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Installation error - unknown disk

Question: Installation error - unknown disk

Hello guys! I'm having a problem installing windows XP on one of my computers and it's starting to get annoying. I tried to install windows XP from the CD and i got this error when it asks me too chose the partition or something: 4 unknown disk (there is no disk in this drive) messages. If i press the up arrow i get a blue screen, if i press enter i get blue screen!

Weirdest thing is, i installed ubuntu on it and it worked. It was running windows before, just so you know! ;)

The HD i'm installing it to is the samsung sp1614c. I don't have any drivers for it, in case you're wondering, nor my computer has floppy drive :|

Has anyone experienced this problem? Thanks for you help guys! :)

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Preferred Solution: Installation error - unknown disk

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Installation error - unknown disk

Does this happen when you try and select a partition to install to? I am assuming yes.

The drive you have appears to be a SATA drive. As setup loads you should see at the bottom a prompt to press a key if you need to load 3rd party SATA or RAID drivers. You will need to follow that prompt to load the drivers for your SATA hard drive. That should work.


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I F6 and it says setup unable to load support for mass storage device specified. Currently, setup will load support for the following mass storage device(s):
I don't have the SAT drivers for my computer. Kindly help me on the best way I can get them from my PC manufacturer and how I can resolve this nagging problem.

My PC is a Fujitsu Siemens
Model P5LD2-FM/DH

Thanks in advance

Answer:unknown disk error message during xp installation

I meant SATA drivers, not SAT...sorry

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hi i'm using a acer power series with intel core 2 os business version...i downloaded the google update setup.exe for downloading google earth and google chrome. when setting up the error message came up.
also i downloaded adobe 9.2 version that was also shwoing an in ternal error after installation..

please help


Answer:unknown installation error

Please post more info wrt the error message.

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I'm trying to install a PC with Windows 7 threw USB (2.0). Therefore I've used Windows USB/DVD Tool.
To note, I've installed a NEW hard drive, the old one broke down due to it's age.

Now I'm getting the next message: DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK.

I've tried setting the boot sequence but none of that helped, I keep getting the same message.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Windows 7 Installation error DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK

Normally means that the hard drive is not detected. Check its connections, plugged securely into SATA1 port with no others attached, data and power cable securely attached.

Then enter BIOS setup by tapping the key given for that on the first screen. Is the hard drive registering anywhere there? It often will be represented by its Serial Number.

Reset BIOS to defaults, set SATA controller to AHCI, Save settings and Exit.

Proceed to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Hi guys I had office 2010 Pro Plus and I couldn't uninstall it from add/remove programs so I had to use removeoffice 2010 application. Now I Install it and I can get it finish...I dont get any error address, its just showing MO had a error during install. Can anyone pleaase help me?

Answer:During Office Installation Unknown Error

Have you tried this fix from Microsoft?

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Hello everyone. I've had this issue for almost a year and a half now. I have been trying to install windows 8 with every way possible, on my main desktop computer without any luck.
I follow the standard procedure. Make a USB Flash drive bootable, reboot, boot from it. After it boots, it shows the Win8 logo, the loading circle, and then, just before the language selection screen, it throws a blue screen for a moment and then the computer restarts. The code is 0x061636932, which is a completely unknown one. Last year when i googled the error code i got no results. Then i created a thread in another forum. Now, if you google the error code, you'll get my thread and another thread from a swedish forum. Bottom line is this:
I have changed motherboards, RAM sticks and GPUs. Tried without any drives except one that would have been used for the installation (SSD and HDD), different flash drives (both UEFI and Legacy boot), DVD-ROMs burnt from a variety of different ISOs (Both Win8 and 8.1, and lately Win10 preview). BSOD persists.

Note that Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux Mint work completely fine on the same computer. I've been running Windows 7 on it for 3-4 years.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Answer:Unknown Windows 8.1 Installation Error (0x61636932)

Have you ran Windows Upgrade Advisor Windows 8?
Are you trying to install Windows 8 Preview, I believe you no longer can after Jan 15, 2014

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I really need help PLEASE! I have a Velocity Micro Programix e2240 Desktop and was attempting to remove Vista Ultimate and install XP.

After successfully removing Vista, when I tried to setup XP, I keep getting this error:

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. The file is setupdd.sys and the following line is: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA

Other information for this error is this:


*** STOP: 0x00000050 ()xE5136708, 0x00000000, 0xF77EF9A8, 0x00000002
*** setupdd.sys ? address F77EF9A48 base at F77C8000, DATESTAMP 41107c8f

Also it tells me to Disable BIOS Memory Options such as: Caching and Shadowing, (I don't know how to do that). And lastly, when I am able to get to the windows setup screen. I see this:

Unknown Disk
<There is no disk in this drive.>
Unknown Disk
<There is no disk in this drive.>
Unknown Disk
<There is no disk in this drive.>
Unknown Disk
<There is no disk in this drive.>

I need help please, I can't fdisk or format a drive because none is recognized. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you in advance.

Answer:Vista setupdd.sys error and Unknown Disk error

I'm having the same problem!!!

can anyone help?

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I've had a schlew of problems with a PC starting with a bad installation of Microsoft's Lifecame software leading up to a constantly crashing XP.

I ended up getting a new hard drive thinking that was the problem but at the point of installing XP I get the same problem,

Once XP install starts up and I get to the 'partition screen' I get this as a choice of drives

Unknown Disk
(There is no disk in this drive.)
Unknown Disk
(There is no disk in this drive.)
Unknown Disk
(There is no disk in this drive.)
Unknown Disk
(There is no disk in this drive.)
Upon pressing enter I get a blue screen and can go no further,

A previous response to the same question on here was by

07-Mar-2008, 09:40 PM #2
"Bad hard drive, controller, etc."

So, it can't be the drive as I got the same 'unknown disk' problem with a brand new drive. The power cable and sata cables are fine. If it is a controller - what exactly is that and how can it be fixed?

Answer:Solved: Unknown Disk error

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I have tried to download and install Windows 10 quite a few times. It freezes at the point where it has completed 75% of the installation and I think it is just about to 'Restart' once again to go into the final 'Settings' phase. The only way to get out of this that I've found is to power the machine off and then back on again, the system tries to recover the installation and then the previous version of Windows is restored. The unknown error C1900101-40017 is reported in Windows Update on each occasion. Any ideas as to how to overcome this problem would be welcome, thanks

Answer:Windows 10 Installation Unknown Error C1900101-40017, how can I get past this problem?

You are not alone,i have the same problem

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I have a dell computer with window server 2008 R2 enterprise. I need to install window xp professional in dual with window server 2008 R2 . when I insert win XP CD, it starts & display an error c0000221 unknown hard disk error. IS there any one to help me.

Answer:c0000221 unknown hard disk error

Hi and welcome to TSF this is about your error "Stop error code 0xC0000221 (STATUS_IMAGE_CHECKSUM_MISMATCH)" error message occurs
are you trying to install xp on a sata hard drive

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Hey, i posted days ago cause i kept on getting this random cut outs on my pc, now i thought it was down to software but i guess its pc is now greatly cleaned by some help on here and im still encounting this issue.

When it cuts out, i can be either burning a dvd or trying to, surfing the web and it will jus cut and go right to a grey screen with not displayed, in order to restart it i press it manually and it displays a message BOOT DISK FAILURE, Put in system cd and press enter! but it will not restart at all until ive turned it off completly and turned it back on again. Im lost and i cannot burn a dvd or anything with out it cutting it, it seems to happen alot if im running a type of software.

any help is good help, thanks

Answer:Unknown pc reboots with boot disk failure error?

Boot into recovery console . At the prompt type :

attrib -r -s -h c:\boot.ini
del c:\boot.ini
bootcfg /rebuild
-at the first prompt press "y" enter
-at the second prompt type what you want to name your windows installation (anything you want)
-at the third prompt type /fastdetect
-at the prompt press y
-at the prompt press y


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Hello. I'm hoping someone can help and it's an easy fix. While running Norton Utilities>System Check, I received the following error:
"Unable to operate on drive H (compressed drive) because it is in use by unknown disk utility. Please close unknown disk utility to operate drive H."
I don't know how to find or where to look for this unknown disk utility to close it.

Thanks Yvonne


Answer:Norton Utilities returns unknown disk utility error?

I'm going to change the name of your topic so that it will attract people with experience in Norton. Hope it helps!

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This quick new hard disk. So sad I cant access it anymore? why this happen?

You can see from the photo MY computer cant even see this driver anymore, so I check on the
- Disk management it said unknown no driver letter too ,Not initialized.
-Click Initialized it said i/o device error

I have try uninstall the device and restart let it install again still the same.
Checking many thread have the same problem, I wonder anyone solve this kind of problem before?
Update the possible cause of it, I believe my external hard disk spoil because my laptop was low battery and suddenly off either it goes Hibernate or off there is no time to read or write in the hard disk.
Then I just unplug the external hard disk.

If you face this situation don't unplug it, turn on the computer back and do a proper remove or shut down everything.

Answer:1TWD external hard disk unknown,not initialized,unallocated,i/o error

Is this an external drive attached via a USB hub ??

