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DVD works with other drives but not mine, while other DVDs work

Question: DVD works with other drives but not mine, while other DVDs work

I recently bought a Windows DVD to put it on the new PC I'm building for my mom. That PC has troubles with the DVD drive itself (stupid motherboard doesn't have IDE..), so I figured I'd set up a bootable USB to install Windows before the adapter arrives. Problem is, the installation DVD isn't playing on my drive (I tried another DVD with a movie on it before, so I don't think its my drive). I brought it to a PC shop and for them it worked fine, even though its quite scratched on the back (I guess the person selling those DVDs doesn't know how to ship them properly) I didn't wanna pay 20 bucks for them copying the DVD, even though I'll probably end up having to do that.

Any ideas what the problem is, or what I can do? I'm not sure if the DVD will work in my moms drive either..

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Preferred Solution: DVD works with other drives but not mine, while other DVDs work

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a problem that my USB works on any computer but mine, I have tried connecting it to three computers and it is recognized.

my laptop shows notification says''USB device not recognized..the last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and windows doesn't recognize it''
windows 10-Lenovo ideapad 510

-I have tried almost all the device manager solutions.
-My USB ports are not damaged as other USBs and hard drives are normally recognized.

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My computer won't work on my computer. I checked the audio settings and it isn't muted. It works on other computers. I have also tried other mics and still doesn't work.

In soundMAX Control Panel, the microphone section has an exlamation(!) mark beside it. THhis is in the "Playback" settings.

On the "Record" settings, there is no exclamation mark on microphone.

Plesae help

Answer:Mic works on other computers, but not mine

Have you tried another mic besides this one that you are tryin got get working on this computer? Other then that you might want to try make sure you have the correct and uptodate drivers fo your sound card.

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Hi All

I have a flash drive. It works great in ANY PC except mine - It picks up the USB drive but shows it as if it has a raw file format - cannot open the flash drive but it shows up on my comp. Now you might think my PC it the problem, which it probably is, but all other USB hardware (including OTHER flash drives) works fine on my PC. Why does my PC not detect it properly? Any suggestions?


Answer:USB flash drive works in other PC's, just not in mine

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I bought a domain name at 1and1 and web hosting at last week, and have been able to change the DNS servers on the 1and1 domain to point to my hosting, which works as long as I'm not using my computer/internet connection!Prior to purchasing the hosting I made it redirect to my old site, and this is what is still happening when I access it at home. I have asked various people to check it out for me, and it seems that the problem is with either my computer(s) or maybe Telewest.What should appear at the moment is a page with some text on it saying something like "it's finally working" - but I can't remember what I typed exactly - something stupid along those lines!What I get is my old site with a logo & layout (just to test CSS and server side includes with, not really a site at all). I have tried deleting my temporary internet files, etc, but that hasn't helped. Maybe it's something to do with DNS and Telewest? Without knowing how DNS works exactly I can't explain what I mean though!Anyway, I would appreciate it if anyone could offer an explanation.Thanks in advance,Gaz

Answer:Site works on any computer but mine!

There is a chance, though I'm told they don't, that Telewest are using their own caching system of pages. Or it could be that they have their own DNS which is out of sync or causing problems.Do you know the IP address that your domain name resolves to? If so put it into your hosts file and see if that solves the problem for you.Apparently a DNS record has a TTL value (Time to Live) which can be set to something short or something long (funny that!) If it is set to 1 week (or greater) than it may take a while for that change to be fully reflected. Ideally if you are going to make frequent changes to DNS records you want a low TTL value.A good old Ctrl+F5 can work wonders even when you have deleted temp files and have set your browser up to check for a newer version of a page every time you visit a site.

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Hi All

I have a flash drive. It works great in ANY PC except mine - It picks up the USB drive but shows it as if it has a raw file format - cannot open the flash drive but it shows up on my comp. Now you might think my PC it the problem, which it probably is, but all other USB hardware (including OTHER flash drives) works fine on my PC. Why does my PC not detect it properly? Any suggestions?


Answer:USB flash drive works in other PC's, just not in mine

Connect it to another pc, copy all to it, then format to NTFS & replace your data.

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Ok, so here is the scenario, please bare with me, it will be long.
When I am logged on to my work computer, usually after just a few minutes, my computer will either freeze up, or it will shut down, and I will get the blue screen of death. I keep calling our computer guy to come fix it and he keeps telling me there is nothing wrong with it. My computer has an AMD processor in it, and he has replaced the mother board, the power supply and all of the memory, but this is all basically because he can find nothing wrong with our computer, so he is just going nuts replacing everything. However, the computer works beautifully at his place and when I get it back to my place it works for a bit then crashes. He will take it back and find nothing. Anyhow, this last time he had our computer he gave me a loaner, which wasnt really a loaner because it was all of our parts minus the main components - mother board, memory, power supply. When he put loaner parts in it, he put a pentium in it instead of an AMD (since our power supply is compatible with both) and I didnt have any problems what so ever when I had the pentium in it. So, I know this is a long shot, but the theory I have come up with is that maybe something in my office is triggering some kind of negative reaction with the AMD processor. I know that sounds some what ridiculous, but I am at a complete loss here, I am about to pull all of my hair out. The comp works fine at his house with the AMD in it, the comp works fine at my offi... Read more

Answer:Solved: help, my comp works in one location, just not mine!!

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Hey everybody. This is my first post and I'm sort of new at this wireless stuff, so please bear with me. I also tried to search this question but got an internal server error, so I dunno if it's been posted already.

Anyway the situation I'm in is that I just bought a used computer and tried to install a wireless USB adapter so I can suck in my neighbor's internet signal. I actually do have permission for this, he's on vacation for 2 weeks and is letting me use it while he's gone. I don't however know any of his internet specs or any of that.

So I installed it on a computer that isn't here anymore and won't be coming back- an old 2005 Compaq model. It worked just fine. The installation took 5 minutes and found my neighbor's signal immediately. I surfed the net until the computer was moved from the house.

So I tried to install it on a used computer I bought a month ago, and it doesn't work. I've tried about a dozen installations and never once did it say it was successful or get to the point that it will pick up a signal and connect me to the internet. Once or twice it saw the signal, then failed to connect me, then didn't see the signal again. Other times, it failed to recognize the connected adapter. Still other times, it apparently recognized the connected adapter and got hung endlessly on a little box that said something like "initializing system settings". I went so far as to reformat my system, ... Read more

Answer:Wireless USB adapter works on other computers but not mine??

It's against the terms of service for the ISP for your neighbor to share his Internet access. I suggest a reading of the TSG Rules, we don't assist in such activities here.

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One of my many drive is the FreeAgent GoFlex Drive 1.5 TB pocket sized external drive - it works fine on every other computer but on mine it stopped working - actually when I plug it in to my computer it freezes my computer every time I plug it in however to unfreeze my computer all I have to do is unplug the drive (plug-in and unplug I mean connect and disconnect USB cable from my USB port on my computer).

I have a 700 watt Power supply and my other USB devices work just fine which includes all my other external hard drives - I did replace my Geforce 8800 GT grap[hics card with the Geforce GTx550 Ti graphics card.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:FreeAgent GoFlex Drive works on every computer but mine

Have you tried connecting it to a different USB port? It's possible that the port you are using is miswired and is putting out the wrong amount of voltage.

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It opens for a couple of seconds then closes

Answer:Is the Windows 10 app store down because mine won't work?

works fine for me

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My roommate finally unpacked her computer and her wireless mouse moves my cursor from the other side of the apartment. My wireless mouse receiver picks up both mice commands. And her receiver ignores mine.

The Mice are both wireless Microsoft mice. I believe hers is newer.

How can I either tune down her mouse or ignore her mouse's signal?

Answer:Two wireless mice work on my computer. One isn't mine tho.

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Hi guys,

I have an HP Pavilion dv6 - 6c01se (AMD Processor)
I recently updated my laptop to Windows 8, but after not liking it much I reverted back to the original and activated Windows 7 Home Premium x64 with the key that came with the laptop. However, since then the laptop has been acting weird and sometimes does not respond at all, it worked beautifully before on Windows 7.

One of my friends has the same laptop though I'm not sure if he has the Intel one or the AMD, but I was thinking if I could use his laptop to create recovery discs and use the to restore my laptop to factory conditions because I screwed up my recovery partition also after the Windows 8 install.

Can I use the recovery discs created from his laptop and use them to restore my laptop and then activate it using my Window's key ?

Thanks !

Answer:Will a Recovery disc from another laptop work on mine ?

