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Simple Question, Simple Answer!?!

Question: Simple Question, Simple Answer!?!

All of my windows present the information in each folder in DETAILS form. How do you change it so that they all come up in LIST form. I went to control panel. but couldn't find anything!!

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Preferred Solution: Simple Question, Simple Answer!?!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Simple Question, Simple Answer!?!


Open the folder you want to view. Go to View (3rd tab over at the top) and a drop down will appear. You can chose Thumbnails,Tiles Icons, List or Details

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I've been looking all around the internet for 2 months for my answer, yet I haven't been able to do this. It seems simple to me. Why can't I find an answer for this question...

How do you re-format the C drive?

It seems at least simple to me. That's all I want to so. I have two paritions, C and D. C is my system partition, and install Windows XP Pro on it. That's all. In XP setup, it will not let me format it, so to me in theory, I'm at a dead end. So I've installed XP on the C drive three times, all in the same folder, and now it has taken up 10 GB (why?) of space when it only should take no more than 4.

Answer:Simple question, not so simple answer, reformat C Drive

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k, i just moved my old 60gb HDD from my previous workstation into my new computer as the D drive. now, when i try to get into my 'D:/Documents and Settings/Timothy' folder, i get this message:

D:/Documents and Settings/Timothy
is not accessable
access is denied

i tried changing permissions, but that's about it. im not quite sure why it wont let me access those files at all.

i know i'm not the only person here who has had that problem. cmon

Answer:simple windows question.. simple answer?

you need to take ownership of that file;en-us;308421&sd=tech

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Can anyone tell me if the Coolermaster hyper6+ fan:
will fit on a AMD Athlon X2 dual core 4200+(or any athlon dual core x2)
It sais it will fith AMD Athlon k8+k7 but i dont really get what that means.

Edit: i think ive just found that it will fit, can anyone confirm?

Answer:simple question reguires simple answer

It will fit on any socket 939 AMD CPU.

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Having de installed Lotus smart Suite through misconfig and "Add/Delete programs, I now find that the System Cofiguration Utility is running in selected mode with the two boxes for the programs I have deleted uncheked but still there. My question is: Can I now go back to normal running, if I do will it load Smart Suite again even though it has been deleted??

Answer:Lotus a simple question needs a simple answer

Try it.

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The clock on my PC loses time, I have gathered from other discussions that the answer is to change the battery on the Main board. As a user and not a computer techy - will the removal of this existing battery destroy all the settings on my board (obviously I will take all anti-static precautions. Thank you in anticipation of a postive answer and a hassle free change of this battery. The board by the way is a K7VZA made by "AMR"

Answer:Simple Question - hopefully simple answer!

Yes you will loose the settings in the BIOS this shouldn't be a problem. May be a good idea to write them all down first.A better title to the thread would've made getting an answer even simpler!

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Hey, this is my first post here so I thought i'd make it simple.

I recently just bought a 500gb external HD and I just transfered all of my D drive(111gb) over to it. Now with my D drive cleared I want to install windows vista ultimate on my D, and keep my Xp on My C drive. So I'm asking the steps I need to take in order to Dual Boot my windows XP and my future windows Vista with both on differnt drives.

Answer:Simple question, want simple answer

This is fairly easy:

0 - Yes, step 0. Make sure you have all the drivers you'll need (motherboard, video, sound, NIC, etc.). Vista should recognize your motherboard/controllers. The rest you can store in a folder on your external drive.

1 - Shut down and disconnect your external drive

2 - Boot to your Vista DVD

3 - Follow the prompts, and when asked where to install, select the D drive. Double check your choice before continuing!

4 - Allow Vista to format it NTFS

5 - Vista will handle the boot loader (where you can choose on power-up which OS to go with)

For the most part, Vista will do everything.

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Hello all,
This is truely a "no brainer" for most, but I'm baffled. Here's the deal.

I have Win XP (SP2) installed with IE 5.?

I've tried to install IE 6 in the past but was unable to because of difficulties at the microsoft update site.

My question is, what is the latest IE version that can be used with SP2 and could someone provide a link to the proper update page from microsoft? Thanks for the help


Answer:Simple IE question - simple answer?

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Question: I'm just doing a very simple tune-up on my computer. I have not used the program HiJackThis. I have a the log file, but not well versed in reading the logs. I watched the forum and saw some members that were well-versed in this program. If you would be so kind, could you tell me if there is anything in my log that you would be concerned about?
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2

Answer:HiJackThis. Simple Request, Simple Answer?

From the Do Not Post HJT logs sticky:

Special notes about posting HijackThis log files on MajorGeeks.Com​
Note: This is not a HijackThis log reading forum. It is a malware cleaning forum, and there is much more to cleaning malware than just HijackThis.

Malware cannot be completely removed just by seeing a HijackThis log. If you need our help to remove malware DO NOT simply post a HijackThis log which will be deleted. You must follow the instructions in the below link.

READ & RUN ME FIRST Before Asking for Support

You will notice that no where in this procedure does it ask you to attach a HijackThis log. This is because it is embedded within our procedures. When you follow them properly, a HijackThis log will automatically be obtained from a properly installed HijackThis progam. And the log will be put into a file with a few other required logs. This will then be attached to a message. This in all explained in the READ ME.Click to expand...

Part of the reason is that you did not install HJT in a manner that would be of any use.

If you are concerned about malware, please do the above and attach the requested logs.

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Hi! I'm a determined novice.

I have a situation where customer service folks are not recording claim numbers. A Customer Call In Rept. (Excel sheet) has a "Date Closed" field that is a catalyst for generating their commission.

I want to make the Date Closed field (cell "E74" below) uneditable until they fill in the Claim Number Field (cell "W66" below) with a claim # or Not Applicable or something that shows they've at least acknowledged it.

I have a prompt in the Claim Number field that states either "See Note Below" or "Type Claim Number Here" (redundant, I know) and, in VB, I can get the Date Closed field to not allow editing if that message is in it. The issue is, once I type in a claim number, I can't get the Date Closed field to allow editing.

Below is what I have:

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)

If Range("W66")= "See Note Below" Or Range("W66") = "Type Claim Number Here" Then

Range("E74") = "Complete Claim # Section (if applicable) Before Entering Date"

ElseIf Range("W66") <> "Type Claim Number Here" Or Range("W66") <> "See Note Below" Then

Range ("E74")what do I use here?

End If

End Sub


1) What do I use after ("E74") to allow editing? (AllowEdit command gives me a property error)

2) D... Read more

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i am about to buy madden 07 roster update through ebay... and the information is sent via email. it says to use a sharkport or a max drive,,, i think thats what it said. my question is, am i able to just simply transfer the file from my computer to my slim ps2 with an ordianary flash drive? thanks

Answer:Someone please answer rather simple ps2 question.. thanks

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in IE i want to have the most screen space available to view websites i've got it pretty much the way i want it except for one thing at the very top of the screen theres that bar that has the minimize, enlarge and x button is there anyway i can get rid of this?

