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Can't find preinstalled USB hardware driver in XP

Question: Can't find preinstalled USB hardware driver in XP

I have Windows XP Media Center Edition on a Dell E521. Just recently, within this past week, I have connected my USB SanDisk ImageMate SDDR-05 Flashcard reader to my computer in order to transfer picture files from my camera to the computer via a flashcard. While doing the initial setup the Wizard Install box instructs me through all the necessary steps, but it finally states that: ?the hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software.? I?ve attempted this procedure several times but always with the same result...I still can?t find the device anywhere on my computer, not even within the My Computer icon. On the device manager the SanDisk hardware appears (identified as USB CFII), but as a yellow question mark upon which I always end up uninstalling/removing it. I called SanDisk tech help and they said that their Flashcard Reader already has its driver pre-installed within every XP system...and that is why their website does not offer any ImageMate SDDR-05 driver downloads for XP. I have even tried changing to the other computer USB ports including one which my printer already works without any problems...but I still get the same none result. This hardware did work, without any issues, with my older Dell which had a Windows 98 OS. The SanDisk tech suggested I contact Microsoft... Any suggestions on what I could/should do to remedy this? Please help!!!!

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Preferred Solution: Can't find preinstalled USB hardware driver in XP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I reinstalled WindowsXP in my computer recently. I downloaded DriverMax and the result of uninstalled hardware is as under:HSP56 MR (VIA)Manufacturer Conexant Hardware type Modems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % FMV-FX52Z2(A)Manufacturer Fujitsu Hardware type Modems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % Motorola SM56 Data Fax ModemManufacturer Motorola Inc Hardware type Modems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % Motorola SM56 Voice ModemManufacturer Motorola Inc Hardware type Modems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % HSP56 MRManufacturer PCtel Hardware type Modems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % HSP56 MR (VIA)Manufacturer PCtel Hardware type Modems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % HSP56 MR (VIA)Manufacturer PCtel Hardware type M?dems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % How to proceed further how i can know which is my Modem amongst all above so that i can... Read more

Answer:how to find a hardware make and model to find driver

Clik Here...

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While I am on the computer, I heard an alert sound to inform some driver download is available for a hardware of my computer.

I do not want Broadcom Cooperation Driver update for Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 USN, as I during clean install of my OS had this got installed automatically and made my wireless keyboard non-functional.

I do not want this to happen again.
I would appreciate if anyone could help me with the identity of this purported driver for my computer hardware?


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My problem seems to be in this catagory. I'm trying to install a new AG board. When I get to Hardware Wizard Search and Install options, I type in C:\Program (This is where I've downloaded drivers) an error msg. states that there is no device info in this location. I get the same response when I enter the file name. I've battled this driver problem for two days, from installation disk drivers not compatable, to not finding downloaded drivers.
Any solutions would be greatly recieved....Thanks, ezjim

Answer:Solved: New hardware wizard can't find driver files

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My computer after a few years has got infected with spyware and my bro said that the best thing to do is re-install XP with one of my dad's XP CD's (he's on Vista now).

I have installed it, but obviously have no drivers. I have been on the HP website which has the 'HP Update' software update tool that I downloaded which should sort a few drivers out for me, I hope.

But the problem is HP Update requires internet connection, and I cannot connect to my wireless, even with an ethernet cable, because when I connect to my router it says 'wizard cannot find network hardware' so I need this network hardware, where is it??? HELP!

I went on hp and my bro told me its here:

But it doesn't work!!! HEEEELLPPPP!! Thank you very much!

PS: I have a HP DV2-1010ed with a Flextronics 3054 motherboard if that helps...

Answer:Re-Installed XP, No Driver CD, 'Wizard Cannot Find Network Hardware'?

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Suddenly my Sony handicam is seen as not having a driver. I go through the add/remove programs ( it is there!) and reload it. After reboot, Windows identifies New Hardware and opens New Hardware Wizzard. With Cd in drive, it starts searching and never stops or finds anything. I have done the procedure several times with (1) the original CD, (2) downloaded driver from the Sony website and saved to HD, and still no luck.
The Sony is connected via firewire and it reveals that the New hardware is a Sony Dv-VCR, so there is communication. The CD only has the USB driver and a program called Picture package. I have used the camera for this function, i.e downloading video many times, and as recently as 2 weeks ago. Why has the driver suddenly become unavailable, and why can't Windows find it?? WHat do I do to fix the problem. It appears to be a fault in Windows porcessing.:

Answer:[SOLVED] Windows Hardware wizzard can't find driver

Hello grandpabj

Go to the link below

Scroll 2/3 way down page to
Installing the Driver update

Select "Install from a list of specific location (Advanced)"
Then ?Don't search. I will choose the driver to install? instructions and browse to either the CD or to where you stored the downloaded driver

I hope this helps

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I have a Zotac GT 610 2GB Synergy Edition graphics card. I have been trying to install my graphics card for quite some time now :/ When I open the installation driver, it says "nvidia graphics driver could not find compatible hardware". I cannot find my graphics card in the device manager. The only graphics card I can find is the inbuilt Intel graphics. Can someone help me install my driver? Thanks!

Answer:Nvidia graphics driver could not find compatible hardware

Should I uninstall my Intel driver?

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I am not sure what I have done, but I have some how screwed up settings with my video card. I have went to Microsoft's knowledge base and found the following:

When I went there, I spotted my error problem and tryed to resolve my problem with no luck. I have Windows XP by the way. I have tryed updating my drivers and everything.

I also did a Google search on my problem and found, many hits. I saw that some people may have deleted some good files that may have been a result in this error. I believe this may be the cause of my error too. I may have deleted something off my hard drive that could of been of value to my video card.

I do have a ghosted drive though of my System C and was wondering if that reallyu was my problem.... If I really did delete something of value to my graphics card. If it I believe I can easily repair it with my ghosted System C drive with Norton's, but please tell me if you think it isn't


Answer:Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the h

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I am having a problem with the Nvidia graphic card in my Y580 on Windows 7 64-bit. The Intel card shows up fine and working. I have tried downloading the new drivers from Nvidia and but the installation failed. I tried to install the original drivers but I receive the message "This graphic driver could not find compatible graphics hardware". I would like to mension that in Windows 8 64-Bit recognise the 660M. I have problem with the windows 7 64Bit. Can you give me a solution.... Thanks. 

Answer:Y580 - graphic driver could not find compatible graphics hardware

nsourtgr wrote:I am having a problem with the Nvidia graphic card in my Y580 on Windows 7 64-bit. The Intel card shows up fine and working. I have tried downloading the new drivers from Nvidia and but the installation failed. I tried to install the original drivers but I receive the message "This graphic driver could not find compatible graphics hardware". I would like to mension that in Windows 8 64-Bit recognise the 660M. I have problem with the windows 7 64Bit. Can you give me a solution.... Thanks. You can try installing it by booting to safemode.

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I'm not used to using Windows. Just for certain proprietary programs really.
Today I reinstalled XP SP3 on one of my machines.

I installed all my drivers except one. The device manager shows one unknown device that I can't figure out..

The hardware ID just says ACPI\AWY0001
No device ID or vendor ID..

A Google search brings up too much variable information to ascertain the issue. Anyone know what my mystery driver could be?

Screenshot attached may shed some light.

Thank you kindly.

