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Seagate External Harddrive error

Question: Seagate External Harddrive error

I have a problem with my Seagate external harddrive. It won't let my computer start. It stops at the BIOS screen and does nothing. I tried pressing the BIOS setup or System recovery but it doesn't work. I found out that my external harddrive was the problem after serveral tries. I took the plug out of my computer and restarted it. It worked fine. I plugged it back in again to the computer and it was detected in Device Manager but not detected on Windows. In Device Manager it said there was no problem at all. However when I clicked computer the external harddrive didn't show up. I also have to mention that I dropped my harddrive accidentally. It keeps making a beeping noise every other second. It was a regular beep, nothing out of the ordinary. I also tried diagnosticing my drive. However that was a problem too. It made another error. I also tried to plug the external harddrive to another computer and it also made the beeping noise and it didn't show up on the otehr computer. I'm starting to think that this is an external error with the parts inside than internal with software and other stuff. I don't think that I like recovering my data with experts because it costs a lot of cash. The ohter option is to replace my drive with another one from seagate. The warranty is still on and won't expire in a while. Oh yeah and I just recently discovered that on the other computer I tested the drive on it starts up when I plug it in before I start the computer.

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Preferred Solution: Seagate External Harddrive error

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a problem with my Seagate external harddrive. It won't let my computer start. It stops at the BIOS screen and does nothing. I tried pressing the BIOS setup or System recovery but it doesn't work. I found out that my external harddrive was the problem after serveral tries. I took the plug out of my computer and restarted it. It worked fine. I plugged it back in again to the computer and it was detected in Device Manager but not detected on Windows. In Device Manager it said there was no problem at all. However when I clicked computer the external harddrive didn't show up. I also have to mention that I dropped my harddrive accidentally. It keeps making a beeping noise every other second. It was a regular beep, nothing out of the ordinary. I also tried diagnosticing my drive. However that was a problem too. It made another error. I also tried to plug the external harddrive to another computer and it also made the beeping noise and it didn't show up on the otehr computer. I'm starting to think that this is an external error with the parts inside than internal with software and other stuff. I don't think that I like recovering my data with experts because it costs a lot of cash. The ohter option is to replace my drive with another one from seagate. The warranty is still on and won't expire in a while.

Answer:Seagate External Harddrive error

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I Have A Dell Laptop Inspiron 6000 With 150mb Space Left. I Backup All Files To My Seagate And Transfer My Itunes Folder. I Then Deleted My Itunes From My Laptop For More Space But Not I Have Lost My Itunes. When I Connect My Seagate It Shows My Music But Not In A Way To Connect My Ipod To Transfer The Music And The Seagate Dont Show Up To Give Me More Hard Drive.

Answer:300 Seagate External Harddrive

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Could a USB port be damaged when trying to attach the cable from a 1.5 T external harddrive. this harddrive was attached before I got this computer a few days ago.

Answer:Seagate external harddrive 1.5 T

Can't see why it would be?Which having said... if the drive demands more power than the pc - particularly a laptop - can deliver then possibly; but have never come across it.If the drive requires serious power i/p then use an external usb-power adapter to power it?Have you experienced this and this is why you're posting here now?

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So I have a seagate External drive which had been working perfectly fine for me right upto yesterday.
My kids were watching a film via the drive connected to my ps4 and all worked well but when I went to connect it to my netbook to manage some files it was no longer visible.
I've done extensive google searches but not come across anything that would seem to fix my problem.
The drive is visible in drive management but not in disk management. I have tried or in all the uso ports but that makes no difference.
The drive now no longer shows up when I plug it into the ps4 which leafs me to suspect that it's had it and I've lost whatever was on it.
One other thing to note is that when I connect it to my netbook it makes a noise like the drive inside is spinning to try and come to life.
Having said this however it had just decided to show up on my netbook so I am copying the files off of it right now to make sure they're not lost. I'm going to say however that this is going to need replacing right?

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- My 500GB Seagate external harddrive can't be recognized in the computer (as if it wasn't there) when plugged via USB
- It makes a repeated beep when connected to a plug
- I called technical support and they charge $300 for data recovery

- If my external harddrive has failed, then what are some methods would Seagate use to recover the data?
- Can't I just open the casing and remove the SATA drive and plug it in with my SATA adapter (i know it voids warranty, but I'd rather have my data back at a cheaper price than to get a replacement harddrive)
- Isn't it possible that the casing might've broke, not the hard drive itself?
- What are your thoughts on this one?

A note from the Customer Service Representative:


Originally Posted by csr

Thank you for sending your Seagate E-mail inquiry.

It sounds like your drive has failed. Anytime a drive makes noise such as those, it means the read/write head is bouncing across the data platters.

You may wish to look into Data Recovery or to return the drive to us for an exchange

If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

What does that mean?

Answer:Seagate External harddrive failed, back for $300?

There is the possibility that it could be the encloser that has died.
The only way find out is to purchase another enclosure. However you will void any change at warranty if you pop open seagate's enclosure.

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As the title says, my new Seagate Expansion Portable Drive is not working in the 3.0 slots in the front of my computer. It only works when i plug it into one of my two 2.0 slots on the back of my computer, which are both occupied by my mouse and keyboard, both of them are not backwards compatible. When my Drive is plugged into a 3.0, absolutely nothing happens. i get a green light on the drive, but it does not show up in my bios or in "My Computer". Works perfectly fine in a 2.0 though.

My motherboard is made by gigabyte, and is only about 2 months old, and my drive is 5 months old.

Answer:External seagate 1tb harddrive not working with 3.0 usb slot.

Did you install the 3.0 drivers and enable it in the BIOS? All versions of USB are backwards compatible.

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Hi, and thanks in advance to any help. Today I noticed that my Seagate 250gb harddrive is not showing up under my computer as a disk. This happened after a reboot. It is the only usb device plugged into my computer and my taskbar recognizes it with the safely remove hardware icon. Under. It also shows up in disk management as unallocated with no partition. It has been fussy before but has worked fine for awhile now. Is there anything I can do or have I lost all of my data? Also it was pretty full with just 5% freespace on it before this happened. I know I probably should have backed up this data but now I am nervous because I have important stuff on there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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My external hard drive isn't being recognised by the laptop. It is just making beeping noises. Is there anything I can do to get it to work, and if not, who should I send it off to, and how much can I expect it to cost?

Answer:seagate external harddrive doesnt spin up

Could be any of several causes:
Harddrive dead
not enough power (try with laptop plugged into mains - not on battery power)
faulty cable
faulty usb port
Is it making the same noise as in this youtube vid?
read posts on seagate forum

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I have Windows 7 Home premium 64bit as I recently got a new computer, and to my surprise my seagate external Harddisk did not work. If I go to the Devices section, it is listed as Desktop. I have tried many things such as, rebooting, trying different USB, Assigning A letter to the Expansion and a few others as you will see in my screenshots. Just before I forget my old PC 32bit Windows 7 Ultimate, automatically detected my 500gb Seagate 500gb External Harddisk so I cannot see a problem with the Harddrive or with my computer as it is brand new and fully functioning. Below are my screenshots.

As you can see from these images non of the fixes on the fourm, or on seagate work. If you have any fix please reply to this post as soon as you can, or on the other hand any questions. I will be very grateful.

Sorry about the thumbnail, Not sure what happened there.

Answer:Seagate 500gb External Harddrive, Windows 7 Will Not Read?

Cheers m8
SATA or PATA????

Have you tried to remove it from the ext case and installed it into the check if any of the electronics in the external case failed.
could be something with the usb drivers in the new machine... might try unstalling from the device manager the usb controllers, maybe the composite device then turn the machine off and let windows reinstall 'em again and see if the drive is picked up.
At this point I'd be asking just how important is the data on this HD... I'd even go so far as see if I could put the HD into a friends machine,(or old 'puter), to see if it could be picked up???? Be sure and copy the data off the HD while you continue to trouble shoot the drive.
From experience..... the only drive I've not been able to finally detect ended up as a dead drive, "bfh"
luk to you.....

