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Outlook Express "Auto Delete" message problem in the mail server

Question: Outlook Express "Auto Delete" message problem in the mail server


I use the "Outlook Express" for my email for years, no problem.
I had been using ISP for my email server and have my own email account set up, so far so good.
I had checked the box "delete from mail server after deleting from trash" and it works out just good. This is because, no need to log-on the mail server each time to clean up the read emails by hand, this way could release enough space for receiving email. Is because the ISP charge on over-quota space for emails, or just will block excess emails over the allowed space.
The problem started, when a friend told me could set the email folder away from the hard-drive C, I set it as per his suggestion. Then, the "auto-cleaning function" stopped performing.
I asked the ISP and was told because "Outlook Express" is designed by Mircosoft Inc. so they could not help.
Then, I set it back to the "defaulted folder", but the function could not be recovered.
This is quite annoying that I have to log-on the email server and clean up the emails daily by hand.

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Preferred Solution: Outlook Express "Auto Delete" message problem in the mail server

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Outlook Express "Auto Delete" message problem in the mail server

This thread was posted on 3-Mar-2010, and were read by almost 100 visitors.
Is it really NOBODY could tell how to solve this problem ?
Then, this is really a big problem !

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I am going to be out of the office for a few days and would like to set my email account to auto reply that I am out of the office to any emails I get.
How can I set this up?
I am using Outlook Express 6.00 and I am on a network.
Thank You

Answer:Setting Outlook Express for "out of office" auto replies

To my knowledge, this feature is not available in Outlook Express. If it were, you would have to leave your machine online while you were gone.

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help me please! about "POP""IMAP""SMTP" incoming/outgoing mail server for Tbird....

i have no clue on what to do.. im stuck at a screen that says this

?..? said:

"Server Infomation"
"Select the type of incoming server you are using"
"[_??_] POP [_??_] IMAP"

"Enter the name of your incoming server (for example, "")."

"Incoming Server: [___????????????????___]"

"Uncheck this checkbox to store mail for this account in its own directory. that will make this account appear as a top-level acount."

"[_??_] Use Global Inbox (Store mail in Local Folders}"

"Enter the name of your outgoing server (SMTP)(for example, "")."

"outgoing Server: [___????????????????___]"Click to expand...


Answer:help me please! about "POP""IMAP""SMTP" incoming/outgoing mail server for Tbird...

afaik hotmail does not provide pop\imap or smtp for free you may get it if you pay for the hotmail service but i would not recommend you do that just so you can get pop\imap or smtp

hrrm tbird and hotmail from the thunderbird faq
Can I access my Netscape WebMail or Hotmail accounts through Thunderbird?

No. Netscape WebMail and Hotmail use proprietary protocols. To access WebMail directly through an e-mail client requires you to use Netscape 6+ with AIM; to do so with Hotmail requires either Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. Of course, you can access your WebMail account on the Web at, or Hotmail at

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I recently set up a new account in Apple mail for a gmail account that I own. When originally setting up the account in Mail, I did not notice that the option to "delete all mail from server" was set at "after 1 week". Will this delete all of my mail from my gmail account after 1 week? I do not want this to happen. I want all of my mail kept as-is within gmail, I just simply want to be able to access it via a desktop mail client.

If this will indeed delete all of my messages after one week, is there anything that I can do at this point to make it NOT do this? I have as a precautionary step, deleted the new account from my Apple Mail program, but is there something else that I need to do? This is very important to me as there is several years of mail on gmail that I do not want to lose.

Help me Obi Won, you're my only hope...

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Question about "delete from server" in

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My operating system is Windows XP and my email program is Outlook Express. It's always worked fine, until about two weeks ago, when I try to delete mail in my Inbox, they don't delete. When I click the "delete" button, it appears to mash down like it's supposed to, but nothing happens. I tried going to the "" site to install their IE6 Service Pack, but got the message "Setup has detected a newer version of Internet Explorer already installed on this computer. Setup cannot continue." Any ideas?

Answer:Outlook Express Inbox "delete" button broken

Welcome to TSG!

You could try going to your Control Panel > Add and Remove Programs Internet Explorer and use the "Repair" option there.

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This is my first posting and am not sure if this is the place for it.

I run Mozilla Thunderbird on both my PC and my USB handy Mem. Most of the time I just use the USB instalation. Yesterday I had been using it with no problem then later in the day I opened it up again and got the error message : "Could not connect to mail server ..... the connection was refused."

I tried using the desk top version and that was no problem.

I have done virus checks, malware checks etc. Nothing showed up.
I run the Comodo security S/W; firewall, mem.firewall, BOC anti malware and anti virus. I also regularly clean and defrag my drives.

Today in trying to look at the problem I found that my task manager was disabled by the administrator, I am admin and I had not done so. I found a prog. at which repaired that problem.

I have looked through all the firewall settings and for the other s/w and can't see anything that should stop the USB instalation of Thunderbird working.

I run Windows XP Pro SP2

If you need further information to help, please let me know.

Help grately appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Arror Message : "Could not connect to mail server ..... the connection was refused."

The problem is solved.

It looks like Comodo Firewall does not like Anvir Task Manager. So I got rid of both and just reinstalled Comodo after making sure all of its hidden files etc. were gone.

I had tried uninstalling etc. before but did not check for remaining files.

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Running Outlook Express 6.0 on Windows 2000 all latest service packs and updates for both. Also installed is Outlook 2003.

Outlook is used for Office e-mail and can not be removed.

OE6 is used for personal e-mail accounts and News group access which is required for job support.

I have 2 e-mail accounts set up in OE6 and the "Leave a copy on server" checkbox is supposed to be checked all the time for both accounts. On average about once a month the box becomes unchecked on one or both accounts. This is a problem because quite often I will read and delete e-mails thinking that the e-mails will be retrieveable at home from the server. When I find that the e-mails are not on the server I can look back at the office and find that "leave a copy on server" check box is unchecked. I am the only one with access to my machine and those accounts. Has any one heard of this before? I was unable to come up with anything on the MS support knowledge base. and don't think that I should be charged $ to report a bug to Microsoft through their tech support.

Answer:Outlook Express - randomly resets the "Leave a copy on Server" option

No one has any ideas of why this happens? Only 20 people even read this what gives?

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ok, so I cleaned up all the old programs that I do not use any longer and deleted them from the control panel, add/remove programs, rebooted and about a day or so tried to open up outlook express. the program opened up but I can not "Expand" an email by double cliking it OR I can not even reply to an email as I get the attached screen shots of the error messages I recieve.

I did have this problem a while back but for the life of me I can not remember how it was corrected.

are you able to assist?

thank you

Answer:Outlook Express - Not working, "Address book not found" message

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I am wondering if I can save my outlook express "message rules" settings that I've so painstakingly and time-consumingly set. I am getting ready to re-install and I'd rather not have to re-do it all when I set up the new system. I couldn't find a specific folder for "rules" under outlook express....any ideas?

thanks! I figure that since I can save IE5 settings, .mbx folders, etc, I should also be able to do this as well..

Answer:can I save my outlook express "message rules" settings?

Its possible but will require that changes be made to the registry. You can read how here, along with the warnings and other backups that will need to be done.

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Oh the joy of PC carnage.

On Nov 4 my PC motherboard crashed and was shipped back to the manufacturer under warranty. My system, a P4 on Win XP was originally built in Australia with an Asus P4800S motherboard. Now that I live in the USA, it took some time for Asus to authorize the repair....but I digress.

Motherboard was reinstalled and all applications except Outlook Express 6 work. Outlook Express is "unable" to remember the outgoing mail settings after a 24 hours period. It remembers the incoming, but not the out, changing from to When I go into the account configuration and manually input it again, it still won't pick up my mail off the server. A reboot of the system doesn't help either, I physically have to delete the account settings and add new email settings, the same settings that were previously applied. It then picks up the backlog of mail.

I thought that McAfee may have not picked up a virus so I went to a system restore point prior to the motherboard failure. Alas, the entire PC it is unable to restore to any settings prior to the motherboard failure.

Suggestions on the email first before prophecies on the doom of my PC.

Answer:Outlook Express server settings not "remembered"


Check the settings in McAfee's Spam Killer if installed ... this may help in these settings and setup for OE

or if not Installed disable McAfees Email Scanning option and set the server settings and reboot.. do they still stick, if so good.

If not yo umay have to disable each one of your security applications, spamblockers etc to find the culprit.

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I send and receive e-mails on Outlook Express 5. When I receive an e-mail from an AOL user, and try to respond by clicking on "Reply", all the AOL receiver gets back is the letters yp. Does not happen with messages received from non-AOL users. Does not seem to be a virus. Looking for any ideas on how to solve the "yp" problem.

