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HD 7970 reviews are in...

Question: HD 7970 reviews are in...

As expected the HD 7970 puts up a good showing. Earlier estimates of improvement of ~30% in gaming and ~50+% in compute tasks (over the HD 6970) seem pretty much spot on.
All in all a nice card - great power consumption, a little loud, and a nice bump in performance over the GTX 580 and HD 6970. Looks like a good overclocker with worthwhile gains over stock clocks. Very welcome after the HD 6950/6970's good OC potential / lacklustre OC performance.
Could have been priced better, but thats what you get for being the performance leader.

Guru of 3D
VR Zone
Tom's Hardware
Legit Reviews

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Preferred Solution: HD 7970 reviews are in...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: HD 7970 reviews are in...


that's really, cool? I just searched up gpu and this game up! cool!

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The fine folks over at Hardware Secrets are pretty well known for their excellent reviews of different hardware, including power supplies. They are one of the few sites that really knows how to test a power supply. There is MUCH more to it than hooking up a digital multimeter to a spare molex connector and then running an assortment of load/idle tests and recording the output from the multimeter. Most sites will not test the noise and ripple in a PSU (and "noise" here does not mean the sound from the fan, it means "line noise"; a decent metaphor would be "static"). I recently read a review where the testing uses only a voltmeter, and the reviewer states the power supply had a bit more ripple than he would like to see. :confused Without an oscilloscope, it is impossible to measure ripple, so it would appear that the reviewer is talking out his a** and has no idea what "ripple" really means or what it is. This review can be found here, the "ripple" comment is on page 5, on page 6 you'll see the PSU received a "Top Rank Award". However, Hardware Secrets reviewed this same power supply (review is here), and you'll see that it miserably failed the ripple/noise testing, and in fact the unit burned up when trying to draw the advertised 750w the unit is rated for. Yet the other reviewer gave it a "Top Rank Award". So- all ranting aside, do not trust any power supply review that doesn't include '... Read more

Answer:Power Supply Reviews - Why 99% of online reviews are WRONG!!!


Good report except that setting a voltmeter to AC and measuring a DC voltage will give you a reading of the AC component (Ripple) riding on the DC.


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Any Vista Reviews? (Jan. 07 Reviews)

i read some last month on gaming pc mag. they said its very unstable, they also said it wasnt a finished product to the public, it was only a corp. business verison finished product..

so i need a clear view on vista, if its worth and good idea to switch to vista without major problems as the review mentioned.. probs they mentioned was driver issues, OS being unstable in general areas, ect..

Answer:Any Vista Reviews? (Jan. 07 Reviews)

Vista Ultimate RTM 64bit

I've found no instability issues but drivers support is lacking. The OS has not reached official release as of yet so I'm waiting patiently.

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Question: 7970's or 780 GPU?

Looking for thoughts and observations of a positive nature

I currently run a pair of HD7970's on crossfire, which gives me pretty good FPS in most games (gamer at heart, me). From reviews and benchmarks, it looks like the GTX 780 TI (TI, not standard) should give me a bit more. I like to play on 3 32" screens, used as a single monitor on eyefinity. I haven't used nvidia for a long time- my old pair of 8800s were probably the last good buy I had- and have no axe to grind for ATI or Nvidia, I only care about performance.

Benchmarks dont take account of dual cards (as far as I have found so far), so I am looking for anyone with experience of similar systems. I am looking at BF4 for my main game, so an increase here would be most welcome.

Thanks all

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i'm going to build a new pc with an i7 3770k, an asus P8Z77-v Deluxe and 8GB DDR3 @2400 MHz...

Which GPU is better for this pc? GTX 680 4GB or HD 7970 6GB? I will use it for heavy HD gaming... And maybe in future i could SLI/Crossfire it...

Answer:GTX 680 4GB or HD 7970 6GB?

680 4Gb beats Hd7970

But keep in mind the Hd 7970 is cheaper and the 680 4gb isn't beating it by a super big margin

It would be up to you i am running two HD7970's in CF and they work well for me like im saying though how much are you trying to spend

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Hi all, I plan on picking up a 7970 Graphic card on friday and I was wondering which looks like the better card to go with.

XFX Double D Black Edition


Diamond Double Black Diamond Edition Overclocked

Both cards are just about the same as far as overclocked and the price is just about the same as well just the XFX Card has dual fan to the Single fan on the Diamond Model.

The Diamond also comes with cables I will be needing for Eyefinity which is nice as well, overall I just need help with whats the better brand to go with. thanks alot!

Answer:Which HD 7970 to go with

XFX is a more mainstream brand. I've had two XFX cards over the year and they were great. I ant speak for Diamond. Hopefully someone else can chime in with their experiences.

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I'm currently shopping around for Dual 7900 series cards

I searched around on the AMD site and so far couldn't get a real positive answer to how much of a PSU is needed to run dual cards

I was under the impression that you needed atleast a 1000 watt PSU to handle dual 7970's

I run a 850 watt Corsair AX850 Gold

I searched Microcenter and Newegg I found MSI Twin Frozr 7950's for the price of 2 of those i can clock them pretty decent and it would be just as good right as having the 7970

My problem is now with my Power draw and Overclock
My specs are filled out below

Also these are the cards that were the least expensive but already come factory Overclocked and I happen to have a 6870 version of it as well

Anyway I have 2 Price points and well the higher one is Microcenter I can just go there in person the other is Newegg anyway if you have any better type cards with in the price range of the frozrs let me know

If anyone knows about the power consumption of these cards in crossfire or use them in crossfire what kind of PSU are you using so many questions before i decide to get them

Answer:What do you think about X2-7950's vs getting X2-7970's

According to Sapphire:

Sapphire Technology Web Site#

An 850W PSU is the recommend minimum for two overclocked 7970s. Unfortunately, they don't list a PSU for dual 7950s.

A 7950 uses two 6 pin PCI-E power connectors rather than the one 6 and one 8 pin for the 7970. That means that the 7950 draws less than 225W; the 7970, 300W.

850W should be adequate.

A 7950 has 7/8 of the stream processors of the 7950, but it's a better deal.

I haven't tried Crossfire since an unpleasant experience with two 4870s a few years ago. I hope that AMD has gotten their driver act together since then.

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I have a factory overclocked HD7970, running at 950MHz core (or 1GHz in the 2nd BIOS). I want to lower my temps, so I will be experimenting with underclocking. I'll be posting my results here.

Feel free to chime in if you have any tips or knowledge.

Answer:Underclocking GPU - HD 7970

St1ckM4n said:


I have a factory overclocked HD7970, running at 950MHz core (or 1GHz in the 2nd BIOS). I want to lower my temps, so I will be experimenting with underclocking. I'll be posting my results here.

Feel free to chime in if you have any tips or knowledge.Click to expand...

If you don't mind me asking what are you current temps and are they so excessive you feel you need to do that or is it just too loud for your taste? Is it a reference blower (Seeing how its got 950 base clock) and is it just to loud for you? Just curiosity speaking here...

Maybe you should just try an Gelid or Arctic cooler for around 50 bucks. Might help you out if noise and temps are an issue for you.

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Hey guys i was wondering what card should i choose
now im planning on getting one for my birthday
So id like to know what are the advantages of each and what brand is best
Custom cooler etc etc
Price will be around ?300-450

Answer:Nvidia gtx 580 or AMD 7970

Here are the side by sides of the two. Assuming they are both reference cards, the 7970 should be your choice.

