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Pc Booting To Wrong Partition

Question: Pc Booting To Wrong Partition


i am working on a computer that is having trouble booting to the partition that contains windows.

somehow windows got moved from the c drive partition over to a different one. i am only able to get to windows via the recovery module (but i CAN get to it and it looks fine).

is there anyone who could please tell me how to modify the bios in such a way that it directs the system to boot into the partition that contains windows?

thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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Preferred Solution: Pc Booting To Wrong Partition

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Pc Booting To Wrong Partition

Windows -> Run -> type in msconfig
Have a look under BOOT.INI . If XP is listed there, click it, then click set as default.

Hopefully this works.

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I have this audio latency problem on Windows 7 x64 and x86. These partitions were both on the same hard drive. XP doesn't have this problem but that is on my other hard drive. So, I'm thinking maybe the hard drive with the windows 7 partitions is bad, so I'm trying to test a Windows XP partition on that hard drive to see if it's the hard drive itself that's bad or Windows 7.

Well, the problem. I've made an entry in the boot menu but when I select "Windows XP WD", WD standing for Western Digital, it boots into the other XP partition that's on the other hard drive. This is with the Seagate hard drive first boot priority. When I make the WD hard drive first priority, it just goes to this black screen and stays there forever. Also, the drive letters are different on Windows 7 and XP. Example: XP is on partition D but when I'm booted on XP it is partition J but that's a minor problem that I'm not worried about at the moment.

Also, I cloned the XP partition to XP WD, so maybe they're conflicting? See attachment for settings. I've deleted my x86 partition, if you're wondering where it went.

Answer:Windows Booting to Wrong XP Partition

Did you install Windows 7 last and was it a 'clean' install or an upgrade?

You can also go to Start > Run, type msconfig, click the Boot tab and set your default here.

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i am working on a computer that is having trouble booting to the partition that contains windows.

somehow windows got moved from the c drive partition over to a different one. i am only able to get to windows via the recovery module (but i CAN get to it and it looks fine).

is there anyone who could please tell me how to modify the bios in such a way that it directs the system to boot into the partition that contains windows?

thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Answer:Solved: PC Booting To Wrong Partition

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So i have made another partition on my computer. my computer is trying to boot into the drive with nothing on it giving my a no system disk error. So i put in my vista disk and it comes up with my main partition somehow on the d: drive and my new partition on the c: drive. All of my files are intact, the computer is just booting into the wrong partition. Please help.

Answer:Solved: vista booting into wrong partition

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So last night i tried to partition my 250gb hard drive into a seperate 50gb partition, it went through the process but was taking ages and then realised i didnt really need to partition it so i cancelled it.

It then loaded up windows, all my files were there and everything was in order. So i shut down my pc and then a couple of hours later turn it back on..

Now im getting a message along the lines of "windows xp failed to start sucessfully" and gives me an option to start windows normally, start with last working version or go into safe mode. now none of thse options work and all it does is eventually return back to the same screen.

Now when i go to go into safe mode although not working i can see it is look for the /system files but its looking in a directory called "partition/system..."

SO the only conclusion i can come to is that windows is now trying to load from the wrong partition when it should be loading from the c: drive.

Just found out that when trying to load in safe im getting this message when loading the system files "multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1).."

I can only assume its left remaining files from the cancelled partition on there but I dont know why its decided to load from this partition and not as normal, is there anything I can do?

Answer:Booting to wrong hard drive partition

u're widows has been destroyed and will have to at least have a repair if not a reformat and reinstall. try the repair first.

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So i just recently created two partitions on my home pc, one keeping windows xp and i installed windows 7 on the other one. I completely got all my programs and stuff back on windows 7 and it was all set. I decided i should delete the other partition containing windows xp so the windows 7 one could have all the harddrive space. I went into the partition program i was using, changed the windows 7 partition to primary instead of logical ( i think that's what it was, i can't really remember ) then deleted the windows xp one. It had to reboot my computer, then after it was finished deleting and stuff it rebooted again but now it just takes me to a black screen that says press a key to reboot. I got a copy of a windows xp recovery disk, and tried to boot from that but nothing. I even tried switching the boot sequence, but still no luck. I really hope someone can get back to me on this one, i've just stumbled upon this site and figured someone has to have some sort of advice on this disaster haha. I'm not even too sure if this is the right spot to post this, but i hope someone can help!

|Thanks in advance

Answer:Deleted wrong partition dual booting windows 7 and xp

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Hello everyone!

I recently got in to some trouble using my good old computer running Windows XP.

When i installed it i decided to make two partition out of my HDD, one larger for programs/documents and such and one smaller, intended only for the OS. The idea was that should i for some reason need to reformat and reinstall XP, i would not lose valuable documents and photos doing so.

Well, my computer had been quite slow for a while, the symptom being that processor was very often working at , or close to 100 %. After trying a couple of things i realized that my partition intended for the OS was a little small and that, removing anything not needed, i only had 150 MB or so of free space.

I then came across programs such as Paragon Partition and Easeus Partition Master. Unfortunately, both attempts ended in a computer freeze and the computer, at least in windows, losing my larger partition. C: was no longer to be found, causing for instance all my programs to be unable to start, since they were installed on C:.

I then used a program called Testdisk to try to get hold of my original partition and remove and corrupt duplicate ones. This is where things got messy. I believe that i somehow managed to change the primary boot partition, causing a readdisk error.

What was originally a search for some extra partition size has now made me unable to use the computer at all!

I have so far tried some different things.
I have started with the XP CD in, only to realize ... Read more

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I have been running with a SATA 200GB drive for about 6 months or more as a secondary drive with a much smaller (80gb) IDE drive as my primary..

I left an 85GB partition free on my SATA drive to copy my primary drive C (IDE partition) to when I was ready to deal with it.

I used partition magic 8.0 to copy my drive C to my unallocated space. When I set up the copy sequence in PM it says "warning drive may not be bootable", Proceed or cancel. I do proceed.

I remove my IDE drives, and even removed my DVD writer drive. (power from all of them.)

When I power on, just as PM had said, it says please insert a boot diskette.

I've considerred reinstalling windows, but according to other forums and discussions I would then need a floppy with MB SATA drivers and I don't have a floppy drive, and hate to get one just for this one operation. If I boot into windows after everything has been copied via PM, everything is there on the SATA drive, a mirror image of my drive C. But, I can't boot off of it.

My guess is the master boot record (mbr), needs to be created or made active or something. (yes I made the new partition active, no difference.)

Is this a boot issue due to windows xp MBR (or something else windows xp related) or is this a boot issue due to trying to boot off of a SATA drive?

Lastly, Is it an absolute requirement that I have to reinstall windows using a floppy and mb drivers to load the sata drive and go through that who... Read more

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My firewall and antivirus software quit and I wasn't able to download another file or install files from antivirus or from windows update for some files.So I got into the thing and fixed most of the things, managed to install new virus software by changing the download name and did find a couple of bugs/trogans that were taken care of but now when I boot up I can't get to the place where I can get to press a key for the bios settings to change the boot sequence from CD to hard drive.Well have spotmau repair disk and it will boot me up and when I press that for boot from HD it boots me in to the os with no problem.When I try to fix things in dos, my dos shows a default setting for C:/windows/documents and settings/my username and I can't get the directory to change to C:I can change to D: but not to C:How can I get into bios to change things in the root or how can I get my boot.ini to boot up into my windows os? I am not sure now what the path would be now. I am using the boot.ini text I had before but it is not working for me. Just says press f1 to reboot os not foundHope you can help please. Sorry didn't remember where to find CPU other than in task manager and not sure where to see Ram either. :)Judy

Answer:win xp pro booting up to wrong drive or os

when at C:\windows\documents and settingsmy username [\ not /]the command iscd\ to take you to the root of c: which is where the boot.ini is located.How about posting the boot.ini you want to use for review? Answers are only as good as the information you provide.How to properly post a question:

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I have Windows XP and one disk. I added another 160G WD disk. The disk utility copied all the files from disk 0 (the original disk) to disk 1 and made it the new boot disk. How do I make disk 0 go back to being the bootable disk? When I unplug disk 0 , disk 1 boots up just fine. When I unplug disk 1 the computer will not boot up.

Answer:Booting up from wrong disk

Run your main disk as a cold boot install in Repair Mode.

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I have an old install of XP left on an additional harddrive after I got a bigger drive and reinstalled... but now all of a sudden that's the only one it'll boot to! I had some other issues (caused, believe it or not by AVG).. and in the process of that I ran a repair installation over my new and proper XP.. with all the other drives disconnected.. and it was working fine, but as soon as I hook up the other drives... BLAM it's booting into the old install again. Now in disk management it's listed as the Boot Drive and the one that SHOULD be System is listed as active... i read something about making it active to make it boot from that drive... but it's not working.. what is the easiest way to modify where it boots from? I have been trying through the recovery console with fixmbr but that didn't work... i feel like there should be something more straightforward though!

note: the drive with windows that i want to boot off of IS listed first in the hdisk boot priority in the bios...

Answer:wrong installation of XP is booting

This may help:
Be sure your "Proper" boot drive is the one listed first in The BIOS boot order. The nomenclature can be confusing. For that matter, just switch the boot order and see what happens.