Answer:Solved: Outlook Express 5 - "yp" in e-mail reply

Hi EdcurranN
Welcome to TSG

In Outlook Express check these settings:
Tools>Options>Send, place a checkmark in:
Include message in reply

From Marfers Notes
When using HTML to reply, use the option to "Include message in Reply"< even if you remove it before sending. The YP can also be removed in the "Source": tab of the compose window. (View menu , check "Source Edit")

OLEXP: Blank Reply Message Sent if "Include Message in Reply" Not Selected in Outlook Express

Let us know if this solves the problem or not.

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Answer:Outlook express popup "Compact message"

Please provide some more details about the exact nature of your question or problem relating to this popup.

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Hello tech helper(s),

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I am running XP on a vanilla PC, and have installed IE 7 and Outlook Express 6. I updated IE 7 just last night, to make sure that that is all in order.

All works except for one thing, and it's so frustrating! When I am in Outlook Express, with my Inbox populated by many messages, and I try to do a "Find Message" on that folder, all that happens is that I get a blank results window, regardless of what search criteria I select.

I searched the forum and found one relevant message from long ago, but the answer to that message is not helpful to me.

I've tried various antidotes. I could try to re-install Outlook Express, but doing so seems challenging. And I fear losing my Inbox messages altogether if I do that.

If you can give any advice, I'll appreciate that. In fact, I'm so desparate I'm willing to pay for some effective help.

Thank you,
Raymond Barglow
Berkeley, CA

Answer:Outlook Express 6 "Search Message" Fails

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Hello: I have this problem quite often when downloading my email through Outlook Express. It always occurs at the start of the day, never during the day, although I do “Send/Receive” dozens of times a day.

My email appears to download normally, but then I get this error message:
<<Message number 1 could not be retrieved. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR Can't open the message file - it's gone!', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800420CD>>>

Sometimes this message is followed by several more, beginning “Message number 2 could not be retrieved ...” and so on.

I know for sure of at least two recent emails which have been sent but which I’ve never received. Could this be why?

I have three questions:
1. What is this and can I fix it?
2. Can I stop it happening again?
3. Are the emails which couldn't be retrieved lost forever? Or is there any way I can read them, or at least find out who they came from, so I can ask for them to be re-sent?

(Actually, that’s about five questions, but what am I - a statistician?)

Many thanks for any help - what a great site this is.

Answer:Solved: Outlook Express "Message could not be retrieved"

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I just updated to Windows 10, and have a Hotmail account. I want to mass delete a number of emails, but don't see how to do that or how to sort the mail.

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I am using Outlook 2002 on Windows XP with two users. On both user accounts I select the delivery option to "leave mail on server." This works fine with one user, but it is not staying "selected" with the other user. Let me explain: I check the box that says "leave mail on server" and while I'm in Outlook that session it seems to be working fine, but when I close Outlook and then open it again later to check email, I notice that it is not leaving mail on my server. I go back to the delivery setting and the "leave mail on server" check box is unchecked?? I've gone in and selected it at least 10 times and each time I log back in it is not checked anymore.

I checked the settings against the other user, where this option is working just fine and as far as I can tell both users' Outlooks are set up exactly the same.

I'm using McAfee SpamKiller, not sure if this has anything to do with the problem, but I know these kinds of programs can affect email clients in wierd ways like this.

Does anyone know how I might be able to fix this?

I appreciate any advice that can be offered.



Answer:Outlook 2002 "leave mail on server" not working

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In the options of a new mail message, you can request a read receipt. I would like to create a button with this VB code behind.

I tried the following code, but something is missing. Who can help me out?

Sub Enable_Tracking()

Dim e1 As Outlook.MailItem
e1.ReadReceiptRequested = True

End Sub

Thanks in advance

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Does anyone know what it means when messages in the Sent Mail folder in Outlook Express have a header line "This message is being Watched"? This appears in a beige bar above the "From" line in the email. All my emails prior to 12/2/01 show this message, and none after that date show it -- and of course the Microsoft help site provided absolutely no information.

Answer:Outlook Express "watched" message

From a newsgroup thread:

"From outlook express' help:

In both mail and news, you can watch a conversation that is of particular
interest you. A conversation is an original message and all its replies.

In your Inbox or newsgroup message list, select the conversation you wish to
watch, and on the Message menu, click Watch Conversation.
If your message list's Watch/Ignore column is turned on, the watch icon
will appear next to all the messages of a watched conversation.

You can customize the color of your watched messages to make them stand out
better. Click the Tools menu, and then click Options. On the Read tab, at
the end of the Highlight watched messages with the color line, select the
color you want, and then click OK."


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Outlook Express 6 on Windows XP Home SP 3 messages have a "From" header, and there my email address is displayed. Due to this, it often happens that my just sent emails come straight back to ME! Is there a way to remove this "From" header, or is it there by default?
Help please anyone?

Answer:Outlook Express "From" message header

Open OE
Click on "Tools"
Click on "Accounts"
Click on "Properties
Remove the Reply Address field (with your email addy in it)
Apply Ok

Test again

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Does anyone know how to remove permanently the "Sent from Windows Mail" message from emails being sent from the Window 8/8.1 mail app/

Answer:Removing "Sent from Windows Mail" Message from

See Changing/Disabling Default Email Signature

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In Oulook Express (but I'm assuiming this is an issue in other email clients) my question is, what exactly happens when I "delete" a message from my inbox, in the TWO different cases depending on the setting for "leave a copy on the server"?
I want to have this setting checked on all my computers, and I will be responsible for deleting (on the SERVER, NOT just in my local copy on one computer) unwanted messages. My friend claims that a "delete" of a msg in my inbox only removes the local copy (when the "leave a copy" is checked). But I want to be able to delete on the SERVER, from any of my computers, so that the msg doesn't "come back" on another computer (sort of like what web-based email does, only I want this behavior with SMTP/POP). He says that to do this, I must have the "leave a copy" unchecked on at least one computer (of course in that case, getting the messages amounts to a server delete without any other specific "delete" action by me). But that means that I can't later get ANY of the msgs that were pulled by another of my computers, because all those msgs (not just the ones I want to delete) were deleted on the server. I don't mind having my various computers slightly out of sync (I can always sync them if needed) but I would like messages I DON'T delete to stay on the server. If I keep them ONLY in my local inbox, or copy to another local folder, I won't be able t... Read more

Answer:OE: what does "delete" do, depending on "leave a copy on the server"?

OK. Essentially this is how it works with POP3 mail that you are using. When mail is sent to your email address it gets stored in your ISP's mail server. You then connect to that server and download the mail off of the server onto your machine. Once the mail is on your machine, it is no longer left on the ISP's mail server.

That is the default behaviour but can be changed. If you go into your Account/Advanced tab and specify to leave the mail on the server, when you download the mail to your local machine, a copy will still be left on your server.

In both situations if you delete a message from your inbox, it will have no affect whatsoever on the mail on the server and will be deleted.

Now if you want to make it so that you can manage your mail and have the same mail on all computers, specify on each computer that the mail should be left on the server. Then if your ISP has a webmail interface, which almost all do, use that interface to clean up the already received email.

If there is no web interface, then your friend is right and you will need one machine to remove the mail from the server.

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I'm experiencing real difficulty in trying to delete a sub-Folder from Pictures. No matter what I've done, including taking ownership of it, I am continually getting an error message that says "Item not found" as below;

It continues to show as part of my Admin/Pictures sub-Folder tree, and hasn't budged even after a couple of reboots.

I've also tried to delete it from the thread shown in the panel above, but again without success, and with the same error message.

I just want to be rid of it as it no longer performs has any useful purpose or storage value in Pictures.

Answer:Folder Problem - Cannot delete: Error Message "Item not found"

either system restore or just ignore it for a while and try deleting it later. i had the same problem before, but it seemed to disappear on its own after a bit of time =S

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Outlook 2003:I'm a massive fan of outlooks Search folders, I receive in excess of 400 emails per day, of which approximately 250 need my attention, even if to reply back and give someone an answer.

A problem I find is that I am so busy with my emails, I often need to clean out my inbox. I do this by setting up basic search folders such as "all emails from my team which are in my inbox only" or "any email sent to me which was part of a distribution list in my inbox only" etc...

This is great for filtering my mail and I would like to create a rule as such:

"All mail within my inbox which has been either replied to forwarded by myself".

I can't seem to find any options and I'm hoping an Outlook guru can help

If you don't know the answer, can you try googling it for me to see if you can find anything, loads of heads are better one...

