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My Laptop won't connect to Wifi, but will connect with an Ethernet cord

Question: My Laptop won't connect to Wifi, but will connect with an Ethernet cord

Just to start off, I am COMPLETELY clueless and have no tech savvy whatsoever, so simple language would be appreciated

I've owned this laptop for a little over a year, and all this time I've been able to connect to Wifi without a problem. This morning the icon at the bottom left of the screen told me there was no Internet connection available. when I troubleshot it, it suggested using the Ethernet cord to connect. The Ethernet cord connects them fine, and the internet connection becomes available, but I'm still unable to use the Wifi.

This is an issue with my laptop, because all the other devices in my house are able to connect to the Wifi, and the modem is showing all the appropriate lights and such. I've tried turning it off and on again, but alas, this once that method has failed :/ I've also tried resetting the modem, and it made no difference.

Last night I was uninstalling various programs that I didn't need, and that's the only thing I've done differently to my usual computing habits. I don't think I removed anything unless I knew what it was, but it's possible I accidently removed something important. I don't know if that has any relevance or not, but it's all I can think of as the reason for this.

My laptop is a Toshiba Qosmio, and the system I use is Windows 7.

My modem is Telstra Bigpond.

Please help! D:

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Preferred Solution: My Laptop won't connect to Wifi, but will connect with an Ethernet cord

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: My Laptop won't connect to Wifi, but will connect with an Ethernet cord

How far from the router are you? I experience the same thing occasionally on my laptop.
I usually have to switch the wifi switch off on the laptop & on then I reboot & I'm back online. My laptop & tower are both about 50' away & on the lower floor where the router is. Good luck.

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First please accept my apologies for not posting in the correct category, if this is not a hardware issue. I feel I have eliminated all issues thus leading me to think it's a malfunctioning WLAN card or a driver issue. Here is the scenario:

* Last used Wifi 48 hrs ago, worked fine
* Today laptop detects wifi, but shows "connected with limited access" and doesn't connect.
* It is showing an IP address
* Tried Ethernet cord direct to wall and to back of router, did NOT work either.
* Other laptop in my household detects wifi and connects just fine.
* Restored to previous point 48 hrs ago - NOT SOLVED
* Uninstalled and reinstalled Wireless WLAN Card - NOT SOLVED
* Ran all Microsoft Diagnostic Tests including getting new IP settings for network adapter- NOT SOLVED
*Confirmed IPv6 is checked to auto obtain IP address for WiFi, as well as, the same for Hardwire Connection.
* Uninstalled all Firewalls, Antivirus programs - NOT SOLVED
* Toggled back and forth the wifi switch and the light is not coming on.

Computer: Dell Inspiron 1420
OS: Vista 32-bit
Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN Mini Card
Router: Netgear Rangemax N150

Please note I am not computer literate but doing my very best to give as much info as possible so I don't annoy anyone (experts) with stupid questions, which I assume gets tiring after a while. Thank you in advance for any help. This is my last go since I have already ran this by 2 people who normally fix my computer..both we... Read more

Answer:Challenge:Wifi Detected but won't connect+Won't connect w/Ethernet cord?

Welcome to Major Geeks.

Based on your statements that this is a very recent problem and that neither wired or Wi-Fi connections allow you to connect to the Internet, my suspicion is you have been infected with either a virus or malware.

Over the past few weeks, have you or anyone else downloaded and installed anything off the Internet or an unknown disc or flash drive? If you're not sure, go to CONTROL PANEL > PROGRAMS AND FEATURES and sort by date. Make note of anything installed in the past few weeks.

Also download Malware Bytes and the latest Malware Bytes definitions update in the Downloads section onto a USB drive. Boot the Dell into Safe Mode (F8 at the BIOS screen) then install and run Malware Bytes from the USB drive.

Post again in the Malware Removal forum with the results from both what (if anything) was recently installed plus the results of the Malware Bytes scan. The Malware Removal experts should be able to help you solve the problem.

Hope this helps.

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I'm a new Plusnet customer and I cannot connect to the internet using wifi I just get a page saying the broadband is down. So I tried using an ethernet cable and after manually setting this up I can use the internet. I accidentally disconnected the cable yesterday but the internet didn't fault, it's now working wirelessly. I can connect to the wifi using my mobile and iPad but I cannot connect to the internet. A new router has been sent and the problem still persists, a bt engineer has also visited but cannot find a solution.

Can anybody please help me?

Answer:I can't connect to wifi but connect with an Ethernet cable works, even when it isn't plugged in

It gets confusing as to which device is being used so as a guideline
disable one or the other (wifi vs wired) and don't allow both to be active at the same time. Technically, which ever device gets an IP address from your router will become the gateway to your ISP - - ignoring the connectivity of the second device to access your router.

With a laptop, we just toggle the keyboard to enable/disable wifi and the wired is easy - - just pull the cable out.

create a desktop shortcut to \windows\system32\devmgmt.msc
to control the devices (needs admin access)
expand [+] network adapters and you'll see the list
mine are

Dell Wireless 1502 ....
Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
Just right-click->disable and you can always right-click->enable

The png posted shows both are enabled and the wired has the gateway.
If the cable is disconnected, this is quite impossible.

SO, first control which device is to be used and then make the connection.

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Something strange happened. This morning, at 5:25, my Dell laptop "Wi-Fi" changed from "Wi-Fi" to "Wi-Fi 2" and my Ethernet is now "Ethernet 2". Now I cannot connect to the Internet through Ethernet (which is my only option where I am, which is at home), and the Wi-Fi networks that used to show up on the list because I am within range don't show up anymore. I cannot even turn Wi Fi 2 on, since it is grayed out under "Networks."

Specifically, it now says "Dell Wireless 1705 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHZ) #2" on the Device Manager. I tried to delete the #2 from "Wi-Fi 2" on the Network Connections page, but it says "cannot rename this connection. A connection with the name you specified already exists." So the original Wi-Fi (and Ethernet) are still there, somewhere, but where? Why did they disappear? How can I get them back?

Here is some system information:

Windows edition: 8.1
Processor: Intel Core i5-4200 U 1.60 GHz, 2.30 GHz
64-bit operating system

I restored my system to March 19, but that didn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Laptop won't connect to Internet with ethernet or Wifi

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i am having issues with a laptop that i cannot figure out. it will not get an dhcp ip from wifi/ethernet/ or even when i try to connect to a hotspot. issue is mroe on the laptop side. i have tried dns flush. the system will not let me ipconfig /renew either. i have tried to manually assign ssd and gateway nothing. dhcp looks to be enabled. anybody familier with maybe some services i should check? scanned for malware system is clean. i just keep getting the unidentifed network. pc is running windows 10 64bit. also updated drivers with no luck. never been stuck like this before..any help is appreciated

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My HP Pavilion Star Wars Special Edition laptop won't connect the internet. I first got it about three months ago and it was working fine until about a week ago. I've reset it to factory settings twice now, because I was getting the error code "0x3a98" which I looked up and found to be a corrupt file. Well, now that I've factory reset it twice there are no corrupt files on my computer and I can connect to,, and, but those are the only ones. I can't connect to the Windows Store either. I've cleared my cache on Chrome and the Windows Store and I made sure I don't have a proxy on. Can someone please help me get my computer back to normal?

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I am a new member and have never,ever posted before on any forum but am totally confused and lost here..I know some about computers and had both my laptops connected for 1 whole day before I made the mistake and turned them off at the end of the can't remember how to get it to work do I connect them directly together with a ethernet cable so that I am able to connect to the internet from both?? One is Windows Media xp and is built in other one is also xp but doesn't have built in wifi and I broke my netgear adapter so unable to connect. We run off the internet wifi offered free from where we live so how do I solve this issue??? p.s. no modem or router available to use and I am homebound/disabled....can someone walk me through the steps of creating a network for home and whatever else I need to do to fix this ?????? Thanks!!!

Answer:Help!! Connect 2 laptops directly w/ethernet w/1 laptop wifi

After connecting them together by ethernet enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on the wireless connection that has internet access. You can probably also bridge the wireless and ethernet connections, but to say that I'm making the assumption that you are not restricted to only one IP address on your free Wi-Fi. I haven't given any more details, since I assume this will jog your memory of which you did yesterday.

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Answer:After installing Windows 10 on my laptop, I cannot connect with wifi but can with ethernet. What should I do?

Have a look at this article, it may be of some help.How to manage wireless network connections in Windows 10 | Windows Central

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when i try my lumia to hots pot it shows a message that it cnt connect while my android phone cannect to it at that same time ..............................wit software Mhotspot..

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I am able to connect with my cable modem using the USB, but the ethernet does not work for some reason

It just started doing this a few hours ago

my ISP is charter communication

modem = Ambit U10CO18

whenever I try to go through ethernet I get "imited or no connectivity"

I need to use the ethernet so I can get my Playstation 3 online

it doesnt work with the PC or PS3 so it isint a PC issue

Answer:cant connect with cable modem using ethernet cord

If it's not a PC issue then it must be a bad cable or bad ethernet on the modem.

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I have been having a problem for a few weeks now and nothing I've done or come across seems to solve the issue!
Basically when I try and connect to my wifi (netgear router) I get a very strong signal but local only access & an unidentified network. I have my desktop & 2 more laptops running off this router so it can't be that.

After failing to connect to wifi I tried to use an ethernet connection to try and update my drivers in hope that would fix the wifi problem. After plugging the ethernet in I was in exactly the same position, I kept getting 'Identifying' appear in network connections which then turned to unidentified and wouldn't allow me to connect to the internet either!

