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[SOLVED] User Folder - Permission Denied

Question: [SOLVED] User Folder - Permission Denied

I installed XP on a friend's computer onto a fresh hard drive, leaving his old one on the same IDE channel (it's an old computer), but I just made one master and one slave.

When we went to try and move over his user folder from the old hard drive, it gave us the ol' 'Permission Denied'. I'm being told by a few of my other tech friends that you need to set the security permission for the folder, but I don't really know if that's the solution. I activated the Security tab on all folders, but I haven't tried to mess with it because I don't rightly know what to do.

If anyone has a solution so my friend can get his files off his old user folder, I would be very grateful.

Thanks, guys.

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Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] User Folder - Permission Denied

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: [SOLVED] User Folder - Permission Denied

Welcome back to TSF

You need to take ownership of the files.


You can find out how to take ownership of a file/folder here:

And you can find out about changing permissions to files/folders here:

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i was clicking around like a maniac and for some reason denied all user accoun ts from entering a folder on my desktop. how the hell do i get back in it? i feel retarted.

Answer:[SOLVED] accidently denied my self permission to folder!!

Boot into Safe Mode and log into the built in Administrator account (you will need the Admin Password if one is set, other wise leave it blank) Reset the permissions for the folder. Restart the computer, see if that solves the problem.

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I get a \\computer1\folder not accessible message when selecting via explorer. \\computer1 works fine but when I add any of the displayed folders, I get a permisssion access error message. When I select any folder after typing \\computer1\folder in the address box of Explorer, I cannot display its properties as I can with \\computer2. I need this in order to find out why access permission is granted.

XP pro with all the updates etc ...

Could someone help please? I have average knowledge of computers but network and access problems always stump me.



Answer:Solved: folder permission denied (agan)

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Alright... major boo-boo here people. My User folder (C:\Users\Jenny) is for some reason shared on my home network. My brother brought my attention to it when he said he could browse all my files from his own computer. So, in an attempt to block it from access, I set the permissions on the folder to denying access to everybody.

I didn't know Vista is truly that stupid! Now I can't even access my own user folder, from my own account. I assumed it meant "Everybody except me".

Is there any way at all I can fix this, or do I have to create a new user account?

Answer:Solved: Permissions Problem - Denied Access to own User Folder

Wait... figured it out. D'oh. I must have left my brain on my pillow this morning. For future reference, you have to go to the Security properties of the folder, go Advanced, click 'Owner' and change it back.

Oh boy am I embarrassed.

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With Windows 7, I could create a shortcut for utorrent pointing to an utorrent.exe of a different account. (uTorrent installs to appdata) Since Windows 8, I can't create (or rewrite) this shortcut, because I don't have automatic permission to access the folders of a different account. I have to manually press "continue" in explorer or "as administrator" in total commander when exploring these folders.
What can I do?

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Hi, I have a problem with the UAC and access privileges. I am the administrator on my computer and i accidently set up access control for half of my files (deny access to SYSTEM and administrators). I changed all the settings back, disabled UAC, allowed access to all users and groups and applied those changes to all subfolders and files. However, I'm still getting a message saying i dont have permission to access. I tried changing the ownership but it doesnt apply to every subfolder and I dont wanna go and change the ownership for every single file.

Please help! i need those files!

Answer:You have been denied permission to access this folder

Hi GuiltySquiD welcome to SevenFourms

Open up an Elevated Command Prompt. Click on in type CMD . Right click on CMD under Programs (1) choose . On the User Access Control window click on the Yes button . Command Prompt opens up to C:\Windows\System32>_

type in this command below

secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose press <ENTER>

Hightlight the words right click choose copy or you could press Ctrl+C to copy . To paste onto the command prompt. Right click on an empty area inside Command Prompt and choose Paste .

Ctrl+V will not work in Command Prompt . If you try you will only get ^V in return
Restart PC once done.

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Hi everyone,i recently backed up my 'My Documents'.Now i am trying to open it after recovering it and it comes with 'Access Denied'. My 'My documents' folder was protected when i backed it up.what can i do to go into it. plzz help!!

Answer:backup folder permission denied!

Have a look here click here

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Hello geeks,

So I was going through my Program Files to delete unwanted folders and files but I keep running into this message even after I changed the Permission settings in the Security Properties of the Program Files Folder. My account is set as administrator but it wants me to get administrator permission. Also under "Group or user name" are the TrustedInstaller, System, Creator Owner necessary to have there? One last question, why is there two Administrator usernames "Administrators username/Administrator" and "Users username\Users" because I only have one account on here and I'm the only one that uses it?

P.S. I'm attaching some snapshots of these messages. Thanks everyone.

Answer:Folder Permission Access Denied

What account are you currently logged into on that computer? Its possible that you are logging in as a temp profile that does not have the proper permissions.

The TrustedInstaller, System, and Owner should be in the permissions for those folders so leave those in there.

An easy way to see what profile you are logged in as would be just going to the Downloads folder and verify the path is your actual username and not some Temp profile.

Also it looks as if this computer is part of a domain or all these all local accounts?

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Help me in delete a nasty folder called shopperz , junk adware.
It is in my C drive, program files and I cant do any operation, i tried unlocker, cmd with administrator rights, filexile, owner permission, audit permission and the hide administrator account, nothing worked, i am still getting the message access denied.
This a leftover from a adware/root-kit clean iomega+ and others stuffs. This task is supposed to be easy, right ?
I am the admin, there aren't other users.. i dont know how i lock my self out and cant change, move ou do anything with these files.
Any guidance will be appreciated.
The pc is safety by the way, i did scan with everthing.

Answer:Can't Delete a Folder permission denied

Did you try deleting in Safe Mode?  Did you run Adwcleaner?
If you tried the above type CMD in the search box > Right click run as Administrator. Browse to the directory that contains the shopperz folder then type

takeown /f shopperz /r /d y <enter>
icacls shopperz /grant username:F /t /q <enter> username being your login name
After those commands try deleting.

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Hello guys,

I am admin on the computer but somehow (may be via group policy) I can not write/delete to my USB. By the way this is a corporate laptop. I tried couple of ways to fix it but couldn't manage. Is there a way to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance and best regards.

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I have amassed hundreds of files that I cannot delete. Generally, the ones that have been on my computer for a long time, I am able to move around, but not to the Recycle Bin and I can't delete them permanently. I've read through hundreds of Google results telling me that I need to turn off or turn on User Account Control, or go into the properties of the file and take ownership of it. Sometimes those techniques (and many others, for example, a forced delete through Command Prompt) work, but only on a few files. Sometimes the problem goes away with a reboot. Sometimes it's as simple as moving it to another directory before deleting it. Sometimes it goes away with time or a whole lot of messing with it. But in the end, I go through enough files each week that I'm left with an inordinate amount that refuse to be deleted.

I originally had UAC off. I figured that there was no point in having it off, so I ended up turning it back on. There has been no difference. Files could not be deleted beforehand, and still, I am unable to delete them now. The same errors come up either way. The only difference is that when UAC is on, there is an extra step before the error where it asks me to continue, as is UAC's purpose.

Going to Properties --> Security and then changing ownership and giving myself full control does nothing. I don't see why it should when I'm the sole user of the computer. Still, I keep trying it and I admit that there are times where... Read more

Answer:Destination Folder Access Denied (You need permission to perform this action.)

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Well, I am totally baffled (and it takes a lot to baffle me!). I want to share the My Documents folder from an XP machine with ONLY one user (the administrator) on a networked Win 7 machine. I have turned off simple sharing on the XP machine. I hate XP!! So complicated to do anything. Anyway, under security, I have tried share this folder, and not to share folder. I have gone into Advanced and messed around with permissions, taking out Everyone, using Admin only, using Network. At one point I ended up not being able to access My Documents on the local computer and had to jump through many hoops to change ownership and disable read only so that the user could use her own files!