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Hi all, just playing with an old XP Home PC Sony Vaio
which I use primarily just for my cctv. 2hdds one with the OS and anything
else and one solely as a recorder for cctv. I put another hdd in it
which was laying around to just to see what
was on it with the intention of formatting it and using as a backup.
Everything still works
OK but it seems to have made itself the C drive and now boots into to XP Pro.
Storage drive is SATA other 2 are set to cable select Eide drives.
I would rather it booted from the original drive.

Answer:PC booting from wrong drive

On startup go into the BIOS and change the boot order. You can access the BIOS with the F2 key. If you have a newer unit the press the "Assist" button and choose "F2" to enter the BIOS.

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I have had HDD problems recently - basically dead! I have taken a drive (an old Maxtor N256)from another PC to format and load XP to get the PC live again. To format it, I put into a removeable caddy in another PC (also XP)but thay PC keeps booting from the drive in the caddy. I have removed the jumper on the N256 (as I think that's right for Slave), so I'm puzzled why this is happening.Any ideas please?

Answer:Booting from wrong drive!

Why not do it in DOS using KillDisk click here

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I have two hard drives, a 1.5TB drive, and a 160GB drive. Windows is installed on the 1.5TB drive, as are all my files and programs. The 160GB drive has a bunch of old files, and apparently the bootmgr and boot folder.

If I remove the 160GB drive from the machine, windows refuses to boot, plug it back in, it works fine. The setup with two hard drives I have now is temporary, as the 160GB drive will go into another machine.

My question is, can someone give me a step by step on how to make windows force to boot off the 1.5TB drive, ignoring the 160GB drive in the boot process completely?
I don't know how to do this in Windows 7, on XP I would just run the /fixmbr command and its related ones.

Thank you for any help in advance.

Note: I would really really rather not have to wipe and reinstall, I know it can be done without one as I've had this issue with XP before.

Answer:booting off wrong drive?

Right click on Computer> Properties> Advanced setup settings> Settings button under Startup and Recovery.

Under Startup and Recovery you will find Default operating system: Click on this and choose the operating system you want.

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I just installed a new Maxtor 500 GB hard drive to replace my older 300 GB. Want the 300 to be an additional drive
I thought I did everything ok.
Maxtor software cloned successfully.
Jumper settings are Master for the new drive, no jumper per Maxtor for slave (old) Cable is connected with the end of the cable to Master and middle to slave

Cable select wouldn't allow me to boot
Bios recognizes the new drive as primary Master and the old as primary slave. DVD rom is secondary master

However, the computer boots to the old drive and My Computer has that one as the C and the new one as E
Using XP Pro SP2
Belarc adviser calls the 500 drive (0) and the old one as drive (1)

The boot sequence is floppy, dvd rom and hard drive

Both drives are IDE

Also, when I restart, I get a "Disk boot error. Press any key". It then boots properly but to the wrong hard drive, the old one

I tried removing cables and power to the old drive but it wouldn't boot at all

I was looking at some other posts and found this

"Right-click on My Computer and select Manage, then click on Disk Management on the left side almost at the bottom."

When I do that, the top right window has both drives listed with the old drive (c) as "System" under status and the new one as "Active"

The bottom right window has the new drive "E" as disk 0 and "C" as 1

How can I get the new drive to be c and boot to that?

Can I simply rename the drives in Disk ... Read more

Answer:Booting to wrong drive

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Hi,I've had this problem for a few months now, but have only just found the time to deal with it.When I copy audio files (especially large ones) from another drive, e.g. a DVD, CD or my primary partition, onto my extended partition (drive D) on my Western Digital 250GB SATA hard drive, the files are corrupt. They will sometimes open and play up to a point, and then they will skip large parts out, stop and freeze the media player software (winamp, windows media player, etc), or even play part of a different file!As an experiment I tried copying it to my main partition where Windows is installed (drive C, around 46.5GB). This worked fine, so I'm assuming there is something wrong with my partition.The D drive is (186GB) in size - is it that it's too large a drive for Windows to manage? It does still have 103GB free space.If I format it, is it likely that this will solve the problem, or does this sound like more of a problem with the actual drive?As I mentioned earlier, drive C is fine, but I would like to sort this out as soon as possible! If I can get away without formatting that would be handy, as otherwise I have to back up (or just lose) 83GB of (mainly) audio, video and downloaded software!I would appreciate any help, advice, comments - anything to sort this out because it's one of those really, really annoying mystery problems!Cheers,Gaz

Answer:There's something wrong with my partition!

"The D drive is (186GB) in size"FAT32 or NTFS ?

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Question: Wrong partition

Hi, yesterday and after a lot of reading and watched a lot of videos, I tried to reformat a Sony pc with XP home. for a friend using a CD boot, To begin with I run the cd from the E:\ drive, not from BIOS, then when i came to the point where it asks you "which partition to delete" I had 3 partitions D:\, C:\ & F:\ and chose D:\ , after I deleted it I tried to do the same on the C:\ partition, but i would not let me,because of a "set had some files on this drive" message, so I just tried to installed the new XP on the D:\ partition, everything went ok from here, but it finished installing and started to install devices it stopped and got a message that "there is not enough space on my drive". I know for sure that C:\ is almost full and that's was another reason we wanted it to wipe it out.
Now, when computer starts it show the old same XP home and the new XP pro.
How can I now delete the Pro edition and start over again with the installation?
Did I have to do it from BIOS since the beggining?
Did I have to delete C;| partition since the beggining?
Thanks for any help.

Answer:Wrong partition

This it a Sony CD or a Microsoft XP install CD?How many drives (not partitions) are attached to this system?If you can, try to use Print Screen to take a picture of the Disk Management window...and post same in your next post. Ignore the instruction actually print, you want to post the graphic file which results.Louis

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I have a HD of 10 GB .My son repartitioned the drive & did it wrong .I have 56k internet fat 32.He partitioned it using Fat16. How do I change it? He formatted the drive & didnít back it Up? I tried to do it and a message came up that I needed a volume No. I put in the Volume No.It says the wrong No. Can you Help? I would Like Get it back the way it was. Thank you.

Answer:Partition Is all wrong

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I want to transfer allot of files off my old pc to my new. I plugged in my old hardrive into the new pc, but everytime I try to boot up it tries to boot up off the old harddrive; which doesn't have windows on it... so the computer complains and restarts.

Answer:Windows is booting off the wrong drive.

In BIOS, change the boot order so that it doesn't attempt to boot from the old drive or at least tries to boot from the new one first.

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Ever since i installed Mcafree Virus Scanner the clock on my computer upstairs (WIN 98) has decided to pick any time it wants, also when i boot up my num lock key has been turned off, meaning i have to press it to turn it on (which i didnt have to do)Plz Help and tell me why these are doing this :)

Answer:When booting up my clock says wrong time.

it could be the mobo cmos battery has died with most pcs it is simply a matter of unclipping the battery almost the size of a 10 pence piece and putting a new one in. they are normally a CR2032

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and eventually it gives me this error:

what did i do? all i did was restart after installing system-switch-mail-gnome

after i log in on black screen and type startx i get this:

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Western Digital 36.6 GB Raptor (x2 Raid 0) - Primary (Windows XP)
Western Digital 200 GB Sata HD - (Data Drive)
Maxtor IDE 80 GB - (data Drive)

I used to have Windows Vista installed on the 200gb drive, but formatted it through windows XP. Somehow, my computer is still booting from the 200gb drive, before the bootup process I see a message in text from Vista that There is a problem with windows. No kidding? I formatted the drive. Can anyone help me clear vista completely off of this drive, and get my Raptors back to the default primary drives?

Thanks for any thoughts/help!


Answer:Booting from wrong Hard Drive

Instead of formatting, I'd try wiping out the partition, since it sounds like you still have the vista boot record on their.

Also, did you use full format, or quick format?

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HiI have just built a new XP 32 system,and all works fine. What I thought I would do to finish off was to connect my old system disk ??Seagate Barracuda 7200.7?? to my new system just to be able to access the data files, and copy them over to the new set up. I have done this before without any grief. I know that the old XP OS is still on there, but I did not think it would boot from it without me telling the system to do so.I thought things were suspicious when I checked the BIOS and it only seemed to see the IDE disk, which the seagate is. The seagate is connected to the MOBO through the IDE plug.The other two disks, including the new system disk, are connected via the SATA ports on the MOBO. When the IDE disk is not connected the system boots from the new C system disk, when the seagate IDE disk is connected the system boots from it. I?m sure I?m missing something really obvious, but its not obvious to me.Can anyone give me some advice as what settings to adjust so I can just access the data on the seagate disk and stop my pc from booting from the wrong disk? Just ran Belarc system audit, and for some reason my printer is being detected as a hard drive! Does this mean things are well wrong?MOBO Asus P5SD2-VMThanks for your time in readingKwisj

Answer:system is booting from the wrong disk

Printer is being detected as hard drive...   First, reset your CMOS, because your BIOS is evidently wonky and is not enumerating your USB devices, set your desired boot

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I installed Windows XP Pro on my sons 98 machine (more then meets the system requirement) However during the install XP installed on a smaller partition and used all the space and 98 is still on the machine. how do I clear off the hard drive and start form scratch.

Answer:xp installed on wrong partition

Start from the very beginning again. Boot from the Windows XP disc and go through the installation. You'll be able to create a partition using the whole hard drive (minus a small bit the computer needs) and install Windows XP on it.Apologies if I don't respond to your reply immediately. I don't check this site daily, but you're welcome to PM me as a reminder.