EDIT: and as far as brands, most recommendations for ATI GPUs are the XFX line and for NVidia, EVGA is king.

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So I am bored and interested to see who already has lashed out for a 7970.

Answer:Who has the Radeon HD 7970?

It's in the mail... I will let you know what I think once I get it running in my rig

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Question: 7970 Artifacting

The card artifacts occasionally at stock clocks. I have already tried nearly everything:

full removal and fresh install of drivers, many different versions of the drivers
setting the fan speed higher manually
tested RAM multiple passes with Memtest
Checked CPU stability with prime95
monitored temps to be sure they're within proper limits
swapped another card (GTX 460) into PC to validate other components (no artifacting with GTX 460 or intel HD 3000)
Swapped this card into another computer to be sure it was in fact this card (artifacts in other PC)

I owned a 7970 that worked flawlessly, which died during moving houses, Asus replaced it with another 7970, however that one artifacted and had a very low Asic quality (in the 50's) and continued to replace it with low Asic cards that continued to artifact, whereas the first card had an average Asic (70's). I then sold the Asus card after all the trouble they gave me and bought a MSI 7970, again this one with a low Asic, and high default voltage that artifacts. I can only conclude that the low Asic quality is the result of the occasional artifacts, although this card artifacts much less than the Asus branded ones, it is still unacceptable for such a pricey card. I have read all over that Asic quality "doesn't matter" but I'm inclined to believe otherwise. Am I crazy or what should I do? Thank you in advance

PC Specs:
Intel I7 2600k
Noctua NH-D14 CPU cooler
ASRock Z68 PROFESSIONAL GEN3 LGA 1155... Read more

Answer:7970 Artifacting

Artifacts are typically a sign of overheating or hardware failure. It can also be caused by poor power.

And I noticed that although you have a 1000w power supply, it's a Rosewill model. Rosewill hardware mediocre at best.

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hey guys, so in less than a month I have around ?350 to play with and decided I'm going to buy a single powerful GPU, having SLI you realize its a bit of a pain in the ass waiting for SLI patches ect.

I know Nvidia are epic when it comes to performance and the driver team are phenomenal but I have seen nothing but epic reviews and benchmarks from the AMD 7970 vs GTX 680!

So what I'm trying to find out if anyone here has either of these cards and could tell me a bit about them, if you don't mind of course, I'm heading more towards the AMD 7970 at the moment because of the 3gb vram and performance, I'm just looking for something that can max most if not all games out and will give me 60fps 90% of the time.

Thanks guys.

Answer:Decisions Gtx 680 or Amd 7970?

PassMark Software - Video Card Benchmarks - High End Video Cards

It is clear that the 680 is superior by a good 550 points, I would go with the GTX 680, Expect Amazing FPS In Everygame

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Question: HD 7970 Overheat

I just got my new 7970 from XFX and right out of the box I'm showing huge temp spikes from an already high 60C idle temp. Along with the temp spikes, up to 100c shutting the computer off at times, the memory and core clock speeds spike with the temp. Both the core and memory will spike to their max, 1000 and 1425. I have noticed this spike when I maximize my web browser and then settles back to idle. Say goodby to any games. I cant even get to any game menu's without a crash. Both fans are working and spin up to the max along with the spikes so its not a heat removing issue. The card isn't even hot to touch when it "overheats". Just found out the card spikes if I switch between tabs on an already open browser.

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
Crosshair IV Formula BIOS 3027
8Gb Corsair Ram
And the troublesome XFX Radeon HD 7970 Black Double Dissipation With CCC 12.3

Any help will be fantastic or this card will be a 600$ target to sight in my rifle.

Thank You!

Answer:HD 7970 Overheat

If its a brand new card, RMA it. If software is implying an overheat but it isn't hot to touch it could be a bad heatsink, poor thermal compound etc. Regardless what the problem is, it doesn't appear to be working correctly so should be RMA'd.

However, what are you other system specs?
What PSU do you have and how old is it?
What temps does the rest of your system run at?

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Battlefield 4 is coming and I want a new GPU that can handle bf4 decently and isn't that expensive (suggestions are welcome).
But I'm not sure what the best GPU is, that my pc can handle without getting bottleneck and such.
I wanted to get a: Msi 7970,
But I'm not sure if my pc can handle it with my current specs:
CPU: Intel core I7 2600
GPU: Club3d 6950
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-PH67A-D3-B3

I only know the basic pc stuff, so help is appreciated


Answer:Can my pc handle a Msi 7970?

The motherboard and CPU can handle the 7970, but do you have a proper PSU? 500W is recommended by AMD, but if you want to overclock then I'd go for 650W or higher.

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Is this the new king??

Answer:AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB

Holly **** !! This will be the king ....

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Hello guys, my processor is intel core i7 3930K, I am not sure which graphics card should I choose and what is the difference ?? pls help me


Answer:Which Radeon HD 7970 to buy?

Not a big difference. Without looking at the exact models, there's nothing to say but pick the cheapest one.

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I was looking to get a Graphics card for one of my computers and don't know anything about Amd as I normally go for Nvidia. I just wanted to know what are the best brands for a gaming card in the Amd range. Ones that preferably have a good warranty on them. Thankyou!!

Answer:What Brand amd 7970 is best?

Most are just as good as the next one and most carry the same warranty. It's not so important who the cards are made by, as they're made to AMD's specifications for the most part.

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Question: AMD 7970 Updates

I'm just wondering if everyone has any info of when the next 7970 graphics update is coming?

Every time I try searching google or similar the only result I find are updates for it's release, which has already happened, otherwise I wouldn't have one, thanks google.

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Hi again all, time for my next big question on what to run, I got my Xfx 7970 DD Black Edition card the other day ago which ill be crossfiring after I purchase all my monitors. I will be setting up a 3x 23" monitor display within the end of the month and need alittle help on which cables to run.

Now the 7970 Model I have has 2x DVI, 1x HDMI, and 2x Mini Display Ports, so my question being would be whats the best way to go and able to run. 2x DVI and 1X HDMI to DVI on the Monitor, or 1X DVI and 2X Mini Display to DVI on the Monitors or go 1X DVI to DVI, 1X HDMI to DVI and 1X Mini Display to DVI?

Also I went to my local bestbuy and checking out some monitors and I was looking at the Acer 23hl Bid and 23.6" Asus and the picture on them look great and have pretty slim bezels on them, if you have any suggestion on some better monitors with smaller bezels on them please post them =)

Thanks !

Answer:XFX Radeon HD 7970 and Eyefinity

Dvi and 2 mini displayports using mini DP to Active DVI, You need to make sure you get active adapters or else it will not work properly. I have the xfx DD black edition also, great card I have another one coming tomorrow to crossfire, and will be getting another 2 24" monitors soon enough, I already have all the cables I need for the setup. Good Luck!

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Hey !

I recently bought new Gigabyte 7970 OC, but i can't get it work.

The problem is that when i try to boot with the card, all i get is just serval restarts, and black display saying: "No input signal" My Windows 7 Ultimate x64 won't boot.
Fan's of the card do spin.

I used to have Nvidia gt 440, and it worked fine, but i decided to upgrade to beter card.
I used few other cards for test:

Club Raedon HD 3450: Worked
Club Raedon HD 5450: Worked

Raedon X850 PRP: Worked
(I was rely surprised about that, cause that card is so old, and it has been in my brothers toy box last 2 years. :/ )

And, Gigabyte Radeon HD 7750: This card has a same problem.
But i get 7750 work, by setting my CPU and Memory to default frequency.
However, this card causes system crash sometimes, when computer is highly loaded. (Gaming) Also i get weird pixel storm in games.

