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Overheating? Vid Card Prob? dunno...

Question: Overheating? Vid Card Prob? dunno...

Here's my problem. I just upgraded my CPU to an Athlon 64 3200+, and upgraded the mobo and fan to go along with it. But since then, I've been having trouble running certain games. Games that I hadn't had trouble running before, even on the highest settings.

One game, for example, runs perfectly fine for a few minutes before completely freezing, requiring a reboot. Ive read posts about this before, but they all suggest overheating is the problem. When I'm pretty sure it isn't. (temp seems fine when I go into bios... like 56c? or is that too hot? Plus the cpu fan is more than what the processor needs, and I added a case fan just to cool everything down a bit more).

I cranked down the graphics and the game runs fine... which is weird because it didn't have any problems before.

So what I'm thinking is maybe it's a problem with my Vid card? I have an AIW Radeon 9800 pro, but it worked fine before the upgrade...

So yeah... any suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: Overheating? Vid Card Prob? dunno...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Overheating? Vid Card Prob? dunno...

You should check your temps with Everest or Sandra Lite. Try installing one and looking at all the temps at idle, then under load (run Sandras benchmarks or something.)

Are you sure you have installed the necessary drivers for that new Mobo? Did you do a fresh windows install? Graphics card drivers up to date?

you dont say what that temp refers to specifically - if it is the CPU at idle its a bit warm - although are you looking at it just after a lockup/reboot? I'm not too sure if thats graphics card it is ok at that temp but my X800 never reaches that under load (not now anyway ).

If your CPU IS running excessivly hot you may want to try resiting the heatsink, use arctic Silver perhaps.

Make sure the fans are all spinning as well - your CPU fan should be blowing down onto the heatsink (if its the flat above the CPU heatsink type.)

I've been down this road myself with a new build recently.


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I just got this error message that said:The system has recovered from a serious error. A log of this error has been created.The Error Signature was: BCCode: 100000d1   BCP1: 00002000   BCP2: 000000FF   BCP3: 00000000     BCP4: 00000000    OSVer: 5_1_2600    SP: 2_0   Product: 256_1It said the files in the report in question were:C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\WERe083.dir00\Mini093006-01.dmpC:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\WERe083.dir00\sysdata.xmlThen when I sent the error, a website came up:Hardware failure: replace failed componentThank you for submitting an error report. Problem descriptionThe error was caused by an unrecoverable hardware error which forced the operating system to stop functioning. Although we know the problem is caused by a hardware component, unfortunately the error report does not contain enough information to tell us the specific component. More than likely the problem is being caused by problems with one or more of the following computer components:Random Access Memory (RAM) System board Central Processing Unit (CPU) Power supply RecommendationsIf you have received this error more than once, it could indicate a serious problem with your computer. We recommend that you do the following:Back up your files to avoid data loss in case of a complete hardware failure. Contact the original manufacturer of your computer or your local computer repair shop. Either will have advanced hardware diagnostics to ... Read more

Answer:Could this prob. be due to overheating?

Oops, pressing enter made that submit...Also its been a bit slow but I thought that was because bittorrent was taking up RAM.So bottom line is, should I take this to the dreaded school computer shop (I paid them 50 bucks last time and they didn't fix my computer, though they said they did ) and do that hardware scan or is it nothing?I have an HP Media Center PC m1070n computer by the way with Windows XP (Pack 2).It's 2.80GHz, Intel Pentum 4, 512MB of RAM and something like 150 GB.

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Is there any way that you can find out what kind of graphics card is in a computer ??All I know is that it is an AGP APOGEE graphics card (my Bro thinks its 512MB)I got a computer from my brother as he has upgraded to a new PC.The computer is only two years old and he does not have the exact spec of all components and does not have any of the original CD's(drivers)I have the montor plugged into the graphics card and the screen does not look any better than on-board graphics .I tried running the diagnostic tool "dxdiag" but the display devices shows nothing, all show N/a but the monitor.any assistance would be greatly appreciatedmany thanks in advance !!!!

Answer:dunno if graphics card is working ???

1. start2.right click my mange device manger 5.A long list of devices will appear click display adapters , (expand with the + sigh) and what ever you see there is your card.......6.Right click it hit properties and it will say this device is working proprley) (Of course only if it is working correctly ..... will it say that .....Tony

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I am about to go crazy here . I turn the the computer on and the pwer supply starts up , I hear the hard drive start up , etc . , but it's like there is not a video card even installed . I get nothing . I changed the video card out with a known good video card and same thing . The power supply is acting a little strange . As soon as you plug the power cord into the back of the computer the computer comes on and starts powering up . Could the power supply be causing the no video ? Thanks

Answer:Video card , power supply ?? I dunno .

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I've got my sound card popping during gaming/mp3s... now i've turned off my Nvidia 2 chipset (1394) so it won't try to process audio through the mobo, installed all updated drivers (if possible) and i'm on Win2k Service pack 4.. if anyone has any ideas please reply, thanks everyone...

Ohh ya, wanted to also ask if anyone knows about icons showing up in the system tray area in 16 colors, it's not in 32-bit which is what my system is set up on..? hmmm..

-Demalii (snap crackle pop - no relationship to the cereal)

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Recently i got problem with my computer

After I shut down my entire computer the next time when i try to reopen it

It doesn't come out, the Power light is on, monitor power light also on but the booting(the red light) which indicates the computer is running isn't working anymore i check the every possible cable like the Power Supply, HDD , Video Card, Monitor, every things works fine, but my computer doesn't even booting.

So I don't really Know what the problem is right now

can someone tell me which part should i fix it.

thank you

Answer:PC Problem dunno what problem it is not Video Card, Not Power Supply, Not HDD, Not MB

Open the PC, then switch it on. Check that all fans (in the powersupply, on the CPU, perhaps also on the graphics card and the motherboard) are running.
If not, tell us which one is not working.
Most likely your powersupply no longer works. Give us the manufacturer's name and model, please.

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Hello I put my Kodak 256MB SD Card in my 7 in 1 card reader tonight, and I get the error below:"""The Request could not be performed because of an I/O device error"""Now it was working last time I put it in (2 week), and uploaded photos without problems. What could this be,? - an error with my reader - or my Card? (which works perfectly in the camera (256MB Kodak SD Card)When I restart the PC though, it DOES reads it (H Drive) and I can open the folder, but when I try to open/access a file that is visible, it locks up on me, and the drive (after a while) says "Removable Disk H" insead of the "KODAK" that was on previously.TIAAnthony

Answer:Error on My SD Card/Reader. Card OR Hardware prob?

Will the camera format the card?

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Question: vid/card prob?

hi ppl, my sons comp is a duron with a gf2 vid/card. For some reason it will not boot the moniter up, but will boot up on comp internal SIS card. taken card out & cleaned it seems fine but no go, it was all working ok couple days ago. Had the power supply changed couple weeks ago? Anyway do you think video card rs? or some driver problem?

Answer:vid/card prob?

try going into the bios setup (typically delete or f1 or something... it'll tell you on the screen when something shows up) and tell the computer to default to the agp graphics if the geforce2 is agp, or default to pci first if the geforce2 is pci. it's a matter of the computer choosing between two video cards, and continuously choosing the wrong one.

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Question: TV Card Prob

ihave a prob with my tv card, pinnacle PCTV Rave, i have the latest software and drivers ect. installed but i still get this message...

btw. hang around guys more probs to come

Answer:TV Card Prob

Change the IRQ setting for this device, but I can't tell you how to do this because I dont remember how

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brought6 a geforce fx 5200 128mg ddram video card today
and have a problem. low end card but ok

i believe the problem lies within dx i have dx 9.0b

just a question agp texture acceleration should that be grey out DISABLED

here a log via dx 9.0b for u all to try to figure out this problem
plus that agp greyed out box

plz help

Answer:is dx the prob or new vid card

heres the pic agp

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Question: Vid Card Prob.

Just got a GeForce FX 5200 PCI. The problem is that the motherboard has onboard graphics and they seem to be conficting so that the screen is black. Question how do you turn off the onboard graphics and question to is what do i do if the answer to question one doesn't work.
thanks for any help given

Answer:Vid Card Prob.

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ok so i'm playin guild wars and my pc starts to lock up for 4-8 seconds every few minutes.. so i'm like hmm... so i check my vid card temp..... its runnin at 125c ... and it now idles at 86c..... what could be causing this? the fan is working.... any ideas?

Answer:Vid card overheating

Is it overclocked check in your Bios and see what settings you have for your Video. Thats **** hot for sure.

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every time im playing medal of honor online my fan keeps going mad every 5 minutes. it never used to but now i cant get a good game in cos its so bloody loud and distracting. does anyone know why? i dont know what fan it is as its the one that came with it in the shop.

p4 3.2ghz
1024mb ddrram
geforceFX 5500
250 gb hd
xp sp2

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Hi guys,

I have a AIW 9800 Pro vid card and it recently started to overheat. I was able to tell when i was playing a game on it and it wasn't running as smoothly as before. When I touched my vid card it was really hot. I have a fan blower installed inside my comp. which takes all the hot air out and eveything inside the comp seems to be normal temp accept for the vid card.

