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XFX TI4200 - fan is now grinding a bit

Question: XFX TI4200 - fan is now grinding a bit

when i first got the gfx card it was fine, recently over 6months on, there is a noise that is easily noticable when i stop/start the fan for a second.

it's sounds like it's beginning to i just need to use a paint brush to get of dust or should i go deeper and unscrew it all and clean it out. how about lube on the fan itself?

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Preferred Solution: XFX TI4200 - fan is now grinding a bit

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: XFX TI4200 - fan is now grinding a bit

I recommend doing the latter - or better yet, getting a better fan for it.

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Right, got a brand new pc 2 weeks ago. Been really lovely to me so far, apart from the HDD grinding..
I've looked through the whole interwebs and a bit more but none on the solutions has helped me! I've disabled Super fetch and Windows search which helped a little. But i still hear grinding from my harddrive? is it just my case (ive removed the harddrive screws)?
I've been looking into the Reliabilty and Performance monitor and it looks like Svchost.exe is causing the problems.
Trying to get screenshots of it (in the reli and perfor montior) but for some reason its being quite quiet! Bah!

Light grinding
Semi grinding
Semi grinding 2
My system specs:
OS: Windows Vista 64 Ultimate

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (2400 MHz)
GPU processor: GeForce 8800 GTS 512 512mb
Motherboard: eVGA 780i SLI
RAM: 2 x 2gb OCZ Reaper PC2-6400
Soundcard: Creative X-FI ExtremeMusic
HDD: 750gb WesternDigital CavierSE16

Is there any other information i can give?
Thanks a lot!

Answer:Harddrive grinding and grinding and gri....

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Question: GF4 Ti4200

I recently purchased a GF4 ti4200 and i dont think its working as it should. I mainly play counter-strike and it sometimes drops to as low as 40 fps

im on a

p4 1.4 ghz
512 ram
winxp pro
geforce4 ti4200 128mb
tried newest drivers currently using 30.82

Answer:GF4 Ti4200

Thats your processor and not your vid card. Excess poly-count is causing the chunk. Going from a GF1 DDR to a GF2 Ultra with an AXP 1600+ gave me no better min framerate regardless of how low I set the resolution (which tells you the CPU is the problem).

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Hey guys,

I received a new Ti4200 128mb graphics card from my wife for my birthday. About a month after I'd installed it, I noticed that the buttons on neverwinter nights would not highlight when you ran the mouse over them.

Then, weird stuff started to happen. When I would startup the computer, there would be odd vertical stripes on the boot screen (I have a Dell Dimension 8100, so it'll say "press F10 for..."). I called the card manufacturer, and they said it sounded like the card just malfunctioned, and if I sent it to them they would replace it for me.

So I do that, get it back in, and Neverwinter nights does the same thing for me today. I'm afraid that its not the video card, that something about my setup is messing it up, but I'm afraid to call the card manufacturer again because I don't know if they'll replace another one. The last time when I was playing Neverwinter Nights the computer stopped up, so I rebooted it, and it gave me a screen that is in the link below. Different games do work, Neverwinter Nights doesn't work, and the weird screen still comes up at startup. I've posted pictures of what happened at the following link:

I don't know what to do, I've tried installed all of the latest nvidia drivers but the same stuff is still happening. Any ideas? I'm desperate! I don't know if its my configuration, the video card, or the game!... Read more

Answer:Help with ti4200 please!

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Question: My Ti4200

I have quite recently bought a Leadtek A250 which has the Ti4200 128MB graphics chips on it.Yesturday, however, I decided to upgrade the BIOS on the card and so i used the official WinFox software that came with it.This came up with an error, so i decided to use the other method of flashing the BIOS - from DOS.But upon restarting, my computer only beeped loudly at me with no signal/picture being sent to the monitor.This sounds like a classic BIOS error, but i was wondering if there was ant wat around it considering Leadtek are failing to respond to my e-mails...Thanks!

Answer:My Ti4200

oh dear, that was stupid. why did ya carry on upgrading the bios after getting an error message. surely this would have given you a clue that there maybe a problem with the update. as far as i know there is no way of rescueing the card (maybe someone else does). as you have just bought the card you could take it back to where ya got it from and lie (dont mention the bios upgrade) and say it just packed up and see if they will replace it.hope you have learned a lesson from this. always read the instructions properly and if ya get an error STOP.sorry if i have seemed rude, dont mean to be.

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Question: ti4200

I have this ti4200 and I took it outa my PC to bring it to my friends house to lan and put it in his new shuttle. Well i put it in the agp slot boot up, install drivers, and reboot. I notice that everything looks extremely messed up. I look inside the shuttle and the heatsink fan is not working. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem myself, determine the specific problem(whether or not the fan is broken or is not getting power?) or if CompUSA or some place would look at it for free?

I've also been looking online for a new vid card. I dont wanna spend more than 150$ and I was wondering what vid card I should get. I only mainly use it to play CounterStrike, and my friend just got a ti4800se with the specs of:
Chipset/Core Speed: nVIDIA GeForce4 TI4800SE-8X/275MHz
Memory/Effective Speed: 128MB DDR/550MHz
BUS: AGP 1X/2X/4X/8X
Ports: VGA Out(15 Pin D-Sub)+TV-Out(S-Video Out)+DVI connector
Support 3D API: DirectX®8.1, OpenGL®1.3
Cable/Accessories: S-Video Cable, Driver CD, Manual
Max [email protected] Color: [email protected]
Retail Box (See pics for details)

For 138.99$

any ideas let me know thnx.


You could get the 5600 Ultra, it would probably out perform the TI4800SE, and it has DX9 support.

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i just got a new comp:AMD 2000, 128MBs (they forgot a simm )
gf4 ti4200 128 mbs, win2000

i reinstalled TFC on my comp after haveing some graphics problems but it didnt fix anything, propblem: i get around 100 fps but the walls flicker brightly and when i look inot the sky its nothing but a blur of the surounding walls. ive updated my vid drivers and got the win 2000 undate 3 thingy. whats the problem and how do i fix it?

Answer:need help:TFC gf4 ti4200

someone pls anyone help, just point me in the right direction

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Hello nice people ......I have just bought a new MSI Ti4200 64mb with 4x AGP DVI TV-Out. The problem is that when I boot my pc I hear a clicking sound (I think it?s the graphics card fan on the heatsink) but after about 30 seconds the noise goes! Should I be worried about this? Do you think I should try to get in replaced in case it gets worse?Any suggestions?Is there a way I can check the temp so I can make sure its working ok?I get 8,600 3DMarks on 2001SE benchmark (Althlon XP 1700+ 256mbram 40gig the above FX)I?m worried that the graphics card might either get worse, fail or is not working 100% right!Please help!Thanks Michael

Answer:New MSI Ti4200 PROBLEM or NOT?????

Have you tried booting with the case side removed so that you can see what's going on?

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i have an MSI Geforce4 Ti4200 and i read the how to on for the voltage mod

now in the how to, the card has a "Semtech SC1102 Synchronous Voltage Mode Controller IC"

my MSI card has these numbers on the voltage mode controlers:

ive spent about 3 hours searching for the manual for this or anything at all that might give me some insight on what pin im supposed to be using fopr this mod but nothing comes up, and if something DOES come up in yahoo, its in german or some other language

does anyone know of a placec where i can get the information i need to finish this mod??


Answer:HELP! with gf4 ti4200 volt mod

You're going to need to contact Per Hansson, our resident cooling and modding Moderator and the author of the article. I haven't seen any other article like this around, but also you may want to search Google for "volt mod geforce4 ti" or something of the like, and see if you can, if Per doesn't respond fast enough.

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Question: Geforce Ti4200

Can anyone help me out?

i'm having a problem with my GeForce Ti4200 card. i have an Ati Radeon 7000 installed right now, when i switch cards windows will not recognize the GeForce card.

What i've tried so far;

*Uninstalling all drivers for the Ati card, shutting down the system, installing the GeForce card and restarting the computer. i get: Beep... Beep Beep............Beep. Beep. and the monitor is still in standby mode.


i have checked for physical damage on the GeForce card. can't see anything.

