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windows 7 booting stopped booting

Question: windows 7 booting stopped booting

i have lenovo g460 with windows 7 premium 64 bit, it was working fine yesterday...but when i try to use my laptop now i see a message on black screen

PXE-E61: media test failure, check cable
pxe-mof: exiting pxe rom.
no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key

but i dont have any installation disks except repair disk which i created through windows wizard... i searched for solution over net and tried to recover ..first i booted with repair disk and found operating system as unknown on local disk startup found error but cannt repair it and through commpand prompt i tried these commands

bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot
bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd

the first 2 commands worked successfully but when i run the last command it scanned and identified windows installations 1 and prompted to add it to boot list when i press y to add i got the message

the requested system device cannot be found.

pls help me to solve the issue...thanks in advance...

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Preferred Solution: windows 7 booting stopped booting

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have two HDs on my desktop PC and Win 7 installed on both of them. Recently there have been issues when trying to load either copy of windows.

One tells me there is disk inconsistencies and the disk needs to be checked. The other loads up the startup repair and tells me it's been repaired and to reboot my PC. When I reboot my PC the same process repeats.

I tired reinstalling a fresh copy of Windows but all that did is give me three Windows 7 OS to choose from when it asks me which one to load.

At this point I don't care if I have to format both of my HDs, I'd just like to get a copy of Windows working. It's weird that both copies on separates HDs stopped booting, could it be a virus? Anyways, please advise.

Answer:Windows Stopped Booting

Try booting with only one HDD connected. If that one doesn't work, try the other one alone. Post back what you find.

An image of your Disk Management screen would help too.

But here's my question: What reason do you have to load W7 twice on the same machine?

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The system has worked in the past, and now after entering the user password the computer crashes and starts.
This may have been caused because the drive was run on the command "attrib -R -A -S -H *.* /S /D /L".
I do not remember if the system worked properly since then.

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This has happened on 2 of my devices; a home built PC & Acer Laptop previously running Windows 7 Pro x64 & Windows Home Premium x64 respectively. Both have previously experienced little to no problems running Windows 7.

The PC was upgraded from Windows 7 Pro, then a clean build was successfully installed & ran for a couple of days. On the subsequent boot the Windows logo appeared with the rotating dots but it then stopped. On the reboot it went through diagnostics & I tried all options but there was no way to recover things.

Fortunately, I made a Macrium Reflect backup which I duly made & the PC re-booted successfully & has done ever since.

The Laptop was also upgraded, but from Windows 7 Home Premium with exactly the same thing happening. As it was an upgrade, I even tried reverting back to Windows 7 Home Premium which couldn't be done. When I checked the contents of the HD (having removed it from the Laptop) the Old Windows directory was missing! I've just restored things with a Macrium Reflect backup & await to see what happens.

I find this somewhat disappointing as I've been using the Insider Builds for several months without experiencing any start-up issue but to have this occur on 2 different devices within as many days makes we wonder if the retail version has been rushed out & is flawed.

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Two weeks ago I purchased an ASUS M32CD PC Desktop with Windows 10 Home 64bit pre-installed, and now all of a sudden it's not booting.

When I set up my pc for the first time after I bought it, I mistakenly agreed to participate in Windows Insider Program, and shortly after setting my pc up, Windows Update automatically downloaded and installed a newer Windows 10 build which took about 4 hours to complete.

Since everything was still working great after the new build, and I had the option of going back to my previous build through recovery settings within 30 days, I decided to test it for a bit. Last night I decided I wanted to go back to the build which came pre-installed on my pc, and when I clicked on it via the recovery section, it said the files needed to revert back had been deleted and that I could not go back to previous build. So I decided to just Reset my PC instead. It gave me the option of keeping my files and settings or deleting all files and settings and reinstalling Windows. I chose the latter. It went to a blue screen that said Resetting your PC, and once it got to 2% complete, it abruptly ended and said there was a problem resetting my PC. I tried it one more time, and at 2% it again ended and said there was a problem resetting my pc, and I was given the option of going into advanced recovery.
From there I chose to continue to Windows 10, but it would not load anything. Since then I have tried to use the Windows Repair function, but it doesn't re... Read more

Answer:Windows 10 stopped booting

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I shut down my PC the other day, removed my hard drive and CDR, de-dusted my case, put the drives back in and started the computer back up to find that windows couldn't load because "C:\Windows\System32\config\system" was missing or corrupt ...

Well I booted into the repair console, and the file is indeed there ...

So ... how could it suddenly get corrupted while sitting in its anti-static bag? More importantly, how can I fix the problem as that's not a file on the XP cd!

I'm not totally adverse to reinstalling windows, but I'd rather try and repair things first.


Answer:Help - Windows XP randomly stopped booting up!

Definately strange, you could try doing a repair install. But I think this type of problem is usually a re-install type thing.

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In this form I hope to solve PC errors, thanks for the help everyone!

I've a lot of PCs, all of whom have Windows 7 Enterprise and XP dual boot.

Nowadays, suddenly in many PCs both the OSs stopped booting, but I'll query about Windows 7 in this forum.

When Windows 7 starts to boot, as soon as the 'glasses' of the Windows logo appears, Windows 7 reboots.

On booting from safe mode, the restart happens after classpnp.sys is loading/loaded. I tried renaming that file, but then the restart happens on disk.sys, on moving that file too, it happens with fvevol.sys.

I tried to enabling boot logging (from F8), but there's no ntbtlog file in the Windows installation directory.

Please help me solve this PC problem!

Answer:Windows 7 suddenly stopped booting.

Welcome to SevenForums!

You mentioned you have many PC's with the same problem. The first thing I would look for is any updates that were installed on the machines shortly before the problems started.

If the PC's have System Restore active you might want to boot using a Install or Repair disc and restore to an earlier date.

Also try running Startup Repair, Startup Repair You may have to run it three times, booting between each run.

I try to never touch any machines that are dual boot, sorry I don't really have a lot of suggestions.

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I have a Dell Inspiron n5110 and, like the subject states, the fan stops working after booting up Windows 10.
I just noticed this lately, so I can't really pin point the cause, but, I believe that it's only recent since my laptop ran smoothly in the past (I was playing the Witcher with medium settings, I was rendering 3d models/scenes with thousands of polygons, etc.), but now, it overheats every time I play and then shuts down.
I already tried cleaning the fan, replacing the thermal paste on the CPU and the GPU.
The fan works when I ran Dell Diagnostics and when the system is POST-ing (upon start up), then when the Windows 10 logo appears, the fan stops. I already tried looking for a driver, but I think fans don't require drivers...?

Any help/suggestion is appreciated. Thank you! :)

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Ok so today my primary hdd stoppped booting.It gave the error on startup "Disk Read Error"so i checked all the connections & replaced a few of the cables i had spares for.. Still got same i decided to install windows on my secondary drive & see if i could grab my data from the primary drive so i didnt loose it all..This worked and to my surprise the primary drive seems to still work fine just not to boot from. however i have an awfull lot of stuff on my main drive that i dont want to there a way to get it booting again as normal without wiping it?{also i tried inserting my windows 7 dvd & ran a startup repair this made no changes to the error}Thanks for any help in advancemessage edited by m1ffta

Answer:Hdd Stopped Booting but is accesible through windows

Perform a start up repair. See the link below. Set the original drive as the first boot hard drive in the BIOS and then perform the repair.

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Had to to a format :drive /p:2, that is format with zeroing out the secondary flash drive which still had some boot loader, that activated randomly screwing up the system boot. Turns out the Asus Flash Erase is worth sh*t.

I've got Windows 8.1 Pro x64 installed for a month now and up until today everything was running smoothly.
Today the Os will not boot though, the boot process hangs during the loading animation, similar thing happens, when I try make a new install or repair the system using the repair tools from the dvd - when I click "Repair Tools" or "Install" nothing shows except for the blue background.
The problem goes away, when all other drives, except for the one with the OS, are disconnected.
I use a following build:
MB: Asus Maximus VII Gene
- Plextor m6e m.2 pci-e ssd<- Windows 8.1 installed
- 4 x WD Green as archive
- Crucial m4 SSD for vm's
Removing all drives except for the helps, however that is not really a solution. Disabling the SATA Ports does not help either, they have to be physically unplugged.
Also! - after disabling the Plextor drive an keeping the other drives connected, right after POST there is a message about a missing windows bootmgr. It's in my native language (now I have 8.1 en_us, a month back I had another installation on the Crucial ssd), so it seems the second bootloader is somehow interfering (?) although like I said, everything was running with no problems for a month.
EDIT: I should also ... Read more

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I searched the threads for an existing post and I couldn't find one that matched my problem. Sorry if a solution has already been posted somewhere.

I have a new Acer 1410 w/ 4GB of DDR2 memory and a 1.6 CULV processor. It came with Vista Home Premium installed, but I downloaded Windows 7 Ultimate from my technet subscription. Because I don't have an optical drive I had to install from a USB stick. I did this without any problems at all.

Windows 7 has been booting fine and running great for about a week now. I haven't recenly loaded any new software or drivers. Yesterday I shut down my laptop normally; when I tried to reboot an hour later I was shown the "loading files" screen and was then taken to the Windows Startup Repair option. Windows spent an hour trying to repair whatever was wrong with my startup and I was finally given an error message that it couldn't make any repairs.

I tried going to the DOS prompt and fixing the boot manager and boot file; interestingly all this did was suddenly give me the option to boot Windows 7 or Windows Vista (!!!). I still get the Windows Startup Repair when I try booting Windows 7. If I try to boot Vista (I was curious) it takes me all the way to the login screen but then tells me I have files missing if I try to login, which is fine - I wasn't trying to set up a dual boot anyways.