The factory install on HP is the worst possible install of Win7 one can have, with the worst load of bloatware in the industry smothering the best OS ever so that you'll never even know what its native performance is like.

What I would do is follow these steps to do a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 which is a vastly better install than the factory bloatware install and has been used by a million consumers without a single complaint.

Be sure to read the Special Note for HP Owners at the end. If you can still boot Factory Recovery via F11 then there may be a Minimal Recovery choice which is nearly as good as a Clean Reinstall. If not then I'd delete all partitions during the booted install.

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I've had the phone 4 days now and I can't get the iris recognition feature to function properly. When I eventually got it to recognise me (it took many long attempts before I got the green progress bar in different light settings) it fails to do so when I try it to unlock the phone and I have to resort to my pin. Is it me or is it the phone?!

Answer:Is anybody having trouble with the iris recognition feature - I can't get mine to work

Do iris recognition in a well lit room the first time. Then under different light conditions when the phone does not recognize you go to settings and do improve recognition. When you do it for the first time make sure you are facing the light source.

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I have a linksys WMP110 running on a gigabyte M55SLIS4 motherboard every time i try to connect to a wireless connection with the card the OS reboots, But i took the card and installed it on my friend mother running the same release of windows 7 and it worked completely fine no reboot not at all and he ran it for more than a week

So can some help me out here probably tell me what they need to see why it reboots

Answer:Linksys WMP110 work on my friend computer but not mine

Update the chipset drivers for your motherboard and then install the latest wireless adapter driver too.

I see you have OCZ ram. Set the correct timings and Vdimm in the motherboard bios manually. Their website has this info for your RAM.

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I'm trying to format my friends computer but I can't get his OS cd to work. When I reboot his computer with his OS cd, gateway, it says, "No hard disk found, Gateway System Recovery cannot be continued".
But, when I us my OS cd, dell, I can get to part to make a new partitian. What's going on, can I use my Cd to format his computer?

Answer:my friends operating system disk does not work in his cpu, but mine does...??

You can use your cd to format his drive (assuming its not a recovery disk), but I do not think you will be able to reinstall windows with it.

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After the December critical update, the internal graphics card in my 64-bit Dell Inspiron 660s stopped supporting dual monitors. Since there is no restore point prior to the update, I checked to see if Dell had an updated driver and it does not. So I purchased an AMD XFX Radeon HD 5450 dual monitor graphics card and installed it. After I did so, the original Dell card worked for both monitors for a day but reverted to working with only 1 monitor when I tried to use the new AMD card. Now both cards have an explanation point through them in device manager and, when I start my computer, it gives me an error message that "no AMD graphics driver is installed or does not function. Please install the appro0priate driver." Paid Microsoft support, after 10s of hours, tells me my choices are to live with 1 monitor or go back to an earlier version of Windows and reinstall all my programs! Surely there must be a way to get the new card to work.

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I have a DVD/CDRW combo unit fitted in my Packard bell 2.2 GHz system running XP Home.The unit works fine with DVDs but will not read CDs. I have tried audio CDs, data CDs it just won't play. If it didn't read DVDs I would bin it but I have never come across a combo unit that will play one but not the other. Any ideas?As a possibly related issue, when checking the properties of the drive and selecting the hardware tag, 3 scsi CD drives show (none of which exist) I have uninstalled them via device manager but they reappear on next boot. When viewing "my computer" these mysterious devices don't show. Whether this is connected with my main problem I don't know. Any help gratefully received.

Answer:DVD/CDRW Combo only works with DVDs - help

Try removing the drive and replacing it - there may be a poor electrical connection.

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Hey, hoping someone can help. I cant burn CD's or DVD's, at all. It comes back with an error 380136-24-0000000. I looked for this on various search engines and came across a microsoft fix but when i run the fix, the fix itself gets an error haha. So i done it the old fashioned 'do it yourself' way, removing the upper and lower thing in the registry but that has not helped.

I have tried a few burning programmes but none of them work. But as i say, the DVD player plays DVDs. Its really confusing me so any help would be really appreciated.

I have a Toshiba L300-20D and windows Vista 32 bit.

Thanks in advance folks

Answer:DVD player works, but cant burn CDs or DVDs

Hi and welcome to TSF I do not see any hits on the error code,have you tried going to device manager and deleting the driver then rebooting windows will reinstall it,or try unistalling the device and rebooting

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Question: drives and dvds

hi, neither of the drivers on my dell will recognize any dvd's, i have a dvd driver and it worked in the past, it currently will not work in either drive and does not even recognize that there is any disc present at all. dvd's that previously worked will no longer play. Does anyone know what is wrong or how to fix it?..thanks, cassie

Answer:drives and dvds

How old is the drive and has it been used a lot? Has anything happened to the system lately? The symptoms sound like a drive with expired optics, although the mechanical side (tray opening and closing) may work fine. It can happen. What make and model drive?It would be unusual for two to go out at the same time. If that is what happened, I would recheck all cabling,especially the secondary IDE channel on the MOBO.

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Hi ..this seems like a different problem to the other DVD problems on the forum.

I have a brand new L30-10V PSL33E running Vista Home Basic. It has all the critical updates installed.
It reads pre-recorded and home burnt audio and data cds and burns cds readable on other machines.
Device Manager reports DVD is working ok and driver is up-to-date.

However it won't read pre-recorded (correct region) or home burnt DVDs or format blank DVDs with the
aplications supplied nor with any of the other applications I installed after to try.
There are are no error messages on reading - it just hangs and the DVD activity light is solid in
a player and does nothing if you use explorer to look at it.
When trying to format - you get "windows cannot complete this operation".

Anyone got any ideas whether this is likely to be hardware, driver or some vista registry problem and
how to solve it. Bought it online and don't want to send it back if there's a software fix.


Answer:Mat****a UJ850s DVD on Satellite L30 works fine for CDs but not DVDs

Can you boot up with delivered recovery DVD? Please test it and inform us what happen exactly.

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I installed a NEC DVD burner in a Dell 2400 today. It has a CD-Rom also. Everything works great, but it won't play DVDs. It says something about a DVD Decoder. Where do I find such a contraption?

Answer:Installed DVD/RW, works but wont play DVDs

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Both the DVD drive on my laptop (Philips CDRW/DVD CDD5263) and my external burner (Lacie DVD RW ND-3540A) stopped recognizing DVDs today. Both still play audio CDs fine, but when I put a DVD in either drive, it spins a few times and nothing happens.

If I open "My Computer" with a DVD in the drive, the My Computer window
opens, but shows no information for any drives. Then my system crashes and I have to re-boot.

I've tried re-installing software/drivers for both DVD drives and re-installed Windows Media Player 10 and WINDVD. No fix.

I also ran Microsoft's AutoFix program (supposed to fix AutoPlay issues) with a DVD in the drive and I got the
folowing results:
Test [Policies] - Instance [E:\, Drive Type: 5]:
Result [HKCU\...\Policies!NoDrives]: OK {Absent}
Result [HKCU\...\Policies!NoDriveAutorun]: OK {Absent}
Result [HKCU\...\Policies!NoDriveTypeAutorun]: OK {Present}
Result [HKLM\...\Policies!NoDrives]: OK {Absent}
Result [HKLM\...\Policies!NoDriveAutorun]: OK {Absent}
Result [HKLM\...\Policies!NoDriveTypeAutorun]: OK {Absent}
Result [Driver level policies]: OK {
HKLM\...\Services\cdrom!Autorun (Present) <Allows>
HKLM\...\Services\cdrom\Parameters!Autorun (Absent) <Allows>
HKLM\System\CCS\Enum\...!AlwaysEnable (Absent) <Not set>
HKLM\System\CCS\Enum\...!AlwaysDisable (Absent) <Not set> }

Test [Drive Notification] - Instance [E:\, Drive Type: 5]:
Result [Legacy Notification]: OK
Result [AutoPlay V2 Notification]: Problems {
Se... Read more

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I am in the market for a new drive - currently having a CD/DVD read only drive - and I've been looking at the PCA best buy MSI CR52-A2.It does appear to be able to do everything I think I want wrt CDs but no mention is made in any DVD read capability.Is this so with all these drives?Or, am I missing something?Alan.

Answer:Can CD R/W/RW drives read DVDs?

No it doesn't read dvd.

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Is it possible to copy DVDs to your Hard drive or do you have to mount it as an ISO then run it from a virtual drive. If it can only be done by mounting it - then where exactly is the content stored if not on the HD?

Answer:DVDs and virtual drives

Yes it is possible to copy DVD's to your hard drive. You will have to mount them in a Virtual Drive to use them. The content IS stored on the hard drive in the ISO file you mount when you copy the DVD over.