What can i do to prevent my vid card from heating? Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Answer:My Vid Card is Overheating...What can i do?

This could work if you put it in the pci slot next to your video card... I have one in and mine never seems to overheat.

click here

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Question: Overheating card

I had an AIW 9800SE video card, but, upon trying a MS Flight Sim 2004, the system froze, usually after the sound went all stuttery. I tried all sorts of software mods but was reluctantly of the opinion the my card/cpu was overheating.
I bought a lower spec GeForce FX5500 and that worked ok so I was pretty p...ssed off with my expenditure on the AIW card.
I had seen someone describe a bigger cooler mod for a Gainward card so I thought I would have a look at my suspect fan/PU.
As I examined the rig, I found that the fan assembly would move very easily about the processing unit.
I thought that any cooling arrangment had to fit very snugly onto the chip. The main cpu uses a silicon based paste and some very strong clips to make sure that the heat transfer is as efficient as possible.
Does the same process apply to the chip on a video card?.......surely so.
As the card is secured by a couple of, (loose), plastic plugs, is there a solution out there in the form of a mod kit which will hold a bigger cooler firmly onto a video card chip? I don't think there are any clips of a type which would accommodate a normal cpu cooler. (of which I have more than a few spare!)

Finally, althought the freeze problem has gone, I am still left with the stutter, despite the substitution of my (again expensive) on board SoundMax, with a much cheaper generic USB audio system from Trust. The stutter is not consistant, but periodic. Sometimes it's there from the word go. When it starts, the on... Read more

Answer:Overheating card

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i have a 8600gts 512mb vid card an it runs constant 55 C watchin movies an stuff lik that but when i get on my games im at 63-66 C i bought a lil fan that goes under it that attaches on my PCI mount slotwut is HI for that card? is it kinda goin to its limit, or am i jus being to cauious?
wut do i need to set my alarms at an be afraid of?
i have sensorview an a program that came with my asus board that watch my temps an i can set 2 different alarms

Answer:Vid card overheating help?

I cant really answer your question since i have a different card but i can give you some info about mine and what recently happened to me and my temps

I have a BFG 7300GT 512 (AGP) which is less than yours on performing and ect
but while installing it i messed with the fan/heatsink a little (it wobbled i guess) no harm done
so i always saw temperatures such as 50 idle 55 normal and 65 on full load i didnt really get scared since i always have my case open

well while installing my cpu fan with its paste and everything i realized i could do the same with the vcard, so i did

well i dropped my temps by a full 5 degrees (or so) just by reseating the fan/heatsink (45/50/57)

maybe you can do the same and see if something changes
i did because i messed up the factory seating from touching the fan as i said before
but i wouldnt be that scared unless your system crashes or the readings go above what you said (66)

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Question: graphics card prob


i just bought a graphics card this morning seems to have installed ok but it is not booting up with my pc is there somewhere in my bios that i need to check to allow it to boot up with the new card?

it is a pci 32 bit card


Answer:graphics card prob

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hi there,i have a prob with my graphic card i think its the GC. my card is ati 9600 XT . the prob started few weeks ago. its when i play games. everythink is fine and sudenly its slows down. i can not play for about five sec and then its ok again. i happens every time i play after certain time. dont know what it could be. it shouldnt be drivers cos i havent update them recently. it was ok before. should i fear the worst maybe the card is going to bye bye. but the card is about 2 months old. does anyone now what that could be. i have to say again it was working properly before and i havent changed anything.

Answer:prob with graphic card

what game is it ?When the games slow down is the HDD active ?Have you anything else running in the background while you are playing the game ?Are there any specific lighting effects during slowdown ?Try dropping the resolution of the game / turn off anti aliasing just to see if that stops slow downs.Check for the latest patches for the game.All of these things could help you to pinpoint what is happening ... ( maybe )HXP

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Question: Graphic Card Prob+

I am running a Compaq EVO W6000 with a "X-Micro IMPACT T4200 Geforce TI4200 128MB DDR AGP" video card.It has Nvidia Geforce4 TI.It has run City of Heroes/City of Villians game well,for over a year.Last week,while in the game the graphics crashed.Checking thoroughly,I assumed the card went bad.I could run the machine in safe mode,and regular mode,if I uninstalled driver and device,but the graphics had pinstripe lines in it in 32bit not in 16bit.I got a new "PNY Verto Geforce 6200 256MB DDR Graphics by Nvidia. I carefully checked,that all install of my old card were gone,installed the new card and driver and it dont work,same problem but the lines are gone in 32bit.I then disabled the onboard video.Bad move,now my screen is blank,with no way to enable the onboard video.I also have a message at startup that my real time clock may have lost time = battery may be bad,but it has not,when I could see it.Nvidia has stated that their new drivers are now universal,for all their supported cards.hmmmm, any help is much appreciated,thank you

Answer:Graphic Card Prob+

I see you're not getting many replies to this one, Tnomoldw.My guess would be a motherboard or memory problem, but it sounds nasty. Sorry.

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Question: Video Card Prob.

The pc did have a nvidia MX440 64 mb card, but the card isn't working so I have a Radeon 9200se 128 mb card. I've tried to switch them but it won't load. The Nvidia cards drivers are still on the pc, and their is no onboard video card. I am running an AMD Anthlon 1600+ with windows xp. Need Help what to do?

Answer:Video Card Prob.

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Question: Video Card prob

Ok. I installed the card installed the drivers everything was working until I restarted the computer and all that came up is two green dots. Kind of like this.
. .

Video card is Diamond Stealth Radeon 9250 ATI
COmputer system that it is on is dell desktop.

Could of the video card crashed or something? We just got it.

Answer:Video Card prob

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After celebrating my installation of my new sound card (iknow, its wierd), i went on youtube and found out no sound is coming from youtube. IDK if it's youtube only but i still need to know how to solve.
EDIT: NVM i just had to restart comp, whole comp sound failed for som reason...

Answer:Ok, i got sound card, but now new prob

Well glad you solved it.

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Here is goes:

when I turned on my pc, monitors says "no input detected" . At first I think my monitor was the problem but when I connect it to my laptop it works. So I thought the problem is my video card but I inserted my old video card and it is still not detected. So I think its not the video card problem. Right now I just using my MoBo Graphics..

any replies would be much appreciated..thanks!

MoBo : MSI MS-7267
Video Card: GeForce 9500GT

Answer:Video Card Prob..Help Pls! =]

It may be that your motherboard has static electricity. Open your PC and disconnect the power cord of your motherboard. Also removed the graphics card. Wait a day and then reconnect everything.

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Question: video Card Prob

well I just built my own rig SPECS:
2gb ddr2 ram
500gb hd SATA
500w Powersupply
Sony DVD Burner
Linksys Wireles card
Sound blaster live 5.1 with surround sound(perty sweet huh)
graphics card: NVDIA GEFORCE 6200 OC 256mb

now can any one tell me why I get this problem. SOme images will have black or white spec and it is not the graphics card because i returned it and got the same exact one and it is not the drivers because I tried the ones that came with the cd and 3 or 4 newer ones and the beta one. NONE HAVE FIXED MY PROBLEM and when I turn the hardware acceleration down it gets better but some will still have those little specs here is a screen shot

Please help. it would be appreciated

Answer:video Card Prob


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I get frequent crashes while playing games and upon visiting the game's sites I can find no solution to the problem. Is it possible that my Graphics card (9 Months old) is overheating? A few months ago I had a problem with my LCD monitor switching off and on when connected by DVI - I 'cured' this by connecting through the D Sub - could that have also been part of the problem?My card is a Powercolor Radeon 9600 Pro. Is there anyway that can I check if the fan is working without taking off the side of the computer?

Answer:Graphics Card Prob?

there is no other way but by taking the side off...

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I have a problem with a sapphire atlantis 9000 pro card - it gets out of focus sometimes at the edge of the screen and has to be reset. I have been tring to contact them but can find no number and their website seems inaccesible. Any solutions or contact details?Many thanks

Answer:prob with sapphire card - any tel no for them?

Have you tried and look under Powered by ATI. Otherwise if your card is still in warranty check with the company that you bought it from. Also have you downloaded the latest drivers.

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Question: Video Card Prob.

Okie so installed this x1600 pro into my computer and it detects it (pops up and says "Found x1600 blah blah blah") and it shows up in my Control panle under Systems but when I look in "display" it doesnt show up at all. And when I try to start ATI CCC it comes up with no ATI Drivers was found for this device . Anyone know what might be making this do this? ?

Answer:Video Card Prob.

did you just stick it in or did you install the drivers as well? it should have come with a disk or just download them from your manufacturer's website or directly from ATI

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got a radeon x800xl and i think it may to blame as been having probs playing just cause. after bout 5mins the screen looks like a chess board with lots of squares and break up of graphics and colours. and even when i quit the game the desktop has these squares all over it,shown in pic below. and whateva i do surf or browse pc,these squares stay there until reboot
thought it may be a heat issue as it happens as soon as card put under strain.
thx inadvance

3500 xp64
1gb geil pc3200
160gd samsung HD
radeon x800xl
asrock 939dual mobo

Answer:video card prob i think

Download Speed fan an see if it picks up your graphics card temp up.