Here's the part that's really got me stumped: If I try booting my laptop into install (using the bootable USB stick I created to se... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 stopped booting; Can't repair.

UPDATE: I may have some new information. I've booted to the install menu and picked "Repair your computer". From there I went to the command prompt and typed "sfc /scannow".

I received this message:

"There is a system repair pending which requires reboot to complete. Restart Windows and run sfc again."

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I partitioned hard drive and everything. Then I installed XP Pro and Vista. Then I updated both and whatnot. I was on Vista then I restarted and booted into XP. Now when I try to boot into Vista it gets to the loading screen then it just restarts. I can still boot into XP fine.

Also I have lost all access to my BIOS. Does anybody know how to get that back?

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I got a new disk drive for my pc and as soon as I got it installed Windows 7 would no longer boot after the start up screen. The error I get says "Windows has failed to start. A new hardware or software change may be the cause."

I've looked up the error and I've tried starting it in safe mode which won't work, I don't have a backup to reset my computer to and the option it gives me to repair the computer works but it sits on the repair screen infinitely. The only option I have found left is to reinstall windows or use the repair disk, but the computer was unfortunately gifted to me and was gifted to someone else before me so there is no disk. I just wanted to know of any more options before I got but a new OS to save my baby.

Answer:New Disk Drive Stopped Windows Booting

If that hard drive containing Windows 7 came from another computer and was installed in your computer, it's not going to boot and work properly.
Windows 7 needs to be installed in the hard drive in the computer that it's going to be used in.

What's the brand name and model name and complete model number of that computer?


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My L660 was on for a long time yesterday during which it downloaded some Windows updates.

This morning it would not boot up. Unfortunately I have not prepared recovery disks and do not have the Windows 7 disk as the computer was purchased with the system pre-installed.

What can I do to get it working again?

Answer:Satellite L660-106 with Windows 7 has stopped booting up

Try please to start notebook with F8 at start-up to enter advanced boot options. Start notebook in safe mode and open system restore tool and try to roll back OS day or two back in hope this will help.

If not send some feedback.

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My PC has two SATA drives, for storage, and two 128GB SSDs. One of the SSDs has Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS9) installed on it. The second is divided into two partitions: the first has the O/S, the second Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX).

The first sign of trouble was when aircraft fuselage textures stopped loading in FS9. Eventually, when this didn't clear, I decided to reboot. After I did so, the FS9 SSD was completely missing from My Computer. Tried rebooting a couple more times. No joy, and the Asus BIOS splash screen was taking ages to move onto the Windows is starting up phase, so I assumed that the drive had failed. I unplugged the faulty SSD, and all was OK. For two or three reboots...

Then, rebooting once again a little later, all I got was, after the BIOS splash screen, a black screen with one line of strange characters. A few letters and numbers there, but mostly stuff like you might find in Wingdings font, musical notes, patterns and shapes. I took a photo of this. I can post it if really needed, but don't expect the exact string will help much. It's the same string of characters every time..

I booted using a BartPE DVD and went into the explorer utility. The O/S drive itself is clearly OK (it would be a bit much for both to fail in 30 minutes!) as both partitions on it, the one with the O/S and the one with FSX, are accessible in BartPE and I can browse through the various folders.

Also, the small System Reserved partition with a folder called 'Boot' an... Read more

Answer:Windows has stopped booting. Advice needed please!

Work through the steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start since infection cannot be ruled out and the normal repair routine might not work if it's infected.

Test the SSD's with the manufacturer's firmware. Check for firmware upgrade.

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I was trying to install a ubuntu distribution to my primary hard drive (along side Windows 7) and at 99% of copying files the setup reported there was not sufficient memory to install backtrack. I cannot boot back into windows 7 as the computer resets before getting past the boot screen (shows 'starting windows' as normal then the screen blacks and takes me back to BIOS).
this process loops unless I select windows repair option, which does not fix the problem.
The Backtrack live CD won't let me delete the new, half-installed partition, so therefore I cannot change the windows partition back to it's usual (small) size of 55GB.

All help would be appreciated as I need windows on my PC for work

Thank you to all in advance.

Answer:Installing linux distribution has stopped windows 7 booting

To Remove Linux take look at this post:
Error 0xc0000225 on boot

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First off i wanna say hi to everyone, long time reader but never posted.. but i knew this day would come!!! lol....

system spec:

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
2 250gb Seagate Barracudas 7200 > Raid 0
AMD Athlon II X3 450 Rana 3.2GHz Socket AM3 95W
Asus M4A78LT-M Mobo
2 Crucial 2GB 240-Pin SDRAM DDR3 1600
1 2GB G. Skill 240 pin DDR3 Memory

Ok computer has been doing scandsks for the last week all of a sudden when starting up and now it splashes the boot screen and hangs on the black screen with a blinking cursor at the top left.
I have been researching this for the past couple of days in the net and unfortunately have been unsuccessful at finding ananswer.

heres what i have done so far:
1-booted from windows cd and did STARTUP REPAIR, it found my windows installation and finished without no problems - PROBLEM STILL EXISTS
2-command propmpt and fixboot command unsuccessful since it stays on x: dir and i cant find the c: dir for the right commands
3-SYSTEM RESTORE found no earlier restore points which i found odd but it is what it is.. lol..
4- went ahead and tried installation of windows to see if it recognized my drive on array and it did with the correct size and data.

I tried installing the regrun reanimator to see if it maybe was a root kit problem but the boot up disk didnt recognize my c drive either.

so here i am stuck on stupid!!..

any help will be greatly appreciated!..

Answer:Windows stopped booting with continous blinking cursor

Sounds like a bad hard drive so IO would download Sea Tools and make bootable cd and run both tests on the drive.
| Seagate

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Hey there,

I have a Dimension C521 Dell desktop PC. It is a glorious computer; have had it for 5+ years now, and have had very few problems with it, and when, nothing a virus scan or system reformat wont fix. Its all been great, until we got this. My sister went on a website (Roblox, I think), and my brother occasionally plays Runescape on it. The anti-virus software has always been iffy with Runescape, showing multiple viruses, but we could always fix it. Not until Roblox went up. Shortly after, the PC froze, so I had to do a hard reset. While rebooting, we got an annoying ticking noise from the computer, down where I think the HDD is. I'm unsure if this is the "click of death", but comparing to Wikipedia's media of it, it sounds different. The noise is somewhat a click, sometimes going 2-6 times in a row, stopping, then repeating. Father (who has been helped before on this site; thank you!) thinks its the PC trying to boot from the CD drive yet failing. Well, being the ignorant person I am, I ignore it and continue...

Everything is similar, except...

Boot from CD:

What we think is that something deleted our boot drive.

So we find the system disk, and insert it. It downloads the files, and then goes to:

Welcome to Setup
This portion of the Setup program prepares Microsoft?
Windows? XP to run on your computer.

To setup Windows now, press ENTER.

To repa... Read more

Answer:Windows XP PC stopped booting, lost boot drive?

Try pressing F2 and entering the setup menu. Once there, find the boot disk priority (usually in the boot tab) and make sure the hard disk is at the top of the boot list. If the hard drive is not on the top of the list the computer will try to boot from other devices and could cause the error you're seeing.

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Just tried to add Crucial ram to a used Precision M6500 Win7 Laptop - 2.8GHz core i7 *GB SP1 on EBay last week. After taking advice from Crucial tech this laptop will no longer boot.
Apologies for the long explanation: 
Working machine came with 8GB (2x4) of Hylinks Ram. I added 8GB (2X4) of Crucial memory under the keyboard of the machine. The machine would not boot. Pulled memory from all four slots. Put one stick of Hylink and one stick of Crucial in battery side slots to see if they work together there. The machine booted windows. So I put the other Hylink and Crucial sticks under the keyboard. The machine did not boot.
I called Crucial. Tech told me to pull the cmos battery. Wait 15 minutes and plug it back in. This is were the real fun begins!
Now the machine won't boot windows under any condition. 
I pulled the the additional memory out from under the keyboard. The machine runs the memory test and blue screen flashes on and off in a split second. It goes into startup repair mode. And ends with the following report every top I push the start button:

"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.... 
Launch startup repair (Recommended)"
Start up repair does not work. The machine will not boot Win7 with either 8 or 16GB in place.
So it seems pulling the cmos battery is at the bottom of this. But for the life of me I can't figure out why?
The following are things I've tried to get windows t... Read more

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HiMy current pc specswindows 7 ultimate,hdd:320 gb(now replaced),1gb RAm2 weeks ago my lenovo R61 started showing fan error,I force fully sometimes closed laptop by pressing power button for 5 sec around 10-15 times because it never gets shut down,after opening it by pressing Esc key.Then I opened it,saw dust,cleaned fan dust.And it worked smoothly but after one day,windows stopped booting at logo glowing screen.It hangs there for so long.Again forcefully shut down.Luckily i installed ubuntu too on separate partition.It was working normally but few days later,ubuntu also stopped booting.Then  I thought to replaced my current hard disk(320 gb)  with my older one(It is 160 gb,it has windows 7 installed, i took it from my brother lappy of SL500).And my pc boots normally,it worked but again with some times showing fan error and on pressing Esc,logging inwindows 7,sometimes mouse automatically right clicks (i have updated mouse drivers).No fan is available in india of its model,although i have now extra one cooling pad,which keeps laptop cool.Questions:Is my hard disk(320 gb) has failed?Is my fan error eventually going to destroy my motherboard,if i do not replace fan?Why sometimes fan error comes and some times not, and why mousepad sometimes gets disabled on some parts like taskbar,and then it works,sometimes automatic right clicks ,then later works.?What is problem  

Answer:Fan error,windows stopped booting,replaced hard drive,Windows boots mouse problem

Typically, a fan error means you have a bad fan and if not that, probably a motherboard problem.  I would first try ordering a new fan (I will locate a part number for you).
Hard shutdowns do damage because the OS could still be writing system information when the PC suddenly goes off, and on the next reboot, you may have a damaged file.