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Ok, I just built a new computer. I'll start off by laying out my specs for you:

Athlon X2 4400+
2 gigs pc400
80 GB ide hdd
200 GB ide hdd
DVD+-RW sata
DVD-ROM regular type
Audigy 2 ZS
eVGA Geforce 7900 gt

I've installed Windows XP Pro on the 200 gig hdd, and the 80 gig hdd has all my files backed up on it. I am almost done reinstalling all my games and programs, but have come across several problems.

1. My dvd drives were running fine, but now they randomly stop reading the dvds that are in them(even in the middle of an installation from a dvd) They then say that no dvd is in the drive, and I have to play around in the Device Manager for a while to get them to suddenly realize they have dvds in them again. I think this problem began right after I disabled a lot of programs in msconfig, so maybe a program is needed to make the drives run properly, but what could be required? There are no programs specifically for the drives, that much I know.

2. Yahoo Messenger will not install, I run the installer, it downloads the files it needs, and then it tells me it is installed. I look at the folder, and it has only 1 file, in the Common folder, yverinfo.dll. I have tried everything I can think of, it just won't install.

3. I seem to be having a LOT of problems with various .exe files, lots of them are apparently "corrupt" or crash when I try to run them(I downloaded and tested them on another XP computer just days before building t... Read more

Answer:DVD drives don't like reading dvds and more!

Hate to say it but maybe you should start again, config everything first before stripping potentially imp proc. You've got 1.5Gb of RAM which is more than adequate for avg use?!? It is beyond me personally but there is obviously at least 1 cruicial process that is not appaerent any more.

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I have a Shuttle SS51 computer with a DVD/CRRW combo drive (single drive bay). I would like to replace this drive with a DVD recorder.Can I read CDs and DVDs with a DVD writer and if so which would you recommend?

Answer:Do I need 2 drives to record DVDs?

no idea which drive is better than the other - -but you only need 1 drive - - when backing up a CD or DVD, the image is copied to hard disk first, then back to CD / DVD

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I'm running XP on a 2 YO desktop. My two CD/DVD drives functioned perfectly until the other day. I've installed no new programs, but I think a Microsoft update happened at about this time.
I tried the MS fix, deleting both upper and lower (i forgot the entire name) files in the registry. The I tried the MR FIXIT auto tool from Windows, no luck. I tried the solution I found on this forum here 525621-solved-dvd-cd-rom-drive.

I see both drives in explorer, and trouble shooter in device mgr says they both are functioning. But, they both indicate that they are empty even though there is a disk in both. One disk is blank and the other I tried is a commercial dvd. No luck with either.


Answer:Drives won't recognize DVDs

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I have a HP Pavillion N5431 with Windows ME which has a Toshiba DVD Rom SC-2502 Drive .The drive reads and plays DVD'S fine but refuses to see or read data or audio cd 's . Any thoughts ??

Answer:DVD Drives reads dvds but not cds ??

Most dvd drives have two lenses, one for dvd's and one for cd's. Could be one has failed, in which case the only cure is to replace the drive.

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I formatted and reinstalled winxp pro (I`ve done this before without problems) and now both dvd drives will work with cds, but not play dvds. I have uninstalled and reinstalled powerdvd and updated the firmware for the lite on drive (which is the dvd-rw). The dvd files aren`t recognized in the dvd-rw drive at all,nor will it play in wmp.  I have tried a few dvds that have worked in the past,but the drives say "no disk in drive". It seems strange that both drives work fine except for playing dvds,and I haven`t messed with the region code,either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! :-?

Answer:dvd-rw and dvd drives won`t play dvds!

So did everything work fine before updating the firmware, and never worked correctly afterward? Is that the only variable?

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I have an HP media center PC. We had to replace the dvd writer/cd writer combo with a regular cd writer after the original drive quit. We now have this new CD writer as well as a dvd rom drive. I tried to play a DVD movie in the dvd rom drive and it wouldn't play. I went to My Computer and highlighted that drive and it does not show that a DVD is even in the "tray". I tried the DVD in the Windows Media Player in both drives and it always says "Media Center cannot detect a video DVD in the DVD Rom drive. Please insert a video DVD into the drive." I've tried playing different DVDs in Windows Media Player too and I just can't get any DVD to play in any program in either drive. Help!

Answer:DVD drives will not play DVDs

You probably need to go into the program you use to play the DVD and make sure that it's listed there. I'm guessing that the DVD player that died was the one used to play DVDs before?

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Here is a complete rundown of my system.

Operating System System Model
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600) No details available
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
2.80 gigahertz Intel Celeron
8 kilobyte primary memory cache
128 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P4S8X-X REV 1.xx
Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
BIOS: Award Software, Inc. ASUS P4S8X-X ACPI BIOS Revision 1005 Beta 001 10/31/2003
Drives Memory Modules c,d
522.04 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
24.74 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

AOPEN COM4824/AAH [CD-ROM drive]
DVDRW IDE 16X [CD-ROM drive]
PR7074H NXV118U SCSI CdRom Device [CD-ROM drive]
UL6346O PXS338K SCSI CdRom Device [CD-ROM drive]
3.5" format removeable media [Floppy drive]

Maxtor 6Y080L0 [Hard drive] (81.96 GB) -- drive 1
WDC WD1200JB-00GVC0 [Hard drive] (120.03 GB) -- drive 0
WDC WD32 00JB-00KFA0 USB Device [Hard drive] (320.07 GB) -- drive 2 1024 Megabytes Installed Memory

Now when I try to burn a Blank DVD, when I put the DVD in the burner windows shows 0 bytes of free space and 0 bytes of total space. Now I have already went to the Manufacturer's website to see if there's any new firmware to upgrade to, they tell me that my drive doesn't require downloaded firmware. I have tried uninstalling both drives and then resetting my computer to let windows re-install them. I have Nero burning software which includes an Info tool among other tools. And the Blank dis... Read more

Answer:DVD Drives can't read blank DVDs

its usually o btyes unless something is burned on it

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I have 2 drives installed in my pc.
One is a cd/dvd-rw-drive (read+write) [drive D:\]
and the other one is an ordinary cd/dvd-drive (reader) [drive E:\]

Now to my problem:
reading cds is possible without problems in both drives, burning something with drive E: also shows no problems.
But if I want to read a dvd I wrote myself the drive shows no reaction, in opening the details in the context menue I see that the drive shows me a used space of 0 bytes, as if the drive is empty. This problem never occurs with original dvds, neither movies nor games.
The first drive (D: ) at least changes its name from "cd/dvd-rw-drive" to "cd-drive" and i can open the dvd (which nevertheless shows no data) whereas the second drive (E: ) does nothing. If I try to open the dvd I receive the error message "please insert disk in drive E:"

This problem has already occured before with drive D: sometimes, but since both drives are affected now it hit the critical point because I saved some data to make some room on my harddisk but can't access it now.

Please help me, someone


Answer:My DVD-drives ignore my self-written dvds!

What kind and brand of media did you use? was it DVD-R, DVD+R or DVDRW? if it was DVDRW did you finalize the disk after burning?

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Both my DVD drives dont seem to recongnize any DVD's I put in them anymore.......this has been goin on for awhile now but its started to get on my nerves. As far as I know I havent installed any type of programs that would alter this, as Im still using same programs to backup my dvds as before. They seem to read CD's no problem but the DVD's dont come up and in device manager it says theyre working fine. Any ideas on what I can do.

Answer:Solved: DVD drives not reading DVDs

A quick way to test to see if its the drive or anything else is to try the drive in another computer - no software nneds be loaded for it to just recognize that a DVD disc is in the drive.

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Hi all,
I have this weird Win problem with my optical drives.  Both are DVD drives (plextor DVD writer & Asus DVD Blue Ray writer).
When I'm in Win Explorer both drives are non-existant (they disappear).  When I'm in My Computer, however, both drives are present....
Attached are the screen caps that show this.
This all started after installing a new CPU cooler last week. Before that I had no problems whatsoever with either drive.  This system's been running about two & a half years now.
My System:
Win 7 Pro (64)
Asus MoBo M5A99x w/ AMD 4170 CPU
8 gb DDR3 RAM
1 gb Nvidia GE Force 550 ti by Asus in a PCIe x16 slot
2 Western Digital 1 tb drives (black) (SATA III) {both single partitioned}
1 120 gb SSD (SATA III) {originally, single partitioned, W mysteriously added a 2nd partition on a re-install? [drive E:])}
1 Plextor DVD drive (SATA III)
1 Asus blue ray DVD drive (SATA III)
When I ran WinRepair ( Wednesday, I seen that it detected both optical drives as hidden, so I made sure the boxes to unhide them were checked.  I was pleased, I thought WR was going to fix my hidden drives problem.  Sadly though, both drives were still hidden after rebooting.  
Sadly I had to restore the registry Thursday due to a lag issue with my sound (built-in on MoBo) that appeared after running WR yesterday. The sound lag disappeared after restoring the registry
I ran WR wi... Read more

Answer:Disappearing optical drives (DVDs) in certain parts of Win 7

By default Windows 7 hides a empty optical drive.  You can confirm if this is the case by inserting a disc in both drive, if this is the case both drives should now be visible.
You can change this to that the drive will always be visible by using the directions below.
1.  Click Start, Control Panel and then Tools.
2.  Click Folder options, and then select the View tab.
3.  Clear the Hide empty drives in the Computer folder check box and click OK.