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Alright, I did my share of googling and I have to resort to you guys. I will try to describe my problem as carefully as possible. I hope yu guys have the patience to read through all of it.

New Vid Card : EVGA nVIDIA Geforce 6600GT, requires 350 watt power supply

I have a emachines computer I bought that runs on an intergrated video card. It has a nforce2 motherboard chipset and runs on a PHOENIX BIOS(manufacturer of the actual motherboard is by FIC)

SO I bought this card and in order to install it, I have to disable teh integrated video. If I don't disable the integrated video, only a black screen will show up and the computer will not boot up, remaining in the black screen. This is the exact thing thats been happening. However, I went into the motherboard bios and made sure i disabled the integrated video. SO now I don't understand why my new videocard won't work.

Well, then I've thought about it and the ONLY possible thing could be is that my computer's power supply is too low. I have a 300W PSU , when the new GFX card needs at least 350watt power supply. SO maybe the card isn't just getting enough juice to run.

But here's why I am skeptic: When I boot up, I clearly see and feel the FAN of the videocard running. So the card is atleast functioning.
And from what I've heard, even if a card is not adequatley supplied with enough power, it will still operate but just reboot or crash teh computer when it is under intensive activity like running FEAR ... Read more

Answer:GFX card install Prob

Seems pretty obvious that if the card requires 350W PSU, and you're only running a 300, that the PSU is clearly the problem.

Don't read too much into the fact that the fan comes on; the PSU is giving it SOME power, but not enough for the card to fully operate.

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Okey dokey, I got my buddy an eVGA 6800XT for christmas . . .

From the begining it worked fine, everything was great. Then when he played a little bit of CS:S it started getting buggy. His FPS was way above average and fine (the tester said aroudn 100 fps average!) so this is not the case. Also, the temperature is only about 53c, and its about 45c on idle and the core doesnt screw up till around 120c so we were fine their. But all these artifacts would show up, the game would be smooth, but there would be 'static lines everywhere' as said by him.

So I went over to check it out (thats how I found out all of the above stuff) and it's true, the game acutally runs beautiful, no lag or choppyness what-so-ever and I have no clue what the problem could be. There is literally lines going through the screen and pixels all weird and crap. I tried updating to 3 different drivers, nothing worked, I think the card may be defective.

Any ideas?

Happy Holidays

Answer:Graphics Card Prob . . .

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I have an old computer for word procesing and internet use. it's 1ghz Athlon with on board video. I had an old radeon VE 32 meg video card attatched. Recently I tried putting in a 9200 so the little sister could play black and white. Well something happened when I was replacing the video card. After the 9200 was installed and I switched on the power botton on the power supply the computer turned on without pushing the power button on the motherboard. Video card didn't work. So I switched back the radeon VE 32 meg card and the same thing happened. I reset the bios and turned back on the onboard video and that worked. I'm pretty sure I burned out the AGP slot or something. The computer works fine with the onboard video.

Is there anything I could try to save this motherboard or is it toast. I really don't want to invest any money on an old computer and video card.

Answer:Old video card prob

Try reseating the agp card a few times. They are notoriously twitchy when it comes to being fully inserted in the slot.

Do you get any beeps when the machine tries to boot with agp card in?

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Hi guys i got me new pc today and installed everything. installed my wireless card but net wont work.The card pics up theres a wireless connection and when it asks for the password i put it in, but it just doesnt connect. i get no strength signal either but it does pick up the network.Anyone know why?Thanks in advanceWill

Answer:Prob with wireless card

Still cant get it working :( anyone got any ideas?

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Question: Graphic Card Prob?

I have a Powercolor 9600 pro graphics card. I have had some problems and I wonder if is caused by this card.First, although it has a dvi output I have been unable to use it as the monitor kept switching off (this has not usually happened with the d-sub output).Secondly, I have had a couple of games crash to the desktop - one of them is notorious for this so I thought it was a problem with the games but just recently the computer itself has crashed for no reason.Thirdly, no matter how many times I have tried, I cannot get 3D Mark to complete the test - I usually get a message telling me the test cannot be completed for some reason or the screen just blanks and i have to restart the computer. Anyone suggest anything. All other times the computer is fine.Thanks

Answer:Graphic Card Prob?

Hi, have you tried updating the driver for the card from the ATI website?

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Question: sound card prob.

hii have recently installed a new sound card on my pc but when i turn the volume up it seems to cut out, not completely just sort of juttery.what can i do.brett

Answer:sound card prob.

any ideas.?

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Question: Graphics card prob

I was wonderin if any1 can help me ,
I`m running a p 3 700 mecer with a geforce 4 mx graphics card, when trying to play games my fps is something around 3 which is unplayable,
Wat is th problem????
i got 300 mb of ram

Thanks sean

Answer:Graphics card prob

Need alittle more info dude......... What games, you shouldn't have any problem for older games like quake, but your system sounds alittle weak for any of the newer type of games that require direct x9. Is that a 440 mx card? What version of window are you using? Xp, 98, Me? The people here like stormbinger, diduo, julio, rick, young&wild, phantasm66, to many to list all, know thier stuff and can help ya, but will need more specific information on your system.

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Question: FireWire card prob

ok i hav tried everything, nothing works...

i connected the camcorder with the cable to the firewire port... i started the comp... nothing!
i hav installed the sony usb drivers... r there any other drivers i hav to install? the firewire card has been installed.
what do i have to keep the camera on? camera mode? vcr mode?
my cam is a trv330e Sony.

i uploaded still pics from the memory stick with no prob... but video is a prob.

i opened ms movie maker and tried recording video, but in front of video device - <none>


Answer:FireWire card prob

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hi guys the stupid shop gave me wrong one i installed new and ended up with blank screen any ideas i have took it out now

Answer:re graphics card new prob

No ideas at all unless you let us know a few more details. What system - motherboard - graphics card - operating system - how did you go about the upgrade/drivers - etc.

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Question: video card prob.

I just did a clean install of win2k pro. I was running win98se. I run dual video cards for 2 monitors. Everything worked fine on 98, but now I cant get it to work. I have one PCI card (Radeon) and one On board card (3D Rage Pro AGP 2x). The Radeon Card is working fine. It says the best driver is installed on both cards. The driver date for the on board card is 11/18/99. The error I get is:
This device can not start [code 10].

Any suggestions?, thanks, Barret.

Answer:video card prob.

doesn't like the driver apparently, have you tried downloading and installing a 2k driver from here

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Question: Video Card Prob

I deleted my integrated video card from the device manger. I had

a new card and was trying to find a performance problem (found

a virus later) so i thought i could delete that because I didnt need

it with my new one. wrong. when i started up i locked up on

a "found new hardware" popup and couldnt start up, so i had to

change the setup to onboard card and plug the monitor in the

new spot.. i tried to reinstall the voodoo card and reset the

settings, still same problem. I havent run into any problems with

this until i found i needed hardware acceleration for some games

and 8 megs of video memory didnt cut it. Just wondering what i

can do about this thanks

i have windows 98 old card is a ati rage pro 8 meg and the new

card is a voodoo3000

i posted this in software also.. didnt know what catagory it fell in.. just delete the one were it doesnt belong... thanks

Answer:Video Card Prob

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This is the vid card prob from hell...after turning the computer off after a normal day, upon boot up, windows wouldn't go into normal mode. I did some "cheating" and went around getting nVidia (MX440 64Mb) video drivers and installing them whilest in safe mode and then the computer will boot back up. After up, the computer won't go into: Display Properties -> Settings. The monitor freaks out. I tried as new vid card (A TNT2 M64), and it will view settings now. However, when I try playing some of my games, it says it need DX8.1 installed (which it is). These games have always worked in the past. I reinstalled DX8.1 then tried again, and still the same error. This happens on multiple games. Then I upgraded to a GeForce FX5200 (128Mb 8x AGP), and I still get the same error. When I run 'dxdiag' and click on Display, the Chipset, DAC Type, and Approx Total Memory all say n/a. I can run the DD test but not the D3D. And DDraw, D3D, and AGP Texture acceleration all say not available. Please HELP ME (The call of the wild)!!


Answer:Vid card prob from H311

THANX! First of all, I used the DDestroyer tool, but I couldn't find a really good one, so I couldn't tell if they worked or not. (Hard to explain) Anyways. Now when I go to dxdiag, I can see that D3D and DDraw, etc. are enabled. I now don't get the lockups as I once did. However, my only problem now is that DX is still not being recognized. When I try to open DeltaForce : BHD, I get an error about DX8.1 not installed, and same /w Vice City.

[email protected]

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I have done a reformat to my harddrive in doing so I lost office xp and I dont have the speech recognition software that XP seems to require to use a mic. There is no speech tab in the audio devices window in control panel. Do I have to have this or or can I use another program for XP to recognize my mic? I also have a comp with and onboard sound card and have no idea where to maybe get info for a program for it :/ . Thanks

Answer:Mic and sound card prob :(

You do not need any software apart from the sound card drivers to use a microphone..