Thanks in advance

Answer:Outlook 2003 - Search Folder: viewing "replyed to" & "Forwarded" mail

52 views and no replys? - come on guys I thought this stuff was easy for you lot

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My computer is a DELL Dimension 8200.  My OS is Windows XP,  Home Edition.  My ISP is PeoplePC and I use a dial-up connection.I am experiencing the following described problems with "Outlook Express" and with "Internet Explorer:"Outlook Express:When I attempt to use "Insert Picture" into the body of a new message by left clicking on the small box like icon, which contains mountains a rather large blank screen appears that has a blue border, white/blank interior, small red box with a white cross at the upper right corner (cancel facility) and the Internet Explorer icon (blue "e" with a gold band)  at the upper left corner.  There nothing about such screen that is functional and I remove it by left clicking on the red box with the white "x."  As a consequence of these circumstances, I am unable to insert / embed a picture within e-mails that I prepare to be sent.Internet Explorer:At the "Internet Explorer" screen when I left click on the "Tools" button and then on the "Internet Options" button that appears in the drop down menu only a small screen that very, very quickly flashes and goes away appears.  Consequently, I am unable to access / use those items contained in the "Internet Options" facility.When my home page is booting up after I have connected to the internet, a script error screen appears that includes this, "res//ieframe.dll/navcancl.htm&... Read more

Answer:Multiple Problems With Both "Internet Explorer" and "Outlook Express"

.... dialup.... you have my sympathy.  Do you have SP2 (Service Pack 2) for Windows XP installed?  What protections are you using against viruses and spyware?Have you been able insert pictures in the past?  I gather you're getting a glimpse of this panel for inserting a picture but it's faulty:Is that the panel you're referring to?

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I do not know what I did. When I opened a message it open it "Message"; now it opens in "File". How can I get it back to open in "Message"?

Answer:Outlook 2016 - Message opens in "File", not "Message"

If you minimized the Ribbon, this caused it. Open a message and maximize the ribbon.

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Every time I try to add text copied from a word processor document OE crashes. Only started today.
Using XP

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Last night a popup message from McAfee told me that Dell Security center was trying to access the internet. I was in the midst of downloading and reading email, and being a dummy, I gave one-time permission.

Soon afterward, I began to suspect a virus, as I received a virus notification popup and an email from my ISP re: a deleted virus. As I was deleting items from my inbox, Outlook Express froze. I tried restarting, and OE hangs on the inbox and hogs 96%+ system resources.

This morning, my ISP program showed an error and my Antivirus was corrupted. I did a system restore and redownloaded the antivirus, which solved my problem with getting on the 'net. I've scanned and come up with nothing and downloaded a special scan and remove tool (Stinger) from McAfee for the virus it warned me about yesterday....Sober, I think. But still, OE hangs up on the Inbox and I can't read or remove or access the toolbar. It says "no email selected."

Any ideas?

Answer:Outlook express "Hanging" problem -- won't open completely

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once we open outlook in downloads new mail beeps and it is gone nothing left in the inbox

Answer:outlook express auto delete problem

Are you using Outlook or Outlook Express? If Outlook, what version, and is it stand-alone or connecting to an Exchange server?

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Within the past 2 weeks, I've got a issues that I am not able to figure out how to fix (acutally driving me a bit over the edge). Reply messages in my Inbox are coming in the same folder from recipients with a "+" next to them. In order to see messages, I click on the "+". Never happened before, and I've been using Outlook Express for years. I have not upgraded OE, no setting change on my part. My goal is to put back how it's always been, replies coming in there on message, not within another. Hope that makes sense. I will attempt to include a snapshot. I will eventually uninstall and reinstall, but really don't want to worry about losing mail and having to redo address book, etc. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks..

Answer:Outlook Express 6 Inbox messages problem with "+"

Seems like you may have inadvertently changed the setting in OE for Current View. Click on View (on the top menu), Current View, and then unselect Group Messages by Conversation, assuming it is currently selected.

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Hello Friends,

I use outlook express 6 for checking my emails.

I am not able to view any attachment sent to my email. Whenever I open a mail containing an attachment I get the following message

" OE removed access to the unsafe attachments in your mail: filename "

Though I am able to see the text in the message. But I am not getting the attachment file. All the emails having attachment show the same above message. I am attaching a screeshot of the error.

Please help me in rectifying the error.

Thank You
Rishi Ratta

Answer:Outlook Express 6 "Problem in Attachment"


Untick the option "Prevent any attachments from being opened or saved that might............" or words to that effect.

Can't be exact as I never use OE, but the option is enabled by default.

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Please help!

For the second time in recent months I have had a problem with lost messages. On Friday night when I attempted to shut down my PC, suddenly I received an onscreen message box indicating that my messages were being "compacted." I have Win XP Pro, Service Pack 2 and use Outlook Express.

Someone told me that Win XP Pro with SP 2 automaticallly gives a prompt after 100 closings of OE, asking if you want to compact your messages. The strange thing is that both times I've had this problem, I was never given a prompt. In other words, the compacting started on its own, which was completely unexpected. First I lost my Inbox messages; next, I lost my Sent Items. Is this normal? Is this an issue only with OE? If so, maybe I should change to another e-mail program.

In the past I used both Macallan and DBXtract in an attempt to retrieve my lost messages, but had not success with either program. Someone had given me instructions for these programs, but I had trouble following them. Still, I'm not sure if either of them would help retrieve my messages.

I'm wondering if what I'm experiencing is really "normal" or if it may perhaps be the result of a virus problem I had recently. I am totally confused by what is happening, and I have no clue yet as to how to either prevent or avoid it.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who might be able to help.

Thank you.

Answer:OE: Is "compacting" a problem only with Outlook Express?

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Hi, i really hope u guys can help me.
My problem is when i "CC" mail to my receipients,
those emails that i fill in the "CC" field don't show, instead each of the email "CC"ed turns into the "TO" field.

The illustrastion below prolly can explain me better.

Original email by sender:
To:[email protected]
cc:[email protected];[email protected]
Subject:CC emails not showing

[email protected] will receive the mail format as:
From:[email protected]
Subject:CC emails not showing

[email protected] will receive
From:[email protected]
TO:[email protected]
Subject:CC emails not showing

[email protected] will receive
From:[email protected]
To:[email protected]
Subject:CC emails not showing

the main receipient can't seem to see who i "CC"ed the mail to.
pls help,

Answer:Outlook Express "CC" problem

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i've been relying on going to "internet options","general" and "delete" then ticking all the boxes on that page..i found out that by doing this,my temporary internet file swere NOT being this a vista problem? my pc came to a complete sludge of a slow down today and i found that my internet files folder had files going back a year that hadn't been deleted as i've been relying on ticking those boxes..i had tons and tons of and tons of files.i'm wondering if this is the norm and also is it possible that other files are not being deleted when using that method? if so,then i probably have folders that are totally loaded with trash.

Answer:Solved: Had to delete temp internet files by "view files" ,"select all" ,"delete"

Have you ever unticked Preserve Favorites website data?

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I don't understand why, but on the login page you have to uncheck the checkbox.
Anyone speculate on the reasoning ?

Answer:Yahoo Mail Now Has "Stay Signed In" Auto Checked

Checked e-mail a few minutes ago and no check in the "stay Signed In" box.
Must have been a test run ?

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Running XP SP2, Outlook Express 6, Norton Anti-Virus 2005...

Client of mine can ping email server, and browse (there is a web interface for web mail) same server via IE, but OE claims it cannot find server.

Deleted cookies, emptied cache, rebooted, disabled firewall & anti-virus, dang OE keeps claiming the server isn't out there despite the evidence otherwise.

Any other ideas?

Answer:Why would IE say "can't find server" if you can ping, browse the mail server?

IE. Tools->Internet Options->Security Tab. Restricted sites?
Hosts file?
OE->Tools->Options->Security Tab. Check off Internet Zone


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Operating system Windows XP Professional with service pack one. Internet Explorer (6.0 spi)My problem is making ?Rules? for messages. I have a Rule set on it that I cannot remove or alter in any way. I feel that I will have to go into the system registry eventually to sort it out, which is worrying me.This starts off with the message rule box. Written in it is:- New Mail Rule#1 Apply this rule after the message arrives. Where the line does not contain ?[email protected]?Move it to the Junk FolderI urgently need to amend or delete this rule as I have changed my internet provider. All the writing in the above box is grayed out, except for the blue bits, and won?t let me do or alter or remove anything. Also in the right hand side boxes I can?t click on ?Modify? or ?Remove? as they are greyed out as well.My mail now arrives from my new provider into my Junk Folder, instead of my Inbox.Maybe someone out there can help pleaseRobbg

Answer:Outlook Express Mail Message Rule Problem

click here this may help, good luck

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Operating system Windows XP Professional with service pack one. Internet Explorer (6.0 spi)My problem is making ?Rules? for messages. I have a Rule set on it that I cannot remove or alter in any way. I feel that I will have to go into the system registry eventually to sort it out, which is worrying me.This starts off with the message rule box. Written in it is:- New Mail Rule#1 Apply this rule after the message arrives. Where the line does not contain "[email protected]"Move it to the "Junk" FolderI urgently need to amend or delete this rule as I have changed my internet provider. All the writing in the above box is whited out, except for the blue bits, and won?t let me do or alter or remove anything. Also in the right hand side boxes I can?t click on ?Modify? or ?Remove? as they are whited out as well.My mail now arrives from my new provider into my Junk Folder, instead of my Inbox.Maybe someone out there can help pleaseRobbg

