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Dell Dimension 2530 Completely STUMPED!

Question: Dell Dimension 2530 Completely STUMPED!

Ok, so I've got a Dell Dimension 2530 a client brought in the other day wanting a fresh install of XP Home Edition on there.

Having being an older system with no recovery partition and hanging on the windows screen more times than not I popped in my XP HOME OEM DVD.

FIRST FAIL - No DVD drive...wouldn't read my external DVD drive...Having plenty on hand I popped one in for his main ROM Drive.

Booted up into the DVD fine...DELETED his old partition and reformatted just fine.

SECOND FAIL - Wake up and the installation hung up right near the end before you enter a user name and your authentication of windows for the system.

Normally when something like this has happened to me I can reboot the PC and it will resume the installation. This time that was not the case it posts, then goes to a black screen with a white blinking underscore for about 40 seconds like its trying to access my DVD...then the screen goes blank completely. ALT f4 wouldn't work and it sat there for a period of time...SO option one...I did some things in BIOS so I restored it to no avail...

This same thing happens to me when trying to boot to JUST the ROM drive.

I'm a tech by trade, but a beginning tech. Any help on this issue would be most appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Dell Dimension 2530 Completely STUMPED!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Dell Dimension 2530 Completely STUMPED!

I would suggest testing the hard drive using the manufacturer diagnostics.

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

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Just a curious question from a curious mind at the moment.

Answer:Will the HDD in my Dell Dimension E520 be compatible with a Dell Dimension 2350

DELL Dimension B110 1100 2300 2350 2400 3000 4100 4300 use IDE Drive so no Its not directly compatible.   Even with a KINGWIN ADP-06  sata to IDE bridge the windows install is not compatible.

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Hi, this is my first post. I've been browsing this place for some time now, and just signed up the other day to post this problem I've been having.

Back story: Less than a month ago, I foolishly opened my case while my computer was on (I wanted to see what revision my motherboard was because I reformatted that day and needed to update the drivers). I was updating the drivers because Bad Company 2 was crashing and I thought it might help.
I pushed an external sata mount out of the way and accidentally touched it to something in my motherboard. The system shut off immediately and I smelled a burning smell. After a few hours of troubleshooting, I took out my motherboard and saw that a small area on the bottom got fried. I ordered a different board (ASUS P5N-D) and reinstalled Windows.

The Problem: Since getting the new board, I've had constant freezing issues. Sometimes sound looped in Bad Company 2 when it froze, sometimes it didn't. It also freezes sometimes when I play Youtube videos, or stream Netflix videos. It's random. I can watch an hour long show sometimes and have no issues, or sometimes I can freeze within 2 minutes of starting a show. I got 2 or 3 BSOD early on, but lately all it does it freeze. It hasn't frozen any other time, just when playing Bad Company 2, watching videos (of any type), playing Minecraft (froze in like 40 seconds), and playing NES ROMS. It seems to be happening more and more often. I'm completely out of ideas.

Things I've tried:
- Erase a... Read more

Answer:Help! I'm completely stumped here.

Well just looking from what is there, I see you have driver issues or are perhaps missing drivers completely.

It's not just your driver app (which I've yet to see one that works right) there are a lot of generic and pnp faults on the system.

Someone else will have to tell you what's really going on here. But you are faulting at a horrible rate no doubt.

...just a footnote, apparently photoshop is dying on you because of a problem with your ati driver.

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My girlfriend's laptop is doing some strange stuff regarding google. When she searches on the main page, she gets a bunch of links that are just ads and nothing related to her search. Then she tried searching on Yahoo and MSN, both of which (after she's typed in a search keywords and hit enter) just send her to google's homepage. The only way around this is to go to google's advanced search option, which allows for normal searches, but that's rather cumbersome and the other things shouldn't be happening in the first place. Has anyone experienced this before? Are there any thoughts as to what we can do about it? Thanks a lot for any help. Hijack log below.

Her system's specs:
Dell Laptop
Windows 2000

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:27:29 PM, on 3/25/2007
Platform: Windows 2000 SP3 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Linksys\Wireless-G Notebook Adapter\NICServ.exe
C:\WINNT\sys... Read more

Answer:I'm completely stumped...

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Question: Completely stumped

I'm running Win2000Pro

Explorer will occasionally freeze. CPU usage while I"m on the net will occasionally spike up and down for no apparent reason, even if I'm not doing anything but reading a web page. The computer occasionally lags during tasks. This morning, I had several explorer windows open and the computer was acting up and when I opened the task manager things froze. When I tried to close one of the web pages I got a message that said the program could not be closed. I rebooted.

I have run Adaware, Spybot, Norton Anti-virus, Trendmicro, and Bazooka - numerous times. All they've come up with is:

Bazooka found - MS Media Player GUID (admittedly, I have not updated security patches in quite some time and I believe that's why this is showing?). I haven't done anything with that yet. Not sure if that's my real problem.

Spybot, the other day, found a registry change in Windows Media, something about client ID? I can't remember exactly now. I thought it was odd but it fixed it and I didn't think anything else of it. Today Spybot doesn't find anything.

Other than that, I'm coming up clean. I have been trying to troubleshoot this, literally, all day.

I figured out that I have a process running in task manager that Adaware for some reason doesn't pick up: csrss.exe. It seems to be doing stuff because it's CPU time is currently showing 0:00::33. Research tells me that it's a legit process but ... Read more

Answer:Completely stumped

thundermoon said:

DUH! Media player has a huge hole and you better plug it NOW! It is a whopper. Do your duty to keep you safe and everyone you have access to. I really can't believe hearing what you said in this day and age. I HAVEN'T BEEN KEEPING UP. That not only affects you, but it AFFECTS everyone that you have conntact with. Go ahead and spread the VIRUS. Billy P.S. Shame on you.Click to expand...

Oh my Thundermoon.. you might as well just stab her... You kind of lost it there. >< lol

Anyways get the microsoft updates... it really is crucial to your security.


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I recently got a torjan that enbedded itself into my windows. i have a brand new antivirus software to remove it but i cannon install because it says my Microsoft windows installer is out of date. the trojanb has blocked my internet access from that computer so i cannot update it. i am using my second desktop to write this and i have downloaded the update to a flah drive and try installing it but it tells me it cannot verify the integrity of my update.inf. then ask if i have a cryptographics program??? how do i fix the issue so i can install my antivirus? Please help.

Thank you
M.D Wayne

Answer:Im completely stumped.

It's hard to scan an infected drive if you're booting from it because virii and other malware tend to load along with windows and disable many things (that would keep them from thriving).
The best way since you have a second computer is to take the drive out of the problem computer and hook it into the working one, and boot from the working computer and do your scan from there. There's two ways to do this. If you have a desktop, you can take out the hard drive out plug it directly into the working one (open the case), or with special adapters (for example 3?" to 2?"). The other option is to use a USB enclosure. Take out the old drive and put it in the enclosure and plug it into the USB slot.

A few things to be aware of before you begin work:
- static is the biggest enemy. discharge yourself by touching the back of a computer case before touching anything internal.
- second biggest enemy is vibrations and bumps. hard drives are EXTREMELY senstitive to shocks, so be very gentle and take your time (beware of bumps when you insert into the computer case too).
- when plugging directly into the working computer, you need to know if the drive is ATA (aka IDE aka EIDE aka parallel ATA aka PATA) or SATA (aka serial ATA) and its form factor (3?" or 2?"). You need to know if the computer you're plugging into has SATA or ATA connectors. If you're working with ATA and the form factor is different (laptop drive into desktop PC), you'll need one of these adapters:... Read more

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Ok this is really difficult and i cannot provide much information. Basicly, i clicked a link in a game that someone posted in a chat. It was a simple screenshot no biggy. But later on in the evening i began being DDosed and my internet dropped entirely. A guy joins my TeamSpeak saying its him and basicly started being a prick. In an attempt to protect myself i downloaded a VPN. He knew exactly what i was downloading.  Furthermore, my computer became very laggy. So i consulted my mates and they said hard reset your computer. I did that. After resetting it i have downloaded loads of anti-malware protection. Now to the main point, for some reason my computers CPU gets used near enough to 100% every time i start using too much stuff. Such as google, steam and multiple anti-malware. The thing is before i started being DDosed my CPU would never become laggy whatsoever. I could play the latest games easily. I researched what this might be and found out about the bitcoin miner virus. However, after downloading and scanning my computer with several anti-malware programs, nothing has been found. I have been into my task manager when my lag starts and its always mainly coming from one program. But its saying that google is using it all up or another program is using it all. It alternates between programs which is weird. Its as if a miner or a virus is hiding and uses other programs to show for the CPU usage.
The things i know:
-the link looked like a short version of google ... Read more

Answer:Completely stumped.

