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How to search bulk of user names in bulk of flat files easily?

Question: How to search bulk of user names in bulk of flat files easily?

There is a case, where i have bulk of user names and bulk of flat files(.txt files). I have to search each and every user name in all the flat files and if the user found it should picked up. I have to repeat this for all the user names. Is there any possibility of doing this in an easier way.. Please help..

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Preferred Solution: How to search bulk of user names in bulk of flat files easily?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi Everyone,

i have been looking for weeks for a way to do this and i have tried so many applications but i just cant seem to get it right, i was hoping that you guys my be able to help me out here with this one..

i have two folders, at the moment with identical file names in the ( they are images names are the same but one is a before and one an after ) and i need to move them into a third folder but create a file based on the image name and then a sub file for them image from folder one called ALT_1 and for the after shot subfolder but separate folder ALT_2

so the two inputs would be for each image

output folder would be
\Desktop\DNA-FINAL\a01052\ALT_1\a01052.jpg (raw shot)
\Desktop\DNA-FINAL\a01052\ALT_2\a01052.jpg (after shot)

ive never done any programing before and im really stuck on how to sort these two out .. any help anyone can give would be really appreciated, or even if you can point me in the direction of an application that i can use for this one that would be awesome

oh yeah BTW i am running win 7 64 bit..

thanks so much in advance

JP !

Answer:BULK creating of folders based on file names, and then moving files in

Hi JP and welcome to SevenForums!

I'm sure I or someone else here can create a batch file for you for this. Some questions:

We basically only need to loop through all files in the DNA-RAW folder, assuming that DNA-AFTER holds the same file names?
Is it all files or only jpg?
And the files should be moved, not copied.

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Hi, I have a large number of folders. I would like to search through them and replace some long names that appear in these folders as they cause the path to become too long.For instance, they all have, in part, the path Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. If I could search and replace that with, e.g., A\L\M\O that would save me 25 characters!Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Answer:Utility/method to bulk shorten folder names Win 7?

Best Free File Rename Utility pages Freeware.

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I have a file of hundreds of image files. Many are named like this:



However, many are INCORRECTLY named like this:


You can see, the 'ABC' part has been lowercased.

Is there any way to BULK find/replace 'abc' with 'ABC' in the file name?

Answer:Bulk FIND & REPLACE with UPPERCASE of file names...

There are batch renamers, but I'm very unfamiliar with them. I use xnview, which is a freeware image browser, and it has the capability of changing only the case of files.
Say all the files are in a folder. You can right-click the folder and pick browse with xnview. Then click ctrl-A to select all the files in it. Then right-click and pick batch rename.Then make sure all the boxes are unchecked except "case". And in the drop-down menu pick "name uppercase" or "name and extension uppercase". If you need to set all names to uppercase and all extensions to lowercase (and it happens to be a mix of both), do it in two passes.

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Question: Bulk Search


I have Vista Ultimate.

I need to find about 60 files on my PC, the file names are listed on a word
document, and the actual files are stored in many different folders on my

I need to consolidate the files into one folder.

Is there some way I can do a bulk search using "search" where I load the
file names and Vista finds them and shows where they are located.

please advise



Answer:Bulk Search

I'm pretty sure that you would have to input each file name manually and then Cut/Paste to the destination folder. The search function doesn't support searching for multiple different files at the same time.

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I've moved some files from my old PC to a new one, and find that the UAC entries need to be modified on the new PC.
Are there any software or utilities which can make the changes easier?
( I don't want to make the change file-by-file, as quite a nr of files are involved and each file's UAC change involve quite a number of keystokes)


Answer:Can User Access Control Entries be modified in bulk?

Create a backup HDD image, BEFORE modifying your permissions.

You can set the permissions on the highest directory level and force them to propagate down the directory structure.
(see example pictures below).
You could write a batch file or script which contains the "icacls" command.
I've never had much luck using it myself though.

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Hi,A few years ago I downloaded a free program from the pcadvisor web site for renaming files in bulk. Now I cannot find it, does anyone know if this type of program still exists ?Thanks.

Answer:Renaming Files in Bulk

IrFanView ?click here

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Hi, I have a large amount of photos with unique individual names however they have .jpg.jpg as the file extension and I want to remove just one of the .jpg's ! So instead of having joebloggs.jpg.jpg I want to have joebloggs.jpg
Does anyone know of a way to remove one of the .jpg's from the end of the files on over 1000 photos with unique names?
Any recommendations much appreciated !

Answer:Bulk Renaming Files

Try the free little program suggested in this Thread to remove the last 4 - that will remove one of the .jpg ClickHere or you could try a batch or script file (if you are brave - google for them)

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Employee just got a new computer with Windows 10 and has several files that were copied over from another computer that have a % sign in the names. Don't ask me how. She has to rename them. Is there a way to change the % to an underscore in all the files at one time?

Thank you.

Answer:Rename Files In Bulk with % in Name

Learn2010 said:

Is there a way to change the % to an underscore in all the files at one time?

Welcome to TenForums @Learn2010

Yes, but you'll have to use PowerShell to do it. Open PowerShell in the folder containing the files to be renamed (or open a command prompt then type powershell). The command to use in powershell is:

get-childitem *%*.* | foreach { rename-item $_ $_.Name.Replace("%", "_") }

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I keep most of my music collection as flac files on my NAS. I'm planning for a road trip soon and my car's music player can only play mp3 or wma files off of USB thumb drives, not flac files.

