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USB Driver for Hard Drive Enclosure Won't Load

Question: USB Driver for Hard Drive Enclosure Won't Load

I was hoping that someone might have a fix for a USB driver problem that I'm having with a hard drive enclosure. It's a USB 2.0 enclosure.

I'm using Windows Vista on a new Gateway computer & so far have been unable to get 2 different hard drive enclosures to work properly. The first was a CompUSA brand & the second from Rocketfish. The drive enclosure is recognized but when asked to load the drivers I get the error that drivers are unable to be located, and this happened with both enclosures. I had a CD with drivers for the Rocketfish enclosure and pointed it there but still got the same error. Then I pointed to the System directory & it seems that it finds the driver, but then still fails when attempting to load--something about an error when loading--so the enclosure still shows not working properly in the Device Manager & I can't see the drive.

What's somewhat odd is that the first time that I plugged in the CompUSA enclosure it was recognized & did actually work, that is for a short time. In the middle of transferring some files from the external drive (using the enclosure) my PC crashed & I got the blue screen. Upon rebooting it didn't work again, but as it did work the first time it obviously can so I'm fairly certain this is a unique Vista problem as I didn't have this with XP.

If anyone has a fix or any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: USB Driver for Hard Drive Enclosure Won't Load

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: USB Driver for Hard Drive Enclosure Won't Load

You probably already figured this out, but I was having the same issue with a Rocketfish hard drive enclosure not being recognized and Windows Vista not being able to find a driver for it. BTW, Microsoft is of no help and they want to charge you $49 for a technical support call even just to ask for a driver! I went to Geek Squad and all they did was disable the Gateway Big Fix program and the drive was recognized immediately! Vista may continue to search for a driver that matches the hard drive in the enclosure, but as long as you can see the new drive in My Computer, you are set.

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i bought a trix hard drive enclosure/case for my 2.5 250GB hard drive. I connected everything up and inserted the hard drive usb into my laptop but windows will not show the drive in my computer. It does make the beeping noise telling me its detected the drive and it also shows in device management.

The strange thing is i tried installing linux on it and it did, but the computer will not boot into it from the enclosure, but does from the hard drive. Ive also tried it on 2 computers and both will not assign the drive and give it a drive letter.

Answer:external hard drive enclosure will not show/load

You can't boot from a USB drive without some extensive procedures. If you format the drive as NTFS and create a new simple partition, you should be able to assign it a drive letter and it be visible in windows.

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I've got a Ultra USB Hard Drive Enclosure which worked just fine (and still does) on my XP computer. It is not recognized by Vista x64 on my new computer. Ultra insists it works in x64 and that I should call Microsoft. Before I try contacting MS I figured I'd try here first.

Screenshots @ Flickr: Search Travelin' Librarian's photostream


Answer:Ultra USB Hard Drive Enclosure driver fail

Ultra pointed me to Microsoft. Microsoft pointed me back to Ultra. Ultra them pointed me to the chipset manufacturer who doesn't supply end-user support. In the end I tried a Firewire cable and the drive now works fine. Whatever.

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Hey guys!

My Zune 80gb stopped working a while back. It wouldn't charge. So I thought I would take out the hard drive and use it as an external 80gb hard drive. So I bought an 1.8" ZIF encolsure for it and installed the hard drive into it.

All appears good with the installation. When I plug the hard drive into the PC the light on the hard drive enclosure comes on and stays on & the disk starts spinning. Then Windows Vista does the whole "Install new Hardware" thing and calls it a "Disk Drive" and a "USB Mass Storage Device" and says hardware is installed and ready for use.

But the problem is I can't seem to access the drive. I can't find it anywhere. It doesn't show up as a drive I can use or anything. I tried a third party partitioning prgram to try and find the disk so I could reformat it but it wouldn't it couldn't find it either. I even plugged the drive into my Mac thinking that Disk Utility might be able to recognize it and let me wipe it, but the Mac doesn't recognize it as anything.

Back in Vista, Using Device Manager, Vista notices the drive under the "Disk Drives" option as a "Disk Drive" and that it is elecronically signed by Microsoft (since it has the Zune firmware on it) but I can't do anything with it ... And this is the only place where I can see that the drive even exists. I can't reformat it or anything.

Can anyone help me? I thought I read somewhere... Read more

Answer:Putting a Zune 80gb Hard Drive in an External Hard Drive Enclosure, help please!


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Hi, recently my lenovo T61's video card fizzled out right after the warranty expired. I have information on the laptop's hard drive that i need to get off of it. I have a hard drive enclosure for my old hp laptop's hard drive but the two drive have different connectors. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to find a lenovo T61 hard drive compatible external hard drive enclosure. The hard drive is a 100 GB 7200 RPM driveModel: HTS722010K9SA00HDD: 7K200-100LENOVO P/N: 42T1056HITACHI P/N: 0A53257MLC: DA2141

Answer:Need help finding correct external hard drive enclosure for a T61 hard drive

There is a lot to choose from. Any USB SATA external hard drive enclosure should work. Since i don't live in the US i don't know where the best place to buy such a enclosure would be in your case. If you cannot find any maybe someone else that live in the US could help you out.

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Windows 7 desk top computer stopped during use. It would not restart when button pressed. External power supply ok. Possible internal Power Supply Unit failure. Can the pc hard drive data be backed up to an external USB hard drive enclosure before testing to find the fault in these circumstances?

Answer:Hard drive backup to external USB hard drive enclosure

Yes, most HDD is use on laptop and desktops units are pretty standard. The desktops use 3.5 inch internal drives and the laptops are mostlt 2.5 inch. The Sata interface is almost universal. Suitable enclosures are sold by major vendors. Be aware that the very lost cost kits are not real enclosure, just the power and interface components. Not recommended. To easy make a mistake.You will need a working PC or laptop to read the data. And enough free drive space to store your data files. Recovering program files is not piratical, unless the programs were  portable programs. Which is not likely.This video is basic and helpful. (Ignore the lead in advertisement.) you will see in then video, you can buy an enclosure for  any starred hard drive. So just pick out a good enclosure and you can get you data back!EDIT: On of the best tutorials I have seen lately.  He makes it plain and simple and very useful information.  Geek-9pm recommends you watch. That guy is even better that me.

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I have a hard drive off of a non-working laptop that had Windows 10 on it. I am just wanting to get some files off of the hard drive instead of repairing the laptop since it's fairly old. I have put the hard drive into a USB hard drive enclosure and plugged it into my Windows 10 laptop. The hard drive displays and I can select folders and stuff, but when I go to Users it has Default and Public. When I click on both neither have any documents, pictures, videos, etc in their corresponding folders. What am I doing wrong?

Answer:How do I view pics from hard drive thats in a hard drive USB enclosure

Have you tried enabling "show hidden files" in Explorer view options? Also check to see if the drive is partitioned into more than one partition. THe user folders could be on a different partition than C:\.

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I am looking for a hard drive enclosure for my Thinkpad 770Z hard drive.  I have done a number of searches, but I have not idea of what kind of enclosure to get that is compatible with my hard drive.  Any ideas?

Answer:Hard drive enclosure for Thinkpad 770Z 14.1 IDE hard drive

Are you looking for an external enclosure or for an internal caddy? You should be able to find caddies via Google and on eBay. IIRC the 770 series had a single USB port, however, this was a USB 1.1 interface. That severely limits the speed at which data transfers between the 770 and the drive. A better alternative IMO is to find a USB 2.0 PCMCIA adapter card and attach the external drive via it.

