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Windows Live Hotmail site inside IE cause me BSOD

Question: Windows Live Hotmail site inside IE cause me BSOD

Hi there!

I built this computer about three years ago (august 2009), and I don't remember when BSODs started. When they started, I didn't notice any regular pattern, but now I am suspecting it's something related to Internet Explorer and Windows Live Hotmail website.

Usually this pc is always on, and I'm used to let my browsers (and their tabs) open, always ready to navigate my fav websites.
If I let Windows Live Hotmail website opend for a while (few hours? a day?) in IE9, a BSOD appear when I click again on that tab.

OS info:
My OS is 64-bit Windows 7 Professional SP1.
I assembled my PC in august 2009 (installing a full retail WinXP 64-bit), then I installed this OS in august 2010.

Hardware info:
Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67 GHz
ATI Sapphire VAPOR-X 4870 1GB GDDR5
Asus P6T SE
OCZ DDR3 6GB 1600Mhz Platinum Tri Channel

During blue screen, I read something related to atikmpag.sys.
I googled it and I follow instructions for updating/reinstalling video driver, but I never solved the problem.
Ps: sometimes, when BSOD happens, I get nervous and don't give system time to finish the dump... I don't know if this could be a useful info ^^

If you need any more details, please let me know!
I really appreciate your forum and the help you always give people.
Thank you!

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Preferred Solution: Windows Live Hotmail site inside IE cause me BSOD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Windows Live Hotmail site inside IE cause me BSOD


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Please help me out. I have been having this problem for over a month now, tried several fixed, none works. The error i get with my IE7 (and 6 as well) is HTTP 400 - Bad Request. I get it no matter what link i try, and the address is perfectly correct. I need to check my hotmail inbox and i can't, because of this.

Now i don't know if this matters, but i'm also having a problem with Windows Live Messenger, which appeared at the same time i stopped having access to MSN sites. So i'll give you some info about this as well, that will hopefully help. Can't sign in, error 80048820-80048406. When I run the repair utility, everything is ticked except Hosts Files. And this is where the strange thing is. I checked host files over 9999 times, it's fine. I'll paste it for you as well:

# Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.
# This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
# This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
# space.
# Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
# lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol.
# For example:
# # source server
# # x client host

127.... Read more

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For some reason Windows Live Hotmail keeps Blocking my newsletter from certain legit sites. It says it is a highly risky email and potentially dangerous etc, but it doesn't give me the option to mark it as safe. I have even added the email address' in my address book and safe/safe senders list, but still I get this problem. Is there a solution to this apart from enter a new email address for the newsletter to be sent to?

I know the newsletter emails are OK to open but the problem is normally you get the option to "mark as safe" but with this email I don't, so every time I receive the weekly email I have to keep clicking the "show contents" option rather than being able to view the email as normal.

I would like to be able to make it so this email is received and displayed as the other emails I receive.

Does anyone have any ideas to how I can solve this?

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail Keeps Blocking My Email Newsletters From A Legit Site

The advice you're likely to get here is Hotmail sucks, use something else. That's not the answer you want but is probably the best solution.

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Hi I recently clicked on a link to move from a normal hotmail account to a 'Windows' Hotmail account now I either can't get into the email account (see error message below) or else when I get in if I click on anything I get another message. How can I fix this, or undo this and get my original hotmail account back?? Help would be appreciated, cheers, Aussie Temps.

Problem Report
The system detected HTTP Error Invalid Request while attempting to retrieve the URL:

Message ID

Problem Description
The system did not accept the HTTP request.

Possible Problem Cause
The browser used 'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)' and generated a malformed HTTP request. This problem should not be encountered by a stable commercial browser.

Possible Solution
Contact your Web browser technical support team if the problem persists, and provide the team your account information

Answer:Error on Hotmail after transfering to the new Windows Live Hotmail

you can change back. go into options near the top there is an option to switch to msn hotmail. click on that it will take you to another page that will allow you to switch back.

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Windows Live Hotmail provides an option to Add Services from various other Websites to be linked with the user's hotmail and provides updates about that sites on the home page of hotmail account of users. All the services so added in the list are categorized as likely to be easily understood. Near about every social network, community forum, several image service provider etc. Complete list can be seen easily from the home page of your hotmail .
Click on Add Web Activities on the Home Page of your Hotmail Account.
Now You can see the complete list of the Service Providers names alongwith category view also.
As I already added Facebook so it is marked with a Green Tick Mark.
You can choose anyone Service which you want to avail like here as Flickr:
It is asking to Add Flickr service. Click on Add Flickr. After this it will ask for your Yahoo account detail to log you in to your Flickr account. After you suuccessful login, your update of Flickrs will be available in Hotmail Account from where you can share photos you uploaded with rest of world and updates comes ot Hotmail, Messenger and rest of Windows Live.
So this is how you can set your Web activities and add it to your Windows Live ID. Simple and amazing Windows Computing!!! Source: UnlockWindows

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Today morning, Microsoft has enabled a link to download the new version of Windows Live Messenger Beta Build (15.3.2717.520) for MVPs in Spain. Not sure if any of our MVPs got access to it.
A Windows Live MVP, Nacho Osendi Bordel even posted a video of the new messenger in action at Messenger Adictos (Spanish site)

Answer:Windows Live Messenger & Hotmail BETA Build (15.3.2717.520) go live

Thanks for the update. Just blogged about it.

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Join Date: Aug 2009
Windows 7 Home Premium x64
77 posts
Pittsburgh Pa USA Dresden Germany

Windows Live Mail & Windows Live Hotmail Plus


I use at times both the WLM & W Live Hotmail Plus.

If I use the Hotmail I can not place a foto in the body of a message however I can send
one as a attchment.

If I use the WLM I can add a text sig, a foto sig, or both if I use the layout format and
stored pics.

What puzzles me is if wish to set-up a permanent sig I can create the text but when I
attempt to add a foto and select the source the system opens but when I select pics
the file is empty.

My sequence to try to set up a sig is as follows:

Select NEW message, then I go to the tools, options, and signature

Thanks for any info

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What way do you prefer to read your email?
I previously used Windows Live Mail (Desktop) bundled with Messenger. But now that Hotmail works super smooth in Internet Explorer 9 & includes messenger, the desktop version seems redundant. Using the browser savings firing up two additional programmes.
Microsoft appears to be concentrating their energy on Internet Explorer &

Answer:Windows Live Mail (Desktop) vs. Windows Live Hotmail (browser)

I agree to a point, Microsoft does look to be focusing its energies on improving IE9 and Comparatively, I do find my Windows Live Hotmail (desktop) to be sluggish at times and quite a bit of a resource hog. But I nevertheless prefer to sue it because of the convenience. It remains in my system tray and notifies me when mail arrives. You need not have Messenger load when WLM does; you can always seperate the two.
Therefore prefer using WLM (desktop).