Anyone have a good tool for batch converting flac files into high quality mp3 or wma files?

Answer:Bulk converting flac files to mp3/wma

foobar2000, dBpoweramp, etc.

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Hi all,

I have a 1TB external HDD attached to my laptop.
Whenever I attempt to copy multiple files to another HDD I am confronted with a BSOD.

Can anyone read the dumpfile and see what my issue is, please?



Answer:BSOD copying bulk files from ext. HDD

Not absolutely definitive, but it does blame the FNet Turbo HDD USB driver, which is very old (2008). Either this is a driver that came with the HDD, or it's a driver that came with your motherboard.

I checked your BIOS Vendor, and I take it Compal is Compaq for your area? If this is an OEM computer (most likely), you will want to go to their website and update all your drivers there, starting with your motherboard, chipset, and/or cpu drivers.

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I have received a link which has 50 jpg files in it. I opened the link and all the pictures are there. I clicked on select all and all files are highlighted and i clicked on save as but only one file is saved. Could you tell me, how can i save all of the 50 pictures to my pictures in bulk at the one time please?

Answer:Windows 7 saving bulk files

just go to the link and save the webpage.

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I am looking for program or an easy way to copy a filename from one file to a different file. (They are different files).

I need a bulk-batch utility as I have a lot of files that I want to do this to.

I see a lot of bulk rename software but I don't see a way to tell it to do what I need it to do.

Any sugestions?


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Occasionally, I find a need to copy files from one disk to another and when I do, must answer "yes" or "no" when asked whether I want to replace a newer or older file.

This is not bad for a few files but if a few hundred files are involved, it would be nice to have a program or way to tell it to automatically replace older files.

Anyone know of a way to do this or a program that will do it.


Answer:Need program to update files in bulk

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I want to copy files that are (e.g EXE) format with all of it's directories and sub-directories from C to F. that are more than 3 months old and then delete the files from the old root. I think robocopy or xcopy can do this but I am having a hard time with the parameters. and which one to use. or maybe there is a program out there that can do this but I don't know it yet.

Answer:How to copy specific files in bulk?

"not just for me but for everyone else"Many more Freeware here.

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Hi, I've got several thousand unwanted game bitmaps to delete, but when I try to send their folder to the Recycle Bin I get the message "Too big for bin, do you want to delete permanently?"I click "Yes to all" but it won't work,it keeps asking me if I want to delete each file individually, but it'll take me til Christmas to do the whole lot like that!Why won't it recognise the "yes to all" command?Any suggestions?ThanksI'm Win 98SE and chronically PC-illegitimate..

Answer:Can't bulk-delete 6000 files

I suspect you inadvertently causing a memory overload, so Windows refuses to play.Try selecting a hundred or so at a time and deleting them like that.

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I have received a link which has 50 jpg files in it. I opened the link and all the pictures are there. I clicked on select all and all files are highlighted and i clicked on save as but only one file is saved. Could you tell me, how can i save all of the 50 pictures to my pictures in bulk at the one time please?

Answer:Windows 7 saving bulk files

Not sure if this will work, but have you tried selecting them all, "copy" and then "Paste" them into the folder of your choice.

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For this little project, I have many folders with many files in each folder.

I have a individual lists of what the files names should be for each folder.

It's not as simple as adding, removing, or replacing characters as there is no pattern.

What I need is a script that will take all the names from file.txt and rename all the files in folder1, etc, according to the list.

The file names in the list each start with a number and so do the files in the folders, those numbers match and that's how they should reference each other.

I am open to batch, bash, etc, anything that works.

Any ideas?


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Hi,I'm having trouble opening some files which have the file extension .bcp I've tried using the windows web service to find a program which can open them but had no luck - I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea what I can do or if it's something to do with my computer itself (its about 4 1/2years old, with windows XP home on it).Many thanks,Jenny.

Answer:Opening bulk copy program (.bcp) files

You need to install the software that created the .bcp file. I think it was this:

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i've got thousands of rar/zip files where each of them could have some types of files I don't want. for example, *.txt or *.html etc. I would like to know if there is any shortcut way to delete them all quickly? I don't want to do it one by one. I will go crazy

Answer:bulk delete certain types of files in rar/zip archive

Are they scattered all over your hard drive, or are they in a particular part of your directory tree?

If the latter, I'd think you could do it from a command prompt.

Have they been unzipped so the contents are viewable from a command prompt?

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Looking for a Windows based tool that can bulk rename files and folders renaming the spaces in their names with a underscore.

I have a shitload of files and folders that I need to move to a SD card but the device the card is going into doesn't seem to like spaces in names. So i need a tool to replace the spaces with underscores. I am sure there are some Linux scripts to do this, but I am looking to do it in windows. Needs to run recursively.

Answer:Looking for a utility to bulk rename files and folders to remove spaces in their name

Similar question asked a week ago...

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I used to see file editors back in the early days and never was able to handle them due to arcane
help files, TMI and other problems associated with pedantry in lingo.

Soon I will need to edit my HD of duplicates and no longer- needed items.

Please don't mention the "ability" to hold down the control key and make a box and delete what's inside.

No, what I need is something along the line of a wildcard delete such as delete myfile*.*

Is there anything like that in Win7 freeware? Something with a bit more control than
a screen full of highlighted things or the opposite: clicking each and every item, delete and confirm?

