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Why do i get a enter password screen on my Toshiba Satellite laptop on start up

Question: Why do i get a enter password screen on my Toshiba Satellite laptop on start up

Why do i get a enter password screen on my Toshiba Satellite laptop on start up, how do I unlock it, I got this laptop from a lady and when I turned it on it was locked with this screen and I don't knoe how to unlock it, can some one give me a solution, and why did this happen.

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Preferred Solution: Why do i get a enter password screen on my Toshiba Satellite laptop on start up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Why do i get a enter password screen on my Toshiba Satellite laptop on start up

To unlock the laptop, you type the ladies password. Once unlocked, create your own login with your own password.
TSF cannot help you with password circumvention. Read the rules

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I'm having a problem with a Toshiba Satellite L300D. After I reinstalled the HDD it would beep. To solve this I went into BIOS to look and see if the board had some sort of intrusion setting. When I exited the BIOS and restarted I know get the Enter Current Password (with a blue background on a black screen) with continuos beeps. The thing is it seems to auto enter in 10 characters (*) and then stop. There are no other options.

I have searched unsuccessfully for any info about this and I cant even find where the CMOS is located which I think is soldered onto the board.

Has anybody had any similar experience like this?
I would really appreciate any help its driving me crazy.

Answer:Bios Password 'Enter Current Password' on Toshiba Satellite

Your thread is closed. We do not help with password problems. This is clearly stated in the rules section.
Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

Please read and follow the rules when posting.

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When I start my computer I have to enter a password (BIOS password?).
I do not have this password and don't know how to solve this.
I am not able to get into the BIOS system to change the passowrd. I just simply cannot do anything. Any suggestions?


Answer:When I start Satellite I have to enter a BIOS password

> I am not able to get into the BIOS system to change the passowrd. I just simply cannot do anything. Any suggestions?
Unknown BIOS password cannot be removed.
In such case you have to ask ASP for the help

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Hi everyone,  I was hoping you geniuses can help me get my Toshiba Satellite C655-S5514, that's running Windows 7 Home Premium, up and running again.  I looked over the other forum topics but couldn't find what I was looking for, so I thought it would be better to ask directly.  Here's my issue, This laptop has sat in my closet for about a year.  I haven't been using it since I also have a desk top.  Anyway, I pulled the laptop out today and plugged in the power cord, opened the screen and then hit the power button.  When I did, the screen showed the Toshiba logo screen and then immediately went to the black screen with the blue box that says Enter Password, BUT all of a sudden, the password box automatically filled up and then the laptop started a long, continuous beep.  Not a beep, beep, beep, etc., but just one long beep.  When I press the keyboard buttons, like the backspace or anything else, it doesn't do anything. Now, if I turn it off and then back on, it keeps doing the same thing EXCEPT, if I hold down any key and then turn on the laptop, the same screens will come up but the password window won't auto full and it doesn't beep.  Once I let go of the keyboard key I'm holding down, the password window will only auto fill 2 digits instead of filling up all the way and there's no beep at all on the times I try this.  If anyone can help me, I would forever be in your debt. ... Read more

Answer:HELP. My Toshiba Laptop Auto Fills and Has a Long Beep On Enter Password Startup

Sounds like you have a keyboard problem. Could be damaged or full of dust or debris, or have one or more stuck keys. It may need replacing. Consider a visit to a repair shop.

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Hi everyone,  I was hoping you geniuses can help me get my Toshiba Satellite C655-S5514, that's running Windows 7 Home Premium, up and running again.  I looked over the other forum topics but couldn't find what I was looking for, so I thought it would be better to ask directly.  Here's my issue, This laptop has sat in my closet for about a year.  I haven't been using it since I also have a desk top.  Anyway, I pulled the laptop out today and plugged in the power cord, opened the screen and then hit the power button.  When I did, the screen showed the Toshiba logo screen and then immediately went to the black screen with the blue box that says Enter Password, BUT all of a sudden, the password box automatically filled up and then the laptop started a long, continuous beep.  Not a beep, beep, beep, etc., but just one long beep.  When I press the keyboard buttons, like the backspace or anything else, it doesn't do anything. Now, if I turn it off and then back on, it keeps doing the same thing EXCEPT, if I hold down any key and then turn on the laptop, the same screens will come up but the password window won't auto full and it doesn't beep.  Once I let go of the keyboard key I'm holding down, the password window will only auto fill 2 digits instead of filling up all the way and there's no beep at all on the times I try this.  If anyone can help me, I would forever be in your debt. ... Read more

Answer:HELP. My Toshiba Laptop Auto Fills and Has a Long Beep On Enter Password Startup

Sounds like you have a keyboard problem. Could be damaged or full of dust or debris, or have one or more stuck keys. It may need replacing. Consider a visit to a repair shop.

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it's seems to be locked.
it only displayes the camera screen, and it has to be unlocked.
when i touch the unlock button on the screen the computer turns off/sleep state.
because when i touch the touchpad i get the screensaver.
then i can enter the camera screen by going from above to under on the screen,
and by going from under to above it turns off/sleep state.
the windows button on the keyboard and on the ipad don"t respond.
so to me it seems the unlock button doesn"t function correct and
i can"t enter the windows/desktop screen anymore.

maybe u know the solution for this !

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My thinkpad 2 did some updates and now it's just coming up with a screen that has my domain name and no option to enter my password to get in, ie., just a blue screen with my user and domain name so I cannot get anywhere. I've restarted several times and it just keeps coming up with the bluescreen and no options to swipe or move in any way from there.  Does anyone have any advice please?  It's chosen a really rotten time to act up as I'm flying from the UK to Montreal tomorrow and really need it!!

Answer:no start screen to enter password

Good day and welcome to the community.
Could you clarify which device you have, please?You mention "thinkpad 2", which could be taken as a ThinkPad Tablet 2, but your post is in the ThinkCentre desktop forum.

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Hello, I have a problem with my Satellite A300-14S PSAJ0E-00W00PSK.

*Screen with input "Enter password" appears every time when I turn it on.* When I put wrong password 3 times, my laptop turns off. I had installed windows 7 with ubuntu for 2 years with no problems but I cannot boot any operating system now (even when I boot with inserted CD/DVD with windows/ubuntu).

*When can I get correct password? Or it is another solution of this problem?*

Thank You for any advice!

Answer:Satellite A300 - "Enter password" on startup screen

I presume your notebook is locked with BIOS password.
BIOS password cannot be set from alone but I don?t understand your situation.
Either you have blocked your notebook with BIOS password or someone have done it without your knowledge.
Have you some explanation for this situation.

Anyway, if BIOS password is not known to you, you must contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help. They can remove it for you.

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When I restart my computer today , I have a Blue Screen with "Enter password" like this :

I do not do anything and I don't define any password before turn off my computer .

I don't understand what I have this today ?

Could you help me, I am blocked?