I looked at another topic on this forum and it looked like they were having the same problem. I downloaded security check and here is the result.Results of screen317's Security Check version 1.014 --- 12/23/15     x64 (UAC is enabled)   Internet Explorer 11  ``````````````Antivirus/Firewall Check:`````````````` Windows Firewall Disabled!  Avira Antivirus                     Windows Defender                    ZoneAlarm Free Firewall Antivirus    Antivirus up to date!  (On Access scanning disabled!)`````````Anti-malware/Other Utilities Check:````````` Java 8 Update 73   Java version 32-bit out of Date! Adobe Flash Player   Mozilla Firefox (45.0.1) Google Chrome (49.0.2623.87)````````Process Check: objlist.exe by Laurent````````   Windows Defender MSMpEng.exe Avira Antivir avgnt.exe Avira Antivir avguard.exe Avira Antivirus sched.exe   Avira Antivirus avshadow.exe   Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamscheduler.exe    Windows Defender MpCmdRun.exe    CheckPoint ZoneAlarm ZaPrivacyService.exe &#... Read more

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Question: Completely Stumped

Okay, I usually can fix minor issues with desktops. This one has me so stumped. I have a secondary backup computer that is ANCIENT. Running XP, it is a Compaq Presario SR1030NX, with 512MB Ram, 160GB Hardrive with a 3000AMD Athelon processor. I was updating my anti virus, but after 10 minutes the screen goes blank. The hard drive is not running, the monitor is fine. I re boot and I get the black screen screen that wants to either start safe mode or normal windows. Start normal. Try again, different program, still an anti virus though. Try to scan and the computer blacks out and this time after it blacks out the hard drive stops as though I had fully shut down the computer. Monitor has not gone to sleep, and the idiots lights are on the tower, but the activity light, the fan & the hard drive are not functioning. Re Boot and the same black screen, not even scan disk or blue screen. Please help, I don't want another paper weight.

Answer:Completely Stumped

As neither your fan (I assume you mean the CPU cooling fan) or the hard drive are running this sounds like a failing power supply. Or, it is shutting down because the CPU fan has failed and it is overheating.

At the end of your post you refer to "the same black screen" do you mean the boot options screen?

Take the side of the case off and see if the fan is running when you first start the PC?

Are you still seeing the POST screen when you switch it on?

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Ok, for some reason today my wireless connection stopped working. It isn't my router (linksys), because others in my house are able to connect to it wirelessly. I have a desktop computer and I use a wireless netgear adapter, which is has worked flawlessly for the past 4 months up until today. I've resulted to moving the router and the modem to the desktop room to see if it is just a wireless problem. It seems I can't connect either way. Every time I try to connect it tells me there is limited to no connection. I've seen this before, so I typically repair and eventually it corrects itself. This time however, nothing is working. It gets stuck at refreshing your IP address. Barely any packets are being sent and none are being received. I've gone to cmd on run, and under ipconfig it seems I'm missing a default gateway IP.
On my wireless connection network under support, it is listing my IP as invalid as well.

So far I have contacted linksys to confirm it isn't a router issue as well as netgear. Although to get anything out of netgear they require you to subscribe for a 6 month thing worth a ridiculous amount of money, which I refused to do. I have restarted the computer, reinstalled the netgear software, restored the computer to an earlier date, and nothing seems to be working at all. I have in the past had issues with conflicting IP addresses with other people on my network (roomates), but it hasn't come up in awhile. The fact that I ca... Read more

Answer:IP Issue. I am completely stumped.

Disable encryption on the router and try to connect. If successful re-enable encryption and reconnect.

If unsuccessful please show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I am doing a real basic new build and my problem may be very simple-a DOA motherboard.

New components:
Intel I3-3225
Intel DZ68DB mobo
GSkill F3-12800CL9S-4GBXL DDR3-1600
EVGA GeForce 219 video card
Corsair CX-430 psu

Salvaged Comounents:

Compatibility tables indicate these should coexist.

Assembly went pretty smoothly. When I powered on the psu the Standy light lit up on the mobo. However, when I pressed the case switch, the various fans started and shut down within 1 second. I eventually disconnected the drives and video card with the same result. I then tried using an old bur working psu and the same happened.

I can only conclude that the mobo is doa, but maybe I'm missing something.
I've rechecked all the connections and they all seem tight and correct.

I've built 9 or 10 pcs over the years and rarely had a doa component, never a motherboard. Before I pack it up and send if for replacement, I thought I'd see if some smarter guys can think of something I might be missing. Any thoughts on the subject will be appreciated.


Answer:Doing a new build and completely stumped

Hi chinnboy.
Don't want to tell you how to suck eggs but this is my usual methodology.
The psu is shutting down because it is trying to deliver too much current and usually too much current is caused by a short to ground somewhere. Have you checked for wiring shorts to the case such as pinched wires or wires with copper exposed that can short. Less likely but possible, is there a screw or washer lodged somewhere on the motherboard shorting out tracks? Is the motherboard shorting out somewhere against the case such as a sharp burr or some swarf left over from the case manufacturing process? If you can't find any shorts then you need to isolate where the excessive current is being drawn. Try fully disconnecting all peripheral equipment like HDDs, DVD drives, case fans and remove the graphics card and as well as any other cards. Power up again and see if the psu stays up and if it does then reconnect the peripherals one item at a time repowering up and making sure the psu doesn't shut down in between each item. If the psu shuts down then the last thing you put in is likely causing the problem.
Oh and if the psu shuts down when you first have everything disconnected then also remove the RAM and check the ATX_CPU connector near the processor is securely connected. If the psu still shuts down with no RAM then you need to decide is the motherboard faulty or is the processor faulty as you have already swapped the psu with a working one so that should be ruled out. La... Read more

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A friend of the family came by our house and dropped off a netbook that was loaded with viruses. My grandfather got the first crack at trying to clean it up and used a restore point. We've tried just about everything in our arsenal to fix this. Its an Acer AspireOne series netbook, and the hidden recovery drive (Alt F10) causes a huge garbled mess of pixels and freezes the netbook.

The actual symptoms are unusual(for me at least) it started as one of the fake anti-virus programs, and then progressed from there, but when papa recovered it got weird. now when I boot into the normal OS I have about a minute to get whatever I can done before the OS just hangs. Buttons still work, i can type, but pretty much nothing else works. if i click the start menu it just opens and stays open and is unclickable, and only the windows that are open can stay open, although anything that is accessing files fails(like scans or something like notepad file browser)

The Safe mode and Safe mode with networking seem to work fine, no lock ups but the screen saver comes on every 5 mins and no matter how many times I disable it, it turns back on.

But enough talk, have some logs!

(These logs were created in Safe Mode because they cannot complete under the normal OS environment)

DDS (Ver_10-11-10.01) - NTFSx86 MINIMAL
Run by Taylor murphy at 11:52:53.53 on Tue 11/16/2010
Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.13

============== Running Processes ===============

E:\... Read more

Answer:Virus has me completely stumped.

Oh, i figured i'd also say that IE brings up an error saying the system cannot find the file specified, and all attempts to install other browsers has failed.

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Okay, first here are the specs:

PSU: Rosewill RP600V2-S-SL 600W SLI Ready-ATX12V
Motherboard: EPoX EP-MF4-J AM2 NVIDIA nForce4 4X
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200
HDD: 250GB Samsung sp2504c
Graphics Card: PNY GeForce 6600 256MB 128-bit DDR PCI Express x16
RAM: 2 x 1GB G.Skill DDR2 800

I was upgrading my computer when my brothers suddenly crashed. When he tried turning it on the monitor received no feed from the video card and it would beep quickly about 4 or 5 times then shut down. Well I fixed that problem, there are no more beeps and it?s reading the card just fine now.

However, now Windows will not read his hard drive. The motherboard reads it, but Windows will not. When I take it to my computer it reads it fine. So I reformatted, backing up all the information first, then tried reinstalling Windows with the OS disk, but it still will not read the hard drive.

If I take the hard drive to any other computer the Windows disk will read it just fine.
I switched his PSU with mine, the same thing occurs.
I switched video cards, the same thing.
I switched to a pci card, the same thing.
I removed one RAM, switched them, alternated places, the same thing.
I even switched his hard drive with mine and what do you know?. It still doesn?t recognize it.

If I run any other installation program it reads the hard drive just fine. It is just the OS disk.

Someone please, help!!

Answer:[SOLVED] Help, I’m completely stumped!

After I cleared the CMOS I thought it would reset the BIOS to default, but it did not. Once I set the BIOS back to its default options everything ran smoothly.

Can't believe something so small cause me so much of a headache Just wanted to update in case anyone else has this same issue.

