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Static Noise?

Question: Static Noise?


I have had this problem for a while. I can always hear a static noise through my headset/speakers, which ever is plugged in. I noticed today my PC Speaker was unmuted and on full volume. I turned it right down and muted it but this only lowered the noise. How can I totally get rid of this annoying noise?

Thanks alot :)


I am not sure which section to post this in so could someone let me know

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Preferred Solution: Static Noise?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Static Noise?

I dont know how to get rid of it, but I have to unplug my speakers every night as even when PC is switched off i still get the noise.... it keeps me awake....


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Hi,Since last week, there's a static noise from my laptop's speakers, on playing music. But when I'm on earphones, there's no static noise. The static noise is a bit too much, when songs with humming sounds play.My laptop is 10 months old and all my drivers are upto date. The problem persists at both times, when the laptop's plugged in and when it's on battery. Please help me as soon as possible.... : (

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Answer:Static noise from the speakers and crackling noise from the ...

Hi @Tardis40... thank you for your help...Well, the link was of no use.... The last option left is recovery, which i do not want to resort to....Today, i noticed crackling sound in my earphones...So, now my problem is,Static noise in the speakers and crackling noise in the earphones...I am in a very disturbed state, and don't know what to do... Please help me asap...

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Hello again everyone !Since building a lovely quiet PC I've noticed there's a continuous low 'static electricity type noise' coming from my CRT screen !It's only really noticeable late at night when all is quiet but I'm on the quiet PC holy grail!I was just wondering if TFT make this low pitch noise as the technology is different ?I'm guessing from the one laptop that I used briefly, that TFTs are completely silent ?

Answer:CRT VS TFT Static Noise ?

My TFT is completely silent. But then I never noticed any noise from its' CRT predecessor. If you're looking for an excuse to buy a TFT then this is original but will do quite nicely!

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I know lots of you have DVD Players, so please can you help this fuzzy hamster...

I know it's not releated to Computers but I really need help!!

I have a dvd player connected to my TV, and it has a big static noise when I play a dvd movie.. after a hr or so.. the static noise disappears..

I am using the red, white, yellow wire to connect to my Dvd to my TV and I'm also using a S Video Cable (looks the same without it??)...

Please.. are you getting a static noise too??? How can i get rid of that noise?? It's not the tv cuz I tried it on a different tv too...

Thank you much!!

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Question: Static noise

Hi all,  first time poster and didn't think I'd be posting so quickly!  I only purchased this laptop a few days ago and already the static sound/buzzing is driving me nuts!!  I'm clueless as to what it may be so I'm desperately seeking help  I've only been setting up, haven't watched movies or anything like that so the noise is persistent from the moment I power up until I shut down again.  It seems to be coming from the right hand side of the laptop, so maybe it's something to do with the dvd drive?  I really don't want to dislike my shiny new laptop so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks  

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So I was using Studio One, and one time as I opened it up and got the usual messages, instead of the normal "ding" sound I got this REALLY LOUD static sound...
Now whenever I play anything it's all replaces with really loud static garble... But It doesn't do this when I switch to speaker! And I know it's not the headphones because when I plug the same headphones to another device it doesn't give me this problem...
I did encounter this problem before, but afterwards I had refreshed my PC due to other problems....
I have a surface pro 3, so it has the Realtek sound card if i remember correctly...
Please help!! I do a lot of music work on this PC so I need this fixed ASAP!!!!!!

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Question: Static noise

I get a random Crackling sound(speakers) after i have used a program that gathers HW info, like Everest, speedfan, cpucool, speccy, 3dmark ect..
I have found out that to eliminate the problem u have to turn off the computer and the power switch to the psu and push the power on button to drain the system for excess power, normal reboot wont do it.... System specs are in my profile...

The problem was there with the on-board relatek sound card and is still there with SB Live sound card i have now!

Answer:Static noise

anyone know why this is accruing, and how to get rid of it?

mob is btw a Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3

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I bought a notebook today and since I turned it on I noticed a static noise coming from the laptop, it's not the speakers because I can hear it even when they are disabled. The noise is always there and it's really annoying. I am very upset. I re installed the audio drivers but the noise is still there. Can someone please help me? HP notebook 15-r101na (ENERGY STAR)

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I keep getting a low static noise in my new hp laptop, also one of the lights on the side of the laptop (looks to be the hard drive light) keeps flashing on and off.

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Answer:Static noise in my new laptop

@Laura1989  Thank you, that one works much better. This is the support page for that model.HP Notebook - 15-r101na (ENERGY STAR) - Software & Drivers Also here is the Maintenance guide for that notebook series. Within you will find other information, such as the the locations of the LEDs, to better identify which ones may be flashing irregularly.HP 15 Notebook PC HP 15 TouchSmart Notebook PC Compaq 15 Notebook PC Compaq 15 TouchSmart Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service Guide Is the static sound noticeable always, or is it more when the volume is up?Does the static noise seem to vary depending on what you are doing? (moving the mouse cursor, for example)Was the static noise present immediately when you first powered the notebook on, or was it after using it a bit, or going online? There is only the one driver on the site for Windows 8.1, but it may be worth reinstalling it.Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver Also, you should look through the following. I realize that you have sound, but many of the steps are still useful for sound quality issues.No Sound from Speakers (Windows 8) Let me know if any of this helps, and if not, then please post the answers to me questions, and hopefully it will point to a solution.

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This only started to occur recently when i was playing darksouls 3, my game crashed and i had to hard reset my pc, then it turned back to normal until a week ago, my computer also started to get static noises when i played darksouls 3 and often freeze it also slowed down my pc.
My Pc Spec
CPU - Intel Core i5-4570 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-H81.Amp-UP ATX LGA1150 Motherboard
Memory - A-Data XPG V2 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory
Storage - Samsung 840 EVO 120GB 2.5" Solid State Disk
Video Card - EVGA GeForce GTX 770 2GB Dual Superclocked ACX Video Card
Power Supply - Antec High Current Gamer 620W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply
I try to fix this by
-I update nividia driver to version 364.72
-Change my system performance setting
Virtual memory
Initial size (mb) 4096
Maximum size (mb) 6144
-Check on my event viewer
Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
Date: 01/05/2016 00:13:54
Event ID: 41
Task Category: (63)
Level: Critical
Keywords: (2)
Computer: Oaky
The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
Event Xml:



-the crash start happen 16/04/2016 > 01/05/16
I got 28 error
Critical 01/05/2016 00:13:54 Kernel-Power 41 (63)
Critical 29/04/2016 09:32:33 Kernel-Power 41 (63)
Critical 28/04/2016 1... Read more

Answer:PC static noise and slowdown

Any suggestion on how to fix this ?
thank you in advance.

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I got my Y50 shipped to me today and everything seems to be perfect except it has this weird buzzing/static noise coming from the right side of the computer. It seems to be torwards the headphone jack but I can't seem to get rid of it. I've tried uninstalling realtek drivers and using the default high def audio from microsoft but the sound still persist from the moment I turn my pc on and to the moment I turn it off (doesn't matter if I plug in a headphone, noise still persists). I also updated my bios,graphics,audio,bluetooth to the latest version on the Lenovo website and it's still buzzing. My best guess would be that it's coming from the hard drive but I could be wrong. Can anyone please help me out with this problem? I'm also curious if anyone else has the same problem as me.

Answer:Buzzing/static noise from my new Y50

Hello, I have exactly the same issue, the notebook is like three weeks old.Any idea,solution?

