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Booting/CMOS Setup using external USB Display Adapter

Question: Booting/CMOS Setup using external USB Display Adapter

The screen is shot on this machine --I have a USB to VGA adapter, but can't get it to activate. Because I have no screen I can't go through the typical Driver install .... is there a way to force the system to boot to the USB Display adaptor? thx in advance!

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Preferred Solution: Booting/CMOS Setup using external USB Display Adapter

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Booting/CMOS Setup using external USB Display Adapter

Hi there @DMillerassociat, Welcome back to the HP Support Forums! I understand that you are looking for a way to use a display connected using a USB display adapter as your boot display. I am happy to give you a hand with this. I do not believe that this is currently possible, for several reasons. First the system BIOS would need the ability to recognize the USB port connection as a standard video connection. You would almost certainly need to either disable or disconnect your existing built in display, and you would also need the drivers that make a USB video adapter work installed. If the BIOS does not recognize the device as a valid video device inherently you will never get a display, when you need to get into the BIOS setup. I hope this makes sense, and if it does answer your question, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.

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Windows 7 EnterpriseSystem does not see or react to external display when connectedNothing displays when connectedExternal display says nothing connectedTried multiple dongles - same results
Other system that include a VGA connector work just fine to same external display.

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I have a lenovo thinkpad with Win XP professional. I got a bot infection(userini, wpv may be others) recently. Sme guy manually cleared some, but the wpv infection was still seemingly thr. The computer still crashes sometimes and thne takes multiple attempts to restart even in safe mode. I wanted to change my OS to help clear the trouble, but now the thinkvantage button which is supposed to get me to the BIOS interface is not functioning and shows a BIOS shadowed error. What if anything can I do personally to try and get the thing to work.

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I used to have the videogame Medieval 2 Total War on my new alienware laptop and it was fully functioning. I ended up deleteing it because I thought it was taking up too much space. Now I can install it but when I try to run the actual game I immediately get a message saying "Medieval II Total War has encountered an unspecified error and will now exit" and after reading through forums I saw a comment about someone having this problem and fixing it by downloading the latest ATI graphics.

I think I might know the problem but I am clueless as to how one goes about fixing it. A few days before I found out about this site and managed to find the virus that was slowing my internet, I was quite frustrated by the slow loading speed of my internet so I opened task manager and began ending random processes, I realize now this was not a good idea. I think I may have done something to ATI.

When I try to run the ATI setup (which has been on my computer the whole time), I reach the ATI Display Driver when it tells me "Setup did not find a driver compatible with your current hardware or operating system" then after clicking OK i received the message "Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup"

Answer:"Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup"??

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I used to have the videogame Medieval 2 Total War on my new alienware laptop (using Windows XP) and it was fully functioning. I ended up deleteing it because I thought it was taking up too much space. Now I can install it but when I try to run the actual game I immediately get a message saying "Medieval II Total War has encountered an unspecified error and will now exit" and after reading through forums I saw a comment about someone having this problem and fixing it by downloading the latest ATI graphics.

I think I might know the problem but I am clueless as to how one goes about fixing it. A few days before I found out about this site and managed to find the virus that was slowing my internet, I was quite frustrated by the slow loading speed of my internet so I opened task manager and began ending random processes, I realize now this was not a good idea. I think I may have done something to ATI.

When I try to run the ATI setup (which has been on my computer the whole time), I reach the ATI Display Driver when it tells me "Setup did not find a driver compatible with your current hardware or operating system" then after clicking OK i received the message "Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup"

Answer:"Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup"??

You most likely need to get the mobile graphics driver. You can get it at.

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i just installed a new version of windows vista. some of my games are not working though. when i go to install me drivers for my video card i get this message, "setup was unable to complete the installation. try to setup your display adapter with a standard vga driver before running setup." does anyone know how to do that? thanks

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Surely this can't be this difficult. My W500 is docked in the advanced mini-dock connected by DVI to a 20" monitor. At boot nothing is displayed on the external display. I can't get anything on the external display until after Vista has booted and I have logged in. How can I see the boot process and the login screen on my external display?Todd 

Answer:External display while booting?

You need to change the Boot Display in BIOS.Go into BIOS, (F1 at boot), Config > Display > Boot Display Device and select DVI, should do the trick for you.

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Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I've had to ask anything on these forums, but I'm glad they're still here when I need them! I've done some looking into the problem, and it seems like there aren't many resources on my problem.

I'm trying to connect my television to my laptop, via an SVideo connection. The problem is, my graphics card does not, and CAN NOT, have its factory/updated drivers installed. The graphics card is currently being run under "Standard VGA graphics adapter" drivers.

(The reason I can't put drivers on the card is because it's fried. I'm suffering from a burnt-out, defective NVidia GeForce 8600M GS, like many other people, and I'm mired down in court documents that I'll be using against HP in small claims court.)

Are there another set of drivers I could try that would allow my laptop to use an external display?
Is there a way to set up an external monitor under standard VGA graphics adapter drivers?

Answer:External Display on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter?

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Hi, I just received a refurbished t540p (20BE) with the Intel graphics and a `3k' LCD panel.... I'm trying to use it with an external SVGA monitor (1024x768).  When I boot with the monitor connected to the laptop, then the internal display is black (though the backlight is turned on). When I boot with the external monitor disconnected, I can later connect the monitor (while in Windows) and I just received a refurbished t540p (20BE) with the Intel graphics.... I'm trying to use it with an external SVGA monitor (1024x768). When I boot with the monitor connected to the laptop, then the internal display becomes black after showing the BIOS screen (though the backlight remains turned on). The external monitor functions as expected When I boot with the external monitor disconnected, I can later connect the monitor (while in Windows) and the two displays work together nicely (in both extended desktop and mirror modes). One thing that I noticed is that when booting with the external display connected, the "screen resolution" window labels both displays with the model of the external display. I did install a laptop firmware update after receiving the computer, and do not know if the problem existed before that. I have tried updating to the newest software (including Windows 8.1), and that did not solve the problem. Restoring the machine to its factory software failed to help. I've contacted Lenovo support and will send it to them in a few days for "r... Read more

Answer:Booting t540p with external monitor causes black internal display

Hi,I have the same issue with a new T540p.  I have not been able to find a solution to it either.  Let me know if you find something.  

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Hi everyone,  I have bought a Lenovo T570 and a VGA to USB Type-C converter to had an external display on it. The problem is when I lock the computer I need to manually unplug and plug the converter to turn on the external display. Have you an isue like this and do you know how to avoid this ? Thank.

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I am using a usb-c to hdmi adapter to output to a TV but the black levels look washed out. I had no issues with the same TV and a previous laptop that had a dedicated hdmi port. In the intel graphics settings usually there is a "quantization range" setting to change color space between RGB Limited and RGB Full if the intel graphics is driving the hdmi port. However, in this case, there is no hdmi port but instead a usb-c to hdmi adapter, thus the quantization range setting is missing. I've had the same issue before on a previous laptop with usb-c. I've tried installing thel atest drivers, including the non-validated ones from the intel website, but none give me the quantization range setting.

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Have Broke screen and cannot see to switch display to external monitor
have tried just booting with external monitor connected. does not automatically display to external monitor so assume that there is a key sequence for doing this??

handbook is no help? does not go to advance level and no details on how to do this. anyone know the keys??

urgent Need to retreive data fast.


Answer:Fujitsu Siemens LIFEBOOK, Key Secquence for booting display to external monitor???

How about the key with the tiny picture of a monitor? (Fn+F10)

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Hi everybody! I purchased Lenovo M78 2114 SFF ADM A8-5500B APU with Radeon 7560 HD IGFX. What im struggling to do is to get this adapter to work. I used it before on my previous PC without issues. I have connected adapter to pci-e slot on motherboard, opend BIOS/Video Settings and i set IGD as primary and enable surround luck. tried setting every device as primary but nothing. Device Manager also show nothing not even Uknown Device. Where to get drivers for this adapter (pictures below) or is it unsupported and what I'm doing for last two days is just waste of time. Sorry for my English...learning all my life. Regards!