Answer:[SOLVED] Can't find driver for device, weird ACPI hardware ID?

What devices do you have connected to the computer??

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I just reinstalled my system back to windows 7 from window 8. As I remember, there are some preinstalled software like the eye distance check and ambient light sensor control or somethng like that. But I can't find them either from the driver dvd nor Lenovo website. Is there a way to get them back? Thanks,

Answer:Where to find B520 preinstalled software

Any suggestions or ideas?

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i hv lenovo y50-70 and it came with pre installed win 8.1 sl and its product key is embeded in there a way to know the product key? 
 Mod's Edit: System model added to Subject line to improve visibility / clarity

lenovo Y50-70 win 10 home sl

Answer:y50-70 - How to find the product key on a preinstalled version of Windows 8.1?

Yes, use the free ProduKey utility I have linked below.......

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I could not find the product key of my Windows 8 ! i have checked the bios aslo. it only shows that it has windows 8 as OS. any favour ???

Answer:How to find the product key on a preinstalled version of Windows 8?

Dear Ovey
Welcome to Lenovo forums
The product key of win 8 is different that win 7 as it is digitally injected in the mother board and you wont have access to it
to get it you can contact Microsoft, and also there is some 3rd party applications that can get it to you

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Hi all, i recieved my satellite pro p100-327 today. From what i've read in the manual the recovery cd included is just a copy of windows? If i want to reinstall windows where can all the programs preinstalled on the laptop be reinstalled from? Is there any way to make a boot disk as such?
Thanks for the help all.

Answer:Satellite Pro P100: Where can I find the preinstalled software?

I will try to bring light into this case?
The Toshiba recovery CD contains a OEM version of the Windows XP operating system and all the Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities are a part of this CD.
Simply said, after usage of the Toshiba recovery CD you will get the notebook with factory settings.

If you need only the Toshiba drivers or tools you can create a own Tools & Utilities CD.
This option can be found in the Toshiba Assist under --> Protect & Fix -> Create Drivers & tools CD

All the drivers are also placed on the Toshiba driver page?

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Hi there, I bought one W530 with preinstalled Windows 7 and I upgraded the system to Windows 8 using the disks. Now I found out I don't like Windows 8, and I'd like to get the Windows 7 back. But I cannot find the windows 7 product key on the bottom of the laptop, and there's no Windows 7 recovery disks either.  any suggesion would be appreciated. thanks. Michael


Go to Solution.

Answer:How to find the product key on a preinstalled version of Windows 8?

On recent ThinkPad, the Product ID Key sticker has been moved from the bottom of the unit to behind the battery. You need to contact Lenovo technical support directly to ask about recovery media.

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Hi there,I purchased my laptop Ideapad (U510) on november last year from amazon. which is still under warranty.last month I had a hard drive crash and i took it to the lenovo support center to fix it for me.  Because it is still under warranty they got me a new hard drive.  But the windows version they put for me is not the same that came with the computer.  it seems that they put for me a windows 8 version they used before because i am unable to update to windows 8.1.  I need to help to how to get the original windows 8 that came with my computer.  I do not have the box since I left the states.  thank you and i hope someone can assist me.

Answer:How to find the product key on a preinstalled version of Windows 8?

crazysoccerboy wrote:Hi there,I purchased my laptop Ideapad (U510) on november last year from amazon. which is still under warranty.last month I had a hard drive crash and i took it to the lenovo support center to fix it for me.  Because it is still under warranty they got me a new hard drive.  But the windows version they put for me is not the same that came with the computer.  it seems that they put for me a windows 8 version they used before because i am unable to update to windows 8.1.  I need to help to how to get the original windows 8 that came with my computer.  I do not have the box since I left the states.  thank you and i hope someone can assist me.The product key is embedded in the bios so changing the hdd does not erase/change it. Win 8 can be updated to Win 8.1 through the Store not through the normal windows update. Updating to win 8.1.1 from Win 8.1 is through the normal windows update. To know your product key you need to run a third party program like Belarc or MsKey.

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Can anyone post a detailed list of all software preinstalled on R61i 8918-DNG (there is one more id: NF5DNCD but I think it's for Croatian market only) It came with Vista Business and zillion of installed programs, some normal, some trial... so, I'd like to have a list of things that I can uninstall forever, because I'll probably never buy any of those, and list of things I shouldn't touch, because they are original lenovo programs, and laptop can't work well without them... Support in the shop where I bought the laptop have no idea about it, they just sell the package as is... Anyone?

Answer:Where to find list of preinstalled software on R61i?

Welcome to the forum! My suggestion would be to create a set of recovery disks first (if in doubt on how to do it, do a little search on the forum), that way if you ever end up un-installing something that you haven't meant to, you can recover it. All Lenovo's drivers and utilities are available on their website in case you decide you need them after you wiped them. This doesn't apply to any CD/DVD burning software asuch as "Record Now" or DVD playing software, but these are included in your restore partition, and would be included on restore disks once created. What programs/applications/utilities are you intent on getting rid of? Good luck and let us know.

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I have a new Windows 7 Professional machine, on which Adobe Reader is preinstalled. A program I'm using (called TeXnicCenter, if you must know), is calling some program called Nitro to view the PDF files it creates. I want to change that to Reader, which means I need to find its executable.

Start Menu has a shortcut to Reader. I have opened that shortcut's properties box. However, it does not tell me where it's pointing to.

I've had this type of problem in the past. I don't just want to know where Reader is installed (I do want to know that, though). How do I find where Reader is installed from the Start Menu's shortcut? Why is the location hidden?

I have found the Program Files (x86)/Adobe directory. But I it is a rather large tree and I haven't found the correct executable. This is another reason I want to use the shortcut. It point me right to the correct executable. Why would MS even bother to hide this info?

Answer:How do I find preinstalled program's executable from the Start Menu

a simple way to find the actual exe file is to click on start, start typing the programs name (in this case I would go with Adobe) right click on that listing and choose Open File location which will then show you exactly where the exe is.

With that out of the way are you trying to set the default of PDF files back to adobe instead of nitro? If so go to where you saved a pdf right click and choose properties. click on the Change icon next to opens with. Adobe should be in that list. if not the browse to the file location you found from above.

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Hello - can someone advise, please? My laptop came with a preinstalled trial of Office 2007, which needs to be activated with a 25-digit code. The onscreen message says to follow the hotlnk to a Microsoft site, where advice on obtaining the code can be found. However, when I reach the Microsoft site a message tells me that the page does not exist. I've also tried using a code on a sticker on the base of the laptop but that doesn't seem to be the right one.

I've run out of ideas and the number of times I can use Office 2007 is running down - any help would be much appreciated!


Answer:Can anyone help me find Office 2007 product key for preinstalled trial?


when you bought a laptop you had 3 month to evaluate it. After 3 months you need to buy it in order to activate it.

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I found the main Windows 7 key sticker under the battery. Where do I find the rest, such as the activation code that I'll need for clean reinstallation?

Answer:Where do I find the necessary preinstalled/activated Windows 7 information for clean reinstallation

Sorry, I don't understand your question.
I've been able to activate clean Win 7 installs by using the CoA sticker key.  Activation will fail and offer phone activation.  That leads to an automated procedure where Windows provides a set of digits that one enters, and then the phone robot offers a string of digits that activates.
What do you mean by activation code?

