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[SOLVED] Failed installation now laptop keeps re-booting

Question: [SOLVED] Failed installation now laptop keeps re-booting

Trying fix a laptop, she tried to install a camera but it went wrong and now when desktop appears, "found new hardware" shows in task bar then after about 10 seconds it shuts down and re-boots.

I can get into safe mode and it runs fine. Tried a system restore but it always says "unable to restore....."

Im pretty sure its the failed installation, is there a way to stop xp trying to find the hardware? I cant find the software to remove it.

Ive tried recovery panel, chkdsk, bootcfg, fixboot and fixmbr


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Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Failed installation now laptop keeps re-booting

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: [SOLVED] Failed installation now laptop keeps re-booting

If you go into device manager (Start > Run > devmgmt.msc) do you see the camera? If you see it can you right click on it and then disable it?

Also if that doesn't work you can try:

Go to Start > Run > type "services.msc" w/o quotes. Find the "Shell Hardware Detection" service and disable it and reboot into normal mode. Then see if the balloon pops up again or not. If it works, try re-enabling the service and then reboot and see if everything works.


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So I have a laptop that used to have a 2TB HDD inside. I recently have changed the HDD for an SSD. I have a flash drive with windows 10 on it and I am trying to get the computer to boot from the flash drive. However it is stuck on a screen that says " No bootable device " and I cannot open the bios, and pressing any key does nothing. What do I do? My laptop is an Acer aspire v17 Nitro. I am also 99.9% positive I connected the SSD correctly.

Answer:Laptop not booting after SSD installation

I used the Windows USB/DVD tool from Microsoft when I helped a friend build a PC. I used it to install Windows 10 on his machine. The flash drive has been unaltered since then, I checked to make sure it still had the files on it.

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So I have a laptop that used to have a 2TB HDD inside. I recently have changed the HDD for an SSD. I have a flash drive with windows 10 on it and I am trying to get the computer to boot from the flash drive. However it is stuck on a screen that says " No bootable device " and I cannot open the bios, and pressing any key does nothing. What do I do? My laptop is an Acer aspire v17 Nitro. I am also 99.9% positive I connected the SSD correctly.
click here,dcEUueb (If the link doesn't work)
Thank you.

Answer:Laptop not booting after SSD installation

click here,dcEUueb
This is the link, it looks like the forum post messed it up.

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Yesterday my laptop overheated, so I put it in a position to cool off and turned it on again 1 minute later. I went away and when I came back it was off (It clearly overheated again). I put it near my window and booted it up again and it booted into Startup Repair and ran its auto-fix (Which failed) and I went into System Recovery Options and I remembered that before it overheated the first time a Windows Update was qued. I figured it must have overheated the second time during the Windows Update. I tried 2 restore points and kept getting this error "An unspecified error occured during System Restore. (0x800700b7)".

However upon closer examination, the System Restore Options is telling me this "Operating System: Windows 7 on (D Acer". Note the D: - because I know for a fact my OS is indeed on D: (I checked using Command Prompt). The problem is System Restore is trying to restore the C: when it should be doing D:

I believe this to be the problem. I was wondering whether it is or isn't the problem, and how do I get System Restore to restore the D: and not the C:

(I have no backup disks of any kind so my personal files hang in the balance)

Thank you,

Lord Castabarus

Answer:Laptop keeps booting into Startup repair after failed Windows Update

Never mind, I've screwed it up even more now and it says winloaded.exe is unverified digital signature ect.

I'm just gonna buy a Windows 7 Repair Disk and hope it doesn't delete my files.

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Good Mornng Everybody,

I have a Dell Latitude C600 laptop .( P-III 700MHz, 256 MB RAM, 10 GB Hard Disk)
After enquiring the Dell Systems Dealer about the compatibility with my laptop, i brought a 80 GB hard disc and replaced it with the earlier 10 Gb disc, Now when i tried to install OS (Win XP) in the Drive, it allowed me to partition the 80 Gb Disc then i choosed C drive to install the OS, as usual it copied all the Installtion support files to C drive and restarted. But after restarting it shows an error Hll.dll file is missing and the system doesn't proceed for further installation.
I thought my OS Installation Boot up disc might be corrupted and tried to install with other ones but same error. I also tried to install Win 98 it showed hard drive error.
Hope U guys come out with an effecient solution to resolve my problem.
Appreciate Ur Feedback,

Answer:Win XP installation failed when i upgraded my laptop

Either the hard drive is no good or the cd drive is NG, although double check that it is plugged in exactly right...laptop hard drives can be buggers with that.

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Hi everyone... i've been searching around the internet for solutions to my problem but i cant seem to find anyone with the same specific problem as mine..

so my problem is i have an HP pavilion dv6500 which came with windows vista 32bit... now i want to downgrade it to XP Professional 32bit.. my bootable cd already comes with SATA drivers since my laptop uses SATA.. boot priority set to CD/DVD ROM.. my CD-ROM works fine and is detected by bios.. my disc is 100% bootable coz i tried it on different laptops and it boots on all of them... EXCEPT for my laptop mentioned earlier..

so there's my problem... a bootable disk not booting even with proper settings... i have tried a different disk which is my windows xp home edition cd which does boot but does not have sata support so it doesnt detect my HDD.. so i dont know where the problem might be...

xp pro disk wont boot but xp home edition boot
both disks boot on other laptops...
both OS's are 32 bit..

Hope someone can help... thnx a lot!

Answer:XP PRO installation disk not booting on certain laptop

and welcome to the Forum

If you have the BIOS set to boot first from the CD/DVD drive, and you do not get the prompt to "Press any key to boot from CD" either the drive or the disc is faulty.

Since the pc will boot from an original installation disc, the drive has likely weakened with age and will not recognize a copy. . . That is not unusual.

Most newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting,

change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( could be IDE Mode, Compatibility Mode or Legacy Mode - different BIOS use different terms )

some will say IDE instead of ATA)

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Have Toshiba A135-S2276 laptop. Vista installed. Have vista recovery disk. My cyberphobic aunt wanted xp installed so it would be like her old computer.

I've done the following on the laptop: Fdisk, partitioned and formatted hd in FAT32. Started the win xp pro OEM (legal license) install. It recognized the cd and everything was going well until there was a power failure when I was putting in the product code. I tried to simply restart the install and the cd was invalid media. Disk booted up to install menu in my legal win xp desktop. So it isn't totally corrupt.

Laptop hd, fdisk, repartitioned, format and no startup with OEM
Used set of win xp pro floppy disks to start install. OEM still invalid media. Did install with old xp pro, illegal copy. That worked. Unable to read oem. Downloaded and installed all of the win xp toshiba drivers. Had to search for the drivers as toshiba doesn't post them.
Surprise! Everything worked except Realtek high definition audio device. No other device listed. Turns out that the Realtek high def driver needs sp2 to work. OEM still invalid so upgrading the system isn't possible.

These are the options as I see them or hope would happen.
Fool the realtek device to accept a different driver.
Disable the device and come up with another option.
Buy the sp2 cd but it probably wouldn't be happy upgrading an illegal copy of xp.
In my dreams, alter the OEM to make it happy again.
Buy another OEM.
Reinstall Vista, change it enoug... Read more

Answer:Solved: OEM xp pro installation failed

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I've just installed my new MB because the old one died, and everything works fine (from the hardware aspect), but windows will not boot because of that MB change. Is there anything I can do except formatting and installing everything from scratch?

Answer:Solved: Booting the HDD after installation of a new MB

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I am trying to reformat my pc with a windows xp prof. ultimate edition, but when I inserted my installation cd and I pressed any key to booth from cd it takes very long. Then an error message appear which says "Could not find NTLDR". Please help me how to fix this error. Thank you.

Answer:[SOLVED] Installation CD not booting

NTLDR is a boot loader program for Windows XP.

Can you try running the install from a USB cd-rom?

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A graphics driver update installation was prompted today, which I accepted.  Upon completion of the download, my laptop went blank.  It now appears to be a brick. So, how do I get this fixed?  I can't reboot the laptop.  It has power to it, the circular "cursor" that would indicate some kind of installation was taking place, sat there forever, stopped and is now at a blank screen.  I get no further options to do anything else. I don't have a restore disk as there is no optical drive in this laptop.  How do I get my laptop functional again without a screen and operating system with which I can work?  There is no safe mode - there is NO "mode" at all. I wish I could provide more details, but I cannot get device specific information as the laptop is a brick as I said previously. I have information with this new laptop that says I can call HP within the first 90 days for free assistance.  When I do that, it tells me to go online.  Fortunately, the laptop is not my only pc (I am on a desktop pc now for clafication) or I wouldn't be able to do that.  I've tried a few links on the support page which tell me they are not functioning(?). How am I supposed to fix this laptop without tech support that was promised by HP within the first 90 days? Help please.  Thank you.

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I have Dell Laptop E-1505, IE8, Windows XP Media Ctr. , Bellsouth DSL 3.0, currently using AVG Free 8.5
Several times I tried download directly from AVG website & near the end of download I get: ERROR DETAILS - Local machine: Installation failed
Error: Action failed for file_AVG8_avgwdsvc.exe: stopping service ...
The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
I have no idea what must be done to complete the installation & any suggestions will be appreciated. This novice old timer needs detailed instructions. Thanks

Answer:Solved: AVG Free 9.0 Installation Failed

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Thank You in advance to anyone who can help me.