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hello, venerable ones please bear with me, i'll try to summarize my problem... i like to burn dvds. i have nero 7 ultra and AnyDVD decoder on an HP a1310n computer. before i chose nero, i downloaded alot of trial versions of various cloning programs, most of which were pretty lousy. (i fear this may have something to do with my problem) i'm happily doing back ups when all of a sudden my HP drive doesn't detect a disk even though i just put one in. doing a reboot didn't help. tried different disks, no luck. CD's work, but not DVD's.i tried to update my HP drive by downloading an update from the lite-on website, but i got this message:no matched drive detected This utility is only for LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160H6S drive. Detected drive 2-0-0-0 E: LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160H6S CP81 much frustration, i took the plunge and bought a new external dvd rw drive. i put the dvd in, and it starts playing. wonderful! so i go to nero and proceed to burn everything goes fine until it's time to put in the blank disc. then everything freezes i try putting in the original dvd again. no disc detected i try another dvd. this one starts, but after about 5 minutes, it is no longer detected by windows or AnyDvd.i have run spyware doctor.......a registry cleaner........and ad-aware. i tried going back to a previous restore point, the problem was still there. i uninstalled nero and am in the process of reinstalling it. i don't usually do the ... Read more

Answer:Disk Drives Don't Detect My Dvds Properly credit for Walkman for working over thepictureFirst are the media ( DVD's} you are using compatible with your drive? That could be an issueOtherwise your assumption that installing/uninstalling many burn programs could have faulted this could be very well be right.Please do the following :A)Download install and update CcleanerAfter installing and updating go to options - advanced and tick prompt for registry back upsNow Start up in safe modeDo two runs1) Click on problems and tick all. Click on analyse. At the end you will be prompted for storing a backup. This will be stored, as a default, in My documents.2) Click on cleaner click on analyse and accept all files to be removed.Go to My Computer Rightclick Propperties Hardware tab and take the upper radio button.Select the faulted drive press on delete and accept.Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest drivers for this drive Now we are going to clean the remninants from previous Nero Installations[quote]Rename the folder "Ahead" in folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\ into "Ahead_2". When reinstalling Nero, the folder "Ahead" will be created again. The Nero's DirectShow filters and Codecs will also be installed and registered again. As soon as the folder "Ahead" is once again created in the directory C:\ Program Files\Common files\ the directory "Ahead_2" can be erased. 2) Erase the contents of the following folder: C:\Docume... Read more

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....should have mentioned that I've been ripping my CD collection to my HD, and the drives DO recocgnise the CDs through using both WMP and Pinnacle's 'MyMP3 Player'...baffling!

Answer:Drives won't/can't read files on my burned DVDs 2

Part 2 of click here1248fixx it's easier if you add to your original thread rather than start a new one.

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I dont get any sound from my cd/dvd drives when i put a dvd in. prolly b/c i dont have them configued properly, like if theres a setting in windows or device manager to tell to get sound from the drives. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.
~Da Bob~

Answer:Solved: No sound from CD/DVD drives playing DVDs

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I've been burning some DVDs ( RW and Non-RW ), only to find that neither of my drives will read the files on the disc, but only show them as o bytes free and 0 bytes used!? When playing the discs back on my DivX player they're fine!! What' happening?ThanksIan

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I have about a 100 plus DVDs from Indonesia, about a dozen from New Zealand, several from Croatia and from the US which I cant play. Being an expat with a large international I move around quite a bit.

I have 2 DVD drives on my computer. This is what it says in my system Information.

Drive E:
Description CD-ROM Drive
Manufacturer (Standard CD-ROM drives)
SCSI Target ID 0
PNP Device ID IDE\CDROMLITE-ON_DVDRW_SOHW-1693S________________KS0B____\5&20F2915F&0&0.0.0
Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\cdrom.sys (5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158), 48.38 KB (49,536 bytes), 03/08/2004 20:59)

Drive F:
Description CD-ROM Drive
Manufacturer (Standard CD-ROM drives)
SCSI Target ID 1
PNP Device ID IDE\CDROMLHTD-NN_CNMBO_SNHB-4826J________________SPK6____\30323730313039323030 34303234353820202020
Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\cdrom.sys (5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158), 48.38 KB (49,536 bytes), 03/08/2004 20:59)

For the LITE-ON drive the manual says that if a different region DVD is inserted it will automatically change region. It also said there that it will do that 3 times and then it will lock and I wont be able to use it any more. What is the use of having a DVD drive if I cant use it coz I don't know which of my DVDs is from which region and just trying it will lock it.

The second drive is from a HP Compaq computer I bought for the kids and this one wont even recognize my DVDs. Says n... Read more

Answer:How to Enable DVD Drives to Play DVDs from Multiple Regions?

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I've got a Satellite A20-130 laptop, running WinXP and Ununtu Dapper in a dual partition. My 2nd laptop is not Toshiba one. When I burned DVDs (DVD+R) with my non-Toshiba laptop and played them in my Satellite it all worked fine.

However, when I bought a new optical drive for my 2nd laptop my Toshiba suddenly stopped playing the DVDs burnt in this new optical drive(I was using exactly the same disc brand and format as before-- DVD+R). I tried the old DVDs (the ones burnt in the laptop before the optical drive hardware was upgraded) and they can still by read perfectly fine.

This problem applies to both Ubuntu and WinXP. Support from 2nd laptop says this sounds like a firmware problem with my Toshiba. I updated the driver for my SD R2412 Toshiba optical drive (which, according to the file manual, seems to fix a DVD-Ram compatibility issue). Now the drive occasionally reads some of the new burned DVDs (after making loads of noise and waiting for ages), but more often than not I get an error message saying the device cannot be read because the format is incorrect or the device needs to be formatted.

This non-Toshiba laptop reads the DVDs it burns using the upgraded optical drive perfectly fine.

Answer:Satellite A20-130: SD R2412 cannot read DVDs burnt in certain optical drives


Satellite A20 is pretty old notebook model and after intensive usage it can be that drive is more ?sensitive?. If all this happen ?occasionally? there is no simply explanation why this happen.

I know it is pretty annoying but I do not see any ?magic? solution. At the end you must test it with brand new drive.

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I have been looking left, right and centre for a solution, but failed to find anything that could help me so far... I am hoping you tech buffs can help me resolve my particular issue, so on with the problem:

I insert a (CD/DVD) disc into the disc drive and expect the pc to pick it up, and offer me the autorun menu to see what I would have done with the media inserted therein.

After a bit of whirring, nothing pops up.

Same thing with my USB drives. A bit of whirring, then nothing.

Also... When I manually try to navigate through Windows Explorer, and click upon the disc drive, it brings up the option to format the disc in there

I find that I can eject the disc and re-insert it, and then select the drive, and see the contents.

This is driving me insane!

Even my virtual drives do not autorun when images are mounted onto them!

PLEASE HELP with this, and do not let my call for help sink to the bottom of the "unattended help requests quagmire".

nb: I am running Vista Ultimate x64. So please, all solutions should take into consideration that the computer that has problems is on 64-bit architecture, and not x86.


Answer:PLEASE HELP! Autorun won't work on disc drives or usb drives

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I just recently built a new system running an Intel Q9550 quad core 8 GB of ram and Vista Home Premium x64. Everything works flawlessly except for connecting external hard drives and thumb drives through the usb port. I've tried multiple hard drives/thumb drives on multiple ports on the front and back with it working only once for the thumb drive. Usually Vista keeps sounding the device connect and device disconnect dongs for a few minutes and then every once in a while says the drive needs to be formatted, but the drives work fine on my Laptop that's running Vista Home Premium 32-bit. Is this a common problem with x64 or is there something wrong with my system?