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Is my second graphic card (740m) broken please help.I'm so worried last night I bought PES 2014.when I tried to play the game it said you graphic is low.I was surprised.i notice its working with intel hd,so i decided to switch the driverI went to geforce 3d setting and chose nvidia on highperformance and added "Pes" setting ..I noticed that in pes setiing,it still says the graphic "Intel" is too low for thi game I went to bios and changed switchable graphic to uma..(I thought this could make the nvidia graphic to become primary graphic card) but when i loged in to windows,i noticed that geforce is deleted from device managerI tried to reinistal the driver but this message comes "The graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware"I tried to reinstal nvidia 320 didnt work.again the same message.I decided to reinistall my windows .changed it from 7 64 bit to windows 8 64 bit I downloaded your latest driver "january 6" which is nvidia 306.but still the same message  please help my graphic card broken.I also used some software to see if it detects my second graphic(nvidia) but it doesn't. what should I do? heeeeeeelp

Answer:The graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware (z500)

hi xerxespunk,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
Please try changing the BIOS setting for the video back to Optimus or Switchable.
   The UMA setting will disable the second video card and will only allow the use of the ONboard/Proc based INTEL HD.
  Change that and try reinstalling the NVIDIA Driver again.
Letmen know your findings

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Hello As the subject line says: i can't find some programs! In fact the reinstallation worked very fine - I used the system update tool, but now the Fn+F7 function doesn't work. - The presentation director appears but no way to install a display-option or to find a scheme on the drive. Just the error message: out of memory - And I'm still looking for the Fingerprint program to make the fingerprint sensor usefull on my lenovo...  Thx for help  Message Edited by CallMeAlex on 02-12-2009 12:52 PMMessage Edited by CallMeAlex on 02-12-2009 12:55 PM

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I've spent 3 hours trying to find the drivers for this. Looked online, any gurus help me please? Ran ThinkVantage updates, Irks me it doesn't find it automatically.  I have a t520. if it's an update for the AMT, i cna't find it on the drivers pages, and lenovo removed direct links from URL's, so I don't know where to go from here.

Answer:Can't find driver. PCI Simple Communicatoins Driver and PCI Serial Port Driver in device manager.

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In My Device Manager appears a exclamation mark next to the SCSI/RAID Host Controller



How can I fix this??? I really need help to fix this
Any help is greatly appreciated

Answer:Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted

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Please help me. For both of my cd/dvd rom drives I get the following error: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device. How can I fix this?

Any help is greatly appreciated,


Answer:Solved: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be co

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In My Device Manager appears a exclamation mark next to the SCSI/RAID Host Controller



How can I fix this???
Any help is greatly appreciated

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Ok I have done quite alot of searching on here and I have found out quite a few things I have exhausted every friggin resource imagineable. The only thing I have yet to try is the registry edit. Now I pretty much have that down I just have one simple question. When deleting the upper and lower filters...

While in the registry I have found the upper filters on the right hand side. The only problem there is - No lower filters.

Could this be a problem?

Also , do the upper/lower filters need to be removed from the Control set 001 and Control set 002 . Please get back to me ASAP.


Answer:Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted

Anyone have even the slightest clue please let me know.

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and after searching without finding i am asking for your help.
I have just updated from Me to Xp update install,all is working fine except the sound card drivers won't load and in the device manager it says
'Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)'.next to my 'Creative Audigy Audio Processor(WDM)
My system is:

a7v8x-x asus MB
amd sempron 2500+ socket A processor
audigy platinum ex
512 MB RAM
I have updated the MB and the Processer Bios,I have installed sp2for XP,
I have tried to follow 'instructions' from Creative Support etc.
I really need some advice.

Answer:Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted

Go to the sound card makers web site and DN the latest XP drivers.

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Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39) <-- This god for shaken message is stopping me from enjoying my computer.

The driver is MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ-861H ATA Device

And that up there is the error message, i havnt downloaded anything i just pressed the button on the cd/dvd drive and my computer shut down and when i turned it back on nothing it it worked.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Im practilly computer illiterate so please be easy on the big words and stuff =]

Answer:Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted

Please try the steps below:

1. Uninstall all third-party burning software, such as Nero and Roxio.

2. Perform a Clean Boot to test the result.

Clean Boot

a. Click Start, type "MSCONFIG" (without the quotations) in the Search Bar and Press "Enter" to start the System Configuration Utility.

Note: Please click Continue if the "User Account Control" window pops up.

b. Click the "Services" tab, check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" box and click "Disable All" (if it is not gray).
c. Click the "Startup" tab, click "Disable All" and click "OK".
d. Restart the computer and test the issue.

Note: Clean Boot is a troubleshooting step. If some programs have been disabled, we can re-enable them later. If you see the System Configuration Utility, check the box of "Don't show this message" and then click "OK".

Please test this issue in the Clean Boot environment. If the issue disappears, we can use a 50/50 approach to quickly narrow down which entry is causing the issue.

If the issue persists, please contact your computer manufacturer to check if the DVD drive is damaged.

If not, you may need to restore the system to its factory settings.

Hope it helps.

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hey iv gotta western digital 3200aavs and my new hardware wizard wnt install it.. i tried driver detective.. but tht cnt identify my computer make and model ect.. so tht wnt help... and wen i connect my hdd via usb it blings so i know it cn see it but nufn in manage tab tht i access via rgt clickn my comp.. nufn in device manager so its not a matter off not bein allocated a drive letter.. i think my comp doesnt even regester it is a hdd!! any ideas?? or drivers?

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I just reinstalled xp on my computer, and I have the following videocard...

Nvidia Corp GeForce 6100 nForce 430

I've looked at every driver/software site I know, as well as I've tried several well known auto scan softwares, as well as nvidia's forceware, which is SUPPOSED to scan my computer for known nvidia cards (which i know for a fact that i have, i've seen it myself), but it says it can't detect anything. Once again, the videocard is a geforce 6100/nforce 430.

This is the second time I've had to reinstall, and I'm having such bad luck it feels like every time I try to do something, everything is working against me. If someone out there could help me out, it would really make my week.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:I can't find a specific video card driver, where can I find it?

Is this onboard Video? A little about your computer might also help. Is it running an Nvidia chipset? Is it a name brand such as an HP or Compaq? If so manufacturer and model number would also help. I have the same Video Chip in my Compaq and the video drivers are available on the Nvidia website.

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I have this problem:
Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)

The driver could not be loaded because a previous version of the driver is still in memory.

and now I am not able to connect any usb device to my laptop making it virtually impossible to use windows 10.
How do I downgrade to windows 7,have enough of the beta testing.
I even have a purchased version of windows 10 pro which I really regret buying, worst investment ever.