The problem is, under Advanced in the permissions area, I cannot see the users on the remote pc to choose which one should be allowed access. I have read countless help suggestions, but none of them tell me how to actually find a particular user on the Win 7 pc and give ONLY that user permission to read (not to change) the files in My Documents on the XP pc. Can anyone give me a step by step process to do this? I work on computers all the time (I am a computer consultant) so it is embarrassing that I cannot set up this seemingly simple situation. Ugh!

Answer:Set permission for just one remote user to share a folder

1. Find out the name of the account on the remote machine (you may have to ask the owner of it).
2. Add a new account on the XP with the same name as on the Windows 7.
3. Give the desired permissions to that newly created account.

EDIT: It's simplest if you use the same password on both machines. Else you'll need to tell the Windows 7 account owner the XP's password.

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Every day I have another folder or file that won't open because "I" dont have permission. It is getting daily more files forbidden to open. Now I can't even see my own pictures. I never had a problem on any version of Windows until Win7.
I have tried everything I could read up from Google but nothing helps. I just don't understand what to really do to see my files. I am the only one on this computer. I have Kaspersky, run Malwarebytes nearly daily and SuperantiSpyware. I have Malwaresearch so I never open anything that is not green. Nothing is ever found. It does not matter if the folder or files is on the laptop or on an external drive.

What is it that I don't understand how to take ownership of my files? I have not changed anything on the system. Also many of my pictures suddenly refuse to be shown, it says either they are corrupted or too large. I have no problem to see them on the XP laptop. All I want is to delete double files and pictures. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Answer:Solved: permission denied, Win7

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Is there a way to make take ownership change file/folder permission to machine/user while getting rid of old and or corrupted information?

Just something that came to mind when I was fooling with format/reinstalling windose again. I dunno if its something to be aware of or not but knowing windose it might be a bad thing if it gets to cluttered with iffy info.

And is there a way to change system file/folder permission's to the new install? Sometimes something goes wonky and I have nothing but problems from folders deep within programdata/windows/appdata not wanting to allow an installer to put stuff in there.

Answer:Change file/folder permission to machine/user only

Not sure I fully understand what you are trying to do but does the following tutorial help?

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Is there a way to make take ownership change file/folder permission to machine/user while getting rid of old and or corrupted information?

Just something that came to mind when I was fooling with format/reinstalling windose again. I dunno if its something to be aware of or not but knowing windose it might be a bad thing if it gets to cluttered with iffy info.

And is there a way to change system file/folder permission's to the new install? Sometimes something goes wonky and I have nothing but problems from folders deep within programdata/windows/appdata not wanting to allow an installer to put stuff in there.

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I have a desktop running win xp & an HP pavillion laptop running vista. I have been doing file sharing for some time but now i suddenly get the following error msg on the xp:

\\<folder on the vista pc>\ is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator to find out if you have access permissions.

Access is denied.

On the laptop running vista i get:

\\<folder on xp pc>\ is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator to find out if you have access permissions.
Not enough server storage is available to process this command.
Notice the added line about server storage

I am the administrator & have never installed any passwords. All the folders are set to share mode. There is 20GB available on the laptop & 82 GB available on the XP.
I found some info on the net & tsg about & used regedit to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\lanmanserver\parameters.
& changed the IRPStackSize to 15 on each pc. FYI: the irpstacksize line was not in either registry but I followed instruction to add it. It didn't work
I have been at this all day & am totally out of ideas.

FYI: I installed some new software in the last week:
Acronis true image home 2009"
JVC power tools 2009
I used Acronis to make an image of my C:/ drive, & a boot disk (dvd). I have been backing up my registry with ERUNT & nothing ... Read more

Answer:Solved: cannot file share. Permission denied

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On both 64Bit & 32Bit Win7 machines I get an error message, denying access to a file in a folder within another folder. All have been shared, permissions granted & drives mapped to each folder. That is in addition to initially applying the changes to the file folder, subfolders, and files.

The message comes after the Client machine accesses the program, and attempts to generate a pdf.

The 64 is Win7-Win7 connection, while the 32 is connected to an XP.
Initially, I thought it to be a 64 issue. However, now it seems to be a Win7.
I have set to the Program to Run As Administrator & changed the Compatibility to XP Service Pack 3 to no avail.

I am moments away from Control+Alt+45ACP.
Please Help!

Answer:Folder Shared, Permission Granted File "Access denied"

Quote: Originally Posted by ASKJesse

On both 64Bit & 32Bit Win7 machines I get an error message, denying access to a file in a folder within another folder. All have been shared, permissions granted & drives mapped to each folder. That is in addition to initially applying the changes to the file folder, subfolders, and files.

The message comes after the Client machine accesses the program, and attempts to generate a pdf.

The 64 is Win7-Win7 connection, while the 32 is connected to an XP.
Initially, I thought it to be a 64 issue. However, now it seems to be a Win7.
I have set to the Program to Run As Administrator & changed the Compatibility to XP Service Pack 3 to no avail.

I am moments away from Control+Alt+45ACP.
Please Help!

Try taking ownership of the folder. Here's how: Take Ownership Shortcut

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From somewhere, somehow, a folder named "24cd9e4542d29590bce925ec30" has been created in my W7x86pro root dir. Trying to look inside, I had to "permanently get access". But then inside it, there are a whole lot of folders named things like 1025, 1028, 1029, etc, ending with 3076, and 3082.

What's in those folders, I have no idea, since every time I try to open one, I first get the "You don't currently have permission to access this folder" dialog, and then when I click Continue, I get "You have been denied permission to access this folder".

Also inside the "24cd9e4542d29590bce925ec30" folder, there are files, like "Setup.exe" and "NDP40-KB2473228.msp" and "SetupEngine.dll" and some *.bmp and some other files. I guess that NDP40-KB2473228.msp gives away that this folder has something to do with some .NET framework update, but AFAIK, there's no .NET-anything installed on this computer.

I want to remove the "24cd9e4542d29590bce925ec30" folder, but there seems to be no way I can get permission to do that. trying to get ownership or set access rights, all I get is "Access denied" or similar.

Does anyone know:
1. What those folders and files are doing there?
2. How do I remove them?

Answer:Denied permission when trying to get access to folder named "1055"

Just to make sure we're not dealing with any malicious activity, run a full scan with Malwarebytes and after updating it and post the result here.
Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware, anti-virus and spyware removal download

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I'm trying to understand this one as I have not come across any information about this yet.
I created a folder with custom security to lock down access for users to modify a folder on a server 2012 R2 file server.  Basically, a user can only upload to this folder, no rename, delete, modify, etc.  The permissions are set to a user group.
In a XP PC, the user seems to be working as expected, but on the Windows 7 PC, the user is being denied access to open the folder??!?!?!!?
The PCs & users are in AD.

Tested with a different account with the same results.

Is there something vastly different in Windows 7 that would do this -vs- in XP?  I am using the advanced security settings to manage the restrictions.  I have 1 allow rule access and a deny rule access for the group.

I will post pictures of the setting tomorrow but I'd thought I'd ask tonight in case anyone has seen this before.

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When trying to run Announcements 5.0 I received the following message:

"This application has failed to start because LEAD51N.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

While trying to re-install the program I received this message:

"C: \Windows\SYSTEM 32\CONFIG.NT. Error Code 0x0. You do not have sufficient privilege to access this file. See your system administrator. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application."

My setup:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+, x64 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1981 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 294963 MB, Free - 62506 MB; D: Total - 10239 MB, Free - 6403 MB; J: Total - 953634 MB, Free - 934837 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc, 0YY821, A00, ..CN7082174QF034.
Antivirus: ThreatFire, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Please help. Thanks. . .

Answer:Solved: Access Permission Denied When Attempting to Load Software

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Hi all,

First post so apologies for sharing the burden. I am running a Win Server 2008 R2. One of my users informed me that he could not access a couple of folders within the server. Upon checking, I found out that even I do not have access to the folder, even in administrator account. Whenever I try to open it, it says 'you don't currently have permission to view this folder. Click continue to permanently get access to this folder.' so I clicked Continue.