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I just formatted and installed Windows XP last night. I have two partitions on one physical drive, C and D. Windows is installed on C. All my data is on D. Today I find out that somehow the XP boot files (boot.ini, NTDETECT.COM, and ntldr) ended up on my D partition. I have no idea how or why this happened. I went into Disk Management and Windows says that C is my boot drive but D is my system drive. How do I move those boot files back to C where they belong? I have seen some stuff on Google about this, but most of it is about editing the boot.ini rather than actually moving it and making it work. Here is my current fuxored boot.ini for reference:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

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Pic 1

If you look on top it shows the disk size correct but look at the bottom and it shows 10796 used and free is only 159,204 free. Where is the rest of the drive? Is this partition to large and windows wont support it or do I have another issue? Please give me some suggestions. Thanks

Answer:Whats wrong with this partition????

Pic saved as a doc...interesting!

Anyway, did you look at it under Windows Explorer? (My Computer-> Right click the drive and 'Properties', does it show the same thing?

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I Have an Acer x1930 with win7 home premium 64bitI cannot boot it up it keeps saying reboot and select proper bootdevice in bios boot is marked X and there is something called efi device as first boot (what is that?) Somebody has tampered with my machine.

Answer:partition table all wrong

If the machine is still under warranty you should contact the vendor of maker of the computer. It just might be some kind of failure.Why do you think somebody tampered with your computer? It takes more than a little bit of messing around to stop a PC from booting - unless the person did nit on purpose - and not by accident.

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First: Please forgive me for leaving out specs of my system. I will try to be as thorough as possible, but truly believe the problem is not a hardware issue. If necessary, I will post specs, but at this point I'd like to avoid being confused and overwhelmed by any suggestions that my hardware may be the issue. Again, I will post if someone requests it to diagnose my problem.

The story is long and boring and involved many repair installs, boot fixes, hardware changes, and more. I will pick up from the point that I think the current problem started.

My system has (or had) two internal hard drives. Both IDE/PATA. One was a Western Digital 80GB drive that came with my old system 5 years ago. The second is a Seagate 300GB.

I had the 80GB set up with four primary partitions: 20GB for XP, 10GB set aside for a possible install of Ubuntu (never happened), 20GB set up for Vista (again, never happened), and 30GB as my "my documents" folder.

The second hard drive (the 300) was originally for downloads and mulimedia only. Any ripped music or whatever went in there. A month back I used a partition program (paragon) to set up a 1GB partition so I could separate my pagefile.sys from the XP drive.

All of that is mostly back story. Let me get on with it:

The 80GB has always been loud and seemingly on the verge of crashing. The past year or so it's been really bad, but I wanted to wait until I got a new system to replace the drive. Mostly I just did a hail mary every ... Read more

Answer:XP trying to boot from wrong partition

Why starting on D? You should instaal your operating system on drive C. It seems that you installed on D. But with a bootup sequence on C. That won't work. If you clone a drive you will end up with two active or Primary drives and two bootup-partitions. Your D drive or partition should be set to inactive or as logical partition. With the Windows setup you can select the other as logical. With any partitioning software you could check or uncheck the active partition. It is to be recommanded to format with windows because the NTFS file system of Windows is 3.1 and most partition-programs do not support this version fully.

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Well because of the 30 days of activation is over for my windows xp and now that  my computer won't let me log in I decided to take everything off it and start again.  For some reason my c drive is only 4 MB Fdisk looks like this:partition         1            EXTENDED  DOS                     2047 mb     useage    100%C:      2     Status(A)   PRIMARY DOS        4mb             useage It won't let me delete extended and I think I did delete primary after formatting drive C:   I tried deleting drive D: which I think my operating system is on but won't let me.  I tried making this my active partition but it won't let me.   Can anyone help me as I think I deleted the wrong partition   I am trying to install win98 but it is saying it needs so many mb's and my drive c isn't big enough!!!  It won't read my drive D: so I do not know what I can do.......

Answer:deleted wrong partition?


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I have a Acer TravelMate 4150. When I tried to re-install Windows a couple of days ago I realised that I could not see the boot screen (Windows xp - loading screen). I could not enter the bios to set the boot seqeunce because the screen stays blank untill it enters Windows. I then connected my external monitor and noticed that the laptop boots on that monitor and as soon as it enters Windows, the laptops screen switches on. I have since re-installed Windows but still have the same problem.

I have check all the settings and no external monitors are enabled. My monitors are in the right order, when I "Identified" them my laptop screen would be nr1 and external 2.

Please help

Answer:TravelMate 4150 booting on wrong screen

Download and install the Acer's video driver from the Acer support site, and see if this fixes the trouble

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Hello folks -- I am desperating ..... I run a T500 (2082-8WG) with two times XPP on it. One on the first HDD bay which runs well. The 2bd I installed on a HDD in a bay (instead of CD-ROM) which runs perfectly just for a few days. I can use F12 at while booting and choose run the first HDD or the 2nd one without problems. But then, after 10-12 days passed it shows "NTLDR is missing" without any error the times before. It is amazing. I already tried several hints. I was told to install Win XPP with the 2nd HDD inserted in the 1st slot (even dont know why this should make any difference). I did this and again, the same problem. It sucks after a few days (did not count if there is a certain number of tries of days, I guess around 1-2 weeks and several times trying). It seems that BIOS doesnt not recognize the 2nd one after y few days but no clue for what reasons. Any ideas pls? Actually, I should mention, that NTLDR (246kb), and a few other system files ARE on the 2nd disk as well(which is called also Preload, like the first one)! Thanks Ignacio

Answer:"NTLDR is missing" while booting from bay HDD ... whats wrong?

If you unhide Hidden and System files on the first HDD, you can go to the root directory and copy NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM to the other disk. I think EasyBCD can automate this for you.

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Help!! I accidently chose the wrong partition to install Windows XP...I currently run Windows 200 Pro. Windows XP is installing right now as I type, and I guess once it finishes I'll have 2 OS'es installed...

Can someone help me on how to remove Windows XP? I do not want to format the drive as it is my files drive, and I do not want to lose my files...

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Installed Windows XP in wrong partition...HELP!!

Well, if you installed XP on your "second" partition, it will give you a boot up screen with the option to boot to Win2K OR WinXP. But it won't hurt anything.

If you want to remove XP you can simply delete all the files XP put on that second partition. That's all there is to it.

Then, go back to your C: drive, find a file called boot.ini, and open it in notepad (while you are in WIn2000), and if you see a line listing the XP boot option, just delete that whole line, save it, and you will get rid of the XP booting option at boot time.


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I had one SATA 250 MB HD with 3 partitions and Windows XP on first.All work fine until I added a secon HD 40MB ATA.I have instaled Windows 7 on new HD
and after that my PC wont boot normaly.Both Windows recognize ATA HD as disk 0 , SATA HD as disk 1(in disk managment).In XP boot.ini stand rdisk 0.When i tried to change it to rdisk 1 XP could not boot.
I am able to boot both Windows through bios utility which offers me to choose which HD to boot.When I choose ATA drive I get a screen offering Windows 7 and Windows XP.Windows.Windows 7 boots normaly , XP wont boot.How can I solve this problem?

Than You

Answer:Boot.ini points to wrong partition

lilo or grub if you know what you're doing. backup your boot.ini file before making changes.

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Windows 7 is trying to download and run everything on the D:/recovery partition of my harddrive. I cannot run any programs such as anti-virus, or update anything due to "low disk space" What can I do to fix this problem? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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So, I installed 64 bit Windows 7 on my computer, all seems good except the system paritition is not on the disk I installed Windows 7 to. I can not get inside the computer to remove one hard drive and then reinstall and I would prefer not to even reinstall again.

Disk E is my USB Stick.

Is there anyway to manually fix this:?

Answer:System Partition on Wrong Disk

Easiest would be to transfer the bootmgr to C - then you can disregard the system partition. Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD

The reason your system partition landed on Disk0 is because the installer always grabs the disk with the lowest port number for it.

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So today I got a new 1TB WD Green Power to compliment the one already in my media center PC:

HP Elite M9350F
AMD Phenom X4 9850 @ 2.5GHz
6GB DDR800
2x 1TB WD Green Power
Hauppauge HVR-1800

As I was initializing the disk in disk management, I accidentally set the new drive as the active partition (I clearly wasn't paying attention). So I rebooted and surprise... BOOTMGR is missing.

Ok... easy enough fix. I'll just boot to my Vista x64 disc and set my Windows drive as the active partition. The only problem? My HP media center computer uses a RAID BIOS that, as far as I can tell, cannot be disabled. This in and of itself isn't too bad, however, when telling command prompt "cd c:\" is says that it's not ready (or something like that).

Any ideas?

Answer:Whoops: set wrong partition as active. Help!

You can have an active partition on each physical drive. So, just because you made your new physical drive active will not make the partition on your other physical drive "not active".

It is possible that your new physical drive is given boot priority over your old physical drive. In that case, all you need to do is to go to the BIOS and give boot priority to the old drive.

If you are sure that your problem is setting a partition active (I doubt that), you can use GParted live CD for that.

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I just opened my Ideapad u430, and immediately noticed that the windows OS was installed on the 500gb sata drive instead of the SSD. I'm pretty sure the whole point of the SSD portion was to install the OS on it to speed performance. Any tips on how to transfer the OS onto the other side of the partition without having the original discs?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Windows 8 installed on wrong partition

Hello and welcome,
What size is the SSD?  They are usually relatively small and configured to intelligently cache frequently-accessed files.  Typically they are not the primary OS drive.