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Just recently I just took out an air conditioner in my room that kept the room around a constant 60F. After doing this my computer started to freeze and have weird funny patterns on the screen. Then while the computer was still on the screen would display the monitors start up screen as if the computer wasn't on. It was over two years since I last formatted my computer so I figured that it was just the build up of bugs so I wiped it clean. I installed the same game and played it for about 20 minutes and the same thing happened after the format. I opened up my case and felt the heat coming from the video card and it was extremely hot even though the heatsink was blowing and I had 3 fans (1 blowing in 2 blowing out). I turned the computer back on and opened up a program called speedfan, which tells you the temperatures and speeds of fans in your PC. I noticed that the numbers were extremely higher then they used to be (when I was at college and my room was 90F), It doesnt not say exactly what the temps belong to but it used to be like this. (This is a estamate)

Temp1 25C
Temp2 25C
Temp3 30C
Local 40C
Remote 50C
Temp 1 25C

I have no idea what they actually are but I am guessing the 4 temps are on the motherboard and the local and remote are my graphics card and power source. (I don't know why there are two Temp1's) Right now I have my game minimized and a few messengers open and the temperatures are:

Temp1 26C
Temp2 25C
Temp3 46C
Local 54C
Remote... Read more

Answer:Video Card overheating?

If you want to see the temp of your video card (if it's enabled) use NVTweak or the "cool bits" registry key. Those can show you real time temps of the card. NVTweak will show a timeline which is good to see how hot it gets during games.

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ive been haveing a problem were my screen turns black while im playing games. I thought this was a problem with my processor so i bought thermal paste, My temperatures went down to about 40idle 50ish while running something. Before they would be going up as high as 70 Celsius. i have a q9300

But for some reason my screen will go black even while watching youtube videos. My GPU temps go up as high as 70-80 while idle. What exactly is the problem and would it be possible to add some thermal paste to my GPU?

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my problem is that my laptop switches off automatically after it reaches the Welcome Screen (this is when the graphic card drivers are installed). When I delete the drivers and use the Standard VGA controller the laptop works perfectly, however on a lower resolution. Is there any help i can get on repairing the problem will be appreciated.

Answer:Graphics card overheating

Well if the graphics chip is overheating then it should be possible to dissemble the clam shell and remove the dust that's causing the over heating. You should be able to find a schematic that will show you where the screws are hidden and what you'll have to remove to fix the problem. You'll more than likely need thermal paste so you can reseat any heat sink you remove.

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it started about a week ago there was beeping in my games i played then i just found out yesterday that my video card is hitting 110c wile ingame my friends sending me a new one and hes gonna fix mine but would could this be? or is the video card just faulty?

Answer:Video card overheating

En ingles, por favor.

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Alright guys, I need some help with something. I currently game on an Alienware m17x laptop. I have an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870 in the laptop for my graphics card. I had some problems with one before where it would overheat and my computer would shut down, I am guessing it did this as a safeguard. Well, I got a new one, and normal games like WoW or The Old Republic work fine on it... but when it comes to something like Skyrim, my computer will shut down after about 10 minutes of play time. I assume this is because of overheating. I have a cooling pad under my laptop and I have a box fan sitting behind the laptop blowing cold air straight into the vents. I added the box fan today when I became frustrated with it crashing repeatedly. I am in a room that is regular temperature, not too hot or too cold, but it still crashes. Is there a way I could make it where my graphics card would not run as hard as it does to reduce the amount of heat it produces? Any advice would be great.

Answer:Graphics card overheating?

yep, this is one of the most common problems with gaming on laptops. obviously there is less airflow inside of a laptop vs a desktop so unfortunately it can be tough to control temps. my best advice would be to make sure the fan duct(s) are clear and that the fan itself is working properly. those higher end mobile GPUs can get pretty hot, especially with more demanding games which require them to work harder etc.

if you find that nothing helps the crashing, it may be a good idea to abandon the most demanding titles and use a desktop instead.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E6300 @ 2.80GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3070 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 262237 MB, Free - 84009 MB; D: Total - 13005 MB, Free - 1281 MB; F: Total - 59998 MB, Free - 33807 MB; I: Total - 90679 MB, Free - 65833 MB; O: Total - 102869 MB, Free - 15943 MB; Q: Total - 223388 MB, Free - 105266 MB; T: Total - 29998 MB, Free - 18257 MB;
Motherboard: PEGATRON CORPORATION, Benicia
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

For a few days my computer has been acting weird. The main problem was it just randomly shutting down, mainly when playing a game. So I open up Piriform Speccy and see that my graphics card temperature is at 100 degrees celcius. Is that even possible? I think when I updated my drivers something messed up and is making it think it is over heating and shutting itself down. If this is a driver problem, how would I go about removing the driver and downgrading? I have an ATI 4350 HD. When my computer is just idling, it's hitting in the high 90 degrees C, but I haven't checked it in a game. I have tried to manually set the fan to 100% in the Catalyst Control Center, but I'm not hearing anything. Could there be a loose cable maybe?


Answer:Graphics card overheating?

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The moment I boot up my computer, my Geforce 6800 starts out at 75ish C and slowly rises to 85 C even if I just idle. When I play games, temperatures will reach up to 130 C where I will have to let my computer rest a little. What could be causing this? I even have a LARGE fan blowing into my case but it does little good. I also have 2 exhaust fans which I think could be the problem :O

Answer:Graphics Card Overheating

Why don't you try a GPU fan?

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I have just bought a Gainward GeForce 128MB GF4MX440 AGP Card which has cooling fins but no fan attached. I will be running this on a Gigabyte motherboard with a P3 1GB chip and 384mb of SDram playing games such as Wolfenstein and Call Of Duty, etc. My concern is that the card will overheat. Is this likely and what will the symptoms be, ie, will the PC just lock up/freeze or am I worrying over something that will not happen.Also does anybody have any experience with both GeForce 3 and GeForce MX cards. One school of thought seems to prefer the GF3's and tend's to dismiss the GF4 MX as offering little if any gain in performance. Would I be better with a GF3 64mb card as opposed to a GF4 MX440 128 mb ?

Answer:Graphics card overheating ?

Man - i was about to ask that same question cos if i can't get the fan working on my GF3 then i wante to know which would be a decent but cheap GF4...

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When playing games the computer monitor will go into stand-by mode just like it does when you turn off the computer through windows. Then when I turn the monitor off and back on, I get a black screen with a message saying,

Self Test G

Check PC and Signal Cable R

Monitor is Working B

This message flashes on and off the screen for a while and then the montior goes back into stand-by mode. The only way to turn off the PC is by the power button. The only time this happens is while gaming. I checked the CPU, motherboard, and HDD, temps and they seem fine. I don't know how to check the graphics temps but I recently installed this graphics card and then a short while after installing it (less than a week) it started doing this.

The system specs:
mainboard: First International Computer, Inc. AU31
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD TCB431B
Northbridge: nVidia nForce2 IGP
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2800+
Memory: DDR-SDRAM PC3200 (200 MHz) - [DDR-400]
Video Card: ATI RADEON 9600Pro AGP 128MB
Monitor: emachines eView 17f3 17" CRT (Plug and Play)
Operating System: Windows XP Home SP2
Direct X Version: 9.0c

I think perhaps the video card might be overheating? I dont' know where to check the temps on it though, I looked in the BIOS hardware monitor, the Catalys Control Center, and in PC Wizard. How can I check the temps of the video card?

Answer:Grahpics Card Overheating?

Sorry, that card does not have a temperature probe. You cannot check the temps with that card.

I'm going to put my money on drivers or the powersupply.

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ok this is weird... I just got my new HD today and now i can play games and stuff. The 2 games i play is star wars galaxies and tribes. Tribes is a old game from 98 keep that in mind.. I got a 128MB 9600 PRO BTW. Well i was playing tribes and it was running fine. I installed SWG and about 5 min into the game the monitor goes blank. Then it shuts off. The video card is also hot. Now i dont know if this would be a problem.. but my old motherboard only supported 4X. Now my board supports 8X. My card is 4x/8x AGP. Do u think since the card is more powerful since its at 8x it will overheat? i mean i can get a waterblock since i got this really good watercooling system and it keeps the antifreeze in there like 30 degreesF and my CPU is running at like 60 degrees F. Its just that i have like no money cause i just upgraded and needed to get a new HD just put me back even more. So what do u guys think?

Answer:video card overheating?

do you have a slot under the agp card ? If so take it out that will help and move it down.

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I believe my GPU video card may be overheating, which is odd because it has a built in fan. My hardware monitor has it at about 60c-65c when the crash occurs. I have a gefore 7800GS (AGP) that is only crashing when I play one game: CS:SOURCE! Doesn't crash during war3,bf2,WoW; only CS:S. It will crash me to my desktop with no errior message, it will just exit the game.

Current specs:

AMD Athlon 3400+ (OC'd 5%)
1024 DDR ram
ASUS A8V Deluxe (I have heard rumors this mobo causes CS:S to crash a lot, however this is not confirmed).