Answer:A file editing routine in Win7 or a program to deal with bulk files

Your title says "file editing". Your text refers to deleting.

Are you talking about identifying duplicate files and deleting the duplicates, so that you have only 1 version?

Are you referring only to files that have the same exact name, regardless of content? Or do you mean files with the same content, regardless of name?

Text files? Pictures? What file extensions generally?

You can do a lot from the command line using switches and wild cards.

There are good duplicate file finder applications. And the "Everything" search engine is great for finding files with identical names.

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I recently had a hard drive failure that cost me fifteen years worth of files and data. I am recovering the files currently using Puran file recovery, which seems to be working. However, all the MS Word files (for instance) I recover are simply named "0000001.docx" and the associated file creation date (listed in Details View) is the time Puran recovered the file. I now have a pile of 10,000 .docx files and I need to find the most recent version of ONE document.
If I r-click each one, it tells me when the file was actually created by the user, e.g. 9/1/2015 instead of toady's date 30 minutes ago. Is there anyway to bulk rename all these files be extracting their actual "last saved on" dates in their "properties" information and using that as the file name?

Answer:How to Bulk Rename files with information from file "properties"?

Hi, I think this is possible with this free utility- you'd have to try and check. It's a bit fiddly to use.

Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility
We do strongly recommend the use of disk imaging- for the OS, and all disks/partitions. E.g. Macrium Reflect (free) + its boot medium + external backup storage. Means you can recover your PC & data even after a disk failure.

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Anyone know where to get bulk Cat 5 cable? I'm looking for about 1000ft.

Answer:Where to get Bulk Cat 5?

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Question: What is bulk SMS?

Bulk Messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminal. It is used by Media Company, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.

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Question: Bulk Vs OEM

Can anyone tell me the difference between Bulk soundcards (eg Ebuyer 60475) and OEM (eg Ebuyer 55173) ?I notice the Creative website lists drivers for bulk products, has anyone tried these ?Marvin

Answer:Bulk Vs OEM

click hereNormally with OEM I would expect stripped down, no or limited software. See 6th posting down on the aboveR

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Question: Bulk Emailers?

I'm not quite sure where to post this.

Does anyone have experience with bulk emailers?

I'm looking for a way to post to a large email distribution list at one time, where each person on the list only sees their name in the "TO" box.

Is that possible in Yahoo? Outlook? Do I need a separate email address with this capability?

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Question: Bulk e-mail

Dear forum:

I an getting an excessive amout of bulk mail. Is there anyway you can review my hijack this log and determine if there is a spy anywhere? Please help.

Answer:Bulk e-mail

b52sacman said:

Dear forum:

I an getting an excessive amout of bulk mail. Is there anyway you can review my hijack this log and determine if there is a spy anywhere? Please help.Click to expand...

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Anyone know where I can buy this and wallplates online?

Also, I'm gonna have two runs of the wire leave the house drop two stories, then re-enter, is there any type of cable that would be able to withstand weathering, i.e. snow, rain, heat, cold, etc?

Answer:Where to buy bulk Cat 5e/Cat 6 online
Pretty good prices.

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HelloI have a small list of about 80 people I wish to send the same email.Is it a bulk emailer I need? Can anyone recommend a simple software, or better still a freeware version.I have heard that bulk emailers often get accused of sending spam, at least I picked that idea up from somewhere. My has been blacklisted by AOL as someone with a cegetel account sent huge ammounts of spam, so I am very sensitive to this problem at the moment.It would take quite a while to send these mails one by one throught outlook express.Thank you for your help.eden

Answer:Is it a bulk emailer I need?

I think you are right to be concerned about being seen as a spammer. Could you set up a group contact in OE that way the email will only be sent once?

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Question: Outlook Bulk Fax

I am trying to use outlook as a database for customers so that I can e-mail snail mail and fax using the same program. My difficulty with outlook has been with faxing. I have categorized my customers and would like to send these bulk faxes by category. Does anyone have any experience with this or any other program that would do this.


Answer:Outlook Bulk Fax

No one?

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Question: Bulk converter

Sparing details, I need to convert a bunch of my Windows Media Audio file (.wma)formatted songs to MP3 Format Sound (.mp3)

is there an easy way to do this?

Answer:Bulk converter



Also if you search for an older r10 version of dbpoweramp that will also do this free, I tend to these days have the paid Audials 10 for ripping and converting music.

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Question: Bulk Mail

Hello ,i recently checked my personal e-mail while in the office and noticed that i had a lot more than usual in my bulk mail. when i opened  my bulk mail box i was supprised to see all my business contacts from the office in my personal e-mail account , with a foreign language ,(looks like French) in the subject field,..  Does anyone know what mught of happen    

Answer:Bulk Mail

Sure its not German? I've been getting a few of the German ones myself... So have many others...[glb]Flame[/glb]

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Question: Bulk cat 5 cable

where do you guys shop for bulk network cable and ends. I wanna puchase 1000ft, and was looking for a decent price.