Sincerly Liam

Answer:Ie Question Very Simple Answer I'm Sure

Are you in full screen mode? If so right click the top toolbar and check auto-hide. You'll only see it when you move the mouse up there.

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I want to link two computers , in the same room as each other, and be able to operate them individually from the one single keyboard,mouse and monitor. I want to share a printer and scanner and the broadband connection and share file information between each. Is it as simple as just networking the other PC to my main PC ?? I do not want to use a 'wireless system' as the two PC's are within 5 mtrs of each other a wired ethernet 10/100 connection between adapters is fine. Any clues and any set up ideas would be more than gratefully received Both PC's are running XP Home JR

Answer:Can I.? Simple Question, is the answer as easy ?

To network the two PCs all you need( assuming they both have ethernet sockets) is a crossover network cable .... the crossover bit is the important thing, because a normal network cable won't do the job when connecting computers directly to each other.The controlling them using a single keyboard/mouse and monitor is also quite simple - go to somewhere like the Maplin site (click here) and do a search on KVM switch - they have a suitable one for 29.99 which will do exactly what you want - item code A84CZ, or try your local computer fair.

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I have a new digital camera ( Canon A85 ). I have a lap top ( windows 2K ) and also have a desk top ( imac OS9 ). I have no way on either to burn a CD of my pictures that I down load off the camera ( both computers have the photo program the camera came with....." Canon Image Browser ". What I would like to do when I travel is to take the laptop and download the pictures each day and burn them to a CD. I would like to get a CD burner that will hook to both windows 2K and imac OS9. I know that you can get them with a USB, but I only find some compatible to windows 2K. Is there one I can hook up to both mac and windows.....if so, can you recommend one. Not having a CD burner is the pits, I hate to pay Costco $ 4.00 for a CD when I get my prints made.


Answer:First post...need answer to probably simple question

Practically all external USB CD burners would work in Windows 2000. No drivers should be required either.

It is earlier versions of Windows (9x) that would be most likely to have problems.

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How do i disconnect from the internet on my PC that is plugged into the router?

Need an answer quickly please- (never had this problem before because i used to use a modem)

Answer:Need an answer really quick- simple question

Sorry fixed it, please ignore this thread now

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My Computer operates on Windows ME and I just find the LOGIN box everytime I Boot up is a pain.  Where do I go and How do I disable this box other than clicking Cancel or ok Every time I Boot up?

Answer:Probably a Dumb question with Simple answer

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Can someone tell me if the power supply has a main power 24 connector with the break off four pin section . Does one plug that straight into the 24 pin socket on the motherboard OR do you break off the 4 pin section, fit the remaining 20 pin section to the board and fit the 4 pin to the seperate 4 pin socket that is on the motherboard. Motherboard in question is the Foxconn 6150M2MA-KRS2H with an Athlon 64 x2 dual core 4800 processor. JR

Answer:Silly question maybe,but hopefully a simple answer

click herethis may help...

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I have Windows XP.

How do I clear out all the words that come into a drop down menu out of search bars. I.E. like when I get on Ebay, my user name comes all the times I mistyped my user name and tried to log in. How do I clear all of those words out? Thanks!

Answer:Simple question...but hard to find the answer.

Hisrange said:

I have Windows XP.

How do I clear out all the words that come into a drop down menu out of search bars. I.E. like when I get on Ebay, my user name comes all the times I mistyped my user name and tried to log in. How do I clear all of those words out? Thanks!Click to expand...

What browser are you using? On IE, I think you just highlight the one you want, and hit delete.

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This question pertains a bit to my other topic, but I'd rather not confuse the people handling it there. If you are on an XP computer at the moment please follow these intructions and tell me what you see:

Go to Start, control panel, network connections, right click Local Area Connection,(may be a number at the end, but you should see what I mean) click properties. Under the general tab, there should be a heading somewhere that says, "this connection uses the following:" I'm interested to know what's under that, as I uninstalled all that it it would let me, thinking it would help solve a problem. I know now that I can reinstall them and would just like to know what should be there so I can connect to the internet.


Answer:[SOLVED] Very Simple Question, Any XP User should be able to Answer!


I'm not seeing the "this connection uses the following" Dav.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4000M CPU @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3810 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600, 1681 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 459211 MB, Free - 407793 MB; Q: Total - 16225 MB, Free - 4060 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, 20C50052US
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled
How do I crop a photo in pictures file? How do I know the name of a file? a photo file in particular? Any time I have tried to type in file name I always get something like " invalid file name". For example I have one IMG001 . Seems is not "official file name". Thanks
Also what is "Tags" about under this message box?

Answer:simple question , easy answer catagory--I think ,LOL

Are using "001" or "OO1"?
And are you in the right folder?

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I've recently ordered an X60 636364G, due to arrive (hopefully) tomorrow, and i have a fairly simple question about the state of arrival - Can i shove the battery in and start using the machine, or do i have to charge it fully for hours before first use? The quick start guide simply says "your battery is ready to use", which isn't perfectly clear... (I plan to come home in the middle of the day, pick it up and take it back to work and am wondering if this will be possible!) Thanks in advance, i'm sure someone remembers their unboxing..

Answer:Battery: Simple question, hard to find answer!

my x61 battery arrived about 30% charged I think so it could be used for a little while. I think that the manuals reccomend fully charging it first so that's what I did before using it on battery alone. But I was using as as it charged.

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At least it should be a simple question. Perhaps Google has failed me, but I cannot seem to find out a simple way to simply determine which physical drive corresponds to which Ideport.
I, like many before me, am getting Error 11 events:
"The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort1."
OK. Now what device is on Ideport1? Amazingly, I can find no simple way to tell. I've read hours of people asking this question and not getting any answers.
Please, I beg of you. If knou know a way, please share it.

Answer:Two Days Searching for the Answer to a Simple Question: Ideport1=Which Disk?

the easiest way is to look inside the computer itself and see which device is plugged into the ide port 1
you could look into device manager (click start, click control panel, click view by small icons,click device manager,go to (disk and harddrives)drives, right click on each drive select properties to see which driver properties show ideport1

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I can't believe I can't find the answer to this simple question in the "help" screens for Excel 2013 but I can't, so I'll ask here!

I'm running Excel 2013 on a Dell desktop with the latest windows, etc. No problems at all with the program itself.

I've created a simple line chart of X and Y values showing stock value vs stock price under two alternative strategies for owning the stock. The X axis (stock price) runs from $6 to $20 but the Y axis (stock position values) runs from a high of $10,000 to a low of -$5,000. The graph itself looks exactly right, except the labels for the X prices running from $6 to $20 appear right under the $0 value line on the Y axis, instead of below the entire graph where I want them. So the graph looks dorky, with the labels for the X axis in the middle of the picture instead of below it.