Did you find a post awesome? A great response? Kudo them!Did the post you read answer your question? Did someone help you figure out your problem? Hit Solution Provided and give that person a 'thank you' for helping you out!

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Recently I purchased a laptop with windows 8 64 bit pre-installed in it. For my job purpose, I needed windows 7 32 bit. After searching the web and also using the information I got from this site, I disabled secure boot, deleted the recovery partition and converted GPT partitions to MBR. Then I shrink the Big partition in which windows 8 was installed to make room for the windows 7 partition. Then I created a new partition and installed windows 7 on it. After this whenever I switch on the computer, a message come up, saying that a required device cannot be found and windows is to be repaired. The only way in which I can start windows is to go to bios, select the boot options and then select boot from notebook hard drive.

Can anybody please tell me how this problem can be solved

Answer:Booting problem with dual booting with windows 8 and 7

when you created the new partition did you make itin front or behind the existing partition?

If your boot manager is looking to boot Win 8 on Disk 0 Part 1, and you created the new partition in front of Win 8, your Win 7 will now be located on Disk 0 Part 1 which is where the boot manager is expecting Win 8

can you send us a screen cap of your disk management?

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My other PC won't boot !I saw that the CPU was only showing 1.05mhz instead of 1400mhz.So I restarted with the intention of fixing it in the BIOS like I've done before.I kept pressing the Del key repeatedly and unusually the floppy drive kept searching for a disk ?Then nothing so I manually restarted thinking I'd have another go!Now there's just a black screen no beeps- nothing !?What's going on !!?

Answer:PC has stopped booting ?

If your floppy is searching for a disk and you've not had any BIOS screens it sounds to me like your BIOS has become corrupted and has a Bootblock section that is looking for a BIOS flash file on a floppy. click here and click here,

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Question: XP Stopped booting

My XP home has worked fine for over a year.

Suddenly, I turned it on, it cycled thru the post screen then the screen went to it's usual black with the cursor blinking in the upper right corner. At this point it usually goes to protected and the xp worm screen comes on. Now however the cursor blinks for a few seconds then the screen goes black. I can boot up with a boot disk and access my fat32 drives but it won't boot. Any suggestions?

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Hi all,

I've just spent the afternoon trying to install a couple of SATA drives with the intention of removing the old ATA drives and putting a fresh XP build on.....but things have got interesting.

Established earlier that i needed to get the Samsung SP1312C SATA drivers, which i've been looking for (and still looking for)...however thats not the problem now.

The PC would only boot if i cleared the BIOS (jumper switch), and then it would only boot once. If i re-start after re-setting the BIOS to boot from CD the PC wouldn't boot (you could hear the thing mem check but no display)....reset the BIOS again and it would boot (viscous circle).

Situation i have now is that on startup i now get 3 short high pitched beeps followed by 2 low beeps. I've removed everything bar the graphics card from the PCI slots and all external peripherals so i'm running a CDRW drive, 1 60GB hard drive and RAM. I've re-seated the RAM and tried to boot with each indicidual stick in, tried a different Graphics joy. Beginning to think that the CPU has had it but the funny thing is after the beeps on startup you can still hear the thing POST and detect the Keyboard.

The last thing i have tried is removing the CMOS battery again, symptoms remain.

Any idea's?


Abit KV7 motherboard
60GB Samsung ATA HDD
1.00GB RAM
Samsung CDRW drive (Internal)
Nvidia 6600GT OC

Answer:PC has stopped booting

I'v got corrupt bios or bad system memory,so if your board has a backup bios check your manual as to how to switch to it or try booting with just one stick of memory,then try all the other on their own in slot 1

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hi there friends, hope someone can help mem with my problem.
my computer, after sometimes shutting down unexpectadly for a few weeks, and now it won't boot further than the first screeens of tests etc, it now doesn't go to the win logo for exampll, when I try booting from cdrom, I have a win installation cd, it goes to the meny but then won't load the installation, both the hdd and the cdrom seems to be working, any clues?

thanks very much in advance, i really hope I can find answers to my problem here I would hate to have to give my baby, a shuttle xpl in to anyone to take apart, I have the skills to do the basic installations of hardware after working in a computer factory but fail the skills to find what the problem is when anything happens, cheers to you


Answer:computer stopped booting

does your BIOS detect the hd?

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hi i have recently put on a copy of windows xp onto my computer as i do not at the moment have time to buy windows 7. i installed the os at home and it worked fine then i put it in the car and move it to my student flat and it no longer starts up, all lights turn on but nohting comes up on screen i have tried it on another monitor and still doesnt work.
any help would be great thanks
the computer is a custom build
amd athlon II quad core
8gb ram
600watt psu

Answer:My computer has stopped booting up

its an asrock k10n78 motherboard aswell cheers

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Hello everyone!

My computer has Win7 Pro x64 and XP in dual-boot, and recently Win7 started going slow when watching mkv videos, and one day it completely lagged to hell, so I rebooted, but it won't boot again, it goes to system repair, but it fails, error found is :

Startup Repair fails from the DVD, too. Could anyone help me out?

Answer:Computer stopped booting

Looks like a driver is corrupted. Boot to Startup Repair from DVD and select Command Prompt. From there, type "chkdsk /f" (without the quotations).

Let me know the results.

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I have an advent verona netbook which had win7 installed from new.

recently it was becoming very sluggish, this was followed by it not responding at all and all i could do was boot into safe mode.

Now it will only boot to the recovery options (startup repair) and regardless of what i click (attempt to fix error / reinstall windows / etc ) the computer just hangs, freezes or does not respond at all to key / mouse presses.

So what are my options ?

The computer has no disk drive and came with no install disks etc - so thats not an option.

I can enter command prompt from the start up repair so my inital thought was f disk and try to install my copy of vista on it which ive put on a memory stick - but even when i boot from the memory stick i get the options to install vista but then its just the same freezing / hanging and doing nothing .

Is there a way i can completely wipe the computer ?

Any help much appreciated as im at a complete loss now


Answer:win 7 has stopped booting .. what are my options ?

Burn a Win7 Repair CD to run Startup Repair which doesn't depend on OS files: System Repair Disc - Create. You can write ISO to flash stick using Win2Flash.

Make sure Win7's 100mb System Reserved is still marked Active so it will repair: Partition - Mark as Active.

If it won't start after running 3 separate Startup Repairs with reboots, mark Win7 partition itself Active to run Startup Repair x3 again to write the System Boot files directly to it as the 100mb boot partition may have become corrupt.

System Restore should be automated in Startup Repair, but run it next anyway.

You referred to a choice on your System Recovery Options list to Reinstall Win7, which means you have a Recovery Partition from which you should have made Recovery Disks. You can order these disks from manufacturer's Tech Support for a nominal fee if you didn't make them earlier.

You can also clean reinstall with the Product Key on your COA sticker following these steps: Reinstalling Windows 7

Copy out your files with Repair CD or DVD using this method: Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console. If you can find the install.wim file in the Recovery partition which won't run, you can also mount it to run Factory Recovery.

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Hello Forum,
I am new to Major Geeks and fairly new to Vista. Last Sunday the Vista OS in my computer quite booting up. It begins to boot, and then the screen goes blank and the monitor says 'No Signal' Do you know of a program i can run to find out what is keeping Vista from running?

Thank you, Dean

Answer:Vista stopped booting up

Are you sure the machine is not booting? The No Signal message means the monitor is not working. Have you checked the connections? Have you tried a different monitor?

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Hello All,

I have a HP Pavilion zv5000 running XP and i can't get it to boot anymore.

It did boot and work for a few times after i got it but now it doesn't. It would do the initial surge where the fans come on but then it would silence and turn off after a few seconds and the screen stayed black.

I removed one of the memory sticks and booted, after the initial surge it stayed on unlike before, but it didn't kick on further and still nothing came on screen.

I did try a different screen from one of my other pavilions as i know they are prone to inverter problems but still it just stayed black.

Does anyone have ideas please, i really don't want to have to take it to a shop.

Answer:Laptop has stopped booting up.

If it was a faulty hard drive you would still get something up on the screen, with an error message relating to the hard drive, so that's not the problem.

Similarly, with faulty RAM. you would get a series of fault beeps from the BIOS which I assume you are not getting?

I assume you've tried turning it on while it's connected to the A/C adapter (in case the battery is flat)?
If yes, then it's my guess the motherboard is faulty. Only an inspection by someone who knows about the insides of a laptop can confirm that I'm afraid.

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hi guys,
my advent laptop has decided to stop booting up, it wont get upto the bootscreen, just the options for how to boot then dead.

ive tried booting into safe mode and repair from the vista DVD but to no avail.
anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? it could be a hardware problem

any help would be much appreciated, i could really do with getting my laptop back working!

thanks for reading!

Answer:my laptop has stopped booting again

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I've had this computer for several years and just recently it's been having various problems and now it's not even booting up anymore.

Some previous problems that led up to the boot up problem.

Most recently when using the computer, suddenly it seems to freeze up and after several minutes the display/resolution goes from my regular setting (I believe it was set at 1024x768 32 bit, to 256 color 640x480.

It was happening almost on a daily basis. It got so bad that instead of using the computer locally, I would log in from my laptop using Remote Desktop and using the computer this way instead. I was not sure if this was caused by a faulty video card or maybe the motherboard was having a problem.

