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Windows XP Will Not Start - XP Spash Screen Then Black Screen

Question: Windows XP Will Not Start - XP Spash Screen Then Black Screen

A friend of mine asked me to look at his old XP machine because it simply will not fully startup. It does make it through the initial boot routine and the "Windows XP" splash screen appears but, shortly after that, the screen goes black. All you can see is a black screen with a white cursor in the middle of it. The system does not respond to mouse or keyboard input.

I used a Hiren's Boot CD boot disk to look around his system. He has about 40% free space left on the hard drive which seems to function correctly. I am presently running a virus scan (via the Hiren's Boot CD).

I've never seen an XP machine do this so I'm not sure what is going on. I believe he is running SP3 but I'm not certain of this because I can get it fully loaded to check.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Windows XP Will Not Start - XP Spash Screen Then Black Screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Windows XP Will Not Start - XP Spash Screen Then Black Screen

Can you boot into SAFE mode? If you can, try updating the video driver for starters.


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The computer I am having issues with was built this past March. Up until a couple days ago, it would only take about a minute to start up to the Windows log in screen. Now, once I push the button to start it up, it will stall for 30 seconds to a minute on the motherboard splash screen and a further 2-3 minutes on the Starting Windows screen. Once I am able to log in and it continues to finish loading, the screens are black for a good1-2 minutes while everything loads. Once it is up, I have no problems with the computer. I have run full anti-virus and spyware scans, removed recent downloads, done a disk clean up, and a disk defragmentation. Help would be appreciated.

EDIT: When the computer is stalled on the MOBO splash screen and the Starting Windows screen, there is no indication of HDD activity (the light on the tower is not lit). I can tell it is going to continue with start up because the light will start to flash again.

Answer:Computer Stalling on MOBO spash screen and Starting Windows Screen

Hello woodsgirl and welcome to Seven Forums.

Since the problems started "a couple of days ago" I'd try restoring my computer to a date/time prior to when the problems began.

System Restore

Whether this solves the problem or not I'd next run a full scan with your preferred anti-virus. Even if it comes back clean (nothing found) I'd run a second, or even third scan. Some free recommended products are:


ESET Online Scanner


If the problem wasn't solved with a system restore I'd next try a startup repair.

Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

If still no joy I'd check for damaged or corrupt system files by running a System File Checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two.)

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If all of the above has failed to solve the startup problem I'd look through these two tutorials by one of our Forum experts. He offers some additional troubleshooting steps and possible fixes.

Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Can someone tell me how to stop the e-machine spash screen when i boot up.

Answer:stop the spash screen (e-machine) on start up

There's probably a setting in the BIOS to stop it.

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Nothing appears on the screen when booting the computer from a powered off state. Not even the Thinkpad spash screen appears on the display when I press power. The backlight appears to come on but the display is still mostly black. So the LCD cables are at least partially connected. I doubt it was related since it was a driver, but the last thing I did in Windows was update the Wacom drivers since the pen was not tracking correctly in slate mode. This is what I triedPressed Fn+Home a few times then Fn+End a few times. The backlight increased in brightness but the display was still mostly black. Pull the AC power and the battery. Press the power button a couple times to discharge lingering charges in the capacitors. Installed the AC power only, then pressed power. Still nothing. Powered up the system then pressed the blue ThinkVantage button immediately. A single beep was heard but nothing on screen. Plugged system into a monitor with a VGA (D-Sub) connector and set the monitor to VGA input. Nothing appeared on the screen. Pressed Fn+F7 a couple times on the tablet to see if it was set to a different output for some reason. Repeated with another monitor with displayport. Again nothing on the tablet display. Pulled the RAM, booted with no RAM. No beeps. Reseated RAM and powered up, nothing on screen. I don't have any 1333 MHz DDR3 laying around. I also traded RAM with a known good system in my inventory at work. Is there a key sequence to rese... Read more

Answer:X220 blank screen at boot, not even POST spash screen

You should've gotten beep codes when you booted without ram.  That's not a good sign.,
There isn't any key code that I know of to reset the bios without actually being in the bios.
The old procedure for ThinkPads was to take out everything that is in a slot, hard drive, RAM, wireless card and modem, battery and unplug the ac adapter and hold the power button down for 30 seconds and then put just the ac adapter back in and push the power button and see what happens.  If you get beep codes, put 1 stick of ram in and hit the power button again.  If nothing, take out that ram stick and put another one in and try it again.  Try it in different slots.  See if the bios splash screen comes up.  If it comes up, start putting components back in one at a time and rebooting each time until it doesn't.  Save the hard drive for last.
Are any of your indicators lit and does the fan come on when you hit the power button?
It sounds like you already tried most of that, but that's the only thing left to try that I can think of.

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Hi I would really appreciate any advice i've been trying to fix for four hours without any luck.

I have an Acer aspire 5732Z. I turn my laptop on and it shows the starting windows screen then just goes to a black screen with a cursor. I tried to do systems restore but it said that i did not have a system restore point. I cannot start in any safe mode.

I have all my pictures, uni work etc and im terrified i've lost it all. I've only had the laptop a year.

Any suggestion would be amazing

Thank you

Answer:Black screen after windows start up doesn't go to login screen

Hello seven11 and welcome to SevenForums!

I think this article will be fairly interesting to read.

Why is my screen black when I start Windows 7?

Carry on.

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Hi everyone, I dont understand why but my thinkpad X270 won't pass the Lenovo start screen if he are in the docking station with the usb from the lenovo monitor LT2323zwc who are connected to it.  When i remove the usb cable of the monitore, the laptop boot normaly ... The usb of the monitor are for use the usb 4 usb port who are on the monitor. I have try to update bios and everything but nothing change.  

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The problem I am having is that window xp pro freezes at the loading screen. I can boot to safe mode fine, but not normal.
I tried formating and installing a fresh copy of windows and it does the same thing. Just wondering if there is a solution to this problem.. BTW its my moms gateway

Athlon 1ghz
256 megs of ram
two 40 gig hard drives..

Thanks in advance

Answer:Xp Freezes at Spash Screen

1st problem. Its a gateway. Did you install it with a gateway recovery cd or a normal xp cd?

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My computer won't boot normally. It get stuck on the windows splash screen with the bar moving. I can get it to boot in safe mode, but not with networking. All the hardware in the device manager check out with no errors, though i dont see anything for the bios. I have an AMI motherboard.

Answer:Stuck on spash screen


Has anything been added to the system recently?

Boot to Safe Mode and run a System Restore to a date before the problem started.

What "don't you see for the bios" ?

What are the specs of the system (HDD,RAM,etc) ?

Do you have the Win XP cd?

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I have done it before and also seen the information here, but please, how does one remove the above and go into normal start up. Its not that I dislike the Asus screen, I would prefer the usual.many thanks.

Answer:Asus screen spash at startup

In the boot menu in bios, disable full screen logo

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Can someone please help me? I'm a first-time forum user

I've got an Acer Aspire laptop here that has decided to stop loading/starting up.

When I turn the power button on:
- I can see the Acer logo screen (and also get into setup if I press F2)
- The cursor (_) blinks once or twice
- Then the screen just goes black/blank and stays that way

Twice (when I have left power on at the black screen), I have eventually seen this Windows Boot Manager message (maybe after 5 minutes each time):

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware of software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1.Insert your Windows installation disc and restart the computer.
2.Choose your language settings, and then click "Next".
3.Click "Repair your computer."

If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Status: 0xc000000f

Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.
Unfortunately, I do not have the Windows installation disk.

I have tried using a System Repair Disk (on DVD, burnt from another laptop with same OS)....but got stuck when the broken laptop didn't detect or couldn't read the disk.

I also tried the Alt+F10 system recovery, but after 20 minutes on the "Please wait a moment..." screen, I gave up and turned the power off.

Please help. Thanks.

Answer:Acer won't start, Black screen / Windows failed to start

Hello noob and welcome to Seven Forums.

Can you get into Safe Mode via the Advanced Boot Options menu? If yes, you can check for damaged or corrupt system files by running a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two in the SFC tutorial.) If problems are found, run the scan 3 times and reboot the computer after each scan.

Safe Mode

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Another possibility from Safe Mode is to try rolling back your computer to a date/time prior to this problem occuring using a system restore point.

System Restore

If the above desn't help, one of the Forum experts prepared a troubleshooting guide for failure to start issues.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Hello, my Ideapad 710S Plus-13IKB does not power on anymore.There is no noise and just a black screen. The keyboard also does not light up.Yesterday evening I have just shut down my laptop regularly. Today it is not working anymore. Since my laptop model does not allow to remove the battery, this is not an option for me as several support articles say.When plugging in the power supply, the small LED light at the side of the laptop lights up. But besides of that, nothing happens.The Novo button also does not work. Model Name: 80W3CPU: Intel i7-7500U 2.7GRAM: 8 GBSSD: 256 GBDisplay 13.3" FHDBattery: 4 cellOS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit Thanks for your help.

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My laptop will not boot. I end up with an empty black screen or a blue screen with no icons, just a cursor. I get choices for 'normal startup' or ' repair' but not safe mode. Any help appreciated.

Answer:Unable to start - black screen or empty blue screen w cursor??