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At work I was preparing to format an old drive and install new copy of Windows on it. Deleted existing partition and created a new one. I was about to format drive and then realised that I'd been given the wrong drive! Is it possible to recover lost data?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Urgent! Deleted wrong partition.

Try the Free Test Disk,
Easeus Partition Recovery, or R-Studio

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This question is probably much like
System Reserved Partition or 3 others that popped up on the first page of search results.  If the solution suggested in
System Reserved Partition is correct, so be it.  But I wanted the chance to describe my particular problem so someone would check it out and tell me for sure how to proceed without doing further harm.
On my ASUS B43S Business Laptop, I have one HDD with 4 usable partitions the first 3 have installations of Windows 7, 10 and 10 Preview, triple boot.  The fourth is a data drive that I use with all versions of Windows.  Something went wrong with
my Windows 10.  The desktop and everything looked right, but a lot of stuff just didn't work - shortcuts, start menu, taskbar icons, find, etc.  I'd click it and nothing happened.  If was able to double-click the actual executable and launch
it.  Since I hadn't done very much to configure Windows 10, I just went to the repair screen and launched "Reset Windows 10".  Most things now work, but not all.  When I later booted into Windows 7, it now had many of the same problems. 
I went to Disk Manager (in Win 7), and this is what I found:
Notice that the Win 7 drive
is correctly set to C:, but the Win 10 preview is System Drive and Active.  Is it fair to say that this is my problem?  I had hand-coded the BCD a couple of years ago, it is stored on the S partition.  It seems to me that installing Wi... Read more

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Funny what can happen when you get distracted. I was trying to load
Windows 7 on my D: partition (single HD) to create a Dual Boot
test. Accidently targeted C: partition for the install. OOPS.
How can I reverse this situation and start over. It appears that
my Windows XP stuff is still there but called Windows.old
I have attached a Snipping Tool image of the C: partition as it
currently sits.
Many thanks gang.

Answer:Installed to wrong partition. OOPS!

How to restore a Windows 7-based computer to a previous Windows installation by using the Windows.old folder

Always unplug all other HD's during install. With separate HD's, Dual or Multi-boot via BIOS Boot Order or one-time BIOS Boot menu key.

This keeps HD's independent to come and go as you please, whereas a Windows-managed Dual Boot interlocks them and requires surgery to remove one later.

Tips for getting a perfect reinstall based on hundreds done here: Reinstalling Windows 7

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Hey all!

Yesterday I made a partition with PartitionMagic 8.0. Everything went smoothly and worked, but after that, when checking "This Computer" I saw that the drive icon for the new partition was a CD instead of the usual Harddrive-icon!

How do I fix this? Any help would be appreciated!

*if you need more information about my rig and so on, reply and tell me *

Answer:Wrong drive icon for my new partition!

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Please help, im using a compaq computer and have recently made a partition which i stupidly made as the active partition, this means  that the computer loads straight from this which is empty when it boots up. Is there a way where i can boot up a primary or logical partition so that i can access the partition software and rectify this problem. Any help would b greatly appreciated.

Answer:Wrong 'active' partition selected!!!

you could run a repair option from the boot cd . . . .or you could modify the arc path . . . you would find this text file in the start up and recovery tab of the advanced tab of the system icon in the controll panel.  change the disk # to the appropriate partition. . . 0 counts as a number and I highly recomend a back up before you do this.  

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I have a dual boot XP/Win2k system. Each OS is on a different HD. I think my problem started by having both hard drives on the same cable when I installed the second OS. Now, when I remove the XP hard drive the 2 additional partitions I created on the Win2k drive are no longer available. Is there a way to correct this without wiping the drive ?

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How do I get the efi partition on the c:\ drive????

Answer:EFI system partition on wrong drive

First, volume letters != drive letters. Unless you pre-partition and image yourself, Windows setup will place the EFI partition on the first physical disk presented to setup by the EFI OS, even if it's not actually the first disk installed into the system. I used to get this all the time with an older Asus board, where my (larger) storage volume would get the EFI partition, even though I chose a different physical disk to place the installation volume on. I ended up backing up my data and moving the SATA cables around until it was the way I wanted it (and no, it didn't match the port layout on the motherboard unless I set the Intel ICH configuration from "RAID" to "AHCI".

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Can anyone help me with suggestions on a problem. I have Vista installed on a primary RAID array (mirrored drives), and somehow ended up with the "system partition" located on a D drive. I had intended that D drive to be for backup, and when I try to use Vista's built in Backup capability it won't recognize the D drive as an eligible backup location. The drive works, it's functioning, but unfortunately having the System partition on that drive precludes using it as originally intended.

Is there any way to move this System partition from D, to the Primary array that contains the OS, the boot, and all the program files? Otherwise I'll need to go back and do a full reinstall which is a pain.

Answer:Help! System partition on the wrong drive

Just start over.. you'll be better off in the long run.

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Okay, I'm dual booting W7 right now, as drive G: (Vista is C: ).

My problem is that installers like to use C: rather than G:, is there a setting somewhere where I can make my absolute main drive G:, rather than C:?

Some installers correctly use G:, while others (NSIS based, some others) use C: -- perhaps it's an installer issue, I don't know.

-- ALSO --

When I try to install Microsoft software, the installer extracts temporary files.. okay, but it extracts them to my external drive, and often they are not removed. How can I stop that from happening?

Answer:Installers use wrong drive/partition, fix?

Yah...tell me about this one Jason..

I've had the same issue numerous times, an I even got one large Company to change the way their s'ware installs (Roxio) and I'm currently pestering Nero to make a change to theirs too. Theirs stole every single media extension and every "possible" extension, I had found all my .dat files were changed to open with Nero Showtime...apparently one company makes a media file with .dat ext and so Nero thought it should be stolen too.
(Everyone with Nero, PLEASE write and complain about file extension theft!)

I used to have to unplug other drives while installing a second XP install as it Always saw another drive first (other than the one I was installing onto), decided the first partition on it should be the C: drive, and always installed the hidden boot files onto that partition. Many times it was my Music part or my Movies part, and until I started unplugging other drives it never installed them onto the actual partition I was installing onto.

I have yet to find or figure out, other than decompiling the installer and trying to rebuild it...a way to stop this behavior.
Other than contacting the company who makes the s'ware and complaining that this is Unwanted behaviour, I can't really see anything else. More of us need to do this when we run across unwanted installer behaviours so we can change the way they do this (Everyone Contact Nero Please )

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Is this supposed to be right? My Windows 7 install put the bootmgr on a different HDD than the OS? So if I have the actual OS drive (Disk 2, C drive) set to boot first in BIOS, it tells me BOOTMGR is missing, and I need to set Disk 1 to boot first. What the heck?
Should I even worry about this? How would I fix it so I'm actually boot off Disk 2?

Answer:Windows 7 Put System Partition on Wrong HDD

Was Disk 1 set to boot first when you installed Windows? I believe (I don't actually know anything, I'm just guessing) that Windows puts the boot partition on the drive set to boot first in BIOS so that the system will actually find it and boot to Windows.

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Hello, ages ago I hung around in these forums. I did a reinstallation of my Vista Ultimate 64-bit on my SATA 500GB HDD. It's partitioned into two chunks a smaller one for Vista and a larger one for data. Booted with the windows disc. Formated the smaller old Vista installation and began installing it. When it's done I get into a boot screen and find two Windows Vista(!) Odd I thought, when I got into the newly installated OS. I clicked my computer and saw that Vista had installed itself into my data partition! And not the partition I clicked on during the installation.. How did that happen? I've done this many many times before with different Windows' version without any problems whatsoever and now with Vista sky turns dark and world falls apart. Is this some kind of Vista thing? Seems extremely ood to me. I know it's hard but how can I try to save the data on my partition Vista destroyed? Any good software?

Answer:Vista re-install on wrong partition.

You could create a "Live Linux CD" which will allow you to view your HD and save whatever you can find onto a Flash Drive. This runs Linux from he CD only (using Ram). I happen to use Puppy Linux for this. You would need to use the burn an image feature on another computer to create the CD. On the dud computer you then go to BIOS and put the CD ahead of the HD (if it isn't already) then boot up with the CD in the drive. Everything is single click in Linux and I've found drag and drop works best to copy to a flash drive.Please come back and let us know how you got on.

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OK, I reinstalled XP without SP1 on the CD, so now my 200Gb hd is only showing as 127Gb. If I use partition magic to resize the partition, will this cause any problems with file corruption as the hd fills? I just seem to remember reading something like that before.

Answer:XP hd capacity wrong! Partition magic?

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So I was booting Windows 10 from a drive labelled C: and all was well and good.

Then I changed some parts around in my computer. Lo and behold, my computer is still booting the OS on C:, but from an unlabelled UEFI system partition on an external hard drive. Wat.

I checked C:\boot, and there's nothing there. Startup repair does nothing, since it's properly booting after all (from the wrong place).

I need to move this computer around, so leaving it the way it is is not an option. I've tried exporting the system bcd and putting it in C:\boot and marking the partition as active, but the bios still won't recognize the drive as bootable, so I'm assuming my MBR is toast. I'm also pretty sure bootrec is acting on the mysterious external system partition by default when I try to repair the MBR.