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Working on an HP Inspiron w/Vista home Premium - currently has SP1, but SP2 failed to install. Since Windows Update would not detect SP2 again, I went to and downloaded it. When I ran the update, I am getting an error code of 0x80041013 "Unknown error" - anyone else encounter this error?


Answer:SP2 installation error code of 0x80041013 "Unknown error"

1.Try install SP2 in safe mode
2.If point 1 fail then try reset WU in aggressive mode How do I reset Windows Update components&#63;

If nothing help:

It would be also issue with WMI or with event viewer or task scheduler

Can you open event viewer?


and can you open task scheduler?


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I'm trying to install a multi-disk game on Xp and this error message pops up. After the first disk is done it asks for disk 2. I open tray then...

"There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive d:"

Well duh. Gateway laptop. So I insert disk 2 and this pops up screwing the installation process.

"The wrong volume is in the drive. Please insert volume ##### into the drive d:."

I thought the updates had this fixed. Is their a directr link to find this specific update problem on Windows XP. Auto Upds\ates is no help.

Thnx fot the time, bros!

Answer:Error on Disk Installation

What is the game you are installing?

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the computer has an error 0xc000014c and it does not come with any disks We would require a Windows 10 disk to go ahead with the troubleshooting. You need to contact the PC manufacturer for the disk or you can create it, provided you have the Windows 10 product key with can I get this disk I have to try to get in touch with the Lenovo chat people and no one has answered me

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I recently bought a Packard Bell Dot (S IT/010) Notebook in Italy, it had XP Home Service Pack 3 on it. I was reassured that it would be in English, first mistake! There is no system restore disk as there isn?t a disk drive.

Anyway, I bought XP Home Service Pack 3 in English and tried to install it using my external DVD drive. It restarts and says ?Disk Read Error press ctrl alt delete? and freezes. I?ve tried repeatedly. How can I get XP Home to install fully? Please help.

Answer:xp Installation disk read error

and welcome to the Forum

You are likely installing XP on a SATA drive, there is an additional step:

However, Most newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting,

change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( Verbage will vary by manufacturer

some will say IDE instead of ATA)

If there are no such settings you'll need to slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD, follow the instructions in this guide :

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I have an IBM Thinkpad R40 laptop, type 2368. I tried installing SP3 on it, but during one of the reboots, I got a black Disk Read Error screen and it wouldn't load Windows. In case it's of any relevance, I have SP2 installed on it already, but not sure if I might have deleted SP1 when trying to free up disk space in the past.

I tried setting my BIOS to the default values (suggested to me on a different website's forum) but it lead to an 1802 error (unauthorized network card installed, remove wireless card and reboot).
I would really appreciate any helpful info I could get.

Answer:XP SP3 Installation Caused a Disk Read Error

As a start, .


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What were the default disk partitions for Lenovo Thinkpad 11e (yoga)?? I'm trying to install clean OS for win8.1 but I keep getting an error " couldnt create or locate and existing partition:

Answer:Disk Partitioning Error Windows 8.1 Installation

Try using a live USB of Ubuntu 14.10, verify if the partition style is GPT instead of MBR.Before installing Windows 8.1, delete all partitions on your HDD or SSD. And then create a new partition to install Windows 8.1 on. It will automatically also create the required smaller partitions.

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I get the error message below when I attempts to perform a custom installation of
Windows 7 (Ultimate, 32 bits version) on a logical partition of 16 GB formatted in NTFS with a Seagate SATA disk ST3250823AS .

windows is unable to install to the selected location -- error x80040154

I saw that it is possible to load drivers on my hard drive during installation.
The problem is that on Seagate website, drivers are no longer available.

I tried to extend the partition to 20 GB, but it failed too.

Thank you for your help

Answer:Error x80040154 with sata disk during installation

After scanning some Google returns, I found a lot of them regarding other software programs (none like your's), and it appears that it is the Windows installer that is the issue involved mostly. The only thing that comes to mind is the fact that you are trying to install on a logical partition instead of a primary partitition, as it should be. Is there a reason that you can't install it on a primary?

EDIT: Even if you had been able to increase the size of the partition to 20GBs, that is too small. I would recommend a 100GB partition. System Restore points take up a lot of space.

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I have recently put together a new computer, everything is brand new. After putting it together, I installed Windows XP Home from cd onto a new seagate 160gig UATA HD. Everything goes well, the windows xp installation is completed and I am asked to restart the computer. However, once I restart, as it is booting up the HD, I am confronted with a disk read error, that I must restart the computer (with same results each time). I tried reformatting the HD several times and used the utilities on the seagate disc and installing windows xp over again but I get the same msg regardless of what I do. Please help!!
Asus K8VSE mobo
1 gig corsair
BFG tech 6800gt

Answer:Windows XP- disk read error after installation

Welcome to TSG.

Did you run the Diagnostic Software?

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I have been installing my windows from usb since i had xp,i only had this error "a disk read error has occurred" once when i was installing windows 7 and i used a software which implemented its own installer(YUMI) ,sort of.

I have win10 iso file and i tried rufus,ive tried manually from command prompt (in fat32 and ntfs),ive tried YUMI with win8 installer(people said it might work),unetbootin,windows7 dvd/cd tool

MBO: GA-MA770-UD3 rev 1.0

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Hi all,

I've been attempting to do a clean install (following the tutorial here) on an HP Probook 5310m, using a USB installation disk created from a genuine ISO (from with the official Windows 7 USB / DVD tool.

The initial phase of the installation ran without any errors but after the first reboot the installation went back to the start (i.e. the "select language" etc. screen) and did not continue automatically. As I was unable to re-start the installation, I decided to take a rest for the night and so shut down the computer, cancelling the installation completely. Prior to the installation I had prepared the HDD via the method shown here, ensuring there was only one partition before I started the installation.

Now, upon power up, I am greeted with the infamous BCD boot error 0xc000000f, even with the same USB disk used previously inserted and the BIOS set to boot from USB hard drive. I cannot boot from the USB disk regardless of its contents (I tried Partition Wizard and a "Repair Disk" I found online). As a result I can't access StartUp Repair, Advanced Boot or bootrec.exe.
However, if I physically remove the HDD from the SATA connector I am able to boot to the USB disk. Installation operates as normal but obviously there is no disk to install to.

My question is: how should I proceed from here? To my mind, there are 3 options :Buy a new HDD
Buy a SATA-USB cable and attempt to format existing HDD on my other lap... Read more

Answer:BCD Boot error 0xc000000f while booting from USB installation disk

Actually, now that I think about it, inserting the HDD after booting probably wouldn't work as all the hardware has been scanned and initialized by then. If anyone has any other ideas they would be much appreciated!


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I have previously Installed The Sims Complete Collection on this computer. It worked just fine. I uninstalled it for awhile and now, upon reinstalling, I can't.
When it gets to needing the second disk, I put it in, click OK and it loads for a bit. Then a Setup folder pops up with a WinRAR archive in it. I click on that and get an error message of :

The archive is either in unknown format or damaged.

Since its successfully installed before, why is it having trouble now?

Answer:The Sims Complete Collection Installation Error at Disk 2

maybe the disk is scratched or something or perhaps the game did not uninstall compleatly the first time.

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I've been trolling the forums here for a while. Lots of great info but now I actually have an issue where I need some assistance.

When I was booting one day last week I got a nasty BSOD when Windows was trying to load. Then on the next reboot Windows 7 said it couldn't load and needed to do the recovery OS option from the Windows 7 repair on the CD. Well, before trying that I did a cold reboot and it got back into the OS fine so I didn't think much of it. Now, I noticed Ghost shows the C: drive status as "Unavailable" and it can't back it up anymore. It does give me an option to restore from one of my old backups. I'm thinking the MBR got hosed up somehow or something like that. But I'm skeptical to run an MBR repair since I have that 100MB partition on my SSD where my OS resides.

Ghost Shot>

This was about a week ago my Windows 7 started acting up right before the big patch Tuesday. I've been running it for over a year now and it's been solid. When I first set it up I installed it on my SSD (Intel 510 120GB) drive. One of the qualms I had with the install is Windows created a separate boot sector on the disk drive where it stored my boot files. This is known the the "system reserved" operating system files 100MB partition. Apparently the way to avoid this is to use a third party partition tool before doing the windows install. That way it will keep the Boot sector files on the same partition which is how I would of liked it for doing resto... Read more

Answer:Windows Recovery disk shows operating system: Unknown on (Unknown)

Note, I just went into my Disk 3 where my SSD resides in DISKPART and did some commands if this helps. It shows both the 100MB and 111GB Partitions on the Intel SSD as "Active".

DISKPART> list partition

Partition ### Type Size Offset
------------- ---------------- ------- -------
* Partition 1 Primary 100 MB 1024 KB
Partition 2 Primary 111 GB 101 MB

DISKPART> detail partition

Partition 1
Type : 07
Hidden: No
Active: Yes
Offset in Bytes: 1048576

Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
* Volume 5 System Rese NTFS Partition 100 MB Healthy System

DISKPART> select partition 2

Partition 2 is now the selected partition.

DISKPART> detail partition

Partition 2
Type : 07
Hidden: No
Active: Yes
Offset in Bytes: 105906176

Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
* Volume 6 C NTFS Partition 111 GB Healthy Boot
Thx again for any/all help!