Hello JoLaRo and welcome to Seven Forums.

One of the Forum experts has prepared a couple of tutorials that might help you out.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

If you're still having issues after following the tutorials, please post back.

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My 2 weeks old T400 Vista home basic can start up successfully. But every time when I start or restart it, during the start process, after inputting the password, there are 4 times of black screen (or screen refresh). Is it normal? Thanks. 

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I received the following error message when I attempted to restart my computer:

C0000218 Unknown Hard Error

When I restarted after the blue screen it went into a check disk but would not finish the scan.

I have tried to start the computer in safe mode with internet connection and after a few minutes the screen goes black. I've tried to start it using last known configuration and the screen goes black. Everything I try ~ the screen goes black.


Answer:Blue screen & now won't start in safe mode, screen goes black

I'm writing from my husband's laptop because my desktop is completely dead.

We were out of town for several days and when we returned my desktop was running very slow so I attempted to restart it. It locked up, I pressed/held the power button and when it restarted it attempted to run a disk check. The disk check locked up and I had to press/hold the power button again. When it restarted I got a blue screen ~ stop: C0000218 unknown hard error.

Sometimes when I attempt to restart it I get: checking file system on C:
file system = NTFS

When I attempt to restart it in safe mode, safe mode with networking or starting in last known good configuration I get . . .

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\windows\system32\drivers\ . . . (various items)

Now it won't start, not even in safe mode. Everything I try ~ I just get a black screen.

** I just tried to restart AGAIN and it ran disk scan, said it had completed disk scan and would restart, the screen went black when it attempted to restart and the screen is still black and it won't restart.

What can I do to get my computer back?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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There is this black screen(mouse does not appear either) right before the login menu that happens sometimes for about 1 minute then the vista logo pops up and then I can log in, any ideas as to what the problem is or how to fix it? T400 with the ati video card, but i'm on the intel integrated one most of the time but problem happens with both.

Answer:T400 black screen between windows vista loading screen and login screen

I think problem is with the drivers. I use to have the same problem too but after I upgraded to the latest drivers + BIOS, problem seem to be fixed.

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Hi there,

When I tried to boot this morning, just at the point where the blue screen with the desktop choices should come up, the screen went black and nothing happened -- no drive access. I tried more than once; on subsequent tries I attempted to use "last settings that worked" or whatever that option is, but with the same result. I'm now on a backup hard drive I have in my machine, but I know the main drive is still working fine.

What should I do next?

Thanks so much for your help.

Best wishes,


Answer:HELP! Windows won't start -- black screen...

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Hi, first of all, thanks so much for your help.
I have searched EVERYWHERE for this solution and have had no relief. I try to research so I cn figure it out myself, but I need help this time!
OS: Windows 7
Problem:  I first started having problems where I was able to get my comp started but the display was skewed and I hard to restart to that to fix, I did that twice, then it decided to not load at all.the computer starts, you hear the fan kick in and the comp trying to read the drive. I tried a million and one times. Then today it decided to start, so I put that sucker in Safe Mode w/Networking.
I ran Windows Defender, Avast Quick Scan and I would get negative results. I wasn't able to turn on Windows Secuirty on and it would not let me update my Avast definitions or turn it on, I had to do a manual quick scan.
I wasn't convinced that I was virus free so I went to Panda Secuirty scan, in the middle of that, the display shut off, the computer was on because the green indicator light was on, but the computer was useless.
Also everytime I try to put it, the fan kicks in, you can hear the clicks of the computer trying to read the drive, but I get a black screen, and that's it. I don't even get my Toshiba splash screen.
I've tried and have been unsuccessful doing the following:
Avast Scan
Windows Defender
Recovery Disc (won't load or boot up from)
Repair Disc (won't load or boot up from)
Avg Boot Utility on USB stick (won't lo... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 Will Not Start at All-Just Black Screen

 Unfortunately it sounds like hardware problems.  It's possible that your CD/DVD drive is the cause of your not being able to boot from discs, so I'd try cleaning it using an inexpensive kit you can buy at most stores that sell computers.  Since it won't boot from flash drives though, it might be more serious.  You could try getting a new SODIMM stick and replacing your existing RAM to see if it's the RAM since that's the next least expensive thing you could do (probably $25 give or take for a 2 GB DDR3).  If that doesn't work, I'd suspect motherboard problems, possibly bad caps.  That would be expensive to repair, possibly more than the value of the computer (I'd guess $250 to $300 in local repair shops).  If you have data you don't want to lose, you could remove the hard drive, put it in an enclosure, and plug it into a USB port on a working computer.

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Hello guys,
I am facing a strange issue, whenever I start my system after the Windows XP load screen there is no display/black screen but I can hear the Windows XP load music/sound however if I restart my system by pressing the restart button of my CPU windows loads normally and I am able to view everything. I formatted my system and installed a clean version of XP SP3, downloaded and installed latest video drivers. Also have 2x1GB RAM which I interchanged but still I am facing the problem. Can you guys please help me out in fixing the issue? Thanks !


Answer:Black/ No screen after Windows XP Start up

Gotta be the vid card then.

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this is so frustrating.

i have a computer suddenly just happend to do this ;
the screen goes all black when windows starts,
i did the following to try to fix the problem
- format and reinstall windows XP but still it goes to black as soon as windows try to start.
- format and reinstall win ME, same thing
- change hard drive, thinking may be the MBR is curropted, still doing same thinkg on the other hard drive.
- look into the BOIS try to see what has changes, nothing
- the question, whay suddenly
- what happened
- how can i fix it

Answer:black screen when windows start

So can you still get to bios? I have seen a problem where a computer would start to load up, go through to the xp splash screen then everything would go black. It looked as though the monitor was turning off. It turned out to be a video problem. The way i got around it was to use a tv through the video card and i re-installed the video drivers. But i don't know if you have that option. What video card do you have?

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When I turn on my laptop, it says "starting windows" then after awhile goes into black screen and stays there, will not do anything else, not sure what to do here as I dont want to screw it up any further, suggestion are greatly appreciated and please let me know if further info is needed, thank you!

Windows 7 MSI A6200

Answer:Windows will not start, black screen

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Lost and confused!!! I recently added some security software on to my computer. And everything was great. rebooted after installation ran everything it asked me to. It was a registered copy, no bootlegs, I did buy it from a comp. store! Of coarse no one there could help me those #@$#@##$%^#@! sorry! a lil frustrated! anyway, I started the computer up to show this great software off and i get the compaq screen with the F1, F10 ect,.,., prompts then a black screen. sometimes, after i reset it again, it will act as if windowsxp is loading (with the progress green bar under windowsxp) then agian a black screen. any advice will be much appreciated! I was advised to use safe mode (f8 key after compaq logo) and sometimes i will get the safe mode sometimes i wont. only when i get into the safe mode i can't highlight anything with the arrows the keyboard is still working (i checked the num lock and the light does go on and off) but nothing> it is a desktop.

Answer:Windows xp will not start, only black screen! help!!!!

OH it is a PC!

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After a recovery of my XP Pro, I didn't find the normal basic low-resolution AVG display driver, this driver was a little bit different, and it didn't accept my normal driver. Looking for a way to change to the standard VGA, I found a drop-down list (with just two options) which I hadn't seen before, I took the chance of changing it. Then Windows restarted, and when Windows started, the screen was black. The bios display is OK, the booting process is displayed OK, until Windows start, I hear Windows is working, but the screen is black, the same in safe mode. Obviously, I have accidentally deactivated the VGA driver, or set too high resolution rate, or too high refresh rate?? This is a Catch 22, how do I reset this witout display? I looked into the Windows Recovery Console, I found a driver/service named VgaSave, may be this could be of help? Before I do this, or finally reinstall everything, I ask, anybody having a good advice?

Answer:Windows start with black screen

Did you try to boot into VGA mode? It may allow the change to be made.

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if i choose normal startup, it begins to load the and u can see the loading bar but then it just goes black........but the laptop is obviously still on just everything black. i can startup using safe mode though.

i think its because i shut it down manualy by pressing on the power button because its an old laptop and it seemed to freeze i had a bit torrent program on. but i used to do that all the time and have nothing happen to it. i froze once before too and i did the same thing and it could still startup fine.

its the first time iv had this problem with this laptop.

also iv tried to system restore to yesterdays date just a while ago and it didnt work.

Answer:cant start up windows, only goes to black screen

If you start up from safe mode and do a normal shut down then try and start up regularly, do you still get it shutting down on you?

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It seems every time i start up my pc i'm always getting this screen and can't get rid of it

Answer:Black screen at the Windows XP start up

It;s difficut to read, but looks like it has found an error in PCI slot 1 . . what do you have in that slot?

Have you added anything new lately?


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Whenever I turn on my computer which is windows xp, it wouldn't start. It takes a longer time to load during the page where the bars goes on the screen and says "Windows XP". After that part, the computer just turns black, the screen remains black for a long time. Also the keyboard stops responding, I think it doesn't respond because when I press "caps lock" the light doesn't turn on like it usually does.

I am also unable to enter Safe Mode. When I click enter safe mode, a bunch of words pop up but then it stops responding at a point, so I don't know what I did.
The point where it freezes is at "\windows\system32\drivers\mup.sys"

Does anyone know what may be the cause of this or
a solution? I am quite sure that I did not install any software.