With 7970 I have tried also CMOS clearing, and CPU underclocking. Still same prob.
And what comes to bad drivers, it doesn't mater cause i can't go even that far in booting.
Sadly i don't have mobo's POST alarm, or any led's in it.

I don't have another rig to test if that is faulty card. I don't even think that is faulty..

My guess is that my PSU can be faulty.
That because all low end card works properly, and little problems appear with 7750 (400w)
Other cards only draws around 300w

My rig:

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Intel core i7 3770
Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz, 32gb Quad
OCZ V... Read more

Answer:Gigabyte 7970 won't work.

First thought for me as well was the PSU.

Try reseating the card and reconnecting the cables. you do need an 8pin connector for this card I think... (not sure of connectors yet)

Is this your card?
XFX Double D FX797GTDFC Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card -
or this?

and PSU?
CORSAIR CX Series CX750 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply -

If so, you might need a PSU that has an 8pin connector. right now it is underpowered.

6pin will give: 75W
8pin will give: 150W

card needs more power than it is getting I think. I am thinking this is the case. the PSU you have probably has enough, but it isn't getting to the card....

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I am planning on getting a video card(s) soon but don't know enough to really decide what is the best for me. I plan on keeping it for at least 2-3yrs so I don't mind paying a "little" more hence the 7970 option. I made my choice of the cards in the title based primarily on price and my PSU output. I have an antec hcg-750 PSU which should comfortably run the above cards according to several PSU calculators (rest of my components in sig). I know the drivers for ATI sucks now but obviously it will be improved. But from a performance standpoint, how much does a 2nd card really add and if the 7970 is much better, by how much? worth the price premium? I have a dual monitor setup but only plan on gaming on one but might extend to 3-4monitors in the future (office/wrk stuff only) O and although price diff between 560/560 ti/560 ti 448 core are minimal the power consumption isnt, any ideas there? Hope to hear from the community soon. thanks!

Answer:2x 560 ti's or 2x 7770's or 1x 7970?? Suggestions anyone?

The driver issues will be fixed soon....A single 7970 will leave the option to add a second card later, also that 3 gig frame buffer might come in handy at a later date.....

What are you using right now?

Mature drivers are usually worth 10-20%, a second card in theory is doubles the performance, but you mileage may vary

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generaly i know PCIe3 is supposed to be an all around bug fix to pcie 2 however, i already have a 6970 and dk how to afford a 7970 at this time, would 2 6970s (i already have 1, add another) costing me around 250-350, altimatly running post cross fire at 4 gb going to be more ore less powerful than a 7970. i know with the 7000s new frame work also that might make it a bit better to boot. anyways, help is appreciated

Answer:will it be better to crossfire 2 6970s or go 1 7970?

According to the reviews, a single 6990 (dual GPU card, requires Crossfire drivers) is generally much more powerful than a 7970. A pair of 6970s in Crossfire should outperform a single 6990.

Is your PSU up to two high-powered cards? You'd need two 6 pin PCI-E power connectors, plus two 8 pin. The manufacturers recommend a minimum of 550W for a single card. Adding a second card, that'd probably be at least 800W. 850+ would be better.

Downside to dual 6970s: Crossfire drivers, power & heat.

The DX11.1 and PCI-E 3 capabilities of the 7970 are of little consequence at the moment.

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hello all! i want to know if i could cross fire a 6970 series and a 7970. i know they are different frameworks, but if i upgrade, i want to keep my 6970, if i cant cross fire its just going to sit until i build my server. is it possible? ir are they too different?

Answer:ati 7970 cross fire

wont work have to be Identical

Unless it is a 6970 and a 6950 but ussually you want to pair the same card only other option is hybrid crossfire which would degrade your performance then really help it

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Computer Specs:CPU: i5 3570KGPU: AMD Radeon HD 7970MOBO: Gigabyte Z77-DS3HRAM: 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3PSU: 750W Corsair CMPSU-750TXV2 80 PlusHDD: 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black SATA-IIIOS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (Service Pack 1)Software & Peripherals:Avast! (current) & Symantec Endpoint Antivirus (old - same problems)Google ChromeGuild Wars 2, Rift, Planetside 2, League of Legends (a few other installs that have since been removed)SpotifySkypeRazer Naga 2012Razer Black Widow Stealth EditionSteelseries Siberia v2Background/General Info:To start, I received my computer (built by CyberPower) on the 15th of December. I had black screen issues within days but I thought I had fixed them. More issues arose. Most of the problems are black screen crashes but I've also seen a couple issues where the screen turns a color (purple, for instance) and features dark, vertical lines running down its length. When the black screen occurs, I lose sound as well. This has happened primarily during my time watching video content ('s live-streams and Netflix) but it also occurred once during a game of Tribes: Ascend (the first time playing the game, by the way). To my recollection, none of the crashes have similar circumstances other than the existence of a video streaming service. Most of the time I'm running a few browser tabs in the background and Skype at random intervals but my attempts to replicate the issues mentioned above have failed. They seem to... Read more

Answer:Black Screen - HD 7970

It certainly sounds like a graphics card issue. Lines and colors on the screen generally point to graphics V-Ram being bad. Does your motherboard support MVP by LucidLogix at all? it is possible the shared memory lines are being corrupted and causing these issues. I would also have pointed to power as a culprit but I see you have a decent supply in there I had an issue with my P8Z77-v LX similar, my old HD4870 would post and run, but at 4x only, not 16x. My new HD7870 didn't run at all, until  RMA'ed the motherboard.Are you overclocking your computer at all?

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Hi Guys,

I recently purchased an AMD 7970. Ever since I've been using it I've been experiencing white flickering spots in-game. Here is a short video where you can see this: []

I already played around with the settings in game and nothing seems to change. BF3 is the only game where I have this issue. I'm running AMD's latest 12.3 driver but I've experienced this since 11.12 or whatever the patches were upon release. I really don't have a clue what I could do and from trying to look for other people with the same issue but I haven't been able to find anything.

Any help is greatly appreciated,


Answer:White flickering in BF3 with AMD 7970

If it only happens in BF3 its probably just a driver issue.

Make sure your directx and drivers are up to date. There were a few shadow glitches in BF3, and with such a new gpu im guessing this is what you are seeing, Probably be patched soon.

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Just upgraded from a 660 GTX to an XFX 7970 card. Install went well, but now I have some issues with noise and GPU usage. CCC Showed 99% Usage on the 7970 card and fan speeds at 71%. Can't get it to lower at all. I uninstalled all drivers through Safe Mode (including the new AMD drivers) but still get the same thing if I install AMD drivers from the site. Windows default driver keeps it quiet, but I get some lag from it. Can't seem to figure it out at all...

Specs -

Windows 10 Pro
AMD 9370 (Stock)
16GB DDR3 1600Mhz (Stock)
256GB SSD Boot Drive
Single 7970 3GB (Stock)
M5A99FX Pro R2.0
Antec True Power Quattro 1000w PSU

I am trying to remedy this before I install my second 7970.

Answer:7970 Fan Speed and Usage

Are all background programs running turned off? Did you use DDU to remove all video drivers from the system?

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Hi Guys,

It's almost 2012, and I am starting to wonder where, how, and when we are going to be able to pre-order AMD's newest creation. Does any one of you know?