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I'm not sure if this forum supports Windows installed on a MacBook,
but I'd appreciate any help provided.

Regarding my laptop, it's a MacBook Pro bought around 2011,
witn Windows 7 x64 installed from my friend's disc.
(Sorry I cannot remember exactly what it was)
"Barely alive" condition.
Works fine, but suddenly shuts down at times, alert shows battery not inserted (UNDETACHABLE on this MacBook model), won't run without power adapter connected, immediately shuts down when inserting USB cable into 1 of the 2 USB ports, won't detect internet connection, and so on and so on......

That aside, it worked fine until last week.

I was running Windows Update when I accidentally insert USB cable into the wrong port and "forced shut down" the laptop.

When rebooted, I get a flash of BSOD and auto-restart, which leads to startup repair.

From there, I ran startup repair a few times, each time I get the successful result yet Windows still won't start.

Then I switched to Mac OS to use it for some urgent stuff.
While in Mac OS I did went around and did "repair disk" and stuff to the bootcamp.

Next I tried searching for solutions through my phone and did this and that on command prompt.
chkdsk bootrec etc etc tried all posted solutions to something similar to my case.

The next thing I realized was that I now cannot even choose "Windows" on boot and I got stuck.

Then I asked my neighbor and fortunately could borrow Window... Read more

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I'm not sure if this forum supports Windows installed on a MacBook,
but I'd appreciate any help provided.

Regarding my laptop, it's a MacBook Pro bought around 2011,
witn Windows 7 x64 installed from my friend's disc.
(Sorry I cannot remember exactly what it was)
"Barely alive" condition.
Works fine, but suddenly shuts down at times, alert shows battery not inserted (UNDETACHABLE on this MacBook model), won't run without power adapter connected, immediately shuts down when inserting USB cable into 1 of the 2 USB ports, won't detect internet connection, and so on and so on......

That aside, it worked fine until last week.

I was running Windows Update when I accidentally insert USB cable into the wrong port and "forced shut down" the laptop.

When rebooted, I get a flash of BSOD and auto-restart, which leads to startup repair.

From there, I ran startup repair a few times, each time I get the successful result yet Windows still won't start.

Then I switched to Mac OS to use it for some urgent stuff.
While in Mac OS I did went around and did "repair disk" and stuff to the bootcamp.

Next I tried searching for solutions through my phone and did this and that on command prompt.
chkdsk bootrec etc etc tried all posted solutions to something similar to my case.

The next thing I realized was that I now cannot even choose "Windows" on boot and I got stuck.

Then I asked my neighbor and fortunately could borrow Window... Read more

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I have this Acer Aspire AST180-EA350M. I'm trying to install Windows Xp.
Now going through the process... formatting and copying the files, the system does its normal reboot but does not continue with the Installation part but rather gives me a message of 'Verifying DMI Pool Data... ' disk read error occured press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart
It just does not do the installation to the end.
What to do?

Answer:Xp Installation- 'Verifying DMI pool data...' disk read error

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So heres my problem people,

I had an old seagate hdd with win 7 running smoothly.....
But somehow i corrupted it and threw it and had ordered a WD 1.5 TB HDD

I ran Win 7 installation disk and got an dialog box asking me to LOAD DRIVERS or HD on which to install Win 7

And now i am stuck very bad in the situation.....
I genrally need a thing which can correct my WD HDD or i think i will need to send it to the manufacturer....
But plzz help me

Answer:Corrupt Hard Disk drive is causing error while win 7 installation

Check to see that the HDD is correctly connected to both the motherboard and power supply- double check the connections and try again.

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My PC's hard drive failed so I purchased a new Maxtor 80gb PATA HDD today.

I have installed it and ran my Windows XP Home Edition SP2 CD.

In XP installation the hard disk is formatted with no problems and then the files are installed. Then XP says that the computer needs to re-boot to continue setup... so it re-boots and in a black screen it displays:

veryfying DMI Pool Data......Update success
Boot from CD
A disk read error occurred

I have run chkdsk /r in the XP CD and no bad secors were found.

Any ideas??

Kind regards,


Answer:Solved: A disk read error occurred on XP Home Installation

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Situation: wanted to replace the harddrive of my ThinkPad (Lenovo R400 with Vista) with a large 1TB harddrive.   Bug: During Installation I got the error "Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware" and installation was aborted Bugfix: You need to change the Serial ATA settings in the BIOS correctly. It must be set to "Automatic" and not to "AHCI" (default on my Laptop :-((  )  

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I'm running Vista Ultimate 64 on a 500 Gig hard drive with 3 partitions.The problem is I marked one of the partitions,not Drive C, as "active" by mistake.I done a Command Prompt to make it "inactive", but when I started the system up again it wouldn't boot.I used the Vista disk for the recovery process, but I got a message "Operating system unknown on (unknown) local disk" i tried fixing the problem with a command prompt "bootrec/fix boot" ,but nothing happened.When I look at the info in Command Prompt it doesn't show the disk partitions, just Disk 0.Also I can't repair because no Disks are listed to be repaired. If I look at the drive in "My Computer" it is full with a file system marked as "Raw" and it wants me to format the drive.I used "Recover My Files" software and it shows some of the documents that are on the drive, but doesn't show any recovery.I looked at some internet post about the message I got and partition and boot problems like I have, but at this point I don't to try any else to make it worse.I would do a reinstall ,but on one of the drives I have some stuff that wasn't backed up.I never thought about backing it up because it wasn't on the C drive.Any help to solve this problem would be appreciated. ..........Kumpie

Answer:Operating system (unknown) on unknown local disk


Try marking the C partition as active again, using the Windows method in my post here.

Then run Startup Repair from the repair disc. Hopefully it will see your installation.


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hello i have win 8.1 and i'm confused about the differents about these disk i mentioned.
1)can you tell me what are the differents?
if are three different disk:
2)how can create each of them?
3)where is usefull each of them?
4) can i create these disks to usb?
also i have not any installation disk of win 8.1 (my preinstalled os was win 7).i have created a windows image backup.the backup is anything from that?
5) for automatic repair which disk i will create?
sorry for my bad english

Answer:system repair disk-installation disk-recovery disk

Originally Posted by vasilis

also i have not any installation disk of win 8.1

How to download and create a bootable Windows 8.1 installation media. -> link

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Hi,Bought a G510 running w8.1 in May.  After 3 months of untroubled use I started getting all of the above error messages and problems. Restored to factory image. updated bios and updated drivers problems still persisted, all hardware tests were fine. Contacted Lenovo, laptop needed to be shipped to Germany, from UK as it appears there are no facilities in the UK??, to be examined.  The solution... Lenovo replaced the hard disk. Laptop was working fine again until a couple of weeks ago (about 3 months elapsed since original repair!!)  and exactly the same problems have returned.  The joke is I dont even use the laptop seriously as I dont trust it, and it spends 99.9% of its life as an expensive web browser machine. Surely the drive hasn't failed again, are they really that bad, or does the real problem lie somewhere else? Either way I'm totally unimpressed, no doubt having to send the laptop off for another 10 day holiday in Europe. :-( Anybody got any suggestions whats happening here?  Many thanks

Answer:G510 SATA disk on Controller 0 Port unknown, IQRL not less or equal errors plus 100% disk usage

Maybe you can have someone analyze dump files and figure out what's causing this issue.  You can wait for one of the staff to reply or you can ask at Microsoft Answers as well.  

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I have run into a problem that has been causing me quite a bit of headache as of late. A week ago, my WD Elements External Hard Disk is not displaying under hard disk drives, but does display under Devices and Printers. This is what it shows under computer management:

I have tried to initialize the disk using MBR and GPT options but failed receiving I/O Disk Error.

Please help, thank you.

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I have tried the Windows 7 Forum to find an answer to my question.Disk Management, under View, Top, Disk List, shows my 3 disks Type as 'UNKNOWN'.     One is a Seagate 32oGb, the other 2 are WD 1Tbx6Gb/s disks.  Can anyone help?  I have tried all the uptodate drivers I can find.  btw: The Motherboard is an Asus P6X58D-E with the latest BIOS of '0803'.  The PC runs OK.Any/all help appreciated, 

Answer:Hard disk type Unknown in Disk Manager

Hard drives do not require drivers...Right clik each HDD and select back with your findings...Also a brief history on these drives and what they were used for etc.

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When I attempt to reformat my computer, we reach what should be the partitions screen, but instead of listing all the partitions, we get the error message "unknown disk.  there is no disk in the drive".  Is this a problem with the hardware's ability to detect the hard disks?  Or is this a problem with a required driver?Our CISNET computer motherboard model is A8R-MX, and our processor is AMD Athlon 64 processor 3700+.Please help!

Answer:reformatting problem:unknown disk,there is no disk in the drive

Which Os is it? and is it the first time you are formatting it?