Computer Specs:

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
System Manufacturer D845HV
System Model HV84510A
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 15 Model 1 Stepping 2
GenuineIntel ~1594 Mhz

Total Physical Memory 640.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 410.12 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
(not sure if this is all needed)

I just updated the system bios to the latest version, all is original settings. (i looked around a little in the bios' advanced section and for the video stuff and all that is there is the option to change from 64mb to 256mb....? not sure about that stuff. and to change from PCI to AGP)

i also don't have on-board video, so how would i t... Read more

Answer:Geforce Ti4200

if you get beeps during post i would say the card is dead. that has nothing to do with software

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Answer:Which Drivers For Ti4200?

Hi can anybody tell me which version of the Nvidia Detonator graphic drivers should i usewith my Creative 3DBlaster4 Ti4200 64meg Tv outgraphics card and are stable. I am curentlyusing 30.82.I have tried the 41.09 but pc kept locking up under windows xp pro, thanks

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Could I run a Ti4200 on a 250W PSU?

Other components on the system:

Athon 750Mhz
256mb (2x64mb, 1X 128mb)
Gigabyte GIXE Mobo
Soundblaster 128PCI - high quality
Alcatel SpeedTouch - PCI ADSL modem

The specifications that I have read say that it needs 300W+, but I've heard that someone has got a Ti4600 and a P4 on a 150W PSU...

I know that the card will be restricted on my system, but I'll be upgrading the rest soon anyway.

Answer:Ti4200 on a 250W PSU?

Originally posted by hdmk
I've heard that someone has got a Ti4600 and a P4 on a 150W PSU...Click to expand...

Lie. Dirty filthy lie. Well actually yeah, that would work, if they only had the vid card, the first 1.3GHz P4, low-RPM HSF, memory, sysbo, and HDD. And that's it

Umm, my old 250W held up against my Athlon XP 2100+, A7V266, dual HDD's and dual CD-ROM's kinda well. It reset here and there.

Most likely you'll be able to do it, but I would advise against doing anything of importance on it. If you do, save often.

The Ti4200+Athlon 750 will run a serious bottleneck, BTW.

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Question: GeForce Ti4200

A customer gave me his old MSI 128MB Ti4200 today when I upgraded him to a 6600GT.

I did some research and found that it is a DirectX 8 card... Does this mean that there is no way to play a game that requires DirectX 9?

My dad wants to play Sid Meier's Pirates, and it requires DirectX 9(b, I believe). I want to give him this card if he can play that game. Is there any hope of this? I will post the system requirements and his system specs:

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
Pentium 1.0 GHz or higher
256 MB RAM
1.2 GB Free
4X Speed CD-ROM drive
32 MB video card with Hardware T&L support device should be compatible with DirectX version 9.0b or higher.
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP-compatible sound card (device should be compatible with DirectX version 9.0b or higher.)
DirectX version 9.0b (included) or higher

His system specs:

1.8 GHz Intel Celeron
512 MB PC2100 RAM
MSI GeForce Ti4200 128MB
Windows XP

I hope it's not true that his integrated video can play it but this video card can't-- that'd be a shame.

Answer:GeForce Ti4200

That game does not require a DirectX 9 card. It may have some DX9 stuff in it, but it's not required.

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Never mind got it fixed.

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Question: Creative Ti4200

Answer:Creative Ti4200

Hi on the back of my Geforce4 Ti4200 graphicscard there are 3 connectors, one for my monitor,an svideo out and a DVi socket, What is the dvi socket used for?Also in the display tab my clock frequencies says my default sttings are:Core clock=250mhzMemory=513mhz.The box states that it is only 500mhz.Does this mean that the card is already overclocked?thanks simonsup

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need to replace the fan,
any recomendations..?

i've been looking at some replacement fans, but all that i've seen seem a little big, or are being used with some ti4200 card that is diferent to mine..

that is my card.

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need to replace the fan,
any recomendations..?

i've been looking at some replacement fans, but all that i've seen seem a little big, or are being used with some ti4200 card that is diferent to mine..
i attach a pic of my card.

Thanks !!

Answer:fan replacement on msi ti4200

Might be hard to find one to fit that assembly, unless you get one from the factory - though it's difficult to tell from the picture.

If it were me, I'd measure my existing fan, and also take note of how it's mounted, then try and find a fan of that size that looks like it mounts like the old one. There are some here for comparison:

Ebay might be an option to look for a replacement fan.

Depending on the value of the card, it may be easier to go with an after-market cooling solution - that is, replace the fan AND the heatsink. There are some decent ones out there that aren't too expensive, and often work better then the stock system. Here is an aftermarket fan and heatsink assembly for that card by Thermaltake, but as indicated this place no longer has it in stock: and another: - also not in stock; at least these might give you an idea of what I'm talking about, and a starting place to look for an after-market solution.

Bottom line - before spending money on a replacement fan, etc - check into how much it would cost to get another, newer card - it may surprise you.

Good luck!

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Question: Geforce4 ti4200

Hello to all,
I have just purchased the Geforce4 ti4200,
everything seems to be fine except when I run "smart doctor"
it says my mainboard isn't supplying enough voltage to video card. It's currently running at 1.6 volt unlike the 3.3 volt it should be running at. There's no option in the bios to set the voltage higher. I have a gigabyte board that supports agp4X and a amd 1.4 cpu. If anyone has any Idea about this please let me know.
My main concern is, is it going to damage any hardware.

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Ive bought Leadtek GF4 Ti4200 128mb. Now, it works fine, without problems but Ive tuched its passive cooler (which is over 2/3 of card) after hour or so, and it is so hot that i've almoust burned my self!!! that card's cooler had about 60-70°C!
is that normal? card works fine!!!

and one thing, why i get result of 9700 at 3dmark 2001SE after turning all off (AA, AS & Vsync)?
it says that i shuld get 11000!!!

Answer:GF4 Ti4200 temperature

They do run fairly hot. Maybe you need more airflow in your case to carry off the heat. I usually run positive air pressure. (More CFM on the fans in than on the exhaust fans out) I also like to pull the blank panel out of slot 1 to allow air to exhaust past the Video heatsinks and take some of the heat out there.

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Question: Burnt up my Ti4200

Well, lately I've been slightly overclocking my PNY GF4 Ti4200, and it was all good and well till yesterday. As I was surfing the net I got these weird lines vertically across the screen, yellow and green I think. I immediatly restarted my pc and disabled overclocking. Well about an hour later, there those lines are again. I restart once more and.....nothing happens, no display at all, my monitor acted like it wanted to start but couldnt.. ...even though I stopped overclocking it, it died...Well I got an RMA number today.. Anybody think they'll not notice it has been OC'd? I really dont wanna buy a new card..but I think my chances of them not noticing are slim......

(P.S. Yes it was the video card that died,I tried another card in my system, and it worked fine )

Answer:Burnt up my Ti4200

It depends, if your card has a burnt smell, or your memory or chipset seems to be burnt(smokey dark in colour) then the warranty is going to be void.

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I have heard that there are some 128mb GeForce 4 Ti4200's going around which have the same clock speeds as the 64mb version. Should I buy one of these or the normal 128mb version, or just the 64mb version? Which make? I'm confused!!!


Answer:Which GeForce 4 Ti4200 should I buy?

When buying decide on maker=Quality of components and driver quality, though Nvidia Reference drivers support all Geforce boards. Try tomshardware they do reviews of everything under the sun computer related so check there.

Try this link first.

Hope this helps

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I popped the card in, installed the new drivers and when I try to run anything with 3D in it the computer resets itself. I've tried different drivers, the new VIA 4in1s, and a bunch of other things. Any thoughts? My system is:

Athlon XP 1800+
AOpen AK77-133 Pro(a)
256md DDR
MSI GF4 Ti4200 64mb DDR
Win XP Pro

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Problems with MSI GF4 Ti4200

Have you run the direct x diagnostic, are all options enabled and are you able to pass the test direct draw and direct3d tests under the display tab

You might want to look around here and see if you see something specific to your system

Don't run xp but I would reinstall directx if I could.

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I have just bought an ABIT Siluro GF4 Ti 4200 OTES 64mb video card.
It comes with a default clock speed of (275\550). The reason I bought this particular card was because of its cooler and overclocking capabilities.