Thanks for your help

Best regards


Answer:Satellite C850D problem blue screen "Enter password"

Hmmm?. Looks like a BIOS password.

Could it be possible that another user/person set it on your notebook?

However, I have no idea why this appears but as far as I know the unknown BIOS password can be reset only by an authorized service provider in your country.

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grrrr i hope someone can help me here, i have been given a toshiba satellite 4300 laptop but i cant get passed the password it wants off me. the person i got it from cant remember and isnt really bothered either. i have tried to reformat but it still asks me for this password help please someone.pete

Answer:password for toshiba satellite 4300 laptop

Dont know the answer but i thouight that if you set the bios to boot from cd,insert cd,then restart computer,you shouldf be able to reformat and reinstall windows.

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I forgot my hdd1 pw. can anyone help me? i took my battery out for 20 minutes hoping it will reset but it didnt.

Answer:toshiba laptop satellite hdd1 password

Contact Toshiba and be prepared to prove ownership. An HD password is a security measure. If it was easy to remove it would serve no purpose.

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My son purchased a Toshiba Satellite x205 laptop at a yard sale and they did not provide a password for the BIOS. Is there anything I can do about it??? Thanks.

Answer:No Password for Toshiba Satellite x205 laptop

There is an old trick that might work here. I don't know that laptop model off the top of my head but with what I can tell you, maybe you can research a bit and find out where it is. Unplug the laptop and take the battery out. Then, remove the CMOS battery and leave it all unplugged for about 20 minutes (just in case) and put everything back together. This will reset the BIOS for you where no password is needed. Jonas "Jackal" Learhttp://www.sbccrew.comServing the South Bay Since 1999

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i am fixing toshiba satellite laptop for a friend of mine; i dont know the specs, model number, or anything. when he bought it from a friend of his, the thing came with a password. after turning it on, the Toshiba logo appears and goes straight to asking for the password. when he told me about this problem, i thought is was an xp password, however, upon turning it on i found this out. im guessing that the password was created with the motherboard. Any help with getting this password off? if i have to take it apart, do you have any knowledge of taking one apart or a guide book. thx

Answer:toshiba satellite laptop password removal

Take out the CMOS battery for a couple minutes, replace it and that should reset the BIOS to defaults, including the BIOS password.

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My son has bought a new toshiba satellite pro C650 laptop from a shop.
It boots into win 7 desktop,but it wont let us do anything on it,we try to register password,no good,then try user account password,but no good,also we can't get to administrator.

It has several big icons on the right hand side of screen as well,which i assume the shop put on there as advertising,so we need to get rid of them as well,but at the moment we can't do anything.

we have registered the laptop with toshiba okay.
Could anyone tell us how to activate this laptop please?


Answer:New toshiba satellite pro c650 laptop won't let us use password

Return it to the shop...they shouldn't put a password on without your consent...

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Good morning/ day all ! I was hoping someone could help me open windows-8 on a laptop I was given. The previous owner doesn't remember the password she set for it. She also said several folks have tried helping her and failed. Any suggestions ?

On restart/ power on Windows does nothing now and what looks like a dos(blue) box or window asks for a password. That is as far as I have gotten so far. Thanks in advance to all that support this site.

Toshiba Satellite

Windows 8 (supposedly)

Answer:Solved: Toshiba Satellite Laptop - Win 8 o/s and no password

Sorry, but help with passwords is against the rules of this site.

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Toshiba satellite A505-S6970 system unit. HDD #1/SSD #1 User Password Status: RegisteredHDD #1/SSD #1 Password Select:[User Only]Set HDD #1/SSD #1 User password: [Enter]password is unknown

Answer:toshiba satellite laptop HD password unknown

Can't help you with passwords.

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grrrr i hope someone can help me here, i have been given a toshiba satellite 4300 laptop but i cant get passed the password it wants off me. the person i got it from cant remember and isnt really bothered either. i have tried to reformat but it still asks me for this password help please someone

Answer:password for toshiba satellite 4300 laptop

?Password for Toshiba Satellite 4300 laptop?Remove the CMOS battery wait 5 minutes and insert it again. All BIOS/CMOS settings will be reset and you will be able to boot your PC

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Hello there

So I'm experiencing strange BitLocker behaviour. I have this PC at work. Clean Windows 8 x64 installation, 3 HDD (AHCI), no SSD.

After I set up BitLocker to encrypt "C" partition, it gave me pop-up window, that I should restart PC to test the BitLocker loader. So I clicked Yes. And after few seconds I got this:


Mind, I'm still ABLE TO type password (i can't see sh** though), after I hit enter Windows IS booting, but it's really weird to see above picture instead of:

My GFX is OK, I tested it with games, benchmarks etc.
BitLocker simply cannot, for whatever reason, use my video card properly and displays those weird lines. After all - it hasn't loaded the whole Windows yet. Than again, it IS a bit strange, as Windows installers tend to work fine.

Any thoughts people?

Kind Regards


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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that will not start. When I turn it on I get the message "we apologize, but Windows did not start successfully." I do not have a CD for XP, as it came installed. I have tried every option offered on this screen, i.e. Start Windows Normally, et cetera, and none of them work. Any suggestions, for a computer dummy, on how to cure this problem?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite laptop that will not start.

you will need to purchase an XP CD or get the original installation disc for your laptop. I suggest the former. Your registry or HD is corrupted.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A665 laptop with PGP Encryption running Windows 7.

While using today it suddenly gave a blue screen of death and shut down. It refused to restart properly. When I restart it is does different things and it seems random.

1. Sometimes it goes to the PGP screen and then does one of the following:
a. won't let me type
b. refuses to accept my password
c. accepts the password and gets stuck on identification verification
d. accepts the password and then freezes on a black screen.

2. Sometimes it goes to a BIOS setup.

3. Sometimes it says "boot failed" and gets stuck. Sometimes it goes to the PGP screen (but messed up)

4. Sometimes it asks what to boot from (HDD, CD/DVD etc). I choose HDD and it goes around in a circle again.

ONE time it gave the option of Safe Mode and I wish to God I had chosen it and done a system restore. But alas it won't work.

Any help?!?

Answer:Can't start Toshiba satellite laptop

I should also mention that I saw on a forum where someone with a similar problem found that their hard drive had simply come loose. I opened it up and the hard drive indeed was loose, but I plugged it back in with the same problem continuing.

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Hey all...

I am having problems starting up my laptop

The model is TOSHIBA Satellite 1110

When i start up the laptop, i am receiving a message similar to the one below:

'Realtek Ethernet Controller'
PXE ROM: Unable to Test Media, Check Cable
PXE ROM: Exiting ROM'

That is not the exact message but it is similar to the one i receive...

I have managed to start my computer once since first experiencing this problem but further attempts have failed...

Can anyone please help?