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I have several portable hard drives in their own enclosures that I would like to consolidate into a single 4 bay enclosure. This would require removal of a hard drive from each single enclosure and mounting into the 4 bay enclosure. I don't want to format or lose the data on any of these drives. I want to be able to access each drive separately by its drive letter. I would be attaching this enclosure to my Laptop via USB 3.0. I have a few questions:
- Is it as simple as disassembly of the single enclosure and mounting into the bay and making USB connections/esata?
- Will Windows try to consolidate the 4 drives into 1, or leave them as unique hard drives?
Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced 4-bay enclosure for this application?
Thanks for your anticipated help.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700HQ CPU @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12168 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 236673 MB, Free - 90658 MB; E: Total - 238466 MB, Free - 187882 MB; F: Total - 238470 MB, Free - 237806 MB; H: Total - 2861575 MB, Free - 2475033 MB; J: Total - 1907725 MB, Free - 1340710 MB; L: Total - 476936 MB, Free - 122919 MB; S: Total - 2861575 MB, Free - 1576841 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., N750JV
Antivirus: Norton Security, Updated and Enabled

Answer:4 Bay Hard Drive Enclosure

Here you go;
You do understand that some more modern external drives do not use a sata connector and would not work in a multi bay enclosure. Older external drives are just an internal drive in the enclosure and would work fine in a multi bay unit.
Will Windows try to consolidate the 4 drives into 1, or leave them as unique hard drives?Click to expand...

Only if you tell it to do so.
I don't want to format or lose the data on any of these drivesClick to expand...

You would not have to format the drive however IF you value the data, you have multiple copies. Data that you do not have at least two copies [on separate media] is data you do not care about and you should expect to lose said data. ALL drives fail; it is only a question of when your drive will fail.

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Hello again.   I'm now trying to install a Rocketfish USB 2.0 Hard drive enclosure. I've taken my old 40gb hd, and put it inside a Rocketfish USB2.0 enclosure. Hooked it up to the computer, and ran the install program, which the installer didn't recognize the drive. I called tech-support and they said I needed to make it the master, and start over.Well, I moved the jumper to master, and now I get a yellow circle with a "!" next to the Massive Storage Device under the USB Controller on the device manager.When I had the 40gb hd in my computer, I couldn't boot into WinXP Home Ed. I was told by someone at Best Buy, that if I put the drive in an enclosure, if it would look past the boot sector and see the rest of the drive. And they told me it would. I'm wondering now...could there be a possibility that the drive is completely bad. I originally thought it was just the boot sector.Any ideas?

Answer:USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure

What OS?  XP?Surprised you'd need any installer program, at least not for XP ..... and wonder if you can uninstall and then try enclosure with drive just straight into USB and let (if XP) the system ''find it".IIRC when I put a drive in enclosure I leave jumpers off usually tho would have thought master would be OK too.I have had a problem in past with 2 WD HDDs which seemed to be accepted and yet never had a drive letter assigned.

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I'm looking for a hard drive enclosure. The hard drive is a laptop drive. It's a Hitachi drive, model number HTS541616J9AT00. It says ATA/IDE on it. I purchased a SATA enclosure and an IDE enclosure and neither fit the hard drive. Could someone please link some products that would work with this hard drive (preferably from newegg)? Thanks.

Answer:Looking for a hard drive enclosure

Since your hard drive is not SATA, a SATA enclosure will not work. Exactly what model IDE enclosure did you get? Why does your drive not fit in it?

Any of the external enclosures at 1053807124 1054107130&name=IDE should work. This list is all the external enclosures from for 2.5" IDE hard drives.

Here's an inexpensive one with a good overall review rating:

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ive a got a desktop Maxtor 250gb sata drive sittng around idly doing nothing. I think its 3.5 from an old broken computer and i want to use an enclosure never used one before and i don't know how technical they are.and any recommendations would be grateful

Answer:hard drive enclosure

I bought one of these for the smae reason you give. It is very easy to slot in your old HDD, and I have had no problems. Just make sure you connect it exactly as per instructions.eSATA / USB 2.0 combo enclosure for IDE or SATA 3.5" HDD

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with a hd enclosure,  where do you set the jumper on the pc hd and where on the ext. hd?

Answer:hard drive enclosure

 jjon...Quotewith a hd enclosure,  where do you set the jumper on the pc hd and where on the ext. hd?You will find the jumper located on the rear of the hard drive ......and there should be the option of setting the jumper to :   Master   Slave   Cable Select dl65  

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Hi, I don't know if any of you guys have encountered problems with older comptuers and newer hard drives(PATA).
I know when I took the 80 gig HDD out of my 4 year old pc and put it in a 6 year old PC the mobo could not detect the hard drive, even after i checked jumpers and all, I'm guessing because the speed was too slow or because BIOS isnt new enough, Would this matter while using an external HDD enclosure? Or will it read any IDE drive?

Answer:ext. hard drive enclosure

Maker of the 80 gig? 5400 rpm drive or 7200(not that that makes any difference)? If is an IDE hd doens't make any sense why it cannot be read. Set it as a slave, position 2 on your IDE O cable and see if it recognizes it then. It's a IDE and the ext is USB or SCSI? If the 6 year old puter has usb (which it must) then, yes, it should recognize the drive usb or SCSI. You might want to spec the older mobo so we can do a better eval. by the way, PATA is the older conventin for all IDE drives except for MAC which are all SCSI. Newer drives are Serial= SATA.

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Is there such thing as a hard drive enclosure for a SATA 3.5'' drive that does not require an AC adapter as an extra source of power? I am looking for one, but they all seem to need extra power

Answer:Hard Drive Enclosure

Not recommending, but here is one.

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What hard drive enclosure would i need for this?
Hard drive:
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

Will this work?
DYNAMODE USB-HD2.5S-BN 2.5? SATA USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure - Black Deals | PC World

Answer:Hard drive enclosure

Just realised i put this thread in the wrong topic...

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I've pulled an old IDE hard drive from a xp computer. chuck it up in my IDE enclosure, plug it into my win7 pc, and nothing. not listed in dev man, computer, or disk manager, zip. i plug the same set up into another xp computer, no prob. i need my win7 pc to recognize it so i can save some info off it. i dont have continuous access to the xp pc i tried it on, so i cant use that one for the rescue. my win7 pc will detect my ata/sata enclosures fine, just not this IDE one.

Answer:IDE hard drive enclosure

I use a USB to IDE/SATA kit, like this one. Even with the USB 2.0 limits it moves data fast enough for occasional use. Simple to use, no drivers needed, just plug and play. You can even retrieve from a floppy disk.

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I need a good SATA hard drive enclosure with a fan

I'm trying to decide between this Bytecc enclosure:

and this Thermaltake enclosure:

Has anyone had good or bad experiences with these companies and enclosures?

Answer:Which Hard Drive Enclosure is Better

I'd go with Thermaltake, if only because it is an established brand that produces good-quality items.