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When I boot up without a connection to an external monitor I experience some display issues with text sizing of certain objects within certain applications (e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio).  In these applications parts of the User Interface display perfectly.   Other parts of the same application will have vastly oversized objects and text.  And, in another application the text is greatly undersized in certain portions of this app. When I boot up while connected to an external monitor everything displays perfectly on the external monitor.   This happens without making any changes whatsoever to system display setting or application configuration settings.  If I disconnect the external monitor the X1's internal monitor still displays everything perfectly.   But if restart while disconnected from an external monitor I experience the same display issues as described in the 1st paragraph. I don't think this problem was always there, but  I cannot say for sure.  It just got so annoying that I finally decided to write to the forum today.   I would guess that the problem has been this way for 1-2 months. The Lenovo System Update app tells me that everything is up to date.    Is there some setting or perhaps driver that needs to change? Tim

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 My system is custom built by self.I have a MSI-MB/K9VGM-V w/via k8m890 chipset. I bought a AMD Sempron processor1800mghz/AM2 socket.(also temporary till I can afford better AMD X2)1gig ram 667ddr, 80 HDD, with only 2 PCI 's plus the pci xprs16 for video and 1pcixprsx1 for ?.Ive got a capture card in one pci to use to download from my DV camcorder,as that was cheaper than a DV cable-firewire cable and firewire card in the pci . The other pci has a modem for faxing from fax machine from garage sale-5.00.As you can see I build on an extreme budget.I took some parts from other dead pc's.I did get a decent power supply-Thermaltake 575watt,two fan power. And I have only one fan in caselocated in rear and the fan on the cpu that came with the cpu from AMD. Everything was bought from newgg when on sale with free shipping.It took me three months to get all the part to build this pc.Only other expense was case from for16.00,cheap,but works. I figured total cost around 225.00 dollars US.i MENTION PRICES AS i CAN ONLY AFFORD CHEAP. So any help to get this machine to run faster than default settings would be appreciated.I'm running win xp pro (edu. version-from bookstore on OU campus)All software is hand-me down.Need help with setting up V.6 Award bios/cmos (Award workstation)Award-Pheonix. The support from MSI is non existant in respect to specific part of bios as to meaning of the advanced settings such as IOA pic functions?DQS in Dram config, DQS Training... Read more

Answer:CMOS setup in Award-setup bios

Normally a BIOS is limited to how it was written for a specific machine...why not visit some overclocking boards to see exactly what that board/BIOS can handle ? ?It sounds like you're trying to make a screamer out of a budget machine which as you can see doesn't always work...

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Hello guys, I just wanna know what is the correct term about the firmware called BIOS. Should I say CMOS setup or BIOS setup? Thanks!

Answer:Which is correct, BIOS setup or CMOS setup?

They are both technically correct...

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My MO-BO is a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7, and I've noticed the CMOS display is showing FF. If there is a 'h' after, it's blocked by my graphics card.The MO-BO manual states that FF or FFh is "Boot attempt (INT 19h). It doesn't explain what that means. Cheers, In advance =)Now, this board has an onboard Reset Switch (RST_SW) and CMOS Switch (CMOS_SW). The manual says the latter clears CMOS values.So, what does 'FF' means exactly, what could have caused it, and does it have any negative effects on performance?Build:990FXA-UD7AMD Phenom II X4 925 2.8 GHz (Quad Core)2 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance2 x Gigabyte HD6870 OC

Answer:CMOS POST FF(h?) on CMOS display.

FF is related to 2b and appears to be graphics card related, this was taken from a web page:"2bWhen the system powers on and the Debug LED shows the usual POST code sequence but hangs on 2b or you get a beep code as soon as the sequence reaches 2b, then the Mainboard cant detect your Videocard properly. Note that the POST code sequence might not halt at 2b but continue, so the final POST Code it displays could be FF, 00 or 7F which means the Maiboard booted, entered BIOS, or OC recovery kicked in and is waiting for Input to enter BIOS. Since the Videocard couldnt be detected properly you will only see a black Monitor and either 2b, FF, 00 or 7F. Check if there is something wrong with the Videocard, the PCIE slot or BUS, the Monitor or monitor cable. Turn the Monitor on and off, switch the Monitor cable from one D-SUB or DVI plug to the other in case your Videocard has two. If this doesnt help then reboot and load the optimized defaults. If that doesnt help either try another Videocard if possible, or try the Videocard in another system to make sure its working properly. Try another monitor or try the Monitor on another System."Googling is quicker than waiting for an answer....

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Hello everyone, I have a problem with my external display on my X300 laptop... I have a X300 with WinXP, and a 20" 4/3 1600x1200 external display (Samsung 204B). When I want to use my external display as an extended desktop, it didn't work well... First I configure my display as an extended ... into 1600x1200px resolution. As the ratio isn't 4/3 on the laptop, there is some border at the top and at the bottom of the external screen, consequenly there is an "lift" (when I go down the screen move down.. etc.). It's not very So there is an option into the graphic proprety to set the screen in "full screen : not keeping the proportions". But, in this case, my external screen display an ... triky ? There is still an "lift", but there is also two border on the right and the left of the screen, and the image quality isn't there. It's too deformed to can be read. After some research it appear that my lenovo drivers do not match with the last intel one... But when I try to install the lenovo one ... It didn't work ! (hardware problem). How can I get a working extended desktop into 1440x900 + 1600x1200 full screen ! Thanks for all, and sorry for my poor English...

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Does anyone find that when T430 connects with external display using VGA, if you show a white screen, I can find some horizontal jitters. It is not that obvious, but if you show a white screen, or most of screen is white, and you check it carefully, you can see that horizontal jitters. This only happens in external display, not happen in the laptop display. I also have a T420, but I didn't see this problem using VGA to connect with external display.  Does anyone find this similar problem? I doubt whether this is problem about VGA port, or the related driver. VGA should be a analog port.

Answer:External display show minor jitters when T430 connect with external display using VGA

I checked the forum and see this:VGA output noise think what I saw is the exact same problem mentioned in this thread. But how should I fix it?Thanks.

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Question: cmos setup

I need your help. i try to install a new hdd, but  i had to take it out because the computer did not reconized it. when i try putting the old hdd back to the pc it giving me problems. i turn on the computer i get a message- hardware monitor found error enter power setup for ditail. f1-f2. but if i hit f1 it will boots and take me  to windows. the computer is working fine but it take me to the cmos setup everytime i load my pc. the os is windows xpcan someone help me thanks

Answer:cmos setup

If it is taking you to setup each time you boot then either you made a change in the BIOS while in there that it does not like or there is a hardware issue...Are both drives still connected ? ?If so or not have you checked the jumpers and cable positions ? ?One hard drive = Set as master and hooked to the end of the IDE cable...2 HDD's            = One set as master cabled as above with the second set as slave and connected to the middle IDE connector...Note: Some drives have a master/w slave present jumper setting which should be used if there is more than one hard drive connected.Note #2: Most drives will have a diagram on there label as to how to set the jumpers.Let us Know.

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Question: cmos setup

after i access the cmos setup and save and exit.. my computer cannot restart again... it seems to just hang there with a blank screen but u can hear the cpu fan moving... what could be the cause any idea?

Answer:cmos setup

Depends on the changes you made while in there...As a fail safe you can remove all power and pull the CMOS battery for 15 minutes which will reset back to defaults.You're learning a valuable lesson though about making changes in the BIOS...