The laptop is about 3-4 years old I think so I did update the drivers but that didn't do anything either, any help would be appreciated.

Forgot to mention my os is vista

Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop won't connect to the internet (wifi or ethernet)

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I have an internet connection which is distributed through a wireless router. I use my laptop's (which also has a LAN adapter) WiFi to connect to that router. I have a PC too which only has LAN adapter but not the Wireless adapter.

Unfortunately I cannot wire my place as the router is in my housemate's room. I have network cables though to connect my PC and my laptop. Can I access Internet on my PC using connection between my laptop and PC and my laptop being connected to the Internet via WiFi?

I have DHCP enabled on my WiFi laptop. I am not sure what do I need to do and if I need to give static IP's to all the computers?

PS - I can access the router settings and I can change those settings unless it hampers my other house-mates to use the Internet.

Answer:Laptop (wifi Internet w/ethernet facility) connect to PC through CAT5 cable

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I have a Sony Vaio with WIFI and an ALienware that does not have WIFI. I need to connect the Alienware to the Vaio with ethernet cable to access the net. I keep getting a IP address conflict message on the Vaio. The only thing I need the Vaio for is the WIFI connectivity. Will be purchasing a new PCI card (wireless adapter) soon but until I do... I need to make that connection on the Vaio a Hot Spot or the likes. Any surefire methodology to accomplish this task? Thanks so much for any help you can offer. Kirt (530)749-1110

Answer:Win XP, laptop#1 has WIFI, laptop #2 needs to connect thru #1 with ethernet cable

what operating systems are on the PCs

you should use ICS - internet connection sharing or bridge
what type of cable do you have - it may need a crossover cable if the pcs are old and do not have autosensing LAN connections
TURN ON ICS - for internet sharing

TURN ON ICS - for internet sharing

TURN ON ICS - for internet sharing - for windows XP

TURN ON ICS - for internet sharing - for windows VISTA

windows 7
TURN ON ICS - for internet sharing - for windows 7

Bridging two network connections:
Make sure the secondary connection has DHCP enabled.
Open the Network Connections folder from the Start Menu, Settings.
Select the first connection to be used in the bridge and highlight it by left clicking on it.
Holding the Ctrl key, select the second connection to be used in the bridge by left clicking on it.
Right click on one of the two highlighted connections and select Bridge Connections.


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Hey guys! I'm new to this forum and wasn't 100% sure where to post this question but I decided to put it here as it seems to be where most people have had internet queries.

I'm a bit perplexed at the moment. For the last few days I've been trying to somehow fix my internet problem. I scoured other forums for similar questions and tried all the things they've said and still had no luck so I've run out of options and decided to set up this account and ask myself.

I have a virgin media super hub 2. Recently the ethernet cable wouldn't connect, I tried other ethernet cables to see if it was due to me breaking it and no luck. Not sure if it's a coincidence or not but at the same time I also wasn't able to connect to the 5ghz supplied by the router. So I'm left with 2.4ghz wireless at the moment. My friend also can't connect to the 5ghz on the router so it might be something to do with the router rather than my laptop but I'm not sure what would have caused it in the last few days (it's a new router/hub too, only about a month old).

I think generally you're supposed to post your ipconfig? Which I'll post if asked

I've tried flushing the DNS, ipconfig/renew, release etc. So i'm really stuck for ideas.

Answer:Can't connect to ethernet while being able to connect to WIFI

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Hello all,

I changed my router access password and wireless WPA Pre-Shared key
today by logging in at

After that I realized that my wireless would still connect but it wouldn't load up webpages
quickly, or at all for that matter. I tried to troubleshoot just based on the things I know to do
e.g. flushdns, winsock fix, release/renew, wireless adapter properties changing the preferred and
alternate DNS servers, etc. When I still was able to connect to wireless, I ran troubleshooter.
It came back that it was properly configured by the DNS server was not responding.

I'm writing this post with my ethernet cable in my computer because wireless won't even
connect anymore. It says RCA on the physical router but when I login it says "Thomson".
Can someone help? Thanks.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 900 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1912 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 828 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 227772 MB, Free - 140854 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, NBWAA
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2013, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Can connect with Ethernet Wifi won't connect

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About a week ago, our cable internet connection went out. Before I had a chance to reboot the modem & router, my 11 year old decided to completely reset the router to factory settings! Ugh! This caused several issues: my home network is now gone, only a unsecured factory network is available. When I try to plug my laptop into the router via ethernet cord (in order to login to router and setup secure network) my computer will not recognize the router and won't connect to internet. I tried troubleshooting with my cable provider and they say it's in my computer (IP address will not reset) and he recommended I replace my network card. However, today when I brought my laptop to work, it will instantly recognize the wifi at work. So is it really my network card that is causing issues? Please help, I'm desperate and not tech too tech savvy!

Linksys wireless router
Charter cable modem
Hp pavillion dv6 laptop with Windows Vista OS

Answer:Laptop won't connect to home wifi but will connect to work wifi

Did you figure this out?

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I have an HP laptop, but the power cord connection has become loose somehow and it makes no connection when I plug it into the laptop. The laptop has absolutely no power and no lights. I tried several different ways to twist and turn the cord into the laptop to make some kind of connection, but it doesn't do anything. What can I do?

Answer:Can't connect power cord to HP laptop

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For some reason, my computer has been only connecting to ethernet recently. And I don't know what's going on, except for the fact that I recently performed a factory reset on my computer, and for some reason it caused a few problems on my laptop, most of which were fixed eventually though. However, I couldn't actually get it to connect with Wi-Fi networks, and it will only let me connect to Ethernet. Thank you very much for helping.

Answer:How do I connect to Wi-Fi when my laptop can only connect to ethernet?

Enable Automatically deliver drivers via Windows Update (Step 3)
then Check for Updates, install all Important and Optional Updates. After requested reboots keep checking back for more Updates until they are all done.

Look in Device Manager to make sure Wireless driver is installed and functional.

Rightclick on the network icon in System Tray, open Network and Sharing Center, click on Change Adapter Settings, make sure Wireless adapter is enabled. If so rightclick to run its Troubleshooter.

The factory WIn7 is an inferior install larded with bloatware and duplicate utilties which interfere with better versions built into Win7. Most tech enthusiasts prefer to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. At the minimum I'd Clean Up Factory Bloatware.

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Hello. I have three Dell XPS PCs connected via a Verizon Actiontec router to each other and to the internet, all running Windows 10 (two preinstalled, one upgraded from Windows 7). All connect fine to the internet via Ethernet and wifi, but they can only see/connect to each other via wifi. They cannot see each other via Ethernet; instead I have to turn wifi on for each of them to see/access each other. Not exactly sure when this started, but it wasn?t always like this (some windows update maybe?) I haven?t found my particular problem in searching forums, and there are so many options on what to try to fix other network issues, I?m not sure where to start.

If it?s a hardware issue, I would think it would be with the router, as it?s unlikely the hardware would fail on all three PCs. But since I can connect to the internet via both Ethernet and wifi, I think it?s unlikely a router problem. I have Norton 360 running on all the PCs, but I?ve tried disabling the firewalls, adding Network Trust and Device Trust, and the problem still exists, and again, all works fine over wifi. Could be a network driver problem, but I?ve tried uninstalling and letting windows reinstall the driver, and that hasn?t helped.

So some other setting that got messed up on all three computers at some point? Renaming the workgroup and/or PCs? An ipv6 issue? Any ideas on where to start??

Thanks for your help.

Answer:connect to internet via ethernet and wifi but to network only on wifi

Welcome to the forum. Can you ping the PCs via name and IP from another one are they all on the same workgroup

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I recently moved in with a friend. I can't see the internet on my wifi list but I can connect with cable. My laptop has no problem connecting or finding other wifi, the only issue is with this one.
I would really like to connect wireless. BTW, my laptop runs Windows 10.
Any help would be appreciated

Answer:Can't see the wifi but can connect via ethernet

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  Greetings, for some reason, I have not been able to connect to modem, with hi speed internet, just wifi,can someone please help me with this. I have connected Samsung support  several times, they had said it was a driver, and after many attempts were able to update the driver, toredo tunneling , system worked for a short time, then reverted to wifi. Thanks to anyone who can help.
 Samsung NP300 Laptop
 4 gig mem, intel premium processor, Windows Home Premium version with SP1, 64 bit program

Answer:Please help, can not connect to modem with ethernet , just wifi

What's your Ethernet setup? Modem to router to PC?

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Hi guys,
I have an issue I would like to resolve. I will try to be as clear and precised as possible.
I'm only allowed to one device to an internet. My laptop connects directly to internet WiFi. So the laptop (Windows 10) serves as a hotspot. But I have two other devices I want to connect. A PC (Windows 7) via Ethernet and a smartphone via WiFi.
Right now, I can either share the WiFi in laptop to the PC by bridging, or to smartphone via hospot, but NOT both at the same time. I want to connect both like this;

What should I do?


Answer:I need to connect both Ethernet and WiFi to a Hotspot.

Originally Posted by wtenten

Hi guys,
I have an issue I would like to resolve. I will try to be as clear and precised as possible.
I'm only allowed to one device to an internet. My laptop connects directly to internet WiFi. So the laptop (Windows 10) serves as a hotspot. But I have two other devices I want to connect. A PC (Windows 7) via Ethernet and a smartphone via WiFi.
Right now, I can either share the WiFi in laptop to the PC by bridging, or to smartphone via hospot, but NOT both at the same time. I want to connect both like this;

What should I do?


Your wifi is solved but for the ethernet part, you would need a wifi to ethernet adapter like this one.