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Hello,    I recently purchased a new blue colored HP Notebook labtop from Best Buy and when I turned it on today, I heard ample static background noise. I know that I should only hear the computer fan/ motor running and not the extra noise. I spent nearly $500 on this thing and I'm wondering if I should take it back. To give a visual, it kind of reminds me of the old school AOL white noise of static from back in the day. Can someone please advise. :-/ Thanks, -AmberT Model # 15-ay015dxProduct # X7W77UA#ABA

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I just got my ThinkPad R500 and I have noticed that when I'm playing music (either through the speakers or through the headphone jack) I frequently experiences a brief, but annoying, burst of a static.  It'll only happen if I'm toggling between windows/applications or doing something else that requires some system resources.  I've tried disabling the microphone but that hasn't worked.  Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Hi,Since last week, there's a static noise from my laptop's speakers, on playing music. But when I'm on earphones, there's no static noise. The static noise is a bit too much, when songs with humming sounds play.My laptop is 10 months old and all my drivers are upto date. The problem persists at both times, when the laptop's plugged in and when it's on battery. Please help me as soon as possible.... : (

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Hey gang,

Thank you for reading through this.

I have posted a question here once before regarding an ailing PSU. It just died and I replaced it with a new 450 watt Rosewill PSU. That didn't work either. I sent it back and got a replacement. I have installed it.

Here are my new issues:

I'm still getting random shut-downs

I turned down the CPU a little and it seems to be a little more stable. I can boot into windows! I can post this message!

Now some questions:

I'm getting a funny high-pitched noise from my computer now that I have the new PSU in it. It seems to get louder when the machine is doing something. There are no mechanical parts involved during idle time so I'm not sure what's causing the squeek. Any suggestions?

With the new PSU installed, when ever I scroll through a window in IE, I get static noise through the speakers. Any suggestions?

I was reading through some help forums and found that there might be a problem with my old Mobo and my new PSU. I got an old ECS K7VMA board that's 100Mhz FSB. Runs a AMD Athlon T-Bird 1000MHz. Might the PSU be putting too much current in, or some such thing? Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot for reading.

Answer:PSU, Static, Noise, Crashes! All in one!

Try running memtest86 from

Also download PC Wizard from and monitor your temps.

If it isnt too inconvenient, try reinstalling Windows as well.

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interesting reading these blogs as there is clearly an endemic fault within th laptop.
My laptop arrived March 2016 and the noise was immediate and irritating and diagnosed by Dell as speaker problem. Dell visited and replaced speakers. no improvement. 2nd attempt caused visit and replacement of MB. again no change. 3rd discussion when I asked for a refund, an admission that problem was being "worked on". I like Dell and have bought all their kit over the years for my offices. this XPS was prototype to replace my roving staff's laptops but here we start 2017 and the problem still exists. a couple more months and then I can Dell kit.
Dell: over to you- and quickly please.

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After installing IE6 on NT machines, we've noticed that now any time we're in IE6 we'll randomly get static playing. This has happened on 3 different machines. One machine we were able to fix by repairing IE6, but the other 2 machines are still doing this.

The static doesn't seem to be linked to any action by the user. Just opening up IE6 can cause it to happen. Sometimes, it doesn't happen for awhile, sometimes it's pretty continuous. We haven't found any reason for this but 2 of the 3 machines that have this did have a problem shutting down the first time after IE6 was installed. The user tried to shut down the machine & it just hung & had to be turned off.

We've tried repairing IE6 (only worked on 1 machine) & also uninstalling & then reinstalling - doesn't seem to help at all on these 2 machines.

Any thoughts on what this could be would be greatly appreciated!!


Answer:Random Static Noise in IE6

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Just the other day I noticed when I was watching a movie on my computer with my headphones on then muted the sound I heard heavy static. I also have a Logitech mic that I just bought recently and when I played back my voice via from Audacity, all I heard was constant static noise. Are my speakers going out? Or do I need to update my sound card/driver? If so, what kind for a Windows 7 64 bit would I need to download?

Any help would be very much appreciated

Answer:Static noise in speakers?


Download and Re-Install the Latest Audio Drivers

Run the Windows Audio Playback Diagnose and Repair from the below MS FIX-IT
MS Fix it:

Keep us posted

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Question: Click/Static Noise

I'm not really sure where to put this query, hopefully it's OK in this section.

ASUS N73SV laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate.

For a month or so I have been getting a tiny little static-like click when I open pages or programmes.

I've unplugged any peripherals and and muted the sound but still the clicking is evident. I've also unplugged the laptop and run it on battery. Same result.

When I am browsing on Google Chrome it doesn't seem to happen at all. In fact, I have just opened all my bookmarks one after the other and not once did I hear the clicking.

However, as soon as I opened Opera it clicked. Opening and closing Audacity causes the same thing.

Does anybody have any idea what is causing this (increasingly irritating) problem?

Thank you.

Answer:Click/Static Noise

See if this tutorial will help

Clicking Sound while Browsing Internet and Windows Explorer - Turn Off

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I have been experiencing static noise on my 3.5mm port. It starts immediately after selecting what type of audio device I've plugged in. I've tested it with different headphones and can even hear the static noise when closely listening to the built-in speakers. It's not overpowering but annoying. I've updated the audio drivers and the bios.
Thanks for your help,

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Question: t420s static noise

Hi all, So my t420s has this weird, stati-like noise that seems to come from the fan. No, it is not the fan (actually I don't mind the fan at all) It isn't the speakers either.It seems to happen when I'm using the battery and as soon as I plug it in, the noise goes away. It's pretty strange. This isn't the first time I hear this on a t420's. Does enyone have this issue? Is it bad? Should I be worried?


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Answer:t420s static noise

Hi jonathan1636, Please try update latest BIOS. If problem remains, please kindly contact local lenovo for machine inspectionWorldwide Support Center phone list for ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation systems

T61 + X201i

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All of a sudden I am getting noise from my speakers (like a deep buzz). It lasts for about ten seconds, stops and keeps repeating every five or ten minutes. The physical connection "seems" ok. Any ideas welcome.


Answer:Static noise from speakers?

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Hi, I have a lenovo Y500 laptop which I bought from Malaysia few months ago and the charger is making some static hissing noises after I started using it here in West Virgina. Whats happening ? I used a universal plug on a plug point. Its 170W 20V Input- 100-240V 2.5A 50-60HzOutput - 20V 8.5APls help? and plus it has international warranty

Answer:Static noise in charger

Welcome To Lenovo Community
We are really sorry to hear about the issue you are facing,  
I will suggest you to contact Lenovo support to have adaptor verified  by service technician
Support Phone List
 And to know about international warranty services please visit below link
International Warranty Service
Do give this a try and let us know  
Hope This Helps

WW Social Media Important Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

                        English Community   Deutsche Community   Comunidad en Español

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Im having an issue wid my hp 14-am101tx

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Hello all, My laptop : Lenovo Ideapad 700-15ISK (80RU00FEUS) Barely even 2 weeks of ownership and it's starting to make an intermittent static noise mainly from the right bottom vent and both speakers whenever it's on.  Sometimes the noise is louder than the fan noise and other times you have to put your ear right next to those locations to hear it.  Extra static can be heard when moving the usb mouse. Noise occurs regardless of :* audio playing or not* screen on or not* adjusting volume or muting* using speakers or headphones* enabling or disabling playback and recording devices* installing all latest drivers and updates* power cord plugged in or unplugged Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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While using my laptop today, I noticed that when I scrolled on a web page, a static noise would begin to come from my laptop and it would vary depending on how fast I was scrolling. After unplugging my laptop, I realized that the problem sound only occurred while my laptop was plugged in. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Question: Static Noise U530

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Well, I've been facing a new issue in my U530. The first problem was the keyboard (which I replaced), then the left hinge (I fixed it twice) and now a very irritating static noise.I recorded that and uploaded on Google Drive to show you guys: I'm not sure when it started. I don't know if it was after replace the keyboard, but after that I've opened the laptop a thousand times (because of the hinge problem). The noise apparently comes from the left side, sometimes it stops for a few seconds (2 or 3) and then starts again. The same thing happens when I plug or unplug the charger.When I plug the charger it seems that the noise gets louder, but not sure. Do you guys know how to solve that?  Thanks!