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[font=verdana,geneva]Starting today, the Live Team will begin rolling out a massive 36-language upgrade from MSN Hotmail to Windows Live Hotmail. This is the biggest Hotmail update ever seen: the new version of Hotmail improves safety, productivity and flexibility across clients on the web, desktop and mobile phones.[/font]

[font=verdana,geneva]Today's rollout begins at [/font][font=verdana,geneva][/font][font=verdana,geneva], where new user accounts will be created as Windows Live Hotmail accounts; existing MSN Hotmail users will be able to upgrade their accounts to Windows Live Hotmail by clicking the green Join Windows Live Hotmail button in their accounts after logging in. The rollout is expected to occur gradually and continue throughout the next couple days.[/font]

[font=verdana,geneva]Windows Live also announced a brand-new, free email client called Windows Live Mail, the successor to Outlook Express and Windows Mail on Windows Vista. Also coming is a new Outlook Connector which will allow you to sync your Windows Live Hotmail account to an Outlook 2003 or 2007 client.[/font]

[font=verdana,geneva]Read the Hotmail Team's blog post on the launch, including a video of Hotmail's evolution from 1996 to 2007. [/font][font=verdana,geneva]Also, Kip Kniskern from LiveSide chatted with Windows Live Product Management Director Paul Major to find out a little bit more on the launch announcement.[/font] Read more

Answer:MSN Hotmail becomes Windows Live Hotmail

I have just clicked to change over - from what I can see of it so far, it looks a lot less cluttered than the old Hotmail, and all your bits and pieces (old messages/new ones, etc.) are instantly transferred It's nice not to have flashy ads going on as you read mail ... darned things always make me feel dizzy. Thank you for posting those interesting links Mucks

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Not much to say, past couple days Messenger acting strange, not showing up on sidebar, logging in randomly, clearly sign to me of suspicious behavior, uninstalled it and the process was still running, rebooted computer seems to have gone but re-installing messenger to be sure, until then here's log:
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:06:37 AM, on 11/20/2008
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpnscfg.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\On-Screen OSD Indicator\OSD.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\reader_sl.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\avgtray.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktop.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Unlocker\UnlockerAssistant.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\SpySweeperUI.exe
C:\Program Files\Kodak\Kodak EasyShare software\bin\EasyShare.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktop.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla... Read more

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Why are there two kinds of mail on Windows? Since either can be accessed online or by downloading is there a point?

I know that Hotmail is the older and that Live Mail is new but why not just have made Live Hotmail instead of bringing in a new mail program.

How does one choose between them?

I keep wondering if I missed something important when deciding which to sign up with...

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I use at times both the WLM & W Live Hotmail Plus.

If I use the Hotmail I can not place a foto in the body of a message however I can send
one as a attchment.

If I use the WLM I can add a text sig, a foto sig, or both if I use the layout format and
stored pics.

What puzzles me is if wish to set-up a permanent sig I can create the text but when I
attempt to add a foto and select the source the system opens but when I select pics
the file is empty.

My sequence to try to set up a sig is as follows:

Select NEW message, then I go to the tools, options, and signature

Thanks for any info

Answer:Windows Live Mail & Windows Live Hotmail Plus

Under Signature, are you then clicking the File radio button, and then Browse, as shown below?

And then in the folder browser, what does the top part say in the lower-right corner of that window (mine is pictured):

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Hi everyone

I tried to use Outlook 2002 to access my hotmail. I used the POP3 settings, got it to work, and hit send/receive. Now none of my emails from my Inbox are in my hotmail account when I use my web login. Why did it do this and how do I reverse it? I tried to find some answers on the Microsoft site but they give pretty generic answers there. The answers I've got here in the past were much better.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Hotmail + Outlook 2002 = no emails at Hotmail site

Try going to Tools > Email Accounts > View or change existing accounts > Select your account and click Change > Click More Settings > Advanced tab. From here there should be a check box that allows you to set whether you want your emails to be left on the server.

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A few days ago I tried logging in WLM 2011 and it gave me an error saying the application stop working or something like that. So I uninstalled the program using Revo Uninstaller and it uninstalled it and scan leftovers as well. The problem after installion the program gives me an error says wldcore.dll is missing from your computer. I found the dll file and placed it in the installation folder and then it gave me another error saying UXCore.dll is missing from your computer. And again I found a copy of this file and now it gives me another error. Here is a picture of the Error. I also deleted temp files. Also followed a guide for a Clean Installation of Windows Live Messenger and still no results.

I know I must be doing something wrong thats why I would like your help

Thanks alot

Answer:[SOLVED] Can't Make Windows Live Messenger to work [More Info Inside]

Did you update your Computer to the latest update from Microsoft? There's been a few other posts about Windows Live things stopping working after they've updated to the latest update.

Well, i doubt YOU have done anything wrong, unless you've been going about your computer deleting files at random, so rest asured.

That errormessage there indicated that you've gotten the wrong UXCore.dll file. You downloaded it from the internet, or took it off of another computer, didn't you?
That wouldn't work.

Check for new updates from Microsoft.

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Hi There everyone has any of you, got this and used it if so is it worth moving from msn hot mail, and if i do how do i get to my email, i have heard rumours that any one useing your pc can get to your mail, by typing in your broswer, mail live .com or www, live .com ? do you know if any of this is true or is it ok, Scolley

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail

I used it for a while but it was crap nothing but problems .Kept on to them but as always it's the users PC. Went back to the old system

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with the new version the advertising panel has moved from the top to the right hand side. Most emails now have a banner saying unable to show all the message click here to show it all. Many of the emails are part hidden under the advertising banner. There is no scroll bar available and no way to make the banner smaller that I have found. Does anyone know how to either turn it off, move it to another position or make it smaller? Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance.

Answer:windows live hotmail

I know this wont help but i dont get any advertising,someone,i am sure,may have an answer,good luck

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Hi, I recntly upgraded my Hotmail account to the Windows Live Hotmail version, but have noticed a few problems since doing so. I can't clcik and drag over words or copy, cut or select phrases in any way. For instane, I wanted to copy a letter I wrote in word and paste it into my email, but i couldn't. whenever I right-clck in the message area, nothing happens. The same went except vice-versa. I was tryin to copy a link that as in a message to put into my address bar. I can't copy it, drag the mouse over it and drag it into the address bar, or even cick the hyperink, as a hyperlink doesn't seem to be available. Has anyone else noticed this? I don't particula;y wan't to go back to the clssic hotmil, but if no one has a solution then it seems my only choice. In case it helps, I'm uing IE 7 in Windows Vista, with Adobe Flash and Shockwave installed, as well as the latest Java versin.

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail Help

i noticed that & i just use Ctrl - V to paste. i have windows XP but assume this has not change on vista

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I have found out when receiving and sending mail it goes into two hotmail and Windows Live. I would like to know for sure how do I view both and how would I know which one I was in? also I would like to delete a name that is at the side of the mail box. I have done it once how? I click left and right button on the name but there isn't a delete button. I know how to delete from my contacts but I want to delete from my list of names that cum in line with my In. Out Delete column

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail

Are you on the Hotmail Inbox page? Is it a folder? if so then hover your cursor on 'Folders' and left click on the spikey circle (cogwheel) next to 'Folders' and then leftclick on 'manage folders' on the menu that pops up and the list of your folders will appear on the righthand side. There will be a little square box next to the folders that you can alter. Select (Put a green tick in the box) the folder that you want to do something with and then you can delete a folder by clicking on 'Delete' that is on the menu just above the list of folders (New, Rename, Delete)
If it is anything else then you will have to have a look at your 'Options' (top right corner of page under your name)and click on 'Options' and then click on 'More Options' as there are so many ways to configure privacy and what is displayed it is impossible to guess what you mean without more specific details.

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does anyone know how to set it to display 'from' rather than 'date' no matter how many times I click on the from it always reverts to date on next switch on. Any suggestions appreciated.

