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question about cloning/ghosting a working harddrive OS to another same pc questions..

Question: question about cloning/ghosting a working harddrive OS to another same pc questions..

Ok a question about cloning/ghosting a harddrive.

Now I have customer that has a dell laptop that will like to buy anothe laptop same model basically on ebay so then he can do a exact copy of the current laptop drive like a ghost/cloning then install that image that was created to the new used laptop off from ebay.

Now is this possible if so whats a good program to use? also does the new used laptop from ebay have to be the exact specs hardware components as the cloned drive one? thanks

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Preferred Solution: question about cloning/ghosting a working harddrive OS to another same pc questions..

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: question about cloning/ghosting a working harddrive OS to another same pc questions..

You can use Easeus-Disk-Copy The new laptop would need to be the same model #. You need to have the same motherboard and chipset. You then would take out the new laptops HDD and put it on a USB Adapter and attach it to the old computer. Format (erase) the new HDD and then clone the old HDD to the new with Easeus. After that is done, then put the drive back in the new computer start it up. That should boot normally and have all the files from the old computer. If for some reason the chipset is different and you get a BSOD then boot off of the XP CD and do a Repair Install

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Ok a question about cloning/ghosting a harddrive.

Now I have customer that has a dell laptop that will like to buy anothe laptop same model basically on ebay so then he can do a exact copy of the current laptop drive like a ghost/cloning then install that image that was created to the new used laptop off from ebay.

Now is this possible if so whats a good program to use? also does the new used laptop from ebay have to be the exact specs hardware components as the cloned drive one? thanks

Answer:question about cloning/ghosting a working harddrive OS to another same pc questions..

If it's the same series of laptop (and I don't mean the brand - I mean if he has a Dell Latitude D620 for example and he's about to buy another D620, for example) then the only real difference in the hardware would most likely be either a faster or slower CPU (could be exactly the same, too), more or less RAM (which could be transplanted from the current machine), or most likely a different GPU (onboard vs discrete, or vice versa).

If that's the case - the models match - then cloning/ghosting is a fairly easy process. Could use something like Acronis True Image if he wants commercial software (if he has a Seagate or Western Digital hard drive of any kind he could get the stripped down version of that software from Seagate or Western Digital). If not, then a free solution like Clonezilla would be very useful as well, or DriveImage XML, etc. There are several free cloning/ghosting tools out there these days, take your pick, they'll all end up doing the same thing.

Note that cloning/ghosting doesn't mean just copying all the files from the source to the target drive; the process of cloning/ghosting is to create a bit-for-bit copy, with everything intact and matching on both drives when you're done, save for doing a proportional partition resize which the cloning/ghosting software should handle automagically.

That's about it - if you've got more questions, just ask.

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I have an older ATA hdd (20 gigs) which has reached its capacity (376 MB of free space) and have purchased a new drive (250 gigs). I would like to make the new drive as my C drive and the old drive (20 gig) as a slave (strictly for backups). I've tried using Norton Ghost 12.0 to clone and it's failing in the very last bit of completion.."Norton Ghost couldn't copy all the files" I have tried playing with the settings, with the same outcome. Any ideas to resolve this?? thanks.

Answer:Cloning (ghosting) of a harddrive

are you trying to copy all your files over to the new drive?

personally i would install windows on the new drive then copy my files over, then format the 2nd drive

i've upgraded to a new hard drive a couple of times now and that's how i've done it

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Okay I've been reading here for a few weeks about cloning/ghosting (are these the same or different?) and it just occured to me that I might find this very useful as I am constantly "doing things" to my system and risking total failure.

A high-risk adreneline junkie riding the ragged edge.

Just read a post that cloning will allow you to make an "EXACT" copy of your Hard Drive ?

So then does this imply that if the HD crashes for whatever reason, I can get right back to where I was by somehow "mounting" this cloned image and making a copy ?

Or what ?

I have about 150 Gbytes on my primary partition. If I could just clone the whole thing and never worry about data security again, I would be willing to buy that 500 Gbyte SATA drive NewEgg is selling for $150.00.

Is this something I should play with? It sounds kind of fun & interesting.

Answer:Ghosting (or Cloning) Questions

Hi Girderman,

You can make an exact copy with a cloning or Ghosting program. I used to use Norton Ghost (older version works better than the new ones) but have now changed to the XXClone program under my signature area.

I have two Sata drives (plus a couple of IDE and USB thumb drives) and use one Sata for the computer OS and data and the other just as a clone as the first. With two this way, I update it regularly by running that program weekly so I am always up-to-date. If you get something that causes it not to work, you can hook the other one up and have it work, or you can change the Hard Drive Priority and have it work, or you can simply clone that drive back to the one that you might have messed up. It is a free program and works like a charm. You might want to go and take a look at it...oh, the drives don't have to match as long as there is enough room for the data on the one you are cloning to.

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WOuld like to clone/ghost an Dell Optiplex 780 windows 7 pro 64-bit image. Can anyone recommend any free software please?


Answer:Windows 7 Cloning/ghosting software

Cloning and imaging are not the same thing. With cloning you write an exact copy of a drive or partition to another drive or partition, free space and all. With imaging you create a compressed file which you store on an intermediate drive and which can later be restored to either the original drive or to a different drive. You need to decide which it is you want to do.

There is both free and paid software available for this, including Acronis True Image, Macrium Reflect and Easeus Todo Backup. If you have a WD, Seagate or Maxtor drive in your computer there is also a free cut-down version of Acronis available on the Seagate website.

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Hey guys,

I am looking for a good ghosting software that will allow me to do the clone from a boot disk. The reason is I am using sysprep to wipe the SID's and account info off the drive and want a new SID generated for each harddrive I clone. I have looked at several options like Drive Image Pro and Norton Ghost. Any recommendations? FYI we are trying to clone XP SP3 with basically stock settings.

Answer:Solved: Ghosting/Cloning Software

Free Drive Cloners/Imagers:

Farstone Driveclone Express
Macrium Reflect
Paragon Drive Backup Express
Clonezilla (Bare-metal restoration from image)
Dubaron Diskimage
EaseUs Disk Copy (Copies disks or partitions)
CloneZilla GParted LiveCD (Complete partitioning and drive imaging/restoration tools)
Drive Image XML
Partition Saving
PCI CloneMaxx
copyr.dma (Copies disk with bad sectors for recovery)

Commercial Apps:

Paragon Drive Backup
Easy Image
[email protected] Disk Image
O&O DiskImage
Acronis True Image Home
Farstone Drive Clone (Drive image, snapshots, file/folder backups.)
EAZ-FIX Professional and Easy Image
Drive Snapshot
ShadowProtect (Also online backups.)
Keriver Image
Avanquest Copy Commander
Paragon Drive Backup
R-Drive Image
Norton Ghost
HDClone Pro or Enterprise
Terabyte Image for Windows
Terabyte Image for DOS (can directly access FAT, FAT32, and NTFS partitions)
Spotmau Disk Clone & Backup

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Hi guys, i just got a new Seagate 250GB to replace the Lenovo Fujitsu 80GB HDD which came with my T60. After reading around the forums and google searches, I got a rough idea of how the procedure should go about. 1) Download Acronis True Image Home demo and install it.2) Attach the 320 thru a USB caddy to the laptop3) Reboot and launch True Image4) Select "clone drive"5) The laptop will eventually reboot and start cloning the drive.6) When it finishes , just boot into Vista / XP and make sure everything's fine with the old drive.7) Shut down the laptop, remove the old drive and slip in the new one.8) Start her up! something which I've yet to try. However, I'm wondering if those recovery disc provided with the T60 can be used with the new cloned hdd. From my understanding, if you use those discs on a new "non-lenovo provided" hdd, it will return to its original factory state of just being empty. Also, did any of you guys have to disable the IBM Predesktop Area for its hidden files? 'Cause the thing is that i want to copy over the "hidden recovery/factory state" contents to the new hdd so I will be able to use those recovery discs to return it to a clean OS with all the IBM system tools.

Answer:T60 Qn on cloning/ghosting to a new HDD and recovery discs

Patience, grasshopper, patience  I think you've got it about right.  Here are a couple of observations that may help. Don't boot up the old drive after cloning without disconnecting the new drive first.  I don't remember if it is XP or 2K that has a nasty habit of moving the pagefile when it sees two OS drives.  It can leave both unbootable without considerable pain. I have used Acronis to do what you are doing, but via a restore image saved to a 3rd drive, and then restored to the new drive after it is installed.  I would expect the clone op to work as well, but I haven't tried it.  Usually, Acronis can copy the full drive including the service partition and the magic Think button stuff.  Occasionally it barfs, for unknown reasons. It sounds like you have a set of factory recovery disks.  If  you don't, MAKE THEM NOW.  The Lenovo disks should be perfectly capable of installing the factory image to your new drive.  I've done that many times.  There are occasional issues when putting an image on a blank new drive that can be avoided by fiddling BIOS or formatting the new drive first.  When performing a Rescue and Recovery restore... but this doesn't really apply (I don't think) to your situation.  It might if you were restoring from a saved R&R image. Which brings me to my next point:  if you have a 3rd drive to which you can save an R&R image, you can do the 2-step migration... Read more

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I got a new 160 gb harddrive for my computer. I wanted to ghost my 40 gb onto my 160 gb. So i found a ghosting program on the internet, it biult a bootable diskette. It worked greatt all files are on the other harddrive, but know my 160gb is a 40gb. Is there a way to fix my 160gb harddrive back from a 40gb to a 160gb. The ghosting program i use was hdclone 3.1, and if there is a way to fix it can you give a good cheap/free ghosting program.

Answer:harddrive ghosting problem

try partition magic to resize the partition as it is my guess that when it cloned the hdd it also cloned the partition table which has resulted in what you describe. either that or you could partition and format the remaining space as another partition.

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Question: Ghosting questions

Alright, I've never ghosted, but *think* I am familiar with it. Basically, I'm about to buy a new hdd. I've currently got a 40 gig partitioned in half. I might partition the new drive, I might not, I'm not sure. Either way, I need to take all the stuff off both drives and put them on the new one. Ghosting sounded like the way to do this (if I'm not mistaken).

Basically, ghosting makes one big image of the stuff on the drive and puts it right back on the new drive, correct? That's what I would like to do.

What are the good ghosting programs? I know that Norton Ghost was popular, but would prefer freeware (if possible) or something cheap at the least...