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Pavilion Gaming 15-ak000na Since getting the laptop I have noticed a static sound coming from both the built in speakers and my earphones, this sound seems to happen when music is playing or when I'm playing games. Though sometimes its hardly noticeable, other times (often when the laptop is doing lots at once) it can become loud and completely covers up any other sound that's trying to play.I have tried looking for solutions but nothing seems to have worked so far.

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I've been working on my new HP EliteOne 800 G2 23" all in one computer, and I'm noticing a slight crackle/static noise when I'm clicking on things with the mouse where you would typically here the little chime.  It doesn't happen all the time, but it seems like going to a site with a lot of video can set it off.....  For instance, when you would typically hear the Windows chime when you click on Cortana, there's a little burst of static, like a feedback sound for a quick second..... I'm not sure I'm describing it right, but it seems to be coming from the internal speakers (Bang and Olufsen). The computer is very quiet.... but I've been noticing this lately, and I'm wondering if this is a big deal, or a quick fix?  BTW, I don't have any smartphones near the computer.... just modem and printer, but that's how I've always had my computer situated.  I don't know if the drivers are all updated or if that would even matter?  Please let me know what I should do????  Thanks.

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My HP Pavilion 15-ac163nr laptop speakers are producing a static sound. This occurs when I use videos or when there is a notification from the computer. The sound is ok when I use headphones. When I looked at the audio driver it says that it's up to date. I'm not sure what to do, but it's frustrating because I just bought this laptop a few months ago. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Answer:static noise from speakers

Dear Customer, Please see the following support document to see if your model series is in the list and what intructions to follow. HP 15-xxxxx, 15g-xxxxx and 15q-xxxxx Notebook PCs - Audio Is Distorted When Music or Videos Are Played  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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There seems to be a static noise coming from (what looks like) the air vent on the left side. Although it's not very loud, it's noticeable enough to me and others around me, especially considering I go to college and study in libraries. I've had my laptop for around a year, and this problem occured soon after I got it - it hasn't caused any performance issues though. Has anyone experience this or knows of a way to get rid of it?

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Question: loud static noise!

My computer is constantly making a loud static/rushing/electronic interference noise, all the time apart from when I play a CD using the Windows CD player - but if I try and play a CD using Windows Media Player I still get the noise, and the CD volume is so quiet you cannot hear it over the interference!

Any suggestions? I have a USB broadband modem and the problem started shortly after I installed this. I only have integral sound that came with the motherboard, I don't have a soundcard.

Any help welcome!

Answer:loud static noise!

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so i recently got windows 7 and ever since i got it ive been getting this static noise from my headphones and speakers whenever I use them. I've tryed adjusting my sound option and getting the latest drivers for my sound card but nothing i do works.

Answer:Static Noise from headphones

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  So originally i thought the static/crackle noise was fixed, however it it not.......To clarify this noise only comes on when i am playing music or have my headphones in for almost all day. Refreshing does not fix it, shutting off computer delays it as well as updating the audio from the hp drivers.  I have had my computer for about two years and i do not know what else to do other than take it into a store and see if they can fix it.  This noise only comes through the headphones, no matter what headphone they are. I have adjusted several audio settings on my computer and nothing seems to work. Please help.                                                                                                                                                                                       Nikki221

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i get a clicking noise that some times increases to level of static. With some programs clicking increases. Restarting PC stops clicking for awhile1 it's not my speakers (because i disconected them & I still hear click on headphones)2. even when I turn all volume controls off I still hear clicking3 I uninstalled & reinstalled my sound cards software still clicks4 it's not a mechanical noise you have to have speakers or headphones on to hear clicking noiseI have "Trend Micro Internet Security which scans PC everydayPC info--Manufacturer: Dell inc. Model: Dimension 4700 OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Servie Pack 3CPU/Ram: 2.992 GHz / 2046 MBVideo Card: RADEON X300/X550 SeriesSound Card: Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)my PC is about 3 years old

Answer:HDD Makes Clicking static noise?

It sounds like the HDD is dying. Make sure you have a backup of all your files, just in case it completely stops working.LIR

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well i got windows 7 2 days ago and since then ive been getting this loud obnoxious static all the time. i got the newest realtek drivers but that didnt seem to fix the problem. this noise wasnt in windows XP anyone know whats wrong?

Answer:Static Noise from speakers/headphones


I got the exact same problem, i've just installed Windows 7 and drivers seems to be up to date.

These sudden bursts of noise usually comes when running multiple programs like skype + different games. It might occur twice a day.
The thing is that these bursts of noise cracks my cornea faster than i can throw my headset away. They usually last until i've closed the game / the browser(youtube) and refreshed it and then everything works properly.
I've noticed that turning the volume up or down on youtube when i get the white noise, does not affect the volume of the cracking noise.

Im looking forward for a fix.

BTW im running windows 7 32bit (Didnt have any of these problems with vista or XP)

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I recently bought at logitech s-150 usb speakers. When I tried on my Compaq Presario CQ40-310AU laptop, I hear static noise after a few hours when listening to music or when a windows sound is played.

I tried the speakers to another laptop (ASUS X80Le) and to my Desktop Computer, the speakers worked properly without static noise.

I'm beginning to wonder if there's a hardware conflict between the usb speaker and the Compaq laptop.

I hope you could give me some opinions or suggestions on what to do.

Answer:Logitech S-150 usb Speaker static noise

Hi AMDTurion,

It doesn't sound like a problem with your speakers, if they're working on other hardware. It sounds like a USB port issue (let's hope it's not the mobo). Have you tried the speakers on multiple USB ports on your Presario?


Windows Outreach Team

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When I pause any audio on my PC I always hear weird noise, like a mosquito, it's so annoying. If you mute - sound disappears, but the more volume you put the louder it is. Any one had similar problems? Or this just means that i need a better audio card?

Answer:Static noise on my realtek HD audio

Try lowering or muting input levels on devices not used.


Front Pink In
Line In
Front Green In
(also, try lowering the volume on CD audio, see if that's the culprit.)

And while you're at it... lower all levels and mute any unused playback channels..
If you're only using strereo, the center, subwoofer & rear channels can be muted.

Usually it's inputs that generate noise when the gain is up.


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Lately I've been getting yelled at when gaming because I accidentally hit my "push to talk" key sometimes even though I don't have a mic plugged in, whenever that happens people seem to hear a really loud static-y crackling sound coming from my "mic."

Now, I've been trying to use HLDJ with Team Fortress 2, and I'm hearing the same sounds whenever I set the game to voice playback and try to play an audio clip.

The recording device that my sound settings say I'm using is the default "Digital Audio" running with that generic "High Definition Audio Device" driver.

I tried using Audacity to record the sound from my mic, and the audio meter in the program says that all the noise is coming from the left speaker, which makes me think that something went wrong with the driver.

Any suggestions that might fix this?

Answer:Static noise being transmitted from microphone, but don't have one.