Answer:using windows live hotmail

no one seems to know so keep clicking on From each time

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Just notice there is nothing to click on to check sent mail on my windows live hotmail it was there.Dont use this very often so dont know when it went any ideas on getting it back

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail

I don't use Windows Live Mail but see this here - click here

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I've been tinkering and messed up again !My Windows Live Hotmail used to open in Firefox but now it opens in IE.I d/loaded th IE add-on but now cannot revert back to get my Hotmail through Firefox which I prefer.I have deleted the IE add on hoping this would makke it all ok but no.Tony

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail

I assume you are opening it from a shortcut - maybe on your desktop? Try making sure Firefox is your default browser - go to Tools/Options/Advanced/General and under Default Check Now etc.

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As the family computing guru (hah!) my sister sent me the following question. As I don't use, and know nothing about, either Hotmail or Windows Live, not only can I not answer her question - I don't even understand the question...
Perhaps someone else does - and can:
"As you know, I do my e mails through Hotmail which I access through MSN.
But sometimes, if I do a 'contact us' thing through a website, my message seems to go through Windows Live. But (again!) I have no record of 'sent' items this way and sometimes don't get a reply. Now I know that sometimes, occasionally, people might not want to reply to me (faint, shock, horror!!) but it would be nice to see what I've sent and when. Most recently asking Chiltern Railways for a refund which is time critical. Yes, I could phone and will probably have to, but what is this Windows Live thing? I looked on Google and it said to download something but surely it's the 'same' as Hotmail, isn't it?"
Can anyone help?

Answer:Hotmail and Windows Live

WLM is a client like the old Outlook so you can manage your Emails. Have a look here

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I have windows vista home premium and in my hotmail
account I am unable to delete messages by checking on them and hitting the delete button. I get this Javascriptn submit toolbar item clicked(delete messages); in the done I guess taskbar box, bottom of page. I can however manually open each message and delete them OK, but this is time consuming. I have other email accounts and don't have this problem. How can I correct this?
Thank You,

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail

Just a note to say that my problem here has resolved itself. It seems that Windows Live was Dead for awhile and thus the glitch has gone away. I was also the guy with the "Pink" monitor awhile back. Had to get a new one there. Thanks for being here for the masses that have computer problems. I still think computers are female. No offense taken please.

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I have Windows Vista Home Premium. I suddenly get the message when i click my desktop shortcut to go to Hotmal to "Please enable Cookies" which have always been enabled in the recommended way since i bot Vista last January. When i ask Microsoft support about this they come back with instructions on how to enable cookies (already enabled) and repeat the instructions with the same result. I,m wondering if anyone else has run into this annoyance (I can get into hotmail thru typing or repeating the address in the address bar) but can,t go there with the shortcut without getting the message above. Any suggestions?

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail

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Hello, i'm having some trouble opening my email on hotmail, i get a message saying my cookies are disabled, but i've checked the box in the privacy tab which allows third party cookies, and it still doesn't work. Could someone help me please

Answer:Windows Live hotmail =(

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When I select the ATTACH option to attach photos to e-mail message ,it used to give me two options of either attaching a File or Photos. For some reason/s it gives the Attach option to attach a single photo rather than multiple photos from the explorer.I have not done any recent upgrades to the Windows live hotmail.

Answer:Windows live hotmail

Windows live hotmail is on Microsofts WebServer so it can't be anything on your pc.Unless you you mean Windows Live Mail? (that you downloaded to your pc)

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Hi.When trying to forward emails, I click on forward but instead of letting me forward it leaves the subject name but deletes to contents of the email!!!Help please, its driving me crazyThanks Tony

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail

I think you need to clarify - are you talking about Windows Live Mail, or Hotmail?

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I subscribed to the above last year now my renewal is due. Is there any real advantage to paying for tis service or shoul;d I just use windows live mail

Answer:windows live hotmail plus

I would stick with the Plus version - I have Hotmail Plus too, have had it for years.

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how do

how do

i move pictures from hotmail messages to my pictures windows7 IE8

Answer:windows live hotmail


To download a single attached file from a message in Windows Live Hotmail:

Click the name of the attached file in the attachment area just below the message's recipients and above the message text.
Depending on the browser your use, click Save or merely watch the download happen.

To download all documents attached to a message compressed into a single zip file:

Click Download all attachments in the message's attachment area.
Save or directly open the zip file named like the message's Subject: line.

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So apparently they enabled Microsoft Exchange support for syncing to mobile devices.

Did they also enable IMAP for stuff that doesn't do Exchange? Or is Hotmail still POP3 (ugh) only?

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Hello everyoneI have a problem with Windows Live Hotmail. When I try to attach a photo I get sever error 3202 and error ID:0x8de00005. Sending just text works fine. It was working well until all of a sudden this problem popped up. I don't know if I can or should uninstall just Hotmail and reinstall it. First I don't know how to and I think I would have to uninstall all of Windows Live Essentials and reinstall that but I don't know if uninstalling and reinstalling anything will do any good.I just don't know what to do, I've looked this issue on the net for some suggestions or solutions but nothing worked. Microsoft support is a joke.Any ideas?I don't want to switch to Gmail,Yahoo or AOL. I liked Windows Hotmail.ThanksTanglefootEdit: Moved topic from Vista to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail

Are you accessing Hotmail thru a program such as Outlook?
When opening Hotmail, does the address in the address bar start with "https" or just "http"?

I saw some remarks similar to this:
Server Error: 3202
Server Response: HTTPS is turned on for the web but not for this program

The suggested fix was to disable https in hotmail or if possible to enable https in the program you
are using to send the pics in Hotmail.

It could also be, as I have often experienced with Hotmail, some problem that fixes itself after a day or so.
I just tried successfully uploading and sending a pic with my Hotmail account so the problem is not system wide.
I only access Hotmail online. Not thru Outlook or other email program.

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When I go on my Windows live hotmail account emails that would normally be in my inbox are transfered to the deleted folder. Whenever i log in I have to look in my deleted folder to find new emails. I have NOT manually deleted them.

Answer:Windows live hotmail

I would recommend changing your password immediately on a known secure computer.

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When forwarding emails in Windows Live Hotmail the original message is always attached. I have emails from friends that have numerous previous messages attached.How do I turn OFF 'attach original message' when forwarding emails in Windows Live Hotmail. I have looked at all options but cannot for the life of me see where this option is.

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail

Will clicking on what you want to delete and running the back button not remove them.Thats what I do with Incredimail.I cannot understand why anybody sends them that way without cleaning out the junk first.I have the same problem as you but normally clean out the parts not needed before forwarding to others.

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have just upgraded to this from normal hotmail, and want to use the 'full version' but it doesnt seem to be displaying properley on my screen. i like to check my junk mail occasionally, on the 'classic' version i get a menu displayed above the 4 boxes marked "today/mail/contacts/calendar." this menu gives me options of "inbox/junkmail/drafts" etc, so is ok, i can check junk from there.However, when i swap it to "full" version which is supposed to be better, i dont get any menu above the same 4 boxes, so how do i check the junk mail from there?sorry to waffle - is quite hard to explain!

Answer:windows live hotmail

I'll try and give "Window Live Hotmail" a go soon, but what advantages did you find in changing?