It comes out with another popup that says 'You have been denied permission to access this folder. To gain access to this folder, you need to use the security tab. The security tab part is clickable so I did.

It shows the folder properties > Security with a message of 'You do not have permission to view or edit this object's permission settings.' I clicked the Advanced tab > Owner -> Edit button. Checked the Replace owner or subcontainers and objects. I can see the Administrators as a choice. I even tried keying in an individual user. After that, I clicked 3 subsequent OKs.

Nothing happened. Kinda stumped on this. I did read some help from here earlier but it couldn't work. I can't just 'restart' this as its a running server. Halp pls.

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I was trying to create two admin accounts. admin1 and admin2.. and I wanted that admin2 to denied access to C:/windows/Users/admin1 folder. but I mess it up.
now both admin2 and admin1 cant access the folder help how can i get it back?

Answer:Accidentally denied admin User's folder. how can I get it back?


If you're not too badly denied you may reset it's permissions.

With an Elevated Command Prompt run the following command,

icacls "C:\Windows\Users\admin1" /reset

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Dell Studio 1747 with I7, 4 core processor, 8GB ram, Win 7 Pro. When I try to back up my user folder, I get the msg-You must have administrator rights to change this folder (CardSpace). I can't find this folder, even by search. I have gone into the properties of my user folder (William) and made sure I have all rights, and changed the ownership (security tab, owner tab). All I want to do is be able to backup my data.

Answer:Can't backup my user folder-access denied on CardSpace

You can't backup the entire profile folder since it contains system files that are continually in use. Back up your Documents, Music, Pictures, etc.

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Hello everyone!

I come here with a "bug" that is really really starting to cause problems.

Firstly, I would like to direct you to this thread.

I asked for help on another forum and well you can see what we went through, however they were not able to completely solve the problem.

I've done some quick tests, and it has basically ended up being that whenever an exe file is involved, Windows will go crazy with permissions or something.

The behaviour is pretty much that I try to delete a folder with exe files in it, and it will tell me that I do not have permission to do so. If I go inside the folder, I can delete the files no problem. Once they're gone, I can delete the folder.

But other instances are that when I try to delete some files, the file will remain, but it won't be there, my computer will say that I need to specify the correct path. Then after a few minutes, the file will actually disappear.

This has become quite a nuisance, because for example, I need to run Punkbuster so I can play some games. Punkbuster runs 2 services, PnkbstrA.exe and PnkbstrB.exe

PnkbstrB.exe is created by PnkbstrA.exe when a game is launched and it's updated on-the-fly. This is a problem, since my system will then deny access to PnkbstrB.exe, so A can't delete/update or do anything to the file for a few minutes, and I'll just end up being kicked in-game because I don't have B.

If I go into the Syswow64 folder, B is there, but you can'... Read more

Answer:Solved: File Access Denied - You need permission to perform this action - Windows 7

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Dear All,

I would like to install the program Treefinder ( to a notebook with Windows Vista Home Premium. The installation script is in a file "install.js":

var WSHShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell");

var path = WScript.ScriptFullName;
var tfdir = path.substr(0,path.lastIndexOf("\\"));

var env = WSHShell.Environment("SYSTEM");
env.Item( "TFDIR" ) = tfdir;

var shortcut = WSHShell.CreateShortcut(tfdir + "\\-TREEFINDER-.lnk");
shortcut.TargetPath = tfdir + "\\treefinder.js";
shortcut.WorkingDirectory = "";
shortcut.WindowStyle = 4;
shortcut.IconLocation = tfdir + "\\icon32.ico";

The machine has:
java version "1.6.0_03"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_03-b05)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.6.0_03-b05, mixed mode, sharing).

If I double click "install.js", I get the error message:

Windows Script Host
Script: C:\Program Files\Treefinder v.03.2008\install.js
Line: 8
Char: 1
Error: Permission denied
Code: 800A0046
Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error


Perhaps this "permission" error is easy to correct, but I do not know how to go about it. I thought it might have been connected with the Windows Security Center Firewall, but if I disabled the fir... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Windows Script Host, Permission denied, Microsoft JScript runtime error

Hi Geoff, Welcome to TSF!

Vista being Vista, can be very cantankerous at times.

I use this little utility (Click the coloured link) to over these situations....give it a try and post back with the results.

Kind Regards,

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Since installing Windows 8, I have been having sporadic problems with access denied. Examples follow:

PIMEX is a Personal Information Manager that I have been using through several generations of Windows. When I first converted to Windows 8, this program worked with no problems. Now, however, when I try to open the program, I get the message "PIMEX database could not be opened. Error message: permission denied". If I use the Control Panel to uninstall the program, and then reinstall the program, I am able to open it normally and work with it and use all functions. Once I close the program, however, and try to open it again, I once again get permission denied.

PaperPort is a program that manages scanned images. The program can scan either photos or text documents. If text is selected, the program creates a PDF file that the user names. These scanned files are then stored in PaperPort folders. When I try to display one of these files, PaperPort invokes PDF Viewer Plus (included with the package), and I get the message access denied. If I try to use the Windows 8 Reader to display the file, I get a "Sorry, can't display this file message". Likewise, I cannot display the file using Adobe software.

I have a HP Photosmart Premium printer which also is a scanner. If I use the HP Solution Center to scan a text document, I am able to scan the file without problems, but when I try to Finish and write the file to my hard drive, I have the same permissions problem ... Read more

Answer:Access Denied ...Permission Denied

Try running the programs as administrator or try to change the compatibility settings and run it for a previous known working windows edition. Thanks.

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Before installing Windows 7 Pro on top of Vista on my laptop I made 2 backups of the computer on the C: drive. The first backup was incomplete which is why I made the second one. Once Windows & was sucessfully running I checked the C drive and noticed I have 20.5GB free of 65.7GB. I checked the size of the first backup and it is in excess of 20GB. I have tried to delete the file but I get the message " you require permission from SYSTEM to to make changes to this folder".

I am already signed in as the administrator and I have removed the protection from the C drive but I am still getting the message above.

Can someone please guide me through the job of getting permission from SYSTEM so I can reclaim some disc space?


Answer:[SOLVED] Need SYSTEM permission to make changes to this folder

Hi -

Activate the hidden Admin user account and try deletion -

Regards. . .



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I want to rename c:\windows\system 32\catroot2 .

Because I am having problems with obtaining the updates on a Vista Home Premium SP 0 computer.

On my computer, Vista Ultimate, SP0, I tried to rename it, logged on as "XX", member of Administrators group.

UAC is off.

I activated THE "Administrator" account & established a password.

Still, I am unable to change the file name. I checked the properties of "catroot2"

"You need permission to perform this action"

At, I found this, which makes no sense to me.
takeown /F D:\folder
cacls D:\folder /g Users:F

I do not understand.

Your guidance is eagerly anticipated.


Answer:Solved: folder rename permission needed

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i am using an admin account, but for some reason i have lost control of my desktop.
screenshots below:

i am now unable to save/create files/folders/shortcuts on my desktop.
i have already re-disabled uac from control panel,
i have also set:

to 0
i ran a malwarebyte scan but it came out clean.
i am running windows vista Windows 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:[SOLVED] [vista]admin user requires permission for desktop

Please attach screenshots to your next post. The amazon clouddrive pics are not showing.

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I did the automatic java update on my laptop and now I can not use the menu on a CD-ROM which I get from a magazine I subscribe to as I get the following java error:

"Problems with this web page might prevent it from being displayed properly..."
Line: 40 Char: 38 Error: Permission denied Code: 0 URL: file//D:/ etc

The CD works okay on my desktop and both have the same version of java IE 1.5.0_06
One thing which is different is that I use Avast on the laptop and NOD32 on the desktop.