Answer:USB hard drives/thumb drives to work

when I hook the usb thumb drive to the usb port on my printer, Vista recognizes it and lets me see the files on the drive, it also lets me copy a file to it but then freezes after it finishes copying (the copy window has a full progress bar and say "about 0 seconds remaining".

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Trying to make data disc like I used to do with Nero software. "Burn fails." Spits out the disc. Tried un-installing Nero and re-installing with OEM disc that came with my LiteOn burner. All DVDs in stores seem to be this 16x speed. Last ones I had were 8x, which worked fine. But I've used them all up so I can't try an 8x to see if it still works with 8x. The burner is described on its box as a 16x.

Any one else buy new 16x DVDs that don't work?

Would appreciate any help or ideas.

Answer:New 16x DVDs Won't Work

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Unusually DVDs work fine on my computer. It prompts me and I select Realplayer. Sometimes it doesn't prompt me, and I just open up RP and it works fine. But some DVDs wont work at all. When I try to access the drive it pops up with a message saying something like "Cannot access. The disk may be corrupted or is using a format incompatible with Windows." .... Something like that. But here's the thing. When I put the DVD in my cheap DVD player it plays fine. What's the deal with that? I think the drive is a Toshiba DVD ROM.

Is there anyway to get around this? There must be. If my DVD player plays it my computer should be able to. What am I doing wrong? I downloaded AnyDVD. I haven't bought the program yet, but it's supposed to have an evaluation period. Well... it's running, but the DVD still doesn't work. I tried VLC player, Realplayer, and some other player. It still wont play even with AnyDVD. I would totally buy it if it worked, but I don't want to buy something that isn't going to fix this. Did I not set up AnyDVD right, or do I need something else?

Answer:Some DVDs don't work. What's the deal?

Here's what I think......

Assuming we're talking about DVDs encoded in DVD-Video format, (Standard you rent it at Blockbuster), the drive is probably defective. It doesn't take much misalignment to cause a drive to lock-up on a slightly off disc.
You're the first person I've run into that uses "Real Player" as a DVD player. What you run into most often is; WinDVD, Nero Showtime, and "PowerDVD". So, unless the newer copy protection schemes are causing the player lock-up, (a possibility) I would suspect the drive.

Thus far, I have had 3 of the Toshibas, none of which have impressed me.

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Hello everyone, this is my first post here =).

My computer autoplays regular CDs, but not DvDs. It comes up with an explorer window displaying the Audio_TS and Video_TS files.
I'm running Windows XP with SP 3, and the drive is an HP 240d Blu-Ray combo. This occured on my other drive which was a Lite On, so I don't think it's the drive. I've tried the following fixes, but none have worked:
Tried properties on the drive from my computer, didnít work.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ CD\ROM

Double click AutoRun and make sure the value is set to "1" Tried this, itís set to 1 already.

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\allocatecdroms Tried this setting it to 0, didnít work.

I tried going into the subkey NoDriveTypeAutoRun and setting the value to 91, this didnít work either.

I search for drivers, but I canít find any, or cant' find any better than what I have.

It had worked in the past, and I vaguely remember installing some free version of Nero, and then it not working. Or it only would autoplay with Nero, and nothing else, then I un-installed the free Nero version and it did this. I could be wrong though, my memory of that is kind of hazy. (I actually use Nero 10 now and like it a lot)

I'm kind of at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


Answer:AutoPlay DvDs Won't Work

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Help!  I can not read or wright to a CD.  The green light runs and the head accesses but can not read the disk nor wright to it.  This is true of commercial music CD as well.  DVDS play fine.  I have reinstalled the drivers and have cleaned the registry. I first had the problem trying to burn a CD from Itunes so uninstalled and reinstalled Itunes of the same version 8. something.  Drive is a optiarc RW AD 7561A, driver is MS windows 6.0.6001.18000 , Vista home 32, Compaq presario A900. I don't know where to go next.Thanks,Henry

Answer:dvds work cds don't vista 32

Most likely, CD read/write lasers are out.

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I made 5 recovery DVDs with AI Recovery on my Asus U43F Notebook.  I followed the direction precisely, but after the last DVD popped out and a window popped up saying that the recovery was successful, my computer restarted itself  >  "loading windows files" progress bar  >  "starting windows" symbol for Windows 7 64bit  >  then a grey screen with a mouse arrow and NOTHING!  no prompt, no windows, no taskbar, no right-click or anything to click, What do I do now?

Answer:[Help] Recovery DVDs didn't work

Your DVDs could be corrupted since your laptop was corrupted and when you made the DVDs are corrupted. You need to get an exact Asus  notebook with the exact version of Win7 of not infected system.If the beginning is crooked the end is crooked, GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out).
Option 2 leave factory defaults out and clean reinstall WIN7.

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I cant play dvds or games that require video memory or a video card I could do everything until I reinstalled windows xp.

Answer:dvds dont work neither do games

Go HERE and read my post. A message for all newcomers.

Without knowing your system specs it`s hard to know what the cause of your problem is.

Have you installed the drivers for your videocard? Check in your device manager for any yellow exclamation, or question marks next to your display adapter.

Regards Howard

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I have an HP laptop with windows XP. My drive will work with music CDs but won't with games or DVDs. They start to spin but just stop and when I click the icon it says please insert the correct disk. Under explorer it doesn't even show that I have a D drive. I did the check hardware thing in control panel and it said my disk drive is working fine.

Answer:dvds and games wont work

um, nevermind. it works again... weird... anyway, what exactly is java runtime environment? also, my system restore doesn't work... how do i fix that?

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Hello All. Great to find some free computer help.  On my computer I currently have a small 3 GB HD on it I have bought a 30 GB HD and I would like to run these in tandem, if its possible.  If not  what do I need to do to get the 30GB working. I have set it to slave and nothing happens.  Do I need to format add partitions, what? and also how  do I do this. I did it once about 6 yrs. ago and cant remember how to again.  Thank You all in advance.Dylan

Answer:2 Hard Drives 1 works, HELP !!!

Does your motherboard support the new HDD? Did you set your other HDD to master? Is the HDD detected in the BIOS?

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Hi all,
I am having an issue with communication between my Windows server and my workstation running Windows 7 Enterprise. I recent;y moved both of these machines from one location to my current one. The server is running Windows Server 2008 R2 and has three drives
I need to map. So when i moved both machines, I kept the drives mapped in Windows, but when i go to connect to them, I eventually get an error saying that Windows cannot access. So I tried dropping the mappings and doing them fresh, but same error occurs.
The interesting this is I can RDP into the server form the workstation and vice versa without an issue. I also can see the server in the Network drop down under Computer in Windows Explorer, but when i click on that it says the same. I have tried connecting
using different credentials, same thing.
I do have another computer at this location running Windows 7 Enterprise in which i can map the server without a problem, and likewise with a Mac running OSX Snow Leopard Server. So this is beyond me why this is happening. ANy help would be appreciated,

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Hello to anyone who can help me.
I work in IT so normally do the 'support' for my family but this one has me stumped.
The description is a bit indepth but I'm not sure where to go from here apart from a full reinstall which I don't want to do as apart from the problems described, everything works fine
Okay, I have an unmodified Acer Travelmate 2501LC with XP and Nero 6. It has a DVD/CD-RW combo drive and a floppy drive.

Basically the drive will read CDs most of the time, although sometimes it will cause the computer to crash.
However it will not read DVDs, and won't recognise any DVD discs I try. The drive just spins and clicks but not as it normally should. It will also start to burn some CDRs but not complete writing.
Also the the floppy drive on the computer is missing from the "My Computer" folder.

It started with some problems starting from the Hard Drive cause by a bad partition but I fixed that.

In the device manager there is an exclamation mark and the following error listed "Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)"

There is also a "Standard Floppy Disk Controller" in the device manager which is "Working properly". It appeared about the same time the problem started. I tried uninstalling this driver which leads to an immediate Blue screen of Death! It resets before I can read anything. I've tried to start the PC in Safe m... Read more

Answer:CD works, DVD does not and floppy drives gone?

First, is this a Desktop or a Laptop? Personally I think the DVD drive is on it's way out and needs replaced. As for the Floppy drive, it is either lost a cable connection or is loose. That is if this is a Desktop. If it is a Laptop I still think the DVD drive is about dead and the floppy could need reseated or it may be bad as well.

DVD drives are fairly cheap these days and floppys aren't worth having anymore.