Answer:Outlook Express Mail Message Rule Problem

Can't find an easy answer, can't think why either.You can check Group Policy, User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Internet Explorer, and see if there is an option to configure Outlook Express (I don't have it on my w2k Group Policy). If there is, see whether there is a policy which can limit changing Message Rules, and whether that has been enabled. If a policy has been enabled, change it to Not Configured.If not sure, don't change anything in Group Policy.Try to think whether you have used any third party software which may impose restrictions on security.The last resort is try the registry. Close OE and run regedit.HKEY Current User > Identities > {ID string} > Software > Microsoft > Outlook Express > 5.0 > MailHighlight Mail on the left and back up the entire key first.Then under Mail, there should be a subkey called 000 (assuming that this New Mail Rule #1 was the first you created, if not it should be another number such as 003 - meaning the 4th rule).Double check this is the rule you want by expanding 000, then under Criteria you'll see another entry 000. Highlight this 000 and look to the right. There's an entry called Value. It's in Binary, but double click it, and to the right of the numbers you should see your old email address. If so, this 000 is the message rule you want.Then highlight the first 000 key immediately under Mail. Right click and delete. Confirm. Exit regedit and open OE. If necessary, restart.

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Normally when you try to send an email from a link from firefox via "file->send link", your default email program automatically opens assuming it's not already open. If Outlook 2010 is already open, no problem; it works fine. If it's closed, I get the error below about a dll error telling me to reinstall outlook 2010. if I manually open Outlook, I can then email the link.

If I insert the Office 2010 disc to try a repair, I get an other error (below) saying 2003 was not uninstalled properly and to uninstall it before I can do the repair (gotcha-catch22-can't get there from here, etc....). I see nothing in add/remove to indicate there is a trace of Office 2003 remaining. I can send screen shots of the registry if desired, but see nothing there indicating 2003 was not removed fully, but could be wrong. I'm fine with surgical edits if necessary.

I've been running Office 2010 for a year with no other problems beyond this and it's possible this existed from day 1 and it just took me a while to notice it..

Any suggestion on how to either fix the dll issue directly, or deal with the 2003 uninstall hopefully without uninstalling 2010 and starting over?


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My e-mail client is Windows Live Mail Version 2009 (Build 14.0.8064.0206).

I've used various versions of this software for several years. I use it only to handle e-mail from four different e-mail accounts.

I have set the following safety options:

(1) Safe List Only

(2) Report junk e-mail to Microsoft and its partners

(3) Bounce the blocked messages back to the sender (when I click the "Delete and block" link on messages)

(4) If the e-mail is a mailing list, unsubscribe me from the mailing list (when I click the "Delete and block" link on messages)

My PC is a TOSHIBA laptop (P100-ST9612) running MS Windows XP Home Edition 2002 Service Pack 3, current with all critical updates. Intel Duo-Core CPU T2600 at 2.16GHz and 3GB RAM recognized out of 4GB RAM installed.

**** MY ISSUE ****

When I click the "Delete and block" link on an e-mail message, no e-mail address is added to the Blocked Senders list.

The Blocked Senders list remains empty.

I've discovered that I can manually add senders' e-mail addresses to the Blocked Senders list using the following menu selections.

Actions > Junk e-mail > Add sender to blocked senders list


Security wipe of hard drive, followed by restoring known-good baseline image via Linux boot disk and drive-image software

Updating everything recommended from the Windows Update web site

Reinstalling... Read more

Answer:Windows Live Mail "Delete and block" Feature Seemingly Broken

Perhaps, this issue is a function of Microsoft's service versus a glitch in the Windows Live Mail software.

The "Delete and block" link has added e-mail addresses to the Blocked Senders list in the distant past.

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I never ever had this issue with Outlook Express. Suddenly, after I tried to delete some messages, I get the above error. I tried to move the messages to my deleted folder, nothing. I tried to move the store folder to another directory, nothing. I even uninstalled and uinstalled Windows Live, same thing. No success.

Any ideas? Workarounds?

Answer:Windows Live Mail: "Unexpected Error" - Unable to delete some messages

Hi Sammy, are all messages in your inbox fully downloaded ?

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The ASUS Aura software for my ASUS B250F motherboard was working fine until I downloaded ASUS GPU Tweak II, for some reason it reset the lighting on my motherboard back to its default rainbow setting, I went into The ASUS Aura software to change it back to the way it was before, I was using the software without an issue up until I hit "Apply" the software froze so I had to quit it in the task manager, I tried again and the same thing happened so I decided to delete ASUS GPU Tweak II which didn't resolve the issue, I then proceeded to delete the ASUS Aura software and then tried re-installing it again, all it did was make a duplicate of the files with in the original zip folder, so I deleted all the duplicates, now I just want to delete the entire ASUS folder and start over but every time I try It gives me a message saying that it can't delete the folder due to "file is open in another program" I tried right clicking, selecting properties and turning off "read only" like many forums have suggested but it keeps turning back on, I even tried going into the CPU tab in "Resource Monitor" and searching for ASUS in "Associate Handles" like many forums have also suggested, I right clicked on a few things within the results and clicked "End Process" some of them would allow me to end them and others wouldn't. I've dealt with this kind of thing before and when I click "read only" it has always stayed off, the ASUS we... Read more

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upon starting my computer,the screen says "wgmiu is compressed, press ctrl, alt., delete" acreen blinks and then goes right back to wgmiu is compressed, wont go any farther...any ideas? Thanks.

Answer:"wgmiu is compressed, press ctrl, alt., delete" message

Quote: Originally Posted by h2ounderground

upon starting my computer,the screen says "wgmiu is compressed, press ctrl, alt., delete" acreen blinks and then goes right back to wgmiu is compressed, wont go any farther...any ideas? Thanks.

Hi h2ounderground , welcome to the forums , i have a feeling you;ve been infected with a virus i did a search for "wgmiu" and the only legible result was the post you made on Microsoft answers , i will have to pass this one over to the security experts of the forum

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I am getting multiple "delete failed" messages from Hitman Pro and getting "FlexibleShopper" ads even AFTER following the instructions in this thread:,d.cGU. I am also unable to manually delete folders which Hitman Pro identifies as malicious. I have successfully run Malwarebytes and CCleaner, which seem to be capable of deleting malware, but not the ones identified with Hitman Pro. Please help!

Here is the log from Hitman Pro:


Computer name . . . . : PC
Windows . . . . . . . :
User name . . . . . . : PC\User
UAC . . . . . . . . . : Enabled
License . . . . . . . : Trial (6 days left)

Scan date . . . . . . : 2014-12-29 17:39:16
Scan mode . . . . . . : Normal
Scan duration . . . . : 13m 35s
Disk access mode . . : Direct disk access (SRB)
Cloud . . . . . . . . : Internet
Reboot . . . . . . . : No

Threats . . . . . . . : 4
Traces . . . . . . . : 20

Objects scanned . . . : 1,520,255
Files scanned . . . . : 31,086
Remnants scanned . . : 357,013 files / 1,132,156 keys

Malware _____________________________________________________________________

C:\Program Files (x86)\OffthePrice\CouponStore.dll -> DeleteFailed
Size . . . . . . . : 4,140,544 bytes
Age . . . . . . . : 35.1 days (2014-11-24 14:11:18)
Entropy . . . . . : 7.9
SHA-2... Read more

Answer:Hitman Pro "delete failed" message after closing browers


Before we begin, please note the following:

I will working be on your Malware issues, this may or may not, solve other issues you have with your machine.
The logs can take some time to research, so please be patient with me.
Stay with the topic until I tell you that your system is clean. Missing symptoms does not mean that everything is okay.
Instructions that I give are for your system only!
Please do not run any tools until requested ! The reason for this is so I know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.
Please perform all steps in the order received. If you can't understand something don't hesitate to ask.
Again I would like to remind you to make no further changes to your computer unless I direct you to do so. I will not help you if you do not follow my instructions.

Scan with Farbar Recovery Scan Tool

Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.

Note: You need to run the version compatibale with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them.
Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.
Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press Scan button.
It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please attach it to your reply.
The first time the tool is run, it makes also another log (Addition.txt... Read more

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"A problem caused [name of program] to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." But no solution shows. I have been using the same HP Pavilion tx1000 for a year and a half with no software or compatibility issues. I run Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 1 - 32 bit. Slowly this message began to appear with every microsoft program I opened and then started to spread to non microsoft programs. I tried reinstalling the programs, doing a system restore to the oldest restore point I could, I also tried uninstalling any window updates that were installed right before my problems. I have read some strings that indicate it may be a compatibility issue between the service pack 1 and vista but the service pack came with the computer and it has been working fine until recently. I am at loss what to try next. Has anyone using Vista Home Home Premium experience anything like this!!!