I have an ATI All In Wonder 9800 AGP video card. It's been working fine for about 2 years but recently I was having problems using the TV tuner. When trying to use the TV Tuner I get driver errors. I've tried several different drivers from ATI but to no avail.

I'm running Windows XP SP2. 500mb DDR memory.

I'm running CA's Etrust Security Suite (Antivirus, AntiSpyware and firewall)
My last scans showed no viruses.

The last time my machine froze up and video went to 256 color, I rebooted my machine which will usually temporarily fixes the problem, but this last time the screen stayed black, no POST, no beeps, keyboard has just the numlock light on and nothing else lights up.
Fans go on, I can hear both hard drives spin... Read more

Answer:Computer has stopped booting up

im guessing (just want to make that clear) that your mobo may have gone.
the resolution and colour changes may have been signs of that

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After my T40 started failing, I decided to get a T43p (off my boss). This machine worked perfectly for a while until earlier today. It wouldn't resume from suspend, and no amount of messing with it has succeeded in getting it to boot. Specifically; When I power it on, I can hear the fan spin up then slow down, it makes the normal beeps but it never actually starts. That is, the screen never gets a signal. It's not the backlight, because if it was I'd be able to see something dimly (I've had back lights go on me before). I just doesn't get a signal. I've tried stripping the system down; removed all but one DIMM (I've got four hear and I tried different ones), I pulled the HDD, DVD, NIC and battery and still I could get nothing. I did get it to boot once, long enough to run a final backup, but when I tried to restart it I got nothing again.  I just got this thing... Please tell me I didn't just throw away $650. What happened to Thinkpad's being rock solid?!? A desperate Madi


Go to Solution.

Answer:T43p stopped booting, help?

Sorry to bump, but I am pretty stuck and desperate. I'm really hoping I didn't cust spend a pile of money (by my standards) for a laptop that's already dead... Madi

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Hello, Vista stopped booting for me and i keep getting some error messages in bios. Hope someone can help.This is the first screen: -- for all your game cheating needs

Answer:Vista Stopped booting - Help

... there's no point in asking you to double check anything is there?... that first screenshot makes my eyes pop out!... lol .... can'nt read the damn thing!... are you dual booting with linux?.... Posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties

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 My T40 Type 2374-FUO stopped booting and will not even go into BIOS.  Normally, Iwould think that motherboard, processor, or drive is dead.  But I seesome interesting things. It still recognizes the hardware and my processor (1.6Ghz).  On reboot:- I see IBM logo and it says to interrupt normal boot, press blue Access IBM button- If I press the blue button, nothing happens- If I press the ESC key, I see that it does detect my processor, ram passed, extended Ram Passe and other some things - No problem. It then stops and displayed on the screen is ? PXE 2.1 Build 083 (WfM2.0) RPL v2.74  Other things I have tried are;            Press F1 on startup. ? It says Entering IBM BIOS Setup Utility and freezes there.            Press F12 on startup ? It says Preparing Boot Device List and freezes there.Booting to XP CD  - No luck.            I have replaced the cmos battery with new battery. Misc. Info ?      No Floppy drive                        Windows XP Pro O.S.                        Worked just fine before this happened.&nbs... Read more

Answer:Stopped booting and will not even go into BIOS

That is not a good sign if you can't go into the BIOS, but it rules out lot of other hardware problems. 

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Hello, Vista stopped booting for me and i keep getting some error messages in bios. Hope someone can help.

This is the first screen:
This is the second screen i get:

Hope someone can help me with this, thanks

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Hello, Vista stopped booting for me and i keep getting some error messages in bios. Hope someone can help.

This is the first screen:

Second screen:

Hope someone can help me, thanks

Answer:Vista Stopped booting - Help

Hi and welcome to TSF try using the info here

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A couple weeks ago following a Windows update (may or may not be related), my Toshiba Satellite L675 failed to boot up. After trying a few dozen times to reboot (and a lot of simple/ineffective internet troubleshooting), I let it sit for a number of hours, after which it booted up and I could find nothing wrong. But after powering down, it failed to boot again until the next day, again after trying to boot it a few dozen times. Before powering down, I did a restore to before the Windows update initiated, so the update doesn't seem to have been the problem.
What happens: When I push power, the machine powers up, the disk drive powers up and the wi-fi light comes on, but it won't boot. Nothing else happens. I have to hold down the power button to power down again.
The next time it finally booted up, following the advice of a Bleeping Computer mod, I moved a lot of my files to an external storage drive to increase the free space to over 25% (currently its over 50%). This got it to start booting again. He also checked out my system and said there are reasons to believe I may have an infected machine, and to bring my problem here.
After about a week of booting up properly, my computer has gone back to not booting up again. It takes so many tries and only boots up about once a day.
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

Answer:Laptop (Win7) stopped booting

Hello Sizuper and Welcome to the BleepingComputer.
My name is Yılmaz and I'll help you with the cleanup of malware from your computer.
Before we move on, please read the following points carefully.
Please complete all steps in the specified order.
Even if tools don't find malware, I want you to post the logfiles anyway.
Please copy and paste the logfiles directly into your posts. Please do not attach them unless you are instructed to do so.
Read the instructions carefully. If you have problems, stop what you  were doing and describe the problems you encountered as precisely as  you can.
Don't install or uninstall software during the cleanup unless you are told to do so.
If you can't answer for the next few days, please let me know. If  you haven't answered within 5 days, I am assuming that you don't need  help anymore and your topic will be closed.
I can not guarantee that we will find and be able to remove all  malware. The cleaning process is not instant. Please continue to review  my answers until I tell you that your computer is clean
Please reply to this thread. Do not start a new topic
As my first language is not English, please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to understand.
Please open as administrator  the computer. How is open as administrator  the computer?
Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications, as they will  interfere with our tools and the removal. If you are unsure how to do ... Read more

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Hi there,

Recently, my computer has been very strange... I have been having unwitnessed BSODs (showing up in the reliability monitor), lots of hardware errors in the reliability monitor and multiple programs stopping working. The troubleshooting steps I took to try to solve these issues were: updating all drivers, testing ram with memtest86+ (8 passes OK), testing the hard drive with Sea Tools (all ok) and refreshing windows 10.

A couple of days ago, I experienced my start menu, Cortana all ?apps? etc. not working. So, I logged off, only to find a black screen with a curser! The only way to turn off was to do a hard shut down. After turning back on again, I got the usual windows start up screen and normal ?AVG watchdog starting up? text (see attachment). However, my computer freezes at this stage. AVG stops at ??finished? and the computer freezes!

After trying to boot into safe mode, I simply get the black screen and curser again.

Luckily, I have all files backed up and other computers to use, but I am really concerned about the root cause of my problems as I have had similar errors in previous installs of windows.

Would these problems be caused by hardware? I am happy to clean install if necessary? but I would like to find out the causes of my problems first.

Thank you very much for your help.

Answer:Computer Suddenly Stopped Booting up...

Mentioning most of the event related to AVG, what about if we suspect that AVG as a root cause?

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Hi, I don't know if this is the righ forum, if not pls send me elsewhere...

Yesterday we did a disk defragment and today the hdd won't boot. It is accessible if I plug it into another computer as a secondary. So am backing up data now.

Can you recommend a utility that would allow me to sys the hdd?

It is running XP Pro and was installed as an upgrade from 98, so the XP CD I have does not boot.

I am going to try to sys it from 98 and was wondering if anyone has any other ideas.


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Hello All,
sorry my English is not so good.
I am using Win7 ultimate with 2 GB RAm, 350 GB WD SATA HDD.
I Installed Win7 ultimate yesterday on Fresh HDD .By default it took for System: 100 MB space, C:\123.22 GB (Boot drive) space and E:\174.77 GB .
Then I decided to resize C: drive partition to make more free space in order to create other partition.
So , I used Paragon Partition Manager 11 Special Edition software and resize c:\ to 115 GB. That process completed successfully. Now problem is my PC is not booting.
I mean when I boot my PC it detect WD SATA HD but no go ahead from that status.Even I cannot change Bios nor change Boot option.

I am very worried. Please help me.

Answer:HD Stopped booting after resize C: drive

Are you able to enter BIOS?
Do you have a Laptop or a Desktop?

If you have a Desktop, try resetting your BIOS, by removing the battery.


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Hi there,

Recently, my computer has been very strange... I have been having unwitnessed BSODs (showing up in the reliability monitor), lots of hardware errors in the reliability monitor and multiple programs stopping working. The troubleshooting steps I took to try to solve these issues were: updating all drivers, testing ram with memtest86+ (8 passes OK), testing the hard drive with Sea Tools (all ok) and refreshing windows 10.

A couple of days ago, I experienced my start menu, Cortana all ?apps? etc. not working. So, I logged off, only to find a black screen with a curser! The only way to turn off was to do a hard shut down. After turning back on again, I got the usual windows start up screen and normal ?AVG watchdog starting up? text (see attachment). However, my computer freezes at this stage. AVG stops at ??finished? and the computer freezes!

After trying to boot into safe mode, I simply get the black screen and curser again.

Luckily, I have all files backed up and other computers to use, but I am really concerned about the root cause of my problems as I have had similar errors in previous installs of windows.

Would these problems be caused by hardware? I am happy to clean install if necessary? but I would like to find out the causes of my problems first.

Thank you very much for your help.

Answer:Computer Suddenly Stopped Booting up...

Mentioning most of the event related to AVG, what about if we suspect that AVG as a root cause?