Thank you for the help. I really appreciate it.

Answer:Windows XP won't start (Black Screen)

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I've I install Windows 10 operating system on the computer .. The excuse I have a problem .. please help as the two began when the system shows I have an empty black screen ! .. I've watched all the videos extension has been discussed about this problem, but I have not found a solution. . When began operation gives me a black screen remains for a period ranging between 5-9 minutes and then turns to show me the desktop ! Please help me

waiting for reply ..
Thank you 

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My computer had started acting a little funny before this issue had arived. It showed a significant slowdown on startup and applications took a while to start and sometimes would not work at all, but i did not address the issue because i did not install anything recently other than software to enable a ps3 controller on my computer from motioninjoy. I have heard/ seen many negative things about this program and regret ever installing it on my computer. Also the emulator I was using was pcsx2.
I am not able to start in safe mode because the screen goes black before i get the chance. I only get the initial boot up screen where i can press f2 or f12 and then it goes black
i have been using my computer on this particular setup for 3 months now and nothing has ever caused a problem, please help me i need this computer for school work!
my specs are
dell studio xps 8100
radeon hd 5700
8gb ram
intel i7
hooked up to a hp w2072a monitor using a dvi connection
some additional information:
when left on for an extended period of time my graphics card starts to work hard but nothing comes up and the screen evenually turns a pale blue (not the normal bluescreen) and no text comes up

I think it is a driver issue but I am not sure any feed back would be appreciated!

Answer:Windows 7 Black Screen on start up

Do a System Restore to before you installed the ps3 controller software, see if that resolves the problem. The easiest way to start SR is click on Start then type system restore and press enter.

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Hello, I have a frustrating problem ever since I did windows critical update and changed anti virus and the problem occurred yesterday. Every time I reboot my PC, a black screen appears with a cursor shows up for a few minutes before going onto login screen/welcome screen. I did system restore back to a month and it still doesn't work. I uninstalled anti virus to see if that might be the case and the black screen is still there. I then reformatted my pc by reinstalling windows 7 again using the disc and the problem is still there. My pc is only one year old as well and it's quite fast and quiet. Normally when I startup my PC it goes straight onto the welcome screen/desktop without this black screen.
What can I do in this case? Much help will be appreciated.

Answer:Black screen upon start up on windows 7

Have you tried removing and reseating your graphics card (GPU. Or tried, if you can another GPU. Check cables are all fitted snugly.

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I've recently been having trouble getting Windows 7 to boot normally on my desktop. Whenever I turn on my computer I see the Windows starting screen and then it hangs at a black screen. There are no error messages, it's just a blank black screen. I can boot into Safe Mode just fine. I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1. I've tried Startup Repair, Last Known Good Configuration, updating drivers and none of those fixed it. I ran a disc check in the System Recovery command prompt twice and both times it hangs for several hours with the message "Correcting error in index $I30 for file 854912." 
Someone advised me that this could mean a failing HDD. I know very little about hard drives so I wanted to get another opinion to see if that is truly the case or if there are other options I could explore before having to replace the HDD.
Any help I can get is greatly appreciated!

Answer:Windows 7 won't start, black screen

Probably a failing hard drive.
[edit: Well, I should say Back up your files first,]
Run gsmartcontrol and do the short test (don't do the long test, because it would be better to backup your files first before stressing the drive) and look at the SMART info on there. That will tell you if the drive is failing.
Then, if it is failing, first backup any files you don't want to lose, then, if it's a seagate drive, burn the iso of seatools for dos and burn it to a cd and boot to the cd. From there you can "repair" the drive, but keep in mind the drive is no longer trustworthy (assuming it is actually failing), this "repair" just hides the broken sectors of the drive basically, so windows will run better. Then the drive will either keep getting worse, or be ok for a long time (no way to know).

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This morning, I started my computer up like normal, then something popped up at the bottom saying to "keep blocking" or "unblock" itunes. I unblocked it cause i thought it was harmless but then my computer started getting really slow then it froze. I restarted my computer and logged in. This took an abnormally long time to boot up and while it was logging in, it said "preparing your desktop".When it finished logging in, there was a black screen and all i could do was see and move the mouse and open task manager. I then restarted it in safe mode and ran AVG but while it was scanning, it said that some files were locked and could not be scanned like C:Programfiles/Desktop or something like that. Now i dont know what to do cause i can't get back on regular windows.

Answer:When I start windows, I log in and there is a black screen!

System Restore.

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Hi guys, I currently have a laptop with a problem.
I have tried searching google but the problem seems to be a bit different than all the ones I found.

When I turn on the laptop, it loads as normal, to which I can go to bios, etc, but once the page is passed, the laptop turns to a black screen, and in the top left corner the white _ flashes once, and then that is it, I cannot get passed this point.

I have tried loading up in recovery etc, but the same thing happens, and will not pass the black screen.

I will run a windows disc tonight and see if it will accept that, but for now I am stuck at work so I am just wondering if there are any other solutions that may get me passed this screen in advance.

Thank you


Just as an update, I left it on the blank screen and kept checking back, and after about an hour it went to the home screen and seem to work fine from there.

I restarted to see what happens and I am at the black screen again.

Is there any tests I can do once it loads up again.


Answer:Windows 7 Black screen on start up

Quote: Originally Posted by Harlem

Hi guys, I currently have a laptop with a problem.
I have tried searching google but the problem seems to be a bit different than all the ones I found.

When I turn on the laptop, it loads as normal, to which I can go to bios, etc, but once the page is passed, the laptop turns to a black screen, and in the top left corner the white _ flashes once, and then that is it, I cannot get passed this point.

I have tried loading up in recovery etc, but the same thing happens, and will not pass the black screen.

I will run a windows disc tonight and see if it will accept that, but for now I am stuck at work so I am just wondering if there are any other solutions that may get me passed this screen in advance.

Thank you


Just as an update, I left it on the blank screen and kept checking back, and after about an hour it went to the home screen and seem to work fine from there.

I restarted to see what happens and I am at the black screen again.

Is there any tests I can do once it loads up again.


Hi Harlem,

I understand that system is working fine at the moment. However, you can check the below link which might be useful if this problem happens in future as well.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Also, update your system specs here by following this.

If you have any further queries, please fee... Read more

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 I have a Thinkpad T500 and can not start up. It shows the black screen (not really black, it shows the initial page of "Lenovo, to interrupt the normal setup when pushing the ThinkVantage button") even before Windows even start. I tried to push the F8 or any other keys to enter the safe mode but nothing changed. I don't have the Windows Vista CD and I don't even remember Lenovo included in the package. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Black Screen before Windows Start up

hey jianqianghao ,there wont be any CD as you will need to make your own recovery disc via the Rescue & Recovery software.for this, I recommend calling our support team via : 1-800-426-7378

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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When I start the computer (DELL Inspiron 610) it runs the DELL screen giving the Option for F2 (Bios) or F12 (Boot Option).

Then goes to a black screen with curser. Nothing can be done on that screen.

I have ran the XP Reinstall software for Recovery. That takes me to a C:\Windows prompt in a DOS screen. I can CD C: and see all the files. Did a CHKDSK /r and everything was fine.

I ran the Reinstall to Repair the current install. Goes through the whole Windows install process with the 100% progress bar and then restarts. STILL goes to black screen.

I then ran a complete reinstall of Windows. Same outcome.

I pulled the hard drive and can open all the files using it as an external drive. So it seems to be OK.

What must I do to boot up???


Answer:Windows will not start - black screen

You can boot into console mode (using recovery option).
Can you press F8 and boot into windows safe mode?
I think you are missing a graphics driver and your windows is booting into a resolution
that your monitor cannot display.

Booting into safemode then trying to install either monitor ot graphics card drivers may
fix this,

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hi all i got pc with win pro sp3 and when i turn it on i get black screen saying NTLDR is missing press ctrl alt delete to restart but thats all it does is restart then back to same thing please help as i do not want to reformat as i will lose everything . but if this is only way then is there anyway to save my photos applications etc thanks in advance

Answer:Windows Pro SP3 black screen on start up

hi found compaq recovery disc so tried a press r for recovery its done but now still blk screen but msg now says NTLDR is compressed help help i dont want to do full reformat as will lose everything

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Hi, I'm in trouble...I was about to use my friends new ASUS laptop this morning, and soon the Windows update started. But after a while, the battery was out because the plug was not connected. So that I restarted. But this time normal windows 7 looked like started with comment updating something. But it took very long time and next time when I looked at it, it was just black screen.

After that I shut it down and restarted. But nothing happened on the screen. I tried to press Alt+F10 at the same time, but didn't work.

Please someone let me know how to fix it!!! My friend said there was no recovery cd when he bought it.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Black screen and cannot start windows


I would suggest booting the system in ?Safe Mode/ Safe Mode with networking?. If the system boots fine in ?Safe Mode/ Safe Mode with networking? then I would suggest you to restore your system back to a date when it was working fine. System Restore will affect Windows system files, programs, and registry settings only.