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My problem started the day of the big cyber attack on the internet. Coincidence?
I am having the same problem as this poster
I've tried everything mentioned in that thread to no avail.
I have Windows 7 - 64 bit.
Vaio vgn-z610y which is 7 yr old.
Went to Device manager.. First deleted, then I updated the  driver for Intel Wifi 5100 AGN.. Then I went to the Sony site and found another driver update.
I don't see a place in enable wireless.
The Windows Mobility utility didn't fix the problem.
I don't know what else to try..The Netgear WNR1000 v4 router is new and wifi works on my tablet..
I've removed the battery from the laptop.
I don't have a restore point so maybe I have a virus? I've run Malwarebytes, , Awdcleaner, Avast, Tdsskiller,
Please HELP!

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Hi guys,
I have an issue I would like to resolve. I will try to be as clear and precised as possible.
I'm only allowed to one device to an internet. My laptop connects directly to internet WiFi. So the laptop (Windows 10) serves as a hotspot. But I have two other devices I want to connect. A PC (Windows 7) via Ethernet and a smartphone via WiFi.
Right now, I can either share the WiFi in laptop to the PC by bridging, or to smartphone via hospot, but NOT both at the same time. I want to connect both like this;

What should I do?


Answer:I need to connect both Ethernet and WiFi to a Hotspot.

wtenten said:

Hi guys,
I have an issue I would like to resolve. I will try to be as clear and precised as possible.
I'm only allowed to one device to an internet. My laptop connects directly to internet WiFi. So the laptop (Windows 10) serves as a hotspot. But I have two other devices I want to connect. A PC (Windows 7) via Ethernet and a smartphone via WiFi.
Right now, I can either share the WiFi in laptop to the PC by bridging, or to smartphone via hospot, but NOT both at the same time. I want to connect both like this;

What should I do?


Your wifi is solved but for the ethernet part, you would need a wifi to ethernet adapter like this one.

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I am trying to troubleshoot a network connectivity issue for my Mom & Dad's laptop. It is an HP 64-bit running Windows 8.1. Up until this morning, it was able to connect to wi-fi. My mother was on the internet with no problems. They have my-fi with AT&T and my dad's laptop and tablet connect fine.
We have tried:
restarting the HPtaking the battery out uninstalling the wi-fi network adapter, restarting and letting it reinstallforgetting the networkmanually adding the network back in
and nothing worked.

So, I took the laptop back to my house and connected it directly into my router via Ethernet cable, but to my surprise, it showed connected, but no internet connection. I ran the troubleshooter and it said that "Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP config. I restarted the laptop with the ethernet plugged in, but it came back up with limited connectivity and the same error message. I tried connecting to my wifi at my house and again, it sees the various networks, but will not connect. I get a message when I hit the connect button that it is Checking network requirements, but then after about 30-45 seconds it says Can't connect to this network. All of the other laptops/pc's/tablets and phones are connecting just fine.

I used to work on a help desk about 5 years ago, but the only Windows 8 experience I have is with their laptop, so I am a complete idiot when comes to Windows 8 and I'm very rusty when it comes to everything else, so please be gentle. I ... Read more

Answer:Can't connect with wifi or ethernet-can see networks

-are all of the drivers for the adapter up to date?
-have you tried doing a full master reset on the router?

If your fathers internet is fine but the mothers is not it has to be with the adapter somehow. I have had adapters in the past that randomly start to quirk up and then randomly start working fine before it can be strange I know. How old is this adapter anyway? Most adapters ( with heavy use of course ) only lasts around six months to a year, with moderate use they generally do good for about up to about five years.

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I really need help, please

So, 3 days ago I was connected to my wifi through wireless just fine
But now, whenever I try to connect, it says "unable to connect"
The signal is fine, the password is right, it would try "connecting" but ends up "unable to connect"
Been working fine all along and suddenly this occur

So, I tried to plug in the LAN cable and through the ethernet, it could connect fine!!

I have no idea why this is! PLEASE HELP!!

My computer: WINDOWS XP (32 bit/Home Edition/Version 2002/Service Pack 3)
Wireless: Intel PROSet/Wireless 14.3.1

Answer:Could not connect to wifi through wireless but could with LAN ethernet

Are there any yellow (!) in the device manager?

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Hello, I've been trying to connect my internet to the WIFI, but it keeps saying that I need to connect it to the Ethernet. My wifi button is orange, and even if i press it to airplane mode and back, it still is orange and not white. I tried to restart my computer a few times and it still won't connect saying there isn't any WIFI available. I'm using my sister's laptop and obviously the internet is working overall but just not my laptop. When I am at home in Madison, I use my laptop with ethernet, but when i'm at my parents house, i use the wifi and it usually works fine and connect right away but its not working right now.

Answer:Wifi not working, wants to connect to ethernet

Hello @NemoVang, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I came across your post about the WiFi issue, and wanted to help!  I understand that usually the notebook will connect, but not currently. To start, can you provide me with the Product Number of the notebook?  Here is a link you can use that will help you find your Model and Product Number:HP Customer Support - Products First, try reviewing the following steps, offered by community member @Great-Deku-Tree: First, we have a step by step guide to walk you through the troubleshooting process here: Troubleshooting Your Wireless Network and Internet Connection A second option, is to try these steps:Powercycle the network:1. Shut down your notebook.2. Unplug the power to your router.3. Unplug the power to your modem.4. Wait at least 45 seconds.5. Plug in the modem, and wait for it to come back online.6. Plug in the router, and wait for it to come back online.7. Turn on your notebook, and test your connection.Disable the Power Off option for the adapter:1. Open Device Manager. (Win Key+R > type devmgmt.msc > OK)2. Expand the Network adapters.3. Right click on the Ethernet/Wireless Adapter and click Properties.4. Click the Power Management tab.5. Remove the check mark beside All... Read more

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please help me, i have a problem with my Laptop that can't connect to my home wifi. Another notebook can connect no problem, handphone and ipod no problem, only this 1 laptop.
I've just bought the laptop, 1 day after that i dont know why become limited, and then after i try many way from google become cannot connect to my wifi. now already 1 week.

I CAN CONNECT to my wifi if i bring the modem wifi really near with my laptop, and sometimes limited, sometimes 'connected' but really super slow connection internet (i tried from my phone the internet connection good)

I have 2 wifi in my home,
1. the Modem wifi and via USB connect to
2. the ROuter TP-LINK

I have tried the third wifi from another person which is same type with my modem wifi, but still can connect. I wonder why.

I have installed the latest drive in hp website. tried changed previous driver, re installed 5 times, whatever way i can find in google, this is the last resort maybe.

These are the descriptions:

product : HP 15-r012tx
windows : 8.1 pro WMC 64bit
driver : Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn Wi-Fi Adapter
provider : mediatek
version :
driver date : 8/11/2014
hardware ids: PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3290&SUBSYS_18EC103C&REV_00

when I connected to ITEZA with superslow connection, i tried the troubleshoot problems, sometimes it says my connection of router is broken, some... Read more

Answer:Can't connect WIFI (wireless), ethernet, LAN, USB can

If this is a new, 1 week old laptop, I would contact tech support for help. You may have a defective wifi adapter. If it is defective, it should be covered under warranty.

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I upgraded to win10 yesterday. I also see that now that brightness settings are reversed, seriously........I get maximum brightness when I move the slider to the minimum setting, and a dim display when I move it to what should be the maximum brightness setting.

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I tired to allow my windows 7 laptop to print over the network, and after 3 hours gave up as nothing seemed to work. I must have done something because now i can not connect to WI FI at all or Ethernet.

It says on the system tray Not connected and below that connections available, and under wireless network connection it says it is connected to my wireless connection but i can not connect.

Please any help would be good, i have no Home group with, not sure if this is something i did, it's all a blur to me.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Answer:Cannot not connect to WIFI or ethernet after trying to config network.

Have you tried plugging in an ethernet cable to your router directly to see if you connect?
Have you factory reset or power cycled your modem?
What configs did you change if any? Do you remember?

On my laptops...if it shows connections available but unable to connect resetting the modem usually fixes it up

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Does not connect or see any networks

Answer:My new hp envy does not connect to wifi or via ethernet cabl...

Hi, What is your Hp envy model 3165NGW ?  Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:

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Hi. I'm having issues with my modem. Anyways, the problem started when I purchased a Linksys Wrt54G router.

I was connecting to the internet using LAN/ethernet okay. I tried setting up a wifi connection in my home using the linksys wrt54g router. Everything was working fine until after two days when I suddenly can't connect to the internet on my linksys. I tried to directly connect my modem through the ethernet to check if the problem was with my ISP. LAN says limited or no connectivity. I tried plugging the modem through my laptop, I found out that my laptop can connect to the internet using ethernet so the problem was not with my ISP. I had to reset my linksys router and set it up all over again. Wifi connection was okay again.

After three days, I can't get any connection again. I tried directly connecting the modem again to my laptop to check but my laptop says limited or no connectivity. I tried connecting directly to the ethernet on my PC, it says limited or no connectivity again. I tried resetting the Linksys router again and set up my connection again (hoping against hope) and miraculously, I was able to connect.

Now there seems to be a problem with my LAN connections both on my PC and laptop and it seems that only my linksys router can communicate with my modem (everytime I had to do a reset). I tried reseting tcp stack, etc. But my LAN connection is still limited or no connectivity. Any help would be appreciated.

BTW, my modem is a motorola surf... Read more

Answer:Limited or no connectivity using LAN ethernet but can connect via WiFi

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how to get these drivers? on windows developer preview i can get on the internet but when i load win 7 it just doesn't have the drivers? help?