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Hey guys,
I own a Toshiba U500, bought it some months ago. Lately, it's been randomly crashing, and now, whenever I try to boot it up, Windows stops at the flag loading scene. Safe mode works perfectly, and I have tried startup repairing without success. I have also tried repeating the process from the installation DVD and it has failed as well. The last thing I tried was restoring the system to an earlier state (four days before), but it didn't work either. Any ideas?
Thank you all in advance.
These are the computer specs:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
4GB RAM Memory
Intel HD Graphics (not useful here, but whatever)
I have NOD32 v4 installed, but I don't think it's a virus issue, since I haven't installed or downloaded anything new lately.
A quick answer would be appreciated.
It doesn't shut down properly either.

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I've had to erase everything from the hard disk via an integrated function of my NetBook.
Toshiba Satellite C855 21V.
And now I'm getting the error message at the start of the NetBook:
"No. bootable device - please restart system"
Can someone help me?
Thank you

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i was using my pc and the electricity went off (happens 2 times a day for an hour each,everyday) ,when the electricity came back,i turned on my computer and it wont boot up,there is no display output whatsoever ,the moniter is fine,the power LED comes on ,the fans work,but the LED for my HDD doesnt come on,there arent any beeps (ive heard about beeping )

my specs are : intel c2d e4600 2.4ghz 2gb ram intel dg31pr mobo and nvidia 9500gt

wht should i do???? could it be a power supply issue?? and shud i try removing the small coin like battery and if i shud,then wht happens when i remove that battery and how long is it to be removed for?

Answer:PC stopped booting up, no display output

What power supply is it? (company, model, wattage,)

Most low quality power supplies will have little or no transient filter, which filter the incoming AC power and suppresses any voltage spikes. Most of the time when the power is cut the voltage spikes a bit.

Try removing your CMOS battery and you suggested and leave it out for about 10 minutes, and make sure you psu is unplugged and discharged.

You can discharge it by pushing the power button immediately after you unplug it, the lights and fans should flash for a second, then go off.

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I have an HP 15-F233WM laptop that suddenly stopped booting.  After pressing the power button, all that would happen is the power light would come ON as well as the wireless button light (F12). I was able to determine the single 4GB memory stick has become defective.  I put a 2GB RAM chip into the laptop from my wife's working machine and it came back to life.  As a test I put the original stick of RAM back into my laptop and it wouldn't boot. My question is, the machine is still under warranty for 45 days.  Can HP send me a new stick of RAM for it instead of having to send the machine in?  The defective memory is made by Kingston, and has an HP replacment part number sticker on it 891740-001. I don't think I ever had Kingston memory fail before.... Thank you! 

Answer:Laptop suddendly stopped booting

Hi @Azucho98 Thank you for posting. I don't find a reason why sending a RAM chip only to you wouldn't be an option. But I cannot tell for sure what is the policy as I am not HP (HP Inc.) employee. Please, check with the Support Agents. Here is how to contact them: >>>>

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I've run up an oddball problem that is stretching my sanity awfully thin.  I recently bought a 300gb Seagate HD.  I decided to make this into a boot drive.  My comp is a Dell Dimension 8200.  I'm not sure exactly what sort of MB it's packing, but someone over on the Dell forums said that with the latest bios it shouldn't matter what size the drive is.  Sure enough, after installing the drive and going into the bios, it detected a 300gb Hard Drive with no apparent problems.That said...I booted to my Windows XP Professional SP2 disc, and let it format the disc and install windows.  Every time it went to boot to the newly installed Windows XP, it would load the bios and then just stop.  (yes, the boot order was Floppy--->Hard Disk--->CD Rom, so that's not the issue).  My comp HAD been trying to load the Intel Boot Agent about the time it would stop, so I uninstalled that using the Boot Agent command prompt software that I downloaded from Intel.  After disabling that stupid thing, I rebooted, checked the bios, sure enough, it detected the drive just fine, 300gb, no problems.  And this time when it went to boot up it said "DISK READ ERROR, CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart"That got me thinking about whether the XP Pro SP2 disc was having trouble formatting the drive.  So I booted to a Symantec Parition Magic disk instead.  When it examined the partition, it found all sorts of errors, which I instructed it to fix by ... Read more

Answer:Boot drive stopped booting...

OK... a couple things I didn't see in your story... But you probably left out because it was obvious, but I thought I'd ask if when you're swapping disks, are you going into the bios and refreshing it with the latest update?  Also, I was thinking... when you first installed windows on your 300 Gig, you said you installed it from within windows of the other disk... That could possibly cause a problem there.. depending on whether you had made XP the root drive.  Best thing to do is leave both disks attached, refresh and save the bios so it knows which disk is where... then just modify your boot.ini to give you a choice when you boot the system... then you wouldn't have to swap anything.  On the other hand, you said you had it in an enclosure... Was this because you wanted to keep it mobile?  Enclosures are sooo much slower than IDE, it really isn't worth it.

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My ultrabook has stopped booting up i've tried the repair options with no joy.
I booted up using ubuntu to see if I could see the drive ok and could find the recovery partition ok but it stated that the main drive was unmountable .
I have tried to download appropriate utility to check the ssd drive but can't find a usb bootable version .
I have tried the online help from Toshiba which i found to be useless.
I would apprieciate any help from the forum membee

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My ASUS M3A78 MB stopped booting. I reset CMOS as instructed in the user manual. Now I get to the ASUS screen, press DEL to enter BIOS setup. I am instructed to press F1 to enter BIOS setup. I press F1 and nothing happens. Since CMOS date, time, and BIOS setup are now empty I have to get into setup to reset BIOS. If F1 isn't working what do I do now?

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Got a feeling this is a hardware issue...

My Dad returned to his summer cottage after being away for the winter, had his cable turned and went to power up the pc and got nothing... the hard drive light comes on and it spins and sounds good but nothing on the monitor...however if I open the cd drive and put his 98 cd in... turn the power off by holding button...wait a few minutes...sometimes but not every time it will boot to a Gateway screen and stick the left side of that screen are a column of numbers like this...



I have tried taping various keys as soon as I power up
pulled the battery from the mobo

I'm thinking I'm going to pull the hard drive out and try it in another machine

Any thoughts before I do that



Answer:Gateway computer stopped booting

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So here's the deal, my GF's 3 year old HP laptop, a Pavilion dv6000 series, suddenly stopped booting correctly yesterday, every time it boots, a message appears saying:

"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your language settings, and then click "Next".
3. Click "Repair your computer".

If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

File: \windows\system32\config\system

Status: 0x000014c

Info: Windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing, or corrupt."

If I press enter, it then shows the OS I want to load, when I select Windows 7 Home Premium, the same message appears.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Need help ASAP, HP laptop suddenly stopped booting

Have tried Repair your computer?

Boot up using the Startup disk CD or Windows 7 DVD. (not the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk) If you have a Netbook, you will need a CD/DVD drive.
Make sure no USB drives are plugged in.

Do a Strartup Repair:
Startup Repair
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

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My Aspire V5-P122-0681 has stopped booting with the message" Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed" and asks for Recovery Media to be inserted. After inserting USB recovery and selecting Troubleshoot option, every option I select the basic message is: The system drive cannot be found. I have tried every possible option. I need help.

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I seem to always one into this problem every couple of months it seems.

I have a dual boot pc. One Partition has Windows 7 the Other XP. The XP boot looks like it got corrupted because when it boots it asks for I have to select "Last known good configuration".

I hit that it the xp boot screen comes up but it never gets past it. It looks like it searching for something that is missing.

I have EASYbcd but there help notes are not great.

Is there a simple way of fixing this with EASYbcd ? Or do I have to put off the Windows 7 DVD and fix it that way.



Answer:Dual Boot: One partition has stopped booting

Hello shawn306.

I'm going to post 2 links, it's said one is hard to get started with and the other is fairly simple, see if either is a help to you and be sure to post back with an update so we know how you get on.

How to Perform a Repair Installation of Windows XP

How to Perform a Repair Installation of Windows XP

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I have a dual boot w/XP and Win7

I've resized the two partitions to create a third data one.

Now XP hangs on this screen when booting. Same in Safe Mode

I can't enter recovery because it doesn't detect my installed WinXP.

Windows 7 works fine.

Thanks for any help.

PD: I've used MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Answer:[SOLVED] After partition resize XP stopped booting

Press F8 at the XP bootup in the Advanced Boot menu choose Safe Mode, does that work? If so, go to Start/Run and type chkdsk X: /F and press enter (X: being the drive letter that Windows XP is installed on). In the Command Prompt type a Y for Yes and reboot the computer. Check Disk will run at next bootup.
If this fails, boot off the XP CD and get to the Recovery Console and type the command.

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Takes me straight to Startup Repair...
Tries to fix automatically but fails..
Last Known Good config takes me straight to startup repair. So does safe mode.

Here's the error log startup repair gives. HELP!!!


Answer:Vista stopped booting after update...or virus?

If you have Vista DVD, try to boot from DVD and performed system restore or if it fails you can do manual system restore by renaming the 5 files ( system, software, config, sam and security ) to e.g, sam.old in c:\windows\system32\config. Once you renamed those file try to copy those files from c:\windows\system32\config\regback to c:\windows\system32\config. You have to do a mual system restore by booting from Vista DVD -> Repair your computer -> Command prompt.

Good luck.

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Laptop is not booting up. It is restarting again and again. Problem started in following manner.
-First while using laptop my keyboards stop functioning.
-Second When I restarted It starts normal but stopped accepting inputs from keyboard and even Window Virtual Keyboard.
-Third I tried reinstalling windows, When I tried to install it from pen-drive(bootable pendrive). It is not booting. It is restarting again and again.
Can any one help me on this?

Answer:Laptop is not booting. It starts booting but restarts before it gets boot properly.