Answer:Ghosting questions

Bob002 said:

Alright, I've never ghosted, but *think* I am familiar with it. Basically, I'm about to buy a new hdd. I've currently got a 40 gig partitioned in half. I might partition the new drive, I might not, I'm not sure. Either way, I need to take all the stuff off both drives and put them on the new one. Ghosting sounded like the way to do this (if I'm not mistaken).

Basically, ghosting makes one big image of the stuff on the drive and puts it right back on the new drive, correct? That's what I would like to do.

What are the good ghosting programs? I know that Norton Ghost was popular, but would prefer freeware (if possible) or something cheap at the least...Click to expand...

I would use CapserXp
It copyies Bit by Bit, Ghost makes a image and you will not get programs to move over, unless you do a drive to drive, with both which i dont think moving 2 hds to one will work.
Do both drives have a OS? if so than ghost will not work, But if there is only one partion you can make 2 partions on the new bigger drive and ghost each drive to its new partion

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I have several systems that I help keep up to today with updates at the end of the school year. My question is, is there a way to a have one image with all of the drivers from all the system in one image so that I can just ghost out the system image and won't have 20 or so backup images of each system on my computer?

Answer:Ghosting To Different Systems. - Questions?

Not sure what you have to do, but going from your topic title, you can look at
Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer

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Question: cloning harddrive?

A few years ago I used to be able to clone a H\drive by attaching the extra drive to the cable & boot from a floppy uing ghost, I need that facility once more, has anyone a suggestion of a free software prog (simple to use) that will do the job.

Answer:cloning harddrive?

A quick Google search turns up:click hereand any one on here:click hereRegards,Felix

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I have been looking at the available free software on the internet to clone a copy of my entire hard drive. Can any one recommend a particular software freebie or I'm I better off buying the Save and Restore from Norton.

Thank you


Answer:Solved: Cloning Harddrive

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I have a dell e6420

I bought a Kingston SSD 420 hard drive. It came with Kingston CD/DVD that has software to clone the drive and an external enclosure to connect the drive via usb.

I first put the Kingston drive into the external enclosure, cloned the drive, and then installed the drive into the laptop. I immeditaly received error codes saying it could not load a file and I could hit enter to retry. It would eventually load windows and work fine. But, upon restarting or powering on again I would continue to receive error codes.

I asked the microsoft windows community and was told to try:
Step 1: Create Media Creation tool.

To create a Media Creation tool and then perform BootRec refer to the following link:

(Refer to the section "Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool " in the above article for creating the tool).

Step 2: WinRE
Once you have the installation media, start your computer from the installation media. Insert the disk or USB stick and restart your computer. If you see a message asking you to ?Press any key to boot from DVD,? do so. If you don?t see the message, you might need to change the boot order in your computer's BIOS settings so that it first starts from the disk or USB. When you see the 'Install Windows' page, tap or click 'Repair your computer' link to start the Windows Recovery Environment.
Here on the Choose an option sc... Read more

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Hi, i want to clone my laptop harddrive, it is around 60GB.How long would this approx take?Also, I am planning on using Norton Ghost, any better apps out there that would not be as resource hungry and would make the process quicker?Would it be quicker to copy some of the data onto some dvds rather than use the cloning process?

Answer:laptop harddrive cloning

Acronis TrueImage is the other popular commercial disk cloning utility. It's a bit cheaper than Norton and (in my opinion) much better.Is the 60gb the amount of data on the hard drive or just the overall size of the drive?Both TrueImage and Ghost copy just the data and the speed depends on..1) how powerful the laptop is.2) what you're backing up to (i.e blank dvd, external hard drive etc).3) how much compression the backup is using.On an average modern system, TrueImage takes roughly 15mins to back up 10gb to another drive.As for manually copying to a dvd, I guess it depends on what you want the backup for. TrueImage/Ghost copies everything including all the operating system files. You won't be able to be so thorough with a manual backup.

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I have a hard drive that is sick, but mostly still readable. I've spent most of the day and been able to back up pretty much all of the files on the HDD.

The computer came with Windows Vista preinstalled, and I'd like to get that on the new hard drive but I have neither the original CD nor a spare Windows Vista installation CD. What I want to do is clone the whole disc to a new one, and go from there.

Is there a clone program that will copy the hard drive exactly as it reads it - ie skipping bad files rather than popping up an error message and canceling the whole clone operation? I already know to get a hard drive replacement of the same size, but any other info or suggestions would be very much welcomed.

Finally the laptop comes with a hidden restore partition. Is there some way to take advantage of that and use that to rebuild onto the new hard drive?

Answer:Cloning a sick harddrive

you can try this program. I used it before to make an image of a vista hard drive.

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I am running Win98 on a PII-350. I am replacing my WD 6.4g harddrive with a Quantum Fireball LM 15g harddrive. I used a boot disk to load then Fdisk my partitions (both new and old have these 6 partitions). Set C as active and formated C drive using /s. I used Ghost to copy the partitions into each partition. When I reboot after disabling the old drive, I get a message say there is a problem with my registers and I should go to the prompt and run SCANREG. When I go to the prompt and try to access any thing I get "Sector not read in C drive". I can do a "dir" and can see all the files but can access anything (cant even do a type file)???
The other partitions are fine - it is just the C: drive I get this message on.

Total furstrated - help.

Answer:Problems cloning a Harddrive...

You want to dupe the old drive? How about just grabbing EZ Drive from the utility section of my web site - and letting it do all the work?

Just boot with it in the floppy drive and it will FDISK, format, and dupe the old drive for you.

This will not work with NTFS partitions though - I am assuming you have only FAT16 and / or FAT32.

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I have a 80gig HD running windows xp and I bought a new 160 gig HD. I want to use my 160 as the main drive. What software programs are out there for me so that I can move my information from the old to the new one and still use the extra space on the new drive?

I heard that Acronis TrueImage was a good program. Are there anymore?

Answer:Cloning Harddrive Software

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I have an HP laptop setup and functioning completely fine.Has all my apps installed and my outlook email.My HP laptop is running Windows 7 Ulitmate 64 bitI recently purchased a Dell laptop on windows 7 ultimate 64 bitI want to transfer all of my apps and data and settings from my HP to my DellI have tried Clonezilla a couple of times, but the dell will not boot after I have completed cloning the hard drive.I wipe the hard drive in the dell and reinstall windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and try again with Clonezilla and change a couple of the settings, to try and get just the apps and data and settings, and leave the Windows install and boot up alone on the Dell hard drive, but I still have no luck.Is there another software I can use or what can I do besides fully installing all the software on my dell hard drive and reinstalling my mail and redoing all of my settings.I want to copy all the apps and data and settings from my HP laptop to my Dell laptop.BTW, both are 500 GB hard drives

Answer:cloning a harddrive settings and applications

"the dell will not boot after I have completed cloning the hard drive"Of course not, the hardware is different.

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I just ordered a new hard drive for my presario laptop from new egg. I will assume I can just plug it in and run the 4 recovery disks and restore to factory condition. But I would rather clone the HD and not have to bother with all the updates and such. I also purchased a USB to 2.5 exernal case where I could plug in the new drive and transfer, but after further investigation i.e. Tech Guys, I'm thinking I may be tripped up W/O cloning software. There will be no Soft Ware with the pretty cheap usb adapter.I really didn't want this to turn into a financial fiasco!

Answer:Solved: Is software required for cloning harddrive?

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I bought a new Seagate 250GB EIDE HD 7200/8MB/ATA-100 and would like to replace my old drive with it in my Dell? Dimension? 4400 (Pent 4 1.80GHz, 768mb Ram, running Windows XP Home). I need some advice on how I should format this new drive and then clone and replace my old drive with the new Seagate drive using Norton Ghost 2003.

What is best way to format the harddrive to get it ready to clone - using (Control panel > Administrative tools > Computer management > Disk Management) or formating it via Windows XP CD or is there a better way/easier??? Thanks.

Answer:Formating and cloning to a new Seagate 250gb harddrive

You can use Seagates Disk Wizzard ( IMO the easiest & free)\
How to use Disk Wizzard

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I have an Intel 120gb SSD as my C:\ drive that I seem to have out grown. I now have around 13gb left on it and I can't figure out where all of this stuff came from! Anyway, I purchased a Kingston 240gb SSD that I want to use as my C:\ drive. Seeing as I have never cloned anything before, I am leery about the process. Supposedly this drive came with Acronis software. I am thinking about doing a backup first, just in case the clone does not work. I also want to reduce the amount of stuff already on the old SSD without removing any programs. All of my personal files (mp3, doc, xls, jpg etc.) are stored on other drives, so I'm not worried about them. What concerns me is the libraries associated with Win 7. I really don't want to sound ignorant, but are these folders (C:\user\XXX or C:\user\public) actually on my C:\ drive or does windows just make folders that link to my documents, pictures, video etc? This is what is confusing me. If they are actually on the C drive, is there a way to prevent them from doing so? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:questions on cloning old SSD to new SSD

As far as the cloning, a true clone will leave your current drive in tact, it will still be bootable and exactly the same as it is. A clone is essentially a copy. Macrium and Acronis both have a cloning function. The only issue is the SSD alignment which is different than a regular hard drive. Macrium and Acronis will normally work correctly. Paragon Migrate ($19.95) will do the job with no issues, it will transfer and align the SSD correctly. That's what it was made for. You may find this info useful SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System

As for user files, Windows will by default place your user files in C:/Users/yourusername/ You can move those files to another hard drive easily by User Folders - Change Default Location or you can place them on another drive and right click them and select include in library and choose the folder in your library you want them in. C:/users/public is, by default kept on the C drive. They are normally the files you have chosen to share with other machines for example. Basically, the files under your user name are accessible only to your user account. Files you have chosen to share are in your user name and in Public.

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Hi, my new p51 will be delivered later today, it?s fitted with the Intel Xeon E3-1505M processor and 16 Gb ram, I chose to go with the 1tb 5400rpm hdd.   Since I placed the order I?ve purchased a Samsung 960 pro M.2 SSD (512GB) and the appropriate Lenovo M.2 SSD tray, after initial startup to be sure it runs, I plan on installing the drive and clone the OS to it using Macrium Reflect.  I?m wondering if anybody here cloned using this drive and that software who can add any advice based on their experience.  I?ve swapped drives out in the past, but never cloned before.  I guess my first question is do I need to format the new ssd, or does that come with the clone?  Other than adjusting the boot order in the bios, any other changes I need to make I?m not familiar with?  I?ll be running Windows 10 Pro.  Thanks much in advance. 