I am experiencing lock ups ATM. I hear a Short, sharp, shreik kind of a sound then she locks up requireing a manual restart and I haven't even changed the frequencies. I have tried using 30.82, 40.72 and 41.09 drivers from Nvidia and I get the same problem.

I'm thinking that I need to undrclock it perhaps which is a real dissapointment because I could have spent a lot less on a card that runs at the default frequencies.

I am using Riva Tuner ATM and I am a little unsure about wheather to use driver level overclocking or hardware. I dont know which one I should be adjusting.

Here are my specs:

Athlon XP 1800+
ABIT Siluro GF4 Ti 4200 OTES 64mb(41.09)
256 PC133 SDRAM
Ecs K7S5A motherboard
Windows 98 SE
C-media AC97 18bit CODEC

Answer:Overclocking a GF4 Ti4200

ru using the tools from nvidia or ur using powerstrip??
sorry dl powerstrip it let u oc better ur vc and gives u less problems u got a good vc and the brand is really good

im using a geforce 3 ti 200 the engine clock is 175 default and memroy is 400 default i oc the engine clock to 215 and the memory clock to 485 the brand is chaintech and i know for a fact that ur card is easier to oc

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Question: ti4200 and fx4600

What do you guys think of the ti 4200 vs. the fx 5600. Is the ti still better? And the ti 4600 too.


Answer:ti4200 and fx4600

ive had my ti4200 for about a year and a half now. it was still being used not that long ago as a comparison against new cards when benchmarking. It can handle anything that is thrown at it these days. ive never played a game it couldnt handle.

However the gaming world is moving into directX 9, and lets face it, the ti4200 was pre DX9 and therefore doesnt provide much support for it.

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Question: sick Ti4200

I recently purchased ( second hand , so no warrenty ) a Ti4200 graphics card. I put it in my machine connected the fan wire on to the motherboard then started my machine up, the graphics card did not show up and when I looked at it the wire that powers the fan had got trapped in the fan blades ( a poor design ) so I presume the chip has been fried Ha Ha !.Can anyone tell me if a new chip can be purchased and how to insert it or should I just bin it. Regards Alan

Answer:sick Ti4200

Have you re tried the card?Did it definately work BEFORE you bought it?You won't be bale to change the chip - it a new card job i'm afraid.

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Hey guys,

i have a little prob.
I have a MSI GF 4 TI 4200 right now.
I Got the Point Of View GF 5 FX 5500 as a gift.
i wonder?
is this card a better one or not?
my TI4200 = 128mb DDR
the FX 5500 = 256mb DDR
it should be better, but i heard that that is not the case...
what do you think? is it better or not?

ps my system is a AMD 2800+ / 1024 mb


Answer:GF4 TI4200 vs GF5 FX5500

please.... can someone help me..
i cannot find any specs on the internet about the 2 cards.
wich one is better???

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i have a geforce 4 ti4200, i have svideo hooked up to the tv but it wont work, anyone got any idea why?

Answer:msi geforce 4 ti4200

Make sure you have tv input on svideo you will have usally change that on your tv. Also you can look in the diplay properties. Under Control panel.....Display.....settings.....advanced and you maybe be able to change around some settings for tv out in there you usually can

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ok, i bought the pny version of the geforce4 ti4200 with 64 megs of ddr. Well when i got home and installed the card turned out to be the 128 meg version, yet i only payed for the 64 meg. So i tought i got lucky a $300 for only $100, win win. Well now the card wont play any descent game, aka battlefield 1942, Warcraft 3, Splinter Cell. but it will play older games like the sims and return to castle wolfenstien. when i try to play the higher end games it will play for a minute or two the exit back to the desktop and it is really pissing me. Im running WinXP Pro with an Anthlon XP 1500+ almost a gig of sdram. I have tried the two most recent detenator drivers with no luck and i have updated the OS, my bois, my chipset, the games, and anything i could find an update for. The thing im not clearr with is that the vid card bios and the drivers all say "geforce4 ti4200 with agp8x" but im only running a 4x agp board, can anyone tell me for sure that that is the problem. I'de rather not have to buy a new motherboard cause of this dam card but any help or suggestions anyone can throw out would be much appriciated.


Answer:Need help bad with GeForce4 Ti4200

Hmm..have you check around to see whether other users of this card have similar probs as yours?

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Question: GeForce 4 Ti4200

right i got this beauty now i need your help!!

how do you tweak or overclock this G.card to get the max out of it?

and whats the worst that can happen by doing this? or its a safe thing?

so do you guys know any website where explains it how this can be done? or is there a program that does that? and how easy is to use that program?

i got this NVIDIA media Center but haven got a clue what is that for, or how to use it ! or if it was made to do anything.

Many thanks


Answer:GeForce 4 Ti4200

You can either scour the registry or use a tool like NVHardPage to add hidden options to the driver control panel (such as overclocking, AGP settings, etc.). After you've done so, head to the Display Properties > Settings tab > Advanced > GeForce4 Ti 4200 tab (assuming you're using the Detonator 4x.xx drivers), and you can enable support for overclocking via the Detonator drivers from there.

I also recommend using RivaTuner if you need to unlock some more "hidden" features.

The best thing to do is to increase the core/memory speeds in small increments each time, until artifacts show up or instability occurs. Keep in mind though, overclocking will decrease the life expectancy of the card.

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Well my Ti4200 (64mb) works on my 250W power supply...

And everything is fine...except in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2:

Is this a software thing, or is it to do with the card? I know that my Ti4200 may be underpowered on my system..(min req is a 350W PSU).

I've seen articles on overclocking where if you push the card too much you get stuff like this...what do you think the problem is?
and could it be doing any damage to my system?

BTW - the card is running on stock speeds..and no other games have shown this...including 3D Mark 2001

BTW2: Running an Athlon 750Mhz on a Gigabyte GA-7IXE, 256 mb ram.
(and only 1x AGP is running - 2X is supported, but I don't know how to change it)

Answer:Problems with Ti4200

anyone? Please ?

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newbie here.
anyone please advise:
i have a dell 4550 p4 2.4 (845i), 512 ddr sdram, 80gb drive, 64mb ti4200 4x card, dx9b, xp pro.
ive recently began gaming again and titles like halo are completelly unplayable. so i started sof2 which i thought was less demanding and cant even play it at 640x480? i get freeze ups in play (ie sound and movement continue while i have no control.)
i tried using 45.23 drivers but now am back with 53.03 drivers without any change.
i removed any spyware, tried speedfan.
any thoughts-is my card that bad, does it need to be tweaked?
device manager shows no conflicts. dxdiag says no problem but when i try to test d3d, it starts to but then stops stating that i touched a key and cancelled the test!?
is there a program i can run to check the system?
do i need to think about a new ati card instead?
thanks in advance

Answer:help with ti4200 freezing

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My friend has a GeForce Ti4200 (128mb). He want's to upgrade, but like many of us he doesn't want to break the bank either. I recommended either a Radeon 9800 Pro (example:, or a 9800 XT. Either that or wait for the 6800's or X800 XT's to drop in price...

Anyway, 3 questions:-

1) In the 9800 series, what is the difference between the Pro and the XT? I also notice there is the 'Ultimate' version, again what is this?

2) His MoBo is a Gigabyte GA-7DXE, and only features AGP 4x bandwidth. So, if he were to go out and buy a top-of-the-range AGP 8x card, would it be crippled necessarily?

3) Silly question, but what EXACTLY does more virtual RAM on a graphics card do? So it's faster than system memory, but at the present what advantage does a 256mb card have over a 128mb card? Would I be right in saying that we're entiering an era when games will take advantage of more virtual RAM (Doom 3, Half-Life 2, Quake 4, Unreal 3)?...

EDIT: The rest of his vital specs are: AMD Athlon XP 2000+ @1.67 ghz, 1gb of DDR, 300w PSU.


Answer:Geforce Ti4200 upgrade

#1 dunno
#2 yeah the performance would be a bit less
#3 not sure

lastly he might want to check up on a new psu becuase those cards might need a little more than that.

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Using SVideo to Composite , we can only get a Black and White image using the above card.Have tried all the setting with the latest Drivers including changing output format. TV can accept PAL and NTSC anways.Any ideas.Have heard of TV Tool program... Do you know anything about this?Cheers!