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Question: CMOS Setup

Tell me in how many ways we can restore factory CMOS factory setting????????/

Answer:CMOS Setup

There's a jumper near the battery on the mobo. Move the jumper from pins 1-2 to 2-3 for 5 mins, then move it back to 1-2, or pop the battery out for a few hours

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Question: CMOS setup

I am trying to resurrect an old computer of mind-1995. The computer has a 686 AMIBIOS A039171 (1995) CMOS chips.
When the computer boots-up it displays “CMOS battery voltage is low”. It is trying to boot-up from the A drive. I do not have an A drive. I tried to change the CMOS setup to boot from C drive but each time I check the CMOS setting it is set to boot-up from the A drive.
The computer has an ATC=6000 motherboard. There is not a battery on this board- in fact there is not a place for a battery?
What are the implications of not having a battery? Can the 686 AMIBIOS A039171 work without a battery?
Are there any suggestions you can pass on?
Thank You

Answer:CMOS setup

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what are you suppost remove from the main board? I'm trying to go into the cmos setup but i need to type in a password and I don't know the password. Please help me please

Answer:I can't go into the cmos setup!

desktop or laptop? Just what are you trying to accomplish?Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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Question: CMOS SETUP help

 Hi, i tryed to install a new hdd, but the computer did not reconized it. so i decide not to install it. i install the old hdd back and every thime i load it takes me to setup first. the message is" hardware monitor found an error enter power set up menu for detail. i could boot. im able to get to windows if i hit f1 it just that at the boot it wont take me directly to window but to the setup. the os is windows xpthanks

Answer:CMOS SETUP help

did you save the setting,if yes and it still happened,it should be the CMOS battery,change it.

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Question: Cmos Setup

I want to change my boot device priority on my Bios setup. I see that under ADVANCE BIOS FEATURES only CPU Feature and Hard disk boot priorty is enabled and rest everything is disabled. My concern is to change the boot device priority to do some installation.

Could someone pls tell me how to enable this?


Answer:Cmos Setup

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cmos setup/settings

Answer:cmos setup/settings

What about them?

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I can't access cmos setup in my laptop. It does not display the "leading innovation" window, and directly operating system selecting window is appear there. Please help me and give me a solution

Answer:can't access cmos setup

Look here: 15 seconds on Google...You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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I just traded in my old parts for a whole new system and was in the process of putting it together last night. I got to startup and solved some minor problems, but now the darn mainboard wont detect me hard drives. I figured out that this is probably solveable by formatting the drives, but I do not want to do that until I back up some files from my primary drive to my secondary. So the only other way is to manually detect the drives in CMOS. However, when I open the correct page for my primary drive, it will not let me input the data needed such as the capacity, cylinder, head, precomp, landing zone, sector etc. How do I access those fields?
Also, my hard drives do not have the information printed on them that I need and I no longer have the owners manual. Does anyone know of a site that will give me ALL specs on my hard drives?
Please, 2 days without a computer are hell. I'm using my work comp for goodness sake.

Answer:CMOS manual hdd setup

I had thought of that, unfortunately my hdd is Quantum which was taken up by Maxtor. Maxtor gives specs on thier drives but not on Quantum's old drives. That still does not solve my problem of accessing the manual spec options.

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Question: BIOS / CMOS setup

How do I enter the Bios or cmos setup?I want to tweak it so that my new hard drive can be detected ....I hope am on the right path.Anyone?

Answer:BIOS / CMOS setup

Reboot and press a key before Windows starts loading. click here for common keys to do this.

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Question: cmos setup temp

new build on test, first one may i addrunning cmos health status results arecpu 44 csystem 40 c running dual core, but to be honest are theseresults good or bad , done well so far but needsome help of you guys

Answer:cmos setup temp

They should be OK, set it to warn at 70c

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The computer will not allow me to access the CMOS setup utilities. I have tried all the keys from F1 -F12 along with the DEL and Esc keys. Ray

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I just read when you are in the CMOS setup program, your CPU is turned off.
Is that true, if it is, how is data being outputted to the monitor, i mean, some sort of graphics processing needs to be going on. and some sort of serial communication between the keyboard and some device (CMOS ?) and some device(CMOS ?) and the monitor(?)

Answer:CMOS setup program and CPU

I think he meant idle not idel.

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on starting my computer It goes to cmos screen directly then when i press escape and exit with out saving setting it starts & functions normally. I am unable to fix this problem. Any solution please?


Answer:cmos screen on booting

Exit with saving settings. If the problem persists, then you may have to replace the CMOS battery on your motherboard.

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I have attempted (unsuccessfully) to enter my CMOS setup. I have tried all the recommended "F" keys as well as "ESC","DEL" and various Ctrl+Alt combination.Thus far I have not been able to access it. I have Windows XP Pro SR 2, Pentium 4 and Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard.            Looking  for Guidance!


Most computers running Windows XP you can get there by pressing F2 at the post screen

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Otherwise, I'm fairly happy with the Aspire XC-603G I bought a week ago. Do I need to flash a new BIOS, or what?

Answer:My NumLock is off on bootup, although CMOS setup s...

If you have an USB keyboard, try to connect it to another USB port, boot to windows and then enable Num lock.shutdown your OS and power on, check if num lock is on or off

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sir i have set the supervisor and user password but now i i have forget c mos setup passwordmy PC cannot

Answer:i have forget cmos setup password

Laptop or desktop?

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my computer is stuck in cmos setup.I have xp pro and I haven't added any new hardware. rebooted and it cmos came up.PLEASE HELP!!!

Answer:stuck on cmos utility setup

Please don't post your question more than once.

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im trying to set up my CMOS on my motherboard but i cant figure out how to get into it all i can get is bios i wana overclock my CPU

Answer:CMOS setup on a intel board?

hm... which one? if its a prebuilt like a dell, acer, hp ect... you can't overclock because they lock this option in the bio's

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everytime i open my computer i encounter this error "CMOS Setting Wrong", press F1 to run SETUP, Press F2 to load default values and continue... im doing this for a year already i kept on searching in the internet hoping to find a good solution but i failed...any body can help? i tried to change the BIOS setting already and change the CMOS battery.. well.. after i change the battery it seems its ok but after 1 day it will pop up back the error.. pls.. help me to solve this problem... ty

Answer:CMOS settings wrong F1 to run setup

Does it happen to say anything more specific? Like which CMOS setting is wrong? Some computer complain even when you change the peripherals like remove a PS/2 mouse.

What if you actually press F1, load the defaults in there and save the settings? There may be several kinds of defaults you can load.

If it still keeps forgetting the settings even after replacing the battery (with a new one I hope (and the new battery is the right type and is making contact)), then it may be the motherboard that has gone bad. Not much you can do about that.

Maybe try updating the system BIOS in the very unlikely case that it is some BIOS glitch that corrupts the settings..

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I was installing a new SATA HDD when I went into the CMOS to see if it was set right. Now I am frozen on the CMOS Setup Utility screen and I can't get out.....I've entered every key that gives me an option; like Esc, etc. nothing works......what can I do?

The yellow light on the computer is on "steady" as well..

Will I lose the BIOS if I shut it down while in CMOS? Help Please. Thank you.

Answer:Help.....I'm frozen in CMOS Setup Utility

First things fist, you may just need to remove the hard drive you just installed and put the computer back to it's original configuration and try to boot (assuming you were able to boot before). If this does not work, you may have done something to your Bios/CMOS. You should have the option to clear the Bios/CMOS via a jumper on the mother board. I would look for the User's Manual, this will tell you where the jumper is. The other thing is to go to the Manufacturer's website and download the manual.

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Hi There,

2 days ago, for no reason my PC, on startup went to the CMOS utility setup page, and will go no further. There were no hardware changes, and, unless there were any windows updates, no software changes made. It just boots up with the initial Gigabyte screen then straight to the CMOS screen

The clock is showing the current time and date, so I guess the battery is ok, but I didnt think this would be it since the machine is only 7 months old.