Answer:Bulk cat 5 cable


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Question: Bulk e-mails

Hi,It`s me again.For the last few days I have been bombarded with e-mails coming through between 30/40 at a time, up to 200 a day.They are all supposedly return mail, "failure notice" "returned mail" "could not deliver" etc.They seem to be using "Mailer-Daemon" and all have a attachments which I have not opened.I did put a spam blocker on some months ago but had to uninstall it because it caused problems with the PC.I am on XP Pro and work in Outlook.Why do they do it and how? I suppose I will need to put a spam filter on again, as I said the last one I put on did cause a problem and unfortunately I still had to check all that it filtered out because an odd legitimate one got through.Thanks Rodz

Answer:Bulk e-mails

Someone is spoofing your e-mail address. The returns are parts of their "carpet bombing" that are aimed at address that do not exist.I would suggest looking after your addresses more carefully; I get no spam even to my business addresses.

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Hello people, just a quickie for the bargain hunters out there.I wish to purchase some CDR's with slimline jewel cases. Having seen the regular prices I was wondering if I could save a few Quid buying in bulk. Anyone with knowledge/ideas?Scouse

Answer:Buying CDR's in Bulk.

click here 40 speed 80 minutes cdr 16.99 buy cases seperately

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Question: Bulk Emaillers?

Does anybody know a good bulk emailer that allows you to change the "from" text box. An online one would be great!

I don't know if this is in the right forum...

Answer:Bulk Emaillers?

You can usually put whatever you want into the from field. At least with regular email clients. I don't have any experience with bulk mailers.
btw, your website in your profile doesn't exist.

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Question: Bulk addressing

When emailing a large list of persons, how do you get all the addresses in without having to type each one separately(in Windows Live)

Answer:Bulk addressing

Did you already read what MS had to say about this?How do I send a bulk email on Windows Live Mail It seems that the limit is part of Live Mail. If so, you may wish to use an alternative e-mail service. A number of companies will offer free bulk  e-mail. Is this for a limited number of recipients? Like  your extended family? If so, there are other ways to do it without breaking any rules.The link below may help answer your question.E-mail address limits.Disclaimer. This information is subject to change.Do your people want the e-mail?  Will they subscribe to a service you provide? If so, you can use a different method to keep them up-to-date.

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Following some excellent help in this forum for a PowerPoint presentation, I now need to have a initial run of some 200 CD's. This may well increase in a few months depending on the success.I wondered if anyone has any ideas as to companies (or individuals) who offer duplication facilities - even though I have a 52 speed burner, 200 CD's is too much for me!!Many thanks,

Answer:CD Duplication (Bulk)

You may have a problem on such a small run.Time to call up your Friends :)click hereclick here500 0r here

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Question: Bulk Emails

I am using Windows IE, it won't let me send more than about 25 emails at a time. One distribution list is 155 emails, can't send them all at once. Need help.

Answer:Bulk Emails

Hi SparkleP, and welcome to TSG.

When you say, "I am using Windows IE", do you mean you are using Internet Explorer to access a web based interface to some on-line e-mail service? If so, the limit may be set by the e-mail service and not under your control. Your only options may be to request the e-mail service increase your limit or find a service with a higher limit.

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Question: Whats BULK mean?

I see two identiacal video cards, but the BULK is 10 dollars less than RETAIL. What does that mean?

Answer:Whats BULK mean?

Whats the difference between RETAIL and OEM?

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Question: Samsung 830 bulk


What does the "basic" kit of the Samsung 830 include? nothing but the drive itself?
I got a Corsair Force GT 90 but I guess the mounting is different?

Would you recommend the Samsung 830 256GB over the Corsair Force GT 240GB?


Answer:Samsung 830 bulk

If you've already got the mounting kit, SATA cables etc. from your current SSD then the basic version of the 830 will be fine.

Yeah the 830 is better than the Force GT. Not as good as the Corsair Performance Pro but that costs quite a bit more.

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Question: bulk cat5

Anyone recommend a place to purchase bulk cat5? 'preferably on east coast'


Answer:bulk cat5

Here's this Octobers version of this once a month question..

Thought I'm on east coast, I purchase from PI Manufacture

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Like the title says, looking to buy cat6a s/ftp cable for a home remodel. I'd like to transition into 10G one day in my house and looking for some solid, future-proofish networking cable. All the sources that pop up in my google searches are international sites or cabled of dubious quality, like "Cable Matters" brand on amazon.

What say ye HF?


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Am retreating to DOS to do renames such as:

rename b*.* c*.*

How can i use the WinXP Windows Explorer
to accomplish the same thing?


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I am looking for a tool to send about 500 emails with a different attachment on each email.

For example

Email 1 : Attachment 1 to Guy 1
Email 2 : Attachment 2 to Guy 2

The attachment are mp3 files

Any solutions for this out there ? I don't mind paying for a tool or a script. I don't mind if its an online service or not !

Thanks !

Answer:Bulk email with attachments

amazon ses
or mailchimp (no attachments)

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I have the win lumia 640 and would like to know is there any way of deleting spam and binned mail in bulk without having to del individually, hope this makes sense.
Regards Bob

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I use BT Yahoo Broadband and have recently noticed that in their Webmail Bulk Folder the button to select "Not Spam" is no longer shown. Occasionally, genuine mail goes into the bulk folder and I could click "Not Spam" and it would go into my Inbox. I can use the button "Move" and select Inbox, but being able to select "Not Spam" is preferable.Has this happened to anyone else?

Answer:BT Yahho Bulk Folder

yes mines the same Colin,I'd prefer a "not spam" button too.I wonder if moving an email to inbox has the same effect as marking as not spam? If I remember rightly,when marked as not spam the email was transferred to inbox automatically? I'll have to try it and see what happens.