Answer:GF4 Ti4200 TVout problem

Try here click here

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hi ..

lately, i've notived that the 2d performance on my win98se, 1gh athlon, 512 ram, has been on the decline..

right now for instance i have my firefox browser in which i am writing this, flash, winamp playing, msn , pretty normal stuff..

and the 2d performance is sucky at best, if for instance, i drag winamp around the screen, it leaves an ugly trail behind it, it gets refreshed out, but still..
same thing even with no applications running

i dont remember it doing that when i first installed the ti4200...

right now i am at the latest drivers from nvidia, directx 8.1 -i havent gone to 9 because i read somewhere reputable that the ti4200 doesn't really benefit from anything more than directx 8.1

i also reinstalled win98se last night, to no avail..
look at the pic........that is NOT RIGHT.

thanks .!!!

Answer:ti4200 slow 2d performance..

It's not your video card causing the problem. I'd run adaware and clean out all your junk files. Preform a defrag and see if that helps. All that stuff you have open in your desktop is putting a serious drag on your cpu. I'd suggest a cpu upgrade if the cleaning dosen't help any. Also open msconfig and shut down anything thats not needed under the startup tab.

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ok i got my tv showing my desktop of my computer, thats about it, nothing mre, no icon, no start menu, no start bar, no nothing, just the wallpaper of my computer
what do i do!
i want it to show what im doign

Answer:video out /w geforce 4 ti4200

holy crap nevermind, its like both screens in one, lol, i have to drag my video player over to the tv screen then maximize, ilol, thats crazy

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Can someone tell me where I can download a VGA driver for an ASUS Ti4200 video card?

Answer:VGA driver for an ASUS ti4200?

GeForce Ti4200?..

Go to

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The fan on my graphics card makes way to much noise. I wanna change the voltage that goes to the fan but I don't know what the default voltage is. Does anyone know? Can I connect the fan to one of the 5 volts connectors that goes to the drives?

Btw, Great forum!


Answer:Gainward Ti4200 fan voltage?

Hmm. I'd put a pot on the fan power, so you can adjust it, but in the case of a graphics card, a better idea would be to get a better fan.

I think you can get an Arctic Silencer for that model of card.

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Has anyone experience any difference between the ti4200 and the new fx5200 or 5600? Are the new ones better? What do you think?

Answer:ti4200 or fx5200 or fx5600?

4200ti is great value for the dog is ATIs 9800pro

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Hi there, just got this new video card and no matter what i do ,installing updated drivers etc. it still freezes up when playing a game, if i can play it at all.,very frusterating! My Board is a msi pro266 master .Celeron 1ghz Even went into bios and changed arpeture size etc. nothing works , using windows xp pro.have to shut down by force ,even tried it on win 98 still no go. any help would be appreciated Thankx.

Answer:GeForce Ti4200 freeze

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How do I enable the tv out on a geforece 4 TI 4200?

I installed the drivers, and when I go to properties to change to the tv, the option is grayed out. I enabled the NView in control panel but it didnt do anyting...what am I missing?

Answer:Enable tv out on geforce 4 TI4200

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I was looking at benchmarks, and the Ti4200 beats the FX5200 by at least 60% in frames per second. The part that confuses me is the Ti4200 is 64 MB and the FX5200 is 128 MB, and the Ti4200 is DX 8.1 and the FX5200 is DX 9.0. Why does the FX5200 get beaten so badly? I don't know too much about the architecture of video cards.

Answer:FX5200 vs. confusing

FPS isnt made out of the amount of ram you have, the FX series werent any good until the 5900's.

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with ti4200 freezing (01-27-2004 06:12 PM) report / quote / edit (#1)

newbie here.
anyone please advise:
i have a dell 4550 p4 2.4 (845i), 512 ddr sdram, 80gb drive, 64mb ti4200 4x card, dx9b, xp pro.
ive recently began gaming again and titles like halo are completelly unplayable. so i started sof2 which i thought was less demanding and cant even play it at 640x480? i get freeze ups in play (ie sound and movement continue while i have no control.)
i tried using 45.23 drivers but now am back with 53.03 drivers without any change.should i go back to 45.23?
i removed any spyware, tried speedfan.
any thoughts? is my card that bad, does it need to be tweaked?
device manager shows no conflicts. dxdiag says no problem but when i try to test d3d, it starts to but then stops stating that i touched a key and cancelled the test!?
is there a program i can run to check the system?
do i need to think about a new ati card instead?
any advice would help at this point.
thanks in advance

Answer:ti4200 freezing games

closing duplicate, view this thread

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Anybody use the Prolink Geforce4 TI4200??? How does this card perform?? I wanna upgrade my geforce2 pro card, and this seems like a great way.. I've never heard of Prolink before though, but this card sells for $169 for the 64mb version and $198 for the 128mb version. full retail box...
what do you guys think??

Answer:Prolink Geforce4 TI4200

Sorry , I never heard of prolink either . the price looks good

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Ok I wasnt sure where to put this so dont get angry. I also posted this in reviews and realized it was a msitake I think. But heres my question. The MSI geforce 4 ti4200 the TD model series seems to be running at a 4600s speed. I noticed it first when I was on looking for a 4200. It apparently runs at 10.4 gb/s, 1.23 trillion operations per , and so on. A ti4600's speed. At first I thought they typed it wrong but on MSI's site it says the same thing. The reason it matters so much to me is because I wanna know to get it it or not because if its not overclocked like that I will get this asus one instead cause its 128 mb and cheaper. Heres the link to it on MSI and


I think it's a typo on both sites, nvidia states the following

113 Million
4 Billion AA Samples/Sec.
1.03 Trillion

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To sum up a really long drawn out Sapphire Radeon 9500 card didn't work on my computer...I tried a number of things swapped it with a friend and ran his GF2 card on my ran fine.

However, my friend wasn't able to get my card to work on his computer so thinking it was a problem with the card that I bought, I scrapped the idea of the ATI card and went with an Nvidia one. I bought the Albatron card listed above and installed it into my computer last night. It recognized it right away but I installed the most recent drivers for it.

I started playing a demo game it came with and it froze up and sent an error message. I thought maybe it was the game so I tried one that the GF2 worked with...which was Rise of Nations. Many times it restarted my computer.

Is there any updates for my motherboard (which is the an ABIT BH7) that I should have. Compatibility issues? I just dont' understand why 64MB cards run and 128MB cards don't.

I understand that there are some things I can alter in the bios to make my card run at 2x or 4x AGP instead of 8x....but if I do this, will performance of my card drop off dramatically and then what would be the advantages of having such a card. Wouldn't it be better than to get a cheaper 64 MB card?

Please offer suggestions, since I am running on very thin ice right now.

Answer:Albatron GF4 Ti4200 Turbo

drivers... did you un-install the ATI ones COMPLETELY? it is very important.

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I am having a strange graphics problem that I have never before encountered. From time to time, and I believe solely in games (though more than one), my screen turns into a pattern of multi-colored nonsense and the computer becomes entirely unresponsive. I have yet to identify any triggers for this behavior, and it can happen frequently or infrequently (utterly random).

The only remedy is to reset the machine (at which point the graphics problem still remains), and then switch it off and then back on again. This always fixes the problem, however temporarily.

I am completely baffled by this and would greatly appreciate any assistance.

Thanks for reading,

Erik Blake

Answer:GeForce Ti4200 Troubles (please help)

I once experienced problems like this when I was running games that didn't support Antialiasing or Anisotropic Filtering (both were enabled). Have you tried disabling both of these if they were enabled? If this does not fix the problem, it must be a memory problem as Rick said. Good Luck :grinthumb !

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I am all up and running great. sorted out the memory issue that prevented me using my A7n8xDel gd and my Ti4200 at 8x.

Anyway why quite often when returning from screensaver or monitor turned off( 20mins setting) nothing else ever off. does the desktop stop about an inch from the left hand side.
To get it back I have to go to settings, change to another size then say no and the correct size comes back.

I have latest Nvidia 41.09 and iiyama vision master pro454 with correct driver.

Any Ideas.

