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ext2 + typo = dead WinXP

Question: ext2 + typo = dead WinXP

Hi... I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, I'm posting it both here and in the linux forum

I accidentally made an ext2 filesystem (mke2fs) on top of my pre-existing Windows XP partition (accidentally typed /dev/sdb1 instead of /dev/sda1)... so now it won't boot, and I can't seem to mount it on any OS. Anyone have any ideas on how data on it could be recovered, or if there's any way to get it working again as-is?

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Preferred Solution: ext2 + typo = dead WinXP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: ext2 + typo = dead WinXP

Pull the drive and put it into an External USB Enclosure/Adpater. Mount it on a working computer and copy the files you want.

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is it possible to read the linux ext2 and ext3 or anything linux partions on windows??? i have info i would really really really like to get out of it

thanks in advance

Answer:linux Ext2 and Ext3 filesystems on winxp?


REad only
Not a bad driver so you can "mount" ext2/3 partitions and read/write through normal windows explorer kind of thing

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At work, we're reorganizing our storage areas, elminating what we can, keeping all we need, shrinking whatever we can.....

Apparently, 10-15+ years ago, all of our CAD machines were UNIX based and the way they backed up their drawings were 3.5 floppies (and maybe some 5 1/4 floppies, though we haven't found those.... yet....)

So my bosses want to back all of those disks and such up onto a harddrive and then a few CDs... I have no clue as to the number of disks we'd be backing up, but I'm sure this will be a "fun" job for the summer help lol

So my question to you...... How do you get the data from a presummed ext2 floppy disk, and copy it onto an NTFS partition? As of right now, I'm not sure that "set up a free-distro linux box and then mount a samba partition" is a feasible option (state work, red tape/etc/etc/etc/etc) Any other options?

I have a little bit of a background in Linux (little bit = playing around with Red Hat in the past.... 6.0, 7.2, I think)....

Thanks in advance!
Keep on Folding!! For the [H]orde!!

Answer:UNIX floppy (ext2?) to WinXP Pro (NTFS).... easy way?

What Unix OS were the machines running? I'd venture they were probably HP-UX, or IRIX.

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Question: EXT2 and Windows

Hi all

I have IPTV set top box, Dune HD Mini, that works very well.

For recording purposes, I had 2TB HD connected to it and had roughly 17Gb of recordings done and saved on it.

Same time, I noticed that Dune takes long time turning on, as it is reading through files on HD. I have 2nd Dune, w-out HD, and it starts 10 times faster.

In my wisdom, I swapped that HD for a smaller one, 256Gb. Planning on faster start up. So it does.

I backed up files on my PC. Moved 2Tb HD to PC and it is loading files on it as I type.

Here's problem that I have.

Dune wants any HD attached to it to be in EXT2 format. Period. It formats new HD to that format, or it will not recognize it.

As a result, I can not move my saved, Dune recordings files, onto that smaller HD. My PC runs on W7. It opened and backed up recordings fine, but the very moment I move 256 Gb HD to Dune, it wants to format it, as it is not in EXT2 format. Erasing all recordings on it, of course. If I move it back to PC, PC wants to format it now, "to make it accessible".

W7 gives me only 2 options to format HD. Either NFTS or some ...EXT something format, but no choice of EXT2.

Basically, I have those recordings stuck on PC in backup file now.:cry

To make things worse, we have major company coming in 5 days, and a lot of those recordings were done for their entertainment. Not to mention that my wife will be quite upset, as recordings have some of her very favorite programs recorde... Read more

Answer:EXT2 and Windows

If you want to format the hard drive as EXT2, download Gparted Live CD. Burn the iso file. Boot the CD and format. Just make sure you select the correct drive in the drop-down box in the upper right corner of the window. Don't want to format the wrong drive. Make sure you download 0.9.0-7 and not 0.9.0-6. There was a bug in 6 regarding resizing NTFS partitions. You may wish to use GParted later for resizing NTFS.


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Ok so i set up Ubuntu 8.10 and with a 10gb partition.
and then i setup the ext2 driver so i cold look at the stuff in Ubuntu's partition.
don't like Ubuntu. so i got rid of the Ubuntu partition and now windows has a whit ? in a red circle.
and there's no drive that goes with it.

plz help

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Hi All,Hope you can help. I upgraded my m/b and cpu from P4 2MHz to 2.4. I use the same h/d with all my data and OS which is also XP Pro thinking that it would just boot up. On booting past post windows says there is a fault with the H/D. On rebooting, it says there is no H/D. I am up and running at the moment with an old 20g H/d on 5400 which I had intended to use as slave. The help I need is this. Is the 80g H/D now dead or is it that with the change of hardware win xp pro would not let me use it? I could not even install win xp pro on it as it says there is no H/D present. The H/d is only 6 months old.

Answer:Dead H/D after upgrading mobo+CPU on WinXP Pro?

How was your drive previously connected? 40 pin cable? And now - same cable?Did you enter the BIOS and check that the parameters of the drive were correctly detected?

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My parents and I use a Windows XP machine with the following configuration
( AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ and 2.2 GHZ and 1GB RAM)
The maker of this machine is Dell Computers. Thats what is written in the Box.

This system is very slow. This system is mostly used for browsing. I use
Google Chrome browser and IE Browser and this system will hang for a while
every 5 or so minutes and mouse does not respond. IE Crashes often poping
a window saying "Do you want to send a report to Microsoft"

I uninstalled Chrome as this machine has become very very slow.
I have avast antivirus by the way - Does google chrome and avast cause this?

Please help me fix this issue. I have pasted hijackthis File:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 3:26:03 PM, on 9/20/2012
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Ad-Aware Antivirus\AdAwareService.exe
C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\AvastSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Ad-Aware Antivirus\Engine\SBAMSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Comm... Read more

Answer:My WinXP Machine has become dead slow

There appears to be at least 2 antivirus programs installed and running at the same time. That in itself will bog down a computer and cause other issues. I suggest you get rid of Lavasoft Ad-Aware and AVG and keep Avast.

File sharing apps are being used in it, so it's probably infected.


What's the model name and model number of that Dell?

What's the 7-character service tag number on the sticker?


Do the following so we can determine what needs to be uninstalled, updated, added, or replaced.

Start HiJackThis.

Click on the "Open The Misc Tools Section" button.

Click on the "Open Uninstall Manager" button.

Click on the "Save List" button.

Save the "uninstall_list.txt" file somewhere.

It'll then open in Notepad.

Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the ENTIRE file here.


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For the nth time just now I've been wishing I had some of the benefits of linux filesystems, some of which NTFS can't do, and none of which FAT32 (what I have to use since NTFS can't be properly written to in anything but Windows itself) can do. Things such as symlinks (yes windows has links, but, they are link files versus filesystem links -- the difference being that filesystem links work transparently in anything that doesn't explicitely look for them -- and even then the hard links still work transparently -- while link files work transparently in explorer and that's just about it.) Besides, if nothing else, just getting from a crappy old filesystem to something more efficient would really be nice, but, the lack of ability to write to NTFS either reliably, or, usably (come on, the overwrite method has very few uses in real life -- I don't care how safe it is) makes it impossible for me to switch away from FAT32.

I know there are tools that let you browse and read to a linux filesystem, maybe even one or two that actually allow writing. However, obviously Windows would need some kind of filesystem driver, not a browser program that is run after windows has started and can only do filesystem operations within itself. Also, it would have to be a driver I can add to the Windows installation since, so far as I know, you can't actually convert FATxx (or NTFS) directly to a linux filesystem without having to make a new filesystem (eg wiping ou... Read more

Answer:Is there any way to run Windows on EXT2/3/ReiserFS/etc?

I have never seen one.

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I need to format a harddrive which has only ext2 (or ext3) partitions on it. Windows can't work with those by default so I cant do the "right click" format.
I can't run a live OS to do so.
I also installed the IFS drivers which should implement the ability of working with those file systems in Windows but it doesn't work for some reason.
So is there any other way of formating the drive from Windows? BIOS recognizes the disc.
Thanks for help.

Answer:How to format ext2/3 partitions from Win XP?

Use the Windows CD and do a full install. It should offer to takeover the HD and format it.

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what are the big differences please ?

I mean on practical side, i don't really mind the theory behind it, i just wanna know what it can change actually ....

i seem to know that the 2 last ones are journalized, but that's all.

and another thing, is it possible to switch from one to another or do i have to install the distro again from scratch ?


Answer:EXT2 / EXT3 / ReiserFS

Ext2 doesn't have journalling so it breaks easily.
Ext3 is basically ext2 plus a journal. Maybe a tad slower because of it.
ReiserFS is Something Completely Different. It performs better in extreme conditions (heavy load, thousands of files in a dir etc.)

You can switch between ext2 and ext3. I don't know if there is anything that can convert between ReiserFS.

If you want performance and to look cool, go for Reiser. If you are dual booting, you will not be able to access files on a Reiser partition from Windows.

If you want to play safe and have access to your Linux files from Windows, go for Ext. If you want to write to your Linux partition from Windows, you need Ext2.