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Question: Cloning questions

I used macrium to clone my ssd which is having end to end error rate to a old laptop hdd thats laying around. When its done cloning do i need to unplug the new clone into the old sdd sata port or do i need to go into uefi and change my boot up drive letter? all the programs a will work right using cloning, like plug and play?

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I have never attempted to clone a drive before, so this is a new one for me. Plus, the SSD is going to be 2x the size of the original drive. Current machine is a Windows 7 64 bit, and am going to start a new build. Haven't decided about Windows 8 yet. So, the questions are:

1. Macrium Professional seems to be able to clone to "dissimilar hardware". I assume that means it can clone a Western HD to a larger SSD with no issues. Per some threads, there are issues with Norton Ghost and Windows 7 64 bit, so is Macrium the best choice, or should I be thinking of other software?

2. Dumb question perhaps, but the new SSD, with the cloned image, should be able to be inserted into a new build, with my existing registry information, and be bootable, correct? Any software issues normally encountered while doing this?

Any known issues with Windows 7 64 bit on being transferred to new hardware/box?

I have heard I may have to do something with MS Office Pro due to the other changes in the computer that would be taking place due to the new build (motherboard, cpu, memory, etc.)

3. Particularly with Windows 8 coming out, if my existing build is with Windows 7 64 bit, can I install Windows 8 on the new SSD, and somehow restore all programs to the SSD, as opposed to a complete clone? Any advantages / disadvantages?

4. If cloning does cause issues with the software operating properly (OS or one of the software packages), I could always resort to loading a n... Read more

Answer:Cloning questions re: upgrading to SSD

You refer to a new SSD. And later refer to "new build".

So clarify: will there be any new hardware other than the SSD?

The path of least resistance if you don't mind spending $20 is probably Paragon Migrate, which is built for the purpose.

Have you rejected imaging in favor of cloning? I ask because some use the 2 terms interchangeably, when they are actually different processes. You use the term "cloned image", which implies confusion.

If you have Win 7 on the SSD, you could put Win 8 on another partition on the same SSD, but you would have to install the Win 8 programs separately.

I'd probably do this in your shoes:

1: Decide if you want to spend $20. If so, use Paragon.

2: If you decide against spending $20, maybe make an attempt at a clone or an image--probably with Macrium Free, not paying.

3: If cloning or imaging fails on the first attempt, cut losses and do a clean install rather than troubleshoot for hours.

Many would tell you to do a clean install as step 1 regardless, to avoid any doubt or troubleshooting. All that costs you is time.

You could put the existing hard drive and its installation into the closet as some type of backup, but it will quickly become out of date, lacking Windows updates and maintenance. The more common thing to do is to wipe the old drive and re-use it as a data backup drive of some type---quite possibly using it as a place to store images of your new SSD installation.

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I recently bought a WD2002FAEX 2TB HDD. I am going to clone my current OS drive onto it. It is Windows 7 64bit Pro Upgrade.

As I understand it, after I am done cloning my to my HDD I must reactivate Windows 7 upon start up from the new drive. Is this correct, and if so, do I need my Windows 7 CD key?

Finally, if my new drive fails for whatever reason, can I go back to my old drive (with the OS still installed), plug it in, and reactivate Windows 7 yet again on that drive?

Answer:Cloning HDD with OS install questions

First off, no, in most cases you do not reactive after cloning a hard drive that is going back into the computer that the OS was activated on.

Reactivation is caused typically by a motherboard change, but can also be caused by other major hardware changes.

Whether or not you need a key is dependent on how you received the OS. If it came pre-installed on a computer by a major manufacturer, you'll never need to reactivate as long as you continue to use a motherboard that they certify for that OS. If you have installed the OS yourself and inputted a CD key, you may need to know the key to reactivate, but often times you are prompted to just reactivate and it will use the key already installed.

Yes, you will be able to go back to the old drive.

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Ok, first question - I have an 80 gig hd (C) w/only 10 gig of data and an empty 20 gig hd (F), both formatted NTFS. Can I clone C to F? I'm running XP Pro.

Thanks much,

Answer:Solved: Cloning Questions

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Hey guys,

My laptop HD recently died on me (Dell 0142 code....) and the replacement is due in tomorrow. Now, I've connected the "dead" HD to my desktop and I can explore it without any problems. I do not want to run any tests or benchmarks because I've seen salvageable drives go FUBAR after this, so I am taking it very easy.

What I am wondering is whether you guys think I can just clone the old HD to the new one (they are even the same size, 320Gb), in order to avoid the hassle of installations, fishing for my files, *.pst, etc. I've used Norton Ghost in the past in my office, but I am not sure whether there is better software currently.

So, any suggestions on the software or the general process?


Answer:Cloning system HD, questions.

If you have ghost use it.

If you need a free alternative try clonezilla.

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Re DriveImage XML tutorial . I'm wondering if it's possible to restore the clone to a partition on an external hd and see if it boots/works? For me to have confidence in cloning I'd have to be able to verify/test the clone. I'm not using the Norton Ghost 10 I paid for because I had trouble extracting a file on my trial clones.I haven't read anything on booting from an ext hd, but it looks like my bios supports it on my "newer" [2005] computer. I haven't been able to find anything specific on how usb and usb cd boot works - how the bios finds the 1st sector. So I don't know if you'd have to image the 1st partition on the ext hd or if the BIOS would recognize it as a hd and since it's before the internal hd's in boot order, read its MBR and any boot.ini's. Anybody know?On my desktop I have room to keep a partition available to restore from a backup, change the boot.ini and see if it works. But I can't do that on my laptop or thinkpad.If booting from an ext hd works and if it works via image, I'd need to keep the 1st partition of the ext hd free for clone tests. I think, I guess. I have to read the tutorial a few more times and see if/how Setting the new disk id works and whether you could boot from an image of a clone and have it work well enough to test.I'm also meditating on how many compressed clones per computer to do at what times. If I could keep an eye on MFT fragmentation I might not need to keep a clo... Read more

Answer:Questions on cloning & DriveImage XML

Hi Marybet82,
I don't have any answers but I also need more info on the program. I hope you don't mind if I add it to your post.

How much space do you need on the back up location. Is it the same as the drive that requires back-up.

Following has benn added:
I checked the help and it appears that it shouldn't be more than 1 to 1 even less if you choose a slow option.

I still get the same error. "could not flush write buffer for E:HPclone\drive_Cdat: there is not enough space on the disk" This is after only 21 % of the imaging. The 2 drives are 70GB. the USB drive is using FAT32 and the C: drive is using FAT32. Could this be a problem?

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I am looking for a imaging solution that could be used in a med - large size business for the following: Putting a base image on a number of laptops/desktops without using a server. Trying to eliminate having to build pcs by hand, which can take 4 8 hours here, depending on the machine and the user.

Working on some disaster recovery preparation, and wanting to know what you would use in the following example:

Med sized company, say, 100 end users in one location. Fire/flood/tornado destroys the building. You need to get up and running.... Need to deploy 10 computers in 24 hours, all need a standard image before you can connect to a remote network to reach backed up user information. Computers could be bought off the shelf, or ordered from a vendor.... After intial 10 pcs are deployed, need to have the remaining 90 out to end users within a weeks time if possible.

Any ideas? I'd love to also here why you recommend it....

Thanks in advance..... Kim

Answer:Imaging/Cloning Software Questions

Acronis True Image with Universal Restore. I've used this many times. The Universal Restore feature basically strips the image of drivers that are specific to a particular machine and finds the correct ones during installation so that an image can be restored to a completely different make/model of machine.

I don't know of another imaging solution that has this feature.

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Hey guys, I have a 160 GB Samsung external HDD that I sent into RMA, and I was thinking when I got it back I'd replace it with my notebook's 80 GB Seagate HDD.

My question is, can I simply use the enclosure (which connects via USB) and some cloning software (such as Seagate's DiscWizard software) to transfer over all the data (files, applications, OS, etc.) to the external HDD and then simply put the external inside the laptop, and use the old HDD as an external?

Is this possible, and if there are any better options (such as better cloning programs), please let me know.

Answer:Cloning a Hard Drive Questions

Is this what you mean:

You get the 160 back from RMA and put it back in the enclosure.

You then clone directly from the 80 notebook internal to the 160 as it sits in the enclosure.

And then remove the 80 from the notebook and replace it with the 160 from the enclosure.

And then put the 80 into the enclosure.

If that's what you mean, the only hangup I can think of is that maybe you can't clone to an external drive. That's quite possible. You can image to one of course, but cloning is a different operation.

Worst case scenario--you try it and fail.

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I'm installing a 500gb samsung 850 Evo SSD and want to clone my current setup on my 500gb platter hard drive to it. I have an asus M4A77TD mobo with Windows 7 64-bit and I'm not sure if I have AHCI set up properly. I think the current platter drive is running in IDE mode looking at the bios (it is not set to AHCI, but IDE controller setting) and device manager. I'd like to avoid reinstalling windows and read that you can make registry edits to enable AHCI after win7 installation. I read you need to make 2 changes in registry, restart into bios and switch controller setting to ACHI. this is what my current registry values are: msahci start value reads 0 already - does this mean I have AHCI enabled and my current drive is just running in IDE mode? Pcide still says 0 though. so does that mean that AHCI is not installed or enabled then? is there a way to check this without having a drive using AHCI currently?

Now about cloning: I plan on using Macrium Reflect to clone my drive to the new SSD. I'm unsure of the steps to do this and how to keep the SSD drive letter as C: during the process. I will plug in both drives to the mobo with sata cables (not usb) and reboot using Macrium Reflect CD software to clone the process outside of windows (is this necessary or can I do this in windows from my current drive?). I don't understand if the drive letters matter - since I'm making an exact clone of my current install, it must remain C: I assume to keep shortcuts an... Read more

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I've got a fresh install of Win 7 on a smaller hard drive. I'm looking to move my current Win 7 installation, its Programs, its Drivers, pretty much the entire Local Disk to this fresher install. Both drives are housed in the same machine, so mismatch in drivers and installed programs to outlying libraries (program referenced caches on other drives) shouldn't be a problem. I pretty much want a mirror copy of my Local Disk. This way if one hard drive has a physical failure, I can boot into the same exact runtime environment while repairing or replacing the corrupt one. Also might try 8 CP on a test run...maybe.

My question is, will cloning do exactly that? Granted I'm moving the from a bigger HDD 500GB to a smaller one 250GB, but all the content on my current Local Disk can fit on the smaller drive. I'm trying to maximize my use of the 500GB. I'll use the 500GB as storage mostly with an OS partitioned as a rescue. This keeps my media files and what not safe just in case the smaller drive goes out from more frequent use. Then all I have to worry about is a new OS and not file recovery.