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OK, so I rebuilt my system yesterday and so everythings great other than I cannot get both my DVD-RW and DVD drives to work at the same time. If I plug the power into both and plug both into the MB I cannot use either of them. The system will not detect either drive. If I unplug either the power or data cable from one then the other is detected and works fine. It doesn't matter which I unplug the other will work they just won't work together. During the rebuild I installed the following:

MB: Asus P5W HD Deluxe
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad
MEM: G Skill 2 x 2 GB
PSU: Xion 600W

The DVD-RW and DVD drives are both from Lite-On, if someone needs the model # I'll have to pull the drive and get it, Don't remember those off hand.

Both drives are cable select, I did check that and the jumpers are correct.

Any ideas on what my problem might be? Thanks

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I have four USB ports on my Dell Latitude D620.Three work perfectly, one (let's call it Port A) does not.Here's what I've observed so far:- All thumb drives, except for one, work fine in Port A (That is, I can save and launch documents and media files)- The one that does not work is a 16GB micro that hosts my iTunes library- My iPod is not recognized when plugged into Port A, but it is in others. - My iPod CHARGES when plugged into Port A, however.- My wireless presenter's receiver is not recognizedWhen I say "not recognized", I mean it does not make the funny USB connection sound, and does not show up in "Safely Remove Hardware". Additionally, the laptop does not try to find/make a new hardware connection.All of the above mentioned devices work correctly in other USB ports on the same machine.This happens regardless of where the laptop is, which of two power adaptors it's plugged into, or whether it's running on battery power. It is not specific to one power supply, or where in the house (or country) my machine is.Port A is the top one on the right side of the keyboard.I first noticed this issue in early January. It has been this way ever since.The laptop is two years old. The iPod is 18 months, and the 16GB drive was purchased in early January.I have tried deleting my USB info in Device Manager and rebooting. This did not make a difference.Love to hear any suggestions or advice.Cheers,

Answer:USB Works for Thumb Drives, Nothing Else

How old is this laptop?What Operating System is this?If you go to Device Manager, are there any Yellow Question or Exclamation marks?

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Answer:W7 Recovery DVDs wont work on swapped HDD in new HP W7 PC

Those restore cd are of an "image of the hard drive" with all the properties of the original hard drive it can reproduce the exact image on the same size hard drive. To use those disks you either need a 1tb drive or larger or you must install using an actual O/S cd.

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Hi, just a chance that someone out there owns a Toshiba SD-210EB DVD video player. I need to know which recordable DVDs (DVD+/-R) can be read on this standalone player. I have the multi write Sony RW DW-U10A in my computer and my first DVD was created on a Sony DVD+RW. This will not play on the Toshiba. Indeed their booklet states that "you cannot play discs of DVD-RAM, DVD-RW etc". I'm not sure if the "etc" includes the +/-R types as well. Anyone got info on this?

Answer:Recordable DVDs which work on Toshiba DVD player?

Absolutely brilliant link....just what I wanted, thanks.Hef

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i just rebooted my computer and when i tried to play dvds on my computer the video worked on many different playeres but the audio didnt. I initially thought my speakers were faulty but when i put in an audio cd into the same drive it easily played it and everything worked fine. now i even tried my songs already stored on my computer and they worked. So now im really confused!im thinking why wouldnt it work. I did all i could think of! I even went into device manager looked up the drive and saw if it was working properly and it passed. i don't know if i need anything to download so that i can actually have audio working for watching dvds. And thats why im here. i am really stuck and would really appreciate your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really need it.

Answer:audio doesn't work when i'm playing Dvds

i found out that the problem was i needed an ac3 filter downloaded. i downloaded it and i can watch my video, but the video stops at points while the asudio keeps playing. i would reall appreciate any advice on this subject thank you

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I can't get my head around this one.

I've not played an audio CD in a while, but I put one in today and it simply didn't work. The PC failed to recognise the CD was in the drive.

I thought it might be the CD and so tried another CD, and another, and one more for good measure - none worked.

I tried a DVD to see if it was the drive, the DVD worked fine. I tried a software CD, that was fine as well.

The drive is slightly old, from my previous PC which I upgraded in December/January. I've not tried a CD since and I'm wondering if the issue has been there all along.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Audio CDs Not Recognised - DVDs work fine.

Are they burned cd's? Try a retail audio cd bought at a store if you are trying a burned cd.

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Hi, i went to watch a dvd but my computer acts as though there is no disk in drive. i tried cdroms and music cds and they work no problem. can anybody help.
Im using a Dell 4800 and Windows XP.
Thanks in advance

Answer:dvds wont play but cds and cd/rom work fine

Mostlikely a FAiled DVD laser or laser alignment (new drive needed)
However try:
Uninstalling reinstalling the drive in Device Manager
(IDE drives)
ensure drive data cable is secure at drive and motherboard swap cables if you have a spare.

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I tried to reinstall OS on my Vaio using retail 7SP1 DVD and VAIO's activation key (which I had to extract as it's not written on the system case). This didn't work. Perhaps I need to find Windows 7 (pre-SP1), or should I not even bother?

Answer:Do OEM activation keys always work with retail DVDs?

Do OEM activation keys always work with retail DVDs?

They normally do not. You need the appropriate key.

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A relative of mine has got a Siemans Amilo m7400 and recently had to reformat the hard drive due to problems. Now it will not play dvds and mp3s. From looking on the net it seems to suggest that i need to get adriver for the sound card, but i cant find out the name of the sound card to go the companys website to get the driver.I have also heard from someone else that if you uninstall the old windows media player and install the new one (version 10) it will solve the problem. Any ideas??Stuj77

Answer:MP3s and DVDs won't work on Amilo m7400

click here if you key in the ident key to the bottom left you should be able to get all the drivers, alternatively click here .Regarding playing MP3s your present media player should be able to do it but Media Player 10 is available for free download from Microsoft and I think its quite good, you don't have to delete the old one it just installs over the top. If the sound driver is not installed then regardless of what player you use you will get no sound. You need the sound drivers. As far as I know Media player does not play DVDs as standard and you need a codec as well. I'm not sure about this as I like PowerDVD and use that.

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My sony-vaio desktop (xp home, sp2) has got two drives, a DVD-ROM drive and a DVD+/-RW/CD-RW drive. The computer is 5 years old and has always played back my CDs and DVDs without problems. Until this morning. I did not change my computer in any way or install/deinstall anything. Suddenly, there is simply no sound when I try to play back DVDs in either drive with PowerDVD or with Windows Media Player. The image is fine with DVDs - but no sound. And if I try playing a CD in Windows Media Player, I am told that there is a problem with the audio device - all the menus are in German, so I am translating here. But other sounds work (streaming content, mpeg-4 files, computer sounds like e-mail notification etc.). My loudspeakers are plugged in (well, they've got to be if the other sounds are okay!). What is wrong? I checked under device manager, but everything seems to be okay, nothing is set on mute, there seem to be no conflicts...Can anyone help me? And below is a snapshot of the audio devices on my computer (they're indicated in German), and there's no red cross or any other mark which may indicate that there's something wrong with them.

Answer:Solved: CDs and DVDs: no sound! But other sounds work! What is wrong?

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I have the 3 DVDs made on a Aspire 5741G-333G32Bn, will these work to restore a 5741-A-353G25Mnsk?

Answer:Will recovery DVDs made on a 5741G work to restore...

Hello, The recovery DVDs are specific to the model. You can already see they haven't the same motherboard. Aspire 5741:Spoiler (Highlight to read)MB.PSV02.001MAIN BD.UMA.HM55.LFMB.R0K02.001MAIN BD.UMA.HM55.W/3G.LFMB.PSV02.001MAIN BD.UMA.HM55.LFMB.R0K02.001MAIN BD.UMA.HM55.W/3G.LF Aspire 5741G:Spoiler (Highlight to read)MB.PSZ02.001MAIN BD.AS5741G.HM55.512MB.LFMB.PTD02.001MAIN BD.AS5741G.HM55.1GB.LFMB.PSZ02.001MAIN BD.AS5741G.HM55.512MB.LFMB.PTD02.001MAIN BD.AS5741G.HM55.1GB.LF

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Any way to fix the coding on it or something? When i want to burn a dvd it brings me to use the nero vision 4 program, it works on certain dvd players but not all, is there any way of fixing this?

Answer:Burned dvds using nero wont work on certain dvd players

Make sure you are not creating a multi-session disk and ensure that you finalize the disc. Also dvd players have an easier time reading DVD+R than DVD-R.

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Anyone If I upgrade my Dell Vista (only 3 weeks old) to a clean install with a retail Win7 DVD, can I activate it later when my upgrade CD arrives?

Answer:Anyone know if DELL upgrade kits DVD will work with retail DVDs?

You cannot activate a "Retail Installation" with an "OEM" Key.


