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eMachine power supply (PSU) green light flashing, won't turn on

Question: eMachine power supply (PSU) green light flashing, won't turn on

My sister-in-law has an eMachine that she turned off and unplugged before leaving for vacation. A week later she returned and plugged it back in only to find it won't turn on. I don't know much about this pc other than it's a tower and about 3 or so years old. I figured it was probably the PSU (power supply) but wanted to verify as many things as possible. Basically, there is a green light on the back of the pc (on the PSU) that will flashes on and off when you try to turn on the computer. The PSU fan doesn't spin and nothing else makes any attempt to turn...just dead.

I pulled all the power connectors and jumpered the power switch pins (15-16), this gave me a solid green light on the PSU and the fan spun normally. I tested with a voltmeter and got the proper voltage on all the pins. I am thinking that this probably rules out the PSU but not 100% as something could be 'pulling it down'???

Any ideas on what else to look at? I hate to buy a PSU when it appears this one is ok. That pretty much leaves the MoBo and/or CPU. I've pulled all the cards and memory trying to get it to do anything and nothing affects it. I suspect there is something wrong with the MoBo but don't know how to verify that.

Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: eMachine power supply (PSU) green light flashing, won't turn on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: eMachine power supply (PSU) green light flashing, won't turn on

What you need is a PSU Tester which you can get on eBay that will tell you if the power supply is bad.

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Answer:laptop will not turn on have green led light on power supply...

please help if u can thanks

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hi guys
as per one of my friend I could replace my memory (RAM) up to 32GB, so I've ordered a couple sticks of Kingston HyperX so I've took slot 1+2 and replaced 2 4GB Hynix RAM by 2 8GB HyperX...
Now I have a good old CPU that doesnt work plus it smell like burnt plastic with no apparent damage to the board or RAM... 
Startup: 2x BEEP (No BIOS)Motherboard Light: Solid AmberBootup Light: Flashing AmberPower Supply Light: Solid Green
I've tried booting from  a single RAM unit on slot one then slot two, and nothing has changed... anyone can help?
Motherboard: 0Y2MRG i7 2700Primary: SSD Kingston HyperX Savage 240 (added)Secondary: Seagate 1.5TB + 2TB (added) Barracuda (7200)New RAM: ts/HX316C10FK2/16 RAM: HMT351U6CFR8C-H9

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I have compaq presario sr2010nx xp (for 5yrs if that matters) anyway we had a power outage and the pc shut down like everything else ...the problem came in when everything else turned back on besides my pc! Now I've tried unplugging and rePlugging it back in,Dusting it off etc to No avail! I am ok with computers but ill need a walk through on specific terms of any because my google is limited because I only have my iPhone to work with.

I can say, there is a blinking green light on the back of it that blinks even when it's unplugged.. I do not know what this is for.Any advice to help me manually fix it would be great if possible even if only a temporary fix .. I am considering just buying a new one rather than taking it to a shop because of how outdated
It is. Thanks guys sorry for the typing /spelling mistakes again from iPhone lol. Also if I can get any good advice I'd donate money to the individual as well as the community. : )

Answer:Xp will not turn on green flashing light??

If there was an outage when the power came back on it might of caused a surge that possibly caused some sort of damage to the board or power supply. either way you might have to take it somewhere and know for sure exactly what happened and go from there if its worth fixing or not.a 5 year old computer isnt that old some can run longer than that before problems happen.i had a laptop that lasted for 9 years and when the screen went it was time to retire it.

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We just got a Compaq Presario S6500NX from a friend and it won't boot up. It won't even turn on!

When plugged in, the little green light in the back flashes and no amount of pressing the power button makes any difference.

The machine worked when it left his house, just not when it got to us.

What is the problem and how do we fix it?

Answer:PC won't turn on: green flashing light in the back

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Hi people can anyone help?

I've got a Satellite Pro A120 that's not been used for a long time,
When i plug it in and turn it on i get nothing except the lights on the front of the laptop, green power light telling me the d/c jack is plugged in,
battery charging light but the power on light at the front is flashing green twice then amber once and the fan is running but nothing else at all.

Could anyone tell me wots wrong and how to fix please??

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 does not turn on - green flashing light


DC IN indicator (second from left) glows green when DC power is supplied from the AC adaptor.
If the adaptors output voltage is abnormal or if the power supply malfunctions, this indicator flashes orange.

The Power indicator (third from left) glows green when the computer is on. If you select Sleep mode this indicator flashing (one second on, two second off) while the computer shuts down.

If you notice other indicator behaviors, then this means that something could be wrong on the motherboard. Its not possible to say what could be wrong here but firstly you should check the memory modules. Try to power up the unit using only one module.
If this does not help, then a motherboard malfunction might be possible.

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A couple weeks ago during a thunderstorm, the power went out, and when I came home my Compaq Presario desktop would not turn on. The computer was on a surge protector. When plugged up a light below the plugin on the back flashes green, but nothing happens when the power button is pushed. I have tried other power cords, nothing worked. All of our pictures from the last few years are on this computer. Help???

Answer:Solved: Compaq Presario - flashing green light, will not turn on

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My PC wouldn't turn on on Monday night - just a green flashing light on the front. After a bid of fiddling with the kettle lead etc and moving the pc, it worked. After switching off as usual the same thing happened the next night. I replaced the kettle lead but now it just sits with the green light flashing. I've checked the forums but can't find someone with the same problem in that the pc DOES work every now and again. PC about 15 months old. Has anyone any suggestions (hoping its not the hard drive).

Answer:Solved: Green Flashing Light no Power!

Solved - had a chappie at work have a look and the fan doesn't move. By the way the green light now doesn't come on at all. It's the psu and it's being fixed later. Thanks for looking and hopefully this may help someone else!

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Hello, I'm trying to figure out if the power supply on my hp is bad or not. The green light on back of the tower is flashing and the computer won't turn on. I've tried all of the preliminary things and nothing works -- the green light keeps blinking until I disconnect the large plug to the motherboard, then the light stays on and doesn't blink. Once I have the power cord disconnected and the main plug to the motherboard disconnected as well, I then have tried replugging the power cord and then replugging the main plug to the motherboard (kind of trying to jump start it), the fan tries to come one (but only for a second, then goes back off, so it won't boot).Does anyone know if this means that the power supply is bad or if something else might be wrong? I'm wondering if the power supply would be bad when the computer is clearly trying to start, but not quite making it.

View Solution.

Answer:no power and green light on my hp pavilion is flashing

If the PSU blinks it needs to be reset.unplug the electrical cable from the wall and the PSU.move the red voltage selector to the opposite position it is in and then slide it back. If you live in the USA 120Vac-->220Vac-->120Vac see the image below.  After you have done this you can plug the power cable back into the PSU.  Connect the power cable to the wall power. If the PSU is still serviceable it will no longer be blinking. Best regards,erico Edited to fix the broken image link.

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I had a lightning strike and I think my Power Supply may be shot.

I had it plugged into a cheap surge protector, but I don't trust it.