Right now this is my setup:

2 x 400GB WD (Storage/Cache Drives)
1 x 500GB WD (Current Local Disk, will need to copy, and use a further storage/rescue OS)
1 x 250GB WD (Where I want to copy Local Disk to and start using as the Primary OS)
1 x Raptor 80GB WD (Electrical Failure, installed in 2005, timed out 2011)

It's been a since Win 7 RC that I've done a Dual Boot, so forgiv... Read more

Answer:Dual Booting Plus Cloning: Need Help Plus Questions

Offhand, I think you are over-complicating the issue.

If I understand you correctly, you want to end up with 2 Windows 7 installations on different physical hard drives. You would boot to the smaller drive as long as it worked, but have the ability to boot into the second drive on demand if the smaller drive drops dead.

Is that right??

I'm not sure that is legal with a single Windows license.

It may be possible, but complex.

Why not just make an image of your fresh Windows 7 installation on the smaller drive and store it on one of your 400 GB storage drives. If the smaller drive drops dead, restore the image to the 500 GB drive.

Downtime perhaps 30 minutes.

No dual boot or licensing issues.

By my definition, a "clone" is a move without the use of an intervening image. The result is a single system on the destination drive, not 2 systems. But "clone" means different things to different people.

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I recently recovered from a BSOD problem stemming from a bad graphics card. In the mean time I obtained XP Pro and several 1TB Western Digital drives, so I installed that OS, and just parked my old hard drive (XP home). Everything is running fine right now with my new install of XP Pro, but I have questions about my old hard drive. I would like to save my old hard drive, I have copied the files I use most, but I am sure that there is something that I am forgetting. Some people have suggested "cloning" the old drive to a partition on my new hard drive. I remember reading somewhere that more than one copy of Windows on the same machine can do bad things. If I clone the drive, will I also transfer my old OS, and would this cause a problem? If cloning presents a problem, do I just copy all files and NOT copy the Windows file?

Also, if I just transfer files and not do a full clone, should the partition be logical or primary. I believe that a primary partition includes an OS, but a logical does not...and can be read from an OS on another device.

Answer:Hard drive cloning questions

A maximum of four partitions can be placed on any hard disk. These are sometimes called primary partitions. The limitation of four is one that is imposed on the system by the way that the master boot record is structured.
Only one partition may be designated, at any given time, as active. That partition will be used for booting the system. See here for more on active partitions and switching active status between partitions.
DOS (and the operating systems that depend on it for booting, which includes all consumer Windows operating systems) will only recognize the active primary partition. Any other primary partitions will be ignored.
One of the four partitions may be designated as an extended DOS partition. This partition may then be subdivided into multiple logical partitions. This is the way that two or more logical DOS volumes can be placed on a single hard disk.You could do alot here. You could take 1 HDD and create 2 partitions, one for each XP, you could put one XP type on 2 different HDD. Since you have two versions of XP, I would make 2 primary partitions, since your computer can only load an OS from a primary partition. This will not mess up your computer. You would probably want to download GRUB, this is a program that makes dual booting easy. You could also use a Primary Partition for your main boot up OS, and a extended partition, which is un-bootable, but a way to store info. What I don't know is if you could have 2 primary partitions and acces... Read more

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Lo chaps
well it seems im gonna get a new HDD but i dont want to reinstall everything so the best way is ghosting...i want to copy everything!...OS inc drivers, Software, Games....everything. can this be done??

all im changing is the HDD from IDE to i want to completely copy my entire HDD with everything and have the remaning space to work with on the new HDD....can this be done?

Answer:Ghosting Question!!!

Just use the utility that came with your new hard drive. All major HDD manufacturers include a utility to do this. You can get it off their website if you didn't get a disc with the drive. They're free and very easy to use.

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My dad's laptop has some very important configuration and he is lending it to me for use. I'm afraid he might blame me if anything goes wrong even if I didn't cause it. If I ghost his hard drive, it's going to retain everything that was during the ghost. So that I can revert things to how it was? Thanks.

Answer:Question about ghosting.

Yes, ghost takes a snapshot of the partition/drive you need to backup, if anything goes bad, just restore the image


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Question: Ghosting question

How does Ghosting work?

I've never actually used a ghosting product and I'm a little curious how it really works?

How can it work so quickly? Does it just copy an image of the host, or does it actually copy all the files?

If it doesn't copy the actual file, isn't it possible the entire image on the receiving drive could become damaged and unusable?

Answer:Ghosting question

there's different types of ghost copies. Mainly, Write to image and Disk Clone. Write to Image will create an image file of the drive or partition. Disk Clone will copy all disk or partition data to a new disk or partition.

yes the images can become corrupt and you'll lose all the data. But I've never seen this happen...also, backup your ****. I've never had to lookup any repair tools for norton so i dont know if they even exist.

does it work quickly? HA! Compared to a complete machine rebuild, its pretty damn fast. I have a 2gb sysprep image that installs to a 20gb HD, it prolly finishes in 30min. Compared to the 3-4 hours it took me to install and configure the machine.

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I had a bad hard drive. I cloned the bad drive to a new drive. The bad drive was 60 gig. The new drive is 400 gig. The clone went as expected...sort of. Now I have a 400 gig drive working as a 60 gig. What I also found when I ran a defrag on the new drive after the cloning is what appears to be fragments that copied over from the bad drive to the new drive. It appears defrag on the new drive did not reduce or eliminate these bad fragments.

Question: When a bad drive is cloned to a new drive, are the defects from the old drive transferred over?

I am considering re-cloning the bad drive over to the new drive so I get access to all 400 gig. However, if the bad sectors are transferred, I may have to go to plan Z.

Answer:Solved: Questions About Cloning A Bad Hard Drive

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Hi all...this will be a bit of a novel, so I apologize.

I have done clones and migrations with Windows 7 in the past, but never with Win10, so I was looking for some info and pointers.

Now, I know licensing works differently with Win10 and am worried for my brother's computer. A little the last year, it has started restarting at random times, and after it does this random restart for the first time in awhile, it will continue constantly restarting (usually just after POST within a few minutes before Winboot so you can never get anywhere) until you stop and let it 'rest' overnight for many hours, then it will be randomly fine again for awhile. We thought it was a PSU issue and replaced that with a new one and all was well for a month and a half until last night when the issue returned (we had also upgraded his video card at this time, so we know it's not that). I took all the RAM out (4 sticks, 2gb each) and tried them one at a time in various RAM slots and the restarting issue persisted with every stick, so unless all the RAM is somehow bad, I don't think it's the RAM...seems mobo related.

Now, in case he has to get a new motherboard, CPU and RAM (he can reuse everything else), I was curious how I could go about migrating his current Win10 install to the new hardware. I know Win10 is linked to the hardware in your system and he has a Win7-install-upgraded version of Win10 Home 64-bit from the whole "Free Windows 10 Upgrade Period" thing. His curre... Read more

Answer:A few questions - Win10 migrating to new system and HDD cloning

As long as you don't change the mother board, you have no problem with activation. You can clone your disk or proceed to a clean install, your system will be activated.

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First question: I have an HD xw8000 workstation in which I would like to see if I could install a solid state HD. Is it compatable?

Second: If so, I'd like to use it as the primary HD for my OS and programs. However, I wish to avoid re-installing my OS and programs if possible. Is there software or a way where I can clone my present main HD onto the new HD and just switch it over? Or am I stuck with reinstalling everything.

And, if cloning this way is possible, can I store a copy on my external HD in case I need to transfer it over to a new HD in future again. (I heard even solid state hard drives can blow.)

I know absolutely nothing about this stuff.

Any info helps. Also, if there is FREE software for this can you name one that is decent and easy to use?



Answer:Solved: Two questions: HD cloning and Solid State HDs

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Howdy folks. I know I have Norton Ghost on my computer, it has to be preinstalled or something, because when reinstalling windows (using the restore disc that came with the computer [emachines]) Norton Ghost comes up and it reinstalls windows....

Imp. info: I have Windows XP with SP1. Norton Antivirus 2005. all current updates for both as of now (well, except one major wont start after I load it from the SP2 disc I ordered)

first question: is there a way to actually run ghost from the OS? or is there a more efficient or different way? and how can I access norton ghost from windows? I'm wondering because I cant find anything about it on my OS. also, could I create a disc image using ghost?

next: how can I make a DVD (or DVDs) as a bootable image for the disc? so that way I dont have to use the crappy reinstall disc everytime....and so I dont have to find all the drivers, do stupid ass windows updates all over again.

thanks a lot in advance.....sorry in advance for any trouble I've caused you!!

Answer:Reformat/ghosting question(s)

ghost is on the CD you insert into the drive, you don't have to have ghost installed on the PC to use it, it only has to be installed on a floppy.

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HelloAre there are links, please, that show how to install Windows (let's say Win 7) onto 50 PCs (same model and components) in a company environment?Thank you.High1

Answer:Imaging/ghosting question

Please don't double post.a PC that can boot from a network and do an unattended install of Windows.Look for:How to: Install Windows Over Network Here are some links: a video. fun!

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I think my monitor has some ghosting prioblems the its 16ms it I got it awhile ago before I knew too much about it. Ghosting basically look like screen tearing? thats the best way I can desribe it. I notice it while gaming with my 360 hooked up occasionally but not too much but when I watch movies its alot more defined and seems to happen more often

Anyway to test and see if thats what it is? Anyway to possibly fix it? BTW im hooked up through dvi cable would using a vga cable fix anything?

Answer:Ghosting question (didnt know where to post it)

ghosting will look like the part that is in motion go blurry. try moving a window around on the desktop very rapidly to look for ghosting.

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Hi all,

My main desktop is a W7 installation but my partner still works from a laptop with XP installed.
She has a port replicator connected to my monitor and both our computers feed into it.

I was wondering if this scenario is possible;

Create a disc image of her system and install it on a new drive within my tower. (this will also have the added bonus of convincing her that we need a new bigger monitor!! )

Dual boot W7 and XP.

Is there a way to allow her laptop to ghost the main install so that all files are synced or alternatively allow a ghosting of the whole installation?

The motivation behind this is that should she need to go away - always has a day or so notice, she can just pick up her laptop and know that when she opens it up she will just be able to carry on.

Curveball 2;
The laptop is a dell, so will all the drivers and bloatware that is on her install cause issues if the disc image is installed onto a desktop?