For System Restore steps, you can refer to the URL mentioned:

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I'm trying to connect my new pc with a SyncMaster 940bw monitir. The screen stays black during setup (BIOS) phase and operates flawlessly when windows XP Pro (SP3) starts. I check the pc in a lab and all hardware devices work flawless.

The system includes the following components:

Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G intel P43
Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 3.0GHz
Samsung 1TB 32 MB 7200RPM
Seasonic SS-500ET Active PFC
Transcend 2GB DDR2 800
Samsung DVD-RW SH-S223F x22
Gainward 9500GT 512MB GDDR2
I checked my device manager and found no exclamation symbol.

When I connect the unit to another Samsung monitor (SyncMaster 173v) and works as expected.

When I connect the SyncMaster 940bw to another unit, it works as expected.

Do you see and solution? Do you need more information? Iíll gladly provide.

Answer:Black screen on pc up to windows start

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My son turned off the computer without shutting down properly. Now, the computer will not start. The first screen comes up like it's going to load but after that it goes black. I tried to "start windows normally," tried "safe mode" and I tried "last known configuration that worked" and nothing happens. the bar on the bottom comes up like it might load then everything just goes black and it stops there never gets to the blue screen. I have a windows XP. Please help.

Answer:windows xp will not start/black screen

So you can't get in to Safe Mode? That's going to reduce some of our chances of getting it working. What happens when you try selecting safe mode?

Do you have your XP CD available?

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Hi everyone, I'm sort of new to these tech forums. I'm here to seek help for a problem I have when I start up my computer. Before windows loads up and brings me to the desktop, I get this black screen for 30 seconds, no error messages, nothing, just a 30 second black screen. I've tried so many things, but with no result. I realised it has something to do with the hard drive, or the way I install windows / create a new partition before I format, because I put my hard drive with its current xp installation in another computer, and I still got the 30 second black screen. I refered to the support part of the microsoft site for help, but that site needs help more than I do... Anyone know how to solve this problem? Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Answer:30 second black screen before windows start up

does the same thing happen when you start in safe mode? you can select safe mode by pressing F8 when windows starts to boot.

if it doesn't you could start up as normal. then click on start>run
then deselect all under the startup tab, except what ever antivirus software you have listed in there. see does that help.

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Hello! I just encounter a problem with my asus desktop i had this for about 3 years now and this is the first time I saw this black screen. Anyway, just as I stated aove, I have a black screen on when I start my pc. I don't hear any beep when I turn it on, i hear the fan working though. I did try to clean the fan and take the gpu out but that won't seems to solve it. Anyone know what seems to be the problem? I'm really not that techy about pc. Is the problem the hard drive, gpu, motherboard or anything else? I need help badly. Thanks in advance!

Asus desktop
Amd radeon hd 7850
1tb hd
Stock fans

Answer:Black screen windows won't start

See if a BIOS hardware/software reset fixes the problem. It often does in these strange situations.
Shut down and turn off the computer.
Unplug the computer from the wall or surge protector.
"Remove the computer from any port replicator or docking station, disconnect cables to printers or devices such as external monitors, USB memory sticks or SD cards, headset or external speakers, mouse or auxiliary keyboard, turn off WIFI and Bluetooth wireless devices." ( Use Hard Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues HP Pavilion dv5000 Notebook PC series - HP Customer Care (United States - English)).
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds. This closes the circuit and ensures all power from components is drained to clear the software connections between the BIOS and hardware and clear any corruption in the temporary memory.
Plug the computer back into the wall. Do not reconnect any unnecessary peripherals; monitor, keyboard, and mouse should suffice and be the only peripherals reconnected.
Turn it on to reinitialize the software connections between the BIOS and hardware.


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So I was having issues with uploading files from a SD card to my desktop
( Dell desktop running Windows 10 ) or even viewing files , photos on me desktop with a message of The remote procedure call failed and did not execute. So I followed a few links , settings , ( RCP ) on , manual ,etc. These processes did not work. So I just decided to wipe everything & restore it to its original factory settings & files (delete everything option). This all occurred around 10:30 pm I saw it get all the way up to restoring 1% and went to bed. Once I awoke & checked on it , it was on a screen that said scanning & repairing disk drive C 100%. I starred at this screen for about 30 minutes. Thought to myself let me give it a few more minutes. Three hours later it was still on the scanning & repairing disk drive C 100% with the little dots / loading icon still working. Read a few threads & decided to turn it off & back on. Now once I start the desk top it brings up the Dell icon & then goes into a black screen with the little dots / loading icon & nothing else. No options to move the mouse or anything ?!??. I am not really aware of how the desktop works a complete novice in the field. Can someone please offer some assistance or insight ? Or do I need to take it into a repair shop & spend 200$+ to get this fixed ?!?. Any help would be appreciated very much please!

Answer:Black start up screen on OS Windows 10

Update I just turned it on again & it's automatically installing windows now .

Reading your PC Wii restart several times at the top & installing features & drives configuring settings on the bottom , hoping for the best

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Hi all. Long time reader, first time poster. I've run into an issue regarding netflix and not loading past the splash screen. The issue only seems to affect new phones out of the box or phones that are fresh off a factory reset. Whether you restore your backups or not makes no difference. It affects both Windows 8 mobile and Windows 10 mobile.
After the netflix app is installed you open it only to find it's stuck at the splash screen with the spinning bubbles. After many minutes you may get the following error message:
In chatting with netflix support that error points to DNS not resolving for netflix. The initial thought was that it was my ISP however it was not working via an LTE connection either. However, that tip lead me to the solution. So here is what you need to do to fix it:
1. Close the netflix app (hold back arrow and close netflix)
2. Go to via internet explorer or edge.
3. Sign into This may take some time.
4. Now re-open the netflix app. The app should now allow you to login.
Hope this helps some poor soul.

Answer:Netflix Stuck on Spash Screen (spinning bubbles) B33-S2 ?

Thank you. It worked for me.

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I have a T500 [2081-CT0] running Windows 7.  Today on boot up the unit froze at the Thinkpad splash screen at the beginning of the bootup routine.  I can hear the fan and feel the HDD spinning. I have, to begin with rebooted several times, removed the battery, reseated the HDD... A previous issue that has been intermittant is the USP not recognising an external HDD.  It would always recognise on reboot but not initially as on other home and office computers.   This issue began in the past two weeks. My thought is HDD controller but I am not familiar with the T500 architecture to know its place in the world. I have done initial searches here [and will do more] but right now i have a dead T500


Go to Solution.

Answer:T500 freezes at opening Thinkpad spash screen

Is it possible the USB port you were plugging the drive into is damaged? Look into the port with a magnifying glass. A shorted USB port will cause those symptoms.

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Background: A week ago on vacation, I opened my HP Pavilion dv7-2173cl (a laptop running Vista Home Premium SP2) and suddenly, green and black lines began forming across its screen. I was later told this was a pressure crack, although that is not what I'm posting about. Freaked out, that day I turned the computer off and on several times using only the power button, once foolishly interrupting a "Startup Repair" process.

Problem: When I got home I hooked up the laptop to my TV so I could see what was going on. After attempting to turn it on many times, I eventually got the BSOD with a STOP:0x0000c1f5 error. I couldn't access the Recovery Module (even to backup) or Safe Mode. Going into personally uncharted territory, I booted from a Linux System Rescue CD to delete the $TxfLog file that was apparently the cause of the problem. I no longer get the BSOD, I get a black screen (KSOD?) (sometimes w/mouse, sometimes w/o) after the "yellow bar" loading screen. I still can't get into Safe Mode but I was able to use a Vista repair CD I downloaded to (finally) backup onto an external hard drive.

What I've Done So Far: I've run chkdsk, checked the memory and hard disk from BIOS options, and run Startup repair. I did the kind of Windows backup where everything goes to one file.

I'd prefer not to start from scratch if I can avoid it. Thanks so much for any and all help guys, I appreciate it a lot.


Answer:Vista won't start up, black screen before login screen.

I couldn't access the Recovery Module...Do you have a Recovery CD, Windows Vista CD, or Recovery Drive (partition)?What happened when you tried to access it?------------------------------------------------------------You said that you were able to backup onto an external harddrive, so important data is safe.The best option right now would probably be to re-format.

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My computer stopped connecting to wifi.  I decided to do a system reset.  Now the screen is black at start up and the hp logo just flashes on and off the screen.  I tried the BIOS update and that did not work either.  What else can I do before sending it in for repair.  I just bought it last November.

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Hi, I think my PC has updated from Windows 8/8.1 to 10. Now, when swithching on the device there appears to be no signal coming from the PC to the monitor and the monitor goes in to sleep mode. Keyboard or mouse activity has zero effect. The monitor and cable functions as I have used it as a screen extension from a laptop. Any ideas/solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, the other day I installed a SkinPack for Windows 8.1, using However, when I uninstalled the skinpack, I was greeted with a completely black screen. My computer starts up, I get the login screen, I login and the screen is completely black. Though I am still able to use Task Manager through Ctrl+alt+Delete and any other option in there.