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I wonder if you can help, I'm looking for a hard drive enclosure for an internal IDE drive. I'm planning on selling my desktop with one of the hard drives removed to use as a backup for my new laptop, any ideas??Thanks

Answer:Hard Drive Enclosure

Looky here:click here

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not sure if this falls under storage or networking as its a little of both

im looking for a hard drive enclosure
that has either ethernet or wifi 802.11a/b/g
asus has one the WL-HDD (also not for sale yet)
but its not for sale yet
they also have a WL-500 which is a router that can have a USB HDD pluged into it and have it act as a NAS

preferably i want the drive to have its own server in it
i want to be able to connect to the drive via a PDA and see it as a normal drive
somthing akin to a samba share only it will work on a PDA

the purpose for this is to have the PDA and drive enclosure in my car
use the drive to store MP3s and the PDA play them back and into my car stereo

im open to combinations of gear to make it work
ala the asus WL-500 and a seperate HDD encolsure

linksys and maxtor have a similar system but it looks kinda dumb
you need a router
the linksys adapter
AND a maxtor drive enclosure

its just dumb for a car mp3 player

ipod and similar are not an option as driving and trying to navigate on the tiny ipod screen just wont work for me

the PDA will have a bright color
touchscreen display which will be much nicer and easier to navigate while driving

the whole point of this is to get away from CDs im sick of them i hurt and scratch them far too often and i dont want to use them anymore

i also want to be able to use my own hard drive as an ipod is too small

same with the maxtor drives i want to be able to drop my own drive in

any thoughts?

Answer:hard drive enclosure with NAS

I don't know much about just a HD enclosure, but you could build a mini-itx system in your car to hook up your pda to (or just hook it straight up to the stereo on it's own). If you goto it has a bunch of custom jobs that people have done including putting them in their cars, might be worth a look.

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i have a 3.5 sata hard drive enclosure, that i'm using it to clean my pc hard drive that crash when i downloaded theSP1 update for windows vista, and i'm trying it on my older pc with windows xp, but no matter what i try does not recognise it any help will be appreciated thanks.

Answer:hard drive enclosure

what are you trying to do, see what is on the drive or boot to it on the older pc?

You can try going into diskmanagement. If it sees the drive there, you may need to assign a drive letter to it.

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I have a 80gb samsung IDE hard drive that I have taken from my twin tuner digital tv recorder will I be able to use it in my pc or an exteral hard drive enclosure. It seems a shame not to find a use for it.

Answer:hard drive enclosure

Yes - but it will need partitioning and formatting

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Can anyone recommend a hard drive 3.5 enclosure suitable Mac drives ? Also a docking station suitable for Mac drives that take 2.5 and 3.5 drives? Ojas

Answer:Hard drive enclosure 3.5 for Mac

I am not sure about a docking station, but for the first part of your question, are you looking for an external hard drive enclosure?Mac drives are not different than regular PC drives, but you will need to find out what kind of drive it is. There are external enclosures widely available for all kinds of drives. is a great place to look, but you need to know what kind of drive it is first (e.g. SATA, ATA, IDE, &etc.) What kind of Mac do you have?

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I have two hard drives installed, C drive is my system drive and F drive is to store digital pictures. I also have a DVD read drive and a CD RW drive. I am going to remove both the CD and DVD drives. I am going to install an optical drive that does both. A Plextor PX 712. I am going to install an enclosure in the open slot and install my F drive in it. Then I will be able to remove the F drive and install a new drive in the enclosure and Ghost an image of my C drive to the new HD. I will then remove the new drive and reinstall the F drive. This way if my existing C drive dies I am ready. I would just like to hear from anyone with enclosues who has done this and could give any info on what problems I may run into. Thank you for the help.

Answer:Hard Drive in an Enclosure

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hi, i have a few questions abuot this in case anyone can answer, im pretty sure i know wat this is im just checking

-this allows me to plug in an internal IDE HDD for a standard desktop computer and use it thru USB?

if so

-will i be able to access it thru dos and or Norton Ghost?

-will it be much slower than if it's internal, since it's USB 2.

-i know it's usb 2, does that mean i can by no means use it with USB 1.1?

thanks in advance.

Answer:hard drive enclosure?

It won't work in DOS
It will take forever if you use 1.1
The speed will most likely stay at 30MB/s

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I have a Western Digital WD500KS Serial ATA hard drive. I purchased a Kingwin KH350SEU-BK enclosure only to find that I couldn't get it to work. Could someone suggest some enclosures that will work with this size SATA drive?

Answer:Hard Drive Enclosure


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I took one of my old drive from my old computer and installed in the Antec MX-1 Actively Cooled Hard Drive Enclosure.
Then I plug the USB into my note book, the USB to SATA bridge works fine.
However, I can not see the drive in "My Computer".

I have checked a few posts and I looked into Disk Management.
I found that Disk 0 is the internal HDD for the notebook, and Disk 1 is the enclosure HDD, my old drive, but it says that the disk is dynamic and is invalid.

Is that the reason why I can not see my drive in My Computer?
If a convertion is a must, can I still keep my data?

Thanks for your help

Answer:Hard Drive Enclosure not being seen

Hello d...., welcome to the forum
Is it possible to put the drive back into your old PC copy the data off it, format the drive and copy the data back again?
If a conversion is a must there are third party dynamic disc converters which should keep your data intact; Download Dynamic Disk Converter Trial to check the conversion of the dynamic to basic disk I have never used this so I do not know how good it is

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Hi all,

I'm just having a problem with a hard drive enclosure I recently bought. My Dell hard drive recently started causing me a bit of trouble so I bought this enclosure in the hope of diagnosing & backing up the hard drive on another computer.

The hard drive is and was in my Dell Dimension 9150.

The enclosure is actually at the bottom of that page as part of "Accessories for this product" so I presumed they were compatible

Having opened up the enclosure it seems to have only an IDE connection on it (, while the Dell hard drive is a SATA connection ( . I can't for the life of me figure out how this is an accessory for that hard drive without buying one of these

Any suggestions on what I'm missing? Have I just bought the wrong enclosure?

Thanks for any help.

Edit: updating dead link

Answer:Hard drive enclosure help

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Please help!

I recently upgraded my operating system to Windows 7 64 bit. I have an Intel MB with an E4500 core 2 dou processor running with 4 gigs ram.

I have an old ide enclose that all of the sudden wont be seen by the new operating system. I have changed the jumper on the hard drive in every combination possible. In the past, I have found that different computers can be sensitive to jumper positions wven if its not logical, its just the way it is.

Anyway, its a WD1600JB hard drive. When I plug it into the USB port on my box, it makes that quick 2 tone sound through the speakers, but then nothing happens. So when I manually check under devices, sometimes it tells me the device is working properly and shows up as a USB mass storage device, and sometimes it tell me the drivers could not be found.

In either case, when you look under computer, it NEVER shows up as an accessible hard drive like it should.

The hard drive is spinning for sure, and I know it was working recently, so I doubt that it is broken, its more that the new operating system doesnt like it, plus again, it sometimes does show as a mass storage device that is working properly under devices although its never accessible.

I am wondering if I should try getting a new enclosure.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Hard Drive Enclosure not being seen by 7

Welcome to SevenForums Michael

Try this:

Start Computer Management Disk Management

If the Ext HD shows up, see if you can right click on it & asign it a drive Letter

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Can anyone recommend a hard drive 3.5 enclosure suitable Mac drives ? Also a docking station suitable for Mac drives that take 2.5 and 3.5 drives? Ojas

Answer:Hard drive enclosure 3.5 for Mac

I am not sure about a docking station, but for the first part of your question, are you looking for an external hard drive enclosure?Mac drives are not different than regular PC drives, but you will need to find out what kind of drive it is. There are external enclosures widely available for all kinds of drives. is a great place to look, but you need to know what kind of drive it is first (e.g. SATA, ATA, IDE, &etc.) What kind of Mac do you have?

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Hello, i am looking for an hard drive enlosure that uses a usb connection, it is an maxtor ata/100 hard drive, i'm confused, most all enclosure kits i've seen so far are for what they consider a standard 3.5" hard drive, well my maxtor hard drive is 4", are they going by the size of the hard drive or the size of the disk inside the casing, please help i am confused. any help would be great. thank you . dan

Answer:USB Hard drive enclosure.