Answer:Win 7 wont connect to Ethernet or detect wifi

Log onto W7 and screenshot device manager (showing missing drivers), and also network connection section.

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So here I am sitting on my desktop Vista machine (Acer Aspire M1610 model) being able to connect to my D-Link 615 wifi router by ONLY using a Belkin wifi dongle.

I cannot get my machine to connect with an ethernet cable...?! I have tried several different cable but still no joy.

When I go to 'Network & Sharing' centre in Vista, I can see the Belkin Wifi connection (which is obviously how I am being able to connect and type this!) but the wired connection just constantly says, 'Unidentified' - Local Access Only....

Just to add some more info - I also went to the Command Prompt and typed in ipconfig/renew and after a few seconds, got the follwing reply:

'An error occurred while renewing interface Wired Connection : unable to contact your DHCP server. Request timed out. An error occured while releasing interface Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1: The system cannot find the file specified.

Ethernet adaptor Wired Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix:
Link Local IPv6 Address: f380::e1ec:305b:4bd1:81e2%17
Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway: fe80::28ea:87c3:9cff:145e%17
Can anyone help me out here......?!

Answer:Can Only Connect using WiFi dongle & not via ethernet cable

....anybody?!?! Over 100 views and nobody has any idea on a possible fix?!

I also noticed a post further down which has had over 10,000 views and only 7 reponses...not holding out much hope....!!!

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Hello everyone,
I am having an issue. I attempted installed zonealarm free a few days ago when I woke up I saw that it said the installation failed. Yet still I saw zonealarm listed as a new program that was installed. I also can unable to connect to the internet. I changed the settings of zonealarm from high to medium but still no internet, I uninstalled zonealarm and even used the clean.exe zonealarm tool no internet, I manually went ahead and removed as many zone alarm components as possible but still no internet.
I have done various elevated command prompts net sh etc. However, for the reset one it always says reset failed.
Ip4 and Ip6 in a not connected state and all wifi networks say limited as well as Ethernet connections.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. Also I have no system restore points available. When the issue was first present my last restore point was Office 2016 preview which I had installed two hours or so before zonealarm. Zonealarm never had a restore point. Since trying to troubleshoot this issue all my restore points have been erased.
I am going insane.
Can you guys please help me to figure out how to fix this. Thanks in advance for your help.

Laptop: Sony Vaio Flip 14
OS: Windows 8.1 Professional
Wireless Card: Intel Wireless N 7260

Answer:Unable to connect to internet via wifi or ethernet

System Restore to before you installed Zonealarm.

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So I decided to reformat my Toshiba laptop today, I download the Windows 7 Home Premiumm x64 bit ISO file from here: ( I didn't upgrade, just a reformat as the laptop was getting clouded in rubbish )

Download Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO ( 32bit / 64bit ) from Microsoft

Booted from USB, installation went went as expected.

After completion, I can't find any networks, it doesn't find any Wifi networks and even when I connect Ethernet cable from the router it doesn't detect it at all.

Now, before reformatting both wifi and ethernet worked without problems and right now both wifi and that ethernet work with my desktop. Because of that I can only guess it might be drivers missing so laptop can't find the networks? But I am bit lost in which are missing, if that is the problem at all. The laptops name is Toshiba Sattelite. Here is the screen from the network panel:

Any help possible?

Thanks in advance and Kind Regards.

Answer:Reformatted Windows // Can't connect to wifi or via ethernet

Look in Change Adapter Settings, is your wifi adapter listed and enabled? If you see it and is enabled, try the troubleshooter...

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Every time I connect to my ethernet, windows 7 will NOT disable the wifi. Is it a driver issue or what?

Answer:Disable Wifi when connect via ethernet in windows 7

I don't think it's a driver issue, but just how windows works. Every laptop I've had does that.

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Hoping you all can help solve this. Ordered a brand new E570 online (maybe that was my first problem) When I got it, I found I couldn't connect to wifi - either at home or at the office, but ethernet works just fine. It will find all the wifi connections in range and when I select mine and type in my password, it takes about 10-15 seconds before coming back with 'cannot connect to network' error message?!

After having someone from Lenovo helpdesk remote-in twice, it's been back to Lenovo both times, the first time they replaced the wifi card, the second time they ran tests and could connect. It was returned to me with a report that there was no problem detected and everything worked.

I thought it was maybe my wifi, so I disconnected and reconnected both my phone and my work laptop. I have also since installed 2 wifi thermostats and a smart tv, so I know my home router works and i've got the correct password.

The IT guy at the office suggested this, at the command prompt:

ipconfig /flushdns
arp -d
netsh winsock reset

After typing the ipconfig, I tried the other commands and they came back w a 'requires elevation' message ... but i don't have my laptop set up w administrator rights ... (which is what I think its asking?)

This is driving me insane. Any ideas?


** edit** I've figured out how to run the above 3 commands from the admin command prompt but still get the same error message when I go to connect.

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Windows 8.0 user with my recommended Windows updates up to date (except as removed by system restore mentioned below); Samsung NP550P5C laptop; Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that I no longer had a wired connection on my laptop, only the wifi. For ages I've run with both connected, it prioritized the wire, and I never had a problem, but the wired connection dropped out and will not come back to life even if I disconnect from the wifi. I spent a lot of time over the past few days doing online research, didn't want to get too aggressive but here is what I have tried:

Give the ethernet card's MAC address a static IP on the gateway (Actiontec router provided by Verizon)
Attempt to configure the IPv4 properties on the ethernet card to use the right default gateway and mask (these have gone south as you'll see in my ipconfig dump below)
ipconfig release and renew - renew never completed
New cable (that was my first try)
New driver
Fell back to old driver
System Restore back to the beginning of the month
The router is also new, Verizon sent me a new one which I installed at the beginning of this week. No improvement. I have to admit that I didn't dig deep into these settings while using the old router because it was also dropping wifi a couple of times a day and so I thought it was just failing.

At first it would not recognize the cable but then I read somewhere to adjust the speed and duplex from Auto detect to just anything else in the l... Read more

Answer:wifi connected; ethernet card will no longer connect

Most likely you screwed something up either on the IP for the Ethernet card on your computer, or did it on your Gateway. Check out for further info how to do what you want to do.

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Hi everyone
I have an Acer aspire one netbook, model D255 which operates on Windows 7.
Having trouble connecting to wifi connections. It worked fine initially, I tried turning the wifi switch on and off, it tells me that there are no wifi connections available, however everyone else Is able to connect via Wifi on their computers and myself without a problem on other devices.
On troubleshooting it's says - that an Ethernet cable is broken or not plugged in
properly, and is unable to fix the problem, as obviously I am not connected via any cable.
I looked in network and it says that the Ethernet cable is unplugged and does not show any available networks.
Urgent help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Answer:Can't connect to wifi- troubleshoot says Ethernet cable broken

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I've attempted to download both the network driver software and diagnostic software from the hp drivers found at've then transferred over those files via usb to the laptop, but once they install I am unable to run the diagnostic or update my drivers.My intel wireless n1030 shows up in network adapters and tells me it is up to date, but has a status of code 10 "this device cannot start"What's the next step in trouble shooting my connection? Plugging in Ethernet or usb wireless device won't allow connections either

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I recently used a program Autoruns,, and deleted some startup things I shouldn't have.. Since then I cant connect to internet, the troubleshooter for wireless adapter says the Windows wireless service is not running on this computer (WLAN Autoconfig service) and fails to start the service.
I notice on windows task manager there are only about 13 Processes running and there are usually about 20, and on Services there are about 40 running and about 100 or more stopped services. Thanks for the help

Also on startup now I have a pop up on bottom saying, Failed to connect to a windows service. Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service service. This problem prevents standard users from logging on to the system. As an administrative user, you can review the System Event Log for details about why the service didn't respond. And the startup and logon time is really long now

Answer:Windows 7 can't connect to internet through Wifi or ethernet cable

Sounds like you deleted the network drivers, I did this once and ill be honest unless someone here knows a trick, or you have a CD with drivers you are going to have to have a hell of a time unless you know the name of the hardware and download the right driver, thats my guess. best of luck

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So this might be pretty long but this is all that has happened so far. So my laptop which is a HP DM4 it was fine nd everything but it would shut itself off but i had it plugged in and everything then when i went to turn it bck on it said to put a recovery disc so i went on my mom's laptop nd downloaded that nd burned it and used it. It reinstalled Windows 7 but when it would boot up it would look like Windows 7 but the log on screen nd home screen would look like Windows XP so i been downloading drivers since i dnt have most the stuff i need nd i got Areo nd it looks like Windows 7 again but the clock nd those icons still look like XP like it shows a computer instead of wifi bars. So problem is now that my internet button doesnt work for wifi nd there is no networks to connect too nd some drivers are missing which ive tried so many things nd not getting anywhere. Idk what i did though but out of the times i was trying to download windows 7 i finally got windows 7 home premium up but it was all black nd said it was an ungenuine copy nd was on a temporary account nd everything would get deleted after logging off. After i shut dwn it made me reinstall windows nd now ive tried to get bck to the black screen one but it just goes ito the XP looking one.

Answer:No drivers/internet/ethernet port to connect to wifi

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. No idea where you Downloaded Windows from .. But it looks like a corrupt Install .. Your should start again .. Read the Link below and follow the Instructions step by step .. Every thing is in the Link you need to get the perfect Install including the Link for the Download ISO for Windows .. If you Post the exact Model Number of your Laptop ... I will find any Drivers that are missing after the Re-install .. Windows should find most of them if you run the Updates ..
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I have recently bought a router, the Fritz.Box Home Server 1&1 VDSL. I have set it up via wifi and can connect to the internet without a problem.
However, I would like to connect my PC to the router via LAN.
When I put the LAN cable into my PC and the router, both my PC and my router react and tell me there is a connection but they do not recognize each other. The router says there is something in LAN1 and the PC says there is a LAN cable without a connection. I cannot access the router via LAN, only via wifi.
My PC uses the Killer Network 2200e driver, I tried removing it and then manually adding it again, it did not work. My IPv4 settings seem fine, too, I have no idea what to do now.