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I've worked with computers for a little while now but this issue I seem to be having has totally baffled me, and I'm having to run around frantically trying to find out what the problem is with. So I thought I'd check with a bunch of experts incase Ive missed anything.

I initially built my computer back about a year and 8 months ago, and the system was running fine. Not a single peep out of it, I was really satisfied with what I had built. Anyway, more recently I thought I'd take the opportunity to upgrade my system and splash a bit of cash (you know how these things go... spend thousands, don't tell the other half??) but anyway things didn't kind of go to plan.

Initially I had my main system board, which was a Gigabyte EX58-UD5, and was running an i7 920 2.66GHz processor with 6GB of PC3 12800 OCZ RAM running in tri-channel. I thought it was time to upgrade my CPU, hard drives (one of them failed and made my RAID go a bit dicky), and graphics card.

Previously my graphics card (which was an nVidia GTX 280) before the swapover started getting these weird scrolling colours going up the screen erratically, usually within a few minutes of running World of Warcraft, and occasionally just on the Windows desktop. Drivers made no difference at all, and it then got to the stage where even loading into Windows caused a problem, so I thought that it was obviously broken so would be a good opportunity to get a new card.

Initially I had ru... Read more

Answer:Lockups, completely stumped

What I know is that Artefacts are caused by Memory (video card memory) but freezes and crashes by the GPU.

I would test the System memory, one stick at a time with Memtest but after I am certain the motherboard has the latest BIOS and it is setup according to the configuration, this could translate in to playing with voltages, for RAM, Chipset and the CPU as well as Memory timing. If these values are not set (which could differ with two identical configurations) Memtest might report faulty RAM when RAM is OK.

OCZ has quite a bit of RMA going on on their support forum, good place to ask for help with settings

2 cards same symptoms, I lean towards RAM, BIOS settings and last but not least, power.

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I have a brand new Asus A7V880 mobo, new corsair ram (1g), Ati9800 pro from previous setup, new sb audigy 2 zs. 430 watt antec ps. I also have a new Windows XP Pro full version, I assembled the box at first with a Western digital 120 gb ide drive. Installed perfect ran normal for about 3 months then data started becoming corrupted, I reinstalled windows and during installation got hardware error message, returned HD got another of the same type, again setup went smoothly and installed windows easily. Started getting corrupt file error messages once again, noticed the hard drive making odd sound also. I ran updated antivirus scans/spyware scans and nothing was found. Returned the HD and got a Maxtor Sata HD installed it easily windows installed smoothly then within hours of installing drive was making same odd sound as the other, was getting random 10-15 second freezes and was getting messages saying windows registry files were corrupted or missing. I have litterally tried everything, the HD software utilities, chdsk, etc... What could be fouling up brand new hard drives? i even shorted out my bios and started from scratch but each drive I install soon exibits behavior of a failing drive. Anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Completely stumped...major HD issue

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Okay so my sister has a new Ipod Touch. She got the 8GB version and the thing says there is a little over 6GB of space. She had ALL of her music on her 4GB Ipod and is now syncing the new 8GB one to itunes. It is saying that it is Over capacity. How can it be over capacity when her songs used to fit on her lower GB device? Did we miss something?

Answer:completely stumped, Ipod says it is over capacity?


At times the album art takes a hell of a lot of space, I would not directly transfer the music from on ipod to another but manually create a new playlist for this ipod and see how that works.

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Hey all, long time browser and downloader to this site but first time poster. I work as a systems support technician for a decent sized company and play a big role in the running operations of our IT infrastructure. I also repair computers on the side when I'm not at work. This laptop I just received however has me completely stumped.
The virus has placed severe restrictions on the only active user account. The restrictions I've located at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon\GPExtensions and of course I'm unable to change them. I'm unable to run any antivirus or malware fighting applications that I normally use, with the exception of Farbar Recovery scan tool. I can't change any administrative functions such as adding the guest account or changing the accounts that can log in. The only other active user account is $HOMEGROUP_USER and I do not know how to access it. I am however able to modify the registry group in HKCU.
Trying to perform administrative tasks alerts me that they are all blocked by group policy. Trying to launch security tools tell me that my system administrator has blocked the application.
The applications I've tried to run (and failed) are;
malwarebytes anti-rootkit
I've tried all of these in safe mode and have tried to change the names and remove the properties of them. I've also tried to boot into a windows NT account r... Read more

Answer:ZeroAccess rootkit has me completely stumped. Help!!

Hello Egobrane
Welcome to Bleeping Computer.
My name is fireman4it and I will be helping you with your Malware problem.Please take note of some guidelines for this fix:
Refrain from making any changes to your computer including installing/uninstall programs, deleting files, modifying the registry, and running scanners or tools.
If you do not understand any step(s) provided, please do not hesitate to ask before continuing.
Even if things appear to be better, it might not mean we are finished. Please continue to follow my instructions and reply back until I give you the "all clean".
In the upper right hand corner of the topic you will see a button called Follow This Topic.I suggest you click it and select Immediate E-Mail notification and click on Follow This Topic. This way you will be advised when we respond to your topic and facilitate the cleaning of your machine.
Finally, please reply using the Post  button in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Do not start a new topic. The logs that you post should be pasted directly into the reply, unless they do not fit into the post.
  I will be analyzing your logs. I will get back to you with instructions.
I can see why your having so much trouble with this machine as it is horribly infected. We will remove all the malware and see if you will have the premissions back. If not we may need to remove Mcafee.  Sometimes with these infections Mcafee will block permission... Read more

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hey everyone...heres my deal, hope someone has an idea.

friend gave me computer to fix..played around with it...wouldnt turn on..figured it may be the cmos i took the battery out of mine to test in there...didnt work...thought it may be psu...tried same thing, didnt work turned out motherboard was fried. anywho..put everything back into my when i turn my computer, itll freeze after anywhere from 5 mins to an hour. i have an MIS motherboard, running xp...radeon 9700 pro, and sound blaster 100 sound card. when i turned my computer on, it popped up with new hardware found for the soundcard...i thought it might be that they were using the same IRQ, so i took out the sound card...reformatted the computer...set everything back to normal, still nothing. drivers for the radeon are fine. any one have any ideas? im usually able to figure most anything out...this one has me stumped.

thanks for the help!

Answer:computer freezing..very odd..completely stumped help please!!

you mentioned everything except the memory, have you checked that yet?

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I like to hear forum members opinion.
Just recently fixed the issue with Dell Dimension 4300, machine didn't power up when power switch pressed. I replaced original dead 250W PSU with new 430W dual fan and now comp is running. This PC is:
Intel 845 1.6 GHz internally and 400 MHz externally. 4 DMA channels and SDRAM PC133 512 mb of memory.
I also upgraded USB to 2.0, nice 128MB video card and some other goodies.
Now, I got another stock Dell Dimension 8100 without papers, but I check and this particular one has:
Intel 850 1.4 GHz internally and 400 MHz externally. 8 DMA channels and 384 mb RDRAM of memory. Nothing was done to this machine, and it also have original working 250W PSU.
What better to do? Keep the Dimension 4300 or remove goodies that compatible with 8100 motherboard, including fabricating in, new, dual fan PSU and excluding memory, I assume SDRAM and RDRAM not compatible and transfer to Dimension 8100?
Is 8100 machine more advanced then 4300? I know they both pretty old and outdated. I personally bough 4300 for my dad in 2001. Is 8100 was produced later? I see that CPU is Intel 850 vs 845..
Guys, opinion welcome.

Answer:Dell Dimension 4300 vs Dell Dimension 8100

"Opinions Welcome".......You're Sure Now.....?

I think you should concentrate on finding a computer that is still relevant in this century.

If you'll check put this publication from Dell , you'll see the copyright date is 2000, and by 2001 it is in the 8th revision.

So no, I'm not just being mean.

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Well, they will load but it takes forever. No other sites I visit have this problem but get this, the excite links load just fine on my Vista and Win 98 machines. All three machines are routed to a cable connection. I thought that this page lag problem might just be an IE-6 thing but the same thing happens when I try to load excite links from the latest version for FireFox on my XP. This browser problem started about two weeks ago and I thought Excite was just having problems. Now after testing this out on my other two computers, I think the problem is somewhere in my XP system. I have no idea what would cause such a delay for only one web-site. BTW - Excite is my homepage in IE but Google is my homepage in FireFox. Has anyone encountered a similar problem and found a fix for it?Thanks,Pete

Answer:This one has me completely stumped. I Can't get links at to load.

Double-check your IE security settings...

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I have a Dell Dimension 2400 1.6ghz 1gb RAM with XP Pro on it for several years now. It has many programs installed on it. I purchased a faster used Dell Dimension 8400 3.6ghz hyperthreading 3gb RAM with XP Pro on it.