When I plug it in, directly to the wall socket, the green LED on the back of the power supply just flashes constantly. But when I try to turn the computer on, absolutely nothing happens.

I tried a new power cord with no luck...same thing.

Might there be a reset switch in the power supply, or does this flashing green light mean that it is dead.

Thanks...I appreciate your help


Answer:Lightning hit...Power supply flashing green

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I picked up this Alienware 5700 off ebay to hopefully refurbish for my son but I'm new at this and still learning and so this thing has me baffled. The laptop is in pristine condition but shows no signs of life. When I plug in the power supply the green light on the power supply goes from solid green to blinking rapidly to the point you can barely see it. To me that would mean a short somewhere right ? If so where ? Has anyone else ever had experience with something like this ? I just don't want to go buying a new battery for a laptop that maybe fried already. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:No power, no lights but green light on power supply blinks rapidly

Remove the laptops battery and try the AC power only. If the green light does the same, it still could only be a bad AC adapter, or at worst, a shorted laptop motherboard

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I have a Sony VGC-RB42G computer. I recently moved my computer, cleaned off all the dust, and when I plugged everything back in, it won't power up. The light on the power supply blinks green, inside the motherboard also has a green light that blinks as well. It has a ticking sound too, but I am not sure if it is coming from the power supply or the motherboard. Any idea what could be wrong.

FYI, I have already unplugged everything from the power supply, pulled out the ram, checked the battery, and put everything back together and still no change. One thing I thought was strange was after I unplugged everything, I pulled the power into the power supply again and this time the green light came on but did not blink. It stayed solid.


Answer:No Power, Blinking green light on power supply and motherboard

Sounds like a Power Supply problem.

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All in one won't start. power supply light is green but when conected to computer it goes off or start blinking very dim. comp won't start or make any noise. I brought a new original power supply and the same situation.

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I am working on a frends desktop that recently might have been hit by lightning. After a big storm their desktop would no longer power on. Now, I am no stranger to computers. I unplugged the motherboard main connector and I get a solid green light when I plug the psu in. Plug the main connector back in and plug the psu in I get blinking light again. So either its the PSU or mainboard. Im thinking psu since usually that is what goes first, but at the same time I am leaning towards mainboard. what do you all think? On another note, Are these boards proprietary? I have a few standard ATX PSUs I could test my theory with but not if I have to rewire them.

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Hi everyone, I have the ideapad Z570. Last night it suddenly turned itself of without shutting down, it would then not turn back on at all and I noticed that the amber light on the AC power block was flashing HELP !!!!I have tried it without the battery in and pressing the on button for 30 secs to a minute and nothing, the AC power continues to flash. Any support greatly appreciated.

Answer:Z570 ac power supply flashing light

HiDoes our laptop work only on ac adapter?

Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)If you think a post helped you, then you can give Kudos to the post by pressing the Star on the left of the post. If you think a post solved your problem, then mark it as a solution so that others having the same problem can refer to it.

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I can't get my computer to boot at all, not into CMOS, not anything. It doesn't power up. And the green LED light that comes with the power supply is constantly flashing.

This has happened before, normally when I wait a while before trying to boot, I can get the fan inside the power supply to spin just a little bit. The last time it happened, I fixed it by taking out one of the memory sticks.

I have no other power supply to test, so I don't know whether it's a problem with the motherboard, or the power supply. However, I notice that when the 24-count connector pin isn't connected to the motherboard, the light doesn't flash, it just stays lit green. When I plug it in, it starts flashing again. Maybe it's the motherboard, maybe the pins are bad, I'm not sure what that suggests.

Is there anything I can do to diagnose this clearer?

Answer:Computer won't start, power supply light flashing.

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I just recently Inhearted a computer from school, after my IT teacher couldn't get it to run. Both my IT teacher and I thought for sure it was the power supply or the power switch. The Problem is that the computer dosn't do anything at all when you press the power button. My teacher told me that when he first started having the problem he would press the power button, and maybe Once out of every fifty times it might boot up. then the problem got worse, and only started like every 100th time, now it dosn't work at all. The system is a Used MDG with a 1.5GHZ cpu, and mostly all stock parts. The system came with a stock 300 watt PSU. When I first took it apart, I pulled out the power supply completely, and tried to put in another one, that I had laying around, however it had the wrong connector, so I just put the old one back in. when I put the PSU back in, it seemed to have power, as I could hear the electricty following thorugh it, and a green Led light would light up on the mother board, however if I pushed the power button, it would still do nothing, the CPU fan wouldn't even turn. The only time I actually notice the CPU Fan do a quick turn, is if I disconect the power from the PSU for a long period of time, then reconnect it. So I went to the local computer store tonight with the switch, and the man tested for me, and it did end of being a faulty switch, so I purchased I brand new. I then put it into the computer, and still nothing, and believ... Read more

Answer:Computer will not boot up, Power supply shows green led light on mother board

computer won't boot

I think youve got a bad psu. I've had a similiar problemand replaced the psu. Check the voltage outputs and if not in range replace it. twildet

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My neighboor has a Pavilion P6710f that won't turn on. The green light on the power supply is steady. My Dell Inspiron had the same problem a few months ago and after replacing the power supply it works fine.  how can I tell if the power supply in this Hp needs to be replaced?

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I'm trying to help a friend with an HP PC that is fairly new - runs Win XP but don't know any other spec details.

The power supply's green light is on - but pressing the ON button does nothing... no noise, no fan no nothing. Is it that the power supply has gone out - even though the green light is on? Or is it the motherboard?

I could put in a new power supply for her but I hate to buy one then find out it's the motherboard.

All help is appreciated.


Answer:Power Supply light is on, but PC won't turn on

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I have a Compaq Presario, Windows Vista Basic, around 3 gigs of RAM.

I recently rearranged my room, and when I went to go plug everything back in for my computer, the power supply light started to flicker when it was fine the day before.
I don't remember this ever happening before; it's still green, it just flickers rapidly and I can hear it.
I thought it was a temporary thing, but my power button is completely unresponsive and it will not turn on.

I have had my power supply replaced twice prior, and I fear I may have accidentally surged my power supply when I plugged it back in.
I would like to know if this is the only cause, I have tried different outlets, and even checked to make sure that I didn't mix up my power supply cable with my monitor or printer, but the results are the same.
Even when I unplug any power source, the light flickers and gradually dies, as compared to going out immediately.

The last time I replaced my power supply was around October of 2009, due a faulty fan.
The time before, was October 2007, when the power supply just shorted out.

This time I am completely confused since it was working the day prior, and wonder if my moving it would have caused something. It seems so unlikely, but due to my bad history with power supplies, I am prone to assume it is the same problem.
But if anyone has any other suggestions, please help.

Thank you for your time.

Answer:Solved: Power Supply light flickering, computer won't turn on

Since you moved the computer I would open the case and make sure all the powersupply connections to the mobo and peripherals are tight.

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We got a Compaq Presario S6500NX from a friend who had upgraded to another computer and we can't get it to work. It ran fine before he brought it to us, however, once we got it here and tried to power it up it wouldn't start at all.