I have a computer running windows xp.
2.4 GHZ Pentium 4
1 GB DDR Ram
20 GB HD
80 GB HD
CD-Rom and a DVD-RW
My 20 GB HD is the master. everything was installed properly and I had no problems.
Yesterday I decided to change computer cases so I decided to transfer everything to the new case. I checked and tripple checked the hardware hook up. Every button and light works properly. When I turned on the comp, it would try to load and then it would turn off and restart on me. Thats fine, I figured I could use a format. So i put in the Original XP CD to format. Took me to the usual blue screen where it loads its drivers at the bottom, however after it loaded the Press F6 to load Raid drivers and Press F2 to do whatever, it froze on me. I can't understand why. BIOS loads everything, and it recognizes everything. I tried the whole put in the windows 98 or ME boot disk, but it would not load the drivers and then it would load from the XP cd. And yes it was set to boot from A: drive first. I tried the regular command prompt, but after trying to load its stuff, it restarts midway. GUYS this thing is driving me crazy. Someone please help ME!!!! oh and by the way, the mother board has an on board video card and sound card. and I am currently using a 128 MB video card with ATI chipset that is placed in my AGP slot. Both HD are Maxtor.

Answer:Solved: XP Installation and format failed

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There is about 8 downloads , all pertaining to .net framework etc. they always fail to install. how can I make windows to install or how can I stop the downloads and or delete them. PC is XP SP 3.
.net framework 3.5 sp 1 already installed in my computer. one of the download is .net framework 3.5 sp1 and .net framework 2.0 sp2 (KB951847) Thanks

Answer:[SOLVED] .net framework installation failed

Download and run the DotNetFx_Cleanup_Tool. Uninstall all version of .Net
Framework, and restart the computer. Go to Windows Update and download the .Net Frameworks in the proper order, 1.1 first etc, and ending with 4.0 and 4.5.

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Good morning, everyone, and hope you are having a good Labor Day holiday.
SP3 downloaded automatically but when I try to install it I get an "Access Denied" error message about half way through the installation. When I click OK on the error message it starts backing out the changes and after that Windows runs o.k. I have tried it twice with the same results. I disabled the Firewall temporarily on the second try but that didn't help. I don't know what it is trying to do when it fails because all I get is the error message.
I am currently out of town so it will be next week before I can try anything but I would like to know where to start when I get home.
Thanks for the help i have previously received. You are all a great help.
Thanks, Roy

Answer:Solved: Windows SP3 Installation Failed

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Yesterday I tried to install Windows Vista on my P4 system running XP Pro. For some unknown reason the Vista installation failed, but now when I try to boot up my system, it appears to load everything (I can see items in Task Manager) but I get no desktop. Therefore I cannot continue. I tried to boot in Safe mode, but still no desktop. I tried to select system restore in safe mode, but it informs me the system restore is turned off. I would try to reinstall my XP Pro, but I apparently have mislaid my original disks. I can probably find them eventually, but in case I don't, it there any way to get my computer up and running??? Help!!! - and thanks!

Answer:Solved: Failed Vista installation - now no desktop

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Hi there!

I am trying to do a clean install for Windows XP. I inserted the bootable CD and started the computer. It asked "press any key to boot from cd" as usual. I pressed a key and "inspecting hardware configuration" appeared.

Unfortunately just a second after that screen turned blank and stayed so. I tried many times and waited a while also. Didn't help.

If it is relevant, Windows Vista is currently installed to the computer. I'd like to format the C: drive and substitute Vista to XP again. Thought, that it doesn't matter when running XP installation from boot cd, but who knows.

Thanks for Your help!

Answer:Solved: Blank screen when booting from XP installation CD

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I want to install Windows 7 on an HP Pavillion Desktop which happens to have a
Sata Harddisk with an IDE DVDRW.
I set the boot Priority to the DVDRW then the Harddisk and placed the Windows disk on the dvd drive to boot from it.
But it is not booting from the CD as booting still goes to the Harddisk.
My understanding is that SATA takes First Priority.
Well in such a scenario what does one do in order to install Windows?
Please note both drives are detected in the BIOS

Thank you all for your advise

Answer:Solved: New Windows Installation Booting Issues

SATA doesn't take priority, I've installed Windows 7 numerous times from PATA/IDE drives with a SATA drive.

Are you sure the DVD drive works? Can it read a DVD properly? Also you mention CD, but Windows 7 comes on a DVD.

Also since this is an HP you can press ESC, F10, or F12 and choose a one time boot device rather than changing BIOS boot order.

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I'm using a Fuijtsu Siemens Scaleo P 2540 system.
Due to recent harddrive failure I got a new harddrive on which I installed Windows 7 Ultimate.
The installation was a big struggle, but after a few tries it looked like the OS was running.

But after installing the latest updates, AVG, iTunes and a restart or 4 it doesn't boot anymore.
Sometimes the BIOS doesn't even show the harddisk in the boot menu.
I got the DISK READ ERROR message a few times as well.
I did run chkdsk and it completed succesfully (removed a couple of corrupt indexes, no bad sectors).
Sometimes it does get to the point of showing the Windows logo and the STARTING WINDOWS. It doesn't freeze, but goes on for about 6 minutes and then reboots. Other times it doesn't load the logo and only displays STARTING WINDOWS. And if I try to open the REPAIR function, the operation quits with the message: Unexpected I/O error has occured.

Some of the errors above did occur during the installation progress (during the 1st or 2nd restart).

Mobo: MSI G31M MS-7379 v4.0
CPU: Q6600 2,4 gHz quad
RAM: 2x 2048 Mb 677 mHz ddr2

All the disc drives are SATA.

1) Would it help if I updated the BIOS software? How?
2) Could a new SATA-cable (no visual damage) solve this?
3) I've been struggling with this for a week now. Getting really sick too, but I really want to tackle this.
Is there something else I should look into?


Answer:Solved: Booting issues fresh installation

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I just recently uninstalled my AMD drivers along with catalyst. I then went into safe mode and used driver sweeper to insure that all drivers were gone. I restarted and my attempts to download greet me with an error message saying "Download Failed: HTTP 404" I honestly have no idea what to do now, I went into device manager and there are yellow signs next to my graphics cards (Crossfire ati radeon 5800 series cards) I'm at a total loss I've been all over google and this forum is my last hope.

Answer:Solved: AMD Driver Installation failed - Cannot Download 404 Error

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I'm trying to install a Windows 7 Profession 64 bit version over a Windows 7 Home Edition 32 bit version.

I know this isn't possible without a clean install, but my problem is, the installation won't boot whatsoever.

Two days ago I installed a fresh copy of W7 32 bit over a vista 32 bit with a flash drive on a laptop with no problem, so I know how you make a bootable USB.

This time however, using the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool didn't cut it for me as, even though it was prioritzed in BIOS, nothing would happen and W7 32 bit would just boot like normal.

So I tried to manually set up the bootable flash drive, which also didn't work.

After a lot of searching on google, I learned the problem might have something to do with the bootsector not able to be run on a 32 bit OS.

So, I found another guide:

I used the W7 32 bit version I used on the laptop 2 days ago, and put the bootsector of that version on the flash drive.

Again, this didn't work as the computer would just boot windows 7 32 bit like usual (and again, I adjusted the priority in BIOS)

Now I got enough of trying the flash drive to work, I tried burning the ISO file on a DVD using Imgburn.

Burning the DVD went smoothly and I quickly had a DVD with the W7 64 bit installation files.

This however, didn't solve anything as (again, prioritzing the DVD) W7 would boot up as usual.

I&... Read more

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 installation not booting through Flash Drive or DVD

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I was trying to install a Dell laser printer onto someones laptop with Windows 2000. Towards the end of the installation, the computer rebooted due to a bad battery and the AC was accidently unplugged. Now right when I get into Windows before the login screen, the computer just reboots and I can barely see a flash of a STOP BSOD error but don't have any time to read it. I can get into safe mode and do stuff. I tried reinstalling the software and drivers but it gives me an error. I can't uninstall anything because it doesn't see anything installed. What can I do? Its a USB printer BTW. This is sort of an emergency thanks.

Answer:Solved: BSOD in Windows 2000 after failed printer installation

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I get this problem when attempting to install FP 11. The installer comes up OK, then downloads FP11, gets past the 'downloading' part at 50%, then gets to 51% and gives the error.

I've tried going to, but nothing there works. It seems mostly to apply to FP10 and lower, anyway.

Answer:Solved: Installation Flash Player 11 Error: failed to register

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I'm running windows 7 on my Dell laptop. I ran it fine less than a day ago and now all of a sudden it won't boot. My screen says starting windows then fails and gives me the error message "windows failed to start.a recent hardware or software change might be the cause". Then I tried running startup repair which failed. I've read multiple support sites that say to use the install DVD but I don't have one. The laptop was given to me and the previous owner doesn't have the install cd or activation key which is needed for microsoft support. System restore didn't work because my laptop doesn't have a previous point to load from. I don't know what to do. How can I fix this without the install cd?

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 won't boot...startup repair installation cd

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My win-10 computed downloaded the update files yesterday. But the installation has failed.

Answer:Win-10 Fall updates have been downloaded but installation failed. How can the problem be solved?

Use the ISO files to perform in place upgrade... No files will be lost.