Anyone have a fix to this, or a way I can use System Restore without having to login? ( Note, I upgraded to Windows 8.1 digitally )

Answer:Windows 8.1 | Start-up problem | Black screen

Try the suggestions near the bottom of the page. It appears to be a common problem where it hasn't uninstalled properly. I woul boot in safe mode. Whislt you are at the login screen, don't login but hold down the shift key (keep holding it) and click restart from the icon in the bottom right corner. You can either try to deleted the files or restore from safe mode.

Good luck

edit: link here
Help & FAQ | Skin Pack

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the issue is:my windows xp suddenly start in black screen when i try to open it in regular modwindows in black screen will mouse cursos show only.i try to tyes f8 and go in safe mod.All the things i could do is:boost into safe modboost into safe mod with internetboost into command the things i tried and cant work:return to the last best settingctrl+alt+delete i dont have windows xp install dicsi am on os windows xp ,with 2GB ram,intel core 2 duo e7400 2.8GHzno display card install.No any driver was update this week.the system restore was cleaned,no check point was saved.please help me anyway you can.i just find the solution with these issue for a month already,that was so annoying at home without a computer.HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:windows xp start with black screen and mouse only

Boot into safe mode.Create a new user account.Reboot ans use the new account.Does that work?

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Hey All,

When I start windows it start black screen with CMD on c:\windows\system32
I can run explorer.exe from the cmd or task manager run but it's annnoying.
same happens also from safe mode (black screen and CMD)
when running msconfig
it's normal normal startup without safe boot.

I've scanned with kaspersky AntiVirus and malewarebytes Antimaleware but issue still remains.
Would love some advise.


Answer:Windows 10 start black screen with cmd window

You mean that you are getting the old style Repair screen. Have you tried using a Windows 10 dvd to help repair what is broken.

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Today my laptop suddenly turned off and as I try to turn it back on, it starts to load with typic screen with computer's name. But then the screen is all black and a white _ is appearing constantly. I tried to push the F8 button but it didn't work. What should I do? I need my laptop for studies so it would be awesome to repair it fast.

Answer:Windows XP won't start. Black screen, no text

And I have no repair CD or something like that.

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Hi all!

My other laptop will not start up at all. I have Windows XP. When I turn it on, this message displays on a black screen:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or currupt:

You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM.
Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair.

And nothing continues from there. I don't know what to. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Windows will not start! Black screen problem.. Please help!

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In common with a lot of other users, Windows 8.1 produces a black start up screen on the initial bootup of the day.
The login screen is hidden behind this screen and I can only access it by using the power switch to hibernate the laptop and then reboot, when everything works fine. Microsoft appear to be aware of the problem,but getting an answer is proving impossible and the last "Tech Expert" I spoke to cut me off!!The free 8.1 update forced me to completely rebuild 2 laptops as the download did not work, and the version I have now is a full 8.1 intallation disc costing £190.00,and still the problem persists.
Any help much appreciated,

Answer:Windows 8.1 Black Screen Start Up Problem

Have you tried turning off Fast Start Up. Go to the Power Options Control Panel. Select "Choose what The Power Buttons Do / Change Settings Currently Unavailable" and untick Turn on Fast Start.
This worked for me though I have since gone back to Windows 8. Just too many issues with 8.1

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windows did an update now every time i start up my computer i get a black screen i can get taskm working and i can get programs to work, thats how im asking this now. how do i fix this? also there is no task bar.

Answer:black screen on start up after windows 7 update

So you get logon? But no deskopt at all, all is black? Any text cursor? if so, is it blinking?

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Hi guys,

my computer don't start there is only black screen and nothing is happening. After restarting it few times somehow it started. Please if you can look on the .dmp file I attached if there is any clue to what the problem might be. I tried some antivirus scans but nothing popped up.

Thanks a lot.

Answer:windows dont start only black screen

please post the following: Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions

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Hi guys again. I have posted my issue before.

AFter installing windows 7 ultimate. my laptop worked fine for like 1 month and now it begins to slow down and i believe the same problem might occur again (freeze up/ windows stuck at start up logo.)

After doing chkdsk for like 3 times now my laptop works but sometime when Hard drive light is not blinking (constantly on for few sec) windows freezes. but then it goes back to normal .

I have posted my logs after doing chkdsk. at 9 o'clock pm and 3 o'clock pm. 9o'clock log fixed my laptop.

So my question is do i need to replace hard drive in order to fix it? I feel like same problem might occur again in few months.

302734335 KB total disk space.
39489320 KB in 132112 files.
87356 KB in 35317 indexes.
96 KB in bad sectors.
291455 KB in use by the system.
65536 KB occupied by the log file.
262866108 KB available on disk.

Can i fix bad sector using hdd regenerator?

Answer:windows 7 slow start up and black screen


Can you provide a link to the previous thread?

Did you replace the HDD last time, or repair bad sectors?

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Hi all Had this problem off and on for a few months. My laptop was incredibly slow for a long while, becoming increasingly difficult to use all the time. Until it got to the stage now where it won't even turn on. Turning it on goes one of two ways:  - Sometimes it will turn on but go to system diagnostics. I do the hard drive check (the quick one as the full one doesn't appear to be an optin for ) and it always says its fine. I usually jstexit the menu them and it starts up- Sometimes (like now) it turns on, shows the hp screen, the windows icon, and then a black screen. The thinking circle icon (sorry, don't know what the name is!) might stay on, the cursor is there sometimes...  so maybe it is just starting very very slowly... but its been about 20 minutes already... I have done a hard reset countless times (Battey out and hold down the power button) but it doesn't so anything. There are somethings that i would at least liek to try and get off it before i give up on it entirely! I've had it  for maybe 2/3 years.. hoped it would last longer but if its gone it's gone.  Any advice appreciated - thanks in advance. K 

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Hello everyone, well before my computer messed up I got this error message-WSCNTFY.EXE APPLICATION ERROR The instruction at "0x80000009" Referenced memory at "0x80000009" and everytime I would get on the internet or anything else it would just kick me right off. So I just held down the power button and when I pressed the power on again, the windows xp sign comes up with the green loading bar comming up, but then the screen goes black and all I see is the mouse cursor. The only thing that i am able to do is enter into the setup menu which I really do not understand. Please help if anyone can!!!!!! this is my wife's computer and she needs to comlete her home work.   Thank you so much and God bless


Do you have a back up disk? And can you please provide more info on your system.. Thanks

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OK, last night my computer crashed. I have no recovery disk and it won't even start in safe mode. I tried all the different things that you could do from the DOS program, and nothing works. The computer is just a year old so Vista was on the computer when I got it. I did not install anything or change anything. My daughter was on AIM and she clicked on a link her friend sent her...couple minutes later...BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH! No matter what I do I cannot get windows to start at when starting safe mode it get so far and stops.

Anyone have any ideas what happened or what I can do?


I think you need to get more information out of your daughter, as to WHAT the link was and what is was suppose to do?
You just may have LOST everything.

By adding MORE posts is NOT going to get any one to help any faster. We are ALL volunteers here and 2 minutes is NOT even enough time to read your post and think about it.

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Good day!Faced here with what problem:When loading y570s, after emblem windows, heared the sound of starting windows, but the screen is black and nothing happens. loaded In the savemode, do roll back on a recovery point - everything is fine.after restart or start a laptop, screen black again.what can be done?

Answer:y570. black screen on the start windows.

While on Safe Mode, uninstall the Intel HD and the Nvidia drivers. Then go to normal startup and then reinstall the Intel and the Nvidia drivers.

Lenovo Y470: i7-2670QM | 8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM | Nvidia GeForce GT 550M | 500 GB 7200 RPM Seagate HDD | ASUS PCE-AC56 802.11ac Network Adapter | Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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Windows 7, AMD 1100t Thuban Cpu , 8 GB Ram, Asus Extreme Crosshair motherboard, Dual Radeon 5850 GPU's, 1200 watt power supply. The CPU and one of the graphics cards is water cooled.

I have been using my custom built computer for about a year and a half now with no real problems but recently I have been moving it around quite a bit. The problem is that this last time I was setting it up it booted to the motherboard logo and then froze. I tried to get to the bios or any ware else but it would not do anything. I restarted it but this time the logo screen did not even show. With my motherboard beeps once to show that my components are working properly and this is one of the reasons I am confused because it does. I checked my hard drive to see if it spins up and from what I can hear it is working. I noticed that when it is booting up some labeled lights flash then go away but now the one labeled boot stays on. My Cpu always ran around 41 c and topped around 48 c so I don't think overheating could be the problem. If you have any ideas or suggestions they would be much appreciated!

Answer:Windows 7 won't start Black Screen Issue

Hi and welcome to TSF check all the cables and connections also reseat your ram and graphics cards and ensure the heatsink and fan is properly seated and secured

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had power cut when turned on got black screen windows didnot start successfully etc have tried to start normally and it wont to anything

Answer:wont start windows normally on black screen

does any thing show on the screen when you turn it on?do you hear any sounds coming from the computer like BEEPS or the sound of the Fans spinning up?Have you checked the power to the Monitor?Have you tried another monitor?Need a hole lot more.Chances are either your power supply has failed or your CPU fan is not working. In either case it is going to involve you opening the case. If you are not ready for this take it to a repair shop.