I won't ask for a magic solution, since this is a pretty weird situation, but do you have any ideas of things I could try, or tools that would fix the MBR on the correct drive, or restore the stuff that should be in C:\boot by default?


Answer:System booting from wrong drive after installing new parts

Originally Posted by Dright

So I was booting Windows 10 from a drive labelled C: and all was well and good.

Then I changed some parts around in my computer. Lo and behold, my computer is still booting the OS on C:, but from an unlabelled UEFI system partition on an external hard drive. Wat.

I checked C:\boot, and there's nothing there. Startup repair does nothing, since it's properly booting after all (from the wrong place).

I need to move this computer around, so leaving it the way it is is not an option. I've tried exporting the system bcd and putting it in C:\boot and marking the partition as active, but the bios still won't recognize the drive as bootable, so I'm assuming my MBR is toast. I'm also pretty sure bootrec is acting on the mysterious external system partition by default when I try to repair the MBR.

I won't ask for a magic solution, since this is a pretty weird situation, but do you have any ideas of things I could try, or tools that would fix the MBR on the correct drive, or restore the stuff that should be in C:\boot by default?


Unfortunately, not knowing what parts you moved around makes it difficult to do a long-distance diagnosis but generally it doesn't take much to inadvertently plug the drive cables into a different controller port on the motherboard from what is was on when the OS was installed. When having such problems it is good to first unplug anything not needed such as external drives then try a... Read more

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So I was booting Windows 10 from a drive labelled C: and all was well and good.

Then I changed some parts around in my computer. Lo and behold, my computer is still booting the OS on C:, but from an unlabelled UEFI system partition on an external hard drive. Wat.

I checked C:\boot, and there's nothing there. Startup repair does nothing, since it's properly booting after all (from the wrong place).

I need to move this computer around, so leaving it the way it is is not an option. I've tried exporting the system bcd and putting it in C:\boot and marking the partition as active, but the bios still won't recognize the drive as bootable, so I'm assuming my MBR is toast. I'm also pretty sure bootrec is acting on the mysterious external system partition by default when I try to repair the MBR.

I won't ask for a magic solution, since this is a pretty weird situation, but do you have any ideas of things I could try, or tools that would fix the MBR on the correct drive, or restore the stuff that should be in C:\boot by default?


Answer:System booting from wrong drive after installing new parts

Dright said:

So I was booting Windows 10 from a drive labelled C: and all was well and good.

Then I changed some parts around in my computer. Lo and behold, my computer is still booting the OS on C:, but from an unlabelled UEFI system partition on an external hard drive. Wat.

I checked C:\boot, and there's nothing there. Startup repair does nothing, since it's properly booting after all (from the wrong place).

I need to move this computer around, so leaving it the way it is is not an option. I've tried exporting the system bcd and putting it in C:\boot and marking the partition as active, but the bios still won't recognize the drive as bootable, so I'm assuming my MBR is toast. I'm also pretty sure bootrec is acting on the mysterious external system partition by default when I try to repair the MBR.

I won't ask for a magic solution, since this is a pretty weird situation, but do you have any ideas of things I could try, or tools that would fix the MBR on the correct drive, or restore the stuff that should be in C:\boot by default?


Unfortunately, not knowing what parts you moved around makes it difficult to do a long-distance diagnosis but generally it doesn't take much to inadvertently plug the drive cables into a different controller port on the motherboard from what is was on when the OS was installed. When having such problems it is good to first unplug anything not needed such as external drives then try again.

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So I have both Windows 7 and 8 on my machine and am currently primarily using 8. I save all of my work and files to my 8 partition C: whenever I choose the location, but for applications/programs that automatically save to a library and where I can't choose the location, those programs always save it to my Windows 7 partition E:.

For example, using Windows key + PrtSc takes a screenshot of your screen and saves it to your pictures library. However, the picture gets saved to E:\Users\[username]\Pictures instead of C:\Users\[username]\Pictures. I guess it thinks my main library is still on the 7 partition instead of the 8 partition. The same things happens with games that I play where the save files are automatically saved in the My Games folder in My Documents. The save files are saved in the E: partition documents library instead of C: partition documents library.

Basically, I don't know where I'd go or what setting I'd change to fix this behavior. My default OS is set to Windows 8 in msconfig and all of my games are installed on my C drive, so I don't know why they would save to my E drive. Since the screenshot command uses the same behavior, I'm guessing there's a setting somewhere that's making my Windows 7 library the default. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Files get saved in the wrong library when dual booting

Hello The Visitor,

You could use the tutorials below to help double check to see what folders you have added (included) in the libraries, and to see what folder you have set to be the default (for you) and public "save" location for a library.

Library - Add a Folder to in Windows 8

Library - Set Default & Public Save Locations in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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i have installed windows 7,when i restart pc sometimes it shows no bootable device found,but when i then restart putting in the linux installation cd,and load the linux kernel and restart,pc windows 7 starts normally...pls tell me what should i do to avoid this linux thing all the time....i mean what is wrong?

Answer:unique booting problem,any idea whats wrong

GRUB error...Did you ever have Linux installed on this machine ? ?Provide more details on how it's set up...

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Hey I really need help, what it is I have 2 partitions on my Laptop one used to belong to the original operating system (Vista Home Basic) and the other was for Windows 7 ultimate.

well about 2 weeks ago the vista partition got formated (C://) because I was using the Windows 7 Ultimate partition (E://) after resetting my Laptop I had the message "Missing Operating System" so this morning after a week of trying everything I finally installed windows 7 on my vist partition (C://) in the hope that I'd be able to boot the E:// partition but it doesn't give me the option, I can see that all my stuff is on the E:// but like i said it won't boot or even give me the option to boot it.

Help anyone??

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Which is the easiest way of telling which partition you've booted into in w2k? I've got 5 patitions, with w2k on 3. Is it in Disc Management, with the current partition at the listed top, and highlighted below the listings coloured in bright blue? I want to format 1 partition and don't want to get it wrong.

Answer:Booting up in which partition?

start menu/run, type `%systemdrive%`, will open an explorer window showing your current partition - get more info by bringing up a command prompt and typing `set`.

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Hello, I recently made a seperate partition on my HD (C), let's call it F.
I wanted to load up windows xp onto that small parition, F, so as to see if it would allow me to operate better, as I have a gaming laptop that seems to be suffering from a memory hog svchost(I, of course, thought it would be easier to work around the problem instead of fixing it). Anyway, now that I've booted up to the F partition and working in XP, I find that I dislike it, I also can't figure out how to connect to the internet.
My issue is, I can't figure out how to boot to the C, my Windows 7, the original OS. I'm not given an option upon startup and I can't find anything in my BIOS that is obviously pertaining to my issue. Hope I didn't just brick my laptop or something. Thanks for your time.

Answer:Booting from a partition

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I have a hard drive with two partitions: C:\ and D:\. Can I set it so that the computer boots to D:\?

Answer:Booting To 2nd Partition

It is certainly possible. What operating systems do you have on each partition?

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i partitioned my drive thinking it was a good idea but when i turn it on it just restarts when it gets the the xp loading screen i have an rm computer thats all i know really. any help???

Answer:Not Booting After Partition

Start up PC. Before XP loads hit F8 to get boot options. Choose: Disable automatic restart on system failure. If you get a Blue Screen post back.

I looks like you might have to repair your XP install.


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Disk 0, Disk 1, and Disk 2 all show 931.51 GB.

Disk 0 has a 100 MB system partition and the rest is unallocated.

Disks 1 and 2 are totally unallocated.

Disk 3 shows 1863.02 GB and is entirely allocated as my C drive and Windows installation.

I want the system partition moved from disk 0 to be on disk 3. I have boot order in BIOS set to boot to drive 3 first. If I unplug disk 0 then my system does not boot. I plan to remove drives 0, 1, and 2 at some point. I have no idea why this installed this way.

How can I fix this?

Answer:The system partition installed to the wrong drive

It probably happened because you had more than 1 hard drive connected when you installed Windows.

I'd disconnect drives 0, 1, and 2.

Then connect drive 3 to port 0 on the motherboard so that it will then become drive 0.

Then reinstall Windows to drive 3 with only drive 3 connected.

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I really need your help with this problem.

I have an Acer Aspire 5733-6607 with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit installed.

Two Months ago, I made another partition to install Elementary OS on it. After getting tired of it, i decided to delete the partition and resize my windows partition using EaseUS Partition Manager. While doing the operation, something went wrong and the computer restarted and went into a boot loop without showing any sign of windows installed.

I used a Ubuntu Live CD in order to try to fix it but when I checked the details, it says something along the lines of:
Error: Filesystem check failed!
ERROR: 1 clusters are refrenced multiple times. NTFS is inconsistent. Run chkdsk /f on windows then reboot it twice!

What do I do? Do i have to do a clean install again? (I dont want to lose all my data though)

Thanks in advance for those who can help me.

Answer:Something went wrong while resizing partition, now windows cant boot.

Welcome to Seven Forums migloredan.
See if this might help, Option Two.
System Restore

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Ok, I am NOT a big computer person. I got a quad core gateway that has a nvidia 9600 graphics card. I upgraded to vista business (or thought i did) and it created a partition (c-1) and put business on there. So now it boots to the partition and I can't use my graphics card there. it only shows up on E.

Can someone help me in simple terms to fix this? Or is it beyond simple terms? thanks.