Hi dsilvers. I looked at the spec sheet for a Maxtor drive, click here. This is described as a 3.5 inch drive, but the width is specified as 101.6mm, which is exactly 4 inches.

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I'm trying to help my sister out. She has a couple old IDE hard drives out of an older computer that she would like to get access to photos that were stored on them, without being backed up I don't really know what to look for. I'm not sure what info you might need to help me with this. Can anyone tell me if either of these might work?

Thanks for any info.

Answer:Hard Drive Enclosure

Those would work, but the main use for the second one would be optical drives based on it's 5.25" size.

If its just to temporarily get the data off you may want to consider a USB to SATA/PATA(IDE) adapter like this:
It has the added benefit of being compatible with modern SATA drives as well as older PATA/IDE drives.

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Hello, my older laptop recently went to shambles and I need to retrieve data from the hard drive. When the computer starts up you can hear some noise (i don't know if this is the hard drive or what) But the notebook doesn't seem to function. The notebook shows it gets power then after about 5 seconds turns back off. I don't know if this is a motherboard issue, it doesn't even load the bios or show the "Dell" start up frame, the screen is just blank with no cursor or nothing.

I was glancing over ways to retrieve this data and I saw that an option is an external enclosure, and I thought i would give it a try because they are pretty cheap. Now I'm confused on which one to get, because I don't know if you need to find one with the exact dimensions of the internal hard drive. I looked up replacement hard drives for the model of notebook and the dimensions it shows: .37" H x 3.94" L x 2.75"

I was wondering if anyone could guide me with any advice in removing the data from the hard drive, and advice on the dimension question. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Hard Drive and enclosure

The cheapest way is probably a hard-drive caddy

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Now that it seems my hard drive is permanently broken, I was wondering which hard drive to get. Because I am unfamiliar with the specifications, I don't know whether my old one:

is IDE or SATA


Answer:Which Hard Drive Enclosure

External USB Hard drive enclosures like you show, can either be SATA or IDE, it doesn't matter. All the computer knows is that it is a USB external drive

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hi i was wondering if i take my computer harddrive and put it in a usb case to make it a usb hard drive would i beable to then take my portable hard drive to anycomputer and boot my windows xp off of it?


Answer:xp on hard drive in a usb enclosure

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Hi i am looking to buy a hard drive enclosure to plug into my linksys storage link that is on my network. Would the one that i am looking at work for me.

Answer:Hard drive enclosure

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What would be the best type and size of hard drive enclosure for my Seagate 40GB
ST340810A? 3.5" or 5.25" ?

Answer:Hard Drive Enclosure

You'd want a 3.5" enclosure, 5.25" would be for something like a CD\DVD drive. Needs to be IDE internally and probably USB externally.

As for brand, don't get the cheapest one you find but you also don't need anything too expensive either.

Here's a decent one I've used:

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I'm having the same issues as this lady. I have two IDE hard drives from older computers that I want to try to recover data from. I got a new enclosure all set up, plugged the first drive in (Drive 5), and it doesn't register under My Computer. I right click My Computer, go to Manage, avoid initializing/formatting the drive, and find that it's offline and unallocated. This is what it looks like.

I right click the drive listing (left side) and click Offline, hoping that'll bring it online. "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error." Right click the right side, and I see "new simple volume, new spanned volume, new striped volume, properties, help." The latter two are clickable, the rest gray. I do everything the 'net tells me to do: change the jumper to Master, clean it with compressed air, restart the computer, restart the enclosure, reinstall the enclosure driver. Nothing changes.

I try plugging the enclosure into mom's laptop, and "offline" is now grayed out when I right click the left side of the drive listing. On the right side, "new simple volume" is clickable now, but my friend says that will also initialize the drive and erase everything, so I didn't try it. Apart from these differences, everything was exactly the same.

So I use the steps in the thread I linked in the beginning, hoping that the data recovery tool might be able to access the drive. When it scans all devices, however, the enclos... Read more

Answer:new hard drive enclosure, drive doesn't register

What kind of enclosure did you buy? The drives may be genuinely unusable, or it might be a problem with the enclosure.

When I want to salvage data from old drives I use this old tried-and-true Kingwin SATA/IDE->USB 2.0 adapter. Very inexpensive (so you can try it out yourself for minimal cost investment), but very reliable in my own experience. If you have a very large drive (e.g. SATA) that you want to access, it might be worth considering their USB 3.0 version for just a few dollars more because of the much faster USB 3.0 transfer speed.

I wouldn't give up yet on your IDE drives yet until I'd given this other adapter approach a shot. Never failed for me.

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I've already ruined one by trying to fit a HD 5.75" long into the sardine can size enclosure. Is there a special size hard drive made for these exasperatingly cheaply, and HOT devices?
Richard Baldwin

Answer:Hard Drive for External USB 2 Enclosure

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I have an old I think sata drive from a computer where the power supply went out I want to try and save those files. When I put it into an enclosure is there any certain method or anything I need to do to ensure this ?

Answer:Putting a hard drive into an enclosure

No - - insert drive and then use the USB cable to a 2.0 Enhanced Adaptor slot; should be seen as a new drive letter

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Hey I saw on a tv show awhile back a harddrive enclosure that wasnt like the traditional one you run into best buy. It looked kind of like a toaster, and while it was an external hard drive enclosure, it was open ended at the top, for harddrives to be hot-swappable, and to slide and snap into place with the ide/power supply connectors at the bottom of it, effectively turning harddrives into data cartridges.

This would be immensely useful to have but i can't seem to find anything like it online, only the tradional enclosures that have to be unscrewed and physically taken apart to swap drives in and out.

I did find something called a Console Drive -

which is very close to the looks of it, but acts as an external drive bay you can swap drives in and out of, but still needs a harddrive casing to do so, like any other hot swappable drive solutions

Has anyone seen or heard of this?

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I have a USB Hard Drive enclosure that I purchased for my hard drive. It seems that everytime I plug it into the USB port my Athlon XP machine will detect it but as soon as it starts running the Hardware installation it reboots my machine and keeps it in a loop and rebooting each and every time. I've tried using the suggestions made on this board by removing the USB drivers and that didn't seem to work at all.

Any other suggestions??

Running WinXP Pro on a Athlon machine

Answer:Solved: USB Hard Drive Enclosure

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I've had 2 different 160gb drives go bad within the same USB2.0 enclosure now (made by ADS technologies) - and each time it happened, it was connected to a DIFFERENT computer (once my laptop, once one of my desktops)... Both were formatted NTFS, and both computers are XP, if that matters...

The two drives are even of different brands (one WD, one Hitachi.. yeah yeah, deathstar)...

What happens is all of a sudden the drive no longer appears, and using OnTrack EasyRecovery I can get most of the data back -- looks like the partition is getting corrupted.

The scary thing is -- both drives have made some rather loud clicking noises (not constantly, but sometimes a single loud click, or maybe two) that really make me uncomfortable.. hard drives just don't normally do that...

Is it possible that the USB enclosure is the cause of this - or is it more likely that I'm the unlucky recipient of two consecutive bad hard drives?

I'm not sure if the loud clicking sounds could be a result of the USB enclosure sending bad instructions and making the hardware go haywire, or what...

Any help would be appreciated.. if you think a new enclosure will solve my problems - does anyone have any recommendations?

Also -- should I be uncomfortable using both of these drives now that the original enclosure has corrupted each of them once? They're both well within warranty...

Answer:can a bad USB enclosure kill a hard drive?

If the external case power supply were to cut out for a very brief moment, it would be akin to unplugging the main power cord to your PC. If the drive is reading or writing data this could result in undesired contact with the platter.