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When I tried to install Computrace's Lojack for Laptops, I got a "1628: failed to complet installation" message. All the other suggestions I found on the internet did not work. I am on an Acer Aspire 8930g with Vista Ultimate 64bit with Kaspersky Internet Security. What worked was pausing protection on Kaspersky while keeping the network connections open (kaspersky has a popup after your pause protection giving you 10 seconds to respond before it closes your open network connections - click no. Further in the installation the proces tries to contact Computrace to validate your registration code).

Answer:Solved: 1628: Failed to complet installation with Lojack for Laptops

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I thought I'd give Windows 10 a try in the virtual machine using VMWare player, but I'm just not having any luck with it. My host computer is a lenovo laptop with a Pentium T2390 dual core processor running Windows 7 x64, attempting to run Windows 10 x86 in VMWare player (apparently my cpu is incompatible with virtualization of 64 bit operating systems). When I boot from the ISO, I see the blue windows "pane" for a few moments, but right before the little round dots are supposed to appear underneath it, I get:

"Your PC needs to restart.
Please hold down the power button.
Error code: 0x0000005D

Just to see what would happen, I tried a 32 bit Windows 8 ISO as well and got the same exact thing (yes, I do have "Windows 8" selected as the guest operating system inside of VMWare player, and I have tried other options as well just to see what would happen, they all do the same thing). A Windows 7 (or earlier) 32 bit installer iso will boot up just fine. I have "Burned" this iso to a USB drive and successfully booted the Windows 10 x86 installer on two computers (including the one on which it refuses to work in a VM), so I know that the iso is good and that the computer should be compatible (I did give the bios setup a quick run down to make sure there weren't any virtualization settings that might conflict with what I'm trying to do as well and didn't see any).

Any ideas why it won't work?

Answer:[SOLVED] VMWare Player: Error 0x5D when booting from installation media

Ah Hah! I answered my own question. Apparently the problem was that even though my processor supports DEP (or "No Execute"/"Execute Disable"), it is disabled in BIOS by default. The catch is that because this was a "value line" computer, there is no option in the BIOS/setup screen to enable this.

The key to getting things to work was following the directions in this thread over on the lenovo forums and use SYMCMOS to change the settings. Here's a step-by-step for anyone else who might happen to be stuck in this boat with a Lenovo N200 or similar laptop:

1. Use Rufus to create a bootable USB drive of FreeDOS.
2. Download Symcmos and place it on the root of the newly created USB drive.
3. Download a DOS text editor. I used "edit" (simply open the ZIP file and extract EDIT.exe to the root of the USB drive).
4. Boot from the USB drive and use the command "Symcmos -?" to see all the commands and their usage.
5. Run "Symcmos -Lsettings.txt" to export all the current settings to a text file called "settings.txt".
6. Type "edit settings.txt" to open the exported file and see all the things that can be changed. The Number on the left in parentheses identifies the setting and the number on the right in brackets configures the settings. For example, The number accompanying "(0267)" will be "[0001]", which means, "disable D.E.P.". Remember that these will be differe... Read more

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hi ,while i was helping a few people out on this site,my lappy went kaboom.not one bit of life in it.doesnt turn on,charge,anything,so im guessing its hardware.any thoughts?.oh its brand new asus gl50x running vista premium 64

Answer:Solved: laptop failed

I think its someting with the power suply??

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IE 10 will not install in Windows 7 64 bit SP1

I go past the prompt that says "restarting programs".  Then the installation fails.  The updates are all up to the minute.
Please help me install IE 10
Here is the log.  Same error in three tries.  It gives the IE10 Failed to install message.

00:00.000: Started: 2013/02/27 (Y/M/D) 16:34:02.472 (local)
00:00.016: Time Format in this log: MM:ss.mmm (minutes:seconds.milliseconds)
00:00.016: Command line: "C:\Users\Pats Workstation\Downloads\IE10-Windows6.1-x64-en-us.exe"

00:00.031: INFO:    Setup installer for Internet Explorer: 10.0.9200.16521
00:00.047: INFO:    Previous version of Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16464
00:00.047: INFO:    Checking if iexplore.exe's current version is between 10.0.8100.0...
00:00.062: INFO:    ...and
00:00.062: INFO:    Maximum version on which to run IEAK branding is:
00:00.062: INFO:    iexplore.exe version check success. Install can proceed.
00:00.078: INFO:    Operating System: Windows Workstation: 6.1.7601 (Service Pack 1)
00:00.094: INFO:    Trying to extract ID: SetupDownloadList.txt (0) as "SetupDownloadList.txt"
00:00.109: INFO:    Trying to extract ID: HardwareBlockingList.xml (0) as "HardwareBlockingList.xml"
00:00.109: INFO:    Trying to e... Read more

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I recently upgraded my daughters laptop - Acer Aspire One from W7 starter to Home Premium. All seemed fine however she has just tried to go online - during the boot up sequence it reaches her desktop wallpaper (without any icons) and gets no further.
There are no error messages and I am not sure what to do next. The only thing I have done recently is to download software to wirelessly link to a HP printer.
The PC is only a few weeks old.
Should I reinstall Windows as there is very little in the way of programmes on the PC.?

Answer:Solved: Laptop not booting up

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I am using Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop with Windows 7 installed in it. However unfortunately my compute is not booting up. I have run all diagnostics and they have passed.

Whenever i start the system it shows windows starting , and a blue page blinks and the system automaticall restsrts. After that it shows windows recovery error with whether to start windows normally or repair.

When i make repair i do not see any much error.

Please see how i can boot my system and so that i can format and recover the system.

Thank You


G Bala

Answer:[SOLVED] Booting the Laptop


However unfortunately my compute is not booting up. I have run all diagnostics and they have passed.

how have you achieved this ?

as the PC starts , keep tapping F8 a menu should appear
from the menu choose "safemode"

if that works then you could try a system restore to a date before the problem started
{System Restore}
Start Menu> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore

windows 7
System Restore - Windows 7 Forums


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l have a beautiful small white laptop with an external cd/dvd driver that worked fabulously as a faithful servant ... until a week ago`
the reason, as l posted it in here if you want to know exactly what happened, is a failed and fried old my 5yrs servant HD.
So l guess that lm ready to lose all the data that l had (not really a great loss but it seems there is no way to recover any of the data right? amen) and so lm going to fix it by myself cuz l like adventure but in need of some confirmation before l do something that l never did and so my humble questions are:

1) as you know (if you saw the post in the section WindowsXP l linked up) l bought my laptop with a preinstalled Windows XP Home from ASUS, and of course it came with the set of 2 RECOVERY CD, so my first question is:
ln the new and fresh replaced HD would accept to receive, and therefore be fully functional, of the operative system, drivers and utility that were originally installed in the failed servant (HD) with the recovery cd without buying a new OS soft?

2) So now l should buy the new HD and l found which one to buy and l want to hear if l make the right choice ... in the attachment you'll see the failed faithful servant in my hand with its technical details and here is the one l'm thinking to buy:
Of course l wanna get a better servant, hence the upgrade BUT, my laptop has an Intel Pentium M processor 1000MHz with a 504 Mb RAM (or N... Read more

Answer:Solved: Replacing a failed HD in the laptop

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OK, I'm back, yet again. Most of you have helped me regarding my laptop and we succeeded in solving my problems. Again, thank you. Anyway, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but here it goes.

Today, everything has been fine. I did nothing that different nor drastic. I didn't open any suspicious emails, shared on P2P networks and certainly made no changes in system files. Only thing I did was what I do periodically. I defragged my hard drive, uninstalled games and went into msconfig and stopped 3 programs from start up (DEAMON tools, PowerISO and SQL service) I was also having problems with the SpyCop package so I uninstalled and reinstalled.

So I restarted (like I should) and the only process it goes through is the DELL start up "splash screen" After that it usually does the Windows XP "splash screen" but it never does the Windows XP screen, it just stays black, nothing. I pressed F2 to see if anything changed and nothing seemed to, as far as I know. I tried F8 to enter safe mode and a couple lines of text show up and stop and hang. I even tried to let it sit there to see if maybe it's just getting used to the defrag job(s) I did, still black. It's still black as I type this.

I don't understand how this happened. I'm very careful. Should I let it sit for a while longer? The fan works since it just started right now. Also, I really don't want to take it apart, someone here told me to as a solutio... Read more

Answer:Solved: Laptop not booting Windows

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This is my horror story, I was looking to install win XP on my vista laptop to have both OS on it, so I went ahead an partioned it (which was a bit of a nightmare), then I went and installed XP on the new volum which I named it E, by mistake when the XP cd asked me to format E I did and it replaced the volume E by D which is already taken by me DVD/CD player, after creating this volum D the installation loads files but doesn?t fully install XP. Went rebooting PC it is unable to load vista nor XP , only allows me to go to BIOS. Anyone has any suggestions, I am ready to chuck it and buy me a mac or something.

thanks a million.


Answer:[SOLVED] Win vista laptop not booting up

Found a solution, killed vista , install fresh XP , it works live to the fullest use XP!!!

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Hi All!

I'm currently trying to get a Dell Inspiron 1505 Laptop working.

The problem is as follows.

The machine detects the hard drive, and begins to boot up into Windows Vista, however, just goes blank and does nothing

I tried using startup recovery, left it for 3 hours, still nothing

I've tried reinstalling using the Dell OS installation disc, which starts, says "please wait" and stays that way.