Answer:Windows Error Message "{Name of Program} has stopped working" "A Problem caused ...

hi and welcome the first thing to do is run your anti virus and malware progs this will check for issues there and hopefully rule it out the next thing to try is sfc/scnw its a how to and also try this,295582,sid192_gci1276029,00.html this will check for other problems in both your files and your hard drive

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Hello. When I send e-mail, containing an emoticon, Windows Live Mail places pictures of them at the top of my e-mail message window, with the option to "play slideshow". I really don't need to see a slide show of my one or two emoticons. I'm not sending photos, just adding emoticons in my message.

Is there a way to disable or hide this featue? If not, maybe move it to the bottom of my message? Does it send the same play slideshow to my mail recipient?

I also note that when I receive e-mail, in most cases, there is an IE icon placed at the top of the message. I don't know why those come through or what it means. Would the same answer to hiding or removing the play slideshow also work for removing IE icons? Hope this makes sense.

Please make suggestions in simple terms, I am not computer savvy and brand new to Windows Live Mail. Thank you in advance for any answers.

Using: Windows 7
Live Mail 2011
I use Live Mail (not Hotmail)

Answer:Can I hide/delete "play slideshow" on sent mail?

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All the info I have read on line talks about clicking the 'block andd delete' button. I don't have one! Can someone tell me where it is?

Answer:Windows Live Mail "Block and Delete"

Quote: Originally Posted by hornplayer

All the info I have read on line talks about clicking the 'block andd delete' button. I don't have one! Can someone tell me where it is?

I think you have to wait until you get a piece of junk email that was put in to the Junk email folder automatically by WLM. Then open it and choose that option which appears at the top.

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Hi all,

Just got my Vista machine from Dell, 2-days ago. Data transfer went smooth, things were going great.

The I started getting "Intel Alert Server Stopped Working" message on every startup.

I think I broke it with trying to load Norton Password Manager, which is not compatible with Vista, so I had to do an uninstall. It was after this reboot, the message started appearing.

Choosing RESTORE from several checkpoints did not work.
Cleaning the Registry, as best I could, did not work.
Googled "Intel Alert Server" nothing useful, from what I saw.
I have since reloaded Norton Internet Security and Money since it appears the the live update on both were also broke.

Two questions:
1. How do I get fixed the "Intel Alert Server" message?
2. Can you recommend a specific Vista-compatible password manager package?

Thanks, Nickie

Answer:"Intel Alert Server Stopped Working" Vista Message

oops...message is "Intel Alert Service Stopped Working". In the original post I quoted wrong.

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Every time I try to download a file from the internet, I get the message cannot download [file]...the server connection was reset. I'm running windows XP Home and IE v6 (as i can't download 7 yet!). Security suite is Bitdefender Total Security 2008.

I have seen this same issue posted on other boards before but I can't seem to get any of the recommended solutions to work.

Can anyone help?

Answer:File download issue: Message "The server conncetion was reset"

I think the first thing to address is why can't you down load IE7. Are you running XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) ?

Have you tried another PC ? Could be the site has a problem.


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In Outlook 2003, in the "Sent" folder, the "To Field" is not automatically populating until you click on the email then it populates the "To Field" , but you have to first click on the email before it auto-populates. Do anyone know a better fix for this problem? Kudos to you --if you do because I haven't been able to locate a fix ..Thanks!

Answer:"To Field" not auto-populating in Outlook '03

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When I tried using a Windows98 SE machine to logon to an NT4 server, I received the following error: "No domain server was available to validate your logon"

I do not think it is a cable/nic problem as I was still able to browse the network. The only restriction was that I'm unable to access network resources like shared folder, etc.

Could some expert provide some assistant? Thank you.


Answer:"No domain server was available to validate your logon" error message

Have you checked that your domain name is correct in the W98 configuration? Is there an account on the server with the name/password you're attempting to logon with?

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Hi there

I have a home computer running Windows XP with Outlook Express 6 and a laptop running Windows 7 with Outlook 2010.

I have had my pop3 email accounts set up on Outlook Express on the home computer for a long time now and wanted to use Outlook 2010 on my laptop for the SAME email accounts.

What I want is for messages to be downloaded to BOTH laptop AND home computer. I have gone into the account settings on each and ticked "Leave a copy of the message on the server" option on both Outlook and Outlook Express, yet if a message is downloaded on one of them, the other one doesn't pick it up?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Solved: "Leave a copy of message on server" functionality

Once you download the message from a POP3 server, it's marked as read on the server. It's still there, but most POP3 client default to download only unread messages.

If the email service supports IMAP, use that with Outlook 2010 and Outlook Express. IMAP keeps everything on the server was designed for people using multiple mail clients for the same account.

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Purchased a copy of office 2003 (downloaded from the internet complete with serial number) - loaded over the top of an office 2000 program - loaded no bother - now I am unable to access Outlook Express and get the message "The address book failed to load. Outlook express is incorrectly configured, please reinstall". When I attempt to open emails I get a message "There was an error opening this message. An error has occurred". My operating system is Windows XP with the latest patch. Any assistance in resolving this would be much appreciated

Answer:Error message "The address book failed to load. Outlook express is incorrectly config

Found a solution - not the quickest but it worked - uninstalled Office 2003 and reinstalled XP over the top as per Microsoft article ID 315341 - the real time waste was having to reinstall all the XP patches

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Hello Toshiba support

I have a Toshiba Satellite SA60 - 122 MODEL NO. PSA60E - 09505XPT and I need to upgrade its BIOS

I went to and choose "Archive" (see screenshots attached for all options), and it returns 2 results... both give

500 - Internal server error.

There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

Direct link for

Is there a problem with your server? Can you fix it so I can download the file?

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i recall reading somewhere (this forum, most likely) that i can disable the annoying "you have 1 unread mail message waiting" (or however it goes...). i find this function rather perplexing, seeing as i can go online, look at no e-mail of any kind (i HATE e-mail), and that message will come up. can anyone help me here?


oh yeah... i'm using xp home.

Answer:disable "unread mail" message at windows log-on screen

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When I click an email address on a website or if I click an email address on a spreadsheet, I get the following error message "Could not perform this operation because the mail client is not properly installed". Then, hundreds of blank internet explorer pages are opened.

I researched online and it said to change my defaults programs. I did that and I still have the problem.
I recently updated to IE11.
Thanks for any help

Answer:Error message "Could not perform this operation.....mail client"

Hi and welcome to Sevenforums,
Which email program are you using ?

Click Start and click on Default programs,
Then click on Set program access and computer defaults,
Tick the Custom listing and click on it's down arrow on the right end,
Choose a default email program,
Is your program listed,
Tick the box next to it and check the box to the right end of it,
Then Okay to save any changes,
Shut down or boot your machine,

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The system is running Windows Live Mail 2011 on operating system Windows 7. Every time I close Live Mail I get the following message: "Windows Live Mail stopped working" and then I get either "Close Program" or "Restart Program"

Answer:message "windows live mail stopped working"

Hiya and welcome to Tech Support Guy

Are you still having this problem? If so, did this happen after a windows update?

Does it open okay, and just has this problem on closing?



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Hi! I've been getting the above issue where the Windows Login screen displays the string "1 unread mail message" when I click on Log Off Administrator and select Switch User to temporarily log myself out of the system when I'm about to take a break. It appears right above the "...programs running" string and beneath the user name (in this case, Administrator), and I want to know how to get rid of it. It started after I installed Windows Live Messenger. I can't recall what exactly I did to make it appear, but I did uninstall the program, yet the issue remains. Any suggestions on how to deal with it?

Answer:"...unread mail message" on Windows Login screen.

Give this a read: How to Turn off xp login screen unread mail count

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Running Windows Live Mail 2012 on a Win7 64bit PC.
I am trying to find a way or registry hack to remove/hide the "search for a message" box that appears just below the ribbon in Windows Live Mail 2012. Any assistance appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Remove the "search for a message" box in windows live mail

Hello and welcome thread mate probably a daft question but why remove it?? I use it all the time with the amount of mails I have and it takes up such little space.

Having said that I would hazard a guess that apart from mucking around in the registry (fraught with horrible consequences) I can see no way of doing what you want to do.
If you do want to go that route I would suggest doing this at the earliest opportunity. I always do this after each and every install in two locations for safety sake.
Registry - Backup and Restore

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I upgraded my Firefox browser to 3.6. Since then I have not been able to access certain sites on any of my browsers. I get the message server unavailable or page not found. Sites like Facebook, Amazon, yahoo email (works sometimes but there are no pictures or graphics, just text). I reinstalled the previous version I had of firefox and ran a couple of antivirus programs but the problem still persists. I appreciate any help someone could give. Thanks!