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I recently switched from the old MSN Hotmail to the new Windows Live version. When I create a new message, I no longer have the Cut, Copy and Paste icons on the tool bar. This is only the case when I'm using Windows Live with IE7 browser. The icons are there when I use Live with IE6. I have tried this on a couple of computers and get the same results with IE7.

I contacted MS Support and got a vague answer about some things not being the same as the older version. They said to just use the ctrl key and the standard copy, cut, paste keys. That did seem to work when they first suggested it but now that doesn't seem to work.

Has anyone else run into this problem?


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My main email address is linked to windows live but I still have an old "webmail" Hotmail address which I used to use and try out things and people used it to send me stuff. Now I can't find out how to access my original Hotmail account since I want to keep that "spare" address active. Can anyone help?

Answer:hotmail have changed to windows live?

Go to and log in as normal

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Windows Live Hotmail is asking for my phone number, alternate e-mail and secret question just in case I loose my password. This page shows up after I put in my e-mail and password. Is this legitimate or some phishing scam? I've been going around it for the past couple of weeks by re pressing on my book marker for Hotmail.

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail asking for phone # ...

I had gotton that for 8 weeks till I found out how to stop it.

It's legitimate

The request from Microsoft mentions 4 security items:

* Phone number
* Alternate email address
* Trusted PC
* Secret question

The "sticky" post also needs to tell customers that only two of the four items need to be provided (I just found this out today in a post from another Forum Moderator).Click to expand...

So just answer two of them like these two.
* Alternate email address
* Secret question

This is the page you should of seen right after login. With your email address in the top right.

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I have windows vista,mainly use windows live hotmail using internet explorer 7.I have a friend using XP home with MacAfee security who doesn't receive my emails yet if I send a yahoo e-mail it does arrive. I have told her to put my live mail address in contacts and also to go into tools/security etc and enter it as an accepted address which has been done but without any improvement.Does she need to tell her firewall to accept and if so how?She tells me that she doesn't appear to have a bulk or junk folder which I don't understand.Can anyone help or give any suggestions.

Answer:E.mails Via Windows Live Hotmail

I use Windows Live Hotmail myself so Ill have a crack at helping you.

Is your friend also using the same email client or different?

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since the start of this week and the "new and improved windows live hotmail" I find that it is crashing internet explorer. I regularly get IE6 is not responding and on clicking ok all open windows using IE shut. Is this Miscrosofts way of getting us to change to IE7 or is anyone else having trouble?

Answer:new windows live hotmail kills IE6

When IE7 was in its infancy it caused me loads of problems, so I stuck with IE6. However, I decided to try IE7 again a few weeks ago and have had no problems with it at all. I would advise you to get IE7 now - previously I was recommending users to stick with IE6 and even advising how to get rid of IE7 - like our Revolving Government, I have now completed a full U-turn as regards IE7.

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For whatever reason, the last two days, I haven't been able to access my email from hotmail, which is under Windows Live, and I operate on Windows Xp, but every time I try to access it, the page now freezes up on me, and I can't access it.

Answer:Solved: Windows Live Hotmail

did hotmail upgraded your account before it happened?...

seems alot of people are having the problem..

" Thanks, MSN Messanger works fine, and I just contacted MS about the problem, seems that about 10 other people have had the problem. It involves my video card (?!?!) Anyways, thanks "

could be worth a try... hope this helps in some way...


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I suddenly cannot log on or open my live hotmail account. Also a box keeps popping up every five minutes asking me for my password and to log in. Ticking the remember password box does not help. How do I solve this problem and regain access to my e-mail account?

N.b. I can access my account by going to
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2031 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152617 MB, Free - 122870 MB; E: Total - 953865 MB, Free - 948090 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 0A58h
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2012, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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I have a new HP 430 laptop with windows 7 home basic. IE9. and the usual assortment msoffice etc.

Suddenly I could not access hotmail, despite much trying to set, reset install windows live esentials etc etc. I serched all the forums I could find, lots of advice etc but still no hotmail.

Some suggested that hotmail's server was down? And some winged that it was not the first time that hotmail had fallen over.

Despite all attempts at registry editing and other options including uninstalling windows live and all of its components, cleaning the registry with Ccleaner. My solution was to Do a complete reinstall of windows, NOT installing windows live esentials - lo and behold I have hotmail again.

My question (s) are 1. Was it necessary to do a complete reinstall of windows or 2. Was it a coincidence that I was able to access hotmail, did Ms fix the problem?

3. Did anyone else experience a problem accessing hotmail with windows live esentials?

My older machine was a Neo HGL31 with XP home and IE8. when I reconnected that to the net I got instant access to hotmail. So my guess is a conflict with hotmail and windows live esentials, both Ms products - in conflict!

4. Should I risk installing windows live esentials? Supposedly a program to enhance the hotmail, messenger, etc experience?

I hope this was not too long winded - hoping for a usable reply.

David Payne (aka davethemedic)

Answer:conflict between hotmail and windows live

Hi and welcome to TSF 1 it is a mute point since you have reinstalled 2 unlikely 3 it dose happen and is frustrating 4 yes but you can adapt the settings when in doubt about the issue see the trouble shooting pages Troubleshooting
Hotmail Solutions

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I have recently updated to the above so far I like it apart from a couple of niggles I cant seem to work out how to sort it out PCA response discussion emails are sent to the Junk folder (I might have sorted that)But I received an email from FE and it is reported as *this message may be dangerous* with a lovely red shield, well I know it is not dangerous anyone know how to convince hot mail the same?I am all for tight security with email but I find this a tad redicuolous.

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail Security


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A week ago suddenly I was unable to open any emails in Windows Live Mail/Hotmail.  I can see all the messages are listed but cannot open them.  I get a message saying "A problem occurred while trying to open this message" every time I try to open a message.  I can open the messages if I go online under https:// but not under my email.  I looked at the Microsoft site and tried all the things they suggested.  I uninstalled Windows Live Mail and reinstalled it.  No change.  I downloaded the Microsoft Silverlight.  I checked and have Internet Explorer 11.  I have tried to repair the Windows Live Mail.  Again no change.  I don't know how to get back to where I can actually view my emails in Windows Live Mail.  I am frustrated.  Any ideas.  By the way, I have restarted after each of the above.  I changed my security settings for junk mail to medium.  I suspect this happened after an automatic update.   

Answer:Windows Live Mail/Hotmail

Hi Vegreville It seems like you're not the only one with that issue. You are using the Windows Live Mail application right, and not accessing Hotmail/Outlook from your web browser?List Installed ProgramsDownload MiniToolBox and move it to your Desktop;Execute it by double-clicking on it;Check the "List Installed Programs" checkbox;Click on the Go button;Once the scan is complete, a log will open.Copy/paste (select the Notepad, press Ctrl + A then Ctrl + C to copy, and Ctrl + V to paste) the content of the output log in your next reply;

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Hi, Changed over to live hotmail however, when signing in I just keep getting this message:

<There's a problem loading the full version of Windows Live Hotmail. You are being redirected to the classic version.
If this doesn't happen automatically, please click here.>

I've tried clearing temp files and cache but it still stays in the classic mode. Can anyone help? thanks.

Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong section

Answer:Windows live hotmail will not load

Anyone got any ideas on this one?

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My wife has a hotmail account that we access through live mail.She keeps getting an e-mail 6 or 7 times
a day from a certain address.Here is the address:[email protected] tried to block it but keeps coming back with a different first name.Is there any other way I can block this,thank-you.