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Dear Tech Guys:

I think I'm loosing my mind. I have worked on this all weekend. I even called in sick from today. I've got to get this solved. I've dowloaded a bulk email software. That part was easy. I just can't get it to send out the bulk email. Actually all I'm trying to do is get it to send a test message. I've gone over and over the settings until I can't stand to look at them any more.

The owners of the software tell me the the test message is going out and that my spam filters are not letting it through. But I've disabled my spam filters, and the message still does not come through.

I've done all the normal things, like disabled my firewall and antivirus, etc, etc. I doubled checked my security internet settings. I wish someone could call me and walk me through this. I really need to solve this and go to bed and get some sleep. I haven't sleep in about 3 days.

Could someone please help me.

Here's the message I get after I send the test message. Apparently, the test message is going through. Or is it?

AMS4 mail to "[email protected]" at 2/12/07 3:43:32 PM
// dns.Addr:
[ExtSMTP only]
// After DNS part started...
< 220 bizsmtp ESMTP server ready
< 250 hello [], pleased to meet you
> MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>
< 250 <[email prote... Read more

Answer:Bulk Email Question

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I created a mailing list, have the email addressed stored on my computer in a notepad...
but how do i send an email to them all at once?

its to technical for me, pease help

Answer:how to send bulk emails?

Save the account and after that try editing it.
See if you can set it so that AND ingoing AND outgoing connections require autentification and provide your emailaddress and password when asked.

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Hello everyone, Can you recomend a cheap supplier of bulk ink for an epson colour stylus 600 printer?Pamy

Answer:cheapest supplier of bulk ink

There are undreds of 'em absolutly 'undredssee small ads in your favourite maggiebetter be PCA or elseTry these two for startersclick here [or could be com] orE-mail address this [email protected]

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I am getting tons of bulk mail for some reason....everything seems to be fine...but this has nogfile of HijackThis v1.99.0
Scan saved at 9:05:52 PM, on 5/9/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLDial.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_06\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Nikon\PictureProject\NkbMonitor.exe
C:\NVIDIA\NetworkAccessManager\Apache Group\Apache2\bin\apache.exe
C:\NVIDIA\NetworkAccessManager\Apache Group\Apache2\bin\apache.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iex... Read more

Answer:getting tons of bulk mail??

Go to Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs
Uninstall: MediaAccess

With IE closed, run Hijack This again. Put a checkmark on these entries and hit "fix checked":

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Media Access] C:\Program Files\Media Access\MediaAccK.exe

O15 - Trusted Zone: http://*

O16 - DPF: {15AD6789-CDB4-47E1-A9DA-992EE8E6BAD6} -

Boot into Safe Mode (start tapping the F8 key at Startup, before the Windows logo screen)

Find and delete this folder: C:\Program Files\Media Access

Also in safe mode navigate to the C:\Windows\Temp folder.
Open the Temp folder and go to Edit > Select All then Edit > Delete to delete the entire contents of the Temp folder.

Go to Start > Run and type %temp% in the Run box.
The Temp folder will open. Click Edit > Select All then Edit > Delete to delete the entire contents of the Temp folder.

Finally go to Control Panel > Internet Options.
On the General tab under "Temporary Internet Files" Click "Delete Files".
Put a check by "Delete Offline Content" and click OK.
Click on the Programs tab then click the "Reset Web Settings" button.
Click Apply then OK.

Empty the Recycle Bin.

Reboot, post a new log.

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Where's a good place to purchase bulk network cabling? I am looking for cat5e in the 250-1000' range. Nothing fancy, just pvc, stranded etc. Primarily concerned about quality, and good price. I've got my own tools to create the patch cords, I just need recommendations on a place to purchase from and won't get ripped off.


Answer:Bulk Network cabling

I've had good luck here:
I sometimes see stuff on ebay at pretty cheap prices...

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Hi,Iam a member from Fiji. Could somebody please tell me simple steps in doing bulk e-mailing using Acess..I use windows XP..

Answer:Bulk Emailing From Access

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Oneof my yahoo addresses..... One of them.. when mail comes in.. it ALL goes into the bulk folder. How can I stop it from going into the bulk folder ... I would prefer to go into the message folderModerator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

Answer:Messages Into The Bulk Folder

You can try this:
Turn off Yahoo's Spamguard.
(Mail/options/spam protection).
Make sure there are no user FILTERS

Wait one day, then turn Spamguard back on.


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Anyone know a program that registers emails (with any site, I don't care which) in bulk?

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Hi!I found this great program that I can download whole websites with called Rafabot, but the free trial for it ran out and at the moment I'm too poor/cheap (del as app.) to buy it as I won't want to use it that often.Is there a freeware program that does the same thing? The couple of other programs I've tried get caught by lines in the source code in the website and won't download the site, but this Rafabot program isn't affected by it.

Answer:Website bulk downloading

click hereI've used it for a year and a bit now and I can honesly say I've been delighted with how it has worked in downloading sites - and it is freeware.try it out and tell me what you think of it

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Can anyone suggest a bulk email provider to send 360 PDF magazines out each month please?

Answer:Bulk email providers

You've already got a thread running here about this issue and haven't responded to any of the replies posted.

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I'm building 40-60 computers and was wondering where to purchase windows 7 licenses in bulk? Do they cut discounts for that many licenses? If so, how much? Thanks.