First thing, fill in the "My System Specs". We can't really say as we don't know what hardware you have.

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Just got my new computer a DEll XPS 8300 fitted with a i7-2600 / 1GB AMD Radeon HD 6670/ Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Music & 8192MB Dual Channel DDR3 1333MHz. It has Windows 7 Home Premium installed.
I connected it to my existing soundworks 2200 5.1 speakers. Not tried any games yet but audio CDs & DVDs play fine. But I get a fairly loud "crack" sound through the speakers whenever I use any system sounds such as the "click" you get when
navigating links on sites etc.
I have tried another set of speakers and I still get this static type crack noise- but the sound is ok through headphones. Any ideas?

Answer:static noise when using system sounds

I see you reposted here. Was my response on the Dell forum the reason you posted here?

Have you done a search on this section, there is a lot of posts and possible fixes on here.

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Low intensity static noise coming from the laptop most of the time. Can only be heard when there is almost pin drop silence

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Well,hello ! Just like thet title says,I got a new headset yesterday,and it was amaizing,but suddenly,a weird static noise just appeard,and I don't know how to get a rid of it.
Any help would be amaizing !

Answer:Razer Electra Static Noise

Could you try using a different headset or speakers?

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Hey, I've got an issue with my brand new HP Pavilion notebook. There's a constant static noise coming from the speaker area (though I'm not 100% sure the speakers are the problem). It's really irritating. I've read that other people had the same issue and managed to solve it by reinstalling Realtek Audio driver but I've tried that twice now and it doesn't improve the situation at all. Even when there's no audio driver installed at all I get the static noise. When I plug in speakers the noise continues (not in the speakers but on the device). If it really is coming from the speakers (which I kind of doubt) it's mainly the right one. In general, the noise seems to be coming from the top right corner.On top of this, when I'm playing videos (even just youtube videos and even if it's just for a few seconds) there's a clicking noise. Any advice on what to do? My product number is X7G62EA#ABU and I'm running Windows 10 (64-bit).Can anyone help please? Best wishesJudith

Answer:Static noise (maybe from speakers) in my new latop

As we have properly understood your issue please read this staement and let us know ASAP: Thankfully all i had to do for this issue for me is go into my properties and disable all enhancements, it was driving me insane. i had to unplug my speakesr and when i plugged them back in i noticed it maybe it was going on before that who knows, becuase even when i tried my headphone port on the front of the tower it was going on. but at least its gone now. i was not using any enchacements i dont believe so its all good. Nitin singh guleria

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I?ve had my Dell Inspiron 1100 for over a year now, and it?s recently started to make crackling, static-like noises in the upper right corner of the hard drive where the fan is. This only occurs when the fan is at a reasonably high speed, and when I tend to be demanding more than usual of the CPU. There?s not an overheating issue since the laptop is in the same place on my desk as it always was, and there?s not an air blockage problem. Is there any way to fix this without taking it into the shop and replacing some parts? Could it maybe just be a small issue of needing to clean the fan?
Note: this has nothing to do with my speakers or any audio, and is definitely being caused by the fan.

Answer:Fan makes a crackling, static-like noise

try playing around with some compressed air. i blow out me whole laptop once every 3 months, keeps it running quiet and cool. it that dosent work, describe the sound a bit more, like something hitting something?

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Hello, I bought a pair of Sony WH-1000XM2 headphones. They are working fine on my desktop pc or smartphone. When they are connected to the dell laptop with cable or bluetooth (doesn't matter, it's the same) and the music starts playing there is a static noise. But if the headphones are connected with cable and turned OFF, there is no hissing. I suppose it's because the headphones have it's own amplifier. Maybe the problem is in the Dell Audio. I need those headphones ON because of the noise cancelling. Thanks in advance.

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I am experiencing audio static in my earphones. The noise increases with the increase in volume. I have realtek HD audio installed in my PC. I dual boot with ubuntu and i don't experience any such static while working in ubuntu. I have tried the DPC latency checker and the max latency is 184 ?s

Answer:Static/White noise in Windows 7 x32

is the static only in the headphones? or does it do I with speakers too? Or if you only have headphones, plug them into the rear GREEN speaker jack and see if you still have it.

Noise/static/pops/clicks, etc are a relatively popular subject. Unfortunately there is no "one fix" for the problem. It can be sound drivers, video drivers, power supply, front panel cable and/or routing, Wi-Fi, etc.

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For about a week now I have noticed when I turn my PC on it starts up and sort of has a hissing noise to it. While sitting at my desk I hear a noise coming from the computer. It sounds kind of like static, and to be more descriptive it sounds like there is a radio in my computer that is on but at really low volume if that makes any sense. I looked inside my PC while it was running but I do not see anything unusual and don't know where this noise could be coming from.

What is going on here?

Answer:PC making hissing/static noise.

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Hi, i have problem with sound on Lenovo b41-30.When listening to music/watching movies,  sound from speakers slows down and eventually there are only static/crackling noise. I tried to rule reinstall/update drivers. I think that it is hardware issue, either faulty speakers or sound card. I will be thankfull for any advice for what i could try before sending it for warranty repair. Thanks in advance for any advice

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My speakers are making an extra crachkling/static noise. The problem is constant when the computer is trying to make sound including the start up windows sound, and other default windows noises like error msg chirops and beeps. The static goes away if no noise is being produced. I have a C-Media 6501 Like WDM sound card with up to date drivers it is integrated into my Asus AMD Athlon 64x2 Duel Core processor 5400+ with 2gb DDR Ram. The weird thing is that the static only occurs on the front right and front left of my 5.1 surround sound speaker set up and does not go away when I change between digital and analog modes or when I change between 2, 4, 6, or 8 channel set ups, also if I play music it can be heard "under/behind" the static noise at higher volumes thought the volume of the static is constant at all volume levels. I have switched which speakers are plugged in where, (i.e. switching the rear left and front left speakers to see if it changes) and the static does not change with the speaker, it?s the front left and front right no matter what speakers I have plugged into those positions. Also, I have noticed that my center speaker does not seem to make any noise at all, and that before this problem began to occur I would get similar static when I plugged in my Logitech webcam or other USB devices but would stop after I unplugged them and rebooted.

I am also baffled because to the best of my knowledge no hardware of software changes occurred. The soun... Read more

Answer:Static/Crackle noise in speakers

Hi and welcome to TechSpot,

Do you still get the static after taking off the USB peripherals?

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I  am facing a problem with my laptop. When I am using it I hear a static noise not from the speakers but from somewhere else. I have no idea why is this happening. When I am on internet for example I  can barely hear it but when I am gaming it's so loud that even with volume up to 50% I can hear it. This noise come from the red cycle. Please any help?

Answer:Static noise (ideapad y560p)

are you sure of that. you can open up and check

Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)If you think a post helped you, then you can give Kudos to the post by pressing the Star on the left of the post. If you think a post solved your problem, then mark it as a solution so that others having the same problem can refer to it.

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My Lenovo Ideapad Z570 is being a pain in the butt. Can somebody help? It kept freezing on me recently so I used OneKey Recovery on my desktop and everything seemed to run smoothly again on a clean slate. 2 weeks later, it suddenly froze again in the middle of a task and a static noise emitted from the hard drive. I forced shut down, turned it back on, and it asked me to start windows normally or try startup repair. Both options failed. I'd pick one, and just as Windows 7 would begin, a black screen would appear and you'd hear the static noise. Repeated attempts resulted in the same outcome. I also tried pressing the tiny OneKey button next to the power button to activate recovery mode but couldn't get beyond a black screen with the words "Windows loading files" (or something) at the bottom. The noise makes me think it's a hard drive failure.  I'm frustrated. I bought this laptop about 6 months ago, and it's already causing me all these issues. I can't find a recovery disc, either I lost it or it never came with one (a disc I made on my own doesn't work for some reason.) What do you think I should do? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Answer:Black screen! Static noise!