Many thanks,

Answer:Toshiba Satellite 1110 Laptop won't start up...

make sure you are not connected to any network and then boot. the msg is
showing problems with your ethernet connection

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My laptop will not start and when I hit the power button nothing happens. There are buttons that normally turn blue when the system boots up, but when try the power button a yellow light flashes 4 times and that's it. It happened all of a sudden. I have removed the battery and unplugged the AC adap and then replaced the battery and still nothing.

Using Vista. Any suggestions? Thank you

Answer:Toshiba laptop Satellite A215 won't start

I had a Satellite in for repair a few months back with the same symptoms and to be honest I did not have a clue what was causing it.
I decided to strip it down to basics and discovered it was the cd/dvd drive that was causing the problem, replaced it and all was good again.
I am not saying this is your problem but it is quite easy to test, the drive is held by two screws and then simply pulled out

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can anyone advise. I am not IT expert but this is my issue/story
above laptop under warranty would not start up. Power there but just wouldn't screen
tried everything replacing battery etc
took it back to store who checked it over

this was their official report
From customer services - After an Over night charge, the computer booted up without concern. Once in Windows, the trackpad was non-responsive. Ran Faultfinder (Company Software that scans all components of a computer and tests them for faults) in both Windows and BIOS (pre Windows), and discovered the trackpad was working in BIOS but not Windows. This would indicate a software fault, as the hardware was physically working. We also ran a HealthCheck (which is a piece of Company Software that asses and fixes small software concerns, such as de-fragmentation, temporary files, updates and searches for virus' etc). Software faults are not contained within the warranty

i wasnt happy with the accuracy of the report as they had called me before hand to say that they had got it working but the mouse trackpad wasnt working so had to reboot it and when I asked if all my data had been lost they confirmed it had. They said the track pad still wasn't working so as this was a software issue it wasn't covered under warranty.

So I questioned why the report didn't mention that the machine had been rebooted/reformatted and all the data lost. the response I got was emailed to me

From customer services - I ca... Read more

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hi my laptop got knocked over and fell about 2 ft... this is what happens when I turn it on... the windows error recovery message comes up giving the options to launch startup repair (recommended) or start windows normally. in both options the following happens... it says 'windows is loading files' the the loading bar that is green and moves along sideways comes up for about a minute then just goes to a blank screen. The laptop is still on, the screen is sort of lit but just blank. Have tried numerous of the options when selecting f8 during the inital startup but they all have the same outcome. Is there anything I can do..!? Also, if there is anything i can do, will this lose what is on my harddrive? Any advice would be hugely appriciated. Thanks

Answer:dropped laptop wont start up - toshiba satellite a

Try to get the HDD manufactures diagnostic download onto a disk , then run that to check out the HDD

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Toshiba L755 when i turn it on it just goes to enter password? Any help?

Answer:Toshiba l755 enter password

Yes go here:

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startup screen password for toshiba S300CDT. the laptop starts up with the toshiba logo but then goes onto a black screen asking for a password, of which i do not have as the laptop is very old and given to me. please can someone help with this?, as although old it can still be used. thanks.

Answer:Can't get past password on Toshiba laptop startup screen

See if the guy/gal you got it off is the bios password and we do not assist with removing security settings. Not suggesting any ill will, but a lot of times folks who have stolen business laptops want our assistance to break into the laptop, and for those reasons we do not help with passwords. sorry.

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Hi, I'm having trouble with the screen on my Toshiba Satellite L775-S7352 when it reaches the Welcome screen on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. This happens while reaching the Windows Welcome screen & sometimes it will reach the desktop before going fuzzy. It boots fine into Safe Mode.

I've already checked the HDD and the Memory - they are fine... I've done a fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit from the manufacturer's recovery disks - the screen and everything else worked fine even through the first round of Windows Update (193 files) the machine rebooted after the updates and I checked for more updates. As soon as the installation of the second round of updates began the screen went buggy.

So I formatted the HDD and tried another reinstall - I successfully reinstalled the system and this time the screen went buggy trying to search for the first update for this reinstall...

Is this an issue with the screen or the GPU? any ideas?



Answer:Toshiba Satellite laptop has Fuzzy screen when reaching Welcome Screen

Hi first hook it up to an external monitor. does the external have the same problem?

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Normally I just read the forums to find WALK-THROUGH help and it works. This time.......... I am in total trouble.
My son started playing this one online game..."Crossfire". This is where I started having trouble. I have never had many issues with my laptop in the past that had been alarming. I have had some issues after him playing his game where I would need to do a system restore to BEFORE he put this in my laptop. I have always backed up my files, so when I needed to do a RECOVERY FROM OUT OF THE BOX state with Toshiba I was ok with losing anything that was in my system. Three times in one month my son played this game and three times I had been forced to do the Out of the box restore from the hidden partition that toshiba places in the systems nowadays instead of giving you the software when you buy the sytems....!
I had issues on the computer and I was searching through the forums and I found one forum that fit my issues, (I do not remember now exactly do to the fact that this one now has blocked everything then out). But I did exactly what the forum said step by step saving all reports, in case I needed to post anything I had everything that I needed. Upon finishing the steps, I rebooted my laptop over and over, not finding any problems. I did this for a few days then I made a restore point as it told me to do.
The following morning I fetched my computer from my sons bedroom and plugged it in and booted it up. It Started normal with the Start... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L455D Will NOT start after Starting Windows Screen

The PXE error indicates that the laptop is not seeing the HD and eventually trying to boot from a Network (which you don't have). Basically, the HD is going bad or has gone bad.

Are you sure you booted from the CD? Did you get the message to hit any key to boot from DVD when you booted from the disc? (Because you got the same screen with cursor, I am thinking that you may not have actually booted from the CD/DVD.) If you booted from the CD it should have looked like option 2 here:

See if you can get those screens.

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The lcd screen backlight work fine, but screen is reddish. When I connect the external monitor to the laptop the video is great. When I installed a another used lcd screen into laptop the is white, and no video. So, I ordered another video cable hoping that this will fix the problem. What could cause the lcd screen to be white? The external monitor work good with the laptop, I am not getting any video to the lcd screen. Could the video on the motherboard be bad?

Answer:toshiba satellite a40 laptop-LCD SCREEN

I don't think you have a bad video card if the image on the external monitor is fine. It sounds like its either the video cable or the backlight inverter. If the original lcd screen is bright enough and clear enough (except for the reddish tint) then I'd suggest trying the new video cable with the old screen. If you still get a reddish tint then I'd recommend replacing the backlight inverter (if you can - not all laptops allow this).

The only reason I can think the new screen isn't working is due to no/out-of-date/incompatible drivers. Still, not sure why the screen would be white. Have you tried the screen with a different laptop?

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First time poster and member. I was searching for Windows 7 Update Won't Start or Windows 7 Update won't run.

I had just restored the above laptop via the Restore discs that you can burn from the laptop. Upon completion of the installation I attempted to run Windows Update and received the following message. Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer.