All the best and a happy new year,


Answer:Pre-ordering the AMD Radeon 7970

I wouldn't want to order it until it has been released, and the word circulates on how it is performaing... It seems to us, that the early models of anything are too often a disappointment.

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Hi, I'm thinking about upgrading from 2 Crossfired 7970's to Quad 7970s, I'm currently running a XFX 1050w Power supply so I know I will have to upgrade to a bigger one, So I'm just wondering what size to go on the psu to safety run them all and the rest of my rig. Thanks alot!

Answer:Quad 7970's How much Power?

this is an average power consumption of a radeon 7970

u have to take count not only the graphics cards here though all ur system specs should be listed down if possible and if ur running an overclock it would help better

but judgeing by the cards it would add up already to a 1300w alone

+ might I ask what u need quad 7970s for I feel like 2 is enough overkill already

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The guys over at VR-Zone have been experimenting with volt modding with the HD 7970....and this is what they came up with...

36.97% core OC, 14.5% mem OC @ 1.25v

24.7% increase in 3DMark 11 Performance
26.3% increase in 3DMark 11 Extreme
19.5% increase in Heaven 2.5 bench

Meanwhile, Chiphell are reporting that VR-Zone's overclocks might be bettered by Sapphire's factory solution. 1335MHz core and a rather modest 5735MHz effective memory, for a pair of cards branded "Atomic" (the name last used on Sapphire's HD 4890), a 1125MHz core /5600MHz mem for the "Toxic" edition and "Flex" (Eyefinity 6) edition with 6GB of vRAM


Answer:HD 7970 pushed to 1.26GHz

see....I told ya!:haha:
Preview of "Sea Island " capabilities perhaps?

Good god! ...look at the bandwidth!

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So I have an hd 7970 oc from msi and I have overclocked it and runs pretty fine only concern is how hot it gets I get up to 85 sometimes so I would just like to know what the themal limit for the gpu is because if it's close to my temps then I would like to change a few things around I would really appreciate if someone told me thanks.

Answer:Thermal limits for the HD 7970?

85C is fine, my top card in CF runs up to 95C without any throttling. Thermal issues only kick in around 100-110C or so.

If you're still concerned then set up a custom fan profile in MSI Afterburner.

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I am having an odd issue with the 7970PE53G model of the ATI Diamond 7970. It runs great don't get me wrong. But for some reason, this card will not show a temperature in the ATI Control Center or any other third party application. Now this wouldn't bother me, but I believe this is causing my card's fan to run at 100% the whole time which is more then it needs, and way to loud. So I end up manually turning it down. I then continue to use the card and about an hour of use will cause my computer to completely shut off, then after I turn it on, everything is back to normal! Temperature on the GPU will begin showing, and the fan can automatically adjust its own speed.

After an hour of two of working fine, it stops sensing the temperature, and jumps back to 100% fan speed, and then the process starts over again. Kind of irritating, I just bought this card recently, so I need to know if it is defective or not.

I have the latest drivers from ATI 12.8
I also do not have anything overclocked.

My system is:
Intel i5 2500k
Z68 Gigabyte Motherboard
16gb 1600mhz DDR3 Ram
128 SSD Corsair
850 watt Power Supply
ATI Diamond 7970

Windows 8 Pro 64bit

Was going to try to do a fresh install of Windows 7 maybe... see if the same issue, I figure it could be Win8 maybe? Not sure... Also may try using this card in a buddies machine see if its the same issue. Any other suggestions out there? Anyone else ever experience something like this? I just came from nvidia gtx 460s sl... Read more

Answer:Crashing Temp & Fan Issue with new 7970


Boot into the BIOS and post the temp and voltage readings.

Brand of the 850 watt Power Supply?

You can try testing the card in the other PC to see if the problem follows the card.

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Hello everyone, am interested in making my Rig a little more quiet, I currently own a radeon hd 7970 vortex by powercolor, I was wondering about the Nvidia Geforce Ti 780 according to a recent article in found here (Best Graphics Cards, CrossFire, And SLI Over $500) the geforce is a bit more expensive but quieter, I was wondering how much more quiet is it really, is there much of a difference at all? I know I could go with water color, but I don't feel comfortable with my ability to undergo such an endeavor just yet. So, basically i'm asking if anyone knows which card is the quietest and best performing at full load preferably under $800.

Answer:Upgrading from hd 7970 need advise looking to keep it quiet

Maybe this will be able to give you some insight.

Radeon HD 7970 vs GeForce GTX 780

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As the title says really, would it be possible?

Answer:Xfire Sapphire 7850 & 7970?

Thought as much, thanks.

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While showing its age a bit , it still works well, until it would artifact and go black.

Inspecting the TIM and thermal pads I saw or thought it was a heat issue due to that are as old as the dead sea scrolls.

Purchased some fujipoly pads for Memory, 1.5m and for VRM (same), replaced them and the TIM [AS5]on GPU.

So, booted up into windows 10 1607 and after 10 min temps soared display went black.

Replaced with an old ATI X1950 pro with Microsoft basic display driver. (it works at resolutions that can be seen from the ISS). Plus no legacy drivers work with it anymore.

Any suggestions, will re-seat H/S/F later tonight, hope it works.......

Answer:HD 7970 works up to right after I sign in to desktop.

l had an old Power Color AMD Readon HD 4850 do the exact same thing and I did the exact same steps to fix it. It turns out that the card itself was just going bad. It happens.

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So I've been playing quite a lot of games recently. And I've been getting more and more frustrated since I'm getting huge fps drops, which shouldn't happen since this is a brand new video card.

Here's some screenshots for you to get a better overview of things.

The above is idle.

Sincerely, P1raten.

Answer:Getting massive FPS drops on my ATI Radeon HD 7970

Im guessing that is a 7950 not a 7970 ?

Anyway what games are you playing and have you gone through re installing direct x
and did you also get your drivers from the site ?

Also keep in mind if these games are on Lan it might not be the card you should check your pings during game play that could be a reason as well

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While showing its age a bit , it still works well, until it would artifact and go black.

Inspecting the TIM and thermal pads I saw or thought it was a heat issue due to that are as old as the dead sea scrolls.

Purchased some fujipoly pads for Memory, 1.5m and for VRM (same), replaced them and the TIM [AS5]on GPU.

So, booted up into windows 10 1607 and after 10 min temps soared display went black.

Replaced with an old ATI X1950 pro with Microsoft basic display driver. (it works at resolutions that can be seen from the ISS). Plus no legacy drivers work with it anymore.

Any suggestions, will re-seat H/S/F later tonight, hope it works.......

Answer:HD 7970 works up to right after I sign in to desktop.

l had an old Power Color AMD Readon HD 4850 do the exact same thing and I did the exact same steps to fix it. It turns out that the card itself was just going bad. It happens.

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Right so I recently had an massive upgrade to the msi 7970 oc edition from msi and I went straight to the overclocking I bumped it up very high but I am trying to get it stable on al games at the core clock of 1215 and memory of 1610 at 1.231v and I have been getting very nervous when it comes to the volts as I have bumped it up so high already from 1.175v therefore I am also worried for my temp sensor as I went up with the volts and overclock my temps sometimes go lower than before so I think it is giving me bad readings so I think temperature is my second worry I am fine with it though iif it does not go over 85-90 degrees. so what I need is some help from who overclocked any kind of 7970 and got it high as my settings or higher. I would really apreciate if someone would help me, and no I am not new to overclocking and do know the risks I am taking.