First thing to do is run an extended (NOT just 10 minute) diagnostic on the hard drive.  If you need further assistance, post the results of that (numeric error codes) along with the full model information - i.e., Inspiron N5110, XPS L501x, etc.).

Press F12 a few times immediately after powering on to get into the diagnostics.

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I am trying to help a friend. Her computer would hardly boot yesterday, but after 10 minutes or longer, it would load. Programs hardly run and if they do are impossibly slow to run. Windows task manager keeps popping up. It won't close. We tried to set the registry back to an earlier date, but it won't take. My guess is that is a virus. She had AVG anti-virus running now it won't run either. Any thoughts? Any reliable online site which could scan the computer?

Answer:XP very slow booting and barely running after finally booting

Follow the 5 Steps to Remove Spyware link in my signature below. The 5 Steps will direct you to some reputable online virus scanners as well as help you post a HijackThis log for analysis by the HijackThis analysts here at TSF.


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Okay, so ive tried many ways, and Ive finally got stuck with using a VHD.
I have followed countless tutorials, and finally found one. (on this forums somewhere)
I go through all the steps, and it seems like it is working, and then when I boot my system it says this,

things I have done to try to fix this:
Updated BIOS
Enabled Virtualization in BIOS
Please help! I have been trying to get it to work for days...

Answer:DUAL BOOTING PROBLEMS- booting win8 with win7.

Hi Ronnie and welcome to the Forum.

Why don't you try this. It is easier and it works: VMware Player - Install Windows 8

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I just got a ASUS G75V series and updated it to windows 7 professional with Intel core i7.
I was able to work with it and everything was fine until I had to install XP because some softwares are not compatible with Win 7 x64.
I have Win 7 on drive C: and windows xp on drive E: which in windows XP environment it is shown as drive C: again(I have two HDDs, 500GB each).

So as you can predict I tried using the dual booting and followed the tutorial for that on the website, I wasn't able to get it to work exactly and each time I had to change the bios settings to boot either win 7 or win XP,

I downloaded easyBCD and was trying to get it to work but my silly mistake was I Reset BCD configuration under BCD backup/repair tab and ever since I haven't been able to load windows 7 and the laptop directly loads windows xp.

I ran easyBCD in windows xp and tried to fix the problem by adding the bootloader for windows 7 there but nothing seems to work.

I am really stuck and I can not reinstall windows 7 because it is set up with all the softwares for my work

Answer:Issue booting Win 7, booting directly into XP & no boot manager

It sounds like you have the OS's installed on two separate HD's, and were booting them correctly via the BIOS - setting preferred one first to boot in BIOS setup, then booting the other one using the one-time BIOS Boot menu key.

To restart Win7 unplug all other HD's, Mark the 100mb System Reserved (preferred) or Win7 Partition Active then run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times.

Once Win7 starts, plug back in the XP HD and boot it using the Asus F8 one-time BIOS Boot Menu key, or install EasyBCD to Win7 to add XP on its Add OS entry tab.

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Hi all, hope someone can help or advise me on what to do.
My Pro M10 has suddenly stopped booting or reaching POST.
When power switch is pressed green light comes on and stays on and thats about it, no display and not even the fan spins up. :(

Funny thing is the battery still charges and is fine.
As you know this model is well out of warranty now and i am technically minded and taken laptops apart before so i don't mind opening up my machine.

Just thought i would ask here first before i do.
Hope someone can point me in the right direction of whats wrong, have heard a rumour that the M10's have a video fault but surely this wouldnt stop the machine POST'ing still would it.

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro M10 has suddenly stopped booting or reaching POST

Hi Jay,

Difficult to pin-point your problem remotely as you will appreciate, however, I would expect the notebook to either issue a series of beeps (in a long-short type of pattern) or else flash the AC led to give some clue as to the reason for the POST failure.

As a first step I would try removing/reseating the RAM modules, the Hdd and also the optical drive to see if this improves the situation. Failing this I would tend to suspect a mainboard failure.


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I'm sorry, I know this is a poor thread title, but I can not be more specific.

Quick background:
I built this system a few years back. After dealing with a bad memory stick and swapping it out for new ones this has been the most stable system I have ever built - until recently.

About a month ago my computer suddenly would not start. Most of the time it would not even get to the bios - it would simply keep restarting (as I could tell by the CD-rom doing it's boot sequence spin over and over). Sometimes it would get to the windows loading screen before freezing though.

It was really random, and I worked desperately trying to figure out what was causing it but I could not seem to find the specific culprit. After a while of re-seating hardware it just randomly started working again! However, now it seems to BSOD a lot.

I wound up buying a new larger power supply (since mine was a little lower than I would have liked), but it did not seem to solve anything.

The last week or so it has been extra worse crashing multiple times per day. Some of the crashes will cause a string of crashes over and over for a bit before it'll let me get back to windows. It's very random where it happens. Tonight while playing a game a few times, a few days back a few times while just in firefox, sometimes just in different programs, or even just sitting at the desktop while I'm doing something at my desk.

I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on fixing my computers, but this has really frustrated ... Read more

Answer:Computer stopped booting, working again but now randomly crashes

Things that I have done in attempt to solve this:
Updated any drivers that were old.
Installed latest Windows updates
Defragged HD multiple times and ran check disk multiple times - nothing was ever found wrong.
Returned my memory (was manually timed with higher voltage for years and was stable) back to base safe settings.
Uninstalled all USB devices (had a weird suspicion it was an issue) and had windows re-install the drivers.
^Same with Audio Drivers^.
Removed some programs that ran in the background (one was listed in a crash dumps) - Did not help.
Ran stress tests on Video card, CPU and Memory, finding no issues.
My CPU is running quite cool (Low/Mid 60s when playing games *typoed "50"*), the case is a phenomenal cooling system.
Replaced some cables (such as IDE) in case they were faulty
Tried running the system with as few things attached to the PS (when the system would not even boot) but it did not help.

I'm just very confused since this all happened after that one day when the computer would suddenly not start. I suspect it must be a hardware issue at this point but I don't know how to decipher the crash dumps very well and I'm hoping someone here will be able to tell what item is causing this instability.

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Hi Everyone,

My Satellilte U200 has stopped booting, and can not even get to the BIOS. Nothing comes on screen.

The drive LED lights up only for a moment, and then no other action. I have re-seated the drive, the memory modules, and the battery but no change. Also
tried to boot with no battery and AC power with same result.

I tested to drive on another system and its fine.

I'm starting to think the main board has malfunctioned, because if any of the above components were the issue I should still see the BIOS splash screen.

Any thoughts?


Answer:Satellite U200 has stopped booting - not possible to access BIOS

Yes it sounds like the Mainboard (or maybe CPU or another device) has failed.

You'll need to send it to an ASP for repair.

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A few weeks ago I began to get an error message after waking up my Dell XPS L702X laptop. After start-up repair runs and finds no issues I was able to re-boot for a few weeks. Just after New Year’s, my laptop would not boot and I'm unable to launch in safe mode. I know there is a system image dated 12/24 and have attempted to restore the image. The process says it completes but the same issue of not being able to boot persists. I've replaced the HDD1 in my two HDD laptop (assumed it is the boot drive) and believe I've restored the system image to the new drive, but with no success, still cannot boot or launch safe mode. Is there any hope other than reinstalling from the recovery discs burned when I first got my system?

I've seen some posts that seem similar, but not sure it is the same issue

Answer:System stopped booting - can't restore from backup image

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Updated the BIOS from the Toshiba Australia website yesterday which has now stopped me booting to Win 7.

There was no apparent problems with the update or flash. I can no longer get into the BIOS settings using F12 and the boot operation stops at the Win logo then the screen goes blank. Tried booting from a Win 7 disc to no avail. Even tried taking out the hard drive.

I suspect Win 7 loads because I can see num lock light come on the keyboard but I just cannot see anything on the screen. On occasions it performs a check disk operation which is visible but finds no errors. I believe a problem occurred during the flash process and I have no idea how to correct it.

Any advice would be much appreciated

Answer:BIOS update has stopped booting Satellite P850 to Win7


To access the BIOS you need to press F2 button instead of F12 button.
Within the BIOS disable the secure boot option and set the boot mode to CSM mode

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Hey there.

I'm trying to sort out my mates latop. It simply stopped booting one day, when the power button was pushed the power light would illuminate, the DVD-RW would scan for a disk, and the HDD LED breifly illuminated. The screen never showed any output, remaining black.

After a call to Toshiba, I decided to take a look at the RAM. It seems that the lower slot is faulty. Both sticks of RAM work fine in the firtst slot, alowing the machine to POST and boot, as did three other sticks I tried.
None of these tested working sticks worked in the lower slot, either by them selves or with the upper slot filled.

Furthermore, unlike most RAM slot failures I've seen, instead of the slot just being 'dead' (ie memory not recognised and booting with only the working slot), it seems that the POST sequence is interrupted right after the HDD is interrogated (the working sequence is the HDD light flashes, then the monitor activates), which would lead me to believe that the post is freezing as it tries to interrogate the faulty RAM bank.

So, is there any option, other than a new mobo, that may help get this slot working again? I have already carefully cleaned it, t no effect, and does anyone have any idea why this would have happened? The laptop has a very easy life, rarely used, always stowed in it's bag, and pretty dust-free, no hard drops or shocks either. Today was the first time the RAM access panel had even been opened, this was factory fitted memory.

For the ... Read more

Answer:Equium A110-276 stopped booting - seems lower RAM slot is faulty

What sizes are the Memory Modules?

If a 256MB or 512MB module doesnt work in the second slot, the mainboard may need replacing.

If its a larger memory size, the second slot may not be compatible with large memory modules, depending on the Chipset and CPU.