From Linux point of view, you have a choice between Ext3 and reiser.
From Windows point of view you have the writable and easily breaking Ext2 or the read-only Ext3.

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Looking for a free application for windows 7.

Create an image of a usb stick that is ext2 linux format and store on windows 7 hard drive.
Write that image on a usb stick without failure.

I have ext2 support installed in windows xp (using ext2ifs) with an application and it works great. This app does not work great in windows 7 and fails to write to usb the ext2 image. To install ext2ifs in windows 7 I have to run it compatibility mode for vista and run as admin. The application installs if the user is an administrator and appears to save the image correctly. When I go to write the ext2 image it fails if the stick is formatted ext2 but if the format isn't known of the usb drive then it writes. Odd problem.

Is there an easier, free solution? I thought about getting a thumb drive with a linux distro and boot to that to save the images, but it would have to be 8 gig and you would have to clone the correct usb stick.

Answer:Free App + Windows 7 + EXT2 Cloning = Possible?

Use Clonezilla in VirtualBox?

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I have a Smartbox 8320HD PVR which I have bought an 2TB external hard drive to export recordings to as the hard drive is only 320 GB in the Smartbox.I have been told I need to format the external either to Fat32 or ext2 or 3.Firstly I must say I have been on a few sites to get info and I'm none the wiser of what I need to do.I have decided to op for ext2 or 3 because I have been told Fat32 has a 4GB limit on file size but I dont know what I need or how to go about it.Please can some one explain what steps I need to follow as simply as possible or steer me to a site where the info is easy to follow .I am using a PC running XP pro service pack 3.Any help would be great but please info rather than just putting a link that I wont understand.Thanks in advance :-)

Answer:Format Ext hard drive for ext2 or ext3

I've never formatted a drive for ext 2/3 myself so I've no idea if this will work, I found this site on google (click here) on how to do it through a command line prompt. It may help.

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sorry to cross post but i think this belongs in both the windows and linux forums
__________________________________________________ ___

i found this program by accident and thought it might come in handy to all those who dual boot like me. this app allows you to mount an ext2/3 fs under windows as a read/write drive.

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well i got 2 parts to this topic, im not sure whats causeing the problems but it started like this:

i was playing a game over the internet, then somehow my connection dropped, so i closed out and tried to check connections and reset router.
then i tried another computer with same ethernet cord, and the internet worked fine.

So when i tried to connect it back to the computer im havin problems with, it doesnt even show its connected, and there are 2 blinking yellow LEDs. and when i goto into Network Connections and try to Enable or Disable the Connection it Freezes(dead stop) and i have to shut down by holding the Power button. (this is not a big hassle i can get a different NIC, but would be nice to know what happen)

Now the Headace Problem is , why is it Freezes up at the WinXP??? it takes me 3-6 boots to get it to pass the WinXP screen, and after that it seems to work fine other then the enable/disableing the NIC card. I am still able to use Wireless connection just fine. all this starting happening at the same time, so i figure its all tied to gather some how

I already reformatted it, so im running on a Clean Version on Windows XP Home

Dell XPS M1710

Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller

any suggestion will help, Thanx


Answer:Solved: Computer Freezes(dead stop) at WinXP screen

It sounds as though your network card bit the dust. See if you can disable it in the BIOS, then boot up. If all boots well, then it very well could be the card.

If you still have a Dell warranty on it, give them a call. You might just get a new PC out of it.

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Hi folks

If you have any Linux formatted HDD's (with Ext2/3/4) file system and you want to read directly from Windows - say external USB from another system and don't want to have to set up SAMBA and a Linux OS then this program handles it quite nicely.

BTW Macrium free backs up these partitions and restores perfectly too.

Ext2 File System Driver for Windows download |

PLEASE though Test on a Windows VM first or Backup your Windows data before trying just in case you run into problems.


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Hi folks

If you have any Linux formatted HDD's (with Ext2/3/4) file system and you want to read directly from Windows - say external USB from another system and don't want to have to set up SAMBA and a Linux OS then this program handles it quite nicely.

BTW Macrium free backs up these partitions and restores perfectly too.

Ext2 File System Driver for Windows download |

PLEASE though Test on a Windows VM first or Backup your Windows data before trying just in case you run into problems.


Answer:Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 file reader for windows

No need to test it. It'll work fine under Windows 10. Just run it as Admin.

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Pretty self explanatory, I want to know things like the cluster sizes, comparibility in speed and other such things to FAT32 and NTFS, and partition size limits, losing space, etc.
I'd especially like to know the difference between ext2 and ext3. Which one's better, newer, faster, specialized, etc.
And what some effective partitioning strategies would be. Or does it not matter? What about fragmentation? Data recovery?

Boy I ask alot of questions, for I am young and set on the path of gaining knowledge

Answer:Can Anyone Explain the Linux Filesystems? (ext2, ext3, swap)


There's really not a good answer to that question. Ext2 and Ext3 are both good filesystems - the differences. Well to keep this post short I'll just point you to a pretty good information page about ext3. It goes into the details of how the filesystem works. As far as a comparison to NTFS - well there really isn't a comparison.

Here's the page:

btw - I decided to wait on sending you the RH 7.3 CDs. RH 8.0 just came out so I'm going to send that to you instead, cool? I left them downloading at work - so I'll burn them Monday and send them sometime next week.


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well i got 2 parts to this topic, im not sure whats causeing the problems but it started like this:

i was playing a game over the internet, then somehow my connection dropped, so i closed out and tried to check connections and reset router.
then i tried another computer with same ethernet cord, and the internet worked fine.

So when i tried to connect it back to the computer im havin problems with, it doesnt even show its connected, and there are 2 blinking yellow LEDs. and when i goto into Network Connections and try to Enable or Disable the Connection it Freezes(dead stop) and i have to shut down by holding the Power button. (this is not a big hassle i can get a different NIC, but would be nice to know what happen)

Now the Headace Problem is , why is it Freezes up at the WinXP??? it takes me 3-6 boots to get it to pass the WinXP screen, and after that it seems to work fine other then the enable/disableing the NIC card. I am still able to use Wireless connection just fine. all this starting happening at the same time, so i figure its all tied to gather some how

I already reformatted it, so im running on a Clean Version on Windows XP Home

Dell XPS M1710

Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller

any suggestion will help, Thanx


Answer:Solved: Computer Freezes(dead stop) at WinXP screen has somethings to do with NIC car

Unplug he network cable from the computer and see if that helps. If it boots up properly then go into device manager and uninstall the network card. Restart the computer and once your back into windows install the latest network card driver and plug the network cable back in after your done installing.

Hopefully that will fix your issue.

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Question: Is this a typo?

the help infomation about bitlocker on windows 7 ultimate, i found this while reading through it, correct me if im wrong but its meant to be you right?

Answer:Is this a typo?

Quote: Originally Posted by F1FAN

the help infomation about bitlocker on windows 7 ultimate, i found this while reading through it, correct me if im wrong but its meant to be you right?

You have found one

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Question: typo

For my typo read "explanatory". What am I up to?



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I was trying to install ubuntu on my system (F: drive) along with Window 7 which is already installed on it.I got an error as "No root file system is defined".I changed the file system from NTFS to EXT2 ,formatted the drive and tried again.Unfortunately, I choosed E:drive in place of F: drive.So, my all data lost from E: drive.Also, since its file system has changed, it is not visible in window 7 .However, when i go to computer management .I see the image which is attached here with.
Please help me in recovering the data from the formatted drive as it contains some important photos.
Thanks in advance.

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Question: Typo error

Sorry.... 22%

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I mistyped a url earlier (I believe i typed 'radiosahck' instead of radioshack) and was redirected to a strange website (something about internet surveys I believe) I closed it right away and did a quick scan with malwarebytes to make sure nothing was wrong, and it came up empty. I'm probably being a bit paranoid here, but is this anything to really worry about?

Answer:Odd URL typo redirect...

Redirects can be something to worry about, as you have no idea what content is being hosted on the re-direct. Most popular anti virus programs, have real-time scanning, where it's constantly scanning your computer, and as soon as you're redirected to a bad website, it will block any content that's harmful to your computer. I use Eset and it does this.

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Okay helping a friend via long distance phone calls and the random email. This is the only info I have, if someone could shed some light on this and help, we both would appreciate it. Here is the email she was able to send:

"Still messing with that damn trojan. AVG sees it and asks the usual, delete, heal, or move to vault. No matter how many times I choose delete, or heal or even move, it comes back again and again. This is what was causing my IE to try and dial out (at least, that's what I get from looking online for info on this damned thing) and share my info with the hacker. Avast does not seem to see...this file. It is saving itself (and apparently restoring itself) in my Windows folder as a dll file. prntsvr.dll to be exact.

The name AVG gives is PSW.Dumarin.C. The last thing I tried was to turn my
system restore off, delete the file and re-start... but guess what? lol, Yep, it is still there. *sigh* Why do people have to make these things???"

------------end of message--------------
Looking around for info I found only ONE place (so far) that had any info about it, and that is assuming she misspelled the name of the thing...