Answer:Stable clocks and overvolt for the MSI HD 7970 OC Edition?

Got your PM Erik, but I'm afraid I'm of no real help when it comes to overclocking, as its not something I've really ever done much of. I tend to run everything at stock clocks these days.

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Hi, my Gigabyte windforce 1 GHz HD 7970 has started running at about 95% load all of the time, whether I'm on my desktop or in a game.

It does this until it gets to hot and crashes.

I've tried changing driver version, no difference.

Anyone got any ideas?

Answer:Solved: HD 7970 running at 95% load all the time

Hardware fault, dirty heatsink, loose heatsink, etc.

And I assume by "95% load", you are referring to the fan speed. Which would seem to indicate it is hot and attempting to cool itself.

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Several weeks ago I got a 7970 for the build I'm working on, for the first week or two in Catalyst Control options I had the settings to change Aliasing etc, however now everything is gone, it's as if I'm using a non-recognized card with the CC Center still installed.

I am updated to all of the latest drivers, I tried re-installing from the disc along with restoring the factory settings in CCC, it fixed it for about 5 minutes, but it went back to normal.

Check attachments for a picture of the problem.

Also, I haven't overclocked anything, I don't overclock and have no intention to do so.

Answer:Catalyst Control Center - Sapphire 7970

Uninstall CCC via Windows Control Panel then download & install the Catalyst Software Suite (that's the drivers & CCC combined in the same package) for your Sapphire 7970 from the Sapphire Support Download Centre here:

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I`ve msi 970A-G45 motherboard
And a gigabyte 720 watt psu
Will ati 7970 support my mainboard?
How much cuda cores it has?
Thank you all.

Answer:ati radeon 7970 specifications & system requirements

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I bought a 7970 about 5 months ago and since then I have had some horrid problems with any game. While this may only happen once a week and causes my computer to crash if I do not end the game fast enough, I am concerned. I have not had heat problems and it happens at random times. Is there a fix? Want me to upload a screen shot of the problem? Thanks for the hlep.

Answer:7970 Textures Stretch Over Entire Screen.

Can you show us a screen shot of what your talking about? It sounds like screen tearing if im understanding what your saying.

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Hallo I need help Please i have a xps 8700 (working fine With GTX 650 TI ) I try to install a sapphire HD 7970 Graphics card. i get power and fans running But i have Black Screen!! (No Peep).after around 20 Sec , the Computer Restart once and still nothing Black screen!!*i have Thermaltake toughpower XT 775w power supplyI try the Following :1) i put back my old Graphics card and uninstall all the old drivers.2) i login to the BIOS and set Secure Boot to off.3) i change boot from UEFI to Legacy .4) i put the HD 7970 back and start the computer .((( AGAIN NOTHING !!!))) ... Black screen and one time restart after 10 to 20 Sec !!My BIOS Ver. is A11 (Latest i think)Windows 10 64bitCPU intel i7RAM 12 GAny Help will be appreciatedThank you Ala

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Turkish website DonanimHaber has leaked a few NDA Briefing slides providing details on the upcoming release of AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series GPUs.
With the release of the Radeon HD 7000 series right around the corner (though new reports put the HD 7970 around Dec. 22), we are getting more details on the new series thanks to information trickled onto the web.

Read More at : AMD Radeon HD 7970 Design Details Leak Out

Answer:AMD Radeon HD 7970 Design Details Leak Out

Hmm good thing i have saved up the cash!!! WOOT i might get 2 of them ro replace the 6990

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AMD Radeon HD 7970 Review - Page 1/32 | techPowerUp

AnandTech - AMD Radeon HD 7970 Review: 28nm And Graphics Core Next, Together As One


Answer:AMD releases Radeon HD 7970 PCIe 3.0 card

sweet that means when i have my money for the xfx hd 6870 it will be cheaper due to these new series coming out :P hehe nice card seems very powerfull look forward to benchmarks on dx11 games on high resolutions at max settings

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Just to whet the appetite of the Techspotters who are squirreling away cash ready for the day that 28nm GPU's see the light of day.

8+6 pin PCI-E (with provision for 2 x 8 pin possibly for testing purposes).
12 memory IC's -so presumeably 12 x 32-bit = 384-bit memory bus
Tahiti (HD 7970/7950) production/availability slated for Q1 2012, Pitcairn (HD7870/7850?) in Q2 2012.

[Source : Beyond3D forums]

Answer:AMD Tahiti (HD 7970/7950) pics surface

Some possible info surfacing at OBR (He of the supposed-fake-but-actually-on-the-money-Bulldozer-leaks).
The graphs look off from what I've seen on the intertubes, but the 15% improvement over GTX 580 in 3DMark11 seems on the money, which should translate to ~22-25% better performance than the HD 6970 in gaming. This would tend to add weight to the decision to allow board partners to have custom HD 7950 designs at launch, since it would seem that the 7950 isn't going to be the performance equal of GTX 580/ overclocked 570. Custom SKU's would allow overclocked performance to better match the Nvidia cards -much the same strategy as Nvidia employed with the GTX 560Ti.

PCGH are reporting that the 7970 will hit retail at a ?539-549 price point.

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Alright, so my problem is: Recently I replaced my EVGA GeForce GTX 650ti Boost for a Sapphire Radeon HD 7970, I won't lie it was a good buy since my Nvidia would overheat all the damn time when gaming, but now i'm experiencing the exact same damn thing with this new card, what makes no sense is the fact that whenever I touch it, it's not hot, neither is everything else inside, all of it is neat and organized.....**** I don't even have the case covered so there's more than enough air flow going on in there, I just experience random shut-downs all the damn time, and it's frustrating to know that it's not anything of what I have in there cause nothing ever gets hot, I don't even overclock my stuff, ever....even my PSU is colder than both my motherboard and graphics card, I have no viruses as I do regular virus checks every week, all I do is gaming, all my drivers are up to date, everything is as it should be, and at the end of the day, it's almost as if my GTX 650ti is better than my new THE HELL IS THIS?!

Answer:Sapphire Radeon HD 7970, this overheating makes no sense....


Originally Posted by Xalidan8162

Alright, so my problem is: Recently I replaced my EVGA GeForce GTX 650ti Boost for a Sapphire Radeon HD 7970, I won't lie it was a good buy since my Nvidia would overheat all the damn time when gaming, but now i'm experiencing the exact same damn thing with this new card, what makes no sense is the fact that whenever I touch it, it's not hot, neither is everything else inside, all of it is neat and organized.....**** I don't even have the case covered so there's more than enough air flow going on in there, I just experience random shut-downs all the damn time, and it's frustrating to know that it's not anything of what I have in there cause nothing ever gets hot, I don't even overclock my stuff, ever....even my PSU is colder than both my motherboard and graphics card, I have no viruses as I do regular virus checks every week, all I do is gaming, all my drivers are up to date, everything is as it should be, and at the end of the day, it's almost as if my GTX 650ti is better than my new THE HELL IS THIS?!

I understand your upset we could try a few things and see what the problem is.
Find out which ATI catalyst suite/driver you downloaded.
Find out what nvidia drivers you download before also.
Reason why i say this both vga makers have released some bad drivers throughout the year.
If you happen to get a bad driver to make vga card heatup and crash, that could... Read more

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Just got my first AMD card in years (maybe around ~5 years), I installed the latest driver from AMD without issues (13.10) then I installed the driver for the ASUS Xonar DS, the driver installed fine, but the sound card is not being detected as the primary Sound Device for Windows, it appears with a yellow exclamation point when going into Device Manager, under "Device Status" it says:

"The device cannot find enough free resources that it can use (Code 12).