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I have taken delivery of a Seagate FreeAgent pro 750.I have created a backup plan and put my pictures in to it.Every time I modify a file (JPG/.doc & .psd are the ones I have tried so far) it refuses to back it up and the log shows error 8. In fact I just downloaded some jpegs from my camera and they havbe been rejected as well.I cannot find the solution and there are limited help files.Can anyone help please?

Answer:Seagate external harddrive rejects amended files.

Autobackup.Maybe someone has used or is using this.I need to sort this out because the drive is useless to me if I cannot add extra files to the plan.It is meant to monitor changes and automatically write them to the drive.I think I might be missing something obvious but the manual/help is not very helpful.Please somebody point me in the right direction.

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Anyone use the Seagate Replica software that comes with the 2T External Hardrive? This is the GoFlex Desk series of external harddrives.

The software does an automatic backup of all your computers harddrives and logical drives and backs up any changes periodically to the external hardrive. It is suppose to allow full recovery (it includes a boot disk, linux based for restoring from the backed up 'image').

Anyone use it, and does it successfully restore the 'image' in case of a full crash?

Answer:Seagate Replica (2T External Harddrive) GoFlex Desk

Why bother using third-party disk-imaging (especially from Seagate) when Windows 7 has it built-in?
The built-in one works well, I've used it.

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I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and post that It was working fine without any issues. I have two external drive connected to it.

1. 1 TB Iomega powered drive. - now RAW
2. 2TB seagate external drive.

The 1tb drive suddenly became RAW and I wasn't able to access it. before it happened, I had removed some virus detected in the drive by the AVG antivirus. Post that once or twice it got disconnected and after that the drive became RAW. I understand the file system might have got corrupted since couple of times my system faced powercuts and before I could shut it down the system cut off from electricity as my UPS died on me.

I haven't formatted the disk at all, as I have all my important data in this HD as it was my backup drive for office and personal use.

Disk Management: shows the drive is RAW but a healthy Partition.

I opened the hard drive casing, tried connecting the drive directly to the internal sata cable but the same didn't read even then and still shows as RAW drive. I got a Storite USB to SATA adapter and tried that, the drive is now running fine(as it sounds) with intermittent kind of noise (clicking etc.,) for sometime and then disappears. After directly connecting the drive atleast the below softwares are able to read the data in the drive but unable to recover it.

I have tried recovering data using the below softwares.

1. EaseUS DAta recovery - took too much time to complete reading - 17% in more than 24 hours- stopped it.
2. M3 DAta recover... Read more

Answer:External 1TB harddrive(Iomega - seagate inside) RAW drive

My recommendation is to use [email protected] Recovery Pro. I had a similar situation (raw indication) on a drive a few months back and I tried several of the leading data recovery apps, and the one I recommended is the one that found the most stuff -- nearly everything. It took nearly a whole day to do an in-depth scan, but in the end, it was worth it. It's free to install and try out, but you need to buy a license to do any serious recovery work.

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I have just purchased the Lenovo IdeaCentre 510 Tower PC [i7]. It came with Windows 10 Home OS. Within the set up, it asked me whether I wanted to install updates to Windows 10 - i said 'yes'. It took a good couple of hours to complete the whole set up of the desktop, but according to the log, all Windows updates appear to have been successfully installed. (I mention this because I later found something on Lenovo's website about updating to Windows 10 when setting up your Lenovo for the first time - it mentioned trouble which may include the damaging or disabling of hardware? I can't seem to find this again, or else i would post a link. I think this may have been referring to upgrades to earlier windows versions rather than upgrades for Windows 10 applied to a machine which is sold with Windows 10 already installed.) My desktop seems to be up and running but I have just attempted to connect my Seagate Backup Plus portable drive using the USB port and it will not recognise it (I tried this on several ports).  I can feel the Seagate working but it does not show up under My Computer or anywhere else I can see.  I have tested the USB port by inserting a regular USB pen drive and it DOES recognise this. The Seagate previously worked on my Windows Surface Pro 3 with no trouble and I have all of my files backed up on it.  Hope somebody can help me figure out what is going wrong...  Many thanks!

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I have this WD My Passport external portable harddrive which I have used for a couple of years. I was writing something to the drive one day when the USB connection seems to be somewhat loose and the drive disconnected momentarily and reconnected itself but the file I was trying to write ended prematurely...

Now when I try to use the Seagate Harddrive test tool for windows and do a Short Generic test and the result failed.. I am fear it might have been caused by the disconnection and might eventually corrupt the entire drive... I try to run chkdsk but there aren't any errors detected it seems and files seems to be accessible as normal... Is there a way to fix the harddrive without losing data in the drive or confirm the drive is indeed failing?

Answer:Seagate Harddrive test tool fail but harddrive data seems intact

Run the most thorough and extensive test available with the WD hard drive utilities.

If it fails the thorough test, you may have a warranty claim.

Or the Seagate tool. Whatever you have. Your title is confusing.

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I bought an external hard disk for years but recently some errors prompt while booting.

1. the computer can still detect the external hard disk
2. no file name appears although it was auto running
3. error message prompts out either I double click or right click the drive location

error message:
G:\ is not accessible
Error performing inpage operation

I urgently need help in solving this problem.


Answer:Seagate External Hard Disk Error

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Help! I have a one year old 300gb seagate external hard drive that suddenly wont work, i tried to access it to watch a film and it it gave me an I/O error message, now it's not even detected by the laptop so i can't even click to see properties etc.. WHAT DO I DO?!

Answer:i o error 300gb seagate external hard drive

do you hear the drive spin up?can you see in in disk manager?try it on another machine.take the drive out and connect via sata/ide direct. see what happensi hate computers!but cant help myself....

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I bought an external hard disk (FreeAgent 160GB, Model # ST901603FGE1E1-RK) in February 2008. The purpose is data backups of my PCs (all XP-SP2). Whenever I use this external hard disk (from any of my PCs), there are always a few occurences of the following in Event viewer :-

Type: Warning
Source: Disk
EventID: 51
An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk2\D during a paging operation

My other external hard disk is a Western Digital (procured about a year ago), and so far, I have not come across any such error message when I use it.

Should I be concerned about this error event in my Seagate FreeAgent? Since this is a data backup device, I am worried.

Answer:Seagate FreeAgent external hard disk - paging error

You can run a drive diagnostic test on it:

Also consider running CheckDisk on it too
Go to My Computer
Right click the drive
Select Properties-Tools

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hi, im running windows xp pro and have an external harddrive (xh) 200g. allways worked fine but last night when shutting down i turned the XH off b4 the computer finished shutting down, it came up with an error about not being able to save a file to the XH and then proceeded to close. i didnt catch the exact message tho. now on my pc ive gone to mycomputer and it wasnt there, so i un pluged it and pluged it back in , but its just come up local disk d and when i go to access it it says "drive not formatted would u like to format" now to me this is bad because i have loads of **** on there and now i cant get it, is there anyone that knows how i can recover my harddrive. and this time ill be makeing a gost copy of it... ????????

Answer:external harddrive Error

i forgot to say that it shows up in partition magic, with its normal label (nate) and shows the space taken up n all, just cant access..

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Ok.. I'll explain this the best I can without confusing myself, my external harddrive (a Toshiba 1.5tb) froze in the process of sending files from a laptop to it, so I removed the harddrive and when I replugged it in it said that it needed formatting but it will not format it comes up with CRC error if I click no to format I cant access anything (I've tried plugging it in to both my laptops and every usb port on both) Thing is when I plug it in to the ps3 I can access all my files and take them of the harddrive etc, I read that it might not format and only work on the ps3 because it was FAT32 format and that could be why so I tried formatting it to FAT32 and still got the CRC error, I've tried formatting through command prompt and tried the programs that scan to tell you of the broken files or what not but they all said error everytime I tried! Basically what I'm asking is does anyone have any idea of anything I can do to fix this or is my harddrive as good as dead. Thank you in advance!