On the power supply in the back the green light blinks and clicks rapidly when the cord is plugged in, and pressing the power button does nothing at all.

Interestingly, a few minutes ago I took it out of storage, (we got the computer months ago and gave up when we couldn't get it running) plugged it in by itself and it powered up just fine, the fan turned on and everything! So I opened it up and cleaned out some of the dust (I didn't have it plugged into a monitor or anything, I just wanted to see if it was still doing the same thing it had months ago) and, lo and behold, when I tried to turn it on again with everything plugged in, I got the blinking/clicking green light and no power up.

What could be the problem here? I know the whole thing isn't totally shot because it DID power up just fine a few minutes ago. But now we're back to the blinking clicking light (instead of the steady green glow that usually happens when the power supply cord is plugged in). It leads me to believe that something's loose, but I don't dare mess with the power supply box unless I know what I'm doing...

Another question is, if the power supply isn't fixable, would it be possible to replace it with the power supply ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Power supply light blinking/clicking, computer won't turn on

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Hi guys, this is my very first forum post ever in my life and I hope I get super help.So there I was working on my computer one day. I was downloading a youtube video with a program that has scheduled shutdown computer option upon download completion. I turned that on and turned off my monitor. After about 1-2 mins I noticed the power and HDD indicator lights in front of the CPU casing is turned off so I thought for some reason my pc probably turned off. I tried turning it on by pressing the power button and at the same time turned my monitor on. It turned on with a light-brown colored background so I quickly hit restart but then it won't turn on. I plugged by USB in hoping it would try to boot from the USB (my bios settings primary boot is set to removable devices). Then I pressed the power button again but THIS TIME I noticed that a very bad wire-burning type smell is coming out so I instantly turned EVERYTHING off. Later I opened my CPU casing and tried smelling the devices and found that probably the smell is coming from my second (and newer) hard disk that is about 10 months old. So, finding no hope and ideas I threw myself to's forum from my school laptop...please anyone help me out ASAP!Note that when I still try to turn my the pc on the power supply fan, the ethernet lights and even the DVD-rom drive works; so I am totally confused!My pc is  Intel Core2duo, 2GB ram/memory, 256 internal video memory, primary hard-disk=160gb and secondary... Read more

Answer:CPU/Power Supply fans work but indicator light in front doesn't turn on.

Minimal boot is where I'd start. If motherboard has integrated video use that, disconnect all drives, and just have the motherboard set up with 1 ram stick, and try to boot. If you get it to boot then shut it down and add 1 component and boot up again if no boot then you found the cause if it boots then move to next component to add and repeat. If no boot on minimal boot, then swap single Ram stick with another if you had more than 1 stick. If still no minimal boot swap power supply. If still no minimal boot its something local to motherboard. Unistall CPU and check for damage and reinstall it, apply thermal compound and heatsink and try another boot. If still no boot, I'd buy or use a different motherboard unless you have a POST card to work with and want to troubleshoot deeper.Cooked component smell is not a good thing, if you can localize the smell and find burned traces or parts that would be a help in determining if this can be saved or if you need to start a new build. I have only seen one hard drive smoke before and that was my friend way back when SATA drives first came out and it had a P connection as well as SATA power. He hooked up both and cooked it. On a small warning in the box it warns not to plug power to both. I'd doubt if your drive is one of these drives given that you mentioned that it is 10 months old.

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When I turn my pc on the power light keeps flashing green, but the disc drive still opens and I can still hear the fan !Any ideas on what is wrong

Answer:Green flashing light

Hi Chelseastu and welcome to TSG.

What make and model computer is it ? Laptop or Desktop ?

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I recently reformatted and now the green light on my computer is flashing.
any one know what that means
i run xp pro on an amd t bird 1400 256 ddr ram radeaon 64mb ddr video and onboard sound(sis)
the green light has a picture of a lightbulb next to it.
Thanks in advance

Answer:flashing green light

what green light? where is it located?

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I just wana know what this green light is that is flashing all the time when I look at the front of my computer. So what does it mean?

Answer:"green" light flashing

One of two things come to mind. Since I don't know exactly what light what you're referring to. It's either A: The read/write activity of your hard drive. Or B: to a lesser possibility the data transfer activity of your network card.I would say you have about a 75% chance it's your hard drive activity light.

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i had tried to turn on my dell optiplex 380 to power on but failed.when im on my pc that had sound like shock "ted"inside the to fix this?are my power supply was dead?

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Hi! I hope you guys can help.
I've been trying for a while to set up a broadband connection at a friends house.It's a Thomson Speedtouch330 usb modem provided by the ISP.
Initially, the power light was green and the adsl light flashing green. I changed the filters, and 2 extension cables in case the problem lay there but the light kept flashing green. In desparation I phoned the ISP (it took about an hour to get through) and after making the usual checks they advised me to connect the tower unit plus modem directly into the master socket, as a way of checking the telephone line (If the asdl light kept flashing then there was a problem with the line, if it didn't there was a problem with the extension cable).
When I attached the tower/modem to the master socket all I ever got was a flashing RED power light, which really confused me. I thought that meant that the PC and modem were not talking to each other (which they were when using the extesion cable).
I'm no techie and am probably doing something stupid (it wouldn't be the first time, believe me ! ). But I'd be grateful if you could help. Thanks

Answer:Flashing green light then flashing red light !

I believe a flashing green DSL light is normal. What other symptoms do you have?


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We had a power-cut about 3 months ago and my HP desktop would not turn back on. There is a flashing green light at the back of the computer that has never been there before.

I have been really busy and have only just around to attempting to fix the computer.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:HP Computer - Green Flashing Light

HP info: (incl. live chat)
No POST guide:

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i have this problem it just start like yesterday and when i turn on my computer it sounds like its booting up like normal except the monitor will just blink with a green light and i checked to make sure the cords and everything was good and it still dont work.

Answer:green flashing light on monitor

A light blinking at a rate of at least once every second often seems to be made to indicate there is a problem, as in the makers of the device that has the light did it to show that there is a problem, so at least the monitor "knows" there is a problem...So maybe you should read the manual or contact the manufacturer and see what the blinking light means.
First things I would try are to plug it into a different PC, trying a different data cable, a different power cord, and a different outlet. If all of the above fails (including reading the manual or contacting the mfr.), it is probably a part inside the monitor not working correctly. Make sure all connections are secure, and not crooked or anything, including the video card's (if there is one) connection the the motherboard's slot, any internal power cord to the video card, etc.

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So today I was just watching a YouTube video, not gaming, not doing anything too intensive. Suddenly my computer shuts off with the power button blinking green. No BSOD, just powered off and won't turn back on. I tried unplugging the power cable and holding down the power button for 30 secs with no luck. My computer is pretty hot idle at 60 degrees Celsius. But it's been this way for years with no problem. Could something overheating just by watching a YouTube video? When a CPU overheats it goes into blue screen right? So it can't be my CPU. I have a cooler master PSU. CM is a trusted brand. And I also have an MSI motherboard.