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I have recently bought a router, the Fritz.Box Home Server 1&1 VDSL. I have set it up via wifi and can connect to the internet without a problem.
However, I would like to connect my PC to the router via LAN.
When I put the LAN cable into my PC and the router, both my PC and my router react and tell me there is a connection but they do not recognize each other. The router says there is something in LAN1 and the PC says there is a LAN cable without a connection. I cannot access the router via LAN, only via wifi.
My PC uses the Killer Network 2200e driver, I tried removing it and then manually adding it again, it did not work. My IPv4 settings seem fine, too, I have no idea what to do now.

Answer:Ethernet won't connect to router, wifi works fine

and welcome to the Forum

Lets take a peek at your network environment:


Power Cycle everything . . Turn off the Modem, router and all pc's . . turn on the Modem and wait a few minutes for the lights to stabilize . . then turn on the router, then one pc at a time. See if you connect to the internet.

Then: check your browser's settings, remove any proxy settings if found, here's how


with the pc connected to the router, Click on Start . . Run . . type CMD

At the > prompt type or copy and paste the following command:

ipconfig/all > 0 & notepad 0

and press enter.

Come back here and Paste the results in a message.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB drive, or a CD-R disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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Hi folks, the machine is Samsung NP300e5a, installed with windows7 64bit.
Unable to connect with my internet connection by any means, wifi or ethernet. One of the senior member of this forum sent me a link of drivers. I uploaded all the drivers again and again. The laptop has no error message in Control Panels except the 3D video adaptor (which I think isn?t related). Here is the detail of Network Adaptors installed: Bluetooth device (personal area network)
Bluetooth device (TDI protocol RFCOMM)
Realtek PCI GBE family controller
Intel Centrino Wireless N130
Microsoft Virtual minport adaptor #9
Microsoft Virtual minport adaptor #10
I tried to connect via ethernet, but it doesn?t detect the cable. I checked the same cable and router with other computer and its working.
Wifi networks are available, tried to connect my network, it asks for password, and then gives the message window:

Windows could not connect to (my network)

The wifi network is working with three other devices.

One more strange thing, bluetooth is also not working, although its drivers are showing no error. but that I doesn?t require at the moment.

Please help.

Answer:Unable to connect with my internet connection through Wifi or Ethernet

again i will tell you to do the same thing i tell others in same situation. In addition to the driver downloads; try power cycling the modem and router. Unplug the power to both the modem and router and wait about a minute or so; then plug the modem back in first and let that fully boot; then plug the router back in and let that fully boot. Post back if that does not solve the issue; or mark this thread solved if it has.

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I have a slightly different setup so I'm hoping somebody might have some suggestions on what I can try.

I have Comcast Xfinity Internet and a Motorola SB6121 model - have all worked great for years no problems.

I have the modem in my garage with a wifi router and a router for various rooms in my house. My home computer is in an office and previously I had a wired connection that worked great.

I changed wifi router to a new Netgear and the internet connection from the modem is working, the wifi is working, but my home computers ethernet connection will no longer connect...

Any thoughts on what to try other than powering off and on model / routers / computer which I have tried?


Answer:Changed wifi router, now ethernet doesnt connect - Win 8.1

You can only have one router on your network. For extending coverage, you use Access Points

As for the Ethernet problem, go back and double check your connections to the router.

If you cascaded routers in what are called "Edge Routers". Changing your first router, without any changes on the others can be why you only have a connection to one router and not out to the Internet.

It is really easier to show someone what they did wrong, then explain on a forum.

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Hi there,

The laptop I have is an asus P550C, windows 7.

This laptop came pre-installed with Mcafee Antivirus protection for a limited amount of time. Wifi was working perfectly fine although there were occasions where the connection would disconnect by itself. After the free-trial ended, I did not want to buy the packaged they were advertising so I went to my Control Panel and uninstalled Mcafee. This was when the problem started to occur. The internet access icon had a red x and when I went to diagnose the problem, it said that I needed to connect via an ethernet cable. Since then, I have connected it with an ethernet and internet works and I have also installed AVG's free antivirus software.

I have tried to
type: ipconfig /flushdns
type: nbtstat -R
type: netsh int reset all
type: netsh int ip reset
type: netsh winsock reset

But I still cannot connect via wifi. Please help

Answer:Wifi has stopped working but still able to connect to internet via ethernet cable


Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : jay-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . :

Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Network Connection:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network)
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 54-35-30-05-36-68
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : BC-EE-7B-28-57-D7
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::9dfa:dcc6:3d3b:ae86%11(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : March-27-15 4:14:52 PM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : March-28-15 4:14:52 PM
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . :... Read more

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Hi everyone,

Been having this issue for months now and while I have a band-aid solution, it doesn't work all the time.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X200 with Windows 7.
The wireless adapter is: Lenovo 11b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Adapter III
The ethernet is: Intel(R) 82567LM Gigabit Network Connection
and I also have an Android tethering thing set up, PDANet Broadband Adapter.

The issue is this, I've been able to connect to WiFi with no problem for a while, and then all of a sudden, I keep on getting "Limited Availability" and can no longer get internet. I had an IT friend look at my computer and he said that for some reason I can no longer obtain IP address automatically. This applies to BOTH Wifi and Ethernet cable, both at home and at any other router I log into (friend's house, coffee shopts, etc...)
Sometimes it works if I can guess the IP range of the router (like the standard, but sometimes even with the right IP address manually input, I still have limited connectivity, with both WiFi and ethernet.

For some strange reason, my PDA Net tethering works.
Other than just reinstalling my Windows 7 again, is there any other way I can get this to start obtaining IP addresses automatically again?
Oh also, when I tried using "netsh int ip reset reset.log" and "netsh winsock reset catalog", I get error messages like "The requested operation requires elevation <Run as administrator>. Resetting Interfac... Read more

Answer:Solved: Cannot connect with WiFi or Ethernet using IPv4 (automatically obtain...)

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I would like to connect my USB WIFI dongle directly to my wired router, this would enable me to have wifi access without having my PC switched on all the time, is this possible and if so what kind of adapter do I need? I think I need USB A Female to Ethernet RJ45 Male Router Adapter does anyone know if this is correct?

Answer:Connect USB WIFI dongle to Ethernet Port on WIRED Router

Would it not be easier to just get a wireless router? If you're with any of the main companies, they will probably give you one if you ask (and if they don't, threaten to leave and then they probably will!).

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Hi guys - setting up computers in my new home and have got the wifi working fine with my BT Home Hub router (works for laptops, mobile devices etc)
Have been trying to connect via Ethernet for a laptop and home pc for a faster/more reliable connection but it doesn't seem to be working.

When plugged in the Network and Sharing Centre simply displays the loading blue circle with 'identifying' but no network access. When clicking on the Local Area Connection Status both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity state no network access, but I can't seem to find any hardware problems on the laptop. The same issue occurs for other laptops at home and I know my laptop works with Ethernet at work.

Running ipconfig/all shows that DHCP is enabled (I checked this on the properties tab for the IPvs), autoconfiguration is enabled. I can add in a copy and paste of the whole ipconfig/all if that's helpful - 'media disconnected' shows for Tunnel adapters but I don't really understand what they are...

If anyone could help at all I'd be really grateful !

Answer:Cannot connect via Ethernet to BTHub3 Wireless Router - but wifi works

Could be that the router is only set to wifi.
go to your router setting page open it ( check the settings there,
password is probably admin if you havn't changed it, please do change it if you havn't.

Or plan B reset the router


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1.  Cleaned up virus/malware with MalwareBytes
2.  Rescan came up clean with MalwareBytes and AVG
3.  After cleanup, IE browser could not access &, but could access any other website attempted
4.  Chrome browser had no issues with &
5.  Host file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) was clean
6.  Ran combofix
7.  IE issue was resolved, IE could now access &
8.  Rebooted
9.  Now, PC unable to connect via Ethernet or WiFi
Prior to reboot, even with virus, the I had no issues with Ethernet or WiFi.
Latest Combofix log attached.

Answer:Unable to connect to Ethernet or WiFi after virus cleanup & ComboFix scan

Just wanted to update because problem is resolved.
I ended up restoring from restore point from yesterday and was able to avoid the issue this time.

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Whenever I unplug from the router and go upstairs, I can't connect to my wi-fi. The problem also persists downstairs unless I am connected by ethernet. It's been happening for about 2 days. At first the wi-fi would jump in and out randomly and quickly but now it simply wont connect. Is it a virus or how can I fix it?

Answer:Wifi doesn't connect unless directly connected to router by ethernet cable

You might just need to restart your router / WiFI AP to resolve that issue.