Name: [email protected]
Aliases: W32.Dumaru.B/C | [email protected] | W32/Dumaru-B

I think she mis-spelled the name, because Google found nothing about her original file name..

I found info here:

And a free removal tool here, which I've... Read more

Answer:PSW.Dumarin.C (possible typo)

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A few people have commented on the typing / grammar used in the forum, just for a bit of fun I thought you might like to read this:Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in > > waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht > > frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses > > and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed > > ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe

Answer:On the subject of typo's

looks normal to me:-)

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Question: Microsoft Typo

Microsoft made a typo in their WinSAT application, How can we let them know about it?

Answer:Microsoft Typo

Hi Steven,

You can try contacting them by following the link below. Whether or not you will get a response I cannot say. I have managed to locate the error in the 'WinSAT.exe' file (notice the space between the letters), and you can edit it to replace the erroneous 'o' with an 'i', however by doing so you will probably cause it to fail an SFC scan. In my opinion, it is such a minor error that it is probably best left ignored.

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Question: Password Typo

I only have 1 password for all my docs but I have 4 of them which I can't open. Propably a typo when I saved these docs.

They are in OpenOffice writer format

Anyway for a back door?


Answer:Password Typo

Please refer to the forum rules. We cannot assisst with password issues so I have to close this thread.

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.

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So I was browsing around in Windows Defender (Windows Settings > Update & Security > Windows Defender > Open Windows Defender Security Center > Virus & threat protection > Virus & threat protection settings, then scroll down to Controlled folder access.)

The sentence "Protect your files and folders from unauthorized changed by unfriendly applications" has a typo in it.
(Refer to the attached picture)

? The word "changed" has a typo in it and should be the word "changes" (with an 's' instead of a 'd'), or
? There is at least one missing word in between the words "unauthorized" & "changed"
Somebody should inform Microsoft about this typo.

But Also: I noticed that this is a new option, since the last time I was browsing around in there. What does this option exactly do? It was originally off, but I turned it On. Yet I must say that I have seen a few messages pop up in the right corner of the screen, stating that Windows Defender blocked some programs from making changes. One of them showed explorer.exe from modifying the Favorites folder without me doing anything with Favorites. Exactly what does this option do? Is it kind of like some sort of strict "Firewall"? Because if so, then I like that.

Answer:HAH, I Found A Typo In Windows!

Originally Posted by pepanee

The sentence "Protect your files and folders from unauthorized changed by unfriendly applications" has a typo in it. ...

Mine says 'unauthorised' (but then it should in the UK) - still has the typo though

But Also: I noticed that this is a new option, since the last time I was browsing around in there. What does this option exactly do?

Blocks access to your files and documents by unknown apps (malware/ransomware). It's off by default because not all 'good' apps are in it's 'trusted' list. It takes a bit of fiddling to get all your apps to work after you turn it on.

Change Windows Defender Controlled Folder Access Settings - Windows 10

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Is there any way I can report this?

This is just my first post and I'm tryna help out a bit

Answer:I just found a typo in Windows 10 TP

skippr said:

Is there any way I can report this?

This is just my first post and I'm tryna help out a bit

Hey skippr, welcome to TenForums!
Try the Feedback App.
What'd ya find?

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Hi can someone please help clear up my concerns because I accidentally interned the wrong DNS address on my new router.
After entering this typo I almost immediately that my connection was unstable especially on Linux and yesterday evening when I logged back into my router the DNS settings were set to there defaults. But I was able to surf the web kinda in Windows though it timed out often and certain webpages wouldn't even open, and now when ever I enter the correct DNS settings it disconnects from the internet.  
Here's what I entered
Instead of
I'm really feeling uneasy and stressed about this, any advice?
Why does stuff like this happen whenever your in poor health or any other of life's trials and complications?

Answer:Open DNS typo on router

Two things you might check:
1. In Windows, do your Network Properties have a DNS Server entry(s) that point(s) to your router (probably or close) or do they point to the published OpenDNS IP addresses? Easy check: From an Elevated Command Prompt: ipconfig /all
2. After you corrected the DNS router entries, did you have the router do a cold reboot?
I believe you shouldn't overly stress yourself over this if you didn't make any financial transactions. But new passwords could be needed.

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Question: typo on home page

The current Maxthon is
You have 3.1.3.xxxx
just ab fyi. the download is right 314. just not the home page listing.:wave

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Hello everyone,

I am experiencing the red typo lines when there are no typos. This happens on occasion when I'm typing emails and posting or responding to forums. It seems to occur when there is an actually typo and I correct the error. After that the entire post/email from that point on will have the red typo lines.

For example it is happening now... I'll try to post a pic for a better understanding.

Has anyone experience this as well and most importantly does anyone know of a solutions to this?

My unit is new and I have yet to DL Office 365 so I don't have Word. Not sure if that will matter.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Red typo lines when no typos

Language settings?

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Question: Typo in Event 8003

Apparently, this bug (typo) was not fixed for several years!!! Still it read "bowser" instead of "browser". I see this in 64-bit Windows 7/Computer Management/Event Viewer/Windows Logs/SystemLevel "Error", Source "bowser", General "Log Name:      SystemSource:        bowserDate:          3/11/2010 2:07:25 PMEvent ID:      8003Task Category: NoneLevel:         ErrorKeywords:      ClassicUser:          N/AComputer:      NORMAN-CPDescription:The master browser has received a server announcement from the computer MEDIACENTER that believes that it is the master browser for the domain on transport NetBT_Tcpip_{7D3A7E95-23A7-42BA-B071-81703C4348F5}. The master browser is stopping or an election is being forced.Event Xml:<Event xmlns="">  <System>    <Provider Name="bowser" />    <EventID Qualifiers="49152">8003</EventID>    <Level>2</Level>    <Task>0</Task>    <Keywords>0x80000000000000</Keywords>    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2010-... Read more

Answer:Typo in Event 8003

Hi,I think the following website explains the story:

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I was trying out a freeware security suite and i encountered this typo that might make you laugh or not

Answer:security suite typo

Looks like an application I would have been involved with judging by the typo! dependant on where the app was developed it depends on the native language and who translated it possibily as I noticed many strange word in manuals translated to engwish over the years.

BTW what is the app you trying "swift"???

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OneDrive has over 7x that amount buy giving everyone that uses it 15GB.

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I'm just setting up a new computer, and not used to the keyboard. When I was installing the operating system I was asked for a User name. Before I had a chance to do anything it had accepted the name GREU and moved on to the next step. No back button! Bloody i7's, so fast!

I've tried doing a search in regedit for GREU, changed it in one place, but its still showing up all over. Is there a complete fix to this or should I resign myself to being known as Greu for the next few years?

Answer:Typo when entering user name - I'm now Greu!

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My correct email address is logged with my Microsoft account, but typo is showing on my windows phone Microsoft account under email+accounts, message says attention required.  Click on message tried to correct using 'fix it here' then get message
There's a temporary problem, getting this message for 2 days now.  Help

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I have a Dell XS 15z Laptop
I am getting a windows 10 Recovery Message ( your PC couldn't start correctly )
I am attemting to create and use a recovery USB using the link below.
Everything seems to work except I don't have the "Secure Boot" option in my Bios.
Anytime I try to boot the USB I get the message:
Operation System not found

Please advise.

Answer:Operation System Not Found ( not a typo )

Are you creating the recovery USB on a different PC?
I hope so.

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I installed Adobe 8 and now all of my Desktop icons have the Adobe logo and will only open up Adobe, not my usual shortcuts, like word, excel, games etc...I tried uninstalling Adobe, which fixed the problem, but when I re-installed it came back again. I don't knw how to fix this...I'm new to all this! I'm running windows vista Help!

Answer:Adobe error {fixed typo}

I'm not sure why that is happening but you can try and fix the icons by right clicking on the programs that are displaying the incorrect icons, select properties>change Icon and find the correct one

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I am having a problem when i misspell URLs.

When i type things like google.con instead of .com, i am redirected to a host of different search sites, including, and I am pretty sure i must be infected with something, but i have ran several online and offline spyware and malware scanners and nothing seems to find a problem.

I am running Firefox version, but the problem also occurs in IE as well.

Advise please!



Edit: I seem to have found what i think is the culprit for this...but this leads to another problem.

There is a HJT entry stating
O17 - HKLM\System\CCS\Services\Tcpip\..\{A2EA3617-0DD4-4C7B-89EC-1F1FB24D96E1}: NameServer =

I have removed this on a couple of occasions and it only returns a few minutes later.

Help please!!!

Answer:Solved: Typo browser hijacks

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Just got a news system built and am getting a CTL.dll error whenever I turn on my HDMI display ...not sure what is doing it.... I have attached the dump file as a is greatly appreciated.

Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate retail
All new hardware
OS build Service Pack 1 less than a month

I have attached my dump file and the system file checker results and any help is appreciatted... one thing to note is the system file checker results I get a
Could not reproject corrupted file [ml:60{30},l:58{29}]"\??\C:\Windows\SysWOW64\en-US"\[l:28{14}]"iassdo.dll.mui"; source file in store is also corrupted

Thank you for your help


Quote: Originally Posted by etanas

Just got a news system built and am getting a CTL.dll error whenever I turn on my HDMI display ...not sure what is doing it.... I have attached the dump file as a is greatly appreciated.

Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate retail
All new hardware
OS build Service Pack 1 less than a month

I have attached my dump file and the system file checker results and any help is appreciatted... one thing to note is the system file checker results I get a
Could not reproject corrupted file [ml:60{30},l:58{29}]"\??\C:\Windows\SysWOW64\en-US"\[l:28{14}]"iassdo.dll.mui"; source file in store is also corrupted

Thank you for your help

Memory corruption caused by an unknown driver. Please run memtest and driver verifier.

Download a copy of Memtest86 and burn the ISO to a CD using Iso Recorder or another ISO burning program.

Boot from the CD, and leave it running for at least 5 or 6 passes.

Just remember, any time Memtest reports errors, it can be either bad RAM or a bad motherboard slot.

Test the sticks individually, and if you find a good one, test it in all slots.

I'd suggest that you first backup your stuff and then make sure you've got access to another computer so you can contact us if problems arise. Then make a System Restore point (so you can restore the system using the Vista/Win7 Startup Repair feature).

In Windows 7 you can make a Startup ... Read more

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for your information:

Spyware authors and phishing fraudsters yanked an old scam out of the playbook Wednesday by directing malicious code at Internet users who may be prone to typing or spelling deficiencies, according to security researchers.

Finnish security firm F-Secure said they discovered an attack aimed at Web surfers attempting to land on Google's (Quote, Chart) homepage, but who may have mistyped the Web address.

Internet users who punch in "" are treated to a host malicious code, as the computer gets slammed with a heap of the unwanted software that is automatically downloaded and installed. The malware includes: Trojan droppers, Trojan downloaders, backdoors, a proxy Trojan and a spying Trojan. A few adware-related files are also installed, the firm said.

Google Typo Crashes Systems

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I think this is a virus behavior. Recently whenever I type in microsoft waord or notepad or fill up webforms in IE, the cursor jumps anywhere in the previous sentences, or highlights the last some letters somewhere and the entire type goes haywaire. Now Also this is getting typed anywhere and I have to delete, retype. very painful. I have Norton antivirus 2005, zerospyware (after reading the latest article in your mag only), adware, spybot and zone alarm, all fully updated. and none have been able to pick up a virus/spyware after a thorough system scan. I am going crazy typing, especially when i am prescribing medicines to my patients. I don't want to reload windows and all my applications again.Pl HelpDr Alok Modi MD

Answer:Typo errors due to cursor jumping

Go into Device Manager and uninstall your Mouse then restart computer

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Purchased a new laptop and skipped making the MS email but created a password for my account.When I booted up my pc later on I was greeted with an incorrect password message. I must have made a typo in the pw set up because it does not work.I also didnt create a recovery disk because I had literally only used it for 30 mins before turning it off and this problem was the last thing I ever expected to happen.There is only one account and it's the one that is locked. A to rendered a $600 purchase obsolete until I can fix it.All help is appreciated.

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NAME: Googkle


F-Secure staff has found a malicious website that utilizes a spelling error when typing the name of the popular search engine - ''. If a user opens a malicious website, his/her computer gets hijacked - a lot of different malware gets automatically downloaded and installed: trojan droppers, trojan downloaders, backdoors, a proxy trojan and a spying trojan. Also a few adware-related files are installed.

The name of the malicious website is ''. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THIS WEBSITE! Otherwise your computer will get infected! We have reported the case to the authorities.

Detailed Description

Our investigation revealed that the whole infection starts from the '' website. This website, as well as a few related websites are owned by people with Russian names. Also several malicious files that are downloaded from these websites have Russian texts.

When the '' is opened in a browser, it shows 2 popup windows that are linked to the following websites:


The '' website downloads and runs the 'pop.chm' file and the '' website downloads and runs the 'ddfs.chm' file. Both files are downloaded using exploits and they contain exploits themselves to run embedded executable files. One of the webpages of the ' Read more

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Heads up about a string of blogs using familiar names like FileHippo and Softpedia in their URL, when searching for software downloads. I cannot guarantee their legitimacy, or safety to visit or download from these rip-off blogs.

Searching "avast 2017" in Google Search Engine crops up with many blogs using SEO techniques to distract users from the real FileHippo and Softpedia sites.





Happy Safe Browsing!

Answer:Typo Squatting - Fake FileHippo, Softpedia and more!

Download links seem legit.. I love the tactic by the way.
I will take lol

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Is there a way to tell Microsoft Word to "guess" what I mean every time I make a typo? For example, I type "tsanding," and instead of changing it to "standing," it underlines it red. I know I can then right-click it, and select AutoCorrect > standing, so that, from now on, if the same exact typo arises in the future, in which I accidentally type "tsanding," it'll change it to "standing." I've thus far collected *hundreds* of specific typo corrections in this way. But that's very time-consuming, and is only a weak attempt at preventing typos I may be likely to make in the future (based on the fact that I made the exact typo at least once before). Is there any way to establish that I want Microsoft Word to go ahead and correct every single "underlined red" occurrence from now on, based on its best guess as to what I meant? (except in cases where the typo was so bad that it has no guess at all) That way, when it corrects something I *didn't* want corrected, I can then go back and add what I wanted to its dictionary, to tell it not to consider that word an accident from then on.

Answer:Is there a way to tell Microsoft Word to "guess" what I mean every time I make a typo?

Found this in the Word Help files. On the Tools menu, click AutoCorrect Options. In the Replace box, type a word or phrase that you often mistype or misspell ? for example, type usualy. In the With box, type the correct spelling of the word ? for example, type usually. Click Add. Is this what you're talking about?

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Hello, is some one know where finding free Helvetica and Time family typo ?
thank Kidkodak 57

Answer:Finding free Helvetica and Time family typo

Helvetica Fonts - DownloadFontsFree.Net
Regarding "Time family", you need to be more specific.

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So I decided to buy Windows 7 from eBay. I didn't trust the people selling product keys only, so I purchased a brand new retail package. When I shop on eBay, I always look for sellers that are really close to me so shipping is fast. So I found a seller, said to be located in Maryland (which is two states away from me), with a great price and great feedback for his W7 sells. I was pissed because when the guy sent me the tracking number, I found out that the item was coming from Beijing, China, not Maryland! But I figured, well at least he shipped it.

THEN, I get an email from eBay saying the listing for the item I just purchased because the copyright holder reported that the item may be a counterfeit. At first I was pissed at eBay because now I had to record of the transaction in my eBay account and could not contact the seller directly from within the item invoice, since eBay deleted. Plus, he had several other sells of this same item, all with positive feedback of the W7 package, and eBay did not remove the listings for them. So I was like, why me? Luckily, I had his email from paypal and contacted him. He assured me that he is the legal owner of the item and that he sent proof to eBay saying so. Still never got my records back.

Anyway, this prompted me to search counterfeit Windows 7 retail packages. I found some interesting info, but my package doesn't fit any of the counterfeit profiles Microsoft says to look out for. The top hologram is built onto the ... Read more

Answer:My Windows 7 copy looks fake. Typo on back cover. Came from China.

Have you tried contacting ebay?:

eBay Buyer Protection


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When I first open Google, in the Search Box is a typo which I cannot delete.Any ideas? Many thanks. pianojoe

Answer:Solved: how to delete typo which remains in Google search box when I first open Googl

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So I decided to buy Windows 7 from eBay. I didn't trust the people selling product keys only, so I purchased a brand new retail package. When I shop on eBay, I always look for sellers that are really close to me so shipping is fast. So I found a seller, said to be located in Maryland (which is two states away from me), with a great price and great feedback for his W7 sells. I was pissed because when the guy sent me the tracking number, I found out that the item was coming from Beijing, China, not Maryland! But I figured, well at least he shipped it.

THEN, I get an email from eBay saying the listing for the item I just purchased because the copyright holder reported that the item may be a counterfeit. At first I was pissed at eBay because now I had to record of the transaction in my eBay account and could not contact the seller directly from within the item invoice, since eBay deleted. Plus, he had several other sells of this same item, all with positive feedback of the W7 package, and eBay did not remove the listings for them. So I was like, why me? Luckily, I had his email from paypal and contacted him. He assured me that he is the legal owner of the item and that he sent proof to eBay saying so. Still never got my records back.

Anyway, this prompted me to search counterfeit Windows 7 retail packages. I found some interesting info, but my package doesn't fit any of the counterfeit profiles Microsoft says to look out for. The top hologram is built onto the cds, no... Read more

Answer:My Windows 7 copy looks counterfeit. Typo on back cover. Came from China (eBay). Pics

It's fake, that's pretty obvious. The hologram thing is most likely a sticker on top of the actual disc surface - you can use a fingernail or razor blade at the very edge and lift it up a bit, that's 100% proof. The part numbers don't seem to match up with the actual Windows 7 Ultimate part number, and it just has a fake quality all the way around.