Answer:CRC error with external harddrive!

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I have this error when I try to explore my hardrive I get this error message. Link below. Please download. After multiple clicks on the message. I get this error message. Link below. Please Download. Second picture. Can anyone help. I have a Windows Vista(32-bit)1.8ghz and 4gb ram total. I have recently reformat my harddrive so I start fresh. I hope that pertains to the problem. Also the only way I can explore in my external harddrive is if I go to Device Manager. Uninstall it than reninstall back with plug and play compliant. It installs automatically and autoruns. I choose explore contents of my folder. I hope that helps.

Answer:External Harddrive error

The downlads don't have viruses. There just two pictures.

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Bought an external hard drive on ebay and it works perfectly on my laptop but not recognised on my pc.... comes up with an i/o error when trying to mount it.

I need to copy a load of music off it on to my pc as there's not enough room on the laptop.

Any ideas?

Answer:External harddrive i/o error

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When I turn on my 500GB Cavalry external hard drive and when I try to access a certain folder, the light on the hard drive turns purple (Transferring data) and it wont stop until I turn my hard drive off. What is wrong with it?

Answer:External Harddrive Transfer Error

Probably corrupt data in the file you are trying to open.If the file is easily replaceable delete it off the external hard drive, if not you will have try and recover it.

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Hi gang,

I am getting a software install error on a Western Digital external USB hard drive.

When I plug it in I am getting an error, Everything goes through until the last check:

WD Ses USB Device: Error: No Driver Found

S/N of device: WXF1A90M7568

I have attempted this on a few different machines, Was able to get in once and backed up the data. Now it is coming up again. Is there a quick fix for this? Should I just format the whole drive?

Answer:Solved: External Harddrive Software Install Error

If you got software with the drive re-install it.

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Hey guys,

i recently took my external harddrive (hitachi 320gb) to a friends house, where it was accidently dropped approximately 1.2m from a table to a wooden floor (when it was turned on and running). it seemed fine for the next 3-4 days, then this morning it had trouble turning on. (i.e. i had to flick the switch a few times and disconnect and reconnect the power cable). So i decided i'd back up all my files just in case this was a sign of a failing harddrive, as it was dropped. Thing is, while copying my files onto the computer, several (around 3-4 so far) has had CRC errors and i couldnt copy em.

What could this mean? should i just backup all the files i can (those not affected by the CRC error), reformat the harddrive, and keep using it? or should i buy a new one in case it suddenly goes dead?

cheers all.

Answer:External harddrive Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) error

I would back up for sure. From there i would be weary of use with it. Try it out with some things you are not afraid to lose. But i would buy a new one as this one doesnt sound all that great. Sounds like it is heading for the big PC repair shop in the sky.

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Question: Seagate Harddrive

Bought this 60 gig hd second hand and after detecting drives on boot screen i get the message that the NTLR is missing ,press cont/alt/delete to restart but then it just does the same again.Anyone know what this means.Also brother has keyboard which will not bring up the @ sign when shift or control is held down. Any help on either welcome.Cheers.

Answer:Seagate Harddrive

click here click here

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I'm considering a new harddrive, but until I ran across an attractive offer for the 1.5TB, I had been thinking of the 1TB instead. The larger drive has the following specs:

Formatted Capacity : 1.5TB
Interface Type: Serial ATA-300
Buffer Size: 32MB
Spindle Speed: (RPM) 5900 RPM
Average Latency: 4.16 ms
Data Transfer Rate: Buffer to Host Up to 300MBps
Sustained Throughput: Up to 115MBps
Ports and Connectors: 7-pin Serial ATA Connector
Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty

The thing that stands out in my eye is that the spindle speed is slow compared to the 1TB, which is 7200 RPM, but I think the warranty is a bit longer.

I recall recently reading an article posted in the forums news board that said that the 1 TB was the fastest drive in it's class, but the sustained throughput of this drive is slightly faster...I think.

The extra 500GBs would definitely be a plus, but would it really perform as well as the 1TB? Is there any other aspect to consider?

Answer:Seagate 1.5TB Harddrive an odd RPM value for a HD

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Hi, I have a 500gb, harddrive wich doesn't start, it worked perfectly before, and now just suddenly it wont start at all. I'm not angry about it yet becuase I still have hope this can get fixed.

I pop the adapter in, nothing happens, plug the stuff to the computer, nothing happens. I got no clue what to do really. IF it can destroy the adapter if I put a ac adapter for a portable computer inte it while it was off, that can be it. OR if it got broken by safely lying in my bag. Just tell me how I can fix this, Please. I'm So thankful for anyone who can help me with this.

Seagate FreeAgent 500GB USB2.

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Last night I was transferring files to my external hard drive I use for storage, when half way through copying a group of files an error popped up in a bubble in the bottom right of my screen saying that windows could not copy the file and data would be lost, I didn't write down exactly what it said, I wish I had. after this error happened my external drive is no longer detected in windows, I have tried using it in the external case, I've tried taking it out and hooking it up to the motherboard. I checked disk management and it's not even detected there. I've tried plugging it into a laptop with vista on it and I cannot figure out how to fix this problem, any help would be greatly appreciated

I am using win xp pro sp3, asus a8n-e motherboard, amd 64 x2 3800+, radeon x1550, 2gb patriot ram pc3200, 1gb corsair xms pc3200

The hard drive I'm having trouble with is a WD Caviar GP. WD10EACS

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I have a seagate barracuda 500GB harddrive that I'm using as a secondary harddrive. My main boot drive with my os is a 150GB raptor. this drive works find, however I cannot detect my seagate. When I go into the BIOS, it looks like its detected there, but when I log into windows I can't see it. Thanks in advance for the help

Answer:problems with my seagate harddrive

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I was on newegg and found a nice seagate harddrive for 149.00 for a 400gb harddrive. My wife loves frys and told me to check out and i found a maxtor 500 gb for 129.00 and these are the specs it has!

Serial ATA/300
16MB Buffer
8.5ms Seek Time

i know ppl love the raptors and im hoping this is an okay cuz i always bought a seagate with every harddrive ive ever bought.

Do u think this is a good hard drive brand?

wait i think raptors r from WD :\

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I noticed on these two drives they have a jumper pin on them
with jumper pin 1.5 g/sec
without jumper pin 3.0 g/sec

If my motherboard is compatible with the 3.0 g/sec transfer rate
can I pull the jumper out, or do the drives only operate at that speed in a raid configuration or is it even worth the hassle ?

Answer:Seagate 500 & 750 gig Harddrive queston

THat jumper is so that the faster Sata 2 (300Gb/s) drives will work on the older Sata (150Gb/s) sata controllers. If your controllers are Sata 2 then yo can remove the jumper and not worry about it.

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A while back I bought a Seagate 1TB harddrive, but until recently it was just stored away and not used.
Recently I wanted to expand a XP system I have containing a M4A79XTD Evo mboard, so I just popped in the 1TB. But, to my surprise, the harddrive showed up as only 32MB. So I went into Ubuntu(dualboot with XP) and format the drive, then restart. Back in XP it finally showed up as 939GB. Then I turned off the computer. When I turned it back on later, the drive was back at showing 32MB.

The only thing that worked was when I used ext2 on Ubuntu to format the drive. I wanted to do a clean OS install on the 1TB, but no OS under the sun wants to install, because it jumps back to showing 32MB. I can only store files with Ubuntu under ext2.

I've tried the drive in other computers, with various cables, external enclosures, etc.