Answer:Windows Live Mail(Hotmail)

If they are all coming from the same domain,, you may be able to block it.

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does anyone know how to curb the security in windows live hotmail. Even if a contact is in the safe list most content is blocked until you click on show. Why did they have to change what was fine.

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail - security mad

typical windows, i doubt there is any way round most of the soppy things they have done with this.johnny.

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Recently, I've been getting these pop-ups from Internet Explorer (while I'm using Firefox ó I never use Internet Explorer, but it is still installed on my computer) that have a Hotmail log-in page on it. If I don't do anything and just watch, I can see that it types in a really weird e-mail by itself, then a password, logs in, and continues to type in a spam message and sends it.

Each time it does this, the e-mails are different, as are the messages. I have no clue why it's doing this, or how to stop it. I've tried using SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware, but neither of them remove anything that pertains to this annoying pop-up. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is my HijackThis log:
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 1:19:59 PM, on 7/5/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\bak\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Zune\ZuneLauncher.exe
C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SUPERAntiSpyware.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging... Read more

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail Virus

Hi Welcome to TSG!!

Download ComboFix from one of these locations:

Link 1
Link 2

**Note: It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop**


With malware infections being as they are today, it's strongly recommended to have the Windows Recovery Console pre-installed on your machine before doing any malware removal.

The Windows Recovery Console will allow you to boot up into a special recovery (repair) mode. This allows us to more easily help you should your computer have a problem after an attempted removal of malware. It is a simple procedure that will only take a few moments of your time.
Go to Microsoft's website =>

Select the download that's appropriate for your Operating System

Download the file & save it as it's originally named.
Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications, usually via a right click on the System Tray icon. They may otherwise interfere with our tools.

Please note once you start ComboFix you should not click anywhere on the ComboFix window as it can cause the program to stall.

Drag the setup package onto ComboFix.exe and drop it.

Follow the prompts to start ComboFix and when prompted, agree to the End-User License Agreement to install the Microsoft Recovery Console.

At the next prompt, click 'Yes' to run the full ComboFix scan.

When the tool is finished, it will pr... Read more

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I have no idea if there are different versions of Hotmail. I have had Hotmail for 8 years.

I do know that my Hotmail page states Windows Live. Are there different versions of Hotmail? And can one switch from one version to another?

Today (June 29, 2010) a dialog box came up from Microsoft or Hotmail and asked me if I agree to the Terms of Service - or some such wording. I clicked Yes.

And after clicking "Yes" - the whole Hotmail page changed. All emails and folders are there - but a slightly different font.


I have all my folders. But I would like to create a new folder. And for the life of me I cannot find out how to create a new folder with this newest and latest version of Hotmail. I have done a search. And every answer states to go to Folders and just 'click' create a new folder. But that option is not apparent on this latest version of Hotmail. When I go to Folders - the only option I have is to 'Show/Hide' folders - no option to 'create' a new folder. When I go to 'New' it only lets me create a new email.

I'm lost is a sea of obtuse technolgy !

Answer:Hotmail - Windows Live - Issues

Are you using Windows Live to access your mail?

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When signing in to Hotmail Messenger while connected to the internet I get error code 80072efd, telling me there is an error with my internet conection...

Anybody has any clues as to how to fix it...



Answer:On hotmail windows live messenger

Hello and Welcome to TSF...

Try this solution:

Remove any Internet Explorer proxy server settings...

1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools and then click Internet Options.
2. In the Internet Options dialog box, go to the Connections tab.
3. Click LAN Settings?
4. Un-check the Use a proxy server for your LAN (These settings will not apply to dial-up or VPN connections) checkbox.
5. Click OK and OK again Internet Options

Click on the Start menu, select Run and type the following:
regsvr32 Dssenh.dll Gpkcsp.dll Slbcsp.dll Sccbase.dll

Keep us posted...

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please please please help.

i have tried all the supports through microsoft but none help me!!

when i try to login it says your account has been blocked.

i click on continue and then it says it will send me a code to revalidate my account - but it will only let me send this code to one account that no longer exists.

i cant post my issue on the support site like everyone is telling me to do so because you have to login to do so.

please if you no of a number that works from the uk or anything to help me please let me no!

thank you so much

Answer:windows live hotmail blocked

You should log in your hotmail ( yes, you still can log in to hotmail but cannot send message) and download all your data to your computer, use new mail service like gmail or other free mail service. Hotmail and MSN are not reliable!!

check out this link, it contains information you need.:
My Windows Live Hotmail account was closed for a "Terms of Use Violation" - I did nothing wrong, what do I do?

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I have had e-mail for a long time. Yesterday I signed up for windows live and got a new Id ( Now I can't access my old Id. I have new laptop with windows vista.can anyone help?

Answer:windows live hotmail access

How are you trying to access it? MSN? Web Email?What happens if you try the old account?

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Advice and or bit if info please,,
  I am wondering if I am safe using WLH with my out of the box free Avast av. I have read, but am quite confused as to whether it scans my incoming mail like gmail and yahoo does. I am beginning to look at other mail services. Certain mails in gmail such as Filehippo (used to stay updated on a few apps) seem slow and harder to open...Admitted I am an old uneducated RN on such matters. Pleas advist in simple terms  ...Thanks for any and all advice....Jim

Answer:Avast and windows Live Hotmail

avast! real-time shield modules are individual resident protection features which continuously monitors various areas of your computer.Resident protection comprising individual modules or "shields", each of which can be individually configured or disabled:• File System Shield— Real-time protection against viruses and other malware threats. Scans files as they run on your computer to keep viruses from being able to execute.• Mail Shield— Scans messages and attachments in E-mail/Microsoft Outlook/Exchange for viruses.• Web Shield — HTTP protection (local transparent proxy). Version 4.8 also allows the blocking of URLs. Scans URLs and incoming data for viruses, and aborts connections to the site if one is found.• P2P Shield — Scans P2P files from file share programs.• IM Shield — Instant Messaging protection. (Scanning of files transferred through instant messaging applications)• Script Shield — Scans webpages for malicious scripts, and disables them from infecting your computer, though they can still be used. (for example, a clickable button)• Network Shield — Basic protection against well-known network worms. Acts as an Intrusion Detection System.• Behavior Shield — Reports suspicious behavior by analyzing the behavior of programs.avast! Features: Shields

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I have an ongoing thread regarding the login page for messenger so this is related but separate. In an effort to assist my friend I created a hotmail account, just to get into the GUI. I don't use Hotmail or Messenger or any of the Windows Live features other than Windows Live Mail. Having finished with the Hotmail account I closed it on the Hotmail site and deleted it from Live mail. Now everytime I open Live mail I get the Hotmail login screen showing the old email address. I cannot get rid of the login screen, every time it comes up I have to close it. I have now resorted to completely un-installin all the the Windows Live components, Essentials, Login in assistant etc even to the extent of cleaning up the registry. I then re-installed just Windows Live Mail or though I thought. I was very careful to only check the Live mail box but all the other oddments got automatically installed. You cannot just install Live Mail. Anyway thinking that I had a new clean copy of Live Mail I opened it only to have the Login popup appear again. Also my email account was still as before as were all my old emails so the program wasn't fully uninstalled when I thought it was. Short of a complete format of the HD and a new Windows 7 install has anyone any ideas?

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail login

Just to clarify ... are you using the current stable release of Live Mail, or are you on the beta?