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Hello all,

I am in dire need of assistance and any help is most welcome. I am running a Sony Vaio with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00 GHz processor and Windows XP SP3 Media Center 2005. The computer boots with the Windows splash / loading screen as normal, afterwards, when it would normally show the desktop, I am left with a black screen with the cursor in the middle (not blinking). I have control of the cursor, but can't do anything else. Ctrl+Alt+Del does nothing and pressing Shift 5 times does nothing. I have attempted the normal system restore, booting in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking, and Safe Mode with Command prompt. All of these result in the same black screen with cursor control.

I am not aware of any viruses that might be on the machine. I regularly run SuperAntispyware, Malwarebytes, and virus scans with Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition. None of them detected anything earlier in the day prior to the problem. However, Firefox had frozen up an unusual number of times yesterday. When it froze, I noticed that there was always an advertisement on the site that didn't load properly, so I attributed it to that. Also, the night before, I received a Cicerouiwndframe not responding error on shutdown, but that is not particularly unusual as I have seen it before, though not recently. Further, I noticed yesterday that my computer was having trouble recognizing my printer in one of the USB ports, but when I switched to one of the other ports, it worked fine. In trying t... Read more

Answer:Windows XP won't start; black screen w/ cursor

Do you have another user account you can try logging in with?

If you don't log in as administrator normally, at the log in screen type administrator and your admin password. If you have the login screen that shows icons, press cntrl+alt+del twice and the standard log in window will appear.

It's possible that an application is attempting to load at start up that cannot complete and keeps the computer from finishing it's boot up. Another user profile might not have this same issue.

If you have another account to sign in with, give it a shot and let us know.

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When I start up my computer I have a black screen show up.... I then have to choose between two windows 7 which are highlighted....

I can enter down and go to safe mode or other options.
I do not know why this is happening on each start-up.
I think perhaps there are still two copies of the windows 7 Operating system on the computer. I had to do a reinstall and I assume one was not removed.

How can I correct this situation?

Thanks for your support.....

Answer:Black screen and two windows 7 to choose to start-up

you cam try the, following:
open "system configurations" (msconfig), on the boot tab (second one), in the window should be all your booting options, delete the one you don't want to be there.
just make sure you are in the correct windows.

i would feel more comfortable if someone can assure that what i wrote is correct.
i did it to my computer and it turned out okay.

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starting up toshiba laptop. power button lights up steady but windows does not start. stays black. have to disconnect all power, then power up again maybe 2 to 3 more times. then finally windows starts up.

Answer:windows does not start. laptop black screen

Start Windows in ?Safe mode with Command Prompt? (F8 on startup) At the command prompt, copy & paste > chkdsk.exe /f and press Enter. If Chkdsk wants to schedule a check at the next boot, say Yes.Copy & Paste > shutdown ?r ? 01 then press Enter to restart Windows. Chkdsk should run on restart.

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I've got a problem. I have an Asus Eee netbook that will not start up. When I turn it on, it begins normally. The Windows XP logo will come up with the loading bar; but only for a second. Then the screen flashes and the logo has a yellow tint to it. Everything on the screen turns a yellowish color. Then the screen goes blank. The backlight it still on but there is nothing on the screen. When I press enter, put in my password, and press enter again, it makes the login sound. I cannot start it in BIOS because I am not able to see anything on the screen. It seems to be working but the screen is not displaying anything. So I'm guessing that there is something wrong with the video card... Is there anything I can do?

It was purchased as a refurbished PC and still has a warranty on it.

Asus Eee netbook, Intel Atom Processor, Windows XP Home

Answer:Windows XP start up problem, black screen

Sounds like the backlight or other part of the display is broken. GPU is probably fine but th screen itself is dieing. If it has warranty send it back and get them to fix it.

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Hi there,
I have recently run into a problem with my desktop that I was hoping you could help with.
I shut it down 2 nights ago in the usual way, but when I turned it on the next morning, windows failed to load up. I get the usual PC model page (In my case "zoostorm") and then the screen goes black, no windows loading screen or anything.
I've tried getting into safe mode with f8 but that doesn't work, and I've also gone into the page where you can do a Troubleshoot, System Restore, or Reinstall Windows. (Sorry, I don't know the name of that screen).
I am unable to do a system restore as I don't have any restore points, and trying to re-install windows failed because when it restarts during the installation it takes me back to the same black screen as before and stays there...
Another curious thing is that when I press the power button to turn it off again, it instantly turns off, there's no few seconds where it does its closing down thing, it just instantly turns off as if its not actually running anything.
I'm at a total loss, I cant think what may have caused it, and have run out of ideas on how to fix it. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate some help with it, as my job involves me being able to use my computer.
Thank you

Answer:Windows fails to start + black screen

Assuming windows 10.
download the media creation tool from here USB or DVD
boot from the media and try the startup repair or the reset keeping data.

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I turned on my computer (Compaq Presario 5000--Windows xp) this morning to find that it could not get past the Compaq screen. Seemed to be frozen. Couldn't even get to Safe Mode. I switched it off and restarted only to get the same results. Upon searching on line for hours to find a solution, I disconnected all power supplies and pulled the battery off the motherboard. Now I get nothing but a black screen with a small blinking line in the upper left hand corner with a v01.05 in the bottom left hand corner and a Compaq (F10=Setup) in bottom right corner. Is it time for a new computer?? And if so... is there any way I can get some info off it before I toss it? I back up often but there are a few pics I would like to have. Thanks for any info you may have for me!!

Answer:Compaq black screen... no Windows start up

Worth a look, .


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my hp notebook has a black screen with a white curser. i have tried a recovery disc, running a system diagnostic which tells me it all passed, i have tried a hard reset, and my safe mode wont come up. i have tried just about everything someone please help.

Answer:windows 7 wont start up and gives me a black screen

For some reason your OS partition may not be set to active, or your boot order in your bios may be wrong. First thing I would check your boot order in the bios, and check to make sure it can see your hard drive.

How to set a partition to active, I found a thorough guide here.

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Hi all,
I was wondering if someone is able to help me try to solve an issue with my laptop. I have a HP laptop running windows 7, and at the moment, I can't get it to start up. It gets past the screen with the windows logo and then just displays a black screen with white cursor. I don't remember recently having installed any updates or any other software which may have caused this. I did, however, go away for the weekend and accidentally left my laptop on standby. When I came home, the battery had drained, so I tried starting it back up and it loaded the 'windows shut down incorrectly' screen. Trying to start windows normally after seeing that screen now won't work. I've tried a few basic fixes:
1. Starting in safe mode - also loads black screen with white cursor
2. Letting the black screen load and pressing ctrl+alt+delete - task manager doesn't start
3. Going to advanced boot options and enabling low resolution video mode
4. System restore - tried restoring to 2 points, one 2 weeks ago, another even older. Both try the restore and then I get an unspecified error (0x8000ffff)
5. A hard reset
6. Pressing F8 on startup and selecting 'restore to last known configuration'.
Any ideas for for what I can try next? The laptop is fairly old but it's the files on it I really care about, so would like to try to fix it, or otherwise, recover my files before doing a clean install.
My laptop came with windows 7 preinstalled on it, but I burnt a series of recove... Read more

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I have two XP computers with the same problem. These computers are at seperate locations. They both have a black screen at start up. It flashes the Explorer logo and the curser blinks and then nothing. I have tried safe mode, rebooting to the installation disk and the ubuntu boot cd. You can see things flash onscreen but it goes away before you can even click on anything. I have read that there is many computers with this problem and they think it occured after the most recent windows update on October. All the solutions posted would be great if I could actually type something or click on something, but there is nothing on screen to work with.Task manger doesn't work or F10, F8, F11 or any other F key. You can hear the computer trying to boot and the ubuntu program seems to load, but it only flashes on the screen and then I am back to the black screen of death!

Safe mode flashes on the screen and then disappears very quickly. Any help would be great

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I have been asked to try to fix a friends son's laptop. It is a Toshiba Satellite L655-S5150. When powering it up I get the Toshiba start up screen and I can hear the fan working. It seems to proceed normally then a screen comes up that says windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change may be the cause. I am not aware of any changes to either one.

I get two choices. Launch start up repair(recommended) and start windows normally. With either choice it attempts to start up but then the screen stays black. I can move the cursor around normally but that is as far as it goes. I can get to the bios using f2. The version is 2.30 which appears to be the latest. I can also get to the advanced options. I have tried the repair your computer, safe mode, safe mode with networking, and safe mode with command prompt but it always ends up with the black screen. I am also able to get the the boot menu.

They don't have a boot disk or recovery disk for me to use. I have tried using another monitor with the same results. I have also tried unplugging the computer, removing the battery and pressing the start button for both 30 and 60 seconds with no success. I have done a little research and it sound like he may have the zero access root kit but I'm not sure. I am unable to post any logs since I cannot get past the black screen using any of the options I have tried. I thank you in advance for any help.

S. Terry

Answer:Windows 7 fails to start up. Black Screen

Hello sterry31,

Please start your computer and tap F10 until the Edit Boot Menu options come up. Let me know what you see there between the brackets ([..... ])

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I have checked several forums but did not help me very much so I post it here.

I have an older system and was using Linux (Pardus dist.) for a while and since I wanted to check some games I have tried to installed windows xp sp2.