So now my question is, do I have a nice looking paperweight, or do I miss something important?

PS: Seagate ST31000528AS

Answer:Problem with Seagate 1TB harddrive

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Hi guys,

I'm really in desperate need of help right now. My harddrive just died and all my essays and school stuff are in it and the due dates are within days.

So I turned on my pc this afternoon,did some stuff and turned it off,then i wanted to turn it on again but the harddrive is no longer detected by BIOS.The bios gives the typical message of no harddrive detected,plz insert boot media and press a key blah blah blah.i also noticed that the whole start up becomes incredibly slow,even for loading the bios setup. I bought this new pc during xmas and its just been a lil bit over 3 months.

seagate barracuda 7200.11 500Gbytes
motherboard is Asus P5QL Pro
4gig mem.
geforce 9800gt
intel 2.5Ghz

the machine's been perfectly normal for 3 months except very occassional blue screens,and now the hd is not dectected all of a sudden.

i did not install anything or remove anything in hardware/software,i tried a different sata cable for dvd-rw which is recognized by bios,plugging into a different sata plug on the motherboard,and nothing happens.

when i start the machine i can hear that there's a couple clicks in the harddrive,so obviously its still running,but after that its all silence and there's no activity at all thereafter.

does this indicate a dead harddrive that can only be replaced?is there any chance i can recover the data on the harddrive?

thx tons for any reply!!!

Answer:seagate harddrive problem

This happened like a day ago for me with the same drive. I fixed it by resetting the cmos, it was either that or the cable was loose (because i took it out and put it back in) so check the cables, if that does not do it, try a cmos flash.

EDIT: wait, the cmos flash fixed my 1tb drive, not the 7200.11, my bad.

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A couple weeks ago my USB External harddrive got unplugged and when i plugged it back in, it asked me to Format it. It game me a "2HC015KJ" Error code. Its 500GB but now appears as 2000GB. Ive tried to use Partiton Wizard 7, but when doing a quick scan for a couple days, it was only at 163608 sectors, and still at 0%.

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i have three hard drives connected in my system, my seagate is basically where i store my audio, and video files, whenever i access a file or play a file i've recently noticed the harddrive is making alot of noise. is this normal , my other drive dont make any noise ?

Answer:My 120 gb seagate serial sata harddrive

That's not normal. Sounds like its dying.

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Good Morning Sirs
We got a Seagate USB Harddrive , which is not getting recognised as File System is RAW
Kindly advice how to fix this issue so that harddrive gets recognised in Desktop/Laptop with Windowsxp/Windows 7

Answer:Seagate USB Harddrive - File System RAW

Thanks a lot
I need to find out an Indian dealer so that the software can be bought because now we r only able to see the data and can not recover in trial version
Thanks again

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I have the following model Seagate Hardrive and was wondering if anyone knew of reliable resources to get a new circuit board for this item. I have been checking ebay, online sites, any additional assistane woul dbe helpful.
Model ST340823A
U Series 5
IDE drive
Seagate 40 GB
Firmware 3.07
I have seen a lot of models that are close - just not exact match. I'd toss the drive, but there is about a years worth of photos on there that I unfortunately did not have a backup for.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Seagate Harddrive PC Board Replacement

Could you explain what is wrong with the drive?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card: RADEON X300 SE 128MB HyperMemory, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 71468 MB, Free - 24974 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0YC523
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Before I purchase an SATA Interface Cable and power adaptor cable, is this project doable ? and will there be a SATA host adaptor when I open my PC up ?

Answer:adding Seagate SATA harddrive 1TB 32MB

Open it up and check. I doubt it on a computer that old.

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I bought a new Seagate 250GB EIDE HD 7200/8MB/ATA-100 and would like to replace my old drive with it in my Dell? Dimension? 4400 (Pent 4 1.80GHz, 768mb Ram, running Windows XP Home). I need some advice on how I should format this new drive and then clone and replace my old drive with the new Seagate drive using Norton Ghost 2003.

What is best way to format the harddrive to get it ready to clone - using (Control panel > Administrative tools > Computer management > Disk Management) or formating it via Windows XP CD or is there a better way/easier??? Thanks.

Answer:Formating and cloning to a new Seagate 250gb harddrive

You can use Seagates Disk Wizzard ( IMO the easiest & free)\
How to use Disk Wizzard

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Im replacing my harddrive and these two seem to be the best so far

Also Im looking at the 500gb hardrives if there is another better one you guys can prefer

Answer:What is a better harddrive Seagate Momentus or Western Digital Scorpio Blue?

If I can ask, why are you choosing between low performance 5400rpm hard drives when you could have a higher performing 7200rpm hard drive. Just curious.

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My desktop computer's motherboard was fried in a tragic lightning accident, but the hard drive is intact. I would like to purchase an enclosure for the hard drive and use it as an external hard drive. I'm posting here because I'm worried about compatibility.

Here are the hard drive details:
Seagate, S/N 90Z7588X
ST 380215A
P/N 9CY011-305
Firmware 3.AAD
Date code 08257
Barracude 7200.10
80 Gbytes

Will that work with any of these enclosures:

Thank you in advance for any help!

Answer:External Harddrive from Old Computer Harddrive

Any 3.5" IDE compatible drive enclosure will do the trick. I use a ThermalTake enclosure myself (same as MadDog and CompUSAs no-name brand).


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I currently have a laptop that is a few years old, anyhow I am building my own computer with a friend of mine. I have a external 120 gig Western Digital External Harddrive hooked up to my laptop now. (The external harddrive is brand new) I need a harddrive for the new computer I am building and was wondering would it work if i opened up the external harddrive casing and removed it from there and installed it in my computer i am building. Whats your thoughts on the change in power supply and could it work and what?


Answer:External Harddrive into Interal Harddrive

if you are building a laptop... no. it is built completely differently.
with a desktop computer you would not be able to either because the connection inside its casing is different. its better to keep your external the way it is and get an internal. you could then use your external as a backup.

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I realize one is just an enclosure and you provide the harddrive, and one is a true harddrive, but which is better and whats really the difference?

Answer:usb harddrive enclosure -vs- usb external harddrive

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Well this isn't so much of a problem as just a heads up, or umm, me *****ing. If you ever buy a Seagate External Drive, at least the new ones that are square and ugly, don't ever hope to take it apart! I had to take one apart for a customer today that blew her circuitry and needed the data and these things are just not meant to be played with. The cover is a plastic nightmare to take off, which will definately result in broken tabs and then they use tamper proof screws to keep you from getting any further. Had to drill the screws to get at it. I can understand the desire to keep poeple out of the product to make RMA's better for the company but, well I dont like it. So in the event that you were thinking of buying a pre-assembled external drive (bad idea anyway) with thoughts of maybe one day putting the drive into your computer, don't buy a Seagate!

Oh and don't plug your laptop power supply with 19 volts into an external hard drive meant to handle 12 volts either. Who would have thought that would be a bad idea??

Answer:Seagate External 160's

lmao, i had the same problem about 2 weeks ago. There are some stupid people out there. A guy plugged in his laptop power supply directly into the external, fried the circuitry, and brought it to me with the laptop power suplly still attached. What a moron!

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A few days ago I tried transferring data from one of my external drives to another. Everything went fine at first but I noticed that the transfer rate was varying wildly and would sometimes come to a halt for awhile and then resume. When I tried transferring more files the behavior continued except that it now stops and the drive 'disappears' (is no longer recognized) by my computer. The external drive's blue light continues to blink although the file transfer stops. If I unplug the drive and wait a few minutes I am able to reconnect and the drive is recognized again but it repeats the behavior after a minute or so. The drive doesn't make any strange noises but seems to slow down prior to stopping. I'm trying to get as many of my files off of it before it stops working completely. Is there a fix out there?