Answer:Ti4200 messes up desktop

Please reply,
I have installed the latest video driver, yet on resume from sleep the screen has about 1 inch of black down the left hand side and to remove I have to change the screen size in settings and then let it go back to the correct setting.
Its a pain

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Simple: What r your highest gpu/mem OC-ed values for this card without any modding of card (default cooler and so)

Answer:Overclocking Gainward Ti4200 GS

We use the "Cooling & Modding" forum for overclocking discussions.

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OK...To start it all off, here's my comp:
AMD Athlon XP+ 1800 (1.53 GHz)
ASUS A7N266-VM nForce Motherboard (266MHz FSB)
512 MB PC-2100 DDR RAM
MSI StarForce GeForce4 Ti4200-DT64 (64 MB DDR)
nForce Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound (Onboard)

When I play games such as Counter-Strike, Command and Conquer: Generals, Medal of Honor, etc. (Graphics-intensive cutting edge games) I get 20-25 frames per second. I've seen people running on GeForce 2 cards that are getting 50-60 fps in the same applications. I have done everything in my power to try and fix this: I've downloaded tweaking utilities, tried overclocking by 5-10 MHz on the video, I even set all of the graphics levels in the games to their absolute minimum, and I am running these games in 800x600 and even 640x480, but to no avail. Can ANYONE help me????!!!!!

Answer:Slow Ti4200 Performance

Have you tried shutting off apps running in the background, or services that you don't need?

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A 128mb VIVO Ti4200 for £130 [inc. delivery]? is it possible?
(Preferably a AGP 8x - don't they have higher clock speeds than the 4xAGP 128mb's?) - I only have a 4xAGP mobo.

I've looked and found some contenders, but they lack VIVO...
I would like VIVO, but I can live with just tv out + dvi

Must be a UK online shop, and include VAT.

I know the FX is soon to come much would that effect Ti4200 prices?

1. 128Mb Chaintech GT20 Ti4200 Ge-Force 4 DVi TV Out [ugly, and only AGP 4x - so 444mhz mem]
- but about £118 with delivery -

2. DabsValue - [so inno3d?] GeForce 4 Ti4200-8x 128MB DDR AGP RP DVI VO
- £122, probably about £126 inc delivery -

Now for the VIVO's ever so slightly out of my price range:

1. 128Mb XFX Geforce 4 TI4200 8X VIVO
- £128.29, probably £7.50 delivery

2. DabsValue [probably Inno3d] GeForce 4 Ti4200-8x 128MB DDR AGP RP DVI VIVO
- - £131 - probably about £135.70 inc delivery

Which of the above? Or can you suggest anymore?

Thanks people :grinthumb

Answer:A 128mb VIVO Ti4200 for £120?

I've also found:

Connect3D RADEON? 9500 128 + VGA DVI-I & Tv-out - AGP 8x
- - £135.11 - free delivery

- would I be able to soft mod this card to a 9700?
and how fast it be then?

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Have an Abit KR7 mobo, XP1700+, and 512 meg. mem.. Updated mobo with the latest BIOS. Running Windows ME. Just installed a Abit TI4200 with 128 meg mem. and it seems to be crippled. I have the Fast Writes enabled, 4X AGP, and using 256M Aperture all enabled in the system BIOS. I am using the 30.82 Nvidia driver. I am getting a score of 6756 in 3D Mark SE. When viewing the chipset info with the current WCPUID, it shows that the AGP Spec. Revision of 2.0 is Disabled. There is nothing listed in the Command column. No 4x, FastWrite or Side Band Addressing. I have updated to the latest VIA 4in1 Drivers 4.42. According to WCPUID it's not even running in the 4x mode. Am I missing something? I even used GeForce Tweaker and it seems to have no effect. Any help would be great.


Answer:Abit GF TI4200, 128 meg. Problem

Same problem here

I'm curious if you found a fix to the problem. My computer is the same


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A friend wants to get a GeForce4 Ti 4200. I just wondered if there are any compatibility issues with some mobo's as I had trouble with an 440 MX card (would not POST)His setupPentiun 4,i.4 gig,mobo MSI MS6534chipset intel 845 (brookdale)Win XP Pro thats all the info that I have.TIA

Answer:GeForce4 Ti4200 advice please

Is it possible that I have offended everyone in the helproom? As my last 2 posts have had no responce at all. If it is just that no one knows the answer sorry and thanks anyway.

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I was wondering how does the ATI Radeon fair against the Nvidia Ti4200??? I was wondering becasue I have a PNY Ti4200 64mb card and i found an ati 9000 64mb card for $70. If the ati is better i'll consider selling the PNY and picking up an ati.. the same place has the 9000pro for $87...

Answer:Ti4200- vs -Radeon 9000

The 9000 isa slightly watered down version of the 8500LE.

the 9000 pro is a slightly watered down version of the 8500

heres a link. will post another if i can find it again.

If you do switch, go with the 9000 pro at least.

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Question: Asus ti4200 deluxe

Oh boy. After I installed all the video drivers for video capture my new xphome system completely went awol

Here's some error messages
setup ubi.exe has encountered a problem and has to close. Send error report
Non responsive program il2.exe
Refresh rate setting keeps changing itself
Icons tend not to respond to mouse clicks sometimes
Screen freezes sometimes
Puter switches off when taking out CD
Responds very slowly to finding/changing files, especially large photos.
Messages: serious error recovery
Not enough memory windows is moving/some operation will not function properly

The system is
Soltek FRV 400bus
Ahtlon 2200XP
120GIG Maxtor 7200 8mb cache
Asus ti4200 128mb DDR Deluxe with video capture leads (composite connections are labelled incorrectly on breakout box)
adaptec scsi controller for epson scanner
External modem
Asus DVD
Artec Writer

If anyone can give me clue aboput the error messages. Errors occured AFTER I installed all the video capture drivers. PC was working ok up til then.

I'm going to uninstalll the drivers and see what happens

At first I thought it was because I hade partitioned the drive 40/80 - I heard somewhere that partitioning drives can cause problems.


(An airbase in Germany where I had a lot of fun in the 70's.)

Answer:Asus ti4200 deluxe

Most of that looks like a driver conflict/incorrect driver version.

Where did you get the drivers? If you got them from the cd that came in the box I would grab a new set from the manf website and try those.

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I have problems with my Leadtek GF4 Ti4200 128mb. Problems is that it doesnt score in 3dmark2001se as much as it should (my score is 8734 and shuld be 11000). I have turn off all AA and AS filthering, vsync, set benchmark to default. Drivers r nevest 44.03 and all is on XP system on nforce2 board...

Answer:GF4 Ti4200 128mb problem

I wouldn't expect 11000 marks for a Ti4200, I only get 11530 on my Ti4600, and bare in mind I usually don't close all programs in the background.

Are all of your mobo drivers up to date? Performance can sometimes be gained with up to date mobo drivers.

What programs do you have running in the background? Not closing unnecessary ones can lead to performance loss and lower 3DMark score.

Is your video card overclocked? I have heard on a few occasions that overclocked video cards can perform better in games but get lower scores in benchmarking programs, so you might want to set your video card back to standard clocks for the benchmark.

I suppose that the same could be said about your processor, if that is overclocked, you might want to set it back to standard clocks as 3DMark benchmarks are reasonably processor dependant.

I hope you find the source of your performance loss quickly, Good Luck :grinthumb !

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I'm going to buy a video card, I posted a while back with some questions.

1. Is this a good video card? Bang vs. Buck

2. I have the K7S5A mobo. Does anyone else have this mobo and a similar video card? How does it run?

EDIT: Put a period instead of question mark hehe.


Also link to card:

Answer:Chaintech GeForce4 Ti4200 Questions!!

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I just did a factory restore on my pc. I've reinstalled everything, including the most up-to-date drivers.

I play DAoC and this is where I"m getting the graphics corruption.

Before I restored, and on my other two computers, the graphics are sharp and crisp. (lesser video cards on those).

But on my desktop with the Gf4 the graphics appear chalky. The futher away they are in game the more chalky they look. Almost like an oil painting if you know what I mean.

Do you know what could be causing this? I've tried fooling around with the anti-aliasing/etc features and it doesn't affect it.

Answer:Video problems, Gforce 4 Ti4200 AGP 8x

I had some problems with my graphics card after I updated the drivers as well, wherein on Everquest many of the textures on character models wern't being displayed at all, leaving blank pure white spots in their place. I have a Geforce 2 MX, and the problem was that the new improvements on the drivers were making my card not display correctly, so I reverted back to the old drivers I had, and everything went back to normal.