Has anyone got any ideas? I don't really want to jump straight into thinking the Hard Drive is knackered, I was thinking maybe the boot sector was being problematic???

I have run the ultimate boot CD and attempted to do a Hard Drive health check, however that just says "please wait" and does nothing

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions they would be most appreciated



Answer:Solved: Dell Laptop Not Booting

OK, the answer to this was as follows:

I used the ultimatebootcd to format the drive (windows CD/DVD would not do it)

Used XP to then format in NTFS format, then installed Vista from there

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My sister's Windows 7 laptop has been failing to boot recently. She says the only new thing she's done is use the NowTV site which she says doesn't download anything. However the laptop now acts strangely to the point I can't get into it to run the scanners...
Windows Error RecoveryStart Windows Normally - The 4 sections of the Starting Windows logo come together but freeze as they connect. After a minute there's a flash of Blue Screen (can't tell what it says) and it restarts.
Launch Startup Repair (recommended) - Windows loads files, seems to startup normally, a low resolution screen then it switches to the standard resolution... the mouse can move but 5 minutes later the screen hasn't progressed.

F8 MenuRepair Your Computer - Loads files, then does the same thing as the Launch Startup Repair. Seems they're the same thing with different names...
Safe Mode - Loads files until it reaches avgidsha.sys (I don't know if it loads the files in a specific order, but the 3 before it are avyrkx64, avgloga, and avgmfx64. All .sys files. After a minute frozen there it gets a quick blue screen and it restarts again.
Last Known Good Configuration (advanced) - I didn't see this before I started this post. The Starting Windows logo is pulsing now unlike before but still restarts after 1 minute, no blue screen.
Directory Services Restore Mode - Loads the same files as Safe Mode, but this time goes to another screen then a minute later restarts:


Microsoft Win... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Laptop not booting completely...

Hi and welcome to TSF please read this carefully How to start the Windows 7 Recovery Environment

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Hi. I was doing routine maintenance on my laptop, running error checking on my secondary partition d: and I saw that it was gonna take a while so I stopped it.

After I stopped I see that D: is not visible, I decided to restart in the hopes that I'd see it after it restarts, but the laptop wont boot into windows 7. shows a blank screen.

OS: Windows 7.
Partitions: Two, C & D. c is primary partition where windows 7 is installed.

Before the crash. I defragmented c and d drive. ran disk error with the option of recovering bad sectors on c:, after it completed I ran disk error check on D: but stopped midway because it was taking too long. After I stopped disk error checking D: went inaccessible. I restarted the computer to make D: visible but the computer wont boot into windows 7.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Laptop crashed. Not booting.

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Hello! I have been directed here by some buddies on the Motley Fool boards.

Computer: Dell Inspiron 2600 laptop running XP.

Problem: A few weeks ago, the laptop became noticably slower to boot. I get an hourglass that lasts for maybe a minute. I can't do anything until it goes away.

Possible cause: Spyware? Hijack This log at the bottom of this post. Spybot tells me I have two "confirmed as malware" BHO's:

{00D6A7E7-4A97-456f-848A-3B75BF7554D7} ()
BHO name:
CLSID name:
description: IncrediFind variant, IncrediFind variant
classification: Confirmed as malware
known filename: PerfectNavBHO.dll
info link:
info source: TonyKlein

{014DA6C1-189F-421a-88CD-07CFE51CFF10} ()
BHO name:
CLSID name:
description: MySearch
classification: Confirmed as malware
known filename: eXacttoolbar.dll
info link:
info source: TonyKlein

But when I remove them they come back, even after following the instructions at I have tried removing the files listed, even in Safe Mode, but the files mentioned at doxdesk don't seem to be on my hard drive. I have also tried CWShredder and AboutBuster.

The only advice I have NOT followed is that at That site wanted me to look for what seemed like a thousand (okay, I exaggerate) registry entries with crazy-long hex addresses or whatever those reall... Read more

Answer:Solved: Slow Booting Laptop

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My daughter has an HP Pavilion dv5000. Her laptop won't completely boot. It seems to be in an infinate loop. It won't boot from last good configuration or boot normally. Ran Norton Utilities and seemed to have found an error on the boot disk and it corrected problem found but still will not boot. What do I do next?

Answer:Solved: Daughters Laptop not Booting

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I have just installed a SSD and moved my original HDD to a optical bay caddy. It all worked fine until I fitted the 2nd HDD optical bay caddy. After I did this it now boots from the 2nd HDD optical bay caddy rather than the SSD in the main drive slot. It has also moved the SSD to drive letter E, with the HDD as C. I would just change them back but I'm not sure whether you can just do that when an OS is installed and running on them. My type of BIOS does also not display any of the drives, just displaying 'OS boot manager', 'CD Rom (Internal)', 'USB Key', 'CD Rom (USB)'. I have a HP Pavilion G6 laptop and I'm running Window 8. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Laptop Booting From 2nd HDD Optical Caddy

I have since disconnected the 2nd HDD Caddy and Windows is booting from the SSD fine with it labeled as the C drive. I fear though if I reconnect it it will push the SSD to the E drive again (the D drive is the recovery partition of the HDD). I tried connecting the caddy when the laptop was switched on but I couldn't get it to display in disk management after a rescan and refresh. As there is no data on the HDD that I actually want (as it is a new laptop) I would happily delete the whole HDD (C drive), the only data on the drive I would wish to keep is the recovery partition (D drive).

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Please Help!!

I've recently got hold of a Packard Bell Easynote TJ65 Laptop, and when I turn it on it displays a blank screen. I can hear and feel the Hard Drive running, all lights are appearing and the fans are working aswell. I've tried rebooting, taking the battery out and running it via the mains, ive tried just running it from the battery and i have also taken it appart to check for crushed or broken cable going from the scrren to the Motherboard and its none of these... any ideas??

Need all the help I can get. I can see this being a long winded task if I just attempt it on my own.

Answer:[SOLVED] Blank Screen when Booting Laptop

Hi, and welcome to TSF.

First: is it a new laptop? since you've just got hold of it, or is it second hand?

Next: try connecting the laptop to an external screen. see if you get any vision.
Also: try moving the screen forward and backwards. While doing this look if the light on the screens turns on or off.

Report back if you've done that.

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My laptop runs Win XP Pro SP3. Since yesterday, the normal boot does not succeed - but safe mode (with and without networking) are working. I know I am supposed to diagnose the cause in the safe mode, but do not have a clue what the next step ought to be...

Any advice is appreciated...

Answer:Solved: Laptop only booting in safe mode

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I have a dell laptop and it has failed to boot successfully since two days ago. A couple of virus, spy ware, and ad ware scaner programs were installed, but I do not know if they were run. Next time I restarted the lap top, I was getting a disk error, and was informed I should reboot. I have tried to run a hard drive disk evaluation disk, but still nothing. But it did allow me to get to the windows XP load screen but then there was nothing past that. So I restarted, and when I restarted I am stuck at which mode I would like to run windows in since the last start up failed. When I click on any option the computer freezes.

I have a really bad feeling the hard drive has seen its last day. But I wanted to check here before I threw it out the window.

Any help or suggestions would be wonderful. I am also open to just reformting if that works. All options are a go when it comes to this laptop.

Some system information:

Inspirion M140 Dell Laptop
Processor Pentium M (1.73 Ghz)
512 MB Ram (DDR2)

Let me know if you need any other system specs.

Answer:Solved: Dell Laptop Not Booting to Windows XP

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Last night I attempted to install Vista SP2 and after a couple of hours of waiting, the upgrade apparently failed and my PC informed me it was rolling back to SP1. Now when I try to boot up, I get a small dialog box which says "Windows Activation - Reinstall Windows" followed by "Windows must be reinstalled to activate. Insert the Windows installation DVD or CD into your computer to begin the reinstallation process."

Clearly I don't want to do a clean reinstall. Any advice about how I can get around this problem? The system actually seems to be working just fine in the background.

Answer:Solved: Vista SP2 installation failed - now being asked to reinstall Vista

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I have a HP Pavilion g6. I am not knowledgeable when it comes to hardware. Not even a little bit. But from what I've been reading on here, I'm pretty sure I need to replace my hard drive. I have a few questions, and really appreciate anyone who can help me! Please understand I'll need really specific and basic words, as I'm uneducated in this area.

1) Is it possible to recover files & photos on my laptop by using my desktop? The laptop runs Windows 7, the desktop runs Windows XP.
2) If I can't recover my laptop files with my desktop, how do I recover them?
2) Does it make sense to replace the hard drive or should I just buy a new laptop? I'd rather do the least expensive thing, naturally, but if replacing the hard drive will only buy me a short period of life on the old? (2.5 years) laptop, then I'd rather replace it. I'm not sure of the average lifespan of a laptop.

Result of the HP Advanced System Diagnostics test:
Hard Disk Test
Testing Drive: 1
Hard Disk 1 Hard Disk Test: FAILED

System Information:
Model HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC
System ID 1693
Product ID LV860UA#ABA
Warranty Start Date 04/15/2011
Processor Type Intel® Core™ i3 CPU M 380 @2.53 GHz
Processor Speed 2529 MHz
Memory Size 4096 MB RAM
BIOS Date 01/16/2013
BIOS Revision F.37

Answer:Solved: HP laptop failed HDD - use desktop to recover files?