My question is simple. My Dimension 2400 has an IDE hard drive and the 8400 has SATA. Rather than spend days re-installing and tweaking all of the programs on the 8400 I tried the following. I used Acronis Easy Migrate 7 to Image the IDE hard drive to the SATA hard drive and installed it into the 8400. It would not boot, I tried a repair install, then while booting I get a blue screen stop Error 0x0000007B. What do I have to do to fix this so it will boot? What else is it looking for?

Answer:Clone IDE to Sata from Dell Dimension 2400 for Dimension 8400

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Hey guys,I just got a new Dell 24" monitor ST2410 that has higher resolution than my 19" that just burned out.  However, I can't get it to work.  I've downloaded the proper drivers and everything seemed to have worked but I still can't use the higher resolution.  I contacted Dell support for help and they finally came to the same conclusion as I had that my video card or something on my computer, now years old, will not allow for any higher resolution than 1280x1024.  My graphics are Intel Extreme Graphics 2 and it says that it's monitor supported modes are from 640x480 all the way up to 1920x1080 under the system information.  But it won't work.  So if it doesn't work what do I have to do as far as installing new hardware to be able to do such?  What do you recommend and who do you recommend do the work or is it something I can do myself?  About how much will it cost, etc?  Thanks for your help.Edit:  My buddy has an older dimension desktop and he never had an issue with his when he bought a couple much higher resolution monitors.  Also, if I'm not giving enough info on this don't hesitate to ask for more if you think you can give the answer.  I can give service tag and stuff like that if needed.  Thanks a ton to whoever can help out a noobie.

Answer:Dell Dimension 3000 not allowing 1920x1080 resolution with new Dell 24" monitor

It's most likely due to the refresh rate, if your like me fast-pase gaming is better with a high refresh rate 75+. (How many times if refreshs the screen with an image)Default is however set to 60 on most monitors, which looks fine to the average eye, it is normal that flat screens can't support high resolution as well as a high refresh rate. You're limited to 1280x1024 max resolution if refresh > 60.Set your refresh rate to 60, apply, then raise your resolution. It will be under your advance settings options for the monitor.Control Panel > Display > Resolution > Advance Settings > Monitor > Refresh RateIf not, the other limits are either the monitor or graphic card.Is your monitor wide screen or not? 1920 x 1200 might be a better resolution.Your Intel Extreme Graphics 2 is a built-in graphics card, to make the most out of higher resolution in games I recommend going for an actual graphic card from Nvidia or ATi, etc. You might lag out otherwise at those resolutions mainly because your sharing system memory and it's slower to store large textures. Major performance increase buying a decent graphic card.

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Hi all,
I have a spare computer from work, but I do not know the password to log in, and so would like to wipe it. Ergo, I decided to try and boot the computer using a USB thumb drive with Ubuntu on it, so as to wipe the windows partition on the hard drive and then install Ubuntu. The computer boots normally to the Windows XP login screen. When I press F2 or F12, there is no display output. I have tried this with a variety of monitors and with two D-SUB cables (one at a time). These are the Samsung LT27B551EW, LG 27EA63V-P and Dell Rev A00. None of them show either the Dell splash screen or the BIOS screen. I have tried pressing F2 and F12 at strategic intervals (every 2 seconds) but still there is no display output. I also know that I was able to access the BIOS on the same computer a few months ago, but I forgot which displays I used then - I had to wait for permission to wipe the hard drive.
I have also looked up this problem in a number of other places, and found that this is supposedly due to an incompatibility of some kind with the monitor. However, I am not sure as to how I might go about fixing this issue, as I do not have any other monitors or cables which work with the Dell - all my other cables are either HDMI or other sorts of cable which do not plug in to the Dell. If there is a way to use the hard drive and wipe it without accessing the BIOS I would also be grateful to hear about that too.

Answer:Dell Dimension 3000 skips Dell splash screen and BIOS

Try connecting the USB stick before you power the system on.
You can try this too:

Power off, and unplug power cord from rear of PC
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reconnect power cord to rear of PC
Power on and immediately tap F12 a couple of times

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This computer was just continually rebooting itself so I was preparing to try to get into safe mode or something. Now however, it just boots to a Dell screen and stayst there with the blue globe with the word Dell on top of it and www. on the bottom of the screen. I removed power from the machine for a few minutes, and tried booting again to the same situation. Has been running now for 15 minutes with no change, just the dell screen. All advice welcome!

Answer:Dell Dimension XPS T650r wont get past initial dell screen.

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Hello to all,   I recently did a clean reinstall of Windows XP (Home) on my Dell Dimension 2350. All went fine. Now I need to install the correct drivers. I have the Dell Resource disc and this is where the problem starts.    As noted elsewhere, after the reinstall the screen display of the Resource disc is as it would be in "Safe Mode". I was aware of this. As such, the Resource disc Search Criteria screen was a bit larger than the monitor screen. I was able to size it to fit the screen but this is really not the problem it is the following: The Search Criteria options I have from the drop down menus (on screen) are as follows:System Model:   All, Dimension C521, DXC061, Dimension DXP0G1, Dimension E521, DM061, XPS710    (Which, if any, do I pick?)Operating System: (I think I got this one)   All, Windows XPTopic:   (Maybe this one too)   All, Applications, Dell Diagnostics, Diagnostics, Drivers, Utilities   For the life of me I cannot figure out the exact drivers I am to install*. Windows XP only appears in the Operating System menu. I pretty much know the install order but as I said, I'm a bit confused about selecting the correct drivers from the disc. This computer is not connected to the internet at the moment so I can't download and use any sort of driver detection program. Other searches have confused me further and have provided no specific answer to this problem.&nbs... Read more

Answer:Installing drivers after Windows XP reinstall on Dell Dimension 2350 using Dell Resource disc

You need, in installation order:

Chipset driver
Video driver (depends on which video card)
Audio driver
Network driver (depends on which you have)
Modem driver, if you use a dialup modem

Go to the Support page and put in your Service Tag. It should give you the drivers you need. You can download them on any PC and copy onto a USB stick for installation on the 2350.
You only need the applications, if you actually use them (eg, Roxio, Jasc Paintshop, etc).
Then install your antiviral software and get online to the Microsoft Update site for all the patches and updates.
Keep in mind that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and they stopped releasing security fixes for XP and IE9, more than 1 year ago. So they're both full of security holes and put your personal data at risk.

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I have an old dell dimension c521 desktop with a AMD Athlon X2 4400 2.3 ghz  CPU. I would like to know if I can swap the original motherboard with another Dell OEM motherboard that supports a quad core CPU, such as a AMD Phenom or Intel Core2Quad. Will I have any issues with powering on the PC with a different dell motherboard? or with the front panel USB, headphone, power button?

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hi how are you i have purchase a dell 170l mother board looks like there are two kinds it has one that works with the sata tats the one i have i bought it to replace my dell 2400 but cannot mount it please help as the lining up of screws are different i need to know how to mount it it only has one screw i think it may short if not mounted properly.

2 the front panel lights how to connect the lights as the pins looks different

Answer:Can Dell 170l motherboard fit Dell Dimension 2400

I've moved to the correct area of the forum, where it will be better read by other members.

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I have a nasty nasty infection on my pc. I've tried several things to remove it myself and I can see that the forum for HJT logs and malware removal is swamped here...

So, I'm considering a reformat. My Dell Dimension came with a utility called the DSR--Dell System Restore. It's a hidden partition users can go to to easily set the OS (Windows XP in my case) to it's original "from the factory" state.

I haven't been saving a lot of my files to disc the way I should have been. And now this infection has disable most of my operating system's peripherals--I can't burn cd/dvd, can't print, I don't even have audio right now. I'm in Safe Mode With Networking because it's the only way I can get onto the net.

I've read a few good turtorials about using the DSR but, none of them mention whether I can just re-install my snapshot to my main drive (C and leave some files I backed up to D: or, if all my disc will be wiped clean--including the files I moved to D: ?

Does anyone know anything about this? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Dell Dimension DSR (Dell System Restore) question.

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After doing a clean install of my computer about a week ago (Windows XP Home Edition) my Dell speakers won't work at all, in WMP and on websites, such as YouTube. I installed the driver from Dell Support but they still don't work. Everything is plugged in properly and the green light on the right speaker goes on, but no sound at all comes out. NOTHING. I looked around in Audio settings and everything seems to be in place. The speakers aren't muted or anything. Could someone please help me solve this problem? Thanks!

Answer:Dell Speakers won't work on Dell Dimension B110

Check your connections again. We've all plugged in the PC connection to the wrong port from time to time.
If that's not the problem, uninstall the driver in Device Manager and reinstall.