What steps can I take to try and determine if its a mobo fault or a processor fault.
I put this together myself so cant just march back the the shop with a "broken" pc ! :-o

Any suggestions ? all help appreciated

Gigabyte GA-P31-ES3G- ATX
Intel E5200 Pentium Dual Core S775 2MB 2.5GHz 800FSB
2GB 800MHz DDR2 PC2-6400 Ram
500gb Seagate Barracuda HD
500gb Hitachi HD
Windows XP Home

(Initially 3 months ago the original Seagate HD failed, so I was told to send it back to the supplier, but it may take 6 weeks to get a replacement, so I bought the Hitachi HD locally, installed the operaing system etc, then Dabs sent a replacement HD at the end of the week ! - so I put it in as well, and use this for all videos/music etc, for sharing on the house network)
But everything has been running fine

Answer:CMOS utility setup, stuck at this

Reset the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery for 5mins.

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dear computer literate community,

I am having trouble with one of the computers i work with. Whether del is pressed or not which prompted, the CMOS setup continually opens, disallowing me to do anything else with the computer. how do i fix this?

It may be of use to know that i reset the CMOS using the jumper on the motherboard in order to fix another problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou enlightened folk.

Answer:CMOS Setup opens without request

Might be possible the delete key is sticking on your Keyboard, try to clean or try another Keyboard.

Boot up go into bios/Cmos setup, Check all settings adj as needed, If you have option in Bios too Reset Configuration Data enable it, then make sure you save & exit.
Here is Free Bios Guide to help with most settings:

One question, you reset Cmos to fix another problem, What was the other problem? if the above doesnt solve, just woundering incase original problem might be related?

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I apologize for what may be considered very basic questions but I want to make sure what I'm doing is done right and I don't screw anything up.

This is my first PC build and I was able to hook up all my components and everything just fine but now I'm at the CMOS setup have a few questions. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GPA-890-UD3H.

1. There is a new BIOS version for my mobo. Should I upgrade to it first or load my Windows 7 OS first and then upgrade after? When updating the BIOS version does it revert back my settings in the CMOS to default settings or keep the profile I have them save under? Can I even upgrade my BIOS prior to OS installation if I don't have a 3.5 floppy drive or a FAT32 USB flash drive?

2. I'm running a OCZ Vertex 2 SSD as my boot drive and I've read that to optimize it I should be running on AHCI instead of IDE. Is this the preferred way and do I need change the OnChip SATA Type on my mobo to AHCI, the Onboad SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode, or both?

3. I also have a 1.5TB Caviar Green HDD.that I will be using for my data storage. Since this is a SATA drive I shouldn't have any problems with the AHCI setting should I?

4. I have 3 120mm fans (2 system/1 CPU) plugged in to my mobo, if I don't want them all running at max what and how should I be adjusting that. I have a Smart Fan Mode I can set to Auto, Voltage or PWM.

5. When I go to load Windows 7 and I select the SSD as my boot drive it only shows with 55.9gb vs the 60gb a... Read more

Answer:Help with Window 7 install and CMOS setup

1. Totally up to you. You can upgrade the BIOS before or after, most mbs these days will let you flash the BIOS from a HDD (just don't do it in windows) if you don't have a 3.5 or usb drive.

2. If you're going to switch to AHCI, do it before you install the OS. It makes life easier.

3. Nope, should be fine.

4. Depends on the mobo. Can't comment on that one.

5. All drives are marketed as 1000x1000x1000 as a GB, whereas it should be 1024x1024x1024

6. Yes

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hi can u help i'm got a warning !! now system is in safe mode please re-setting cpu frequecy in cmos setup i got to press f1 when strt up pc

Answer:Re-setting cpu frequency in cmos setup

there should be no reason to set CPU frequency (also known as FSB and multiplier) in your BIOS unless you are an experienced overclocker. (also not recommended.)
You will have to be more descriptive with your problem.

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Otherwise, I'm fairly happy with the Aspire XC-603G I bought a week ago. Do I need to flash a new BIOS, or what?

Answer:My NumLock is off on bootup, although CMOS setup s...

If you have an USB keyboard, try to connect it to another USB port, boot to windows and then enable Num lock.shutdown your OS and power on, check if num lock is on or off

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Ok, I just unplugged all my computer hardware and moved it from my old case to my new one, aswell as putting in a new 80 gig Hard drive and a new 1 gig stick of ram. At first when I attempted to start the computer it said it had a bios error and I should insert a system boot floppy disk, but when I put in my boot disk it would just read and not do anything. So then I decided to try and jump my CMOS Jumper, that seemed to work, and the computer started up like normal, except it said the Cmos data was cleared and default was loading, and I should recustomize it. I decided to leave it at default, and loaded windows, did the normal Email check, then shut down the comp. I then discovered later, that the Comp would power up, but not load anything, not even go to the load up screen. I then decided to try jumpin the CMOS, then the comp started fine, and it now seams, to get the comp to start and run, I need to rejump the CMOS before starting up the comp.Any Help Is greatly appreciated.If you need exact Comp specs just let me know.

Answer:Help- Computer Not booting unless Cmos Is Jumped

Please post exact computer specs, don't exactly know what the problem is yet, maybe the specs will help.Except for the case, the only things that changed is the memory and another HD. So, take out the HD and memory and see what happens.

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Hope you could help me with this,

What should I do if I have invalid settings in the CMOS setup program?

Answer:Invalid settings in CMOS setup program

Restore defaults, save and exit.

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Last week I suddenly couldn't start up my laptop as usual after hibernating it for a day. Here are the specifics first of all:IBM Thinkpad T40p80GB HDD1GB RAM1GHZ Intel Pentium N ProcessorWIn7 UltimateAt first I attempted running a recovery (repair), it started well, but never ended. Tried starting up the laptop following the different F8 settings (last known best config, normal settings, debug). I even tried going into system restore via safe mode, but surprisingly there were no restore points to be found. The repair then worked once, and the PC booted up to the desktop level, then I heard a sound like "crr" and the screen froze up. Trying to re-start never worked, the IBM splashscreen never came until I tried changing the CMOS battery. After changing it, the splashscreen now starts, but hangs there for quite a while (20 secs), which is not normal. Then it tells me "checksum error, change date and time". I press F1 to enter the setup (which it does), and whilst I am entering the time, the whole thing simply shuts down. Tried beating it several times now, but it still shuts down. It even shuts down if I do nothing after the checksum announcement. Is the CMOS battery flat already? Or is it something else?Grateful for any help.

Answer:After CMOS change, laptop shuts down during setup

Have you always run Win7-Ultimate on that?  It doesn't seem like the hardware configuration would support it. replacement battery is probably bad, too.#19 in the diagram the CMOS battery & measure the voltage, should be 3.0VDC.

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Hi all, I keep getting this error.  When I get into setup and reset the default, the time is right, I save and exit.  But still can't boot from HD.  Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad, Press Del to Run Setup

Have you recently added any RAM to this machine....If so what type ? ?You may want to replace the CMOS battery located on the MBoard part # CR2032 available at any computer store and /or Wally World...

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i just bought my Satellite U400-12p 2 weeks ago.
I checked my cmos setup but its asking for password.

It?s the first time I opened the CMOS settings..
Anyone knew what is the password given by the manufacturer?
I tried phoenix as a password but its not accepted.

Thank you guys in advance

Answer:Satellite U400-12p - cmos setup asking for password

Do you mean the BIOS password?
Well, it?s really strange because the BIOS password is not set.
It should be clear!

I don?t know what happened with you notebook but if the BIOS password is set and you don?t know this password then you will be not able to clear it!!

Only the ASP (authorized service partner) can remove such password.
So if the password is unknown -> go to ASP

This is everything what you can do!