Now, the case was that I was restoring the system because I had replaced a defective hard drive with a brand new one, and therefore it's a safe bet that there was no virus, malware, or such. I searched for two days and found lots of ideas of how to fix it, but became very frustrated at some of the complex fixes, although they may very well fix a particular issue.

Anyway, I skipped all that and went to Microsoft's website and downloaded the Windows 7 SP1 ISO and mounted it to a virtual drive. It installed fine and now windows update works correctly.

I figured I would go ahead and post my problem and solution because I'm sure there's plenty of others that have had or will have this problem. This does not give an answer as to why it happened, but it certainly gives a solution.

Below is the screen that appeared in the beginning.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L675D-S7052 Laptop Windows 7 Update Will Not Start

Sounds like the system restore discs that were created have gotten corrupted, which can happen. Even burning the ISO can get corrupted, either bad sectors on the disk, files missing or skipped any number of things.

Like most of us on here, we prefer the ISO and doing a clean install with out all the factory installed bloat-ware that can hinder and slow a system down.

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I have a toshiba satellite laptop with Intel Pentium, with Windows 7 and it will not start for the 5th time this week, I need it for coursework it just won't start... help... no Windows 7 disk, I have uninstalled all the recent software I have installed... what do I do?

Answer:Windows 7 toshiba satellite laptop will not start properly many times in a week

To help us help you,please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: Copy and paste the results here in your thread. You can use the TSG Info to fill in your computer information in your user profile as well.

Also, if its a brand name system like an Acer,Dell or HP, please post the exact model of the system.

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Hey I have a new Satellite C50D-A Toshiba laptop.

When I start it up it won?t go pass the ?Toshiba leading innovation >>>? screen. I can get to the boot screen by pressing F12 and can get to the setup utility by pressing f2.
Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Or what?s wrong with it

Answer:Satellite C50D-A stuck on "Toshiba leading innovation" start-up screen


On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there.
Can you enter recover or repair options - ?
If yes try please to use some repair options.

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I placed my diary on the keyboard of my laptop.
When I lifted it off - the screen was in the negative mode - so whatever the sequence the diary pressed the keys made it as such.
Can anyone tell me what sequence I need to key to return it to normal.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite laptop negative screen

I connected an exrternal monitor and it works fine

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Hey, I have a new laptop - Toshiba Satellite S50-B-12Z.
I want to knpw how to enter to the BIOS?
I have win 8.1


Answer:Toshiba Satellite S50-B-12Z - How do I enter to the BIOS?

Press and hold (or tap) the F2 key when powering the machine on.

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Hi guys, i have a problem,

when I turn on my laptop appear to me the start screen toshiba but thats all, still shows only start screen from Toshiba.
From the right side in front of a laptop keyboard from inside i still hear a weak repetitive sounds as if there was something jammed or something is not working properly.
I want to ask if you do not know what the problem is.

Thank u for help

Seal (Slovakia)

Answer:Satellite P305-S8996E wont start and shows Toshiba starts screen only

I can just imagine troublemaker is HDD.
If possible try to obtain new HDD and test it with original Vista recovery image that you got, I think, with this US notebook model.

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Been struggling to get my niece's laptops up and running. Windows 7 on a Toshiba satellite L655-S5150. Both laptops do the same thing at start up...freeze at a black screen with a blinking cursor. I have tried the following:

windows 7 system repair errors found
Kapersky repair disk...does not seem to load at times but did get it to load fully once in graphical mode and a few viruses were found but some could not be healed, or whatever they called it
AVG and Bit something or other were also tried...
I have booted via a CD and a USB stick but still in the end when I try to boot the windows 7 system it hangs on the black screen

Thinking of purchasing the Toshiba HDD drive utility or whatever it is called...$39... in laws don't have any disks that came with these 7 home premium version


Answer:black screen at start up with Toshiba laptop

Hi Dan!Both laptops do the same thing at start up...freeze at a black screen with a blinking cursor. I have tried the following:You're experiencing this issue on 2 laptops? I just want to make sure I'm understanding things correctly.Sounds like you might be infected with an infection known as ZeroAccess.Could you please describe what issues you were experiencing before the freezing issue at boot-up started? Do you happen to know if it's a 32 bit version of Windows 7 or if it's 64 bits?Let me know.Warmest Regards,ST.

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I got my computer back from Best Buy around a month ago, and it was working fine. Today I woke up to find out that when I turn on the computer, the display has no backlight or anything.Please help! D:Cameron (rolie129)message edited by rolie129

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Radius Laptop black screen

Try an external monitor on it as first step.If you never ever see anything at all on the screen then it is almost certainly a hardware fault but what happens on the external will tell us more.Also let us know whether the computer "appears to start" or not (lights, fan sounds etc).Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I tried to do a reset in laptop because it was acting horrible. Slow loading or unable to load. I fell asleep during the reset process and woke up to black screen. Tried turning it off and starting over but nothing

Answer:Black screen on toshiba satellite laptop after i reset

This should get you going, then we need to find what caused the original problem.How to use a Lazesoft Windows Recovery CD or USB device to fix the boot problems if your Windows operating system does not start correctly"It is very common for PC users to be faced with a Windows crash. When this happens, the dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death' pops up, or your PC has a black screen and can not boot or start up"Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition ( SS ) to Boot a Computer from a Lazesoft Recovery USB Device

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upon turning on the laptop the screen will turn white if you hold around the frame in certain areas it will sometimes work but then if the monitor if it is bumped or moved it will go back white....I'm wondering if it is a loose cable issue or something else. Can someone please advise me on this?

Answer:my toshiba satellite l655 laptop screen is all white

You could check the cable connector at the screen end but from what you've said most likely it is a screen fault. The connector at either end of the cable can give issues, as can the cable itself. Mostly the cable goes bad around where it hinges and often when you move the lid down to nearly closed you see the picture come and go or flicker.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Is there any way to replace a broken Toshiba Satellite Laptop LCD screen? My son accidentally broke it by closing the laptop on top of it's mouse is what I'm assuming. There is nothing otherwise wrong except for the screen and I can't stand having to hook a monitor up to it so I can work on it. Also is it hard to replace the screen or is this something that a computer repair shop needs to do? Thank you in advance.

Answer:Solved: Broken Toshiba Satellite Laptop Screen

Hi there,

Yes, it is very much possible to replace the screen. Usually they run between $150-250, depending on where you find it. And most screens are relatively easy to install as long as you have a small screwdriver and some patience. Someone can easily guide you through it if you have any trouble, but a computer store will charge you a MINIMUM of $60 for labor, if not more, plus handling fees for the screen itself. I'd recommend buying a new screen online and then coming back here and I can guide you through it.

Also, which model Toshiba do you have exactly? I am familiar with most, but just to make sure.

Hope this helps.

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Whenever I try to boot my computer up it is asking for a password and I really don't know what the startup password is. This is really frustrating. Can anybody tell me how to get rid off this startup password window. I have not any windows disc and I am
using Windows 7. 