Answer:Where to buy bulk Windows 7 licenses?

oem7 said:

I know where to buy Original Win 7 Ultimate oem-nonslp license at about 100$. Contact me.Click to expand...

This guy sounds legit.

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Hi, recently I've been getting e-mail that starts off "[Bulk]", is there anyway to block this type of e-mail, and if so how is it done?

I'm using Outlook Express 6 with Windows XP Professional. Any help would be appriciated as these types of e-mail are beginning to multiply.

Thanks Wogster.

Answer:[Bulk] E-Mail, How to block???

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I'm looking for a program or add-on that will allow me to download my (2400+) photos from Imageshack en mass...

Any suggestions?

Answer:Bulk DLer for Imageshack

Don't know if there is something free.
I found this paid program

FF addons

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I am looking to purchase some bulk Cat6 Ethernet cable. I did a search in this forum and found some good links but I wanted to ask a few other questions. I guess I am wondering what to look for in some good cabling.

1. What wire size should I look for? 24AWG seems to be standard. Any reason for bigger or smaller?

2. There is no need for us home users to get plenum is there? PVC will be ok right?

3. I see some cable labled "stranded" and some cable labled "solid"? What is the difference? Just the composition of the accuall copper wire? Stranded is more flexible im guessing?

4. Is there a big differnece between the advertised speeds? i see 500Mhz, 550Mhz and 600Mhz? Any real differences?

5. Any good brands of cable I should look for? Is Coleman cable good? Mostly I just want a fast( for GigE ), flexible cable.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Ethernet Bulk Cabling

I'm in for a couple answers. You shouldn't need plenum-rated cable for home use unless you will be running the cable through air passages. But I doubt you will be doing that so you don't need the plenum cable. Stranded cable is typically used for patch cables since they generally need to be flexible and will be moved around a lot. Runs in the walls, though, are generally solid since it's not going anywhere.

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hai all

I need to install arround 200 system with Windows 2000 Pro so guy do you have any ways to smiplyfy my work. i tried using Norton Ghost but i made a immage with that & kept that in a centerilized location (network) but even copping is also taking sooo much of time can any one help me out in this

Answer:System installation is a Bulk

Ghost has a peer-to-peer feature that lets you to image multiple systems simultaneously. The only faster method I know is using a hard drive duplicator.

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The USB spec calls for a bulk capacitor of no less than 120uF on each downstream port. I have a total of 7 ports on my USB Hub, 6 of them are connectors where you can attach USB devices, however there is one internal device: FTDI's FT232R VCOM IC. This device is always attached and I'm wondering if I still need the bulk capacitance.

Based on what I've read of USB design guidelines the bulk capacitance is there for when you attach a device you don't cause too much droop on other ports.

Any advice?


Distribution Switch:
FT232RL( and RS232 Transceiver:


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My question is simple - but I haven't found, so far, any answer I can understand on the web.

How do I download all my emails off yahoo (that's inbox drafts and folders) onto my own computer - is this possible?

The background to this is that I'm a heavy email user. I have 10 years of emails on my account. This is personal and business. There's an awful lot of emails, though it doesn't amount to much in space terms because it's virtually all text.

I keep everything on email. I'm worried primarily about my stuff being removed accidentally or maliciously, so I want to back up locally. After all yahoo could suddenly announce that they're going to remove all emails older than a certain date - this would be an utter disaster for me. In adition, because I have so many individual emails (I receive at least 30 a day, keep most of them, and send off about 10 - keep all of them) yahoo email search no longer works on my account.

Answer:Downloading emails in bulk

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Hello guys..This may sound kinda irrelevant but i wanted to start a business in selling video cards..

I was wondering if you guys know any good Distributors who sell video cards in bulk here in North America


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hi my friend is with bt​ broadband and he receives​ about 100 spam emails a day but bt​ put them into a bulk folder he does not open them just deletes​ them but what can he do to stop receiving​ them at all

Answer:Solved: bulk & spam

There are many tools and programs that will attempt to stop spam, there are also services you can sign up that filter your email before it hits your email server.

However they cost and there is no real need if it is already being filtered off in to a junk folder.

Why is it that he doesnt want them in the bulk/junk folder?

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How do you change multiple groups of numbers across multiple files.

For ex; I imported 52 worksheets into excel and lets just say each sheet has about 1000 rows with 20 columns. Half of the sheets are full of index numbers and the other half are full of items that reference those numbers.

I need to change about 2000 numbers globally across each of the worksheets like this

5102 --> 25102
5103 --> 25103
5104 --> 25104

With ASAP utilities I can change the numbers globally across each sheet, but as far as I can tell I've only found the option to do it one number a time. If I create a dictionary of what all the number should be changed to, is there a way to batch change them all? With any kind of script or software it doesn't matter.

Answer:Bulk change numbers?

Just to name a few options...

- You can write a VBA macro in Excel.

- If you're more comfortable in another language and have a small amount of SQL knowledge, then you can execute SQL statements against an Excel file. The parsing logic would be written in whatever language you are comfortable with, and you'd just use an ODBC library to connect to the file.

- There are external connector libraries that can (more natively) work with the Excel file; POI and NPOI come to mind.

- The Office Interop libraries can be used. Though this does rely on the machine running the application to have the same version of Office installed for the interops to work.

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New to this forum, need help on "USB bulk read fails" error.