(before anyone asks, I have a retail XP licence which I will rely on for EULA etc.)

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Dual booting / System Ghosting question

I'm quite sure there will be a problem with the drivers using ghost. The image of the dell laptop will not work on your other computer.
What I would suggest is install a fresh new windows xp in dual boot on your home computer and install one of those softwares that allows you to automatically sync certain folders between several computers. You can also find those kind of syncing softwares for internet bookmarks.

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I've got a few questions about my new HDD, a Samsung S2 portable 320gb 2.5 usb
It says 480Mbit a second of transfer rate - although when I try to copy something it's like 10MB/sec
Does 2 hard drives increase performance? (Samsung is external and my other one is Internal)


Answer:Questions about my new harddrive

The HDD can handle 480Mbit/sec transfer but it also depends on how fast your computer can transfer the files.

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I am looking to upgrade to a higher gb and rpm drive. Right now I am 500 with 5200, and I want to be closer to 1tb with 7200 or higher rpm.

If I get this upgrade, would I have to buy Win7 and install all over again? I got a student discount deal the first time. I am pretty sure I loaded an ISO and entered my purchased code when I got the chance. Also, is it possible to reap a higher rpm drive while also having my old 5200 with all the data, as in use the 7200 for it's speed and the 5200 for all my old files? I would assume I just change the boot sequence to my new 7200+ drive and have two directories in My Computer?

In the end, I just want to use a higher rpm and storage drive without having to rebuy Win7 or leave my old files on my old drive (if possible).

I am a little above average with computer use, so assume accordingly

Answer:more harddrive questions

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My laptop runs like crap so I'm gonna get a new hard drive and upgrade the memory to something like a gig... I was wondering if this is something relatively easy? or should I leave it to a professional... I'm reasonably technically inclined....
Do I just pop out the old drive... Put in a new one... and swap the memory out... then install operating-system and boot from cd then partition/ format drive... And as for memory... is it as simple as swapping it out...?
The reason I'm doing this is because I want a larger drive, my computer runs slow, and when I try to reinstall windows xp from the cd, everything seems to stall when reformatting my hard drive- at 53%... tried it a couple of times and figured... hard drives are pretty cheap anyways...
And... If I do this... will this help my system run faster... the problem is I'm running ableton live and everything starts to bog down because I'm overtaxing everything... I don't want a lot more speed... just a little bit...
I've also read things about storing something such as my audio sample library on an external hard drive... instead of the main... does this help? SO thanks for reading this loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong post.....:duck

Answer:new harddrive questions?

Most laptop manufacturers provide instructions for replacing/upgrading memory, and replacing the hard disk. You just have to check around their SUPPORT section on the site. There's usually "pictorial" instructions on opening the unit and accessing the appropriate areas.

Just ensure that the hard disk and memory are compatable with your model. There may be a "cap" on the hard disk size supported by the machines bios. They should also list the "tested/compatable" memory modules for your machine. Just "any" memory module may not work correctly.

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Ok, I am gonna buy me a new external Harddrive soon. Seems like all I can find is one with usb. While My case does have fi re wire support. Its a custom build.

Is it better to buy just a enclosure for the external, then go buy my own hard drive? (I THINK you can do that??)

Or should I just buy the whole setup with the harddrive??

Have a couple of cheep walmart external usb harddrives and Find them handy. So I thought maybe a bigger one may be just what I want. Any help is greatly apreciated.

Answer:external harddrive questions

Yeh, any 3.5 inch enclosure will hold any 3.5 hdd!

I would go for whichever option is the cheapest for you.

Does the new hdd have to be portable? if not go far an internal one, they will be cheaper and will mean less cables.


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I'm thinking about getting a Seagate 160 GB SATA hard drive and I wanted to ask if a SATA installs the same way as a normal IDE hard drive... I.E. I plug it in and windows recognize it and then I can format it or do I have to get specialized drivers? Also can I use 2 IDE's w/ an SATA?

AMD Athlon 64 3200+
Asus K8V Deluxe


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I'm planning on backing up about 3TB of data (mostly videos, music and games), and I would love some suggestions on how best to go about this. No, I don't have a Blu-Ray burner. Right now my data is spread between 2-1 and TB 1-500 GB drives (and a bunch of DVD-Rs).

First question: Would I be better off buying Western Digital 2-TB drives, or their dual 1-TB drives? From what I've heard in the past, it's best to go with smaller drives, as they have less errors. So perhaps the dual 1-TBs would be better? They're almost exactly the same price on Best Buy's website.

Second question: Would it be a good idea to set up a RAID array? I honestly know almost nothing about this, other than it allows separate drives to be operated like they were one massive drive (I'm planning on having 3 or 4 identical externals). Is this safe? Does it in any way increase my chances of drive failure, or have any other negative effects? Can it be done free and moderately easily?
Okay, I realize that was more than two questions... Thanks in advance for all the help.

Edit: Just realized this might not be in the right spot.. I'm not sure if it should be moved.

Answer:More External Harddrive Questions

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My 30gb harddrive in my computer died a few weeks ago and a scoured the stores for a new hd. I found a Maxtor 250gb hard drive on sale at Fry's for $140. It was a great deal for the space but I have some questions on it's performance. It's P-ATA 133 with an 8mb cache,a seek time of 9.3ms and rotates at 7,200 RPM. I do a lot of multiasking with Everquest and just general gaming so my pagefile is huge and constantly used. I also do some video editing.

My real question is how does it rate for my needs. Should I look at buy another smaller hard drive to use as my main or keep use this as my only hard drive?

I have the hard drive split into two partitions right now and am wondering which partion actually is on the outside of the platters so I can properly put the pagefile in it's place? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Some questions about a new 250gb harddrive

I have the drive. Its currently the only drive, and I use a separate partition for the pagefile, but don't see (and didn't expect) a performance improvement. I have a rig with the swapfile on separate drives and it was noticably faster. So I would definately recommend a keeping the old drive - wherever you put the OS, keep the swapfile on the other one.

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Ok, so I run a business from home and recently purchased an external hard drive because my PC was running out of I'm scared to death of losing all my info (even though it's all on paper as well). I've managed to get all my files and documents copied to my new external drive....but is there a way I can get my programs and registries, etc over there? I purchased a couple of programs online and don't have disks....and if I end up with a computer that crashes, I'd like to have those still without buying them again! Also, things like quickbooks, quicktax, I would like to save all the info....

AND, is there a way to save all my contact info from Outlook onto the drive as well?

Gee, I feel like a dunce!! But just trying to be safe!

Thanks for any advice!

Answer:External harddrive questions...

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has anyone replaced their HD ? does a system backup to CD/DVD include data,programs, websites, desktop icons, etc. etc ? - my goal is to have every part of my system look the same with the new HD - thanks for any insights. 

Answer:Harddrive Replacement Questions

use acronis trueimage to clone the old hdd onto the new hdd. 

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I want to do a periodical ghost of my 40 gig C: drive. Will USB 1 suffice? I know that processes like this are limited by the slowest device, so does the HDD limit me, or the type of USB? What kind of ballpark are we talkling about for ghosting 40 gigs through USB 1? USB 2?

Answer:Is USB 2 unneeded for ghosting? What kind of HDD for ghosting?

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Hi all I am having a little bit of trouble doing things right on my computer not too long ago I restored a system image of my backup to my WDC Hard drive and now I have 2 windows 7 64bit operating systems my hard drives both have windows 7 and obviously this is pointless for me on many levels I also recieved an SSD (Kingston HyperX 120gb) and am wondering if I can make it so that my windows and the programs and all other system files get transferred along with it just my games should remain on the WDC as it is 1tb and my games total to about 380GB is there any way to re-direct it so that my games all read off the WDC? also for the problem I stated earlier normally I would format the hard drive and be done with it but the backup of the system image is there and totals to about 771GB I would like to use that hard drive for that backup incase something unfortunate happens to my data the hard drive contains windows 7 and that's all I want to remove from it the backup must remain any answers would be appreciated.

Answer:How do I remove windows 7 from harddrive and questions about SSD

Post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management.

It would help understand what you are talking about if you would use an occasional bit of punctuation, such as a period. And maybe 2 or 3 paragraphs.

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Question: Cloning Question

I had Windows installed on a Kingston 120G SSD.

Updates have been done, but no programs installed.

IF I were to clone another C drive, that's completely updated with all the software I need, to the SSD, will it overwrite the Windows already installed, or just clone it to the existing space?


Answer:Cloning Question

Quote: Originally Posted by leehop71

I had Windows installed on a Kingston 120G SSD.

Updates have been done, but no programs installed.

IF I were to clone another C drive, that's completely updated with all the software I need, to the SSD, will it overwrite the Windows already installed, or just clone it to the existing space?

It will overwrite--if you mean clone from "another C drive" to the Kingston 120. Assuming the other drive isn't larger than the Kingston.

But it may not work, depending on where that "another C drive" came from. If that installation was done on different hardware, I'd expect problems.

You might also consider imaging rather than cloning. They are different and sometimes one works when the other won't.

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Question: cloning question

My current C drive is 80gb. I have another drive (not currently used) that's 250 gb. I want to clone C drive to the 250gb WD drive. I have Acronis True Image, which can do that. But it says that once the cloning is done, I must remove the current C drive from the computer. I don't want to do that, so I'll have to find another cloning program.

But the real problem is, the current hard drive is SATA; the 250gb drive is IDE. This likely means I won't be able to install the new drive in the HP desktop. What's the solution? An IDE to SATA converter?

Appreciate any suggestions.

Answer:cloning question

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I am going to attempt to clone my HD to a SS, both drives are 1 TB.

I have Macrium Reflect Pro and the cable I purchased came with EZ Gig software. I don't know if there is a difference between the two software packages but both claim to be able to clone a drive.

My question is: if I start the cloning process at bedtime, will it be OK if it finishes and sits for a while?

Or should I attempt it beginning early morning and hope it finishes before bed time? I've never cloned a drive and assume there will be steps to take to close the software, once the cloning is finished.

I've no idea how long it will take but suspect it will be several hours as I've got 620 gigs of data to clone and I'll be using a USB2 port.

Advice appreciated.


Answer:Question about cloning HD ?

That's the way I clone drives. I start it before going to bed and wrap things up in the morning (or after one of my nocturnal nature breaks). Macrium Reflect can idle after finishing or even be set to sleep, hibernate, or shut down the computer once it finishes.