For the life of me, I can't figure how to move the labels to below the graph itself. Nothing I see when I right-click "format axis" moves those labels.

Can someone please help me out here? It's obviously not a showstopper since the graph is correct, but I'm a stickler for appearances, and besides, after banging my head against the wall most of the day yesterday, I'm ticked off at myself and I just wanna know how to do it!

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Okay, first time posting here, I'm going to try and make this short and fast.
I hate vista, I mean, who doesn't, right? Well Vista has been being all weird and I need to wipe my computer clean anyways due to this nasty bug that got in, I managed to quarantine it, however it messed up a lot of my registries and some stuff doesn't work properly.
So here's my question;

I want to downgrade my Vista Home Premium to Windows XP, I was wondering, though, seeing as I'm running a Vista 64-bit, can I downgrade to XP-32 bit? If so, is there any bad effects to this? Or would it be better to go with 64-bit XP?

Here are my computer specifications, by the way;

Processor: Genuine Intel(R) CPU U2700 @ 1.30GHz 1.30 GHz

Also have 320GB HD... I dont think that matters, though...

Thank you very much,

Brandon. M

Answer:[SOLVED] Stupid, yet simple and easy question to answer. Need it answered fast enough

Hi and welcome to TSF is this a tower or laptop what make and model or if a custom build the make and model of the motherboard,graphics card,power supply,before attempting any upgrade run the windows upgrade advisor
you should also check the makers site ie computer or motherboard support site to see if they can provide drivers

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I was typing out a song, in wordpad, that I had written, which included letters above each line to show which chord was to be played at which time. I went to print the document and the printed page has the spacing for the chords off. I noticed this happened if you used either a different font or different size for the verse and the chords. To give you an exampe:

blah blah blah blah blah

would become:

blah blah blah blah blah

Obviously the simple fix is to use one font and size for the whole document, but out of curiousity, why is this happening? I played around with it a lot, and was always getting a printed page that had significantly different spacing that what was being shown on the screen, including print preview. I'm sure this is really simple for somebody, but I am not familiar with why it is happening.

P.S. I had to include the hyphens to illustrate my point because this wasn't handling the space issue well either.

Answer:simple question about wordpad, maybe too simple

Wordpad doesn't have very advanced formatting options in its code. its a small step above notepad, which has only basic formatting (spacing) as a simple text editor. Different fonts have slightly different character spacing. since Wordpad is a pretty basic text editor, it doesn't have character spacing formatting in its code, and spacing is read from the font alone.

When simple text without much formatting is sent to the printer, the printer reads the font and outputs the spacing based on the font.

simply put, both the printer and wordpad interpret the font spacing differently.

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I recently reinstalled Windows 2000 on my family's laptop here, so that it wouldn't run so sluggishly slow on Windows XP with only 256 MB of RAM. Now, I've run into a peculiar problem that's router based. I'm running my sister's system with Windows XP and this laptop on the same network at their apartment. However, the Linksys BEFSR41 4-port switch is assigning each computer the same IP address, causing conflict. Is there a way in the router settings to easily and manually assign each computer a separate IP address? I'm fairly confident that Cox Communications provides 3 IP addresses for each owner of their cable internet services.

Dark Assassin

Answer:Simple question to a simple problem

are you not using a router?? are these public numbers??

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I have my system set to "hibernate" after 45 mins or so. Question....if I set it to defrag or something similar, say at 0400hrs, will that program wake the cptr up

Answer:Simple question from a simple mind

Simple answer from a simple person,Dunno, try it! :>)))))) and let us knowSorry could'nt resist))))

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Somebody, Anybody ( as long as they know their stuff ), please examine my first logfile & let me know I have no reason to be paranoid, pretty please. Feel free to contact me directly at removed by cybertech- I really can't help wondering if this used system I just took delivery of from scrap computers of Phoenix is really worth the ten dollars (plus delivery fee of an addional one hundred) that I paid for it; I am, & will probably remain for quite some time yet to come, after all, a technological neanderthal - Thanx

Answer:Just a simple question from a simple mind

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I'm loving the new taskbar, but for some reason itunes doesn't act like other programs, it opens a second icon on my this normal for the program?

Answer:probably a simple answer

No, it is not. Did you recently upgrade to Windows 7? You may need to reinstall the program.

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Last few days with plenty on notepads + folders sitting active in taskbar>>> Normal action is - To view them 'hover' over the two notepad or folder icons and each will appear as thumbnails to choose from - so far so good......

PROBLEM - the individual notepads + folders are NOT responding to 'click to open'. Been going on for last four days.

Answer:Why why why? Maybe a simple answer?

Hi AaLF,

So you are having problems opening text files and that the files aren't opening in notepad?

Or is there another issue?


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I am going to purchase an HDMI splitter for my computer. My goal is to play movies on my primary monitor (im using dual monitors) and have my HDTV mirror these images. So basically I want to watch movies played on my PC on my TV.

So if I want to maintain dual monitor capabilities as well as watch my movies (played from the primary pc monitor) on my TV (I guess I want my TV to mirror the movies from PC) what is the best way to do this. I have 3 things needed to connect to my PC (2 monitors, 1 TV) I need a splitter.

If I want to load/play movies on primary monitor and then have the TV mirror this...would I:

1. Unplug primary monitor, plug in splitter, and then connect both the primary monitor/tv to splitter (leaving the secondary computer monitor where it is)
2. Unplug both monitors...plug in splitter, plug both monitors into splitter, and plug the tv hdmi dircectly into the PC?

Sorry this probably sounds confusing..but I want the easiest way to go from viewing dual monitors to watching movies on my TV. I dont want to have to go through 10 steps to configure resolutions and all that BS everytime. I have no experience w/this so please help. THANKS!

Answer:Should be simple to answer

Any help, thanks

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OK, I made the big mistake of going from Vista to Windows 7 a couple of weeks ago. Today I installed a new printer (HP F4480). Now I can't seem to get hold of things I scan. It kept asking me for a program. After exhaustive roaming around for about 3-4 hours I gave in and down loaded PDF suite 11 or something for 14 days free trial. Surely there must be a simple solution so I can carry on as I have for the last 12 years or so. I am not a Pup, in fact I am 71 but have a reasonable grasp of things, so if you can help I would be VERY greatful.

Answer:Just need a simple answer

Hi Jvsimo1, since you installed Windows seven have you installed Windows Live Essentials, if not I suggest that you do and you will see a scanning section then.

Try this and see if it helps you.

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XP - How can I get my pc to ask if I want it to save passwords? TIA!

Answer:I'm sure this has a simple answer!

Hi...In internet Explorer go to internet tools...content and auto complete, and checkmark the boxes.

Hope this helps

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Why is it that I am not able to access CCleaner from my Guest/others user account (what I have named "Friends & Family") ? I can't seem to find it anywhere in this account - but it is accessible on my other two user accounts.


Answer:I would think there's a simple answer to this ...?