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We had a BSOD a few days ago on the T500 with the switchable graphics. Currently it's running the high performance profile (ATI?).ProductWindowsProblemShut down unexpectedlyDate26/12/2008 6:04 PMStatusNot ReportedProblem signatureProblem Event Name: BlueScreenOS Version: 6.0.6001. ID: 4105Files that help describe the problemMini122608-01.dmpsysdata.xmlVersion.txtExtra information about the problemBCCode: aBCP1: 96727000BCP2: 00000002BCP3: 00000001BCP4: 81D334E0OS Version: 6_0_6001Service Pack: 1_0Product: 768_1Since then, the last few times we switched the laptop on, it reached the window to select the user to login and then immediately switched the display off. I managed to get the display to come up again by hitting the power button a few times. I noticed a video hardware problem was logged:ProductWindowsProblemVideo hardware errorDate29/10/2008 7:31 PMStatusNot ReportedDescriptionA problem with your video hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.Problem signatureProblem Event Name: LiveKernelEventOS Version: 6.0.6001. ID: 4105Files that help describe the problemWD-20081029-2031.dmpsysdata.xmlVersion.txtExtra information about the problemBCCode: 117BCP1: 9A0E3510BCP2: 8ED9B5A6BCP3: 00000000BCP4: 00000000OS Version: 6_0_6001Service Pack: 1_0Product: 768_1I'm concerned that the graphics card is broken or maybe it's just a driver issue. Any ideas? Thanks

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Every time I boot up windows it attempts to find new hardware as follows:-

PCI Media device
PCI Emulation
PCI Gameport

It finds them ok except for the Gameport joystick which has an exclamation mark next to it in device manager.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


Answer:Find new Hardware ???

The gameport drivers usually load with the soundcard drivers. Try downloading the newest sound drivers from your SC manufacturer and see if it fixes the problem.

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I have a program from my friend that needs the hardware id, it works fine on windows XP but it wont work on my laptop which has windows 7. I would use his but seeing how hardware id is unique to each PC i was wondering how i could get it?


Answer:How do i find my Hardware ID?

If you mean the IP address try the following from the Help section on Ip Address.
Control Panel, Network Connections
Select an active network connection, and then, in the toolbar, click View status of this connection. (You might need to click the chevron to find this command.)
Click Details.
Your computer's IP address appears in the Value column, next to IPv4 Address.
Click to expand...

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Hey. I'm looking to upgrade my brothers' computer. I need a new mobo, CPU, and some RAM modules.

Now, I know I can go to newegg myself and look there, but I also know that you guys are pros when it comes to this, and I'd like the best bang for my buck. So I'd appreciate it if you could help me find the best deals out there (from newegg).

Ok, so for mobos, I prefer AMD-based socket 939 (please no AM2--just 939) and exactly 1 PCI-E x16 slot (for later upgrading). For now, they'll be using onboard video, though, so make sure that that's at least mediocre.

For CPU, any 939 Athlon 64 will do.

And finally, for RAM, just please have it be compatible with the mobo. No more than 512MB is needed (again, at least just for now. 3-4 sockets for RAM is preferred).

In total, I don't want to spend any more than $225 including S&H, excluding mail in rebates.

Thanks, dudes.

Answer:Please help me find some hardware

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i have a dell latitude d610 and i have trouble finding one driver for it in device manager called the pci simple communications controller. can anybody help me find it I've spennt about 5 hours searching for it but can't find it can you give me a direct link to it?

Answer:can't find hardware help

this is all i have been able to find for you see here:

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Hi Everyone, 

I have a customer who has a Xerox WorkCentre 5890 which is currently installed on a server and shared out .. Normally you just browse out the server double click and it installs , but this I got the following error .. "Printer Driver was Not
Installed Unable to Find a Core Driver Package Site" .. 

I have checked add / remote programs and found no other printer let along Xerox installed .. I have even tried logging into the computer in question as the admin and same error .. I even ran chkdsk, tried to install it by ip address, downloaded
the latest drivers from Xerox and every single time I get that error .. 

The funny part is its only this one computer that is giving me the trouble , all the other computers it install fine with now trouble .. I have ran windows update and all the updates are installed, its running SP1 .. vaild copy of windows .. 

So i am at a lose other ran doing a wipe and reinstall .. Any thoughts ??

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hi I have ThinkCentre M57 (6072-A5G) with WIN7 Prof. 64-bit installed and I cannot find drivers for: PCI Simple Communicat?oins and PCI Serial Port in device manager. BTW I have found a Lenovo Support webpage with all drivers for 6072-A5G, but really don't know which one should be installed.Can anyone pls help to find correct drivers? 


Go to Solution.

Answer:cannot find PCI Simple Communicat​oins Driver and PCI Serial Port Driver

Intel AMT (both)
(under Core Chipset)
Direct link: (driver and management tool)
If you do not need AMT, you also can disable it in BIOS, i guess.

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trying to fix audio problems, volume control states that no audio output device is installed, i downloaded the appropriate driver from lenovo site, also downloaded two seperate versions of conexant, the installation process begins but is cut short and the following message displayed..."driver instalation failed could not find the MEDIA device for this driver" can anyone offer some advice?

Answer:R61e "driver instalation failed could not find the MEDIA device for this driver"

nath, welcome to the forum, have you installed the UAA HD audio driver? You can find it by scrolling down a bit on the R61e Audio Driver Site, please ensure you follow the instructions.  Hope this helps

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Hi, can't find this driver. I had the same problem some months ago. Now I reinstalled my OS, and this is a problemNo aswer I found in InternetHelp me,please 

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I am restoring a T400 741722U, putting Windows 10 on it, and I cannot find one of the drivers. Going into Properties of the "PCI Simple Communications Device Manager", I find that the vendor is "8086" (Intel) and the device is "2A44". I find nothing on the Lenovo site. The laptop seems to be working properly (except for the speakers, which must be disconnected as the audio jack does work) and all other drivers have been installed and updated.  Can anybody help here? Thanks.


Go to Solution.

Answer:T400 Cannot find PCI Simple Communications Driver and PCI Serial Port Driver in Device Manager

Good day.
In my experience the Intel Active Management Technology and/or Management Engine packages supply drivers for these.
Checking here: the Chipset section, I don't see packages for Windows 10, though.

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u401 touch windows 8  audio driver unable to 0wau05w8.exe install error could not find device for this driverkindly advise

Answer:u401 touch windows 8 audio driver unable to install error could not find divice for this driver

hi karthi2lenovo,
Welcome to the Forums.
If the conexant audio drivers from the lenovo website doesn't detect the device, can you try to:
1. Open Device Manager (press Winkey+R > type devmgmt.msc)
2. On the device manager, open Sound, video, and game controllers and Other Devices then check the status (if there's a yellow exclamation mark, error codes, etc.)
3. As an alternative, try this conexant driver from station-drivers:
Conexant High Definition Smart Audio
Version (Win8)
Let me know your findings,

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So the story goes like this I like updating drivers and i thought i found a new chipset. I was wrong I was uninstalling devices i didn't have. i restarted my computer and i couldn't get on the web network controller missing and unknown device which is under adapters. i have a m2n-e sli mobo with amd 6400+ athlon cpu windows 7 x64.

Answer:network controller driver accidently removed can't find driver

Get your original motherboard driver disk and run it to detect and install devices that are on your motherboard
Let it "autorun"

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Intel(r) 82815 processor to AGP controller - 1131

It doesn't work, I can't play any games, since the driver of this device its messed up, here's what the details say when I click properties:
Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.

Now i can't find the driver to download it and I click on update driver, but it doesn't work.
Any help will be trully appreciated. Thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: graphic controller driver messed up, help cant find driver

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Hi , I just reinstalled my SL500 but i got a problem.I download the lastest audio driver from lenovo site and i've got this message Driver Installation Failed : Could not find MEDIA device for this driver....I've searched everything i could find in google and the forums but i've got nothing... I'm usin Win XP 

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Any one please help, i just recently had my xbox 360 stolen I ran it on a wireless network, I know the Mac address and whomever stole it used it and logged into my network which tells me they are near me. I suspect they changed the host name and may be using a new IP address since I know they have still been logging online based on my gamertag activity. is there any way to trace my mac address by scannig the local wireless networks? that way I can catch the *******s....PLEEEASE HELP.