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My Dell Dimension 4550 has a Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.00GHz 199Ghz, 512 MB of RAM, display adapter is 32mb ATI Rage 128 Ultra. The screen resolution on the computer setting goes from 800x600 to 1024x768 to 1152x864 pixels.

I recently bought a Dell S2009W monitor to use with the Dell 4550 computer but the display on the monitor is distorted - everything looks stretched across the screen and especially digital photo pictures. The resolution of the Dell S2009W monitor is 1600x900.

I've tried all the screen settings available, making the print larger/smaller, etc. Nothing works - everything remains in a stretched state.

Thanks for any help that you may offer.

Answer:Dell Dimension 4550 & Dell S2009W monitor

Try updateing the monitor.try windows update and see if they have an update for it i all so have a dell 4500 the same as yours but a little tweaked

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Purchase a new dell tower months ago and want to set it up but I want to delete everything so I can take it to get recycled.  I have a product called Pc eraser to remove it to but I had it for a while.  Wondering if there is something else I could use that maybe better and I did clean out some of it using pc eraser but what to make sure what else I need to do.  I have yes still Windows XP but stop using it cause it was so slow getting on the Internet.  My new tower has Windows 8 or 8.1.  I have a monitor that I can use that came with my dell demension that is working fine.  Every time I have been on the forum, I got get information.  

Answer:Purchased a new dell tower but want to completely clean out my old dell demension 3000

I just pull the drives out, and then take the platters out and smash them with my 32 ounce ford wrench ( small sledge hammer).
Pull the magnets as they are good for garage use.

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Transferred all information from Dimension (Dell) to Dell XPS 410. Both computers using XP program. When I start to use my Picasa program I have a continual pop up that says " The DLL "cpuinf32.dll" can not be loaded. OS reports: The specifdied module could not be fouind. Am no computeer whiz--so this is all "Greek" to me. What should I do to correct this? Any haelp will be appreciated. Thank y ou Wildhog

Answer:Problems with down load of XP from Dell Dimension to Dell xps 410

Try reinstalling Picassa.

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Hi guys,

I have a Dell Inspiron 9400, service pack 3.

Up until Monday, my sound was working fine. Now I simply can't get any sound out of my laptop whatsoever!

I am wondering whether someone has somehow changed settings or volumes I don't know about so if anyone can suggest anywhere to look I'd appreciate it.

I know my soundcard AND speakers are fine. I checked my Device Manager and the device is fine. I also ran a diagnostics check at startup.. as in the F12 key and checked the sound.. I heard a few melodies, clicked the 'yes' I can hear button and the test was complete..

So why, when I turn on my laptop and play a song/video/etc.. can I not hear a single sound?

Obviously, my laptops general settings are not muted.. I have checked.

Any help would be appreciated!

Answer:I'm stumped - Sound Issue with Dell Inspiron 9400

The sound has been fixed, I found the problem programme.. PowerDVD. I would delete my post but I have no idea how?!

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hi, I have two vlan's 8 and 9, it's and need what they can communicate between, example from PC  can access/ping other vlan computer need configure vlans?

Answer:HP 2530-48G switch configuration

Hi: You may also want to post your question on the HP Enterprise Business Community Support Forum -- Procurve Switches section...

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right. i know what this thread could well turn into, so if you have nothing relavent to post, please dont.

has anyone with a dimension managed to get manual control over the cpu fan, or manage to get a reading on the cpu temp sensor? the fan speeds up of its own accord, when the system is under load for a while, so it is clearly possible.
also, in the 'dell diagnostics' thing that you can boot to, a test can change the speed, so there must be a way, but dell seem to have blocked it. on max, it pulls a LOT of air, so would be good while gaming to keep the whole system cool. (btx case)

anyone know how?

Answer:to anyone with a dell dimension

No I haven't been able to nor do I know how.

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Why has Dell stop making back-up disks. If their initial set-up is faulty, how are we supposed to get over faults. telepathy? It's a cheapskate attitude.My dell has NAV as web security: trouble is as soon as I want to use Win 2003XP Pro up it pops and massacres the Winword prog. It stays as a greyed out square. Dell has not yer condescended to reply. So watch it boyos (and ladies). If any one knows of a way out of uninstall/install w.o. disks, let me know, please. I'm in a right quandry.Thanks.Piotr57

Answer:Any one with a new Dimension Dell?

I think you can create a Windows CD-R. Have a look at All Programs, Dell Accessories or similar wording.

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Question: dell dimension

i'm working on a dell dimension crashed and there are no restore cds.i formated the hardrive and installed win xp device manager i don't have drivers for the ethernet controller and the usb controller.does anyone know where i can find these?thanks

Answer:dell dimension

im not sure if everest will work on dell but get it and run it to get names and model #s ethernet and usb controllers

you may just have to install all the updates for XP to regain funtionality

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Question: Dell Dimension

My parents have this Dell Dimension 4400 and they told me to fix it or they would take away my DSL because THEY don't have a computer to use it with. Me, I just bought a HP dv2037 laptop and I'm loving it. I've always hated Dell (because HP is better), and have this deathwish on my parents computer... well, today... it seems my wish may have come true. The first problem was with the network adapter. I fixed that with no problem, then when it was fixed I thought to myself... well I have all these old junk computer laying around, I may as well upgrade their computer a little bit by putting some more memory in it.

Yeah, that didn't go to well... Something went horribly wrong, it started beeping really fast and I swear I smelt plastic burning, but when I took the new memory out and put the old memory back in and turned it on, it beeped three times (long beeps). Also, the four LED's on the back were "Yellow - Yellow - Green - Green". I googled the problem for about an hour and all I could find was that I needed to "reseat" the memory... which I did, about a million times. Still... nothing. Can anyone help? Please?

Answer:Dell Dimension

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Question: Dell Dimension

I have a Dell Dimension L__r that I am working on that I had to remove the motherboard from the casing and put it into another case. I would like to see if anyone would have the specs of this board so I can wire the control panel properly for power.


Answer:Dell Dimension

allstartps said:

I have a Dell Dimension L__r that I am working on that I had to remove the motherboard from the casing and put it into another case. I would like to see if anyone would have the specs of this board so I can wire the control panel properly for power.

AllstartpsClick to expand...

oh no not another one, you guys with your dell/HP/etc pcz have to learn to do a wiring diagram of the front panel wiring before you rip them out, its not going to be fun looking for a mb manual for a computer you dont even know what the model is, what is a L__r anyway?

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Hi,I have a Dell dimension 2400 desktop and have tried to install a Philips DVD R/RW DL Drive and cannot get it to register on my pc, Have been in to bios and it does not register there? The unit has power to it and it is installed in the secondary ide. I have made sure the secondary ide works by reinstalling my old samsung dvd/cdrw and it comes up no problems( all I am trying to do is update my system but the Philips DVD R/RW DL Drive won't appear?Any ideas??Unit: Philips PBDV1640B 16X DVD +/-R/RW DL IDE OEM

Answer:Dell Dimension pc's?

Can you test the unit on another computer? or worst scenario, you haven't bent a pin putting the lead on have you ? I have a Dell 4300 and I have recently upgraded from the old Samsung with no trouble.

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Question: new dell dimension

I have a brand new dell dimension and have been unable to get their tech support to answer. So thought I would try you guys in here. I often but not always get an error message when working online. I am not sure whether it is a dell problem or my internet service provider. I have dial up. A small box pops up in my face and it says . . . windows must now shut down because the RPC service terminated. System shutdown initiated by NT/AUTHORITY then it counts down 60 sec and shuts off my computer. I have no control when it does this, i cannot X it out or make it stop. Very annoying. Sometimes it goes for hours and does not do anything, sometimes it will do it 3 times in 30 min. I have scanned for virus' and it comes up clear. Am running Norton.

Answer:new dell dimension

Post a Hijackthis log for review:

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Here you go

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Got an old Dimension box , 10+ years old, nothing will work, switches on, cd draw opens etc, but nothing on the screen. The screen is fine, im thinking maby a gfx problem, no BIOS beeps, everythings connected.

~ Tkey

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You could try here perhaps click here had a quick look and couldn't find what you wanted but it might be worth an email.Incidently it would be better not to use capitals all the time as its classed as shouting and some won't like it.