Any ideas fellows?

Answer:Solved: Java error "Permission denied"

Guess it must have been one of the IE6 internet security settings as I reset it to the default and I no longer get this error. Would like to know which setting was causing it though.

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User reset his Windows 7 logon password as directed and completed with no problems. Had user restart the computer and logon with new password. Again no problems and everything came up. Except now user cannot access any files in their "My Documents" Folder that is re-directed to the Primary File Server 2012. Access to the folder worked fine before the password change. No access afterwards, only "access denied" errors.

As the user is an Administrator member, they tried to access the properties and verify. Blank. Could not take ownership either as it would not allow it and kept saying "access denied" and contact the System Administrator.
I accessed the user's home directory directly and verified that the user is listed as supposed to be, but still cannot access it.

Has anyone encountered this access denied problem specific to user changing their system password?


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I've got a customer who's XP Pro box crashed. He Re-Installed XP Pro using the "Delete existing Windows folder" option. Now he can't gain acces to his previous user "Documents and Settings" folder even after recreating the same user and password in the new install. I'm thinking this is because the Windows "Computer Name" has changed. Anyone know of a way to get into and change the old computer name to the new computer name?

Answer:Access Denied to User folder. "Computer Name" change

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Why does my Win 10 File Explorer show shortcuts to the folders in my own account folder, as well as the folders themselves?
For example, there is a shortcut to My Documents, which leads nowhere, but to a message saying, "Access Denied" yet the folder called Documents does open to display all of my documents. Application Data leads to the same denial, yet AppData gets me to my application data. What is the point of all these extra shortcuts (ten of them)?

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I am running Windows XP and have 2 hard drives. My secondary hard drive holds all files and folders. My primary hardrive is purely for the OS. After recently formating the Primary HD and reinstalling XP, I now find that some files and folders are inaccessible, giving me the error, "Access Denied 'or' User Does Not Have Privilages". while other similar files are fully accessible!
also, since the format, if I create and save PDFs' and JPEGs' to the secondary HD, they are accessible until after I move them to a differrent folder, thereafter the same error messages appear and am unable to access or delete them.
I have looked through admin tools but can find nothing. It also makes no differrence when I log on as Administrator.
Please Help!!

many thanks,

Ben Maye

Answer:Solved: Access Denied, User Does Not Have Privilages!

Its a permissions problem due to the reinstall.

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Hello guys, I tried all I could... all I know. Means not so much. My windows HP was having problems booting and shutting down, so I reinstalled from the orig. CDs. I have a Cd in french, but now XP is in English. This is not the problem, as I speak English. BUT my folder containing pictures, private files, and working files, in the folder C:\Documents and settings is now saying "C:\Documents and Settings\Francis is not accessible" and just under "Access is denied". I runned Registry mechanic, from PC Tools, and I see all my files being scanned, but I tried by all the possible ways I know, and I was unable to find a solution. I guess it might be a detail, but I sincerely ignore it. Could anyone help me as soon as possible ? I would appreciate it very much. Fred from Geneva.

Answer:Solved: Access denied to my own folder...

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Ive built a new pc for a guy cos his mobo failed and installed his old hd as a slave so he can get his old files etc..

All the user log-ins but 1 didnt have a password and can be accessed easily but the main account used to have a log-in password and we cant get into "my documents" on the old drive.

Is there anything i can do to make it accessable?


Answer:Solved: folder saying access denied

search the net for a utility to blank his XP password. There are several good ones out there.

Misread that.

Try taking ownership of the folder

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I Keep Getting 'You Have been denied permission to access this folder' when i try to open my User area from my backup of vista (i've just clean installed Windows 7). It instructs me to go to the 'security tab'. I only have the 1 administrator username, and it's already checked as 'full controll'.

Other places have told me to do this :
- Click Start
- Type: cmd
- Right-click cmd when it appears
- Click Run As Administrator
- Change location to the folder you need access to (e.g. cd e:\folder)
- Type: takeown /F . /R /A /D Y > NUL
- Type: icacls . /grant USEROI)(CI)(F) /L /T /Q
(Where USER is your username - you will only have access from your
XP and Vista machine in this case)
(Or, replace USER with Users if you want anyone [on any computer
your hard drive is plugged into] to have full access to these files)

But it's not done anything, despite working for others. Anyone Think of any other solutions? I've attatched screenshot of what I tried in case i went wrong. Other thread is pretty dead which is why im reposting over here.

Thanks so much for any help, all my important files are inside there.

Answer:Solved: Denied Access To Folder

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Today while I was scanning my C: drive with an anti-spyware, I found the program scanning a location C:\Documents and Settings\Student\My Document\......
When I went to the C:\Documents and Settings folder I did see a folder named Student but as I clicked it I got an 'Access Denied' error. The C:\Documents and Settings folder contans all the user accounts I have for Window XP. Moreover the anti-spyware program was scanning quite a few folders and files in the 'Student' folder that I had created while I was in college.
How do I access those files in the Student folder? Also, I guess those files are eating up my hard drive space, is there a way I can access that folder and delete them ?

Answer:Solved: Folder's 'Acces Denied'

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I shared a folder on my LAN network, (University hostel). after that i "unshared" it. shared it by right clicking, security and sharing, share this folder on network,did not allow users to modify contents. there might have been a problem while setting permission. the problem is, after i "unshared" it, i have no modification access to the folder. i can access it though to view my files. but i cant create a new folder, rename a new folder, or modify files within the subfolders. FYI its my Games folder. i found out abt this when i wasnt able to save my games cos the error said that the program was denied access. i am the admin on the pc n i still cant modify it. Win Xp SP3. usin AVG IS 9.0 . simple sharing is enabled. have shared the folder b4. had no problems. till a couple days ago. tried system restore to no effect.
Additional Details

can delete a folder..(regretting it)...but cant restore it from recycle bin...says check if disk is full or write protected.

Answer:Solved: Denied access to folder...

Try taking the ownership of that folder.
Goto Security -> Advanced -> Owner
If you are admin on your PC, you should be able to take ownership. After that you should be able to modify that folder.

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Hopefully I can explain my situation without dragging it out to long, but it is involved.

The problem is with my wife&#8217;s computer which is an Emachine, Model T3265, running Win XP, Home Edition and IE 7.0.

The last time my wife was on the computer was the evening of Aug 14, at which time she had been playing the card game Spider Solitaire. I am also listed as a user but only to keep it running for my wife.

When she tried to use the computer the next day, Aug 15 she kept getting the message

&#8220;Windows can not access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item.&#8221;

Having come up with the same results as my wife, here is what I have been able to determine.

Be it from the Start Menu, Desk Top or Program Folder, the end result is the above .message. .

It didn't&#8217;t matter whose account I was in, mine or my wife&#8217;s, or if I tried to open an executable file or program directly or with a shortcut, the results were the same.

However I did find a couple of things that were quite odd. The items stored in the task bar at the bottom right side of the task bar could be opened, but only from here.. These programs consisted of the Virus Program, Trend Micro&#8217;s Pecillin, messenger program and the like. I also found that if I opened Documents and Settings and then opened either my wife&#8217;s or my personal folder and then went to Favorites I was able to access the inte... Read more

Answer:Solved: User Access Denied To All Exe Files and Programs

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My wife's user account (set up as administrator) on our Dell laptop cannot access any internet sites via Internet Explorer. Each time it returns an error message: Access Denied (policy_denied) and a direction to contact the network administrator.... unfortunately, I guess that's me....

This looks like a Content Advisor problem, but it's not enabled on her account and it's set to the most permissive settings in any event. This message occurs for even the most basic requests, e.g.

Other user accounts on the laptop are able to get to their home pages.

We recently converted to Comcast Cable internet access and noted this issue thereafter. I found some discussions regarding Comcast branding IE, which it did, so I removed their branding, but this didn't solve the problem. The laptop is wirelessly connected to a Linksys router and then to the Comcast modem. We also have a desktop which isn't having any internet connectivity problems. We're running Windows XP Home edition on both computers.