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Hi.A bit strange problem has occurred on my Y550.When trying to connect y550 to a D-Link DIR-301 router (whether via Ethernet or WiFi), the connection on router crashes and becomes invisible to other computers for a short period of time. Then connection stands up but overtime y550 attempts to get through it crashes over and over again.Y550 connects to router (sometimes there is access to the Internet - sometimes connection is limited) but only for a few seconds before connections crashes. It works fine on any other router I've been using e.g.. Asus.At first I thought this problem was caused by assigning dynamic IP but after setting up it to static values the problem still occurred. I have checked any possible issues with power management (on network adapters, power plan, with and without battery). Drivers update also did not bring any effects.Ip config shows nothing, as if it was not connected (I called it during that short period when y550 was connected)Eventually I found out that connection works fine in Safe Mode so this must be some software/driver issue.I've used one key recovery and brought y550 to it;s original fresh out-of-the-box state and problem still occurs (even after updating drivers again.No drivers available via helps.I've read nearly 3/4 of the entire Internet seeking for solutions - couldn't' find anything.One step left for me to check is remove Intel software which manages connections.Any ideas guys?

____________________... Read more

Answer:Y550 Attempt to connect via Ethernet/WiFi disconnects D-Link router connection.

Welcome To Lenovo Community
 Please try the following
Update the Bios of the system   BIOS Update
Uninstall Ready comm. Which is part of the preloaded application?
Update the Drivers for Ethernet card Broadcom Ethernet Driver 
Also check for any firmware update available to update
Hope This Helps
Important Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.
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This is a recent problem. My computer doesn't want to connect to the internet via ethernet, however it will connect via wireless to the same network. Other computers on this network connect to the internet just fine. Any help on this is sincerely appreciated.

Answer:Internet doesn't connect via Ethernet but does connect wireless Win7

Other computers on this network connect to the internet just fine. Click to expand...

Connected by etherent ?
Have you also tried the same cable and port with a different PC

It maybe a security suite blocking - do you have Norton , McAfee etc

post a ipconfig /all and ping tests when connected by ethernet cable only
{ipconfig /all}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results here
-> Start
-> (XP - enter the following in the RUN box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all
-> (Vista or Windows 7 - enter the following in the Search box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all

A black box will appear on the screen -
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy

then reply here and
control key + V to paste
{Ping Tests}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

Start> Run {search bar in Vista}> CMD to open a DOS window and type:

Type the following command
Ping {plus the number thats shown against the default gateway shown in above ipconfig /all}
P... Read more

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I have a Dell Studio 17 with Vista and Wifi capability. I've had the computer for a year and a half, and I've never had a major problem with wireless connection before. Any problem has been purely because of a low connection strength or because I was in a classroom (I'm a college student) in which multiple people were trying to connect at once. Eventually it always worked.

I was home for the weekend and connected to my primary wireless connection and all of a sudden I lost connection and could not reconnect.

I tried restarting and shutting off both the computer and wireless router. I tried resetting the wireless router. I tried turning on and off the Wifi button on my computer. Still cannot connect.

I plugged in an ethernet cable into my internet directly from the router and it runs fine (that is how I am on the internet on my laptop at the moment).

I will not always have access to an ethernet cable when I go back to school later today and I have a project I need to research so I'm kind of in a rush to get this figured out. Also it's just so much easier connecting wireless and obviously I'd like this fixed.

Anyway, I read up on other people's similar problem and I don't know if I changed something or messed up, but now whenever i click to view Wireless Connections the router for my house has a red x next to it and says "The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network."

E... Read more

Answer:Solved: Wifi suddenly stopped working, wont connect wirelessly, but ethernet works

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Hi guys this is my first post here, anyway heres the problem.

Basically I cannot connect my laptop (using it right now to type this) to ethernet. I currently have the ethernet cable plugged in to the router or modem (i know its not working i tried both dont worry). I have opened my laptop before, to fix my overheating issue. I sometimes see when i try to do some stuff to fix it ethernet might go on rarely (happened today) like on and theres no red X around it and I can see it's there but then it goes away. I am going to post a ipconfig /all with it plugged in. (attached file). I can use wifi but I cannot use ethernet. Im using windows 8.1, a realtek pcie fe family controller as the ethernet but it says "network cable unplugged". Its been like a week trying to fix it. I will try anything you guys can suggest.

Answer:Cannot connect to ethernet [LAPTOP]

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I have a kindle Fire HD 7" I want to know if I can hook it up to the internet through my laptop. I am abroad, wifi is hard to find and the kindle has a free texting app that's awesome. I only have ethernet in my dorm, no wifi. Can I make this work somehow?


Answer:Kindle fire HD 7" Ethernet capable though Laptop/USB or ethernet cord?

Get a wireless router.

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Hello fellas i need to connect my dumb Xbox 360 to live for it does not play any movies!! and asks to connect to live that i am unable to do.
OKey here is the plit-> i have a usb modem that i connect into my laptop wihch has wifi n all that now i create an adhoc n/w first on lapi--the xbox detects and connects but still test connection fails(the xbox is unable to connect to the adhoc n/w)
second i tried creating a adhoc n/w on my xbox-->lapi connects to that n/w but still the test conncetion fails on the xbox

I have checked "Allow users to use this n/w" for my USB modem connection which i use to connect to the internet In Properties-->Sharing
But here it asks to select the n/w connection out of 3 options Wireless conn,Wireless conn2,Local Area Conn.
Sometimes it shows only Wileless Conn and LAN
i tried every possible combination of all these settings but nothing is working.
The internet on my laptop works fine.
I am using Win 7 Home Premium.
I just need to connect my Xbox to my laptop wirelessely and use the internet connection my laptop is using.

i tried some manual settings of ip.subnet n dns server on my xbox n lapi, in this case the xbox connects to the network (while connection test) but does not connects to laptop.
HELP guys

Answer:Solved: wifi laptop+wifi xbox360+USB modem--->not able to connect to live!!!

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I have a Toshiba Protege r835 running windows7 64bit. And I was using a westell 7500 router for a while. My wireless was working fine but the connecting wasnt so good to I decided to move the router closer to my computer. But when I unpluged it and plugged it back in closer to me, my laptop was no longer able to connect wirelessly to the router.
My cell phone can connect to the wireless just fine. And on my laptop, it shows it on the list of possible wireless networks to connect to. But when I try to connect to it, it take a long time and just ends up not connecting. My wireless in enabled. When I plug the ethernet in, it works fine.
I ran a virus scan, and came up with nothing also.

Any idea how to fix this problem?

Answer:Laptop cant connect wireless, only ethernet.

Good morning Takaaaa,

The first thing I would try is disabling your wireless and then re-enabling (this will reset the wireless card) - I would then try reconnecting. Does it actually let you connect but unable to use? or does it give you a message whilst trying to connect?

Any detailed information relating to error messages would help.


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We have 2 laptops. Both can connect via wireless fine, but only one can connect using the Ethernet cable. When plugged into the laptop which doesn't work I get the computer with a yellow "exclamation mark" triangle, which says no internet access. The working laptop is using Vista and mine, the none working, uses Windows 7.

I'd be happy to use Skype or TV to sort out the problem.


Answer:One laptop can connect via Ethernet cable but the other one cannot?

Joet, welcome to Sevenforums

This sounds like a driver issue. Can you give me the full name of your laptop so I might direct you where to find the right driver? If you are able to do this on your own, feel free.

It is a LAN driver you would be looking for, and not the wireless LAN.

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Im using my PC to connect to the internet using ethernet (VIA Rhine II Ethernet Adaptor).Now ive tried taking the ethernet cable from the PC and connecting it my laptop (Gateway 3522GZ)and although it says its connected i cant load any pages from the internet.What am i doing wrong?Many thanks.

Answer:Cant connect to internet via ethernet on laptop

Switch you modem of for 10 seconds and then restart it.See if that should.

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Please Help.(I have a very upset 14yr old) I bought my daughter a "new" used laptop for Christmas and it won't connect to the internet. Laptop is a Compaq. We connected it to the ethernet cable (we unplugged from another laptop which is working perfectly). I have AT&T DSL - modem is speed stream - through DLink router.
When I hit Run - CMD - IPconfig/all I get

Node type... Broadcast
IP routing
WIN Proxy

Media State ... disconnected
Description .... MAC Bridge Miniport
Physical Address....02-02-A5-C3-57-87

Answer:laptop won't connect to ethernet and/or internet

Sounds like there are drivers missing, check device manager for missing drivers.

Control Panel (classic view)>Administrative tools>Computer Management>device manager

If you have missing drivers, tell me what make and model Laptop it is, and I can help you find and install drivers.


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How do I setup a direct connection between my laptop running Win2000 and my pc running XP. I don't want to use a router, I just want a direct connection using a ethernet crossover cable. I can't seem to find any step by step guides on how to do this. Hope someone can help.

Answer:How to connect laptop to PC via ethernet cable?

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Help! I want to connect my PC directly to my laptop to share files. They both have network cards and I have ethernet cable. How do I do this? I have seen the other threads but cannot see how this is done - I do not have a hub, but do I need one?Many thanks in anticipation

Answer:Connect PC to laptop with Ethernet cable

Hi Soapy there is a few ways that this can be done.1) Buy a hub (bout £50 or summit) what this would enable u to do is, to plug ur laptop into the hub using a CAT 5 ethernet cable and plug ur pc into the hub, again using CAT 5 ethernet cable, therefore allowing both to 'talk' to each other.2) Buy a Cross-Over ethernet cable (no more than £10) what this would enable you to do is to connect the laptop and the PC together using the same cable...!3) if you already have a Cat 5 Ethernet cable, buy an adapter to convert the existing cable to a cross-over (see above...!)4) Buy a router with a built in switch, what this will enable you do is connect the laptop and the pc to your router, thus enabling the two to 'talk' to each other and if you have broadband connect to the internet!I will post some links to give you an idea on prices...!Hope this helps...!Shane!

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My router went down for 10 mins yesterday and then went back on again. All my devices are now working fine apart from my laptop. It is not connecting to my router wirelessly, it is only working with an ethernet connection.
Any ideas?