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OS: Windows XP Pro
Computer Specs: AMD 2000+ 1.6Ghz, 512 MB Ram, 2 hard drives, one CD-RW drive and one DVD-Rom drive (Atapi 12x, set to Region 1)
Software used to play DVDs: Intervideo's WinDVD 2000

I haven't used my DVD-rom drive since November. I put a DVD in my DVD-Rom drive to watch it and nothing happened. I've viewed the DVD on my computer before. Through My Computer, I double-clicked on the DVD-Rom drive and got a message saying "Please insert a disc in drive E:" with only an option to cancel. This happened with four other DVDs as well. The DVDs I've tried to play have already been tested on other DVD standalone players and other DVD-Roms with no problems. Audio and Data CDs work fine on this particular drive. Device manager reports no errors.

Any suggestions?

Answer:DVDs won't play in my DVD-ROM. Audio & Data CDs work fine.

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Inherited a server and it's got a very odd issue, it's functioning as a domain controller and file server. A share made on the C: drive can be accessed without issue by both normal users and administrators, however a share made on the D or E drives can be accessed by administrators, but not by users. When attempting to map or access the share an "Access is denied" prompt is shown.

Share permissions and NTFS permissions were set to full control for "everyone" to rule that out, access is still denied.
Created a couple of test user accounts to verifiy it wasn't something to do with the user profiles, that didn't help.
Deleted the share and recreating the share results in no change.

Has anyone seen something like this or have any ideas about what may be causing this?

Thanks in advance for any help....I've tried my best searching via google but most of the results are of more standard file and share permissions.

Answer:Odd issue on DC - file share works from C: but not on D: or E: drives

If you've explicitly granted full control to both the share and the filesystem, you most likely have a deny permission somewhere. The most restrictive permission will always win, so if there is a deny, then it will always deny access.

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Hi Thank you for reading my post.Can someone please let me know which types of external hard drives works with a T400?eSata, USB or firewire? Which model and brand you suggest for a 1TB drive? Thanks 

Answer:Which types of external hard drives works with T400?

USB 2.0 is the connection that is natively supported on the T400, no eSATA or Firewire port i think, you can get these ports by buying an expansion card for the card slot (i think it is the expresscard one) on the T400.  Regarding a 1TB drive, most of the large drive manufacturers have one out, but i suggest you unless you need the large capacity, i would stick with a smaller drives like 750 gig or 500 gig since the cost gigabyte is lower. Also i would stay away for storing all your important files solely in these drive, because if these things start to fail it would be on a moment's notice, you probably won't even have time to backup the files, before the harddrive gives up on you. 

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1st drive solid state w/ os on it 2nd drive sata, works with solid state by its self but when I install 2nd drive it says can't find OS its a HP dv9000 lap top( 2nd drive reformatted)message edited by guy-one

Answer:have a HP laptop w/2 drives works great till I reinstall 2nd

Go into the bios after you I install 2nd drive, go to Boot & make sure the SS drive boots first.

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Hi,I installed a different version of Windows in my G580 deleting some partitions in the process. I have the recovery DVDs but when I boot from them to restore the system, I get this error: "The program cannot restore the system partition because its structure is incorrect. You may have to recreate this partition to continue".I found similar problems but with the recovery partition, not with the DVDs.Please, someone knows what can I do?Thank you very much.

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Hi to all,
I recently bought a Scan internal card reader, installed it, my PC recognized it, installed the drivers automatically, also a windows update was available for the card, installed everything & seems to work fine. The reader recognizes all the cards i give it including the USB, however I cannot manage to see the usual removable drives an internal card reader usually displays when it is attached to the PC.

The drive only appears when a card is inserted, is this normal?

Thanks for your help..

Answer:Solved: Internal Card reader works but does not show drives...

That's not 100% normal, but that's even better than the usual 4 drives hanging around for no reason in the Computer window... I think so, at least. If the reader works, don't worry about it.

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Hi All,

I am running Windows 8.1 pro. When i try to access a network location on another AD Domain (Non trusted), I get the below error.

Once i add the above path as network drive in My computer it gets mapped and works, Then if i access the path from run it works.
I have tried by FQDN and IP both don't work in Run window.
Can any one assist in finding what is the issue and how do i solve it.


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I have used successfully a method of dischargng static build up from RAM chips (and posted about it as well) but this time the RAM works for about a minute and then the PC does not load anything thing.

i let the PC cool down, discharge RAM, works and then the same happens.

how do i discharge static build up from the RAM slots?
is the RAM chip gone for good?
any hints?

Answer:RAM works for a while then does not work at all.

How have you determined the problem to be static buildup? Have you checked the motherboard capacitors?

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Thread title pretty much sums it up: CTRL-A disabled, CTRL Key Works, A Key Works, Other CTRL-combos work. I use CTRL-V, CTRL-C, CTRL-Z, etc all the time.

CTRL-A has never worked for me, in any application. Instead of selecting all, CTRL-A pastes, the same as CTRL-V, only when you use CTRL-A, in addition to pasting, it also makes a system sound, kind of like a knock sound. Out of desperation to identify the sound I looked control panel sounds and listened to all of them, it's not there.

I've never really needed CTRL-A until now because I'm wanting to use a specific application that has no other way to select all except CTRL-A, so I'm now desperate...

Any help will be much appreciated.

Answer:CTRL-A disabled, CTRL Key Works, A Key Works, Other CTRL-combos work

Hello Dave mate have you run either of these< if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2
if not do them in safe mode and see if that fixes the problem.

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Hi Guys

My DVD drive is only reading (recognising/playing) discs that I have already burnt onto. It is not reading any original shop bought DVDs.

I was advised to run 'Microsoft Fix it'

The 1st time I ran the above, with an original shop bought DVD that I initially couldnt read, afterwards I was able to read it.

However, after this 1st and only one time, now my DVD drive continues not to read any original shop bought DVDs and the above says 'not fixed'.

The computer's DVD drive whirs and makes a noise like it is trying to read the DVDs.

All the DVDs can be read in another computer and by a DVD player.

I have shut down and rebooted several times.

My comouter :
Asus. Ath.64 QL65, M/B version: K51AC series
OS: Vista premium. 320GB

This link is to my actual model of laptop:

Any ideas???

Thankyou in advance

Answer:My DVD drive is only reading home burnt DVDs, NOT any orig shop bout DVDs??

Hello there, i don't have a fix but i have a few questions that may help myself or the community.

Has your laptop ever been able to read store bought DVD's?
If yes, can you think of what change you may have made (some software installed perhaps) to knock the functionality off?

What exactly happens when your insert said DVD? for example:
Does it act like the drive is empty and just simply whirr like you stated above?
Does it show the DVD's but not play automatically?
does it know something is in the drive but shows some sort of error?

Have you checked your drive region?
Right click your DVD drive in 'computer' ---> properties ---> hardware ---> Properties ---> dvd region

When you ran the fix and it worked, had you rebooted before you tried again.?

Sorry for all the questions but we should be able to hopefully derive a fix.


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We are trying to help out a friend here, and hoping someone can point us in the right direction.

We need to create a database, preferably a works database, because that's the program both of us have. What we need to do is collect statistics at the end of the day, and save all the results to one database. At the end of the year, we need to be able to go back in and total all occurrences of a particular statistic and combinations of certain statistics together.

I am TOTALLY GREEN in this area...can anyone help?? All suggestions are greatly appreciated....if more info is needed, please let me know!



Answer:Will a works database work?

Works will only "work" if it has an actual database like Access to enter your data into. You can set up one database and enter the data there directly. If you are on a network you can share the database and have forms set up for data entry. If you are in different locations you could use some kind of program like PCAnywhere and the remote person could dial in and do data entry on the database. There are way too many options so you might want to give us soem kind of idea on what your setup is and how to accomplish it.

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Well we had our first classes this week for the unemployed IT people in Northern California and it was very successful! Thanks to this support group for lending our growing group a hand. NEW PROBLEM:We wanted to make a website on our Windows 2003 Enterprise Server so we installed the IIS and .net and laoded the website into the default directory. WE resolved our nameserver after 40 hours of waiting and now we have a strange problem. We can access the website from BUT NOT . What could be the problemin our setup??? Thanks for your help. SIDEBAR HELP : We have had some great ideas come our way this week. If your trying to build a website we found out some really cool short-cuts that you might not know about so maybe we can help each other out if your interested. Would be great to help you forum members out as well. My email is [email protected] --- Gary

Answer:Website WILL NOT work under WWW. ABC.COM Works only with

All the www is is an alias in IIS and you can change it to anything you like. You also need to set your name server to resolve to the not just ABC.COM

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Hi! I just purchased an Ideapad 510 laptop and while I am happy with the purchase for the most part the fact that these two keys arent functioning properly kinda annoys me. Does anyone else have the same problem and is there anyone who knows how to fix it?? maybe access bios and tweak something? 