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 I have been looking through the forum at have seen a number of posts on this topic. But, most covered XP and Vista and I am running win 7 64 bit. I just installed a 2nd hdd and it works use fine, but I would like to make it my primary HD. So I want to clone my existing boot drive on to my 750GB hdd. I would like to get a exact image with all partitions and functionality. I would like some suggestions as to how to do this. I would prefer to just do a drive to drive image but it seems that may not work. Suggestions please. I am aware that I could use the recovery disks just trying to avoid doing that. Thanks.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Another HD cloning question

The last time I did that sort of thing, I wanted to keep my original drive exactly as it was. My thought was that I could just put it back and start over. The most important thing to me was to avoid all chance of a disaster. I had an external location (USB hard drive or network share) where I took normal backups. I used Acronis (my normal backup program) to take a full backup to the external device. I then removed the original drive and put it into a drawer. If things went badly, I would put the original drive back and be where I started. I then installed my new drive and booted using an Acronis recovery CD so I could do the kind of restore I would do if I were recovering from a disk crash. I did a recovery to the new disk keeping the exact geometry of the original, to limit the possibility of the tool screwing around with the master boot record and leaving a mess. I booted the new disk and made sure everything was there and working. At that time, I had a big unallocated space at the end of the disk. I then ran a partition tool (I use Paragon Partition Manager) to resize the partitions to what I wanted. The whole time, I had the original disk safe.

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My wife and I have identical Samsung NP700G7C laptops. Mine has gone completely batpoo crazy and I'm wondering if it is possible to clone her system (possibly just the OS) and put that on my laptop. I have my own Windows activation code, so I can re-activate Windows legally and our hardware is identical. Is this possible without moving around hard drives or wiping my entire system clean? This is my first experience with cloning or anything like it, so please bear with me if I ask dopey questions. Thanks!!

Answer:A question about cloning...

Yes that's possible. Of course you must wipe your system partition. Or at least make a new partition from clone.

Symbolically you want to put your wife's harddrive in your machine? Did you save/backup your important documents you want to keep already?

Cloning is only possible with source and destination both attached to same system. This is not easy to do because your wife's harddrive is internal.

You better make a backup image on your wife's laptop to external drive.
On your laptop restore the image.

Any questions so far?

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I have Acronis True Image 10 and was wondering if the following is possible without buy new hardware:

Source HDD: 1 partition with OS 160GB; Actual space used 40GB
Destination HDD: 1 partition external backup HDD 200GB; ~130GB free and 70GB used already.


Answer:HDD cloning question

Just read the documentations and my 15GB OS was compressed to 6.5GB with max compression.

The question I have now is is it better to create the image while using the active HDD or use the boot disc for clone as well as restore?

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Question: Cloning Question

Well first i want to say hi! Next my sister put my laptop in the carrier with it still plugged in and on and it got dumb hot. Now it makes a "clicking" sound which i think is the harddrive, so i want to clone the harddrive onto an external one that i have before i take it to get fixed. Does Acronis work with vista? also do you think the sound could be anything other than the HD? If not acronis what would you recommend. Thanks for the help.

Answer:Cloning Question

Bump! Anyone know?

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I read several posts here about eMachines mobo and how much they suck and all that... but, it's what I could afford and what I have to try and fix... so please bear with me as I can't just go out and buy another Non-eMachines computer.

A couple of months ago we had a lightning strike that fried all of our electronics connected to the cable and phone lines. My computer was affected... the USB ports are dead/not working, ethernet isn't working, audio ports aren't working but I can access all my content and even burn DVD's to save the content. I was told that the motherboard needs to be replaced (apparently you can't just replace usb ports and such, as they're part of the motherboard... which I didn't know)... at a cost that was more the the machines cost me to begin with. So, insurance paid out and I purchased the same machine.. the w5233. My question is... is it possible to take the hard drive from the fried machines and put it in the new one along side the one that's there... running 2 harddrives? (Please be nice... I'm totally computer stupid!) I don't want to overpay someone to do this, if it's possible to do, so on average... what would one pay for a job like this? I don't want to go in there completely without any knowledge, so I thought I would ask here.
Thanks for your time and expertise,

Answer:EMachines w5233 Mobo/Harddrive Questions

Yes it is possible to install two drives. Your old drive may even work on it's own. Since you know nothing about computer hardware have a computer savvy friend or co-worker do this for you

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1. I'm thinking to buy a Displayport to HDMI cable. One review I read online claimed that Thinkpad T500's Displayport doesn't support sound. It raised my concern. Does my T410 support sound? 2. If I buy a new hard drive, how to copy the OS (Windows 7) to the new hard drive? I don't have disks. I don't think I have to pay for a new OS, do I? Thanks!

Answer:displayport sound and harddrive upgrade questions

1. Yes, the T410 does support audio over Displayport2. You could always make the R&R discs before installing the new harddrive or clone the harddrive.

Kind RegardsJesperT61P and 2*T43P

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Hi,This may seem a silly question.I have always manually backed up the My Documents files but I am now thinking that taking a clone of my set-up will help me do full formats quicker.I am using only about 3.7 Gb of my 80 Gb HDD & would like to back up to DVD using Ghost or Acronis. My question is: will the program do this to a DVD-R or will it try to copy the 'whole' 80Gb - even though much of the disk is empty?All advice appreciated.TIAPaul

Answer:Backup question - cloning HDD

It only copies data so if it is not there you will not use the space. It will involve a lot of DVDs though if you are doing a full image which is a wise thing to do. I have a relatively new PC with 250GB of space but my back up fits onto 40gigs because my HDD is only partly filled.The other thing is that Acronis, which I use, does some modest compression so the end file will be smaller than the total occupied space on the HDD.

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I sought advice yesterday regarding backing up my hard drive to an external drive. I got some good tips about cloning and some cloning programs to try. I D/L one and set it up.

But an alert box that showed up when I hit 'start' gave me pause. It kinda concerned me when it said, in part:

"...any file or directory in the target volume not part of the cloned volume will be deleted.

Information not saved by the cloning program will be removed."​
Well, all the other information I have saved on my external target drive are backups of programs, pictures, important documents, etc. (things you'd normaly backup) that are already contained on the hard drive. Wouldn't that make them " part of the cloned volume"?

I really want to avoid problems and overwriting all my backup files (part of the volume being cloned or not) doesn't sound like a good idea.

Now, I have all the backup operations setup on a different backup program so I could just run them again. I also only plan to clone the hard drive once as a "just in case" option should I need it.

I don't want my twice-weekly backups to screw up the clone or vice-versa. That's why I'd like someone with a bit more knowledge here to offer some information. And reasonably simple, please, as I am new at this cloning stuff.

Thanks for any advice and/or information on this cloning process. The target drive (external) has much more space than should ever be needed so... Read more

Answer:Disk Cloning Question

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I purchased 21 new Toshiba Satellite PCs for a local school. I have set up two of the PCs the way the school wants them and each one took a while. I'd like to clone one of them to the oher PCs but I am concerned about how Microsoft will deal with cloned PCs. Each PC has a legal Windows 8 key and I have purchased 21 copies of Microsoft Office. Can anyone tell me if I will run into problems cloning the remining 19 PCs. Thank you for your help.

Answer:Legal cloning question

You will not run into issues. If you have the keys the worst case scenario is you will be prompted for a key. Microsoft generally only cares that you own licenses for each machine. Your only possible issue is that if these are being used in a Windows AD domain cloning the machines each will have the same SID.

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Hey. I'v got a bit of a problem. I am using a Dell 23" for my pc and a LG 37" for my television. They are connected via DVI cable. Graphic card is Nvidia GTX 260.
So I am using the "cloning" function in the Nvidia Control Panel.
My only problem is that to "clone" the screens, one of them must be the "primary" screen. The primary screen is currently set to the LG 37" but for some reason my 23" Dell pc monitor has these flimmers all the time, it's really annoying when watching something on the monitor or when I am gaming. It's not big flimmers, but these little tiny one going over the screen lasting for about 1 second at a time. So I tried to set the Dell monitor to the "primary" screen, but now my TV has these ugly flimmers when I watch movies and so on. It's getting really annoying to have to choose the "primary" of the screens.. I s there any way to get rid of this problem and have the same quality on both the screens? It's such a annoying problem.
Any help would be great Thanks.

Answer:Screen Cloning Question Help!

Anyone knows anything about this?

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Is there a software package available that will allow me to make an image of my working system that can then be imaged back onto a smaller drive? I know it's easy to always go larger. I have a 300Gb drive in my laptop that only has about 80Gb of data on it, and a spare 160Gb drive that is empty. I want to make a clone of the larger drive to the smaller one. I would like it to be bootable and ready as an immediate drop-in if I have a drive error. I also understand that if I ever get more data than the smaller drive can hold, it will not work. But for now I would like to make an exact duplicate.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Answer:Drive cloning question

All commercial programs such as Norton Ghost, Paragon, Acronis and Macrium Pro can do that.

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My laptop hdd is about 7 years old so i'm switching to an ssd. I've seen all the info on cloning etc.. but I'm wondering if I can just do a clean install of Windows 10 on the new drive and go from there..

My original OS was Windows 7 and that's what I have discs for.. but I upgraded to Windows 10 for free and it's all activated, recognized on this pc. I know to get the Media Creation Tool for USB and to boot from USB..

My lack of understanding here is what to do before then.. do I just put in the new drive and boot from USB? I remember installing clean Windows 7 and it was frustrating having to install everything in the proper order.. will the Windows 10 given to me by the Media tool that I now have on USB include everything needed for install, like the drivers etc.. ?

I'm not concerned about cloning this drive as I have what I need backed up from it already on another portable drive.. plus i'm concerned about cloning a failing drive as it is.. I guess I'm seeking a way to do this as though I only have the new drive to work with.. though as mentioned I don't have Windows 10 install discs. Should I attempt that or should I do a clone of the old drive?

Even if I don't do it, i'm just wondering what someone does under complete drive failure at this point.. and they only have a new drive to work with so a clone wouldn't be an option... upgraded to Windows 10 on old drive but no discs to install it with.. they do have the install media on usb..

Answer:Question on switching from hdd to ssd without cloning

Yes you can clean install with your SSD in. Remember to enable AHCI in your BIOS for better performance before you install Windows. Activation should be automatic.

Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Installation Upgrade Tutorials
Clean Install Windows 10 - Windows 10 Installation Upgrade Tutorials

Note that the next major upgrade (effectively a Windows reinstallation, keeping almost everything) will be being rolled out from mid April onwards over the following 2 or 3 months, I suppose.