I do not understand why my GPU would crash me when it is only 60-65c, most can withstand up til 70c without any real issues.

I am running CS:S on the highest possible graphics, do you think this may be why; my computer is not built for the challange?

Answer:Overheating GPU video card?

yes, maybe its your PSU not supplying enough power? mine does that in lots of games or used to until i upgraded my PSU. When games reach high amounts of graphical detail, your GPU has to work extra hard to deliver them. However without the right power supply, your GPU lacks juice and cant handle it. So it has to quit from the strain resulting in quitting to desktop. Try turning your graphics down a bit also. Just because you dont lag on high graphics does not mean your GPU isn't struggling.

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Hey guys, been a while. I have a new problem, but I want to make sure I know the solution before I go out and buy it, 330 dollar solution lol.

I ordered a new mouse, the Logitech MX518. I got it in today, and plugged it int othe computer before it was turned on, as my old one had died. Well, everything was all well and fine, put the new DVD/CD-R ROM combo in so I could install the drivers for it. I did so, and all was well. I started up Counter Strike 1.6. I died a few times, and when I got a kill, the screen froze, and the sound kept repeating, like three times per second. Finally I had to Control Alt Delete to exit CS because it froze. After about 10 seconds of the screen being ok, my video went to crap, extremely distorted. I was like ok, my video card is overheating. It is 85 degrees in that bedroom (I checked the thermostat) Everything else was ok, the CPU was at 105 F, the board was 98 F. I let it cool down while I got a shower, came back. Restarted the computer, it was fine for 10 minutes and overheated again. I shut it off. I did some wire management, removed the filters from the front two intake fans on my case (Thermal Take Xaser III Super Tower, total of nine fans) I had some of the fans flipped to be exhaust fans.

The intakes were the front two fans, and the top fan. The exhaust fans were both side fans, and both rear fans. The top side fan helped the CPU fan pull air from the processor, while the bottom side fan now removed the trapped ai... Read more

Answer:Video Card overheating

I'm watching the forums as I'm waiting for an informed response so I can make the order from newegg.

The new card is an eVGA GeForce 6800GT 256MB AGP 8x card, the old one is seen in my profile.

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I've had my ATI Radeon 9800 PRO 128mb AGP for a couple years now, and yesterday I noticed that my PC would crash after about 5 minutes. The screen gets pixelated with a blue screen in the background. Anyways, I took my PC apart and noticed that the fan on my video card wasn't spinning. Afterwards, I cleaned up the heatsink.

I turned my pc on again and it's still not spinning. So I guess I'll have to replace it. What are some good options for a replacement VGA cooler? The space in my case is kind of limited so nothing too big. Thanks

Answer:Video Card Overheating

I've had a Radeon 9800 Pro AIW 128mb for three years - it overheated right out of the box whenever I tried playing any graphic intensive game.

The above link is the product I bought to rectify the problem, and it worked like a charm (I did have to prune a few of the tines, as my card was the All-in-wonder and had a tuner that was in the way. It was an easy install. There are others on this site also - including replacement stock fans.

Overheating and fan failures on the 9800 cards (not to mention problems with the power connectors) seem to be all too common. Once these mechanical problems are addressed, however, I can't complain about the 9800's overall video performance.

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Just to mention first, I am not overclocking my video card.

I've been having an issue in the past few weeks with my video card overheating. At first it was overheating whenever I run any game for an hour or more. These games are not beyond my computer's capabilities because I have been able to run them with no problems in the past for many hours at a time. I narrowed it down to the most recent driver being screwy, so I rolled back.

Now, while it doesn't overheat if I'm playing, it WILL overheat if I'm idled on the main/title screen, while I'm away. No matter what game it is, or however low the graphics are set or are natively, my card will shoot up in temperature after only a few minutes of idling on the title screens.

Example: I was playing Empire: Total War for about an hour and a half, with my card topping out at about 65-70 C. When I left for half an hour, I exited back to the title screen, which is not at all graphic intensive. I come back and the temperature is reading 105 C.

I'd like to know how to solve this issue, since it's only become an issue recently (RIGHT after the warranty ended....). I just find it weird that I can play something graphic intensive just fine, but I can't idle on a low graphics screen.

I'm using a nVidia Geforce 9500 GT 512 MB 128-bit for reference and I'm checking the temperatures with SpeedFan. If you need to know anything else about my computer, let me know.

Answer:Graphics Card Overheating

Assuming it has a fan on it, have you pulled the card out to make sure it isn't clogged with dust?

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I am putting together an old system for my parents for an xmas present. Most of the parts are from a Compaq 5wv280.

The card that was overheating was the nvidia vanta LT. I just now realized part of the problem could have been that the max resolution listed in the product specs for the card is 1280x1024 and I had it running somewhere around the 1900 by 1600 range... or something near there. I just tuned the computer on, and it let it idle for about 5-10min and the screen started to flicker. I touched the face of the gpu, and it was very very hot (was an open system just lying across the top of my desk). I could only hold my finger on it for a second before it started to burn. I don't currently have the time to try running it at the recommended resolutions, but would there be any cooling solutions for this card other than cutting a hole in the side panel of the case and install a fan to blow directly on it? Would I be able to jimmy-rig a heat sink of some sort onto it? I have a couple spare CPU HSF that I could use. (Maybe cut one down to fit the gpu a bit better)

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks Much

Edit: I figure the screen flicker was due to gpu because i tried an ATI Rage gpu of sorts and it worked ok. I believe they are both 8mb ram, but the nvidia is AGPx4 and the ATI is AGPx2 so i figured the nvidia was the better of the 2 cards.

Answer:graphics card overheating

What do you mean you dont have time to Run it on the reccemended settings?You just right click anywhere on desktop,Properties for xp or Personalize for Vista,Then just click on display setting,And just set the bar to the correct res.It will probly never stop overheating unless its ran the way its supposed to be.Dont even waste time and money to keep it from overheating,just set the res,it will take less then a minute to see if thats the problem.

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I just bought an ATI X1600 Pro AGP, put it in, PC boots up, I log in and after about a minute, the screen colours start going haywire, and the the screen blacks out. It doesn't just happen while on Windows though, also happens in the BIOS settings, and starting in safe mode.

I'm not sure if it's overheating or not, it's brand new, the box hadn't been opened until I put the card in today. I bought the card online, so exchanging it is going to be difficult.


Answer:New Video Card overheating?

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I have a GeForce 6600LE AGP 256MB card. I bought on eBay about 2mths ago. Its been working wonders for me...except recently its been a nightmare. The problem started when I updated to the latest drivers, my machine would just crash midway thru playing either FIFA 06 or Need For Speed Most Wanted. If it crashed during FIFA 06 and I tried to start again it would display a message saying it needs hardware graphics acceleration but this has already been enabled. In order to cure this I have to reboot the machine which can be a pain. So I removed the new drivers and went back to the original ones...still I was getting same problems. Checked the settings to make sure all was kosher, put them to lowest possible setting and I was still getting crashes!! Now bearing in mind on Xmas I did a full reinstall of XP and this has not cured the problem either. I am at my wits end as what to do now...I thought this card would be very good and cope with my games but clearly it cant...I mean it played Doom 3 fairly well and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and not to mention The Matrix Path Of Neo (altho that game had issues with crashing no matter what card you were using!!) but now I need to know if maybe the card is overheating thats causing it to crash my games...I checked this out by seeing how high the temp got when I was playing a game...before I played a game it was at about 53 degress C...when I played the game it would shoot to about 63 degrees C. Now my previous card was a Tyan Tachyon 9600... Read more

Answer:Graphics card overheating?!?! HELP!!!

Temperatures seem fine,core slowdown is well over 100.which number drivers are you using now?

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I have a GeForce 6800gt 256mb. After installing recent drivers found out the card is running at 80C while my CPU is at 25C. For a NOVICE AT THIS please tell me the best way to fix this problem. Did not open the case but did clean all the exhaust fans in the case. Thanx.

Answer:video card overheating

a 6800gt should not be running that hot. you will have to open up your computer to check that the fan on the card is spinning and that it is clean.

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I'm using an ATI Radeon 9800 XT Video card and I am having constant heating problems with it.

It's peak tempature has been to 87degrees celcius.
I have tryed taking off the fan and putting and putting another heat sink on *wiping off the original heat sink then applying a new one* (artic silver) but still that didnt help it at all.

The case is air holes for air to come in and one fan to push air out. power supply is 450W and im running 512k memory, gigabyte motherboard, 1 dvd drive, and the case fan<--- (sometimes)

Another thing, my CPU tempature has climbed to almost 70 degrees celcuis. It's an AMD Athlon +2500 XP. I've also done the same thing with that but no change has occured. I've had the computer for about a year now, and it only get like this during the summer. During the winter im able to leave the window wide open and it would be nice and warm inside. lol. I'm interested in solving this problem before any mayjor issue pops up.

P.s. To keep the video card and processor at a cool temp. I run with the case open and put a bedroom size fan beside it. While doing this, the tamp. for the processor is (40degrees celcius) and video card is (65degrees celcius)

Answer:Video card OVERHEATING!

just how hot is the air in the room?