So maybe just going back to older drivers will fix it.

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I have a Geforce4 card on windows XP. I've used this same card to view movies with the TV out setting on windows 2000. Since I've upgraded to XP and downloaded the latest drivers for the card, I've been only able to view some movies and not others. I tried uninstalling the drivers and putting back the old drivers but remains the same. Is it XP thats stopping me from viewing certain movies?

Thx in advance!

Answer:Nvidia Geforce4 Ti4200 TV out problem

Some videos may be using a different codec as the others. Make sure you have the divx codec and the xvid codec installed on your computer. This usually clears up all of these viewing problems. and Also go to and download the windows media player 9 codec package. It's a neat little thing microsoft actually was kind enough to give out.

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Asus A7v333 motherboard
512mb PC2700, single stick
BFGtech GeForce 4 Ti4200

Running: Windows 98 SE, nVidia 77.72 drivers

Okay, there's a bit of history with this video card. I had it for the longest time in this setup. One day, a friend came up to me asking me to see if his ATI Radeon worked in my system (it didn't.) When I re-set the drivers and put the GeForce back in, no amount of prodding or pushing would let the card run any 3D application (directdraw, openGL, nada. Nothing at all.). However, it ran windows just fine, 32bit color, all that jazz.

So, I shelved the card (just in case I needed it for a browser system or whatnot) and replaced it with a PCI GeForce FX 5200 (*also BFGtech)

I recently decided to install a second monitor, and since the GeForce FX didn't have a DVI or second RGB out, I pulled the GeForce 4 out of storage and plugged her in.

After several moments of harrowing defeat, I ended up with JUST the GeForce 4 in the system again. Now, here's where it get's funny.

I can run MOST 3D applications fine. I can run at 32 bit color. I CANNOT run at any resolution higher than 640x480. Looking deeper, I find that the card is running on a PCI bus speed.

To top it all off, I try to run The Sims 2 (which is notorious for problems, I know, but worth a try) and get an error:
Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system! Please make sure you have a DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapter and that yo... Read more

Answer:GeForce 4 Ti4200 resolution, etc. issues

Nvidia is great about their drivers and software never leaving the system.
Delete anything you can find for Nvidia on your PC, uninstall drivers, uninstall software, delete the card via the device manager.
Tell us if you need more help.

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My friend recently acquired an nvidia GeForce Ti4200 and it seems that nVidia does not support that card anymore. Does anybody know where he can get drivers for that card?

Answer:MSI nVidia GeForce ti4200 drivers

What version of Windows? I think Win2000 and definitely XP have these drivers built-in. Regardless, here you go:
Windows 2000/Windows XP (click the 'supported products' tab and you'll see it listed)
Windows 9x/Windows ME

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My fan has gone on my ti4200 and my m8 is willing to sell me his Leadtek WinFast A250 TD for 40 quid. How much a of a performance boost would i get from this. I only play counterstrike source and my ti4200 really struggles with that in the lowest settings withall textures off.

I know it can overclock past the 4600, but i still dont know enough to know if i should buy it.

thanks for your help all

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The problem remains the same for every game, no matter which one. Everytime I try to play a game, say for example Halo, the intro videos (microsoft game studions, bungie etc..) work fine then when I get to the menu of the game everything freezes up. Usually freezes for a about 30 seconds or so, unfreezes for 1 second and so on. Even with sims 2 the same problem. The intro for sims loads fine, the loading screen for the game works, but as soon as I go to enter a neighbourhood to start a game, complete lockup. After like 10 minutes between freezing and non-freezing I manage to exit the game. Same thing for all older games too. Everything always worked perfect, then litteraly one day it just stopped working (well we were in the middle of half-life and it started freezing, thats when everything went bad)

What I have already done:

- Chipset drivers installed
- Latest nVidia drivers
- Older drivers
- DirectX 9.0C
- Disabled and Enabled direct3d/draw/acceleration
- Changed paging file to managed/custom/none
- DXdiag all tests passed
- Checked the fan
- Checked the power supply
- Ran hardware tests
- Did a fresh install of XP
- Restored BIOS to default settings
- Changed ACPI Uniprocessor PC to Advanced Configuration and Power Interface PC then to Standard PC which made my PC unbootable
- Enabled and Disabled PnP O/S in BIOS

(not all done in that order)

System Specs:

- Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
- 512 DDR RAM
- 72GB HDD 7200... Read more

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Topic. I've been told quite a number of different drivers, but which are the best?

Answer:Best drivers for 128mb geforce 4 ti4200 AGP?

In general for nvidia based cards I like to go with the latest drivers from the nvidia web site. Yes sometimes there are problems that require dropping back a release, but usually they work well.

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Someone from one of my classes said they had one, and it sucked. But I've heard from many people it's good card. I'm getting one for $50 from one of the forum members, and I was wondering if there was anything I should know. My system that's coming on Tuesday:

AMD Sempron 2800+
768Mb DDR PC2100
Win XP Pro
nVidia GeForce 4 Ti4200 128Mb 8xAGP Video Card

Is there any problems with the graphics on these games: Call of Duty, Rise of Nations and Expansion, Diablo II, Everquest, Everquest 2, Lineage II, World of Warcraft, Counterstrike 1.6, Counterstrike Source, Brothers in Arms. Any glitches or such?

Answer:How good really is the GeForce 4 Ti4200 128Mb?

thats a very old card! im sure you can pick something up better/newer than that for a simulor price!

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Alright, I bought this crappy graphics card along with my new computer set.. I put everything together and started it up.. everything was runnin smoothely and I was scoring big on the benchmark tests. I started playing UT2K3 when all of the sudden it froze, so I just instinctively restarted but when I restarted the windows XP loading screen hide lines going through it and whenever it got to my desktop it told me that I didn't have a graphics card hooked up but it would recognize it as a VGA compatible thingy-mo-bopper. but whenever i tried to install it from taht whenever it would get done it would tell me Error - Invalid data.. and then i could check and it would say that the device is not properly configured. the card is 8x and my motherboard is not, that is the ONLY thing that I can think of that is wrong with it I even tried turning down the card settings in bios to 4x, that of my motherboard but still it did the same thing, I stuck it in a friends comp and it also didn't work but i put his ti4600 into mine and it worked just fine. The stupid leadtek company wont even answer my phonecalls not to mention my emails offering me no tech support at all. Was just tryin to find a way to get this stupid thing to work so it won't be a waiste ofr 130 bucks, any input on this would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

Lukane VL

Answer:Winfast A280LE Ti4200 AGP8x

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I have an athlon 64 2800+ with 1gb ram and a ti4200. When i download the latest drivers from nvidia (using vista x64) and try installing them it says no compatible hardware found, thus i cant use my native res on my wide screen monitor (1440 x 900), what gives?

Answer:Vista x64 and my video card (ti4200)

check to see if the ti4200 is supported in the nvidia vista release notes.

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I played Max Payne 2, great game... then my vid card blew so i got another exactly the same, also at the same time, fitted another fan to back of puter, and also installed new hard drive, installed all windows updates and got all latest drivers for my stuff, came to play max payne 2 and also other games such as NFS : Underground and have artifacts on them, i have not over clocked my card, and my system temp is 36deg. and CPU 51deg.

Any ideas, ive searched many places but still no luck.. please help...


Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 1
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2400+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.0GHz
Memory: 768MB RAM DDR 333Mhz
Mobo: MSI K7n2 Delta series ILSR
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0b (4.09.0000.0902)
NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X (128Mb)
Driver Version: 6.14.0010.5216 (English)

i know this drive ^^ is older but it is the one that windows installs and i have been told there is no significance for my card.. so i left it, i have tried the newer driver but it makes no difference...

think thats all the relevant stuf, o and btw have tried underclocking card, but made jack difference... cheers for any help...

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I received my new computer recently from Carrera which should have the upgraded MSI GeForce 4 Ti4200 128MB installed. Although in the device manager, it shown as MSI NVIDIA Geforce 4 Ti4200 (AGP8x), I could not find any info about the memory of the card.In the MSI Info under Display Properties, the VGA Card Info shown as 32MB and SDRAM! I can't understand why and am not sure whether it is the 128MB card I ordered. The model no of the card is MS8894 but both 64MB and 128MB have the same model number. How can I find out the memory of my card? Anybody help??(Carrera claimed that they did not sell 32MB card and asked me to contact technical support. I also tried the MSI live technical support but could not send the message through.)