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my laptop a Fujitsu Pi2530 (P55) had an issue with the fan. I replaced that and it worked again for a few hours. I re-installed Windows Vista on it for hours, updated SP1 then SP2 and everything was running smooth until after the last reboot.

Since then the machine boots, the fan spins up a second and then it seems to boot normally. If the laptop hasn't been used for a while it will boot up about 20-30 seconds, I see the Windows logo and loading bar, and then it clicks and everything turns off. If I then reboot it will only boot for 3-5 seconds and then everytime less as if it is overheated. Leaving it a while unused will result in a longer boot time.

I opened the back and can't feel any considerable heat on both heatsinks or the copper bar. Fan doesn't run after innitial spin.

This happens with or without power chord.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your attention in advance,

best wishes,


Answer:Solved: Laptop stops booting, overheating but just replaced fan !

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I have a windows XP (No Discs) Acer laptop which when booting - comes up with the Acer logo and then start windows in Safe mode, normally etc

any selection , brings up the Windows XP log and then a couple of bars on the progress bar
then re-starts with acer logo and starts all over again

Any suggestions

Answer:Solved: Acer Laptop not booting - windows logo

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I have windows vista service pack 2. Dell inspiron 1501.

When turning on my laptop, the bar moves and moves and moves (it takes ages to load).... when it finally gets to the welcome screen it freezes and I have to press ctrl + alt + del to fix it.

My laptop otherwise is fairly fast so I am confused to as why this problem occurs.

Any help is appreciated

Answer:Solved: Booting laptop takes a long time

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I think I may have a disc problem. The laptop is an (HP) Compaq nc6220, running Windows XP (SP3 I think). It's quite an old laptop which isn't used very often.

I started the laptop in order to rip a CD and when I went into Windows Media Player it gave me a message stating a new version was available to download. I did so, and after restarting the machine I opened Media Player to rip the CD but then got a BSOD.

I then rebooted but it won't start now. Each time I reboot it displays the usual Windows startup logo and then sits at a black screen for a couple of minutes before displaying the following message :-

Non-System disk or disk error
replace and strike any key when ready

At this point I can do no more.

I do get the usual screen at startup which appears after a BSOD, offering safe mode and last known good configuration etc. but no matter what option I take, all I get is the above message.

As I said at the start, it is a very old laptop and has a very low spec, but it normally works okay, albeit a little slow.

Any help is much appreciated.



Answer:[SOLVED] Laptop Not Booting Properly - Disk Problem

Make sure there's no external devices connected to the laptop. You may want to run a drive diagnostic to see if any errors are returned.

In order to test the hard drive you can run one of the diagnostic programs below. The files, in ISO format, will need to be burned to a CD using a program that can burn CD image files.
Hitachi Drive Fitness Test
Western Digital
WD Support / Downloads / Select Product
(choose your product and select Data Lifeguard Diagnostic)
| Seagate

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I'm looking at a Dell Studio 1558 laptop (model PPP39L) which has an Intel core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed. A cold start boot takes quite a while to happen. Here are my timings:

At power on, "Starting Windows" message (without Windows flag animation) on black screen appears for 40 seconds
"Starting Windows" message with Windows flag animation on black screen appears for 10 seconds
"Welcome" message on blue screen (not BSOD) appears for about 40 seconds
Desktop starts to appear and is populated with icons after another 15-20 seconds
The Windows start sound, the chime, is heard about 20 seconds later

The sounds of the Windows start sound taking 20 seconds to be heard is due to the many startup applications, so I'm not too concerned about that. What concerns me the most is the 40 seconds from the time of power on to the time the Windows flag animation appears. By this, I mean I press the power button, the Dell logo screen appears, then the screen goes black and the "Starting Windows" message appears and sits there for 40 seconds until the Windows flag animation appears. Once the animation starts, another 10 seconds is needed before the black screen is replaced with the blue screen with the "Please wait" and then the "Welcome" messages.

Any ideas on what could be causing the "Starting Windows" message, without the animation, to be appeari... Read more

Answer:Solved: Question about a slow booting Dell laptop

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I'm not sure this is the correct place to ask this question but here it goes:

A friend asked me to reinstall Windows 95 or 98 on an old Thinkpad laptop of hers. When I turn the thing on it boots into Windows 95 and I try to run a few applications. I discover that it won't let me run any executable files. I figure that she must have some kind of virus on it. When I double click on any .exe file it pops up an error window that displays a smily face like this: : )

Anyway, I figure that the only way to fix the problem is to reformat the hard drive and install windows from scratch. I know how to reformat the hard drive. The problem is that this laptop only has a floppy drive (no CD-ROM). Once I erase the hard drive how do I install Windows on it?

There were two things I thought of doing:
a) Connect the laptop through the parallel port to my PC. Problem is in order to do a direct cable connection you need to run an .exe file to set everything up. That renders this option undoable.

b) Physically remove the laptop from the Thinkpad and put it into my other Gateway laptop, and use it to install Windows on it. The problem with this option is that the hard drive on the Thinkpad is not easily accesible. I think it rests under the keyboard and I would have to take the entire thing apart just to get to the hard drive. I'm worried that I might not be able to put it back together properly.

So I guess I'm asking if anyone has any suggestions on how I can reformat the... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Laptop installation

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My HP Pavilion Laptop will not boot Vista past ( Loading Windows Files) then at bottom says please wait..... then you can hear it working and now nothing just a black screen no cursor nothing. I tried to reboot again in safe mode using the f8 key and now it won't even power up. The lightning led and bottom left corner of the laptop flashes then stops when I press the button to power up

Answer:Solved: HP PAVILION ENTERTAINMENT PC/ LAPTOP/Windows Vista - Not Booting

Somehow I fixed it myself.

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Hello, I'm attempting to repair a gateway laptop that came pre-loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium.

I attempted a recovery to factory state with saving user data. During this process the laptop locked up and I was forced to power it down. When I start it back up, I get this message:

BOOTMGR is missing
Pres Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

I can't access the recovery partition anymore. In order to access it to begin with I had to press f8 to reach the advanced startup options and choose "Repair your Computer". I can no longer reach the advanced startup menu.


Answer:Solved: BOOTMGR is missing - after failed recovery from partition on a gateway laptop

Most of the time (I guess not always) to get to the restore partition it is one of the following...


These will be done at the same point you start hitting F8

One of those combos usually works.

Gateway may have done things differently.

But if you can not get to the restore partition, and you did not create the restore disks,
Then you will need to contact gateway to order the restore disks.

However, it is possible that you may have a bad hard drive.
You can usually check the BIOS for the model number and look up the manufacturer to get the HDD Diags from them. Toshiba Drives have no diags. Or, the HDD Diags could be in the BIOS somewhere, you will have to look for them, if they are there.

If you can't fidn it that way, you will need to pull the Hard Drive and see who the manufacturer is and then, get the HDD Diags from them. To check and make sure the HDD is ok before trying to reload the OS.

There are many things that can cause an issue like this. Memory is another, if the memory is bad, it is possible to cause Data Corruption. Use Windows Memory Diag for that.

My first step to take would be, test the Hard Drive. If this passes,,,,
Then test the memory, just to make sure. If this passes,,, and you still can't get to the restore partition....

Then something horked the data on the drive (it would be unknown how or what might have casued it) and you will need to order those restore disks. Or if you can find an OEM vers... Read more

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I have a laptop with a installation of win 7 64 bit on it. Is it possible to move everything over to a new laptop, assuming the new laptop has no OS or only has linux installed?

I do not have access to the recovery disc at this point of time (and i don't think it would work even if i had it, i repartitioned my current laptop).

Answer:[SOLVED] Laptop : Moving installation of win 7 over?

Hi you cannot just move the installation to another drive on another laptop it would need to be identical in every respect from the motherboard to hardware otherwise you would have a high chance of issues ranging from drivers to software not can clone a drive and possibly do a repair on a problem machine but you need a disc to even attempt it and there are no guarantee it will work.
you can find links here to most makers and order recovery discs from them Tech Support Forum - Announcements in Forum : Microsoft Support
which should be able to help you solve whatever issue your having on your laptop

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I am attempting to resolve a bad case of Blank Screen on a Dell Inspiron 1000 for a friend.

She bought it used and said it had virus problems.

On first bootup it started up V E R Y slowly, but did successfully boot. She had downloaded several free Antivirus scans. All 3 were giving repeating pop up 'Warning!" boxes.

One of them listed some 122 instances of Virus, Trojan and spywares, but no Repair options were available.

I used the CD drive to install and run several utilities. Because it was slow I ran Auslogics Disk Defrag first. That usually runs in a minute or so. This took about 10 minutes but sped things up considerably.

I then ran RegCleaner which cleaned up over 200 entries. Faster still, but the AV scan products still popping up nearly every 2-3 minutes.

I then uninstalled the free AV scan products in an attempt to halt the repeating Warning! screens. This did help.

However - When to started to install Assasin to begin to address the Virus problems, the screen went BLANK.

Now it will not boot up.

When I power it on, it begins to boot, does a brief blink of light, then flashes the DELL splash screen for about half a second - and then the screen goes black.