A desktop PC at my office was unplugged without powering down. After that it wouldn't restart. We eventually removed the drive and the thing sounded like an Etch a Sketch when tilted.

Is it possible something like this happened to you?

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Because of problems with my Desktop I placed my Hard Drive in and Enclosure and connected to my Laptop via USB. I can access many of the files except those that were set up using User Accounts. I get the message that I dont have permission to access those files.The system in the Desktop was XP the system in the Laptop is Vista.Can you help?John

Answer:Placed my Desktop Hard Drive in an enclosure

web search taking ownership of files

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I bought two Hard Drive Enclosure kits. One is for a 80gig drive and another is for a 250gig drive. These kits support up to 400gig drives.

The 80gig works fine. The 250gig does not. It doesn't seem to detect it. It's powered on.

Any idea what is wrong? The drive worked fine. Do my jumpers need to be in a certain position?

I tested the USB cable and USB port, both work fine.

(Using Windows XP Home)

Answer:Solved: Hard Drive Enclosure kit

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Answer:External Enclosure $ Hard Drive.

Basicaly , just connect the USB cable from the external hdd to the USB port on the laptop, power up the hdd external drive and window will say " found new hardware" and either in My Computer or in Windows Explorer will see the new drive. Before you'll start using the external hdd as a backup or whatever, right click on the hdd and choose FORMAT option then format the drive. Be aware that if you want to use the external hdd as a "one big chunk ( as in 200 gigs) will need to format it as NTFS. If you need FAT32 will need to partition the drive.

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I recently purchased a new HP computer loaded with Windows 7. This replaced a previous computer that was loaded with Windows XP Home. I want to be able to access the documents and pictures that are on the old hard drive, so I purchased the UHB-330U hard drive enclosure. When I put the previous hard drive into the enclosure and plugged it in, Windows 7 tried to install in automatically, but the installation was not successful.

I understand that I'm supposed to format the hard drive before I can use it, but if I do, all the information will be erased. I do not want this to happen. When I go to My Computer, the hard drive is visible, but when I click on it, all that comes up is Recovery. When I click on that, I get a message from HP to not delete or alter any of these files.

Is there any way, that you know of, that I can access my documents and pictures?

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AM having a tough time getting the PC I'm suing a 64 bit about 1.7Ghz. to recognize a hard drive in a hard drive enclosure. I've tried different pin settings and it didn't work. I think the HD was formatted with NTFS. Does that make a difference? How can files off of this HD, which is partitioned in two sections.?

Answer:Can't use Hard Drive and HD Enclosure to get files off HD/Win XP

If it is an IDE drive, you need to set the jumpers to Master. If it is an SATA drive you may want to set the jumper to force SATA I, some SATA enclosures don't support SATAII.

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Hello. I have a friend whose iMac's display has gone, so she wants to transfer data from her hard disk to her new iMac. I have removed the hard drive and will put it in enclosure to serve as external hard drive for her. My question is this: Will I be able to put this hard drive into an enclosure with these "prongs" that stick out? (They are actually some sort of screw or something.) I am attaching photos of it.

Answer:iMac hard drive enclosure

jethsy said:

My question is this: Will I be able to put this hard drive into an enclosure with these "prongs" that stick out? (They are actually some sort of screw or something.) I am attaching photos of it.Click to expand...

Usually, they are 4 screws that serve only to hold the HDD in place. They are not part of the circuitry and do not play a role as such in its operation. but they would normally require a torx screwdriver. in some cases the two at the front are a different sort to the pair at the back but this makes no difference, other then requiring two torx heads to unscrew them.

but for a temporary connection and depending on the type of enclosure used, its possible to connect the HDD to the socket of the caddy without putting the hdd into the housing. this would allow for the temporary use of transferring data. the hdd can then be returned to the machine as before.

some folk have tried a pair of piers with cloth between the teeth to unscrew them. if this is not possible try the connection without the caddy cover.

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Our computer went out about 2 weeks ago (the cache memory went out) and so we replaced it with a new computer, but we had just purchased and installed a new hard drive 3 months previous. We would like to save our old hard drive and we were told that if we bought an enclosure for it then we can hook it up to the computer, retrieve our files and use it as an external hard drive. My question is I am not sure what size case to buy. I went online and looked at external enclosures and the sizes are 2.5 or 3.5, but when I measured our hard drive it was 5 inches X 5 1/2 X 1/2 ", so now I am not sure what size enclosure I need. If someone could help me I would appreciate that.

Answer:Hard drive enclosure/case

If there is an enclosure sold for that unusual, but once common, hard drive, I don't know where you would find it.
You apparently have one of the very good, but unusually sized hard drives from the 90's that was found in several Gateway, HP, and Compaq computers... They came in various sizes from 3 GB to 12 GB to 20 GB... They will connect fine, but there is no enclosure.
You may need a tech's help, or some body experienced in saving data so you do not damage or lose what you have.
You need, temporarily, an IDE or EIDE computer... not one with a SATA drive...
But you can also use that drive WITHOUT the Enclosure... just the connector if you have total control of your working space.
I can send you a photo, but describing it is cumbersome.
Some enclosured require you to mount the drive (3.5 inches) in the enclose. Some do not.
One end has a power socket and a USB port with a small circuit board that is 4 inches wide and 2 inches long... with power cable and EIDE cable.
This will fit nicely on your hard drive, but it may be difficult for you to know how to do it unless you have experience putting your hands inside the case.
The device costs $27 to $40 depending on where you buy it.
one power cable goes to the power socket on the hard drive. The other cable, an EIDE 80 conductor, 40 connector cable connects to the computer business end of your hard drive.
Then you would place it on a non-conductive surface on a table or desk that will not be used for anything... Read more

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ok i bought a Hard Drive Enclosure Case for one my hard drives today but i already see a problem it gets very hot and i know that cant be good for the drive it was only 40 bucks so i got it..can anyone recommend a better one that wont damage the drive from overheating and its affordable between 40-65 dollars if possible

Answer:Hard Drive Enclosure Case

list your CURRENCY DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh so many people don't list currency.

back to the topic. Vantec make some very good hdd enclosures. personally i would try and think of ways you could cool the enclosure you have now.

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I want to rip the home movies off my digital camcorder. My hard drive only have 5 GB on it, so I'm in the market for an external hard drive, however I hate the bulkiness and the need for an AC adapter. I've been exploring other options, including Nomad Zen 60GB MP3 player, but they don't work like a true hard drive where I need to rip the movies and save it directly on the external drive and not my HD first.

After reading a lot of the boards, someone suggested buying a laptop HD and a USB enclosure. My question is, will such a combo require an AC adapter and also is it plug and playable? Does anyone have one and care to share their thought on it? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Laptop hard drive w/enclosure?


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Hello, I bought an external hard drive enclosure, and when i got home, i hooked everything up and connected it. I got a screen saying "new hardware found" and then it started installing it and i got an error saying that there was an error and it couldnt install.

I checked the manual, and all it said was that with XP there is no installation required, and it didnt include any drivers.

So what do i do now?

Answer:Problem With hard drive enclosure

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Hello forum members,

I am just debating whether I should buy a NAS RAID Enclosure or just a regular RAID Hard Drive Enclosure.

For the NAS, I was looking at the Synology DS412+ ($600) or the DS1513+ ($800) or the Drobo 5N ($500).
For the regular RAID Enclosures, I was looking at the Drobo 5D ($600) or the Mediasonic ProRaid ($190)

Why should I buy a NAS? I need this for backing-up all of my files (movies, music, documents) and photo-editing (Photoshop and Lightroom). Plus I am using this to back up my tens of thousands of images.