Once you have your system up and running, if you haven't started using it yet, this would be a great time to start using disk imaging routinely.

Here's my write-up on the value of disk imaging.

Creating disk images lets you restore Windows and all your disks and partitions to a previous working state, quickly and probably without technical help.

You can recover from:
- a failed disk drive (restore to a new one)
- ransomware (which encrypts your disk)
- user error
- unrecoverable problems from failed updates to problem programs
- unbootable PC (hardware faults aside)

Images also act as a full backup- you can extract files too.

You can even use images to help you move more easily and quickly to a new PC.
Can be used with Laplink software to transfer your build automatically to another PC

Imaging can even help you sleep at night knowing you have a second chance.

Many here recommend Macrium Reflect (free) as a good robust solution and more reliable than some others. It?s
- more f... Read more

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My computer became infected with malware recently. I first noticed that Windows was taking longer to boot, and then I started seeing strange errors. So I ran 3 different scans on it and supposedly removed some trojans, but I guess it was too late for that to work, because after that the errors got worse. I started seeing "windows explorer has stopped working."

So rather than spend hours trying to find and get rid of the remaining malware I just decided to re-format. It's still a pain that way, but at least I know the problem will be fixed as soon as I'm done. I thought I would make things easier on myself by cloning the drive, so I downloaded a free partition manager. I needed this tool anyway, because my XP disk is apparently SP1, so it only recognizes 127GB of my hard drive, and I was left with a 127 GB partition.

I re-sized the C: partition to 25 GB, and then copied it to another partition. This partition now has XP updated, sound and graphics drivers, java, flash, wireless adapter drivers, and firefox. I think now, I should put my old 80 GB hard drive in and copy that partition on to it, for a backup. I don't know if it does any good for me to backup partition on the same drive because malware could copy itself on that partition as well?

Answer:Partition Cloning Question

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After cloning one HD to another I noticed that the icons to many programs were not showing up. By that I mean the icon for say my PaintShop pro short cut was not showing up. When I manually try to set it that does not work either.

A couple "registered" or unlocked programs had to be particular WinXp (home) was asking to re-register and song show plus wanted the unlock key again.

This is a minor annoyance, however after upgrading the MB, CPU and memory I ran Registry mechanic and it listed a ton of registry errors. In some cases, like the default icon for Paintshop pro it's looking for a C:/Windows/Installer folder that does not exist in either my new drive or the drive that was my source. I don't want to go ahead and fix all the errors, most of which now seem to be part of the missing icon issue I had to begin with. I might just end up having to reinstall the OS and all the other Apps we use for this projection system that doubles as our recording PC. My problem is that I just don't know how much of a problem these registry errors are going to be down the line.

What got me thinking of scanning the registery was after the upgrade to the new MB I notice that on shut down the OS is hanging and won't complete the shut down. WHen I just hold the power butten til it is off and reboot it does not ask me to do a disk scan

Could that be a drive problem? The two MBs are same brand but the bridge on the new one is Nvidia and on the old one w... Read more

Answer:Cloning question and System Registry

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I just set up a PC with 2 x 320gb SATA hard drives in a RAID1 (mirrored) array. I need to clone the owner's old 200gb drive to the new system with the RAID1. I'm using Easeus Disk Copy 2.0 and it is not seeing the mirrored array; it sees two drives, not one drive. What's up with that? I don't have a ton of time, and I don't want to clone the 200gb (which will take over an hour) just to have the whole thing not work right. Should I use a different cloning app? Anybody know of some free bootable cloning tools?


Answer:Hard drive cloning - question(s)

I've tried HDClone, and it also sees 2 drives and not one drive as it should in a mirrored RAID, and it's WAY TOO SLOW! It said it would be 11 hours to copy the drives. NOPE. I'm going to try Ghost next....

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Hi, I have a security issue question.My company will be taken over by another, and they want to clone our server's HD.They will be using Acronis TrueImage 11.I have already deleted all sensitive data using secure deletion method (DoD 7 times) using eraser.My question : will TrueImage clone the free space inside our server HD ?Thank you

Answer:Security question regarding cloning disc

From the TI 11 Help file:'Backing up disks and partitions is performed in a different way: Acronis True Image Home stores a sector-by-sector snapshot of the disk, which includes the operating system, registry, drivers, software applications and data files, as well as system areas hidden from the user. This procedure is called "creating a disk image" and the resulting backup archive is often called a disk/partition image.Acronis True Image Home stores only those hard disk parts that contain data (for supported file systems). Further, it does not back up swap file information (pagefile.sys under Windows NT/2000/XP) and hiberfil.sys (a file that keeps RAM contents when the computer goes into hibernation). This reduces image size and speeds up image creation and restoration. However, you might use the Create an image using the sector-by-sector approach option that lets you include all of the sectors of a hard disk in an image. ? A partition image includes all files and folders. This includes all attributes (including hidden and system files), boot record, and FAT (file allocation table); as well as files in the root directory and the zero track of the hard disk with master boot record (MBR). ? A disk image includes images of all disk partitions as well as the zero track with master boot record (MBR).'Hope this helps

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I am looking to upgrade a computer in my office to Windows 10 once it comes out. This computer needs to have its hard drive replicated. Currently we have two option to clone the hard drive, hardware based and software based cloning. Has anyone tried either method of cloning? Which method do you use and how successful was it? We would like to know before purchasing either hardware to clone or software if we can only use it on Windows 7/8 and not Windows 10.

Thank you for your help.

Hardware Based Cloning:
No need for a computer. Allows for perfect 1 to 1 replication.

Software Based Cloning:
Needs a PC. Relies on a computer to perform cloning. May be hard drive specific (ex: WD to WD and Seagate to Seagate)

Answer:Hard Driving Cloning Question

Not quite sure what you mean by hardware based or software based cloning. Usually you buy a new hard drive and you use software to clone your old drive to the new drive. You usually get software cloning software from the manufacturer of your new drive. If this is not the case there are plenty of good programs out there to buy, Acronis or Paragon to name just two.

Buy a hard drive or solid state drive from a well known manufacturer, and you probably won't have any problems. The software will tell you if it will run on Windows 7/8 or 10.

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When I clone an old hard drive to another hard drive, and install the cloned hard drive in my laptop, shouldn't it simply boot up, or is there something I'm missing. When I tried to boot up, it couldn't find an OS. I'm thinking I did it correct and might have cloned a bad hard drive. Thoughts?? I have a new SSD I plan to clone from my old harddrive, and I want to be sure I do it right.


Answer:Macrium Reflect cloning question?

You may have forgotten the 100MB system partition. Have a look at this.

SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System

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I have a 1TB Seagate that came new with a Sony Desktop (32MB cache unfortunately). I created a D partition but now we have 5 partitions on the drive. I want to install my Samsung 830 256MB SSD.
I have two partitions I need, the Windows partition and I guess I can keep the SONY partition. I can’t figure out the others on there and to boot the drive is GPT.
Question – I tried several different brands of cloning software to no avail. Any thoughts or help appreciated. Ghost was a disaster…
Is there any way I can specify which partitions I want and make it bootable and not clone the others ? What software to use ?

Answer:Tricky cloning question to SSD drive -

I used this,
Paragon Migrate OS to SSD - System migration to Solid State Drives (SSD) - Overview

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I need to transfer everything from my wife's laptop which has a standard 1TB. hd to a new Kingston 240GB. SSD. I have this, which I used to migrate my files from a 120gb Samsung ssd to a new 500gb.ssd for my pc. SSD Installation Kit I don't think my Samsung One stop migration software disc will work for a Kingston or will it? If not, what software do I need to purchase to transfer the files with? Thanks for all help! She only has about 60gb. on her drive to transfer.

Answer:Migrating or cloning from laptop hd to ssd question

I would shrink the drive partition to just above the 60GB, use Macrium Reflect to image it including all system partitions, restore the image to the new drive then expand the +60GB partition to fill the new drive.
Maybe the complicated way but how I've done it in the past.
Sorry, no experience with the software you mentioned.

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If I clone my hard drive but do not bring over the OS and install a new OS on the new drive, will my programs work with the new OS on the new drive or are the tied to the original OS?
Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:[SOLVED] Cloning a hard drive question

Hi -

No. Programs must be re-installed.

Program installations write files all over the system including the registry.

Regards. . .



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I am about to install a new, bigger diskk in my PC and I am going to use True Image 11 to cloning my existing disk. Do I need to format the new disk first or will Acronis sort things out?Mike

Answer:Cloning a disk using Acronis - daft question?

All I do is just Make a Full Backup Image with Acronis. You then Start the Computer with the Acronis CD after it finds an loads Acronis take the Disc out then Load your Acronis Backup CD's or DVD or if you have the Image on a External Drive on the Main First Partition you just start restore and it will sort it all out for you It will Create a Partition same size as the old or you can make it fit the Drive

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i just purchased a SL500 and need to upgrade my hdd from 160gb/5400rpm to 250gb/7200rpm. to add to the process i'm also adding/installing XP PRO as the main/C partition on the new hdd. i'm very familiar with cloning and upgrading but my question involves the VISTA recovery partition and the LENOVO CARE partition. will i be able to access these tools as i do now as long as i keep the partition volume letters the same??? or is there somewhere that i will need to edit settings?? after the new hdd is installed the config will be as follows... XP PRO on C partition...VISTA BASIC on D partition...DVD on E (same as current)...LENOVO on S (same as current)...SERVICEV003 on Q (same as current). is this correct approach to ensure that i can continue to have the original installed tools available on the new hdd??? thanks...mcMessage Edited by basschakra on 01-24-2009 07:04 PMMessage Edited by basschakra on 01-24-2009 07:06 PM


Go to Solution.

Answer:cloning question...but with new config/partitions added

Well, I hope you know about slipstreaming SATA drivers into an XP installation, but that's besides the point I guess. I know the Q partition will be fine, it's only for burning the recovery CDs, which now you may not want, cause they might overwrite your XP install if you ever used them. S is your boot partition, and you might have to modify it so you can dual boot, Vista totally dropped boot.ini, etc, but now editing boot in msconfig is easy as pie. Moving Vista to D might just be more hassle than it's worth, just install XP on D.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Currently Just passed the CompTIA A+ 601 with flying colours! =DOwner of an SL500 running Vista Business with 4GB of PC2 6400 RAM

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Scenario: I have 2 copies of XP Pro SP2 (genuine) with 1 currently installed
on C:.
I've already installed Symantec Bootmagic and will use Partition Magic to
create a new partition - say 30gb for the 2nd Pro.
I could simply just install the second Pro, or I could use Acronis True
Image to clone the first Pro and then do a repair install to
register/activate the second Pro.