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I'm trying to access the CMOS setup for a Dell Optiplex GM 5133 with a Phoenix BIOS V1.10 A20.  Most older Dells seem to be F2 during POST to enter setup, but not this one.  I've tried everything I can think of (Esc, Del, F8, etc) - anybody know the magic key?  Dell support doesn't seem to have anything on a unit this old.  Trying to get it up and running to support some older DOS stuff.Thanks  -the new guy-  

Answer:CMOS setup for Dell Optiplex GM 5133

I have yet to see a Dell that was not in their database.  What is the Service Tag?I think CMOS setup is ALT-ENTERIt's usually displayed on the POST screen.Update:Found it on Dell's website: DOSCTRL-ALT-ENTER

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Hi, I'm stuck on the com utility setup screen. I haven't changed ant drives or made any other changes. I rebooted and it popped up no error messages. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Answer:Solved: stuck on cmos utility setup

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Athlon 64 processor 3000+
When I boot the 'plutor it runs through the black screen then stops -
I then have to press F1 to continue the boot. Get message " please be resetting CPU frequency in CMOS set up. press F1 to continue. System now in safe mode". or similar!

I was told that this could be the CMOS battery simply needs changing but I am not so sure. Before I start pulling things apart is there any advice - ?
Machine runs fine it is just a pain sometimes as when I power it up I have to stay with it and wait for the prompt to press F1.

Any simple fix? If not I will put up with it.

Thank you

Answer:Solved: Reset CPU frequency in CMOS setup

Replace the battery. It will cost something like 1-2 quid, and is just a simple operation of pulling the battery out, going to some store, showing it and saying that you need a new one, then putting the new one in.
Round silver, medium coin size.

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How do I begin to fix this?
I fired up my old no-name tower, XP started but the USB keyboard didnt work. Also, My USB memstick is not listed in My PC, and usb kbd not listed in Hardware mgr at all. Using on- screen kbd. In control Panel/keyboard nothing listed. Used adapter to plug into old school round socket. Nope. Add hardware, no good. I cant get into BIOS to check that. Keyboard is new and works in other pcs. Found USB driver and installed. Nope. Scanned to get MoBo info, Used AMI flash Bios utility. It did something, my onscreen kbd gained colored boarders, but also had msg that it couldnt install. But still no kbd. On advice of other forum I was told to unplug AC, pull batt, hold power button 15 sec, replace batt, powerup to reset default BIOS. WRONG! At reboot Now I get AMI BIOS screen, with:CMOS/GPNV checksum bad. Ior F2 toload defaults. can't press F1to setup.
Any suggestions
Pent 4, 1.8GHz, XPsp3, OEM Elitegroup Computers, AMI BIOS ver 7.0, chipset=VIA VT8751 Apollo P4M266-8, MoBo=Shuttle MV 43(n)
Perhaps this site's got better advice?

Answer:CMOS/GPNV checksum bad, no kbd to push F1 for setup

From th sound of it, the computer is not recognizing USB devices (unless your mouse is also USB).
Before I go further, is the mouse PS/2 or USB?

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Ok, I just unplugged all my computer hardware and moved it from my old case to my new one, aswell as putting in a new 80 gig Hard drive and a new 1 gig stick of ram. At first when I attempted to start the computer it said it had a bios error and I should insert a system boot floppy disk, but when I put in my boot disk it would just read and not do anything. So then I decided to try and jump my CMOS Jumper, that seemed to work, and the computer started up like normal, except it said the Cmos data was cleared and default was loading, and I should recustomize it. I decided to leave it at default, and loaded windows, did the normal Email check, then shut down the comp. I then discovered later, that the Comp would power up, but not load anything, not even go to the load up screen. I then decided to try jumpin the CMOS, then the comp started fine, and it now seams, to get the comp to start and run, I need to rejump the CMOS before starting up the comp.

Any Help Is greatly appreciated.
If you need exact Comp specs just let me know.

Answer:Help- Computer Not booting unless Cmos Is Jumped Before Hand

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After noticing my system clock was not keeping the correct time on a Packard Bell iMEDIA X2415 desktop running XP Pro, I removed the battery and went out and bought a new CMOS battery, which was a direct replacement for the original battery, after fitting the battery I restarted the system which then gave me one of those blue screens which we all love! with the error code 0x0000007B, indicating an inaccessible boot device, the rest of the blue screen code is (0xB84c3524,0C0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000) which, after a little research, indicates a device driver problem. In the standard CMOS setup the Primary IDE master is not detected, it is a SATA drive anyway, under advanced setup, the first boot device is the DVD drive, and the second boot device is my hard drive, listed as PO-ST3500620AS, so the system is recognizing the hard drive but cannot access it. I loaded Ubuntu linux from the DVD drive to check the condition of the hard drive which came out as an uncorrupted NTFS file system. I'm thinking, if it is a corrupt driver file, then replacing the driver on a system that will not boot could be problematical. I'm sitting here wondering how all this hassle could come about from a simple CMOS battery change!
Any help with this problem will be gratefully received.

Answer:CMOS battery change, now, non-booting system

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Hello, I would love to ask for some help!
I've recently purchased the newer Dell XPS 13 9360 Non-touch (not the 2 in 1) and am having some trouble with using an external monitor. The screen (on the external monitor) keeps on flickering and has a very unstable connection. 
I've searched and found that apparently lowering the power output of the WIFI network adapter can fix this problem. 
The problem is that the current XPS's wifi adapter doesn't allow the power output to be changed. The previous fixes were geared towards intel wifi adapters.
The general power settings for the computers doesn't show wifi card power controls.

I have updated all the drivers for the computer including the wireless adapter. Still the options doesn't change.

Has anyone found a way to get a stable external monitor to work with the Killer Wireless Adapter cards?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:XPS 13 9360 External Monitor Flicker with USB C - HDMI Adapter [Killer Wireless Adapter]

For what it's worth: For me (XPS 13 9360, QHD, i7, 16 GB, Killer WiFi), external screens are perfectly stable, even with wireless being on relatively high throughput load, albeit not high power (energy) load.
I am connecting both HDMI and DisplayPort displays, each with cheap native USB-C adapters (i.e. through Thunderbolt). I also have full success with a Dell DA200, through its built-in HDMI graphics adapter.

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In attempting to solve a booting problem, I set my CMOS to fail-save defaults and now all I have on screen is a half page of what is best described as a light blue, red and black woven type pattern, bottom half of the screen is blank. I don't know if this is just a screen issue and everything is loaded correctly behind it or if it indicated that nothing has loaded or booted. Given how fast this screen comes up when I press the start buttom, I'm guessing these is nothing booting behind it. Any suggestions?

Answer:cmos setup fail-save defaults problem

Welcome to CH.Can you get back into the BIOS at all?What Computer is this? (manufacturer and model number)

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Hi.  First time poster on this forumn.  I own R61 thinkpad with vista home basic(32bit) installed.  About 6 months ago or more I had gone into cmos setup utility and mistakengly enabled hyperthreading, just recently using Intel Processor Identification Utility I realised that my CPU does not accept that feature.  I am trying to access the award cmos utility but get some generic bios instead with no advanced features.  I can't disable hyperthreading from the UEFI(if that is what it is).  How can I get my original/legacy bios back, and if that is not possible, how can I disable hyperthreading?? Thanks for any support.  Hopefully this can be resolved!

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So something goofed up with my system. Was running at 4.3ghz for over a year just fine. I set it back to stock speeds to benchmark. Tried going back to 4.3 and now I don't show anything on screen. It's black.

When I clear the cmos and remove battery I get a notification on screen stating it was reset to default. Press F1 to setup or f2 continue. Each option still provides a black screen. No bios.