When I hold down F12 it will show a Boot Menu. "+Hard Drive" is at the top. Select that and it goes to the black screen. When I select "<Enter Setup>" it goes to PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility. Nothing appear awry on the Main screen. The Boot Order has "+Hard Drive"... Read more

Answer:Solved: Black Screen on Inspiron 1000 - Failed Laptop Rescue Attempt

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HI, My Laptop is a Acer Aspire V5-552P-8646 it is also windows 8 64 bit am missing a driver
I need help finding the driver online so I can install them these are the drivers that I need to install

Network Controller
I don't know which Driver to install here`s a picture with the hardware Ids
Thank You for your time

Answer:Solved: *Acer Laptop Driver Installation Help*

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I've got a 2.5" hdd from a broken laptop. Just ordered an enclosure off of newegg for it. Will I have any problems plugging it into my desktop? Like will it read right away or is there something I'll have to do first?

Only thing I'm worried about is this:
My desktop is running Windows XP SP3
The laptop hdd has Windows XP SP3 installed on it

Will it boot the desktop copy of XP? And will having XP installed on the laptop hdd make it difficult to access the files I need to backup?

Answer:Solved: 2.5" laptop hard drive in an enclosure, any potential problems booting it up?

Boot the desktop up without the external enclosure connected then when the computer is up and running, plug the external in.

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I installed the latest round of Windows updates for my Win7 x64 install and it never completed (ran for about 24 hours) so I powered off the machine. Upon restarting, it said:

"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause" and has instructions for using system repair, then at the bottom:

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: Oxc000000f
Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data
So I booted off a Windows recovery disk and figured Startup Repair would fix it. Alas, after it says "Windows found problems with your computer's startup options" and asks me if I want to repair, I click "repair and restart" and it says "Failed to save startup options".

The "repair details" are:
Name: {bootmgr}
Identifier: {...}

The following options will be added:
Name: Windows Recovery Environment (recovered)
Path: Recovery\...\Winre.wim
Windows Device: Partition=D:
I've tried running Startup Repair from the manual options screen and it says it cannot repair automatically. I have two partitions, the 100MB windows System partition, which Recovery Console mounts as C:\ and my main windows partition, which it mounts as D: and I can see all of my files on it.

Running "bootrec /repairbcd" gives me "Total identified Windows Installations: 0"

I'm not sure if there might be something fishy with the way it's detecting my partition table... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 update failed and laptop won't boot. Startup repair failed

Have you run bootrec /fixmbr and bootrec /fixboot?
Then, if it doesn't boot, run bootrec /RebuildBcd (from this KB article: How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows )

c0000005 is STATUS_NO_SUCH_FILE - which means it can't find File: \Boot\BCD

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I know there are a handful of threads with the above error message and code, but I have yet to see a thread with what was my reason for the error code. I wanted to pass on what I discovered and how I fixed it.

I started with a standard Windows 7 Pro install joined to a domain. This machine has restricted Internet access so I downloaded the ISO on another machine, burned it to media and ran the upgrade on the test machine from within Windows. The machine passed all of the checks and tests and reported no issues. It would get to the first "Installing" screen, display 0% and then almost immediately give me the pop-up "Something Happened: Install Failed"

I ran it as administrator, I did a Clean Boot, I uninstalled all of the AV/Malware/security type stuff. Nothing worked. I finally found the setuperr.log in C:\$Windows.~BT\Sources\Panther. Found several error lines and the code was always 80070005. I found a line where the installer had a problem copying install.esd. I cleared out the $Windows.~BT in case there was file corruption in the directory somewhere and tried again - no change. Finally, I decided to create a USB install media and viola! The install completed. And I used the same ISO to make the USB that I had used to make the DVD.

I've read a few other threads where people had problems with the ISO. So the moral of the story is if you need to use install media, use the USB installer.

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Question: booting failed

i have bought acer laptop from government. if i am trying for on it, then
suddenly it will show grub rescue>. again if i'm trying to give any command means it will no take that also it will not on. please send solution to my problem.

Answer:booting failed

please any one help for me immediately

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Laptop is not booting up. It is restarting again and again. Problem started in following manner.
-First while using laptop my keyboards stop functioning.
-Second When I restarted It starts normal but stopped accepting inputs from keyboard and even Window Virtual Keyboard.
-Third I tried reinstalling windows, When I tried to install it from pen-drive(bootable pendrive). It is not booting. It is restarting again and again.
Can any one help me on this?

Answer:Laptop is not booting. It starts booting but restarts before it gets boot properly.

First thing to do is run an extended (NOT just 10 minute) diagnostic on the hard drive.  If you need further assistance, post the results of that (numeric error codes) along with the full model information - i.e., Inspiron N5110, XPS L501x, etc.).

Press F12 a few times immediately after powering on to get into the diagnostics.

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I am having problem with my laptop after the new install. There is no audio device in this laptop. My laptop is MX7120 Gateway. I downloaded all the 9 files (drivers & softwares) from Gateway official website. One of the files is the Audio Driver (Sigma Tel Audio). When I was installing it, it said the files finished copying and need to restart. Then after I restarted the computer, it attempted to install again and gave me an error saying my computer system does not support this driver.

After searching, someone suggested to download AC'97 and install it. So, I went to download AC'97 and installed it even though it gave a warning message saying it is not suitable for my computer. But I tried and installed it through anyway. Of course it didn't work

Now here are the information from Device Manager
"Other devices" have a big question mark next to it.
"PCI Modem" has a big question mark next to it and a ! on the question mark.

Under "Sound, video and game controllers."
Realtek AC'97 Audio has a ! on the audio icon.

The above is the current stat. At one point (before I installed the AC'97, there was no AC'97 listed in Device Manager, but PCI Modem still had ? and !. Another item was something Media Audio Controller or something which also had a ? and a !.)

I am assuming it was a bad idea to install AC'97 when the computer already gave warning that it isn't capable for that software I tried anyw... Read more

Answer:Solved: No audio sound for MX7120 Gateway Laptop after new installation

You can get all the drivers at the Gateway site for the MX7120 Gateway:

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This happened over the weekend. It got as far as hard drive and memory check, then re-booted and started again. I couldn't get to Safe Mode, no response to F8.Suspecting a CPU over-heat problem, I took the side off expecting to see cat fur - there's a lot floating about here. But everything clean, all fans running. Memory seated OK.Then I re-started, everything back to normal. What could it have been?

Answer:PC failed post, kept re-booting

if it happens again then I would start checking one component at a time. I would clean out as much dust and cat hair as possible, also check the rear psu grill is not blocked. You don't mention anything about your machine by make, brand of windows.

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I am having a desktop PC which I have opened after an year or so as it has some important data. Now there are two user accounts and both are password protected and I have completely forgotten there passwords. So to regain control I have downloaded the Microsoft Windows Password recovery tool and got the ISO image burnt to my USB. Now when I try to boot on my locked PC with this USB it says NTDETECT failed. I have tried the same thing on another PC with windows 7 and it was booting from the USB.

What could possibly be the issue ? Please help me as I am stuck completely.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:NTDETECT Failed booting from USB

Hi, looks like you downloaded an ISO for Vista, Seven, neither have boot.ini which requires ntdetect and ntldr for a windows XP machine.

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Hello, the problem I have with my computer is that it wont sucesfully boot.I did ''Boot with last known good configuration(how i'm typing this now)'' I'm not sure if it will be a permanent fix.
So my computer started to BSOD with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL about a week ago, and I took my ram out the socket and installed it and it was working, today I had the same error, I rebooted and afte a few reboots
My computer started to really **** up, when it showed the ''Load Windows'' it would crash as soon as the first two dots went into motion. I tried to system restore thru the Repair thing, but it came up with an error
I haven't done anything else or tried anything else. I'm going to reboot my Computer after this message to see if it'll work. I will update the post on my mobile device, if it doesn't work. Thanks.

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My hp 6730b laptop is not booting .I noticed when i run diagnostic test.The test keeps failing. The error displayed is Short DST -failed and then the following error code is displayed- OSMP3F-GFX5BD-XD6XGJ-6OQLO3.I know that prior to this time I had tried to install the driver of a new printer but finally cancelled the installation because it required the driver and I didn&#8217;t have it because the printer belongs to my relative and he wasn&#8217;t available at the time. I can't afford to run HP recovery because i have information that i can not afford to lose on it. I am unable to log in as a system administrator because the system keeps telling me i have the wrong password when i know i do.My system did not come with a windows installer cd. I have tried to create a booting cd and changing the booting order on the bios of my system ,but i notice that cd booting does not excist in the core booting options.I have also tried to create a booting USB....but in creating that one of the steps is that you copy files from a windows installer CD . I have tried to create the windows installer cd but it didn't work.I noticed that when i put in the USB without completing the system attempted to boot from the USB but was unable to because all the files required were not available.

Answer:vista not booting- short DST failed

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Just thought that I would share this with you good folks.A week or so back a friend brought his old desktop running Windows Me in for a "spring clean" - all went well and he put it in his car and took it home. A day or so after arrival the machine started to fail, initially the mouse pointer froze and then total failure to boot up. Blank screen, no beeps nothing. I made a flying visit to check on it expecting that the journey by car had shaken something loose. Checked all the connections, the memory etc. suspected a power supply failure although the fans were running but no hard drive light on, also thought that maybe a motherboard or component failure.OK, not to worry I had brought a spare Windows XP PC with me for him to use if all else failed. Connected it up using his keyboard and mouse and the new machine booted up. Great, then I realised the mouse pointer was frozen and the keyboard was not working. Couldn't CTRL - Alt-DEL, in fact couldn't use any keys or the mouse.It was then that I remembered that when I did the spring clean I had used my own keyboard so we popped into PC World, got the cheapest keyboard that they had (£4.49!) plugged it in and lo and behold both the Windows Me machine and the XP machine booted up and worked perfectly.So I have learned a new trick, total boot up failures may be caused by a duff keyboard - I've never come across this before and as I said I thought that I would just pass it on.