I have installed xFSTK Downloader and required drivers for flashing my bricked phone. I am not able to flash it as this error stopping it. I googled to find some solutions but it is not my level to do anything, hence need some help.

17:16:39 - XFSTK-LOG--USBSN:7FB7B021FE47F499--usb_bulk_read() fails
17:16:39 - XFSTK-LOG--USBSN:7FB7B021FE47F499--Windriver Error: 0x20000015, Timeout expired

I have also attached the log file for better understanding. Please help. Thanks

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Could you explain how to copy the emails that mount up in the inbox and folders on to a CD.I can copy individual mails but this is excessively time consumming.I do not want to lose these records but do want to free up my computor and provide a safe storagevenus

Answer:bulk copying of emails

This should work click here

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We have several mailboxes on EO, including a leftover from having used a different ISP. That's inactive, and no longer the default.

We are members of a few e-lists, and those e-mails are going to the bulk mail folder (which came automatically with OE) in the various mailboxes. That wasn't a problem until OE decided on its own to auto-delete those messages. Also, attempting to copy or move a message (that we do manage to read) to another folder causes an auto-delete of all remaining messages.

I set the spam filter to accept those messages, but that's not working. I do see that the spam filter supposedly does not work on 'http' addresses.

How do we preserve the messages that we want?

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Need to bring over a library size of favorites from ie. into FF.

I have / can import favorites from i.e. but FF dumps them into a 'from i.e. folder'.

How do I get them to appear as folders & individual links in the 'drop-down bookmarks' menu instead of that extra step where they are all gathered 'first' into a newly created folder called "from internet explorer"??

Answer:Importing bulk favorites from I.E. to F.F.

im not sure how to do the imports as i dont use IE, however there is a good workaround that will back up all your favs and import also.

install xmarks and set up an account free, and when you install xmarks in firefox and ie they will sync. so
first install xmarks for ie, then when the favs have synced then install xmarks for firefox ,when you sign into xmarks in ff the favs will sync to ff.

and you have the added security of knowing that they are backed up on the cloud. also you can log into the xmarks site from a different computer anywhere and still access your favs.

Download Xmarks for Internet Explorer

Download Xmarks for Firefox

fiefox addon...

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I have to hook up 40+ computers in a school environment, so what is the best CAT 6 cable to use and where is the best place to buy it. I am going to need around 3000ft of cable.


Answer:Whats the best bulk CAT 6 cable to use??

there are a few places online, like CDW and insight. I would suggest finding which has the better price, then calling up the other to try and get them to match or better that price, keep going back and forth for a couple of times, and your can normaly get it droped a bit This is how the department of the University I work as a student tech for does it.

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I've got a little problem.....i have a folder with a LOT of images (.jpgs).

I need to resize them ALL. The only way I can figure out doing this is opening them one by one in my image editor, resizing, saving, going to the next one.

With several hundred images, I would love to be able to do this in bulk. They all will be the same size when I am done with them.

Can this be done?

Answer:Image Resize (in bulk)

Check out the Image Resizer, it has a batch mode that is pretty awesome, yay for freeware.

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BTW, I did search your site for info. before posting. What caught my attention was a similar query from someone in Canada. Last Wednesday I sent 7 emails, each to individual recipients in various countries. One, to Canada, was received with [Bulk] prefixed to the header -- which I only discovered when she responded.

I've checked with the other 6 correspondents: their emails did not have [Bulk] in the header.

Since then, paranoia has set in. I've repeatedly updated/run my current security programs (AVG, with Spybot as double-check). The firewall is ZoneAlarm. I've now installed rootkit checkers. I've also used on-line virus/malware checkers (Kaspersky, Panda and McAfee). Apparently, my system is clean. However, until I get to the root of this, I'm afraid to buy or bank on-line.

My Canadian correspondent has emailed to say that she sometimes receives emails with [Bulk] in the header, even though she knows that they were individual missives. Co-incidentally, there were 6 emails in the Spam box, albeit none from Canada, all dated yesterday, when I logged onto my AOL email today. (I rarely find anything in the Spam box.)

Something must be wrong somewhere! Is it at my end? Or is it at the Canadian end (their ISP/email account is rogers)? Help!!!

System: WinXP SP3

Answer:[Bulk] in header of email

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I was looking in to making my own cat5 or cat6 cable for my new home.

I went to staples and saw this...

Cat 5 250ft = $70.00
RJ-45 clips = $13.00
Crimping tool = $25.00

That is a lot of money - is this average or just a total rip?
Can someone tell me where the best place to buy cat6 online is?

Answer:Cat cable sold in bulk?

I got 500ft of cat 5e for around $30 from Home Depot.

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Hi,The HP warranty site seams to have changed, removing the serial number from the query URL, rendering my previous lookup script useless and making a new one a bit difficult.I have had a bit of a search and the closest I can find is this page, but I don't fancy adding eight thousand entries by hand.Is there a better way to do a bulk warranty lookup?  Cheers, Rob

Answer:Bulk Warranty Lookup

Has anyone been successful in performing a bulk lookup of warranty information for their HP desktop/laptop/server fleet? Either by automating lookup to the HP website or by submitting a list to HP and having them match against their database? I have drawn a blank so far, including contacting our account manager. 