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I have an issue with trying to access the BIOS/CMOS setup.  When the laptop boots up it gives me the PXE-E61 Media Test Failure, Check Cable along with the PXE-M0F Exiting PXE ROM.  I have tried booting several times and pressing the F12 key which is for the Boot Manager with no success.  It just goes right into the PXE error again.  I have also tried pressing the F2 key (Setup Utility) and get the same results...PXE error.  I am unable to check the boot order & CMOS setup.  I have powered down the laptop, removed the battery and removed and reseated the HDD making sure it is seated all the way.  It still gets me the PXE error.  When I get the PXE error I have to press the escape key to get it to stop beeping and exit out of the PXE error.  Then it brings me to a menu asking if i want to start Windows normally.  When I do so the laptop loads the desktop.  I have found that some of the keys on the keyboard are not working.  The keyboard cable is firmly attached.  I am not sure if the keyboard thing is part of the problem, THE problem or a result of some other problem.The big thing I guess is being able to get to the BIOS/CMOS setups.  Your help/input is very much appreciated!The Laptop info is as follows:Windows Vista Home Premium Service  Pack 2Manufacturer:   ToshibaModel:   Satelite A305Processor:   Intel Core2 Duo CPU   T6400 @ 2.00 GHz... Read more

Answer:PXE Error = BIOS/CMOS Setup access is not happening

You are the original owner - Right? How ole is it? After everything else, this error would men the hard drive or its controller has gone bad. Often it is the hard drive, either because of rough treatment or overheating.  More often overheating. The hard drive typically does not get enough coiling. Yet most hard drives will take it. They can run  to 85 C and still work.After all is said, you are at the point of trying a new hard drive. If you have already made regular backups of you system and data, all you need to do is get another drive. Do not try to format the hard drive. If some of recent data is there, you may wish to get it back.Do you have a recovery method ready to use?

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My CPU was running hot so I removed my motherboard in order to remove and clean fan and heat sink. Put everything back together and when I start PC I get

please re-setting cpu or memory frequency in the cmos setup

Press F1 to continue, DEL to enter setup

Pressing F1 will work and take me to windows, but the program that monitors temps and fan speeds crashes (computer continues to work)

Pressing DEL only takes me to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the top left hand corner.

I've been thinking about resetting the CMOS by removing the battery. But I'm concerned that if I can't get into my BIOS my computer will be completely unusable. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Error: please re-setting CPU or memory frequency in the CMOS setup

What is the make and model of your motherboard?
We may be able to find directions to reset your cmos to factory default.
(Or... you could google for a manual for your mb.)
On some mb's removing the battery is the best way.
On others, there are a couple of pins on which you can place a jumper.
Curious that you are able to boot to windows, but not get to Bios Setup.

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Hi all, help please.I moved my PC from one room to another, and when I switch on now it goes straight to the CMOS Set Up utility, and I cant get past it. Its kept its memory (the time and date are ok) but when I escape from it it just jumps straight back into CMOS and my OS doesnt kick in.The machine is a 1.8ghz Pentium 4, 480MB RAM, 58GB hard drive, fairly new, and I'm trying to boot-up XP Home.Any clues anyone please.Malc

Answer:OS wont boot, stuck in CMOS Setup Utility

Malc:Try selecting the option to change all settings to the defaults in the CMOS, then reboot.Regards,Doc

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I just built a new machine, had it running about a week. SPecs are:
mobo: XFX nForce 680i LT SLI, Intel Q6600 Quad Core 2.4 Ghz
Video card: XFX GeForce 8600GT XXX, Ultra SLI ready 600 Watt PSu
OCZ SLI Ready RAM, 2 GB dual channel 800mhz, 160 GB West. Dig. SATA hdd
DVD burner, NO floppy drive. Occasionally when it started the mouse wasn't working but it was ok after a re-boot. THE problem:
TOday I added a second identical videocard and configured the SLI setup. ALso added another 2 GB identical RAM, only 2.5 showed up but computer was working, WIndows loaded. THEN I restarted and entered BIOS (dumb thing to do I know!) In the BIOS I noticed it said "SLI ready RAM disabled" I tried changing a setting and when I rebooted I got a "CMOS checksum error, Defaults loaded. Press F1 to continue or Del to enter setup. Neither action produces any results, had to power off. Removing/replacing the CMOS battery did nothing either. AM I stuck with a shiny new $1500 paperweight?

Answer:Solved: CMOS checksum error, can't access setup

Pulling the battery out often does not reset cmos. Try this method.
1 Unplug the power cord from the pw supply.
2 Now push the on button 2-3 times. This removes any residual charge from the pw supply caps.
3 Open the case and clear cmos with the clear jumper for a min of 30 seconds.
4 Put jumper back to where it is supposed to be, replace pw cord and power on system. Enter the bios and load defaults, save settings and restart.

If that does not work, pull out the second video card and repeat the clear procedure.

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Will this cause problems & how do you get in to enter the number?

Answer:looking thru cmos setup utility and there is no system serial number entered

Are you trying to flash a motherboard?

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Hi,Our 7040 minitower has two standard (not ++) DisplayPorts.  Our monitor is dvi-D (dual-link). Dell supplied the tower with a DisplayPort to dvi adapter.  The advice received was that this adapter wouldn't work because it was passive.However, hooked it up and the dvi-D (dual-link) monitor displayed perfectly.Would anyone know why this adapter succeeded (when apparently it shouldn't have)?

Answer:How did this passive display adapter do the job that should have needed an active adapter?

Its not a passive adapter.
HDMI is bi directional and passive.
Display port is not.

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hi, i am having trouble wth my computer. i don't know much about computer. actually if i want to restart it, it keep showing me "Warning! Now system is in safe mode. Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS setup." but if i plug off the power supply cable, and put it back, the warning was gone. but, then if i wanna restart it again, that warning will appear again..
so could anyone help me what should i do with this problem ?

thank you...

Answer:Warning! Now system is in safe mode. Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS setup.

The battery on the motherboard is probably dead. It's a coin-shaped and -sized silver metal lump on your computer's motherboard. Pry it out (make sure the computer is off and make sure you don't break anything) and take it to your local electronics/computer/watch store. They should be able to give you a replacement.

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Expert/Advanced Help needed.
Tried everything?
What could be the problem with Dell inspiron 660 Windows 10, preinstalled with 8 64bit. Please read below before offering advice.
No post, no display after clearing CMOS password with jumper and CMOS battery. It powers up, power light on green and steady, keyboard lights up, cd/dvd drive spinning and all fans running, but no post, no video (it should have 1 post beep and then boot). I also tried booting from a recovery disk, repair disk but nothing. Nothing happens with any Fkeys on keyboard. 2 working displays tried. (1 hdmi, 1 regular blue) Still no display, no post. Also, unplugged and reseated all cables to mb and to hdd, and everything else.

This is what else I have checked:
1. 300 watt power supply, with voltmeter. 24 pins good, including the gray "power good". 4 pin mb power, good. CMOS battery 2.5v. Replaced wih new 3.1v.
2. disconnected everything from MB, except power, power on switch, processor fan and processor. Plugged in waited 5 minutes, and turned on. 5 beeps for CMOS battery failure. Power off, grounded self, (reinreinstalled battery). Restart. 2 beeps for memory (as expected)
3. Unplug, ground, reinstall 1 of 2GB memory stick. Plug in, turn on, no post.
4. turn off, Unplug, drain power, disconnect everything from mb. remove mb from case. Checked for loose wires, swollen/leaking transistors, bent pins. On a board, plugged in 24p cable power supply and 4 pin cable to MB. Jump started. all fans running,... Read more

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It?s the time to replace the CMOS battery. Chanced to get a brand new one, are slim.
I want to install a 3.7V rechargeable battery.
The schematic is:

Comos + terminal < = - [T] ? [1N4001 DIODE] ? [ 10 Ohm resistor] <= +5V
.................................| B |
.................................| A |
.................................| T |
.................................| T |
.................................| E |
.................................| R |
.................................| Y |
................................. ---
Could you please help, me with the location of external cmos connector on the motherboard?
Sorry for my English ?

Answer:Armada E500 CMOS external pin.

Hi Blue,

Your idea of a rechargeable battery is good but it is not worth the trouble. Use two Alkaline AA, AAA or similar cells. The circuit uses so little current that the batts will last as if they were not even being used. That is about 5 to 8 years if they are fresh when installed. They can be soldered to if you use a hot (about 30 watt) well tinned iron and do the job quickly. I use a little non-acid soldering paste to speed the job. If you need more info feel free to ask.