Answer:Nvidia Graphics card on wrong partition

This is very simple really, perhaps a bit complex at the beginning but you'll get the hang of it quick enough. All you need to do is Update your Video Card driver and you'll be In like Flynn

At the top of this forum page, there is a Sticky Post advising of new drivers, go to it and click on the link, follow instructions on how to download your driver, pay special attention to the system you have as your driver will probably be different for x32 or 64 bit computers.

Once you have your driver downloaded on a folder (or desktop), make sure you Right Click on it and use "Run as Administrator"... reboot when it ask you and come back to tell us how it went.

Good Luck

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I was trying to partition some of my hard drive and messed it up. Now I get a message saying that the disk space is running low. I know this isn't true because it was due to the fact that I went wrong when partitioning it. As a result of this the backup that my computer does can't be completed because of the situation with the hard drive.

Any help would be appreciated,

Answer:Disk space running low (partition went wrong)

have a look in disk management and see whats going on...can you take a screenshot of DM

to get to disk mangement: start> right click on "computer" choose "manage" click OK to UAC prompt click disk management (left hand side)

take a screenshot...

good luck......

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My problem is somehow, probably from the person that installed my operating system files on this computer,
the operating system files were installed on the larger disk partition and all downloded programs are being installed on the smaller partition. The computer kept getting slower and slower so I installed more memory.
I just realized yesterday that the partition with all programs on it is almost full and the other partition has tons of space still.
Does anyone know what can be done to get these things on the proper disk partitions?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Starter, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N450 @ 1.66GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 28 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2037 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 40959 MB, Free - 3432 MB; D: Total - 182051 MB, Free - 178521 MB;
Motherboard: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., N150P/N210P/N220P
Antivirus: Avira Desktop, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Solved: OS installed on wrong disk partition

You cannot move the programs that are installed on C as of course their various registry entries made when they were installed relate to that partition.
My answer would be to extend C by shrinking D
I have a doubt although I will stand corrected that the OS is on D, I think you will find it is on C, of course you can check that as to which Windows is on
You cannot do it in Disk Management as using that the created space would be behind D eg to the right of it and you need it behind C, - to the right of that, in order to then extend C
However when you reply I will guide you through HOW to do it

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I?m having trouble extending the size of my C: partition because, it seems, Windows is reporting two different sizes for the partition. I have a 40GB disk that yields an effective capacity of about 37GB.

Windows Explorer is reporting 30.01GB capacity drive. This is the size I remember last extending the partition to and it?s presently also all I have access to. The main window of Microsoft Management Console (i.e. the Disk Management option in Window's Computer Management tool) also reports the C: drive having a capacity of 30.01GB.

However, just below, the graphical representation of disk allocation in the console reports C: drive as having 37.25GB capacity. The horizontal bar extends to the end and there is no reference to any 'unallocated' space on that disk, implying that the partition at its maximum size. I've attached screen shot.

When I try to use diskpart.exe to extend the partition, it too reports the C: volume as having 37.25GB. When I use the 'extend' command, dispkart tells me "Diskpart failed to extend the volume. Please make sure the volume is valid for extending." I'm guessing this is because it thinks the partition is already at its maximum.

One of these two reported partition sizes must surely be wrong. Either I'm being prevented from extending the partition when space is available or I'm being prevented from fully using a partition that is already fully extended.

Does anybody know why this is happening ... Read more

Answer:Windows reporting wrong partition size

The fact don't have sufficient free space on tha Windows partition...for it to function properly.

In general, at least 15% of a given Windows partition should be free space.

You need to move data files (graphics, videos, music) from that partition until you have at least 15% free space...then see how your system is functioning.


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Just purchased a micro series q 190 but won't boot.Goes to a dos screen witha disk warning about partition being wrong & press f8 or f5 etc ( which it won't let me do either.).Have changed things in bios menu to no avail.Any help much appreciated...
Moderator edit: Added detail to subject

Answer:Q190 won't boot.Goes to a dos screen: partition wrong.

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Since the system is new, can you try to re-initialize the unit by pressing F2 on power-up (this will trigger the OneKey Recovery function that will restore the unit to its factory default configuration). If successful, it will bring up a Setup screen for using the computer for the first time.

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Help, please!

The PC at my office is several years old, and had a 75GB hard drive. Company wouldn't spring for a bigger drive, so I brought in one of my own. Used CloneZilla to clone the 75GB drive, then swapped out the small drive for a much larger unit. Used CZ again to restore the cloned drive onto the new, larger drive.

Now, I have three entries in Disk Management: one 75GB partition with a clone of my original HD, one 300MB partition with god-knows-what on it, and then one partition with all the extra, unused space on my new disk.

Problem is, I can't join the 75GB partition with the extra space to make one large C: drive, because the partitions aren't contiguous. I know I'm not the first person to ever upgrade to a larger hard drive - which tells me I'm missing something here. I still have the original smaller drive, plus several large external drives to move things to and from. How do I get my big new drive to be one big honkin' C: drive, complete with a carbon copy of my current setup? I have access to Macrium, CloneZilla, and GParted, if that helps.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Argh - Cloned HD on Wrong Partition After Upgrade

It sounds like you need Partition Wizard. It allows you to create partitions as needed. Best Free Partition Manager Freeware and free partition magic for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition. I have never run into a problem using it, but be sure and BACKUP YOUR FILES before using.
Good luck,

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I just finished building my new PC, and after a fair bit of research I decided to install Win7 (pro 64bit) to a 120gb partition on my 1.5tb drive. I blew it somehow and the OS is installed on the very big partition. I discovered this when copying my files from my old PC to my shiney new D: partition when I ran out of disk space. Whaa!?!? That was when I discovered my mistake.

I've already installed all my drivers, lots of software (firefox, libre office, call of duty, etc). In fact I've spent the better part of two days installing the OS and various software and getting it the way I want it. I need to fix this somehow.

Option 1: Move all my data files to the big partition, then install win7 into the small partition, go through all the installation and configuring hell, then delete the OS files from the big partition. I'm not even sure this would work, and I'm guessing that there are some files that cannot be deleted that I'd just have to live with.

Option 2: Move all my data files to the big partition, then use something like gparted to expand the big partition to include the smaller partition. This would probably be easiest, but would sacrifice the speed benefits of having the OS and programs on a smaller partition.

Option 3: Wipe the whole thing and start over.

Option 4: Bang my head on my keyboard until I die of massive brain damage, and don't worry about the PC. (This option has the added benefit of letting me avoid doing my taxe... Read more

Answer:Installed Win7 on wrong partition, what are my options?

Option 5; may or may not work out:

Use Partition Wizard bootable disk to shrink the big partition as much as possible, possibly after removing as many apps as you can stand. The goal being to beat C down to as small a size as possible, and definitely under 120 GB.

Then make an image of C, storing the image file on an external or any other drive you have handy other than your 1.5 TB drive. You will need to include the "mystery partition" in the image.

Also copy all data now on the small partition to some other drive.

Then have your way with the 1.5 TB drive--reformat it the way you want.

Then restore that saved image file to the correct partition.

Possible flies in this ointment:

Imaging doesn't always work.

You have to go through the hassle of burning a disc of Partition Wizard and learn to be at least a fair Partition Wizard skinner.

Partition Wizard is excellent but not infallible.

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I recently bought a SSD to install my OS on it and use my HDD for other files.
But when I tried to install the OS with only the SSD, it gave me an error: ?No bootable partition?
Then I tried with my HDD and SSD together and then it gave me the error: ?Cannot boot from cd: code 5?

So I booted my system up on my HDD (The drive I normally run my pc on) and placed the DVD in the drive and installed it from there.
It worked but i didn?t notice any difference when starting up so I looked what it could be and found that the partition: ?System Reserved? Is installed on The HDD witch I use to store other files.
I searched it up and found that that partition is necessary for booting up your drives.
So I tried moving the partition with ?minitool partition wizard? to my SSD but it didn?t work. I didn?t tried to delete it.
Then I tried to put the windows 7 disk in my cd-drive when booted up (on my SSD). And remove the cables connecting the HDD when running ( I know that isn?t good) hoping that a new partition will be created (and not on the HDD), but it gave me an error. It does works when the HDD is connected.
And it?s definitely not my windows 7 disk, it works fine on other computers and even on mine before the SSD.

Does anyone have a solution for it so i can run my pc with only my SDD Installed?


Answer:System Reserved partition on wrong drive.

The bootmgr will always be located on Disk 0, this is determined by where the drive is plugged in on the motherboard, and is assigned by the motherboard.
So far as installing directly to the ssd and only the ssd,
after confirming you have the latest firmware on the ssd I suggest having a look at this.
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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I was installing windows 7 on a computer that had windows XP installed.

I accidentally installed win7 on a different partition (assumed the largest was the one that had XP on it!) so now issues are arising. Note: there is only 1 physical hard drive.

I found a similar thread detailing a solution here: Changing Win7 System/Boot Partition without Reinstall

However, while my situation is nearly identical, the problem is that my C: drive is marked as logical while my F: drive is the primary and I haven't found a way to change that.

C: (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, logical)
F: (System, Active, Primary Partition)

I've been able to make F: inactive, but that doesn't matter because I'm still unable to make C: active since it's logical. Ideally I'd like to have C be everything and F: just be a logical drive, or simply wipe it out and have a single partition.

thank you for any help!

edit: I dl'd a program to try and do what windows wouldn't let me do... now after a few window startup repairs using the win7 install disk I still can't boot so may just have to reinstall the OS. With that in mind... do I install it over the win7 partition or the XP partition for easiest resolution of this matter?