Answer:Should I Buy A NAS or RAID Hard Drive Enclosure?

What is wrong with backing those files to a regular external HDD. For 2TB, that would cost you less than $100.

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I recently bought a hard drive enclosure for my 300 gb Ide hard drive although recently I tried to connect it into my pc but windows won't recognise it.

I tried it on several other pcs yet it wasn't found. I took the 300gb HD out of the enclosure and yet it worked when connected directly into the pc. Any ideas?

It's a newlink hard drive btw.

Answer:Hard drive enclosure problem

Could you give details about your external hard drive enclosure?

Have you tried setting the hard drive to 'master' in your enclosure?

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ok i have a Samsung HDD 160gb and a Nexstar TX enclosure now i had hooked it up to my laptop (windows xp) and it had installed the drivers to the nexstar and the hdd then i restart my laptop but the enclosure wouldn't show up on my computer so i go to disk management and it only shown the dvd tray and (c disk )... so i hook it up to my desktop(windows7) and it installs the drivers again but doesn't show in computer so i go to disk management this time and it says disk need to be initialized but when i try to it gives the crc (data erra cyclic redundancy check) they both show this it's plugged in though.. all im trying to do is initialized the hdd and format there a program i should find or walkthrough ..also if the post is in the wrong thread please move for me

Answer:problem with hard drive enclosure

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I've got an Integral 2.5 HDD enclosure, which contains my laptop's hard drive. I'm trying to connect to a PC using USB, but the PC is not reading anything. The enclosure is powered because the light is not. I had the HDD check so I know that's all working fine. I've tried it on Vista and XP (two different machines), but still no luck.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help

Answer:USB Hard Drive Enclosure not working

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I got a new computer a while back and needed to transfer the stuff off my old ide hard drive onto my new (sata) one.I got an enclosure, which seems to work fine - I plugged it in, switched it on and the computer seemed to recognise it - it started installing the driver, then said device was ready to use.However, now I can't find it anywhere on my computer!I've tried taking out the jumper switch to swap it around to see if that makes a difference as it was the master drive on my old computer, but it's pretty well lodged on and won't come off. The picture on the hard drive seems to say that no jumper = slave drive so I have a feeling that might work, but I don't want to try to much as I'm scared of damaging the pins.Can anyone advise me on what to do next?

Answer:Help needed with new hard drive enclosure.

Leave it as Master.

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I have an external hard drive enclosure that has a hard drive installed in it. I want to make sure the fan in the enclosure is working. I would like to unscrew and open the enclosure and then turn it on to make sure I see the fan running. I would leave the hard drive installed while doing this. Is it okay to do this, or could it damage something?

Also, after I open the enclosure, is it okay if I touch the hard drive while it is running to feel how hot it is.

Answer:Open Hard Drive Enclosure

If the fan is working, you should feel air coming out of the exhaust.
It's ok to touch the HD when it's on as long as you don't touch the control circuit board on the bottom of it.

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Trying to access my external hard drive, using my computer. operating system is windows xp sp2. the external hard drive is connected through usb 2.0. in disk management, the drive says it needs to be partitioned but the actual drive itself has already a program running on it. cannot find the drive because it is not shown in my computer and is saying that it is located in location 0. everything connected fine, no problems. computer is the recognizing the hard drive fine and says it installed correctly and ready to use. how can i access this drive without erasing everything off the external hard drive?

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Hi I have an Akasa SATA Hard Drive Enclosue with a 1TB Hitachi drive in it. The drive has about 400GB of HD video broken down into clips no larger than 10GB each.I have been trying to transfer the footage from my enclosure drive to my pc in no more than 50GB at a time using USB2.I haven't been able to transfer all my footage yet as every transfer never finishes as the drive disappears from my machine.I have other enclosures and drives again on USB2 and all work ok. Could it be a problem with the enclosure itself?Many thanksMatt

Answer:Hard drive enclosure problems

I've had 2 or 3 HDD enclosures go belly-up on me - always think it's the HDD but, so far, it's always been the enclosure for me, thank goodness.

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Hello, I just purchased a 2.5 hard drive enclosure for my Fujitsu drive that I removed from my broken laptop. (Laptop was dropped). I assembled the enclosure, connected it to the USB port on my pc, lights come on on the enclosure, I hear it spinning BUT my PC won't recognize it. Why? FYI, the Fujitsu drive from my laptop has Vista OS on it and my PC is an XP OS. Is that the difference maker? Please help....

Answer:Please help with hard drive enclosure issue

Are you trying this on the dropped machine? If so, there may be more damage...

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My sister's hard drive went bad... real bad. The computer wouldn't boot, not even in safe mode. On the advice of the computer guy at work, I bought her a new hard drive and installed it and reloaded windows and all her programs, and purchased a hard drive enclosure for the old drive. Everything went well, the computer is up and running fine, but of course the documents are still on the old drive.... very important documents to her.

When I plug in the hard drive enclosure, the computer recognizes drive F: and H:, and it displays the file folder skeleton, but there are no documents in there. It is a 40 GB hard drive, and drive F: says it's 9.9 GB and drive H: says it's 0 GB.

I've googled it all day and read that this is actually good news, in that it means the data is still there, I just can't get to it. I read that one of the issues could be that I must "take ownership" of the files since they are set to be read by the old computer and I don't have security access to them. I tried to find out how to do this in Vista, but the article on Microsoft's website was too technical for me to understand what the hee-haw it was saying.

I am not beyond using data recovery software or a service, and I purchased a copy of Norton Ghost (although it remains unopened "just in case"), but I've read enough to learn that trying a bunch of stuff could just screw up the drive more, so I'm looking for some experti... Read more

Answer:Hard drive in enclosure looks empty.

It sounds like the drive needs to be recovered, and lets hope the data is still available. The safest way would be to copy the contents using ghost or another disk clone software. if the drive is failing or has failed, each attempt to read/write to it can cause more problems. After cloning the contents of the drive, you can try and use some recovery software. Recuva is pretty good, and are some others listed here

I don't have much experience with cloning drives, but this is free and looks promising:

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Hi All.I bought a Freecom 500Gb external hardrive a few years ago, but yesterday there was a loud "pop" from inside and when I opened it, it appears 2 capacitors on the board had exploded.I'm not well versed on hardware but the drive itself looks OK - it is a 3.5" Samsung 501HJ. I was wondering if I could just buy a new enclosure and slot the hard drive in? My question is: are they universal or do I need to find a specific one suitable for my hard drive connection. Ebay approx 10The connector on the back of the hard drive is a flat connector with about 12 "spade" pins then a plastic divider and then about 7 "spade" pins. - Sorry - best description I could come up with.Any ideas please???Thanks in AdvanceJohn

Answer:Hard Drive Enclosure Advice

Yes you can use any 3.5" SATA drive here

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Answer:i need drivers for this hard drive enclosure

Hello Redwood, welcome to the forum.

this link may help you to find SBT-EKU25 HDD driver.



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I am looking between NAS system or External Hard Drive Enclosure
the max i can spend is $550

at this moment i have 5 drives that i cant add to my pc as i am max out

I would love to buy Synology DS1513+ Network Storage for $ 800 USD but i dont have the money for it and i cant find older model of it

My next option was drobo 5n $550 more or less but one problem i read this http://www.macdrifte...nology-nas.html which indcate my hard drives will be not avilable on other systems which is big no no

so then my other options are USB 3.0 and eSATA i have 2 unit in mind both are 8 bay

first one is :
Mediasonic H82-SU3S2 ProBox 8 Bay
Mediasonic H82-SU3S2 3.5" Black USB3.0 & eSATA ProBox 8 Bay External Hard Drive Enclosure

Second Option is :
Rosewill RSV-S8 8-Bay

again my system is X64bit and it is AMD

Can someone advise me on which option will be better or if you guys know a unit that will work better that will be great
Thank you

Answer:NAS VS External Hard Drive Enclosure


I would go with second option. I see more options in that and it is cheaper.