Good Luck, Jim

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I know there are several threads but they are with different cards and they didn't solve my issue...

I bought a new MEDION AKOYA P5334E and the system arrived installed normally with win7 home edition.

I've installed on the computer the win7 enterprise edition (x64) and many drivers could not be find. I've installed nost of them, except the display adapter.
It's stuck on "standard vga graphic adapter".
I have the AMD Radeon HD7570 card but no matter what I try is not working!!!
tried to uninstall the current driver, tried to download the driver from the AMD website (when executing it - it's running but does nothing).
when executed the auto detect from AMD website, I got the message "we were unable to find your product or OS"

Will be greatful for any help!!!
Thanks a lot!!!

Answer:display adapter is stuck on standard vga adapter

Welcome to the Sevem Forums, Oraz.

If you still have the DVD of Windows 7 home edition and if it is also 64-bit then you might find the graphics adapter driver there which might get installed. Otherwise try installing Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD7570 in Windows XP SP3 mode.

Another option is to try installing the Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD7570 that you have downloaded in the safe mode. In case the this driver gets loaded in the safe mode then it shall install too.

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i replaced the cmos battery on a pc with a bad onboard graphics card and now the pci graphics card is not working, when i turn on the pc i get no signal to the to the monitor, so now i cant even access the bios, is there anything i can do? any reply's would be appreciated

Answer:no display after cmos battery reset

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OS win 98SEPC American Megatrends. PIII 450mhzI temporarily removed and reinstalled the motherboard battery to successfully resolve a non- bootup problem.I have now created another problem. When booting up, I am confronted by the following message on screen, it reads: CMOS .Display type wrong.Press 1. To run set up.Press 2. To load default values and continue.No matter which key I press, I get the following message. ENTER CORRECT PASSWORD.What password???As a matter of interest, I have even tried bootup discs to no avail.Any advice or help would be very much appreciated.

Answer:CMOS. Display type wrong???

If you can get into the BIOS try click here

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My Dell Inspiron 6000 LED screen failed (bad CCFL). Switched to CRT Monitor which works fine after Log on but will not display CMOS therefore I can not adjust bios (F2) or use safe mode (F8) or dell diagnostics (F12). Computer is setup with XP SP3 with ATI Mobility Radeon x300 drivers and ATI Control Panel.

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It came to my attention that the USB port that allows powered off charging was not functioning. I figured it merely had something to do with the BIOS, so I went in and  enabled the function on the port. However, after the system rebooted, no boot screen appeared then the system began to hum extremely loudly, and shut itself down. Everytime I restart the system now nothing appears on the screen, no beeps, nothing. I had the battery fully charged and the AC adapter plugged in when I changed the CMOS settings. Also, prior to making changes to BIOS, I had all of the latest Lenovo updates (including BIOS updates) on the x120e itself. What was the cause of this issue, and how will I be able to resolve it? Is there an easy fix to this, or will I need to send it into Lenovo to conduct repairs?

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Dell Inspiron 6000 without CCFL (backlight). Using CRT monitor. Monitor will not display CMOS at startup but will display windows logon. How to enable monitor to display cmos (bios (F2) and others F8, F12)?

Answer:CRT monitro will not display CMOS of laptop

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Hello there.
I'm having an issue with my HP pavillion G7. I've had errors in the past with the screen, which I replaced myself. The replacement was successful until a possibly unrelated CMOS error began to appear. I also had a bad battery which was replaced. The 502 cmos checksum invalid error appears at boot at times, once I reset it though it usually boots in windows and the clock is messed up. The computer usually would just turn on and display a blank screen. I decided to replace the cmos battery, but this didn't help.
It still is displaying the error, mixed in with a blank display at other times. I've also tried resetting the bios and updating it... but still no avail.
I'm not sure whether or not this is a hardware or a software issue. I'm willing to reformat my hdd if necessary. 

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.130828-1532)
   Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
       System Model: HP Pavilion g7 Notebook PC
               BIOS: Default System BIOS
          Processor: AMD Phenom™ II P650 Dual-Core Processor (2 CPUs), ~2.6GHz
             Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 3834MB RAM
  ... Read more

Answer:Blank Display... sometimes? [CMOS SUM ERROR]

See HP Documentation .

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Each time I start up settings in display properties resets to
Screen resolution 640 X 480
Color Quality low 8 - bit
I rest them to
1024 X 768
32 bit
apply and restart and they reset to the above.

The correct monitor and Adapter are selected.

I ran a update search for each and it says I have the latest driver version.

If I need to update the monitor and Adapter driver what version and where do I need to go?

Any Help would be appreciated.


I resently downloaded service pack 2 and added Microsoft USB reciver wireless keyboad and mouse.

Operating system Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 (build 2600)
Processor 1.4 gig pent 4
Maxtor 96147H6 Hard Drive
Main Circuit Board Hewlett Packard HP WMTA systern board 123
Bios Phoenix Tech
Memory Modules 512 meg RIM non-ECC
NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 Display adapter
View Sonic A90f+ 17" Monitor
Firewall ver
Security center ver

Answer:Display Properties will not apply settingsNVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 Display adapter

get the latest driver from Nvidia themselfs for your GFX card .. go here and click Graphics Driver > Gforce & TNT2 > XP/2000 and click GO ... this will locate the correct driver for you.

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My AST Premmia MX P/60 (first gen pentium) computer is missing the CMOS battery pack. The battery pack configuration consists of 3 AA rechargable batteries. I Use to have the battery pack put removed it a long time ago because it was bad and I misplaced it. The problem now is finding a replacement. I decided to use a 3.6V battery pack from a cordless phone but I have to determine which pins to connect the battery too. There are 3 pins, 2 close together and 1 by itself. I don't want to connect it backwards. I tried using a volt meter but I can't really get any good readings. All 3 pins give me a reading of what looks like .83 millivolts I believe.

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so my thinkcentre M57 6072 is acting strange. so when i turn it on, the fan  spins and a very fast speed and nothing apperears on the screen. what do i do?
Mod:  edited Subject line with system type and problem description

Go to Solution.

Answer:M57: fan running fast and no display - CMOS reset

 I suggest you try replacing the CMOS battery.  

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I have a Dell Zino HD media desktop, and it all of a suddent showed this error on booting up:
CMOS checksum error, F2 to Run SETUP, F1 to load defaults 

The thing is, I can't get it to move past it. I've tried 3 different keyboards, many restarts, and nothing gets it to move past this screen.
How can I overcome this?

Answer:Dell Zino: CMOS checksum error, F2 to Run SETUP, F1 to load defaults - Can't Move Past the Screen on Start Up

Unplug the system and hold the power button for 30 sec.  If that doesn't get the system to POST, the BIOS/CMOS is corrupt - replace the mainboard.