Answer:Laptop Won't Connect Wirelessly, Only Ethernet

what OS are you using ...and can the laptop " see " your router ?

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A couple of months ago my battery in my laptop stopped holding a charge. Ever since then I've had a lot of problems. The first was the USB drive would not recognize my mouse and the red light on the mouse would not even come on. Now I have 20 different yellow triangles on all of my drivers in driver manager and I can troubleshoot and fix all of them except for RRnetcap miniport 8. And even if I troubleshoot ill just have the same problem when I turn it off and on again. I have a new PSU in the laptop so that can't be the problem. I'm connected to my wireless network but it says no Internet acess. Please help! I'm posting this from my iPhone.

Answer:Laptop won't connect wireless or with Ethernet


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Hi All,

I am new to this forum..few day agai got to know that I can make my Windows 7 Laptop a HotSpot via Virtual I tried to make my laptop hotspot and the same can be detected from my iPhone also...i can connect connect iPhone to my laptop...but i cant access any internet..
i have also tried putting off my firewall but with no use....
can somebody help me out with the same?

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Hi there-I have two belkin products, one is a modem/router 54g with built in wi-fi. The other is a pc card for my t22 ibm think pad.I have set both bits of kit up, and the modem works fine with bb, the wi-fi utility on laptop says connected. Yet I cant connect to internet with laptop-have tried both ICS and network connections wizards to no avail on both machines. Where am I going wrong? Am running win xp home ed with sp1 on both machines, also avg anti-virus and zone alarm on both.belcanto

Answer:Laptop wifi card wont see connect me 2 wifi modem

Hi there everyone-thank you for your help, I was able to get everything working properly at last.Belcanto

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I have an HP Pavilion g6. This laptop used to run fine with no issues. Now no matter what I do I cannot get the computer to connect to any wireless networks. I can still connect via direct LAN eithernet cable. There is only a LAN Network symbol where the Wifi symbol used to be. The wireless key's light remains solid orange and does not change. No message appears when it is pressed. The divice manager only lists the Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller and does not list any Ralink driver as it should. I have tried everything. Reseting does nothing.  I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Answer:Laptop wont connect to wifi. Wifi key light is always orange...

   Check if you have Wireless adapter under network adapters in Device Manager.

Thanks & Regards,Emmanual Nebu

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I have just moved in to a basement apartment and can connect to the internet with my wireless but not with the ethernet cord ran downstairs for me. The other computers upstairs work fine on ethernet through the same router. I do not understand what the problem could be. here are my configs:
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Doug-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : Belkin

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Belkin
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Atheros AR5B91 Wireless Network Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-23-4E-03-94-25
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::2d6f:90a:1770:d1b%11(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : January-01-12 1:14:52 PM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : February-07-48 8:40:21 PM
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 201335630
DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : 00-01-00-01-11-25-70-41-00-1D-72-DF-1B-0E

DNS ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Cannot connect via ethernet but can connect via wireless

Could be a defective cable or NIC.

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I have a wireless modem and my connection was fine until I attempted to wirelessly connect my printer. After that I can see my wireless connection but every time I attempt to connect I get this simple message saying cannot connect to this network. I have reentered my network code but that didn't work. Kinda new to this, I can normally just play around until I get things straight but I've been at this about 2 days to no avail. HELP!
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200]
(c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Windows IP Configuration

Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection* 13:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection* 11:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::ad08:b747:53db:d640%12
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
Tunnel adapter
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* 14:
Media State . .... Read more

Answer:I can see my wireless connection but i cannot connect, can connect with ethernet

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my HP 15 116 laptop wifi cannot connect to wifi router modem AND it keeep on saying "cant connect to this network" whereas it  can work perfectly fine on smartphone wifi hotspot . please fix it ......... DONT MAKE ME REGRET ON BUYING HP LAPTOP ....

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Can anyone give me some advice please?

I have a problem with my Ethernet card on my vista advent laptop, for some reason it will connect to another desktop PC with win XP on when I connect through a router, but when I try to connect them up directly with out going through the router it will not even give any lights on the rear of my desktop Ethernet port, the laptop doesnít have any lights on its Ethernet port.

Is there a setting on my laptop or in vista that needs to be changed, I donít want to use the router all the time I want to connect direct via the Ethernet cable from pc to laptop. The router is for something else I just wanted to try it as I was having no joy at all connecting the two?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Laptop to PC wont connect via Ethernet unless I use a router Why?

You need an Ethernet crossover cable, not the plain patch cable that I suspect you're using.

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Hello windows club im having some issues with my laptop. So i wanted to delete my Network Bridge, i did, but i deleted the name called Ethernet 2 and my computer cant connect to wifi anymore.
Please help i am in desperate need of assistance

Answer:I deleted Ethernet 2 and my laptop cant connect to the internet

Some things that come to my mind generally speaking:
Install the adapter's drivers which you have in your laptop support disk. Else go to its manufacturers site and download and install the drivers. Most OEM sites check for and offer Drivers for your system after a scan. Dell has one.
Open Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center and see if you can set up a new connection or use one of the built-in troubleshooters to resolve the issue.
The other option is use System Restore to go back to a prior good point.

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Alright so I have two Windows computers, my laptop being Vista and my home network computer which is connected directly to the router is XP and then there is a Mac but I don't think it would interfere.
So basically whenever I look at my connection it says it's connected to "Unidentified Network" (Then my router name) and it says the access is local only.
I don't know how this happened, I've been connected to the internet using this computer and router for almost a year now and I've changed nothing.
But maybe you guys could come up with some specific troubleshooting steps?
Oh yeah and neither ethernet or wireless connection is working.
Thanks guys.

Oh yeah and the connection only works if the laptop is in safe mode. ​

Answer:Laptop Won't Connect to Internet Through Ethernet or Wireless

Base Pc connected by ethrenet, local only, no internet.
Laptop, connected wireless, local only, no internet.
Laptop does not connect to internet by ethernet or wireless, but connect local only. Local connection in safe mode only. to

If both computers have no connection it sounds like router is working, but has lost connection to ISP.
Check these.
Is the router DSL light on.?
Can you access the router set up pages to check if it is getting a signal and also see if the setings are still the same. Run any diagnostics that the router may have.
Is this a modem/router with ISP line directly connected or do you have ISP line to modem to router?
If you have ISP line to modem to router, connect a computer directly to the modem and see if you are getting a signal from the ISP.
If no signal from ISP contact them.
Another thing you can try is to power cycle the router. Power off for about 20 seconds then turn back on.

If problem is only with laptop then we need to concentrate on it.

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my 3 year old Dell Studio laptop connects fine via wireless to home router and internet; but I cannot connect through the ethernet cable. I've done the troubleshooting; disabled/enabled the network adapter; updated the drivers. I'm using an ethernet cable which normally connects an XP, so I know the cable's fine.
Device Manager says the Realtek PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller is working properly. I found the Receive Side Scaling value Enabled, so I Disabled that. Shut off radio for wireless Centrino adapter. Disabled wireless adapter too. Restarted not only the laptop; but also did a shutdown then restart of the entire FIOS with Asus Access Point home network, with all devices shut down. Checked BIOS setting, didn't see any setting Disabled that appeared like the ethernet controller.
Can't do system restore; I did a Repair installation of windows 7 Home Premium last week...but even before then, the System Restore failed every time. I've never been successful at getting a system restore to work on any XP or 7 pc I've tried it on, even though it's enabled and purports to work.
The laptop had been connected primarily, maybe even exclusively, via the wireless, for 3 I"m not even sure the ethernet has ever been connected before.
I'd hate to buy a new ethernet controller card if i don't have to, only to have the problem be software...
Any ideas? thanks!

Answer:How do I connect laptop to internet through the ethernet cable?

I'd say, inspect the ethernet port on the laptop for bent contact pins. Just for grins and giggles, try another cable. Try attaching the laptop to ANY other network via ethernet cable.

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Don't know what changed, but now when I try to connect to internet on my tiny GPD WIN laptop running Win 10, I get the yellow triangle on the network icon in taskbar and message 'identifying....No internet access'.

I've checked network connection and cable on another laptop and connection works OK.

Checked Device Manager and everything looks OK.

[UPDATE] Just did the Windows Network Troubleshooter.....
Both WiFi and Ethernet have message:

Doesn't have a valid IP configuration Not Fixed

Any suggestions how to get ethernet working again?

Thank you!


Answer:Can't Connect to Internet via Ethernet Now on Laptop - Used to Work

ArchiMark said:


Don't know what changed, but now when I try to connect to internet on my tiny GPD WIN laptop running Win 10, I get the yellow triangle on the network icon in taskbar and message 'identifying....No internet access'.

I've checked network connection and cable on another laptop and connection works OK.

Checked Device Manager and everything looks OK.

[UPDATE] Just did the Windows Network Troubleshooter.....
Both WiFi and Ethernet have message:

Any suggestions how to get ethernet working again?

Thank you!


Did you check your IP settings?

Go to Network and sharing center (right click on network ico in taskbar and select ...) and quick check on "Ethernet" (if connected).
Then click on details - look if network IP is correct.
If anything is out of order, click on "Properties" and verify that IPv4 (or IPv6) shows Obtain IP address automatically. If that doesn't work, select one manually.