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Question: Seagate external

Why does my seagate 3tb external not show up for a long while and then get message saying "you need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it", and sometimes very rarely i can access the external and copy files at a very slow speed

The drive shows under disk drives but disk management does not load up.

Answer:Seagate external

Your Seagate 3 TB external drive is a GPT drive.

I shall straight away get into Data Recovery mode using Test Disk. You must have an empty formatted drive of adequate capacity connected to copy all data into it. If that drive does not have sufficient capacity then you have to select only the important files and copy those to it when we come to that ( and if we come to it . Yep, Data Recovery is a dirty job with results unpredictable,except in most simple cases.)

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of my guide here Regain a lost drive using Test Disk - An Illustrated Guide

Download TestDisk Windows version 6.14 TestDisk Download - CGSecurity , extract it to your C drive. Right click on testdisk.exe in Testdisk-6.14 folder and run as administrator.

Ready to go?

First screen - No Log [ENTER]

Second Screen: You must be seeing three drives. Your system drive , your faulty drive and your destination drive to copy from your faulty drive.
( As a matter of fact you can go upto this stage without a destination drive connected just to make sure that your faulty drive is visible to TestDisk. If it is visible then close TestDisk by clicking on X on top right corner, connect your destination drive and start TestDisk all over again.)

Select your faulty drive , Proceed [ENTER]

Third Screen :Here you will select [EFI GPT] [ENTER]

Fourth Screen: Analyse [ENTER]

Fifth Screen: 1. If TestDisk is able to find the valid Partition Table, the partition/s will be indicated followed by the mess... Read more

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How can I see what i have backed up? How can I delete some of the backups? Sorry, but i don't understand the manual. Any good info sources out there? thanks

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Hi, Ive been having problems with my external hd, whenever I try to put files on it i get an i/o error, how do i fix this?

Answer:Seagate external H-D

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Hi there. I have an external harddrive that I tried to format to NTFS. The format failed and now the drive is left in RAW format and appears unusable in its current state. Each time I plug the usb in Windows 7 prompts me to format the drive and I have tried but both quick formats and full formats end prematurely with a message saying the format was unable to complete. I opened Disk Management and the drive is shown as drive M Healthy (Primary Partition) in the RAW format.Does anyone have any ideas how I can get it back to NTFS so I can use itmany thanks

Answer:external harddrive format error, now in RAW format

Not sure if you were trying to convert the drive from Fat32 to NTFS to keep your information on the drive or that you wiped it and you are now trying to put NTFS on.Is this any good click here

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Now this hardrive is good and holds 160 GB, and i had it for atleast a year. Today my computer had froze on me, and gave me some sort of error. I reboot my computer and found that my seagate wasn't detected by my computer. I tried replugging everything in and rebooting my computer. Now it makes this strange buzz / hum noise constantly and i hope its not broken. Any advice is welcome.

Answer:Seagate External hardrive.

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Hi all

I have recently purchased a 2nd hand 750Gb External Hard drive.

I scanned it and rand file restore software to make sure it was totally clean. Then I formatted it too (you cant be too safe). Anyway, it worked long enough for me to put all of my family photos on and music, films work and other photos.

However now it has stopped working. When I plug it in it crashes the computer, and it does the same to the boot up whenever I plug it in. I have tried to use the safe remove hardware, and this is where it gets confusing.

The computer is recognising it in Device manager and the safe removal, but it wont let me safe remove (crashes) and it also wont let me populate the volume to see if that works (crashes again). Sending it off to be fixed isn't an option (my girlfriend would kill me......the photos you see......).

Is there anything I can try, I'm rapidly loosing hair at pulling it out.

Cheers Guys

This forum is great


Answer:Seagate FreeAgent External HDD

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I saved all my documents, music and photos from the school laptop (Mac) and now I need to use them on my home PC. The problem is when I connect my Seagate to the PC, I'm not getting the drive icon to select the things from the Seagate. What should I do?

Answer:Seagate external drive: from Mac to PC

Check Disk Management and see if the drive is visible. You may just need to assign a drive letter to it.

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We have a Seagate 9SEAN3-500E that connects to the computer but wont open when we click on the drive. We can see it connects but nothing opens. Also when we plug it in, the computer freezes. How can we fix this please?

Answer:Seagate external HDD does not open

Is it a new drive? Also if it is a older drive have you tried another computer?

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My new computer has OP Vista, it will not read the files on he external drive, photos, docs. etc.However if I use it in my old computer it reads OK. Can you advise me if it is Vista problem or the computer problem ? Thank you.

Answer:Seagate external drive

" will not read the files on he external drive"Won't read in what way? - You can't see them, or they won't open when you double-click them?

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New here - hello! So, i have taken the plunge and fully opened up my Seagate Barracuda 2TB External HD. It is making some strange noises and i was curious as to what was going on inside.

I have made a video of power up with the case fully off:

As you can see the arm goes across, but then the spindle appears to lose power completely and i am left with a blue flashing light and a drive which isn't read by my PC.

I would be so grateful if someone could shed some light on what i'm sure is a fairly common problem, particularly with Seagate drives it seems!
Many many thanks in advance!

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I just bought an external Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1 TB External HDD and when I plug it into the USB 3.0 on my motherboard, it recognizes the device and the autoplay comes up. However, after about 2 seconds it disconnects and I cannot see the device. When I plug into any other USB 2.0 port, it works just fine but when I plug into my USB 3.0 port, it doesn't stay connected. I am not a newbie and I am not missing anything here. I have all the proper drivers, updated, etc. I have checked the cable but I do not have any more USB 3.0 devices to troubleshoot it with. Please help if I am missing anything here...

VVV Click the "My System Specs" link that this forum provides to see what I am working with.

Answer:Seagate 1 TB External HDD Trouble

Don't know if this will help or not but not too long ago I bought a 1TB freeagent goflex usb 2.0 with an extra esata cable. When using the esata cable I'd get a momentary autoplay dialog box and then nothing. The usb 2.0 cable worked fine. I contacted Seagate customer support, explained the problem, and they over-nighted me a new esata cable. Seems they had a run of defective cables where it attaches to the drive itself.

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Its possible this discussion has already made headlines in the forum, but I can't find an exact replica of my issue.

I purchased a Seagate 1Tb External HD (SRD00F2) about a year ago and it was working fine on my Windows 7 desktop PC. I had not used it in a good 6 months and tried to access it this weekend. However, nothing happened at all. I tried the following

- Use a multi-meter to check the 12V from the power supply. That was fine.
- Cleaned the connection contacts on mains and cable.
- Re-Booted the PC with the drive plugged in, still not good.
- Connected to another Windows 7 desktop PC, nothing again.

It does nothing at all, no detection of any kind (I know some people can see the drive, but it does not mount).

I have run out of ideas. Should I be seeing a power light appear on the Seagate drive itself? I can't remember?

I have a lot of data on the drive (family photos) and really need to access all the info without loss.

Hoping for genius enlightenment

Answer:Seagate external HD not detected

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Does the BIOS and/or Disk Management see the disk at all?

Where did the drive sit for the last six months?

How did you go about cleaning the contacts?

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Every since I updated to Windows 8.1 my seagate external hdd has been randomly turning off and coming back on when I start to use it or open a program again, do you know what this could be maybe? Thanks.

Answer:Seagate external hdd problem

People have been reporting this sort of issue since upgrading a lot.

The only things you can try is making sure your power options don't have 'turn hard drive off' set to anything but 'never' and that the system properties for the drive don't allow it to be powered down , other than that there doesn't seem to be anything that helps.

Many people have checked these options and their external drives STILL power down after a period of non-use.