The other accounts have admin/full access... the guest account is just that, a "guest" account with limited access and privileges....

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Okay, I'm getting so many different answers. All I want to know is, will my GPU run Vista.. I mean RUN, not "capable".

BFG 7900 GT 256 OC GDDR3
Core Clock: 475MHz
Memory Clock: 1360MHz
RAMDACs: Dual 400MHz

Answer:Simple answer, yes or no.

Best to wait a few months until Micro$oft release a service pack to remove all them little bugs they overlooked. Also the decrease in price.

Have you run the vista checker tool?? if yes...what did it say??

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Just purchased a Samsung
Product Model #: YP-T7X/XAA Mp3 player.

I am running it on Windows 98SE and according to packaging this is ok.

The instructions stress on different pages a way inwhich to disconnect the USB Cable so that it does not mess up the memory. You are to double click the green arrow on the taskbar and then another step is involved.

I have the mp3 player installed and working. I just do not know how to disconnect properly since a green arrow on my taskbar is not showing up. I am wondering if this is because I am running windows 98. I have written and called Samsung but have not had my question answered.

Today they responded by saying: I thank you for contacting Samsung
Please accept our apologies, we have recently had a virus hit are system.
I call and they say that they cannot find the answer to my question and to write the question in an email and send to tech support.

I am new to MP3's and am only downloading music to exercise to. Can I just turn off the MP3 player before unplugging it or does the green arrow they tell you to use which leads you into a "stop a hardware device" the only way to disconnect.

Thanks ahead of time for your help. Ready to roll but do not know how to disconnect!

Answer:Need a quick simple answer!

The green arrow in the system tray is to disconnect the MP3 player. If you have a green arrow, try a double-clicking it, it should open a window that displays your player. Highlight the player and click the Stop button.

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if someone can point me in the right direction??

On the subject of homepage hijack nuisances, why can i not get rid of this bastard page. I have used hijackThis and removed the offending agents, i have removed them from my registry, however, this does not seem to be the remedy since they originate at the browser. My IE browser resets to this page after it is closed and reopened; there is some startup file/trigger that inserts the offending page,,,,where in Gods green earth is this a .dll file causing the headache or what. I cannot submit a log because i have deleted/vanquished everything.

whats the simple answer, i know it is an easy fix, but alas, i do not know where the needle is in this haystack......its been hijacked?!!!!! gall-dang-it.....eternally grateful....adios

Answer:geez, there has got to be a simple answer

repost your hijack this log, and also, what's in your startup folder... also, did you go to Internet Options > Program > Reset Web Settings

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Dell Dimension 2400, WinXP SP2, 512RAM, 2.99MHz

Recently purchased a "Pioneer internal DVD/CD writer", model # DVR-710.
Burns fine, came with nero. I have Power DVD ver5 that has been installed, but the drive will not play DVD movies.
It will pause like it is loading the movie, it will show the length of the movie (briefly), then "Stop" shows in the on screen display, and that is it. I've tried going to the dvd directly, the right clicking on the .vob files and selecting play, but it does the same thing.

My main question is, if this Pioneer DVD/CD Writer is also a "player" with the right software, or is there something that I'm missing.

I downloaded several free players as suggested in the other threads that I read through, and I followed instructions on them for problems that seemed similar to mine, but all have failed. Do I need to buy a DVD writer/player? or is there such a thing.
Thank you,
Semper Fi

Answer:DVD not playing - probably simple answer

Which Nero did it come with? Check within it's software for Nero ShowTime.

DVD/Writers, are also players, so it could simply be a missing codec that's not allowing the play. And if your PowerDVD was specific for another DVDRom drive, that may be why it doesn't work for your new drive.

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i have been trying for months to get a 'real' answer to the question as to wether or not i can delete, not rename, the wmi/wbem stuff in my windows directory. seems everybody gives the same lame blather that microsnot does. let me ask nicely: can i delete wmi/wbem safely from my computer...i am a solo user with 2 machines and a router, thats all, no enterprize crap here, just me surfin, newsgroup readin, and emailin. i just hate to have crap on my computer that doesnt belong there! thanks for hearin my rant and answers you may offer. tkz for some real english replies, aloha

Answer:dirtygrakerfrax wmi - need simple answer

I don't have a clue but why don't you just make an image of your drive for back up purposes, delete the file you don't want then boot again and see if the PC plays properly. If it doesn't recover your old drive from the image and proceed as before. If your drive is partitioned then that makes it easier since you won't have to backup the whole drive just the partition.
By making the image and keeping on a second drive you'll be back up an working with only a short "break".
Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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I know that this is childsplay for most, but i just can't seem to get these 'avi' 's to play, DivX isn't helpin either
... any suggestion would be really appreatiated.. Thanks

Answer:playin avi. is their a simple answer?

It's usually a matter of having the right codec installed. Do you know anything more about the video? What it was encoded with?

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I recently had to reinstall windows xp on my aunt's computer. The installation process went fine, but afterwards, her audio wouldn't work. I've tried downloading the AC97 drivers but it might have screwed it up worse. I just couldn't figure out what to do.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Probably a simple answer but I'm clueless

was this a fresh install of xp or was it an update?
if it was an update i dont think its a driver issue. if it was a fresh install then u should use the drivers that came with the motherboard.
hope this helps

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Hi, I keep getting Trace. Registry.Watchdog v8.5!A2 in A squared scan, is it a false positive, or does it really need to be deleted, or quarantined ?

A net search I find conflicting advice, but you lot here have given me cause to trust your minds.

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I recently switched from Windows 2000 to Windows XP SP 2, without changing my modem, ethernet, ISP, etc, but I keep getting an error message saying that the LAN has minimal or no connectivity. I have tried to repair it, but with no success. My DSL seems to be working properly (though intermittantly). So here is my question- what exactly does LAN do? Do you need it to be working if you only have one computer that is not networked to anything? And, of course, how can I fix it? If you respond, please try to use simple terminology because I am not very experienced at this... Thanks.

Answer:LAN problem, probably a simple answer

LAN - Local Area Network. In your case, your Modem to your Computer. The error message that you are getting means that there is a bad connection between your computer and the modem. It could be a poorly connected cable, failing cable, failing modem, or any of a number causes. I would start by checking the physical connections, to make sure that they are tight, and that the cable is not obviously bad.

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Basically I use BT BB at work, and the speedtouch modem keeps freezing up. So does the mouse that is using USB port. I plugged in an old mouse with normal (serial/parallel?) plug, and that one keeps working. When I try to close down PC it often freezes again on the 'saving ur settings' screen.