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices in the system"

Which I already did, I disabled the HDMI audio from my HD 7970, and nothing.

What can I do?, I'm running out of ideas.

This was after a clean install of Windows 8.1 btw.


Answer:New AMD Radeon HD 7970 card install, now no ASUS Xonar DS?

Did the Xonar sound card work OK before installing the new video card? Or did you install both at the same time?

If you installed both at the same time, physically remove the new video card and go back to whatever you had before and then try to install the Xonar sound card and see if it works OK. 8GB of RAM is plenty. I have one system, an i5 3550 CPU and it rarely gets over 4GB of RAM used.

I've also seen some comments about the 8.1 having some sound issues. I don't remember what they are but something else to consider.

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I've been given an old UC560 from work. When using either 7970 or 7975 handsets, should their firmware be SCCP or SIP?

Oh, and will the newer 8800-series phones work with a UC500?

Many thanks


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MSI R7970 TF 3GD5/OC BE Radeon HD 7970 3GB Twin Frozr OC Boost Edition 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card -

I bought this for about $225 on sale used a while back.

I am thinking I could sell it for about $200. I'm wondering if I should sell it or not.

Here's why I'm thinking about selling it:

1: It's so big. While it did install in my machine it barely fits. It makes any work on my pc harder to do. It measured at 10'' when most other cards measure around 8'' or so.

2: I play the Sims 4, Elder Scrolls Online, Diablo 3, and Skyrim. I want to max out as much as I can. I have a 3.0 GHZ Quad Core AMD Processor and 8 GB of ram. I feel like my PC can only go so far, and getting a video card like this is just overdoing it.

3: I feel like I can get similar performance, and a BRAND NEW video card for around $150. Then I can sell this used for $200.
I have no idea big differences between video cards. I still want to max out these games that I play. I would prefer a smaller card but I Want to get the best value.

I see cards like this

ASUS GTX750TI-OC-2GD5 GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready Video Card -

Honestly I don't know what makes a video card great. But if I can get the same performance for my needs and max out my games anyway, why not make a little money and get a brand new card (for reliability purposes) and also get a smaller easier to work with card.

Honestly though. I'm w... Read more

Answer:Should I Sell my Radeon HD 7970 3GB Twin Frozr OC Boost Edition

I think you should sell your card and go with NVIDIA.

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Ide say about 60% of the time I wake my computer from sleep the monitor wont turn back on. The only way Ive figured out how to get the screen to come on without resetting the system is to unplug the DVI cable and plug it back in.

Thoughts? Anyone else have other video issues? Im sure its probably a driver problem as I didnt have this issue until I installed 8.1 with the 8.1 preview drivers. My computer has done a couple weird things since I installed 8.1 but otherwise Im enjoying it.

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Hello, what do you security experts think of this software?

They have some new patents for VIN's etc.

Could anyone give an opinion of what you think of it?

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Question: Top Reviews

Down this page has anyone else ever wondered why the Top Reviews bit at the bottom never seems to change from 'Monochrome laser printers'?

Answer:Top Reviews

It does, I've seen all the review categories there at times. Not sure how often it changes, but it does. ;o)

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Question: Top 10 Reviews

I am not sure yet whether or not this new format is good or bad. Log in is not remembering details, I can not find the "top 10" review section? (does it still exist?). Everything seems to be "squashed up" with a lot of wasted space. Possibly its one of those things that will "grow on you" with time, and become more clear as PCA "tweak" it?Maybe PCA should "revisit" this layout and make it a little more "user friendly" and a bit more clear as to where or how to find the sections that we know and love from the previous layout.

Answer:Top 10 Reviews

click here

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Question: Need some reviews?

I had come across over such an innovative invention of sensor technlogy which recognise the voice and perform the further activity.
Vocca Bulb, the best invention of voice recognization technology from sensory Inc,
reviews and feedbacks are appreciated.

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Question: AVG Reviews

A compilation of AVG reviews

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Question: IE 7 reviews?

IE7 is available on Microsofts website now as I'm sure you all are aware. I WANT to download it but I'm afraid. I'm used to IE6 and I don't want any problems or issues to occur. I once downloaded Firefox and it was so different I hated it.

So, those of you who have it already, can you tell us scaredy cats what it is like and if you would recommended it? And if not, why?


Answer:IE 7 reviews?

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Question: Dr. Web Reviews

A compilation of reviews can be found here:

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Question: Reviews

I have a youtube channel with reviews of different Anti-Viruses at this helps

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Hi All,

I created this thread as an FAQ for the release of the new AVG 8. I thought we could use this for any discussions or issues about the new release. Here is what is known so far:

1.) It is unknown as to whether or not AVG 7.5 users will be automatically updated to AVG 8, although a comment on the board said they didn't think an auto update pushed will be forced.

2.) It has been known to be buggy and slow according to some of the C-Net reviews. This could be the sign of a new release or hopefully not a bad omen of what is to come from a once-great company.

3.) There are 3 versions of AVG 8.0:

a.) AVG Anti-Virus 8.0 Commercial Version: This is a paid version that includes Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Resident Shield, Root Kit Remover Real Time Protection with a Link Scanner that scans sights before you go to them and a Link Search, that indicates the safety of a sight before you go to them similar to McAfee Sight Adviser.

b.) AVG Internet Security 8.0: A paid version with all the features of (a) plus a software firewall

c.) AVG Anti-Virus Free 8.0: The free version that includes Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware scanning and the Link Search (Site Adviser clone)

Please indicate in this thread: (Discuss each that applies to you.)

1.) The version of AVG 8 you have installed.

2.) Any problems with the download or installation

3.) Any slowdown of your system.

4.) How different is the Free AVG 8 interface compared to the paid versions?

5.) Whether or not you use Link S... Read more

Answer:AVG 8 Reviews and FAQ's

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Question: Reviews on PCA

I recently bought a Canon Pixma MP160 based on a review on this site.I now wish to forward that review to a friend but I cannot find it using search, anyone any ideas please.

Answer:Reviews on PCA

I've gone back through the reviews to the beginning of this year and the nearest was the MP460.

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I have tried to find some comparisons between the AMD and the new E66xx series of Intel processors but so far have been unable to find anything. Everything I have found is still discussing the Pentium D and older processors.

Does anyone know where I can find comparisons on newer processors, and does anyone have any opinions on the benefits of AMD over Intel or vice versa.

Thank you

Answer:Reviews on Intel vs AMD

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Question: MSE reviews/tests?

ive seen a few links/reviews of MSE and other anti-virus apps and what % were caught, etc...but cannot seem to find them.

anyone have a few links?

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Question: AntiVirus Reviews?

I can't find timely or even common Anti-Virus Reviews.

They used to be more common, more timely. In years past, it seemed there were dozens of sites offering tests and reviews, almost on a monthly basis, and certainly quarterly. Then, of course, there was the issue of validity, consumer trusting of those reviews, etc, but the sheer quantity of reviews gave credence to some products.

In the past year, however, I see fewer and fewer websites offering AV tests. Perhaps the perception of "everyone's doing it" led more and more reviewers to stop their own efforts?

Do you have a set of favorite AV review sites?

On a side note, a good many reviews seldom listed the useful feature of "Product offers downloadable ISO for a boot-up scan process." I greatly prefer the products that offer this, most of whom seem to do at least a monthly update of their ISO file. (It's not that I believe every Virus will be cured, but I am still old-school enough to believe that pre-boot 'cures' offer some cures that post-boot fixes can't.)

