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Buying Graphics Card

Question: Buying Graphics Card

Which graphics card to choose between nvidia GTX960 and nvidia GTX760?

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Preferred Solution: Buying Graphics Card

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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Answer: Buying Graphics Card

They are both rated as the same card within their generation. The 960 is the newest card.

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Hello there!

I need some help with buying a new card! My old card was Nvidia GeForce 9800, and it specs were pretty high and satisfying (especially 4 years ago when I bought it), but few days ago the card finally died on me. Now, my problem is that my budget now is much lower that it was 4 years ago. I have about 100 Euros which is around 130 - 140 USD. Could anyone, please, suggest a card for this budget, a card that would have similar (but not weaker) performance as my old 9800 GT. It's been so long since I've bothered with graphics cards and I don't know what's hot these days, so any help on this matter would be most appreciated.
I'm sorry if I posted this question in the wrong category! Thank you!

Answer:Help with buying a new Graphics Card

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I am wanting to purchase a graphics card for this MoBo:

I am undecided on to go with nVidia or ATI.

Whats the differences apart from prices?

Answer:Help on buying a graphics card

What's your budget for the card?

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My motherboard supports PCI express x16, but i have been seeing pci express 2.1 x16 online. I wanted to know if those would work with my mother board.

com specs:

HP Pavilion p6210y Desktop PC Product Specifications HP Pavilion p6210y Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

Answer:What should i consider when buying a graphics card?

the appalling information given by HP doesnt even detail what kind of pci version it has.
Its definitely pci e and 16x lol, id hazard a guess at 2.0.

Now that doesnt hugely matter as PCI is backwards compatible, and the difference between a pci 2.1 and 2.0 is minimal, the speed tranfers are still the same.

Im going to be blunt and say you cant really upgrade your GPU to anything half decent with your current power supply. As its only 300w it is less than most modern cards draw.
a 500w+ is recommended.

so you need to factor in the price of a branded PSU before you look into getting a new card.

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So right now Im looking for a new Graphics card and has to be $100 since I just bought a new computer, hopfully I can get a good one that is $200+ in a few months. As of right now I has a built it ATI 3200, quad core and 8 gigs of ram.

So Im hoping you guys can help me find one that is just under $100 and can handle a game like Empire Total war pretty good.

Thanks you.

Answer:Buying a New graphics card

ATI HD3870 all the way..... its what i have and its amazing! and its right at $100

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I have two brand new Compaq computers running on Windows XP.
Neither one of them seem to have a decent 3d graphics video card and cant play new games or even old ones!
I dont know anything about computers or playing games ... just the complaints from my kids and DH.sigh... ( all I use the computer for is surfing the web for homeschooling the kids the kids then teach me

My Question: What 3d graphics video card should I buy? Do I need to put one in each of the computers? ( My DH says that they just snap in?) ( I hope it is that easy!)
What computer store will be teh best deal for a large family and small income?
Thanks a bunch for your help.
MeadowLark ( yes this is my name

Answer:Buying a 3d Graphics Card. Help?!

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for some reason my Verto geforce 6600 gt doesnt work very well with half life 2 so I decided I'll buy a new graphics card. I was wondering which one would you suggest for games like half life 2 and doom 3.

If it helps my system specs are 3.0 ghz and a gig of memory

Answer:buying new graphics card

HL2 is programed for Ati VGA card and Doom3 for Nvidia so you can play it at a normal setting graphic card, do not lose your money for that.

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Hi,Where can I buy a "good, but cheap video card?"I want a 256 Mb, 8 pipe AGP card. I have a budget of £80 to spend.Also, do I need to worry about compatibilty with mother board?

Answer:Buying Graphics card

click here

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Ok my friend wants to buy a new graphics card, the price range is £30 - 60 (I know nothing incredible can be bought with that) he isnt desperate for it to play top spec games just like enhance the visual performance of medievil total war 2 for games like that.

The link above is a link to the computer he has, the tech specification page, io think it has an AGP slot it says accelerated AGPx8 or something, can you double check i dont know if it will definently take AGP GFX Cards.

If you can find one between £30 - 60 i would be very appreciated, hopefully the best quality for the price. In dollars thats around $65 - 130.

Thanks Again.

Answer:Buying a Graphics card (AGP), need help!

The FX5500 isnt too bad.

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I have a Dell E521. I need help buying a new graphics card in the range of £50-£120, as my old card Nvidia GeForce 7300 LE 512MB was not really right for me. My processor is Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ and the RAM in my computer is 1GB. My computer is Windows Vista Ready if that helps. The card will go into a PCI-Express x16 slot. My PSU is 305 Watts but i will upgrade if needed too(preferbly not).I will be using the Card for Video-Editing and Gaming ( probably not intense gaming). Thanks!

Answer:Help buying a New Graphics Card

You might struggle to upgrade that psu.. Not sure if you can buy one with more power that will fit and pretty sure dell psu's are not standard.. Also pretty sure it wont have the connector required for a decent gpu..Interesting article here: click here

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i want to buy an LCD the i can watch tv on but also connect to my computer and it will be duel screen. my friend did this and i know he he said you need a certain graphics card. can anyone give me some info about this

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I have this pc I need a new video card for, I don't want to spend too much but I want to buy the right one, I'm not running much but World of Warcraft and Netflix on it, thank you in advance.


Answer:Looking for help on buying a new graphics card

caymc15 said:

I have this pc I need a new video card for, I don't want to spend too much but I want to buy the right one, I'm not running much but World of Warcraft and Netflix on it, thank you in advance.

file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Belarc/BelarcAdvisor/System/tmp/(Owner-PC).htmlClick to expand...

Hi, caymc15. Welcome to Major Geeks.

Sorry, we cannot see the Belarc report the way you have it. You need to copy/paste the text into Notepad and attach the Notepad file as a .ZIP archive to your next post. Be careful not to reveal any Product Keys.

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I have 2 options as im on a budget and i want to know out of these 2 cards which would be the best, also for abit of gaming now and then nothing 2 heavy.
Option 1 is the sapphire radeon x1600pro 512mb and option 2 is the sapphire radeon hd 2600pro 512mb ? there both agp by the way as i don't have a 16x pci express slot which is a bummer i know.

Anyways i don't know to much about graphics cards and i know these cards ain't the best about by light years ! but as im on a budget and i can get them both at about the same price id just like to know which is the best out of these 2 cards 4 my money ?
Cheers !

Answer:Im Buying a new Graphics card......?

Get the Radeon HD 2600 Pro. That's a better card than the X1600 Pro.

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I am buying new graphics card with a tight budget of 100$.I was gonna go with nvidia gts 450 but then i found hd 6770 with slight increase in the cost.I am very very confused as to which card to go for and also confused between nvidia & ATI.Need some advice here.
Also i am upgrading my psu I was gonna go for corsair cx 430W but then HD6770 card demands more power.My budget for the psu is also restricted to 50$.Please help me.

Answer:Buying new graphics card

I think you'd need to give us a few locations for websites and how much your budget equates to in local currency. There will be a huge difference in availability of parts and the pricing between US listed items and those actually purchasable in India.

The Seasonic I listed the other day remains the best option for a power supply, and is in my opinion far superior to the Corsair unit. Ultimately though, most main branded power supplies will be absolutely fine at your intended power levels (in terms of hardware).

The decision between AMD (used to be ATi) and Nvidia comes down to two things. Its quite simply the price you are prepared to pay vs. the performance of the GPU. In essence you want to purchase the fastest GPU in your budget. If thats the GTS450 then that is your decision. If you increase your budget you will always find something better, but you then end up in a position where you keep choosing the next fastest GPU and spending even more money.

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What do youthink about this card as performance wise i mean is it any good XFX GeForce 7900 GS Extreme Edition

Answer:Buying a new graphics card

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This is the specifications of motherboard of my PC

I want to change my graphic card so that I can play the latest coming games like call of duty mw2, assassin's creed, homm6, League of legends etc.

I don't have any huge desire to go for ultra graphics and I suppose my budget will also not allow me to go for cards giving that performance.
It will be nice if I can play the above games especially league of legends from medium to high graphics with around 60fps at least.

My budget is around 7k-11k and if possible suggest cards with PS/Vs version 4 or above. Please see the specifications of the PCI slots from the above link and suggest cards which my desktop will be able to run.