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HII have Toshiba Satelitte A215 and try to boot my windows Vista - while putting my CD and goign by F12 button do Boot menu i choose CD/DVD everything goes fine till point where i need to pick disk to install it.I see DISK 0 Unallocated Space but also got message - This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that disk's cu=controller is enabled in computer's BIOS menu....Okay to get to BIOS i tried ESC button and then F1, F2 but really dont know where to go and how to do it and what?when press F2 buton - System Utility i have Main, Advanced, Display, Security, Boot and ExitPlease can anybody help me

Answer:Booting - Hardware may not support booting to this disk! HELP!

New HDD ?Old one that had Vista already ? ?More details ...what happened prior to this ?

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Hello there, occassional lurker, first time poster, hopefully someone here will be able to help

I've been setting my laptop to dual boot xp pro, and Ubuntu on a seperate partition. All was going well, until xp decided to die altogther. I don't have that error to hand, but it's gone a little further now.

Was going to install xp pro on a 3rd partition, and it started up fine. Now I can boot fine to Ubuntu, and the 2nd version of xp. However, the original xp is still having issues.

Now, when booting up, gets BSOD - bad_pool_caller. Code at the end is: 0x000000c2 (0x00000007,0x00000CD4,0x00000060,0x86F7E1FC)

Everything I've read suggests this is talking about a hardware or software conflict. However, I've not installed any new hardware. I suspect there is a software conflict between the two versions of xp, but I can't see how that can happen.

I can boot into the 1st copy of xp in safe mode, however, explorer.exe fails to start up. Tried running it in task manager to no avail.

I forgot to add - I am using GNU GBRUB to boot between the 3 operating systems.

EDIT 2: Tried it again to boot 1st xp in safe mode - new error for windows product activation - a problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the licence for this computer error code 0x800004005

Answer:Dual booting laptop crashes booting xp pro.

Are these installations of XP Pro on the two partitions diferent install disks with separate key codes?

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after doing reset in windows10 my pc wouldn't boot up so I had to reinstall win.7 but to avail it wont boot up either please help with this problem

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I have a SONY PC (RX-580) and it is not booting on an erratic basis. The first problem was after pushing the start button, the fan starts on high speed, but no activity light and no HD light came on at all. AFter 1.5 minutes or so, I rebooted after removing the power cord for 30 seconds. This happened 8 times today. I should mention that during this time, nothing comes on screen at all. There is no opportunity to get to the CMOS settings or even to boot with a floopy. (yes this still has a floppy drive in it.) Normally, for the past several months, this problem has simply been an inconvenience and after 2 or 3 tries, the unit boots up fine and works fine all day. Today, when it failed to do this so many times, I shut it down, opened the case and proceeded to reset all cables and connections. I didn't notice any loose connections. I didn't remove ram sticks. I then rebooted and this time, I got the HD light activity for a few seconds, then the fan slowed to a normal level as like everything was going to be okay. After a few minutes, the activity light was still lit, but no flickering like something was happening.

I turned the machine off again. I should mention that each time I turned the machine off, I didn't have to hold the button in for the normal 5 seconds. It turned of immediately.

I once again, inspected and reseated cards. I did not remove RAM sticks. This time, I plugged in and booted and right away, got a 3 or 4 second solid warning tone, follow... Read more

Answer:Booting process is beeping, but not booting

you a buy a tester tool for $12 and also use a multimeter. I would just replace the darn PSU.

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Hello. I have an issue that I need some advice on.
For the last few mornings when I turn on my computer after 6-8 plus hours of not using it, I get this message while the BIOS is booting but before Windows starts:

Overclocking Failed! Please enter setup to re-configured your system.
Press F1 to Run Setup.
Press F2 to load default values and continue.

Now I know how to simply fix this issue by resetting the BIOS and/or if necessary, temporary removing and replacing the jumper pin on the motherboard and/or if *really* necessary, temporary removal and replacement of the CMOS battery. For me, it works by simply resetting the BIOS.

To let you know since this has been happening, I have increased my RAM to 8GB. I had to make some changes to my BIOS like slight voltages increases in DRAM and the motherboard's northbridge and the memory module timings modified. I saved these BIOS changes (as a BIOS profile) to stabilize my 8GB of RAM which seems to work great -- stability issues solved. However, now I have this issue here...

What actually happens is that one the *very first* BIOS booting when powering up my computer, the BIOS does not boot and without the beep from the motherboard's POST BIOS test. My monitor is black while, yet the tower LED shows it is running. I can hear the fan in the tower running fine. I have to manually restart the computer from the reset button and then on the second BIOS boot, the BIOS loads fine, followed by this "Overclock... Read more

Answer:BIOS Booting Issues With Modfied BIOS Saved Profile Now, Need To Stop Booting Issue.

Re: BIOS Booting Issues With Modfied BIOS Saved Profile Now, Need To Stop Booting Iss

BIOS can load without any issuesClick to expand...

Replace the CMOS battery and the messages to run setup will disappear from startup OR keep the computer plugged in and do not turn it off if using a power strip. The current will flow so the CMOS battery is not used to keep the settings, the electric will do that.

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My inspiron one 2305 has just quit working.   On power up, the power switch glows a steady amber.  The fans come on and you can hear the HD start to spin up and run.  No video, splash screen, or anything else.  No POST beeps, either.   A possible cause was the LCD inverter, but I've just installed a new one and that did not fix the problem.  External power supply appears to be functioning normally.   I suspect the motherboard is gone.    And the warranty is long expired, of course.
Apparently this issue is a common one for the 2305 and a result of defective design on Dell's part.    Quite a few other people are experiencing the same problem.   Anyone else run across this and fixed it?

Answer:Inspiron One 2305 has stopped booting up. Steady amber light on power switch. Fans and HD run. No video/splash. No POST beeps.

I have the same issue with mines.

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My laptop do not boot xp,it boot ubuntu,A blue screen is displayed when try to boot xp,The ubuntu that installed in the xp boots

Answer:XP Not booting,Ubuntu is booting,

Put the EXACT blue screen error message into Google.

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I tried running a script when i was having problems connecting to the internet and now, my pc will not boot. Here is the script i tried to run:

Lets try flushing DNS cache and renewing your IP.

Flush the DNS cache and restore MS's Hosts file ...
Copy and paste these lines in Note pad.

@Echo on
attrib -h -s -r hosts
echo localhost>HOSTS
attrib +r +h +s hosts
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns
netsh winsock reset all
netsh int ip reset all
shutdown -r -t 1
del %0

Save as flush.bat to your desktop. Right click on the flush.bat file to run it as Administrator.

Your computer will reboot itself.

Answer:Help: Windows 8 not booting

This worked? It repaired your Internet connection? This happens to me all the time, I just unplug my router and plug it back in. Windows 8 like to drop the internet connection.

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Question: Booting Windows 98

I am working on a Compaq for my neighbor who is running Windows 98 on it. When it boots up it goes to dos with bad file or command. Can't boot into safe mode and when doing step by step confirmation it gets to the win and that is when it says bad file or command.

How do I fix this?

Answer:Booting Windows 98

First thing to check is that thw file is actually working. So when it boots to DOS is the prompt showing C:\WINDOWS> or just C:\> :confused

If it is just the C:\> prompt then type CD\WINDOWS then hit Enter
When the prompt shows C:\WINDOWS> then type WIN and hit Enter.

Depending on which it is then depends on what you should do next.

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I have a Samsung laptop with WIndows 8 but it won't boot, all I get is a message: Your PC needs to be repaired. The boot configuration data for your pc is missing or contains errors.
File:\ EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD
Error code: 0xC0000001
It stays on the screen for some seconds and then reboots. I have tried booting with a Windows 8 disc but the same happens, I have turned off secure boot in the BIOS and the same happens, whatever I seem to try it keeps coming up with the same message so I am at a loss to get past this error message.
I am hoping you guys will have the answer.

Answer:Windows 8 not booting

You may need to do a factory reinstall of your os.I can give you a link to follow. To repair the boot file. But unless you can at least get into safe mode. I doubt this will help.

This 2nd link might help with a factory reinstall if it comes to that. If not post your model number.

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Hi my PC has been working perfectly running Windows 7 64bit Home Premium until 3 days ago. It boots up until where the log in screen should be displayed, then nothing. I have a mouse pointer which moves so I'm assuming the PC hasn't crashed. I have removed all devices which may cause a conflict and have tested memory modules for faults etc. I have checked the HDD which is fine with no bad sectors. I have tried running in safe mode and the same thing happens.I have tried pressing F8 during Windows boot to run diagnostics, repair PC etc but nothing works...To discount the possibility of a virus, I have also tried to boot the PC from the install disk but just get a mouse pointer when the disk has finished loading.Could it be my graphics card?I would appreciate any further ideas as I'm fast running out of them!!Thanks

Answer:pc not booting windows 7

If you mean install disk as in the Windows 7 dvd from microsoft then you have some real problem. One ought to be able to at least get to the memory diagnostics. Try a ultimate boot cd to try to run memtest. Then move on to other tests. "The era of big government is over," said Clinton 1996

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My laptop is giving error which says . (Windows nt had found 0k of low memory. It needs 512k of memory to start.

Answer:Windows nt not booting


Which version of Windows is your laptop running?

When did the problem begin? Can you relate the onset of the problem to a change in your computer's hardware or software?


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Hai,Morning when i tried to make ON my system it is Power On but Only the curser is blinking Winxp not comming up,  pl tell me from where I have to check the parts?

Answer:windows not booting

Before the blinking starts can you tap F8 key and go to safemode?What new item did you do?Did you put in new video card?