Answer:Find hardware using MAC address

If they are logging onto your router, then no. If they log onto their own network, then you can ask one of the game servers to ask for the IP address that logs onto the servers and then you can give the info to the Police, which can get the information on the user from the IP address.

However I don't think the person will be too far from you as the wireless range won't be that far out.

Was this at home, school, etc?

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Hello all,

I just reinstalled Windows XP, with Service Pack 2. Now, for some reason, the computer doesn't seem to realize it has a wireless card, and does not automatically join networks. Then, when I go to "Network Setup Wizard", I get a "cannot find network hardware" error.... what happened?

Thank you all,

Answer:Cannot find network hardware?

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I have never done It before I know you can over clock the videocard (mines a nvidia geforce8800gt) someone told me gateway made me unable to change my mother board so i think that takes the processor out but what about ram and the hard drive? I dont expect a step by step guide (id like one tho but I just want a link to a guide what makes it the hardest is I do not even know the name or brand of my ram or hard drive (I even looked on gateway and couldnt find it) device manager doesnt have it either. any other things that can be overclocked I would appreciate as well. The only thing I found a good amount of info on is cooling. Thank you for your time..

Answer:Where do I find a way to overclock my hardware?

Quote from: doc_holliday420 on August 24, 2008, 02:55:10 PM someone told me gateway made me unable to change my mother board so i think that takes the processor out but what about ram and the hard drive? If your BIOS doesn't allow you to set CPU parameters, it is doubtful that you can (or should) overclock the RAM. There is no overclocking for hard drives.Overclocking is science and art! You have a nice system based on your other topic - my advice is->don't screw with it! Perhaps you could benefit from another video card, see what advice you get. Best of luck!

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I have a T43 that was agonizingly slow. Being a nontechnical sort (compared to you) I reloaded XP Pro (SP2) from a newly purchased distribution. I downloaded the Broadcom driver using another machine, copied it to the newly rebuilt one, and installed the driver there. The operating system still says there is no internet hardware. Any suggestions?

Answer:Reloaded T43 with XP Pro, can't find hardware

Welcome to the forum! Downloading the driver is only the first step in the process. After the download is complete, the driver must be unpacked from C>Drivers>Win>Ethernet. Posting the 7-character model number of your T43 (either 26??-??? or 187?-???) would help us assist you better. Good luck and keep us posted.

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I cant find were to go when i am trying to look for like video cards, and all comp. perfomances. PLZ HELP, THX

Answer:How to find windows mce hardware


Perhaps you might want to say a little bit more about want you are looking for or want to do if you want to get some responses.

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I know there are lots of threads about the same thing. But ive looked.. for the last few hours and I'm stuck. I have a Dell dimension 5000. xp.
Just got a friend to reinstall it. Now its not even listing ethernet on the device manager. Downloaded the chipset and the network driver off the dell website but it still isnt working. Currently having to download things onto a memory stick and transfer between computers 2 floor apart. fit i am going to be. Any help would be amazing as im going insane. Thanks

Answer:Cannot find network hardware

did you get a Restore CD with the laptop
Dells often have a partition which you can restore from
Note sure but I think taping F10 on boot goes to that partiion,

One of the above should restore the PC to the factory settings with all drivers

Otherwise the drivers off the website should work

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Here is a tutorial on how to find out some information that is very useful when upgrading or troubleshooting your computer

The first section is the steps needed to find out what hardware you have and will give a list of things to include when asking for advice about your computer.

The second section will list the steps to use DirectX Diagnostic Tool to determine your type of Video Card


Section 1: Obtaining and using CPU-Z to gather system information

Section 1a: Obtaining and using CPU-Z

1) Go and download CPU-Z.

2) After downloading CPU-Z extract the contents of the .zip file, and put the extracted files where you can easily access them.

3) Double-click the cpuz.exe file.

4) Now that CPU-Z is open, you can click on each tab to find out specific information about your computer.

Section 1b: What to list when asking for advice

In the following section list the information that pertains to your query. For example, if you are upgrading your CPU, list the relevant information from the CPU Tab.

CPU Tab:

Processor Specification
Processor Code Name
Core Speed
Bus Speed

Mainboard Tab:

Motherboard Manufacturer
Motherboard Model
Graphic Interface Version
Graphic Interface Transfer Rate

Memory Tab:


--------------------------------... Read more

Answer:HOW TO: Find out what kind of Hardware you have.

Might wanna put this in the Tutorials Section (although it doesn't get much traffic)

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Where can I find the specs on the hardware of my Laptop? Type of HDD how many HDD slots, RAM upgrade capacity, etc?Thanks for any help

Answer:Where to find info on hardware

15 inch notebook have a single hard disk bay. Use google as I did. The following document has the specifications of your notebook. 

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New DSL and (alleged) network installed. The "network tech" left us with 1 computer able to access the copier for printing and two able to use the internet, I have managed to convince my XP machine that it is on a network and can access the 98 machine and copy files etc. However the 98 machine can't browse the network and the Wizard disk from my machine states that windows can't find the hardware on the 98 machine. I get this from ipconfig /all:

Windows 98 IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . : dell1.domain_not_set.invalidD

DNS Servers . . . . . . . . :

Node Type . . . . . . . . . : Broadcast

NetBIOS Scope ID. . . . . . :

IP Routing Enabled. . . . . : No

WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . : No

NetBIOS Resolution Uses DNS : Yes

0 Ethernet adapter :

Description . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) PRO Adapter

Physical Address. . . . . . : 00-03-47-CE-BF-99

DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . : Yes

IP Address. . . . . . . . . :

Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . :

Default Gateway . . . . . . :

DHCP Server . . . . . . . . :

Primary WINS Server . . . . :

Secondary WINS Server . . . :

Lease Obtained. . . . . . . : 06 07 06 12:42:30 PM

Lease Expires . . . . . . . : 06 08 06 12:42:30 PM

Answer:Net Wizard can't find hardware

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I recently purchased a video capture board and i'm encountering a familiar problem, the software cannot find the hardware, the software simply starts and says "cannot initialize hardware" this also happened with a soundcard i brought AND my graphics card, although working, when the drivers cd is inserted a message like "hardware not detected" comes up. I am at my witts end with this and would really like some advice



Answer:Software can't find Hardware :(

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I have windows7 unidentified "blue-tooth dongle some parts. How do i find drivers for it using hardware ID?

Answer:How to find Drivers using Hardware IDs

This tut saves me the work of making snips.

How To Find Unknown Device Drivers By Their Vendor & Device ID

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Im looking to build my own PC and I have a fair idea of the parts I need and want. What im finding difficulty with is chosing the RIGHT ones for the job. Are there any sites or people I can talk to, to find out if what I have in mind will operate like perfect clockwork?Thanks

Answer:How do I find out the compatibility of hardware?

click here

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Hi everybody,

I have reinstalled the windowXP of my desktop and I am not able to find the drivers of my sound card and graphic card.

I have used device manger to search it on internet but it couldn't find any.
Could anyone tell me how to find these drivers or what software can check all my drivers, please?