If you contact Microsoft, show them the pics, explain where you bought it from and your situation, there is a small - small but it exists - chance they'll provide you with a key just for making the report and identifying the seller you got it from.

No guarantees, but at the moment you're better off reporting it to them and going from there. Sure can't hurt to let them know, either way.

I'd report it, personally, without even really thinking about it. It just SCREAMS fake.

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Facing any difficulty in finding a good program for testing dead pixels on your monitor? Try Dead Pixel Finder! It is a simple application that helps you find dead pixels on your screen easily and may revive it. The free application features 8 solid color backgrounds and 4 pattern tests using which you can identify color problems and find invalid pixels.
For convenience, use highest possible color mode (32bit optimal) and also the highest supported refresh rate to avoid pattern flicker.
Download Dead Pixel Finder.

Answer:Dead Pixel Finder Windows 8 Store App: Finds Dead Pixels on your Screen

This will be handy. Although, there are some higher resolution monitors where the dot pitch is very tiny and it is hard to detect anyway. I'm hoping to pick one of those beauties up soon. This program will definitely come in handy!

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Dead Pixels on z560 screen + dead backlight at corner some time!!  absolutly no service for huge buckswhat should i do?  serviceguys says send camera shots. so i needed to buy $400 camera 14 megapixelsfirst to take good screenshots.  lenevo support contact me or i am gonna make a court case in consumer court. your service guys are asking me to take HD quality screenshots.  you must understand that you should provided cameras to your centers not me..


Go to Solution.

Answer:Dead Pixels on z560 screen + dead backlight at corner some time!!

Problem  is solved.

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I've got Satellite 5100-603. There have been some dead pixels on display. I don't know is it really dead pixel problem or not because the black area seems to be behind the screen. When i move left and right sides, the black area moves left and right sides too (as if the black area is behind the screen pixels)! And i can tell that all pixels are working OK when i look from the right and left sides of the display (because the pixels that seems to be dead, changes at different looking angles).

Are there really dead pixels or is it some other problem?
Is there anything that i can do about it?

For info, i am using my laptop for 2,5 years and there is no warranty of course...

Thanks for any help..

Answer:Satellite 5100 - Question about dead pixels. Is it really dead pixel problem?


Due to your description it is not easy to give you a proper answer. On my old notebook I had two dead pixels and it was easy to see them at the boot up process. At the beginning you can see Toshiba welcome screen and dead pixels are usually green (background is black).

Sorry but there is nothing to do. You must live with it because exchanging the display is very expensive.

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I'm In a dilemma with An Emachines T2792 I received the pc from a friend whom knows I work on PC's on the side when I plugged it in I found it to be stuck turned on
The green indicator light was lit like it was turned on, but no signal was stated on the monitor,, then after trying unsuccessfully to press and Depress many times did nothing
so I unplugged and replugged in the same, so I unplugged again, and messed with button some more then replugged in , nothing no green indicator light then i noticed a soft whistling and clicking sounds from power supply, so I got another brand new power supply {correct power supply} when I plugged tower in it lit the green indicator light on tower then softly went out
I tried pressing in power button nothing no response.
Now my question is I am pretty sure I need to buy another power supply now
But I need some ideas on what to replace to get the pc up and running again??
would it be the switch???
or the motherboard????

Answer:2 Dead Power Supplies need to Ressurect Dead Emachine T2792 Help

I had a similar problem with an emachines T2825. When I plugged it in, it automatically came on, and wouldn't turn off unless I unplugged it. It wouldn't POST or anything. After testing everything, I found out that the motherboard was bad. So that would be my guess, is that it could possibly have a bad motherboard.

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Hi. I'm new here. and sorry if I offend anyone by asking a question about my G4 power mac.

Recently my G4 PowerMac stopped running. I push the power-on button, which lights up, but then fades away. The computer does not turn on. the first time this happened, a strange burning smell came from within the computer tower.

I traced the smell to, first, I thought was the power supply.
I've opened the power supply completely and tested the fuse, which was okay. I checked for burnt circuitry, but found none. Later, I noticed there wasn't really any smell coming from the power supply, but rather the CPU board. So I took off the heat sink covering the CPU and revealed (pictures at link below) these 6 electronic components labeled 6670AL (FDB). And the one at the far bottom-left has some peeling material around its base, so I'm only guessing that this part got scorched a little. Any tech people out there? Does it sound reasonable that this one little part could be the cause of the disfunction of my computer? Is it still likely that I have a dead power supply? Maybe I can just replace this one electronic component and everything will work fine (I'm hoping) ? thanks for any help.

here are pictures:

My computer has had a history of poor performance. In the beginning it would just turn off out of no where (suddenly). I assume due to heat problems in my house. I also have a dog, whose hair sometimes gets in the fans. Later on, I noticed the f... Read more

Answer:help.. ::Apple:: hardware... power supply dead? or cpu board dead? help anyone?

I know very little about macs however Is the memory ok? thats probably the part i have fry the most on me.

anyhow this forum may get better results in your search

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I have a yoga 2 pro purchased in the last quarter of 2014, with windows 8.1. I have been using it with no hint of issues until two nights ago.I was watching a video online and the display turned off much like it would if it were about to go to sleep, but I could hear the audio from the show that i was watching stI'll playing. I tried the normal things to get it to work - press buttons, turn the power on and off, tried tablet mode, basically anything i could think of. I also connected the computer to an external display and it shows up on the external monitor fine, but nothing on the laptop monitor itself. The touch on the laptop monitor still works and sometimes if i hold my phones flashlight to the screen i can make out an this leads me to believe that it is a hardware problem with monitor itself. I have contacted lenovo and they have told me that the screen needs to be serviced.But before I send it back I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem occur and what did lenovo do to correct it. Thanks in advance.

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My Lenovo X200 battery just gave up without a reason. It was giving me a charge time of 3-4 hours with the power manager showing that the battery was in good condition. However, the next day it just gave up and now it has essentially turned into a desktop as if I unplug it, the system will shut down. Moreover, the power manager is displaying that the battery has failed due to normal wear and tear. 
Here are the details of the system:
Notebook bought: April 2009
Cycle Count: 195
Product ID: 7454CTOSerial Number: XXXXXXX
Thank you the help.
moderator note: removed serial number from public view for owner's protection.

Answer:Dead Battery Syndrome - 3 to 4 hours of charging and the next day it went dead!

the chip inside the battery detected a problem with one or more cells and shut it down.  your only choice is a new battery.

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Nothing happens if I hit WinX, and if I right click START cursor moves up and right a bit but nothing happens. Right click an icon, very poor response, yet shellexview shows nothing odd. Had separate issue - couldn't log into to other IDs, fixed that by copying clean DEFAULT from other Win 10 PC. I've done everything I can find, the DISM stuff, the reinstallation of 'window' apps. This appears to be a common problem. It used to work fine some weeks ago, don't know exactly when this started.

System is a laptop with 16gb ram, I7, HP with hybrid graphics, build 10586 / 1511 up to date HOME.

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my toshiba laptop was dead, the powerlight came on, the hard-disk was spinning but the screen remained blank.
I tried everthing , stripping it completely, trying a new ram and narrowed the problem to the motherboard or the cpu. i.e I can conclude that the problem is with the the mobo or the cpu.
This was a month ago.

Today I switched on again and voila! it worked, the bios loaded! I had removed the hard-disk, so switched it off, attached the HD and started it up again.. this time it didn't work. And hasn't since. I have again stripped it down , but it still doesn't work.
CAn anyone plzzzzz exlplain what is going here?? I mean it started , that means nothings fried, right??


btw the fan spins for exactly 5 seconds before turning off.

Answer:Dead laptop came back to life, now dead again

there is something like a "hardware reset" available on many laptops.
- try to plug out everything except cpu and memory
- remove the battery and do not attach the power supply
- open the lid and hold the power on button for like 20 seconds
- plug everything back in and try to boot
that worked for me for some compaq and dell laptops which did act like yours

my two cents...

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I have owned my Vostro 1500 for nearly a year and a half since purchasing it from the Outlet.  I have had no problems at all until Sunday night when it just died.  No warning.  Just dead.  I first tried these suggestions found here and elsewhere on the web... Press Fn key while pressing power button, reseat DIMM A & B.  No signs of life.
Since it's out of warranty I feel like I have nothing to lose, so this morning I took everything apart looking for anything that looked melted or dislodged or overly dusty.  Everything looks great.  My husband has the same laptop, so I have been able to test the battery and AC adapter and in his and both work fine.   One thing I have noticed though is this.  When my AC adapter is plugged into the wall but not into the computer, the light is green.  The second I plug it into the laptop, the light goes out.  If I then plug the AC into the good laptop, the green light does not come back on until I separate the AC cord from the adapter (brick part) and plug it back in.  This leads me to think that it could be a problem with the DC Power Jack where the AC Adapter is plugged in.  But why wouldn't it still work with the battery??  Why would that cause it to just shut down mid use?  Is there any chance it can be revived?  This laptop has been like my right arm.  I feel lost without it.
Any thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.  I&#... Read more

Answer:Vostro 1500 Dead as dead can be...any suggestions??