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My computer recently started crashing when playing The Secret World, after playing it for 100 hours with no trouble. Now it consistently runs fine for about 10 minutes, then the whole computer crashes to black on both monitors, and forces me to hard-reset.

I downloaded Speedfan, and found that my video card was running at 80C when idle, and over 100C when playing the game. NVidia says my GTX 560 TI is rated for up to 99C, so that's definitely the problem.

I've cleaned out the case, but it's still overheating. Is there some other factor that could cause a video card to overheat?


Answer:Video Card Overheating

You said that you cleaned out the case.....but what did you do for the Video Card? Most of them have a fan on them. Is is turning freely, is it and the heat sink CLEAN?

In too many cases, the fan on the video card is very small and cheap and will fail long before CPU and case fans fail.
I take mine out twice a year and clean and oil it.

Once, the fan failed and I didn't catch it in time to re-oil it and get it going again. It was Toast!!!
So I hot-glued a larger fan on top of the heatsink and put it back into service.
It ran just fine till I replaced that video card with a new and more powerful one.

Just for's that video card with the larger replacement fan.

Take your vid card out, and clean it real good and make sure that little fan (if there is one) is turning freely.

Good Luck,
Shadow :cool

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my xfx 9800gt card getting hot getting up to 99c when watching videos and idle at 70-75c. it was suggested to put new thermal paste by xfx. today I decided to do it had everything I need and couldn't get the fan off.after I remove these screws with spring from the back of the card there is like screws on the other side but no way to remove them. the fan will not pull off and didn't want to apply to much force. any ideas how to remove the fan?

Answer:Help with overheating video card

The heatsink is probably stuck to the GPU by the thermal paste. If you wiggle the heatsink from side to side, that should loosen it. If you are sure that all the screws have been removed, you can just pry it up without hurting the card.

In addition to replacing the thermal paste, it would be a good idea to clean all the dust out of the heatsink and fan while you have it apart.

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About a month ago my comp was restaring on its own. I just cleaned out all the dust inside and it fixed the problem. Now the problem has come back and there is no dust inside. I tried to see what was getting so hot and it was the video card, so I replaced that and also replaced the fan that was by it.. still did not fix the problem. It gets up to around 145 F/158 F. I also tried running it without the monitor, but it still got extremely hot.

Custom built pc

AMD XP 2200
512 RAM
80gb hd
gf4 ti4600
System Board VT8366-8233
sound blaster audigy x

thank you

Answer:I Think My Video Card Is Overheating

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I have just bought a radeon x1650pro and installed it after q few problems with compatability etc and thought it was now fine.
But i have run dxdiag and its showing 1270mb in graphics memory >.< the card is 512 dedicated its showing 700+ in shared i have diasabled shared memory cus my last card was turbo cache and disabled on board garphics so i dont know what it could be.
now both cards if i try to use them seem to be heating up very fast and getting hot to touch i mean very hot really, a bit scary i dont know if my computer is overclocking it for some reason i dont have the foggiest about overclocking etc and dont know what to do the gpu has a onboard fan so houldnt be getting as hot as it is, i dont think any card should get this hot.

Help me please.


System Information
Time of this report: 6/17/2007, 10:06:49
Machine name: TOMMY-PC
Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6000) (6000.vista_rtm.061101-2205)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: To Be Filled By O.E.M.
System Model: To Be Filled By O.E.M.
BIOS: Default System BIOS
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ (2 CPUs), ~2.6GHz
Memory: 2030MB RAM
Page File: 939MB used, 3341MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 10
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 6.00.6000.16386 32bit Unicode

DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: No problems found... Read more

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I bought a used ATI Radeon 9800 PRO and when I try to play with it it gets so hot it burns me when I touch it and sometimes it shuts down the computer. It even overheats when its plugged into the AGP slot and the power cord is connected but it isnt used. I got it to work the first time I tried to install it but I would get little color block glitched in windows and especially when I opened any game. I have a Plug and Play moniter. Please help.

Answer:Video Card overheating

Is the fan running? Is the ambient room temperature high?


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Hey guys...

I have a PNY Geforece 6800 GS 8XAGP powering two 19" samsung monitors. I have been using the latest drivers now for a while...blah blah blah. Basically, a little while ago while playing a game, a nvidia warning popped up telling me my gpu temps are a bit higher...and that system will decrease settings, to compensate for the higher temps recorded. right now im looking at the settings and the ambient temps are at 47 degrees celcius, and i think they were always around there? But my gpu temps are at 71 degress celcius. I think my usual was about 64 or so? So thats a decent increase, and its gone up from 68 to 71 in the last 20 mins or so. Any help would be appreciated? Fan is still spinning away. I've done a fairly good blowing of all the internal components, and I'm about to do a "routine" cleaning. basically i vacuum out my computer every once in a while with one of those little electronics safe vaccuums, cuz im crazy about dust! so yea...again, any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Answer:Graphics Card OVERHEATING

well good u cleaned out ur pc (im kinda like a anti-dust freak too ) try to replace the thermal paste on that bad boy and ull be fine

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I've found that my card has been running with a GPU core temperature at around 83 degrees+ on a regular basis. This has been going on for a long time and I only recently found out because I've noticed poor graphics perfomance in games. When I do run games, the temperature goes to 100 degrees+ so I'm worried now that i will damage the card.My card is about 4 years old. The airflow in my case is not ideal which i think contributes to the problem. What can I do to prevent any damage?

Answer:Graphics Card Overheating

Not only will you damage your card, but your pc too.If you look inside your pc case, are there alot of dust on the fans, fins and components? If yes, then it could all contribute to overheating.I usually and very carefully vaccuum mine every 2 months.But I think you may have a faulty graphics card.Something similar happened to me when a stores name which contains 4 letters and begins with "A" sold me a faulty 8800 series card which looks like it has been used and resold as new. It was so hot that all the plastic near the card slots felt like they where going to melt.They exchanged without a question.I think you need a new graphics card.If you have access to a different graphics card, why not test it in your system before jumping out to buy one?Good Luck.

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Hi all, hoping for some help here. I have an Asus g72gx laptop and am currently having some problems with the graphics card overheating when gaming. I have played wow on the machine for roughly 2 years, and never really noticed any problems untill about 6 months ago. It would randomly lag out and drop to extremely low fps during gaming, but only maybe once a week. I have recently gotten Skyrim, and the problem is nonstop when playing it. After checking my graphics card temps, I found out that It is getting too between 100-105 degrees Celsius while playing, and not only am unhappy with the gameplay I'm getting but am also worried about damaging the computer. I have already taken the back panel off and dusted it, which there was very minor dust. I can hear the fan working, and it you can hear it kick into overdrive after roughly 5-10 minutes of gaming. Thanks, and any tips or help would be much appreciated!

Answer:Graphics card overheating...

Casty said:

I have played wow on the machine for roughly 2 years, and never really noticed any problems untill about 6 months ago. It would randomly lag out and drop to extremely low fps during gaming, but only maybe once a week. I have recently gotten Skyrim, and the problem is nonstop when playing it. After checking my graphics card temps, I found out that It is getting too between 100-105 degreesClick to expand...

The thermal compound on the video chipset may need to be replaced.

What settings are you playing Skyrim on? Lower settings could make a difference.

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so i have a Ati hd4850 graphics card and intel core duo e8400
anyway everytime i play a intense game like operation flashpoint dragon rising or call of duty waw or crysis its temprature rises to almost 110 degrees, on idle its 90 degrees.
i have fans runnning on maximum cleaned it from dust, and allowed it beathing space for air vents,, nothing worked.
any help?

Answer:Overheating graphics card

New graphics card, water cooling, lower ambient temp

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What controls how hot a video card gets? The reason i ask is because i upgraded my GFs computer with a new video card from my older computer (Geforce Ti 4200). I used this card in both my old system (Dell p3 733, 512 RAM) and my current system (Anthlon XP 3500+, 1 gig ram) with no noticeable problems. Today I noticed that it gets pretty warm in my gf's computer (AnthlonXP 1800+, 768 ram). I don’t know the temp, but with the side panel off, the card was pretty warm, the metal case around the fan on the bottom of the card was VERY warm, in fact I’ll call it hot, as were the capacitors and the card itself was warm. I don’t know if this is normal, as I've never worried about heat in my systems, I'm not an overclocker or someone who buys cutting edge stuff, i always just make sure i have enough ventilation.

Btw, this computer has a fan on the CPU (and a ventilated panel across from it), a fan on the vid card and 2 fans in a expansion bay that blow in. The rear of the case is also ventilated.

P.S. My CPU runs at 150 degrees F too.

Answer:I Think I May Have Some Overheating Problems With My Vid Card

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Recently my computer has been randomly shutting down. I open the case and cleaned everything, however it is still shutting down. I went onto event viewer, and it is showing an error, Event 6145, System shutdown due to graphics card overheating, source: atikmdag, task category: POWERPLAY.

Here are my spec's:

OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3070 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4350 , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 468740 MB, Free - 308979 MB; D: Total - 468741 MB, Free - 422676 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, WG43M, ,
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled

Any help would be appreciated

Answer:Graphics Card Overheating

closing duplicate, please respond at .