Answer:Help in buying graphics card

What currency is that budget in? Also what power supply do you have?

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I am buying a new graphics card and I need to know how to find out what type I have in my computer now.
I run Win XP

Answer:I am buying a new graphics card and I need help.

a: comp specs
B: budget

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Hi, I am interested in buying a new graphics card for my PC but I dont know which one to get. I have 2 PCI card connectors and one AGP (with a power connector). My current card is an SiS 741. I would like a new card that has high fps and can generally handle gaming on moderate to high resolutions. Does anyone have one that springs to mind (i'm prepared to spend slightly over £100)? Also i've opened up my computer and cant see the graphics card in any slot (its location is, according to device manager, PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0). If it is therefore somehow built in, when installing a new one do I just remove the cards driver or is there a more complicated procedure?Thanks, Roger

Answer:Buying a new graphics card

SIS741 is most likely a built-in graphics chip. Not much around for AGP these days, as I only know NVidia numbers I would suggest a Geforce 7 card of some description, though you need to be sure your power supply is up to the task, 350watts minimum. For some cards, the amperage available on the 12 volt rail is important too - you can read the details on the side of your power here7600GS range are fairly capable, it depends on your other hardware as to what element of your setup becomes the bottleneck, if your PC is lowish spec then a powerful graphics card won't perform at its best.Check your PC specs; click here

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I am buying a new graphics card for my laptop and i am not sure if it is compatible with my computer. I don't know how to tell. I have a Lenovo Y710 that currently has an ATI Radeon 2300. Someone told me that this one might work.

ATI HD 4500 4570 M92 XT DDR3 256M MXM II Vedio VGA Card - eBay (item 120577637414 end time Jan-27-11 01:07:57 PST)

But I bought one and put it in my computer and all i get is green lines. The person i bought it from said it was tested and everything before it was shipped.

I just need to know if this card should be compatible with my laptop or find one that is.


Answer:Buying a new Graphics card

I've seen the green lines with video cards that are burning up (bad fans). That makes me wonder if you've got all the connections made properly. Those little ribbon cables and clamp sockets can be tough.

One other thought: did you go into the Device Manager and Remove (Uninstall) the old 2600 graphics adapter before you shut down and switched the graphics cards?

As for whether the new card is compatible, have you tried contacting Lenovo Tech Support?
I would suspect that if it fits in the laptop it would work.

For the others looking:
New Graphics card, can't get it to work

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Hey guys, I think I am ready to buy a new Graphics Card for my Acer TravelMate 5520 laptop. The one I currently have is the ATI Radeon Express 1250.
This is the one that came with my laptop and don't think it is really good enough anymore.
Could anybody give me a few suggestions of any good Graphics Cards that will fit my laptop.
I am looking for improvement on the last Card but I don't really want to be spending too much money.
More info look at the attached picture.
Graphics Card Info.png

Answer:Buying A New Graphics Card

You need a gfx card that is compatible with the MXM II standard.

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I have a asus p4c800 deluxe motherboard and i am wanting to know if the Gainward GF Bliss 7800GT 512MB will fit.

any help welcome

Answer:Buying a new graphics card

unfortunatly no this card will not fit because it is a PCI Express card and your mobo is AGP, BUT there is quite a nice card that BFG Technologies has designed for AGP , its a BFG Geforce 7800GS "overclocked edition"
here is a link ..
its only 256mb but you shouldnt worry about that at this stage because that card is ultra fast.
i hope this helps you

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Im' looking for some recommendations for a new graphics card. At the moment I use an NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra, but I think the fan's gone as it's making a high pitched noise thats doing my nut in.
I don't play games, just watch films, so somthing simple, cheap and quiet will do me.
I've attached some system info.

Many thanks if you can help. Chris

Answer:Buying a graphics card

Hi Chris! Since you didn't mention how 'cheap' you want to go, here's a link to some AGP cards ranging from around $40.00 to a little over $100.00. 1069609639 1305520548&name=NVIDIA Personally, I'd stick with a nVidia card and, since you don't game, something like this should fit your needs or this one BTW, what is the wattage of your PSU? The reason I ask is because the cards I posted require at least a 300W power source, or above. If you don't have at least 300w, post back and we can try and find you something decent with what you do have.

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Hi I got a budget of around £40-50 because my old xfx 8600gt broke.. And I just want something cheap as im building new pc at christmas anyway.

I have a P35 NEO Motherboard

And the card Im thinking of buying is:

If anyone can recommend better then please do. Im not sure what to look for
I just go by clock speed and mem speed.. But dont know what I should go by..

Also it says

Interface - PCI Express x16 (PCI Express 2.0)
My motherboard is only pci express x16 not pci 2.0.... But im 99% sure its backward compatible.

Any help appreciated.


Answer:Buying New Graphics Card, Which One Should I Buy ?

It would be better if you could save up a little bit more for a HD4850 / HD4770. Else the HD4670 is a good replacement for the 8600GT.

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Its been a year since i have made my pc and now i think is the time to change my graphics card. Currently i have a sapphire All in wonder 9800 pro and i am looking for an either x800 xt or an 6800 gt. Im not sure what to get, on one hand im thinking should i wait for another 1-2 years and completely revamp my pc with a pci express motherboard or should i stick with what i have and buy an AGP graphics card.I have a buget of about 250 pounds. My system specs are as follows:Gigabyte GA-8IK1100 motherboardIntel pentium 4 @ 3.2GHz Prescott (478)2x512mb dual channel @ 400mhz100gb harddrive @ 5500 rpmSapphire all in wonder 9800 pro 128mb400 watts psu.If anyone suggests an agp upgrade then could you kindly state what else should i upgrade with it.If not than what are the right options in the years to come. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

Answer:Buying a new AGP graphics card

Are you into any kind of hardcore gaming? If not, I would have thought that what you have is more than enough.

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Ok, so I have a Dell Dimension E310 which has a weak motherboard with only a PCI Express x1 slot for graphics card so upgrading is always a problem with me.

There are only 3 graphics cards on that run in a PCI express x1: - PCI Express x1, Desktop Graphics / Video Cards, Video Cards & Video Devices

But I also found this pci express x1 to x16 converter:

It says the graphics card will only run at the bus speed of 500 Mb/s which I have no clue what the means so please help me out!

My goal is to buy a graphics card that runs Call of Duty 4 and maybe some future games like Battlefield 3. I want to buy the converter and then a pci express x16 graphics card because its cheaper but i don't know if it will run smoothly! If you have any suggestions on what to do or any graphics cards you wanna point out, it is appreciated!

Answer:HELP Buying a new graphics card...

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I'm looking to purchase a new graphics card, unfortunately I'm not up on the graphics cards scene for gaming. So I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips or buying advice on what I could get for ?150 - ?200 that would be able to run the latest games, or for another comparison Oblivion on medium.Thanks in advance.

Answer:Buying Graphics Card Help


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my friend wants to buy a new graphics card but is only willing to spend a 150 bucks. I've narrowed it down to a couple they are:

any refurbished 6600gt from newegg
a refurbished 6800 from newegg
or any new radeon 9800pro 256mb

i know the nvidias are a little bit stronger but not sure about buying a refurbished one, any input would help.

Answer:Help buying graphics card

well between those three i think u can go for the 6800 as it will outperform the the other two easily
between i dont know whether it is good to for a refurbished card

so the best advice will be to go for the ATI card as the performance will be good enough as well u get the satisfaction of going for a new card. :grinthumb

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This is a bit complicated. I have a slightly older motherboard, and it still has a PCI card slot. But I need a graphics card (I play WoW) and there aren't any good PCI graphics cards. The only ones that I can find are PCIe. I have seen adapters that could resolve this issue, maybe, but I'm in no way a computer tech and I'm a little confused as to if and how that works. It's a homebuilt computer that my brother did up for me. Currently, I have a riser in there, since the case design requires it. So I guess my question is three-fold.Is there a PCI to PCIe riser (as in a riser that plugs into a PCI slot, but allows me the use of PCIe cards)?How well does a PCI to PCIe adapter work with graphics cards?Would it be better to just get a new motherboard with the right slots?