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Hi, before when I'd log into Windows Live Messenger, and clicked on the inbox button, it would open up Windows Live Hotmail in my browser. But last night I couldn't open it for some reason, so I signed into Windows Live Mail from my Programs list to view my inbox. Now when I sign into Messenger, click my inbox button, it launches Windows Live Mail, instead of opening the browser based Hotmail, how to I get it back to opening my inbox through my browser using Hotmail?


Answer:Windows Live Messenger and Web Hotmail


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I am running Windows7 & using Windows Live Mail to access my Virgin Media account.
When I try to send an email to a @hotmail address, it sticks in my outbox & I receive the following error:

An unknown error has occurred.

Subject 'I have left this out'
Server Error: 550
Server Response: 550 you are not allowed to send mail to <[email protected]>
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC69
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No

Anyone know why this is ?

BTW: if I login directly to my Virgin account, I can send emails to Hotmail


Answer:Hotmail & Windows Live Mail

Have I beat everybody with this??

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Well as of today. One of my PC's with IE 7 on it now refuses to log into my hotmail account. I get a message saying

Windows Live ID:

Cookies must be allowed
Your browser is currently set to bock cookies... Yada yada bull hockey!!

Tools>Internet Options>Privacy>Advanced>Override automatic cookie handling is checked. Accept First and third party cookies is checked and Always allow session cookies is checked. Still the same message. Changing it by removing the check in Overide automatic cookie handling doesn't help. Yesterday I could check hotmail from that PC, today I can not. I haven't changed my cookie settings til I got this message and tried fixing it.

My computer is set to allow cookies! I've reset it three times. What gives?

Answer:Windows Live, Hotmail and Cookies Oh My!

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is there a way to make hotmail not block most everything (when you click on the email, it says its not safe and you have to click open message)

this seems to be happening since the new version, if there was any way to go back to the old one I would

I know whats safe and whats not and its really annoying having to click on open message for everything

I saw the thing about adding certain contacts to a "safe list", but no I dont want to have to do that all the time

Answer:windows live hotmail blocking


That&#8217;s the only way your are going to get these emails to come into your inbox. I&#8217;m not 100% sure how MSN or HOTMAIL determine their SPAM, but I&#8217;m sure they use some type of RBL or something to evaluate the incoming messages.

I do not use HOTMAIL, but you may want to go to the HELP section and see if there is a way of DISABLING SPAM protection on your account. If it is a FREE account it&#8217;s probably not possible, but you never know!

Not sure how up-to-date this is, but it may help:

Thanks and Happy New Year!


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I've been trying to connect my windows live hotmail to my cell phone, so I can check my emails. It worked with yahoo, but now I get my yahoo email forwarded to hotmail. I'm also using firefox. I keep getting "cannot connect, try again later".

Answer:connect windows live hotmail to cell

Have you tried directing here?

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Today, when I opened to login in to my hotmail account I found that a new login page is now viewed there. Some days ago Microsoft online the new MSN homepage. These changes in live services showing that the Microsoft have slowly started to implement the wave 4 of live services.
The new login page is better viewed and have easy login and remember account look. Now to forgot a saved account on a computer, there is a close button available in the side. The service options are now displayed in bigger fonts. All changes are related to better view of page. I personally liked the new login box. These small changes happening are definitely the trailers before the release of Big Wave 4.

Answer:new login page at Windows live hotmail

Now if only they'd redo the Mail and allow for better customizing. I don't care for any of the themes, and the taking it sweet time to silently log in, ack

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Every time I try to log in into my my email I get this asking me to to retrieve a code from another email that I don't know

Answer:I can't access my windows live hotmail account

It's a "security feature" implemented in Hotmail, it does ask for an alternative authentication by requesting another email account or a cell phone to send you an activation code, then they let you into your account again.

Microsoft just want to collect private data about you help you protect your account in cse you lose your password. I've been asked myself and have to gave another email for they to collect

Look here too: privacy - How do I access without giving them my phone number or another email address? - Web Applications Stack Exchange

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I'm a borderline tech Luddite esp when it comes to email.

I use two different email names in Hotmail, and I'm satisfied with how Hotmail works.

But I apparently have told my computer to use Windows Live Mail also, under certain circumstances. If I'm looking at a website and it shows me someone's email address as a link, which I click on, to send that person an email, WLM automatically launches. And in particular it automatically defaults to the one of those two names which I almost never really want to use!

What I want, instead, is for the computer to automatically just connect me to my regular Hotmail account and let me type in the message from there.

Obviously, I can just cut/paste the address that shows up as a link, and launch Hotmail myself in a new window, and do it all that way. But I'd prefer if at least part of it were automated, the way the computer seems to automatically launch WLM now.

Is there a way for me to delete WLM entirely (using the usual control panel process, which I know how to do) and just use Hotmail all the time as my email program? Or would deleting WLM have the effect of wiping out my Hotmail stuff also?

Answer:Are Hotmail and Windows Live Mail the same or can I delete WLM?

Hotmail is the browser version of Windows Live mail, Windows Live mail is what allows you to click on a link and send an email.

You can change the default email account you send from, under options, email accounts.

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I'm starting this thread to work on a WLM Hotmail POP account issue/question.
I feel continuing the conversation with Roderunner (George) and myself in the original thread is hijacking the OPs (Neelakantan) thread.
The original thread is Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0F

George, hope you don't mind I started this thread, so we don't sidetrack Neelakantan's thread and issue.

This thread is my reply to your last post in the other thread:

Hi David, I managed to set up my Hotmail in WLM using POP. When I sent a message to it using my AOL account, it never arrived in it, but it did in my Gmail account.

I re-added a Hotmail account in WLM 2012 using POP3, and below are screen prints of the account setup.
I tested this and received 2 Test emails for this account - screen print included.

Can you compare your account settings to mine and make sure everything is the same?
Do you get any error message when you can't receive message(s) in the WLM POP account?
If you login to the Hotmail account using a browser (WEB access), is the message there?

Answer:Windows Live Mail - Hotmail POP account

Hi David,

Since confirming I successfully added my Hotmail using POP to WLM and tested it, (it worked) it has been removed from WLM as it gets very very few messages.
My settings were slightly different from yours.
On the Servers tab, I ticked 'My server requires authentication'
On the Advanced tab, 'Server Timeouts' was set to 5 minutes & everything below 'Delivery' was unticked.
I have also made changes to my other accounts.
Cancelled forwarding Hotmail to Gmail main account.
Gmail main account used to check my AOL mail account, its been cancelled. mail account forwarded to my Hotmail account.
My other Gmail is forwarded to my Gmail main account.
To get notified of new mail on opening FF, I added
it checks my main Gmail, AOL & Hotmail for me. If their is mail for me in Gmail, I open WLM to read them.
If there is mail for AOL or Hotmail, clicking the addon opens their respective web pages.

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Is anybody else experiencing problems with Window Live Mail/Hotmail. I keep getting a message "Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail account ... Server Error: 0x80048849. Server:'https:/' Windows Live Mail Error ID:0x80040049"
This is causing a number of problems especially in sending & receiving mail. Anybody help or shed light on this one?

Answer:Windows Live Mail - Hotmail Problem

Not finding any trouble with Windows Live Mail myself but might want to try and repair Windows Live Mail Click Here the only error I can see in the text is that Control Panel, Uninstal a Programme gives you the option of Uninstal/Change. If you click on that you will get the Repair option.