These are few of them.

3.5" Drive Bays
8x Hot-Swappable 3.5", up to 4TB each; 2.5" also supported

Access to 8 Hard Drives while using two cables via Port Multiplier function.

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I need more space on my computer. I want to put a hard drive into an external enclosure. However I am afraid of compatability issues between the hard drive I buy and the enclosure I buy. What do I need to know to make sure I don't have a problem? Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Answer:Solved: Hard Drive in an enclosure

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I want to get a new hard drive and I want it to be external. But I've heard that it's better to get a hard drive and then put it in and external enclosure. Is this true?

What type should I get? (SATA, Ultra - ata or what?)

Does anybody have a brand they would reccomend?

Answer:hard drive in external enclosure

It is cheaper to get a hard drive and then buy an external enclosure. Here is a great resource for making your own:

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Ok, so I have got my corrupt hard drive out of my laptop and bought a hard drive enclosure.However, (my enclosure is driverless) Windows isnt recognising the drive under My Computer or anywhere, Im guessing as it is corrupted, how do I get it to recognise the driver for use with data recovery software?Thanks

Answer:Cant recognise my Hard Drive in Enclosure

If the drive is faulty it might not be seen, connect it in place of the dvd/cdrw and then see if windows can recognise it.If it does then transfer wanted files across.

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Hi All,

I am in the market to pickup a decent 2.5 inch external USB 3.0 enclosure which is also powered off the USB hub.

Anyone happen to know of a decent one I can get here in the UK?

I would prefer if it is less than 20 but if it can't be helped, so be it.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:USB 3.0 external hard drive enclosure

Moving Forward...

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Hi folks,

I bought a cheap hard drive enclosure and a 160 GB hard drive to put in it. Everything works find, but since I hardly use that drive, I tend to leave it unplugged.

I was wondering if anybody knows whether the external drive should be plugged in before the computer is powered on, or if it can be at any time.

I know enough not to randomly unplug the thing while the computer is on, but is it ok to plug it in at any time?


Answer:External Hard Drive Enclosure

I'm assuming that the drive connects to the computer via USB or Firewire. If this is the case, make sure you plug in the power cord before the USB or Firewire cord. It doesn't matter what the power state of the computer is. If your configuration isn't what is listed above, please provide some more detail. Hope this helps!

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Looking to make a inexpensive hard drive backup from an existing working hard drive. Need an enclosure. This one on ebay looks like it will work. Says it will operate with Win Vista, which is what came on my new Dell laptop. So far I'm not overly excited with Vista but maybe it will grow on me. What do you think of this Rocketfish thingie? Is there something better? Is it obselete? Help.BTW, someone told me yesterday that all Windows systems will go obselete in the near future. True??Thanks. Dixieflash

Answer:Rocketfish 3.5 Hard Drive USB Enclosure

You didn't link the EBay page so can't tell if you are lookin' at PATA/Eide or SATA and what price is being asked/bid, new or used, from a reputable dealer or private.  QuoteThis one on ebay looks like it will work.  Sure it does...QuoteBTW, someone told me yesterday that all Windows systems will go obselete in the near future. True??  What's the 'near future'?  MS still supports W2k and will support XP until 2014, Vista till ?  The quote below is extracted from this site...QuoteMicrosoft's support road map currently says that extended support for Windows XP ends in April 2014. You need to be on the latest service pack within one year of its release for continued support, which at this point means you must be running XP Service Pack 2.So the earliest date that XP SP2 support will end is 2014, but history has shown that Microsoft often gives customers a reprieve as these dates draw near. For example, support for Windows 98 was to be dropped in January 2004, but Microsoft extended it by two and a half years to July 2006.XP's life would also be extended if Microsoft were to issue an XP service pack on or after 2013. Microsoft has a tentative date for XP Service Pack 3 in the first half of 2008. If SP3 is released anywhere near on schedule and turns out to be the last service pack for XP, it won't affect XP's 2014 end-of-support date.Ask your 'someone' to quote the source of their info.

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Acer Aspire AT3-605-UR22with the slide in front bay hard drive enclosure. I have a second hard drive in the front load pull bay. For the life of me i can't figure how to remove the hd from enclosure!OMG-Shawn


Go to Solution.

Answer:Can't remove hard drive from enclosure

  Press the eject button to open the hot-plug HDD coverPress the orange button to disengage the HDD carrier lever.Pull the plastic gently on  both sides of the HDD carrier  then remove the HDD .        Click the Kudos to say ?Thanks? for helping! select "Accept Solution" if your issue is resovled.

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So I have just a CiT USB 3 SATA enclosure for a Lacie hard drive I have. I have installed the hard drive into the enclosure. All quite simple. The CiT enclosure LED does not light up when I connect it to the power and plug into my laptop. the hard drive does also appear to power up. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do we think the drive is at fault or the enclosure at fault?

Answer:CiT Hard Drive Enclosure LED not working

If the drive works then the tiny LED might have died. Better to connect to PC first then power up the caddy.

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We have a dell Inspiron 9300. We didn't back up the hard drive, and because of a problem with the laptop we know we are going to have to restart the computer from factory settings. However, we want to get off some files and pictures from the hard drive first. We were thinking of using an enclosure to do this. Has anyone used one before? How do we know which enclosure will work with our hard drive? Thanks for any help!!

Answer:Using Enclosure to Back up Hard Drive...

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Ok, I know my way around a computer, and for the most part I can tell what everything is and what it does. Until recently I've been mostly a software kinda guy and let my buddies handle the hardware, but I've decided to take a more active role in hardware. I am in the process of building a new computer--which I may have some questions posted on here about later-- as well as upgrading storage on my current PC.

Anyway, I was just wanting to make sure that a "hard drive enclosure" is what I think it is... Or am I completely mistaken?

An enclosure is used to take an internal hard drive and allow it to be attached external via the enclosure, correct? And if this is the case, is it a reliable and cost effective way of increasing storage or would a regular external drive be more reliable/economical?


Answer:Solved: Hard Drive Enclosure??

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I recently purchased a 300GB Maxtor hard drive and 3.5" Hard drive enclosure. I hooked up everything and the computer recognizes that a "mass storage device" was hooked up but it's not registering in My Computer and I cannot access the hard drive... how do I solve this problem??

Answer:Solved: Hard Drive Enclosure???

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I am sure many of you know about the possibility of booting up Windows XP in an external hard drive and I do agree that it sounds iffy, but I am currently trying it out. Right now I have a copy of Windows XP that is modified for use with an external hard drive and I have used this to install a copy of XP on an external hard drive which is really just a regular SATA drive inside an enclosure. I tried installing XP onto the external through my older computer with these specs:

AMD 64 3000+ 2.0 Ghz
Asus K8V SE Deluxe
It did not work on there. The XP install just gives me a message about how it can't access the drive, but then I tried the install again on my laptop running Windows Vista, and these are the specs for the laptop:

Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 1.5 Ghz
Not sure about the motherboard at this time
It seems to install fine and boot up fine on this computer through the external USB. I know that the older computer can boot from a USB since I previously installed Ubuntu and booted that off the USB with no problems. However, when I try plugging in this external back on the older PC, I get the very common 7B stop error and then the computer restarts. What my question is how will I be able to get Windows XP on this external drive so I can use my older PC with no internal drive?