I have the following configuration
amd 2500++
asus a7v8x-x (bios updated)
250 gb ide Samsung 2514n hdd
1 cdrom
3 * 512 mb ram
msi radeon 9800 pro (rx9800 red with rv350 gpu)
tv card winfast expert xp
monitor connected via vga
new psu 350 W

For linux i use a different hdd (30 gb) but everything works fine.

I have installed winxp pro sp2, but my computer is crashing on every startup with a black screen after the winlogo.
I tried several video drivers
old drivers supplied with graphic card

I manage sometimes to see the desktop, which ends in some seconds as black and frozen .
I can startup in safe mode and in vga mode.

I think it might be a driver problem, but dont know what should i try next.



Answer:Windows freezes with black screen at start-up

If you installed Windows to an added partition, after having already installed Linux, that could be the problem. Windows XP must usually be installed first, unless you know all the tricks.

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hi guys,on my second computer,at the very start i get the black screen with f2 or f12 then i get this message-windows can not start because of problem with software:load needed dlls for kernal......plz help!

Answer:black screen then message saying windows can not start

What is new or different since the last time everything worked properly (ie, new hw, new sw, virus, error, etc)?

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the issue is:my windows xp suddenly start in black screen when i try to open it in regular modwindows in black screen will mouse cursos show only.i try to tyes f8 and go in safe mod.All the things i could do is:boost into safe modboost into safe mod with internetboost into command the things i tried and cant work:return to the last best settingctrl+alt+delete i dont have windows xp install dicsi am on os windows xp ,with 2GB ram,intel core 2 duo e7400 2.8GHzno display card install.No any driver was update this week.the system restore was cleaned,no check point was saved.please help me anyway you can.i just find the solution with these issue for a month already,that was so annoying at home without a computer.HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:windows xp start with black screen and mouse only

Boot into safe mode.Create a new user account.Reboot ans use the new account.Does that work?

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My screen goes black in the early stages of bootup. I can start safe mode and have done a system restore to like 9 days ago before Windows Update but my computer still will not start normally. Read some advice that this may be due to conflict with Vista Update and I have asked and recieved via email a hotfix application from Microsoft but this will also not run when the computer is in safe mode. I have also uninstalled recent Windows updates (10th Feb). I have also scanned using Zone Alarm and no virus was found.In Device Manager, I found that 6TO4 network adaptor cannot start. I have searched this forum and did not find a solution. Kindly assist! Thanks!

Answer:Black screen on Windows Vista start up

I have also scanned using Zone Alarm and no virus was foundZone Alarm is a firewall Program not an AVIf you can see your screen in safe mode, it's a driver problemWhen in safe mode, see if you can roll back to a previous video driver.From Device Manager, expand Display adapters, right-click on your adapter & choose Properties, select the Driver tab & click Roll Back Driver.If Roll Back Driver is not an option, it means no driver is available to roll back toThen I'd try installing an updated driver for your display adapter.

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Just recently I've been encountering an issue when trying to start up my computer. The computer would seem to run normally up until the Windows XP loading screen. After that, the computer screen would just stay black (no matter how long I leave my computer on for) with no cursor. Occasionally I would get a blue screen flicker and it would lead to the computer trying to reboot, but failing (The blue screen however flickers for less than 1 sec).

So pretty much I am unable to boot up my computer normally. I am able to boot up in Safe mode with or without network. Whenever I boot up in these modes, my resolution is messed and am unable to change it. I have scanned my computer with Trend Micro and Malwarebytes for possible infections and have removed all infections that were present (I recall seeing "rootkit"?). The computer seems to be clean of any infections now, but I am still having trouble booting up my computer normally.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Black screen upon trying to start Windows XP

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Hi there, I'm new to the forum so i hope this thread is where it should be. I believe this might be a BSOD issue but yet again I'm not computer wiz.

I've just upgraded from windows 8 to windows 8.1, via the Windows Store. Prior to upgrade i had no issues whatsoever with the windows 8, before the upgrade i ran the Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant. And found only 3 softwares to have conflict with the upgrade, these 3 are as followed: Apple QuickTime, iTunes and Bitdefender Total Security - Version I uninstalled both of the apple software's and upgraded the Bitdefender to a version compatible with Windows 8.1.

I had no issues with the download & installation of windows 8.1, however the instant between windows loading screen and the switch to user log in screen is blank/black for a good 3 minutes, if not more. Normally after the shut down screen the computer would power off completely, however now my computer screen is blank/black and the computer is still powered on for about 10-15 minutes, I know that it is on as all the fans/HDD LED are active. This time fluctuates and I'm not sure why. I've checked with windows update and no updates are available, all of my softwares (and third party applications) are up to date. On Microsoft Community forum and so on, all i can say is that there are many others experiencing a issue only with a blinking cursor and their circumstances are different so i don't believe its related.

I've updated my BIOS to th... Read more

Answer:Black screen on start up after windows 8.1 upgrade

Originally Posted by 8years

Bitdefender Total Security

Normally after the shut down screen the computer would power off completely, however now my computer screen is blank/black and the computer is still powered on for about 10-15 minutes

There's your problem right there. Logs or nothing like that tell me this. It's just something I know.

This below really needs to be removed for a stable machine, but if you really need this badly for something, you can instead try to update it or leave it be if there is no update, after you see how BitDefender removal fixes your shutdown issues. But at a very basic level, it needs to go:

0: kd> lmvm vuhub
start end module name
fffff800`01a4c000 fffff800`01a5b000 vuhub (deferred)
Image path: \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\vuhub.sys
Image name: vuhub.sys
Timestamp: Fri Nov 16 10:31:13 2007 (473DB7C1)
CheckSum: 0000C82F
ImageSize: 0000F000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4

Driver Reference Table - vuhub.sys

USB was responsible for your crashes. Highly likely BitDefender as cause of that too (or the vuhub driver above). For good measure, update USB 3.0 driver from motherboard maker, if available and install any updates available to anything you connect to the machine by USB at all.

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hi everyone, im new to this forum, i just found it on google when i was trying to find out what was wrong with my computer. When i start my computer it does everything its supposed to but after i type in my password for the network, the screen just turns black. In safe mode, it does the same thing, but it turns gray. i tried reinstalling windows and it wont let me because there is a invalid long filename extention or something when it runs scandisk and it says to run scan disk for windows, but when i do that it just keeps restarting and i let it run all night and it didnt finish.

now for my other computer. i think its an easy question, the video card doesnt work, the monitor button turns green for a second then turns orange again and the keyboard and mouse dont turn on. do you think i need a new motherboard?


Answer:cant start windows, screen just turns black


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My friend was having problems with her computer. So I ran a few programs to check it out and clean it up.. (AVG, CCleaner, AntiMalware...)
But then after running the last one and rebooting, the screen goes black once Windows starts to load. Then the mouse appears but still nothing.
I tried safe mode and still nothing...
Not sure what to do, but just gaining access to copy files to an external hard drive is important. I was planning to reformat anyways...
Thanks for any help.

Answer:Computer screen goes black when trying to start Windows

hiya.more info please,desktop/laptop.make model.ram-etc,

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Was in the middle of writing an email when my screen froze for a minute or so, then computer shut down. When restarting I get option to repair or start windows normally. If I start normally I just get black screen for a while then computer shuts down again.
Tried the repair option several times but still the same outcome.
I am able to boot into safe mode. I have run chkdsk /r and if found no problems. I have tried setting back to the last two restore points and no luck.
Samsung NP700Z5B laptop Windows 7 Home Premium.

Answer:Freeze - Black Screen - Can't Start Windows

could be a RAM defect. Try memtest86+, burn it on cd and boot from it for an overnight test

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I relocated my 500gb hdd to insite. Before i had it as exernal hdd. But i get black screen when i start my pc. I get even if i remove black screen here is also flashing "_". When i installed win7 i didnt have it coneted witht pc. Sorry if here is some miss spells using mobile to write.

Answer:windows dont start, black screen

Your USB devices may have tried to protect themselves from a power surge and shut down. Do the following to reset the ports. Shut down and turn off the computer.
Unplug the computer from the wall or surge protector (then remove the battery if it is a laptop).
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds. This closes the circuit and ensures all power from components is drained to clear the software connections between the BIOS and hardware and clear any corruption in the temporary memory.
(If it is a laptop, plug the battery back into the laptop and then) Plug the computer back into the wall.
Turn it on to reinitialize the software connections between the BIOS and hardware, and post back your results.