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How To Enter Bios On Toshiba Satellite L505-13E?

Answer:How To Enter Bios On Toshiba Satellite L505-13E

Did you try pressing F2?

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Toshiba Satellite A105-S1013
Windows XP Home (SP2 I believe)

My mom was on her Toshiba laptop this morning playing a game when "all of a sudden it went to a blue screen then went black." Her words, I was not there. Now it wont start. It will turn on but it wont boot up at all. All I get is a black screen. I have tried turning it on plugged in with the battery out thinking maybe just the screen went out or something. I have a bad feeling the hard drive went out and everything was lost. If possible, I would really like to save anything possible as she has all her files from school on it. I wish I had more information to offer. Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. If I have left anything out or posted this in the wrong forum, please let me know.

Thank You

Answer:Toshiba laptop, blue screen, now wont start

can you get to the bios? maybe running it in safe mode

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i have recently been having a problem with my toshiba equium a100-027 laptop, which is running on vista.
when i start my laptop i just get a black screen with the mouse cusor on, after the toshiba welcome screen
if i try and start in safe mode the same happens.

this has been occuring the last week or so, but starting in safe mode and doing a system restore seemed to fix the issue for a few days. but now i cant even start it in safe mode.

the only things that i have installed lately are windows updates, and avg updates, and the new firefox.

i think it is something to do with the update which must install after the few days and trigger the problem again

but as i cant start windows i am stuck as a way to fix the issue, any help you could give would be much appreciated

thanks in advance

Answer:Toshiba Laptop Fails To Start With Black Screen

Start off by trying to repair Windows Vista using Startup Repair. Check this Bleeping Computer Tutorial:How to automatically repair Windows Vista using Startup RepairStartup Repair is a diagnostic tool that can be accessed via the Windows Recovery Environment. In order to start the Windows Recovery Environment you must boot your computer off of the Windows Vista DVD that you purchased or that came with your computer. To start this process, insert the Vista DVD into your DVD drive and turn your computer on.

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I have a toshiba laptop satellite A135-S2276 running vista, two problems one is the laptop when the power button is pressed, the light on the power switch comes on, and the light on the dvd/cd rom comes on and stays on. the fan comes on for a minute or two, but all i see is a black. the laptop had this issue several months back so it sat on the side. i tryed it a few days ago and it powered up, Second proble forgot password to my account and the Administrators account. But when trying password i completely rebooted and got the black screen. What to do? Thanks for any feed back!!!

Answer:toshiba laptop satellite A135-S2276 black screen

Do you have files there that you need to keep?

If not, try holding 0 when booting and see if that starts recovery.

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Hi. I'm basic computer user posting on behalf of my grandad who lives several hours away. I've been trying to help him by phone but no success so far.

He has Toshiba Satellite L350D running Windows 7. For several days he's met black screen on startup. He's tried a few online suggestions (that I found via Google) that didn't help (hold power 30 secs, hold power 60 secs, remove battery, external monitor, several function keys). A couple of times he found tapping f11 during startup enabled him to use laptop, but that way has since failed to work.

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

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I just bought a click mini. I am trying to enter the BIOS.

In the manual and everywhere else I've read, it says to restart or power up pressing FN + F2.

I have tried holding them whilst powering on. I have tried powering on then pressing these. I have tried powering on, holding them for a second then letting them go, exactly as it says in the manual.

Whatever I do, it goes straight passed and into the windows login.

Someone please enlighten me how you're supposed to get into the BIOS.


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A colleague of mine has a Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A-1MM laptop.

He is not particularly computer savvy.
He could not get on with Windows 8.1 and subsequently took it to a software/hardware supplier who uninstalled Windows 8.1 and installed Windows 7.

On starting it up all worked ok.
The necessary registration items were filled in at the start including a password for the start up screen. Subsequently he then booted up and the password sign in screen appeared.

He put in his password but the system would not accept it. He is certain of the password he chose but the system wont accept it.

He cant get past this problem to allow him to get into the machine to allow him to reset password. He cant do a reset of the password from the sign in screen because its asking for a floppy disc and his machine does not have a disc drive.
Any help pleas?

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Hi, I have a Toshiba laptop (Satellite C850) (using Windows 7), while in use it just shut off and now when I turn it on it will start up to a black screen with a white line in the left hand corner of the screen then after a few seconds it will turn off and then start back up with the same white line and then turn off again and then restart and so on. It will do this and won't stop unless I turn the power button off. How do I fix this?? I have tried leaving it for a long while, I have tried unplugging it and taking the battery out and putting back in and turning it on again, but still no change. I can't get the boot menu up either I have tried pressing f12 and all the f buttons but nothing. I'm not very good at getting computers to work, would someone please be able to help me?

From the day I got this laptop it always had battery problems, it would always say please replace your battery and have an x on the battery sign in the task bar, and now it has gotten to the point where I can only have my laptop on with it plugged into the power cord and it will turn straight off if I shut it down. Could this play a part in what is happening now with it?

I am worried too because all my assignments and work is on my laptop, if I can't get it to start up is there any way I can save all my work that was on it?

I really hope someone can help me, thanks for reading

Answer:Toshiba laptop won't start up.. Black screen, white line

Did you purchase this new? You indicate you've had issues since day one, so why did you decide to keep it instead of replacing it with a working one?

Anyway, your problem is either a loose connection to the display or an onboard graphics card problem. To troubleshoot, connect your laptop to an external display via the VGA or HDMI out ports. If you can successfully boot into Windows, then it's a guaranteed problem with your laptop display.

Also, can provide a picture of your screen while it's exhibiting this behavior?

To address your last concern, you should be able to remove its internal 2.5" hard drive and install it in a new device (or purchase an adapter) to access your data.

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Today I tried to boot up my laptop but I am stuck at a blinking cursor on a black screen.

To make matters work my keyboard doesn't work either so I can't use F2 or F12 before it boots to the black screen.

Any idea what the problem could be? I'm stumped and thinking the laptop may just be trash now.

Answer:Toshiba Laptop won't start up- blinking cursor on black screen

Most often failure to boot disk is a user failure, not hardware. Keep trying, more vigorously. Sometimes what helps is to reset the CMOS which can also be done by pulling the battery if you can access it easily enough on your lappy.

You need to work through these steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start.

There are some Boot disks/flash sticks provided in the steps that will boot themselves without user input so I'd boot Hiren’s BootCD 15.1 or Hiren's BootCD From USB Flash Drive to run an A/V test, test your HD and RAM, Check File System and Active partition with Partition Wizard on Hirens.

But if you can't get the Win7 installer or Repair CD to boot you may need to rescue your files using Rescue disk in Step 9, then wipe the HD using Partition Wizard on Hirens, which will force the installer to start to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

You can also try getting the inferior Toshiba HDD Recovery Utility if you can get the Fkey to boot it.