EDIT: Maybe it is because my laptop has an internal drive along with it? I don't think that has to do anything though. Anyway, that is just another thing that might help so I am g... Read more

Answer:Windows XP on Hard Drive in Enclosure

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I'm using a USB 2.0 Hard Drive enclosure.  I successfully managed to use it on my first attempt (stored a bit of music on it) but now it is not listed on "My Computer."When I go to "Device Manager" it is listed under Disk Drives - Visual Disk USB Device.  Its properties state that it is working properly.I've tried uninstalling the driver, but this has made no difference.  As a bit of a novice, I'm sure there is an obvious answer to this problem - please tell me what it is.

Answer:Hard Drive Enclosure Not Found

Right click My Computer and select Manage...then Disk Management...Find the drive and right click it and select Properties...Report back with the results...Hopefully it's not listed as RAW...

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I have a brand new 250 gig Western Digital HD I just had replaced under warranty and bought a USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure to put it in, the problem is that it will only work at USB 1.1. I get the Windows pop-up that says the drive will work better if I plug it into a USB 2.0 port.

I have 2 PC's and they are definately USB 2.0 and it does the same on both PC's. I have 4 other external enclosures that work fine.

I ran a few benchmark tests and it is definately working at 1.1, while the tests show the other drives working at 2.0.

I have checked the enclosure to see if there was any switches to change it to either 1.1 or 2.0 but don't see anything.

The model number of the unit is ET-H3501(USB2.0) and believe it is made by a company called Focus.

Any ideas???


Answer:USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure problem


I am going to take this back to the store tomorrow, but I can tell you exactly what they are going to say - my machine, my drivers, my this, my that and I'll be arguing with the guy for hours.

I took a hard drive out of one of my other enclosures (which does work) and put it in the new one, and sure enough, it runs as USB 1.1. So it's not a HD issue. The other drive also works fine in my other enclosure.

I have also tried it on XP and Win3k on two seperate PC's. An IBM Thinkcenter and an HP - both roughly a year old.


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i've got a tower with two hard drives and two dvd burners in it. I also own 4 more hard drives and for more cd there any sort of external equipment that will easily let me power and run the remaining hard drives & burners? I would prefer some thing other than usb/fireware stuff. the hard drives are the greater priority.


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I bought a 200GB hard drive about a month ago...attached it to a external drive enclosure (set it as master etc...) and everyhting worked. The hard drive then stopped showing up in my "my computer" section (it was set as P. I bought a new enclosure (best connectivity platinum series) like the one here:

And i connected everything as it should be, drive set as master.
My problem...when i turn on the drive and start the computer the usb and read/write light is shown as on and it should be working but the drive does not show up in my computer or in the drive mangement section of admin tools....

so i have to reformat or something or
maybe a bios option?? PLMK HELP!!!

Answer:*hard drive enclosure problems*

If you hook up the drive internally, to a IDE port, does it work? Maybe the drive has died?

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I have just bought a hard drive enclosure for a laptop HDD runing 98se. Niether my new laptop or my PC recognise it. I wish to transfer work from my old laptop which has no floppy or usb. Is the case faulty or have I done something wrong?

Answer:Hard drive enclosure not recognised

The drive as to be setup so you can use it. If you have a XP computer plug the drive in, right click My Computer choose Manage\Disc Management Set the drive up for Fat32 so you can see it in 98se

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So, here's the situation. I own a computer business. I'm looking to get a "test pc" so that when customer's bring in their virus infected pc's, I can hook their hard drive up as a slave on the "test pc" and scan for viruses. I've been looking at some cheap desktops because the only thing I will be using the pc for is for scanning hard drives.

Now, I've always wanted to have a laptop to carry around to customer sites because of the ease of diagnosing networking problems among other things. So that brings me to this. If I end up getting a laptop, could I just purchase an external hard drive enclsure so that I could still scan hard drives for viruses? I'm not familiar with how these things work. About all I know is that most of them connect to a PC via USB. Any help is much appreciated.

Answer:External hard drive enclosure

i beleive u could a 30$ hdd cooler and enclosure would do it and it hooks up throught usb heres one from
looks good too

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I have a 3.5" hard drive setup in an External Hard Drive enclosure. The problem is that the small fan on the back makes a terrible noise, so I have disconnected it.Will the HD be okay with the fan disconnected ?

Answer:External Hard Drive Enclosure

probably is used to stop it over heating doing so may make it over heat and cut might even loose datanot advisable

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I'm looking into purchasing a hard drive enclosure/external hard drive...

What's the difference? I have three spare hard drives here; two are clearly marked IDE; and another one that looks like it's probably IDE. But in the stores they have 2.5inch and 3.5inch. what's the difference?

I measured one of the drives, and the "front" side of it is like 4 inches...or is the 2.5/3.5 the diameter of the physical "disk" inside of the enclosure?

Answer:hard drive enclosure/external hard drive

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I thought it was SATA and just ordered one and got it and it doesn't fit.the model number is:IC25N040ATCS04-0I got a SATA 2.5 just now and the bar is longer. On it i see it says ATA/IDE.I thought sata was flat and the IDE was two rows of pins that stick out. This has flat across and on one end it has a very short row of pins. So what do i need? i can upload a pic if you need... maybe I just need a 3.5 instead of 2.5?

Answer:what size external enclosure do i need for this hard drive?'s a doesn't look like the other connectors on the enclosures that i've seen?

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I've been looking for information but cant seem to find too much about it.

So far it seems I have 2 sata port available and 3 44 pins ones ( as shown in my previous thread )

Does this mean I am safe for most Enclosures that use Sata 3.5 ( Im assuming theres a manual or something to show where i need to connect and how )

And what enclosure brands ( given i am in the uk ) would you recommend to ensure I have the best chance of success ?

this one got good reviews on amazon but Im worried the lead would be too short - then again Im not really sure how long they need to be.



Answer:How to install an External Hard Drive / Enclosure ?

almost any enclosure will do, as long as it has SATA/eSATA and USB

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I have a company laptop running windows nt and I get the following boot error message: \WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

I was told that if I remove my hard drive from my home computer and use a hard drive enclosure that I could start my laptop from the hard drive enclosure, access that internal hard drive, and copy the fixed files from a repair file located on the internal hard drive. I cannot get the laptop to read the external hard drive enclosure. I went into the bios and set it to boot from an external usb but it doesn't work.

Any suggestions?


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The quick & dirty: I have the same laptop, the same external hard drive, but a new enclosure, and I can't access the hard drive.

Before: I was successfully running a store-bought external USB 2.0 hard drive on a laptop with XP.

Details (before): Hard drive is WD3200JD [3.5" IDE(ATA)], enclosure by Acomdata. There was no jumper set on the hard drive.

Then: external hard drive wouldn't connect. After some troubleshooting, it was determined that I needed a new enclosure.

Now: I bought a new enclosure and followed all instructions. The computer recognized a new USB mass storage device, but it won't show up in My Computer and I can't access.

Details (now): Enclosure by Nexxtech. Same hard drive, but with a jumper in the master setting (per instructions). Using the same laptop. The hard drive shows up both in Device Manager and Computer Management, but not in My Computer. In Computer Management, it shows up as healthy and active, but "not initialized" I right click to initialize, and the resulting window comes up empty. I have also tried updating the drivers, but they are currently up-to-date.


Answer:New external hard drive enclosure: can't access

How is the drive powered?

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