Answer:"server not found" on Facebook, yahoo mail etc.

Have you tried Tools > Clear Recent History?

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Inbox empty in Windows Live Mail after message saying "a view has been applied"

I have not changed any settings and was trying to select some emails and thought I had touched rl and A to select all and the above message came up and the inbox is empty.

All other folders are ok and I can still see emails in "quick views" but not in the normal place. How can I undo this "view applied?"


Answer:Inbox empty in Windows Live Mail after message saying "a view has been applied"

To change the View settings in your mail client, please follow the steps below:

Open Windows Live Mail.
Click on View tab then New view.
Make sure that Show all messages is checked then click Apply view.
Choose All of my folders.
Click OK.
Click to expand...


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Hello, I've recently been trying to download and install Windows Live Mail. That part was easy, however, upon opening the program, I receive error messages. The first one says, "Sorry, something unexpected happened and Windows Live Mail must close, your most recent changes may not be saved." Then another error box is displayed stating, "Contacts failed to load. Windows Live Mail is incorrectly configured, please re-install." I've uninstalled and reinstalled this program several times, but still not sure why I am receiving these errors. I did edit the registry, deleting the keys for all Windows Live folders insuring a complete uninstall, then reinstalled a fresh download of Windows Live Mail but STILL got the same error messages. I also tried to clear the Live Contacts Store/Cache by renaming the Live contacts folder so a new one would be replaced. Still nothing...This is getting frustrating...Anyone have any other suggestions?  Thanks!

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I have recieved Windows Vista Business edition as part of my college's MSDNAA program. I am having a problem which pops up every now and again, though I think I am beginning to narrow down its causes.At some point the network icon will go off - it will display me as disconnected. Holding my mouse over it the popup says "connection status: unknown server execution failed". At the same time with that, my windows experience index will stop appearing in windows' system properties window, the network center freezes, my ATI driver's control app refuses to start, and if I change my sound driver the sound icon goes dead aswell. Also, if I try to install windows by repairing my current installation it will freeze at 52%. The problem is only reversable via system restore.The network itself works fine, as does the sound. The problems seem completly unrelated and are actually pointing to something more complex than simply a network problem. However, I have noticed it happen under curious circumstances: after using yahoo messenger for a while it happens. After the issue is reversed via system restore if yahoo is started up again, explorer will freeze for a few seconds, then the problem will strike again. I have uninstalled yahoo and deleted its leftover program files, appdata files, programdata files, and registry entries. The problem was fixed. I blamed it on using a modified version called yahoo multi messenger because I needed to be online on 2 accounts at the same time. Back... Read more

Answer:Vista "Server execution failed" tray message: caused by AOL Instant Messenger.

In reply to you, I have taken y problem to tech support. I have AIM too, turns out the culprit was the latest version of AIM -- 5.9.6-something, do a system restore, uninstall it, install 5.9.3 or older, they'll work. My problem has been fixed.

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hii for every one
i am have alaptop lg this laptop installed vista busines on it
when i set up most of program dont allow to setup and appeare this message "arreferal returned from server" and i attempted to format hard on dos not allow me
or instal xp appear the plue screen
plz help me
what i can to do to reslove this proplem

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How do I fix this?  Was the SQL Server on the original install of Windows XP?I also see that when windows update tries to install Microsoft .Net Framework service pack, it doesn't work.  Are these two problems connected?Thank you

Answer:Message at start up- "SQL Server is either corrupt or has been tampered with"

We need more information. Please give us the versions of the software you are running. Also what happened leading up to this error. The more information the better.

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When trying to connect to a hyperlink. I use to be able to use the link with no problem--what can I do to fix this?

Answer:Getting a "Can't connect to MySQL server" error message

Any ideas????? Or suggestions for another board that could give an answer??

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"DHCP server unreachable" error message.
Could you please help me?

I have a crossover cable between my laptop and my home PC, with my laptop as the main computer. I have the laptop IP set to, and the Home PC to 'Obtain and IP address Automatically'.

This set up actually worked for some time. Sometimes, when I open up the command prompt and type in 'ipconfig', it gives me a 168.xx.xx.xx address, and I just type in 'ipconfig /release' and 'ipconfig /renew' and after a minute of waiting, I used to get a 192.168.0.XX address. After this, I was able to share the Internet Connection between the 2 computers, the files etc.

But of late, I have not been able to get this 192 IP address. After typing in 'ipconfig /release' and 'ipconfig /renew', after a minute of waiting, I get a "DHCP server unreachable" error message.

I have tried restaring the PC etc etc, but I continually get this same message. I can ping from the Home PC if I put in a address on the Home PC, and I can even share files.... but I am NOT able to share the Internet connection!!

Please suggest what needs to be done. Thank you!!

Any help at all is welcome.

Answer:"DHCP server unreachable" error message.

perhaps ur IP has detected this. Could this possibly be not allowed by ur ISP? If so, your ISP probably did something to keep you from doing this. Also, for better results, use a router it works much better and you are usually always garunteed 100% uptime and no problems.

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Hi, I am currently based in Germany and cannot work out why I cannot access 2 associated websites:
Virgin Blue Airlines :
Velocity Rewards (reward program of Virgin Blue Airlines):

Error message always received when I try to get onto the above 2 sites:
?DNS error occurred. Server cannot be found. The link may be broken.?

For reasons that I cannot understand, I have never been able to log on to them from my laptop at home in Germany.

However, when using the same laptop in Australia with a different internet service provider, there is no problem with accessing the above sites so I know that I can reach the websites with this laptop.

I have tried many things including calling the airline directly to see if they have an IT help desk or if they are experiencing website problems. No to both. I have tried typing in the addresses directly into the URL field, clicking on through a link etc and nothing works. As far as I can see, the websites aren?t blocked by my antivirus software. I do not have problems accessing any other websites.

My set up: laptop with wireless internet connection at home.
I use Windows XP, Internet Explorer 8, AVG 9 free edition software. Run anti-virus scans every 2-3 days and no viruses detected. No new software installed for some months.

My I T ability is of an average standard so hopefully the solution will not be too complicated. Would really appreciate it if someone can help me to sort ou... Read more

Answer:Message "DNS error occurred. Server cannot be found ..." - help please !

Hi there,

Sometimes ISPs block certain sites. It may be worth checking with them to see if there is a block on it for some reason.

You could also try going onto a proxy surf site and accessing it from there incase the site has blocked your IP for some reason.



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In the notification area, bottom right of my screen, is a blue-edged envelope for gmail. When I boot-up my PC there is a dark blue apostrophe mark across the envelope and a message just above it saying "error etc..cannot connect to server". If I ignore it and open gmail via my desktop shortcut all is well and the apostrophe vanishes. Can I stop it doing this? And does it really matter?

Answer:Solved: Gmail - "cannot connect to server" message

It's only because your PC hasn't connected to the internet when the GMail notifier is trying to log on, mine does it too. As soon as you connect it's fine, even if you don't log on to GMail via the shortcut.

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There are many forums that discuss this problem and identifies the probable causes, but all the "solutions" provided have not helped. I accidentally discovered how to recover ALL the messages be it one at a time. Use the SEARCH function using something you know Title, who sent it, etc. The full text of the email will be displayed. You can then store this email as a document.

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OK ... having immense problems with VISTA mail.
Rebuilt Vista (32 bit) mail re-imported ...
Many of the folders have all the mails ... but when you click on them, no body .. just "Message cannot be found" or in one folder correct headers but wrong body for every mail.

Googled around on on Microsoft forums the same response given many times by MS 'expert' ... go to system tools and run Inbox repair tool .... there is no such tool shown.
I run the WM Util tool ... several times ... still the same.

I went to missing folders deleted mails and using cut & paste put copies back in there all OK ... shut down next day, loads of them back to "message can not be found"

I am fully up to date (Dec 2011) but it no longer tells me what ver Vista I have when I click start > computer > properties ... just says its vista ultimate
Windows update does not show any updates .. so assume I'm up to date

Answer:Windows Mail problems "Message cannot be found"

I think you should look at this regarding your last problem-

Programs and Features box blank, veiw installed updates box is empty.

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Windows Mail suddenly does not send or receive messages. When I attempt to send a message, I receive the following error, "The message could not be sent. An error has occurred." When I click the Send and Receive button, the pop-up box comes up, but not long enough for me to read anything. However, it appears to complete the send/receive process with no errors. I have had issues in the past and often received an error number, but not this time. When I go into my accounts, I have changed the password to my incoming server to the wrong one to see if it recognizes the error and have also changed port numbers and still receive no error. I have attempted working offline and double-checked to ensure it recognizes the wireless internet connection - which it does.