Thank you very much

Answer:how to find all hardware drivers?

Download "Everest Home Edition" & install ... it will tell you what cards you have and probably give you a link to their home site for divers.

If not, then at least you'll be able to tell us what they are ...

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I am getting ready to slick my NT system because I can not get any of my administrative tools to work. I don't know what else to do.

So what I want to do is reinstall NT but I do not have any of my system drivers(computer was given to me)

Is there a way I can find out what hardware I have in it?

Another quick NT is a standalone not connected to a network..When I go into User Manager.. I get the error message "The network path was not found." "Do you want to select another domain to administer?"

What can I do?

Answer:{Resolved} - How can I find out what hardware I have?



Are you logging onto the NT machine with an account that is in the local administrator's account?

From the sound of things, it seems like you have been given a computer that has NT SERVER on it, and was once on a network LAN.

Once you are logged into the machine with a local administrator's account, you need to access the control panel, and slowly go through the different icons to find what drivers have been installed for the different hardware components. In NT4, there is no one area for this, like in Win9x. You need to look in the Multimnedai applet for your sound card, the network applet for your network card, the display applet for your screen card, the modem applet for your modem, the printer applet for your printer...

As for the User manager for Domains question... Click on the YES button, and type in your Computer's name. That will connect you top the local User manager.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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Hey there my fellow tech heads.
I am in need of a new case for my motherboard (Socket 775);

Manufacturer Acer
Model FG965M
Version R01-B0
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model P965/G965
Chipset Revision C2
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model 82801HH (ICH8DH)
Southbridge Revision B0

Brand Phoenix Technologies, LTD
Version R01-B0
Date 06/18/2007

One that will fit this and enable me to have more fans to keep a new GPU I will be buying cool.
My current default Acer Aspire E700 case is far too small and will get hot far too quickly!
Please help me find a case as I don't really know what I'm looking for?!
Thanks, Jay.

Answer:Help me find a case that will fit all my hardware in?

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My computer has been playing up for a while, I just got a CD which should find out which piece of hardware is defective, do I have to boot up from CD through the bios (and if so how to do that) or do I boot up into windows first and play the CD normally?The CD is called Ultimate boot cd.Thank you.

Answer:How to CD to find out which hardware is playing up

As far as I can see click here is not really a tool for an 'Absolute Beginner'.If you want to run it you will need to set the BIOS to boot from the CD drive click here then restart with the CD in the drive.

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I reformated my computer today and this message would come up when i try to play a song, I checked device manager and I dont have any known sound cards besides some drivers "PlayCenter could not find the necessary hardware or drivers to execute properly. Make sure your hardware and frivers are setup correctly."

Answer:PlayCenter could not find the necessary hardware?!! HELP

go to the creative download section and d/load the software and drivers for the card and install them
this will tell you what card you have

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i had restore my pc. and made sure that had MOBO driver installed but it still say's cannot find network hardware. any clues'

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i have creative ct4810 device can any body help me to find the driver of this driver

Answer:Can any body help to find the driver for creative ct4810 driver?

If it's for Windows 200, or can try this one:

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Hi: I'll see what I can find. Please list the OS you need it for and if it is 32 or 64 bit. Paul

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I have an Intel/Gateway mobo ... D845GERG3 Bios String RG84510A.15A.0037.P15.0304012013
this is the driver software that is for this motherboard.

I follow the instructions in the read me file .... I'm suppose to put the address to the file in run ... I do as the instructions say, the wizard comes up and it starts doing it thing then I get an error message "driver not found ... reboot the system, and run this setup again.
Then I get the wizard complete box and the installshield wizard successfully installed soundmax ... but when I reboot the device manager states the sound controller driver has not been installed. Could I have a corrupt file. Why does it say it can't find the driver? I thought it was the driver?

Answer:Solved: Sound driver software can't find driver?

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where on control pannel will i find hardware and sound button i want to change plan setting to shut down

Answer:where do i find hardware and sound on vista

Its under 'Control Panel' use 'Home' rather than the Classic view.

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I'm trying to make sure I have all the Right Drivers... But I wanted to find a program that can tell me each piece of hardware. I used Belarc Advisor... Its ok. But is there a better one?

Answer:Looking to find a Program to read all my Hardware..

Everest or SIW. Both are free downloads.

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Here is the rundown:

In mIRC/MSN/YAHOO/AIM I get disconnected randomly. I may be in a middle of a conversation in MSN and it will boot me out. In mIRC I may get BLOCKS of information (like 5 minutes worth) in approximatley 2 seconds, or just get disconnected.

I also cannot download anything above 20mb. It will stop at 5mb, 1.9mb, 18.5mb (totally random).

I currently have Comcast HSI. I run a Motorola Surfboard 5100 cable modem, plugged into a Linksys BEFSR41. Both cable modem and router are BRAND NEW.

Silly as it may seem, this is the 3rd router. We had a BEFSR41 before, but it would "die" on us, about once every other day, until we unplugged it, and replugged it in. Before this, we had a netgear router, which worked flawlessly, BUT COULDNT send e-mail. (Strangest thing, could GET e-mail, but couldn't SEND e-mail. EVEN THOUGH THEY BOTH USE THE SAME MAIL SERVER. I could even telnet and ping the outgoing mail server. Tried in outlook, firefox, mozilla suite, etc. E-mail keeps me in business, so I switched to that BEFSR41.

So it seems I just cannot get it right. I just purchased a Cisco uBR904 router, but I cannot get it configured correctly to do what I would like, so will probably be putting it up for sale.

Now, the Motorola surfboard 5100 is about 1 month old. The "new" BEFSR41 is 1 month old. Obviously this combination is not working. I DO NOT CARE HOW MUCH IT COSTS, I want a router that will work flawlessly with SB51... Read more

Answer:I honestly cannot find good hardware

Have you just tried running just the 5100 directly into your computer? That way it will be easy to tell if your really dealing with router issues or if its not something else, such as cable modem, service itself or computer configuration.

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Just bought a new computer and put it together, after some failed starts etc the Asus P5K Deluxe tells me that it wants a bios recovery and starts searching in USB/CD/Floppy, so I decide to give it a go and shove in the Asus CD. It finds p5k.rom (or similar) and starts programming it says, after that it reboots and now I just cannot get past the AMIBIOS logo where it's supposed to find the hardware.

It gets stuck, but if i leave it for a while it draws huge black lines all over the screen with itty pieces of text in it, like the sata name and 800 and 1024 etc, the only thing that it finds fully is the CPU, which is a Intel Core 2 Quadro 2,4.

I have tried resetting bios and everything, but seeing as how I can't even get into the friggin bios it's quite hopeless this .. I really want my new comp to start Please help!

Answer:Asus P5K Deluxe won't find hardware! HELP!

Shameless bump .. Guys I really want to make my new computer working please help if you can.

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I would like to install Linux on my PC as a dual-boot system with Windows XP but after checking many websites I can't find any drivers for my Gigabyte GA-6WMM7 Motherboard or my Intel 810 chipset, among other things. I wondered if anyone here knew the location of these drivers or if there is a generic driver that will work for all these. Most of my other hardware will work, but i'm not sure about my Celeron II 700Mhz Processor. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:I can't find Linux drivers for my hardware!