Answer:Computer randomly turns off with green blinking green light on power

Doesn't necessarily mean the screen will blue out because of heat problems mate run the BIOS and post back the readings for the CPU temp (seems a tad high to me for idle) and the CPU fan speed.

The other thing to do is check out the PSU as well via these
PSU - Jump Start

but try the BIOS first and if you do the PSU stuff DO NOT attempt to open the device itself you just need to measure the volts on the leads. However volts does not necssarity mean enough current (amps)

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Hi, TSG. One of my friends has been having computer troubles, so I told him I'd see what I could do to help. I brought his tower back to my place, unhooked my tower (after shutting it down from windows) and hooked his up. I used the power cord from my tower (along with all the other attachments - keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc...) and attached it all to his tower. Everything went smoothly. Until I tried hooking my tower back up. Now, when I plug in the power cord to my tower, I get a blinking green light. The tower won't even turn on at all. After I unplug it, it slowly blinks out. When I plug it back in, same problem.

His computer is an HP, mine is a Sony VAIO. Mine's roughly 5 years old, his is 6-7 years old.

I probably did something I shouldn't have. Did the cord somehow configure to his tower, and now it won't work with mine? Is there anything at all I can do to fix this? Will buying a new power cord help? Thanks.
Processor: Pentium 4
Wish I had more specs, but I've had this thing for five years now and can't find where I wrote them down.

Answer:Solved: Flashing Green Light on Tower

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My Compaq PC would not start up or Boot. The flashing green light on the power supply was flashing but no lights or noise (fans)on the computer when pushing the power button.

I'm sure this was due to a power outage and storms.

The Fix:
Unplug the power cable from the computer. Open the case and follow the main cable from the power supply to the motherboard. Unplug the cable from the motherboard.
Plug the power cable back into the computer (lick your fingers,,,,Just kidding) While holding the power button "ON" Plug the cable back onto the motherboard (do this at your own risk) This was an older computer at work and had to get it running,,, I had nothing to loose.

If you see the CPU fan spin quickly and stop without the power resuming then you are on the right track:try it again. You may have to play with unpluging the cable and power button pushing/holding until the system resets.

The system should work fine or until your next thunder storm. Ive seen people replace power supplies and spend hours trying to get their computer to boot. Its not the powersupply!

Answer:Compaq Flashing Green Light (Fixed)

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Hi I just got back into bitcoin mining and I have been having a lot of problems. First there was a solid red light which I can only assume it was wrong. I lost the ip address I had for antminer before so I reset it. Now I have a red and green flashing light consistently with one another. And im honestly just stuck. I wanted to get back into it now that bitcoin values are skyrocketing! Help me set it up again and get back to please!

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Can someone please tell me why the green light on the front of the cpu is yellow and not green? im running windows xp. i cant turn it on or even use the comptuer. i need an answer asap, i am using that computer for school

Answer:Help ASAP please. my cpu is flashing a yellow light not a green one

Typically this means a power supply problem, Is this a dell ?

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Hi there,

I upgraded to OSX 10.4.9 on my mac (466 mhz powerpc G4 desktop) a few months ago, and my QPS-525 QUE! Firewire drive was working just fine until after I added more memory (512 mg) a few days ago. Now when I turn on the cd drive, I see a flashing green light and it won't eject. I've checked all the cables and everything appears to be fine. I even unplugged the external cd drive and plugged into my laptop (1.5 g, powerpc G4, OSX 10.4.9), and the same problem occured. Any info would be appreciated.


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Alright, so my monitor is being weird, and I dont know what to do. I have made a video to show the problem, im not sure if its the cable or my computer, but at the moment it is working fine, just after a an hour or two of AFK, thats when its starts happening., or when i shut off the monitor, come back a while later, and try to turn it on.

thanks for the help

Answer:Monitor screen flashing on and off, but the green light is still on

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I've come across some weird issues, but this one is new. When the battery is charging, I expect to see a flashing green light, but when you turn it off, it continues to flash green after you unplug it. The only way to get that light to stop flashing green is to pull the battery. I have tried different batteries, and no luck. My next guess would be to replace the system board, unless someone has a guess first.

Answer:T43 battery light flashing green when unplugged

If the machine is still under warranty, send it in and have it repaired. If it's not...that might be a lot of money to pay to resolve a fairly minor (IMO) issue... Good luck and let us know.

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My copmpaq computer will not boot up When I turn it on a green light kepps blinking on the back

Answer:Green flashing light on the back of my comput

You will have to troubleshoot it showhow. Ask a technical type friend to look at it.Could be they see some indications that would lead us to some clue.Right now it could be almost anything from video to motherboard to cpu. 1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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Just wondering if you could help me out. I have a windows ten, intel inside core i5 Samsung laptop. I don't know what information you need so I will give you as much as possible. It has worked fine for months and most of today, the charger is the problem, the green light is still on when plugged in but it flashes with a very dull green light. The wall socket works and it is definitely the charger rather than the electric supply to my room. I have ensured that everything is plugged in properly however it will not charge the lap top.
Its a delta electronic inc charger REV 2.3, there is a CNBA number if required.

Thank you,

Maria E-R

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I have just tried setting up orange broadband. After initially getting a connection. I now can no longer connect. I have a flashing green ADSL light (which having read some previous posts seems to be the nemesis of many broadband users).I have loom at teh orange website trouble shooter and spoken to their call center in India.Both source suggest checking filters which seem to be in order, and re-installing the modem, which i have done on several occassions. None of these things have worked. I am a little reluctant to call India again at 50p per minute. Could anyone offer any help !!!

Answer:ADSL green light flashing - New Orange subscriber

I am presuming that Orange have provided the connection through your exchange; it can take a few days to set up sometimes.You could start by disconnecting all `phones and filters apart from the one to your PC. It could also be an idea to use the primary socket to the property in case there is a problem in the other wiring.If you can then connect to the ISP check all filters and reconnect them and the `phones one by one to see if there is a problem there.If this is satisfactory you may need to try your connection on other sockets and see if they work. If so it is something to do with the one you were connected to in the first instance.If you can`t connect from the primary socket then you may need to contact BT for a line check.

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Hello, I am not sure why, but my HP Envy 750-170se wont turn on. The green light is solid, there's no fan or beeping noise. I already tried the Power Supply Troubleshooting instructions, but there was no option that fit my situation. The computer is relatively new, maybe about 2 months old.  Please help! I'm using the computer for a school project!

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Hey I am hoping someone might be able to help me with this because I don't have a clue about this stuff and I need to get my laptop powered up.

I have a Samsung model: NP370R5E.

Earlier on my laptop was plugged in but I realised it wasn't charging. Then noticed that the light on the adapter was flashing instead of being the usual solid green light. It only flashes if it is plugged into laptop. When I disconnect it from laptop the light goes back to the normal solid green. Does anyone have any idea what this indicates and what I can do to fix it? Your help would be so much appreciated as I have no idea what to do. Thanks.