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Sorry for a long post, but the problems have been mounting and I want to be clear with what's wrong...A while ago my computer stopped functioning. After playing a game, I left and came back to find the screen black, so I hit the hard restart button, and it got to the screen with the Gateway logo but when that ended and it should have flashed to the Windows Loading screen, it just went black with a blinking white _ . I tried hard restarting several times, and each time it would go to the black screen with the white blinking _. It shows the BSOD. Even trying Safe Mode only got me a little bit farther - I could get past the gateway loading screen.Finally I decided the best thing to do would be to reformat. Here is where my current problem lies. The drive is plugged in properly and is brand new, so I know it's not a dud. But, when I boot up with the Windows XP Home installation CD and get to the point of selecting which drive to install Windows on, the options is: "Unknown disk (there is no disk in the drive".Once again I tried to install Windows, and it gave me the same message (Unknown disk). I thought for a moment that maybe it was because the hard drive was bad, so that?s why I bought a new one. When the new one came in the mail, I put it in and the same problem happens.So now I'm at an impasse - neither of my drives, one of which worked fine not too long ago and one of which is brand new, is being recognized by Windows setup, and I don't know wh... Read more

Answer:"Unknown Disk - Error"

The new HDD was probably not formatted from the factory and therefore Windows does not recognise it...DLoad and run the disk prep utilities from the drive manuf. site...

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I'm trying to install Windows 7 Home Premium on an old underpowered Dell Dimension XPS T700r with a P3 chip running at 700 MHz, 768 Mb Ram, and an old ATI Rage Pro 128 display adapter. It runs XP Pro just fine.

All seems to be going well as Setup copies and expands files until the first reboot, when I receive "Disk Read Error, press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart". This occurs using several different hard drives of sufficient capacity. It also occurs when I try the installation from a flash drive after mounting the Windows 7 ISO on Virtual Clone Drive from within XP. I've tried to install Windows 7 Starter but it, too, chokes at precisely the same point. I've tried all this on an similar machine with comparable but different components. Same result with all these attempts.

I know I'm try to push the envelope in a downward direction here; Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor issues the standard warnings on processor speed, ram, and display adapter, advising that any installation will be sluggish and that the graphics adapter will not support Aero. But I'd like to see how sluggish.

Any ideas out there as to why this install is choking where it does?


Answer:Installation's first reboot elicits "Disk Read Error"

Swap out the optical drive.

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I got a new PC tonight, custom-built (from eBay) and I've been attempting to install Vista Home Premium x64 for the last 4 hours!

It supposedly had Vista pre-installed and was "ready to run" but the seller was obviously a liar. Because when I turn it on, this is what happens:

- a 'Biostar T-series' visual appears on the screen for a second (I don't know what that is)
- it then goes to a command screen with 'Hardware Monitor' and lots of CPU details

it then says:

Verifying DMI Pool Data ........
Boot from CD:
Press any key to boot from CD or DVD.....
A disk read error occurred
Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart

If I do press a key before the disk read error message appears it does bring me to the Vista installation screen. It then does install Vista, but when it gets to the point where the system needs to reboot, it just brings me back to the same command screen again.

I've tried to format the hard drive, and even attempted the system repair method (it found no problems with the system startup apparently). After I do the system repair process, instead of "A disk read error occurred", I get "BOOTMGR missing" instead, whatever that means.

At present, the computer is unusable, and I'm kinda pissed off cause I've wasted a whole night on this and will probably do the same tomorrow.

Any help would seriously be appreciated - thanks.

Answer:x64 Installation problem - "disk read error"

Remove the DVD so the machine boots from the hard drive on the first reboot during installation. Or set the BIOS to boot from CD first and hard drive second.

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I recently built a new PC, however I'm having a problem installing Windows XP onto my SATA drive. It works perfectly if I use an IDE, but this is what happens with SATA:
-Goes to the setup screen and puts on the necessary files.
-Asks me to format.
-Starts the 15 second restart timer, then restarts.
-I change the boot order to HDD first.
-It tells me "A Disk Read Error Occured. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart" when it's supposed to continue with the installation.

I've tried the drivers that came with the motherboard and no-go. I've also tried with no drivers and it still gives me this error. One time, I believe it said something about "Boot", but it flashed on the screen too fast and restarted to see what it said.

EDIT: If I made a direct copy from an IDE drive onto this SATA one, is there a chance that might help? If there's a driver issue, it would have all the drivers needed on the Hard-Drive wouldn't it?

Motherboard: Asus A8N-VM CSM
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3700 1MB L2 Cache
Case + Power: Antec Sonata II 450w PSU
RAM: Crucial Rendition 1GB PC3200 x 2
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 300GB 7200RPM 16MB Cache SATAII
GPU: Radeon 9600 XT AGP

Answer:Solved: SATA installation in XP = "A Disk Read Error Occured. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart"

Fixed it simply by making a clone of my IDE drive on my SATA drive :-].

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Hi Guys,

I spent the last 3 hrs looking for a solution to this, but nothing has worked. I have already installed Windows 7 on a very similar system but never encountered any problems...

I have built a new system (everything new):

- Gigabyte E350N with CPU on board
- Kingston 2 GB DDR3 RAM
- Verbatim 64 GB SSD

The SSD is OK in the BIOS. I then install Windows 7 using a USB drive (which has worked before for 3 other installs). Windows 7 installer finds the SSD and installs without error. Then it comes to the restart:

"Disk read error"

No matter what I do, I can't get rid of it. I tried the following:

- Windows 7 recovery (also performing it 3 x in a row) finds no problems
- Deleted all partitions on the SSD and reinstalled
- Formating the SSD again
- 3 different SATA cables
- All 4 SATA inputs on the motherboard (shown as Master and Slave in BIOS)
- Optimized settings in BIOS
- Fail safe settings in BIOS
- IDE vs. AHCI in BIOS

I am lost. I don't know what else to try. It is just possible that my brand-new SSD is broken? Then why is Win7 installed without error until the first restart?

Thanks for your help!
Windows was always installed on D: with the 100 MB C: partition, so I also tried the "get rid of the 100 MB" trick. It works (Win 7 installed on C: without the 100 MB partition) but the same problem.

Answer:"Disk read error" on installation

Wipe the HD: SSD - HDD Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

If this fails post back verbatim error message and at what step it fails: Clean Install Windows 7

then test HD with maker's HD Diagnostic extended CD scan.

Follow this with running Disk Check from DVD/Repair CD Command Line, on a full disk partition you've created with the installer when trying to install.

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I am preparing for a hard disk crash.

I purchased a new PC with Windows 7 in June 2012. It came with a Samsung optical disk containing Windows 7. I am eligible for the $14.99 USD upgrade to Windows 8. Will there be an installation disk for Windows 8 available at this price and if not, then how much more will it cost?

If not, then how should I ensure that I can easily install Windows 8 after a hard disk crash? Do I have to keep my Samsung optical disk of Windows 7?

Answer:optical disk installation of Windows 8 after a hard disk crash

Quote: Originally Posted by broiyan

I am preparing for a hard disk crash.

I purchased a new PC with Windows 7 in June 2012. It came with a Samsung optical disk containing Windows 7. I am eligible for the $14.99 USD upgrade to Windows 8. Will there be an installation disk for Windows 8 available at this price and if not, then how much more will it cost?

If not, then how should I ensure that I can easily install Windows 8 after a hard disk crash? Do I have to keep my Samsung optical disk of Windows 7?

I'm not positive, but I'd guess a $14.99 price for Win 8 would be a download, unless Samsung is offering some special promotional price for a disc.

I've seen a price of $69.99 for Windows 8 Professional, which I think is for a disc.

I'd find out what that $14.99 price is good for. It may be for an ISO download, in which case you could burn the ISO to a disc.

I'd keep the Windows 7 disc regardless. If you are like most people, you probably will find 7 preferable to 8.

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Hi there,
first off I wasn't sure where to post but my guess is it's a driver problem so that's why I started the post in Drivers section. So here's the brief story..

I'm presently running Windows 7 and I'd like to switch to Windows Vista 32 bit. I have both Vista Home Premium and Vista Business, however the two CD's won't read, neither while logged on windows, or when I try to boot the disk after bios booting (yes, I set CD/DVD drive as first in booting sequence).

I'll say in advance, I deleted the windows.old folder so now I can't revert to Vista that way.

I would say it's the CD/DVD drive, but I've inserted other CD's/DVD's and they were read completely with no trouble. As well as, I'd say it's my Vista disks that are bad but the business disk was sealed in the original "paper cover/container", therefore there are no scratches or damage to the disk.

I want to also mention that windows update is up to date.

I'm running on a Dell Studio 1535, any thoughts on what might be preventing me from reading and installing Windows Vista?

Answer:Vista installation disk not reading, DVD drive AND DVD disk is good

I want add that another thought of mine is that the disk won't read until the hard drive is completely wiped, but I'm not sure if that's how Vista installation disks are configured and if wiping my hard drive will help..