I can't detect any differences in her user account settings (Tools/Internet Options....) but maybe I'm missing something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Solved: User Account: Access Denied to all web sites

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Wonder if anyone can help?

I have fitted a new drive which I have made the master and have the former master drive as the slave.

The old disk had three users. When I go through explorer to try and access the files on the old drive - I can see all the files of two users but not the user which was also the administrator - I get an access denied message. I know the files and data is still there because of the overall size of the data the properties tabs says is on the disk.

Are there some settings I need to change to allow access to this folder as it used to be the administrator folder??

Any suggestions gratefully received.



Answer:Solved: Access denied to user on former master drive

Take ownership of the folders that you need to access:

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I?m trying to move a word doc to a shared document file on my network. The reason for moving it is so that I can print it. Windows 7 is not compatible with my old printer.
Whenever I try to move the word doc to the shared documents file on the network I get this message. ?Destination Folder Access Denied? ? You need permission to perform this action?
How do I fix this issue?

I don't see a search box so I posted a new thread.

Answer:[SOLVED] Destination Folder Access Denied

You are trying to transfer a file that the destination computer does not allow network computers to write to the folder you are sending it to. To fix this the computer with the printer (which I assume is where you are sending it) must have file sharing set up. Which can be enabled in the Network and Sharing Center, from the start menu or the Control Panel. File sharing is turned off by default for security reasons. Also some Anti-Virus programs can interfere with File Sharing.

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I'm using Xp sp2.
Since my system went down i was forced to format and install XP once again..
After installing i'm not able to open some of my folders...I'm the ADMIN.
I also have a user account.. But the folder was created from the Admin Account.
I tried opening the folder from both the accounts...the folder is in E: drive...But i'm able to open all other folders in the same drive... Plz help me.......i'm in very urgent to have the files in that folders......

Thnx in advance......

Answer:Solved: Access Denied while opening a folder

Give this a try:

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i have an external usb hard drive with a wierd folder that wont delete.
has a long name like some type of temporary folder, containing a "i386" folder. (windows setup?)
windows explorer check disk says all is ok. nod32 scan says clean. tried the command prompt command "rd /s/q "folder name".
all are "access is denied"

Answer:Solved: cannot delete folder - access denied

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Short version of a long story. Due to multiple BSOD on friends laptop, I decided the best course of action to a non-destructive OS recovery. It is an HP DV6000 laptop running XP Home SP2 with 2 GB mem and a 100 GB HD.
The only thing he had on the machine that he didn't want to lose was about 32 GB of songs for his DJ business. Just to be safe, I copied then onto a networked pc for safe keeping. Hitting PF11 during reboot, took me to the OS restore screen. I proceeded through the restore and choose a different user nane than the original one he had used. This saved the files in the Documents and settings folder for the old user (that no longer existed). After the restore was done, I tried to copy the My Documents folder from the old user to the new user directory. No matter what I tried, I received the Access denied. I tried from a CMD Prompt. I tried using the ATTRIB command to look at the attributes. The only thing I could see was, on each directory (My Documents and below) the Properties window had the Hidden check box filled in, not checked, but filled in. I could not turn it off. I even tried to boot to safe mode and log on as Administrator, and got the same results. I ended up, going back and doing the destructive restore (format drived and factory reload) and then copying the files back from my network.

My question is, why couldn't I copy or delete these files even as administrator, and how can I correct this situation in the future, as I know this sam... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Access Denied on old My Documents Folder

He probably had the "Make my files private" setting enabled for his account, which restricts access to the files for that account, even on a new XP install. In the future you can take ownership of the files to gain access to them.

Hope it helps,

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Good Evening....haven't been here in awhile....and I've missed y'all.

Here is my problem/question for now:

I have a folder on my desktop (I made it and put some of my pics into it)...well, now I want to delete this folder, and it will not delete, (it won't let me delete). I am running Windows Vista. on a HP computer (Dell monitor).

Anyhow, I always get this message:
Destination Folder Access Denied (across the top in blue)

The body of this message says "You need to confirm this operation"
then the name of my folder: JH Wildlife
date created 9/25/2011 10:05 P.M.

then below that it has 3 choices
continue skip cancel

I click Continue

Then a new window opens: It says:

User Account Control (across the top in blue)
and in the body this time it says
Windows needs your permission to continue

If you started this action continue.
File Operation
Microsoft Windows

and my choices are:

continue or cancel
I click Continue and the cycle starts all over again with DESTINATION FOLDER ACCESS DENIED
with 2 choices:

Continue & Cancel
and this goes on over and over and over.

I am the only one that uses this computer here at home...and the only one with access to it anyhow....
How do I get this folder and any others that I have and no longer want?
Is there a setting that I can change so I don't have to go thru this every time i want to delete something on my desk top? ( a folder I created)
Thanks in advance for any help y'all can giv... Read more

Answer:Solved: Destination Folder Access Denied

Try Unlocker.

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[I'm using Windows XP]

I wanted to move a folder from one location to another. I cut the folder, went to the desired locationa nd pasted it. When when trying to open the folder it said access was denied. I went to it's properties and unchecked "read only", tried to open it again, "access is denied"(again). I checked properties again and read only was still checked(stays checked even after unchecking it and clicking okay). I then did a system restore to 2 previous dates. Both resulted in the folder going back to it's original location. I was then able to go into the folder but did not have access to view any file in the folder (access was denied to all of them).

I have no idea what to do. The files in that folder are very important to me, so I really hope there is a simple solution to this.

Answer:Solved: Moved folder, now access is denied!?

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Got a new computer with Vista Home Premium installed.

Just uploaded some digital photos to my pictures folder in documents main folder.

went to attach the new photos to a email and get the error msg above.

I am logged in as an admin level

Is there something I need to reset to allow me to attach files in the documents top folder?



Answer:Solved: Access denied msg on pictures folder

try putting the pictures on the desktop and see if that fixes it

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I have a folder on my desktop that I created about a month ago. Nothing is really in it, just some video files. Im trying to delete the sub folders within it, and it gives me the message that 'The Folder Not Accessible' It says that I have to have Admin permission to delete the contents. Im the only user on my lap top though. What I have tried so far.

I have manually attempted to take ownership of the files through cmd prmpt, it tells me Access Denied.

I downloaded the Take Ownership program and tried it that way, no luck

Any ideas on what I can do, any why its locking me out?

Answer:[SOLVED] Folder Not Accessible. Access Denied

Hi, you mention manually attempting to take ownership through cmd prompt , how did you do this (was it using takeown and Icacls?) and were you running cmd elevated as administrator?

What is the full path to the files and have you tried using the right click properties then security tab to grant your user full control?

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Yesterday I reinstalled a computer game which has user-settings that I didn't want to go through all the trouble to remake. So I cut them(desktop) out and pasted them into my newly installed game folder.

c:\program files\game\desktop\User\user1
c:\program files\game\desktop\User\user2
c:\program files\game\desktop\User\user3\AAA
c:\program files\game\desktop\User\user3\BBB
c:\program files\game\desktop\User\user4
c:\program files\game\desktop\User\user5

^That is what it looks like, and the only folders that cannot be removed are the user1-2, 4-5 and AAA/BBB.
denied, make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that
the file is not currently in use”, is the error message that I get)

I've tried rebooting, getting ownership through safemode/admin account. I also tried the Unlocker and WhoLockMe Tools, WhoLockMe was useless but Unlocker was able to rename the folders, but couldn't remove them.

If it helps, I noticed the problem when I quit the game and I got a message saying something like "Could not create file in \program files\game\desktop\user\userX", the game was obviously trying to update my settings but couldn't because they somehow got f'ed up during the cut/paste process. (?)

Im pretty sure that I've done this before and it worked all fine.

The question: Is there any way to remove or access these folders?