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My graphics card (Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT) is running at about 150 F when the computer is idling. I've never had this problem before, i just restarted my computer and the resolution was all messed up. Any idea why this is happening?

Computer specs:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Intel Core 2 duo 1.87 GHz
Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT


Answer:Video card overheating

sorry for the late reply, make sure u clean out the heat sink, use can air but make sure u hold the fan so it doesn't spin. Then test temps, if thats not working maybe add some fans in that area to add more airflow around the card.

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I'm having problems with the Readon 9800 pro, Excalibur that I just bought from Newegg. After 10 mins into gaming, the screen goes blank and I have to restart. I know its overheating because I put a giant fan against the video card and it worked fine. I installed one of the smaller fans into the computer but it seems its not enough. The video card has a great reputation for being cooled well and all the reviews says there is no overheating problem. Could it be that the heatsink isnt working? or my settings and bios are really screwed up?

Computer Specs.(It was built)
Intel Pentium 4 2.6 mgz
Info on Card:
Chipset/Core Speed: ATI RADEON 9800PRO/380MHz
Memory/Effective Speed: 128MB DDR/680MHz
Ports: VGA Out(15 Pin D-Sub) + TV-Out(S-Video/Composite Out) + DVI
Support 3D API: DirectX 9.0, OpenGL 2.0
Max [email protected] Color: [email protected]

Answer:Video Card Overheating

Is the fan on the card spinning at all?
What type of case is this in? Got a link to it?

I'm running a GeForce FX 5900 @ 483/892 with the AGP voltage @ 1.600, up from stock speeds of 400/850 AGP voltage 1.500 & it's running 32c at idle. After hours of playing BFV it sometimes gets to maybe 41-43c, depending on the room temp.

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I have a Radeon 9800 vid card and lately after a few moments use (particularly when playing WoW) the graphics start to mess up. The colours are breaking up and I start to see lines on the screen like in the Matrix.

In game graphics start to take on polygons etc like they're not being rendered correctly. My first thought is it may be overheating but I have no way to check that. Anyone have any advice?

And if it is overheating, whats the cheapest and best solution for it?


Answer:Signs of an overheating vid card?

The shapes you're seeing are called artifacts, and they are usually because the card is over heating, or its about to die. If its overheating, first check to make sure the fan on the card is spinning freely while the computer is on. If not you gotta replace, that, might as well go aftermarket. If it is, then you have to get the case ventilated better. Also if you have the card over clocked at all, back it down until it doesn't artifact anymore.

If it keeps doing it no matter what you do, it may be time for a new card.

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my bro is running a compact desktop pc small box one smaller than your average desktop ( forgot what their called ) he has a Saphire 4550 512mb Graphics card ( downsized for smaller desktop ) and was running it on a 250w power supply. the computer kept going into a sort of sleep / shutdown mode where keyboard lights n stuff would still show but the pc was unresponsive and you had to manual restart the pc via the power button to get it to restart. the graphics card doesnt have a fan but has a cooling plate over majority of its front and it runs at incredible heats so hot you can barely touch it. some people say a weaker psu makes graphics cards overheat which i dont think does but not sure and we trie sticking a 550w power supply in same thing happens - any idea what could be causing it ?

Answer:OVerheating Graphics Card

You haven't mentioned if you cleaned the heatsink yet. That's called a half-height card. I would disable sleep/hibernation. Look at your help file to find out where that is and change it to never. Yes, they do run hot and are built for that heat.

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Hey guys. I recently posted a topic here asking about random game lag every minute. You guys came back to be suggesting i need a better graphics card than the one i already have, (geforce 9200). I did some more research into my pc and saw that my graphics card temp when idle was about 80 degrees celcius, however when playing a game it shot up to about 125 degrees celcius. At this point the game lagged heavily and the temp dropped to about 110 degrees celcius. The same thing kept on happening.

This is why i now believe that the games are lagging because my graphics card is overheating. This leads me to my problem... I am going to be getting a new and better graphics card and will also install a cooling fan on it so it shouldn't be overheating.

Unfortunatley my current geforce is intergrated, therefore i do not no how to remove/disable the current card.

What i am asking is for someone to tell me step by step on how to disable my current card and then install my new one. btw i am on pci-e.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Overheating graphics card

You don't need to disable the on-board graphics, this will happen automatically when the new PCI-E card is installed.

You should however check on the system requirements for the new card and make sure you have an adequate power supply.

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Hey all,

Last night, I ran 3dMark 05 after a long session playing a few graphic intensive demo's, etc. I should note I have an Albatron 6600GT.

Now, after finishing the benchmark with around 3000 3dMarks, I started up Vampire:The Masquerade bloodlines, and there was this weird black tearing effect at the top of the menu. The menu ran well, except for this weird black horizontal patch that would sort of warp on the spot.

Ok, so i exited that, and started up NFSU:2 demo, thinking it was something to do with the game... It went through the movies, got to the 3D menu part, and the monitor turned off (went into stanby- the green monitor light was blinking). The computer is still running.

Turn the PC off, run NFSU:2 again, same thing happens. Weird, considering Windows and any 2D stuff runs fine, with no graphic problems or anything. I even ran the diagnostic tests of dxdiag fine, including the 3d ones.

Had a shower for around 5 mins, came back after around 8-10 mins, started her up again, and everything was fine... played NFSU:2 demo for around 30 mins, had a small break, and proceeded to play HL:2 and Vampire, and a hack at the Doom 3 demo for the rest of the night (around 2-3 hours). The games ran flawlessly, esp Doom 3, on high settings and AA x4.

So, after my long story, is it possible the graphics card was overheating??? Are my problems symptoms of an overheating card? I just find it weird that windows, 2d apps, and dxdiag tests run fine, with no signs of... Read more

Answer:Overheating Video Card?

Well those cards have a temp monitor so you should check out your Idle temp and what your Load temp is after heavy gaming.

I too have had that happen where the screen shuts off, this is do to a hardware error I believe and whenever I rebooted windows would say it came out of a fatal error.

A changing of drivers corrected the problem for me so you might want to try that out.

What drivers are you using?

If you aren't using Forceware 66.93 I suggest you go pick those up from Nvidias website. They work nice for me and fixed that similar problem.

I don't know about the black tearing though...could just be the game because you would figure if it were overheating then you'd see a lot more artifacts

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Ok now i have a major problem with my pc. When playing graphically hungry games (like cod5, bioshock...) the video card overheats (an educated guess) and the hardware starts making a beep sound (meaning the sound comes from the case, not the speakers.). I have downloaded speedfan to see the temperature values my pc goes through, and got these results:
Right now :
Sys : 28C CPU:33C AUX: 35C Local: 28C
Remote 40-45)C (changing in between) HD0:29C Core:31C
While gaming, the rest are same, remote becomes 52-53 when the beeeeping starts. (it's one long beep)
I use ATI, so i have catalyst control center too; it says my current temperature (while doing absolutely nothing graphically speaking) is 80C tho. Why are these two inconsistent?
If and when i play too long with the beeping sound coming, the computer shuts down without a warning (like an electric failure) and there is a blinking light (which should mean it's in like a sleep mode) and if i don't shut it manually (pressing the power button for a long time or pulling the plug), i can't open the computer. Today this changed for a reason i don't know, the computer doesn't just shut down in a split second but it closes all my programs and shuts down (like it would do if i did a manual command of "start - shut down")
Don't start telling me to buy a new fan, i already want to do that but the computer is f... Read more

Answer:Overheating video card

This is strange, your card is highly overheating if the temperature is around 80C, and shutting down with intense gaming and such i suspect your analysis is right...your graphics card is probably overheating.
I don't know if the ATI control center is able to do this, but turn your fan speed up higher, if your fan speed is low, then thats probably your issue.

If ATI catalyst can't, use ATI tool instead.

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I bought an EVGA 8800GT (G92) and have been having trouble with it overheating. I've turned all of my case fans up to high and it still overheats. What would you guys suggest I do?

Answer:Video Card Overheating

Tried upping the fan on the card itself with RivaTuner?

You could also try re-applying thermal paste and/or using an aftermarket cooler.

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I recently purchased a Visiontek Radeon x1650 Pro 512 MB AGP graphics card for my computer, as well as a brand new Cooler Master 500W power supply to support it. Apparently in order for my new graphics card to run, it requires a 4-pin connector from the power supply to hook up directly to the card, which I did. I proceeded to update the drivers for my card (Version 7.6 because ATI hasn't supported AGP cards for their latest drivers, and because Omega drivers 7.10 didn't seem to work either).

I was then able to play my games exactly the way I wanted to. Higher graphics, better performance, and the only cost was a little extra noise from my tower. After a day or so the noise became a little irritating, and eventually I began to examine the temperatures. My processor would start up around 40 degrees and the motherboard around 38. After being active for a while and having run a few games, the temperature would increase to about 50-55 for the CPU and 48 for the motherboard. Further examination brought me to the realization that my new graphics card is the hottest thing running. I don't have a temperature monitor for it, but I definitely know it was hotter than my processor.