Im presuming this is a USB issue. I can get on the internet, I can connect, but after a random amount of minutes both modem lights switch off and usb mouse freezes. I have run anti-virus software..nothing. I can only presume it is a driver issue, but whenever I try to DL Windows updates...the modem freezes. So if it is driver issue...
1) where, exactly, do I find the correct driver for Alcatel speedtouch 330 modem for Winxp prof, so I can load that and test it works. ( I dont even know if the XP SP1 will include this fix or not)
2) How do I get this driver if I can't connect?
Lastly, is there anything else that might be causing this problem? I presuming it is not faulty hardware else I wouldnt be able to connect at all. *shrug*

Thanks in advance 8)

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Hi all,
I know how to change the size of "all" the desktop icons, but is there a way to for example, change "one" icon to a slightly larger size?

I know there are porgrams to make custom looking folders with different colors or images, and I do know how to make regular icons from images.

Just need to know the process how to make one icon larger.(If possible)
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Hopefully a simple answer Icon size.

Well if its a shortcut you can right click it and look for the icon you want. So it would go like Right Click Icon> Change Icon> Find Icon to your Preference. I did it on my comp, just make sure that Icon for the file filter is there.

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Ok my girlfriend is getting this on her computer. I think I know the answer and you'll all say 'Sasser' but hear me out first please.

Installed XP Pro all fine used it fine for two days. Connect to internet for the first time using DSL, get this almost straight away:

Has terminated unexpectedly with code

It then shuts the machine down after 1 minute.

My question is simply - Is this purely down to the sasser virus or because she has a dodgy (ripped) copy of XP? Seemed very strange that we got the error in quite literally 2 minutes.

Any help appreciated

Answer:LSASS.exe error Simple answer I'm sure

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I want to know if it is possible for me to have a useable checklist in an open file on windows pc.

Basicaly, i have a whole heep of pdf files in a certain file and i need to know exactly what i have in my files so that i can keep track with what i do and dont have, so i want a checklist next to my pdf files in the actual file window.

If anyone could give me some inside into how to do this, if it is even possible.

Answer:Simple answer to a complex problem please

So it sounds like you just want a "To-do" / checklist widget? What version of Windows are you running?

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First off, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I assumed it was software related.

Okay, I have integrated sound on my MSI P6N-Platinum SLI motherboard.
It uses a Realtek HD 7.1 channel chipset that meets azalia specs.
I have a logitech x-240 2.1 channel speaker system hooked up to one of the audio jacks.
I installed the latest driver for the sound, and when i use the realtek utility to tell the chip that there is center speakers and a sub hooked into that jack it wont put anything through that jack. i can change it back to a line out but then that means that its not working right and i am about to buy 4 more speakers to add on to my surround sound.

My only suspicions are that the software is acting incorrectly or i am missing something terribly dumb.

I have tried this on different jacks as well. i can change the jack and tell it to output "line out" on that jack and it works. then i tell it to output center/sub and nothing. It wont output anything other than line out.

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I know this question has already been posted, but I don't understand the replies. I need a remedial answer please

I recently upgraded my dad's computer from Win98 to Win2000Professional. I had to put it on the E drive because the C had 98 on it and the D was corrupt. It all installed just fine and I promptly formatted the C drive. I even installed Office 2000. We were using it with no trouble...until I rebooted.

That's when I received the NTLDR is missing. It won't let me do anything. I hit any key like it says and I just get the message over and over again. How do I teach the computer to boot from the E drive??

Please help! I'm not a techie...just someone familiar enough to do the install.


Answer:NTLDR is missing - I need a simple answer

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So where shall I start?
I bought my custom computer from Cyper Power PC (big mistake apparently).
I have built my own before but thought id try on online custom computer company, this will be the last time i do that. Not that they are all bad but its been a very frustrating experience.

Intel? Core™ 2 Duo E8400 CPU @ 3.0GHz 1333FSB 6MB L2 Cache 64-bit

4G (4x1G) Dual Chan Memory

600 Watts Power Supply

Biostar TP45 HP Intel P45 MOBO

ATI Radeon HD 4850 PCI-E 16X 512MB Video Card

500GB HD

Thats what I ordered a year ago now.

The Story:
After receiving my self bought Christmas present last year (which was this) i boot this puppy up and it worked fine for about 2 weeks until i got speed problems, blue screens, didnt even post during bootup. So i call Tech Support and blah blah blah i send it back to them. They "fix" it and send it back to me a month later, i look on the receipt and low and behold they replace the 4 sticks of RAM =/.
Im a pretty computer savvy guy and i know a lot of basic stuff and it surprises me that even though i wanted them to replace the MOBO they do the easy fix.
One of my friends and I discussed it and he had the same problem with his computer in that it would do a lot of weird stuff (some that i listed), slow on some programs, fast for about an hour, blue screens, really weird stuff and i believed it to be the Motherboard RAM "SLOTS".
So I went to New Egg bought myself another Biostar TPower series MOBO thats compa... Read more

Answer:Ongoing problem with no simple answer.

Have you looked online at Biostar, do they have a forum, to see if this may be a common problem with the motherboard itself?

You should download and run Hardware Monitor for a day or 2. Keep your eye on your voltages and temperatures and see if you notice any of the values acting flakey before it crashes.

HW Monitor

When it does BSOD again write down the error message and error code and post it please

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My new Dell came with wordperfect....and I was used to using word.....even though it allows you to chose Word....and it converts...what's with all the fancy smancy stuff- all the symbols pop up for paragraphs...indent......I created a resume...and everytime I go back in to revise.....some of the columns are shifted over.......Do I have something "on".....I just want to create a document and set it up the way I want it......Thanks!

Answer:Word...WordPerfect.....Simple Answer?

It sounds like you're creating in in WordPerfect and saving it in MS Word format. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I really suggest you save it in the format in which you created it and keep using it that way.

Sometimes things don't translate perfectly. You'll save yourself some trouble if you just resolve to use what you have - or buy the program you really prefer.

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click hereIf I open this BBC link in AOL or IE, I cannot make any of the videos play. I fact the small window where the action will be remains blankIf I do the same in Mozilla... absolutely no bother at all! (AOL, IE or Firefox will play U-tube clips normally)Since (I believe) AOL uses IE in the background as the browser, it presumably needs me to change something, but what?

Answer:There has to be a simple answer.....BBC video news

Works Ok for me with IE7.

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Ok, since I've been a SATA/IDE guy my whole life, I never really had experience with SCSI and SAS drives. Don't worry, I did do some googling before coming here, but I never got a 'definite' answer. Some say SCSI is better for database applications, while SATA is better for file transfers and streaming.

Here's my question:

Say you have a 10kr pm SCSI drive, a 10k rpm SATA/6Gbits/s drive, and a SAS 10k rpm SAS drive. What would be best? If there's no single answer to this, what would be best for what type of application? (file server, print server, database, etc, etc)

Now that we have that question out of the way, what if we up the SCSI/SAS speeds to 15k rpm? Is there a significant advantage of SATA?

I hope this all makes sense!

Answer:Solved: SATA vs SCSI vs SAS: Is there a simple answer?

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I searched forums and MS knowledge base for "inaccessible boot device" error 0x00000007b and found a few comments that didn't address my problem.