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I have trying to switch out the ram and worked for three tests of restart to see how the screen responded and on the fourth restart the laptop the screen went black. I connect the laptop through vga cord to a different monitor while holding Fn8 and couldnt see anything.

is it the graphic card? and if so how do i know which one to buy??

Graphics ProcessorATI Radeon 3100 HyperMemory

Answer:Solved: Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5934 laptop screen black

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Hi. I just bought a new toshiba satellite A210/A215 laptop two weeks ago. After about a week of use, something unusual started happening. After I had been using the laptop for awhile (sometimes a couple of minutes, sometimes several hours), the screen suddenly turns black with no warning. It is still on, because I can hear it running. I just can't see anything on the screen and any music or video playing stops. If anyone could help with this that would be great. Thanks!

Answer:Toshiba satellite laptop A210/A215 screen turns black after some time

Get into the power settings (under screen saver) and check the settings for running on battery and running on AC power...

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I need help I can't figure out the password on the black enter current password screen can you help please i have a hp mini 110 CNU9453269 PLEASE!!

View Solution.

Answer:Enter current password screen appears I forgot my password I...

Hi, Enter   e9lovqf7go    ( 3rd character is a lower case L ) Regards, DP-K

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When I try to turn on the laptop it says "enter administrator password or power on password" then when I try the only passwords I know for my laptop it says "system disabled 86381856". I don't know what to do or how to fix it and I saw that on a few other threads you were able to help people with the right thing to type in and was hoping you could help me as well cause I'm going crazy trying to solve the issue!! Thank you so much!!!

Answer:Enter admin password or power on password blue screen

Hi, Enter  39089298 Regards, DP-K

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Answer:Satellite Pro L10: Pop-Up in say "Enter Password"

Hello Caroline

Unfortunately there is no way to bypass the user password. Ask your son and enter the operating system. Then you can remove it without any problem. It can be changed in Toshiba console under Security tab.


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Pls help me am new here if I turn on my laptop mini I was ask to enter administrator password or power on password, I tried it three times and I code this code:63777861Help plsThanks

Answer:enter administrator password or power on password laptop min...

Hi: Enter this unlock passcode... 72655267

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When I turn on my computer I get a blue box that says enter administrator password or power on password. After 3 attempts I get the code 69419016. What can I do?

View Solution.

Answer:Laptop enter administrator password or power on password

Hi, Enter:      76571038 Regards, DP-K

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satellite c50-a-1dv

The system just hangs when I enter my password. I have tried to reinstall windows but I get the error message:

required device is not connected.

Any help gratefully received.


Answer:Satellite C50-A-1dv - hangs when enter password

Have you tried to reinstall original recovery image?

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I have acquired an old Toshiba Laptop - model 540CDT. It has no OS so I need to enter BIOS to get it to boot from CD. But I've tried a few options to no avail. Anyone know how?Thanks.

Answer:Toshiba 540CDT Laptop - enter BIOS?

Maybe one of these? click here

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro S300-11Y laptop and have a problem. A day, I decided that wanted to set a supervisor password for the bios of the laptop. Now, I remeber this password, but when I entry to the BIOS setup, I can't view any option for change o disable this password. I can't entry this password for set it me a supervisor, and also I can't modify some options as for exemple, the boot sequence.

How can I delete this password or how can I login as supervisor? I don't see any option for it, and I need to modify the boot sequence.

A lot of thanks.

Answer:Satellite Pro S300 - How to enter supervisor password?


About this I can only say check your user manual!!! ;)

There I have founded the following information:
+C:\Program Files\Toshiba\PassowrdUtility\TOSPU.exe+
+This utility lets you do the following:+
+Register, delete or change the supervisor password+
+Create or invalidate a supervisor password token+

Check this and then you should be able to delete the password if you know the current.


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Hi All, how have u been.

It's been 2 months I have bought the laptop Satellite A300-1PH. Yesterday, first time I tried to see my system BIOS by pressing F2, but it required Password to enter onto BIOS but I never put the password as I am very first time opening it.

Can anybody tell me what is the exact problem?

Answer:Satellite A300-1PH - Why I have to enter a BIOS password?

Maybe the shop who sold you the laptop put a Password on the BIOS?

Give them a call and ask if they put BIOS passwords on their laptops.

If they say no, then you should send the laptop to an Authorized Service Center. There is a list of ASP's on the Toshiba website in the support section.

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:cry First to all the serious Geeks here..i'm sorry, yes, i should have left well enough alone but i didnt so here i am on my knees Doritos in hand begging for your help.. ok, here it is... Toshiba laptop(owned by a friend) installed with Vista Home PREMIUM-forgotten admin password-used Vista Home BASIC recovery disk from another laptop to 'return to out of box state' YAY! worked! vga driver,no fingerprint scanner,etc etc. ah well, suffer in you jocks works,sorta except now its saying its not a genuine copy of windows..i tried the recovery disk again but now it wants the product key from the other laptop which i cant get hold of right now, (owned by me) Anyway now it wont even startup so i cant change the boot sequence to cd boot to use repair disks etc...can you help?? Please...:-o

Answer:Vista wont start after i enter password

Call Toshiba, tell them you need a recovery disk for the laptop that is now unbootable. The windows serial should be on a tag on the bottom of the notebook. The recovery disk is not free but at least your friend will have the correct recovery CD with all the proper drivers for the laptop.

I've also seen this site mentioned as a place to buy recovery CDs.

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I have an HP DV-6500 running Vista Ultimate. When I type my password to startup the vista circular icon that indicates it is working comes on and stays that way and I can get no further. HP tech support got it to work for a few hours, but now it is doing the same thing. I open it in safe mode but it will not let me open files and firefox will not connect to the internet. I don't know where to go from here.

Answer:System Freezes When Enter Password At Start

1) Have you tried Safe Mode with Networking to connect to the internet?2) Have you tried the Startup Repair tool? Here's a link to the how-to: Have you tried generating a bootlog for both SafeMode and normal mode? To do this, at the Safe Mode screen, select "Enable boot logging", then boot into normal mode (note the time at this point). Wait a while to make sure that it's thoroughly locked up, then reboot into Safe Mode (noting this time also). Then open the C:\Windows\Ntbtlog.txt file and locate the 2 logs that are listed around the times that you booted. Copy/paste them into your next post (they're gonna be long!).

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Hello. At start Satellite L855 - 11K appears for a few seconds the F2/F12 options and immediately appears a blue window asking for the password, "Enter Password", and that's all since I recover the password for my son and don't know what happens or what he does. What can I do to start the computer again? Thank you in advance.

Jose Bueno

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Computer is a satellite pro C660-29W PSC1ME-00U00KEN

I've set a BIOS supervisor password (no user password is set). I know the password.

If I hit F2 it enters the text editor but does not give any opportunity to enter the password, and so whilst I can view everything there is no way to change anything.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-29W: BIOS won't let me enter the supervisor password

Can this be helpful?