Have you seen this useful site click here

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Hey all,
Just wanted to know what software you use after a fresh install of windows to view the hardware specs. I have this laptop that has a fresh format, yet no drivers installed. I'd rather not open it up to find out what drivers I'd be needing.

The laptop is a Toshiba M45, and I have the driver page, there are just a few driver options for different configurations. So I need a piece of software that can tell what the exact hardware I have.


Answer:Find hardware specs after format

Wouldn't it be faster if you go to the support page for that laptop and download the drivers from there?

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Note: The printer's scanner worked fine on my cousin's netbook so I don't think its defective.

I recently bought a new printer which is also supposed to be able fax and scan. The printer works fine, but I am not able to scan. During installation there was an error ("Your new hardware might not work properly"). I opened up Device Manager and there you go, a yellow exclamation mark ! next to Lexmark 2600 under images and devices.
To fix the problem, I tried to update the driver from the installation disc. But it showed me the message "Wizard could not find a better match for you hardware than the one it already has"
I went to the Lexmark website and downloaded and installed the updates, followed the troubleshooter, and even chatted for an hour with a support operator. The instructions he gave me were the same thing I was already doing; try updating from the cd and the downloaded package from the site, install,uninstall, reinstall, try different usb port... but i got the same disappointing result; Wizard cant find a better match.

04:48:58 PM [Marco] I see. I apologize. That is correct. However, to be honest, I am not certain why XP is not allowing you to update using the downloaded package and the CD.
05:02:27 PM [Marco] I see. I apologize we have perform the necessary steps to have the printer updated, however the issue persists. There may be a software or Operating system policy blocking or not allowing the update.

Any help would be apprec... Read more

Answer:Wizard could not find a better match for you hardware than the one it already has

Hi from the user guide
The following operating systems are supported: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3
or later, and Mac OS X versions 10.5, 10.4 and 10.3.
1 Check the USB cable for any obvious damage. If the cable is damaged, use a new one.
2 Firmly plug the square end of the USB cable into the back of the printer.
3 Firmly plug the rectangular end of the USB cable into the USB port of the computer.
The USB port is marked with the USB symbol.
1 Press to turn the printer off.
2 Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet.
3 Gently remove the power supply from the printer.
4 Reconnect the power supply to the printer.
5 Plug the power cord into the wall outlet.
6 Press to turn the printer on.
1 Close all open programs.
2 Disable any security programs.
3 Do one of the following:
• In Windows Vista, click .
• In Windows XP and earlier, click Start.
4 Click Computer or My Computer.
5 Double-click the CD or DVD drive icon.
6 If necessary, double-click setup.exe.
7 Follow the instructions on the computer screen to install the software.
8 When the installation is completed, enable the security software again
guide here
drive... Read more

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Hi! I've been using Lenovo since this summer but I decided to install Windows 7 Ultimate instead Windows 7 Home Premium. I've downloaded drivers, but there are some troubles:1. I can't install Bluetooth driver. Installer informs: "Can not detect your Bluetooth hardware."(something like this, because I've got Russian Windows) and the only one button "Abort installation". Reset doesn't help2. When I'm installing Hotkey Features Integration, namely "On Screen Display", installer says: "An error occurred during copying the file "cleanup.dll"". This message appears when installer is copying pnpreg.dll, regcat.dll, tphklock.dll.PS sorry for my grammar)

Answer:Can't find bluetooth hardware on Edge 15

I solved problem with bluetooth. I'm waiting for solution of second trouble)

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Windows Xp

So 2 days ago, i was having a problem with my computer, i would log in, and once my desktop came up, it would show for about 10 seconds, and then my icons and taskbar would dissapear. So i called dell, and they told me that most likely some spyware had leaked through and the best solution would be to reboot xp and start from scratch. So i go to do that and when the installation finished, i suddenly have no internet connection. I use a linksys router, and my laptop is connected to the router and gets a connection just fine.

So im guessing my problem is that when i go on my pc and go to the network connections screen, its empty. Wehn i try to set one up, i get the "Wizzard cannot find your network hardware" which is strange because before i re-installed, i had a working internet connection. If you have any tips, that doesnt require me talking to the useless folks at "dell-on-call" please help.

Be slow with me lol, im a beginner, i kno some basics, but if u tell me to do some crazy stuff, i will probably get lost =). So step by step please if u can help.


Answer:Wizard Cannot find your network hardware.

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There were a few apps about at one point which you could load up in Windows and they would give you a breakdown of the inner-workings of your PC, i.e. what processor, RAM, HD etc etc...

I've long since forgotten what the app was called and want to get some RAM to upgrade a friend's laptop... I do recall it going from a totally free app to one which required registration for the more advanced features...

Anybody able to help out?
Many thanks

Answer:How Can I Find Out What Hardware Is Inside My Laptop?

Try this EverestHome

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I recently completed a clean install of Windows 7 on my laptop (Toshiba Satellite l655-s5150). However, I am unable to update my drivers as my computer cannot identify most of my hardware.
Under device manager it has "Other Devices" listed as "Ethernet Controller", "Network Controller", and "PCI Simple Communications Controller". All three have a yellow exclamation mark next to them and Manufacturer: Unknown.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Answer:Cannot Find Hardware After Clean Install

Go to Toshiba Support, click on the Download tab and enter your system details. Download and install the chipset drivers and then the remaining items should be recognised. You can then download and install the other missing drivers if Windows does not install them automatically.

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hey everyone, I got a R61 (8932 - CTO) and I am running XP home.  I am trying to find the audio drive for this laptop. I scour through Lenovo support and downloads site.  I tried the Conexant High Definition Audio drivers and when I run setup, it gives me an error that it cannot find this driver. In Device Manager, i do not see an audio device.  I tried the ThinkVantage Updates and it does not show that I need a new audio drive to download. As on device manager it doesn't show anything, I do not know what the audio drive I need. When I go to this page => and ran these upgraded: Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver (Q888111) for Windows XP with ... Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver (Q888111) for Windows XP with ...  At last, I am stuck...I am pretty sure the audio is coxeant audio device.   My questoin is: i) How do I find this device in my compii) How do i install the drivers to this device. Thanks!!

Answer:R61 - cannot find audio hardware and drive

Hello, is there a yellow exclamation mark at any deivce? It should be.Otherwise your have already installed one.Which SP (1 or 2) version do you use?

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I of course could just build one from scratch, but this is a recommendation for a friend for his business and they have to have a vendor-bought system. Now, I realize this could turn into a whole lot of "I like Dell" and "I like HP" posts, so I'm going to clarify. I'm looking for a few good resources (websites) that review/compare pre-built Server systems. An example would be READY GO.

Answer:Where can I find some server hardware reviews?

Good question, my anwser is that there are very few sites that do this.

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Hi one of my friend gave me pIII system. i have freshly installed windows xp sp2. while installing some files couldn't b copied. so i pressed skip to continue installation.installation is over.Now i could not find add hardware icon in control panel to install new hardware inmy system. plz help me out. is this the fault of my cd?

Answer:Add Hardware can't find in control panel

go start>run>type Hdwwiz.cpl

do u get the Add Hardware window?

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I can't find the web sites any more that I use when I would refer to them
to identify all kinds of hardware, like Motherboards, Video Cards, CPU's, Hard Disk Drives, and all the other types of hardware and Cards.