I just upgraded a computer (new gigbyte motherboard, Athalon processor, 256 ram, ge force video card) Kept hard drive, dvd/cd-rom, floppy, powersupply.

Set up bios to auto check HDD. Finds HDD with specs.(i.e cap.cylinder, head, landing, sector)

HDD on primary IDE - checked jumper config, etc. Saved and booted. System goes to Win2000 "checking files" screen, then gives me the stop error. It says something about changing hard drive controllers, check viruses etc.

It's got to be a simple thing. I'm not finding a place to change BIOS specs to make HDD compatible. Also, I don't have a chance to update drivers that came with mother board. If I find a way will it solve the problem?

Thanks Tech Guys!

Answer:It's gotta be simple..Couldn't find answer

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...but everytime I try to encrypt, I'm unable to access the internet.

Just set up a network in my parents' vacation home (they're here about half the time) and here are the specs:

Two desktops: Dell 4550, Dell 4600 (both about 4 years old) running XP
Router: Linksys WRT54g2
Modem: Motorola Surfboard 5101
Adapter 1: Compact USB Linksys WUSB100
Adapter 2: WMP54gx

Spent lots of time calling Bangalore yesterday (Linksys tech help) and was able set up WEP security, but it left me unable to access the internet. I've had to reset the modem twice now and go back to an unsecured network.

Any ideas about why this is happening?

Is there another way to encrypt, perhaps using software or freeware?

Is a bad idea for my parents to turn off the modem/router when they leave town? (It will solve the problem part of the time, but i'd prefer to have a secured network.)

Edited to add: I brought my laptop with me and have been using that to set up the network using a wired connection.

Answer:Just a simple girl, setting up a simple network

Did you enable MAC filtering when you set up WEP?

If you did you will need to add the MAC for each wireless NIC into the MAC table on the router.

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to get my windows to maximize without overlapping my taskbar.

i was using auto-hide for awhile, now im not, but when i maximize any window it still thinks the taskbar is dropping out, when its not. i have to make the window movable, then resize it manually every time i open something.

very, very annoying and i cant even figure out how to explain the term to search for it. vista hp btw

Answer:man-kiss for whoever tells me what i have to do for this simple, simple problem

Right click task bar, go to properties.

check the box that says "keep the taskbar on top of other windows"

I pass on man kiss, but thank you anyway

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Hey Guys,

I have been trying to figure out what makes an MPEG-4 file Simple Profile (SP) or Advanced Simple Profile (ASP).... I have no clue.

I know that Xvid and DivX use the ASP, but how do you know the difference between SP and ASP? For instance, how would a person create a SP video instead of an ASP video? What makes each type unique?


Answer:What makes an MPEG-4 file Simple Profile (SP) or Advanced Simple Profile (ASP)

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Is there a way to uninstall Windows media player in XP?

Answer:Maybe a simple question.

Don't think it can be uninstalled. You can make The "classic media player" the default though:


1. Click on the Start button and select Run.
2. Type "mplayer2" and click OK. Now you have the original Media Player loaded.

If you want to make this the default media player follow the directions below:

1. When the classic Windows Media Player is running, click on the view menubar and select options.
2. Then click on the format tab and choose which formats you would like it to open by checking the box.
3. Click OK, now all of the formats you selected will open with the classic Windows Media Player.

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If i have 2 identical sticks of 512mb ram each, in a motherboard that supports it, they will work in dual mode (if installed correctly)

Now, if i have 3 identical sticks of 512 ram each, will the two of them work in dual mode? or will all 3 work in single mode?


Answer:A simple question about RAM

Three will work in single-channel mode. As far as I know, you can't have both single- and dual-channel memory modes at the same time.

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I should know this one, but I'm still learning.

Why is the Outlook Express folder opening when I start or restart Windows (XP), and how do I stop it?

And, how do I donate to this forum? I've recieved some very helpful assistance and advice here.


Answer:A very simple question



anything in there? - if you see a shortcut to OE in there then simply remove it.

Edit: If you click About TSF at the top of the screen (scroll up!) then there's a support/donations link there.

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Question: Simple Question

When I click on Open File it takes me to my documents. How do I change the location that it directs me to. I want to go to a sub-folder that has all my files without having to go through other clicks to reach the folder.I am having one of those senior moments.


Answer:Simple Question

Assuming you are using Microsoft Office, you can change the default document location via File (Ribbon circle icon), Word Options, click on the Save tab and change the setting called 'Default File Location' to the folder where you want to go.

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Question: A simple question

Just something ive been thinking about, is an AMD motherboard compatible with an ATI radeon graphics card?

Answer:A simple question

As long as there is a proper slot for the card (PCI-Express x16 nowadays), yes.

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Relevance 72.98%
Question: a simple question

what does physical memory dump mean and what can i do to prevent this

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Question: Simple? question

I currently have Norton Systemworks 2005, and have had Norton products the entire time I've owned a PC. It is scheduled to run every other day. I ran it myself today, because I was booted offline twice.

It found InfostealerC:/Recycle?Nprotect?00032937.4A6 Snifula B. virus

When I went to the Norton log, it said it was manually deleted.
This is the 6th time this virus has been "found" by Norton.

Am I to assume it's gone?
When Norton "catches" a virus, where does it go?

The details were: compressed flie 37679041.pdf.exe.within

I did a search, can't find that file...

Thank you for your answer.


Answer:Simple? question

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Question: A simple question?

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum...but I couldn't figure out which would be best. :confused

Here's my question. Over the years I've heard so many answers to the question...should the computer be turned off when not in use?

So I've come to the only place I trust for the definitive answer! :wave

Thanks to all who contribute their time and effort to help so many! I applaud you! :clap:clap:clap

Answer:A simple question?

I personally use mine for folding, so on 24/7 unless down for a bit of maintenance.
Others may disagree about this practice, but my machines,my call.

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I didn't know where else to put this thread on this board if it belongs anywhere, but I'm sure someone here owns one and can help me out with this tiny tidbit.

I had never even touched a PSP before the other day. I just got a memory stick like 5 minutes ago so I was finally able to get into it via USB.

I bought it used on eBay. The guy already had a wallpaper and a theme installed (let's focus on the wallpaper; the theme is official but the wallpaper is a pic of his babies so I don't feel right having it on here, let alone simply not wanting it). I'm to the understanding that there is something like 4kb of internal memory on a PSP that can hold a single wallpaper and theme.. or something like that. I would like to delete the theme and overwrite/delete the wallpaper. But I cannot access it via USB; it only takes to me to the memory stick itself. Can somebody help me? Thx in advance.

Answer:PSP, not PC, but just a simple question

1)Put the memory stick back in the PSP and then turn on the PSP. 2) Then scroll over to Settings. 3)Then scroll down to Theme Settings then press the X button. 4)Scroll down to Background then press the X button. 5)Then select any thing there except Wallpaper then press the X button.