Answer:Installed OS on wrong Partition, causing issues

Hello steven77, welcome to Seven Forums!

So you can get the correct advice, please post a maximized snip / screen-shot of Windows 7 disk management, making sure the Status column in the top section is clearly readable, have a look at this tutorial linked below.
How to Upload and Post a Screenshot

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When I started my pc the windows startup recovery tool started and gave me an error such as:

"no os found". So after reading a comment from gregrocker here I did type in the comment prompt :

SELECT DISK # (for Win7 HD)
SELECT PARTITION # (for Win7 partition, determine by volume size)

But when I restarted I had the message "bootmngr is missing". I guess I picked the wrong partition earlier.

I need some files on my pc that I don't want to lose. I don't have the windows 7 cd anymore. After that I might switch to ubuntu or at least try it.
How can I access those?

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Was fixing to re-install windows, and I found I accidentally deleted the partition that was my external drive. I did not install windows, or format it, but when I rebooted windows, I cannot access it. It simply says. this disk is not formatted, would you like to format it now. I know of a way to recover the files, and copy to another disk, but as I am presently out of disk space, is there a way to fix the partition that was deleted. Hoping to do this cheaply. I might spend 15.00 for a program, but am shooting for a simple method... any help appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Accidentally deleted wrong partition.

there is no simple way to reclaim your lost partition if you're not under linux.
there is however a small utility that might help you if want to give it a try;
it's called TESTDISK and claim to be able to undelete lost partition table.... here's the site -->

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Hi guys it has been a while since I have been here due to some ill health, that aside I do need some urgent help.

My SSD failed and since I use my other 2 spinners as data storage with an external drive I thought I would use and old 250GB spinner that I had laying around to install windows on until my SSD gets replaced under warranty.

Installation no problem but now I see that one of my spinners the Seagate 1TB has become the 100MB drive. The problem being that it has loads of stuff on there that I really want and need.

So the question is can I get rid of the 100MB partition and then revert my spinner back to the way it was? I have not written anything to it at all as I want to preserve it as much as possible.

Is this possible and how and will my system still boot up without the 100MB partition ?

Hope somebody can help me urgently many thanks in advance


Answer:100 MB Boot Partition went to wrong drive help required please

Hi Steve,

Was the SSD Drive the drive with the OS on? Do you have a backup of the drive?

Can you give us a screen shot of disk manager?

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I inadvertantly made a partition on my non-o/s secondary HDD "active" when I was trying to resize it. Now XP doesn't boot of course.
What should I do?

Answer:Wrong partition Active! Now XP wont boot!

Were you using Partition Magic? If you, you should be able to create a PM boot floppy, and use it's DOS style interface to reactivate the OS partition.

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First of all, I would like to say, Windows Installer needs A LOT of work. Too buggy.

My problem:
I have DIsk 0 (500 GB), and DIsk 1 (250 GB). These are seperate HD, not partitions.

I have installed Windows 7 on Disk 0.
However, the dumbass windows created the System partition on Disk 1.
Please refer to the screenshot below.

This is a big problem because if I remove Disk 1, Windows will not boot up anymore.

How can I fix this?

P.S. I have been troubleshooting this windows installer thing for the last 8 hours. Finally was able to install it. Ran through a lot of stupid mistakes this Windows Installer should have been able to figure out. Which is why I'm so mad. So excuse me, if I offended anyone.

Answer:System Partition created on the wrong Disk

Have a read of this tutorial
Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD

Or you can try unplugging disk 1 and running startup repair three times to rebuild boot files on disk 0, if successful plug disk 1 back in and mark as inactive
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times
Partition - Mark as Inactive

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Created a dual boot of Win 8.1 and Win10 on my laptop with no problem (it was originally using Win 7 and was upgraded so didn't have that new file system). Now trying to dual boot my desktop with it as well and getting message that the partitions are not in the recommended order. With the exception of the partition I created to put Win 10 into, all the others were created by Windows 8 and then the 8.1 upgrade. So, do I ignore the message or what???

Answer:Solved: Wrong partition setup message

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I have a Satellite M60 notebook which I formatted in 2007. At that time, I used a Product Recovery CD that I purchased from Tosiba Australia.
I now want to format my HDD again using the same CD, but this time when I boot from the CD, I get a "Wrong machine" error.
I assume that the information on my HDD has been corrupted which causes the utility to fail.

Can anyone provide me with any ideas on how to overcome this problem?

Answer:Re: Satellite M60 - Wrong machine error when booting from Product Recovery CD

>I have a Satellite M60 notebook which I formatted in 2007. At that time, I used a Product Recovery CD that I purchased from Toshiba Australia.
Sorry Richard but one thing is confusing for me. At this time every Toshiba notebook was delivered with recovery installations disc and it was in the box with brand new notebook model. I don't know where do you live and where you bought your notebook model but I don't understand is your notebook an Australian notebook model and you bought recovery CD in ?country of purchase?.

Recovery installations discs are specific discs created for certain notebook models. Before the recovery installations starts specific info on recovery disc will be compared to data saved on the notebook and just if the info matches recovery procedure will be continued. That means you cannot use recovery from some other notebook model and install it on your Satellite model.
This data is not saved on HDD and HDD is not relevant for this data check.

Usually when the notebook is repaired and mainboard exchanged technician must rewrite right information data. Sometimes this will be forgotten and a recovery installation ends with ?Wrong machine error?.

The question is: Was your notebook repaired in the past?

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For the last two weeks, my HP Envy Desk Top has been freezing and crashing.  I have lost the CTRL+ALT+DLT function as well as the restore point function.  Every day I have a range of error messages ranging from Kernel-Power 41 (63) to a several drivers that are not functioning.  The computer runs perfectly in safe mode.  My computer came with Windows 7.  I have backed up my hard drive and would like instructions on how to boot from the recovery partition. Please advise. Thank you. Al

Answer:Booting From Recovery Partition

> I would like instructions on how to boot from the recovery partition. Turn the computer off.Turn the computer on.Immediately, repeatedly press one of the following: ESC, F1, F2, F10, F11, F12, DELETE, ENTER.The intent is to show a "Repair My System" menu, where you can choose to boot from the Recovery Partition. If you've pressed the "wrong" key, just repeat the whole process, choosing a different key. 

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I just installed a new SSD and before formatting, it created a system partition that i was unable to delete. I was able to correctly get the new SSD formatted, Now I receive the message "An operating system wasnt found. try disconnecting....."

I tried selecting the drive and partition from disklist and that didnt help. I also inserted the Win7 recovery disk and that was unable to fix the problem.

My boot disk is an mSata Intel 120gb (OS Drive). Disk management showed there being 2 partitions being system, one being the actual system, and the other being the partition that was created from the new SSD storage drive. It shows 350gb... basically a ghost drive that i wasn't able to delete after formatting the new drive.

Can I make the correct partition active so I can boot again correctly?

Answer:OS not booting. Partition preventing

Quote: Originally Posted by dagomako

I just installed a new SSD and before formatting, it created a system partition that i was unable to delete.

Hard to understand how a new SSD could "create a system partition" without somebody issuing commands of some type.

Post a screenshot of this Windows Disk Management you refer to.

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  I have only ever had notebooks not ever even, a desktop, and then can you beleive it and starting with a T23, only ever had T series Thinkpads. Most recently and at the end of their line a T60 and T61p. Recently however I bought a ThinkPad T540P in a hurry and somewhat reluctantly because of the keyboard departure from the previous keyboard layout. But did so, no other reason than an upgrade was on the cards and I needed a webcam. True to what I had been led to expect, I do hate the keyboard compared to those in T60 and T61p, and the fact that the track pad is not centred. I cannot imagine what the engineers were thinking or how I am ever going to get used to it. Having said all of the above, I bought it new or refurbished with Windows 7. I can't remember. Coming from XP that was already a big leap for me which ultimately, I was glad to make. I did ultimately, however accept the live Windows 10 upgrade offer just to see what it was all about. But asI mentioned Windows 7 was already a leap for me and I am just not into iPads, tablets and this new type of OS. So I would like to restore the ThinkPad to Windows 7. Originally this model cam I think, with WIndows 8 but being refurbished, it came I think with a Windows 7 recovery partition.. But I cannot remember how to boot into it. If F11, could it be that the Windows 10 installation has messed with this and if so, how can I boot into the recovery partition? Thanks 

Answer:Booting into Recovery Partition

One thing you might consider before going backwards, is to use a nifty little free program that I use called Classic Shell to make your Windows 10 machine look like, and work like, a Windows XP, Vist or Windows 7 PC.    It is just downloaed and installed/uninstalled like any program, so if you decide you do not like it, you can just uninstall it later..  Classic Shell

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I had xp pro installed on 2 partitions on the same hard drive-I formatted one and reinstalled th os- now i can only boot into the new partition though the other one is intact....the partitions are c and d and on startup i used to have a choice, now , the names changed but have 2 choices only the new one works---how do i fix this while maintaining all the settings in the other partition--it seems that the solution is simple but my brain is old and fragmented--thanks for any help!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:booting dual xp partition

Copy and paste your boot.ini file so we can have a look at it please.