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I have a hp computer (from around year 2000). It has windows xp, and the front of the cd drive says - hp cd-writer / dvd. I checked this site on how to get info about the cd drive, and this is what my computer says - Drive - E:Description - CD-ROM driveMedia Loaded - noMedia Type - CD-ROMName - COMBI RW16x10/DVDMaunfacturer - (Standard CR-ROM drives)Status - okTransfer rate - not availableSCSI Target ID - 0PNP Device ID - IDE/CDROMCOMBI_RW16x10/DVD_______H1.0_____\563532F4......Driver - c:\windows\system32\drivers\cdrom.sys (5.1.2600.2180(xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158).48......The problem is that the disk for my camera's installation software is SMALL.  Only half the size of a regular cd. But, my drive is for regular cd sizes. I put the little one in, and it gets knocked around and won't start.What should I do?Also, is it possible to buy a drive that will work WITH my computer to use the small cd. Or would it be cheaper to buy a new laptop that will able to work with this cd and other programs that I might need in the future for school (like photoshop, word, illustrator, powerpoint, and lots more).Also, I'm a little familiar with computers, but no where near an expert so please put your responses in beginner terms for me, lol!Thanks for reading.

Answer:Digital camera installation disk not installing (because of size of disk).

Take a look at the link to a picture below.There is a bid circle on the cd tray for a regular sized cd.Inside the big one there is a smaller one for the small sized cd if your cd drive has that smaller cicle put your cd in that and it should work.

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Move windows 7 installation from one disk partition to other disk partition
HI all ,

Before going into details of my problem, I am listing down my system setup.

I have 3 HDDs on my pc with following details :-
1. Disk 0 - 500 GB - Windows 7 32-Bit Installation on C: - Partitions ( C - H)
2. Disk 1 - 1 TB - Windows 7 64-Bit Installation on J: - Partitions ( J - N)
Here I want to mention that, my Win 7 64-Bit installed on J: , and my linked documents folders reside in K: under folder K:\MyFolders ( as shown in K_myFolder.jpg)
3. Disk 2 - 1 TB - No OS on any partition - Partitions ( O - T)
As shown in attachment DiskMgmt.jpg

Now my problem is, windows 7 has detected some fault in Disk 1, thus I need to send the Disk 1 for RMA. So for the same I need to move my Windows 7 64-bit OS installation from Disk1 - Partition J: to Disk 2 - Partition O:, and data folder Disk 1 - K:\myFolder to Disk 2 - P:\myFolder.

How can I do with keeping the settings as mentioned above. How does my OS References will be remained for the requirements.

Thanks in Advance.


Answer:Move windows 7 installation from one disk partition to other disk part

We need to see the labels which are obscurred in the Disk Mgmt columns, nor can we see how much space is used on K you want to move to the smaller P.

You want to use Disk Imaging.. I would use free Macrium Reflect which offers more flexibility where to reimage the partitions you choose to image. Macrium - Image your system.

However if you have a WD or Seagate HD in the mix, you can use their premium Acronis imaging app which is best of all, and has a very easy to understand Manual on it's download page on either HD maker's site.

After imaging if the OS fails to start on the new HD, unplug all other HD's, confirm the OS is marked Active, then run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times until it starts and holds the System flag. Then set preferred HD to boot first in BIOS, boot other one using one-time BIOS Boot Menu key.

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I have recentley made some alterations to my dad's comp.
Changed the mobo etc... had to change it back for various other reasons.
my current issue is that i wanted to reformat and install XP onto the HDD.
But it is not reading any software disks, do you think it would it be a software, OS or hardware problem. Could you direct me where to post if this is in the worng place.

The computer is running Xp home ed at the mo and boots up, but i have to press F1 in the bios prompt at the mo as it is set to boot from cd drive, which fails. the cdwr/dvd reads and will play dvd's but will not read any software disks. i have tried printer, OS , broadband initial drivers disk. In the cdwr/dvd properties it says file system unknown when a software disk is iinserted. This is true for jpegs and audo disks!
Any ideas. I have updated the fireware for the drive.

Answer:Unable to reboot using Time reload disk or XP installation disk!

Have you uninstalled the drive in Device Manager, rebooted and let Windows find and reinstall it?

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I want to know how to approach dell to get a copy of windows 8 operating system iso so that I can reinstall the windows on my laptop.
I have following questions regarding same:
1. What is the procedure of obtaining the Windows 8 operating system iso from DELL?
2. If dell can provide the requested, what are the charges for the same?
3. Can the OEM version of the windows 8 be installed to another computer? What I meant is that how many licenses does I get with OEM version or how many times I can reinstall the operating system during the life cycle of the product(Windows 8) using the same key?
4. If the license key is embedded in the hardware then can I use any windows 8 installer iso to reinstall the OS?

Answer:How to get the WIndows 8 installation disk/recovery disk from dell?

Hi Nitin,
The Windows product key is pre-installed in Dell systems. However may I know the reason why you are looking out for a disc?
If the computer is not booting up and if you want to request for a disc then you may use the below link:  (For U.S only)
If the system is working normally, you may create a system restore disc by following the below steps in Windows 8:
(1) Move to mouse pointer to the top right corner and click on the search button.
(2) Select applications, type Dell backup and recovery and select search.
(3) On the left side you may click on the application.
(4) Once the application opens select recovery disc and create rescue disc.
OEM discs (Win8) can be installed on any Dell computers (if Windows 8 is pre-installed in that computer from factory).
It is suggested to use OEM image for re-installation purpose.

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I am having to reinstall XP - the setup starts and then reformats the hard drive. After it has done that it won't start the program installation it just keeps looping and reformatting the hdd.

Anyone any ideas on that one??


Answer:Installation disk keeps reformatting disk not installing program

If this is happening where setup restarts and the display shows "Press any key to boot from CD"... do NOT press any keys.

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I can't install or uninstall anything. I get a message saying another installation is running, but I can't locate and don't know of any.

Answer:unknown installation running

Hello gmcatee, and welcome to Ten Forums.

You should be able to restart the computer to clear this, and then be able to install and uninstall.

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I read somewhere that if your idiot computer vendors have given you only a Recovery Disk for XP, you can create a proper OS installation disk by copying all the files in i386 to a CD.

Does anyone know the complete process for doing this properly?

I have about eight directories called i386 on my machine (God knows why) which have different collections of files in them.

Also, how do I make a bootable system disk in XP?


Answer:XP Installation Disk made from Recovery Disk

Creating a Windows Installation CD from your Recovery Disk

Read also these

It is adviseable that you slipstream the service pack if your original install was not SP2 so that you can use the disk for system file checker and repair/ recovery as well as clean install.

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I have a windows 7 installation disk and I don't know whether it copyrighted protected or not. If protected then how to make a duplicate disk for backup?

Answer:How to make a duplicate disk of OS installation disk?

If protected, you don't make a duplicate unless you like jail.

You download legal .iso's for the operating system you have and wish to install/reinstall.

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I just bought a new computer from Newegg and decided that after looking at the info seen here that Kaspersky Internet Security would be a reasonable option to put on my two computers at home. The installation went fairly well (only a couple glitches). Want to create a "rescue disk" but in addition to downloading "PEbuilder" (no problem there) it calls for access to the XP Service Pack 2 installation disk. The machine didn't come with a separate XP SP2 installation disk. How do I come up with a XP SP2 installation disk?

Answer:Kaspersky rescue disk needs XP sp2 installation disk?

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This sounds straight forward, but I can not figure this out I am new to this. I have a Etower 500 MHz with 192 mb's of memory and 4 gig hard drive. I used partition magic 3.5 to partition the drive inorder to try and install DOS and win98 and maybe linux. I am following the instructions from this web site here>> I am using the disks that I made from downloading from this site referring to REUEL Boot disk this disk took me through the entire process. It all went great until I rebooted and I keep getting Non-System disk or disk error I have no disk's in the drives. I even installed win98 and all it did was go straight to windows. With in windows I could see the drives I partitioned all of them except the one that windows was actually on. I have done this again and again trying to see if I did anything wrong. Anybody know what is wrong?
Also can anyone tell me how to get free dos I can not figure out what files to download. The one that I am trying to install now is suppose to be mini dos 6.22. I am really new to dos so I am doing a lot of guessing.

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Using that Windows Operating system known as Windows XP and with the Service Pack 1 installed...2 x 120 GB Hard Drives...Partitioned like this...Disk 0 - 97.65GB C: Windows XP | 14.13 GB D: GamesDisk 1 - 20.51GB (no drive letter assigned also an unknown partiton) Drive Image | 20.51GB F: Backup | 64.47GB (Unknown Partition) | 7.27GB E: SPEEDOSPartitions C: | Drive Image | 64.47GB (Unknown Partition) | 7.27GB E: SPEEDOS are Primary patitions.D: and F: are Logical drives...Now in Windows Explorer only partitions C: D: E: and F: are shown. The partition "Drive image" (20.51GB) is not shown. In diskmgmt.msc this partition is shown as "Unknown Partition" It has no drive letter assigned and the only option from a right click is "Delete" :-( It is this partiton that i need as it contains all of my imgaes.The above partition became Unknown after i installed SPEEDOS.The 64.47GB (Unknown Partition) is simply unformatted.Any ideas of how to go about getting my partiton known again?(hope it makes sense)

Answer:"Unknown Partition" after SPEEDOS Installation

boot from a partition magic boot disc and run a check on the partition maybe.should also let you unhide it if its been hidden.