Please once try reconnecting the hard drive once. And you could please test another hdd to see if the mb has the problem or its a hdd problem.

Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)If you think a post helped you, then you can give Kudos to the post by pressing the Star on the left of the post. If you think a post solved your problem, then mark it as a solution so that others having the same problem can refer to it.

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My notebook (speaker) generates static noise when playing MP3 music at the same time downloading files or the browser is loading the webpage. The BIOS is the latest. I installed the latest audio driver for Windows 7 (32 bit). Pleas advice.

Answer:Y450 – Static noise from speaker
please, post the results.

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Hi all, I got my Y450 last July. For the most part I've been very satisfied with my laptop's funcitonality. The only issue that is really strange and keeps annoying me is the random static (crackling) noise that occasionally starts to come out of the speaker (think of a radio noise when you are not on the right frequency).  I have not established any particular pattern when it happens. There does not seem to be a particular connection to a specific software, or an event. Sometimes, a g-chat message in the background generates this, sometimes just opening a Windows Explorer window. Sometimes, it starts without any drastic changes to the system (for example, you've been sitting and doing one document editing for two hours, and then all over sudden your speakers start to crackle).  When it does happen even when the speakers are on mute the sound is audible. When I unmute the speakers, the sound gets really loud. I have tried to reinstall audio drivers with no positive result. The only thing I have figured is how to stop the sound when it occurs. The simplest way is to close the lid and let the system go into hybernate mode. Opening a different software program, or a window sometimes does the trick. So does calling up the Task Manager. However, all of these tricks are not "fixes", and the issue is still very annoying. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how have you dealt with the issue? Thanks,Emma

Answer:Y 450 Random Static/Crackling Noise

on the headphones, hearing the same sound?

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I have what I feel is a very strange problem. I am quite knowledgable on computers as well as Wifi, however this problem has stumped me! I have a Compaq presario 1830 laptop. I purchased a cheap wireless pcmcia card for it and successfully connected to my home wireless netgear router. However, when data is transferred (either downloading or uploading), there is some sort of a short or something that comes through the PC speaker. It sort of sounds like static.

I thought maybe the issue was because of the quality of the network card. I feel that netgear is a pretty good brand, so I took the Microsoft adapter back to Circuit City and replaced it with the Netgear adapter. However, am getting the same problem...any ideas???

Answer:Wireless Network static noise

This can be caused by several things, the main culprit could be a 'dry joint' on the motherboard in the vicinity of the audio amplifier, or on the speaker itself or its wiring to the motherboard, next could be the vicinity of the audio wiring to the PCMCIA slot, alternatively, try muting the microphone input, finally, try using with the charge adaptor disconnected

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Hi i have a dell inspiron 5521 on windows 10 and i have all the audio drivers installed but when i put in my earphones a soft static or hissing noise plays and it is highly annoying, any help would be highly appreciated.
I have read many posts and have tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling or disabling certain audio drivers but nothing seems to work.

Audio drivers are (sound controllers):
Intel display audio
realtek high defenition audio
camSute virtual audio

Thank you

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I have a HP Pavilion 15-n020nr andfor no reason at all my laptop started making this noise. At first it was intermittent static, almost like static beeping, but then it became steady. I restarted my laptop, but it started up again once I turned it back on. I also heard it through my headphones at first but after I unplugged them and plugged them back in now it's just from the speakers again. At first it started as soon as I played any audio, and would stop about 30 seconds after I stopped playing the audio. Now it starts as soon as I start up my laptop. I tried updating my Realtek driver, and my graphics driver (amd radeon hd 8400/R3 Series) but as soon as I did my laptop wouldn't turn on at all. I had to completely reset it from the menu you get when you press esc while booting it up. While that did allow me to use my laptop again, the static noise is still there.

I would really appreciate anyone with any idea how to fix this.

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First of all thank you for taking the time to read/answer question

Now, on to the problem/question.

For the past 6 months or so I have a crackling/static noise coming from my speakers (confirmed is not due to my speakers because when I connect my headphones, the crackling is now heard on the headphones instead). The sound is very loud during the first 30 minutes or so when the computer is turned on and goes down a bit after 2 hours or so (sometimes the sound stops all together after 4 hours +). I haven't change the position of the computer, nor bought any new hardware which might be causing static/interference. Furthermore, I downloaded the latest sound card drivers just to make sure.

This problem is truly driving me nuts and is preventing me from listening to music, videos etc.

Anyone knows whats going on?

Thank you, looking forward to reply.


Answer:Static/Crackle Noise - Not Speakers

Sounds, like it's picking up noise from the HardDrive
If it's a PC, consider taking it apart and removing all internal dust
If it's an addon card, consider mounting it in another PCI slot
There are too many more ifs, without your system specs, it's very difficult.

Please put your System Specs information in your Profile

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Well ive had my pc for about 2 years now and everythings been fine. I recently have been hearing a slight hissing/static noise comming from my pc, it sometimes sounds like a CD trying to be read. Not sure what it is. I was thinking it might be one of the fans, so i blew it out. and still am experienceing the sound. Might be the hard drive. but hopeing not. not really sure, anyone have any idea what it might be?
any feed back is appriciated

Answer:Hissing/Static noise comming from pc.

See if any of these sounds are what you are hearing:

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This has been bothering me for some time now. When I turn my volume up I can hear a very high static noise when I move my mouse. I've been surfing the web about the issue and tried everything I could think of to fix the error. My sound is onboard. It's not my mouse, I tested two of them, but I found out it is only my head phone jacks on top of my case. (It doesn't happen to the motherboard jacks.) I tried reconnecting my front audio jumpers but that didn't help. My last idea is that it's a connection error or maybe a grounding problem. I’m not sure how I could test if it is. Please help, thanks guys.

Answer:Static Noise When Move Mouse [Please Help]

Usually it is the proximity of the audio leads to the mouse and (more likely) the video cable. Physically isolate the audio leads as far as possible from the above two.

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When I plug in my headphones (does not include mic) into the right headphone jack of the laptop, I hear a white/static noise when there is no sound being played by the computer. How do I fix this? Thanks

Answer:Y50 Headphone Jack Static Noise

Bump.. I really need help on this. Thanks!

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I bought HP Pavilion 15 Notebook and i had static noise from the right side of the laptop from the first time i powered on my laptop so i took to the stores and requested for a repair. They provided a replacement laptop which is also havins the same issue.The product number is Z3D17EA#ABU. I tried updaing the Realtek driver and still im facing the issue.

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hello. one day out of nothing, the sound on my computer just turned into static noise whenever a sound is played, same noise as there is on the tv on the black/white channels. tried plugging the speakers into my mp3 player and then they worked fine, so it's the computer.

what could this problem be? it's onboard sound.

thanks in advance.

Answer:speakers only making static noise

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Every time I turn my laptop on, the screen is black, static/ocean wave sound comes out of audio, then it shuts itself off. Its an Acer Gateway laptop and i just recently had to get all the hardware replaced due to me accidentally dropping it. Is there a way for me to fix this problem and without having to pay to get it repaired once more?