Answer:Green light on adapter flashing when plugged into laptop

Here's a little troubleshooting page you might like:

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Hi , all of a sudden my 6 month old Western Digital 500gb external HDD decided to not work. at all. the green round light on the front flashes fast/continuously , and the power cable i have connected to it will provide power to my laptop (vista) if i plug it in to that, but when i plug it in the hdd, as soon as its powered up, the green light just flashes and my pc wont recognise it. any ideas? anyone else had this problem?thanks

Answer:western digital exteral hdd green flashing light

Won't see drive or won't see it as a USB device attatched?

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My daughters laptop will not start up.  Not sure if it's a screen issue or something else.  When you power it on you can hear it running and the power button lights up but nothing happens.  There is a green light flashing on the caps lock but that is all we get.

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Hello, I am not sure what the make and model of my exteranal hard drive is but here is what I know...
Maxtor 250GB External Hard Drive USB2.0 8MB Cache - Retail

found on this page:

Ive had the product for about a year now and its worked fine up until about an hour ago...

I plugged the external harddrive into my PC and nothing happened, My PC wont pick it up at all and nothing shows up in "My Computer" The only thing that is happening is the green light on the front of the case is flashing on and off and thats it.

Does anybody know how I can fix it? Please
Thank you for your time

*P.S* im really sorry if ive posted this in the wrong forum section, Thank you

Answer:PC wont pick up Hard drive & green light flashing on and off

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MB - ASUS P5B LGA 775 Intel P965 Express ATX Intel
CPU - Intel e4400 Dual Core

Computer been running rock solid for 2 years. I didn't do any changes. One morning I boot it, front green light flashing together with red. Removed everything and I realized issue is between the MB and CPU. When I remove the CPU cover the PC has no green light, solid red, but when I put the cover on the green light flashes insteed of being solid green. This is very sensitive area it seems. I managed to put some weight on the cpu with a screwdriver tring to get a solid green, but this lasted only for few almost a min, then resets and trys to reboot again.

What could be causing this flashing green light rather than solid on front case? It's not the PSU since I tested it with another one. Also If I put the GPU I can hear unstable fan noise. Its like its struggling.

Other things to add. Thermal paste could've damaged the CPU or the pressure from the cpu cooler that I tightened maeby way too strong months ago. I am 100% I can't do anything to fix this. I know Il have ro replace one piece. Problem is Im not certain which one and no way I can find out...

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Hello everyone,  I am facing this problem from the past few days in my Lenovo G510. Whenever I plug in the charger for charging the laptop, both the power light and the battery light with orange color, starts flashing and the laptop stops charging.  The color of the battery light changes to orange, even if my laptop is nearly 50% charged.Can't figure out, what is the problem? Any help will be appreciated!

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Like it won't even turn on. I press the power button but it just flashes a green light, sometimes nothing at all.

Answer:why does my phone keep flashing a green square when I try to turn it on.

do mention your device model, did you try charging the phone? It might be because the better is completely drained out.
Did you drop your phone recently? tell us in brief about it.
If you need additional help or want to reply to this thread , learn how to join windows central.

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I did load up a FIX ME STIK a few days prior...

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hi i just tried using my HP desktop M9000 and when i try to turn it on ,  nothing happens. i check the green light on back, when i unplug it and plug it back in the green light stays lit. when i push the power button the power button turn in about 1 second then the green light goes off. I tried the unplug and hold the power button down for 10 seccond then plug back in and it does the same thing, the green light is lit until i push the power button. any ideas how to fix of is something NG?? thanks kevin

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I have an old emachine T2893 that I am trying to get running for my grand daughter. When I attemt to boot, I get a message that I have a problem with the hard drive. Odd thing is when I first turn it on, the cooling fans run really fast but as soon as the HD starts, the fans run really slow. Anyone encounter a problem like this before? I think the power supply is the problem. Any help out there?

Answer:Emachine power supply

No I've never seen that exact problem but the first course of action should be to disconnect the hard drive to see if you can get into the bios and to see if the fans react the same.

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looking for help on the power supply of a emachine 2.6 ghz intel celron w/8og harddrive. After shuting down computer i notice the power supply fan still running , is this normal. the reason iam asking is, we lost power in the house and had a hard time restarting the computer. thanks for any help.

Answer:emachine power supply

Does your power supply have ECASO technology?  ECASO technology keep fans running for cooling down your internal case and power supply temperature for 3 minutes after shutdown.  It's a long shot, but something to consider.  Not likely, though, since you're just noticing this now.I've always taken the approach that troubleshooting power supplies isn't really worth it.  The risk/reward just doesn't justify messing with it.  Plus, a replacement can be acquired for a fairly inexpensive price assuming you're not someone who has to have name brand/latest and greatest hardware.  Of course, that's assuming that the problem is in your power supply.  If you don't have a warrenty, I would suggest acquiring a different power supply (either from retail or from someone who has an extra) and seeing if that fixes your problem.  If not, move on from there.

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Thought I would register here and see if I could get some help fixing an Emachine. The power supply went bad, so I pulled one out of another computer. The machine turns on without even touching the power button. All lights come on, but windows is not running nor is there anything displaying on the screen. Could it be that an emachine will onlywork with a factory power supply? Appreciate any help at all.

Answer:Emachine Power Supply

Any ATX  power supply will work in an  Emachine  as long if it fits the case. You should take great care in writing down / taking notes on what you unplug and plug back in when you start changing these. Its not hard at all but you must be careful ....check this out from the site*  If additional info is needed do a google search on "changing a power supply" real sure why it tries to run when you haven't even touched the power button except that something  is wrong*   

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hey guys sorry if this is a dumb question but i keep reading about emachine power supplys going bad do emachine power supplys have proprietary wireing or are they wired
just like a standard atx power other words can you replace a emachine power supply with a standard atx power supply
of the same physical dimensions.thanks for the help
have a good day
ps hope i posted this in the right forum

Answer:emachine power supply

If it is a newer model it is a standard ATX.
The older models use mATX.

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Problem: computer won't turn on when pressing the POWER ON button in the front of chassis.

the color green light blinks continuously when i press the POWER ON button, with the interval of 2 seconds, there are no sounds coming from mobo, and the fans are not working also.

processor: intel core 2 duo e6850
ram: 4gb ddr2
hard disk: 300gb + 500gb western digital
mobo: intel dq35mp
power supply:


Answer:Computer Won't Turn On (Green Light Blinking)

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Just got home and I noticed my pc was off, I tried to turn it back on and nothing happened. I jumped the power supply and it's fine, the mobo light is green and jumping the power button does nothing.

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Hi, I have a Satellite L300

There is a green light on under the F11 button. Since this came on only some keys work on my keyboard, I am using a usb keyboard at the moment with no problems. How do I turn the green light off or is it a keyboard fault?

Answer:Re: Satellite L300 - How to turn off green light under F11 key?


to be honest, I don't know anything about l300 but maybe you should press Numlock to disable it.

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A friend was looking at my desktop to upgrade it some... Now, it won't turn on... A steady constant green light comes on at the back of the tower from the power supply unit... any help?