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Hi All,
Recently bought an A7 and was convinced all the pre-installed Toshiba software was slowing things down. Managed to fresh install windows then use the Toshiba Apps installer to restore the components I actually wanted. All has gone well and the computer is about twice as fast now. However I have the following two unknown devices:

1) Device Type: Other Devices
Location: on Intel(R) 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC Interface Controller - 27B9
Hardware ID: ACPI\IFX0102

2) Device Type: Other Devices
Locations: on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System
Hardware ID: ACPI\TOS620A

I have installed the latest Intel Chipset drivers and no luck. Perhaps one of them is the sound card (although I have installed those drivers as well), and one of them the HDD Protection (which I have no intention of installing anyways).

If anyone can confirm what they are it would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Answer:Tecra A7: Two unknown devices after Win OS installation


The Toshiba drivers and utilities installation should be done in the right order.
The chipset utility should be installed at the beginning and then the common modules.
You should use the chipset form the Toshiba website.

The Tecra M7 supports also the HDD protection. Usually you should find it at the last position under "sound, video and game controllers" in the device manager.

I have found this Toshiba document how to identify a unknown device:

Maybe it helps.

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I got a windows xp pro pc with an unknown video controller showing up at device manager. I tried reinstalling it's drivers from a location on the computer and from the xp pro cd but it said it couldn't find the drivers.
I also have no idea what kind of graphic card I have, so I can't really google for some drivers.

The device shows up like this at device manager:
Video controller(VGA compatible)

So I would really like someone to help me get the drivers for this installed or identify it.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Unknown video controller installation

Is it an onboard video card or add-in?

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i have got a Tecra M7 Tablet PC.

After I installed Windows XP Tablet PC edition and all the drivers from the Toshiba Homepage there were 3 "unknown device"s in the Device Manager.

I installed the Ethernet drivers but i do not see the adapter at the "network conenctions".

What can I do to solve this?

mfg pizzaMAN

Answer:Tecra M7 Unknown device after Win XP installation

Since I don?t know what devices you mean I cannot provide you any information about needed drivers?

You are talking about Ethernet driver? you are meaning the WLan or LAN?
Usually both cards (Wlan & Lan) should appear in device manager -> network adapters
If there is an unknown device then this would mean that one of the drivers was not installed.

On the Toshiba European driver page you will find two Intel LAN drivers.
Check both!

I don?t know what Wlan card your notebook has because the Tecra M7 has been equipped with different Wlan cards but all drivers (Intel, Atheros) are placed on the page and you should try it!

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Let it be known that I have done this before for many years on many different computers, and never had this happen before.

so here's how it went. Bought it two days ago, PC came as is with OS loaded with software that I didn't need or want. Decided to re-format, now I get a butt-load of errors during install. (80+ at most, and never the same).

Formatted NTFS on the two HDD's I have, rebooted, Primary Unknown, Secondary NTFS, booted recovery console and ran FIXMBR and DISKPART and both said NTFS. Booted back into XP DOS setup, primary unknown, secondary NTFS.

Tried install on secondary MBR, same 80+ errors and that's when I had to head to work.

If anyone has any ideas, please reply, will check in tomorrow.

it's not the HD's, I just bought one of them and the other was booting XP before all this. And I don't think it's the board, because it would not have booted XP in the first place

* Specs

Dragon Ultra SY-P4S
250GB(x2) IDE HDD (Single Partitions)
Pentium 4 HT 2.8Ghz

Answer:Unknown Partition during preliminary XP installation

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Hi guys, I have an SL510 thinkpad and I have just installed windows 7 professional 64x. I noticed my wifi not working and in Device Manager there are a number of 'Unknown Devices' I have 3 'Base System Device' alerts, a 'Network Controller' alert and an Unknown Device.... The Hardware Ids are as follows: PCI\VEN_197&DEV_2384PCI\VEN_197&DEV_2382PCI\VEN_197&DEV_2383 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0084 ACDI\IBM0068 I have tried installing several WLAN drivers to try and get my wifi working but no good. Any help would be greatly appreciated... ndolly2912


Go to Solution.

Answer:Unknown devices - New installation Windows 7

Good day and welcome to the community.
Device Id  Chip Description               Vendor Id  Vendor Name0x2382     JMB38X SD/MMC Host Controller  0x197B     JMicron Technology Corp.0x2383     JMB38X MS Host Controller      0x197B     JMicron Technology Corp.0x2384     JMB38X xD Host Controller      0x197B     JMicron Technology Corp.0x0084     Intel Wireless Link WiFi 1000  0x8086     Intel Corporation
First three = Card reader-
Fourth = WiFi-
ACPI\IBM0068 is probably the power management driver-
For reference, the SL510 main support pages:
Does this help?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite U300-14Q (Model PSU30E). I installed XP, but there are 2 unknown devices:

- Controladora de memoria PCI - In English: PCI Memory Controller (I suppose...)
- Dispositivo desconocido - In English: Unknown device.

I have installed all the drivers from Toshiba and Microsoft. What are the missing driver?

Greetings from Spain.

Answer:Satellite U300 - Unknown devices after WXP installation


- PCI Memory Controller ? Missing Robson module ? this is not offered for WXP and this will always be listed in device manager. It should not disturb you at all.
- Unknown device ? I am afraid you have forget something. I do not know what but it can be card reader controller or maybe password utility.

Please be sure you have installed all listed stuff following ?Installations Instructions? document. The installations order is also very important.

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Satellite A200 PSAE6E.
Installed Windows XP instead of Vista.

Everything is fine instead of one thing. Device manager shows that PCI Memory controller is unknown device and showed in question mark symbol.

What sould I do? I think i installed all drivers that were possible to download from Toshiba support.

Any suggestions? Really appreciate.


Answer:Satellite A200 - Unknown device after XP installation

You will never find a driver for PCI memory controller on XP.
This hardware is only supported by Vista and so you can ignore this yellow exclamation mark.

By the way, this I have found on the Toshiba website:

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Hi All

I havve an L350-203. The problem is it went astray, and somebody wiped the hard drive.

I have the OEM XP Pro disk (i retrofitted it over Vista for networking) but the Toshiba systems disk is missing with all the motherboard drivers on it. Result - a long list of "unrecognised devices".

On the Toshiba tech support, none of the models correposnd - they are all like L350-2701 or 2021 or similar. Nothing for 203

Can anyone help as to what model it is?

A million blessins for any help - I reall miss this machine (using a other unit instead - a pale imitation!)

Answer:Satellite L350-203: unknown devices after Win XP installation


> On the Toshiba tech support, none of the models correposnd - they are all like L350-2701 or 2021 or similar. Nothing for 203

The Satellite L350-203 belongs to the PSLD8E series and the drivers for this series can be found on the Toshiba European driver page.

Please check this and you will find the Win XP

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Hello forum,

I succesfully installed Win7 in my brand new NB10-A-10V.
This was made possible thanks to BIOS 1.60.

As far as I can tell everything works OK and have found all the familiar features and behaviour provided by Win7.
But the Win7 installation is not perfect yet; there is a missing driver, as signaled by the Device Manager:

*!* Controleur de codage/decodage PCI +(sorry my Win7 is the French version)+

Its ID is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0F1

I have no idea what is controlled here since as I said I did not notice any problem with my NB10 and/or Win7.

Can anyone tell me what is this +Controleur+ ? And just for the sake of pleasing Device Manager, can anyone point me to the missing driver?

All the best, Matitic

Answer:Satelllite NB10-A-10V: unknown device after Win 7 installation

According to the info from PCI database
The VEN (vendor) ID means 8086 and DEV (device) ID seems to related to chipset driver or USB Driver

Both can be found on the Toshiba EU driver page

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Today I installed VBox on my Windows Vista (I know) because I need to to try some things out.
Right after my installation was complete and perfectly running, on my host machine the Network Adapters are listed as "unknown" (my interface is in Italian, here they're listed under "sconosciuto" instead of "schede di rete".
Moreover, if I try giving the "getmac" command, it says there's no network adapter.
Then, I decided to try uninstalling the devices, but when I click on the "uninstall" command, a message saying something like "impossible to download the NET installation program. Try contacting the hardware vendor".
I tried the system recover point, but that was useless too.
I even cleaned the register, but it was useless.
The funniest thing is: even though it says all this stuff, the wlan and the lan connection both works.
The thing is I wanted to know my MAC address, but couldn't get it.
What can I do now? Is formatting the only choice? Please, help!
My wlan adapter is: Atheros AR5007EG and the lan is: Marvell Yukon 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller.
These are the snapshots:

Answer:Network adapters unknown after VBox installation

a couple of ideas (Note I dont know vbox)
try ipconfig /all from a command prompt - see if listed there - should be
then if you make a note of the IP address, log into the router and see if you have a DHCP table and the MAC address maybe there

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Hi, Every time I boot my system, some unknown application tries to install/uninstall something.When I try to find the location of the exe file, it leads me to a directory under tmp folder. Every time it will be a new directory!And the process is started by a file which has the name: prsetup.tmp.Last time, the name of the directory under tmp was: is-MF9S3.tmp(I have saved this folder for reference under C:\, so that we can analyze the file later. If you want to see the file, I can share it)I don't know what it is trying to install or uninstall and why it is starting with every boot.I am afraid, this could be some malware or Trojan.I need your assistance in analyzing this. Contents of FRST,txt:Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version:27-12-2015Ran by dell (administrator) on DELL-PC (28-12-2015 17:38:33)Running from C:\Users\dell\Documents\MalwareBytesLoaded Profiles: dell (Available Profiles: dell)Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate (X64) Language: English (United States)Internet Explorer Version 8 (Default browser: Chrome)Boot Mode: NormalTutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: ==================== Processes (Whitelisted) ================= (If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.) (Quick Heal Technologies (P) Ltd.) C:\Program Files\Quick Heal\Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro\ARWSRVC.EXE(Quick... Read more

Answer:Installation of some unknown software starts after every boot

And I noticed that, the Home page of my Internet Explorer has changed to:
I don't use IE and I have never visited this site before. So, I don't know how this got inserted as Home page!