Answer:Static noise and then power shuts off

Are you sure its the speakers making this noise and not a fan that is grinding inside or hard drive? Such as if you connect the audio jack on the laptop to a heatset do you hear this direct to your ears?The sound your referring to out from a sound card at boot without the system booting would be the most worst case scenario for hoping to get the computer back up and running, but your data could still be recovered possibly by removing the hard drive and placing it into a empty external hard drive case.If the sound is found to not be the audio out but instead a mechanical noise from within the laptop then your looking at a Fan that is grinding and not spinning up to speed that then the laptop shuts itself off likely because it senses an issue with the fan speed so its protecting itself from a bad thermal condition with inadequate airflow from a troubled fan. This generally means replacing the damaged fan. This you could do yourself if you feel confident with opening the laptop being careful and swapping it out.If its the hard drive of the computer which it probably isnt... then your data is likely gone. However reason why i feel its not the hard drive is because if the hard drive failed, the computer should boot and just remain making the horrible sound and just complain about no operating system found or hard drive failure or some other indication that the hard drive is ill.

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hi why does my laptop make a static pop noise when im on the internet my speakers are on mute but i still hear this noise every now and again could my pc have a fault

Answer:laptop makes static pop noise

Does the crackling sound like its an electrical crackling? If so try running without the power cable perhaps?
Perhaps something is stuck in the fan. You can try blowing out the dust with one of those compressed air cans? (carefully)
This is really difficult to answer as it could be anything. My guess is that something is loose and you should check it - OR the hard drive some how is damaged?
You will have to go and have it checked by a technician if you can't do it your self.

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When the computer is loading something, when I move the mouse, when ever I open a window, etc... the speakers make a humming sound like white noise static and it is very annoying.

I have reinstalled the drivers, and between the time of this starting and now this machine has even been formatted. It still does it. What is going on? It is very irritating!

Speakers are Acer speakers (model number: K2-B)

They are not wireless speakers, but whenever a phone call comes in on my cell when it is near me, they go wild with static.

When I move the mouse it has a lot of static, too.

It isn't loud static, but it is definitely there. And it is annoying.
Integrated SoundMAX
Dell Dimension 3000
Windows XP SP3 (32bit)
How can I fix this?

Answer:Static noise coming from speakers

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The problem used to be a daily blue screen leading to a reboot, and after updating the audio drivers this issue ceased for a time. Since then, it has crashed a couple more times, and today it crashed to a screen of static.

Win 7
AzRock z77 Extreme4 MB
Radeon HD 7850 GPU
SILVERSTONE Strider Essential 600W PSU
G.Skill Ripjaws series dd3, 4gb x4 RAM
Samsung Ecogreen 2TB HDD
ATA Samsung 120 GB SSD
Intel Core i5-3570k CPU
Asus DVD burner

Answer:PC Crash to static/white noise


Stopped working

‎1/‎2/‎2015 2:54 AM

Report sent

Faulting Application Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology\IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: BEX
Application Name: IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 50aa9310
Fault Module Name: ISDI2.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 50aa92da
Exception Offset: 000462d0
Exception Code: c0000417
Exception Data: 00000000
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 41a6
Additional Information 2: 41a6ae8cc65c5f3245188ec86f0833dc
Additional Information 3: d859
Additional Information 4: d859d37949bc8d23ce3462cfd30119b7

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: 3394904838

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Hi,i recently bought a hp laptop. whenever i turn it on it makes a satic/crackling noise which gets really annoying. it doesnt seem to be coming from the speakers because when i watch something i cant hear that sound. i was just wondering is this a problem, if so is there anyway to fix it,  or is it just the sound of the laptop working.thanks

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Hi everyone,

I am coming to you as I encounter some problems with all the USB audio devices I have tried on my computer so far : there is a permanent static noise on the background, which is barely hearable, when I put the volume of my headset on to 80 ~ 100%, but when you notice it, it becomes really really annoying.

Example of what it sounds like : (the first 2 seconds are the most likely).

I would like to know if some of you have experienced this issue, and how you have solved it.
Let me summarize what I have done so far and what I noticed about this :

- the static noise increases randomly, but most of the time is when I browse on Google Chrome, and more likely when there are few ads on the page, or a flash video;

- on Youtube, when I click "play" on a video, the static noise increases, and goes down to its "basic stade" seconds after the video is stopped/paused - when I close the brower/tab, the static noise decreases immediatly;

- I tried an OCCT stress-test (GPU and CPU), it didn't increase the static noise;

- when I launch a game (for example, Rainbow Six : Siege), the static noise increases as soon as the "loading picture" appears in Windows;

- when I hit the "mute" button of my keyboard, the static noise is no longer hearable;

- the headset has been tested on another computer without experiencing any trouble;

- I have put my computer's power cord on another plug and it didn't do a thing;

- I have tri... Read more

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I have the asus s400ca it has the microphone and headphone in the same jack. My headphones are fine in any other laptop but when I plug them into my new asus I hear very loud static even when playing music. It came with via hd audio and I can specify any other information if necessary, please somebody help me this is very annoying my 7 year old gateway did not have this problem.

Answer:static noise when plugging in my headphones

As it has a combo headphone/mic jack, it may take a special headset?

I assume this is new and still in warranty. Best to contact ASUS about the headphone requirements for this unit.

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I have a HP Pavilion 15-n020nr andfor no reason at all my laptop started making this noise. At first it was intermittent static, almost like static beeping, but then it became steady. I restarted my laptop, but it started up again once I turned it back on. I also heard it through my headphones at first but after I unplugged them and plugged them back in now it's just from the speakers again. At first it started as soon as I played any audio, and would stop about 30 seconds after I stopped playing the audio. Now it starts as soon as I start up my laptop. I tried updating my Realtek driver, and my graphics driver (amd radeon hd 8400/R3 Series) but as soon as I did my laptop wouldn't turn on at all. I had to completely reset it from the menu you get when you press esc while booting it up. While that did allow me to use my laptop again, the static noise is still there.

I would really appreciate anyone with any idea how to fix this.

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im having loud static and poping noise from my hp laptop when anything is playing video/music etc... how can i fix it?

Answer:lous static noise from speakers

Hi, Click Start->'Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback ->Select the entry that has Green Checj Over, click Properties. Click Advanced Tab above, unclick 'Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device',  click Apply/Ok. 1) Click Start=>Control Panel.2. Double-Click on the ?Sound? Icon3. Single-click the Speakers to highlight them on Play Tab4. Click on Properties (bottom right corner)5. Go to the Enhancements Tab and Click on it6. Now click "Disable All Sound Effects"7. Click OK/Apply.  Check if the issue has fixed.

Thank You.Kiran TalluriSay thanks by clicking the "Kudos! Star" which is on the left.Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking my answer "Accept as Solution" if it solves your issue

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Hi everyone, I hope i'm posting in the right place. I joined this forum because i need some help. Less then a week ago i purchased a new sony laptop model number sve151a11w. My problem is almost every time i play a game (i only have dawn of war 2 + expansions and minecraft at the moment) after a couple of minutes of playing there will be a loud static sound from the speakers then the computer will freeze, the only way to unfreeze it is to hold down the power button until it shuts down. Ctrl + Alt + Delete doesn't work, the windows button doesn't work and i'm starting to get worried about shutting my computer off like this all the time.
Any help is appreciated.
Cheers, Ben.

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Hi i have a dell inspiron 5521 on windows 10 and i have all the audio drivers installed but when i put in my earphones a soft static or hissing noise plays and it is highly annoying, any help would be highly appreciated.
I have read many posts and have tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling or disabling certain audio drivers but nothing seems to work.