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it worked on firefox and i.e. until yesterday. no longer works.


when I try to download tsg sysinfo I get a message about 'faster downloader', but tsg sysinfo doesn't download or open. ?!?

Answer:can't open hotmail/windows live mail.

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I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit on an HP Notebook and IE9windows 6.0.
A few days ago I noticed when opening up Windows Live that there was no longer the two email addresses we use for hotmail there and no longer the passwords saved. There isn't even an option to use a different windows ID option. I studied the forums, accesses through help in hotmail and I cannot find anything on how to fix this that I have not already done. I checked the addons and reinstalled windows live essentials 11 and even went into internet options and under privacy advanced enabled override automatic cookie handling and always allow session cookies. I use ccleaner and I unchecked auto complete etc, where before I just had passwords unchecked. Up until a few days ago I could logoff of Windows live mail and run ccleaner fully and even restart the computer and still open up Windows lice and have the email addresses there and the passwords there too.

Was there an update that I could uninstall that could put things back the way they were?
I do not like the linked feature in hotmail I prefer them back the way they were.
Also windows mail is not as nice as windows live mail.

If there isn't anything I can do about this, is there an alternative email program that I can use Hotmail in, that will allow me to have the same old features, without me typing in email address and passwords?

Thank you.[/FONT]

Much appreciated.

Answer:Windows Live Mail Hotmail issues

Check your email accounts online -

Try system restore - choose a restore point prior to that start of trouble -
START | type rstrui

Regards. . .



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After the latest windows 10 update my windows live mail stopped receiving hotmail. it does receive gmail and other accounts. I installed the december windows essentials update last week and it started receiving hotmail again. But it has stopped again.
I can receive hotmail on my tablet and phone so I know its not the account.

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Hey guys

I got this peoblem with Windows live mail
I've had my email adress for so long, but now it refuses to even log on in the adress
at first it gave me an error that password is wrong, and I'm sure it wasn't, so I reset it to my alternative email, but then I got a new error:


is blocked
Sign-in with [email protected] is blocked for one of these reasons:
Someone entered the wrong password too many times.
If you signed up for this ID through an organization, you might not be able to use the account yet.

I have no clue what is happening, how I could enter the wrong password too many times and I just reset it!

any ideas?

Answer:Windows Live Mail (Hotmail) Problem

See if you can sign in at Hotmail - Sign In

Check Live ID info -

Regards. . .


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Please can anyone tell me if it is possible to stop the MSN Today screen loading when I run Windows Live Hotmail.

Answer:MSN Today screen/Windows Live Hotmail.

yes it is in the options I think - I have stopped it.

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Does anyone know what's going on with this? I've seen plenty of threads about people being unable to access their Hotmail account through Live Mail, but there are very few responses. Should we assume that there is no fix? Is there one thread that addresses this?

"Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail (fiatdood) account. Sorry, we were unable to sign you in to Windows Live ID at this time. Please try again later.
Server Error: 0x80048820
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x80048820"


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HiNot sure if anyone can help or have ideas, but I have done something rather stupid and silly.In my Hotmail account with Windows Live Mail, a folder and sub-folder has either disappeared, lost, deleted or whatever.When I use 'Sync' to check for any messages etc, the missing folder shows up in the 'checking mail panel', but not in my folder list. I have tried to add a new folder of the same name, but I then have an error message, saying the following: ""A folder with that name has recently been changed or deleted. Please synchronize your account and repeat this action.Configuration: Port: 0 Secure(SSL): 0 Code: 8de20005""Naturally, I have re-sychronised, but still unable to locate the folder. Also, I have tried to Google '8de20005' without avail.The question is - how do I retrieve my 'missing' folder?Regards

Answer:Windows Live Mail - Hotmail account.

try settings windows live mail up again as a new installation but with your normal sign in details - it might be then as it was.

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Every time I send an email from my windows live mail account to a hotmail account it shows as sent but the person is not receiving it
I can send to gmail and i can send any other emails but just not hotmail
Any idea why this is happening and a solution please

Answer:sending from windows live mail to hotmail

Can you ping their address?

Try "WinKey + R" , "PING".....

Do you get a reply from their main?

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I changed from hotmail to Windows Live Hotmail. Each time I sign in I get redirected to the old version of hotmail because there is always a problem loading the new version. I have cleared my cache, deleted all cookies, run my spyware, defraged all to no avail. I am using Windows XP sp2.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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For about a week, I have been able to view my hotmail inbox, but not get into any of my messages or folders, nor write new messages. I can access my messages via Firefox and Opera, but I have a ton of photos to send and the MSN photo upload tool is the best one I've tried, but of course it doesn't work with other browsers. I have scanned for nasties but not found anything obvious, and I don't remember changing anything that would cause this to happen. It's really frustrating more than anything, and I would be glad to know if anyone has any suggestions. I know I should maybe upgrade to IE7, but doubt if this would solve the problem. Any ideas, please?

Answer:Unable to access Windows Live hotmail via IE6

Hi destiny27,Did you ask MSN support why you can't open your messages? (emails?) or folders? use the support, choose and entry out of the list and you'll be directed to a form where you can describe your problem.You could try upgrading to IE7. If you don't like it, it can be removed again via add-remove programs. It does take some getting used to, but has features which are more like Firefox.Alternatively, you could try setting your computer back to an earlier restore point. This would remove any recent updates or installations which may have caused the problem. If it doesn't help, it's easy enough to undo the change.If you've never done this before, Go to Start / All Programs / Accessories / System Tools / System Restorecheck the box to Restore my computer to an earlier time and click on Next. You'll see a calendar with highlighted dates. Choose one of the dates just preceeding these problems and allow your system to return to that date. See if the problem goes away.For Vista: that doesn't help, simply go back into System Restore and choose the option to undo the change you just made.Did any of the above help?Zllio

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it worked ok until yesterday, november 20, 2013.



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Is there any way I can prevent the flashing advertising that appears on my screen whenever I use Hotmail please?

Answer:Windows Live Hotmail flashing adverts

For Firefox, try Adblock Plus.

For Internet Explorer, try Simple Adblock.

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After the latest windows 10 update my windows live mail stopped receiving hotmail. it does receive gmail and other accounts. I installed the december windows essentials update last week and it started receiving hotmail again. But it has stopped again.
I can receive hotmail on my tablet and phone so I know its not the account.

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I have Windows Live Hotmail. The Hotmail folks were nice enough to introduce feature in which they decided that they know better than I how I want to manage my Inbox. They don't. How can I get back to the old Inbox in which they simply show individually what it is it without screwing around bundling together various emails that they, not I, think should be bundled together? And the way they format this is insidiously designed to drive me bonkers. I'd be quite satisfied to forego all of the Windows Live features, none of which I use if they were not already available in the old Hotmail. Thanks, grandpaw81

Answer:Solved: windows live hotmail and my sanity

On the right, just above your first message in your Hotmail Inbox is a "Arrange by" drop down box. Try different settings since you don't like your current selection.

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I'm using Windows Vista Home, downloaded the new Windows Live Mail, cos i need to access my hotmail (Windows Mail does not support).
However, i am only able to read the "header & sender" of each message.
The content cannot be shown.
Error message:WINDOWS LIVE MAIL encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this message. CHeck your computer for low memory or low disk space and try again.