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Problem: computer won't turn on when pressing the POWER ON button in the front of chassis.the color green light blinks continuously when i press the POWER ON button, with the interval of 2 seconds, there are no sounds coming from mobo, and the fans are not working also.processor:   intel core 2 duo e6850ram:   4gb ddr2 hard disk:   300gb + 500gb western digitalmobo:   intel dq35mppower supply:

Answer:Computer Won't Turn On (Green Light Blinking)

Swap the power supply with one of equal or greater wattage and see if that fixes it.

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Have an emachine d2823 desktop w/ xp. It stopped working for my grandson a while ago and I am trying to replace the power supply first. I have a new Antec 550 basic. The computer itself has a 3.5 in drive, cd-rw/dvd player and a hdd already hooked up. Not sure of the name of the connection, but the power supply has a large many pin connection that would appear to hook up to one of those places. How do I know which one? and How do I keep the cd-rw and hdd hooked up at the same time. DOn't really care about the 3.5 - don't use it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Emachine D2823 power supply

When you open the case, you will see where everything is plugged in. The plugs for the various parts are specific. you will see where the main power plug goes on the mother board, and the drives will use 4 pin Molex plugs, if the drives are EIDE or SATA plugs if they are SATA drives. There may be a 4 pin connector that goes to the motherboard also. It isn't that complicated once you get a look at it and shouldn't take more than a few minutes. You can probably hook everything up to test without installing the new power supply into the case. If it makes you more comfortable, you can unplug and replace one at a time.

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I have what I believe is a PSU issue with my machine.
Emachine T3265
1 gb RAM (upgraded from 512)
256 mb video card (upgraded from 64 mb onboard)
Otherwise stock.

We recently had need to unlpug and move the machine, set it up, and then a week or so later move it back. The following symptoms occured both times:

Plug PC in, light 'ticking' sound heard. Power button does nothing. No light, nothing. Leave unit plugged in, about an hour later return and try again, and it boots fine, and did the rest of the week. Moved the machine again, and same happened. Two months on, and it still boots/runs like a champ. Have finally had time to do some investigation on what happened and from that I'm learning it may be the PSU capacitors discharging and I should replace the PSU.

The machine has been trouble free otherwise, and does what we need it to do. So, I would rather replace the PSU than the machine if it can be done cheaply enough (say, 60 bucks top end). Obviously don't want to sink a lot into this old machine, but I've never been one to spend money I didn't need to, and if I can get another year out of it I'll be happy.

Opinions on the above, and suggestions on what to buy. Found a Bestec for cheap, but have been strongly dissuaded from them with the 'you get what you pay for' argument. Of course eMachine PSUs seem to be flaky anyway, and this one lasted 6 years, so....who knows. Not me, that's why I'm here.
&... Read more

Answer:Emachine T3265 power supply

Sorry, You Missed a Better Price by a Week.......

Buy one of these; Antec EA-380D It'll probably outlast the Emachine.

In some cases it's the motherboard that fails in the Emachines, and the symptoms are similar. Look for signs of overheating , burning. and or swollen capacitors around the Processor before you sink money into this machine.

The Bestec PSUs are garbage. The 250s can take out the board when they fail, the 300 (watts) are less lethal when they fail, but fail they do.

Although I've seen this Antec cheaper, it does come to $51.00 USD, with shipping, which meets your criterion.

Bear in mind that the most prudent thing to do in your case is to substitute the PSU first with a known good one, but I realize that that isn't always possible.

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First, I must say that I dusted this particular tower with compressed air. I had a little trouble getting the side panel off, and jostled it a little bit.

Anyway, I tried to turn it on this morning and the top light indicator flashes green once, then starts slooowly flashing dark red. I can count to 3ish in between flashes. The bottom light indicator also flashes faintly red.

I should probably add that this has happened before... I just figured I didn't push the power button correctly. Flipping the power strip on and off and trying again resolved always resolved it.

I bought it second hand but it has a sticker with some numbers on the top:

HP compaq
D3|vm|p24|40|k|256cr us
product # DL324A#ABA
SIN: mxd31904pj

2 pics of the inside:

Answer:Flashing red light when trying to turn on tower?

The flashing LED is an error indicator. The error is identified by the number of flashes:

LED and beep condition Description Power button LED blinks
4 times with 4 beeps Power Supply Power button LED blinks
5 times with 5 beeps Memory Power button LED blinks
6 times with 6 beeps Video Card or Graphics Power button LED blinks
7 times with 7 beeps Motherboard or System Board failure Power button LED blinks
8 times with 8 beeps BIOS or CMOS problem (ROM)
Having said that, if removing/restoring power to the PC resolves the problem, that typically indicates a faulty power supply.

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Just used the integrated camera to take a picture, but can't figure out how to make the green light go off.

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My computer will turn on once in a while but not all the time. I tried a new power cord but still doesn't turn on. The green light stays on in the back of the computer. Any suggestions as to the problem.

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Just talked to Lenovo tech support. Apparently the camera detected the application I used to take the picture (Facebook) was still open, even though I'd closed it. By closing Internet Explorer altogether, the light went off.

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Hi all,

I was checking connections on this Emachine T2825 desktop computer and pulled the power supply/switch connection along with two light connections off the motherboard before I had a chance to see exactly how they were connected (bi-focals). The pins are in the corner of the motherboard and there are two rows of eight. Can anyone tell me to which pins they should be reconnected. There are three pairs (red/white, black/white, and green/white).

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Emachine T2825 power supply connection

Ouch. I hate when that happens. Just happened to have a T2825 here, so this is what I see:

From left to right, top row:
[empty] [empty] [PowerSW White] [PowerSW Black] [no pin]

From left to right, second row:
[HDDLED Red] [HDDLED White] [empty] [empty] [empty]

From left to right, bottom row:
[PwrLED Green] [PwrLED White] [empty]

For reference, the mainboard is marked "AU31".

Hope this is helpful.

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Hi, I'm new to this. I owned a Emachines T4480 and lately, it keeps on RESTARTING by itselft within 10 minutes of turning on. After about two restarts, it doesn't restart anymore. Before it restarts, the LED flashes. Does this mean I have a power supply problem and should I get a new power supply? And if I need to replace the power supply, what's the power supply for emachine and what watts?

Please help, thanks.
It uses 250 watts Power supply, what range of watts should I buy??

Power Supply: PS, 250 WATT 1763
Mouse: MOUSE, MO15K (WHEEL) 1689
Keyboard Model: KB, KU-0108 104+18 KEY KBEM22970108
Speaker: SPEAKER, SP-30A (AMPLIFIED) 1691
CPU: CPU, PIV 2.4 GHZ P478
LAN: LAN, 10/100 100372
CPU Fan Type: Fan ,89.2*88.9*63.1mm 2465
ODD1: CDRW, NEXGEN 48X (48X24X48) 2434
FDD Model: FDD, D353M3D FDEM2151BLKO
MB: MB/WO-MI VI39L/1.4 AWD 478P W/LAN 100120
Video: Video, ATI Radeon 9000
Modem: MODEM, V.92 56K 1759
HDD: HDD, 80 Gb 100125
Memory: MEM, DDR-RAM 256MB (Max. 2GB) 256DDR2100
ODD2: DVD NEXGEN 16X 100127

Answer:Emachine T4480: Power Supply problem?