Answer:PCI card slot and buying a graphics card

A PCIe to PCI riser card doesn't really exist to do what you want.  I've seen PCI to PCI-E x1 adapters, however these require modifying to work with graphics cards as they are typically PCI-E X16, and thus larger than an X1 slot.  I wouldn't recommend going down this route as additionally, the PCI interface will choke any semi modern graphics card due to its low bandwidth and outdated design.The issue I see, is that it sounds like you have an oddball case if you need a riser card, so will a newer motherboard fit?  And, if your board is old enough to have no PCI-E slots, is the rest of your system up to spec to make a new graphics card worthwhile at all?If you could give us a little more information about your computer, we can see what would be the best option for you.

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Im pretty new to all this and basically just want to buy a graphics card with s-video out to connect an oldish PC to the TV to view the media on there. How do I find out what kind of graphics card I need?

Also is it easy enough to install a graphics card?

Thanks for any help

Answer:buying and installing a graphics card

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I currently have 2 8800 GTSs in SLI configuration and was looking for a 1 card solution. I would really like something that will run all the current games and the highest settings. I have been out of the graphics card market for a minute so bare with me.

Answer:Buying a new graphics card. Need a little advice

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I want to add another monitor to my PC to extend the desktop.
The choice of graphics cards is confusing me!

I can get a cheap on from eBay for under £5. (Or very cheap anyway.)
Or I can spend £XXXXX on a really expensive one.

I don't need it for gaming or anything: just standard use.
Won't really be watching videos on it or anything.

Should I just go for a cheap one?

I can get hol dof a second hand Matrox card with dual heads.
Are these OK?


Answer:Need advice buying a graphics card.

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Hello All

I want to install graphics card in my system.

I generally don't play games. I use my machine for Word application, watching movies, listening to music etc.

My main intention of installing the card is because I want to run Vista on it.

My system configurations are

AMD Athelon 3000 processor 2 ghz.
Asus motherboard
1.5 GB DDR I Ram

I'm ready to spend 2500 Indian rupees

here are available options to choose from

If you need more info. plz. tell me because I'm fresher.

Answer:Solved: Help buying graphics card

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Hi,I'm thinking about buying a Geforce 7600 based card, specifically this one:click hereBasically at present I have a 256mb Avanhard Radeon 9550. It's a piece of junk. My system restarts randomly if I use it for more than 6-7 hours, and if I play graphics intensive games like HL2, that drops to 2-3 hours. So I'm wondering, would the restarts happen less often with the Geforce 7600 card? I'm currently using an old GF2 in it, and the restarts don't seem to be happening anymore. Of course though I want something a bit more powerful for games.BTW yes my system/ graphics card is out of warranty. My system is:ASRock K8Upgrade-1689 Motherboard AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+ Model 12, Stepping 2 CPU Speed: 1999 MHz 1.5gb ramThanks for any help.

Answer:Buying a Less Unstable Graphics Card

card looks ok, I would also get a new psu as a faulty one can cause the symptoms that you have, more so if it was a cheap one the came with the pc.

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I am hopefully going to get a new computer soon with 1GB Ram, 320GB, 1.80ghz dual from DELL, anyways i wanted a decent graphics card aswell. So doing a basic search of top graphics cards i found an 'about' website with the top 10, the top being 8800GTX which is way out of my price range but the second is 8800GTS which comes to 260 pounds, or around $580. I am thinking about buying this for Halo 2 Vista and bloody looks amazing!!!

I want to know if this is a decent graphics card to buy, or if i can get an equally as good one for cheaper, and would 1GB Ram be a reasonable amount for Halo 2? 1GB is recommended but i think for gaming 2/4GB is better but if i was to upgrade the ram it means i would have to reduce my budget on the graphics card.

Please tell me if this graphics card is good!, Suggest a better/equally as good one for cheaper price! 1GB OK? or does it really have to be 2GB?

Having to do with a ****e Nvidia FX5200 PCI ooooh can just about play HL2 lol,

thanks for any help,
its appreciated,

Answer:Buying Graphics Card... 8800 GTS?

actuallyl the 8800 gts is only 299 right now, have fun

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Hi, I am thinking about buyign a new graphics card. I have a Dell Dimension 5100, and looking for a PCI-Express one, supporting DVI and having TV out (which im sure most do). But no more than about £120. I have seen a couple already but wanted to get the vieews of you guys out there. ThanksAidan

Answer:Buying new graphics card, any suggestions?

its out of stock,but they get new stock in every few days.If you order when theyre out of stock,they can get it sent from the supplyer to speed things up click hereOr this click hereOr this with double the memory click here

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i have a gateway with a pentium has 256 memory and the graphic cars is a nvidia tnt2 32 ..i want to replace i looked at at best buy said..2.0 compliant..?i dont know if my boards agp slot is 2.0 compliant..? went to gateway sight and fornd motherboard specs and it said it was 2.1 compliant..? can i install a newer nvidia card..? the one i was lookinf at was a asylum..,something like that ...with 64 memory..thanks

Answer:buying a new graphics card..2.0 compliant..?

It should work fine.. I wouldn't spend a whole lotta money on a older system though.. If you look in the "Tips & Tricks" forum under my "Bargain of the Day"

Geforce4 $29.99, Mar 13 has the Pine XFX GeForce4 MX440se 64MB SDR with TV Out only $29.99 after rebate.
$20. rebate:

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Ok is it possible to find a place to buy a leading graphics card with a compatible motherboard included? I've tried several different places, but can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. Now I don't want to buy an entirely new computer. I just want either the best ATI or best NVidia graphics card with a compatible motherboard. Anyone know a place they recently saw sales for this or anything even close to being similar? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

PS didn't really know if this is the right forum, but I am looking for hardware after all.

Answer:Help buying a graphics card+motherboard

first off what CPU are u going to use?

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I have a pc with the flg specs:

Phenom II X6 1090T
M4A88-EM/1394 motherboard
Seagate 1TB+500GB+500GB HDD
Transcend DDR2 800 6GB RAM
Windows 7 Ultimate X64
Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 500W psu

My Current graphic card is xfx radeon hd 4670 1gb. I'm planning to buy a graphic card that replaces my current one. I can't decide which one to buy. My budget is 8000INR(approx 135USD). I play games like need for speed series( hot pursuit 2, the run), Just Cause 2, AC brotherhood etc. I need a card that could be able to run these games on med-high settings(probably not extreme settings ). My monitor is Samsung SyncMaster 2033 19.5" @ 1600x900 resolution. I think the games can smoother at this resolution. I've looked the radeon 7770 card. It is nice and has some power for my requirements. But it''s price is bit high in India(~10000INR). So suggest me a card that would be running the games(incl latest) on med-high settings on my native resolution.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Graphics card buying suggestion

I would go with either the 7770 or 6850, Nvidia don't have great cards at that price point.

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Hi, :wave:

I currently have an X800 XT PCI EXPRESS graphics card...and i am thinking of buying the new X850 XT PE.

Is it actually worth buying this? or do you think i would be better off waiting for the next generation of cards.

Many Thanks in advance...

Answer:Is it worth buying a new graphics card?

What you have is good. I would wait. :bounce:

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Hi guys and girls,

I need help. My brother's begging for XNA Creators Club Online. Hardware requirements are a graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 1.1. I need a new graphics card as my graphics cards sucks (GeForce4 MX 4000) and so does my graphics card knowledge. But I wanna change that. I have a few questions I hope someone could help answer, thanks:

1. My motherboard can plug both PCI or AGP. Could someone tell me which is superior?

2. Could anyone recommend some low end graphics card that would meet the above requirements please? My budget range is ₤20 to ₤50. MY pc spec: 1.8GHz process, with 750 RAM.

Any gems shared would be appreciated! Thanks alot techies.

Answer:Buying a Graphics Card... XNA and PCI/PCIe/AGP

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I have a Dell Dimension 4700 with a Radeon X300 SE GC. The card has given up & I need to replace it. Is it worth buying the same, or would I be better to upgrade. I do not use it for games, but I often connect a 2nd Monitor or TV to it. How do I find out what is suitable? & can anyone recomend one please?

Answer:Buying Graphics Card Advice

It has a PCIe slot, so there should be any number of cards you could use. Graphics card aren't my thing (on-board graphics is good enough for my needs), but I'm sure someone can recommend a decent, inexpensive, one for you.