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My computer will play DVD burned on disc, but will not play the ones I buy from the store. It used to. Now it won't even recognize they're there.

Answer:Computer won't recognize original DVDs; Will recognise 'burnt' DVDs

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New here and not too techincal. I got a virus last night, Antivirus live, I followed the directions and removed it with Malewarebytes.

The only problem is now I can only get on the internet while logged into work by remote access. But when I'm not logged into work I get the shdoclc.dll/dnserror.htm at the bottom of the page..

I use a wireless connection from home, and I have to be on the internet in order to log into work, so I know I'm connected.

Can someone help? Again not very technical so not sure what steps or data to show on here

Answer:Internet only works when connected to work

how do you get logged into work? Connect to the internet,then VPN in?

Do you have any proxy settings set in IE? Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN settings button

click start-> run and paste this in:

ipconfig /all >> c:\config.txt
then post the results here. This will copy all of your Ethernet Adapter(s) information to a text file.

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When I access Outlook through the start menu works fine.
When I try to access it clicking on a mail icon on ie an error message pops up
that says windows cannot access the specified file path device
you may not have permission.
Confused me that's not to hard.
Thank You

Answer:Outlook works doesnt work

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Ok, so I purchased and downloaded the "Quick 3D Carousel AS2" from UltraShock (

When I view the swf on my local machine, it works just as it should. But when I upload it to the server, only the background on it works, none of the images in the carousel work.

All of the images defined in the xml file are uploaded to the proper place on the server, the xml file is uploaded where it's supposed to be, but online it just won't work.

I have been looking online for days and I've seen a zillion posts on this, but can't seem to find a solution that works for me. I have uploaded the swf in both ascii and binary with no luck, have checked the export settings in Flash with no luck.

I am stumped, and would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY appreciate some help from someone. I am about to pull my hair out!

I uploaded the files to my server. You can download it at To view the swf online in the php page, go to The swf is placed in the box under the logo. As you can see, the swf loads, but the images don't.

On a separate note, I am not a Flash wiz, but I am usually ok at editing already created files (not too great at starting from scratch), and would really like to figure out how to change the speed of this carousel to be a little slower. Unfortunately unlike other carousels I have downloaded, the speed is not controlled in the xml file, but I would i... Read more

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My mic wont work on my computer. I got an external mic and creative sb x-fi sound card. The mic worked perfect on my laptop (running win7) where it got recognized at once. When I plug it in on my soundcard i look at the sound settings I see " Microphone, creative sb x-fi, standardenhet". When i plugged it in on the laptop it said like" Microphone, external blablabal" I've downloaded the latest drivers , tested my mic in all plugs ( on the front of comp too) but nothin seems to work. In teh sound settings it never change from "Microphone, creative sb x-fi, standardenhet" when i connect mic. It's like it dont even recognize the mic.
what to do?
Ty for help!


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Hi. I'm having problems with Firefox and IE. They are not connecting to the internet. However, Opera works and connects to the internet fine. Other programs like AIM connect to the internet fine too. It's just Firefox and IE that are not working properly. Anyone know what is going on?also, I don't know if this is related or not, but my Microsoft Word is not working either. When I start it, it just shows the logo then it freezes.

Answer:Opera works; Firefox and IE do NOT work

Download HijackThis: on Download HijackThis InstallerInstall, and run.Post HijackTHis log.

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My wifi was working just fine last night, and then suddening just stopped. I was unable to use my Amazon Video, and my laptop, so it was not just the devices. I have uverse internet. When I connect the ethernet cable to my laptop, it works. I have unplugged and restarted several times. I just now noticed that when I walk away from the room the router is in, and go into the room where my television is, the wifi disconnects and I can no longer get on the internet. There's a black device of some sort that is plugged into an outlet in a room in between the router and the TV-I know I should already know this, but is that something that is connected to my wifi - like a signal booster? As I type, sitting in the room with my router, the internet has gone off again, and will have to plug my laptop into the ethernet cable to send this message.
Sometimes my wifi shows up as an option to connect to, and sometimes it doesn't.

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There is a particular MP3
(download at :
Size-9.18MB) ​
file which does not work on my Moto Slvr L9 but works very well on my PC .
I tried many ways to make it work;
1-convert to wav then reconvert to MP3
2-Record using Wave Pad Sound Editor & Audacity
3-See if MP3 is corrupted ,but turns out OK

but nothing works.
Even on the phone there is some weird sound unlike the file itself .

Also if i record this file and play it ,it still behaves the same way .

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Hi friends.........
My Prob is that in my pc , only internet explorer waorks but google chrome and firefox does not works.
m in problem
please help me as soon as possible...
when i try to open a page through chrome or firefox,, then windows appears that shows chrome or firefox cant locate the address ..

Answer:Only IE Works, bt chrome , firefox dsn't work.

With firefox make sure File/Work online is checked.

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The Bluetooth (BT) mouse of my laptop (with build-in BT module) seems to work just fine. However, I don't understand why the Bluetooth mouse works because in the Controlpanel\Network and Internet\Network Connections the Adapter [Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network) #2] is DISABLED.

On the other hand, in Device Manager->Bluetooth Radios, there are two entries:
1. Bluetooth Module
2. Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator (MBE)

If I disable only the MBE then the BT mouse stops working. If I disable the Bluetooth Module, then MBE disappears all together and the mouse stops working too.

So, it is the MBE that controls the mouse, but what is then the relationship between the MBE and the Bluetooth Adapter in Controlpanel\Network And Internet\Network Connections??

Are MBE and the Bluetooth Adapter (in Network Connections) two parallel Bluetooth structures/stacks alongside each other?

Or does the Bluetooth Adapter sits on a higher level and get access to the Bluetooth hardware module of the laptop through the two Bluetooth Radio entries (in Device Manager)?

I've been reading about the OSI model and trying to figure out what Bluetooth components in Windows 7 sit where exactly in the OSI model, but it remains fuzzy to me how Bluetooth Device Manager components relate to the Bluetooth Network Adapter.

Can anyone shed some more light on the relationship between the Bluetooth Device Manager components and the Bluetooth Adapter?

Any info about websites or docs w... Read more

Answer:Bluetooth mouse works, but .... why does it work?


I see you didnt get a reply.

As far as I remember The connection listed on the network connections page as Blue tooth Pan is a Network Connection allowing you to connect to the internet say via a smart fone or other bluetooth enabled device with an internet connection.

Blue devices such as a mouse or keyboard are listed on the devices page

Hope this helps


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I get stretches of time when my Internet Explorer (6.0.29xx...) just stops working ("Cannot find server" messages), but it continues to work within my AOL software?!?! Anyone know what's going on here? I'd love some explanation and any advice to fix the problem. Thanks.

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I have a Lenovo Type 7663-CTO laptop that had Windows 7 x64 Ultimate on it. I have a 32 gig Lexar thumb drive that worked with this laptop. Then I did a clean install of Windows 10 x64 Pro and have all the drivers updated to the latest (latest according to Drivermax).

This particular Lexar thumb drive does not work with Windows 10 *on this laptop*. It works on all my other computers, with different versions of Windows and Linux, and other thumb drives work on this Lenovo 7663 laptop.

What's it's problem with this specific thumb drive???

I also have a Lenovo Type 6457-CTO, also with Windows 10 x64 Pro, and the Lexar drive works fine with it. Very odd that only one specific laptop would have a problem with one specific brand/size of thumb drive.

Answer:USB drive doesn't work with one PC, works with others.

I've seen this now and again. I only have one PC now, but in the recent past I had as many as 3. I did have a very small # of flash drives that simply weren't "accepted" by at least one (usually just one) of the PCs. Or they would work, but not every time I plugged them into a particular PC. I don't know exactly what causes this, but it's likely down to drivers or the usb port itself.

A few suggestions:

1. Try formatting it on another PC. NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, whatever, should work fine.
2. Try a different USB port. In particular if you have both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0/3.1 ports. Some devices dont play well with the latter.
3. Check your BIOS for any USB-related settings and try again
4. Hold the Windows key down, then tap R and let go. Type in "devmgmt.msc" (without quotes). Scroll down to the bottom where it will say Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Unplug all USB devices. Then right-click on each entry and Uninstall until there are none left. Reboot and try your drive again.

Not sure what else it could be, hope this helps!

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