Answer:How to find out the memory for the Geforce Ti4200

click here Belarc Advisor should tell you

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Hi guys!
I have an Inno3d GeForce4 Ti4200 card. My system is quiet and I want to keep it that way *doh* :haha: The problem is that the fan on this card is very VERY noisy. I sent Inno an email, but their respose didn't help...
Can anyone help me out?
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Need alternative fan for Inno3d GeForce4 Ti4200

It depends on the way the heatsink and fan are mounted. If you just want to repace the fan, a small fan can replace it, depending on how much you want to "mod" it. Or you can get a heatsink and fan like these.
Look for low decibel levels, I usually try to get <25db, but you may want lower if you want it silent.
The second one has a review of a guy that used it on a ti 4200.

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Ok I've read some good threads here so maybe someone can help with my problem.

Computer Specs:

winXP pro
Athlon 2100+
MSI KT4 Ultra( VIA KT400 chipset)
MSI Ti4200
512Mb ddr333 x2
psu Thermaltake 420W

I tried to run a game on my computer the other day and it basically hard locked. I didn't think much of it at the time, I gave the game to my friend and he said it worked perfect on his comp. I tried a different game and same story. I dont normally run games on my computer(I use my ps2 for that) so I haven't discovered this problem befor.

Just to clarify when I say games won't run I mean it not even for 2seconds.

The opening movies on the games play fine but as soon as the game tries to run thats it.

I tried to run 3d Mark 03 and same results benchmark score:22 running 0.3fps

I've tried the following drivers: 40.72, 44.03, 66.93, 81.95(AVoff, uninstalled all drivers, reboot, AVoff, install new drivers, reboot, test.)

I tried with directX 8.1 and 9c

I ran memtest86+ 2 passes 0 errors

Btw all other programs work fine Maya, Zbrush, PS...its just the games

I've considered replacing the video card...but I really don't want to do that and find out it's some other problem like the Via chipset on the mobo.

Ok any help would be great, just ask if you need any more info.


Answer:0.3fps Ti4200: cant play games

the ti 4200 is only directX 8 compaitable. what games are you trying to run? if they require DX9 then you arent going to be able to run them. the Ti4200 is a pretty ancient card now. have you checked in advanced properties (in dislay) to make sure the card is running at AGP 4X?

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My motherboard in my oldest machine has a Asus A7V266-E which is running a AMD Athlon 1.4GHz 266FSB, 512MB PC2100 DDR and WinME. It also has a AGP Pro Slot which I understand is AGP x2/x4 max.So I am looking around for a Nvidea AGP Card x2/x4 max preferably with 64MB DDR and a Ti4200 or equivalent chippie set.I know the FX5200 card are not as good as the TI4200 or Ti4800 but these excellent cards what I think are anyway are no longer around anywhere to buy at a sensible price and source.Prefer not to touch Ebay. Does anyone know of a decent card which falls into the above category please. ?

Answer:AGP x4 Max 64MB Ti4200 or better Graphics Card

click hereor try click hereclick here looks okor click here for the full listing of cards.x8 card will still work in a x4 mobo(backwards compatable) and you wont even notice the difference in speed.

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System specs as they stand:

AMD 750Mhz Athlon
AOpen 32mb TNT2 (model 64)
256mb PC100 ram.

I know that they're not great system specs, so I've decided to upgrade, just a bit, with a GeForce 4 Ti4200 instead of the TNT2.

At present I get a 3D Mark 2001 score of 932, which is kinda low. I want the best performance I can get on this system, without changing major parts.

Which GeForce 4 Ti4200 should I get?:

The 128mb card
or the 64mb card (which I have heard has faster clock and memory speeds)

I was thinking that I should get the 64mb card, as I want the speed and I don't think the rest of the PC is up to the 128mb's extra features - plus the 64mb card if cheaper.

While I'm at it would it make any difference to upgrade the RAM to 448mb (I am currently running Windows XP).


Answer:128mb or 64mb GeForce 4 Ti4200?

As for upgrading, the RAM, I'd suspect you would see a pretty good performance increase if you do. As for the Video Card, that card @ 128MB might be a bit much for your system. Go to and check their video card comaprison test, it will analyse your system and tell you the best card to match your specs.

The best thing you can do to improve performance is to get a mobo that supports PC2100 DDR, or at least upgrading what you currently have.

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Bought myself a soltek Geforce 4 TI4200 couple days ago. Installed the lastest nvidia detonator driver. When I go to my video display properties, it listed my card on board memory as 64meg instead of 128meg. But when i reboot my comp, there it listed my card as 128MEG. Anyone know the solution to this? And do i get any downgrade performace from this if it list 64meg in windows but 128meg in boot up.

Answer:geforce 4 TI4200 memory error?

I used to have that a problem on my 3D Prophet DDR-DVI ( GeForce 256 DDR ). It was a 32mb card & sometimes at bootup it would report 16mb. I never had performance problems because of that though. On the GeForce FAQ, I remember them saying it was because of defect memory chips.

Here's the advice they gave :

Q. I (occasionally or always) get less than 32MB of video RAM reported when I first switch on my PC. What's up?
Try slightly changing your FSB speed.

Make sure that you are using a powerful enough power supply. See the 'How powerful should my power supply be in order to use the GeForce? question for more information.

You can find a link for a BIOS that may fix this problem for the Creative Annihilator Pro in the 'Are there any newer Video BIOS upgrades for the Annihilator?' question.

You may want to replace the card even if this does help: this problem may also be a bad solder joint on one of the memory chips that causes problems occasionally or all the time.Click to expand...


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I have some very strange problems with my gcard. It worked fine untill i've installed game Crimsonland. It was trial version and there was option "Allready purchased". I've clicked on that option and then my comp freased. I've started pressing. Alt-tab. Nothing. ctr+alt+del nothig. Alt+F4. nothing again...
and then comp rapidly unfreezed itself, and done all those commands I've pressed. Windows GUI bacome partly loaded with missing options on right mouse button. Start menu didnt response. Ive pressed again ctr+alt+del and in shut down option i've push restart. And it worked, but....
First screen which shows gcards BIOS load, became all scrambled with those strange simbols, like smiles, playing card black heart, angles, brittish pound symbol and so...
Other screen where it checks memory amount was fine, but screen after where it checks boot devices was scrambled too!
and then windows started loading and everything was fine.
Now, games work fine, alltrough it Midnight club 2 it starded to freeze every 10min for about 10-15 sec and then game continues normaly.
Then i've restarted again without problem and entered MB BIOS. It was all scrambled too! Ive had to pass over any option few times before it "decoded" itself from symbols to letters.
And that doesnt happend when comp turned on first time in day (while its cold), but longer it runs this things starts to happen.
I havent OC gcard, this all happend while it worke... Read more

Answer:Leadtek GF Ti4200 BIOS gone nuts?

there was no AGP OC'ing goin on was there? you may have damaged the card if so.

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Answer:Geforce4 Ti4200, 4400, 4600

I need some advice.Does anyone know who has the best prices for graphics cards. I definitely want a Geforce 4 Titanium, but I don't know which I should get?

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i cant get my geforce to view on the tv.
it has DVI out
but i have the dvi adapter that changes it to a video cable.
it wont work =(
i have the latest detonator drivers too

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Hi all and thanks for checking this thread! Can I change my WinTek Ti4200 with an Abit Siluro Ti4200 without making any other changes? They both run the same Nvidia chip, g-force 4 w/128MB so same drivers should work, right? My system with the WinTek is running great but my buddy wants me to try his Abit card in my system because he's having all kinds of trouble with the Abit in his system, he thinks it's the card and not a configuration thing. I am really computer impaired and don't want to mess up my system so I come to the table of knowledge. My plan is to just pull my card and plug his in. Good plan? Thanks again!

Answer:swapping Ti4200 video cards

Should work...but the safest way would be to uninstall the old one, then install the other one.