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ok basically i have a dell dimension 8100 (bought in summer 2001 in UK) and i want to get extra RAM for it. I checked out the dell website and they say for 8100 i should use Kingston KTD-DM800/512 512MB Kit . Now not only do i not need this much extra ram, its also really expensive, but on the dell website and the Kingston website this was the smallest amount offered for the 8100 series. So i looked around to see if i can maybe find 256mb ram which can also work on my dell, and i think i might have found some, but im not sure. Here are the specifications of the dell website recommended ram :

Kingston (KTD-DM800/512) 512MB Kit

Product Description Memory - 256 MB x 2 - RIMM 184-PIN - RDRAM
Storage Capacity 256 MB x 2
Technology RDRAM (RAMBUS)
Form Factor RIMM 184-PIN
Bus Clock Rate 800 MHz
and now here are the specs for the ram which i am thinking of buying instead :

Kingston (KVR800X16/256) 256MB RIMM PC800 RDRAM Non-Parity

Product Description Memory - 256 MB x 1 - RIMM 184-PIN - RDRAM
Storage Capacity 256 MB x 1
Upgrade Type Industry standard
Technology RDRAM (RAMBUS)
Form Factor RIMM 184-PIN
Bus Clock Rate 800 MHz
Data Integrity Check Non-parity
these specs seem similar but i dont really know a lot about ram so was just wondering if the 256 one would work on my system ? any help would be appreciated, thanx .

Answer:Can i use this RAM with my Dell Dimension????

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Dear all
The fan on my old Dimension E becomes so noisy, so I bought one with model no. AFC1212DE-4K33 last week. But, it seems not to run on my Dimension. Could anyone tell me if the model works with Dell Dimension or not?

Answer:The Fan for Dell Dimension E

Unless it's a Dell OEM fan, you'll get a "fan failed" error each time you boot the system - the Dell fan has an onboard thermistor that is required by the system.
Is this the case fan or the CPU fan you need?

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Hello I am currently working on a client's computer. But every time I turn on the power button, on the computer's screen at the top left corner there is a little dash just blinking nonstop. I tried to go into bios but everything seems to be ok. I also powered down the computer multiple times and the blinking dash still remains. I asked my client if he had downloaded or done any upgrade to the machine but he said that it was working just perfectly fine the day before. Can you please help me in solving this problem. Thank you so much in advance.

Answer:Dell Dimension won't run

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Hi .. I have a friend's very old Dell Dimension XPS R400 here . I blew the major dustbunnies out of it and went to boot it up to take her old files out to tranfer them to her new computer.. The blasted thing won't post BUT that is not the immediate problem. It won't shut off with the power button at the front and it doesn't have a shut down switch at the back. Is there anything else I can do but unplug it ? I sure do hate to do that but right now I can't see anything else. Thank you...

Answer:OLd Dell Dimension won't run ..

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I have installed a Procurve 2530 j9773a switch for a customer. However when trying to add it to PCM it connects and successfully sees the SNMP community, however it then hangs on discovering devices. The software is quite old now, so my query is do we need to update the version of software or is there MIB like file for this switch we need to import before hand. If the software needs to be updated, does anyone know of a chart to compare which switch models are compatible with which version of update. Any information would be helpful. 

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Hi guys , i need sata drivers to install xp pro , my report is below , i am happy if anyone help me , thank you in advance !! :confused

Answer:Sata drivers Fujitsu pi 2530 help !!

You should slipstream the drivers into an XP install disk with Nlite. After the OS install you should then install the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility

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today i cannot print anything as my display says printer error see your documentation, the ADF light and the wifi and the power light are flashing at 3 sec spaces. any advice please?

Answer:epsom WF-2530 printer error

It may be that there is some paper jammed (even if you can't see it) Take a look here Printer Error

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I am working with a client who has a Kyocera KM-2530 and wants to use it to scan to PCs on their network. They bought it from . Has anyone set up one of these office all in ones for this? ive tried looking through documentation on it and searching google for setting this up but it has been unsuccessful so far... thanks for any help!!


Answer:Kyocera 2530 scanning to network pcs?

we have a Lanier 2135 (i belive) that does network scanning.

Basically, you set up the scanner/printer/copier/coffee maker/jukebox on the network.

Then install the management software on a computer that will never be turned off (server), then the software should be able to find the scanner via broadcast/responce, and establish the connection.

Then you should be able to assign a directory on the network where the management software will dump the processes scans.

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Deleted. Answered my own question.

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Hi guys, This is my first post on the forum, so here goes.I have an Epson WF 2530 printer which I bought new from Tesco's around 18 months ago and up to now it has done everything that it's been asked to do, untill today. When I want to print a document it just rolls out a blank sheet and an error report on the lcd display says " Paper out. Load paper and press OK " even though there is ample paper present. Just to rule it out, I have taken the printhead out, cleaned and replaced it as well as replaced the ink  cartridgesAnother furum I viewed says that it is a fault with the paper sensor however I've no idea where to locate it.Any suggestions would be welcome.      Thanks         Hamer.

Answer:Epson WF-2530 printer problem

Have you tried Epson support?

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dell dimension 4300 froze up one day and wouldnt do anything hard drive died and i replaced it and now all i get is a blinking power light on the front and an amber colored aux pwr light on the mb any ideas???

Answer:dell dimension 4300

hard drive died and i replaced itClick to expand...

Did you install anything on the replacement hard drive? If so what and how did you install the OS?

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My cousin has one of the above computers. He has been away from home for quite a while and his kids have really messed up the computer. He thought that he had AVG anti virus, but as I found when I looed at it earlier that someone had installed the full paid version and this had not been registered - and presumably it hadn't done it's job as a result. The computer has put up a screen stating that it has 802 virus's (Virii?). I tried to put a free version of AVG on but the computer would not recognise either of my 'dongles'. I noticed that there was a 'D' Drive named Backup. Could this me a backup copy of the OS (XP)? I have just had them open the 'D' Drive but they say (over the phone) that the drive is putting nothing on screen and is, apparently, empty.Does anyone having this model know whether there is a copy of the operating system, if so, how is it reinstalled to the 'C' Drive? Needless to say, he has lost the disk containing the OS (would there be one?) and has no paperwork with it - I have no reason to doubt what he says as I know that they have just moved house and you know how easily things are lost.

Answer:Dell Dimension 3100C

manual click hereowners manual pdf Restoring Your Operating System, Using Dell PC Restore by Symantec Page 51"Using PC Restore permanently deletes all data on the hard drive and removes any applicationsor drivers installed after you received your computer. If possible, back up the data before using PCRestore.To use PC Restore:1 Turn on the computer and watch the keyboard status lights.2 Immediately upon seeing the lights flash, press <Ctrl><F11>.If you do not press <Ctrl><F11> in time, let the computer finish restarting, and thenrestart the computer again.NOTICE: If you do not want to proceed with PC Restore, click Reboot in the following step.3 On the next screen that appears, click Restore.4 On the next screen, click Confirm.The restore process takes approximately 6?10 minutes to complete"

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I have a dell 4300 same problem,
checkpoint error Ismi , went online to dell, new better The lady said to take to to a local shop, she never heard of it, I tried a different hard drive , same results will not start when If get to windows set up if freezes there / press f6 and does nothing.. any help out there , going to check a new power supply, change memory sticks ?????

Answer:dell dimension 4300

I would try a different power supply. You are getting a blinking yellow/orange light on the front?

I only saw one google result that resolved the checkpoint error with a memory module. How many memory/RAM sticks do you have? If more than one you could try them one at a time in order to try to isolate which one might be bad. But I think a new power supply is the answer.

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Im currently working on fixing up my old Dimension 4600c. It needed a processor and I happen to have a Pentium 4 1.8 GHz 256 400 1.75v processor lying around. I know that the processors in these machines typically run at higher clock speeds than that, but could I put it in to verify the rest of the machine works?

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I need help in oc my dell demension 3000 3.0mgz 1.5ram when i go to the setup the files are blue and cant be changed i caqn make the oc speed up to 3600mgz can anyone help me ive been all over trying to get some idea how.
thanks BOB

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I have a Dell Dimension 4100 with Windows 98. I took out the hard drive and put in a different one. Then the computer sat for awhile while I was busy with other things. Now going back to it, I cannot get it to boot past the Entering Setup part. It just hangs there. I have a Win 98 boot disk and the Win 98 cd I was going to load, but the computer will not get past this point with or without any disk or cd in. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Dell Dimension, not booting up

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My daughter just called from FL to say that she tried to install a 1 Gig memmory board and apparently did not seat it properly. When she turned on the PC the tower it seemed to come on and the 3 motherboard lights came on also but the monitor had only this message

No Pre set
status No Sync

Does this mean anything to anyone and can you tell me what her potential PC status might be or how to fix the problem. Thanks A Greatful dad.

Answer:Dell Dimension disaster

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stuck on power save mode

Answer:dimension e520 dell

Here is the support site for the Dell Dimension E520 desktop.

Posting a thread with only 5 words isn't going to get you any help. You didn't even mention which version of Windows you're using.

What's the "service tag number"? It's on the sticker on the case.