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I'm potentially looking to upgrade to a new Graphics Card. Want to spend at most £100 (preferably less!)Current system has an ASUS A7V400-MX Motherboard.I have a couple of free PCI Slots and a free AGP slot. From what I've read I'm better off using the AGP slot. I currently only have 256Mb of memory but expect to increase this.Any useful advice welcomed.Thanks.

Answer:Ad vice on buying a New Graphics Card

Nice card here click hereYou could really do with getting a lot more memory for your computer. At least 1gb preferably.

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what are my options for a good graphics card withing $100?

My Pc has intel dg 31pr board with 4gb ddr2 ram and core 2 due processor .

Answer:Buying a new graphics card in USD $100 range

what is your psu specs

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if i was going to buy a new graphics card for any pc, what would be the specs i should look for. my friend told me that i need to look for bus speed and see if the motherboard would be able to run it but is there anything else i need to look for.
remember, this is not for any pc inperticuler

thank you

Answer:Solved: Buying a new graphics card

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I'm playing Splinter cell and it slows down a little and after a while freezes when playing with highest quality settings. My graphics card is AMD Radeon 6450 HD. I have 4gb of ram (which I plan to double) and an i3-2100 processor.

So what graphics card should I buy?

Answer:Solved: Advice Please: I'm buying a new graphics card

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Hello every one . i'm new at techspot ... i hope everybody is fine ...

so lets get to the point .. actually these days i'm planning to buy a graphics card (VGA or video card) ... but the problem is that i cant find the proper 1 ... which would be suitable for me ... actually an year ago i had a pc , it was :

P 4 1.7 GHz.
512 MB RAM
and 32 MB external VGA ... i can't remember ... from which company it was ... but i sold that 1 and brought nVidia FX 5200 128 MB AGP 8x ....

and after that what i had in my mind was that now it games i play would be running very smoothly ... but it didn't happen ... but thats an old story ... but keeping that in my i thought i should ask some one to assist me in buy a proper graphics card for my pc which i have at the moment ....

first of all let me tell you what type of games i play .. or i would like to play ... Hitman Blood Money , Splinter Cell Series , C&C Generals , C&C Generals Zero Hour , NFS Underground 2 , NFS Most Wanted , NFS Carbon , Prince Of Persia Series , Stronghold Series and there is an upcoming game from UBI Soft ... Assassin Creed ... and there might be some others i can't remember of at the moment.

I Wanted you guys to help me find a proper graphics card to play all these games ... if not with excellent performance than with smooth at least.

i read the guide toVideo Cards Upgrades/ Questions By cfitzarl and i'm trying to provide you each and every detail of my PC , ... Read more

Answer:Assistance Required for buying a Graphics Card

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Ive been browsing the web for new games that have come out that i want to buy and have checked compatability on system requirements lab but thay all seem to fail on the graphics card front. I have a ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 (ATI Radeon Xpress Series (0x5975)) according to the lab. What do you guys think is the best card for me to get on a medium budget? for use with gaming that will fit in my Dell inspiron 1501


Oli T:rolleyes:

Answer:Buying new Graphics card for Dell Inspiron?

I had a quick look at dells and they don't sell upgrades for video cards for inspirion 1501. also nothing at ebay so you may have to with this card or try to contact dell and ask the support.


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Hello, I have recently decided to get a new graphics card for my HP Compaq Presario CQ5320Y. After opening it up I only see one PCI slot and 2 black slots that are unkown to me. I have done a little research and some sites say that there are PCI express slots but i am not sure which ones those are. Anyways after looking around, I decided on this card but am still not sure if its the best i should get, an suggestions? I am looking for a card for mostly gaming and am willing to spend up to $100 - $150 tops. This is the one I have decided on so far. Galaxy Technology 512 MB DDR3 GeForce GTS250 Graphics Card 25SFF6HX1RUI (sorry about no links unable to post links or images for now)

Answer:Deciding on buying new graphics card and need help with motherboard slots

The HP Compaq Presario CQ5320Y does have 1 PCI-E x16 slot and 1 PCI-E x1 slot. The best option for you would be to purchase an ATI Radeon HD 5770. It will give vastly superior performance compared to the GTS 250. However, for either card, your PSU will be insufficient. Presently your system has a 250W PSU. You will need one in excess of 400W with sufficient amperage on the 12V rails. The Corsair 400CX should be good enough but the 450VX is a safer bet.

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First, let me start off by saying that I'm not the biggest gamer in the world...

I currently have an XFX Radeon HD 7770 1GB and it's just not up to the task anymore. I don't play a lot of games, but I do play the odd one and I would like to take advantage of my monitor's resolution when I do. I also do a lot of 3D CAD work and rendering, so speed there is important too.

I'm looking at an AMD R9 series card, and I've narrowed it down to the 280 and the 280X. The 280X is about $60 more expensive than the 280, but I'm wondering if it's really worth it to go for the 280X. I'm not sure that I'll need all of that power for modest gaming and rendering. On the other hand, it's only 60 bucks.

Opinions? Thoughts?


Answer:Buying a graphics card - R9280 or R9 280X? Help me decide, please.

If the extra $60 isn't an issue, I'd go with the 280X.

What games do you play when you game? If it's stuff that's not too demanding, then you'd be just fine with the 280. If it's stuff like FarCry 4, Assassin's Creed Unity or Dying Light, then you should get the 280X.

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Hi everyone. So I've been having a lot of problems with my computer lately. By that I mean it gives me BSOD a lot of times when I play games. So I decided to buy some new ram hoping that the BSOD will go away but it didn't. Its not a big problem because I did want to get new rams anyway. So right now, I've been reading a lot about the BSOD error I get which BlueScreenView program says it's caused by driver dxgkrnl.sys which leads to the graphics card. I have the GTX 480 and I had it ever since it came out so its been 3 years now which I think its dying on me and might be the reason why I keep getting BSOD.

I do have all the drivers installed and I've re installed Windows 7 a couple of times too.

I've attached the dump files from the BSOD maybe you guys know what to do.

So I want to buy a new Graphics Card, GTX 680 I'm just not sure which one to get. Main reason is because I want to max out the newest games like Far Cry 3, Crysis 3, etc and hopefully by getting a new Graphics Card it will solve my problems with the BSOD.

Here is my system specs now:

Case: Coolermaster Haf X

Motherboard: EVGA X58 3X-Sli

Memory Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 12GB (3 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)

Processor: Intel Core i7 930 Quad Core 8MB Cache 2.8GHz

Heatsink: Coolermaster V8

Video Card: GTX 480 PNY

Power Supply: Corsair 850W

Monitor: LG 1920x1080 Full HD (23 Inch)

Hard Drive: Western D.1tb + WD 150Gb

OS: Windows 7 64Bit

My Files

If ... Read more

Answer:IMPORTANT: Buying new Graphics Card - BSOD Problem

How old is your current power supply?

A 0x116 crash usually means the display card or power supply if the crashes are due to hardware. Check that the display card has clean contacts and is not covered in dust. Try Another Display Card - Clean Contacts - Remove Dust
Have you tried older/newer display card drivers?NVIDIA Driver Downloads - Advanced Search


NVIDIA Driver Downloads

Advanced Driver Search

Product Type: GeForce
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Product Series: GeForce 400 Series
Product: GeForce GTX 480
Recommended/Beta: Recommended/Certified


Name Version Release Date
GeForce 314.22 Driver WHQL 314.22 March 25, 2013
GeForce 314.07 Driver WHQL 314.07 February 18, 2013
GeForce 310.90 Driver WHQL 310.90 January 5, 2013
GeForce 310.70 Driver WHQL 310.70 December 17, 2012
GeForce 306.97 Driver WHQL 306.97 October 10, 2012
GeForce 306.23 Driver WHQL 306.23 September 13, 2012
GeForce 301.42 Driver WHQL 301.42 May 22, 2012
GeForce 296.10 Driver WHQL 296.10 March 13, 2012
GeForce 295.73 Driver WHQL 295.73 February 21, 2012
GeForce 285.62 Driver WHQL 285.62 October 24, 2011
GeForce 280.26 Driver WHQL 280.26 August 9, 2011
GeForce 275.33 Driver WHQL 275.33 June 1, 2011
GeForce/ION Driver v270.61 WHQL 270.61 April 18, 2011
GeForce/ION Driver v266.58 WHQL 266.58 January 18, 2011
GeForce/I... Read more

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Hello. I have a question with a sincere honest answer or opinion.