The second Pro would be for testing beta applications.

Reason I thought of the clone is that some of my software is single licensed
(such as MSFT Works etc), plus that would also transfer all my settings,
files & folders over exactly as they are on C:
C: currently is using only 13gb out of 139 available. (I have other
backup/storage partitions too).

Is this OK to do or not?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Answer:Question for any dual boot/cloning experts

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I'm a new user to Macrium but so far so good, I've cloned my laptop HDD to an external HDD with no problems. I also created a rescue usb drive. Now I'm intending to fit an SSD to my laptop so here's my question ...can I fit the "blank" SSD to my laptop then boot up with the rescue drive then using Macrium clone or restore from my external HDD. The alternative is to connect the SSD as an external drive and just clone to it?

Answer:Macrium Reflect Free Cloning Question

Hi, OLDJACK. I believe you may be best off (whether you put SSD in laptop or connect externally) going the restore route, that is, assuming the SSD is smaller than the HDD you cloned and possibly having sector/alignment differences. There will likely be some drag and drop operations and some resizing of the operating system partition involved. See MR knowledge base article here:

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Firstly - this forum is the best. I have had amazing help here. Thanks again...

OK I have a couple of questions please:

1. I have a FUJITSU MHZ2160BH G2 2.5 ATA Hard Drive which is an moving parts hard drive. Id like to replace this with a Solid State much large hard drive. Are all 2.5 Hard Drives the same in terms of the generic size? I.e. do I simply just screw the back of the laptop, take out the old and put in the new?

2. I have a three partitions that I would like to clone. I have a dual boot, Windows 7 and Ubuntu laptop with shared hosting. Is Clonezilla the best for this do you think? Its a little complicated in that Id like to copy the existing hard drive and then in the new hard drive increase the partitions by 15 gig each - and then copy the 3 partitions in.

Hope that all makes sense!!!!!!!

THANKS AGAIN - U guys are all very friendly and knowledgeable!

Answer:Cloning Dual Boot Machine and Question on SSD

ad1) answer is yes. Just be aware that there are also some (rare) 1.8" SSDs.

ad2) for cloning I would prefer Paragon or Acronis. But if you do not make an original installation of Win7 on the SSD, you have to make all the preparations yourself - e.g. alignment, shutting off Defrag, etc. Some more info is here, else ask.

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If I boot to Clonezilla via USB flash drive, can I also save the image of my C: drive to the same USB flash drive I used to boot into Clonezilla? I've tried and failed and just wondering if this is possible, and if so, how?Thanks for any help!If builders built buildings like programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.

Answer:Windows 7 cloning using Clonezilla on USB drive Question

Maybe.Two issues. One is how you made the usb install. Two is the default design of the distro. In some cases you can mount the usb drive and in other cases you can't. Easy enough to try it and see. Might be possible to make a new partition on the usb to then mount it.A Pit Bull is like a gun you can pet. And there is no safety on it.

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I hate to post the same questions on different sites but I am really desperate this time. My old windows xp laptop died taking with it all of my specialty programs for my work. I sell and maintain prosthetics for individuals and now all of the data for the individuals is gone.

I have purchased a new windows 7 laptop but the external harddrive that I backed up my information to incase of a pc failure is worthless. An external harddrive is great for images and misuc but worthless for the types of software and files that were on my xp laptop.

A transfer cable wont do it either so I am told. It cant transfer the missing registry files from the xp harddrive because they arent there, just like they arent on the external drive. I need the original install discs and for most everything those are long gone. I have been getting 'update' discs but the base program installation disc is history.

So, my only option seems to be to borrow a fellow workers computer and clone their harddrive, but will that also clone the proper registry settings? Will I be able to run the programs from a cloned pc as if it was installed on the computer from a disc? What about compatability issues going from xp to 7? Any advice is appreciated; I am at my wits end and I have no idea how to proceed.



Answer:Cloning a windows XP harddrive to Windows 7

You can take out your old HDD and attach it to your 7 computer with a USB Adapter. If you can access that drive, then you should be able to run the program from the now external drive (because it still has access to the registry in the old XP OS that is on that drive.)
Cloning a HDD to another HDD is like creating a Mirror Image of the HDD. If you create a Partition on your Windows 7 computer, and clone your workers HDD to this partition, if all goes well, you would be able to Dual boot between 7 and XP (this is a very advanced step, unless you are comfortable with partitioning, cloning, and editing the Boot.cfg file you should not attempt this without professional help)

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Ok so I think I have a failing hard drive on my Sony Vaio VPCCW2S1E - Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Which is why I was trying to do an up to date system image in the first place (using Windows 7 backup and restore). My system image kept failing. So I got a new hard drive and sata/usb cable, downloaded macrium and tried to clone the drive to the new drive, carefully making sure I had got everything right. This also failed. So now I have just backed up copies of all documents, photos etc on an external hard drive, made a note of all programs installed and their licence numbers, and done a full disk check. It found a few bad sectors and sorted them so reckon I need the new hard drive - the laptop is 5 or 6 years old.

Question is, what do I do now? Should I try cloning again now the bad sectors are sorted? Or should I just put the new disk in and use my recovery discs to reinstall windows and put all my files and programs back on?

Also - as the clone failed, presumably something will now be on the new hard drive - do I need to wipe it now? Or just format it? Thanks.

Answer:Cloning failed, backup not working

Can you copy and paste the files in the drive? Or cant you boot?

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Windows backup is not working since I cloned the O/S hard drive. Before I did this, my system setup was as follows. Sandisk 240 SSD as boot drive and a Seagate 1 TB drive as my data and backup drive. All backups to the Seagate have worked on a daily basis. I bought a new Intel 530 120 GB SSD to use as a boot drive and have the 240 SSD as my data drive and the Seagate strictly as my backup drive. I cloned the 240 using the latest Acronis program that is designed to be used with the Intel drive (with no issues that I am aware of). The system started no problem and I was able to copy all of my data off the Seagate drive and onto the Sandisk drive. When I tried to do a backup to the Seagate drive, it failed with the msg, 'Windows backup skipped backing up system image because one of the critical volumes is not having enough free space.' From reading other posts of similar issues, I checked for viruses and spyware, new and/or unwanted programs, did several defrags of the Seagate drive, did a disk wipe of all free space on the Seagate drive, I even reformatted the entire Seagate drive, and I still get the same error msg. I disabled the 1 TB drive, hooked up an empty 500 GB drive via USB and tried to do a backup and got the same error message. I have very little information on the combined other two drives, so space should not be the issue. Any suggestions I can try to resolve this issue? I really don't fell like starting from scratch to fix this.

Answer:Windows Backup not working since SSD cloning

Have a look at this.
Windows 7 Backup Fails with Erroneous "Insufficient Space" Message and Error Code 0x81000033

This assuming you have a system reserved partition.
But the easiest solution is get free Macrium or another system backup utility, and use that instead of the Win 7 imaging utility.
As you've found out, the Win 7 utility has "issues."

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I have a HP HPE-250f i7 quad core, with a 1TB WD primary and a 2TB WD secondary that I've had for about 3-4 years and have cloned the primary several times with no problems. About 2-3 weeks ago I cloned the primary once again with another 1TB WD only to find that after the cloning, the DVD drive stopped writing. It actually begins the process but after writing the lead-in it simply sits there and spins heating the disk and of course making it unusable. Once this occurs, it usually cannot be stopped by any means and the machine has to be hard rebooted to proceed.

Since the first cloning operation, I have re-cloned the original using three different cloning programs all with the same result as well as cloning to a new 2TB WD drive with the same results. I've also replaced the DVD drive with two different known good drives one being brand new, went through all of the HP troubleshooting procedures, uninstalled the drivers and re-installed them, deleted the high and low files from the registry, etc. with no success. The strange thing is that if I use the original hard drive along with the cloned drive, I can boot off the original and burn to the same DVD drive with no problem. I can also write CD's with both the original and the clone, both audio disks and data disks. I've also ran the DVD drive off from one of the other SATA ports on the mother board along with replacing the cable. I even took the computer into a computer shop and they worked on it ... Read more

Answer:DVD burner stoped working after cloning

The only suggestion I can think of is some type of burning software is broken with the Cloned OS. If you have any software installed that handles the burning (include Roxio, Creative and all others) Remove them and the Registry files related.

I suggest using Revo Uninstaller as it will automatically search out and tell you whats left over, and let you delete them or save them. I suggest deleting all files/folders and registry items left to ensure they are not somehow causing the issue.

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Hi there,I have a Hp Pavillion x2 10-n102ne , I created a full backup (clone) of all my partitions successfully, but when I restarted the system the detachable keyboard was not working nor the pad.Thought my touchscreen is working, my keyboard is not.So I made a Reset but still keyboard not working. Any help is appreciated

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I just ordered a couple of x230 units and kept the default 320gb HD and 4gb RAM as I was planning on upgrading to a SATA drive and either 8 or 16gb of RAM. Now, of course, I've become intrigued with an mSATA drive as a boot device and keeping the 320gb in place for data. What should I move to the mSATA drive? Windows? Windows and programs? Windows and frequently used programs? Quite frankly, this will be a MS Office Suite machine primarily with just a touch of Photoshop. Taking memory bloat in the future into consideration, I assume that a 128gb mSATA would be quite sufficient - correct? I got a killer deal on 16gb memory modules but only one set was available. I intend to use the spare 4gb from one machine in the other, giving me one machine with 8GB and one with 16. Will there be any discernable difference using normal Office software? I'm intending to create my configuration on one of the 320GB hard drives and cloning that image to both mSATA drives. I would then activate the software on each machine. That'll allow me to only have to back up the HD in the future and have an image that I can restore to either of the machines if one of the drives fail. Does that make sense?  


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Answer:Memory and mSATA question x230 - oh and a cloning issue too

On machines where I have a similar configuration (smaller SSD, larger HDD), I tend to put the operating system and applications on the SSD, and data on the HDD.
Aryeh Goretsky

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Hello guys,This is my situation: I had my default 1tb hhd and it only has 1 partition having a size of 883gb, it is already almost full (having 27.7 gb free) . Now, I bought a 250 gb SSD and I was planning to put it on the slot of the 1tbHHD and put the 1tb HHD on a caddy. My question is: having a small SSD compared with my HDD, is it possible to only clone my Windows10 OS? I need your help guys.  

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