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How do I know what kind of RAM I have in my PC? Also, can I put these RAM into my PC?

If I put in more RAM does that mean that my computer will go faster? Or am I better off just buying a new processor?

Answer:Dell Dimension 8200

Go here and click on Scan My System it will tell you what you have in your System and what you can put in.

Memory will give you more workable in a sense it will be quicker.

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Hey all,

I have my sisters com at mine. and its a p4 dell dimen 3000. thing is ive tried to restore etc but it wont let me. can only boot it up in safe mode wid networking. its on xp btw. any ideas as to why it wont start in any other mode but that? when i try the other modes its crashes and turns off. i know i could reset the cmos but its this really advisable?
any help would be great.

many thanks trev (who now hates dell)

Answer:Dell dimension 3000 help

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Hi all,my dell dimension 300 has decided to not to boot at all, when the power button is pressed the noise of the fans are heard and a few LEDs flash but then nothing happens, the computer just wont power up at all!I have disconnected all the devices including memory and the same happens.I have recently changed the CMOS battery as it was flat, i am confident this will not be the cause of the problem?any help please??thank you!!

Answer:DELL Dimension 3000

Can you boot into safemode ?Tapping f8 on startup should get you to safemode.You can also try resetting the bios by moving the jumper cap on the bios pins from 1-2 to 2-3 for a few seconds and replace the jumper cap to 1-2.Then try to reboot the system.

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Hey Guys i need a good recommendation for a replacement BTX PSU for my Dell Demension 4700 that's at or above 450W and is under 50$. That's really pretty much it.

Answer:New PSU for Dell Dimension 4700

Closest I could find:

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Hi, I have a Dell Dimension 1100, 512 MB Ram, Intel Celeron D 2.6 Ghz. I was wondering weather it was PCI-Express or just PCI. I called Dell today and the guy on the phone didn't make any sense and he wasn't much help.

Can somebody tell me weather or not the Dell Dimension 1100 from Dell Canada ( is PCI-Express?

Answer:Dell Dimension 1100

looks like it has 3 pci slots only

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Dell Dimension 4600 with integrated audio and video. After moving from Sacramento to San Diego, no video output - in fact connecting the monitor to the PC makes the monitor go blank. Replacing the power supply didn't help. Next step?

Answer:Dell Dimension 4600

Either the monitor doesn't work or you need a new video card. That unit probably cantake an Agp card so I would buy one and try it since you most like lt don't have another monitor to try on the desktop.

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Hi I am putting a new graphics card in the above comp could anyone tell me how to turn of the onboard graphics in the bios.



Answer:Dell dimension 2400

From the Dell Forum

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Hi, I want to upgrade my Dell Dimension E310 integrated graphics card to a more powerful one, so my question is... What is the most powerful card my PC can bare without creating graphic and compatibility conflicts?

For example I wanna know too if my pc can bare an XFX - ATI Radeon HD 5750 1GB GDDR5 PCI Express Graphics Card???

thanks for your help.


Answer:Help with Dell Dimension E310

Are these the specs of your PC?

According to these it has PCI Express x1 slot which unfortunately mean this card won't work in your machine.

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Im not computer savvy, but here goes. I have an old (4 years) Desktop which is a Dell Dimension 1100. It has an integrated graphic card which it seems is at the end of its days. I have 3 vacant PCI slots into which I want to install a new graphics card. If this is possible, which one do I put it in, and what is the correct "title" of the card to buy

Answer:Dell Dimension 1100

I assume this is the same as your PC here:

Basically you are correct is has 3 PCI slots. I'm going to be blunt, PCI Video Cards are very old and will perform extremely poorly by today's standards. Because they are so old they are not being "mass produced" anymore and therefore the price per unit is a lot higher than a modern day Video Card (which will be at least 50-100's faster). Often their sale prices will be similar to that of the later "form factors" , e.g. AGP or PCI-e.

Here are some but personally I think it would be a waste of money:

PCI Video Card: are the keywords (not to be confused with PCI-e which you cannot use): graphics card

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Hi Everybody,

Just formatted the dell dimension 4500 with recovery cds provided by the dell. Everything else went well but internet won't work now.......need help fast....lot of homework due.......thank you

Answer:Formatted Dell Dimension

did you reinstall the software the recovery cds dont do that. what do you use dialup dsl or cable?

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The Dell Dimension 3000 has two cooling fans attached to the back grille. The fans
are attached with cheap flimsey plastic tabs (I guess they ran out of screws) that
allow the grille to buzz and rattle like crazy. I fixed that problem by dousing
each plastic tab with Elmers glue - no more buzzes or rattles.

Answer:Dell Dimension 3000

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Ok i just bought a new 1gb ddr ram stick for it and wanna upgrade it more budget its prob about 300

i wanna use this for wow

i know somethings i need new like power supply um mobo graphics card want to keep ram if possible

Mainly wanna upgrade graphics and powers supply

other cheap upgrades will work too

I would love if someone could create list for me budget 300 but go cheap

Answer:Dell Dimension 3000

If you would like suggestions for upgrading, you will have to post your system specifications. Otherwise it's impossible to suggest an upgrade.

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Hello all,
I have a Dell dimension 8200. I am looking to do a RAM upgrade. I know it uses Rambus memory 800mhz. The question i have is; does anyone know if i need buffered or unbuffered memory? Are there only certain manufacturers that make compatible memory? I was looking at samsung 256 meg chips. I have seen that corsair is compatible, but have not seen anything else listed. Any help would be great. Thanks everyone!

Answer:Dell Dimension 8200

Memory Architecture: RDRAM
Memory connectors: four
Memory capacities: 64-, 128-, 256-, and 512-MB non-ECC RDRAM
Minimum memory: 128 MB
Maximum memory: 2 GB with Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP; 512 MB with Windows Millennium Edition (Me)
Memory type: PC800 (non-ECC)
Memory speed: 40 ns or faster

Just remember that it must be installed in pairs

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Ok i just bought Vista and installed it everything works fine except it looks like im running in safe mode i know the dell dosnt have a agp or pci-e but if i upgrade to a pci card will it improve it at all? and if so what what card should i pick up. I only use my pc to browse the web and stream my dvds to my 360.

Answer:dell dimension 2400

yes, for what you need try the ATI radeon 9250 good budget friendly pci card. unless you want to use Aero, then you need a card with Pixel shader 2.0 support, im not sure if the 9250 has pixel shader 2.0.

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my mate wants more ram for his dimension and I need to check exaclty what type he needs.
Could you please tel me what type of ram it needs?

Answer:Dell Dimension 4550 RAM

look here, use the drop down menu's to select the correct computer

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Can Anybody hel me? i've been trying to know how to make my computer work. ok what i Want to do is Watch Videos i have On My COMPUTER To My TV. so the signal Going out to my TV. and i called dell a bunch of time and the mother#%#$$# dont know sh#% what they told me is that my computer needs a video card that has an S-ViDEO PORT because my computer doesnt have an S-VIDEO PORT on the back or front, but my TV does, and it is NOt AN HDTV TELEVISION!! PLEASEEEEE HELP. This Gurl Would Appreciate A Lot.

Answer:Dell e310 dimension

So get a video card with S-Video out like one of these, then just plug it in to the TV:

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Tried everything but got no joy im new here please be gentle and help me. Its a dell dimension 5150

Answer:No Sound On A Dell Dimension

What have you done to try to resolve this?

Check to make sure that the sound isn't muted in the task bar?

Check in the Control Panel under Sound and Audio devices to see what the volume level is set to?

Check in the Device Manager for the Sound, video and game controllers for any errors?

To access the Device Manager go to Start> right click on My Computer> Manage> Device Manager. Scroll down till you see the Sound, video and game controllers, click in the box beside it with the + inside to expand the tree. The errors will appear as a big red X.

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Can you use DDR3 memory in a Dell 5150?Thanks,Ned

Answer:Dell Dimension Memory

Don't know off-hand, but the best way to find out, is to run the Scan at click here this will tell you all you need to know about your own particular PC/RAM.

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Hello All:

I am trying to upgrade this old unit to Win 7 and need to find the Ethernet driver for this system...

I have googled it and tried searching everywhere....Does anyone know where I can get he driver for me to get this system online?


Answer:Dell Dimension 8300


Try this driver from the link below,+v.5.30,+A00.html

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Following on from my previous post about re-installing WP onto my E520 after the config file being corrupt, I now have the problem that it is running "CHKDSK" every time it boots and I have no internet connection. Diagnostics say there is no wired nexwork card installed and in device manager all the network adapters have yellow ! against them. If I try to uninstall them it wont let me, says it may be needed to book up my computer. Is my HDD on the way out?