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Hello, After reading everything I could find on internet about this frequent issue people have I've decided to open this topic because I really need your help. I just boght a new graphic card (Geforce gtx 1060) and installed it in my pc after buying also a new power supply 650w since I had an old one and it could not support this new card. The problem is that when I start my pc I get stuck at the spash screen and it doesnt go further, there is a beep sound every 20 seconds or so and that's all I get. F keys and Del are not working, I just see "Lenovo" on my monitor and it doesn't start the bios. After reading similar issues people have with all kinds of motherboards out of date I reached the conclusion that I also need an update for my bios. The problem is that my manufactor say that I alredy have the latest version (using the website tool) and if I install another bios from other manufactor I'm afraid that will damage my motherboard permanently. Could please some one help me find a bios update compatible with my motherboard so that it can load my new graphic card? It cost me alot to buy this and I'm afraid not being able to use it...the weird thing is that my pc configuration isn't that bad, I saw pc's with lower specs using this gtx 1060 with no problemsThis is some informations about my pc and mother board maybe you need:Windows 7 ProfessionalManufacturer: LenovoSistem Model: IdeaCentre K410Type: x64Processor: i7 3770 CPU @ 3.4, 3392, 4 coreVersion... Read more

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Hello all,

I am in dire need of assistance and any help is most welcome. I am running a Sony Vaio with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00 GHz processor and Windows XP SP3 Media Center 2005. The computer boots with the Windows splash / loading screen as normal, afterwards, when it would normally show the desktop, I am left with a black screen with the cursor in the middle (not blinking). I have control of the cursor, but can't do anything else. Ctrl+Alt+Del does nothing and pressing Shift 5 times does nothing. I have attempted the normal system restore, booting in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking, and Safe Mode with Command prompt. All of these result in the same black screen with cursor control.

I am not aware of any viruses that might be on the machine. I regularly run SuperAntispyware, Malwarebytes, and virus scans with Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition. None of them detected anything earlier in the day prior to the problem. However, Firefox had frozen up an unusual number of times yesterday. When it froze, I noticed that there was always an advertisement on the site that didn't load properly, so I attributed it to that. Also, the night before, I received a Cicerouiwndframe not responding error on shutdown, but that is not particularly unusual as I have seen it before, though not recently. Further, I noticed yesterday that my computer was having trouble recognizing my printer in one of the USB ports, but when I switched to one of the other ports, it worked fine. In tr... Read more

Answer:Windows XP won't start; black screen w/ movable cursor

The only time I ever used that recovery option on a Vaio, it performed a destructive return to factory settings with no further warning so I recommend leaving that one alone for the time being. Tap F8 to bring the Safe Mode menu up and try the option for VGA settings, which might just let your graphics card show with reduced functions. If you can get in that way, try updating the drivers for the graphics in Device Manager.

As for getting the files out, you could Google for Hirens BootCD and download that, burn it to a disk and use MiniXP to gain access to your files and move them to memory sticks of an external hard drive. Using MiniXP would also tell you if the graphics are working but that your own system lacks some files or settings somewhere.

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Turned on the Dell this morning....would not load windows. All I get is a black screen. I tested monitor, and it is ok. I can hold the start button in for about 10 seconds, and the computer has a rush of fan, then blinks and goes to 3 green lights across the front, but will not shut off. . I tried putting a WINDOWS 7 REPAIR CD in the tray and boot, but still will not go to windows....just a black screen, The only way to get the computer to shut down is to physically unplug. The lights are on the front panel, and the power button is also on... and only go off with it unplugged..
After I unplug the computer, wait for about 5 minutes and blinks the CD drive, and goes to the 3 green lights on the front and wont start just freezes with the green lights on front.
Where to start?

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Hello. I have a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5132 and it started with a virus in my svchost.exe file. Now my screen goes from the Toshiba logo at the beginning to a black screen with a blinking cursor. I I tried System Restore but it said it could not be performed, no matter what date i choose because of a damaged/missing file. I tried Toshiba Recovery Wizard and it asks me to put in the last cd of a Toshiba Recovery cd set, and I dont have one. I do have a bootup disk but it still is not solving the problem. How do i reset it back to Factory settings?

Answer:Windows 7 will not start-just black screen and blinking cursor

Hi Black Frank,I would recommend posting in the Am I infected? What do I do? as you may still be infected. Please read Before You Post About A Problem before posting.Pauline

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I have an HP Pavilion 510c and When i turn it on it say hp then it goes to the windows xp screen and when it finishes loading the screen flashes and goes black and I cant do anything? How could i fix this?



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Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help me. My wife's laptop (Dell Inspiron E1505) won't start windows XP. It goes from the dell startup screen and then just goes black. It doesn't seem to be a monitor issue. She told me that the day this happened she got a warning about a trojan virus. I downloaded the XP recovery console on another computer and was able to boot it directly from the cd drive. I've only run chkdsk on it and that's about as far as I got. Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Also as a note, I cannot boot in safe mode either.



Answer:Dell Laptop won't start windows XP - screen goes black

Do you get an error when you try to boot into safe mode, or does it just go black? When you say it 'goes black' does the drive still turn?

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Every time I enter my password my screen just goes black with only my cursor visible, after about an hour or so my start menu was visible but I still couldn't do anything. Everything was black and empty. Is there a fix for this? I'm attempting a system restore/restart but if that does not work what are my options?
Also whenever I do open up my computer it says something about a media failure. I'm not sure if this is in regards to my graphics card as it tells me the card itself is running fine.
My computer is a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series.
PS: Is there an easier way to access the troubleshooting menu? It took me an hour to access it no matter how many times I pressed the function keys, it only seems to open whenever I constantly force reset my computer...

Answer:Black Screen on Windows 10? After logging in I can only see my start button.

ctrl + alt + delete open task manager. go to process select explorer.exe end process tree. is this does fix the issue the go to file open new process then type explorer.exe

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I made a clean install of Windows 10 and noticed that after restarting PC I see black screen instead of desktop (the BIOS loading and windows 10 loading screen are okay). If I turn monitor off and on, then everything is working, I can see the desktop. After another windows restart I have the same issue and have to turn monitor off and on again. It also worth mentioning that if I start PC by pressing power button (not a restart), then everything works fine.
Previously I had windows 7 running with this monitor for more than a year without any problems, so I think that it's related to windows 10 compatibility. Installing windows 10 drivers from DELL's site didn't help.
* What is the 20 digit alpha-numeric monitor serial number?
CN-09TG46-74261-484-71VL     (there is also "T" letter after some free space, dont know if it's related to the serial number)* What specific computer model?
DELL U2414H* What operating system?
Windows 10 PRO x64* What video card?
GTX 770* Video card driver version?
368.81 (latest, clean install)* What video out ports are available on the video card?
HDMI, DVI-I, DisplayPort* What video out port are you using from the video card to what video in port on the monitor?
HDMI* What cable are you using to attach the video card to the monitor?
HDMI cable* What windows power plan? Example = High performance, PCI-e Link State Off
High performance, sleep is turned off* Press the monitor Menu button to open the monitor OSD (On... Read more

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I am not a computer expert. The problem is I am running windows Xp HOME EDITION. When I go to start windows, I keep getting the screen We apologize for the inconvenience but windows did not start successfully. If I highlight start windows normally nothing happens and the system keeps circling back to this page over and over......

So I went on the web, I read many articles that stated to use your windows XP disk as a boot disk... so I installed it and get the WINDOWS SET-up Blue screen. On the bottom of the screen it goes through a process SETUP is loading files......

SeTup is starting windows.....

Welcome to setup

This portion f the setup program prepares Microsoft Windows to run on your computer..

To set-up windows XP now press Enter

To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console press R.

So I press R..........

I get to a C:\> My question is what do I need to type in this line to get the recovery process started....... PLEASE HELP

I DO NOT WANT TO FORMAT over existing system losing all my data.....

Answer:Black And White Screen Windows Did Not Start Successfully

I believe what you are trying to do is a "Repair Install". See the link below for detailed instructions on how to do this.How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install

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First off my PC:Processor: Core2Duo E7400 @ 2.8GhzMotherboard: Asus P5KPL-VMGPU: Nvidia 9400GT (128-Bit with 512MB)HDD: 1x 250GB SATA, 1x160GB SATA (OS Installed) and 1x60GB SATA (Small LAPTOP HDD)RAM: 4GB DDR2 running in Dual Channel (USB to FSB RATIO is 1:1)Windows: Windows 10 PRO 64BITI have been facing this issue for a while now. Whenever I start my PC from a cold start it sometimes gets stuck on a black screen after the Windows Logo with the responsive mouse cursor. I then have to force reboot the system.Things I have triedReinstalling Windows and Letting Windows Install the Latest Drivers and did not install anything else and tested. Problem remained.Updating Graphics Drivers to the latest from Website.Problem remains. What could be wrong? I have been having this problem since a few months and this was present even on the older Windows 10 build.Computing Tech Netmessage edited by agalpha

Answer:Black Screen With Cursor WINDOWS 10 COLD START

"Whenever I start my PC from a cold start it sometimes gets stuck on a black screen"You lost me there. Does it do it every time you start from cold or just sometimes? It will be more easy to diagnose if it is not intermittent.A good start is to use Clean Boot to see if you can work out what is causing it: see if it does it in Safe Mode (see link on page).Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek

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Greetings Friends,
Gateway Laptop, NV53
Will not turn on (black screen), no bios screen, the power light is on (blue), battery light is blue, but the screen is black, when I press and hold the power button, it will power down.  The CD drive works, but how can I run the recovery disks created due to the fact that nothing appears.
Could it be the hard drive or a monitor issue?
Please help.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Windows 7 Wont Start - Black Screen, None Responsive

Not to be a smart A but the answer is yes. Could be either. If you have a monitor you can plug into the laptop that might help eliminate one. Is there any HDD activity [blinking light] to indicate thae drive is active? If both are non-op then I'd look at the power supply
Keep us posted

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