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Yesterday my Seagate 250 GB FreeAgent HDD was working fine. This morning I started to play music from a file in the HDD and it was all glitchy... like a scratched CD. This evening I plugged the drive into my usb port and nothing. My computer doesnt recognise it, I tried to find it in device manager and nothing. The light comes on the driver when i plug it into the usb but the computer doesnt make that "dun der" sound when I plug it in. I did the latest vista update and everything but to no avail. The usb port is working cos the computer recognises my ipod and camera fine. I am running a Toshiba Satelite A135 with Vista. Help please

Answer:Seagate External HDD Problems

had anything happened to the hdd inbetween this time? did you drop it or shake it?

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Free Agent 500 GB.
Purchased in May 2008.

Used to image C Drive.

The Drive was containing many images and so I did delete some of them. Some of those deletes told me that the file was too big for the recycle bin but I clicked yes anyway.

Now I did a defrag of the drive yesterday (8 hours!). Also found out that there seems to be a lot more space used than what I have in total amount (GB) in images. Perhaps I ruined the drive? Were these deleted images not really deleted?

What can I do

Total Free space: 465 GB (new)
Total used space 241

But there are only about a total of 117 GB worth of images I made. So there is a big difference. I have the feeling that the ones deleted are still on that external drive somewhere yet I can't see them.

What are your suggestions please? Have no clue what if any solution can be found for this, other than throwing that external drive in the garbage even though it still works fine.

I'm a complete noob in this so please be gentle and precise. TIA!

PS: I used EaseUS Todo Backup version 2.5

Answer:Seagate External HD questions

Does this drive have its own recycle bin? That's what happens on my NAS drive and I have to clear its bin if I want the space back.

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1.0 2GHJ7ECG ST310005EXA101 Seagate Desktop External Drive 1000GB

In summer 2008 I bought the above drive (from Best But I think)

Last month the drive started going out - the green light would go off and it would no longer be recognized by my laptop. To reinterate, this problem only started a month or so...

I have not changed anything in my configuration..

I have tried the USB drive in a different port and have the same problem.. besides the power on the drive goes out so I don?t think it?s a USB issue.

I chatted with a Seagate tech today who told me I needed to go to radio shack and have something done with the AC adapter but I didn?t buy it there. Also Seagate rep told me to try another PC but I don?t have one..

I am concerned that I spent good hard earned money on this drive and its lasting only a year and that I might lose my data..

Answer:External USB Seagate Drive

Good possibility it has failed, does it work at all now?

Or does it just fail at the first hurdle?

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Just Seagate 320Gb external hard drive. Laptop won't recognise it. Any ideas?

Answer:Seagate 320Gb external HD

Plug it in

Welcome to MG!

Some more info might help

Is this a new HDD?
Have your tryed it on a desktop?
How is it connected?
Mabe Bios setting to enable USB or?

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I recently purchased a Seagate 1 TB External Hard Drive to use in conjuction with my Acronis True Image 9 backup software. When I open the latter I get the following warning:"Some partitions contain errors and can be imaged only sector-by-sector. It is recommended that you exit Acronis True Image Home and check the partions with your system's disk-checking tools. Are you sure you want to continue imaging?"I have used the Windows Error Checking utility and it has eliminated the warning and I have now managed to backup my C drive but I am still concerned with the warning I received as up to the point that I received the warning I had not used the drive. In addition the drive makes a clicking noise and I now see that quite a few Amazon buyers of the same drive have reported faults, including the clicking noise. Should I be concerned?

Answer:Seagate External Drive (1 TB)

Wot no suggestions? Whereas at one time I seemed to get responses to my problems I rarely do now.

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Hi guys,

I am trying to move a file that is about 29 gigs on to an external HD that has about 90 gig worth of free space; however, it says there isnt enough room on the hd to move the file.


Answer:Seagate external HD problem

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I have a 200 gig seagate external drive. I've been using it for about 2 years without any issues. Yesterday a friend of mine asked me to upload some songs onto his Zen micro, so I upgraded to media player 10 and uploaded the songs. Ever since then windows no longer sees the drive. I've followed the "trouble shooting" guide on seagates site to no effect. I even went and re-inistialized (my computer was due anyways) and it still doesn't show up. I got an error once or twice saying that the hardware had errors or something like that, not the usuall install thing when it doesn't have the drivers. I've gone through device manager and it doesn't show up, nor does it show up under the disk manager as a partitioned drive or an unpartitioned. If I plug it into my laptop it works just fine. I've tried every port on my PC and the same thing happens. But things like thumb drives, printers, and even my Ipod work just fine. It will even show up when I reboot and I get the drive postings in the bios of my PC. I'm running windows XP pro service pack 2. I've also tried booting in safe mode to see if device manager will find it there. No luck. The only thing I can find is under USB devices there is an unknown device that shows up as an installed item. If I uninstall it and scan for changes it automatically re-installs. I beleive this is the USB mass storage device item that they say will show up under there, but since I don't have a w... Read more

Answer:Seagate external HD issue

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Hello. I can't decide on an external hard drive to buy. I have a MacBook Pro.

I would like a firewire/usb drive. I'm thinking


(both 750GB drives. same price)

they're both firewire 400 not 800. I feel like that's not that big of a deal. i'll run some software off of the external hd,

your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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My External HD won't show up in My Computer anymore.

It does not show in device manager or disk manager to even assign a letter path to it

I've Tried these steps and still no luck
- restarting computer
- refreshing content of my computer
- un plug and re plug
- device manager settings
- disk manager settings

in my device manager i see this under Disk Drives:
ST3320620AS ATA Device (working properly)

Disk manager errors -

Base System Device PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_0592&SUBSYS_028A1028&REV_12\4&B4D00C5&0&32F0 The drivers for this device are not installed.
PCI Simple Communications Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2E24&SUBSYS_028A1028&REV_03\3&11583659&0&18 The drivers for this device are not installed.

Don't think either of these are it.
Can it just be dead? the green lights show its on and i believe is working

Answer:External Seagate HD won't be recognized

The green lights don't mean anything more than 5 volts is being supplied to the drive, but the drive can still be bad or corrupted... You must back up important data to non-volatile media like CD, DVD or Blu-Ray discs, and not rely on mechanical devices like hard disk drives or even solid state media

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i had a 300 GB Seagate external HDD which was working fine until now.. have lots of important data on it.. was transferrin some files to a friend's pc today and worked totally fine... once it was done disconnected it using the safely remove hardware option and turned it off... then had to connect again to transfer some data but the hard disk never came on.. a removable disk was detected in xp but when i double clicked it got the error I/O device error... tried all sort of stuff with it.. removed the casing and again tried it using the usb connector alone.. the power cable is fine.. and the hard disk dint turn on.. earlier whenever power was given it used to have d normal hdd vibration and sounds.. now absolutely nothing.. except a small continuous ticking like from a clock.. tats it.. pls tel me wat the issue could be .. is the hdd dead or is it a problem with the external interfacing... i tried connecting it to 3 pcs wit same result.. pls help

Answer:problem with external seagate hdd

It may be the case or the drive. You'll need to connect the drive to a PC internally to test it and see if it works. You may need an adapter.

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i have a seagate external hard drive that i've had for one year. it stopped working after working with no problems.
the green power light does not come on but the white light was blinking then stopped.
any idea's on what can be done. and if it will not work any more is there any way to extract my family pic's and work from the hard drive.

thanks for any help.

Answer:seagate external hard drive

It sounds like the external harddrive has died - do you have copies of the files on your computer as well?

Assuming the drive is dead and it is not an issue with the USB connection, it is possible to get the files off of the harddrive though companies that provide such services often charge a high price.

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I have a Seagate external drive that I save my backups to. I run my backup around midnight, when the computer has not been used for a good 5-6 hours. I have been getting errors with the backup that the drive has not been accessible and thus the backup is not successful.

When I double click on the drive icon in This PC , is takes about 20 seconds for the green bar to scroll across the top of the dialog box before I can see the full contents of the drive. The old Seagate software used to allow me to adjust the properties of the drives to make sure the drives stay awake at all times. As has been posted elsewhere, Seagate has not updated its software to be compatible with W10.