If I am going from my EVGA GeForce 512 MB DDR3 PCI-E 9600GT Overclocking video card (already 3 years old now since the release of the processor) to the newer EVGA GeForce GT 430 1 GB DDR3 PCI-E 2.0 Graphics Card (01G-P3-1430-LR) (released in October 2010) result in better graphics than what I have now???

I know the graphics card is more of EVGA 430 series's 'economy' line, but I hear that it is really not bad for the low price. I need to know if it will be a good fit? Will I actual be ahead?

Okay, my video graphics habit implications I know your asking yourself...

A. I have Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I have 8 GB of RAM.
B. Basically, I am not a true blood gamer. To be honest, I rarely play games with the inherent downloaded Microsoft Games in Windows 7 at times.
C. I am using the DVI connection cable for an (1) older 19 inch Samsung SyncMaster 930B LCD Monitor.
D. I do alot of photo and video editing with the latest Corel and Adobe professional products plus other like-products.
E. I use the "highest screen" resolution AT ALL TIMES (1280 x 1024). I never switch out to a lower resolution.

Okay, any issues you see here I may have with my habits?

Based on the EVGA GeForce 430 GT line compared to the GeForce 9600 GT line, where am I ahead? ...where am I regressing?

Please reply.

Thank you!

Answer:Looking into buying the EVGA GeForce GT 430 1 GB DDR3 graphics card, a good idea?

Hmm, based on your screen resolution and PC usage, I'm not sure you'd actually notice much of an improvement.

Why don't you set GPU-Z to run for a few days set to logging and switch to it to check the current and max usage of the various readouts whenever you have a few minutes? Check through the logs every few days to gain an overall feel for how it's coping.

I don't see much point in upgrading for performance reasons if your current card is being stressed less than say 65% under a normal working load.

If you feel the need for a newer card, why don't you look for one based on lower power consumption or lower noise output? Or search out a workstation card that's better optimised for the type of usage you've given.

Or if it's just money you need to spend I think extra real estate in the form of a second monitor might increase your productivity.

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hii,   how to install nvidia drivers that has come with driver cd.  I tried but failed to do that show driver is not compatible with hardware?  i couldn't understand that problem ? 

Answer:How to install nVidia Graphics card driver in z570 core i5 2gb Graphics Card

Hi pdayya, Which exact model NVIDIA graphics adapter do you have in your Z570?have you flicked the switch on the front of the laptop? In case of discrete nvidia graphics have a look here... Zehn

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Hi, I have a EVGA e-GeForce 7600GT 256 MB PCIe Video Card which supports the SLI technology allowing me to link up 2 or more graphics cards for greater performance. Now this card has DDR3 memory. I wanted to know if I can link it up with a DDR2 memory graphics card which also supports SLI. If I can, how will this difference affect performance?

Answer:Linking a DDR2 memory graphics card with DDR3 SLI graphics card?

Now this card has DDR3 memoryClick to expand...

Which card?? "A card with DDR3 memory", or "A thingy with a red switch on it" tell us just as much.
But if it's not another 7600 GT you're trying to SLi, just forget it, especially if you're going to buy the other card.

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Hi Everybody, Ok People I'm well and truley stuck ! I consider myself "OK" with PC's and how they work, but Graphics cards !! I really don't know were to start ! I've got about £60 - £80 Quid to spend on a AGP Graphics card (A little more if it's a great one) Can anybody help ? Any Ideas on good makes ?? I'll be doing a bit of game play butloads of Video (If that helps ?) It's to be fitted to a ASUS Delux Mother Board with 2 Gig bus....... Please Help Me !!Bez

Answer:Buying AGP Graphics Cards ??

Do you read P C Advisor by any chance?

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Hi for the last 4 months ive been trying to fix a problem that ive been having with my computer.
about 4 months ago I did a major pc upgrade where i replaced my motherboard, processor, ram, heat sink, power supply and case, the only things I used from the original computer where 2 HDD's, 1 SDD and my AMD radeon HD 6950 2gb.

Now ive have the most strange issue where i can be watching a video off the HDD or surfing the web on youtube etc and not long after I start the activity my computer will turn off like if I had flicked the switch on the back of the power supply and then it boots back up again and will run fine until i start up an activity again and then it does exactly the same thing and reboots, there is no BSOD shown nor Dumps Created.

Ive tried many things to sort this out and have RMA'ed the power supply and the motherboard (the motherboard wasn't a direct replacement as they didn't sell my original board anymore which was a gigabyte ga-x79-ud5, now i have an asus p9x79 deluxe). I have tried only plugging in one HDD/SSD and then tried a spare HDD when that failed, i have tried one ram stick at a time and still nothing.

now heres where it gets strange whilst trying to rule out differnt hardware i switched my AMD card out for a very old 512mb, pcie 1.0 x16 nvidia graphics and since then my computer has been running marvelously i can have it playing videos for hours, days even(although i havent properly tested for days) and not a single problem at all.

The ... Read more

Answer:Random restarts with AMD graphics card but not Nvidia graphics card

Quote: Originally Posted by cannotdisplay64

so i think ive narrowed it down to a driver error with amd and another driver with my new board, a damaged AMD card, a second dodgy power supply or something else that i haven't thought about or discovered yet.

Has anyone else had a similar problem or have any suggetions as im pretty much all out of ideas at this point and its starting to grind my gears that i cant use my expensive new computer as it should be. Any help is appreciated.


P.S. sorry about any spelling or punctuation mistakes made but Im very tired at the time of writing this and will be going to bed

The comparison you are making between GPU brands is pointless as a diagnostic. The MAIN difference I can see is that one card requires external power, and the other one does not. A proper diagnostic would be to test another GPU that requires external power.

I've heard that the specific PSU you bought will sometimes not power all the hardware it is supposed so.
People saying it could barely power a SSD, or even an extra fan.

My thoughts. Try using another PSU, try using a similar GPU. Use your old PSU and see if it still happens for starters.

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My graphics display suddenly stopped for my computer. My PC is not even recognising my monitor, I tested my monitor with some other PC's and it is working properly. I though graphics card not working.??

But since my existing graphics card is gone and there is no on board graphics card on my PC I am not able to uninstall existing graphics card and install new one.

Could some one please suggest me what to do in this situation to see some thing in monitor so that in can start doing Uninstall/Installtions.?

Thank you very much for your replies in advance. I really apprecite it.


Answer:How to install graphics card when the existing graphics card in not working.

You could always stick the new one in and boot up in safe mode. Then proceed to uninstall all the remnant drivers. That *shouldn't* cause any problems, but it may be choppy when you boot up.(I've had this happen before, swapping a Riva TNT2 for a GF6600).

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Can i install a tv tuner card (psi) and a graphics card (agp) at the same time?
Also how to I disable shared graphics? I am running Windows XP

Answer:TV Tuner Card, Graphics card, Disabling Shared Graphics

RichardB49 said:

Can i install a tv tuner card (psi) and a graphics card (agp) at the same time?
Also how to I disable shared graphics? I am running Windows XPClick to expand...

You sure can!!,not sure what you mean by shared graphics though

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I want to buy either a ATI Radeon 9600 or 9800 model graphics card.Should I go for a 9600 Pro with 256mb or a 9800 Pro with 128mb?Is there any difference performance wise?The graphics card is going to be installed in a low-spec Packard Bell machine which has approx 128MB of RAM installed in the memory slots.

Answer:Do MB matter when buying graphics cards?

A graphics card with the same amount, or more, memory than the motherboard? You won't show it to its full potential by any means.You'd be better saving a few pennies more and getting an up-to-date motherboard.

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I'm currently considering buying THIS graphics card as a low cost alternative to my integrated graphics. My question is, would this be good enough for gaming (i don't mind low quality settings, as long as I get good FPS), and how much better would it be than the integrated graphics in my (P4 3.0 GHz, 1 gig RAM) computer.

EDIT: It's a Dell Dimension E510 with the intel 82945G integrated graphics.

Answer:Considering buying Radeon X1300, would it be better than int. graphics?

almost anythign is better than integrated grpahics. what motherboard does your dell use and are you sure it has a PCI-E slot?