Sounds like your mother board is shot. Looks like it would be something possibly in the power supply section.
As to your data the hard drive may very well be good and you could get an adapter to put the drive in and plug it into your husbands computer to be able to access your files.

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I'm working on a 10-yr old HP pavillion pc. The pc would not turn on at all, monitor displays 'no signal'. the pc lights flicker. I had an older atx power supply and tried that- it worked. so I know that the old power supply was bad. the case was VERY dirty. almost all the vent holes were clogged. even after I tried my 'new' power supply, the cpu fan does not come on and I still get 'no signal' on monitor (the hard drive/cdrom drive DO come on). I'm thinking the power supply blew, taking the mobo with it. I don't want to spend alot of time on this, but can anyone offer any thoughts on this? thanks.

Answer:power supply dead;cpu fan dead,mobo?

A 10 year old system that you don't want to spend a lot of time on. What can I say?

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Computer was given to me because the cdrom was dead.
The tick of death started, so the harddrive is dead too(it is dead now sure)
XP licence is stuck under laptop.

Pity to throw this laptop away, I would liket to get XPback on, but failling that anything is accepted.

Answer:laptop, dead cdrom, dead harddrive

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sony vaio xp sp2...lots of peripheral usage, we have front and rear usb ports, digital cameras, printers, mp3 players
one morning when switching the usb printer cable from the laptop back to the front usb port on the desktop, the computer froze and NONE of the usb's front or back, have worked ever since.

important to note is that we do lots of plugging/unplugging usbs for the above devices

what we have tried to awaken our usb's (keep in mind we are in the early learning stages of computer knowledge...)

static discharge
safe mode reinstallation of usb root,etc
system restore...didn't matter how far back we went

last ditch chance is a system recovery, so we bought an external hard drive and are backing up ( as with everything we do, not without problems, but that is another post here)
in preparation for the recovery

any other, clear step by step advice for us?
thanks in advance!

Answer:Solved: all dead usb ports....not dying...DEAD.

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I have Win XP running off a SATA RAID (Drive C), however I also have an IDE RAID (Drive D) which I setup using windows Disk Management. Now I wish to format Drive C to install a fresh copy of WinXP again. If I do this will the RAID i setup using windows on the IDE drives (Drive D) disappear? as this is where i want to put all the documents and files i wanna keep. HELP ME!

Answer:Will A Raid setup in winXP dissapper if WinXP Drive formatted???

Are you using hardware RAID or a form of software RAID?

If this is hardware RAID, it shouldn't mess with anything, be sure to add the drivers for both RAID controllers by pressing F6 during the beginning of setup to add mass storage controllers.

When you're selecting what partitions to blow away/format, check and double check what you're doing..... don't wanna blow away the partition on your IDE RAID by mistake. If you have any incling of making a mistake, back up your data to CD-R or DVD-R prior to rerunning setup.

If on the other hand you're running Software RAID controlled by windows, the disks will be lost because of software disk signatures.

Good Luck, feel free to email me if you want more detailed info!

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how to install winxp pro on a stripe dynamic disk created by winxp pro also?
thanks in advance =)

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I have a computer with hardware RAID and 2 SATA drives and WinXP Pro. It is working great. What I want to do is install WinXP Home on a separate drive, which is an IDE one. The idea is that the RAID drive(s) are used for my important office work, and the separate IDE drive is used for development work. I want to keep the two worlds separate, but having the drives visible to each other would be nice. Anyway, WinXP Pro was originally installed and then I booted up from the WinXP Home disk and installed it to the separate hard drive. No errors, all as expected, except... When I rebooted the system, the boot.ini file was not updated to give me access to the WinXP Home environment on the IDE drive. I've tried manually tweaking the boot.ini file, but to no avail. By adding a new OS line, the boot menu appears but I haven't been able to successfully boot the WinXP Home edition. I get a message saying that there is a problem in the configuration of the boot line. I know that there is an order for installing the oldest Win OS first, but does that apply within the same family (winxp home before winxp pro)? Help! Here is my original boot.ini file:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

I've tried adding a line after the last one in this file to give me the option t... Read more

Answer:Dual Boot: WinXP Pro & WinXP Home, 2 Disks

Try this for your boot.ini

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn
multi(0)disk(1)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home" /fastdetect

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Hey guys, your help and expertise will be greatly appreciated... I'm desperately
in need of assistance here...

Recently my comp is totally wrecked up, programs doesn't run like they ought to and
startup is a total havoc. My comp is also stuffed with alot of useless info and programs
and I think it is in serious need of reformatting. However I'm a total comp *****
in this and will need your CLEAR and CONCISE step-by-step explaination... sigh

This guy set up my comp for me bout 2 years ago and when he installed WinXP Pro,
i kinda remebered he ****ed up something regarding partitions. Think he made another
partition and thus my comp has been running on 2 partitions but actually only in
fact i'm utilising one... cuz its showed i only have 1 harddrive (c

So right now, i'm pondering how to totally delete EVERYHING from my comp... is tat
reformat of harddrives? I wanna wipe everything out from my comp, like its totally
cleaned and then starting from scratch, reinstall my WinXP Pro again... how can i
do that? And also considering my problem about partitions mentioned above, I would
wanna merge them together and fully utilise the 2 partitions as 1 after i reformat.
How can i do that? I really have no idea at all... I've tried searching for similar
topics but learned little from those replied suggestions.

Answer:How to Reformat my Hard-drive and install WinXP Pro again? I am currently using WinXP

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

First go into Bios and find the boot menu make sure it is set to boot from Floppy first(if you have a floppy drive) then your cd rom then your Hard drive.

Put your windows Cd in your cd drive and save and exit from Bios.

1. Start your computer from the Windows XP CD-ROM. To do this, insert the Windows XP CD-ROM into your CD drive or DVD drive, and then restart your computer.
2. When you see the "Press any key to boot from CD" message, press any key to start the computer from the Windows XP CD-ROM.
3. At the Welcome to Setup screen, press ENTER to start Windows XP Setup.
4. Read the End-User License Agreement, and then press F8.
5. Follow the instructions on the screen to select and format a partition where you want to install Windows XP.
6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete Windows XP Setup.

Please note that during setup your computer will reboot. When it does you will be asked to press any key to boot from cd DO NOT press anything otherwise it will just start the setup again from scratch.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hello all,

I have a very old computer currently, and I'm going to get a new computer. My current computer is VERY fragile - as an example, about two years ago I added an additional stick of ram, and this somehow caused my winxp install to become corrupt, and I lost everything on my hard drive. I still have no back up of my files that are on the computer now.

In getting the new computer, It will have at least one extra hard drive that will be used to store backups.

Basically, I want to be able to transfer all my files from the old computer over to the new computer. The old one uses Winxp Home, and the new one will have Winxp Pro. (no, not Vista. Repeat - no Vista)

Will I just be able to plug in the new computer to my Linksys router that the old comp is connected to, and transfer over all the files from my old comp to store as a backup on my new comp? (and, what kind of things would I need to do to make this happen?) (my current computer is connected to the router for internet through the ethernet port, and the new comp would do the same thing)

I'm somewhat computer literate, but have NEVER networked anything together. Thanks!

Answer:Transfering files between 2 computers - WinXP Home to WinXP Pro

Here's a wizard way to enable file and printer sharing on XP machines.

Run the Network Setup wizard (found in Control Panel of XP). Tell it each of your computers connects to the internet via "residential gateway" and that you want to enable file and printer sharing. Create a disk at the end only if you have a Windows PC other than XP or 2k Pro or Vista.

Windows XP firewall (if SP2 or SP3) will be properly configured by the wizard. You must uninstall or properly configure any 3rd party firewalls on each machine. Unique computer names and same workgroup, of course.

The Shared Documents folder is automatically shared. Any other folders (or drives) or printers you want to share, just right click on them and sharing ... . When sharing a printer, accept the offer to load other drivers if your other PCs have different Operating System(s).

When you first go into My Network Places there will be nothing there. The first time you click on 'View Workgroup computers' will probably result in great disappointment. It takes awhile (up to 15 minutes) before all the computers in the workgroup get up-to-date and accurate lists of the other computers. Often you can speed up this process via Search for other computers.

When computers show up in My Network Places, double click on one to see its shares. If that includes a printer, you can right click on the printer to connect to it.

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I recently built a system (not exactly state-of-the-art) to replace the aging box I had been using for a few years. I got a mobo that would support a SATA hard drive so I could enjoy the faster access and high volume. I bought a 160Gb SATA drive and got a sealed OEM version of XP Pro from the internet. I put it all together and loaded the OS, activated it online and loaded up all the updates. I slaved the old hard drive and transferred all my data to the new drive and life was good for a couple of weeks. Three nights ago, I was at the computer and got the proverbial BSOD (blue screen of death). I shut down and attempted to least 10 times with every joy.