So my question is are there any other ways to make sure the external drive remains accessible after not being used for a while? Thanks for any thoughts.

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I have a Seagate FreeAgent 1tb external hd that is no longer working properly. When I plug it in to my comp, it takes forever to be recognized, luckily it's being recognized at all, I guess. Unfortunately, it's being recognized as "Local Disk: (G)" as opposed to FreeAgent. When I click on it to look at the files, the bar at the top seems as though it's reading and progressing, but when it gets close to the end, it stops. Sometimes it says "not responding." Yet other times I get some sort of I/O error. Other times still it says that I need to format the hd.

I really, really need to be able to access these files as they contain home videos and pictures of my little ones that I do not have anywhere else. =/ Yes, completely my bad because I hadn't backed them up anywhere.

I tried the Seatools diagnostic long generic test, and it failed. I also tried r-studio and I got as far as the scan. The screen says that there are read errors at position 0, 512, 1024, etc. Every one of them in multiples of 512. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error (1117).

Any suggestions, please?

Also, I took it out of the case and plugged it into a desktop sata connection; but when I go to boot it up and the computer is running through its normal bootup process (when it's doing the DOS-looking stuff before it gets to the Windows processing then follow-up login screen), it recognizes the other hd but stops at the Seagate as... Read more

Answer:Seagate FreeAgent 1tb external hd issues

Since the drive failed the Seagate test, it doesn't look good for getting to your files through windows.
Linux is sometimes successful at getting things that windows can't.

You need to download a linux live CD and burn the ISO. (If you don't understand, post again and someone will guide you).
You'll boot your computer with the live CD - it will not change anything in your windows, then attach the Seagate drive. Depending on the live distro, it might be seen automatically. You will need some other hard drive or a large USB stick to copy the files you want over to another device.

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Hi guys...

I'm considering purchasing an external hard drive..i have hundreds of backed up DVDs, and my 1.5 TB is still nearly at full capacity!

Anyways, I was wondering what exactly is the difference between these 2 Seagate ones (especially given the price difference)

Seagate Expansion Portable Drives | Seagate
FreeAgent Go: Sleek & Stylish Portable & External Storage Hard Drives | Seagate

I found the 500 GB of the first one for $88, while the 500 GB of the 2nd one is for $115! (though, a 640 GB of the 2nd one is for $107..weird)

Does anyone know what exactly is the difference between the 2, 500 GB ones? (to justify a $27 difference?)

PS: I also found this 500 GB WD one for around $98

My Passport Elite 500 GB USB 2.0 Hard Drives ( WDBAAC5000ACH )

Any preference between Seagate and WD?


Answer:Help buying an external HD (and the difference between these 2 Seagate ones?)

I can not see a difference between the Seagates. I think those are just different models that were made at a different time.

As for models, I trust both WD and Seagate. I prefer WD over Seagate, but that is only my personal opinion, as 90% of all my HDDs are WD. If money was a factor, I'd go with either.

Also IMO, externals that come with AC power cord are safer than the USB powered.

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I got a Seagate 1.5TB external yesterday. As soon as it was plugged into the outlet, the drive turned on, which was when I noticed it didn't have any kind of power switch, unlike the Iomega 500GB drive I've been using.

So I backed up my files and everything, no problems. I went to "Safely Remove Hardware" and it said it was fine to remove, so I did. Then with no power switch and no instructions in the box about this, I just unplugged the drive from the outlet.

When I went to back some new stuff up this morning, Vista asked me if I wanted to scan the drive for errors, like I'd yanked it out of the USB or something.

I'm worried about this. Is there some other way to turn the drive off and on without disconnecting it from a power source? Am I fine as long as I just use "Safely Remove Hardware"? Or should I just leave this thing on and plugged in 24/7?

Answer:Question about Seagate 1.5TB External Drive

Doing some searching, I found that other people have had the same problem (with turning it off). It seems like there is no way to turn if off (the comments here from other people state the same thing as you: Customer Reviews Of Seagate FreeAgent Desk ST315005FDA2E1-RK 1.5TB 7200 RPM USB 2.0 Silver External Hard Drive - Retail ). When you plug it back in and take a look at your files, are they corrupted in any way?

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I need to open up the case of a Seagate 1tb external hard drive to access the drives that were damaged when someone plugged in the wrong power supply.  The person has a new one but really needs the data off this one, does anyone know how to open up the case?

Answer:Seagate 1tb external hard drive

Can't give you info on opening the case but  This   us the best method to retrieve your data...

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I bought a Seagate 320 gig external hard drive about 5 days ago to back up my files on my laptop as I had to reformat my internal harddrive.

Everything was going great. I was in the middle of restoring my files onto my laptop when the external hard drive tipped over because a accidentally snagged the cord. I immediately received an error message that the data transfer was interrupted and no device could be found. I could no longer navigate to the external.

I did a reboot and it would not recognize the external hd. It makes a whirring sound and a couple of faint beeps. This will go on for about a minute, then stops. The front panel light is on at the time. It does not appear on the device manager at all.

I have tried booting the external with other computers, with the same results.

I had read in other threads that it is possible to try and retrieve the data by taking the external from the case and slaving it to an internal hard drive. My only problem is that I do not know how to do this, or even if it is possible with just a laptop (I have a Dell Inspiron 20gb hd, running on win xp).

Is there anyone on this forum that would be willing to attempt this for me? I can live with the loss of pretty much everything on there except my daughter's pictures. I bought this drive to act as a back up for my laptop as my cd writer drive is dead. Now, it has quit working before I could retrieve them. I am willing to pay. I am unemployed right now, but this means more to me than an... Read more

Answer:Seagate 320g external hd won't boot

I should note that the warranty means nothing to me. It is the files that are important. I will take any chance.

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i need help to recover my old photos and videos that were accidentally deleted in my seagate external harddrive while i was trying to format using my macbook 2011. what would i do?

Answer:Seagate external hard drive

Give this a try

Good Luck I hope it finds them all used it on the wife's system once and it did recover almost all .
I'm not sure if it works on usb drives or not though worth a try to see if it discovers it .
Yes it does .

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I've read several threads regarding this problem but haven't found the solution. I am trying to open the case of my Seagate Desktop External Hard Drive because the USB connector port (that connects the cable from the computer to the external hard drive) came loose from inside the casing of the external hard drive. I am hoping it is a simple fix where I can just open the case and reconnect the USB port from whatever it came loose from. It is the 500GB with P/N: 9NK2AL-510.

Answer:Seagate External Hardrive-Broken USB

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Assistance needed please. Have multiple problems with Acronis 2011 and Seagate 3TB External HD. Check disk scan at every start up; no errors. "Acronis True Image Service Encountered a Problem and Needed to Close," at every start up. "Delayed Write Failed" error on every external hard drive partition every day. "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error" every day. Full system backup fails everyday. Have windows xp, SP3.

Assistance greatly appreciated.

Answer:Acronis 2011 Seagate 3TB External HD Help

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I had a 2 TB, and 3TB Seagate Go HDs and decided they would be best used as internal drives, turns out they both crashed completely upon SATA connection in the motherboard, I first guessed probably due to the difference in boot record.

Upon reformatting in NTFS, I have found that the drives run very sluggish, I have been debating on just buying a new USB drive and copying my files, then getting rid of these 2 HDs.

This doesn't make sense to me as I used to think all HDs were the same, does anyone know any reason why these 2 external drives are killing my system performance after they were made into internal drives (also why would they completely crash before).

Event Viewer has this entry "The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk3\DR3."

Answer:Seagate GO External HD into Internal HD - Bad Idea

There is no normal reason they would behave that way. I agree with you, a SATA drive is a SATA drive.

Are these 3.5 inch drives or 2.5 inch?