Have you searched the forums for reference to e-machine PSUs? This is a common problem so it would be worth checking and seeing what others have done.
250 watt is too low - 350 is minimum; and replace as soon as you can before it takes the motherboard with it.

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I turned my emachine T2825 desktop off to move it. I plugged it back in and tried to turn it on but now it does not boot up, nothing on the screen. The blue indicating light around the power switch does not come on but the hard drive amber light is on and the processor fan is on all the time. I have been reading several threads with simliar problems on this PC and it sounds like the motherboard went bad and it is possible the power supply caused it to go bad. I have check my voltages and I get the 12 and 5 vdc at all my plugs. I have replaced the power supply with another 250w P.S. but it still won't boot up with the same results as before. Before I invest in another mother board I would like to make sure the power supply is bad or not. Is there a check for this? Also do these syptoms indicate a bad motherboard?


Answer:How do I check power supply on an emachine T2825

I would have to agree that it sounds like a bad motherboard...make sure that everything else is SEATED correctly, especially the video card.

You can get a 15 dollar tester from a computer store that allows you to test the P-Supply...Otherwise, you might google on home ways to test it.

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Hi all, We are a school and recently have bought 34 of the above Thinkcentres for an IT suite. Unfortuantely 7 now are displaying the above issues. To recap: The screen is blank, but if you screen change mode it says on the screen it is in PC mode (so screen works)The mouse and keyboard are dead and yes they are plugged in!The green power light (bottom right hand side)  is constant green even if you reboot (5 second finger) it still is constant green when it come back, never orange and the machine does no start. Fan is operating.There is power to the machine that IS on. I have swapped out the power cables and mice, put the "faulty" mice onto another machine and they have all worked, but not when you place then on these 7 machines. If any of you techies could figure this out that would be great, it would be a shame if we had to warranty return 7 Lenovo machines due to being faulty..   Thanks all Andy 

Answer:Lenovo e93z wont turn on. Green light on constantl...

Hi Andy, I have the same issue with a E93z and even if I have next business on-site warranty, Im waiting since monday mornig but there are no replacement parts availible. Awesome service !! Brandnew and unusable PC. CheersGeronimo 

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Everything is pluged in but no noise nothing comes on but the little green light on the front .Help Help

Answer:No Power But Have Green Light

Green means go. In this case go check inside the case to see if all fans are turning and if the power supply appears on when started. We can go from there.

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Hey guys,I have a Gen8 HP Microserver which is flashing green on power, any idea what can this be? Thanks in advance

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My sister have a emachine eTower with a broken power supply. My humble question is: Since the dimensions (WxHxD) of QMAX LC-B200SFX power supply are same as the one inside my computer? Will it be a prefect replacement?

Please help me take look! I'm going to order it today!

Answer:QMAX LC-B200SFX Micro ATX Power Supply Fit My Emachine?

Support Model:

eMachine models: 266, 300, 300C, 300K, 333C, 333CS, 333K, 333I, 333ID, 366I, 366ID, 366C, 366IS, 366I2, 400I2, 400ID, 400IDX, 400IX, 400I, mxm-145tf1, 400I3, 433I, 466I, 466ID, 466IS, 466IX, 500I, 500ID, 500IDX, 500IS, 500IX, 533ID, 533IR, 533I, 533ID2, 566I, 566I2, 566IRX, and 566IR.

Does the back of it look like it will line up with the screws? If so, go for it.

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As the title said, i am using "sunview" tv as my pc monitor, i am having this issue few days ago, i don't think it has to do anything with my pc; it's just flashing orange light on the sensor's side continuously, i tried holding the power button for almost a minute, i tried unplugging everything for days already, and it's still having the same issue; btw the screen doesn't show anything, as in it's completely off, no "no signal" sign or anything

Answer:Monitor won't turn on, non-stop flashing orange light

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My tablet yesterday was flashing an orange light on it's charger light.Now it won't turn on as well as the light still flashing orange.Any help will be very appreciated

Answer:Charger light flashing orange.Now laptop won't turn on

The percentage was also stuck at 68 while it was on.

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my laptop charging light wont stop flashing white and laptop wont turn on and cant get to battery.

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Nevermind the monitor works now. i tried switching it between computers and everything is fine. But the original computer with the issues is having a problem. When it turns on, everything is pink and in the middle it says over range. What should i do?

Answer:Monitor wont turn on and the light is flashing orange

Might be a silly question, but you didn't specify. Did you move the mouse or anything to try to wake the PC from sleep mode? Sorry, but you gotta start with the easy stuff and work your way into the more difficult problems when troubleshooting,

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ok so im typing and bam the power just cuts off does what does this signify?
the power light will keep flashing after the power kills and then i can turn it back on cuz the power button and reset is not responding!
i have to switch off power supply then switch it back on, then press power?
i checked the motherboard for capicitors that are dead but everythings fine. i did just try to overclock my cpu but its only at 2.04ghz and i dont know what this could mean,
please help?,

Answer:Computer Power Cuts Off, power on light flashing!?!

complete specs would help a lot!!!

my guess is that your pc was either unstable or it overheated. but really would help to know your cpu to make a more accurate guess

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I have to unplug the PC power cord and plug it back it to get the PC to boot.  It's like it goes to sleep and will not wake up.  Please help! Thank you, Mike

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Hi, My T430 Integrated Camera was working fine. But as of yesterday, when I tried to Gmail Video Chat, the green light no longer turns on. Fn+F6 --> It says "The Device is used by another Application". And the setting is on Private. When I click on Public, it automatically goes back to the Private setting. No other applications are running. Integrated Camera is listed under Device Manager and the check says that the latest driver is installed. Going to the Camera application (I'm on Windows 8), all I see is a black screen, again no green light. Any ideas? I don't think it has to do with the driver. Thanks. 

Answer:T430 Camera - Working previously, now green light doesn't turn on

Hi Huikat, I had the same issue.. turns out that it was just a loose connection between the cable and the camera. However, it may be a case that the integrated camera has gone bad. Call Lenovo Support and request a replacement if your laptop is within warranty. Thanks, Joe

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hi people this my fist time on here so i hope some 1 can help .....i got a emachines 3210 pc and it was working fine .went to turn it on yesterday and got no power but i got a green light on motherboard i really need to get this sorted as i borrowed the pc off a m8 and i dont really want to folk out for new bits . it would be great if some 1 has anyidea wat it could be.other wise its off to bank get some money and get a new motherboard lol.... oh i got a 2.70ghz celeron processor if that helps in any way cheers

Answer:No power to PC but I get a green light on motherboard

The eMachines power supply (and possibly the motherboard) is bad. Just because you have a green light, doesn't mean that the power supply or motherboard is good. It takes many separate voltages to operate a computer. The geen LED means only that you have +5volts to the motherboard