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Built it 2 weeks ago, and around a week ago my PC randomly freezes, forcing me to hard power off. Clearing the CMOS can sometimes give me a couple freeze-free hours, so I did it like usual. This time, I am getting no display after clearing it like usual. I asked the PCMR discord about the random freezing, and they said it's probably my motherboard.Specs:Ryzen 3 1200, stock clock right now, I did try to OC it but it got to around 80C so I got scared and turned it off and cleared CMOS, and another time I *censored* up and put it @2.4V for 0-10 seconds.GTX 1050 Ti OC edition, never overclocked it though after my bad CPU OC experience2x4gb 3000Mhz RAM: Tried to put it in XMP but had some problems, so it's at stockMobo:Asrock AB350M Pro4 googled it, and apparently other people have had problems with this freezing. If there is any hardware I need to return because it was defective out of the box, it's probably this.PSU: CX 450 2017Storage: WD 1TB 7200RPM, I have windows 10(without a key) on itmisc:case is spec-04 if it matters, also have TP LINK WDN 4800 if that makes a differenceI tried to swap the RAM sticks, used 1 stick, swapped it, put 2 back in, same resultsany help would be very much appreciated;-;Edit: The freezing happened after the 2.4V, and PCMR has now said it sounds the voltage fried it. Just came here to be sure. Any other way to go about this other than buying a new CPU?Edit 2: Don't know how to update my BIOS and am pretty sure that won't he... Read more

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Hi all, got around to playing with the ultrabay today, but I've run into trouble and Google has been no help. I wanted to install my old laptops HDD in the ultrabay, which I did.  It reads in CMOS no problem, but it is not recognized in any way that I can see in Windows.  I tried Disk Management, etc but it doesn't show up anywhere.  To clarify, this is the HDD out of my old laptop (Win7). Suspecting that perhaps the Ultrabay cannot work with ancient spinning technology, I popped in an extra SSD (Samsung 840 120GB) I have and tried that in the Ultrabay instead.  Same result.  Displays in CMOS setup but not in Windows.  Not in Disk Management, nowhere.  This SSD was formatted on a Win 7 system.  My y510p is the one with the 1TB + 24GB SSD. Can anyone help?  I really need to get at the files on my old HDD!! Thanks in advance

Answer:y510p - Ultrabay HDD/SSD reading in CMOS but will not display in Windows

Fixed it through this youtube video: Worked like a charm, both HDD and SSD detect perfectly now.

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after changing battery i.e cmos battery the comp is not booting.a red LED blinks with no display on the monitor

Answer:Computer wont Boot after CMOS Battery Change. no display

Something must have happened while you were inside the case. Do you hear any beeps when you start it up? If so describe them--long, short, how many. Did you disconnect or remove anything to get to the battery? If so are you sure you put it back together correctly?With the power cord removed open the case again. Make sure any add-on cards are firmly in their slots. Make sure the cpu heatsink is correctly attached and the ram sticks firmly in their slots. Make sure the power connectors to the motherboard are tight. Then start it up again and see if you get a display.If you still get nothing remove the power cord again and remove any unnecessary add-on cards and temporarily disconnect the drives. Remove any USB devices. Then reconnect the power cord and start it up again. If you now get a display then likely one of the removed devices is at fault.

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 I am working on an old Acer Aspire 5610 laptop for a client, with a 1.66GHz Intel CPU and 3GB DDR2 RAM installed, and the display is always dimmed, in BIOS / CMOS Setup as well as in both Windows and in Linux.  RAM was recently upgraded from 512MB. New DDR2 RAM is from Crucial / Micron in Idaho, USA. I checked the BIOS / CMOS Setup settings but there does not seem to be any "brightness" settings there-in.  I've re-installed Windows XP 32-bit from scratch, into a bare / empty NTFS formatted  partition, and am about to hunt down and install drivers in hopes that one of them may resolve the problem in Windows, maybe, if I am lucky. But if so then I may still be stuck while running Linux, specifically, at the moment, openSUSE 12.3 32-bit. I may also try Linux Mint.  My client is a Linux Newbie so I want to give her dual-boot capability between Windows XP and Linux.  The laptop has a 120GB HDD so I shoe-horned in a 10GB NTFS Windows XP partition.  I am also using an external VGA display, 17" flat  screen, via the D-Sub-15 VGA port on the back panel and the VGA display there has full brightness. Just the built-in LCD display is constantly dimmed, even in BIOS / CMOS Setup. And it does not seem to matter whether the external VGA is plugged in or not. I thought of that and retried a cold-boot with NO external monitor attached. I also tried changing the RAM size allocated in the BIOS to the Video between 128MB and Max-something. No ch... Read more

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I had to reinstall windows 7 on my acer aspire 5560g laptop, I installed the drivers on the Acer site. I found the legacy updates for my cards and installed them. And I am still having problems.

The monitor is not showing the native resolution of 1366 x 768, it's topping out at 1024 x 768, it's refusing to let me use the built in screen savers. It's supposed to be a duel graphics system and the device manager lists two under the display drivers. Both are listed as standard vga display. One with the little yellow exclamation mark. It's driving me nutty. Can someone help me?

On a side note, the slider for screen brightness has also gone missing, and the fn brightness control doesn't work either.

Answer:Display adapter now listed as standard vga display

You are missing the graphics drivers. To save you some time here I gave you a link:

Acer Aspire 5560G Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP

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i was having trouble with time slowing so i changed the cmos battery as directed by forum now pc will only beeps all drives have power but no display on monitor and pc keeps beeping

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I have a W500 and recently bought a 22 inch lenova monitor 2551p. Catalyst Control Center does not display a Fixed Aspect Ratio option for this new external monitor. I can change the resolution to a fixed aspect ratio on my native screen, but not on the new external monitor. Long story short, a 1024x768 webpage gets stretched across my widescreen monitor and it should not - I should see the black bars on the sides. Is there a resolution to the issue?Does anyone have a direct URL to download and install new drivers?Does anyone have a direct URL to get the latest and greatest Catalyst Control Center?Is there third party software I can use in the place of Catalyst Control Center? I am pretty sure I have all of these things, but want to see if someone knows a work around or newer drivers/software.

Answer:W500 Does Not Display Fixed Aspect Ratio for External Display 2551p

 i am not sure whether the Lenovo LCD that you got, has the fixed aspect ratio and 1:1 mapping option. If it doesn't then there is nothing much you can do from the LCD end.
Which catalyst driver are you using right now?

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Having a very strange (and annoying) issue with the display. I can only see the display on my Twist after connecting it to an external monitor first. If I do not, all I see is a black screen. No cursor, no anything. If I connect it to an external display via the display port to VGA adapter, it works fine. If connect it to an external display and then disconnect my external display, the display will remain on the Twist. However, if I reboot, I lose the screen again until I connect it to an external monitor. I made sure that "PC Screen Only" is chosen in the Fn+F7 option. This is obviously a serious problem. This is for company use and our users will not have a VGA monitor handy with them where ever they go. I checked the hardware manager and all the drivers are installed with no warnings.

Answer:Lenovo Twist display issues - No display unless I connect to an external monitor

Figured out a work around and narrowed down the problem. If I hit the Second Screen key (F7) after booting, it will go PC Only as the first choice and bring up the display on the laptop after a few seconds. The puzzling thing is why it seems to choose the external monitor as the default monitor on boot, even if it is not conected. I've tried running System Updater to make sure that I have all the latest drivers. All the display settings appear to be correct.

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Hi, I own a T420s 4171 and have 2 external monitors hooked up to my docking station. That works fine, but when I try to also display my laptop screen (as my 3rd screen), it won't enable it. It seems to only allow 2 viewable screens (2 external monitors OR 1 external monitor + laptop screen). I tested a T420s 4173 and was able to get 3 viewable screens, but not my 4171, even after updating all of the lenovo drivers. I was comparing video card specs (4171 vs 4173) and it looks to be the same. Can someone confirm/deny that I'm able to have 3 screens with my model? Thanks.

Answer:T420s 4171 - 3 display screens (2 external displays + laptop display)?

TE0810 wrote:Hi, I own a T420s 4171 and have 2 external monitors hooked up to my docking station. That works fine, but when I try to also display my laptop screen (as my 3rd screen), it won't enable it. It seems to only allow 2 viewable screens (2 external monitors OR 1 external monitor + laptop screen). I tested a T420s 4173 and was able to get 3 viewable screens, but not my 4171, even after updating all of the lenovo drivers. I was comparing video card specs (4171 vs 4173) and it looks to be the same. Can someone confirm/deny that I'm able to have 3 screens with my model? Thanks.The answer depends on the GPU chipsets in the machine.  If you have the Optimus video chipset, you have two gpus that will drive four external panels.  If you don't have optimus, you are limited to two. What 4171 do you have?  For instance, the 4171-7FU is Optimus and should work.

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