Enough's the problem:

I have a legal copy of WinXP on a HD that won't load Windows and is slaved as a data-only drive. My emergency 60Gb backup drive (new master) has a copy of WinXP that is of "questionable origin" and that has never been activated officially that I got from a guy at work.
I want to "legalize" the current XP installation by booting from the legal XP CD and repairing the installation from the menu........Can I do this without losing data?? Or, is there a better way to get legal?

Answer:WinXP Pro bogus to WinXP legal without losing data

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?? i NEVER had WinXP Professional on this machine, i dont even possess it ... what can i do?

Answer:SFC /scannow wants me to insert WinXP Professional CD, but i got WinXP home ???

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Is there any way to run a DOS program in WINXP. I have tried running with Win95 compatibility, but that doesn't seem to work. Now, I'm stuck installing Win98 on a brand new machine and it's a Compaq. They don't even have drivers for the on board stuff for 98 on the Compaq website. Basically, the customer has 3 machines, all with Win98. Their main program runs under DOS. They are getting a new computer, which is to be the server. The server originally comes with WinXP installed. Thus, since the 2 Windows 98 machines have to access the program off the WinXP server, then we run into problems with file sharing b/t Fat32 and NTFS systems. Any ideas?

Answer:Dos application in WinXP - Also Networking Issue B/T Win98 and WinXP

For the windows 98 -> XP sharing, Enable simple file sharing.

Open any folder - Tools - Folder Options - View - Check "Use Simple File Sharing".

As for running a dos App in windows XP, you should be able to just fine. You can bring up a dos window by going to Start - Run - type 'cmd' without the '' and hit enter.

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I know there is an option in WinXP to recover lost system files using the WinXP CD and choosing the upgrade option while installing. It has worked for me many a time. Is there a way to do it in a non booting WinXP....Here what I mean is an Xp which has got some files corrupted so badly that it wont boot.

Am just trying a new method for it. Will come up with it later. But for now can you people let me know if already there is a option to do that.

Answer:Repair install WinXP in a non Booting WinXP.

Did you try Disk Defragmenter?

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I was reloaded a valid copy of winxp pro sp3 onto the hdd from my friend's pc. I took out the hdd and find out i am now dual booting winxp pro. I get a /system32 file error. Says its missing. I will put exact wording soon. I cannot go any further. Also the winxp pro won't boot unless the hdd is plugged into the pc. Please any help would be greatly appreciated. )

The error message i receive is...

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt.
<Windows root> \system32\hal.dll
please re-install a copy of the above file

Answer:Loaded winxp pro onto different hdd now can't load winxp home on different hdd

Welcome to TSG!

So if I'm following, you took a hard drive from your friend's PC, installed it into your PC running XP Home as a 2nd drive, then installed XP Pro onto this drive.
Your friend's system won't boot, and your system offers the choice of XP Home and XP Pro. XP Home should still work, but XP Pro will fail if your friend's drive is not installed in your PC, correct?

Assuming your system had only one partition and one drive.
The files that start the OS are on your C drive, they were not installed onto your friend's hard drive.
This can be fixed, but XP Pro will see itself as being on drive D, not drive C
If the hardware is different, you'll need to do a repair install to get it to work though. Easier to just start over.
Your system should still boot to XP Home, but will have the choice for XP Pro. This just needs to be removed from the boot.ini file.
You best bet is to start over and do the XP Pro install with the drive installed in your friend's PC
To remove the XP Pro entry from your system (with your friend's drive NOT installed):
Click Start | Run, type msconfig, press Enter
Click the BOOT.INI tab
Click the Check All Boot Paths button
It should find the XP Pro line as invalid, and offer to remove it.
Click Yes.



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I'm having a heck of a time getting three systems to network consistently.

Previously I had a WinXP Pro desktop cabled to a Win2k Pro laptop and was able to get them to see each other over the connection but was never able to get the laptop to share the desktops internet connection, (DSL).

I've installed a wireless network and added another laptop running WinXP Home. All three systems can see the internet connection on the router.

None of these systems can see each other on the network. I get a message saying MSHOME is not accessible.

I don't believe there are any technical problems here, (although I will stand corrected if need be), just my lack of understanding of how networking these OS's works.

I need a good tutorial on networking that covers this mix of OS's. Can anyone help direct me to such a site?

Thanks ...weeG

Answer:Networking WinXP Pro, WinXP Home and Win2k Pro

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Having a major problem. Re-built a PC for someone:
*new*ECS M400 board
*new*512mb DDR
Kyro II 64mb vid-card
Western Digital 40gb HD
Lite-On DVD burner
32X CD-Rom
56k modem
AC97 onboard sound
1ghz Athlon

Went to boot up just to make sure everything worked and it would get to the XP slpash screen (with the blue staus bar). As soon as it tried to initialize the desktop/log-on screen it would shut down immediatley.

Booted from the WinXP cd to do a new install. Made it to the "ready to install" screen (options to press ENTER oto install, repair etc..). It dies immediatley if you press enter.

Removed the HD and placed it in another PC and did a quick format. Placed back into case, tried to install from the CD again...same result.

Apparently the boot sector on the HD remains as when I tried to boot up it said something to the effect of "NTDLSR.??? not found ctrl+alt+del to restart"

After all this I discovered that it (previous XP install) may have been infected with a form of the sasser virus (lsasse.exe errors). So do I need to do a full format, and could this be causing the shutdowns whenever it tried to boot originally and now when it tries to access the HD to do a fresh install?

Whew!! That was a mouthful!!

Thanks in advance for any help!

Answer:PC shuts down at WinXP startup, can't reinstall WinXP

look to your bios settings. remember to disable cpc override, if given the option. if you truly think it's the hdd then download and run a utility that wipes the drive completely.

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Hello. Does anyone know if USB drivers written for Windows XP will work with Windows XP Embedded?

Answer:WinXP / WinXP Embedded USB Driver Interoperability

XP Embedded is supposedly a componentized version of Window XP. It's intended for OEM's developing an embedded computer, usually for some industrial or large commercial application, rather than your run-of-the-mill PC.

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Hello - I'm hoping someone can help me here...

(For info I'm running Windows XP SP2)

Problem 1) I've recently discovered that I hae Pipas.a virus which I can't seem to remove. I regularly run Spybot S&D and SE Adaware, also run Macafee Firewall and Virusscan and generally keep the PC spyware free. How can I go about removing Pipas.a?

Problem 2) Real player doesn't seem to want to stream anything anymore, saying 'Cannot detect Winsock - please remove old internet software and start again' - WMP streams OK but not Real Player. I've tried the 'netsh reset winsock cataogue' but the problem comes back, particularly when Mcafee tries to update and says the winsock is incorrect and attempts to load one for Windows 95!!

Problem 3) When trying to use the guided help on the Microsoft website to correct the Winsock error I get 'TCP/IP setting is incorrect'

Can anyone help - I'm tearing my hair out here!! Recently had a couple of viruses picked up and removed by Mcafee, also a couple removed by Spybot and when this happened it seems like I lost my previous System restore points...

Any help would be fantastic!


Answer:3 problems with my WinXP [Moved over from WinXP forum]

Paul, the fact that your pc was found positive for a virus, makes it imperative that we deal with this issue before anything else. Please follow the instructions of this thread:, and post your resulting HJT log in this part of our forum:

We'll deal with any remaining issues after you are deemed clean by the Security Experts.

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How do I merge winxp hotfixes so as to create a new winxp sp2 cd with all the hotfixes?

Thanks in advance

Answer:procedure for slipstreaming winxp hotfixes into winxp sp2 cd

Use nLite

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Hello,I have just recently aqquired a laptop for christmas, now, when I first got it out, it worked great for about an hour, no strange noises etc. etc.However, it then suddenly froze on the shutdown, after this it just kept making a clicking noise, and saying "operating system not found", no other options, nothing to press etc., no boot.Now, I read somewhere that taking the hdd out, and putting it back in again sometimes helps, I did this once, and no change, however, on doing it a second time it booted fine, no clicking, and it passed scandisk twice with no clicking. It ran for about two hours, with shutdowns working fine etc. However now, it has stopped again - no boot.I am pretty sure that the hdd needs replacing (at a cost of around 40), however, before plunging in would just like to ask if it could be anthing else, if there is anything I can do to fix it at home, and whether there is anything in particular I need to be looking for when I buy (buying new) (except 2.5in, and around 15gb+)Thanks,Daniel.

Answer:Dead Harddrive? Alive? No, definitely dead...

If new take it back

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so the problem is that about four people went through troubleshooting this PC before it finally came to me. The backstory is one day computer is turned on, hard drive not reading, person #1 gets her to buy a new HD and so they install. Person #1 can't seem to get it to read, so person #2 starts putting software on it. Approx. 2 hours into it, computer just powers off. Person #2 passes to person #3 who says bad power supply and replaces it.

Now, I being #4, have a comp with a new HD and new power supply. When you hit power switch, all of the fans "twitch" for less than a second and then silence. That makes me think bad board, but due to the infinite things other people may have done so far, I hesitate to replace until I'm sure I've got a good grip.

Any ideas? Any direction would be sweet.