Answer:Failed keyboard stops PC from booting

Hi chub_torI had a spell earlier in the year with Acer desktops being sent to me with some problems,this turned out to be the Mouse and one particular machine...the keyboard.A simple replacement was the key to the fix.I recently dealt with a Dell (new machine) that i recommended and built online for a friend.happy computing for a month or two,then that dreaded phone wont work,its freezing at post bios screen.Simple remedy was to remove the keyboard,shut down via the start button and plug in the keyboard and reboot,job done and no damage or lost data or settings.I learnt a lot earlier in the year with those Acers failing to boot,i had stripped one down to nothing left,tried new ram/mobo/psu etc...still no luck...this one turned out to have a dual bios,once cleared on both sets of all was well.

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Hello all,
I tried installing two 4GB sticks of RAM 2 days ago however whenever I tried to boot a red LED was showing near the RAM. After posting on a forum it was concluded the RAM was faulty. After taking out the RAM, my PC has been booting irregularly.
When I switch the PC on, the red LED near the RAM lights up and the PC doesn't boot. I turn the PC off, move one of the RAM sticks to a new slot, reboot and i'm taken to a screen which says "Overclocking failed, please go to setup". I get into the BIOS, make no tweaks, save and reset and the PC fails to boot once more, showing the red LED near RAM.
However, I can boot the PC by arriving in the BIOS (after reseating a RAM stick) and manually selecting the drive to boot from. Whilst this workaround is sufficing, this way of booting is horribly impractical.
Is it likely I have damaged hardware during the RAM install? Have I caused an issue after pressing the MEMOK button during the RAM install

Answer:PC Booting issues after failed RAM install

got into BIOS and select default settings -save and exit (f10)
see what happens now.

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I'm stuck, I downloaded a windows 10 ISO file and placed on a USB drive, I can access the option page but none of the trouble shooting solutions work. I would like to avoid reinstalling, wondering if someone with experience could walk me through some options. Thanks for your time and the services you provide on this forum.

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Hello there, occassional lurker, first time poster, hopefully someone here will be able to help

I've been setting my laptop to dual boot xp pro, and Ubuntu on a seperate partition. All was going well, until xp decided to die altogther. I don't have that error to hand, but it's gone a little further now.

Was going to install xp pro on a 3rd partition, and it started up fine. Now I can boot fine to Ubuntu, and the 2nd version of xp. However, the original xp is still having issues.

Now, when booting up, gets BSOD - bad_pool_caller. Code at the end is: 0x000000c2 (0x00000007,0x00000CD4,0x00000060,0x86F7E1FC)

Everything I've read suggests this is talking about a hardware or software conflict. However, I've not installed any new hardware. I suspect there is a software conflict between the two versions of xp, but I can't see how that can happen.

I can boot into the 1st copy of xp in safe mode, however, explorer.exe fails to start up. Tried running it in task manager to no avail.

I forgot to add - I am using GNU GBRUB to boot between the 3 operating systems.

EDIT 2: Tried it again to boot 1st xp in safe mode - new error for windows product activation - a problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the licence for this computer error code 0x800004005

Answer:Dual booting laptop crashes booting xp pro.

Are these installations of XP Pro on the two partitions diferent install disks with separate key codes?

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my computer was working fine for a few days and now one of my hard disk drives is not working and the ide dps test failed.
what can i do with my drive?
is there any way to recover it? any help would be appreciated.
i get the error when i boot up until the windows logo it shows a blue screen and stop : 0x000000a5 .........etc.
please help!!!! my compuuter is a hp compaq d530 sff with windows 7 and xp 2gb ram and the spoilt drive is a seagate 80 gb hard drive.

Answer:hard disk ide dps test failed and not booting.

Hi dionrodrigues,
Is your PC new and have added any new components to it recently (RAM in particular)? The error code you are getting usually appears when there is new RAM installed. If you could upload the BSOD it would be helpful. Another thing to try would be reseating your RAM.
As for your hard drive, I would suggest connecting it with different cables and in a different port. Afterwards, you could consider running a brand specific diagnostic tool on the disk to check its health. There are third party software solutions to be found online, however the once from the manufacturer provide the most accurate results as they are developed for such drive and know the firmware best. You can upload a screenshot of the SMART status after running an extended test. It would be best if can test the drive on a different PC with different SATA cables.
If you manage to access the drive I strongly recommend doing a backup prior to any testing just to be on the safe side.
If the drive has bad sectors it is recommended to change it, or if you use it – not to trust it with important information. Having regular backups is always a good idea
Keep me posted,

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So my friend had vista installed and we wanted to put XP on it. So I get this program thinking it should do the trick. Well it lets us get back into vista and we can see 'older OS' on the boot menu but when we select it, it gives an error, something about cannot load boot something with an 0x0000 error.

The computer is in another room right now I can't actually get to it, but was wondering if that sounded familiar to anyone, I'd really like to get to the bottom of this. I'm wondering if I'll have to install xp again or with this program I can get it to boot again

Answer:Vista + XP dual-booting failed using vistabootpro

What happens if you try to repair the bootloader with the Vista DVD? It should automatically detect the XP install and add an option for it.

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My wife has tried to do a system restore on her computer, it hung half way through and she restarted the computer manually !!.........doh !!
She now gets XP to load, it loads fine and briefly flashes the start logo on the bottom left before going to a windows desktop background and nothing else.
I can ctrl+alt+del into the task manager but this is all ??
can anyone suggest anythin to fix this?

Answer:system restore failed, now not booting properly

in task manager can you click on new task and can you run explorer.exe? if not then explorer or part of explorer might have been corrupted. I would try rebooting and right before you see the windows xp splash screen, hit F8, the try the last good known configuration. If it doesn't work try to go to safe mode using the same method and try restoring from there.

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I am in a bit of mess. I downloaded and burned solaris 10 in a dvd and kept in my dvd drive by mistake and shut my vista computer off. When i restarted the system solaris started to install inself and then it got stuck itself in the middle of loading. I had to shut the computer by the switch off button after waiting few hours and then when I restarted it the computer is powering on but screen is remaining black. I cant access the boot from cd/dvd/hard disc option even. Any idea how can I get out of this situation. please help.

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hello,trying to update my bios to the latest version, the installation was not successful, as a result, i can not start my laptop since. it can not find an existing bios. what should i do ? any suggestion ? Thinks

Answer:Bios update failed causes booting problem

Try doing a power cycle, if that doesn't help then contact support.

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A friend gave me a laptop, my problem is that it came from Japan thus everything is japanase thus I can't hardly use it. The reason I accept it is bcoz he said I can try to reinstall a win xp with english version (btw, the OS is win xp pro in japanase version). Thus I bought win xp pro sp2 and try to reinstall it, so I reboot fm cd rom and while the windows setup is starting, the system stopped and the message on my screen read as:

A problem has been detected and windows has been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer.

If this is the first time you've seen this error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again follow these steps:

Check for viruses on your computer, resume any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers, check your hard drive to make sure it is porperly configured and terminated. Run CHKDSK/F to check hard drive corruption. then restart computer. my other problem is that, how in the world I can follow the above steps if everything written on it are in japanase language? I also try to visit the manufacture's website, thinking that perhaps it help solve the problem but....i also need a japanase translator to understand it.

I would appreciate your help regarding this matter. Thank you.

Answer:win xp installation...failed

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i have a new laptop windows 10 home it loads up at set up till it get to settings then reboots over and over can anyone help?

Answer:installation / set up failed

sandman1961 said:

i have a new laptop windows 10 home it loads up at set up till it get to settings then reboots over and over can anyone help?

Where did you purchase it from? If it was brand new, I would be returning it.

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Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Vista (KB974455)

update failed to install error code 8024200D

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I am waseem. I am facing a problem. I use windows 7 and when i install CorelDraw, its display an error. I use many version of CorelDraw like X3, X5, X6 but I am getting same error, I am really confused to resolve it
" error error occurred during the installation of assembly component {76c3f0f6-9b9d-35da-81c6-ca8a88cc93ca}. Hresult: 0x8007054F."

Please help me to resolving this error.


Answer:Installation failed

Try running this,

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hi i am trying to install perfectdisc but it starts to install then says patch cannot be found i have installed it on my other pc and the installation is fine can anyone help both pc's are xp thanks Chippy

Answer:installation failed

try starting in safe mode by pressing f8 as windows starts.

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Hi Group, I'm trying to install W10 on a new Dell laptop with W 8.1. The download seems to go fine, the installation seems to go fine, but I end up with "some updates were not installed" "failed one update" with the red shield and the red vertical bar. Error code: 80070003. I've been through this about 5 times now. Can anyone help? I may choose to completely wipe this drive and install from the disk image. Thank for any help.

Answer:Failed installation.

You`re trying to do it through windows update ?

Tell us exactly how you are trying to install.

My advice, do not upgrade your 8.1 to a preview, wait til windows 10 comes out or......

Get another drive to install 10 on

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Hi guys, I've been trying to install CS5 for the last few weeks or so and keep on failing due to several Microsoft Msi files not installing. Even when attempted to install manually. I've tried almost everything and spent about 4 hours on a remote desktop with an Adobe rep to try and solve it.