Answer:AntiVirus Reviews?

Not unless you want to buy, and change, your antivirus every month. The best changes and common sense and any decent anti-virus is all you need.

Avast, AVG, Panda Cloud for example are solid.

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Hey all, as usual, I am pondering upgrading my system. Here are my current specs:

i7920, stock
6GB tri-channel 1333 RAM, 2GB 1333 RAM
ATI HD 5870
150 SATA 7200.?? HDD
850 Watt Corsair PSU
Windows 7 Home Premium 64x

My question is have any of you got a chance to try out any of the 1366 mobos featuring USB 3.0 and SATA GB/s ??

I'm wondering if I should wait to upgrade or what to do... I have no fundage as of now but in less than 2 months (or perhaps less than a month) I could easily come up with the required ca$h for the cheapest mobo that supports these which I saw on newegg...

Has anyone tried either of the features I mentioned? I've heard the SATA 6GB/s are ridiculous (but I was planning on getting a SSD... so... suggestions welcome)

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Question: 3 new game reviews

Splinter Cell(SC) and Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow(PT).  I am really enjoying SC.  The graphics are really nice as is the overall gameplay.  All the missions require a mix of stealth and action with some missions require no kills whatsoever.  You can opt to shoot your opponent or sneak up behind and knock him out.  The AI in SC is limited however so it's possible to shoot someone and easily evade his buddies.  The AI in PT is MUCH more advanced.  On finding a body most often their first response is to call in backup.  SC does not allow for multiplayer while even though PT does, it's not nearly as fun as the solo missions.  Both these games are worth buying and for me, that's saying ALOT!Star Wars Battlefront.  This is a mmfps along the lines of Battlefield 1942.  At first I enjoyed it very much.  It's always fun to put on a suit of StormTrooper armor and run around or play a droid.  It has the same idea of BF 1942 in that you can take over neutral or enemy spawn points and you have only so many tickets (team deaths) before you lose.  There are some vehicles you can drive/fly but I find the ground cars move too slow and the ships move much too fast.  The maps tend to be just a bit too large to make the cars useful and the maps are too small to maneuver effectivly in a ship.  As for the characters.. as fun as it is to be a StormTrooper or droid, any given character (4-5 choices depending on the te... Read more

Answer:3 new game reviews

Battlefield 1942 itself wasn't very exciting either, trees the size of a pencil and no obstacles to hide behind when two Shermans are storming in on your position. I still have to try Splinter Cell, if it's anything like Hitman, it's bound to be ace.

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Question: Customer reviews

I am buying a computer system for gaming... but here's the problem. I went to two sites that were recommended to me (Cyberpower and Ibuypower) but before ordering, I checked out their customer reviews... seems they were really bad.

Now my question is where can I find out which site has the fewest problems? I know that mostly only people who have had problems will bother to post, so I'm trying to take that into account.

Is Cyberpower really as awful as the reviews would indicate? I had configured a great system there but the reviews said that MANY of their systems were dead on arrival. At least one review said they had replaced the chosen parts with cheap subsitutes. (specifically the mother board and chip)

Short of googling every site out there that sells systems...what can I do to be sure I am dealing with someone I can trust?

Answer:Customer reviews

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I am looking for some reviews of the Cisco PIX 501 firewall. The reviews I need have to come from a credible sources, so the the reviews posted by users on web sites do me no good (othrwise my job would be a bit easier).

I have tryed the usual (google, computer world, network world, Cnet, etc), but so far I have come up with nothing useful!

I appreciate the help!

Answer:Cisco PIX 501 Reviews?

Reviews like that are probably going to pretty hard to find. Your best bet is probably going to be looking at a round-up of enterprise/smb-class firewalls and getting data about the PIX from there. It specifically has to be a 501? There are little differences between the 501 and other PIX units running 6.x code other than hardware and license limitations, and you dont need a "review" to figure that out.

Is this for a university class?

Here's what I found on google, seems more like a sales pitch than an honest review:

I know you said you couldn't do it...but I could answer almost anything about the 501 (and be honest about it). If you are allowed to do an interview let me know and I can give you my credentials. The 501 is a good unit, but it has its limitations.

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Has anyone had any experience with DiskFresh?


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I'm thinking I rad in an earlier post in this thread, something about it, but just to re-hash. What's everyone thoughts about the new STARCRAFT? I
ve seen the trailers and reviews, I really liked the first 1, and BW, but I'm thinking the game is a lil' out dated. When it came out like 10-12 years ago, it was fantastic, but 12 years later.... I'm not so sure about it. I'm sure most all the real gamers out there have played the first one... so us being the consumers, I'd like to hear everyones thoughts.

Answer:Starcraft 2 reviews

Why people jsut follow the beautifull graphs of this video game.

Broodwar is and will be the best strategy game ever made, more than 7 years in World Cyber Games and still being the best.

Starcraft II make me cry, isn't like broodwar and never will be!

C- <-- iccup

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Answer:Why can't all product reviews be like this?

Absolute Class! Really funny, but yet so so true? Thanks for the laugh.

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Hi all,

does anybody know where I can find reviews of the

LG L1950SQ 19" LCD Monitor ??

It comes in the bundle with the PC I'm about to buy, and I just wanted to know whether it's any good or not..

the spec sheet suggests that it is, but the spec-sheet never tells the whole story....

anybody got any ideas?



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JH Kitchens LTD Reviews . Quality is absolutely awful. Cheap quality product.

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Well i didn't take a look at windows 7 since it came out, just didn;t have the time to spend the time behind it. I want to run it on my PC, but before i do that i would like to know if some could tell me how it runs compared to vista. And has any one been running for over 2 months and if so what bugs did u run into

Answer:Windows 7 just want an over all reviews on it

Quote: Originally Posted by wany

Well i didn't take a look at windows 7 since it came out, just didn;t have the time to spend the time behind it. I want to run it on my PC, but before i do that i would like to know if some could tell me how it runs compared to vista. And has any one been running for over 2 months and if so what bugs did u run into

Hi wany

welcome to sevenforums

I have been running win 7 since december and I personally feel it substantially better than vista. Bugs in the early builds were video, raid, and some bios. by the time build 7100 came out most were resolved. If you gave us your computer specs we could tell you more.


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I'm about to order a P50, and I've seen the terrible reviews for the FHD and UHD displays, but not a lot about the FHD touchscreen.  Does the touchscreen use a different display than the regular FHD model, or is it the same display with a capacitive sheet on top?

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wow comodo firewall actually got some love and picked up the top spot on top ten reviews

Top Ten Review

Answer:comodo #1 top ten reviews

#2 BitDefender has a better "ratings" and cheaper.

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And a question,

Does it offer more sizes for text increasing other than Small, Medium, and Large? Can the Menu Bar still be accessed? (Even though it is hidden by default in IE 7.)


Answer:Any Early Reviews of IE 8?

You can read other feedback here on IE 8 using this link.

EDIT: Actually, the search function here appears to be enabled again so you can use it to find other IE 8 threads.


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Stumbled upon these sets of reviews while I was hunting for some info on some products:

Free solutions:

Paid solutions:
Can't say I don't agree with some of the reviewer's points on both categories, because I do.

Nevertheless interesting reading. Just hoped some 2013 versions were reviewed instead.