That sort of behavior could be explained by poor power or electrical connection. Check to be sure that all of the cables are securely attached. Try using alternate SATA power connectors if you have them.

If you fill out your system specs we could see at a glace if you have any obvious power over-use issues.

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I have a 1tb Seagate external hard drive hooked up to a pc (usb) running win xp and when i try to "safely remove hardware" it always says "cannot stop 'generic volume' right now. please try again later".
well I've tried again later, many times over the course of several weeks and it never works.

it has worked just fine to "safely remove hardware" on my laptop running windows vista.

Also, the drive is pretty new (about a month old) and I've been sharing it over the network so my housemates and i can all share movies, but Ive started to hear the clicking. I stopped sharing the drive and noticed the clicking decrease in frequency (maybe 1 or 2 times a day when I'm around whereas before it would be around 4 to 5 times a day)

ran Seagate's software to check the health of the drive. Two of the tests checked out but it said the S.M.A.R.T. test was unavailable.

Any ideas?

Answer:Seagate External HD Cannot safely remove in XP

Some of these external drives you can take the casing off, and mount the Sata Hard drive, inside a Desktop computer
Then you can run the Seatools diagnostic software fully

This does sound like a faulty hard drive though, if its > Clicking

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Now I know that there are a gazillion threads similar to this out there, but I've gone through them and have yet to find a solution.

following this link you can see my computer here

It is a
Medion Akoya X7378
Intel I7-2600 3,4ghz
Windows 7 64GB

Now my problem is this. I have attached to it a (Lacie) Seagate 250GB that came with the Porsche Design that I wish to plug into one of the slots at the front.

Now I remember when I first bought the com, it worked, but after updating the necessary patches (bios/motherboard/usb/etc.) and all, it stopped working. It has been two years already, but I have yet to figure out how to solve this.

It is not recognized in Windows nor in the Bios and I have set the bios settings to optimized default. I don't really see the drive recognition settings on, but nothing is disabled either.

The drive works fine on USB. I have tested the thing out on other comps, it works, so that couldn't be the problem.

As I am not exactly specialized in this, I'm pretty clueless as to what I could do/check. There are two drives there and it works for neither. It can't be that both drives have a faulty cable, right? I've never touched the inside...

I hope that you guys could help me with this. Let me know if you need any more information. I'd be glad to provide it.


Answer:Computer does not recognize my Seagate external HDD (non-usb)

Can you try the USB on the back? The front ports might not be receiving enough power to use it.

Or do you mean the "2 x hot-swappable wisselframe voor harde schijf" that seem to be hot-swap hard drive bays?

It seems a PC issue, given what you are saying.

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A friend has broken the USB socket on his Seagate external harddrive making it unuseable.
There's a lot of info on the drive he wants to get off. If i open the case (if I can find a tool that will do it ) what am I going to find? Does it consist of a basic IDE harddrive with an adaptor to the usb so I can just hook it up as a slave via the IDE?
Thanks for any advice

Answer:Seagate external hard drive

If you take it apart you void the warranty.

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My laptop Dell Latitude D830 running XP Pro does not recognize the external Seagate 250 gb drive, even under device Manager. Iíve tried it under Slave, Master and Cable-Select Option but with no success. Any ideas? It was in a DVR and Iím just trying to recover some of the recorded movies.

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Okay, so this is how it started. I had my Android tablet (Acer A500) hooked to my x64 Windows 7 PC, to transfer a file to it. After that, I tried to safety remove it, but since it uses MTP, it was not in the connected devices list, so I accidentally safety removed my Ext HDD, a Seagate 1 TB HDD with a power outlet. Since the PC said it's safe to remove the hardware, i removed the HDD, and my tablet, and hooked the HDD back on, but ever since, my computer says it needs to be formatted... while my tablet that has a USB port, and on Linux Ubuntu on my computer, it's recognized and it works fine. I've also tried another computer, running x86 Windows 7, but it doesn't work on that one either. I tried changing USB ports, no game, I also tried a reboot... no dice. I've also tried removing it in device manager list and installing it back, but it didn't help.

Please help me, I've got over 800 GB of precious data on my HDD I can't afford to lose. Since in works on Android and Linux, I don't think it really needs a format...

Answer:External Seagate 1 TB HDD suddenly needs formatting

How does this external drive show up in Disk Management?

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4005U CPU @ 1.70GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4006 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 2035 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 466122 MB, Free - 368156 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, ZSWAA
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2015, Updated and Enabled
I have a seagate model stca2000100.

It shows up on the device manager, but not on my computer. therefore I can't access the data.
(see screenshot)

All I want to do is get the data so I can put it on another drive. Please help!

Answer:Can't access Seagate external drive

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I'm not sure i'm in the correct forum, but i have had a similar problem a while back that was addressed in this specific forum. If i'm not in the right room then can someone please direct me to the correct forum?

The problem
I've recently purchased a 3TB external Seagate HDD. I use the drive to store back up images and documents. When trying to delete a text file yesterday afternoon i saw an error message saying the file "was corrupted or unreadable and could not be deleted". i was able to remove everything i wanted to save from the external HDD and proceeded to reformat but was unable to do so and received a message saying "windows was unable to do so".

I decided to give MBRcheck.exe a chance as i recall using the scan a few months back to determine if the MBR was correct and the results showed that there was an unknown MBR code for this drive. i went ahead and ran TDSSkiller as well, just to be safe and it resulted in one medium risk file that was locked. i proceed to send to quarantine.

Is this a virus/malware issue or a hardware problem? If malware then i will follow through with the instructions and house cleaning, but i wanted to make sure i was in the right forum before i asked for guidance.


Answer:Unknown MBR Code on External Seagate

If you suspect malware, you're in the correct area to get help

The first thing to try to rule out is hardware, if it's faulty then you'll have problems accessing the drive to check for malware. Try another USB, SATA or Firewire cable (whichever yours uses) and try the drive connected to a different port at the rear of the PC or to a different PC that is clean and fully secured with updated Antivirus.

I'm sure the experts here will be along later to give you further instructions on checking for malware.

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Hi,My seagate expansion plus 1 tb portable hard drive and it is not detected on any computer i tried with USB 3.0 and 2.0 then i tried by changing the cable no effect.By physically the blue light is Continuous ON for 1 minute and starts blinking very fast, also drive is not vibrating.So, can I get my data back any how Please help me.

Answer:Seagate 1TB external HDD not detected on any PC USB ports

Look for the external drive in Windows Disk Management. If it show up there, post all the information listed there for that drive.

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I updated to Windows 8.1 a couple of days ago on my desktop. Windows 8 was installed last June. I have a Seagate Free Agent GoFlex external drive connected to the computer for daily backups. Since upgrading to 8.1, this drive has been shutting itself off and then restarting at seeming random times. This event is accompanied by a soft buzz apparently coming from the desktop tower.

Anyone having similar experience? There are identical comments on Seagate's forum now but no answers.


Answer:Seagate External drive shutting itself off in Win 8.1

Do you have any power settings for USB devices set in your Advanced Power Settings... Try shutting off the USB selective suspend setting.

There is also a setting for Hard Drives, you can put them on a timer. You might want to check yours, see if it is set to a low value, if it is, increase it to 30 minutes or so.

I thought GoFlex drives connected through Wifi?

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Is this 300 GB Seagate a good external hard drive?:

Also, can external hard drives purchased on Ebay be trusted?

Answer:Seagate external hard drive

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I have an Iomega 1T external drive which I cant access. I can see it on Device Manager but it doesn't appear on ThisPC. The volume is showing on List Volume as E: but status is "No media". Disk is not spinning. Is there anything I can do?

Answer:Seagate external drive not spinning

can you feel it vibrating?
3.5 or 2.5 drive does it have external power to it
3.5 check power to drive, 2.5 try another USb port and or USb cable.

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