Audio drivers are (sound controllers):
Intel display audio
realtek high defenition audio
camSute virtual audio

Thank you

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Although I've seen a lot of people reporting static noise from the speakers, I never had a problem with mine until the last big update (Windows 10 - Version 1607). It started right after the update's restart. 
I've ran dell's diagnostic tool; nothing wrong.
The noise is there even when I disable the speakers.
General System Information:
XPS 13 - 9350
BIOS - 1.4.4
OS Build - 14393.51
Windows 10 - Version 1607____________________________________

Thanks in advance!

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My PC had some internal noise that resembles static and/or gurgling since I bought it but now is almost deafening.

Is this something that I need to do?

Also, it would not start and I had used my startup disk.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 4300 @ 1.80GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3069 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 228128 MB, Free - 148646 MB; D: Total - 10239 MB, Free - 5855 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0CT017
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Solved: Static or gurgling noise

Check your internal fans. The one inside the power supply, another in the rear of the tower, possibly one in the front of the tower, and on top of the heat sync are the most common fans inside the system.

There may be excessive dust in the fans, which would cause the strange noise. If this continues too long, the fan could seize up and cause your PC to overheat. Sometimes it is easier to replace a power supply or fan, instead of just blowing the dust out with a can of air.

If you decide to replace the power supply, make sure to get one that is compatible with your motherboard and hard drives; and video card, if your card has power connectors that connect to it.

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I purchased a new dell XPS 13 9350 from BestBuy August 8, 2016 and have several sound problems.  First all sound stopped working about a month after purchasing the laptop but using the support site I discovered that 3 Intel drivers had been disabled. Once I reinstalled the drivers the audio began working again but another issue has continued. A periodic static noise.  
The laptop periodically emits a static noise anytime you press a key. When the noise starts it happens anytime you press a key regardless of what program is running and thus far there is no apparent trigger that causes it to start emitting the static noise. Twice I've run the diagnostic "Full Test" on the support site but the test does not find any problems. Considering the price of this laptop I am surprised and even more shocked to see that other people are also having issues with static sounds. 
I purchased an HP laptop last year for half the price of this laptop and have not had a single issues with that computer.    

Answer:Static noise from - Dell XPS 13 9350

Hello. Look in the Recent Issues FAQ and see if the solution in the XPS 9350 & 9550 section helps.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite P35 laptop running Windows XP Professional. It's about 3 years old now. I'm moderately experienced with computers, but lately I've been experiencing a really weird error that I can't figure out AT ALL.

I have my power settings set so that if I leave my laptop alone for 15 minutes, it goes into sleep mode, and if I shut the lid, it goes into hibernation mode. I need to be able to put my laptop into hibernation mode because I take it with me between classes, and I can't really afford to wait for it to shut down / restart in every single class.

Well, for the past three months or so, when the computer wakes up from sleep or hibernation, 3 out of 4 times, the desktop wallpaper, and many system icons will have turned to static / noise. I've attached a screenshot so that you can see. In the screenshot, notice how on the right-click menu, the right-arrows have turned into black boxes with colored dots in them. Often, the system-tray icons, the icons in a program's title bar, and occasionally other icons (such as folder icons, etc.) will also turn to static if the program was open when putting the computer into sleep mode. Choosing "refresh" from the right click menu does not fix the problem. I can simply reset the wallpaper to what it was (although the "desktop" tab in the "display properties" window takes forever to load when this problem occurs), but nothing short of restarting the co... Read more

Answer:Windows XP Static / Noise Error

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The static noise started happening as soon as I got the laptop last year. It would start and stop for no apparent reason but now it is constant. I have tried updating but everything is up to date, troubleshooting, disabling microphone, uninstalling realtek and reinstalling, and so far, nothing has worked. Is there a solution to my problem?

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This problem just started about 20 minutes ago, for no reason at all my laptop started making this noise. At first it was intermitten static, almost like static beeping, but then it became steady. I restarted my laptop, but it started up again once I turned it back on. I also heard it through my headphones but I unplugged them and now it's just from the speakers again. It starts as soon as I play audio, and stops about 30 seconds after I stop playing audio. I don't know what to do.

Answer:Loud static noise from speakers

Last night I had some friends help me, we tried updating my Realtek driver, restoring my laptop, and finally updating my graphics driver I went to this website and selected the automatically detect option. However, after installing the driver my laptop now freezes on the hp loading screen.

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So I recently upgraded from windows 8 to windows 8.1 Pro. I used to have windows on a normal harddisk, but I installed Windows on my new SSD, that I didn't have before. Everything is working fine, except for the sound. All my sound equipment works fine on other computers, so that's not the problem.
Also, my speakers aren't completely silent, when I turn the volume all the way up, I can hear some low static noise, which disappears when I unplug the speakers from my computers.
I have tried downloading sounddrivers from my motherboards website, aswell with the newest realtek drivers from realteks website, but nothing is working.
I have no idea what to do, I haven't been able to find any solutions by searching on google. I've tried various things such as restarting Windows audio service, downloading drivers and using window's own troubleshooting.
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
AMD FX-8350
Vishera 32nm Technology
32,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)
ASRock 970 Extreme4 (CPUSocket)
SyncMaster ([email protected])
4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 (NVIDIA)
238GB Crucial_CT256M550SSD3 (SSD)
2794GB Western Digital WDC WD30EZRX-00MMMB0 (SATA)
Optical Drives
Realtek High Definition Audio

also as you see here, in the screenshot of my device manager, the drivers are enabled: Imgur
Any help/tips/ideas are appre... Read more

Answer:No audio at all problem, only static noise

My first step would be to uninstall the Realtek audio in Device Manager then reboot and let it re-install. What version driver are you using? There is a new one released today.

Welcome to EightForums!

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Today I got a BSOD while using a site,, that I use everyday. The screen went blue and my machine made a loud-ish static like sound.
When I restarted a Windows error/dialog box appeared with the following info:
Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:    BlueScreen
  OS Version:    6.1.7601.
  Locale ID:    1033
Additional information about the problem:
  BCCode:    a
  BCP1:    0000000000000080
  BCP2:    0000000000000002
  BCP3:    0000000000000001
  BCP4:    FFFFF800034E368F
  OS Version:    6_1_7601
  Service Pack:    1_0
  Product:    256_1
Files that help describe the problem:
I am unable to access the .dmp file. I get a message that says Accessed Denied even though I am an administrator on my machine. I checked the folder security and it looks like I should be able to access the file. When I tried to access the sysdata.xml file, I received a message that I had to be connected to the internet. Once I got connected I went to look at the file but it was gone.
Other info:
· OS - Windows 7
· x64
· original OS on system
· OS is OEM version (came pre-installed on system)... Read more

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Hey everyone,

So I have a Logitech G35 gaming headset, which is amazing and I'd never want something else. This is my second one, since the earcup of my previous one fell off.

Whenever I play games (Currently Eve Online, League of Legends and Minecraft), any sound that is not the game causes extreme static in my headset. For example, during a game of League of Legends, I like to play some music and/or be on skype with people. However, as soon as I introduce any other sound than the game (so the music or skype) I sometimes hear extreme static noises.

I've sometimes thought it coincided with me pressing lots of buttons on the keyboard, but I wasn't able to reproduce it that way. I've also tried to see if it was the USB port, but other ports do the same thing. It reminds me of static noise, but I don't know how to check for this or how to stop it.

Please help, as this is extremely annoying and ruins my experience with this headset (or deprives me of my music during games!). I have the latest Logitech Gaming Software installed, as well as the latest Realtek HD drivers. If any other info is needed, I'd be happy to provide.