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I've a Portege r500 ppr50e-05402ren on which I've removed vista and installed winXP.

I have installed the sound, bluetooth, lan, wlan, video and sd drivers.
However I still have an "unknown device" listed with an exclaimation mark in device manager.

Does anyone have an idea what this might be?



Answer:Re: "unknown device" on Portege R500 after XP installation

Install simply everything from the Toshiba page.

But possibly you are speaking about the PCI memory controller.
It?s Intel Turbo Memory also called Intel Flash cache logic chip. It is quite new technology designed to support new Vista capabilities and XP doesn?t supported it. Therefore the unknown device in the device manager

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I've try to install win 2k on my Tecra S2.
I've download all driver and I've read the order of the installation, but now I've an unknown PCI Device.

I've try to check all device like:
- Modem
- Lan Card
- Wireless lan card
- Card bus
- Audio

etc etc (including irda driver, mobile extension, power save driver touch pad driver ....)

I've also try to re install all driver but I' already have the unknown PCI device, the only driver who I haven't installed is the bluethooth.

Please some one can help, please

Answer:Win 2000 installation on Tecra S2 - unknown devices

The only solution for you to find your way through this is downloading a
freeware called "Unknown Device Identifier" from this site:

This program will allow you to easily locate the proper device description as well as the
coresponding driver.

Hope this will sort out things



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Hello, I have been trying to unistall AVG all morning but it can't complete as there's a installation running, but to my knowledge there isn't another one running and I can't work out what it is? It's not a problem with AVG as iv'e tried unistalling other programs and they say there's a installation running to. Anyone got any ideas how to stop this mystery installation? Thanks

Answer:Unknown Installation Running, Preventing Installs

Try this.

Right click on the window in the bottom left of your screen; or right-click on the task bar and open Task Manager. Look down the processes tab for AVG. Right-click to "end task. " It will give you a warning. Ignore it and end the task. Now try the uninstall.

If this doesn't work, check out this post here: Windows 10 & Antivirus Software

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i just installed Windows XP on a Satellite U500-115 (PSU5EE) and can't get rid of several unknown devices in the device manager.

Before installing the operating system i switched the AHCI-Settings in BIOS to Compatibility-Mode(IDE), so i don't need to inject SATA-Driver during the installation.

These are the unknown devices:

ACPI\PNP0C32\1 (Location: Intel ICH9M LPC Interface Controlle - 2919)

ACPI\PNP0C32\2 (Location: Intel ICH9M LPC Interface Controlle - 2919)

ACPI\PNP0C32\3 (Location: Intel ICH9M LPC Interface Controlle - 2919)

ACPI\PNP0C32\4 (Location: Intel ICH9M LPC Interface Controlle - 2919)

ACPI\TOS6205\2&DABA3FF&0 (Location: Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System)

Of course i installed chipset driver and graphics driver from toshiba download page, but the unknown devices are still there! Can you please tell me what kind of drivers i need to install the ACPI-Devices and get rid of these unknown devices?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite U500-115 - Unknown Devices after Win XP Installation


In my opinion the unknown devices belongs to the SATA interface controller and these appears as unknown device because you have installed the XP in compatible mode.

Try to install the Intel Storage Manager driver.

The ACPI\TOS6205 device might be a Bluetooth device.
You need to install the Bluetooth stack in order to get rid of unknown device.


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I search the drivers for the two Unknow Devices in the hardware-manager:

"Intel(R) 82801GBM (ICH7-M/U) LPC Controller"
"Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System"


Answer:Portege R500 - I've got two Unknown Devices after XP installation


Did you install all Toshiba XP drivers which appear on the Toshiba European driver website?

There you can find also an ?installation instruction? document which provides the right installation order. Please check if all XP drivers were installed as mentioned in this doc.

Furthermore you should check if you have installed the MS WinXP SP2 and the Intel chipset Utility.


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After formatting my PC for some reason my wifi usb adapter TP-Link TL-WN321G stopped working. After 5 days trying to fix it I decided to post here to get some tips.
So far I tried reformatting my PC, uninstalling all usb ports and reinstalling them and even installing new ones! (yeah i but a 10-1 double usb port card) the problem persists.
All the info i have so far are:
-TP-Link TL-WN321G, TL-WN422G, my Toshiba external Hard drive and my Samsung phone are all Unknown Devices.
-When I try to manually install the drivers I get the "the folder you specified doesn't contain a compatible software driver for your device" error.
-My mouse is not working corectly when connected to these ports.

My PC specs are
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6420 @ 2.13GHz
Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5N-E SLI
(bios Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG)
GPU NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GS
OS Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
BTW my device manager is like this at the moment:
Please help me?

Answer:Unknown Device problem during driver installation

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I've got a Satelitte A200 PSAE6E and it came with Vista.
Now i've downgraded to XP my self and installed all the drivers i could find from the toshiba website
I still have these problems:

1. I have a pci memory controller that is not identiyfied by windows and i want to resolve that

2. When i connect my video camera trough 4 pins firewire to my laptop does not found and when i do it by ieee1394 to usb, i get usb device not recognized (trieed downloading drivers for the cam but they did not work)

Please help me :)


Answer:Satellite A200 PSAE6E: unknown devices after XP installation


Regarding the point *1:*
The "PCI Memory Controller" or "Mass Storage Controller? means the Turbo Memory former Robson module. This feature is available only in Vista and therefore the drivers are not available for Win XP.

Check this:
[No Windows XP driver for PCI Memory Controller|]

*2)* I don?t know how it works with you camera but I needed to install firstly the cam drivers and then I have connected the camera to the notebook using an firewire-to-USB 2.0 cable and then I enabled the video camera.
My A200 recognized it immediately.

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I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (Genuine) installed all the drivers I could find in Toshiba's site and almost all Windows Updates but I have one device that is not recognized :

1) Unknown Device

Answer:Satellite A500-1GH - Unknown device after Windows installation


Unfortunately I think nobody here can say you what device driver is missing exactly?
Can you post the vendor and device ID?

Maybe this document can help you a little bit:

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So I have the Satellite A660-10W, and I reinstalled the Windows 7 it came with Windows 7 ultimate 64bit. First thing is when I use fn+F6/F7 (other combinations work) for brightness levels it doesn`t work, brightness doesn`t change. And the other thing is that there seem to be some unknown devices.

Here is everything hope someone can think of what could it be, thanks in advance. :)
Link: []

Answer:Satellite A660-10W - After Windows 7 installation some unknown devices

You should try to install: Bluetooth, Infrared, Modem drivers....

Anyway, it will be better if you post vendor/device's id:

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I installed vista ultimate yesterday, but unfortunately my U200 is not as vista compatible as the sticker would make me believe.
Non functioning items I've identified so far:
- Speakers and Headphone jack
- Function Keys
- Fingerprint Reader

Almost none of the included toshiba software installs even after turning "Application control security off"

Does anyone know where I can get the new drivers and software or when they will become available?

Otherwise really liking Vista. It is very responsive and simplifies many tasks. It looks nice too, but thats not my priority.
Any help gratefully received

Answer:Unknown devices after Vista installation on Satellite Pro U200

This might help others having similar problems. I have been able to get evrything to work except my shortcut keys.

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After a clean installation of Windows 7 on my T60 87414BU installing all drivers I was able to recognise I still have 2 unknown devicesas per the screenshot below, for which I unable to find drivers for.  Any suggestions or are these legacy hardware devices for which no drivers are needed under Windows 7? Disable the devices?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Do I need drivers for 2 Unknown devices in T60 Windows 7 clean installation

Hi again.
No, don't disable them, we'll see them fixed in a flash. Did you run the System Update utility? And are you running a 32bit or 64bit version of Win7?
Open up the Details tab on both of these and copy/paste the first line under HardwareIDs here.
For your Biometric Processor, you need to install the Fingerprint Software for your machine, the driver is included.
Fingerprint Software for Windows 8 (32-bit), 7 (32-bit)
Fingerprint Software for Windows 8 (64-bit), 7 (64-bit)

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I just installed Windows 7 64bit into my laptop Toshiba Satellite A500 -132 and in device manager its saying that there is unknown device ACPI\ENE0200. Do you know what drivers should I install?

And the second problem is that when I installed Value added pack there is usually a red light shining out of the headphone jack, but when I installed the audio driver the light disappeared and doesn?t shine anymore.

Is there any fix for that?

Answer:Satellite A500 - unknown device after Win7 installation

It is the ENE CIR Reciever or at least it was for me.