Oh and, I'm using WinXP Home, SP2.

Answer:[SOLVED] “Access Denied - When trying to remove a folder.

there are different utilities out there that may work, try moveonboot or killbox

if you should happen to have a linux bootdisk, you can always boot to linux and delete them that way.

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I am having a problem adding some sites to my Favorites. Some work normally and some I get the message that "access is denied". Anyone know of an easy fix for this problem?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4001 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1808 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 940261 MB, Free - 874879 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0CXTWJ
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Solved: Favorites Folder-Access denied.

If you accidentally deleted a the folder called "Favorites" in the Favorites section you will get
Access Denied --- simply make a new Folder with the name "Favorites."

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This is a sony vaio laptop. I don't think the model matters as this is an OS problem. I enabled the Administrator account; but, that doesn't help. I can boot the system into Windows and view all the file and folder names without a problem; but, I cannot copy any files to an external drive or to any other place on the hard disk. Access is denied on everything. I cannot create folders or save even a text file that I create. Access denied.

If I boot using a BartPE disk, the hard disk doesn't show up in the file manager at all. All that shows is my external USB drive as drive C and the DVD as drive D.

I need to copy all the user data to a backup device so I can then run factory system recovery.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Solved: Access denied on everything in all user accounts including Administrator

If it is indeed a malfunctioning permissions problem, you could try using a Linux live disk. Linux NTFS support doesn't extend to considering access permissions.

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Had probs with my PC not booting up so took it to a PC repair shop that found that the part on my hard drive that holds the boot-up info was corrupt, they istalled a new hard drive but managed to keep the old one as a 2nd hard drive as the rest of the data was good on it.
I am now trying to access my files on the old hard drive under documents and settings\user but it wont allow me to access them - how can I access the files? I did set up user accounts on this but they were not password protected...
I'm on XP...
PS I've tried info on here: but I dont have a 'security' tab once i click on properties....I'm no techy so advice in laymans terms please!!

Answer:Solved: D:\Documents and Settings\user is not accesible. Access is denied. Help

If you are running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, you must start the computer in safe mode, and then log on with an account that has Administrative rights to have access to the Security tab.Click to expand...

Did you follow this step? When you start the computer, and before Windows boots, you need to press F8 and select Safe Mode.

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I tried to search for the problem below

I have installed avast AV program on windows 7 64 bits when I tried to copy a file from My Document to the "Avast" folder a message pop up "Destination Folder Access Denied You need permission to perform this action"

I have already changed the ownership for "Avast" folder and sub containers and objects, but still no luck

I logged in as a user (let us say username called : forum) who is part of administrators group


Answer:Solved: Windows 7 Destination Folder Access Denied

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I'm trying to get some data of an old HD, so I hooked it up as a slave to my current computer. I can access everything on the slave drive except one of the folders inside .../documents and settings/. I can access the Administrator and All Users directories but another folder, which has the data I want, says "Access is denied." when I try to open it.

The computer I am working with is running XP home and the directory in question is not password protected. Any assistance would be appreciated.


Answer:Solved: Access Denied to Slave Drive Folder

Follow instructions on the above page, it should sort your problem

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One of my office computers mobo died (Dell GX270) and I moved that boot drive to my backup computer as slave (SATA). It still boots the Dell but the Dell goes to black screen to quickly to do a back up. It has my daily working files so the backup isn't current enough for my needs.

When I moved it to a Compaq Presario backup computer, it won't allow me to access, in Documents & Settings folder, the sub folder I need to access. Returns 'Access Denied' message.

Things I've tried: Followed MS Support instructions on taking ownership of the Documents & Settings folder, sub folder, drive. None of these actions allow access to the sub-folder I need to access. Each User has been changed to allow full access (in Safe Mode) but there is one user 'Creator Owner' that won't allow full access. The hour glass shows up for several seconds and then it un-checks all the access rights I've selected.

Also tried stopping the security accounts service in 'Services'. Didn't help.

The drive has a bootup password but none of the folders have their own password. None of the folders are 'Shared' on a network.

Have Win XP Home Edition, SP3 on both computers.

Any suggestions?

Answer:[SOLVED] Access Denied on slave drive folder...

OK, my mistake. Wasn't following the instructions from MS carefully enough. Wasn't taking permission by the correct admin account.


There's 5 hours I won't get back!

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I have two XP desktops. I use one for the internet & email and the other for work. I have a SharedDocs folder on each desktop.

On my work desktop it works. On the email/internet desktop, I can take files out but I can't put files into the folder. I get the message:

Error Copying File or Folder
Cannot copy [file name]. Access is denied.
Make sure that the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.
Can you tell me how to correct this issue?

Thanks to all who try to help or solve this problem!


Answer:Solved: Access denied with shared docs folder

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Windows XP; Dell 1.7
Norton SystemWorks 2002
Norton AV 2003
NAV definitions up to date, system checked today, no viruses.

I messed with Norton Waste Basket yesterday, trying to get rid of the
'Access Denied' bootup message as seen on another thread here. Messed with taking ownership of files in SAFE mode. Finally scared myself, restored the system from earlier in the day, all looked fine again. Now I can't access the 'Program Files' folder (didn't try yesterday, so it probably didn't work then either). I must have messed with administrator rights or something. I'm the only user of this machine, although we have a four-machine home network set up, direct cables to a router.

Error message when attempting to access Program Files folder:
C:\ Program Files is not accessible.
Access Denied.

Sounds like an authorization issue. I use no passwords to log in, I am the only User on this machine.
What can I try next?


Answer:Solved: 'Program Files' folder, access denied

try to log in using the administrator account then set ownership.

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Ive been running vista for about a month now no real problems. Today i open outlook and get this:
So i try to open said file but when I try to open Loacl Settings i get this

Followed by:
No this is very very odd as I am the only user of my computer and I am a full administrtor.
So i check the file permisions:
Whats going on anyone know?
I am aware of the forums policy on security so I ask that all replies contain information that would only be usefull to someone with full admin permisions.

Answer:Solved: Access Denied to Local Settings Folder

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Question: Permission denied

Windows 7 ultimate pro. Plenty of hard drive space. 16 G ram. okay now the problem. Had a crash. Hard drive died. Installed new one . Now some of the files I transferred over from backups is denying me permission to open them. I keep getting messages that access is denied, that I don't have permission. the ONLY user on this computer is me. I am the administrator and that is the account I use. I have gone into the file properties and removed the read only...but it does not stay removed. I close open again and it is back as it was. I go into the file properties and into the permissions and I have all the permissions needed but Special. That stays grayed out. HOW do I change this so ALL my files are accessible. I have this show up with pictures as well.. as my raw files and the different formats of my digitizing software. Most are okay but the few that are doing this are ones I really need.
Any help?

Answer:Permission denied

You could try to take ownership of the files. Just a little batch code (*.bat):


@echo off &setlocal
set "folder=C:\wherever"
takeown /f "%folder%" /r /d y
icacls "%folder%" /grant administrators:F /t

Change the path in line 2 to where the files are placed. The script works recursively for all files in all sub folders. Surely you have to right-click and "run as administrator".


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Question: Permission denied

I'm trying to access a particular web site, but continually get a yellow error message that says "Permission denied Line 60 Char 3". I have checked all of my security connections and made sure that Java has not been disabled. Any ideas out there?

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Question: Permission denied!

Hello all.

I had a corrupted profile on Vista and when I tried to remove it, it removed the user from my laptop, but not the user folder - which contained about 4 GB of data.

I have tried to remove the folder but I've been denied permission. I have logged on as the Administrator account and it shows that I have full control over the folder - yet it still denies me access.

I really need to get rid of this folder to free up space.

Can someone please tell me how to do it, as it is really driving me up the wall !



Answer:Permission denied!

I'm not sure if it will but have you tried managing the permission of the file?
So you give rights to all the accounts.