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Hi there,

I developed a problem with my desktop pc yesterday. I was gaming and the screen began to flicker then the game crashed - citing "rendering device lost". I tried to re-load this again and the same thing happened again, this time with a BSOD. I tried a different game and the same thing occured, took slightly longer though. Given it was late I went to bed.

Today on loading up the sign in screen was flickering lots, I entered my password and was met by a black screen. The computer continued to make fan noises as if it was working, but nothing on my screen. This happened again. On restaring my computer the crash report read

"Blue Screen.
locale ID 2057
BCcode 1a
BCP1 0000000000005001
BCP2 FFFFF7009080000
BCP3 00000000000009ED
BCP4 B00000000

I've looked at the bug dump, but I was silly and did a system restore before this, so there's no bug dump.

The computer starts and runs fine in safe mode and without the graphics card in.

Since I've done a system restore
Cleaned everything again ( was pretty dust free to start)
Uninstalled and re-installed the graphics card drivers
Re-seated RAM and GPU
Done a memory diagnostic on my RAM
None of these have worked.
I've taken the graphics card out and it runs fine with the onboard GPU.

Some specs:
Intel I5 3570K
GPU - AMD Radeon HD 7870
Corsair Vengeance 8GB RAM
Motherboard: Asus P8Z77M pro
PSU -OCZ Core steam 500W

The pc has worked perfectly for 3... Read more

Answer:Flickering screen at startup - then black screen when I enter password

I found this on my notepad:

GFX 23:56:28.143 Heroes of the Storm (B43571)
GFX 23:56:28.143
GFX 23:56:28.143 Executable E:\\Heroes of the Storm\Versions\Base43571\HeroesOfTheStorm_x64.exe
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Parameters> -sso=1 -launch -uid heroes
GFX 23:56:28.143 Parent Executable \Device\HarddiskVolume3\\Heroes of the Storm\Support64\HeroesSwitcher_x64.exe
GFX 23:56:28.143 Grandparent Executable \Device\HarddiskVolume3\\\
GFX 23:56:28.143 LocalTime 2016-06-16 23:56:28.143
GFX 23:56:28.143 <ComputerUser> Toby
GFX 23:56:28.143 <ComputerName> SPEEDDEMON
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Exe.Architecture> x86_64
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Version> 18.4.43571
GFX 23:56:28.143 <DataBuild> B43571
GFX 23:56:28.143 <CodeBranch> branches/Heroes.18.mid
GFX 23:56:28.143 <CodeRevision> 293141
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Locale.Assets> enUS
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Locale.Data> enUS
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Locale.Install> enUS
GFX 23:56:28.143 <AccountCountry> GBR
GFX 23:56:28.143 ====================================================================================================
GFX 23:56:28.142 DXGI: Available
GFX 23:56:28.267 Resource Cache Override Variable: 0MB
GFX 23:56:28.267 Resource Cache: 2036MB Win64 (8147MB Physical, 13271MB Proces... Read more

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My toshiba doesn't want to boot,and I can't press F2,F8or F12.

I tried everything unplugging the battery,taking out the HDD, everything!!

And i can't do absoloutley nothing when i turn it on no button on the keybored does anything.

Please help!

Answer:Toshiba satellite P300 (-1CD) won't boot past toshiba splash screen.


Perform the following steps:
-Remove the battery and Power adapter
-Press and hold the power button for 30-45 seconds (with battery and power still removed)
-Insert just the battery and attempt to boot the laptop.
-Insert just the power adapter and attempt to boot the laptop.

If still unsuccessful: Remember to remove battery and power before removing/installing components

-Remove the power and battery
-Remove the hard drive from the laptop and attempt to boot with the battery installed. Do you receive any error message?
-Remove the memory modules from the laptop
-Insert just the battery and attempt to start the laptop (you should receive beep error)
-Try inserting just one module of memory and test (swapping modules after each attempt)
-Remove the optical drive and test.
-Try disconnecting the CMOS battery for a few minutes then re-connect and try.

How to take apart a Toshiba Satellite P305 series notebook

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my old keyboard died . and i could not unlock my computer. i went and bought a new plug & play keyboard and thought that would fix the issue however the computer will not recognize the new keyboard unless i am in set up mode.  i tried to disable the password but was unsuccessful. so now im dumbfounded on what to do. can someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:Keyboard not being recognized, cannot enter password to start up computer

Hi If your bios has a setting for usb legacy support try enabling that or the only other way is to start the computer with a PS2 keyboard with your usb connected and after windows boots the usb keyboard will be installed and work.

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i haven?t used my toshiba Satellite P300-1AO for more than half a year since I am having a new laptop.
Now I need to grab some data from the satellite but I can?t coz I forgot my user password.

And I am probably too dumb to reset is, because after inserting both an empty CD and after connecting a USB Stick the computer says that CD/ USB Stick can?t be used for resetting the password. What am I doing wrong?

I need the data from that thing and the more I am waiting the more I am getting nuts...

Can anybody please help me?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite P300-1AO - Can't enter my user profile - forgot password

Timo if you can obtain ?2,5? AluminumSATA HDD Enclosure? connect HDD from your P300 to another PC as external device. On this way you will be able to have full access to all saved data.

After doing this put the HDD back and install original recovery image or Win7 32bit. It works perfectly on P300.

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Hello I have a problem with a c875-153 toshiba, was broken on the screen, and sa change it but now I turn puts enter password and I never put my password. I hope the answer greetings

Answer:Satellite c875-153 - blue square jumping and says enter password

A Toshiba Service Center can remove the power-on password for you.

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when using the above card, and TRENDnet TEW-311BRP WireLess Broadband Router, I cannot get a stable connection.

It always connect and disconnect me.

I use this machine and card all over the world: airports, hotels, offices and it works great.

I asked the dealer to replace the 311. Same problem.

However, if I stick TRENDnet PCMCIA card and disable the Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card, I connect w/o disconnections.

any idea?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop and Wi-Fi Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card

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My laptop cannot tell me any post after the Toshiba logo just black screen. Cannot get into the bios or anything... These are the things I have tried:
Taken hard drive out,
Taken ram out and only tried one..
Taken Battery Cmos battery out for a few minutes..
Had a look at the motherboard and fan is not even working when I turn it on..
I have taken the cpu and put it back in..
Defiantly Sounds like the motherboard problem but want to know if its just a chip that needs to be replaced and soldered.. If anyone has any ideas that will be awesome.


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Hello all, I've been messing with and Googling this problem all day and am stumped. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

My laptop:
Toshiba A105-S4134
MCE 2005
Intel T2400 Duo Core

1. Two days ago I had a glitch - a bunch of browser windows were open and the system just sort of froze up. I ended up doing a hard restart. The PC then took a longer than normal time to boot back up.

2. That made me nervous, so yesterday I made True Image images of both partitions on the HD, that is C: (OS and apps) and D: (data).