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I was wondering if this stats are good. I have 4GB ram DDR2 installed and before i had a issue with 3.19 avaiable ( thats fixed ).
Now i was wondering if those stats are good:

Friendly Kinds,

Answer:Just a simple question about my RAM

Law of supply. DDR2 are low on production. Low supply = higher prices.

The more ram you have the better saying that 4g works well with windows7 all depends what you are doing on your computor.

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How Do I Open An External File (Such As An Executable File) And Run It In A Console C++ Application Running Under Windows 98?

Answer:C++ Help, Simple Question

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Question: A simple question

I am running a Dell computer as some of u know, the AGP slot on it only supports 4x AGP. The crad that came with it is an AGP 8x card. I am confused. I thought that if an AGP 4x/8x card is put into an AGP 2x/4x slot then the mobo would fry? please give some clarity to this very big head scratcher I have. Thanx

Answer:A simple question

The only way to be sure is to dig out the specs on the board and the AGP card, but, in general the cards are keyslotted and you should not be able to plug an AGP into a motherboard with the wrong voltages. But to confuse the issue some AGP's are capable of handling multiple voltages (They are called 2X/4X or 4x/8X cards or Universal cards) and they have two keyslots in the connector. And some motherboards have no key in the socket as they were deemed 'universal' at the time of manufacture.

In your case you need to check the AGP slot to see if is 2X/4X or 4X only - if it is 4X only it should have a key/bar in the slot.
Your card is 8X (which can run as a 4X) it supports 1.5V and 0.8V. So if your mobo is 4X only, you should be OK but if it is 2X/4X then you risk board damage.

Clear as mud huh?

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This maybe a simple question for those that are more advanced. I am not too familiar with laptops. Does anyone know, Can I use the memory modules of a Dell Inspiron 8600 on a Dell Inspiron 5150?

thank you all

Answer:It may be a simple question...

vampire-rob said:

This maybe a simple question for those that are more advanced. I am not too familiar with laptops. Does anyone know, Can I use the memory modules of a Dell Inspiron 8600 on a Dell Inspiron 5150?

thank you allClick to expand...

Yes you can. Kingston make RAM for both laptops, and they're the same part number.

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Relevance 72.98% i want to buld my own pc......i have win 7 on my computer right know....if i were to put my harddrive in my computer that im building will it just work like normal...meaning i wont have to set up eveerything in the bios menue....?..

note..i will be changing everything...motherboard,case cpu,evrything....

Answer:Simple question!....?

If you are thinking about using the hard drive from the Dell XPS 400 you posted about earlier, NO, you will not be able to use that hard drive as is in the new machine you are planning on building, UNLESS the Win 7 operating system disc you have is a RETAIL version. If you have a RETAIL version of the Win 7 operating system you could use it for a new machine as long as it was uninstalled from the machine on which it is presently installed.

With OEM (system builder) versions of operating systems, they "live and die" with the motherboard in the machine in which they are originally installed and cannot be installed to another machine.

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I have a question about Windows XP Pro's ASR (Automated System Recovery), while I do know all about how to create one and how to restore in case of major failure, I want to know if by any way the backup created could be somehow compressed to save hard drive space.

As far as I know, I have searched through Backup's options and couldn't find a way to do it and the problem is that I can't do the backup anyway else (eg: WinRAR to create a compressed RAR file) since NTBACKUP.EXE is apparently the only program that can control the Volume Shadow Copy service to copy actively running files...

Is there any way to do it ? (ie: create a compressed ASR backup - or at least a compressed backup of the XP partition while running XP itself somehow ?)

Any suggestions ? Thanks ...

Answer:Simple Question about ASR

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ok, so i'm new here...i hope i'm posting this is the right place too. i just had a really quick question thats probably going to sound incredibly stupid, but here goes:

so i have windows xp & when i type something into a search field, like google, or just one of those little text stays there...and everytime i go back to that little box to type something, if it has the same letter as something that i typed previously it will come up in like a little dropdown scroll box thingy...

i know this is probably hard to understand, i'm sorry, i don't really know how to explain it, i was just wondering how do i get rid of do i erase the ones that are already there and stop it from doing that again???

& again i apologize, it's probably a really stupid question and it's hard to understand...i'm sorry. if you can please help though. it's very much apreciated(sp?).

thank you.

Answer:simple question..please help

I don't know if you figured out your answer yet, but just in case...

The function you are referring to is called AutoComplete. It automatically will add/search for entries you make in a web browser (form, addressbar, etc.), and *supposedly* helps you find things faster. Anyway, here is how you can disable it:

Internet Explorer:
Open Internet Explorer
Click Tools > Internet Options
Click on the "Content" Tab
Click on the "AutoComplete" button
Disable as necessary
*May require browser restart

Mozilla FireFox:
Click Tools > Options
Click on the "Privacy" Section
Expand "Saved Form Information"
Uncheck "Save information I enter in web pages..."
Click OK

Alternately, if you just wanted to delete one particular entry in the AutoComplete box, but highlight the one you want to get rid of, and hit the "delete" key on your keyboard.

I hope this helps!

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Is there any way to use the F2/F12 at the startup to get directly to the desktop?

If yes, how?

If no, I'm screwed


Answer:Very Simple Question

hi if you can provide some more info as to make and model comp,what is wrong,and what your trying to reach ie is it safemode if so try F8 on boot,we may be able to help you more with more info

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Question: A Simple Question

OK i have a simple question, feel free to post your opinion

i am an avid gamer and really enjoy playing visually stunning games. However, in some games i experience low-fps when i play them, this is fixed if i turn off the sound... Is creative soundblaster 16 bit too weak to play the quality of sound most new games have? should i invest in a new soundcard? if so, which?

thanks in advance for your advice

Answer:A Simple Question

Hi there!

Basically the sound is what is slowing things down. you can TRY to resolve this without buying a new card...

Go into your Sound/Multimedia in Control Panel and under playback device, click the "Advanced" button. Lower the Hardware Accelleration and the Sample Rate and test your frams rate. If that doesn't help, then you'll want to get one of the newer sound cards on the market.

You can buy a SB Live Calue for under 30 bucks in alot of places. that would give you a decent card without spending too much money!
Good Luck!


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ok, just a quickie.
Whats better this>THIS or a ATI Radeon 9550? or if none of those are very good,OR out of this page whats my best bang for the buck. Thanks

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Hello guys.
The location of windows hosts file is in "c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\" right?
My question is, can I rename it to "hosts.txt" so that I can access it more easily?


Answer:A very simple question

That is the proper location. No. If you rename it then it will no longer function properly. It may even break your Internet connection.

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Question: Simple Question!

How do I set Windows Explorer to open to the folder of my choice? (Win2k) Can't remember and joy. Thanks!

Answer:Simple Question!


At the end put whatever folder you want.

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Hello all.

This question is about thumb/flash drives. My computer local policy prohibits me from using it even though I am an administrator on my local machine. Can anyone tell me which specific policy I have to change to let me use a flash drive?