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I have an IBM NetVista 6794 w/Flashing Green Power ON indicator & No Beep thru POST(normal) and No Video. This machine is running W2K w/all the latest drivers and IBM's latest BIOS and no changes have been made HW or SW in many months other than MS W2K security updates. A couple of weeks ago it had locked up a couple of times while the screensaver was on & I had to power off manually & restart. Each time after re-starting manually I would perform a complete scandisk via boot before any continued activity. The other day I downloaded the latest PC Doctor for DOS from IBM for a complete HW diagnostic (via diskette boot) and while checking memory it completed successfully, however, took pretty much overnite to perform. I then rebooted and wah lah no video signal from the monitor is the symptom and a flashing green power on indicator. The disk drive lights (CD & HDD) have activity but no video and the power on indicator continues flashing green. All fans, CPU & chassis are functioning and I've reseated all connections, power, drives, etc. Only other element I had chg'd recently was I turned on enhanced post via BIOS setting as I worked through diagnostics but it had booted normally many times since successfully. I've searched the web & IBM sites to no avail for the "flashing green power-on indicator" symptom w/o video. A call to IBM after their traditional "out of warranty woe" was "maybe try the system board&quo... Read more

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I have a HP Pavilion A6177C. s/n-MXF7290FBR.Prod#GG054AA does not start up. the power green lite in the back is flashing when I plug into the outlet. thank you for the help.message edited by cyc

Answer:hp computer not start power green lite flashing

Does the HP logo shows when you start it? If yes, maybe your OS is corrupted. Try reinstalling it. If not, try reseating the RAM and removing the battery and turn it on (make sure it's plugged in when you turn it on). Still not solved? Let a technician handle it.

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My computer is getting power but screen is black and amber light turns on for 3 seconds then nothing.  I tried draining the power but still no change

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Could someone help?
My daughters emachine 1860 wouldn't turn on so I replaced the power supply and now it does turn on but nothing comes up on the screen - just blank screen.
The cdrw light comes on and the drive will open, the fans are running and the red Led light inside on the board is on, but nothing boots???
Does anyone have any suggestions??
Thank you in advance!!

Answer:Please Help with emachine 1860 ! Replaced Power Supply & now no startup beeps !! Help

is the monitor plugged in good, is it turned on, is it really working

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Hi, Elitebook Folio 9470m will not turn on.  The power light on the power button is white, the power light on the front edge of the laptop is white, and the battery/charge indicator light is flashing alternating white and amber. I tried booting without the battery, I tried holding down the power button by itself as well as power and mute simultaneously.  Any ideas?  Thank you

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Got the hinges replace on the y510.  Now I can't turn on the computer.  I plug in the charger and the light on the charger flashes blue and nothing happens when I press the power button.  What could be the problem?  What do I have to do to solve this one?


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Answer:y510 - pc won't turn on - battery charger is flashing blue light

Have you tried unplugging the power, removing the battery, pressing and holding the power button for 30 seconds?

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I came back to my computter after a few hours- the CPU had powered down Sori for the long gab, here it comes--

I poweredup and there is 30 seconds of HDD activity (normally 120 secs), the power button light on the front panel is blinking at me (it's usually steady), and there is no apparent bootup. My monitor stays blank except for the "On Screen Display" setup menu. Keyboard inputs have no effect, like Cntl/Alt/Del achieves nothing. No F5 or F8 to safe mode.

My digits are crossed that Disaster may not have struck, cuz:

3 hours before it auto-powered down, i had upped the display to just 1024x768 from 800x600, using the same Nvidia "optimal" refresh rate, and used it for an hour with no apparent problems.

Both my monitor, a Princeton Ultra 73e 17" CRT, and video card, a Nvidia/Jaton GeForce2 MX400 3D, claim to easily handle that measly 1024x768 rez. Everything is 3 years old, tho 'should' have many hours left.

I haven't yet swapped monitors/cpus, cuz that is going to be a lousy dismemberment of my wall cabinets. Anyone have an idea about the blinking power light on the CPU. {i fear the worst, but i'm a pissimist}
Athlon TBird 1.4Ghz, 512mb crucial, winme {not as bad as it is}
mobo ms6340m k7tm pro, chip via8365 km133a, award bios v6
geforce2 mx400 3dforce, princeton 73e crt monitor
Sony cd/rw-dvd, samsung sv4084h hdd

Answer:Flashing Power Light CPU, ruh-roh?

Your probably going to have to open up your case. Are the fans spinning? Also, you may have to try a different cpu.(I know you dont want to) If it works with another cpu, then you know. If the fans arent spinning, i would try new ones. Swapping Power supplys if available. If all else fails, im thinking your mobo died.

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first of all, i use a powerstrip for my computer. on this powerstrip i have just my little speakers and my alarm clock hooked up. i got home today and i unplugged everything to bring it into another room. (because i had just reformated it and my linksys wireless wasnt working and i was gona call them, anyways...) i pluged the power cord right into the wall, pressed the power button, and no go. i checked the cord and it was pluged in, then i noticed the power light (right under the cord connection in the back) was flashing (not rapidly, like once a second, idk if that matters). i brought it back into my room and pluged it in where i always had and it still wouldnt power up. the only thing i can think of is that my powersupply might have got a surge, so before i buy one, i thought there might look into other possible answers. any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks  notes: the computer was off when i unplugged iti dont know anything about power supplies. hahaif u need any info on it though i can provide it (i do know where that is)  

Answer:flashing power light

Quote i pluged the power cord right into the wall, pressed the power button, and no go. i checked the cord and it was pluged in, then i noticed the [highlight]power light (right under the cord connection in the back) was flashing [/highlight](not rapidly, like once a second, idk if that matters).I assume you mean that there is an indicator light flashing on the back of the psu.  If so can you advise the make and model of your psu :-?

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Yoga 13 laptop. The power button light flashes when on as if the computer is asleep. The light turns off when the computer is powered down, and blinks as it should when asleep. The issue is when the computer is open and awake, the light is not on constantly, it still blinks. Any ideas?

Answer:Power light flashing when on.

Maybe you are looking at the battery status light, Check the attached screenshot and verify your observation.
If this is not the case then please post a pic of the light you are looking at.

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Hello all, my I-INC monitors' power light blinks from time to time and I'd like to know if anyone has suggestions as to what that might mean. The monitor hasn't stopped working (YET) but I would like to know if it's a major concern.

OKAY, I just pushed the cables to check whether they were loose and the blinking has stopped. Still, by contacting this forum I backed into the solution:-D

Answer:Flashing power light

Howmanator said:

Hello all, my I-INC monitors' power light blinks from time to time and I'd like to know if anyone has suggestions as to what that might mean. The monitor hasn't stopped working (YET) but I would like to know if it's a major concern.

OKAY, I just pushed the cables to check whether they were loose and the blinking has stopped. Still, by contacting this forum I backed into the solution:-DClick to expand...

Yep, loose/defective cables will do it every time. Glad you solved it.

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My Lenovo 11e Chromebook will not power on. The power light blinks orange and green over and over. I've tried all the resets and even put a new battery in it. What could be causing this? Thanks,

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