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Not sure if this is in the right section of forum :s but here goes,

im looking to buy a new laptop for under ?500 for normal things, but also for mediocre gaming with games such as Battlefield 1942, Medieval 2 total war, Counter Strike Source and especially the up and coming Empire Total war.

I was wondering, on the Empire website it says that the minimum requirements are:

Operating System: Windows XP 32(service pack 2), Windows Vista 32 OS.

Processor: 2.4 GHz Single Core Intel or AMD equivalent processor.

System Memory: 1GB RAM (XP) 2GB RAM (Vista).

Graphics Card: 256MB DirectX 9.0c compatible video card (shader 2.0 or higher).

Sound Card: Directx9.0c compatible sound card.
Windows compatible mouse & keyboard.

15 GB free uncompressed hard drive space.


The laptop im looking at has these specs: (also heres the links for both websites of minimum specs and laptop)

NEWS | Empire: Total War
Toshiba L300 1G9 PDC T3400 4GB 250GB 15.4" Laptop - Tesco.Direct

Processor Intel Pentium Dual Core T3400
Processor Bus 667
Processor Cache 1MB
Processor Speed 2.16

Graphics Shared Intel GL40 (Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500)

Now with the minimum specs for empire total war being a 2.4 GHZ single core processor, and the laptop having a 2.16 GHZ dual core processor, do you think ill be okay to run the game?

Also, according to Notebookcheck (Notebookcheck: Comparison of Graphic Cards)
the GMA 4500 (533MHZ) should be abl... Read more

Answer:Processor and graphics question, for buying laptop?

Intel graphics suck, and any laptop that will be able to play E:TW decently would be rather more expensive than that. Maybe at very low graphics settings...

You might want to look into this laptop, my friend has one and it can play Oblivion at 30fps on medium, for ?430 (inc VAT, free delivery) (which is annoying considering he got it for ?490 a month ago). The processor probably isn't as good as an Intel equivelant however.

See what others think, though.

Edit: According to that Notebookcheck website, the graphics on the laptop I just mentioned (Mobility Radeon HD3200) rates as 2500 compared to 1500 for the Intel 4500. So, about 60% better.

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My computer has been lying around for a bit now, and it's in need of some hefty upgrades I think

I tend to only get in touch with the market when I buy a new PC (research, research, research) so was wondering if you guys could give me some advice

Current System Specs:

Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe

AMD Athlon 4600+ (2411 MHz Dual)

4 Gig of DDR PC2-6400 (667 Mhz)

nVidia Geforce 7900 GT

Running out to a 19" 1280 x 1024 screen (widescreen when I can afford it xD)

I'm looking to spend about £100-£140 ish quid on a new graphics card, preferably a single card so I can SLI at some point in the future.

If anyone also knows, I'd be willing to spend about £100 on a new processor.


Answer:Out of Touch with graphics cards: Buying advice?

This is selling for around $100 US and is a decent card. If you want to spend a little more you could wait a little bit for the faster cards @ the 40nm architecture

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ASUS GT240 graphics card "ERROR CAN NOT FIND GRAPHICS CARD" Can anyone help me with this error message? I can hear the windows startup sound but it shows no display so i plugged the cable into the motherboad and an error box opend wich stated "ERROR CAN NOT FIND GRAPHICS CARD" with no additional information. I searched online and found that asus smart doctor can cause this and they recommend that you uninstall and reinstall the drivers to fix this problem but the pc is not picking up the graphics card to reinstall all the needed drivers. I also found people with the same problem and after they did a clean install of windows7/vista and all the drivers the error box still appeared. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Do you have the PCIe set as first to initialize in the BIOS? Also, have you tried the card in another slot on the MoBo? Have you tried cleaning out the slot with canned air? Have you tried using a pencil eraser to gently clean the contacts in the GPU where it plugs into the PCIe?

And please, thoroughly fill out your System Specs by clicking on the tab under your post.

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Oddball question I know, but I can't find an answer to this specific question and now I'm paranoid that I may have somehow borked my PC worse than it was before.  I'll give as detailed of an account as possible, so please don't mind the length.  Here's what happened;So my GeForce 8800 GTX's fan was making a horrible buzzing sound and every time I tried to run a game, even something graphics-light like Torchlight, the card's temp would jump up to a terrifying 77+ degrees.  Since the rest of the computer was running nice and cool and because of the fan's noise I figured it must be the card's fan.  Cleaned it, installed it back in, same thing was happening.  Took it out, decided to unscrew the fan to give it a really good cleaning...and managed to get a screw stuck inside the card.  Stupidity on my part, but doesn't change the fact that now my 8800 GTX is pretty much dead.   Then I remembered that I use to have an 8600.  Asked a family member where she put it.  Found it...inside a box...without anything covering it.  Can't blame her, she doesn't understand computers all that much, but taking into account where it was left and that she probably didn't handle it properly it was dubious at best that it would work.  Still, I figured "what do I got to lose?" and installed the thing.  Turned on the computer.  Mobo lights up, but no boot-up be... Read more

Answer:Should a CPU's fan spin even with a dead graphics card/no graphics card?

QuoteNow for all I know this is what is suppose to happen, that without a graphics card the mobo doesn't start the boot sequence at all.Do you have onboard graphics?Does the 8800 GTX still work even though the fan is stuck? If so, then you know your mobo and CPU are OK.

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I have new dell with ATI RadeonTM X300.. it supports 2 display mode.. I was wondering is it better to use one graphics card with dual screen.. or having two graphics card on same system. I have extra dual head GeForce FX5500 from my old system.

I am using system for video editing and graphics.

thanks for any help

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I just installed my graphics card and it hasnt changed performance much. My intregrated card uses 128mb ram I think. I have 768mb ram and it still says 640mb ram after installing the new card it did not free it up. I guess the old controller is messing with it?

In the device manager I disabled the display adapter before installing the new card. However it was a nvidia controller and there is lots of nvidia stuff in the device manager
since my new card is using nvidia software also I really dont know what else to to disable or uninstall.
The display adapter is now the new card that part is working I guess

The card I just installed is 3d fuzion Specifications
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® MX 4000
Bus Type: PCI
Memory: 128MB

here is the link to more specifications

These are the specifications on my computer

Microsoft windows xp home edition version 2002 service pack 2
Emachines T6528
AMD Athlon 64 processor
2.21 ghz
it says 640mb ram tho I have 512mb and 256mb rams sticks in it.

Answer:My intregrated graphics card is messing with my new graphics card

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I have an HP desktop, with Windows XP, and an AMD 64 X2 dual core processor with an on board graphics card (which supports one monitor). I added an add-on graphics card (which supports 2 monitors), but had to disable the on-board video card to do so. Is there any way to use/enable both graphics cards so I can view 3 monitors at the same time?

Answer:can I use onboard graphics card AND add on graphics card simultaneously?

I don't think so... I wanted the same thing but ended up disabling my on board graphic card... But maybe I'm wrong...

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Hey, recently, I have came up with an idea of a fourth monitor, but my GPU (970) supports only three, which ones that I own. It has fourth one but I don't have the right cables for it for now.
I noticed that my motherboard has two open video ports, one being VGA which I needed. So, I tried just plugging it in and seeing what happens but it doesn't seem to work, I have tried looking for results around the internet and BIOS but they don't seem to work. The three monitors which I have plugged into my GPU, work perfectly fine, but, as I said, the motherboard's VGA port doesn't work. I have heard that such thing definitely is possible, but I cannot find out what I need to do.

Does anyone have an answer to this?

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I have a desktop system which is quite old. But it was quite decent to play some of the games infact still now there is not any issues in it.Recently some of the new games stopped working in my desktop. Tekken 7 for example gave me an error which says "graphics card doesn't meet minimum requirements". I dont have quite a powerful graphics card in my system that may be the reason. But surprisingly the same game worked on my office's desktop which was Dell Optiplex 3040 with no graphics card and i5 processor.Here is the snap of my system...Do I need to upgrade the graphics card only or the whole system. If possible I would like to spend my whole budget for decent graphics card if upgrading only it can solve the issue...