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Hi1.9xp athlon, 512Mb ddr pc2100, xp home, ecs k7 s5a mobo and gainward 64mb ti4200 (not golden sample version) with 41.xx drivers.I've been reading about overclocking and have the instructions on how to do it. My system is stable but I'd like abit more (fps and detail) from UT 2003/etc. I've read that it's best to concentrate on memory clock frequency for best results. My temps from sisoft sandra are always in mid to late 30s.Has anyone with this graphic card overclocked and to what core and memory frequencies? What were results like in gameplay and also 3d mark score?ThanksP

Answer:have you overclocked ti4200 graphic card?

Go to click hereThis is a website run by people pretty much obsessed with overclocking there PC's.There is a forum system there, very much like this one.The poeple in the forum will answer any question you may have about overclocking! They cant get enough of it.I have posted a few questions there in the past and got very good responses.Hope you make some nice overclocking friends.

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Looking for this card on the net but cant find one on any UK Retailer sites in pounds sterling, but loads in dollaz.
Anyone know a place where i can get my hands on one of these?


Answer:VisionTek Xtasy Ti4200, cant find one: UK

I would be cautious buying a vision tek card since vision tek went belly up and has now been purchased by the Hartford computer group. (or something like that) last I heard the rumor was that the hartford computer group intended to produce radeon cards under the vision tek brand.

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Using WinXP Home now a new HDD fresh install. WinXP automatically put in the Drivers for the above AGP Card and I have been unable to install the GF4 Drivers from Driver CD.There is a WinXP Demo thing on this CD called Nvidia GeForce4 Ti ExperienceWhen I try to run one of these say Grace I get a box come up saying GraceGL.exeWinXP says it encountered a problem and needs to close (Send Error report etc.)also getting + MS Visual C+ + Runtime Library with the Tidepool.exe demo, others also doen run apart from the CodeCreatures.Is this happening becuase I cannot install the Ti4200 AGP Drivers from CD ?As device manager refuses to let me instsall How do you install these drivers?.Will this sort my problem out. Or am i going to have to convert to a ATI Card ?.

Answer:Creative Blaster4 Ti4200 64MB DDR AGP & Demo

click here and download the drivers for your operating system. See if this solves the problem.Make sure your virus checker is disabled and when the driver program says its detected a version already on the pc choose the option to install anyway.

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Hi, I was planning to get a GeForce 4 MX440 or GeForce 3 sometime since I wanted to install my current GeForce 2 MX 32MB into my AMD K6-2 500MHz, 128MB SDRAM and then install a new one into my AMD Duron 1.3GHz, 256MB SDRAM. I didn't want to spend much on a GeForce4 Ti but then I saw this card from Leadtek for a stupendous low price of £58.70 when I logged into ebuyer! Surely there must be a catch or something? It's priced the same as most of the GeForce4 MX440s I have seen on ebuyer and surely I should go with this card instead?

Answer:GeForce4 64MB Ti4200 on ebuyer for £58.70? Fake?

Its the oem version so no bells and whistles.... but a supberb buy none the less.

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Answer:Creative Ti4200 & Nvidia Detonator Drivers??

Hi having recently purchased a Creative Ti420064meg TV Out graphics card (Upgraded from MX440 64meg, I still have the same problem of my pcrandomley rebooting and crashing alot especiallywith games like Grand Prix4 & Tiger Woods Pga Tour 2003, Max Payne refuses to even load.Infact I have had this problem for months now.I get an error message from windows saying thatthe graphics card device driver has got stuck in a thread loop please update the driver or try another video adapter. Well this is my secondgraphics card I have tried!!I have tried the latest creative drivers version41.80. Tried about 4 different Nvidia versions from 31.80 to 41.09.Now i have replaced the mobo, new 350 psu, newIbm harddrive. Still same problem.Very Very frustrated pc owner :(My system as follows:Windows XP Pro with Service pack1Gigabyte GA-7ZXE mobo 512meg of PC133 SdramMobo using Via KT133A chipset.Athlon XP1800+ cpuIbm Deskstar 82.4gig harddriveCreative 3DBlaster4 Ti4200 64meg graphicsCreative Sounblaster 1024 Live soundcardCreative 12/10/32 CDRW16X DVD Rom drivePinnacle TV Rave pci TV tuner card.Using latest via 4in1 drivers & mobo has updated bios.Please Please can anybody solve this problem.

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hmm.. pretty straight forward..

PNY GeForce4 Ti4200 vs. Gigabyte Radeon 9600Pro?

which is better? im a mainstream user... i play Underground and NFSU2 and HL2, CS mostly.. but not hardcore... jus when i have nothing better to do.. notice the cards are 100$ .. i dont plan on spending more than that.. thank you here are the links

Thanks a lot =]

Answer:PNY GeForce4 Ti4200 vs. Gigabyte Radeon 9600Pro

hi, for what your going to use the card my the isnt much difference (and may i just say they are both great cards) for me i would go for the Gigabyte Radeon 9600 Pro as i am very much into games. I would advise that you get the cheeper one because vid cards are impoving so quick your gonna have to get a newer one soon after if you start playing real hi-tech games

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I use Winfast PVR and a leadtek ti4200 ViVo, and is connected to the output of a vcr. sometimes when i change the channel while watching the video in winfast pvr, the system will give me a BSOD : DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

How can i fix this?

Answer:nv_4mini.sys error with Winfast PVR + ti4200 Video in?

I'd try updating your VIVO and Video Drivers for your Leadtek 4200 card to the newest versions.

If updating to the newest driver version doesn't work, try changing your drivers to a 41.xx version.

Thats all I can think of.

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My original Asus GeForce2 GTS (bought for £180, 2 years ago) has served me very well but its becoming yesterday's news and i'm really considering the upgrade to an MSI GeForce4 TI4200 ( when its released. Obviously alongside an overall motherboard, CPU, ddr333 ram upgrade.

In general, how much % faster is the GF4 from my GF2 considering all the architectural improvements because i can't find any benchmarks that still use a GF2 for comparison to see 4 myself?

Another interesting thing I noticed on this site was:

"MSI's card is equipped with 3.5ns RAM while SUMA's sports 3.3ns. Theoretically, the memory can operate at speeds above 550MHz."

Meaning I could buy a very good value for money TI4200 and overclock safely to near TI4400 levels.

Finally, what justification do i need to get the TI4200 with 128MB ddr memory when there is also the same card but with 64MB ddr memory that is cheaper?

Answer:Perfect Upgrade: GeForce2 GTS --> GeForce 4 TI4200

You should be very carefull with those specs. Suma had allready released GF3TI200 cards with faster memory but in the end, they actually overclocked worse then the normal TI200 cards ( bad board layout or bad components ? ). The GF4 4600 & 4400 cards are made with an 8 layer PCB wheras the 4200 is 6 layer. The design & power circuitry might not be able to reach such high speeds.

Here's a review of the GainWard GF4 4200 -> Gainward GeForce4 Ti 4200: The First Retail 4200

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Please can someone help with a Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200 Ultra/650-8X XP graphics card installation problem.My system is Athlon 1400 (10.5x133), A7V133 Motherboard revision 1.04. Bios 1005A, 512 MB PC133, Win ME, DirectX V9.0 (have tried 7 and 8.1), 40Gb HD connected ATA 100 (80Gb HD currently disconnected for back up/disc to disc Ghost) and 300W PSU. I have tried updating from my old GeForce 2MX 32Mb card following the "Quick Start" manual but although everything initially appears fine games will not run (even after reinstalling). dxdiag.exe hangs following a text box titled SMBIOS Dos Driver, "There may not be enough memory to run this application... Trying to reinstall Via 4-in-1 Drivers hangs. A clean ME windows install with DirectX 7 initially works but with poor benchmarks and limited function, eg NFS 4, no 3D Hardware acceleration. Installing Via 4-in-1 drivers appears to run smoothly but then repeating dxdiag (even after reinstalling DirectX) gives the same error. Bios settings for card are X4 AGP (this card should work at X4 or X8) and aperture 128Mb. Any ideas (apart from puting the old card back)?

Answer:Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200 Install Problem

Uninstall the grapics card drivers using Detonator Destroyer click here then use the 43.03 detononator drivers click hereAlso try using an older version of the 4 in 1 like the 4.43 click here

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