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Just got a new P50 laptop.  Is there a recovery partition on these laptops? I don't see one. Also, I created recovery USB with Macrium Reflect but I can't seem to get it to boot...Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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Last Saturday, after booting the PC and OS loading, what I was surprised : D partition was gone. Now, only C partition is there. Anyone knew how and what caused it? I called customer service and even they had no ideas. Thank you in adcnave for any ideas.  

Answer:After booting the PC, the partition D disappears!

Hi there.Did you go to Control Panel>Admin tools>Sys Config>Boot> and check your default operating system wasn't usurped by the ubiquitous Lenovo junk?It should readBoot>microsoft Windows (specify releasee.g. Vista)(C:\Windows):Current OS; Default OS good luck

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Hi there,
My laptop is riddled with virus's majority have my services have been turned off and unable to start so its time to do a recovery!

The laptop is a MEDION akoya (MD96640)
The laptop has a recovery partition ive checked it for disk errors and bad sectors all seems fine but im having problems booting into it...
f12 selects a boot menu but the partition isn't listed just the 1 harddrive cd drive and a ethernet adapter

I have tried activating the partition by clicking manage on my computer with no luck
Ive just tried burning smart boot manager iso to a disc but it just returned saying "SBMK BAD" im stuck,
I read in one thread that hitting f10 brings it up but when i do this it says "edit windows boot options for : Microsoft Windows Vista" then /noexecute=optin
I Just called Medion who were incredibly rude and insisted the laptop came with a recovery disk and recovery partition.
Is my recovery partition corrupt?
Please help
Many thanks

Answer:Booting into Recovery partition

Hi from what I can see in this manual page 47 and 97 you need a recovery disc MEDION UK - Product information

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Well my windows 7 has refused to boot up after i tried to create a new HDD partition. I actually wanted to install windows xp as a dual boot system with windows 7. The partition was created succesfully but when i restarted my system, the windows 7 did not boot up. I only get a blinkind dot and it does not allows me to so anything next. I have tried startup repair from the DVD but it could not detect the problem. Please suggest me something.
Your help will be appreciated.

Answer:Windows 7 not booting after HDD partition.

Try this:

You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.

Startup Repair

System Repair Disc - Create

System Recovery Options

Repair Install

When Windows is booting OK,Have a read of this tutorial:

Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

Use EasyBCD 2.0 in Win 7.

EasyBCD 2.0 Beta Builds - The NeoSmart Forums

A bit more reading.

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What would be the easiest way to do a dual boot? Would it be:

1)Use a second hard drive, one with XP one with Windows 7? If I did this would I be able to plug the XP drive in and see it as my D:\ drive? What if I went and switched it back in the bios to the XP hard would I see windows 7 stuff in D:\? I’d like to do this since I have two hard drives one that is brand new.

2) Just partition my current hard drive and dual boot. If I did this would I be able to switch back and forth and see files on both boots? Also what about if I added my other new hard drive would both see it easily?

I don’t know much about dual boots so please fill me in and answer my questions.

Answer:Dual booting, two hds vs partition?

I put my W7 in a separate HDD ....
Didn't want to take a chance and break a perfectly good XP system.

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I just installed a second hard drive (250GB 7200RPM SATA Seagate Barracuda) in my machine and I'd like to know if and how I can install Vista and then be able to boot to either OS from startup. I'm running XP Media Center 2005 currently. It's an HP Pavilion with an Athlon 64 X2 2.4GHz, 320GB HD, 2GB RAM. I am likely going to upgrade to 4GB of RAM though.

I intend to install Vista Pro, so I'd like to know the if's and how's to this. Please let me know if there's anything else about my PC you need to know. I'm not sure what type of mobo it is, though I could probably check if that's necessary.



Answer:Installing and booting XP Pro on a second HD (not a partition)

Simple answer...Yes .

You properly attach the second hard drive to the motherboard...I don't believe you can boot any form of Windows from an external drive (although some say it can be done). You make sure the jumpers are set correctly and that the drive is properly recognized in the BIOS.

You change the first boot option in the BIOS to the optical drive you intend to install from.

Save settings (F10) in the BIOS, system reboots.

I usually insert my XP CD between the reboot and the necessity to hit DELETE to enter the long as the CD is in the drive before the hard drive listing appears onscreen, I can get the "boot to CD" prompt onscreen.

To install either XP, Vista, or Windows 7...just follow the onscreen prompts to format/partition/install.

It might be wise to ensure that you already have at least the NIC drivers for the operating system you are installing, so that activation can be facilitated.

When the install is done...the next time that you boot you will see a screen reflecting boot options for the two different installs of operating systems, with the most recent one probably selected as the default to boot into.

I haven't used Vista (not likely to now, with Windows 7 on the horizon), but we have a Vista forum.


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I installed Win2K on an old PC and selected new install from the install menu, and now my HD has even less room on it than it did before the install and it asks me if want to run Windows or Windows 2000 Professional at start up. Did it install the new one and is waiting for me to uninstall the original? How can I reclaim my HD? It is a 6GB HD and Win2K should not use much of that, so my old junk must still be there somewhere, right?


Answer:Why am I dual booting on only one partition!?

This can sometime happen when you install Win2k/XP from the DOS prompt. Edit your boot.ini file and remove the option of booting to the copy of Windows you don't want. Then, since you installed Win2k, it should be in the C:\WINNT directory, so you can safely delete C:\WINDOWS which contains your old version. This is why its really better to do a fresh format.

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XP Home Edition with a missing or corrupt hal.dll on startup. Used the XP CD recovery and did a fixboot, a fixmbr a bootcfg rebuild and an expand of the hal.dl_ from the I386 folder on the CD to the Windows System32 folder. Did these individually, and not one of them changed the hal,dll problem.Last time I was at the recovery console I typed in Map. It listed 3 devices - the CDRom drive was F:, Partition 3 was the C: drive, and Partition 2 had a ? for the drive letter.Then I did a 'type boot.ini' and saw that every OS (there were now several because of my rebuilds) had partition(2). I figured THAT was the cause of the hal.dll FUBAR.So I used a Hiren's Boot CD and changed the partition of the first Windows XP Home from 2 to 3, removed the CD, rebooted and arrowed to the first OS - the one I'd changed. Nothing.... Just a black screen.

Answer:XP Booting To Incorrect Partition? Maybe?

c: is the boot drive. changing that was a mistake. MS talks of two partitions which can be one for both. You have boot and you have system.Now this is the funny part about microsoft; boot is where the windows folder is and system is where the boot files are.In your case I suspect c: is both system and boot. The suspect the ? was a small part of the drive that was not allocated hence the ?Your next steps would be to put the partition back the way it was. Then go back into RC and run chkdsk /p so you know the drive/file system is good then do a repair install of xp which keeps the data intact and fixes the OS.Answers are only as good as the information you provide.How to properly post a question: Sorry no tech support via PM's

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Hi, here's a screenshot of my drive setup:

Now, the problem is (apart from me being an idiot!) is that when I installed Win 7 onto Disk 2 (my SSD disk), I didn't disconnect the other two drives from the machine. Therefore the System Reserved partition is on Disk 1, while the OS is on the SSD.

How can I re-partition Disk 2 and squeeze the 100Mb System Reserved partition onto the front?

I have an external USB drive I can use to image the partitions on to, however I'm concerned that backing up / re-partitioning / restoring the partitions wil render the machine unbootable.

I'm looking for a step-by-step guide on the best way to do this without having to do a full OS re-install.

Thanks in advance,

Jock in a Frock

Answer:System Reserved partition on wrong drive - how do I move it?

1) Open a command prompt as admin, then type the following:

bcdboot C:\windows /s C:

Hit Enter.

This command places boot files on the C: partition which is your windows.

2) Now open disk management, right click C: and click Mark active. Right click System reserved and click Mark Inactive (unless its already showing inactive).

Reboot. Once all this is successfully completed, use partition wizard boot cd to delete system reserved and pull E: to the left to use up all the space on the disk.

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Okay first of all, I don't know if this is the correct section.
I marked the wrong partition as active in Windows 7, the problem is that I do not have access to a Windows 7 DVD to use diskpart. And I don't have access to any other computer at the moment. The only thing I have access to is an old version of Kaspersky Rescue Disk(10.26) which is what I am using right now. I also tried using fdisk (followed a tutorial) but that didn't work either.
Are there any other options I have?

Answer:Marked wrong partition as active, don't have access to Windows 7 DVD

Can you try this?
Partition - Mark as Inactive

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I recently tried to restore windows vista to original factory settings from the Recovery partition that came with my computer. However, I mistakenly made the recovery partition active because I thought that was part of the process.

Now the computer is trying to boot from the wrong partition and thus saying things like "BOOTMGR missing press alt ctr del to restart"

I do not have a recovery disk or the original installation. I have a recovery disk from another computer that I thought was going to work but when it showed me the recovery options it said it was incompatible with this machine.

Is there some way I can access a command prompt so I can reset the correct partition through diskpart or something similar?

Thank you so much!


Answer:BOOTMGR missing after making wrong partition active

Hello Jane,

Here are the instructions for making fixing this problem once you have a recovery CD: Fixing "BOOTMGR is missing" Error While Trying to Boot Windows Vista - How-To Geek

and here is a link to download a recovery CD: Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download — The NeoSmart Files It is completely legal, does not contain, so it is small and cannot install an operating system, but it is a torrent, so if you have any trouble, just ask. You will need to download it onto another computer, and then make a CD of it, so any questions, just ask.

Good luck!


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