Answer:Do I have to upgrade Graphics Card only or the whole Mobo + Graphics Card

I dont see your system specs or a snapshot of system. Knowing model number and make of computer works as well instead of a snapshot if you know that. So what is the system specs of computer info of the system that your thinking about upgrading?Your office computer the Optiplex with the Core i5 is able to handle games because the Integrated Intel HD Graphics are actually not that bad. The Intel HD Graphics can make games playable, but depending on the game they will either play well or play ok, or crawl with low frame rate. The error message your getting is that the game tests the hardware before it runs and due to GPU being to old it will abort and give up this message. The good thing is that most desktops have a PCI Express slot available to add a video card. The video card to add depends on if its a small form factor type of computer or small tower where card dimensions might be an issue was well as what you have for a power supply and what type of card you want to add to just be able to play the games or do you want the higher end performance such as from a nVidia GTX GPU card where you might have to also upgrade the power supply to handle the heavier load of the system. Lastly some games are GPU intensive, but happy with 1 or 2 cores of a CPU. Are there any other games other than Tekken 7 that dont play that you would like to play? As well as any games your considering buying in the future to where we need to make sure you dont under upgrade your system and end up ha... Read more

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Hi i am rishikesh from india wana ask a question is lenovo y410 775754q model having a Integrated graphics if so  is there an option for putting addition graphics card into it. aslo my laptop is geting to much heated up at a very short interval  i am much worried abt it pls give me some suggestions

Answer:Integrated graphics card or Discrete graphics card

Buying a notebook means you have almost no upgrade options. You can't upgrade your video.Dust inside causes overheat. So also does the airflow blocking - like holding laptop on you knees.

//help will save the world

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Hey, recently, I have came up with an idea of a fourth monitor, but my GPU (970) supports only three, which ones that I own. It has fourth one but I don't have the right cables for it for now.
I noticed that my motherboard has two open video ports, one being VGA which I needed. So, I tried just plugging it in and seeing what happens but it doesn't seem to work, I have tried looking for results around the internet and BIOS but they don't seem to work. The three monitors which I have plugged into my GPU, work perfectly fine, but, as I said, the motherboard's VGA port doesn't work. I have heard that such thing definitely is possible, but I cannot find out what I need to do.

Does anyone have an answer to this?

Answer:Z97 Use Integrated graphics card along with external graphics card.

There are two different z97 models by ASUS, as far as I know. One is z97 A and the ohther is z97 K. Make it sure which one is your. Then go to ASUS's website and download the Intel Graphics driver for your particular model.

If the proper driver is assigned, and the BIOS is not blocking the integrated graphics, then the monitor plugged in to the motherboard's end should work.

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I've got $250 to spend on a graphics card, but I'm not sure where I should start looking, what brand / model I should buy, etc.

I'm looking for the best card $250 can buy. It can be a little over that, but preferibly not by too much.

I'd like something that'd be able to play games like Half-Life 2 on the highest settings with no lag. Currently I have a crappy nVidia GeForce 4 MX440 which plays HL2 fine, but.. I'm not satisfied with the graphics. Doom 3 is another game I'd like to play, but can only run it on the lowest settings and even then there is usually a ton of lag, nearly making the game unplayable.

Another issue is my power supply. I'm not sure at all how to check it. I've heard GFX cards can use up a lot of power, so I wanted to make sure if I bought a decent gpu it would be getting enough power. Help checking that would also be appreciated.

And one more thing.. AGP and PCI. Info regarding those would be nice as well. I think my current gpu is AGP, so would it matter if the next one I buy is PCI?

Thank you.

Answer:Buying a new GFX card

I have seen 6800GT's for just under $300. That is a beast of a card. If that is too much, you could consider the 6600GT or the x800xl. The 6600GT should be a little cheaper and performs great.

You will want to make sure you have a good power supply. Is this a prebuilt machine or a custom build? Some prebuilts (Dell, HP etc) have propiertary power supplies, so make sure if you get a new one it will work with your system. I would say you want at least 400w and at least 18a on the 12v rail.

You do NOT want a PCI card. Get AGP. You might of heard about PCI-e cards, which are very good, but will not work with your system. Plain PCI cards are not good at all.

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Im looking to spend about $150 on a new video card, since my sapphire radeon took a dump. I've heard there are lots of good cards on newegg, but they look like they're mostly 3rd party manufacturers.
Could anyone point out a good card to buy? Thanks :grinthumb

Answer:buying a new vid card

ATI Radeon 9800 non pro or 9600 pro. If you have a couple extra bucks I would go with the 9600 XT.

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i need to buy a pci graphics card but i live in australia. could someone please give me a site that ships internationally or an australian site where i can buy a good pci card .


Answer:Need help buying gfx card

Do a search on staticICE.Try pci video card as well.

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Question: Buying a new card

So ive just seen the stickied thread about when asking for an upgrade ill will post the information needed;

1. Motherboard - AsusTeK Computer INC. Grouper. Chipset = Intel i915P/i915G
2. Graphic interface - PCIe 1.0 (apparently can use 2.0)
3. Memory - 2.5gb DDR
4. CPU - Intel Pentium 4 505
5. CPU Speed - 2.6Ghz
6. Power Supply Make/Model - X-Power ATX 500TD
7. Watt output/Amperage - 500w

The only game i will be playing is World of Warcraft, i dont want a top class graphics card which going to cost me hundreds i want a graphics card which is less than £100, ($144) preferably under £70 ($101) but if needed i can go more.

I live in the UK (as might of guessed) but if you just name a suitable card then i can go hunting in shops and if needed online.

Answer:Buying a new card

Read your other posts as well and as you're aware you have a pretty dated system. The advice of saving up for an entire new system is the best option imo. However if you are adamant on just a new GPU to play World of Warcraft, I would think a 4670 would suffice. They run around $60-70 depending on who you buy them from. Unfortunately I do not know a good online retailer for the UK so hopefully someone else here can help. Also be aware that even a low-end card like the 4670 will likely be bottlenecked by your system. But the card alone should be just fine on your PSU, you could take a photo of the specs on the side of it though for us to double-check .

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Question: Buying a WAN card?

My T400 is on its way, but after hearing that the GPS in the AT&T WAN card is standalone, I kind of want one.  Is there any way to buy the internal WAN card though Lenovo (or somewhere else).  I believe it's part 42X6331.  Thanks.

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I'm planning to buy a graphics card to replace my current card, an NVidia GeForce 9500GT 1 GB (DDR2). My budget is of INR Rs. 8000. On inquiring at my local retailer, I found out that the best card I can get for that range is Gigabyte 450 GTS 1GB DDR5 (I'm prefer NVidia cards to AMD).

Is this a good choice? Also, here are my system specs. Is my CPU good enough so as to not bottleneck games while running them?

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300, 2653 MHz
RAM: Transcend 2 x 2GB DDR2-800 SDRAM
Monitor: Dell ST2210 [22" LCD]
Motherboard: Intel DG35EC
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
HDD: 250 + 500 GB SATA

Answer:Help with buying a new card (GTS 450)

Is your PC a pre-built machine (i.e. HP, Dell etc)? If so, I would advice looking at a possible power supply upgrade aswell as they are often shipped with a PSU that is only good enough to power the components it came with.

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seeing as i only have a pci slot and i am on a budget i need some advice as to what cards i can buy that will be alright to play new games on.

Answer:help buying a pci gfx card

Try this it will play all the new games and is the best PCI graphics card around.
You'll have to sacrifice quality for performance though but its still the best choice for PCI.
You can even get a 6200 PCI version but its difficult to find.

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I am just in the process of buying a new GFX card.

I have been thinking of getting the 4870. But is it worth getting a 1 gb version of it?

I havent seen any comparisons how much faster the 1gb version is over the 512 mb. Though I have heard that the 1 gb is faster but not sure how much

Any thoughts?


Answer:Buying a new GFX card

The 1GB version is 10-15% faster on average than its 512MB counterpart. IMO, it just depends on how much you get each one for. If both are at the same or almost at the same price, it's a no-brainer.

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My computer is 6 years old, i think.