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Question: Bulk email sending

Hi i intend to send bulk promotion emails (approx 5K)/day. I tried paid account from Gmail but it is allowing only 2k emails/day. Is there any other option to send 5k emails/day?
I would appreciate if someone helps me with good service provider for the same.

Answer:Bulk email sending

mshaan said:

Hi i intend to send bulk promotion emails (approx 5K)/day. I tried paid account from Gmail but it is allowing only 2k emails/day. Is there any other option to send 5k emails/day?
I would appreciate if someone helps me with good service provider for the same.
TIAClick to expand...

So you can spam me?
No thanks.

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Hey gang. at work, our logistics officer keeps receiving hundreds of emails daily from headlines.

these appear to be actual news headlines, but nothing that he has subscribed to. i have entered our hosting site for emails and requested that ANYTHING from is blocked. he also went to unsubscribe to these emails ont he msnbc website and they said that he wasn't part of their mailing list.

so how are these coming in and how do i stop them? are the emails getting routed through another email address? any info would be great. thanks in advance.

Answer:receiving bulk emails

Dear TyStone72,
If you are using an Internet Security Suite, like KIS2009,you may mark the unwanted mail in the e-mail site as "spam" . Before that, it would be informative if the msnbc mail is "spam"in your mail and what e-mail program is being used?

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On another forum, I saw someone complaining about the "Add Fonts" dialog being the same from Windows 3.11 to Vista. It seems to be gone in Win 7, and it took me a while to figure out how to install fonts. But I have a batch of fonts that I always install, and I'm wondering if we have a batch install capability?Lane

Answer:Bulk Install of Fonts?

I was able to just copy and paste a big batch of Fonts right to the C:\Windows\Fonts directory with no issue. They installed and are working properly. ~Alex T.~Windows Desktop Experience MVP~

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how do i forward multiple e-mails at a time from outlook web access to an external e-mail account? the os is xp pro.

Answer:Bulk E-mail Forwarding

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer.Open the mesage you wish to foward. Go to Tools> Message Rules. When the window opens set the values. You will have to set a rule for each address you wish to forward to. The destination email will be set in the bottom field. There is no limit as to how many rules you can create.

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how can i take an entire folder of pictures and change their size all at once within Photoshop CS? i know i could take each individual picture and change the size of it in photoshop but that would be impractacle when i have a few hundred pictures. or would i have to get a different program to do this? if so what is the name of it? Thanks

Answer:Resize a bulk of pictures at once

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Hi guys,

1 of the departments in my company has 15 big MS Access databases of customer's contact details. they would like to send bulk emails to all the contacts for invitations.
is there any software that does this function ?
takes the email address from the database and places them into the TO: or CC: in MS Outlook.

Thanks in Advance

Answer:bulk mail through MS Access DB ?!

any suggestions ?!!

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Hey, I Have Just Started My Own Small Business And Wondering If Any One Can Suggest To Me A Website Where The More You Buy The Cheaper You Get Sort Of Slogan,Must Be In UKThanks A Lot Kieron Theed

Answer:Buying Mouses In Bulk

They Must Be Optical Mouses

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Has anyone had this trouble?Although the Bulk Folder us shown in the list (left hand side of screen BT Yahoo Mail) it is always marked empty - by now there must be over a thousand emails in there - I know that they will be automatically deleted by BT after 1 month (for that is the setting) but there will be, quite possibly, a few that I want,Asking BT is like talking to a brick wall for they totally ignore any enquiries on this subject.I did, just once, have this bulk folder show it's contents - just over 2000 'spam' and around 5 required - not a bad average ! On this BT are to be congratulated - but why can't I have this all the time. This problem has only arisen since going broadband - prior to that no bother.

Answer:Bulk Folder BT Yahoo

You can look in the bulk folder and read whatever you want and mark it not spam as well

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I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere, even in
Outlook Express>Help>Contents and Index
lists no help for a Bulk Mail question.

I've noticed lately in two of my OE accounts that the Bulk Mail folders are always empty.

In looking for a reason, I notice that each of the two Bulk Mail folders has this symbol:

So it obviously means that Bulk Mail is disabled or prohibited from being stored.

How can I fix this.

Thank you,

Answer:Bulk Mail in OE disabled?

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A real estate agent I know wants to setup a bulk email process for her network of clients. She is looking for a tool which can email to several hundred recipients at once and can automatically send these notes at regularly scheduled times, (ie: weekly, monthly, etc).

Does anyone know of a product or products she might consider to do this for her?

Answer:Need to automate bulk email

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I finally got around to copying my digital camera shots onto my laptop. It was fairly painless. Just remove the card from the camera and plug it into the laptop. No cables needed. Now I want to rename the shots from the idiotical number series to something I can understand and find. Also any software to remove the dates on the photos? Will probably leave the dates on, anyhow.

What renamer do you use? What pros and cons? Any help appreciated. Bazza

Answer:Need bulk file renamer

Hi Bazza!
I've never tried using this function in IrfanView, but it may be what you're looking for.

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Help. My domestic PC has been out of operation for a few months. When I have resumed using it, I have thousands of unwanted e-mails. How can I get rid of these without downloading?

Answer:Deleting Bulk E-mails

This should solve your problem click here I've not used it but its said to be very good

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im looking for a prog that can take a db of addresses and print them on labels in a way that will allow me to get bulk rates from USPS. i think there is some sort of sorting that has to be done b the software...
im looking for something reasonably priced and easy to use.


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