I have so much Hardware from older computers and would love to be able to ID them being I never marked them on what they were when I took them out of the the cases.

Can everybody please help and post back any information that can help me, web sites that you use and know of, thank you very much for the strong support like all ways, Joe

Answer:Please, Where Do I Find the Sites So I Can Identify Hardware?

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my astranet ia101 scanner has a problem. i need to reinstall it to my pc, because of a hard drive crash and the techs had to wipe and reformat my drive, so i have to put everything back on it. i have reinstalled it before many times with no problem, but this time for some reason, my computer won't find the device driver for it now. i installed it with my disc that came with the scanner, and i also tried with a download from the umax website. when i restart my pc, windows recognizes that there is new hardware, but cannot find the driver. when i click on the vistascan icon, it tries to find it, but says, error, scanner access failed. everytime i run the windows add hardware wizard, it says cannot locate drivers for the scanner. the windows hardware wizard always asks me to put the windows 98 cd in, but the drivers aren't there. they are on the scanner cd and on my computer somewhere. after i installed the vistascan from the disc, it said successful install. the vista shuttle and the copy utility are fine- just the vista scan. how do i solve this? i have windows 98 on my pc.

Answer:win98 won't find hardware drivers

Have you used the "have disk" option and directed the path to the driver on the installation CD?

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Hallo, I tried installing drivers from kxproject (3550) for my soundblaster 0060. Sound was working, and everything seemed fine, but it's either I'm unsure of how to setup the 'recording mixer' so that I can use my microphone, or it wasn't working? So I got rid of those drivers, and went with an older version of the drivers to see if that would help. ( 3548 )

Now, not only is nothing working for my soundcard after that, but it refuses to uninstall with both the default uninstaller ( which I tried first ) as well as the device manager. An odd woodpecker/repeating sound can be heard. If you click uninstall in the device manager on the different sound card parts, the sound card comes back & reappears. The odd noise is not stopped while doing this. I found that by clicking on the properties of the sound card, I was able to see that it used 'audio endpoint'.

I then went into system32, and deleted the 'audio endpoint' .inf files. Now that I've deleted one of the .inf files, it's now falling back onto a different .inf file it seems, and I have no clue as to what the name of this one is, as it isn't the same name as what it's now being given as ( generic software device. )

The soundcard used to be under 'audio inputs & outputs' but now is under 'software devices' in control panel.

What can I do to make this work on my system? Does anyone know how to locate the exact .inf files that the hardware is using so that I can delete them? Does anyone know how to setup the soundca... Read more

Answer:How to find .inf of your hardware? Soundcard issue

Unfortunately, you have made a mess where it will be literally impossible to install any driver for it now.

Suggest to run sfc /scannow from elevated command prompt to fix it and if not, clean install Windows.

(Another option is to copy what you deleted from an EXACT same Windows install from another machine and the replace it. Same build, same architecture, if you have one.)

Do not ever delete .inf files unless instructed to do so by someone with intricate knowledge. What you deleted is necessary for Windows. Anyone that knows better will never suggest to delete .inf files, unless in extreme rare cases, where it is impossible to install a driver otherwise. And never under any circumstance should a Windows .inf file be deleted.

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Hello, I am a little worried about my HP laptop. I really feel that someone install some kind of hardware keylogger in it. I am going to open my laptop but I still need to know what to look for. Can someone tell me how detect a hardware keylogger and how to remove it safely without damaging my laptop? I am using windows 7 32-bit, HP pavilion dv3 4048-tx. Thank you in advance for you help.

Answer:How to find hardware keylogger in laptop?

I don't know. But, you might watch for comments.

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Hey there,

I use Norton Ghost to back up the contents of my master hard drive. The secondary hard drive(the one I back up my files to) I place in a Mobile Rack which I slide into my computer before I back up and slide out and put away when not backing up.

All this worked fine for MONTHS. I was able to back up my master hard drive to my secondary hard drive... But all of a sudden I'm having problems...

Last week I opened norton ghost but it said that it could only detect my master hard drive, not my secondary hard drive... So I logged onto windows xp and went into the Add Hardware section to see if I could detect the secondary hard drive. It found it fine and I was able to back up my master hard drive to the secondary hard drive...

This week the same thing happened however when I went into Add hardware, it won't pick up the secondary hard drive... I've also tried uninstalling the Secondary IDE Channel and SIS PCI IDE Controller but it didn't end up picking the secondary hard drive up... I've tried this and restarted my computer seceral times...

Sometimes the yellow light (the light that fashes when the hard drive is loading/thinking) appears on the secondary hard drive so I guess it is getting power to it.

Any ideas why it is not finding the secondary hard drive?
Is the secondary hard drive faulty? It's fairly new (6 months).

Answer:Can't find hardware - hard drive

Any ideas?

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Hey there, firstly i'd like to say i really respect what you guys do helping all the clueless peeps like me, i've had various problems before and have solved them all through searching help threads here.

Recently my system had been playing up, random restarts, long boots, incredibly slugish and i was recommended to do a reformat of windows xp. Which i went ahead and did no problem. Now with the fresh system i am unable to make any connection to the internet.

When i go into the network setup wizard it says "The wizard cannot find your network hardware".

I use a router with a ethernet cable.
The cable is fine.
I've read around and hear i may need to install network drivers. Which i dont have a disk for.
I have no idea where to locate these drivers or what i need to download specificly
My motherboard is a "ECS 945G-M3 V3.0 Socket 775 Core 2 Duo Ready FSB1066 DDR2 Onboard Audio mATX"

Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

I really have little knowledge of what i should be doing.

Thanks - A tired Josh.

Answer:Wizard cannot find your network hardware

Go to "system then hardware the device manager" if it does not shop there then go tot add & remove hardware, let the system try to find it. If the system does not find it try to go back and select it from the list, take your time it is not as hard as it may seem. Another point!!! You may need a driver, many drivers are available on the net from the maker, you will need the make/model number.
Added note if you find the net card in the device manager but with a yellow asterisk, right click a panel will open click on driver and try the update feature the driver may be on your windows disk!

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Here's the setup:
Recently purchased an EMachines M6805 laptop (A64 3000+). Laptop comes with built in 802.11b/g lan in the form of a Broadcom 54g MaxPerformance wireless card.

After fiddling with it for 10 minutes, wireless worked out of the box. It came with Windows XP EMachines Version pre-installed with all the drivers. Now, of course I'm too stupid to settle for this, so I reformatted two days later and put XP Pro on here. It was lightning fast after that. Problem was, it had none of the drivers on here, so I chickened out and put my other copy of normal Windows XP Home on here. I found the drivers this time and installed them from a restore CD, and wireless worked and so did wired. So far so good.

The problem arose in that Win XP Home didn't accept the emachines cd-key cause it was for a specific version, and i wanted to use my legal home copies, because they don't have all the bloatware the Emachines one does. So I stupidly resorted to killing the WPA (windows product activation) process with a crack. I'm pretty sure I can narrow that down to when it stopped working, though I can't be sure because I fell asleep with my pc on in my bed, and woke up 4 hours later with it sitting next to me. This is around the last time it worked, but I was tired, so don't clearly recollect.

I then got frustrated and reinstalled XP Pro one more time, and it still didn't work even with the drivers. Now I've put the original EMachines copy of ... Read more

Answer:54g card does not find anything, settings or hardware?

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