These are the MSI files that fail.

They fail with the error code: 0x800736B3 when installed manually.

Oh and I'm installing it on Windows 7 Premium 64.
i7 720QM
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 (1gb)
8gb Ram

Answer:Failed MSI installation

Try updating

video driver,
Sound driver,
disable AV and malware scaners

Be sure to have someone with expertise, in the area, work on BIOS.

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Recently I attempted to install IE 10 on my windows 7 SP1 x64 machine.
Initial setup did not complete and error'd out with error code 9c59 when using windows update.
My system now thinks that IE 10 is installed but it is not.
Looking in "Turn Windows Features on or off" it shows "Internet Explorer 10"
Looking in "View installed updates" it shows "Windows Internet Explorer 9"
Looking in the CBS.log I see the following entries when I try to re-install IE 10


2013-04-23 10:51:29, Info CBS Failed to find file: amd64_microsoft-windows-ie-ieshims_31bf3856ad364e35_10.2.9200.16521_none_c566c98a0aaca096\IEShims.dll [HRESULT = 0x80070002 - ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND]
2013-04-23 10:51:29, Info CBS Failed to gather all required files. [HRESULT = 0x80070002 - ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND]
2013-04-23 10:51:29, Info CBS Failed to gather all missing files for package: Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-Package-TopLevel~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~10.2.9200.16521 [HRESULT = 0x80070002 - ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND]
2013-04-23 10:51:29, Info CSI 0000000e2013/4/23:14:51:29.537 CSI Transaction @0x1d03d40 destroyed
2013-04-23 10:51:29, Error CBS Failed to pre- stage package: Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-Package-TopLevel~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~10.2.9200.16521 [HRESULT = 0x80070002 - ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND]
2013-04-23 10:51:29, Info CBS Perf: Stage chain complete.
2013-04-23 10:51:29, Info CBS Failed to stage execution chain. [HRESULT = 0x80070002 - ERROR_FILE_NOT_... Read more

Answer:IE 10 failed installation on Win 7 x64

1/. Go to Windows Update
2/. Click History of Updates
3/. Just below the heading of that window you will see:
Check Installed Updates, Click on that link.
4/ Below Microsoft Windows, look for Windows Internet Explorer 10
5/. Click on this link to remove the Windows IE10 Update
6/. Close Windows Update and restart your PC.
7/. Now Internet Explorer 9 is operational.
8/. Check for updates with Windows Update
9/. Add all required updates, excluding IE10
10/. cleanup install files with Ccleaner, and clean up
11/. check register with Ccleaner and repair
12/. restart your PC

13/. check op presence of IE10 updates if you used IE10 beta version (same window as above)

14/. if IE10 related updates or fixes uninstall as above.
15/. restart your PC
16/. if OK you are in clean IE9 environment
17/. make IE9 work correctly

18/. make system recovery restart point Configuration/System Repair
19/. restart IE9

consider IE10 installation again if you want.
You can install IE10 via Windows Update.

For me this worked on many PC's x86/x64.

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Hey everyone,

I have been trying to figure this out for a few days now, and I have pretty much given up, so hopefully someone here can help.

I am trying to dual boot my desktop with Win 7 and 8. So I wrote the Win 8 iso to my flash drive, booted up from it. It installed to the partition I made happily, rebooted, and showed the select OS screen. When I clicked the Windows Dev Build option, it pulls up the configuration screen, saying something along the lines of "Getting Devices Ready (some number)%". When it gets to this point, it gets up in the high 70s and 80s, then the screen goes black, the system reboots. At this point it goes through my BIOS stuff, then straight to a black screen. No option to pick an OS or anything.

I have tried this with 2 different downloads of the ISO and the same thing happened. I am trying it on my laptop now to see if it could be my desktop being dumb, but does anyone know what could be causing this?

My set up is just a basic one. One hdd, ASUS motherboard, gtx 560 gfx card. Could it just be the computer? Or did I do something wrong? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me


Answer:Installation Failed

Here's a nice Tutorial, give it a try and see, windows 8 works fine in older model PCs than yours.

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My SP2 to SP3 installation failed. It says Access Denied. For the mean time i dont want to upgrade.
When i checked my drive C it created this folder consuming 300mb

It contains the i386 folder..

Is this my old i386 folder? just moved by the failed SP3 installation?

I am now scanning with Malwarebytes.. My scan usually takes 40 mins.. now its almost 1 hour.

after i clicked the sp3 installer downloaded from microsoft website (300mb) it extracted 1GB file on my system..

Answer:SP2 to SP3 Installation failed

Can you restore and try again? Maybe you can download SP3 rather than online install?

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I have 5 PC/Laptops with W7- W8.1 (2 to 7 years old) and I was able to upgrade with no problems to WIN 10.

I have 2 identical New PC (2 months old with Win 8.1 Pro) :
Pentium G3258
RAM: 8GB G Skill
WD 1000GB

Installed first Win8 PRO and updated to WIN 8.1 Pro with 1 minor incident on both PC (Universal Serial Bus Controller DRIVER missing/needed; and was not able to find it /to update it))
Now the biggie: yesterday I wanted to upgrade to WIN 10... and everything seem to go ok until the bitter end 2 hours later on both identical PC :

Failed Win 10 Installation:
The Installation failed in the SAFE_OS Phase with an error during BOOT Operation

Any help?

Answer:Failed Win 10 Installation

I have a similar problem and an interesting thing to note is I have the same cpu as you. It may have to do with drivers but I will check my error log and report back.

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I also have tried to install a technet version of Windows 7. This failed.

My rig is as follows:
Pentium D945PSN with Pentium D 2.8GHz
Gigabyte Nvidia 9800 GTX+
Dual monitor setup

I have attempted to upgrade from Vista 64 bit, and upon failure, I have tried clean installs thereafter.

The upgrade and every fresh install gets to the "Completing installation..." phase, goes about 30 seconds to a minute, the screen then flashes to black, and the setup crashes. Upon a restart, the setup reads an error message stating that setup encountered an error and must be restarted.

I had a copy of windows 7 beta (v7.0), and proceeded to install that. It worked perfectly. Installed in a half hour.

Versions of Windows 7 RTM attempted and downloaded multiple times, burned with different burners as well:

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (two different copies)
Windows 7 Ultimate x86 (two different copies)
Windows 7 Professional x64
Windows 7 Home Edition x64
Windows 7 Home Edition x86

I have tried updates, clean installs, and those clean installs varied in adding a full 1TB partition vs two 500MB partitions.

The rig was fully working with Vista x64, with no errors, and is currently running with the beta.

Any advice?

************ EDIT *************

The video card needed a BIOS update.


Answer:Installation failed

Do a complete format of your drive.. then disconnect everything that is not necessary to install Windows.. Disconnect the 2nd monitor.. now install ... report your results..

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i tried downloading AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition and before installation finished a message came up and said "installation failed" i clicked details and this is what it said,

Local machine: installation failed
Error: Checking of state of the item file avgcc.exe failed.
File opening failed. %FILE% = "C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Free\avgcc.exe"

now I don't know what this means so could somebody please exlplain whats happening and how I can fix it?

Answer:AVG failed installation

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I recently tried to reinstall my operating system (Xp Home) on my Dell Latitude CPt I am able to boot from CD and it initializes the installer but when the Kernal Debugger starts i get an error messages that says "The File Setupdd.sys could not be loaded The error is 4 press any key to exit" is there a way to wipe the Hard Drive and start new and if so how could i do so

Answer:XP installation Failed

Just thought i should also mention that the Dell partition has already been erased and the hard drive has already been formatted using the ntfs file type not the quick

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I created a password reset disk with Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor with USB drive. When I booted from the disk, there are no program loaded after startup. The computer asks me to continue by pressing F1. However, when I pressed the button, it boots into normal login screen. What is the problem in here? It is a Asus laptop with Windows 8.1

Answer:My computer failed booting from password reset disk

Please see if this helps: Windows fails to boot; Automatic Repair, Refresh, Reset PC fails

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Windows automatically updated and then my audio stopped working so as always I tried turning it on and off again but then it got stuck on the spinning thing. I've included a video i you want to see what it looked like., I have not looped the video or added the flashing.

Because this isn't the first time Windows has shit the bed on me I knew to make a repair disc and try to use startup repair. It failed. Next I tried to revert to a previous build. It failed. Next I tried to reset Windows. It failed.

Rerunning startup repair a few times made it do different things but it never worked.

I'm either looking for a solution to this problem or a way to quickly copy all the files off of my boot drive so I can perform a reinstall. (I have an HDD big enough to store the entire boot drive already in the PC)


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I recently bought a Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 per loaded with Windows 7. Tried installing XP on a partition on the same HHD. Installation failed saying "Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem ...etc"

The only option i have is to boot off the usb i created with xp iso and press R to take me to XP recovery console. I am so over XP at the moment all i want is to be able to log into Win7 again.

How can i fix this? My understanding is that the MBR is still pointing to the XP partition. How do i change it back to the Win 7 partition (C:\)?

The laptop did not come with any cds or recovery disks but i have a recovery partition on the HDD that i cannot access.

Please help to log back into Windows 7.


Answer:Dual booting win7/xp - xp install failed, unable to log into win 7

Take a look at Method two of this tutorial:
Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

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