I do not currently have and have never had any anti-virus programs installed on my computer. I have logged into my email through my browser and deleted all emails from all of my folders, closed Windows Mail and then re-started it to no avail.

I would just upgrade to Windows Live Mail, but I already did that once before when I was experiencing other problems with Windows Mail, and that program has also stopped working correctly so I had to go back to Windows Mail. Therefore, it appears that if I cannot get this issue resolved, I will be stuck using my browser (which is not very user-friendly) and my iPhone. Needless to say, I am quite frustrated with Windows Mail and Vista!


Answer:Windows Mail - "The message could not be sent. An error has occurred."

First let's fix the major problem of not having an antivirus! For now please download Malwarebytes and run a full, updated scan. Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware, anti-virus and spyware removal download That should clean up any bad software on your computer. And I would imagine you have a lot... There are plenty of good free antivirus programs out there, most of the people on this site highly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection | Microsoft Security Essentials

After running malwarebytes, see if your mail problem is still occurring.

Personally, I just have to recommend you switch to using Mozilla Thunderbird, instead of Windows Mail. It's very clean and easy to use. And free. Check it out. Mozilla Thunderbird That's just a personal suggestion, you don't have to if you really like Windows Mail

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After I boot up XP, I get a handy little message next to my name as the logon screen appears that I have "1 Unread E-Mail Message". This would be great exceept I have no new mail.

You see, I've signed in to .net, & then off of .net - rebooted. I've removed my .net passport from my profile - rebooted. I've ALSO removed MSN Messenger from my machine - rebooted. All of this with no luck.

Any takers?

Answer:"Unread Mail" Logon Message Faulty...

I know that it remembers how many mails you had from the last session you had with whatever program it got that from. So now if you have no way to log into that account, it received that message from, it will continue to display 1 message. Especially if it was MSN. Im sure there is something you can edit to remove this, but I have not come across it yet.

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In older Windows OS's, I remember you had the "Maintenance Wizard" that let you do a disk cleanup, scandisk, and a defrag all on a regular schedule, and 100% automated (no intervention).

How do I accomplish this in XP-Pro SP2? I tried to put the "dfrg.exe" in the Scheduled Tasks, and it opens it, but it requires user input to actually start defragging (you still have to manually click the "defrag" button, or it won't do anything). Does it involve the Command Prompt?


Answer:Auto Defrag in "Scheduled Tasks" - How to make it "Autorun"?

Microsoft thinks you can do it: Schedule Defrag in XP

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My friend is having a strange problem with their computer. They are using Windows XP Home Edition. After composing a new email in Outlook Express, and hitting the send button. The Install wizard pops up as if something is being installed on the computer, and then a second window pops up with a message (sorry I don't have the exact wording) relating to Microsoft Picture It! Stating that the file is located on a disc or other removable media. It's as if Microsoft Picture It! is attempting to install. All of these windows can be canceled and closed. The email will be sent as usual.

They are using Norton anti-virus software, which is up do date. We also ran Avast virus cleaner. The computer appears to be free of viruses. We tried reinstalling IE and OE, but it didn't help. I was thinking about unistalling both IE and OE, and then reinstalling to see if that would correct the problem.

What would cause something this weird? I have never run across anything like this before.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Can someone reccomend a "Web-Based" Email site .... (ie Yahoo, Excite etc.) that can accept and display all of the attachment and goodies that OUTLOOK EXPRESS can generate?

For instance... if I send Email to my friend at Yahoo and I use a really cool stationary background she can only view the background as a seperate attachment.

Are there any web-based Email accounts that will view these backgrounds as part of the email without extra downloading? Even Actually... even WEB-TV can handle most of OUTLOOKS goodies, yet I have yet to find a web-based Email client that can.

Thanks in advance


Answer:"Web-based" Email sites that can handle OUTLOOK EXPRESS extras?

Not sure about that but another way around it would be for the person say using Yahoo mail, to access their Yahoo mail account using OutlookExpress.

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hello there.

certainly hope someone can assit, though it'll probably turn out that the answer was under my nose all the time.

i'm wanting to set up a group of email subsribers, but which to keep their email details private.

is it possible to set up an 'undisclosed recipients' email group in outlook 6? and if so, how? i've taken a look through the 'help' topics index, but don't seem to be able to find anthing related to my query.

a dumbed down, step by step solution would be greatly appreciated!

with thanks

jade eyes

Answer:Setting Up "Undisclosed Recipients" email group in Outlook Express 6

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The other day I realised I hadn't seen the Outlook Express 'compact messages' pop-up for some time. Sure enough, when I checked my recycle bin, the most recent bak files were at least 3 weeks old when I usually have to compact once a weekish. I did a manual compact and this worked ok. But, curious, I've been keeping an eye on the compact count check in the registry to see what happens when it reached the 100 mark. And it never reaches the 100 mark. The highest I've seen it is at 19, when suddenly it reverts to zero, seemingly of its own free will. Yesterday it was reading 5 and then when I checked an hour later expecting to see 7 or 8, it was reading 2! Needless to say, I don't touch anything in the registry, - just look.
I've been Googling this but I can't see any references to this particular behaviour anywhere. As I said, I can compact manually but I'd prefer not to have to. I am a bit worried that my OE might be corrupted. Any ideas anyone?

Answer:Outlook Express "Compact count check" behaving oddly.

Just when you think you've heard everything, I must say that's a new one on me.

Compacting is Identity specific, so I would think the problem would be in your current Identity (of course a lot of people would look at your problem as a solution to out of control compacting ).
You could try creating a new Identity and see if it does the same thing.
If the compacting works properly in the new one, Import your mail from the old Identity.

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When Outlook Express is opened, every e-mail that was sent "return reciept requested" causes Outlook Express to try to send a return receipt, which then fails resulting in an error message.

OE ignores all changes to the "return receipt" functions and continues to try to send them even before they are opened; when the mouse hovers over the particular e-mail.

A recent malware infection (which has been removed) caused a change in the registry and turned off Task Manager (which has been corrected). I suspect the problem with OE is also a registry issue, but cannot Google any information on this specific function or issue.

Two questions:

1. Is there a registry entry that controls the fuction of OE's "return receipt" function ?

2. If OE is uninstalled & reinstalled, will the stored e-mails be lost ?

An aggravating factor is that sbcglobal does not have a configuration setting to prevent duplicate e-mails from being downloaded and a recent change to the e-mail account by sbcglobal has resulted in the messages being duplicated 2 and 3 times in OE, and it is attempting to download another 4000 ( ! ) more, which will also all be duplicates.

This "return receipt" problem is preventing the ability to delete the duplicate & unwanted e-mails, so OE's functionality is reduced to nil.

Also, is there a static limit to the number of messages that OE can store & manage ?

Answer:Outlook Express Hangs on "Return Receipt Requested" E-Mails

start by clearing your outbox

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I have thousands of emails in my Outlook Express. (I need to archive all my email.) I did clean up alot of it, but still thousands in there. OE periodically asks me to "compact folders to free up space". When I do so, it dumps all the .bak files into the recycle bin. (OE back up files). One day, in Sept 2010, after it compacted the folders, I found that I was missing hundreds of emails in my "sent" folder, (only the sent folder, all others were intact),  but only from May to Sept 2010. The "sent items.bak" file was in the recycle bin along with all other .bak files. I saved that file in a folder. Someone told me to rename it ".dbx" and restore it. I have not yet done so as I am wondering if it would duplicate ALL THE SENT MAIL, not just from May to Sept 2010. In any event, why is it doing this every time it compacts folders? Is that because I have too much email archived in OE folders? (If I follow the path to the store folder it shows only the dbx files, not any bak files. I have not emptied the recycle bin of these files as I don't know if I need to restore them.

Answer:Outlook Express "compact folders" dumping my .bak files into Recycle bin

I don't know if this helps, but do you know you can disable the recycle bin?Right click recycle bin -> Properties -> Check do not move files to recycle bin -> Press OK

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Somehow I've lost the file association between .htm/.html and IE/Firefox. Firefox is my default browser, but when I click on an html link in an email (Outlook Express) the window that opens is "Compaq Owners Documents," rather than a Firefox window. I've tried re-installing Firefox with no improvement. This APPEARS to have begun right after I installed IE7 Beta (although I seldom use the program). Firefox operation seems to be normal otherwise. Any ideas how I should track this down? Thanks --

Answer:Clicking on a link in Outlook Express brings up "Owners Documents"

Don't know if this will help or not.

Open your Control Panel, double click on Folder Options, review all your settings. Pay attention to the tab File Types. Review all of the File Extension Types. Look for the file extension that you are having problems with. Click on the Advanced button to review the settings. You may find your problem by accident like I did once. If not, I'm sure some of the experienced members will be able to help.