Answer:This may be a simple question

Hello Mskiy, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might check to see if these tutorials may be able to help you with this. Be sure to look in the same areas in Group Policy to see if you have anything that is set to anything other than Not Configured. If you do, then it may be responsible as well.

Drive Access - Restrict or Unrestrict

Removable Hard Disk Drives - Allow or Deny Read and Write Access

Hope this helps,

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Relevance 72.98%
Question: Simple Question

I have a computer running on windows xp. Core Duo E7200 with 2gigs of ram. I've been using it for over a month now and it boots up nice and quickly for me.

However I just noticed today that when I turn on the AVR and I press the computer's power button, it takes around 15 seconds before it actually boots up. Before, when I pressed the power button the computer boots up immediately and you can see the boot screen. But now it's like there's around a 15 second lag from the time you press the power button to the actual boot. I'm hoping someone can help me out here.

Thanks guys.

Answer:Simple Question

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What does this uplink/normal button do on this hub of mine? I can't find its purpose in the manual.

Answer:Simple question about this hub

From page 9 of the installation manual:

Set Normal/Uplink Push Button

The Normal/Uplink push button on the front panel of the hub allows you to
select the Uplink (MDI) or Normal (MDI-X) position for port 4 on the Model
DS104 hub, port 6 on the Model DS106 hub, port 8 on the Model DS108 hub,
and port 16 on the Model DS116 hub. All other ports are wired Normal for
direct connection to PCs.

Select Normal if connecting a PC, server, or router to the port. Select Uplink if
connecting a hub or switch. The Normal/Uplink push button eliminates the need
to use a crossover cable.Click to expand...


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Can a power supply unit from a p4/athlonXP system be used on a P3 system?

How about vice-versa, can I use a PSU from a P3 on a P4/athlon xp system?

Somebody gave me a bare case with a power supply in it that was used for a AMD athlon xp 2500. I have a P3 motherboard and cpu that I'd like to install into this case but I'm not sure if I can use the power supply..should I get a new PSU?


Answer:Simple PSU Question

kobel, you should try and get a schematic from the psu manufacteror of each unit that tells you the voltages of the individual color coded wires and compare them. my understanding is all computer brands are not neccessarily wired the same.

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I have recently started downoading photos and copying photos of my own to disc. I have noticed that the photos come with diferent strings attached to their file names such as JPEG , TIF etc. What exactly do these strings signify?

Answer:Maybe a simple question

A primer is here:

The "strings" are the type of file it is. Referred to as file types, they are also known as file extensions.

JPEG (jpg) is a compressed file format, which has smaller diles but sme quality loss.
It is usual to send emaied photos as a .jpg file as they could be too large otherwise.

.TIFF is a non-compressed format, as is .BMP

Note that you cannot change file types by renaming the extension, it has to be done with image conversion software

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I currently have 1 x 1 GB of Kingston DDR2 533MHz/PC2-4200 Non-ECC CL4 1.8V Unbuffered Dimm 240 pin Ram.

I'm looking at buying some more. My options are as follows:
1) Buy another stick of the same for 15

2) Buy a Corsair 2GB Kit (2x1GB) DDR2 675MHz/PC2-5400 XMS2 Memory Non-ECC Unbuffered CL4(4-4-4-12) for 30

3) Buy 2 more of the kingston sticks so run 3 x 1GB.

Which of these options is best for the price? I.E would spending 15 more for the faster corsair give an increase in performance equivalent to spending twice the amount?


Answer:Simple RAM question

Does your motherboard support Dual-Channel memory? If you have 3 memory sockets, it won't support dual channel so go with the 3 Kingston 533's

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Question: Simple Question

Ok, I should know this, but, I'm buliding a new system out of old parts i had laying around, nothing spectacular just something for the kids to play with. Anyway, I've got everything set up ribbons are pretty, and i've got power, but there seems to be something wrong, the only tab i'm connecting is the one for the power switch (as it's the only one I need) it'll power up, but i'm not getting a feed to the moniter. Also, I'm getting no power feed to the Rom drives, the hard disk will spin, but that's all. Anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Simple Question

i know this may seem stupid, but have you connected the rom drives both to the motherboard and the the PSU. also what size is the PSU? also is the monitor connected at both ends to the monitor and the computer as well as the power lead to the monitor?

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I have Xion tower with a stock PS. My harddrive is randomly clicking and 'losing its train of thought' so to speak (it stops booting up when that happens, stops doing what its doing when it happens in windows).

It did this a couple months ago, but i noticed that whenever it clicked, the LED lights on the case flickered. I replaced my two 80mm LED fans with one 120mm non-LED one. My system then continued to work properly until now. I'm assuming it was the power supply.

Now, it is doing the same thing again, only the LED is less noticibly flickering (i have to watch it carefully). This case's PS is known to fail after time. I'm also getting stop errors relating to data-reading errors (0xf4, 0x7A) periodicaly, presumably from when the HD 'skips'.

My question is simple (maybe): Before I spend 70 dollars on a new power supply, is there anything else that you think this could be? Thanks.

Answer:simple HD / PS question

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Question: Simple question

I want to buy a good antispyware program ---active protection and a effective scanner.
I am very familiar with some , but I am interested in two .
I just got rid of Antivirus 2009 using superantispyware , but I still have a question.
Which would be best to buy ?
1. Superantispyware
2. Malwarebytes

I havent kept up with stuff lately , and since I will be buying -- I would like some input from my friends here at TSG >f

Answer:Simple question

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I have a site that is for tracking information about our assets.  The assets table holds all the info for the asset but the location is stored as a code (200, 100, 450 ect..) and the site pulls the info from another table that stores the code and the name associated with it so that the page displays a name rather than number.  The location code table has three columns: ID, Code, and Name.  The current location column in the assets table stores the code that corresponds to the location code table so that the data stored in the assets table can be kept to a minimum.  What I need to do is be able to check to make sure that the location code table entry is not modified if it is use by an asset.  The site passes the ID of the entry to be changed as well as the new code and name that will be used.  (I will post my sproc that I currently use)  I can check to make sure the new code and name are not in use but I am not sure how to check to make sure the existing entry isn't being used by the asset table.  This sproc is used to both add a new location entry as well as modify an existing entry.

USE []
ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[AssetManager_AddLocation]

@LocationCode int,
@LocationName nvarchar(50),
@LocationID int


DECLARE @return INT = 0;
IF NOT exists (select @LocationID from dbo.AssetManager_LocationCode where LocationID = @LocationID)
IF NOT EXISTS ... Read more

Answer:a simple SQL question (I think)

Got the problem fixed for anyone else who has a problem like this.  I used this line of code

if not exists (select top 1 a.AssetID from dbo.AssetManager_Assets a inner join dbo.AssetManager_LocationCode l on a.CurrentLocationID = l.LocationCode where l.LocationID = @LocationID)

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