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I recently got DSL and I was having issues getting connected , so Verizon came and set up their modem but could not figure out how to connect the DSL to my laptop via Ethernet.We are only able to connect to wireless, and we want to use the high speed internet but we cannot figure out how to do this. The Verizon tech said that are Ethernet card may be disabled but I am not sure. I have read other threads regarding issues like mine and I went ahead and followed the instructions so I could paste the results I received form holding the WINDOWS key and pressing R, so here it goes. Please help! Thank you!
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Frank>IPCONFIG/ALL

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Orlandos
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . :

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-18-F3-7C-C6-A4
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . .... Read more

Answer:trying to connect laptop to modem/ router via ethernet

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Hi, all

I really hope someone can help me with this before my head implodes. I've had dial-up for years but AOL said they could give me a broadband-quality internet service with a Speedtouch wireless router and an ethernet cable. They sent the equipment through, I set it up on one laptop at home and it worked fine - miraculous, in fact, really fast. So then I tried to set it up on my partner's laptop. Ran the installation software, and it got to the point where you connect the laptop (an Advent) to the router, and it said it couldn't connect. The ethernet cable was securely plugged in at both ends but no ethernet light was displaying on the router. I called AOL and they went through everything - the laptop has an ethernet card and the [netware??? - sorry, I really am a total beginner] seemed OK, ie didn't have any little crosses or question marks beside it when we looked at in in "systems information". So the AOL guy said I might need a new ethernet card. But I don't see how that's the problem, if there's already one in there and it seems to be functional!

I'll probably go try to buy an ethernet card but this has already cost me quite a bit (mostly in phone calls to AOL) and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas, or can confirm that buying the new card is my best option.

I really appreciate any help you can give

Answer:Trying to connect laptop to router via Ethernet cable!

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Hi all

I own a HP Pavilion Laptop, and a PC desktop. I have a cable going to a D-Link D524 Router.

My Desktop Computer has no problem whatsoever connecting to the internet with the Ethernet port.

Even though my laptop has wireless, at home i like to use the ethernet port, but it's not working. It worked before, and i did not update or change any of my router settings. When i plug it in the Ethernet port it usually shows a Green Light indicating theres signal coming in. But on my laptop there is NO LIGHTS.

I thought it was cable management so i switch to other cables but no dice.

I tried directly connecting the modem to the laptop with the ethernet port, but still nothing.

I checked Device Manager and it says the Ethernet port is working fine.

Any ideas how to fix this?


Answer:Cannot connect to the internet with Laptop's Ethernet port

You can try to unistall then reinstall drivers in case something went wrong with them.

you can look in network properties to see if perhaps it has been disabled.

what ip do you have when it is plugged in? my guess is 169.x.x.x

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Let me start out by saying I am totally and completely not a computer geek. I don't speek the language of the tekkies.

I have an HP laptop and out of the blue, it will just not connect to the internet wirelessly. It will say connected but no internet access. This happens and random times, at least once a week, and for exactly 24 hours between 1 a.m. one day to 1 a.m. the next day. I can connect via ethernet cable just fine. My phone and TV can connect wirelessly, but not my internet.

My signal strength is usually excellent when this happens, so it's not that I'm too far away from the router.

I have tried resetting my router/modem multiple times when this has happened to no avail. I have factory restored my computer. I have deleted my driver and reinstalled it. Literally the only thing that has worked thus far is connecting to an ethernet cable. I called my ISP and they said my router is fine and nothing is wrong with it.

Before you ask, NO, I don't have any monitoring software or any software that prevents the use of internet after a certain time. Keep in mind that my computer is totally factory resetored, totally clean, nothing on it but what it came with.

Please help!

Answer:Laptop Connects to Ethernet, Won't Connect to Wireless

Go to HP's website and download the latest wireless adapter directly. What does the driver date say on the current wireless driver? With out the actual make and model number of the laptop I cant verify the current driver date from HP.

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My laptop's ethernet connection isn't working. When plugged in, the lights on the port are lit as normal, but the icon showing wireless connections is shown. Wifi still works but I prefer to use ethernet as wifi is sometimes slow. Ethernet still won't work when using a docking station and plugging the ethernet cable that way. The device manager says the driver is working properly and I downloaded a new driver from the Dell site and it still won't work.

Answer:6400 laptop won't connect to internet via ethernet

Click the link below to choose your OS and then choose Wired Networking. The information will help resolve the networking issue using wired network. You may need to setup your wired network again.
Dell Networking and Wireless Support Center

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I'm running 8.1. In some hotels I access their wifi and the icon says connected, but its not. No splash screen or anything. Other hotels and places I connect without any trouble when the icon says connected. What can I do? I deleted previous connections
that I will not use again.

Thank you.

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Hi,My brand new Yoga 720-15 IKB doesn't connect to my workplace wifi network which is a Mikrotik network. It does though connect to my home network or a mobile hotspot and works fine with them. I have installed all Windows 10 updates and Lenovo Companion updates. I have manually updated wifi card driver, I have also tried deleting network card and installing it again - but no success. Still doesn't connect to this one particular network in my workplace.To make it stranger my coworker has the same brand new Yoga 720, the only difference is that mine Yoga is grey and his is platinium color. We discovered also that two, supposedly the same computers  have different network cards (he has Intel, I have Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4A. This is a bit weird).I have also found out his Yoga connects easily to VPN at our workplace, my doesn't.Any ideas how to solve it? EDIT: my current network card driver is

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This is the idea, I have DVR for CCTV and I need to configure it for port forwarding, and since it has only LAN connection it is not possible to connect in pocket wifi, so i used to have a wireless router since it has a LAN connection. But I do not know how to do this connection as the wireless router to be a bridge in my pocket wifi to DVR, Anyone know how to do this? Thanks!

Answer:How to connect pocket wifi to wireless router, to connect the dvr for cctv?

I'm not at all sure I understand. Are you trying to use the wireless router as a Wireless Bridge (to connect to the pocket wifi via wireless and the DVR via ethernet)? If so, does the router have wireless bridge (or AP Client) mode?

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I have a PC (windows 7) connected to my router (Buffalo AirStation WMBR-HP-GN) via Ethernet cable, while my laptop (Vista) and a 2nd PC (Vista) are using wireless. My Ethernet PC cannot see the laptop or the wireless PC in Network. Both the laptop and wireless PC can see and share with each other. If I use an Ethernet cable for the laptop, I can share with my Ethernet PC.

In short, I can share wireless to wireless, Ethernet to Ethernet, but not Wireless to Ethernet.

Any ideas?


Answer:Cannot connect to my wireless laptop from my ethernet PC (vice versa)

Quote: Originally Posted by Eastwood001


I have a PC (windows 7) connected to my router (Buffalo AirStation WMBR-HP-GN) via Ethernet cable, while my laptop (Vista) and a 2nd PC (Vista) are using wireless. My Ethernet PC cannot see the laptop or the wireless PC in Network. Both the laptop and wireless PC can see and share with each other. If I use an Ethernet cable for the laptop, I can share with my Ethernet PC.

In short, I can share wireless to wireless, Ethernet to Ethernet, but not Wireless to Ethernet.

Any ideas?


I would try resetting the router first as it's clearly a problem with the router.

If that doesn't work please post a screen shot of your ipconfig/all from both a wired and wireless machine and I'll see what's up.

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I've been having a problem for the last few weeks where my laptop wasn't recognizing my internet. When it stopped working I could see my connection through the network access, but it always failed to connect and the troubleshooter told me to restart my router. After trying a few times, shutting down and restarting my computer, doing a system restore, and a factory reset twice, I can connect to the internet through an Ethernet cable. However, now my laptop can't even see that any connections are available.

There are other computer in my house, all they all connect just fine. What should I do?

Answer:Laptop can't connect to the internet unless it's connected to an Ethernet cable

The laptops internal WIFI card has probably failed. You can get around it by using an external USB wifi adapter

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I just moved into a new apartment with a roommate who already has a modem with internet connected to their desktop. I had been using wifi and ethernet at my old place on my current laptop. I'm trying to get my laptop working with this new setup but it keeps saying No Internet and No network access.

Windows 10 Home updated over a Windows 7 factory install
Processor AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics
1.80 GHz
Dell Laptop 2014
8.00 GB of RAM
64 bit OS x64-based processor

SURFboard Modem 200 Series
Model SB6121
Motorola Arris

I already tried to use the cable my roommate is using and the other ports on the modem, but while they work for my roommate, they don't work for me.
In the Adapter Settings-Properties I've tried installing Reliable Multicast Protocol with no change.
I've gone into Command Prompt (Admin) and done a netsh int ipv4 install with no change, as well.

I'm not and advanced techie, but I would say I'm more knowledgeable than many. I feel like the information under the adapter settings are set to what I had at my old place and aren't changing for this new one (if that makes sense?) so I feel like we need to do something with adapter settings, I just don't know what.
Please help me.

Answer:Dell Laptop Wont Connect to New Internet via Ethernet

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When I try and access the internet through any of the main browsers (I.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari) they tell me along the lines of 'unable to access the network' and 'this page can't be displayed' after taking a while attempting to load. I also cannot access it through any of my Windows 8 apps. I know it's not an issue with the home broadband itself and is something to do with my laptop as it is running fine both wirelessly and through using an Ethernet cable on all other devices. I would really appreciate some help with trying to fix this asap as I have spent a lot of time researching this issue and trying most things to resolve it without success, I also need to use the internet for loads of coursework over the summer hols and cannot afford to be taking it to a pricey IT technician. Please helppp

Answer:My laptop cannot connect to the internet, even though wireless and ethernet are working

Take a look at the file
\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts​there MUST be at least a line reading LOCALHOST
but the question is there anything other than comments in it?
If so, leave the comments and the localhost line and delete everything else.

If you modify the hosts file, then you also need to

ipconfig /flushdns
net stop "dns client"
net start "dns client"


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