Right click folder/file -> security tab -> then look around there and give full permission on other accounts & adding to admin group if it isn't already.

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Question: Denied permission

I have upgraded from an Hp Envy 14 Beats edition to envy dv7 beats. the 14 had windows 7 and the new dv7 windows 8. My Problem is i coppied my pictures folder to a portable hard drive and when I try to access the folder on new computer it denies permission. I restored to envy 14 to out of the box so I could sell it. so the pictures are no longer on it. I took ownership of file and that let me open the folder but then i have same problem with subfolders and if i take ownership of that I have to do it with each individial picture. I know how to take ownership of folder and all contents on windows 7 but on windows 8 it seems to be different. Unless I am missing something. and i can not go through and take ownership of each folder and then each picture within as I have thousands of pictures. I'm sure I'm missing something right under my nose but cant figure it out. Can someone please help Thanks

Answer:Denied permission

Hello Lancen, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might see if using the tutorial below to add "Take Ownership" to the context menu will make it easier to take ownership and set access permissions to "allow" you "full control" of a folder or file as needed by right clicking on it.

Take Ownership - Add to Context Menu in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Question: Permission Denied

I'm trying to delete a folder full of files but for some reason I always get a Permission Denied message so I cannot delete them. UAC is off, I've gave my account full control in the properties tab and I still cannot delete them. Anyone have any suggestions or solutions

Answer:Permission Denied

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Question: Permission Denied

I have set up a Home network between my Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 bit machine and WinXP SP3 machine. Each machine is visible on the other and XP files can be accessed from the Win 7 machine. On the XP machine the Users\Public folder is accessible. I have another User which cannot be accessed. Message says Access denied. I have given permissions to share the folder, but I still cannot access from the XP machine. Please advise

Answer:Permission Denied

Quote: Originally Posted by willieandme

I have set up a Home network between my Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 bit machine and WinXP SP3 machine. Each machine is visible on the other and XP files can be accessed from the Win 7 machine. On the XP machine the Users\Public folder is accessible. I have another User which cannot be accessed. Message says Access denied. I have given permissions to share the folder, but I still cannot access from the XP machine. Please advise

First homegroup is primarily designed for win 7 only networks and uses IPv6. Sometimes homegroup has connectivity issues.

You can test this by setting up a new network connection using workgroup. If it works you can then disable IPv6 and kill homegroup

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Question: Permission Denied

All of a sudden, when using Photoshop only, I get the following error. 
You don't have permission to save in this location... it then sends me to the Pictures folder (which also will not save) and then to just me as a user and then will save. 
I really need to be able to save the files I am working on where I am working on them. Any ideas? Every other program seems to be working OK. 

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Hello bleeping computer fixers:

Last night I was using my computer as I normally do and next thing I know, I was unable to open Firefox. Then tried playing some music and same thing. Apparently every .exe file has been denied access to. I thought it might have just been a temporary glitch so I tried restarting and I don't even have access to do that! I would do a scan but obviously that doesn't open either.

A little help would go a loooong way!!

Many thanks in advance

Answer:Permission Denied To...well Everything

Can you Boot into Safe Mode?

You may have to pull your Power lead out if it wont let you shut down?

If you can get into Safe Mode try running a Scan from there.

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i try to install AVG free and i get this message
Local machine: installation failed
Error: Checking of state of the item file avgcc.exe failed.
File opening failed. %FILE% = "C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG7\avgcc.exe"
Permission denied

and i am the administrator.
please help.

Answer:AVG permission denied

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Hi I am using Vista buisness 64 bit and try to install miktex.
At all there is no problem in the installation process, however, by updating or installing packages by the package manager I get

Error: Permission denied: C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\MiKTeX\2.7\miktex\config\5c9c2effd97adbeacc8bf220bf73149c.fndb

I have no clue, how to correct this problem, for I am running as System administrator so I should have access.

Thanx for help


Answer:Permission denied...

Hello cherusker, welcome to Vista forums!

Have a look at the tutorial at the link below; to see if it will provide a solution.

Take Ownership of file

Keep us informed!

Later Ted

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I've got a hand-me-down laptop that I inherited from my dad (IBM Thinkpad 600X), which is running Windows XP Home Edition.

I never cease to be amazed at what sort of weird configurations my dad managed to get in place, or how much time it takes to undo some of these configurations now that the laptop has been handed down. Sometimes it almost reminds me of the story of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

I've noted that under Task Manager, somehow my dad got the User Name under the Processes tab, which usually displays USER, to somehow display his name (let just say for right now it's displaying Icabod). How do I reconfigure that setting to just display USER. Although I'm not using the suspect laptop right now, I think that he managed to rename the USER folder under Documents and Setting directory to Icabod, and that's why it shows up under the User Name on the Task Manager. This change apparently has nothing to do with the Computer Name or Computer Description Name or Workgroup Name.

How do I change that back to just say USER, or whatever the default setting is? I tried to change the USER folder name on my own laptop, and Window rejected my attempt to do that, with some message that the USER folder name was a system requirement.

(signed) Washington Irving

Answer:Solved: Renaming the USER Folder/User Name

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I just completed a system restore on my eMachines computer. I have Windows XP. Now, I had one folder that I backed up, but now everytime I try to enter it, it says Access Denied. I did hide this folder on my hard drive before, but all of my other hidden folders that I backed up work fine. I would really appreciate it if somebody could tell me how to gain access to this folder, I have very important information in it. Any suggestions?

Answer:Solved: Access Denied Into Folder, Just Completed System Restore

You will have to "take ownership" of it, basically following the instructions in the article below.

However it appears they fail to mention that in Windows XP Home, to have access to the "security" tab, you must boot up in Safe Mode.;en-us;308421

see also:;en-us;308418

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You have experienced the headache of not been able to acces shared folders and network printer ?.

Bypass Microsoft network layer to resolve this issue that has been a headache since XP to Vista.

1) Download Hamachi from
This is a free vpn utility, very easy to use.
2) Install on pc#1, create a virtual network name and password.
Will get a static ip for this pc.
3) on other pc's install hamachi and join the virtual network.

Every folder and printers shared will be available thru the virtual network.
example: On pc#2 in the hamachi console right click on PC#1 and browse the shared folder, copy files etc.

To add a printer is done the same way as going thru add printer and locate on network, the diff here is that your by passing microsoft network and using your virtual network.

This resolved all the problems that I have seen in google regarding this issue.

Answer:Solved: Workaround: Access Denied to Network folder /Printers

What version of Vista are you running?

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Win xp sp2. My computer crashed and I had to use the recovery disc supplied by the manufacturer. The recovery process erased the HD but offered me the option of backing up which I did. When I try to open the 'owner' folder or any of the users folders it says 'Access denied'. How can I open my owner folder to recover my files. This is only happening with the users folders and not with other folders on the C: drive.

Answer:Solved: Denied access to c:\documents and settings\owner folder

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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I am trying to share drives with 2 other computers. I can access them from my Windows 7 computer. I can see the drives from the other computers, but get an access denied when trying to access from them. I have check everywhere, and have permissions all set for everyone. The other computers are running XP, Vista, and Windows 7, all can see this one, but not access it.

Answer:Access denied, you do not have permission

Please check out these links from Microsoft -

Regards. . .



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EDIT: It's not actually solved, but has now become a Win Media Centre issue. I will post there.

I have tried to delete several folders containing recorded DVDs. Most of them went, but there are a half dozen that can not be deleted.

The structure is:
- DVDName#1
- Videots
- Audiots
- DVDName#2
- Videots
- Audiots

These were in WMC Movies Library, by using their parent folder f:\dvds. However I have now removed that from the library. All the successfully deleted folders were in the same parent folder.

I am told I need permission to delete them. I actually am logged in as admin. I checked in Properties/security n their parent folder and I have all permissions except Special, which is greyed out for all listed users.