Answer:More trouble with my Dell Dimension

Sounds like your drivers need updating.Try safe mode and see if any difference.Check all of the yellow exclamation marks and you will probably find that there are no drivers hereRun chkdsk yourself.My computer.On C drive click on properties.Tools.check now.And tick both boxes.and then will run chkdsk again but that may stop it running again.

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Is a dell dimension 3000 an ATX form motherboard, or a Mini-ATX motherboard? Just wondering, because I want to know what type of motherboard will fit into it's case.

Answer:Dell Dimension 3000

It's a micro atx socket 478 board with ddr memory support.

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I have an 11 year old Dell Dimension 4100. It's pulled its weight but understandingly it's too slow and clunky for my liking so i've decided to fit the Mobo into a new sleek Antec case, upgrade the HDD from 20gb to a 7200rpm 500gb wd caviar blue and upgrade the ODD to a basic lg model aswell as going from xp sp3 to the less resource hungry linux mint 9. I realise that the PSU might be a problem as its's only 200watts and that old dell psu's are similar in shape to normal atx but have 20pin mobo connectors. Does anyone know if i can use a regular atx psu (500w) and this adaptor click here without any problems. It would be much appreciated.

Answer:Dell Dimension 4100

Read this and check your board for the connector in question. click hereThis entry at a Dell forum is pertinent too - click hereYour machine uses a non-standard PSU, a standard ATX 24>20 pin converter will not re-arrange the cables into the correct order.

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Hi guys

Hope you can help.

I gave my daughter my Dell Dimension XPS Gen 3 (the blue one) a while back running XP and it started playing up. When you tried to shut it down it just restarts and wouldn't turn off.

It works fine apart from this, and we have all become very close to the blue beast, so I am trying everything I can to keep it in the family.

I also took this opportunity to upgrade it to windows 7, fresh install, and the same problem occurs.

I have the correct bios (A07).
I have started in safe mode, problem still occurs.
I have been into msconfig and disabled ALL services, problem still occurs.
I have done a clean boot from msconfig, problem still occurs.
I have run chkdsk from cmd prompt, no errors.
I opened the case up, and hoovered all the dust from the fans etc and it when it re-booted and I shut it down, IT ACTUALLY SHUT DOWN....ONCE! Now the problem is back.
I have disabled different hardware items from device manger, problem still occurs.
I have updated all drivers from manufacturers websites rather than windows update, problem still occurs.

Because the problem was also with XP, I am assuming that the problem is rather hardware than software, and perhaps an air circulation or overheating problem?? I am not sure.

I have been through numerous shutdown guides available on the internet, but all to no avail.

I am now at a stage where I don't know what else I can try, without purchasing a new PSU. Obviously don't want to pay out if I don... Read more

Answer:Dell Dimension XPS Gen 3 won't shut down

I would have to say it is a hardware problem. Reset the bios by using the jumper on the mobo. Disconnect the power cord, and test the battery voltage while your at it. If this doesn't do it spring for a new power supply. If this doesn't do it maybe a different demigod can help you.

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I'm currently in the process of upgrading my mothers PC to Windows 7. I used the Win 7 upgrade advisor and everything that should return compatible did, except the Graphics Card which is obvious. I've got the Win 7 ISO and converted it to an 8GB USB drive. Right now, my main worry is if I wipe the hard drive and reinstall that I won't be able to find drivers for things such as internet. I looked in the download section for her PC and there isn't an option for Windows 7 Drivers but there is an option for Windows Vista drivers, although no Network drivers are available...

Can anyone shed some light on this PC and Win 7?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Dell Dimension 3100

That model has the Intel Pro 100 VE Network controller.

Not to worry though, according to Intel's website the network drivers are included in the Windows 7 installation.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the hardware support of Windows 7.

Just make sure you have at least 2 GB of memory.

As an aside, you might still have satisfactory results with the video performance as long as mom is not playing Combat Arms

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This pc has no floppy fitted and in the bios it has no operation number by its name and it is shown as none fitted. When the pc boots it stops at the end of the bios with the message floppy seek failure press F1 to carry on or F2 to run setup. Once F1 is pressed everything is ok but it is annoying. There are no options in the bios to stop the floppy seek - does anyone know how to stop this behaviour?

Answer:Dell Dimension 8400

Dimension 8400 BIOS (also known as System Setup) ClickHere
Entering System Setup
1. Turn on (or restart) your computer.
2. When the blue DELL? logo appears, press immediately.
Look under Drives for: Diskette Drive
Identifies and defines the floppy drive attached to the FLOPPY connector on the system board as Off, USB, Internal, or Read Only.
Also look under Boot Sequence
Diskette Drive ? The computer attempts to boot from the floppy drive. If the floppy disk in the drive is not bootable, if no floppy disk is in the drive, or if there is no floppy drive installed in the computer, the computer generates an error message.

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Im having a problem with removing da casin from my Dell Dimension 8100. Being able to reomve da Left and the front case, as i guess da right hand side is connected with da motherboard. I want to remove da Hard drive from it, still cant nearere b'se there is a screw nut from da right hand side. So how to remove da right plastic shell from da CPU?

And also i managed to unplug da sound card easily, but there r some problems with da VGA. Its not possible to remove so easily. Is there any special way to remove da VGA card safely?


Answer:Need help on Dell Dimension 8100

Dell Dimension 8100

Follow the link below to see how to remove case, etc.

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I just got a hand-me-down Dell with a wiped hard drive. It has onboard sound, video, and lan. Unfortunately Win98 doesn't have the drivers for video or sound.
Its a Dell Dimension L400c running Win98 and an Intel celeron 433 mhz processor. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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I have a 7 yr old Dell Dimension 8200 that basically walks at about 1 mph. I am currently running Disk Cleanup and I'm not sure if it is even running or not. Anyway, it is soooo slow, I'm not sure I can run the various things that would help the clean up. But I'm willing to give it a try.

The Geeks said everything scanned fine and they think it may be corrupt Microsoft XP. Unfortunately I can't locate my Recovery Disks (if any came w/the Dell).

37.2 GB
17.7 GB Used
19.4 GB Free

Microsoft Windows XP Home edition
Version 5.1 ..... Service Pack 3

Physical memory available to Windows: 654,348 KJB

I'm not sure where to go from here ... don't know what HiJack This is.



Answer:Dell Dimension 8200 .. S L O W W W

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Ok I restarted my computer and turned it back on and the yellow light was blinking and the computer wouldnt turn on so i unplugged and it didnt it again, then i unplugged it and plugged it back in again and it finally turned on but then it said primary drive not found. And I checked my harddrive connections ect. and listened and as the computer turned on the harddrive didnt make any noise like it usually does, although u could feel a bit of heat.

is the hardrive wrecked? or is this fixable any ideas on the problem?. I kinda need this hardrive as i dont have my xp disk anymore and the dell restore was on a partition on it so it sucks if i have to go buy a new hardrive as ill have to by a xp oem disk too. if you need my computer specs they should be in my post i made along time ago.

Answer:dell dimension 2400

My first thought is the power supply has failed. Not completely, 'cuz there's still some activity, but enough to where things are screwy. If you have another PSU, or access to one, hook it up and see what happens. If that doesn't work, you can try removing your hard drive and hooking it up to another PC (go to a friends house). The safest way would be to put the drive in an enclosure and connect it thru the USB port..... if the hard drive turns out to be OK, and the Dell power supply turns out to be OK, then your motherboard may have gone south... you can also try booting to a drive diagnostic utility on either your PC on the friends PC with your drive hooked up. All the hard drive makers have 'em for free download on their web sites. This way, you can see if the drive's physical mechanics are healthy. Did you try resetting/clearing the CMOS on your Dell to see if that helps with drive detection?

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i need help with my computer concerning video cards. i would like to kno wat if i can put an ATX PSU in my computer. my mobo is BTX so i dont kno. also i would like to kno wats the best type of video card i can put in my comp. preferably from the 8 series or 7 series. i found out that the best 8 series video card i can put is the 8600 GTS. the 8800 is too bulky. i would have to cut some metal off of my comp. thats not something i want to do. the 8600 is good but they have some 7 series that are better. this is the main reason i am posting. wats the best 7 series i can put in my comp?

this is the link for the PSU im planning on to buy.

this is the video card i would like to get, though a pci express interface

this is my second video card choice. anyone of these i would prefer. i just wanna kno which video card would fit in my comp.

Answer:Dell Dimension E521 help

PSU and Video Card


I?m at Dell Headquarters in Austin, Texas and I just came across this post. An ATX power supply will most likely not fit in that system because of where the screw holes are and we don't sell an upgraded one for the E521. That would leave you with the 305 watt one that comes stock and whatever video card options can work with that. Feel free to post back if you have any other questions.

Dell, Inc.

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