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Hi, I recently installed windows 7 ultimate 64-bit on my father's Lenovo G530 (4446-22G) laptop. In device manager I see 2 "base system devices" in yellow that are not recognized. Does anyone have any idea what those devices might be? I attach screenshot of the device manager both by type and connection. Also, I installed the Energy Management for win7 64-bit but the Fn keys do not work. Any suggestions about this? Thank you in advance. 


Go to Solution.

Answer:G530 (4446-22G) unknown devices after Win7 installation

Hi, you can try this method to identify the unknow driver.  Go to Device manage>Right click on the Unknown Driver>Properties>Details Tab>Hardware ID>Follow the image shown(example only)>Paste the ID on Google and let Google search it for you.

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G'day all.

I have an A600 (Vista original) which I recently installed to Windows 7 Professional 32 bit (reformat/reinstall). I was careful with the order of installation. All is fine except the inbuilt camera does not work and there is an unknown PCI Simple Communications controller listed in device manage. Undoubtedly the two are linked.

I have tried reloading the chipset drivers to no avail. The unknown device is PCI bus 0, device 3, function 0. Is there any way of determining what this device is so I can track down the missing driver?

Answer:Portege A600 - Unknown device after Windows 7 installation

Hi buddy,

Can you post the vendor and device ID of this unknown device? This would be useful to identify it.
=> [How to identify an unknown device (e.g. Wireless LAN module)?|]

But PCI communications controller could mean the webcam? In your case I would try installing the webcam driver from official Toshiba website. After the installation you should be able to start the webcam software and use the webcam.

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Yesterday (Friday, 12-5-2014) as I was reading some news article online, a pop-up box with the usual red Flash Player rectangular logo and a message that says I need to urgently update my Flash Player. I clicked the "Update" button and subsequently got infected with many unwanted programs. My google chrome browser was hijacked and replaced with a search engine from

I tried to delete the malware programs through the Uninstall tool section of the CCleaner program but they won't go away. Then I ran the Malwarebytes program that showed 616 detected objects listed mostly as PUP and various others. All were quaranteed and subsequently deleted/removed.

After that most of the malwares were gone except there is this somewhat blank icon appearing on the desktop that says "Continue Live Installation" that, according to the property section, was created on the same day of infection. It won't allow me to delete it saying that I need permission from PC-PC/PC to make changes to this file.

Also, I could not get connected to the internet because it was switched to another so-called proxy provider or something like it. I got help from google chrome instruction to have that removed and was able to get back into internet connection and back to my google chrome but another browser, the search page, always also opens up.

I came here for help and performed the malware cleaning/removing procedure as instructed in the Read Me First thread. Here... Read more

Answer:Unknown file: Continue Live Installation & trovi

Hello, dolphinocean

Please re-run RogueKiller and run a scan. After it finishes the scan, select the Registry tab and then select any of the below that exist and then click the Delete button. Do the same under the Tasks tab

Registry :
[PUP] HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{02A96331-0CA6-40E2-A87D-C224601985EB} -> Found
[PUP] HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{1AA60054-57D9-4F99-9A55-D0FBFBE7ECD3} -> Found
[PUP] HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{3278F5CF-48F3-4253-A6BB-004CE84AF492} -> Found
[PUP] HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{3B5702BA-7F4C-4D1A-B026-1E9A01D43978} -> Found
[PUP] HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{577975B8-C40E-43E6-B0DE-4C6B44088B52} -> Found
[PUP] HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{7E49F793-B3CD-4BF7-8419-B34B8BD30E61} -> Found
[PUM.Proxy] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings | ProxyServer : http=;https= -> Found
[PUM.Dns] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters | DhcpNameServer : [(Private Address) (XX)] -> Found
[PUM.Dns] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\ControlSet001\Services\Tcpip\Parameters | DhcpNameServer : [(Private Address) (XX)] -> Found
[PUM.Dns] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\ControlSet002\Services\Tcpip\Parameters | DhcpNameServer : [(Private Address) (XX)] -> Found
[PUM.Dns] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\{8E866EF2-1BE0-4C13-9C26-9CCF6E2675B9} | DhcpNameServe... Read more

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Hi All

Just installed vista on my A100-237.. after doing the BIOS upgrade and installing the Value Pack "unknown Device" with the location "on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System" appeared in my device manager, any ideas on how to sort this out??

Thanks in Advance!

Answer:Satellite A100-237: Unknown device after Vista installation


Could you please check if you can see the "Batteries" entry under "Computer? in the device manager?
As far as I know the batteries entry should have a "Microsoft SMART Battery" & "Microsoft SMART Battery Subsystem?.

If there is an unknown device this could have something to do with Microsoft ACPI Compliant Embedded Controller.
In such case it seems you need a driver for MS SMART Battery & MS SMART Battery Subsystem.

pleasae check also this thread;

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Question: Unknown Disk

Hey guys -

Trying to install ANY operating system onto a laptop (tried XP home & pro, & Vista) and am getting an error...

Unknown Disk
(There is no disk in this drive.)
Unknown Disk
(There is no disk in this drive.)
Unknown Disk
(There is no disk in this drive.)
Unknown Disk
(There is no disk in this drive.)

Is there a specific problem that causes this? Related to drivers maybe?

Answer:Unknown Disk

Bad hard drive, controller, etc.

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hello everyone,

ok so I have a vaio vgc-rb64g desktop (giving to me by a friend) and im trying to get windows xp installed on this thing. At 1st the original hard drive came up as unknown disk when i tried to install it. So i downloaded windows 7 beta and is using that on the original hard drive. Now my brother's computer mother board had crashed and i took his hard drive and put it in the vaio. I wanted to do a clean install of windows xp on that hard drive but its coming up as unknown disk as well. I tried searching far and wide but was unable to find what i was looking for i do not know what the problem is. I also tried taking the original hard drive out and using my brothers but no luck.

Answer:unknown Disk Help plz

Get the OEM setup/diagnostic disk from the hard drive manufacterer and run the diagnostics. Also, check your cables.

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A friend of mine scanned his computer with Comodo's Internet Security and it resulted an unknown malware type. I'll add the screenshot here to visualise this better:

I googled around a bit and this msi file didn't give me much info. "Microsoft VC90" seems to be related to Visual Basic, but I have no idea, how it helps me getting to know, what may have caused this scan result. The described "[email protected]#" is not that informative either.
I let my friend scan with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware too, but that didn't find any infections. Should my friend be concerned about those two entries that Comodo found?
Thanks for helping,

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I just newly installed (my own Vista 64bit) , my laptop 21D, and I notice, that under device manager, there is option -show hidden devices, then 2 new unknown devices appear.
What are those devices and where to get the right driver for it ?

Answer:Satellite X200-21D - Two unknown devices after Vista 64bit installation

Hi there Green Orchid ,

Is the vista 64bit you installed the software that came with the system or a retail version of windows ?

Before you installed the vista, did you check if there are external devices connected on the system ?

Message was edited by: iSkO

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Hi there, when trying to install an application, I get a pop up saying: 'Error 1500. Another installation is in progress. You must complete that installation before continuing this one.' On a separate occasion, AVG performs an auto update and basically says the same thing: 'Update has detected running installation. Complete that installation before starting update.' Not sure if that is relevant but, I installed Windows 10 several weeks ago and performed a virus check with AVG after the fact, which was successful in finding and securing two trojan horses. I have gone through all tasks and found nothing that is performing any sort of installation that I can see. Any help would be appreciated.

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When optimizing my drives My options select drives to optimize included:  All,  C:, Recovery, and two unknown drives one
labeled    \\?\volume{76888052-0d72-4a91-8a5b-8eb5a12f1512}\  the second unknown was another drive with similar ? volume identification

I've performed searches trying to identify with success. 
Devices and Drives include:
C:, D: recovery, E DVD R/W and Cloud photos 
Question what is a ? drive

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Help! This unknown "Local Disk Q" just showed up this morning, and my regular external drive was gone. I reconnected my external to another port, and that went fine, but this locall disk q remains, and can not be accessed, changed, removed, etc. I scanned for virus's, and all seems ok. How can I remove this, and where did it come from?

Answer:unknown local disk Q

Does it show up in Disk management?

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I believe i was attacked with a virus that messed up my OS booting. The Blue screen pops instantly after the attack. I restarted and the Blue Screen pops up again. I tried to load it with the settings that worked and the blue screen came up once again. I tried safe mode as well and still no change, same blue screen. As usual I thought a reformat would do the trick.I booted with my winxp cd and wanted to reinstall a fresh copy and i saw

Unknown Disk
(there is no disk in the drive)

Unknown Disk
(there is no disk in the drive)

I restarted the comp and rebooted with the cd and i ran the Repair Console
I typed in fixmbr to fix the issue. But the same Unknown Disk was still there when i tried to reinstall again. I did a chkdsk with Repair Console and the ' The Volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems' msg appears.

I'm lost with what to do now

Answer:Unknown Disk Partition

Make and model of PC please

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Hi,I am seeing so many recovery partitions like shown in the photo.I dont know how they were created. I reseted my laptop but it didnt effect the partitions.I want to delete these partitions. Can anyone suggest how to do that.And If I delete those, will I get any trouble if I want to factory reset my laptop.Please help.Lenovo Ideapad Z500 

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