However when I try to look at security for any of the individual DVD folders, I am told I do not have permission to even _see_ the security settings

I then saw that the folders were read-only. I attempted to uncheck that, but again was told I needed admin privileges.

Given that I am admin, what's going on here?

EDT: I am also the owner of the parent folder, but cannot see or alter the owner of the sub-folders.

Any help most appreciated.

Answer:Permission denied to administrator

If there's nothing in f:\dvds that you want to keep, just delete the parent folder (f:\dvd) If you want some folders in f:\dvd but not others - you might have to take ownership. There's a tutorial that sets up a context menu Take Ownership.

Good luck

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I am having a problem opening a Microsoft Access database accdb file on my D: drive. It was working fine until recently when I upgraded to Windows10/Office 2016. Now all I get is : "File permission denied".
Bizarrely all the other Access databases in the same folder are completely accessible - apart from this single one.

I have tried changing the security permissions, changing ownership, logging on as Administrator - nothing seems to work.

The only thing I can think of is that on Windows 7 my user account was just "Nick" and now on Windows 10 it is "Nick B" with an email address associated with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Hi, i have this problem that i cannot solve. i know why it happened but i was kinda trying stuff without really knowing what i was doing, so now i turn to this forum cause i tried all i could think/find and i still cant solve my mistake.

I had two HD,
C: with XP pro sp3 and linux (dual boot)
D: formated in ntfs with all extra data (songs, video, reports, receipt etc..)

When i had these two working normally, i needed to restrict the access of the second HD (the D to only one computer on the network so i messed around with the permission. I ended up deleting the whole list;
it was looking like this (under the security tab of the HD properties)
"User" X\username"

So i deleted these, it gave me problems , then i found how to re-take owner ship. but i only re-added

"User" X\username

i could then again access my files on the D: . but i still couldnt share my files as i wanted for some reason. so i decided to re-install windows...big mistake!!

I formated the C:, re-installed windows on it, no problem with that. But now i see the second HD in windows explorer as RAW and access is denied. Meaning the HD is detected and listed there, but the used space and total space amount is not showing, if i click properties, instead of NTFS its says RAW. If i try to open it to explore the content, i get an access denied message.

I tryied chkdsk it did some things (looked like it was changing stuff, but i cant see a... Read more

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I'm hoping someone can help me. Recently my laptop has started denying me access to most of my programs. I cannot access any program that does not have the Run as Administrator option. I have Windows Vista and as far as I know I haven't changed any of the settings or security so I'm not sure why it is doing this all of a sudden. The code that I get reads as follows:

"Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file.You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."
Can anybody tell me how to fix this?

Answer:Permission to Access Is Denied

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Hi have 2 web applications that i have made,i have installed the first on a server and the second one on antoher server.
I am calling the second web application from the first one inside a panel,while trying to get information from the first site using window.parent.parent i recieved permission denied.
I have enabled everything in the security of the ie but nothing is working.
any one has a solution for the above?Is there any signed scripts to use with ie.Am using javascript between the 2 web applications.


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A good time ago I followed this guide to share folders with media player WD LIVE, everything good and well until I realized following: I cant's transfer, create or delete files & folders..

What to do?

I shared a big folder on a RAID5 unit and it got loads of data on it (the locked folder)

Answer:Permission denied even Admin

You're probably not the owner.

Paste this in notepad and save it as a .reg file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="Take Ownership"

@="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F"
"IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F"

@="Take Ownership"

@="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F /t"
"IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F /t"

Run that and now you'll have a "Take Ownership" option in the right-click menus. Take ownership of all of that.

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I posted a screenshot, anybody know why i can't access this.

Answer:Permission denied even with admin?

Because you probably don't have access.

But you can take ownership and assign the permissions you need.

Take Ownership of file

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At some web sites I get this:
error:permission denied
url:(the addy)
No one has been able to help me as of yet and I have deleted files from internet options, uninstalled jvm/sun java then reinstalled, rebooted. I am out of ideas. Is there any one who can help????? PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I am desperate!

Answer:Permission denied error


Have you had a look in 'Security' - TOOLS > Internet Options?

Might be worth just checking out your files by going to START>RUN and with your XP disk in the drive typing sfc /scannow and hit enter.

Did anything noticable occur just prior to this happening?

What happens if you use another browser?

Did you empt out cookies and Temp files and reset the browser to 'default'?


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I setup an FTP server using Serv U FTP in a Win ME system.
Some users can access folders using ftp programs. But users using dos get a permission denied error to folders they should have access to.

Answer:FTP permission denied error in DOS


I see this is the same company who makes AllegroSurf. I had fun times with that...not.

Anyway, i'm looking at their site at the moment. Have you configured it for use behind a firewall? I assume you have.

blimey, I was going to search their discusion list, but there's 120 pages of it!

This is the email in which to subscribe of no joy here, or if you want to keep up with it [email protected]

As FTP isn't my strong field, and DOS certainly ain't, have a look at this:

okay, its not the exact same thing but you can add your own mail address, plus it tells you some FTP commands.

I will delve deeper if you want. Something new to learn.



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why do i get the message "windows cannot access the specified device path or file..." when trying to execute a file? i am the only user and administrator of this pc. i have tried disabling the av but that does nothing. it also doesn't matter where the file is located. for example, i'm trying to run the adobe flash installer and it wont let me. this is frustrating.

Answer:permission denied to run applications

ok, so i 'took ownership' of the folder and that worked. is this what i have to do for every folder on this pc? that seems strange since i am the administrator and only user.

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I broadcast DHCPDISCOVER packet( through relay agent), bt its giving me an error : permission denied. Could you please tell me the reason behid this.

Thanx in avance,

Answer:Error(13,permission denied)

Without knowing anything about the environment, we probably can't tell you much.

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Not sure if this is the right place but I have posted on a current thread a couple of times and received an email notification of another post. When i click on the link to the post I get the message in the attached screenshot
The post is here although I can't find it in the Forum under "Product keys" Link here:
Any advice please?

Answer:Permission denied to a thread

It's possibly been deleted.

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i have copied a folder in external hard drive which is NTFS and now getting back an error generated access denied. and the color of all files in that folder is changed. the files are so important please help

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When I right-click to convert a file to PDF, I get the following message: "An error has occurred in the script on this page.  Line - 11, Char. - 3, Error - Permission denied, Code - 0, a URL related to Acrobat & ActiveX."  It then asks if I want to continue running scripts on this page.  I've tried answering both ways but nothing frees up the failure to respond.Any thoughts on problem and solution?

Answer:Convert to PDF - permission denied

You haven't told us what software or online conversion service you're using.  That info would be helpful.

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One of my user's folders has disappeared from the folder C:\Documents and Settings in Windows Explorer, and can only be displayed if the 'Hide protected operating system files' box is unticked in Folder Options - View.

This probably means that the user's folder has, somehow, been set as a system folder.

How can this be reset so that it displays correctly, ie when the 'Hide protected operating system files' box is ticked.

Answer:[SOLVED] User's Folder Set As A System Folder?

Problem solved by setting the folder attributes to -s -h from the DOS prompt.

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Just got the desktop described below. Inserted a SD camera card into the slot on my Canon MG6120 printer. Opened the folder containing the pix, marked 95% of them, and hit Delete. Get message that I need administrator permission to delete them. I AM the administrator, so don't know why it's telling me this. I looked up how to change permissions in the Properties, but after clicking Properties, no "Security" tab is there, so I can't change anything.

However, I subsequently inserted the card into the card reader on the PC and deleted the pix -- no error message about not having permission. So my question is, why do I not have permission to delete the files from a reader in MY printer which is connected wirelessly to MY PC, but do have permission when it's plugged directly into the PC?

Incidentally, the computer assigns the drive letter Z: to the SD card. Does that have anything to do with my not having administrator access? I also noticed for the first time that I cannot start the computer in Safe Mode. Do a restart, hold down F8, and I'm presented only with a menu asking what device do I want to boot from. ?????????????

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