Answer:Static noise through USB headset during games

Do you have your Headphone cable close to other high powered devices or cables such as higher voltage or even lower voltage cabling. A lot of times you will have issues with signal bleed when it is too close to either. I see it all the time when I set audio equipment up for others.

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From the first moment I bought the computer and first started it up it has made a constant static noise. I didn't think much of it at first but it is very annoying and I would like to know how to fix it. I had to take a test with it in class and it was so loud that it affected me and other people around me. I need to know how to fix it fast or I will have to do a return. The sound is constant and only stops when the computer is in sleep mode or off. I'm not great with computers so I would like to know how to fix it soon. Thanks.

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For reference, I have a Lenovo Y510P IdeaPad laptop. I can list additional specs if needed although I'm not sure if it's necessary or not.

Anyways, so I've always been using a wireless USB mouse with my laptop and I've had no problems with it, up until a few days ago.

I was using a simple Logitech wireless USB mouse, the kind that was no more than $20 USD. Well about a week ago, I found out the battery was dying and I had to replace them, but I waited a few days until I noticed a weird "lag" in my movements of the mouse. Sometimes the mouse would occasionally lag behind my movements - say if I move my mouse in rapid movements, it would show onscreen of much slower movements. So, I replaced the battery and reset the mouse. To no success, I still had the same issue, except I realized I was unable to move the mouse while streaming YouTube videos or playing games or it would cause severe lag on both the slower mouse movements and either the YouTube video would stutter/lag, or the game would lag, also causing this static-y sound to appear whenever it was lagging behind.

So earlier today I picked up a new wireless mouse, this time a Microsoft one for about $15 USD. Let me just say that I have never had issues where I had to replace a mouse, except maybe once every 6 months to a year for other minor reasons. So, I installed a new battery, installed the new mouse into the laptop, and I am still getting the same issues.

Sorry if this is long, but I a... Read more

Answer:Moving mouse causes lag and static noise

My fairly new Acer R14 has the exact same problem and can't find a solution anywhere. I'm using both a USB mouse and keyboard (not wireless), and I also happened to fix it momentarily by unplugging them.

Some guy fixed a similar problem by taking off the microphone boost.
Got to Control Panel > Sound > Recording > Properties > Levels > Microphone Boost.
Maybe you'll have better luck than me.

I'm a noob with computers so I don't know if this matters but I downloaded a game that runs on DirectX 9, to which I understand the computer already comes with DirectX, but I don't know if it downloaded something extra for an older version. Also can't uninstall it.

Sorry for not being so helpful.

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Similar issue:

I received a Dell XPS 13 (9350, i7, QHD+ touchscreen) two days ago. It is working perfectly except for the speakers, which start producing a considerable amount of static noise (different from the wide known coil whining, which is also present).
I was thinking that there could be something wrong with the speakers (wrong insulation?) since this happens even if I set the volume to mute on Windows. However, I have installed Ubuntu (from where I'm writing this) and there are no issues whatsoever with static noise.
I have tried to disable MaxxAudio and to update the Dell Audio driver on Windows, but the issue is still present. Turning the volume up and down does not help. I have also tried to remove Dell's drivers and use Realtek's, as well as updating the Intel iris graphics to the latest beta, but it doesn't work.
It might be useful to know that I have enabled the Fn+F7 shortcut on the BIOS, which "disables all sound and light producing devices" (it turns off the screen, audio and even the power LED). If I use this Fn+F7 the static noise goes away on Windows (and comes back as soon as I disable this mode). So my guess is that insulation is not an issue, since it would also happen in Ubuntu, and the Fn+F7 shortcut would not help.
I have tried to update the audio driver to the latest on Dell's website and to update Intel graphics driver to the latest beta version to no avail
Any suggestions are very a... Read more

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As the title says roccat kave xtd 5.1 analog static noise, gets worst when i move my mouse.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

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Okay guys, My system specs before I start: Acer Aspire R3-131TWindows 10 Pro 1703 (Build 15063.14)Intel Pentium N37008GB DDR3L120GB Sandisk Ultra II SSDIntel AC 8260 Wireless Card I kind of know the answer to this and unfortunately there may not be anything I can do about it.So the scenario is: 1. Indulging in some music, whether it be MP3, Spotify, Youtube locally on my laptop (Headphones plugged in of course)2. Deciding to clean up some files on my laptop and transfer them to my NAS. Now, for the duration of these file transfers there is a static, very loud in the headphones. None before starting the file transfer and none when the file transfer is complete. I thought initially this was the processor spiking or rather (Boosting) to offset the performance power needed for demanding tasks however this is not the case as it only happens when I am transferring across my local area network. If I run a demanding task locally (Lets take an AIDA64 Stress test on the CPU) then I get no problems. I thought it may be the Wireless drivers, so updated and downgraded etc but no joy. Likewise with the Soundcard drivers. It is not the issue with the Audio driver and touchpad that these units used to get out of the box as they drivers are now fully updated (In any case the issue was caused by the FMAPP.exe file running, which is for the purified voice for the microphone) This seems to lead to one conclusion. It is simply no EMI protection across ... Read more

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Hi, I received my HP Envy 17t Touch Best Value Laptop (Product #: Y7C72AV) a few weeks ago and noticed that there is a static/crackling sound regularly on both the laptop speakers and headphones (I tried two separate pairs of headphones and the static occurs on both). The static just lasts a fraction of a second, but it comes back several times per minute, which is distracting. I tried updating the audio drivers, but this didn't fix the problem. Thanks for your time and insight.

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I have an Akira 5-speaker home theater system which I connected to my old Fujitsu laptop's line out. I bought an Inspiron 3521 recently and when I connect its line out to the speaker system there's a static noise coming from it. When I disconnect the laptop's power cable the static noise gets lower. Can anybody who have a good knowledge on electronics help me out? Thanks in advance.

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Hi guys, this is my first post here. I've had my y500 for almost a year now, and in the first months I started having a problem with my right speaker almost constantly producing a static sound. The volume of the static/hissing sound can varies all the time, sometimes becoming so loud I can hear it from across the room. I ofcourse tried reinstalling drivers, which did not help. In October the laptop was send in for reparation for both the speaker and a faulty touchpad. The touchpad is still working great, but the static from the right speaker returned within a week. Now recently I also started noticing a strange sound coming from the left side fan of my laptop. It sounds as if it´s not always fully free to rotate and make a scraping kind of sound. This usually goes away within a few minutes, but it´s starting to occur more and more often. What should I do now? I really don't feel like sending it in again, as it took 6 weeks before it was back the last time, but I fear I might have to. Thanks in advance for your help!

Answer:Y500 static noise from speaker and noisy fan

 hi GJ707,
Welcome to the Forums.
Regarding your concerns:
1. The hissing sound issue might be similar to this thread.
If the sound is ok when using headphones / external speakers then there's most likely a short on the speaker or on the wires that connects the speaker to the systemboard. In this case, you may need to contact Lenovo for service.
2. As for the loud fan noise , if the scrapping noise is similar to a crackling one then this indicates that the fan is struggling or it might be hitting something. It's also possible that the fan is dirty or is getting defective. If this case you may need to send the unit for service.
Things that you can try before sending it in:
a. Check the Y500 Video Disassembly Guide (see FRU Videos) to familiarize yourself on how to disassemble the unit
b. Clean the fan (you can use a laptop cleaning brush or a cotton swab dipped with isopropyl alcohol along with a can of compressed air) and reseat the speaker cables.

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