3. This morning I decided to run a memory diagnostic disk (I had memtest86+ and Windows Diagnostics CDs on hand). I set boot priority to CD/DVD ROM using Start > All Programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Toshiba Assist > Optimize > Toshiba Hardware Settings > Boot Priority

4. When I restarted the PC, I heard the CD Rom drive spin for a few seconds, but the screen stayed lack and didn't boot. After some time passed with no activity, I hit control/alt/delete a couple of times and XP then booted form the HD.

5. I unsuccessfully tried multiple times with three bootable CDs (that worked on another Toshiba laptop), including the Recovery and Apps disk that came with the laptop. Same result. I re-checked boot order a few times and the setting priority was still as I had set it.

6. I then found that I was unable to get into either safe mode or BIOS, or to get the PC to boot from the CD ROM during startup using any of F12, F8, F2... Read more

Answer:Solved: Toshiba: Cannot boot from CD or enter Safe Mode or enter BIOS on startup

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Opened laptop, tried to enter password in appropriate slot but nothing appearing...can't get into computer???

Answer:Opened laptop, tried to enter password but nothing...

Add computer model, and also insert a photo or describe what is displayed. We cannot assist without more information.

First, CALM DOWN and look at my profile picture. Calm? Now post your message. If I helped, a Kudos would be great! Marking as solution will help others as well, thank you!

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Opened laptop, tried to enter password in appropriate slot but nothing appearing...can't get into computer???

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This is a problem I've never encountered in the past (and, believe me, I've encountered hundreds of them). When I turn on my desktop pc, everything is working fine until I come to the log in screen. My curser is an arrow, and it works fine, moves around the screen as it should, until I try to place it into the "type your password" area. At that point, the curser arrow turns into a hand, and it won't allow me to type my password, which means I'm unable to get on line.

I've tried everything I know how to try; unplugging the machine, rebooting, trying a different mouse, etc. Nothing works. Can someone advise me what to do in this situation?

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Unable to enter password on log in screen

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My hp PC 2300tn is stuck on , Enter power-on pass word key ? what stoppedIt .because it on the screenA program on desktop key board?

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Windows 10 has been working fine since install on my Dell desktop. Then one day when I went to use it, I can't enter any info on the user/password screen. When the PC starts it goes to the screen with wallpaper, time and date. When I touch any key or mouse click it goes to the screen to select user and enter password to log in. At that point the screen goes to black within half a second or so. I can't click on anything. After about 30 seconds it returns to the wallpaper, time and date screen. I have restarted the PC numerous times, but no change. I can get into the F2, but see no place to restore to earlier date, etc. TIA

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My screen is black after I enter my password at login. I can still see my mouse arrow, but that's it. Please HELP!!!!

Answer:Please, HELP!!! My screen goes black after I enter my password

Welcome to Vista Forums Daina. I wonder if you just installed Update for Microsoft Security Essentials - (KB3140527)

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Hi any one so far no one telling me any thing let me try one more time.I'm using Lenovo laptop and mouse is build in key board can not entered any thing in the user neither password screen the operating system is window Vista it means previous entred passward has been luck ctl Alt and delte keys are not working. so can't get ride of the previous entred passwaord I need help thanks.

Answer:Can't enter BIOS password for Lenovo laptop

thanks but i can't do nothing at all and on the user screen previously entered password re-enters itslef.

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1)HP 245 G3 Laptop2) Windows 8.13) Enter Admin Password or Power On password.4) No changes, just update as usual.5)No BIOS update.The System Disable number is [91939141 ]Need help pleaseThanks


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Answer:) HP 245 G3 Laptop 2) Windows 8.1 3) Enter Admin Password o...

Hi,Try: 24691187RegardsVisruth

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acer aspire will not let me enter password after charging. i have screen saver, but nithing other than the passwoed request. But will not accept password

Answer:why am I unable to enter laptop password after charging

Did you set one in the first place - for your user-name/account?Have you tried simply leaving it blank?

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Product Name: Hp 245 G3Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit)1)HP 245 G3 Laptop2) Windows 8.13) Enter Admin Password or Power On password.4) No changes, just update as usual.5)No BIOS update.The System Disable number is [54161187 ]Need help pleaseThanks   


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Answer:HP 245 G3 Laptop 2) Windows 8.1 3) Enter Admin Password

Hi, Enter  41849109 Regards, DP-K

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Answer:My Laptop Keeps Popping On Enter Administration Password Or ...

Please enter the incorrect password 3 times and reply to this post with an error code or the halt code, so I can reset the password for you Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,KNRK

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I am unable to start up my laptop. For some reason i was unable to use my fingerprint/password/key to go online. Its very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated..

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Hpmini 110 cnu93491SY enter current password???

Answer:Hp mini 110 enter current password screen

@Hpmini110jp? Your question has already been answered on your original thread below. Regards, DP-K

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Please help me:(:(:( all it has is Enter Password On my screen it all ways says enter password but I forgot it and I need a lot of help it is a small laptop I would really be help full I don't care how please just help me I drop it when I was doing so homework I have a spare and it all backed up but it really slow and oldIt is windows 7If you can help me that would be awesome and I don't know much about laptops

Answer:On my screen it all ways says enter password but I forgot it

It is against this forums policy to provide help for password problems except in exceptional circumstances because we have no idea whether you are the rightful owner. Your next step is to contact the distributor and be prepared to provide proof of ownership. Your specs say Win 7, this is the Win 8 forum!message edited by Ewen

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windows 10 HP Pavilion 15- n259Tx ( Can't type Password in login screen)

I am facing this issue that I can't type Password in login screen in windows 10.

When I press key to enter password nothing happened. Password field is blank, it is not detecting keystrokes.

I ran chkdsk /f and /r , no issue found. I ran through safe mode and then i was able to enter password. But when I again tried to login normally I couldn't enter password.

Later I did factory reset by pressing f11 key (using HP recovery manager) which wiped everything and from windows 10 it got restored to original windows 8.

So now in windows 8 during first login I entered password and it worked.

I restarted my system and Woah same problem again. I couldn't enter password.


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One of my PCs suddenly developed a habit to black out
the screen at login time right after I click owner, put password and Enter.

It was working fine before this, I do not connect it to Internet, yet I transfer some files
using USB memory stick from other PC which is connected.

Interestin thing that when I chose F8 for safe mode the PC that generates garbage bag black
screen works fine as far as I can tell. I can see my files in directories and open them
(clearly I checked only a few).

Is it a virus or I changed some setting during last log out ?
Thank you.

Answer:Screen Gets Black After Enter On Owner Password

There are several things that could cause this, the most likely being a corruption of your video drivers. To start with, uninstall the current video drivers from your system while in Safe Mode (go to Control Panel...Add/Remove Programs).

If this doesn't fix it, post back and we'll go through the steps for checking out your hard drive, your file system, and the MBR/Boot sectors of the hard drive.

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