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
OS Service Pack Service Pack 2
Internet Explorer 7.0.5296.0

CPU Type Intel Pentium 4A, 2000 MHz (5 x 400)
Motherboard Name Dell Computer Corporation Dimension 4550
Motherboard Chipset Intel Brookdale i845PE
System Memory 256 MB (PC2100 DDR SDRAM)
BIOS Type Phoenix (10/02/02)
Communication Port Communications Port (COM1)
Communication Port ECP Printer Port (LPT1)

Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 (64 MB)
3D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420
Monitor Dell E171FP (8R3392BFABZT)

Audio Adapter Creative SB Live! Series Audio Processor

It sucks but it's really reliable. Had it for close to 7 years and hasn't crashed once on me. Its running about the same speed when i first bought it. I need something that can run on it. I want to play some good games like BF2 if i cant and need to buy a new comp then ill guess ill buy a new one. I can also play counter strike source at 1024x768 res. Hope you guys can help me. Thanks.

Answer:Need help buying a card

Unfortunately you are probably limited to PCI video cards only.
Most of these cards will not run BF2 and other games well or even at all.

You said you have the option of buying a new computer, which I fully recommend if you can afford a decent midrange gaming PC. This will play BF2 much better than any card you choose for your Dell since you can get AGP and PCI-Express motherboards and videocards.

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If my motherboard currently has an intigrated graphics card, but has a PCI-E slot, do I need to do anything special after inserteing my graphics card and installing the drivers, or should it just work right away?

Answer:How do you switch from an integrated graphics card to an "external" graphics card?

Most modern PCs will detect the new installation of the PCI graphics card and automatically disable the onboard graphics, so yes it should just work.

If for some reason you have problems, you may have to make a change in the bios, I cannot be more specific because each bios is different depending on manufacturer, and model of the motherboard.

Install the card, connect your monitor to it and boot up, when you get into Windows install the driver and reboot.

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Hey, I am buying a new video card I willing to spend a maximum of 175 ish dolalrs canadian umm Any suggestions... is this a good card?

ATI RADEON 9550, 256MB AGP Video Card
Delivery info

Item Price Quantity Delivery

ATI RADEON 9550, 256MB AGP Video Card
Item Number 582846
Next Business Day

The RADEON® 9550 delivers an exceptional visual experience for the value minded gamer and PC enthusiast. With 128 bit and DDR memory and impressive processor speed of its innovative .13micron visual processing unit (VPU), the RADEON® 9550 takes you to a world of lush graphics with a stutter free experience. Its 4 pixel rendering pipelines with a fill rate of 1.0 giga-pixels per second combine to deliver dramatic image detail which adds to great 3D game play and a immersive video playback experience!
The RADEON® 9550 provides full support for Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 allowing you to immerse yourself in real-time cinematic game play for today’s and tomorrow’s game titles
Four parallel rendering pipelines process up to 1.6 billion pixels per second
Advanced digital video support for flat panel displays (DVI + VGA + VO and dual monitor support included)
Enhanced de-blocking technology delivers superior streamed internet video playback
Innovative decoding technology with reduced reliance on the main CPU significantly improves DVD and HDTV video playback quality
Driven with the industry leading stability and reliability of ATI’s CATALYST... Read more

Answer:Buying A New Video Card

For that money you can get either a 9600xt or a low end 9800, either would do you better then the 9550.

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I'm going to upgrade my graphic card and found that my mobo do support vga SLi ( m2n-e SLi). Searched on for a few days, there are a lot of vga cards in the market currently. Would any expert give me some advise on buying the most eco. SLi vga card with a budget 50 to 60 pounds.:wave:

Answer:Need advise on buying SLI vga card

In order to use sli you need to buy two, preferably identical, graphics cards...

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My system is 2.4GHz, 512Ram, GeForce 4 4200.

Question: My son and I do a lot of gaming. Would a newer video card improve game appearance/performance noticably enough to warrent buying one? (We'd be budgeting $200 or so.) We'd like to get reasonable performance out of HalfLife2, etc. Or. is it more sense to wait for next gen. cards?

Suggestions for any video cards?


Answer:Buying a New Video Card ??

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I have never used more than integrated audio in my life. When I went over to my friend's house and heard what a Sound Blaster Audigy sounded like, well I was blown away. I am looking for a new sound card but I have no desire to spend more than $50. I was thinking about a sound blaster live. Plz give comments or sugestions

Answer:Buying a sound card, PLZ HELP


PaulWuzHere said:

$50. I was thinking about a sound blaster live. Plz give comments or sugestionsClick to expand...

No suggestions needed. :wave:
Separate sound cards take a big load off the CPU
and give better sound quality.
I have non-oem SB live 5.1 that you should find for the $$'s
you want to spend....

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I have an HP Pavillion 1210n (i know, i know its kinda old)
Running windowx xp pro

So, i wanted to buy a new video card and i called up Hp for some prices. It turns out they dont have anyvideo cards for the1210n
The system comes with an integrated 256 ATI xpress 200 card.
I wanted to shop around for something. The sales associate said that the only kind of card my comp can handel is a 128? Is that true? But any way. Looking for some pointers.

Any help appreciated,

Answer:Buying a new Video card

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help me choose fellow geeks!!! geforce 6600gt 256 mb or radeon 9800 pro 128 mb.. thanks in advance

Answer:NEED HELP buying video card

i preffer geforce !!!

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Hello! I'm posting this to make sure I'm going to buy something that's going to work with my computer. Here's (hopefully) all the information you'll need to help me make a good choice. Thanks!!

I play WoW mostly because that's the only thing I can play on my computer. I am very interested in FPS games (Bioshock makes me slobber on my keyboard) F.E.A.R. and Portal look very interesting too and everything else in that area.

I'm willing to spend a decent ammount of money (200$~ish) so that I can have a good gamming experience. You know, high frame rate with beautiful graphics.

Here's some information about my power supply that I could pull off the side.

HIPRO (The brand name or company, it's in big letters at the top)
Model: HP-D3057F3R
AC input : (47-63 Hz)
DC output: +12V = / 19A
+12V shall not exceed 268W
Max output power 300W

Now here's some of my computer specs. I used the program CPU-Z to get them.
(Giving information highlighted in the guide on the forums I saw)

Name: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
Core Speed: 2004.2MHz

I couldn't see the second picture for some reason in the guide, so here's what I think is useful from "Mainboard"

Model: NODUSM3
Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 (lol I know right?)
Southbridge: NVIDIA nForce 410/430 MCP

(In the BIOS section)

Brand: Phoenix Technologies, LTD
Version: 3.07
Date: 0... Read more

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CPU: Intel® Celeron® D Processor 335
(2.80GHz, 533MHz FSB, 256KB L2 cache)
Operating System: Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Home (SP2)
Chipset: Intel® 865GV chipset
Memory: 768MB DDR 400
Expandable to 2GB
Hard Drive: 280GB
Optical Drive: CD-RW + DVD+RW Drives
Video: Intel® Extreme Graphics2 3D
64MB shared video memory
Sound: AC '97 audio
Network: Intel® PRO 10/100Mbps integrated Ethernet
Modem: 56K ITU v.92-ready Fax/Modem
Peripherals: Standard keyboard, 2-button wheel mouse, amplified stereo speakers
Ports/Other: 6 USB 2.0 ports (2 in front, 4 in back), 1 VGA external connector, 1 serial, 1 parallel, 2 PS/2, 5 audio (2 in front, 3 in back)
Dimensions: 7.25"W x 14.125"H x 16"D

I Only have PCI slots, i have 3 free PCI slots, i am on a budget of under 80$. Does anyone know a good PCI card for my computer? And would buying an Audio card help performance any?

Answer:Buying New Video Card PCI :(

This card looks pretty cool.
Hope this helps.

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Hi there everyone, I'm about to buy a new computer since my old one is broken and decided I want a nice good one; especially for newish games and the like. I'm building it myself (with the help of my brother) but I want advice from other people so I know I'm getting the best possible deal!So anyway, at this point I'm just unsure which graphics card I should buy. If it is a necessary bit of information, I plan to buy this CPU: The Q9400 Quad hereNow regarding graphics, I was going to buy this: Gainward Geforce 9800GT 1GB GDDR3click hereTo which I later found this one which I believe is the 'next step up' regarding Nvidia graphics cards (I'm not fully sure so please don't hesitate to correct me!) Gainward GeForce GT 240 "Golden Sample" 512MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card click hereSo in your professional opinions...which one should I buy?Thank you very much.Regards,SLNevitt

Answer:I'm buying a new computer; which gfx card??

what sort of budget are we looking at for the whole machine ?

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