Answer:Dead PC - thinking dead board.

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*as Noel tidy beard would say?

i have just been given a 200Gb Western Digital HDDm which appears to be faulty
after connecting it it storts to whir as it spins, then makes a clicking noise (as though a gear has been dropped) and stops.

does this mean it's dead or could it be salvageable?


Answer:Hard Drive; Dead or no Dead*

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Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Error: "He's Dead, Jim!" you can download the version of this tool for your operating system.Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (64 bit)Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (32 bit)and save it to a folder on your computer's Desktop.Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.Press Scan button.It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy and paste it to your reply.The first time the tool is run, it makes also another log (Addition.txt). Please attach it to your reply.===

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Ok heres my issue. I have a wireless lan setup. I am using a Linksys router WRT54GL. This router was working fine for the longest then one night a power shortage hits, it comes back up and everything seems fine. But now my LAN game cannot play.

I had a heck of a time setting it up to play and finally had been using Hamachi so I could create a makeshift VPN and have my friend play with me over the net.

So my setup was like this 2 PCs behind a router played with 1 PC on the internet. One of the 2 PCs behind the router would ALWAYS host.

Hamachi worked perfectly and everything would work so long as the firewalls were down.

Then that outage happened and I could no longer play. My problem is, I cant even play locally so now I know something is up with my router. At least I think something is up.

I have tried everything: my LAN is working, I can share files and folders between the two PCs and ping them.

But as soon as I go to play the game. Neither computer sees the other persons' game.
I am in utter AWE and shock cause I have tried everything I want to purchase a new router to see if thats the problem but I am not sure what to do.

My router allows me to go online, ping the each other and even share files. So I am really at a loss.

Does anyone know any program I could use to monitor ports and whats happening when the game starts?

Or maybe a networking consulting company in the NY/NJ area. Im really desperate at this point and wouldn't mind paying for thi... Read more

Answer:Is my Router Dead or am I being Brain Dead?

If I were you I will try to reconfigure the router after you upgrade the firmware of your Linksys and try to play online again

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This has me going in circles.I built a new PC.  It runs fine, boots up and I load XP.  I put it aside for 1 month.  When I start it up again, it burps and then goes dead (although there is a green light which is on on the mb, so I know power is going there).So I begin to dismantle it.  I take out everything and isolate the mb on newspaper.  It runs.  I then put back each piece of hardware, testing it each time until the entire system is rebuilt.  It runs every time.I'm happy.And THEN I see this OCZ 700W PSU that I fall in love with.  4 12v rails at 18amps each, I GOTTA HAVE IT!I replace the old PSU (Enermax 660W) with the OCZ and the system dies again.  When I say "dies" what I mean is that everything runs for a split second.  Then nothing runs except for the green light on the mb.I'm going nuts.  I don't think there is a short in the mb or PSI cards or even in the HD because it ran before.  Can anyone shed some light on this?  PLEASE?Athlon 64 4800ASUS A8N-SLI mb2x nVidia 7800 video cards2x 1G Corsair twinx 2048320G Seagate SATA2 HDAudigy 2 card

Answer:Computer dead, then runs, now dead again.

Ok, so the problem follows you even after you put in a new power supply.  So that pretty much rules out the power supply (for the moment).  "I then put back each piece of hardware...".  What hardware are you putting back in / RAM / video / audio/ NIC?...or is all that built in the motherboard?  "I don't think there is a short in the mb or PSI cards or even in the HD because it ran before."  That is no guarantee that it's good.  ONE of those components is defective and intermittently dying on you.  THAT is one of the hardest kind of problems to diagnose.  It's a matter of swapping out parts to get to the answer.  I know that's not what you want to hear but...welcome to the wonderful world of computer repair. :-/Alan <><  

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Got a eMachines T2895 that we first thought just had the PSU go out on it. Burning electrical smell and everything. So purchased a replacement PSU and tested it and it works. The problem now appears to be that the motherboard is shot. What I need to know is if anyone knows what kind of motherboard this came with, or can tell me where to look to find out what kind. Also, if replacing it is a feasable option, what with eMachines being proprietary in some areas.

Answer:Dead PSU leads to Dead MOBO.

Found this link to eMachines which might be helpful link

Oh and Welcome to Major Geeks rothery21

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I recently kind off broke my 5 year old st2000dm001-1ch164 HDD by force shutting down my PC using the power button many many times. After i did that i had to reinstall windows on a new drive as i couldn't boot windows in my HDD. Anyways, the funny thing is that a quarter of the disk is still working while the rest of it is just unallocated space which i can do nothing with.
Also as you can see it says that the disks are at risk but i don't know how to check what it means.
I tried using MiniTool Partition to mingle with the drive but it just said that the drive was dead or something along those lines.
As you can see the drives are still there, I've formatted them since than because i plan on using them for something else now.
I want to know whether i can actually use those drives i got left without any problems, and whether i can get that unallocated space to work somehow.

I am a newbie to drives so please have patience with me.
I would really appreciate any help or anything that will help me understand this. Thanks

Answer:Harddisk is dead but also not dead, help me understand what is going o

It cant be trusted even if you get it working. If the boot area is damaged its game over if its sectors in the middle of the disk the rest may be ok but once they atart failing it will get worse. Best bet is go to makers site and they normally have a test specific to their drive see what that says

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Hi all, I've been through 3 harddisks now on my 3 year old system(8800 gt, 4 gb ram, e8400). Every (aprox) 6 months my harddisk dies(I think). On boot the bios will only read my two dvd drives, then proceed to "checking ide drives" and check for abnormally long time, and finally the nvidia boot agent fails to boot and I get some mac adress showing up in bios before I have to shut it down. What can be the cause to all my dying hdd's?

I tried:
Replugging the sata cable and try different slots.
Checking if there is any hdd in under the voltage perimeters on bios and I can't seem to find my hdd anywhere!
Can a faulty sata wire even be the cause?
Help! Thanks

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NO viruses found from using AVG free edition. After I downloaded again. My IE 6 sp1 isn't in the program lists anymore, the files are there, but ie won't reinstall. My spyware is spybot search and destroy and Ad aware se neither one will launch. Highjack this works and don't come up with anything new. Error fixer works and the same nothing new. No Email working either, except my direcway email. Error when trying to launch IE or other applications on Desk top is Wininet.DLL file is linked to missing export Shlwapi.dll:ShregGetValueW. I am running Win 98se and thank goodness I am on Direcway and using firefox browser, otherwise this computer would make a good target on the shooting range. I have tried everything I can think of to correct this problem. I can download downloads, but can't launch. Error also says my internet connection is'nt there, I am on Direcway satillite and it is working because my Firefox is working great. HELP

Answer:Desk top dead won't launch IE dead also

How old is ur computer for one? I would suggest just backing up anything you need from this computer and fdisk your hard drive and start fresh. If you computer has the specs...i would suggest goin to XP.....98 is way to old anymore and has too many vulnerabilities. Thats what i would suggest, it will take less time then finding out all the stupid missing IE errors and all that stuff.

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I like the Linkman program for keeping track of useful/potentially useful websites I use/visit. I think the program is well designed.

The problem is that the, the Linkman developer, has apparently gone incognito except for continuing to accept paymnents for downloads of the software. He/she responds to that. However, no technical question on earth is apparently worth any of his/her time.

I have a simple question. I installed XP my operating system and reinstalled Linkman without touching my license. Linkman works but there is no drag and drop. This is bad for someone who is trying to structure and save many web links I use for my work. I've had no response from anyone at OuterTech on my tech support question.

My question is, why don't I have drag and drop in Linkman? Everything else works in the program.

John Wirt

Answer:Linkman is dead? How to raise from the dead?

They have a user forum. Have you had a look around in it or posted there? You may find a solution there.
Outer Technologies
you need to register before posting in order to avoid forum spam

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Here's a first for me....usually when a hard drive dies, it's dead....end of story.

I have/had 3 hard drives in my system. A brand new one (80 gig) and since my bios doesn't support over the 60ish limit, I used an overlay program to get the drive recognized.

Before this I also had 3 hard drives, all varying sizes, with no overlay programs.

As each hard drive had an operating system, I could access my bios setup and boot from either of the three.

After I installed the 80 gig with the ezbios (yes, I installed it on the other two drives as well) everything was happy, except for the fact I could no longer boot independently to the other drives.

I thought, no biggie. Still everything happy.

This morning, turned on computer, tried to access the 30 gig hard drive for some files, and the click, click, hard time trying to access, but finally it did......sooooooooo, then I rebooted and guess 30 gig drive.

Wonderful.......disconnected the other drives, tried to boot to that one, no operating system, rebooted again, physical medium error....not going to be a good day.

Tried booting with a boot disk, fdisk politely tells me no fixed c: drive present......lovely.

Downloaded the recovery program recommended by Slithy (thanks, hope you're reading this too) and it would not even acknowledge that the drive existed. The drive was still being seen in the bios, correctly.

Downloaded the Maxtor drive diagnostics and got all the lovely 'you're in ... Read more

Answer:When is a dead hard drive not dead

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