume from 0 to something, volume is changed, during rolling, e.g. from 0-1-2-3-4-5-3-8-6 (thats just an example).

    Why doesn't it change linear, e.g. 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 ?
    Is it caused by software or it is hardware problem?

    Could I claim the goods?


    Answer:Portege M800 - volume wheel issue - volume level jumps


    I have had a similar issue with the volume level on my Satellite notebook.
    I tired everything; updated the BIOS, sound driver? I have also reinstalled my OS using the Roecvery disk but I didn?t notice any improvements.

    Finally my ASP technician checked the volume wheel and cleaned the contacts and removed some dust.
    This was the key?
    The dirt affected the volume wheel functionality?

    In my cases this helped but this does not mean that this will help you as well.
    I think you should also update the BIOS and should check if you could update the sound driver.
    If this will not help then it would be recommended to contact the ASP technician for opinion?

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    This on is quite perplexing to me. This is stemming from a volume problem that I had posted before. I have more detail and have narrowed down the problem but not the cause of such. When ever I click the volume control in winamp, not adjust necessarily, just click, my wave setting in my volume control (pannel that comes up by double clicking the speaker in the tray) drops. Of course this affects my overall volume. It is sparatic and does not drop the same amount two times in a row but will drop everytime I click volume in winamp. I am running winXP pro and have not installed so much as an update since the last time this was happening. The only thing I did change is I set up voice recognition in Office XP but I was having this problem before that. I have uninstalled and cleaned out all winamp files and reinstalled. Any suggestions? Winamp is the only player of any kind that this currently happens with.

    Also, whenever I am using winamp to play an mp3 or streaming audio and I open another program, any program, or even just minimize/maximize a window, the audio starts cracking. This also has never happend before except of course when there is a heavy load on the system. As I said I am running XP pro, and FYI a Duron 900 cpu and 448MB RAM. As I am having these problems I am using 5% to 10% of my cpu and have 21000k physical memory availible according to task mgr.


    Answer:When clicking volume in WinAmp my wave setting in Volume Ctrl drops.

    I did some research at the Winamp message board and came up with this.


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    When I use my keyboard to raise or lower or switch off volume I used to get a display along the bottom of the screen NOT THE SYMBOL AT BOTTOM RIGHT . The keys still work but there is no display How can I get it back.. I am using Windows 7.

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    Can Bitlocker be used to encrypt mirrored disks in a RAID 1 volume?

    If so, What happens when one drive fails?
    Will I be able to read the other drive?

    On another note, would I be able to take that 2nd drive from this computer and put it into another computer and get the files? (assuming I have the password)

    Thanks for any help on this issue.

    Answer:Can Bitlocker be used to encrypt mirrored disks in a RAID 1 volume?

    Joules, Unfortunately that thread is what I've been posting at since July and unfortunately no one has come up with a good answer.

    Was hoping someone here would.


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    Hello all.

    I have been researching this to no avail.

    Here is the TL DR;

    Old computer died which had two 400GB sata drives that houses a lot of family pictures and MP3s. The drives were dynamic and a 745 GB volume spanned across the drives. I now know these drives are also RAID-0, but I wanted to see if I could see any data on them and I had a USB sata dock. Learned the hard lesson that a dynamic disk wont be visible via USB no matter what (at the time I didnt know it was also a RAID-0) . I put the drive (which just happened to be the first drive) in my dock and somehow the drive got corrupted and became a basic disk. Pop up came asking if I wanted to format which of course I didn't. Odd thing is that the partition is intact (745GB) which causes the issue of not allowing me to convert it back to dynamic. It would seem if somehow I could just get it back to dynamic everything would work again or would be a heck of a lot easier to repair.

    The issue is I cannot convert directly back to dynamic because it appears I don't have enough "free space" due to the partition reporting a 745GB volume which is correct.

    I have tried multiple pieces of software mostly from Acronis, EASEUS, and Runtime (Disk Director, GetDataBack NTFS, Raid Recovery for Windows, and Data Recovery Wizard). Problem is these products don't fully solve the problem and I cannot reliably get the data off. The one product Runtime does have is raid reconstructor - but I am not ready to spend ... Read more

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