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Hey guys,
I burned the .iso windows 7 file onto a Sony DVD using [email protected] ISO at 4x burn speed. Everything went fine with the burn and then i put my dvd burner (HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GSA-H31N) as the first in my bios and then restart, but then it doesnt boot...
I dont think the DVD is the problem as i put it into my mac and it shows the 2.36GB that the windows 7 .iso file is supposed to be...But intrestring enough it doesn't show in vista and everytime i click on the dvd the computer freezes up.

Also i tried a dvd earlier and it booted up but it didnt work (i didnt realize that the dvd was only 702mb...)

Any help? Suggestions?
Thanks guys, appreciate any help.
Ask for any specs you guys need

Answer:Windows 7 DVD Not Booting

It's not supposed to an ISO file on the DVD
I use the GPU licensed imgburn to burn the image to the DVD>

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When i try and start up this computer all it does it get to the loading screen for windows with the bar across it and then it restarts, i tried last known config and safe mode and all it will do is restart. Its a sony PCV-C31L

This is for my cousin and im out of ideas, any help would be great.

Answer:Windows 32 bit not booting

Is this XP? Windows 32 dosn't tell us very much to go on.

A repair install might work, assuming you have the original install media, and not just Sony's re-image media. Or, if you have a copy of the same license type, probably OEM, that would work.

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hey guys...
i m using a sony vaio 7 hp factory installed...
i m getting a problem...when i boot my lappy, windows get shut down after the windows 7 animation logo...
i tried to enter bios setting but after getting there , after a couple of seconds windows again got shut down..

i tried recovering window from recovery partition but after a few seconds same occurs in there also...
so plz anyone out there can help me..thanx

Answer:windows not booting up

Hi and welcome to Seven Forums!

I think that it's not Windows that shuts down, but your PC itself!
The problem can be caused by overheating, so your PC automatically turns off for protection.
You can contact HP to get an advice.


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Okay, I have a problem with my computer to where my OS won't boot.

This is how it starts: I have one hard drive with two partitions (C: and D I originally put an older OS on partition C:. Soon later, I put windows XP SP3 on partition D:. I left partition C: OS alone and continued to use the XP SP3 on my partition D:.

Every time I turned on my computer, it would ask me which OS would i like to use and i would always choose the XP SP3 OS. But one day, I decided to format the partition C: so I could have some more space to work with, and I knew that it would delete the OS of that partition. But once I did that, I restarted my computer and now, it says BOOTMSG (something like that) is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart.

I press the corresponding buttons but it just shows that same message. I was absolutely positive that i did not touch the partition D: and now, the OS that was on it wont boot.

I do not know if its possible to switch around the partitions or not, but thats why i came here.

If you need more information, just let me know and I'll try to give the best info I can.

Answer:Windows XP SP3 not booting

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My daughters Advent 4213 Netbook is not loading Windows Xp. I have tried using the recovery USB stick but it still does not work.

The message is
"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem :

1) Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer
2) Choose your language settings, and then click "Next".
3) Click repair your computer

If you do not have thius disc, contact your systems administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Status 0xc000000f

Info: Windows failed to load because the NLS data is missing, or corrupt.


There has been no hardware updates whatsover recently. I updated the antiv virus on Friday but it seemed to work fine for at least a day after that.

Windows Xp was preinstalled and I had to create a recovery USB when I got the netbook. As I say I tried to use this, but it is not finding the recovery USB. I have even updated the set up do it boots to the USB device first.

Do you have any idea how to fix this?
Thanks in anticipation......

Answer:Windows XP not booting

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I am building a PC, and when i turn it on, it never gets to the windows loading screen after detecting the hardrives and everything. All i get is a black screen. I have tried configuring it so that it boots from the CD rom so that i could try and reinstall windows because I thought it might be caused by me using my other computer to install windows on it, but it does the same thing.

any ideas?

Answer:Windows not booting up

Have you changed anything in bios, other than the boot selection?

Regards Jason

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Ok this is kinda hard for me explain but ill try my best.

i startup my system and it freezes almost instantly. if i press DELETE within like 10 seconds i can get to the screen before entering setup but after getting to the second screen it detects a USB hub and my keyboard and after that it freezes again and i cant do a thing. im thinking its the motherboard but im only like 30% (or so) sure of that.

ok thats the best i can do.

This is like the third place i have posted this the first place hasnt even posted a response and its been posted there for about 3 days, the other place hasnt really helped either but they have responded unlike the first place.

my system specs are in my profile.

Answer:Windows XP not booting up

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Can anybody help me with the following problem?
My Dell system runs windows xp home and I have a canon mp150 printer. Everything was working fine until I printed a document from a website. Cmputer still working fine until the next day when I clicked on the desktop icon to launch MP navigator. Computer locked and the only way to get out of it was to disconnect the power. I left it a few minutes, restarted the computer but couldn't get past the wallpaper screen (i.e. no icons or taskbar)
Once again had to disconnect the power, restarted in safe mode carried out spyware & virus checks which were all OK then a system restore and finally deleted the Canon drivers etc...
This hasn't made a difference - I still can't get windows to start.
Any help will be much appreciated.
p.s Windows came pre-installed without a disc

Answer:Windows Xp not booting

The computer starts...if you can enter safe mode . You just cannot boot into normal mode.System manufacturer and model?Any error messages onscreen during this episode?Let's try this.Download/install BlueScreenView, BlueScreenView.exe file.When scanning is done, Edit/Select All...then File/Save Selected Items.Save the report as BSOD.txt.Open BSOD.txt in Notepad, copy all content and paste it into your next reply.My initial guess is that your Canon software is damaged or damaged key system files. Since you can boot into safe mode, the drivers may be damaged, preventing a normal boot. I would go into safe mode and see if I could uninstall...all Canon software and the printer. Then I would try a normal boot.Louis

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Hello, my computer always stuck at windows setup (the blue screen) after I have pressed any key to boot from CD. Also, I don't see anything running down the screen on the windows setup.

Answer:Booting from Windows XP CD

1. there may be a problem with your memory, hard disk, or CD-ROM2. or the there may be a problem with the CD disk or the kind of windows you are usinglook in front of you machine the kind of windows suitable for the machine is pasted there use that windows ( thous windows vista, XP, 7 etc)if it thous not work, change the memory, if that does not work fix the old memory and change the hard disk, if that too thous not work put in back and then change the CD-ROM. an i hope one will work.

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how to booting windows 8 ........
the problem is hang up to logos windows 8 ...
i try it to set up bios. no detect USB BOOTABLE or USB DVD.
HELP PLS.............

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I made a new thread because the solutions that fixed other people's problems don't seem to work for me. I had ubuntu 12.10 installed alongside Windows 8 and had a perfect dual boot. Now I get an error that the boot files don't have valid information for
an operating system. I used boot repair but it only fixed ubuntu. bootrec.exe /fixmbr and fixboot and scanos work. Scanos returns 1 windows 8 installation. When I use bootrec /rebuildbcd, I get an error: The requested system device cannot be identified due
to multiple indistinguishable devices potentially matching the identification criteria. I tried the nuclear holocaust method on this link and
I also tried this link but I keep getting the indistinguishable error. I believe I've tried everything. Can somebody help me?

Answer:Windows 8 not booting...

Please try to run the following command:
bcdboot c:\WindowsNiki Han
TechNet Community Support

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Question: Booting Windows XP

An error message shows each time I try to boot Windos XP that reads:
"We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start succesfully. A recnt hardware or software change might have caused this.

If your computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly, or wast automatically shut down to protect your files and folders, choose Last Known Good Configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked.

If a previous startup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the Power or Reset was presses, or if you aren't sure what caused the problem, choose Start Windows Normally.

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settngs that worked)

Start Windows Normally

Use the up and down arrow keys to move the highlight to your choice.
Seconds until Windows starts: 29"

I've tried each and every option and nothing. I can't boot it. It all started when my computer got stuck for about 10 minutes so I pressed the Power button to turn it off and boot it. But after I did that this message started showing up and I wasn't able to boot to the system anymore. I don't know what else to do, please someone help me out.

P.D.: When I try the Safe Mode (whether with Networking or Command Prompt, or without it) it stop at the loading of the SPTD.sys file and then throws me to a blue screen with some message on it but after a few seconds if not only 1 second i... Read more

Answer:Booting Windows XP

Hello and Welcome to TSG,

Did you make any harware changes / upgrades lately ? like say a new RAM !!


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I have a fujitsu siemens amilo a1650g notebook, which i'm on the verge of throwing it off my balcony at the second floor. It all started 4 days ago when i tried to install avast, though it seemed a successfull installation when I reboot after prompting me it kept showing a message about ashpdisp.exe no working, i searched and found that it had to do with avast so I boot in safe mode and uninstall it. When I then boot in Xp I could't do anything it froze for 5-10 min and then I could clicked and of course the message about ashpdisp.exe was still there, so I decided to format it.
I did it everything by the rules I installed the drivers too and it was working perfectly after every reboot I even created a restore point. After working for a bit I decided to do another reboot just to check it works well it didnt It showed me a message about a file in the system being corrupted and that I should copied it. I used the xp cd and the recovery console everything by the book just like Microsoft suggested nothing..nothing.
I formatted it again, install again xp, drivers even office this time. Everything fine and I just let it to do something else for about half an hour, when I returned everything was black, I thought it went to sleep mode, but no. I turn it on again and the message this time was missing or corrupt ntoskrnl.exe. I again followed everything Microsoft suggested:
-expand cd-rom:\i386\ntoskrnl.ex_ &#956;&#959;&#957;&#940;&#94... Read more

Answer:windows xp keeps not booting...

You did a clean install?

You might have a hard drive that is failing.

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