I've been searching thru the net trying to find a solution to this for a few days already. Basically tried everything others suggested, but still no help.
Some of the steps i tried:
1. Manually configure server settings for e-mail account. --> HTTP server
2. deleting everything in C:\Documents and Settings\Liam\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail
3.uninstall & reinstall Windows Live Mail
4.disable antivirus & firewall etc
5.sign in to hotmail (using -some say this need to be done the 1st time
6. i tried so many things, i dont really remember
However, there's no problem accessing gmail with Windows Live Mail.
Headers & the content are downloaded & can be viewed.

Really hope somebody can help me!
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Windows Live Mail - Hotmail Prob - HELP

Hi Smilealwaz,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

What antivirus program are you using? Some of these can cause unexpected problems when you have the email scanning options turned on. You should turn these options off. If you have McAfee or Norton, you will most likely need to uninstall it completely.


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A couple of days ago I right clicked in windows live hot-mail and clicked on 'Block Images' or something similar.

Previously when I viewed an email with photos attached, they showed in the viewing pane. Now I have to open them to view them.

I want to get back to where I was.

Any ideas please?

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Have not been able to check my hotmail account online for last 2 weeks or so. I get a strange message that i need to Upgrade my browser (full message posted below). I am running IE 7 and FF3, so cannot understand why it is asking me to upgrade browser.
The message also says that if i dont want to upgrade my broswer i can proceed to hotmail but some functions may not work. However when i try that option i go into another error screen with 2 options both of which dont work (and there is no response) when clicking them almost like the browser is dead. The 2 options are
1) try to return to windows hotmail
2) report this problem to microsoft
About a month ago i had been tuning up my pc and shut down a few services (cant remember which ones). Do you think this could be the reason?
Can someone please help me with this issue. Many thanks
Original error message:-
Upgrade your web browser
We recommend that you upgrade your web browser so you can get the most out of Windows Live Hotmail. Upgrading should only take a few minutes. To get started, choose one of the browsers below:
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
If you donít want to upgrade right now you can still continue to Windows Live Hotmail, but some parts of it may not work and it may not be displayed properly.

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I've been unable to sign in to my hotmail account from my laptop for the past couple of weeks.Updating to Windows Live Mail didnt help much either coz although I'm able to see my inbox and sent items I still can't send anything.This is the error message I recieved:-

"Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail (*email add*) account. To send and receive messages in your Hotmail account, go to on the Web, or try again later. To get help from Windows Live Customer Support, go to and click Windows Live Mail in the list of services.

Subject ''
Server Error: 500
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x801941F4"

My OS is Vista Home Basic.

Any Help would be Much appreciated.

Answer:Hotmail,Windows Live Mail problems

This the text at this link is hard to follow; however it may give you a solution. Found this by 'googling' your error message.


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Hi Guys,

I'm at my wits end! I bought a new wireless modem from Tata Indicom, and it simply will not process any messages on Hotmail. I create replies, then log-on, and it marks the Hotmail accounts with a red cross (I have two Hotmail accounts). I have no trouble with my personal account, but it cannot process Hotmail.

I have some error messages for you:
"TCP/IP reported Error 735. The required address was rejected by the server."
"Error 732: Your computer and the remote computer could not agree on PPP control protocols."
"Error 633: The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly."

I am not using the device for anything but the Internet.

I have been through the options, but cannot find anything.

And then, on the last attempt,
"Error 691: Usercode/Password error."

The wireless modem is on Port Com4, according the "Phones and Modems", and on Port Com5 according to "System/Device Manager".

Can anyone help? I am in Goa, India.

Regards, Smiffy.

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I took up MSN's offer to convert my hotmail to windows live hotmail. Big mistake. All images attached to emails I receive now appear as what I would describe as large thumbnails instead of the size they should be. I cannot find anyway of changing the settings for this, does anyone have any ideas? Even better, anyone know how I can change back to the old type of hotmail? Thanks.

Answer:image size in windows live hotmail

They show as full size in Explorer if you click on them (or the link underneath). You may need to disable the security warning first time.

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Someone has found the password for my Windows Live account, presumably using some script or something. I've changed my password and secret question, but that won't do much good because the person can simply run the script again. I know you're supposed to write to MSN to get your account immediately terminated, but after looking around hotmail for a while I can't find an address to write to for such a circumstance. Can anyone provide one?

Answer:Terminating my Windows Live Hotmail account

you could download a hack-tool but I strongly recommend that you dont use it
because it slows ur internet connection because it keeps connecting to the account
also because u might get viruses

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Having problems with Windows Live Hotmail document printing. All documents (except one source) print fine on multiple computers to multiple printers. The one particular source I attempt to print from contains invoice documents with column charts with horizontal and vertical lines. When I attempt to print, the document opens and everything appears normal. When I select a printer or choose print preview, the document changes all lines to heavy bold lines and attempts to print, print those heavy bold lines. What settings and where, do I need to change to maintain the line settings in the original e-mail document?

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every thing was ok till about a week ago cant log onto the program only classic version works,but even then some of the options dont work like accesing junk mail,i have reinstalled program but still the same i am using vista any ideas thanks.

Answer:windows live hotmail problem logging in


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Using Windows Live Outlook Connector we can connect Windows Live Hotmail account to outlook. With Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, you can use Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to access and manage your Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail or Microsoft Office Live Mail accounts, including e-mail messages, contacts and calendars for free!
Outlook Connector enables you to use your Live Hotmail accounts within Outlook:
* Read and send your Office Live Mail/Windows Live Hotmail e-mail messages.
* Manage your contacts in Windows Live Hotmail.
* Use advanced options for blocking junk e-mail messages.
* Manage multiple e-mail accounts in one place.
* Manage, and synchronize multiple calendars, including shared calendars to Windows Live Calendar from Outlook. How to connect using Outlook Connector:
1. Download and install Outlook connector
2. After Installation, start Outlook
3. From the Menu bar, click on ? Outlook Connector ? then select ?Add new Account?
4. Enter your Email ID, password provided Windows Live Account and other details 5. Click OK
6. Restart the Outlook, to take effect
Source: TechSurface

Answer:How to connect Windows Live Hotmail into Outlook

thanks for the tip hari, i use Windows live mail client instead of MS outlook....

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Hi,We use Windows XP Home Edition, so myself and my husband have separate log in names to access our different desktops. When I was on MSN Hotmail one day it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to Windows Live. I said yes and proceeded with the update - which it did and with no problems. However, when I log out of my Windows XP settings and my husband logs into his, when he comes to going into his Hotmail account, he gets an error up each time saying there was a problem logging him into the full version, so he is divered to the classic version instead. This happens EVERY time. The only time he can access the full version is if he logs out of his Windows XP settings and goes in to mine - and then logs in to Hotmail with his details. It then allows him to get the full version. Do we need to change a Windows setting in his log in settings?

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I was wondering if it is possible to receive a notification to a new email without having to log into my Windows live hotmail account, for example I have another email account so maybe having a notication sent to there. I understand that it is possible with Windows live hotmail to have alerts sent to your mobile phone, but I am unsure if I would be charged to receive these alerts by my mobile provider (O 2But basically, I was wondering if it is possible to receive a notification to a new email without having to log into my Windows live hotmail account

Answer:Windows live hotmail email alerts

mailwasher click herejohnny.

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I can't open it, either in i.e. or firefox


Answer:hotmail/windows live mail disappeared.

Closing duplicate.

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