My question is really quite simple. I'm just wondering if anyone could give me some insight regarding the cause of my graphics card heating up. It hasn't caused any crashes or anything like that. In fact, apart from the loud power supply fan and physically touching the graphics card... Read more

Answer:My Overheating Graphics Card

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Hi Guys,

I have a 8800gtx in my set up for the past 3 yrs everything has been fine until yesterday (oct 25). I was playing a video game when it suddenly crashed, not to the blue screen of death, but to a black screen with fuzzy blue dots everywhere, slowly covering the screen.

Now when I turn my system on its fine for 5 minutes or so, then the blue dots start appearing, eventually making it imposible to see.

This is clearly a graphics card issue, so can it be fixed? What steps should I take? Also:

1) Where do I check it in the bios? NOT where is the bios, but where IN the bios do I check it.
2) Is there a way to run the cpu w/out the graphics card? Im an internet marketer and have a lot of tools on it that i need to use, but i dont need to play games on it
3) Should i Under-clock it?
4) Should i say hell to it and buy a new one?

please note: yes its seated properly, yes i cleaned it off, yes the fan works, no the cpu does not over heat, yes it has the most current drivers

Answer:GRAPHIC CARD overheating

well does the graphics card have a fan on it? if it does check to see if its working properly I had the same problem with my old PC and the fan completely stopped.

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Or at least I think it is. Heres whats happened, I was playing Borderlands on my PC and I noticed that my computer gets rather loud after playing the game for a little bit, and I'm positive this is because my graphics card fan is set to auto. It will go up to near 100% when playing some games, not just borderlands. I find this annoying as it's really loud so I limited the fan speed to around 60%, and after playing the game for maybe 20 minutes or so, my entire computer crashed with a purple screen.

I've checked my temperature during games before with RivaTuner, and it's always been in the 60's, but never any higher. (This is with the fan set to auto though.) I thought the temperatures could go higher?

My case has 3 fans for airflow and my card is a GeForce 260 GTX. (Not core 216).

Is there anything I can do to make it run cooler, without having to buy something? I feel like I shouldn't have an overheating problem. I'm pretty sure it was an overclocked version of the card, so maybe it was overclocked too much? Maybe underclocking it could help?

Edit: Here are my clock speeds: Core: 620 Shader: 1296 Memory: 1080. They seem kind of high since I haven't ever messed with them and I don't even have a Core 216.

Thanks a lot for any help.

Answer:Graphics card overheating?


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I have a XT850 AGP and Ive been getting kicked out of my games alot and i loaded the control center to see the video card temp. it registered 75 degrees C. is that hot enough to be kicking me out?

Answer:video card overheating?

Yes. Please elaborate on your card and ventilation.

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Ive had this problem for the past few days, never had it before.

Every now and then i just get red / blue lines down my monitor (depends on the colour of the background, which colour lines i get)

Here is a screenshot

At first i didnt think that it was the Gfx card over heating because i had just turned my PC on and it was doing it straight away.

It seems to be quite random, the comp sometimes runs for hours without it doing it, and other times its there as soon as i turn it on.

I have tried everything i can think of to fix it but nothing seems to help.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Graphics Card Overheating?

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Hi, so i just built my first custom computer. i've been running World of Warcraft of the highest graphics, and Dawn of War  II on the highest graphics. Both of these games were running amazing for about 2 weeks. but now World of Warcraft keeps lagging up and even though i have turned down the graphics all the way it still keeps lagging up. i know its not my internet connection. i downloaded a program called SpeedFan to see if my computer was overheating my graphics card is roaming between 56 and 70 when im playing. im still not sure if overheating is even the problem but thats what im trying t figure out. my cpu and core temperatures are below 30 Celsius. these are my computer specs. Antec 300 case. i have 2 120mm fans in the front. 1 120mm on the side, another 120mm on the back and a 140mm on top. all of the fans are running at full speed.Motherboard: EVGA 3 PCI on board gforce 8600 GraphicsCPU:  AMD Athlon X2 7750(2.7GHz)Ram: 2G Gskill 800mhz Hard drive: WD 320 Gig Power supply: Cooler master 500wVideo Card/ Graphics: Evga 9600GT GforceHeat Sync: Cooler master 120mm fan   

Answer:Video Card Overheating

Check your Task Manager. Are there any other processes using up your CPU %age?

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My graphics card is in my signature. I have a fan in the front of my computer, one in the back, a power supply, heatsink for my processor, fan on my gfx card, and a fan i just installed right under my gfx card to blow on it. I was just playing Guild Wars and it froze. This is not the first time this has happened. as soon as my computer froze i oepned my comuter touched my gfx card and it was really hot. With all these fans i would think that its temp would be pretty low. Whats the deal?

Answer:Overheating Graphics Card

A hot heatsink is not always a bad thing, it means heat is getting conducted. If it was cold I would be worried.

That being said it does not mean that it cant be the card overheating, that is just something to consider.

You may want to try and see what the card temp is. I always have used speedfan to check the temps of my x800. You can find speedfan here I am sure there are other utilities but I have always used speedfan.

There may be other issues at the root of the problem.

A failing Power supply may be one of them.
The game could be causing issues as well (most likely not the case however)

But first we need to eliminate the heat as an issue. I recommend using ATiTool to test the card for artifacting. Run the utility and see if you lock up. If so heat or a dying card are very likely the cause of your problem. And it will also help eliminate the game. You can find ATiTool here

Best of luck

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hi guys,

I currently have a 6800GT which is running way too hot. i originally suspected it being due to the fact that i was trying to run 2 screens simultaneously (Main screen gaming and second tv out) however now i have realised even when gaming after a little while the temps are reaching 115 degrees C

The warranty on this product has expired, this card has never been overclocked afaik, I'm wondering what cooling solutions i can use. Ive tried cleaning the fins of the fan to no avail.

I've read about pci slot vga coolers, but i've also seen customer hsf solutions available on ebay, Just wondering what you think would be the best option for this?

Answer:Graphics card overheating.

Can't say i'm a big fan (pardon the pun) of PCI slot coolers, but they're generally for additional cooling and it would appear from the extreme temperature that your card's cooling has pretty much failed altogether.

Something like this should do the business:

They're small, quiet, very easy to fit and extremely effective.
Admittedly it's the only aftermarket GPU cooler i've ever applied (for someone else) but I use their CPU coolers exclusively and haven't yet found any design/brand more effective, reliable or quieter in combination (they have the added advantage of fitting virtually everything as well).

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Im using a windows vista home premium

Processor:Interl(R)Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz
system type:64bit
Pegatron corporation
graphic card:ndivia geforce 9500GS

When i start playing games, it lasts for like 10mins or so then it starts to lag a lot. The fan noise is pretty loud and the graphic card is at 115 Cel. Games start to run at 2fps or less even when i minimize the window to 800x600 and lowered all the graphics to minimum. My computer has 3 fans (1 blows air in,1blows out,1blows air around inside)also theres a fan on the graphic card and a heat sink. Ive moved most of the wires so they aren't touching the graphic card. Im also using gamebooster.I need help, i've tried opening the side of the computer and cleaning all the dust out still not helping.

Answer:Graphic card overheating

Maybe the TIM on the graphics card heat sink has dried out. You'll need to remove the heat sink, clean the remnants of old TIM and apply a fresh coat.

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heya, im not brilliant with computer hardware im studying a national diploma in ICT but have yet to do much concerning hardware but my home computer seems to crash after about 15 minutes of playing a game which i can play on my lap top which has about half the spec the PC.

whenever i play a game it will freeze and give me a blue screen never have time to read what it says but i decided to take a look inside the tower unit and my graphics card has two fans of which only one of them is actually spinning at all my graphics card is an asus radeon 9800xt 256mb the rest of the system spec are also high.

i checked on asus smartdoctor and the GPU is running at 70c and the RAM at 60 the tower is next to an open window with good old 3am british wind pooring in and the side panel removed. those temps are what they are on the desktop just browsing the web not whilst in a game. i was wondering if the second fan is suposed to start after a certain amount of time or if it needs to be set or its broken?.

also the case has 2 built in fans for cooling would this be adaquate or would a new case be needed any advice or recomendations would be much appreciated.


Asus dual DDR, S-ATA motherboard
p4 3.4GHz
2gig RAM
256mb radeon 9800xt
550w PSU

Answer:Graphics card overheating

I think something is wrong with the second fan. It should be spinning with the first one. 70C is too high for idle or low use. Your card is overheating when you are playing games.

You need to fix/return/exchange/rma the card.

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Hey hoping for some help with this problem.

My vid card is reaching temps close to 100 C ahah. Still working but goes to black screen sometimes when gaming especially when my room is hot and summer is commin!

Looking for best and most affordable way to keep it cool

Sapphire HD 4870 1G
found here :



Answer:Video Card Overheating

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hey all!!

i posted a similar thread at:

but now i got stuck as i got no more replies!

can u help me?

Answer:help! overheating video card

If you have that thread then why start this one? Closing duplicate thread, please continue at the previous thread. If you need to simply reply to that thread to bump it back up and maybe you'll get more responses.

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