Answer:Interesting Reviews

Thanks Biozfear for share,but I personally did not agree with this review and reason are many.2 of them which i point out here:
1...They give avast 8/10 in features which is low in compare with almost all tested product except mse,I doubt avast in features score low then others

2...They give panda 10/10 in ease of use and that is just a joke

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I've googled it and other than the one person here who has reviewed his 510, I've yet to find any reviews on the T510.  Feedback anyone?  If you have one I am especially interested in what you think of the keyboard?  It is like a good traditional ThinkPad keyboard?  Or is it soft and mushy in certain areas the same as the 500's are?  Thanks

Answer:Any T510 reviews out yet?

Hi wirelesslaptop,
here are some first impression and pictures by a German member:
Google translated text:
The Upper Notebook is a 14 "T61p 4:3, takes on the size, I believe almost nothing compared to the other 14" 4:3 most of the devices also had time in hand.
Link to post and pictures: T510 vs 14" T61p 4:3
Some short impressions:
-  My goodness, the device is wide! - Processing is still very first cream, no creaks, no bends through - The display is very WHITE, and the color temperature slightly cooler here, thanks to LEDs, I think times - The new keyboard is awesome - Degrees, the fan is running, but it is hard to hear - ThinkLight works as it should do it, say it appears the keyboard is not in the eye

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hi all...silly newbie question, but i'm just wondering why we haven't seen any reviews yet?  i would figure that some review units would've already been sent out to the likes of PCMag, NotebookReview, Cnet, etc.?  is this not the case? thanks

T410 i620 4GB, Windows 7 x64

Answer:New T series reviews

I am waiting for them also..

Thinkpad T500 - Intel Core2 P8400 (2.26GHz), 4 gigs of ram, 160GB/7200rpm hard drive, ATI 3650 GPU, WSXGA+ panel

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Hi all,
just found some reviews of the upcomming X1 on Laptopmag here and pcmag here.
and another.
last not least Engadget.
best regards
Credits to User jerendra und YamYAm auf

Answer:X1 first reviews online!

Glossy display and permanently installed main battery: no-goAdditional the wide display-bezel - that reminds me to the i-series, where 12" lcd have been attached into 14" display-covers.

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Question: Code Reviews?

Is there any interest in the developers community for an online code review group? What I mean is, for those of us who work in small shops, it would be nice to have the code review process like larger shops do. Also, I like to work on some independent development projects at home (as most of us do I think) when the inspiration hits me (rare).

The only problem I can see with this is the theft of intellectual property by unscrupulous developers.

Comments please.


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Hello all,

I need help to understand who reviews Windows 8 app games ? My app titled "10-Up" has so far been featured by the Video Game Island from Australia and as a developer from Australia many of my contacts are from here. Much of the information from Microsoft is good but only gets you so far.

Any Windows 8 Developers out there have tips to reaching out to other markets?
Or if you're a user, does an app like mine appeal to you?

10-Up app for Windows in the Windows Store

I don't intend to spam my app but more so interested in other peoples experiences in a currently under developed market (but surely growing)

For interest sake, my app is based on a popular game played on trains where you combine 4 numbers to become 10. Now you can play it in an app environment against a timer and with combo's etc.

Thanks in advance !

Answer:Windows 8 App Reviews

Just to update for anyone reading, I managed to get it featured on an Australian game review website known as the Video Game Island.
I'm still in search for windows store specific ones, but perhaps there aren't many that are as popular as yet.

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Looking at possibly buying one of these but not sure about the i3-4005u series. I see from bench tests online that it is quite a bit slower than the "m" series, but will it be enough for standard office work/web browsing etc? I assume it will be but will I notice a huge difference in terms of responsiveness/speed between the i3-4005u and the i3-4000m?

Answer:Lenovo G50-70 Reviews?

I guess not

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This may be a controversial topic!

I am seeking advice on where the best product reviews for hardware can be found in print and on the web.

For print, to date I have been relying mostly on PC Magazine. I don't always agree with the fine points of their assessments, but I do trust their overall testing and reporting. Moreover, in all the years they have been publishing, I'm not aware of them being sued, at least successfully, over a biased product review. And since they give both the parameters as to how the test was done, and the means for one to repeat the test themselves, I consider that pretty solid. PC Week and InfoWorld come in as close seconds.

Are there better or more up-to-date print sources?

How about on the Web?

R. J. Emery

Answer:Best Product Reviews

A good place to start would be <a href = ""></a> Check out the infozone under electronics and then hardware/software reviews. There is a lot of links there to review sites.


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Question: Hardware Reviews

Does anyone know any good web sites where computer hardware is reviewed? Such as peripherals and CPU's? You see I am about to buy a AMD K6-2 CPU and I would like to read more reviews on this product.

"There is only one good: knowledge, and one evil: ignorance."

Answer:Hardware Reviews


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Question: Reviews needed!!!

Any reviews on the Soyo SY-7ISA+ Intel 815e S370 ATX Motherboard w/ Vid, Snd would be appreciated.

Answer:Reviews needed!!!


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Question: Electronic Reviews

I am going to buy a new tv and was looking for a place to get information on it and read some user reviews. Anyone know of some good sites?


Answer:Electronic Reviews

nothing i can help with there APART FROM
What do you want? Wide screen? Flat panel? 100Hz? PnP? things like that. Talk to other people and get their recommendations. There are usually a few renouned brands that come to mind. I in NZ cant give you my opinion on the American market, but it depends on your needs of a TV. If your going home theatre, Id go flat panel wide screen 100Hz type screen. Philips and Panasonic are the best for that hre.. Sony is not far behind. The brand difference is so little these days. Get a demo at your local store. Youll see something youll like

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Question: MSI K7N2G reviews

I'm interested in the MSI K7N2G motherboard as the basis of a new system I hope to build, and would be interested in any reviews,particularly around the onboard graphics which I have seen is just below a geforce4 mx440 spec.

would this board with 2 x matched 256M 333 memory, be able to provide the graphics to play my boys games, they are into gaming and have XBOX etc, they also have PCgames.

or must i get a graphics card and if so, which other motherboard should I get that does not have built in graphics?

I have also looked at the MSI 865PE-Neo2 LISR2 but this combo is expensive and starts to put the system outside my budget

Answer:MSI K7N2G reviews

You can get an MSI or ASUS motherboard for about $80~100 without onboard video. Then spend $75 for a Ti4200-64mb if you want to do some serious gaming.

The onboard 3D video on the NForce2 will play 2001 games and older pretty good. The Ti4200 will allow your kids to play UT2003, Unreal2 and Half Life 2 fairly good... without a lot of money.

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As these usually are not the one obstacle throughout the contract, and given that the phrases and must haves can alternate at any time, the client is enormously advised to be trained the complete file on the Divine Derma Cream stories web internet page earlier than agreeing to the free trial. The factors on this cream would even be necessary to some consumers, however it’s most important to admire the monetary ramifications of the trial and the cancellation interval.

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Came across this site which appears to be selling expensive software really cheap. Just wondering if anybody had tried them and whether they are a trustworthy, legit. operation. Googled for reviews, but didn't come up with anything. Thanks. reviews


Way way too good to be true and ISOs are what you get no physical media, that coupled with no contact or address info, apart from an online email submission page, I would pop your credit card back in its wallet.

$60 for Adobe CS3 which is aprox $649 even being an older version.

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Question: Nokia 8 reviews

Please provide review of nokia 8 if anybody using it recently. Whether it is a good for windows converters.

Answer:Nokia 8 reviews

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