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Im not sure if this will completely take care of the problem listed by the OP, bu when i searched Google for "disable outlook in firefox" that thread was the first thing that popped up. I have found out how to change the mailto: action in firefox (3.5.7) to stop outlook from opening.

find "mailto" in content type column, and click the drop down box in the action column. There you can select from several mail clients including gmail.

This same procedure can be used to select which application opens most relivent file types.

hope this helps. and sorry if i dug up an old post for no reason.

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I have recently received a couple of suspicious emails on a couple of my computes at home. The message says:
Do not reply to this message

Dear Customer,

Our robot has fixed an abnormal activity from your IP address on sending e-mails.
Probably it is connected with the last epidemic of a worm which does not have patches at the moment.
We recommend you to install a firewall module and it will stop e-mail sending. Otherwise your account will be blocked until you do not eliminate malfunction.

Customer support center robot

I comes from [email protected] and there is an attachment (which I did NOT open): (other case with different KB# in the attachment)

It seems to me like a hoax or malware.

Anyone with similar experience; Any advice? or should I just ignore and delete?


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Hi all

i would like to install a "store and forward" mail server. This server is not online, i mean that it is not connected (permanently) to internet; it will store the email to send on internet, and when a mobile wireless access point will go around this server, it will upload (and store on it self) the stored mails. The AP will go around a permanently connected to internet mail server and download on this last one the mails that it received from the first server. In addition, the AP will upload from this last server the mails that are been store for the first server, will go around this first server, and serve it the mails that comes from the permanently connected to internet server.

To summerize, i've 2 mails servers: one is not connected to internet, while the other is. The link between the 2 mails servers is a mobile wireless AP (MWAP). The WAP is mobile because it is supported by a mobile object (car or motorbike etc.).

So can i store mails on an access point? I've 2 AP: a linksys wireless-g wap54g and linksys wireless-g wag354g (this one is a wireless router).
The 2 servers environnements is {debian 3.1, sendmail, postfix, uucp}. Any comment, or suggestion will be very appreciate.


Answer:"store and forward" mail server

Postfix will do it. It will continually retry until it can establish a TCP connection.

You can also set this by configuring your DS in Sendmail/Postfix cf to use a smarthost or forwarding server of something that's online 100% of the time.

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Howdy all!

I don't have a lot of particulars for this one, but the guy configuring my Mail server is unsure of how to make sure that the timedatestamp for Mailer-Daemon mails is set. We have some templates set up for replying to people who have sent an incorect email address, etc, but the mails coming from mailer-Daemon all have their time/date stamp set to "None". How can we get this set up properly, in general terms, as I have no idea, right now, what is being used.



Answer:Mail Server TimeStamps mails with "None"

supposedly this has been sorted, but, I'd be interested to know anyhow.

Windows 2000 server and Argo mail server pro version, v1.0.8.4

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A friend clears the "blocked senders" list in OE, but they are mysteriously put back!

Why might this happen? Is there an "infection" that is known to do this?

Many thanks, {redoak}

Answer:Solved: Recurring "blocked senders" in Outlook Express

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I have outlook express 6 for a email client, I was getting reminded to compact my email messages every one in a while so I said yes and let it compact my messages ... now I don't seel any email other than new email that has come in since I compacted the mail. Does anyone know how to get my messages back ... please help

Answer:recovering lost email in outlook express after "compacting"

Hiya and welcome to Tech Support Guy

I've moved your thread to Web and Email for more response

Have you tried to see if there are any bak files in the Recycle Bin:

Make sure Outlook Express is not running.
Open the Recycle Bin on your Windows Desktop .
Locate the ".bak" files corresponding to the Outlook Express folders you want to recover.
The ".bak" file will be named like the folder in Outlook Express.
To restore a folder called "Archive", look for "Archive.bak", for example.
Click on the ".bak" file with the right mouse button.
Select Restore from the menu.
Locate the file in Windows explorer and open the folder it's contained in.
Drag and drop the ".dbx" file corresponding to the Outlook Express folder you want to recover to your Desktop.
In the Outlook Express store folder, click on the ".bak" file to be recovered with the right mouse button.
Select Rename from the menu.
Change the ".bak" file extension to ".dbx".
If the file was called "Archive.bak", for example, make sure it is named "Archive.dbx" now.
Open Outlook Express.
If your emails have been recovered, delete the ".dbx" file you moved to the Desktop.

Also if you do not find the files in the above location search your computer for *.Bak



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I use OE and Gmail, which is configured to display through my Outlook Express details page. Everything's always worked smoothly until a couple of weeks ago. Now, perhaps one in about every half dozen attempts, when I click "Send Receive", it freezes/hangs on the "Securing" part of the set up before it displays any messages. It remains frozen for about 15-20 seconds then I get an error message. If I try again it usually works?? Can anyone help please?

Answer:Outlook Express hangs when clicking &quot;Send/Receive&quot;

What is the error message?
Outlook / Outlook Express Error codes

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Hi, I just got a new laptop and I'm trying to export/import my address book from Outlook Express. When I import the addresses it only imports individual names and not "groups." It there a way to import groups as well? When I exported the address book from the old laptop I used the "text file (comma separated values)" option. Is this the right one to use?


Answer:"Outlook Express" Export/Import Address Book

Hi 2praisehim

No, it will not Export the Groups, you will need to recreate them.
The .csv file is the best backup, this format makes it available to Import to other programs.

As an alternative, you can make a copy of the .wab file and copy it over to the new computer.
To find the location of the original Address Book,
Open the Address Book in Outlook Express:
Tools > About Address Book
The directory will appear along with the name of the .wab file, which usually is the User Account name.wab

Navigate to that directory and copy the .wab file.
Copy the .wab file to the Desktop on the laptop,
find the location of the Address Book for Outlook Express,
Check this directory on the Laptop,
C:\Documents and Settings\User Account\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\User Account.wab
rename the .wab file to User Account.wab.old
Copy the backup .wab file to that directory and rename it to the same name as the current .wab file: User Account.wab

In Outlook Express, click the Address Book icon to open, the replaced Address Book should appear.

Let us know if that works for you or not.

This link has more information on the Address Book for Outlook Express:

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I am getting ready to install windows 98 again on my new system, and I'd rather not have to re-enter all my email addresses into the address book. Anyone know how to save this file? I've checked out several files marked "address book," but none of them seem to store my addresses.


Windows Haiku:
Your file is missing.
It may have been important.
But now it is gone.

Answer:how do I save "address book" file in Outlook Express

I am not postitive but i think they are saved in .WAB or .CVS files. With OE open you can go to files>export>address book and i think that it can be saved to a floppy. I tried it as a .cvs(comma separated values) and saved it to floppy which when opened looked like an Excel file. I tried the other option but had no option i could see to save it to a floppy and even though it said it was exported, i dont know where it went.

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I have started facing a strange problem recently. I re-installed windows 2000 and tried SP2 and ie6 updates but problem still persists.

On pressing key "L" anywhere, it launches outlook express as a side-effect. This is true even when some other application is open and in focus. The opened window shows inbox folder in place of default home screen of outlook express. I have noticed that in folders pane in outlook express, pressing L selects Local Folder and pressing it again selects Inbox. However, in this case the window with inbox is opened out of nowhere. I tried by deleting files from profile that may cause this (Like shortcuts) and also checked with a new user but in vain. One thing I have observed is that when I use on-screen keyboard, L key is working fine. This makes me think that it is not a shortcut recognized by explorer. I checked keyboard with other operating system in my dual-boot configuration and it is working fine there.

I am not able to work in windows 2000 because of this problem. Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Outlook Express launching on pressing "L" after fresh install

Hi pymehta

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

I tried by deleting files from profile that may cause this (Like shortcuts) and also checked with a new user but in vain.Click to expand...

Meaning that you created a new User Account and the L key still persists in starting Outlook Express?

It is definitely the On Screen Keyboard.

Ugh, tried to duplicate your problem and I was successful!
My keys affected were e, f, l, m, r
Outlook Express was not opened with the L key, it went to the Welcome Screen!

On the On Screen Keyboard, I clicked the key that looks kind of like a calculator, between the Win Key and the Ctrl key.
Right side of the Space bar.

I don't know if I am out of the woods yet.
Until the On Screen keyboard actually let me type in this window, I clicked that key about four times.

Let us know what happens.

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Dear Forum,I have a very annoying message that comes up numerous times a day. It says:To free up disc space, Outlook Express can compact messages. This may take up to a few minutesI can't find how to disable it. The help section does not have anything about the auto message. Can anyone help?Thanks a lot!!!Sincerely,Mike 

Answer:Outlook Express "Compact Messages" Window; How to Disable?

In Outlook Express. Click on Tool>Options>advanced tab>look for "maintenance" at the bottom.

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